The Land Before Time X: The Great Longneck Migration (2003) Movie Script

The Land Before Time X
The Great Longneck Migration
Millions of years ago this planet
we call Earth
was a quite different place indeed.
The land was still forming.
Strange plants abounded.
And the world was populated
by those most remarkeable of creastures:
the dinosaurs.
They're very different from us in many ways.
Theese ancient giants
resembled us in some ways too.
They ate
they fought
they played
they slept
and sometimes perhaps
they even dreamed.
Hoh! It was just a sleepstory.
I'm going to get you.
Yep, yep, yep.
No, you are not.
Can't catch me.
I can do. Yep, yep, yep.
Or may be not.
Me know you no catch me neither.
Then I will catch Spike.
Don't even think about it!
I'm going to get you!
Can't catch me!
I'm right behind you.
I'm too fast for you.
You are it.
Yep, yep, yep.
Did you no hear: you it!
What part of it don't you understand?
I'm sorry, I just...
It's the Great Circle,
you see it every day.
Why is it suddenly so interesting?
I don't know. I...
It looks like something
I saw in my sleepstory last night.
Yep, yep, yep.
I have sleepstorys all of the time.
I love them.
I see myself pouring down white waters
covered with good smelling flowers.
Me have sleepy storys about
flying way up above high hills and tall trees.
Me bet me know
what Spike has sleepstorys about.
What about you, Sara?
Don't you ever have sleepstorys?
Threehorns never have sleepstorys.
They are for babys.
They are all just full of dumb stuff
that could never happen.
I guess you are right.
In my sleepstory last night
I saw you bet your head
against this tall rock
and it split right in half.
Really? I did that?
Yeah, but like you said:
sleepstorys are dumb,
something like that
could never really happen.
Oh no, wait! I did not say
everything that happens
in a sleepstory is dumb.
Sure you did.
I did not!
I said some things.
But this head budging thing,
I could do that.
Sure you could.
Yeah, right.
I could do.
There is not a rock in the whole Great Valley
that I couldn't crack with my head.
Oh yeah?
Let's see. How about that one?
Yeah that one.
Sure. I can do that, no problem.
Oh, OK.
I'm going home, my head hurts.
I didn't mean to make her hurt her head.
Me think you mainly hurt her bragbone.
What is it, Littlefoot?
What's the matter?
I don't know.
I just can't sleep for some reason.
Oh, neither can I, Littlefoot,
and I think I know why.
For some time now
I have been feeling restless,
as if there is some place
I need to go,
but I... I don't know where.
Me too Grandpa, me too.
That is how I feel tonight.
I think this feeling has something
to do with the sleepstorys
I've been having.
Huh. You've been having 'm too?
Grandma too.
We have talked about it.
I think the time has come for us
to go on a journey.
A journey?
When? Where? Just you and me?
And Grandma.
And others too I think.
I realy don't know,
but we must leave soon.
Lie back down now.
Get some rest,
we might leave tomorrow.
A journey.
What kind of journey?
You mean like a trip?
Yeah, I guess so,
sort of like an adventure.
So let me get this straight.
You've been having sleepstorys
so you're going on an adventure
but you don't know when
and you don't know where,
and you don't know why.
but you just sort of feel when it's time
to leave and you and your grandparents
will so sort of wander off.
Is that it?
Yeah. That about sums it up.
Huh. I'm glad threehorns
don't have adventures like that.
Well, me think it sound fun.
What kind of adventure
do you think it will be?
I... I just don't know.
A trip down the deepest caves?
A climb into the highest mountains?
A swim across the biggest water?
Littlefoot, it's time.
Oh, me miss him already.
I still wonder
where is he going to go.
Arg, who wanna go on an adventure
with a bounch of longnecks anyway.
Me want.
Grandma, are we there yet?
No Littlefoot, not yet.
But, you do know
where we're going to go, right?
Not exactly, Littlefoot.
Then how will you know,
when we get there?
I'll just know.
I'm glad we are not there yet,
I don't like this place.
What do you think Littlefoot?
Do you like this place any better?
At least there's just to eat.
Watch your stepp Dear,
this is deeper, than it looks.
Doesn't look too deep to me.
Besides, there are rocks to walk on.
Littlefoot, carefull.
Hey, look at me, this is fine.
Slow down, Littlefoot,
and watch where you are stepping.
You better walk faster,
if you wanna keep up with me.
Littlefoot, stop! No!
I hate those things, don't you?
So annoying
when they nibble on your foot.
How can we thank you
for saving Littlefoot?
Is that you?
Oh, cute.
I'm Sue, and you don't have to thank me.
It was fun.
What's the point of having big feet,
if you don't step on bad guys
every now and then?
I... I don't wanna be pushier or anything,
but could I take along with you?
I think we are heading the same way.
We'd be honoured.
You had a busy day, haven't you?
And I bet, you haven't been sleeping too well
the last few days either, right?
How did you know?
I just figured you and your folks
were out here for the same reason as me.
The sleepstory, right?
Yeah, the one about...
The Great Circle.
I wonder if everybody had
the exact same sleepstory.
What do you mean?
You think that there are others,
who've seen that story in their sleep?
Why not,
what makes us think we are so special.
I bet lonknecks everywhere
having that sleepstory
and since it was the sleepstory
that started us all on this journey,
I think we are going to meet
a lot of longnecks on our way.
Of coure allways the tallest one,
story of my life.
Just once I'd like to meet someone
I could look up to. You know.
Good night, Littlefoot.
Sleep well.
No. No.
Hurray longnecks.
Long live Littlefoot!
Littlefoot, Littlefoot, Littlefoot!
Littlefoot, Littlefoot!
Huh? Dad?
Littlefoot, Littlefoot!
Chssss! Come on!
Come on, where?
Sorry. Where?
We are going to see
just what kind of adventure Littlefoot is having.
Yep, yep, yep.
Let us pick up Spike too!
Spike, Spike, wake up...
Spike, Spike, Spike.
Ducky, we don't have all night.
Let's go.
I do not think he is awake yet.
I think he bent my peak.
Petrie, wake up!
Petrie, Petrie!
Psst! Petrie!
Nice lime, are you ready?
Me always ready.
Then let's go find Littlefoot.
What happend to your peak?
How we find them anyway,
they long gone?
One good thing about longnecks:
really big footmarks.
Grandma, in your sleepstorys,
did you see scary things?
Well Dear,
I saw things I can't quite explain.
That doesn't mean, they are scary,
I also saw some beautifull things.
It was all mixed up together.
And in the end of each sleepstory,
when I woke up,
I just had the feeling
that whatever was going to happen
I was supposed to be there.
Yeah, me too.
Grandma, wow!
Do you think all longnecks got the same feeling?
Will we all be whereever is we're going?
I think so, Littlefoot, we'll see.
But what are we gonna see, Grandma?
I don't know, Littlefoot,
something wonderful.
Ugh, I realy do not like this place.
It is worse than the high place
with the deep holes.
Nobody is asking you to move here.
I do not want to sleep here either.
So let us hurry and get through it.
You sure, this right way?
The footmarks lead us here,
besides got any better ideas?
It's squishing between my toes.
I would not swim in that
for all the treestars in the world.
No, no, no.
Hey, watch it!
Well go on.
But I'm not sure
which rock to step on next.
This one is closer,
but it looks sort of slipery.
That one is further away,
so you may not make it.
You would step in that icky glue again
and that is bad.
But if she slip on close one,
she may be fall in all the way,
and that be worser.
Me think she can get to further one,
she could jump there.
I'm not think she is not,
but what about, that rock is
as icky and slimy as this one.
Me no think about.
You have to think on everything
when you are on an icky,
gluey place like this.
Oh that very good point,
but which rock next?
Hey, what if she lands
on the first rock with the back feet?
Me think you got something there.
Sure, and if she can...
What was that?
Me don't know,
but me think it's coming this way.
Hey, Ducky was right,
that's the way to do it.
Oh, this stuff slimy.
I meant to do that.
He will not stay down there forever.
Me think you right.
Keep moving we are almost there,
I can see the shore.
Guess I tought that guy
not to mess with a threehorn.
Good to be on dryland.
Can we please find place to sleep?
Like where for instance?
This look good to me.
Do not worry Sara, we will find
Littlefoot in the morning.
Yep, yep, yep.
Wow! How many, do you think,
they are now, Grandpa?
I have never seen so many.
What is it, Grandpa?
Do you see something, hear something?
Huh, is it a sharptooth?
Hash, Littlefoot.
Sue, could you?
Do you wanna go for a ride?
You bet!
Carefull now.
Climb to the top, Littlefoot,
and look trough the gap
in the treestars.
I'm almost there, Grandpa.
I'm almost there.
Well, Littlefoot, what do you see?
I think we are here.
Ducky, wake up!
It can not be morning already.
No, no, no.
Petrie, let's go! Get up!
Me so tired.
We go so far already.
That's 'cause
we try to catch up
with Littlefoot.
But we do not know we're still
going in the right direction.
I say we go around this big old
boulder and look for footmarks
coming out of that icky place.
Whatever you say.
Hello would somebody,
please wake up Spike?
Spike. Spike!
That's better.
Spike, I mean it,
get up right... Huh?
That not Spike.
I did not know
boulders can snore.
They can't,
but sharpteeth can.
Quick, in there!
Is it gone?
Me don't know.
That is the last time
I trust Petrie to pick up
a boulder to sleep here.
Hey, it was dark, OK?
You can come on out now jungsters,
he is gone.
You... You sure?
Oh yeah. Those creatures
are big but dumb.
You did spool him good.
Yeah, we sure did
teach him to chase us.
You little ones gonna be OK
on your own?
Us, sure.
Now I'll just be
moseying along.
Happy trails to you.
Good bye.
Are we really going to be OK?
Of course we are.
I hope.
Come on, hurry,
we are almost there.
We are almost there.
Come on, Littlefoot.
Excuse me.
My goodness.
No problem.
No problem at all, little lady.
Little lady?
That's better.
What is this place, Grandpa?
I don't know, Littlefoot.
It looks like a big hole.
But what can make
a hole this big?
in my sleepstory,
I saw the Great Circle falling.
This must be where it... happend.
Whatch where you are going,
You tripped me.
Did not.
Did too!
Did not!
Did too!
Oh, yeah?
Wanna do something about it?
Shorty, what's going on?
Au, he stepped on my tail
on purpose.
Who did?
You mean the one you tripped?
Yeah, he...
I mean no,
I didn't trip him.
Shorty come on, it's me.
Now give me the truth.
OK. I tripped him.
So what are you saying now?
It's OK.
Shorty is a good kid at heart.
He just likes to
get things started.
Are you OK?
No permanent damage?
No, I'm fine.
Good. Name's Bron.
What's yours?
No kidding? That's funny.
They called me Littlefoot,
when I was young.
Really? That is kind a...
Here I am, Grandpa.
Your Grandma and I
wondered where you got
and thougth we...
Papa longneck?
This is your father.
Littlefoot, I...
Wait, come back.
Got any suggestions?
I'm not swimming
in that fast water.
No, no, no.
Maybe I can help.
Are you following us?
Not hardly. I got my own way
to go. You just seem to keep
passing across it.
Yeah well, that's
really interesting. Bye.
You sure you couldn't use
some help now.
No thanks,
we'll be fine on our own.
Suit yourself!
Oh, come on!
Don't be babys!
If you get a good
running start, you can jump
over that water easy.
Fine, and you go first.
OK then. I will.
You go any further,
you'll be back in Great Valley.
Thanks, but I could've
made it, if I got
a better start.
I never doubted in it
for a minute.
I had an idea on my own,
about how to get you
across the water.
If you're up a mind
to listen to it.
Sure, why not.
Not as young,
as I used to be.
Well, here we are
on the other side.
But is this the way
you wanted to go?
Not sure, but somehow
it feels right. Yeah I guess
it is the path.
You mean,
you don't know which way you go?
Not exactly, see I...
I've been having
this sleepstorys.
You know I think we
might be going the same way
as you after all.
Littlefoot, we have to talk.
Where were you all this time?
Where were you?
Oh, Littlefoot.
Your mother and I knew we were
going to have an earthshake.
You see we wanted to
raise you at a safe place.
So before you're even an egg,
I went out to find a new home
for all of us.
When I got back,
the earthshakes
have changed everything.
It took me so long to find where the nest have been,
and nothing was left but a crack in the earth.
As deep,
as a mountain is high.
As I searched for your mother
and the young one,
I knew had been born.
The Great Circle rose and
fell many times, but
I couldn't find you anywhere.
I finaly met someone,
who told me about...
about your mom and a sharptooth.
But he had no word about you,
so I kept searching.
And on one day, I met a goup of young longnecks
wandering in the wilderness with no grown-ups to protect them.
And first I hoped that one
of them was you, but I soon
realised that wasn't the case.
But they began to depend on me,
so I stayed with them,
took care of them.
And then some others
have joined up with us.
And then some more,
and some more.
In time we were a herd.
You mean,
you are the leader
of a whole herd?
I guess you could say that.
And look at you.
You have grown up to be
a fine young longneck.
Just like I'd hoped
you would be.
Your mom would be proud.
She'd be proud of you too.
Hey Dad?
Yes, Littlefoot?
Was Shorty one of the
young ones you found
wandering in the wilderness?
Yes, he was.
Most of the others have been
adopted by grown-ups
in the herd, but not Shorty.
Hey, Shorty!
Hey, nice hit.
You know, anytime you wanna
be with my dad and me...
Listen pal, I can be
with Bron anytime I want to.
You got that?
I know him better than you do.
Well I...
Yeah, and he likes me better.
Oh yeah?
Well, he is my dad.
Au, that hurt.
Wanna do something about it?
No thanks.
That's what I tought.
Coward! Baby! Huh?
Anyway that's what
my sleepstory was like.
Pritty misterious.
What do you think it means?
Don't realy know.
But it put me in mind
of a story my granddady
used to tell me.
It seems that a long long
time ago the Night Circle
got jelous of the Great Circle.
What do you mean jelous?
Jelous why?
All on account on how the
Great Circle is so much brighter
and folks stay awake for it,
but sleep when the
Night Circle is up there.
Things like that.
You better keep moving kids,
not safe to stand
at one place too long.
Anyway so the Night Circle grabbed the Great Circle
and threw it from the sky
so it would smash into the world below.
But there just so happened
to be a herd of longnecks standing down there,
and they streched their necks up,
and cought the Great Circle
on their heads
and they shoved it right back
up into the sky.
How about that?
So that's why,
to this very day,
we have such long necks,
so we can put the Great Circle
back up in the sky.
Longnecks saved
the world? Huh?
Well that's the story.
Whether or not,
you belive it it's up to you.
Kids, run!
Spike, come on!
Let's get out of here.
Hurry, hurry!
That looks like
a pretty bad burn, Pat.
Would have been a lot worse
when hadn't been for you kids.
I owe you my thanks.
That'll slow me down
some now, you best be
moving on without me.
If you keep heading toward
those hills, I think you will
find your friend.
We can not go without you.
No, no, no.
Me no think so neither.
Not children,
there's no sense
in all of us missing,
well I don't know what,
but I got a feeling
it's going to be spectacular.
We talked it over and
we are not going without you.
We rather just stop right here.
Well, what do you know,
once in my live
I can't take up a word to say.
What, do you think,
is going to happen?
I don't know, Littlefoot.
Something wonderful.
That's just what Grandma said.
Well, great minds
think alike.
You love your grandparents,
don't you?
Well, yeah, sure.
I mean they take care of me.
A kind of like me and my herd.
Have you thought about
what happens now with us?
What do you mean?
Now that I found you.
I don't want to loose you.
Oh. Yeah.
I know. Me neither.
You don't have to decide
anything now.
Hey, how come
we haven't seen
any sharpteeth?
Sharpteeths are cowards.
Look how many others there are.
A sharptooth would never
attack a group this size.
Remember, they only hount
in twos and threes.
Your friend Sue
can handle that many herself.
Huh. Yeah.
Come on dear,
let's go to the watering hole.
Sorry, I woke you up.
I just... I just felt like
sleeping here tonight.
We missed you too,
You know, Littlefoot, it...
it's... it's only natural
that you want to be with your father right now.
Your grandma and I love you
no matter where you are.
We just want you to be happy.
Shorty, hey Shorty!
Oh, it's you.
Yeah, it's me.
Where are you going?
What's it to you?
It's just that...
It's still kinda dark,
and you're after all alone.
My dad wouldn't like it.
All right. Like he'd care.
Now that he has found you,
he'll ignore me
like everybody else.
Shorty you'll always be
special to Bron. You know him
all your live almost.
I just met him.
I was kinda hoping, I tought,
may be we could be like - you know - like brothers.
Come on, let's go back.
Something is about to happen.
I know, I can feel it.
Where did you come from?
me knew that you...
Me see you from way far
and me say that Littlefoot,
but the others say no belive me so...
Others? The whole gang?
Are they here too?
Oh, sure. All here.
Be here will soon.
That be then now.
That not them.
What are you guys doing here?
Running away.
Run for it kids,
I will keep him busy.
Hold it!
We can't leave him,
he is a friend of ours.
Good idea.
Take that!
Come on! Let's go help him.
Come on, Pat, hurry!
Up here, coward!
Did you say dad?
Thanks stranger. Come on!
Move along, move along young ones.
It's OK.
We should be safe now.
Run kids,
get out of there!
What is it?
What's out there?
Oh no.
It's three sharpteehts now.
And Littlefoot.
Oh no! I'm coming, Dad!
Littlefoot, be careful!
Don't go,
sharpteeths are out there!
So is our grandson.
help your grandpa!
I can handle this one.
Oh my... After all these
years we still make
a prity good team.
Yes, we do.
Oh no! Sara, Pat!
They need help.
Wow! That was
a great move.
You are not so bad yourself
for a longneck.
Littlefoot, are you allright?
You and your friends
get up to the top.
It's time.
Hang on, Dad,
they are coming to help us.
I do not think so.
What happening?
Where they are going?
It's no look good.
What is it?
What do they see?
I don't know.
Hurry, Littlefoot,
it's starting.
Come on guys
hop on!
Now don't look straith
to the Great Circle.
Might hurt your eyes.
It's just like
in my sleepstory.
The Great Circle is going dark
and then it's going to fall.
We got to catch it.
Hah. That was incredible.
I told you,
it would be
something wonderful.
Dad, we did it.
We did it.
We all did.
I don't belive it, longnecks
saved the world.
This is gonna kill my dad.
Well kids, it was a pleasure
to travel with you.
I'm glad we fell in together,
but I think
it's about time for me to...
Pat, wait we a...
We had an idea.
Go on you ask.
OK. We thinking maybe
if you don't mind... I mean
if you wanna... Maybe...
Speed it up kids,
I'm not getting any younger.
I got to be mosey and on.
That just it. Mosey with us.
Come again.
That is the idea.
Come to the Great Valley.
There is a lot's of room.
And no sharptooths neither.
Well I'd be...
You really think
I could?
Does this mean, you won't
be walking back with us?
Yeah. Sorry grandma.
I'm not sorry at all.
It was wonderful
to meat you dear.
Have a lovely journey home.
You too. Bye.
Doesn't it hurt?
What's the trick?
The trick is
not minding.
Shorty, I'll be right back.
You don't look like somebody,
who just
saved the world.
Oh, hi guys.
Why you no happy?
It's my dad.
Did you two have a fight?
Hah. Oh no. He is great.
That's the problem.
I just found him.
I mean... I didn't even know
I had a dad.
Now I don't wanna loose him.
I don't wanna leave Grandma and Grandpa or you guys,
but I can't give my dad up.
I just met him.
I don't know what to do.
Me can tell you what best for you,
but we always your friends,
no matter where you go.
Sometimes friends have to leave.
It's very sad, but true.
But this me do belive,
friends still
a part of you.
And if you go away,
and live some other place,
I'll think of you each day,
and see your smily face.
And we will always
be your friends
no matter where you are.
Just around the bent
or very very far.
Whereever you will go,
when you reach your journey's end.
No matter what,
we'll always be your friends.
We will always be your friends,
although we are far apart.
I see you in my dreams,
and feel you in my heart.
And we won't be surprised,
if we meet again.
And when we do,
we still will be your friends.
Your very truest,
bestest friends.
OK then.
Good job today big guy.
Thanks, Dad, you too.
Come on son,
the herd is gathering.
I can't wait to
introduce you
to the herd back home.
I've always told them,
I had a son somewhere,
I just can't wait to see that...
Yes, son?
Can I tell you
what I decided?
I have been thinking about
this a lot, and I really
wanna go live with you.
Well, that's great
because I...
But I can't.
Huh, Littlefoot.
Grandma and Grandpa really
need me and I need them.
And my friends.
You know, they came all this
way just to find me. And I'm
just not ready to leave them yet.
But Littlefoot. I...
I can't just leave my herd.
They depend on me. I'm their leader.
I know.
For some of them
maybe more than that.
Yes, I know.
I'm really happy,
I finaly found you.
And when I'm older,
we can have some more
adventures together.
Can we?
Count on it.
Hey who knows.
One of these days I might
drag my whole herd over to
the Great Valley for a visit.
I love you son.
Me to.
I'm ready
to go home now.
Hey, Shorty, wanna a lift?
Wow! Hey!
And so the great herd
of longnecks dispersed.
Littlefoot had found his father
and had saved the world.
Come on kids!
For Littlefoot and his father
there would be
more adventures to come.
But for now he headed for home:
the Great Valley.
I just have one question.
Do we have to go back
through the swamp?
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