The Land of Rain Trees (2015) Movie Script

The Land of Rain Trees Production Committee
- It's a good day, isn't it?
- Yeah, it is.
- How is it? Feels good, right?
- Yes, it's refreshing.
Let's get change to some
new clothes after we done here.
This is really a troublesome job.
It must be hard task
for you, Helper-san.
Please, you don't have to worry.
- Sorry.
- It's okay.
Thanks for your help.
Sakisaka Beauty Parlour
- I think you'd cut this one here.
- Are you sure?
- I'm back.
- Welcome home.
If it isn't Nobu-chan.
What a fine lad you are now!
It's been a while.
Long time no see!
Your mom's gonna retire, right?
To put an end of this parlour,
I'm gonna miss it for sure.
I guess so.
I feel indebted to you.
We always receive your patronage.
It took courage
to close this parlour.
This parlour is your
father's precious shop.
I actually wanted to keep it running.
Well, it can't be helped.
Right, Nobu-chan?
Have you finished
tidying up your room?
I'm about to start.
Don't forget to take
your important things.
Older brother
Nobu! You just got
back from hospital?
Fairy Game - Sasaki Yuuji
You know where's
the last volume of Fairy Game?
What's that?
One of the books I read when
I was in High School.
It's a precious book to me.
How should I know?!
Why only the
last volume's missing?
I forget how this story ended.
Detail of Fairy Game's last volume
My impression regarding the conclusion of Fairy Game
"So long as love exists...
such thing is a lie."
For me personally,
it's unforgettable books.
At the beginning, it was an absurd
Science Fiction filled with action.
Also, at that time the protagonists
were all of the same age as I did.
A bunch of stupid yet easy-going boys.
They were normal schoolboys you can find these day.
In fact, it was an appetizer of the
writer's unique way in describing protagonists.
They were embarked on enemy territory,
trying to save the heroin...
who got kidnapped by
some mysterious organization.
Repetition of extremely mess
and absurd adventure.
In the end, they always
got happy ending.
That's right.
They got happy ending.
With that kind of feeling...
it never crossed in my mind that such story
which always started cheerfully and happily...
would ended in
a shocking way ever.
"I'm sure the end
will be good one!"
"It will be, one way or another."
But, at the end of it...
the protagonist couple
were separated for good.
"We both should run away somewhere"
the male protagonist proposed it.
"It will change nothing
wherever we run away to".
"Do you want to always running away?"
replied female protagonist.
And then, all classmates including the
male protagonists were back like ordinary days.
As if the female protagonist
were never there.
I was shocked.
If I have to put it bluntly, It was hurt.
After that, The Fairy Game I loved...
had become books
I couldn't possibly read again.
I felt it.
I was also shocked by the ending.
It also become
books I'd never forget.
It stuck deeply, like a thorn
rooted inside of me.
But, as I grew up...
"So long as love exists...
such thing is a lie."
I understand what
this line means.
People can't just live
by mincing words alone.
Sacrifice oneself for
love one is not possible.
I've moved on from "her".
Either way, I have to.
Even after ten years gone by...
I still can't see another
ending fits into than this one.
Whether I could've found the answer...
the author was published this book
especially to teenage readers.
Perhaps it was a lesson for readers.
The Land of Rain Trees?
Name : Hitomi
Gender : Female
Location : Living in metro area
The Land of Rain Trees
To Hitomi-san.
How do you do?
When I was looking for Fairy Game story book I loved
I stumbled upon the Land of Rain Trees.
I also couldn't figured out its lesson.
Just like you, the ending left a bitter taste for me.
The way you described it like a thorn rooted inside...
made me feel we have something in common.
I too, was blown away when I read the ending.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
But it wasn't because a feeling of rejection from
something you loved, as you described.
More to say, it was a beginning of my life that
I needed to keep pushing at the powerlessness.
I'm gonna using Kansai dialect, please bear with me.
Somehow, for the past few days...
I still can't get your impression out of my head.
But, I have one objection about it.
I've moved on from "her".
Either way, I have to.
Honestly, I dunno 'bout that, I think.
something is outta reach is something I never do"
Yes, I'm a man myself. "But to easily deciding
for whole life, who knows right?! I think...
Craps people say that ain't possible we runnin'
Sorry, I got excited.
this book, friends around me said I was weird.
When I bought
I wish I had someone to discuss with.
I say this on whim, for listening my grumble...
thank you very much.
It got sent...
She must be thinking weird of me.
There is no new message.
Well, I can't blame her.
There is no new message.
Why the hell I wrote my name...
What is it?
How do you do?
I'm Hitomi, admin of the Land of Rain Trees.
Thank you very much for your e-mail.
"Life is powerlessness"
Somehow I can understand it.
Back then, perhaps I sensed
a feeling of entrapment...
I felt disappointment when I knew
life didn't always go as you expected.
It was a fresh opinion of yours.
"Yes, I'm a man myself"
"But to easily deciding something
is outta reach is something I never do"
To know such opinion
from male's point of view...
I've never thought some men
have that kind of thinking.
I was also happy having someone
to talk about Fairy Game's ending.
There's someone I can share this story with
on the other side of this screen.
It reached her.
With whom?
Ah well...
It's amazing.
I'm thrilled receiving your reply.
Isn't it too fast?
You're pushing your luck.
If the other party is a woman.
I guess so.
Lay it down for a while.
It's just like meats.
Fermenting for a while so it'll be delicious.
The fermentation time is till...
9 o'clock, tonight.
- At 9?
- Yeah, that's right.
Your lucky time is tonight at 9 o'clock.
I'm also extremely delighted having a talk with you.
Honestly, I'm extremely surprised.
There's someone I can share this story with
on the other side of this screen.
I should be the one who said that.
Such people do exist.
Well, it's obvious actually.
Something like "what I have now will definitely be gone"
It was what I felt, about "powerlessness".
It's embarrassing...
"our adolescent life absolutely will be over".
But at one point I realized
I was blushing while I wrote that. Please don't laugh.
But you're right.
"Our adolescent life absolutely will be over"...
I guess youngsters who experiencing it understand, right?
That's why when I was at springtime of my life...
I wanted that I could recall those cherished days.
But, right now...
I'm here without wanting to recall these cherished days.
adolescence because its cherished days, right?
On the other hand, it's called
these moment it's extremely fun and exciting.
Being able to exchanging e-mails with you
This is the same as adolescence, don't you think?
I do think that.
I'm also enjoy exchanging e-mails with you.
I wonder how your voice does sound?
In what manners do you talk...
and how do you look?
Thus, I divert my eyes to
people around the city...
with those questions weighing my mind.
Hitomi-san, I want to meet you.
Maybe we could have a chat or two.
Sending the message...
Sending the message...
The message has been sent
Been 5 days since you
sent your e-mail, right?
I jumped at the first chance I got.
It's salty.
I did tell you to let it
fermented for a while, didn't I?
It's over.
If a woman were asked
to meet by some random guy...
of course she'd run away, right?
You didn't follow rules of romance,
so it's given you failed.
My wisdoms have flown
out of the window.
You'd better stop.
She'll see you as a weirdo
if you keep pushing.
You have free-time tonight?
It's a get-together party.
Get-together party?
This is my third year
in our company.
Misako from Accounting Department.
My motto is...
beautiful, cheerful-lively life.
You're so cute!
He said get-together party.
It's just a mixer between colleagues.
Say Misako, you're actress
Nanako look-a-like right?!
What, really?
- Well, people often said so.
- It is, right?!
Isn't that right, Sakisaka-san?
your make-up skill is good.
- It's that a flatter?
- Forget it.
- I'm being bullied.
- Hey, it's rude you know!
I know it, you know.
That you, Misako-chan...
even still beautiful without your make-up.
As expected of you, senpai!
Such seniority.
Speaking of which...
I'm guessing that
you're good at Kansai dialect, right?
- Thanks.
- Then, how do you say "like" in Kansai dialect?
I don't wanna.
Why? What's the problem?
Say it please.
I'm not a Mynah or Parrot.
Why the hell
I wanna say...
a word "like" to people
I just barely meet?
I'll say it then!
I'm freaking like you!
Perhaps I was a bother to you?
I wasn't serious about it.
Please don't take it personally.
This is lame.
Here it comes!
I'm sorry for being late replying your e-mail.
I also want to meet you.
But, I truly fear in something
should if we meet.
I fear you will
disappointed should we meet.
I just simply want to
keep exchanging e-mails like this...
talking about anything
just like we're close friends.
Also, I'm not sure about my looks.
I'm sure I won't be disappointed.
Because what I like is your inner-self.
I just wrote a word "like".
I seriously wanna meet you. I'm not joking.
I wanna meet you in person.
I must meet with you, I'm sure things will be fun if we do.
We had so much fun just by exchanging e-mails.
How about next Saturday?
Hitomi Rika
So, your last
name is Hitomi?
So, your last
name is Hitomi?
I was surprised since I thought
it was just your ID name.
Yes, that's right.
My name's Hitomi Rika.
It's a pleasure.
Hitomi-san, please have
a safe trip tomorrow.
Thank you.
I have one question.
Do you have a deep voice?
Or do you have a high voice?
I think I have
a normal voice.
I think I have
a normal voice.
But I rarely use
high voice.
When asked to sing in karaoke box,
I have a hard time to sing out loud.
When asked to sing in karaoke box,
I have a hard time to sing out loud.
Do you have any questions?
No, it's enough.
I've arrived at the station.
Too bad it's raining today.
I also have arrived.
I'm waiting at section
Fair Game bookshelves.
You're Hitomi-san, right?
Are you Shin-san?
I'm sorry, it's wrong person.
No, it's me!
can be read as "shin" or "nobu"
You read it differently.
Perhaps, it's Nobu-san?
No, Shin is fine.
I didn't really decide it as "Nobu".
But, now I've decided.
I'm Shin.
It's nice to meet you.
How could you easily decide that?

It's just that, my last name is Nobuyuki.

So I picked its first character as "Nobu".
You can call me "Shin", if you like.
Is it okay?
I call you with
different way of calling?
No problem.
After all, "Shin" it's a name I used
in order to have a real-chat with you.
I'm Hitomi.
It's nice to meet you.
I'm Shin, it's nice to meet you too.
- For a starter, let's grab a lunch.
- Okay.
Do you have a favourite place?
Do you have some favourite food
or something like that?
We can start from this restaurant.
Their Omelet Rice is very popular.
There's still a table left!
- Welcome, for how many people sir?
- It's for two.
Please sit here.
Excuse me.
I prefer a more quiet restaurant.
I don't like crowded restaurants.
So, how is it sir?
I'm sorry.
Well then...
How about this restaurant?
Yes, this is a good place.
Have you decided your order?
What's your order?
How about you?
I will choose...
this one.
Make it two.
We'll have your order then.
It's a shame we have bad weather today.
We went to great lengths to plan this.
I think Hitomi misinterpreted as (you don't look lively today)
That's not true at all!
I also wanted to meet with you.
I'm talking about the weather.
Last night I couldn't get much
sleep because I was very nervous.
You'd been wondering right?
"What should I do if he were
a strange or dull man?"
In my case, I just prepared
that I wouldn't let you down.
What are you saying?
But, I didn't expect one thing.
You're talking slowly
in orderly fashion.
It was different when we
were exchanging e-mails or chatting.
Somehow you kept
flowing word by word.
I didn't mean it in a bad way.
I see.
It didn't taste good, did it?
I'm sorry.
Pardon me?
Seems like you didn't
even touch your food.
No, it's not.
I can't handle
spicy foods very well.
You should've told me
in the first place.
I should have, right?
I'm sorry.
If I pick foods you can't handle
again, you'd quickly tell me okay?
I want you pick your favourite food
so we can enjoy our meal together.
I'm sorry.
You don't...
Since today's raining,
how about we watch a movie?
It's good idea!
It's decided then.
Today's movie are
"Eternal Blue"...
and "I'm still loving you".
I prefer Western movies.
How about Domestic movies?
I watch it at my house.
But if we're going to watch
flashy movies like SF or Action...
I think it's better
we watch it at the cinema.
I see.
Then how about...
this movie, "Silent Gravity"?
With captions or dubbing?
Either way is fine.
I prefer with captions on it.
The one with captions
has already sold-out.
Can't be helped, let's watch
with dubbing one.
I prefer with captions.
But the next one
will be played in 3 hours.
Why don't we just
watch it with dubbing?
If there isn't any with captions
on it, we can pick another movie.
Another movie?
Doesn't look like it'll coming soon.
Then, how about we watch
Domestic movie we picked before?
Please, I want to watch
Western movie with captions.
You're okay with any movies
as long as have captions on?
Thank you for today.
Well, I did pushed you
to come to meet.
I think we should
call it a day.
Well, I guess so.
Forgive me.
Actually, I...
It's coming.
The elevator is overweight.
The elevator is overweight.
The elevator is overweight.
The elevator is overweight.
What the hell.
Normally, the last person
enter should get off, right?!
How dense she can be?
Please forgive our rudeness.
Come here a sec.
Why'd you look away without
noticing people around you?
You only care of yourself?!
You overflowed with feelings
when you were in virtual world.
But in the real world
you're a self-centered girl.
You really are a let down.
I didn't really think that
you're look-up-to-respect woman.
If I had known that,
I wouldn't have invited you to meet!
The elevator was overweight, wasn't it?
Maybe if we met just once...
I thought you wouldn't
even notice that I was using this.
I can tell that you were perplexed,
got irritated when we were together.
But, I'm happy I could met with you.
It's sad it ended like this...
But there were moments I could be a normal girl
who was dating just like normal couples.
If you hate me because
of what happened today...
I'll be still happy if we keep
continue contacting to each others.
being able to exchanging
messages with you...
I really enjoyed
every seconds of it.
It was very special to me.
What happened? You spaced out.
It's nothing.
Really? It's good then.
Rika, you can talk to us.
Do I have to tell everything
about anything to you two?
We are worried about you.
- I'm 25 years old you know!
- Even if you're 25...!
Stop it, dad.
How long you're gonna keep this?
- I'm not kid anymore.
- Rika, you too.
You can't keep
treating me like a child.
Just because I have
my ears' problem to deal with!
Maybe I should live by myself.
Living by yourself? Don't joke around!
What if something happens to you?!
What if something happens?!
My life's devoid of anything!
Rika, what do you
say after eating?
Thanks for the food.
I'm sorry, I made you feel bad.
I hurt you.
I absolutely didn't realize it.
I simply thought you were odd girl.
However I never thought you
have a problem with your ears.
But you wanted to tell me.
You were wondering if I knew,
I'd choose my words carefully.
Afraid I'd changed my attitude
if I knew you are PwD.
PwD - Persons with Disabilities
Or else, what if I the guy who'd
run away upon hearing your condition.
You must be overwhelmed.
Things about losing hearing...
there's a lot of dangerous things
you need to careful at, right?
I wanted to be there when it's necessary,
and let me worry about things you need.
Because you're the girl I like.
I hope I get one more chance
to thread our relationship.
PS : yes, things ended badly.
But one thing I happy about is
when you called me by name "Shin".
You wrote you "like" me.
Why must you used
that word now?
This is Murakawa who will
work in our department.
I hope your guidance.
Her name is Hitomi.
She has hearing impairment,
please communicate with her verbally.
I hope your guidance.
Your chair is there.
Is there any problems with
Fujimine High School travelling plan's document lists?
We have our hands full, you know.
Things that can be conveyed orally,
the hell you must write it down?
Who's in the charge of Shida's contract list?
3 years ago
Yes, it's already done.
Where is Nanami High School's flight plan?
I've had enough!
Is that the list?
Yes it is.
What's wrong with her?
I have difficulty in hearing
high pitch sound.
But I can hear
low sound with ease.
Good day.
It's hard listening to woman's voice.
But it's easy to listen to man's voice.
That's a good excuse!
Don't use your condition
as pretext for your convenience.
She can hear you.
- Well, she can't, eh?
- No problem right?
In the end, she gives special
treatments only to certain people.
There's a revision on one-stop flight.
Ah, is that so?
Thank you for tried to
bring yourself to mend things up.
It was really tenderly kind of you.
I didn't think there's a person like you
trying to understands my condition.
Such is extremely
good things a person has.
That's from normal
people point of view.
I bet there's an emoji
"sympathy" written on your face.
"Ah, glad I'm still perfect"
You must be appease with satisfaction
knowing you're still normal.
That's what kind
of honest person I am.
You couldn't possible know my feeling,
how I wanted you see me as a normal girl.
You people, with normal hearing,
without a sense of inferiority...
are living in different world than me.
Thank you for everything.
I wish we shouldn't have met.
But I'm glad for our encounter.
Hitomi-san, you said normal
hearing people can't understand it.
That's one-sided opinion.
Please don't say that I'm a person
who likes to sympathize others.
Once when I went to drink
party of my company, a girl asked...
"please say word 'like' in kansai"
I refused her right off the bat.
I know I could just
refused her nicely.
It's because a word
I only say to person I like.
I was surprised by what you said
and surely I'm entitled asking for your forgiveness.
But I'm gonna to let your
reckless remark off of me.
Instead, I'm worry about you.
While you hurt me by sent those messages...
you also hurt yourself.
You must be crying while at it, right?
But, I'm a mere human after all.
I have annoying parts as well.
We're just quarrelling, right?
This is our first quarrel.
That's why we'd better quarrel
properly in order to reconciling.
We're targeting for revenge date!
You can relax without
worrying your hearing condition.
I'll also start learning
about your condition.
And, I'm not the person
you suspicious of.
I'm sorry for couldn't
be more convincing.
This is my excuse for today.
Say, it's not a bad idea to thread
our relationship again, right?
How to communicate with people with hearing impairment
Hitomi-san, is your
case moderate hearing loss?
In what stage are you?
Yours is not total deafness, is it?
Is it conductive hearing loss?
Or sensorial hearing loss?
You've researched a lot.
I said that I would right?
My sense of hearing is
still can hear low-range frequency.
I'm in category Sensorineural Hearing Loss.
When I was in first year of high school,
my family went to mountain climbing.
It was avalanche accident.
So I was admitted to hospital.
Honey, they're so funny!
This show's so funny!
- Really? Is it really funny?
- Yeah, you bet!
I've been impaired for 10 years.
I'm using hearing aid behind
my ears to regulate sounds.
But it cannot cover all hearing range.
Its effectiveness is also
depend on physical condition.
That's why you asked me
how my voice before, right?
I considerably can hear
your voice easily in quiet places.
However, I often
encounter situations where
I hear multiple sounds.
But I can't just
hear them by concentrate
listening to others speaking.
You must feel
lonely, right? You can only
nod along with it.
Good work today.
I wish I could live
by myself just like you.
How so?
A life where I
only depend on myself.
It took considerably amount
of hardship to live by myself.
Your dad's doing fine right?
Did something
happen to your dad?
He collapsed because of illness.
I can't even meet him anymore.
I asked something I shouldn't.
I'm sorry.
No, it's all right.
By having met with you personally,
we're talking lots of things, right?
Say, why don't we try a "rehab date"?
I wanted to be there when it's necessary,
and let me worry about things you need.
Because you're the girl I like.
Hitomi-san, you said normal
hearing people can't understand it.
That's one-sided opinion.
Please don't say that I'm
a person who likes to sympathize others.
You must feel lonely, right?
You can only nod along with it.
Say, it's not a bad idea to thread
our relationship again, right?
Still no reply from her ?
- Listen to me, Sakisaka.
- Okay.
There's a time...
- a man need to give up...
- Eh?!
I want to meet you.
Senpai, look!!
- Wow, that's great!
- Yeah!
Wait, you wanted
to say something right?
What I wanted to say is...
there's no word "give up"
in man's dictionary!
Fairy Game - 1st Volume
Fairy Game - 2nd Volume
What are you looking for?
It's been a while.
Yes, it has been.
I was worried if today was raining again.
Luckily, today's good day.
There's no need for umbrellas.
Please, lower your voice for a bit.
Please speak with your normal voice.
Nevertheless, I still can't
define what I hear or not.
Ah, my bad.
I should've understand it,
even you already explained it to me.
- There are things I...
- Don't cover your mouth!
If I can't see your mouth's movement
then I can't read your lips.
You're trying to be supportive.
But I ended up hurting you.
Well, even though you properly
explained to me, I'm still useless am I?
It's embarrassing right?
You told me to not
using loud voice.
But I did use it before, right?
At the appointed place, you were standing
before Fairy Game bookshelves, weren't you?
That's right.
At that moment,
I really liked how you look.
Thank you.
Okay, it's time to go.
This time we've got a good movie.
- Glad we're doing "revenge date".
- Sure we are!
We should talk this over lunch.
But it's right on lunch break time.
All places must've been occupied.
It's not a place where
you can get tasteful lunch though.
How about karaoke box?
Karaoke box?
- Yes, surprisingly it's...
- Sakisaka-kun!
It's really coincidence!
How are you?
- I'm good.
- Me too.
I'm on hibernation since
you scolded me last time.
Wow, you don't have
to say it now.
How do you do?
I'm Misako.
I was rude back then.
I'm sorry.
Why so abruptly?
I've been wanting to
say sorry next time we meet.
I've contemplated properly.
You said "I'm not a Mynah or Parrot".
It hit me really hard,
also I know I was very rude.
You should change
your way of talking.
Let's meet again, shall we.
Sorry, I made you wait.
- I choose hot dog...
- She's such a strange girl.
I didn't know you can use
karaoke box for eating place.
It's a good deal.
It's soundproof room.
We can talk easily since we're
not using this as singing room.
I see.
These are my company's new products.
Try to eat these.
Your company?
So, your workplace is
making these kind of product.
I'll give you my business card.
- It's at Shinagawa right?
- Yeah.
What kind of work you do?
I'm doing administration
work at travel agency.
I'm employed under disability system.
I see.
That's why I feel alienated.
It's true I'm doing normal job...
but even when I'm finally employed...
things happen.
But I can't complain.
Companies with disability system
aren't just merely doing volunteering job.
There are laws you must abide.
Also companies get various benefits from it.
You're already hired, right?
There's no need for you to bottle it up.
It doesn't have to be only me.
When you're talking to others,
it's better to just let it out.
But, the person I can
talk casually most with...
is none other than you, Shin-san.
How about when
you were in college?
Did your friends
understand your condition?
Yes, they did.
But, things like when I ordering food.
I had to properly explained it.
How about your social relationship?
Here and there, with fellow woman.
All they want are benefits
from company's salary.
Don't mind those
good-for-nothing people.
Outta my way!
You okay?
It's hurt.
Stop you prick!
You know what you just did?
What the hell is it?
You just pushed a girl
who's got hearing impairment!
Stop it.
So you can push PwD
around because they're nuisance?
Why can't you
just simply ask them?!
You want us compensate you?
How much do you want?
You sunnava...!
- Stop it!
- Why should I?!
These guy hurt you!
They don't even sorry a bit!
There's no point.
Come on.
Please, stop it!
Please don't speak about my ears
condition in front of many people!
I just wanted them
to learn of what they did.
Did you also want to punish them?
You got hurt, and you
still acting like being-good girl?!
It's useless!
Those people before...
they said harsh things
because they didn't know.
Or should I explain it to you?
PwD are nothing but hindrance.
"This girl...
she's hearing impaired".
You normal people, can only
see us with pity!
What's with that "you normal people"?
Don't think you're
the only one who's suffering!
I told you about
my father before, right?
You mean he's gone?
No, that's not it.
My father collapsed because brain tumour.
He undergo surgical operation.
Was it successful surgery?
Yes it was.
But it was accompanied
by an unexpected complication.
After the surgery was over,
he finally woke up...
It's you, my wife?
Dad, you're finally wake up.
Yes, that's me.
Thank you for your care.
You're helper-san, right?
What're you saying?
It's Nobuyuki!
Your second son, Nobuyuki!
It's been 3 years since then.
And he still thinks that
I'm his attendant caregiver.
Even until now?
Even after rehab
he still doesn't know me.
He's still can't recognize me
even after telling our family history.
I have to keep resilient.
I'm not using your condition
as pretext to comfort my problem.
You're always saying
I can't understand this and that.
This predicament
is also a burden for me.
I wanna get back
with my father.
But in his mind he
remembers all his family but me.
That's my reality.
I'm free to push my
circumstances to you right?
Just like you push
yours onto mine.
I'm feel bad you're crying for me.
Could you please go
and buy me black tights?
It's for covering my wounds.
Forgive me.
I'm going home first.
The girl I met at the cinema,
is she your girlfriend?
She's the girl I like.
Wow, that was fast.
Well it's fine though.
How's the progress?
It's good...
or not, I don't know.
Looks yummy.
Did you make your own lunch?
Speaking of which, this year is hard year
for any travel agencies, right?!
Please take care of these.
Passport data entry of 200 participants
of business enterprise for Career Forum.
Please get it done by tomorrow.
Maybe she's a bit naive.
- Naive?
- Yes.
She doesn't really want to
speak what's in her mind.
She just can't help
but expressing it.
I guess her pride
is way too high.
She's intellectual-type girl.
I think you're using
strenuous approach on her.
However, her naivety is really clear to see.
With some educations,
the next encounter will be your chance.
Wow, that's elaborate way to say.
I'm putting my life on love.
There are certain
standard in love, you know.
Well, I'm very weak
in that kind of area.
Perhaps she is, too.
Well then, how about I give you
a special lecture about my love lesson?
Please, by all means.
For starter, pay for my lunch.
Working late tonight?
That's must be hard.
You can't even complain,
so they took advantage off from you.
Stop it!
Please help!
What's wrong?!
The hell did you do?!
You can talk?!
Are you okay?
Did the wounds
on your leg heal already?
It was so conspicuous.
I got worried.
This time we've got a good movie.
It doesn't have to be only me.
When you're talking to others,
it's better to just let it out.
At that moment,
I really liked how you look.
Here I am!
- Let go, please.
- You cheapskate!
- I am?!
- It's just holding hands.
Has Rika back already?
She's had a dinner
with her co-workers!
Shall I make you some tea?
Why I'm so interested
to such puzzling girl?
Then how about
going out with me?
The truth is, my cuteness...
- is my strong point, you know.
- Now you're acting like a child.
I'd been given leeway by just laughing
for every time I did something.
So, you're the first one
who scolded me harshly.
I got shocked at first...
but as time passed by, my heart was
getting more and more choked up with love!
You were just
thinking I was cute, right?!
- Shit, you got me.
- Yeah.
Well, perhaps I'm
no more smarter than her
But, I'm not troublesome girl.
How about hop in to me?
Going out with you,
things must be fun.
- That's right! Then you should...
- But if I were really going out with you...
I soon would be get tired of it.
You hate long and boring talks,
or something like troublesome talks.
Thing is, I really like doing that.
Oh, well.
In the end, you do like
troublesome things out of her, right?
It's difficult to know other's circumstances.
But if they both have
something in common...
perhaps it'd naturally make
them understanding each other.
People who stay true on their words...
I wonder how many
of them exist in this world?
After all, words are tool
that can easily hurt people.
Forgetting things we worried,
things we feel insecurity from.
We can happily laughing from the bottom
of our heart by using such tool.
It gives us strength to give our best
and let us spend day after day.
Rain Trees.
An alias for America's Silk Tree.
Silk Tree, in language of flower is...
Great joy.
Throbbing in chest.
So the Land of Rain Trees means...
a palpitation in her heart.
I'm off to work.
Your hair's got longer.
I'll cut your hair soon, okay?
- I'm going.
- Have a safe trip.
Murakawa from consignment sales...
has been handed
over to the police.
He was law-abiding citizen and
petty employer with nowhere else to go.
It's so regrettable, isn't it?
Hitomi-kun, I'm sorry for what happened.
I'm sorry for what happened to you.
It's a problem in our management system.
Please do not take overtime for a while.
It's okay, about overtime...
Please get it.
Something happens again, we're
the one who'll having all the troubles.
I understand.
For the time being I will stop taking overtime.
Did the wounds
on your leg heal already?
It was so conspicuous.
I got worried.
What the hell?!
Blog suspended for a while
Why did you shutdown your blog?
Because of my fault?
Was it because I tried too hard
getting involve of your life?
The Land of Rain Trees...
is the only place you can
release all of your worries.
A place where you don't
have to mask your weaknesses.
In there you can lively express
your fascinating yet modest words.
I have so much fun
because of your world.
I can't help wanting
to go over there.
Even after I got to know you,
all I wanted is listening every words you got.
To you, your world is just like
what Rain Tree means in flower language.
It means a place where
your heart's throbbing.
But it's not only exist in computer...
outside of it, there are
also Land of the Rain Trees.
Even now, you've always
been concealing your condition.
You've been weighted down
by unpleasant feelings.
If that's the case...
it'd be better if you try to
lay bare of what you really are.
It'll greatly show your virtue.
I have one proposal
to offer for you.
What if, you're interested...
even for a little bit
about what I just said...
would you like to cut your hair?
Mom, how are you?
I'm doing fine.
Why'd you call
in such early morning?
I need your help with something.
Look, isn't it cute?!
- We'll always be together?
- Hey!
No no, I didn't write that.
- I saw it.
- Nah, you saw it wrong.
- What we were just wished for will come true, right?
- Yeah, I hope it will.
Hey, quick question.
What was the whole "yahoo!" about?
Don't tell me you just
diverted your eyes to Misako.
- No, on the contrary.
- On the contrary?
Misako-san, she gave me
a push on my back.
Or should I say, she made me
notice something important?
You were talking about your
love-ship to that e-mail girl, right?
She has a problem
with her ears.
So, to her words
are very important thing.
I use those words by carefully
construct it with my mind and body.
It's troubling though.
Somehow I got pulled by her.
Give her up.
You must give her up!
can I go after Misako-chan?
I hope I can go to the real Land of Rain Trees!
Hitomi Rika
I hope Misako-san is not Shin-san type!
You don't have to run.
You seem fine.
We're going to go to Osaka?
It's about 2 and a half hour.
Wanna go?
You already bought me the ticket.
I can't possible refuse.
I'm being coercive, am I?
really want to eat genuine Takoyaki!
Shall we go then?
You'll feel the change.
Better than now, right?
Would you like to cut your hair?
I think you'll become prettier.
But I'm sure it's
gonna get prettier than now.
Your hair colour
also will get changed.
If you completely leave
your hair grow longer...
everyone will see
how messy your hair are.
It doesn't make you refine girl
even if you dress nicely.
Messy hair...
unrefined girl.
You sure weren't holding back.
Even though I'm
old enough to know.
Ah, I overdid it.
But I'll forgive if I
become better than now.
Couple days ago, I got
attacked when I was working.
He barely arrived
to my department.
He thought
I couldn't speak.
How could he did that?
You weren't get hurt, right?
I screamed very loudly.
The security guy
quickly jumped to the scene.
When that happened...
you did good protecting yourself.
Because of my ears condition...
I always afraid
to go to beauty parlour.
My mother always
cut my hair instead.
This unfit-looking long hair...
has been always
covering my hearing aid.
But you encouraging me...
that it'd do your good
if you just let anyone see it.
want to change to be
better than before.
This is my home.
I'm home.
You're back.
This is Hitomi-san.
The girl I talked about before.
Wow, she's a cute girl!
You have nothing to worry about.
My son has explained
everything to me.
Give your eyes a rest.
This is will be the last.
I won't ever see
you cutting hair again.
Such way was
how you raised me, right?
That's right.
Hey, Nobu.
Good day.
I'm his big brother.
Good day.
Hey, your teeth are shining.
I went to the hospital.
How's dad?
He's fine.
Where's the photo?
I brought it to hospital.
You remember that day?
That's the photo
where we were camping.
We caught a lot of fishes.
It was a big catch.
Wait a minute!
Here! Here!
This way!
Nobu cut his feet when walking
in the river, it was deeply cut.
Upon arriving at hospital,
he was treated and got 7 stitches.
Yeah, I remembered.
I was hearing weird sound in
the middle of night, and I woke up...
it was Nobu's crying sound.
I told you it was really hurt.
You got scolded by your father.
"How long you're gonna keep crying?!"
This is an outrageous story.
I told you it was
really hurt, you know.
He's always been
such a crybaby.
It's not "always been".
I "was" a crybaby.
I remember it vividly.
All the cherished days we'd been
engraving together are real.
Even when this parlour's gone...
even when we
forget this place...
those days won't die.
Both of your sons
have become fine adults.
It fits you very well!
We're going.
Where are we going?
I'm gonna buy you
presents for Christmas Day.
Outfits that match your new hair.
This one's nice.
This is too.
You look nice!
You look...
It's cute.
How about these?
This one looks nice, right?
It's super cute.
Those are made for you.
- It's delicious.
- I told you, right?
Aw, it's hot.
It's hot, for real.
Today I had so much fun.
I'll see you off till your home.
You just got your hair cut.
You must be nervous going home alone, right?
I'll go home by myself.
- But...
- It's okay!
I'm going home alone.
See you again.
Tokyo Station
Please watch your step as you step in to train.
This is Japan Rail Pass.
Be advised to not forget your belonging.
Inside the train,
I pulled my hair up to ears.
That's a progress.
I saw my reflection
on window. It was cool.
I finally found the answer.
Fairy Game which led
us to our encounter.
Fairy Game's last volume
which you lost.
On that book,
a girl said this.
"So long as love exists...
such thing is a lie."
It was
always in my mind.
Sacrifice oneself for
love one is not possible.
It was
always in my mind.
But, it's not anymore.
Days we've been together.
Things you've been teaching to me.
It's not sacrifices.
It's kindnesses.
I was resigned myself to
not depending on anyone else.
Being together means...
being in love.
I forgot the
most important thing.
What? What is it?
There is still one thing I want.
You want what?
"Here"? What the...
what you want is there, eh!
Thanks for watching!
Hope y'all had a good time!
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any mistakes I made in my sub.
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