The Land of the Pharaohs (1955) Movie Script

I, Hamar, lord high priest of Egypt...
... am preparing a chronicle
of the reign of Khufu...
... ruler of Egypt.
Word has come that again...
... he has been victorious in
the war against our enemies.
And now Egypt has taken its place as
the greatest of all nations in the world.
Today, Pharaoh and his army return.
This was Pharaoh...
... direct descendant of our deity Amun...
... god of the sun, who rules the heavens...
... as Pharaoh rules the Earth.
Again, he brought treasure...
... gold and precious jewels
taken from our enemies.
For to Pharaoh, riches were power.
And power was to be desired.
And also again, he brought many captives...
... for is it not by slaves
that one becomes even richer...
... and then has more power?
Greetings, my lord priest.
Sire, the gods rejoice at your safe return.
Thank you, my lord priest.
Your Majesty.
My lord, it is good to have you back.
It is good to be back.
I'm afraid to touch you
because of the dirt of travel.
Perhaps my lord would
care to remove the dirt.
An excellent idea.
Then I will come to my lord.
When I am ready, I will send you word.
I rejoice at your safe return, my lord.
Thank you.
- Your name is?
- Mayva, my lord.
oh, yes, I remember.
Has the bird learned to speak yet?
oh, yes, my lord, but only in private.
Well, perhaps it's better that way.
Hamar, dear friend, it's good to
see you again. I've missed you.
I've missed you too, sire.
It's been three long months.
We've much to talk about.
But first, I must bathe.
The sand seems to get in
every pore of one's body.
Why can't we do away with the desert, Hamar?
I'm only a priest, not a god, sire.
outside of a discomfort, the
desert hasn't been too much...
...of an obstacle to you
in the past or this time.
No, the Egyptian soldier
fights well in the desert.
- I've done well, Hamar. very well.
- So I have heard.
Four hundred men loaded with treasure.
Wait till you see it.
That feels much better.
Tell the queen I've finished.
Well, have I changed?
Not very much.
You're one war older, that's all.
I hope to age by many more
before my time is come.
More wars, more treasure.
Still not enough?
You know I can't resist gold.
Yes, I know.
The first fight we had as children, remember?
We fought for a little gold
ring that had been a gift to me.
You won the fight and you took the ring.
And you tricked me into some wager and
got it back before nightfall, remember?
And you've been fighting for gold ever since.
And I mean to keep it forever.
I see that you have cleansed
yourself of the desert, my lord.
You are beautiful.
Even more beautiful than my memories of you.
Three months in the desert is a long time.
- Perhaps that's why...
- No, to any man at any time.
Isn't that so, Hamar?
He's gone.
You've always said he's the
wisest man in the kingdom.
And by his going, he proved it.
Each morning and each night...
...I prayed to the gods for
your safe and speedy return.
Let me look at you.
Am I a fool to leave you here and
roam the world seeking for treasure?
No, my lord, if treasure's what you want.
I want treasure, yes.
But there's something else I want too.
And that is?
I've been thinking, Egypt is a great country.
When I am gone, who will rule?
I want an heir. A son.
I know, my lord.
You have fought five wars in
the six years of our marriage.
This has not been your home, only
a place to leave to another war.
I know that.
Supposing I say I'll stay
at home and not go to war?
I will not ask that of you.
only stay with me for a little while...
...and if the gods will
it, I will give you a son.
- I'm looking for a prisoner called vashtar.
- I'm he.
I've brought you food and
wine and various supplies.
You can put it in the tent over there.
- You mean you brought this for me?
- Yes.
- What about the others?
- Food and wine is yours.
- Do with it as you please.
- Thank you. We'll use it.
Mikka, take charge of the food.
Give it to those who need it most.
- Yes, sir. I'll take charge of the wine too.
- Mikka, the wine's for the sick.
- Yes, sir. I'll see to it.
- Senta, go with Mikka.
Senta, don't you understand?
They've brought us food.
Egyptian food?
You have to excuse my son, captain.
He's too young to accept captivity.
It doesn't matter. I bring
another message for you.
This afternoon, we bury some of our
people who were killed in battle.
Perhaps you'd like to attend the ceremony.
- You're free to do so.
- Free?
- Aren't you afraid I might try to escape?
- And leave your people?
- No, I don't think you'll escape.
- Perhaps you're right.
Yes, I should like to see the ceremony.
- I'll come for you when it is time.
- Thank you, captain.
People of Egypt...
...we meet here today to pay
homage to our heroic dead.
Let their stilled hearts hear
no sound of lamentation...
...only of rejoicing...
...that their destiny has been fulfilled.
Their earthly lives they have given... that they and you may enjoy
both the present and the second life.
Let them hear now the manner
in which they will live.
Let the gods of Egypt speak.
In the name of the gods, listen.
Hear the voice of Osiris,
the judge of the dead.
The goddess, Isis, commands you to listen.
Give heed to the god Anubia...
... the conductor of the dead
from this life to the next.
Give heed in the name of the god Horus.
Let Pharaoh now, the
living god of Egypt, speak.
And in the name of the gods, listen.
This is my decree.
The bodies of those who died
well and bravely by my side...
...shall be delivered
to the City of the Dead.
Fine linen and armor shall
be their burial garments.
They shall rest in tombs of stone.
And for their comfort in the second
life, they shall have ample treasure.
To each man, three measures of
gold and nine measures of silver.
one vessel each of onyx and alabaster.
Food and wine in plenty.
All this and all honor shall
each man enjoy in the second life.
There we shall meet again... stand side by side and serve.
Till then, farewell.
The gods of Egypt have spoken.
Listen to them, vashtar.
This is a funeral but they're not sad.
They almost seem as if they're happy.
I believe they are happy.
The life they hope for in the future
seems to mean more than their present life.
I wonder if any of them ever saw or
spoke to somebody living in the future.
I don't think so, Mikka.
I'd rather enjoy this life.
Mind you, the wine in the
grave sounds a good idea.
But how do I know I'd be thirsty?
officer, what is this? Another ceremony?
Yes, if you could call it that.
The singing is different.
This time they're not happy.
This is for those who were cowards in battle.
Those who deserted or failed in their duty.
They will not be buried and will
therefore have no second life.
That is why their people mourn.
Strange religion to deny the future
to one who fails in the present.
Look, vashtar.
Look what they're doing.
Hamar, look.
This is the portion of the spoils
that I've chosen to be mine.
Look at this. Feel it.
I love the feel of gold.
There's no other metal like it.
Add this to what I have already, and it'll
be the greatest treasure in the world.
No man will ever have had so much.
That is true, sire.
Now all that remains is to build
a tomb to receive it and my body.
A tomb that no man can violate,
where I can rest in peace...
...and enjoy all this in my second life.
- You've got my instructions?
- I did, sire.
Builders have been at work day
and night since the message came.
Their plans are ready for you to see.
Do you think their work is good?
It is your treasure, sire, and
your tomb. You must be the judge.
That means you don't like them?
You must decide, sire.
And what is this?
A labyrinth to hide the passage to the tomb?
Here is the beginning, my lord.
And here is the maze that hides the secret.
It will make the tomb secure so...
Secure as the last tomb in
which a labyrinth was used?
My ancestor Serati was
protected by such a labyrinth.
Perhaps you heard what
happened to him. And this?
This is different, my lord.
- It begins here...
- Different in what way?
I just brought treasure back to Egypt
that was stolen from a tomb like this...
...three nights after the crypt was sealed.
And look what we have here. Hamar,
it's like meeting an old friend.
A false tunnel and a false
crypt to hide the real one.
It would scarcely keep out the wind.
Are they all like these?
What reason is there to build
a pyramid to hold a tomb...
...if the tomb may be violated?
It is better to lay the
treasure on the sand... that the thieves
will not disturb my body.
You may go, all of you.
Go home and consider yourselves lucky...
...that you've escaped
the lash or the dungeon.
Go on. Get out of here!
- I was afraid of this, Hamar.
- I'm sorry, sire.
These plans have been
used for a royal tomb...
...and not one has escaped the grave robbers.
There are many thieves and very few Pharaohs.
I'm waiting to hear your solution, sire.
Why do you presume I have one?
You were curiously gentle with the builders.
Does anyone have a secret from you?
What is your plan, sire?
Do you know what happened in the
last battle for that Cushite city?
only the outcome.
Yes, the outcome was very
nearly disastrous for us.
There were three passes
that led into the city.
Two of them were narrow,
rock-filled nightmares...
...where a legion could
be held by half as many.
The third was almost a highway.
There seemed to be no possible defense.
That highway was one of
the most cunning traps...
...that has ever been constructed.
When we were well into it... of the road
dropped, creating pitfalls.
other parts suddenly rose as if by magic... shelter to the defenders.
Luckily, I had sent small
divisions through the other passes.
They fought their way through and
fell upon the defenders from behind.
The man who constructed those defenses...
...was the finest builder who
has ever worked with stone.
When the city was taken...
...I gave a gold sword to the
soldier who brought him to me alive.
- Is his name vashtar?
- What?
When I heard of a special treatment,
the tent and the food you ordered...
...for one of the captives,
I made some inquiries.
I had him brought here.
He's waiting outside.
Bring him here.
Is the captive vashtar here yet?
- Yes, my lord.
- Bring him in.
I should have known better than try
to keep a secret from you, my friend.
You are vashtar?
The man who prepared the
defenses of your city?
I am the architect who drew the plans.
You cost me many lives. I
congratulate you on your work.
Each of us must fight with weapons as he has.
Yes, I know that because I'm a soldier.
I do not intend to punish you,
architect, but to reward your skill.
You shall build for me.
Do you understand what these are?
Yes, Pharaoh. They're designs
for a royal tomb within a pyramid.
But I do not understand what you want of me.
All the world knows that in
the building of pyramids...
...Egypt is unsurpassed.
- True enough.
But where we have failed is making
the tomb secure against violation.
Can it be done? Can you do it?
Perhaps. But I have a better plan.
Load your treasure onto boats.
Float them to the deepest part
of the ocean and sink them there.
Then you need not fear that anyone
will rob you of what you've stolen.
Men don't talk to me like that.
I could make you wish those
words had not been spoken.
But unfortunately, you
have need of my talent.
As I thought, you're a
shrewd man. What's your price?
- My price?
- What do you want?
Nothing you would give me.
Even what little I know of Egyptian
customs tells me if I build it...
...I sign my own death
warrant. Is that not so?
While you build my tomb, you
can build your own as well.
Let it be done as richly as you please.
Every honor shall be given to you and yours.
Fair prospect and a good offer.
Provided one believes in
the second life. I do not.
Look elsewhere for your architect.
- I told you before...
- one moment, sire.
With your permission, perhaps I can
convince this man to do as you ask.
I fear not. There is no
reason why I should serve you.
There are many reasons.
I'll show you.
Follow me.
- Do you know what lies behind that wall?
- I do.
Your people are not far from there.
And only your talent stands
between them and the wall.
You were right when you
said there were many reasons.
If I serve you, will you spare my people?
- All of them.
- Will you set them free?
If your plan pleases me, they shall be freed
as soon as the work is done. All of them.
Except for yourself.
When I have conceived a
plan, I will send you word.
Good. Hamar, see that he has all he needs.
Work swiftly, architect.
That I may die the sooner?
No, that your people may live.
Well, architect, you
sent word you had a plan.
I believe I have.
one minute. Both of you, go.
Well, what is it?
It's to use the best labyrinth
designed by your builders.
- A labyrinth?
- You know these labyrinths were rejected.
- That was...
- I know that, but hear me out.
After your body is placed in the tomb...
...the labyrinth will be
sealed. Every passage...
...every foot of the way
from the burial chamber... the door of the pyramid,
sealed with solid stones.
Solid stones? But that would
take years and in that time...
No, Pharaoh, not years.
- It can be done in a few minutes.
- You are a fool.
What power could move stones in that time?
A power that Egypt possesses in abundance.
I will show you. Follow me.
What is this?
It is with stones such as this, and
others, that the passages will be sealed.
- I asked you before, with what power?
- Sand.
- With what?
- With sand.
Wait, Pharaoh. If the boy
can lower that stone...
...precisely into place using
only one hand, will you believe me?
I did believe in you once, architect.
If this is a joke, you and
your people will regret it.
Senta, lower the stone.
It will be the same with a larger stone.
They'll be lowered in
every foot of the labyrinth.
And others on top of them.
Until the whole tomb is
surrounded by solid stone.
To enter, you'll have tear the pyramid apart.
Do you believe me now?
Tomorrow I shall give
orders to start the work.
You have served me well, architect.
Take this as a token of my gratitude.
You promised that when the work was
completed, you would set my people free.
- I will keep that promise.
- The work will take many years.
A long time for a people
to remain in slavery.
I must ask you this.
Set free a certain number every
year while the work is in progress.
If you do this, I will serve you.
I will not bargain with you, architect.
But my pleasure in your
work grants your wish.
Let it be done as he asks.
Come, we have much to do.
This day, I have sent couriers
to every part of our country... every city and village.
They carry this decree.
That I have set a task for Egypt...
... which in any other
land would be impossible.
On the desert sands,
you will raise a pyramid.
A structure greater than
any other in the world.
This pyramid shall be my resting
place for the second life.
Each man has a covenant with me.
To work as man has not
yet worked in all time.
And as the living god of Egypt...
...I promise you that
each man, by his labor...
...shall secure for himself
a place in the life to come.
What say you?
As with one heart...
... the people responded to
the call of their Pharaoh.
They came from the farms and the groves...
... from the valleys and the hill countries.
They gave up their accustomed lives
and marched to their holy labor.
They sang...
... songs of their faith...
... and of their joy.
Three million of such
stones would be needed...
... before the work was done.
Three million stones of an
average weight of 5000 Ibs.
Every stone cut precisely to
fit into its destined place...
... in the great pyramid.
From the quarries, they pulled
the stones across the desert...
... to the banks of the Nile.
Never in the history of the world
has so great a task been performed.
Their faith gave them strength.
Their joy gave them song.
Look out!
In a little more than a year, the
hallowed ground had been prepared...
... and the first courses
of stone had been raised.
And still they sang.
What is that stone, father?
That's the sarcophagus of the Pharaoh.
The stone will withhold his body after death.
- Is that thing hollow then, master?
- Yes.
The top part can be
lifted to receive the body.
Where does it go to?
Into a great chamber in the pyramid.
But where that is you must not know.
There's already the first
three courses of the stones.
When it's finished, there'll
be more than 200 of them.
With all those men, the work will be
finished quickly, won't it, father?
No, Senta. No, it will take a long time.
They'll work for many years.
And some will grow old and some will die.
And the stones of the pyramid will
be cemented with blood and tears.
And the years passed.
And in those years, the joy in the
hearts of the people was stilled.
And in place of the song came the drum.
And with the drum, the whip.
And the spirit and the faith were gone.
And the work became labor.
Remember, Senta, how they sang
when they hauled the stones?
They stopped singing 15 years ago.
I thought it would be done so quickly.
And you were only a boy then.
I was a slave then, and I'm still a slave.
Yes, Egypt has changed.
Changed because of the pyramid.
To build a tomb to house
one man in his second life...
... thousands are finding misery in this life.
Pharaoh has changed too.
He has riches, power...
... even the son he desired.
But he is like a man obsessed.
I never came here before.
The guards would not let me, Father.
Why do you keep it locked up?
Gold is desired by every man, my son.
There are many who would rob me of this...
...take from me what I have
accumulated for my second life.
But all this is mine and will stay mine.
And when my tomb is finished and sealed... will be mine while the
earth stands, till the end of time.
You're hurting me, father.
I'm sorry.
My lord, forgive me for disturbing you,
but it is time for the boy to go to bed.
I was my fault. I forgot the time.
Come on, Xenon.
Thank you, father.
You call yourselves builders.
I want no more excuses.
No more old women's tales of why
this won't be done or can't be done.
It will be done.
or you'll go to the quarries
yourselves, all of you.
I'll teach you the meaning of work.
In the next month, one complete
level of the stones will be raised.
- It cannot be done.
- You are near the top.
- There are fewer stones on each level.
- But the stones must be raised higher.
And because the nearby
quarries are almost exhausted...
...the stones must be
brought a greater distance.
- Always some reason...
- The man is right, sire.
You too, Hamar?
Are you telling me that what
I ask for cannot be done?
only with more workers, sire.
I'll get more.
We don't have supplies to
feed a new army of labor, sire.
If you have sufficient, will
there be any more excuses?
None, sire.
- And you?
- None, sire.
I'll get men. And I'll get food.
Ambassador of the land of the Amorites.
Mighty Pharaoh, 700 head of cattle
have been brought to you by our people.
The decree is not yet fulfilled.
Two thousand measures of
grain were also called for.
Why have you not brought the rest?
In lieu of the grain,
of which we have none... ruler sends you 500 weights of silver.
I am content. Note that
the decree is fulfilled.
The next.
Ambassador of the tributary
province of Cyprus.
Ambassador of the tributary
province of Cyprus.
What is this? Who answers for Cyprus?
I do.
Who are you?
I am Nellifer, Princess of Cyprus.
Why did you not answer when you were called?
This is the first time I
have served as an ambassador.
The duties are new and strange to me.
You are young for such a role, princess.
Perhaps my lord would
prefer it if I were old.
We are only interested in
the tribute that you bring.
What tax was decreed for
the province of Cyprus?
Two thousand measures of
grain, a thousand of oil...
...and of cattle, 800 head.
What have you brought?
Nothing, my lord. I came
in place of the tribute.
You came in its place?
Yes, my lord.
- Why?
- My country is poor.
To pay the tribute, some of us must starve.
You do not have the appearance of starving.
If I do not please you, you may send me back.
It will be a great burden to my
country, but your tribute will be paid.
- If that is what you wish.
- I could have both.
No, my lord, not both.
You may choose between me and
the tribute from my father.
I said I could have both.
And I said not both, but you may choose.
You have much to learn, princess.
And we will start your education now.
See that she is securely locked up...
...and her father notified
that payment is demanded.
I do not allow brawling in my court.
Take them both away. Lash the
slave to teach him manners.
one moment, my lord.
Would you punish a slave for merely obeying?
I told him to act.
See that they are both lashed.
And give her her cloak, that she
may hide her starved appearance.
You took it from me.
It is mine no longer.
Now the next.
The ambassador of Al-Hasa.
Bring the girl Nellifer to my room.
In the presence of Pharaoh, you kneel.
All right, you can go.
Education is sometimes painful, isn't it?
Drink this.
Do I stay, or do you want the tribute?
Don't ever do that again.
I'll offer you wine just once more.
And I will only take it when you have chosen.
It's the only way, my lord.
In the succeeding weeks, she
became the favorite of the Pharaoh.
They were married and she
became his second wife.
Sit here, my lady.
I have provided sport for your amusement.
What form of sport, my lord?
A test of strength between myself
and another living god of Egypt.
You shall see.
I have heard many stories, my lord,
of the treasure you have gathered.
They probably lie, because no man
could have as much as they say.
They do not lie.
But they only guess,
because none have seen it.
And I may not see it?
Yes. Yes, you shall judge
whether the stories are true.
You shall see for yourself.
You were right, my lord.
Those that speak of the treasure do not lie.
But their stories do not do it justice.
You wish to know how they were
won or where they came from?
No. only to see it and to feel it.
Just like a woman.
- Would you change me, sire?
- No, no, never.
Feels almost soft, like
something to be caressed.
only gold feels that way.
Words from my own mouth. We are much alike.
If you like it, take it. Take what you want.
I will thank you when I have chosen.
It's all so beautiful.
What lies beyond that door?
That is my own domain. I alone go there.
I have taken my son, my priest, no others.
And I may not enter?
Yes, yes, you may.
Captain, bring a torch,
that she may see the better.
I want you to see what I've chosen.
It's unbelievable.
It's even more beautiful than that outside.
For this, I fought hard and long.
I shed my blood and the blood
of those who followed me.
What I have chosen here represent...
Take off those jewels.
- What?
- Take them off.
- But I would have this, sire.
- No.
But my lord told me to choose.
Not of this. of that outside.
You may choose what you like of that.
But all this must stay as it is.
Until the time when it's removed
to the pyramid, to my tomb.
All? Surely not all for one man.
All. The contents of this room
are the symbols of my life to come.
They are not for this life.
Not to adorn my body or
yours or any living thing.
Take off those jewels.
Yes, my lord.
Well, what is it?
Sire, certain of your guests are departing.
- The high priest suggests that you return...
- All right, I am coming.
May I stay a little, sir. that I
may see better all that is yours?
Yes, come when you've finished.
- See that all is secure.
- Yes, sire.
What is your name, captain?
Treneh, my lady.
And your duties, captain?
I'm charged by Pharaoh with the
security of his treasures, my lady.
Guarding all the Pharaoh's treasures
is a great responsibility, captain.
Yes, my lady.
What if I were to take this?
You heard the Pharaoh's orders.
Then you must take it from me.
Remember your duty, captain.
I wish it were mine to give.
Unfortunately, it is not.
Now also the quarries are becoming exhausted.
Great holes have been cut in the earth.
It is well that the work
is nearly completed...
... as each day the gathering of
the stone becomes more difficult.
Now too, the finer stone for the
outer covering of the pyramid...
... is being brought from remote
quarries on the upper Nile.
Good evening, my lady.
Good evening, captain.
You may go, Mabuna.
You sent for me, my lady.
That is right, captain.
May I ask why?
Need there be a reason?
No, I presume not.
Would you have some wine, captain?
No, thank you.
You seem nervous and afraid.
Perhaps because you are Queen of Egypt.
Even a queen may be lonely.
Perhaps that's why I asked you to come.
That would make a difference.
Then you are no longer afraid?
- Well, Senta?
- I'd like to talk to you, sir.
I was just stopping anyhow.
- You've finished your work?
- Until tomorrow.
The planning for the
inner part of the pyramid?
Not yet. I wish it were.
There is a lot to be done yet.
- Is that what you wanted to talk about?
- No, sir.
Found this old scarab today.
Perhaps you can tell me
what the inscription means.
I'm sorry. I'm afraid I can't.
That's strange.
You yourself gave it to me years
ago and told me its history.
I must have forgotten all about it.
You do not work nights anymore. Why?
Don't hide things from me,
sir. You just can't see.
I've been noticing it for months.
- Is it all that apparent?
- only to one who knows you.
I'm an old man now, Senta.
Faculties begin to go.
It's all right in the daytime.
But at night, by torchlight,
I can't see things close to.
The light in the pyramid comes from torches.
How will you work? Read your own
figures, do what you have to do?
- I shall find a way.
- You start your actual work soon.
How is that to be done?
I go to the palace tonight to
receive my instructions from Pharaoh.
Whatever those may be, you will need help.
You are offering to give it to me? No, Senta.
No one need know what you tell me.
Don't you realize what would
happen if anyone suspected you knew?
- I do.
- Well?
You need help. Your work depends on
it. our people's freedom depends on you.
The boy's right, vashtar.
Are you asking me to choose
between my son and our people?
What happens to our people and your son if
you fail to fulfill your part of the bargain?
I don't know.
It's settled, then.
I'll only accept your help if
I can think of no other way.
A man thinks best on a full stomach.
Greetings, Pharaoh.
Architect, I understand that you're ready
to start work on the inner labyrinth...
...the secret part of my tomb.
That is true, my lord.
I've given considerable thought as
to the method of doing this work... that the secret will remain ours.
Yes, my lord.
These men are your assistants.
They are priests, and they
may be trusted completely.
They have been well
schooled to work in stone.
You will obey the orders of the architect
as though they were mine. Understood?
Their tongues have been cut out... that even in their sleep
they will not betray the secret.
- They will die when we die.
- So many?
And they are volunteers, so
spare me any humane speeches.
You trust no vows, not even
those of your own faith?
No. I have not gone as far as
this, done what I have done... risk betrayal by any man,
not even my own flesh and blood.
I see.
Now, as to the workers, the
men who do the actual labor...
...they will be blindfolded and
led into the pyramid by these men.
on their way out, their
eyes will again be covered.
So they won't know where they've been
or where in the pyramid they've worked.
That at least sounds logical.
Have you any suggestions?
You seem to have thought
of everything, my lord.
Then the work will begin tomorrow.
oh, and, Hamar, see that these men
have the best of food and wine...
...slaves and pleasure when
their daily work is done.
Your goodness and charity
have pleased them, my lord.
Well, see that your work pleases me as well.
No man must loosen his blindfold.
The penalty for knowing the way
to the inner chamber is death.
This man's working with me.
Make sure your blindfolds are tight.
- Why are we stopping?
- Never mind.
Slip your blindfold a
minute, Senta. Go carefully.
This is a further test to
determine if the workers can see.
- They think of everything, don't they?
- There are many traps like this.
You'll need to remember them.
No. No, that stone goes in
later, when you finish both sides.
Do you understand?
I'll come back.
Carefully. There are three steps here.
Lift your blindfold a minute.
This is the beginning of the labyrinth.
Most of these passages are only to deceive.
We go on this way.
You may remove your blindfold now.
But do not leave under any
circumstances without putting it on.
This room is the exact
center of the pyramid...
...and will be the key to the
device for sealing the tomb.
When the trigger is released
in the burial chamber...
The stone will slide down
that ramp into this room...
...and set in motion forces that
will spread throughout the pyramid.
Now, you'll begin the
construction on that wall there...
...according to these plans here, as you see.
All ready down here. Start it up slowly.
Up slowly.
- Senta.
- Yes, sir.
What is this figure and this angle?
The figure is six. The
angle is three divisions.
Thank you. I am going to the upper chamber.
I should be back in about an hour.
We have plenty to do.
You'd better get up there, both of you.
See that the stone is securely fastened.
- Where is the architect vashtar?
- He left through that passage, sire.
- Where does that lead to?
- We are not told, sire.
Get this off my leg.
Roll out.
Help me up.
You have a bad cut. I'll stop the bleeding.
Get some help.
There isn't any help. The
mute priests are finished.
It will be an hour before
some of the others get back.
Tell me if I get it too tight.
It'll stop the bleeding for a while.
You'll have to get out of here.
Can you walk if I help you?
It's no use. We can't
get out of the labyrinth.
- I don't remember the way.
- I do.
See if you can walk.
Who are you that know the secret of my tomb?
I am a son of vashtar.
Then you are also aware...
Yes, I know the penalty
of knowing the secret.
Enough of this. Stop fussing about nothing.
It's only a wound. This isn't
the first time it's ever happened.
Do something useful. Get me
a stick so that I can walk.
Young man, today you saved my life.
And I am not fool enough to think it
was done because of loyalty to me...
...but rather because of your
loyalty to vashtar the architect.
For when I die, he dies
too. Is that the reason?
That was the only reason.
And you learned the secret
of the labyrinth from him.
- I know it, that should be sufficient.
- No, it is not.
I believe that vashtar's
sight is failing, sire.
- Undoubtedly, they've shared the secret.
- Is this true?
Come now, if his sight is going,
it will be easy to find out.
- His eyes are failing.
- Young man...
...I am asking you these questions... justify myself in allowing
you to live while I live.
And to allow you to assist
vashtar until the work is done.
- I take it that's what you want.
- That's true, sir.
Well, it merely means that
one more will die when I die.
However, I must feel that
the secret is safe with you.
To be sure that you know
the fate of your people...
...if that secret is revealed.
- I know only too well.
- I believe you do.
And I believe I can take that risk.
Thus, since you saved my life,
while I live, you shall live well.
- A palace, slaves, gold, anything...
- I live with my people.
I prefer to continue that way.
vashtar raised you, that's obvious.
Ask any reward and you
shall have it instantly.
Anything within my power to grant.
- Except one thing.
- There's nothing that...
Clumsy fool! Look what you've done.
I am sorry, my lord.
This bottle contained a perfume
which you yourself gave me.
This stupid slave has
broken it. I was angry...
I did not break it.
You see? She is also
insolent and slow to obey.
I'm not a slave of yours or anyone.
Silence. She will learn
manners and to obey orders.
I am not a slave. I will not obey.
If she does not, see that
she is whipped until she does.
- Take her away.
- My lord, give me this slave.
You told me that what I
wanted would be given me.
The girl is mine, my lord.
You passed judgment. Let it be fulfilled.
"Ask any reward and you
shall have it instantly. "
Those were your words,
sire. I ask for the girl.
Take her.
What manner of judgment is this?
- You give me a slave and then you take it...
- Be still. I've given my word.
You have slaves enough for
your amusement, mistress.
Judgment here is mine... be decreed as I see
fit and altered as I see fit.
Is that understood?
Yes, my lord.
Take the girl, Senta, and go. She's yours.
Thank you, sire.
Don't you understand?
Had that man not saved the Pharaoh...
...had he died today or if
he were to die tomorrow...
...what would I be?
- You are his wife.
- No.
only his second wife.
Today, he made a fool of me before
the real wife and the whole court.
And if he were to die, I would
be nothing, have nothing...
...unless I were queen.
What are you trying to tell me?
That Queen Nailla must die.
No, no. No, Nellifer.
- Look at me, Treneh.
- I'm afraid to.
Afraid of what I see in your face.
You want me, don't you?
Wouldn't you like to share
with me what would be mine?
Not like that. We dare not.
Look at me. You say you love me.
Then you must choose for us both.
or for yourself, while you are
afraid to see what you see in my face.
Look at me and choose.
Either I am yours and you help me...
...or I go on without you.
Which is it to be?
I'm glad it will be this way.
Now we must plan.
Tomorrow I shall start by
making a friend of the queen.
Whatever we do, it will be
dangerous with the Pharaoh here.
Then you must see that he goes
away while it is being done.
There's no use you just
sitting there saying nothing.
What's your name, anyway?
What part of our country do you come from?
- Mekio.
- Young lady, by any chance, can you cook?
- of course I can cook.
- Well...
But I won't.
Senta, you say Pharaoh offered you
a palace and fine food and wines.
And you refused him, and took her instead.
You drive a shrewd bargain.
Look, why don't you stop sulking?
Don't you realize they were gonna whip you?
- Then I'm not your slave?
- No.
Whoever heard of a slave having a slave?
- Is this what you have been eating?
- Every day.
- Have you any black pepper?
- Yes.
- And a little garlic.
- Yes.
- And bay leaves?
- Yes.
And some rice, and mint, and sugar for cakes?
Yes, but if we haven't, I'll soon get it.
Maybe you didn't do so badly after all.
- Greetings, my lord priest.
- Greetings, captain.
Well, captain?
My lord, I thought this might interest you.
How did you come by this, captain?
Came from one of the workmen on the
pyramid. one of the new arrivals.
- A slave with such treasure?
- Yes, sire.
He came to me because he was very ill.
He hopes to buy his freedom with that.
Where did he get this?
He said it came from his native land of Tiba.
Then he told me of a tomb.
A tomb which was found under the sand
in a valley, near the village of Byblos.
He said the tomb contained a vast
treasure which this is only a small thing.
- Has any of this been reported?
- No, sire
Where is the man now?
Unfortunately, he died
during the night, sire.
I cannot vouch for him, this
statue is the only proof.
- Where is the rest of the treasure?
- According to the slave it's still in the tomb.
A small force could
reach Byblos in five days.
Sooner the better. Slave
could have told others.
Possibly. That's why I
came to you immediately.
My lord, the wound in your leg
has not yet completely healed.
The exercise will do it
good. I'll go tomorrow.
- You've done well, captain.
- Thank you, sire.
May I come in?
- Good evening, Nellifer.
- Good evening, Your Majesty.
- Good evening, Xenon.
- Good evening, Lady Nellifer.
I've brought a present for Xenon.
- Do you hear that, Xenon?
- What did you bring me?
- Is it a flute?
- Not just a flute, a magic flute.
And when you learn to play
it, it will do amazing things.
- Will you show me how?
- You sit down and I'll show you now.
Now, watch carefully.
It is very pretty.
If I learn to play it,
what magic will it bring?
When you learn then you shall
see. Now, I'll do it again.
The cobra will always come
to the sound of the flute.
You've done well.
Bring the snake in a strong basket.
Be careful that no one sees you.
Xenon, it is time for you to go to bed.
- Just a little while, please?
- very well, but just for a few minutes.
It's very nice, Xenon. Just keep on playing.
Don't stop. Just keep on playing.
You better go, quickly.
And don't come back tonight.
Such a cruel way to die.
She was so gentle, so kind.
- What a terrible accident.
- And the young prince was not harmed?
oh, no, my lord. The
queen's body protected him.
Can you account for what happened?
The serpent must have been
drawn to the music of the flute.
We all encouraged him to learn to play it.
Even the queen herself, after
Lady Nellifer gave it to him.
You say Lady Nellifer gave it to him?
Yes, she seemed very fond of him.
Who could have foreseen
that this would happen?
- You may go now.
- Yes, my lord.
My lady.
My lady.
- I told you not to come back here tonight.
- It was necessary.
- Hamar sent a messenger to Pharaoh.
- I'm not surprised, it's his duty to do so.
Also, Your Majesty, he has sent
men to every city in the kingdom.
To question any man who deals with serpents.
Every fakir, every handler of snakes.
- He suspects, then.
- Why else should he do it?
That is dangerous.
We must be rid of the
man who gave us the snake.
Mabuna will silence him.
- Mabuna...
- No, wait, I have a better plan.
Where will Hamar's
messenger find the Pharaoh?
At the oasis of Solaar. But
what good will that do you to go?
- If Hamar finds...
- I will not go, Mabuna will go.
- What?
- Why not?
With Pharaoh dead, let
Hamar learn what he can.
- Because then I shall rule in Egypt.
- But...
Mabuna will not fail. Will you, Mabuna?
No, my lady.
Do you agree?
- Yes.
- Then tell him the way.
The oasis is near the border
of Tiba. on the road to Byblos.
The queen is dead.
It's hard to believe.
I should not have left.
- You're sure my son was not harmed?
- only badly frightened, sire.
We leave for Luxor at dawn.
See that the men rest and the
camels are ready to start then.
- Yes, sire.
- Leave me, all of you.
Who are you? Why did you?
You're Nellifer's slave.
Who told you to do this? Speak.
Who told you? Was it her doing?
Did she order it? Did she?
This slave tried to kill
me. I want to know why.
Well, just don't stand there. Make him talk.
He's got to talk.
The man is dead, sire.
only a few knew where I
was. She was one of them.
- Be careful, sire, the wound is not serious...
- I know that.
- But you must not...
- Bandage it well.
You, prepare the fastest
camels. I ride for Luxor tonight.
- But sire, your wound...
- I'm the best judge of that.
Do as you're ordered, at once.
Do you remember?
You said to me once, "If
it were mine to give... "
It is not yet mine to
give. But you wanted it.
I wanted it for a long time.
- Now it is yours.
- Yes.
Soon, all will be mine.
- Mabuna should be back tonight.
- Before morning.
Unless he fails.
- What's the matter?
- Nothing.
I suddenly felt cold as if...
As though...
What is the old saying?
As though someone walked on your grave.
Hold me. Tight.
- What's that?
- Camels.
A small troop of camels.
Stay here, all of you.
The camels are part of Pharaoh's bodyguard.
They could be bringing word.
You must go.
You shouldn't be here. Something tells...
Why do you come and see me
when the Pharaoh is gone?
Even my slave is not
here. Is that your doing?
Did you send him away? Answer me!
oh, by the gods. You shall
answer to Pharaoh when he returns.
- He shall answer to me now.
- oh, my lord.
- Traitor, coward.
- Sire.
You were afraid to strike with your own hand.
- Let me speak, sire.
- Now you shall die by mine.
So should all traitors die.
Nellifer, Nellifer.
- Yes, my lord?
- Call Hamar.
Yes, my lord.
You were badly hurt, sire.
I am dying.
Call Hamar, I must talk to him.
I've already called him.
Come closer, so that I can see your face.
I thought it was your doing.
Because your slave attacked me.
- I'm glad it was not.
- Yes, my lord.
Not both, you said. Remember?
Not both. Choose.
over and over again, you said, "Choose. "
And I chose.
And now, you are my queen.
Where is Hamar?
He is coming, sire.
We've not much time.
I am dying, and you are to live.
I ask only one thing of you.
Promise that I shall be buried as I planned.
Promise me.
Yes, I promise.
That's all I ask.
Just that you...
What is this?
There is only one way you
could have come by this.
- So it was you!
- Yes.
And you can know now.
I planned it all and it's
turned out as I hoped it would.
And do you hear that?
I told you once that your
treasure was too much for one man.
And do you hear that too?
You think that you will cheat me?
You think that I shall not
live long enough to see you die?
You will see.
I need you.
Help me.
You were right.
- He's dead.
- Are you sure?
The heralds are going through
the city telling the people.
- May he find peace.
- How did he die, Mikka?
They didn't say.
I didn't expect it so suddenly. Did you, sir?
No, I didn't.
I thought we'd finish our
work, our people would go free.
And we would have a number
of years still to live.
You must go.
Both of you. Now, before they come.
No, Kyra.
If we were to run now, all
we've worked for would be lost.
Don't be frightened,
nothing can happen to us...
...until our task is completed.
How much remains to be done?
Not very much.
- Hamar.
- Yes, my prince?
- Must we wait for Queen Nellifer, Hamar?
- It is your duty, my prince.
I am afraid I'm going to cry.
- I don't want them to see me.
- oh, no, no, my prince.
You will not cry.
- You're your father's son.
- Yes, Hamar.
We share each other's sorrow, Prince Xenon.
Thank you. May I go now, Hamar?
Yes, my prince.
It is my wish that the doors to
the treasure vaults be opened.
It shall be as you wish, Your Majesty.
What is all this? All the
doors are open, it's gone.
- Where is the treasure?
- In that place for which it was destined.
The tomb in the pyramid.
- By whose orders?
- By Pharaoh's orders.
It's quite safe, Your Majesty.
His own guards protect it.
It is I now who decides
what is safe in Egypt.
- Yes, Your Majesty.
- Have it brought here at once.
When you are in fact the queen, you
will be obeyed, by myself, as by all.
What do you say? That I'm not the queen?
According to the laws of Egypt, when
you have given burial to Pharaoh...
...when his body is laid within the
tomb, you will inherit all that was his.
The treasure, the power, the state.
Until then, the will of the Pharaoh lives on.
The treasure remains in
the tomb. That is the law.
- When is the burial?
- According to custom, 30 days from now.
- And then I rule in Egypt.
- Yes, Your Majesty.
one more thing.
Why did you allow me to come
down here to find this out?
Shall we say I would save her
majesty from being told in public?
My lord priest, I'm well aware
of your hostility and enmity.
May I say that the feeling is mutual.
Within 30 days, I...
A long time ago, Your Majesty, I made a pact.
I swore to be buried
with my friend and ruler.
Therefore, madam, when you
are queen, I will not be here.
And you no longer need to worry about me.
- Mikka.
- Yes, vashtar?
Perhaps it's time we talked of a few plans.
Now, yours will be the responsibility of
leading our people home across the desert.
See they carry with them
only what is necessary.
Many will be tempted to
take more than they should.
Have they told you when we may go?
Hamar has promised that you're to
be freed when Pharaoh is buried.
Two days from now.
vashtar, you've never told me or
our people and we ought to know.
How are you and Senta to?
- What is to be the manner of?
- I don't know.
I believe that Hamar intends to
be sealed in the tomb with Pharaoh.
He and the mute priests.
I can only presume it will be
the same for Senta and myself.
- But he hasn't told you it'll be so.
- Not yet.
Tomorrow, I'm to show him the
device for sealing the tomb.
Perhaps we shall know then.
- Please, Kyra, don't.
- We have so little time.
- So little...
- I know, my darling, I know.
Hold me, hold me close to you.
My lord priest, yesterday Senta asked
me a question that I could not answer.
- Maybe you would?
- Certainly, if I can.
These boats, sir. What are they for?
They are solar boats, for
Pharaoh to use after his burial.
They are the means by which Pharaoh will
journey across the skies with the sun.
With the god Horus.
Each day they will sail from east to west.
And each night Pharaoh will return to the
east by the river which runs under the earth.
I see.
Again, you'll probably
not agree with our beliefs.
- Tell me, vashtar, what remains to be done?
- only the setting of the mechanism.
Apart from that, our work is finished.
You remember the stone we lowered for
Pharaoh and you, so many years ago?
- very well.
- This is exactly the same.
When those bits of earthenware are
broken, the sand will run out...
...and the cover of the
sarcophagus will be lowered.
While it's coming down...
...the lever will release a stone
in the chamber beneath this one.
That stone will set in motion all
the forces for sealing the pyramid.
How long will it take?
Within a few moments of that cover
coming down, every passage will be closed.
- only this room will remain.
- Are you certain of this?
once that starts down, no power
on Earth can stop the rest.
That will be the end.
You have done well, vashtar. very well.
You have lived up to your bargain.
Now as to our part of the bargain...
...I will give orders that when
the burial procession starts...
...your people will be released.
Those orders will include both of you.
You may lead your people home.
- You mean that...
- Yes, my friends.
There is no need for either of you to die.
When the tomb is sealed,
the secret evaporates.
When it's solid stone, what does
the way through the labyrinth matter?
I will believe always, or choose
to believe, you planned it this way.
I also believe...
...Pharaoh would approve of what I'm doing.
Will you set the mechanism now?
People of Egypt.
In this moment, our Pharaoh puts
down the burden of this life.
Let his lawful successor now claim
the power and the glory that was his.
Are you, Nellifer, prepared to do this?
I, Nellifer, wife to Pharaoh,
as regent for his son and heir... assume the burden he has put down.
Are you then prepared to give him burial
according to our laws and customs...
...that you may inherit that which was his?
- I am prepared.
For the last time...
...we will pay homage to our Pharaoh.
All is ready, Your Majesty.
You must give the order, Your Majesty.
The order is given.
It is done, Your Majesty.
Then, I, Nellifer, am now
queen of Egypt. And I order...
- What is this?
- The tomb is being sealed, Your Majesty.
oh, no.
Show me the way out, I command you.
- Show me the way.
- There's no way out.
This is what you lied and
schemed and murdered to achieve.
- This is your kingdom.
- No, no!
I don't wanna die. I don't wanna die!
I don't want to die, please help me!
I don't want to die.
So it's finished.
A structure to house one man and
the greatest treasure of all time.
- And a structure to last for all time.
- only history will tell that.
- Will he be remembered?
- I don't think I'll ever forget him.
Yes, he'll be remembered.
The pyramid will keep his memory alive.
And that he built better than he knew.
Come, we have a long way to go.