The Land Within (2022) Movie Script

Sir? It's your turn.
The State of Geneva
is receiving you here
in order to assess your right
and will to Swiss citizenship.
You are currently stateless
and your current status allows you
to remain within Swiss borders.
Any questions?
Sir, are you listening?
Yes, sorry.
I came directly after my night shift.
I'd like to hear your personal reasons
why you came to Switzerland
in the first place.
I was 15,
it was wartime.
They put me on a humanitarian flight.
But isn't your home country
at peace now?
Many of your compatriots
have already returned there.
They didn't return...
And going back means
leaving Switzerland for good.
They can never return here.
But you could go back
to your country, right?
I thought you people have big families.
Most of my family is dead.
Most men, at least.
And your parents?
I never had parents.
I was adopted as an orphan
and grew up with a foster family.
You asked for an accelerated
claiming an emergency
in your home country.
But... since your entire family is dead,
where will you go?
I still have a cousin over there.
She's alive. She survived.
It's Una.
My voice has changed in ten years.
He's about to die.
They say that
wolves are coming to the village.
Something is happening.
They're bringing back the corpses
from the past.
You have to come back.
But don't expect things to be
like you left them.
I'll go see him.
Ten years have passed,
he can wait a little longer.
He's here.
What happened to Skender?
The doctor said he had a stroke.
Did you take him to the hospital?
We hoped he'd recover by himself.
But it's too late now.
Roads are closed
because the wolves have come.
Have you gone crazy?
I asked you to come because a
man needs to be here if he dies.
Nothing else.
I was right to call
him over. Right, Dad?
The day he saw the first scientists...
he knew something would happen.
So his body let go.
He doesn't want anyone
to touch his soil, his land.
Even though
the village is already a ghost town.
Why, when we were
talking on the phone...
didn't you tell me about the mass grave?
You don't seem too shocked
to learn about it.
Have you seen the mass grave?
Do you dare to go?
Do you have the balls?
I'm sorry, our translators haven't
showed up. English is fine?
I'm the commissioner
in charge of your family.
I mean, the people we are
supposed to find here.
Did you bring your list?
Every family needs to bring
a list of their relatives.
Please come and see me in my office,
as soon as you can. Ok?
You're probably used to something else.
Why didn't you put any sugar in my tea?
The way I see it,
you've had enough sugar in life.
Anyway, I wanted to ask...
Do you still use the well?
Are you scared?
What's wrong with her?
She still doesn't talk?
It feels strange to have him here.
I never thought he would come back,
after what he did to us.
I don't know how to be around him.
He doesn't belong here anymore.
It shows.
I know, I know.
Twenty-four years old, not married...
About to lose my father.
And now the adopted boy
of the family shows up.
What can I do?
I'm not like the others.
Are you lost?
How are you, my man?
We all thought you'd vanished.
Well, I came back.
Welcome back, then.
We almost built you a memorial.
Do you remember this place
where we grew up?
Switzerland, huh?
- I still live there, but...
- I know why you came back.
Did you see that circus
they brought to town?
How's your family?
There's no one left in my family.
Do you remember Flamur?
Come on, let's go.
What were you doing here?
Why do you care?
Calm down, you never know
what these wolves can do.
We're going home now.
We'll walk you home.
No need. Our house is close by.
We know where you live.
Will you join us to kill some wolves?
Yeah. When?
Whenever you want.
When you get bored with the women,
we'll be here.
Come on.
These guys are no good.
They don't do anything except clean
their rifles and wait for the next war.
These guys were my best friends.
What happened these last ten years?
The war is over.
You didn't fight. Forget about it.
I suffered just the same.
You wouldn't believe
how much I've suffered.
Then don't tell me.
Leave the past behind.
I can also go and leave you all alone.
You won't go.
Otherwise you wouldn't have come back.
We'll be without electricity all night.
It's getting worse every day.
Something really special
will happen soon.
What are you saying?
The conjunction of three celestial bodies.
When they're aligned, overlapping...
it's really special.
I name the stars, you know?
Like what?
Girl names?
Names of people that did me wrong.
Let's make the list for the scientists.
Look at that.
A treasure from the depths of the earth.
Are you sure
you want to see the photos?
Skender never let you see them.
Come on, Una.
He won't stop us now.
Wow, you look so dangerous.
I did see this woman when I arrived.
She's Flamur's mother.
You don't remember her?
She was always quite strange.
Sofie, the strangest woman in town.
How could you forget her?
Here's everybody.
Skender, me, Orestina, Besim,
and their two kids.
Just before the big attack.
And of course, I had
to take the picture.
Just names on a list.
Leave it! You might tear it.
Calm down,
I just wanted to get a better look.
Who's that girl?
No idea. Just a girl.
Skender was a charmer.
Girls were probably more scared of him
than in love with him.
Wait, I wanted to look some more.
Almost everybody's dead anyway.
At least you have your parents' photos.
Me, I find meaning in whatever's there.
You dig up the remains and you try
to put them back together.
It's a puzzle game.
That's one way to put it.
We see our work as some kind
of psychological healing.
But it's complicated you know...
the corpses...
are not always in one place.
The perpetrators tried everything
to hide their crimes.
The land has its secrets.
Easier to talk to dead people
than living ones...
What happend here?
As I was saying...
This list here is supposed
to guide us in our search.
Miss Hoxha?
Please, we are in the middle
of something here.
We know her, it's fine.
I'm tired.
I'm tired of waiting for this job
to be done.
I'm fucking tired.
The officer says he needs
to finish something
and then he'll be with you.
The toughest girl in town.
I'm drunk.
Everybody knows this,
you know... everything.
One ghost, two ghosts, three ghosts,
four ghosts, five ghosts, six ghosts...
So... You see
there is a problem
between the two lists.
The one we have
and the one you gave us.
According to the census, this woman
is missing from your list.
Yet she was a member of your family,
am I right?
Thing is... We need the family
to confirm her existence.
One name,
one body.
Who is Fatime?
I don't know.
Maybe a cousin or something.
It's weird.
What's weird?
To see all those names
that don't exist anymore.
I told you before,
it's a ghost world. Get used to it.
I guess it's easier that way
to forget someone.
Just like you forgot about me.
So self-centered.
Someone's missing
from Hermann's list.
Could this be Fatime?
Just nod.
Forget about that woman.
Aren't all those corpses being
unearthed enough for you?
But Una, if we don't find this woman,
what's the point of all this?
Why don't you look for answers
in the stars?
I think Remo's doing better
than expected.
Maybe he should take care of us.
I can't go on being the man of the house.
Quiet we must keep
To hear the flower cry
To hear the flower cry
I wonder when my day will come.
You have time.
Come on, Fatime, leave the teas.
Good afternoon.
Good afternoon. Welcome.
Are you scared of your wedding night?
Don't worry.
Orestina will be a good wife.
She'll be one of us.
No, it's not that.
What is it, then?
The neighbors will get offended.
I hope they get offended.
We carry enough guns to greet them
as they deserve it.
Am I right?
Now show me that you're happy.
My little Una.
My little Una.
We have a wedding today.
Can you see that?
My little girl, do you think we did well
not to invite those thieves to our party?
I came to congratulate your family
and pay my respect.
Here comes the baksuz,
the prophet of bad omen.
You should learn to better speak
our language.
You need to go.
And don't come near my family
or my land ever again.
I don't even want to know
why you dared to come here today.
Come on, Fatime.
Let's go.
What a place.
Can you sing to me like you used to?
The earth didn't hold on to its hero.
He left to never return.
Leaving in the soil the only seed.
That turned.
Into spiky bushes.
It's better when I sing with other women.
But as you know,
I can't take singing classes here.
I think I would learn to sing too.
It's a woman's job.
Since when do you care about
what's for men and what's for women?
Since I was forced to be a woman.
Forget it.
This seat's for you.
It's us who broke
the other swing, right?
Can I help?
I don't need help.
Come closer, Fatime.
The land...
this land is ours.
Hearing you talk,
one would think you're a farmer.
You'll understand later, my dear sister.
Brother, I've already heard that
a hundred times.
I'm going to sleep.
Keep in mind...
that everything you do...
Everything you do can have
very dramatic consequences.
We've heard this as well.
We had our parents.
You don't have to take their place.
Sit down and listen!
You listen too!
Know your place in the family.
Don't think that I didn't see you.
I saw how you looked at each other.
That thief, that tormenter.
They're all the same!
So don't even think about it!
My dear sister.
Don't let the worm get to the apple.
Come on, get up.
You've never seen a scarred body?
They found other bodies.
We have to identify them.
It could be Besim and the kids.
Are you ready?
It's him.
I remember from the last time,
he had put
his wedding ring on that chain.
Are you sure?
He said the ring obstructed him
while shooting.
Did they find the kids?
I hope they found them too.
Let's go.
Come on, let's go, please.
Fuck, it's like I never left.
What about that woman?
We need to talk about her.
What was her year?
I mean how old was she?
That's the thing.
She might be alive for all I know.
It's only your body I want.
To smell it.
For you, I want to be
the man I was before.
What if he dies?
I don't have anyone else.
Say something.
It's like you want him to die.
Maybe the wolves
are here for a reason.
But we need to try to save him.
Just like he saved
so many people around here.
We should at least try.
Your father, the hero.
All my life, he threatened to beat me
and throw me in here!
He said I belonged in here.
That I belonged in here!
Say something.
Why are you moving away from me?
Do you think I'd purify this place?
The plant is fucked.
The electricity will be down for a while.
About yesterday...
I know. I understand.
Maybe he didn't love you.
But you have to be a man.
Move on. He's dying.
Why have you become so...
so soft?
Do you all work there?
We melt the earth we fought for.
These days, people are really interested
in what's under the earth.
The scientists should hurry up.
The wolves are hungry.
Maybe the government
should do something about this.
If you ask me, this is a very bad omen
that's coming upon us.
Each one of us deserves
some punishment from up above.
Say, Remo,
do you still remember how to aim?
How to shoot?
I haven't held many weapons
in my hands.
Let's all meet by the forest's entrance
in about half an hour.
We'll let Remo prove himself.
It's weird how Skender's clothes fit me.
I wonder what people will think of me.
What do you want?
Pretend to fight?
We fought too much already.
Who cares now?
I care.
I need Skender's rifle.
Forget it!
You're pathetic.
Why would you want it?
To help the boys.
We can't stay in the dark.
I'm sick of you judging
me, moralizing me.
You think you're better than me
just because you're the daughter
of a so-called hero?
Fine, I'll get it myself.
You wanna force yourself on me?
Maybe that would work.
Now that you're with the boys,
you feel like you can tell me what to do?
That's my brother's rifle.
You remember him?
He defended us all with this rifle.
Take it.
And Flamur?
I told him to go alone.
I wanted to be just with you.
We'll meet him at the old crypt.
Let's go to these damn woods.
I hope no one's playing games with us.
I don't know if it's Flamur or the wolves.
Get down.
Are you okay?
I'm tired...
My soul is tired...
of this rifle.
Of these woods.
Of these wolves.
I don't know...
I don't know how this earth is holding us.
Fuck. It's like the wolves don't exist.
What will happen to the bodies?
They'll dig out some bodies.
Others will be left there.
They'll close the grave back
and that's it.
And nothing will ever grow
on this land again.
That's not true.
The land is adapted to war.
It's gotten used to it.
It's time you confessed.
Tell me how you escaped this place.
It was the day
they were telling us to flee.
Some soldiers had come to our home
and were telling us to leave
because militias were coming to kill us.
I was with Una...
at the Old Oak.
Skender was calling for us and...
he found us.
He saw us kissing.
He beat me so much.
He was yelling at me, beating me.
He told me to disappear immediately.
We went home and...
In the basement,
every man was getting a rifle.
Skender got a rifle.
He gave one to Una,
but he didn't give me one.
He said to go to the old house and hide.
I went.
I hid.
As soon as I got there,
bombs started to drop.
The militias came
and started brutalizing me.
They started to beat me up really hard.
They were cutting my body.
They said,.
You look like a monster
even without the cuts.
Just because I wasn't like them.
I managed to escape
through the forest,
I just kept running.
I just kept running.
It was dark, scary.
I was running, I was hiding.
I don't know for how many days...
until I managed to cross the border.
Some people found me
and put me on a plane
straight to Switzerland.
I never had a choice.
I have scars all over my body.
You don't need to prove anything to me.
But I never resisted.
I gave God a chance to kill me.
But I guess He wanted me to live
a little longer.
And today, everybody still resents me
for being alive.
Do you know the kind of man
Skender is?
Skender is the kind of man that...
you can put on an island, alone,
and tell him to pick
ten things he might need.
He'll ask for one rifle
and nine bullets.
And Una?
What about her?
I don't know.
Something's wrong with her.
Una looks brave.
But you forgot that she suffers as well.
The wounds...
of our women...
run deeper than the earth.
I need the permission of the Elders.
What's your plan exactly?
Our family needs its honor back.
Our sister, Fatime.
The enemy took her.
Nobody took her, Skender.
She left on her own.
I knew it from the day
that man came to my wedding.
You don't agree with me?
I'm with you.
But you can't go on like that.
Hating the whole world.
Go tell the Elders.
I'll stay here and guard the house.
The paramilitary are making rounds.
I'm not sure they'll come.
I came alone.
The situation is getting worse every day.
Skender Krasniqi.
Son of Rexhep and Hadije.
May God have mercy on their souls.
The Council of the Elders,
on this year 1985,
has examined your request.
We do not authorize your will.
For the sake of future generations...
and the imminent vendetta...
this hostility stops right here.
It's hard... to lose a sister,
especially after your wife died.
But she left you a beautiful daughter
in her death.
You should cherish life.
Leave the blood flow inside.
Don't spill it outside.
I'll get your rifle.
Stupid rifle...
What the hell is this?
Come here.
Now that you've made a choice...
I can speak again.
My bloodline is bad.
Using fire to see in the dark...
The 21st century is laughing at us.
If what Agim says is true...
I have nothing against you.
Now that we don't have
an enemy to blame for everything,
we've started to look
for the enemy among us.
And what's worse,
you either want to be seen
as a hero or as a victim.
Both statuses command respect.
They're equally respected.
It's a disaster.
As for you, Remo...
you are...
a double disaster.
You're not a victim and you're not a hero.
In a word...
you're fucked.
Why didn't you leave after the war?
You can't leave debts behind, Remo.
Debts to who?
Debts to this land.
You didn't tell us.
Is it better here or over there?
Wake up.
Today is a big day.
You're finally free.
This is destiny.
You being here...
this morning.
The morning that Skender died.
But you will never find Fatime here.
I've always felt guilty,
ever since that day.
Good evening, Skender.
You called for us?
I need to talk to your wife.
Where is my sister?
I don't know, Skender.
You were best friends.
You know where they're hiding.
Think about your son.
You wouldn't want anything
to happen to him.
Just tell him.
Do it.
What I'm about to tell you...
has gone from mouth to mouth...
but was never quite swallowed.
The truth is...
You remember this picture?
The whole secret was in the back.
I found something buried.
This land is filled with secrets.
What are you doing here?
Do you realize the wolves
have come down to the village?
Maybe you remember the old tale.
The enemy's getting ready to attack.
Go home.
Live your life. I'm good.
This has nothing to do with you, I just
want my freedom, I'm begging you!
listen to your sister.
Do not shed blood.
If I let an enemy give me orders,
I might as well dig my own grave.
My life here with Fatime
is but a detail in history.
But your actions will have consequences
on the generations to come.
I waited a long time for this war!
I've been preparing for it.
Fatime, put that gun down.
Get your things, you're coming home.
But you, Ljubomir,
you will die on this land you call yours.
Fatime, what have you done?
What have you done?
We're a family now.
You listen to me.
You swallow that secret
for as long as I live.
And you will stand by my side.
You and your wife Orestina.
What about this baby?
The land has given us this boy.
I found him with the wolves
on the way back.
We will tolerate him.
But he will never be one of us.
And that's how this chapter
of our family started.
With the blood of a mother.
Where are the scientists?
Hermann had to leave.
Someone in his family died.
We've come full circle.
Una, I have a mark.
I'm the son of a man
whose whole family and friends
burned down this village.
And put all these bodies in that hole.
I have a mark too.
A lot of them, actually.
A killer for a father,
who held this whole place hostage
to his madness.
Yes, but your marks are acceptable.
Carrying dirty blood isn't.
I'm not leaving anymore.
What do you mean?
You can't leave debts behind.
Debts to who?
To this land.
The land within me.
Where did you hear that?
Maybe I'm young.
But I feel like I've lived a long life.
You know what I mean.
I wanted you to say something.
Because only you
could have convinced me of anything.
But you can't say anything.
I understand.
I never had a choice. For anything.
You came back from your odyssey
and now it's my turn to leave.
It's sad,
but it's the greatest story
I've ever lived.