The Language Of Persuasion (1970) Movie Script

Some people often forget
To take their coffee break
They get tired, sleepy, depressed
Life can't run smoothly
Without a coffee break
I think it's about time
To take a coffee break
There's nothing better in this world
Than a coffee break
It breaks the ice in any situation...
Without even noticing,
you are being dominated.
May this summer bring us
plenty of sun, plenty of beach time,
plenty of love, plenty of joy
and plenty of mineral water.
To enjoy all of this...
A voice that's always with you
tells you what to do to please men,
to conquer the woman of your dreams,
to make your money grow and show.
It says you must be up to date,
ready for summer,
successful, in the know.
It says that you'll wear
a maxi skirt and be super.
A comfortable, sumptuous,
smooth domination takes hold of you.
A system of information
that does not explain or demonstrate,
leaves no room for alternatives.
Mass communication,
a language that says at every instant
what you should do from morning to night.
Buy, drink, smoke,
lose weight, read, look,
walk, stop.
At every moment, a poster or a shop window
asks you to look and obey.
TV, radio, movies, newspapers, fashion,
all have been transformed into a vehicle
for this comfortable domination,
even when you're having fun.
Don't give me any of your false sympathy.
It just makes me mad.
The example of the hero, always good
and obedient, as you should be,
shows the solution to your problems.
Sex, religion, lack of money
and sentimentalism make you more docile.
Doctor, what's wrong with my leg?
I want to move it, but I can't.
Okay, let's wait then.
From the TV screen,
the clich enters your home.
Without realizing it, you enter into
the stereotyped world of the characters,
the enchanted realm of consumers.
Heavens! Second class?
What are you talking about?
Pardon me, I'm talking about Omo!
The idea of purity
associated with religion
is used to sell washing detergent.
Well, Sister, using Omo?
Now what do you think of the other brands?
Continental, favorite of the nation
Memory is defenseless against
rhyming slogans transformed into music.
Any statement associated
with pleasant memories rings true.
Favorite of the nation
Sex, violence,
urgent problems of today's society.
Advertising agencies manufacture
appeal that can't be turned down.
The product is tied to themes that are
guaranteed to catch your attention.
Zum, zum, zum
My money will grow
Zum, zum, zum
And it will show
Artificial needs become real.
Superfluous things, essential.
The media sums up the world
that you need to know about.
You must have a pretty woman,
the latest model of automobile,
the newest trends in fashion,
a whole catalog of household appliances
to show that you enjoy the privilege
of belonging to this world.
Facts & Photos
The best information
The music, the moon,
this beer makes people very romantic.
There's always someone in love
when Skol is nearby.
You're transported into another dimension.
You fly, run, jump!
There's a fierce tiger in your car,
a special brightness in your clothes
a rendezvous with the woman
of your dreams at every newsstand.
You live in the best
of all possible worlds.
In the huge supermarket that is the city,
among the diversity of similar choices,
the product must be identified,
singled out by a special design,
by the color of its packaging,
by its unmistakable image.
Aluisio Magalhes,
industrial designer, explains.
There are many products
in the stores today.
It's possible that the consumer,
faced with such a large quantity
and diversity of products,
finds it difficult to choose.
It's also possible that the nature
of the product itself and its appearance
influences this choice,
the selection of one product over another.
We were contacted by
the linen company Capibaribe.
Our challenge was to design
a packaging system
that would help to identify
the three product lines
that the manufacturer offers consumers.
The brand name Capibaribe itself
was used as the fulcrum
for this classification.
Therefore, Capi became the name
of the most economical product.
Capiba was used
for the mid-range product,
and Capibaribe for
the highest quality product.
The same principle is applied
to the entire image of the company,
identifying and creating
what truly constitutes a corporate image.
As an example, we can look at the brochure
showing the products
produced by the manufacturer,
or even examples
like the shipping packaging,
or these publicity trinkets and giveaways.
All of them bear
the same kind of identification,
the same form of showcasing,
singling out and making clear
the identity of the product.
The modern world needs schools
to train the designers of its new image.
In specialized schools,
professionals in window display, posters
and store decoration are being trained.
The schools which train professionals
in visual communication
are educating the technicians of this new
persuasive and efficient language.
They're educating those responsible for
the commercial success of a new product
or the mass acceptance of a new trend.
Where could you be
On this empty afternoon
So clear and endless?
While the sea crashes down
In blue on Ipanema
In what bar or movie theater
Are you forgetting me?
While the sea crashes down
In blue on Ipanema
In what bar or movie theater
Are you forgetting?
The Language of Persuasion was restored
from the original sound negatives.
The sound negative, however,
showed early signs of crystalization.
The original film sync was retained.
Digital 2K restoration was completed
in So Paulo in June of 2004.