The Las Vegas Story (1952) Movie Script

"Yes. It's Clark County, Nevada."
"Folks who live here think it's
bigger than the state of Texas."
"But it ain't."
"Excepting for folks around here, nobody
knows much about Clark County, Nevada."
"But say 'Las Vegas' anywhere in the
world and folks prick up their ears."
"And the lucky ones can remember
picking up some money."
"Or dropping some."
"Along with last year's wife."
"But you can't say Las Vegas..."
"Without including Clark County
because they go together."
"Like whiskey and soda."
"Win and lose."
"Linda and Dave."
"But I am getting ahead of myself."
"My name is Happy. And I am."
"This is me here at the
piano in The Last Chance."
"I've been working here for years."
"It's not the best place in Vegas but it
is a long way downwind from the worst."
"Oh yes. This Linda I mentioned."
"And stood right alongside me."
"This fellow Dave."
"Well, he was a Sergeant
out at the airbase."
"And he used to come down
here every chance he got."
"He always sat over there
listening to the girls sing."
"But what they did when she
wasn't singing I never asked."
"Because my business is just
sitting here pounding on the old 88."
"But this is a sudden town and something
sudden must have happened to them."
"I never did get the straight of it."
"But I think of them now and then
when I play a certain song."
What are you doing?
Counting telephone poles?
The porter woke me with your wire.
- He found me behind a double scotch.
The news is wonderful.
They don't need me in
Los Angeles until next week.
Fine. Let's spend some
time in Palm Springs.
What do you say we celebrate?
We'll be in Las Vegas in 15 minutes.
So we'll drink a toast to the place
and toss the bottle out of the window.
I've a better idea.
We get off and toss the bottle
back on the train with a note in it.
'To whom it may concern. Mr and Mrs
Rollins have divorced Los Angeles...'
'For a brief holiday in Las Vegas'.
Short and to the point.
I can make it shorter.
I have always been curious.
What have you got against Vegas?
I just don't like the place. That's all.
Not good enough.
Let's say you lived there too long.
You're afraid of going back and
running into yourself, aren't you?
I might meet a total stranger.
Linda, I know you pretty well and
I've filled in most of the gaps.
There's only one part missing.
I think it's Vegas.
You like running risks, don't you Lloyd.
With a woman like you
a man always runs risks.
Thank you, sir.
Hold it, porter.
- But we're moving out.
You go to Los Angeles.
- See my luggage gets back here.
Yes, sir.
A cab, sir?
- Yes please.
Which hotel?
- The Fabulous.
An excellent choice.
Excuse me, lady.
Didn't you used to sing here in Vegas?
- I used to sing all over.
I never forget a face.
That man obviously has
no eye for figures.
We have more luggage at the station.
Would you take care of it for us?
Will the penthouse be satisfactory?
- I think we can struggle along with it.
Whom do I see about establishing credit?
- Mr Martin, our credit manager.
Mr Martin, I am Lloyd Rollins.
Mrs Rollins and I came for a holiday.
I need some help to establish credit.
Of course, Mr Rollins.
Any specific amount?
Anything up to a hundred thousand.
- I'd say that's specific enough.
You can check on me with Chase
National or Dun And Bradstreet.
Rollins Bond & Mortgage New York.
Will early tomorrow do, Mr Rollins?
- Thanks. We can squeeze by until then.
The casino is open all night, isn't it?
We never close. And seldom sleep.
Excellent. That suits me perfectly.
Let's go and freshen up, shall we?
Would you put this away for me?
- No, darling.
Your pretty things should be seen and
not put into solitary confinement.
A single, sir?
- Anything with a bed in it.
There you go.
- Thanks.
Don't fall in love with the view, Linda.
Let's get rolling.
And wear your necklace.
I want to burst in on then
like a million dollars.
I thought a hundred
thousand was your limit.
There's no ceiling on you, darling.
Don't you think you'd better put
a ceiling on your gambling?
A hundred thousand is quite a high roof.
- It's alright. I'll win.
And don't confuse me with lady luck.
I've been here before you know.
Well, I'm not worried.
I still have my rabbit's foot.
Be sure you wash it behind the ears.
Music to my ears.
That's what everyone says until
they get them chopped off.
Mr Rollins, this is Mr Drucker,
our managing director.
Good evening.
Mrs Rollins has been trying to tell
me there's no such thing as luck.
It's one thing the house can't furnish.
Our guests have to bring it with them.
My husband thinks he's loaded.
- All I say is, don't bet against me.
Personally, I never gamble.
That's a nine.
Six is the winning number.
Busy for number six.
Isn't this better than that Pullman?
Now you'd be bouncing around in that
berth and what would you get out of it?
Eight hours sleep.
- Take this chip.
Pick your winning numbers.
- Six. Come on.
Blue seven. Seven away.
You don't pass.
New shooter coming up.
- Give me those dice.
You got a lucky pair.
Coming out. Win or lose.
Two ways to bet.
Come on seven.
Winner seven. Pay your line. Line win.
Thank you.
Coming out again, the same shooter.
Win or lose.
Coming out.
Take your winning number.
Eight will win.
Come on eight.
That is nine. Shooting for number 8.
Eight is your winning number.
- Eight. Eight.
Come on, eight.
Car 3.
- Go ahead, 3.
I'm over at The Fabulous.
I just saw the sheriff's car
parked on Freemont.
You'd better send someone over to
tell him he's standing in a red zone.
Hi, Lieutenant.
- What do you know, Mattie?
Someone blew in town tonight.
This is a windy town.
People blow in and blow out.
That's what this doll did once.
She used to sing at The Last Chance.
What about her?
The penthouse suite.
If a man answers, hang up.
You talk too much.
If you're looking for the blond
cigarette girl who gave you free smokes.
I fired her.
- Good.
She was bad for my throat.
What else is eating you?
- The usual thing.
Bobby-soxers in the belfry.
- I said not to build a wedding chapel.
It tempts people to get married.
- Take care of it, will you.
I wonder who bought her that necklace.
The high-roller next to her.
He's her husband.
Look, if you like the view so well...
Take care of the kids in the chapel
and return in your own time.
Not me.
I like my job.
Chasing around in paddy wagons.
Picking up young squirts who
want to get married too soon.
I'm Lieutenant Andrews
from the Sheriff's department.
I hear you two kids want to get married.
You got your license?
Are you really 18, Mary?
How about you, Bill? You really 21?
Bill is going to be
drafted in six weeks.
Do your folks know about this?
Whatever this is between me and Mary.
We didn't ask you.
You didn't ask your folks either.
- They wouldn't understand.
Why not?
- Because...
Because you're not 21 and Mary's not 18.
Isn't that it, Bill?
If Bill's old enough to get drafted
he's old enough to get married.
Waiting is no good.
It will be years before Bill gets back.
Anything can happen.
Another man maybe.
- No, Bill.
There are five thousand other
marrying places in Nevada.
Why did you two pick this one?
I'd like to give you a break.
But the law says no.
Let's go.
- Where to?
I'll get you a bite to eat and then
we'll get in touch with your folks.
When did you first notice
this about your husband?
Notice it? He showed it to me.
I guess he must have been like
that before we were married.
We were getting along swell.
But when the psychiatrist
moved in with us, well...
Hey, you're not listening.
- I heard every word you said.
I have a feeling I've interrupted a
conversation between you and the desert.
Is the past sneaking up on you?
Lloyd, why don't you roll your
dice and let me roll my own?
I don't think you have the
courage to roll your own dice.
I don't think I know what you mean.
Take a ride around town.
When you find that old trunk with
the memories in it, open it up.
What do you think I'll find?
- Who knows?
Perhaps an old pair of dancing shoes.
A broken piano key or a moth.
If it's just a moth, buy it a drink.
Is that the way you want it, Lloyd?
- Of course.
Go ahead.
Get it out of your system.
Thank you.
I get along without you very well.
Of course I do.
Except when soft dreams fall.
And drip from leaves. Then I recall...
The thrill of being
sheltered in your arms.
Of course I do.
But I get along without you very well.
I've forgotten you just as I should.
Of course I have.
Except to hear your name.
Or someone's laugh that is the same.
But I've forgotten you just as I should.
What a guy.
What a fool am I.
To think my breaking heart
could kid the moon.
What's in store?
Should I fall once more?
It's best that I stick to my tune.
I get along without you.
Very well.
Of course I do.
Except perhaps in spring.
But I should never think of spring.
For that would surely break my heart.
Why, it's Linda.
You weren't going to walk
out on an old pal, were you?
Happy, I wasn't walking out on you.
How are you doing?
You. You look fine.
Good to see you.
And wait until Mike sees you.
Hey, Mike. Look who I have found.
Welcome home.
- Hello, Mike.
This calls for a drink, Linda.
- On the house?
On the bar. It's all the same.
I saw you coming, Miss Barns.
- You're a doll, Henry.
Keep your eyes on your work.
Here's to the girls who
haven't come back.
- No. Ulcers.
Tell us how you happened
to get married, Linda.
Yes. Deal, deal, deal.
I was standing on 5th Avenue talking
to a horse. When the bus hit me.
And was that bus loaded.
You forgot to tell your relief
man you were leaving the floor.
An old chum just dropped in.
You'll be around for a few
days, won't you Linda?
Sure, Mike.
She used to sing here.
This is Mr Clayton the new owner, Linda.
Mrs Rollins. How do you do.
- How do you do.
She does fine.
Perhaps she will sing for us again.
You look like you had a fine voice.
Coming from him that's no compliment.
How did Mike lose The Last Chance?
Well, he borrowed from Peter to pay
Pauline and Pauline was dating Clayton.
The first thing you know,
they closed him out.
Mike having to work
in the place he built.
That's rough.
- Having to work is rough.
You know, hunger makes
very strange bedfellows.
And wouldn't you know.
Mrs Rollins. If you want to talk to
Happy, why not do it over at the piano?
Can we take a hint?
The man is asking for music.
Come on, Happy.
That's what I get for
speaking out of turn.
When are you going to ask me about Dave?
When the cow jumps over the moon.
Funny you should say that.
You know the little sign down the road
advertising The Blue Moon restaurant?
I went home the other night...
And if a real cow didn't jump
over the moon part of that sign.
Alright. How's Dave?
He is healthy.
I get along without you very well.
Do you remember this?
Of course I do.
Except perhaps in spring.
But you should never think of spring."
"Well, that would surely break my heart.
In two.
Hello Dave.
Hello Linda.
Same old place. Same old table.
Just like old times, isn't it.
We can pretend.
Which part of the old times is this?
The part where you were supposed
to come back and say goodbye?
Before they shipped me
out to the South Pacific.
That was a misunderstanding.
That explains that.
But it's not very logical.
Of course, logic has never
bothered you too much anyway.
David, look. I didn't come
here to beef with you.
I was real glad to see you at first.
- I had the same reaction.
But I caught myself in time.
You should have stayed over in the high
rent district. You look better there.
That high-roller at The Fabulous.
Does he know you are out alone?
But I'm not alone.
I have a man with me.
- Me?
You are really mixed up.
That was a long time ago.
That guy's a chump.
He thinks if he left his hat or girl at
a table they'd be there when he returns.
I'm the kind of a chump who believed...
If two people are really in love
they'd kiss and make up.
But you have to give a girl a chance.
There's only so many chances and so many
men. The supply must run out someday.
Here we go again.
- Not again, Linda. Once is enough.
The only thing I'm asking you
is to keep out of my territory.
David, this is horrible.
I have wondered about you so often.
Afraid everything would be just like
old times if we saw each other again.
Look. You have everything
you've always wanted.
Whatever it is you came
back to Vegas for...
Find it quick and get out.
I have to live in this town.
Hi, Dave.
- Hiya.
Is the sheriff in?
- He caught a fish.
I didn't know you were going
to Lake Mead today, Sheriff.
Neither did this here fish.
Otherwise he'd have skedaddled
long before I got there.
I caught me a prime trout, Dave.
I don't know whether to
mount him or eat him.
I don't know what kind of an idea
it gives you. But it gives me one.
I like to go fishing.
Want to go home and
change our clothes first?
Thanks. I'll see you Thursday.
Hey, wait a minute.
A whole week to fish?
I can't spare you that long.
- I must get out of town for a few days.
And I have the time coming to me.
I don't want to sound
like a sheriff, Dave.
But with El Dorado Week coming on
I need every man in the department.
Okay. Pull me off the strip and
put me on another detail.
Nobody knows the strip like you do.
Outside of myself.
This is something personal.
A woman?
- Yep.
A married one?
- You're right again.
I am never wrong.
I can read character or hit
a bullseye at fifty paces.
Dave. I'm not even looking at you.
But I can tell from here.
You're not going fishing.
You didn't stop in at the
casino on your way back.
You didn't need me to help you
carry away your losses, did you?
That sounds like a bitter
remark from a bitter woman.
Did the lid of that trunk
fall on your pretty fingers?
Did it?
Lloyd, let's get out of here.
I have a much more practical idea.
Let's sleep until noon and see how
both our worlds look in the sunlight.
I wonder if you'd do me a favor.
You name it.
Find yourself another pool to swim in.
What's the matter with this one?
I think there's a sea monster in it.
Really? I hadn't noticed.
Then it's the first thing you've missed.
What are you, a licensed peeping Tom?
I am sorry.
If I have offended you by
admiring you I apologise.
I know I've been staring.
Is that your business?
Staring at people?
No. Actually, jewelry is my business.
Especially pieces like that
necklace you are wearing.
The name is Tom Hubler.
I have references.
I've never been asked for references
but I suppose I could get them.
I'd say you already have plenty.
You can jump back in the pool now.
Here comes my husband.
Hello darling.
Lloyd, this is Mr Hubler.
He has references.
You're a fortunate man.
He admires my necklace.
Naturally he does.
I'll just check up on that sea monster.
You know, they should drain that pool.
It's crawling.
Lloyd, why don't you tell
me what's really going on?
I'm having fun, darling.
Why don't you?
I think it's something more than that.
I understand from Mr Martin they have
limited your credit to ten thousand.
He's an idiot. An attitude like his
can start a run on the bank of England.
If there's something serious behind
your gambling, I'd like to help.
Those are brave words, darling.
I'm a brave girl. As a kid I used to
run all the fellows off the block.
I won't ask you if they
finally caught up with you.
It's nice to be married
to so much bravery.
If things get tough
I may have to tap it.
[ Telephone ]
It's long-distance, Lloyd. Boston.
I don't want to speak
to anybody in Boston.
I'm sorry. Mr Rollins isn't
available at the moment.
Hang up, Linda.
Thank you. I'll tell him.
A man's voice said to
tell you Monty is dead.
Monty? I don't place him.
Didn't he sign the telegram
you got on the train?
Whoever Monty was, he committed suicide.
And he did sign the telegram.
Don't worry about my
business associates, Linda.
Living or dead, they're
none of your concern.
Don't be reading my mail.
I'll see you downstairs.
Hello darling.
- Lloyd, my necklace is missing.
How stupid of me.
I took it and forgot to tell you.
Too many people were admiring it. I felt
it would be safer in the hotel vault.
Well, hello.
- I see they've drained the pool.
Mr Rollins, I want to make
amends for this afternoon.
Just how do you propose doing that?
- By dancing with your wife.
Mr Rollins.
- Hello.
Mr Hubler, my wife
accepts your kind offer.
Dance with him, Linda. I have
some business with Mr Drucker.
I said, dance with him.
Sit down.
Will you have a drink?
- No thank you.
You gave this to Mr Martin
a few minutes ago.
Yes. How much credit did you
decide to extend me on it?
It's worth $150,000.
Don't take my word on it.
I've an insurance appraisal in
my room if you'd like to see it.
I'm not interested.
When you came here you
asked for $100,000 credit.
We already advanced you $10,000.
If I knew then what I know now.
Well anyway, your wife
makes a good impression.
But it has run out.
And so has your welcome.
You imply I am leaving.
Do you intend to force me?
Let's hope it doesn't
come to that, Mr Rollins.
It won't, Mr Drucker.
Don't look so surprised.
This place happens to be on my beat.
It's real nice of you to look me up.
Let's keep it official.
Your husband is a tramp and Drucker
wants him out of here in a hurry.
He's really heading for trouble.
I thought if I told you first we could
get it over with quick and painless.
Why not tell him yourself?
Why not walk right up and say:
'your wife married the wrong man'.
'She kissed me off so get out of town'.
That's the way you tell it, isn't it?
Why not tell him the full story?
It's all over now.
I'm not so sure.
Is it over, Linda?
Isn't that what you came
back here to find out?
Isn't it?
What a beautiful picture.
Moonlight. Sagebrush.
My wife with a stranger.
An old friend.
Ah, the desert is giving up its secrets.
Lloyd, this is Lieutenant
Andrews of the Sheriff's Office.
My husband.
I'm a wizard at guessing names.
'Joe', isn't it?
In the song it's always Joe.
I can see you riding off to another dawn
with the girl you left behind crying.
'Goodbye, Joe'.
- Lloyd.
You put it all together, Rollins.
The only place you slipped
up was about the tears.
Your wife doesn't cry easy.
And she didn't wait to say goodbye.
Maybe if she had you
wouldn't be standing here.
But if you're looking for
trouble with me, forget it.
You've got your share already.
Lloyd, we got to get out of here.
- First thing in the morning.
Tell you what. Go and powder your nose
and we'll drop in at The Last Chance.
I may as well meet
your other old friends.
And get a look at the scene
of your innocent youth.
Mr Rollins.
It's you again. What is it now?
I represent the company
insuring your wife's necklace.
My job is to watch it.
I didn't see it around tonight.
- I resent the implication.
Right now, you can make things
a lot easier by cooperating.
I follow my company's instructions.
- Alright, relax.
It's in the hotel vault.
No hard feelings.
There's no reason for
Mrs Rollins to know about...
Your company's interest
in her jewelry. Is there?
None whatsoever.
- Thanks.
Why don't you join us later for a drink?
And bring your own girl.
Hello, Mrs Rollins.
- Hello.
There you are, darling.
- Have a good time.
The Last Chance please.
I can see from here anything could have
happened in this place and probably did.
Where's the baggage room?
The one with the trunk in it.
In there.
That's Happy at the piano.
What's missing?
His sense of humor.
I find very little here to laugh at.
Good evening, Mrs Rollins.
Lloyd, this is Mr Clayton.
He owns the place. My husband.
How do you do.
- Your wife worked here before.
But I've heard her sing.
That's one of the things I've missed.
May I buy you a drink?
- That's very kind of you. Linda?
Thank you. I think I'll go
and say hello to Happy.
Alright. I'll take our
friend up on that drink.
I can always talk to
the piano player later.
You asked for it and here
it is: The monkey song.
Hello Linda.
Gather round everybody.
It's a story.
About a monkey and a king.
King Reebop.
And his dream.
Down in the jungle.
He dreams about flowers.
He dreams about a bird.
No, not that one.
Oh, that's a prettier bird.
He also dreams about a monkey.
He dreams this monkey
can play the drums.
That's a different monkey.
The reason the king has this dream?
He's broke.
He needs dough.
And there is a missionary.
That's all.
Mrs Rollins, I'd like a word with you.
Sorry. This is my busy night.
- It's mine too.
I must ask you where your necklace is.
Why don't you ask my husband?
- I did.
He said it was in the hotel vault.
- Then you should be satisfied.
Your husband's a liar, Mrs Rollins.
It isn't there.
Hello Linda. Look at that. I told you
my luck would change. Come on, dice.
Lloyd, I want to talk to you.
- That's my point.
Now is no time for talk.
But maybe you'd better run along.
You said it yourself, remember?
That you weren't lady luck. Come on.
Come on, dice.
Be my lucky lady. Come on.
How much did Clayton give
my husband on the necklace?
Ten thousand dollars, Linda.
I see you didn't take my advice.
Occasionally I'm right.
I'm in no mood for your bragging.
Come on, come on.
Eleven the winner.
Why don't you come out into
the night air and cool off?
Monkey see. Monkey do.
Car 3. Car 3.
Car 3. Go ahead.
Dave. The parents of that girl are here.
There's nobody around to clear them.
What will we do?
Car 3. I'm on my way in.
You might find this very interesting.
They're in the chief's office, Dave.
- You have the release papers?
- Thanks.
I'm Lieutenant Andrews.
Are these your folks, Mary?
Well, have you all talked it over?
We know what's best for Mary.
Dad, you don't know.
Only Bill and I know what this means.
Don't, Mary.
Do you have anything to say, Bill?
Now is the time to say it.
- I've already said my piece.
And nobody listens.
Do you realise Bill is going
to be drafted in six weeks?
If he gets in the army Mary
will forget all about him.
Anyway, waiting will do them good.
Sometimes waiting is not good.
I only tell you this because these
kids may have a long wait.
I just want you to understand
it as well as they do.
I wish you'd sign the release papers,
Lieutenant. We have a long drive home.
This will go into the files along
with a lot of other heartbreaks.
They could have walked across
the street and been married.
And all it needs is your signature.
Where do I sign?
Right under the place where it says...
'I wouldn't give a
couple of kids a break'.
Let's go, Linda.
Oh, we have been here before.
Yeah. I rent it from Fogarty.
The same as you did.
Only I can't sing for my rent.
It hasn't changed a bit, has it.
No. Not a bit.
And neither have you.
You left the icebox door open.
Help yourself.
There's some beer there ready.
Unless you've got used to champagne.
I haven't, but I'll ignore the crack.
Bring me a glass too. In your honor.
You know where they are.
My, aren't we fancy.
Who cleans up for you?
Nobody in particular.
Everybody pitches in.
We don't get much housework
done but we have a million laughs.
I'll bet.
Everything looks just the same.
Houses don't change, Linda. Only people.
You know. You sure do
some funny things, David.
Like leaving the icebox door open?
No. Like making plans
for those kids tonight.
I wish I could get it out of my head you
didn't frame it just for my benefit.
That sounds just like you.
Only I happen to have
a sentimental side.
Turn it over and what have you got?
A hothead.
I accept your apology.
Well, that puts all the
pieces back together.
No. There's still something missing.
I don't know.
It's us.
Have we really changed, David?
Do people change that much?
Help yourself.
Thanks. I can use it.
You still got the necklace?
You want to have another look at it?
But I want you to look at it
again and look real hard.
If there's not more white meat than
ten thousand on that I'll eat it.
You have already eaten it, Mr Rollins.
And I'd advise you to
go on a strenuous diet.
Your luck has run out.
But it might change if I could
have another crack at it.
Does he have to keep
walloping that thing?
Call it a night, Happy.
We both know that necklace
is worth more than ten grand.
I admitted so when I
loaned you money on it.
Personally, my taste
doesn't run to jewelry.
I'd rather have my dough back.
I've been waiting for your
generous streak to show, Clayton.
You've got to advance me a little more.
Here is the take for tonight.
Look, Rollins.
I've got your necklace and for ten
thousand dollars you can have it back.
I'll not give you any more and you're
not going to redeem it for less.
No shortcuts.
I'm not so sure about that.
We're buttoned up in here
for the night, Fogarty.
So close the doors when you go out.
I have to be getting back, David.
I left some lipstick on the glass.
What am I supposed to do about it?
Put it up on the mantle?
Or drink out of it some dark night
and smash it against the fireplace?
Whatever you do, it will
be sudden and violent.
Please don't spoil it.
It has been so nice.
And brief.
Here we go again.
You finally brought it round to reality.
You can't sit still long enough to give
us a chance to see daylight, can you?
I'm fed up sitting still.
The daylight you talk about goes
on my bill along with the nights.
It's pretty tough to forget them.
Do you want to forget?
- I didn't say that.
What's it you're trying to say?
Just this. That when Rollins finally
gets round to hocking you...
You're going to look awful funny hanging
upside down in a pawnbroker's window.
Just where do you draw the
line on second-hand goods?
I don't.
Well I do. Call me a cab.
It will be a pleasure.
Car 3.
- Go ahead, Car 3.
I'm over at my house. Will you send a
cab over there to pick up a passenger.
You want us to drop food and plasma
too? You've been gone long enough.
Just do what I tell you.
I'm on my way in.
Thank you.
Car 5. Come in, Car 5.
Car 9. Stand by.
Car 5 in.
Car 9. Standing by.
Car 5.
When you get there, tell them the
medical examiner is on his way.
I am on mine.
Car 9.
Go over to Doc's place
and pick up the coroner.
Take him to The Last Chance.
What about The Last Chance?
- Somebody killed the owner.
When did you get the call?
- Just now. You must have walked in.
Are you going off duty, Dave?
Not now.
Hiya, Dave.
What do we know for sure
and what's missing?
This is what killed him.
That's for sure.
It's also used to peel lemons.
Any seeds on it?
- No seeds. No prints.
The janitor found the body at
4:10 when he was cleaning up.
You didn't touch it, did you?
- No, Sir. I took one look and yelled.
And Mr Fogarty came running in
and threw water in my face.
Hi. I want you to take Mike's statement.
- Already got it, Dave.
Did he tell you he opened the
safe after he saw the body?
No, he didn't.
- Well, I know.
Because he left his hat
on the floor by the safe.
What were you looking for, Mike?
The necklace Rollins
gave Clayton tonight.
It wasn't there.
There wasn't any necklace
on the body, Dave.
The guy who killed him
took the necklace.
I know I have every reason
to wish Clayton dead.
But you are backing
the wrong number, Dave.
Right, Mike. Pick another number.
Linda's husband. Rollins.
I walked in on a beef they were having
about more money on the necklace.
Why don't you ask Happy?
No. I was home sleeping, Dave.
Minding my own business when
this horrible tragedy occurred.
That's my story and I'll stick to it.
What you want to know?
What was the beef between
Clayton and Rollins tonight?
Rollins wanted him to up
the ante on that necklace.
I can't say I blame him either.
Think he was sore
enough to kill Clayton?
You don't have to be sore at
a guy like Clayton to kill him.
Somebody might do
it as a public service.
To be mad at him into the bargain
would make it that much easier.
You see, they sent me out of the room.
So I don't know how mad he did get.
Get a signed statement
from these monkeys.
How did you make out, Doc?
- Fellow's been dead about an hour.
Mortal death.
Sometime close to 4:00 I'd say.
More or less.
Get me a report on this
as quick as you can.
Sure. But there ain't much to add.
It was a mighty clean thrust.
He's dead. You can see it yourself.
Dave, can I say something?
Sure. Go ahead.
Don't go hanging this on Linda's
old man until you're sure.
You finished?
I just don't want you to
undo all you've got done.
That's a big order.
Up kinda early, aren't you?
Yeah. I'm taking the census.
- Isn't that a little out of your line?
We just lost one of our
most prominent citizens.
Want me to help you find him?
- I've already found him. Murdered.
Motive: robbery.
If you're here to put the bite on me for
flowers you ought to tell me who it is.
That fellow at The Last Chance?
What's missing?
Two things. The guy who killed
him and a diamond necklace.
This could cost me my job.
- Why?
I've orders from my company not to let
Rollins or the necklace out of my sight.
Where was Rollins early this morning?
He finally gave up waiting for
his wife around about four.
How do you know?
I saw him in the alley
by The Last Chance.
He headed for The Fabulous.
What keyhole did you peep through?
I was in the coffee
shop across the street.
Waiting for you and
Mrs Rollins to show up.
I wanted to see the fireworks.
- You'll see the fireworks alright.
As soon as your company finds out
you missed the boat on the necklace.
Well, this is a most unpleasant
surprise, Lieutenant.
What did you do, come to
say goodbye to my wife?
I've already told your wife goodbye.
So I thought I'd do something with
a little joy in it for a change.
Would you mind smoothing
that out a little?
I'll try but it will still be rough
for you. Where's the necklace?
That's my business.
- Not anymore.
It was Clayton's business for a time but
he's dead and the necklace is missing.
I don't see what it has to do with me.
You'll understand it when
we get to the Sheriff's Office.
But just to give you a clue.
The charge is 'murder'.
Murder? That's preposterous.
Preposterous and dirty.
How dirty can you get?
Let's go, Rollins.
Alright, Joe.
But it won't do you any good.
Don't leave town, Linda.
Your husband may need
a loyal and trusting wife.
On the coroner's evidence.
The time of murder has been established
at approximately 4 o'clock this morning.
Can you account for your whereabouts
during that period, Mr Rollins?
Very easily.
I was in my room at The Fabulous.
With whom?
I'm certain my wife would
like to say she was with me.
Mrs Rollins.
I'm not going to ask you to
testify formally in this case.
But if there's anything
at all you can tell me.
Under the circumstances...
I'm afraid Mr Rollins there's sufficient
evidence to warrant your arraignment.
Captain Harris.
The prisoner is remanded to your custody
pending my filing more information.
If you want to apply for bail
have your attorney talk to me.
Mr Rollins, there are days when a
man finds it very hard to do his duty.
Captain Harris.
- Yes, ma'am?
I need a word in private
with my husband.
That will be a change.
- Please, Lloyd. I mean it.
Alright. You can use my office.
In here.
I'll wait outside.
- Naturally.
I'm sorry if I've let you down, Lloyd.
Think nothing of it.
You'll come into your own later making
last minute pleas to the governor.
Don't talk like that.
I don't believe you did it.
Then why didn't you say so when
there was someone around to listen?
Because there wasn't
anything for me to say.
You haven't been honest with me, Lloyd.
You've never explained the
telegram or Monty killing himself.
Or why you were so anxious
to stop over in Las Vegas.
I don't know much trouble you're in if
you don't choose to tell me about it.
Linda, there is a cell
waiting out there for me.
Do you need a better
description than that?
You don't have to stay in it.
I can do something about that.
Like what, for instance?
I have managed to save some money.
Enough to get an attorney and...
Raise bail.
Why didn't you tell me this before?
You might have prevented this disaster.
There have been several
disasters, Lloyd.
Which one are you referring to?
The one that kept you out
with that cop last night.
I'm ready, Sheriff.
Mrs Rollins.
May I give you a lift?
The bus for The Fabulous is waiting.
I feel like it ran over me.
The Fabulous please.
- Yes, sir.
Make it The Last Chance.
What's the idea? I thought this
bus went straight through.
What have you against
The Last Chance, Linda?
I'd rather get out. Please stop the cab.
Suppose I tell him to go
back to the Sheriff's office?
I like you, Linda.
But you don't fool me.
I don't like you, Mr Hubler.
So let's not get any ideas.
You shouldn't have left by the back door
of The Last Chance at four this morning.
Let me put it straight.
What are you trying to hide?
Before we go inside, tell me why you
used the alley entrance this morning.
I got in the habit when I worked here.
If you had something to say, why didn't
you say it this morning at the inquest?
Two reasons.
- What are they?
In order of their importance,
I'd say first it was the necklace.
And then?
The second is one of those things you
never can put on an expense account.
Nobody understands it.
- Including me.
I don't want to get my face
slapped or I'd tell you.
Don't bother.
When you came in this morning,
show me what you did.
I walked over there to the
casino to look for my husband.
Hold it.
You stand right here until I tell you.
When I say 'go' you
walk across the room.
The same as when you
came in this morning.
What's this, a sobriety test?
- Something like that.
Come on in, Linda. You're welcome.
We're playing a game, Happy. Kings-X.
I'm going to walk right across the room.
It does my heart good to see you romping
and skylarking around amidst the gloom.
Okay, Linda. Start walking.
You flunked.
I don't get it.
- You went around the chair.
What did you expect? Me to jump over it?
You must have jumped over
the body this morning.
Because it was lying right
here where the chair is.
Either that, or you tripped over
it and fell flat on your face.
And you might have got up with
the necklace in your hand.
What do you think that is?
It's a spot I guess.
You can't have missed him, Linda.
Coming or going.
Do you understand this game, Happy?
Nobody seems to be enjoying it.
I like the one where they
pin tails on donkeys.
A game like this can be a lot of fun.
If you play fair.
Would you take me to the hotel?
Whatever you want.
That isn't what you
want, is it Mr Hubler?
I can wait for what I want, Linda.
Captain Harris, where can
I find Lieutenant Andrews?
If he took my advice he's fishing.
In the Belgian Congo.
Mattie. Mattie, come here.
You want to see me, Lieutenant?
- Yep.
You were sent over to my house
last night to pick up Miss Rollins.
Where did you take her?
- To The Fabulous.
Is that all you wanted
to know, Lieutenant?
That does it.
Of course, on the way to The Fabulous
I took her to The Last Chance.
You always blab about everything else.
Why didn't you tell me this before?
You didn't ask me.
- I'm asking you now. Tell me.
If you're looking for the necklace
I just flushed it down the drain.
Incidentally, do they
hang women in Nevada?
They used to. By their pretty necks.
You've certainly made
a mess out of this place.
What are you doing with this?
- I peel lemons with it.
Be careful. You may cut a finger.
I'm going to cut something in a minute.
What's all this about?
You didn't say much at
the hearing this morning.
What did I leave out besides
my personal opinion of you?
You made a sucker of me once Linda
and you're not going to do it again.
What were you doing at The
Last Chance early this morning?
And just how deep are
you in this with Rollins?
I know what you want.
You want to put me in jail too.
Then you can lock yourself
in with me and my husband.
The three of us in a nice damp
cell living happily ever after.
That would cramp your style.
You won't have room to double-cross us.
Now, get out of here.
Why don't you do your
practising at home?
I've got tone deaf neighbors.
Here, I don't disturb anybody.
After last night things are kinda
slack, or hadn't you noticed?
People are squeamish.
They may just pick up when they
find out we're running a bar again.
Instead of a slaughterhouse.
I wish I could make your piano
talk and do my work for me.
It works pretty well for me.
And as for talking, it does that too.
It's talking right now to you, boy.
Why don't you take a look over
there on the floor by that chair.
That's a real musical chair, Dave.
Take a look.
It's got a sour note on it.
How come we overlooked this?
- I don't know.
The point is, when Linda waltzed in
this morning in the wee hours...
She no see a body.
And it was lying right there.
Who said it was there?
The insurance guy, Hubler.
He showed the spot to Linda.
Happy. You know where
the body was found.
Don't try to involve me, David.
I was at home sleeping like I said.
He was behind the bar.
But he wasn't stabbed there.
He must have been stabbed here.
Then dragged himself behind the bar.
Trying to get to...
The telephone.
The Fabulous Hotel.
We got fooled, Happy.
Nobody knows where the murder really
happened except the guy who killed him.
Mrs Rollins room please.
Doggone me. It's got to be
that Hubler fellow then.
It sure does. Hello, Linda?
Now don't hang up.
- The chances I take in this racket.
Look, I'm trying to apologise.
Don't bother. I'm busy and
there's someone at the door.
Linda, wait.
Look. I know who killed Clayton.
Do tell. Who?
I'm on my way over there now.
If you happen to bump into
Hubler, keep him entertained.
I heard you. Hold on.
May I come in?
- Of course.
I was just going out.
- I think I know where your necklace is.
Somebody shipped it down to Los Angeles.
I'm driving down to check on it now.
Are you going alone?
You don't have to ask twice.
Come on.
I'll put a few things together.
It will only take a minute.
Go ahead.
Hello. Hello?
Offhand, I'd say that
is your friend, the cop.
And you won't have to pack.
You will do fine just the way you are.
This is pretty silly.
Dave knows about you.
The word gets around, doesn't it.
Get in. You're driving.
Mrs Rollins room please.
- Who killed Clayton?
Cock Robin. You saw Mrs Rollins go out?
- No. But I did.
Where is she?
- She stepped on you. They took a ride.
Who did? Who was she with?
- It wasn't her husband.
That insurance man, Hubler?
- Yes.
Did he check out?
- Yes.
He forgot to sign for the car he rented.
- Let me see that.
Mr Hubler said something
about going to Los Angeles.
Why didn't you tell me this before?
- Mrs Rollins was driving.
Car 3 calling headquarters.
Go ahead, Car 3.
- Give me a clear channel. Emergency.
All units stand by.
Come in 3.
I've identified Thomas
Hubler as killer of Clayton.
This man just left the Club Fabulous.
Driving a 1950 Plymouth sedan.
Green in color.
Nevada license 28072.
Suspect may be heading for Los Angeles.
Attention Sheriff Harris.
Is the Sheriff at headquarters?
- This is Sheriff Harris.
Whatever you have there, come
in and make a written report.
Suspect is accompanied by Mrs Lloyd
Rollins. A possible kidnap victim.
Car 3 off.
Notify the Highway Patrol.
We'll set up roadblocks.
Get me the Highway Patrol.
Sergeant Peter, this is Mitch.
We need roadblocks on a homicide.
North east. Foden.
Junction Highway 91 at B5.
Junction Highway 91 at B5.
Highway 95.
At Lee Canyon.
Highway 95 at Lee Canyon.
- South.
The junction of 91.
And D3.
- South.
Junction of 91.
- South east 3.
Highway 95.
At Dry Lake.
Highway 95 at Dry Lake.
At the dam.
- East 93 at the dam.
Turn around.
What are you doing with my car?
Start it up.
Go on. Start it.
What's the idea? Get out of there.
Get away and keep your mouth shut.
- You can't do a thing like this.
This is my car, mister.
Be on the lookout for a 1941 Ford
station wagon. Fenders blue in color.
California license 5-Radio-7911.
Being driven by Thomas Hubler.
Suspect shot and killed Allen Whitwer.
Owner of above-described vehicle.
Proceed with caution.
This man is armed and dangerous.
He may have his kidnap
victim, Mrs Lloyd Rollins.
Notify the Arizona authorities
to lookout for Hubler.
Okay, chief.
- Why Arizona?
I figure with three murders behind him
he took a boat ride to the other side.
Wouldn't you?
- No.
And it's not 3 murders. It's 2.
What makes you so positive
Hubler killed Mrs Rollins?
All men were created equal.
Except you.
I still say she's alive with Hubler.
And I have a pretty good
hunch where they are.
I say she's at the bottom of the lake in
the seat of that car without Hubler.
That's the last word on the subject?
I'm entitled to the last word.
I'll let you play your hunch.
But if you're wrong.
And you are.
You buy me a steak dinner. A La Carte.
- With Pies.
A deal.
Now, I'm going to that lake
to drag it from top to bottom.
Give me the airport. Toby Redman.
This hunch had better be good.
Suppose you're looking
for a place to hole up.
All the roads were blocked
and you're driving a hot car.
Where would you head to?
With a dish like that I'd
probably park first.
What's the matter? What you mad about?
Do you see what I see?
Dust. And one tumbleweed going
about seventy miles an hour.
Go down and check the license plate.
- Okay.
What do we do now?
Turn him around.
There he is. Pick a dead-end
street and we'll corner him.
Throw the gun across the floor.
Is the girl alright?
We're over here, Dave.
Behind the trailer.
I got the gun pressed against her head.
Do you want me to pull the trigger?
Throw the gun out.
I mean it, Andrews.
I said the gun, Andrews.
The next one is for the lady.
Are you hurt bad?
I can't fly us out of here
if that's what you mean.
Here, let me.
Dave. Been waiting for you.
Are you alright?
As good as new.
I was just at the morgue
looking at that Hubler fellow.
Even dead, you can tell he's no good.
I don't think murder was his business.
Are you saying a man picks up
that sort of thing as a hobby?
No. I figure it.
He saw a chance to grab the necklace
and double-cross his company.
It looked like a cinch until
Clayton nailed him in the act.
He didn't plan to kill anybody.
I have a lot of experience
with criminals, Dave.
When a man decides to make a
mistake he keeps right on going.
Unless he changes quick enough.
Like you for instance.
You came pretty close to
railroading an innocent man.
What am I supposed to
do, turn in my badge?
Don't try carrying a torch
at the same time.
It's too big a load, Dave.
Cops aren't licensed for it.
But any time you feel it coming on.
Leave your badge on my desk.
What's the name of the lawyer
who handles Clayton estate?
I must remember to give him
this check tomorrow.
I got the money from that
blasted necklace for him.
- From Rollins.
That poor misjudged devil, after all
the misery we've put him through.
Do you mean Rollins gave you this?
The minute I turned him loose.
And why not?
It saves all the rigmarole
of impounding jewels.
How long has it been since you've
arrested anyone for stealing?
Dave. As Sheriff I've followed my
human instincts for eighteen years.
And I haven't been hurt.
All I can say is, if you want
to hold your record...
When you open that drawer
in the morning... jump.
Because that check is going to
bounce right up in your face.
Too bad the chief went home.
- Why?
I want to see his face
when he reads this.
Yours too.
- You read it. I'm going off duty.
'We hold felony warrants Massachusetts
Superior Court number 8351D...'
'Charged with three counts of
embezzlement and two of grand fraud'.
'Lloyd Rollins'.
'News despatch. We released this
man today. Suspicion, murder'.
'Re-arrest. Hold and
notify this department'.
'Telegraphic warrant sent.
We will extradite him'.
'James Fitzpatrick. Acting Chief.
Boston Police department'.
Thanks. I'll handle this myself.
- Don't blame you. Need help?
Yes. Give the chief time to get home.
Then phone and ask him to
come down here in a hurry.
Tell him there's a few things on his
desk needing his immediate attention.
If he asks for you, where will you be?
- Say I took my torch out for a walk.
Hello Dave. Business or pleasure?
- Both.
What will you have tonight, Lieutenant?
- The same.
We finally get rid of Rollins.
He's upstairs packing.
I don't mean to cut you short.
But Frankly, I don't care.
I thought you'd be interested.
- Definitely not.
There you are, Lieutenant.
- Thanks.
Why don't you get into some
line that agrees with you?
Does it show that much?
- You look like all your rabbits died.
Alright. Here is to crime.
Don't tell me it doesn't pay.
Aren't you taking a lot for granted?
- Tonight I take nothing for granted.
I'm laying 12-7 that you and
Rollins won't reach the state line.
You've won half your bet already.
How come?
I told Happy tonight I'd take my
old job back at The Last Chance.
I go to work in six weeks.
Working might not agree with you.
I have to eat.
Dave, I come to apologise.
I was wrong.
It's alright, Sheriff.
- It ain't.
That Rollins is no good
and neither is his check.
You remember Mrs Rollins, don't you?
- Oh. Excuse me, ma'am.
There's no need to hold you.
You're wrong again. I can think
of a lot of reasons to hold her.
Only this isn't the time or place.
Hey, wait a minute.
I don't intend losing
the best man I've got.
Take your badge back.
What's the matter? Aren't you
man enough to do it yourself?
Would you mind taking a little ride
down to the Sheriff's office, Rollins?
Will I be coming back?
- No, sir.
This is as far west as you are going.
Your next stop is Boston.
I thought I could square those
matters with a winning streak.
It shows you how wrong a man
can be, doesn't it Sheriff.
Oh. It just occurred to me.
You want to say goodbye to your wife?
It occurred to me too. I already did it.
Shall we go?
Hello, Lieutenant.
Hello, Bill. How are you?
At first I didn't recognise you.
Say you look like an old veteran.
- I am.
I'm an old married man too.
- This is our anniversary.
- Yeah.
We've been married a week today.
What you said to my father.
It changed his mind.
Bridesmaids. Everything.
I wish I could have been there.
Since you weren't.
We thought maybe...
Maybe you would like to kiss the bride?
How does it feel to be running
the place again, Mike?
Fine. Now you're here too.
Remember me?
I asked him to kiss her. Remember us?
A pair of married folks.
I guess it's only fair
for you to kiss Bill.
If I kissed Bill there wouldn't
be anything fair about it.
Come on, Linda.
You know, if you congratulate
everyone who marries in Vegas...
I'll never make a nickel.
You touch my fingertips.
And my heart is aglow.
What's on your mind, baby?
You meant to kiss my lips.
And I can't let you go.
Maybe I should resist.
I am a fool I know.
Resist me, baby.
But at a time like this.
My resistance is low.
Your eyes have magic.
They seem to say.
Come closer, come closer.
My darling, come closer.
And somehow you can't break away.
Can't you see that I...
Want to be adored more
than you'll ever know.
I know, baby. I know.
And I am going overboard.
With a capital 'O'.
So please don't be persistent.
Please keep your distance.
You know my resistance is low.
Your eyes have magic.
They seem to say.
Don't be persistent.
Please keep your distance.
You know your resistance is low.
Low, low, low, low, low, low.