The Last Belle (2011) Movie Script

This is the story of how I finally found love
In London.
Excuse me.
Siobhan! Its Rosie.
Oh hi Rose.
Well Ive got myself a date!
Oh good. Michael, can you get the baby?
I havent actually met him yet, Im meeting him tonight.
But he sounds so handsome.
I think by tomorrow I could have a boyfriend.
Well Stephens teddy is on his bed and daddys rugby kits in the airing cupboard where it always is.
Rosie, sweetheart, so youve got a date.
Not from the singles club then?
Single brain cell more like!
I want someone with some wit and sophistication.
I met him on the internet. You know one of those chatroom things.
So you havent actually met him yet?
Were meeting for the first time tonight.
Well you must have seen his picture?
Well No.
Rosie! Well how much do you know about him?
Oh, hes sent me tonnes of emails about himself.
Well, I think he lives somewhere across town.
He says he lives in a big house.
He says his main interests are
le cinema
and literature.
Oh, and apparently his mates all tell him he looks the spitting image of
Brad Pitt!
Thats probably because his big hobby is working out in the gym.
Oh, and to top it all he says hes really into fashion.
Well he sounds like a dream.
Yeah! Doesnt he.
After my run of luck itll be nice to finally meet someone
with some brains and some get-up-and-go.
Put it this way Siobhan
I think I need a strong cup of tea for my nerves.
He sounds so fantastic.
I hope Im not going to be a let-down for him.
Oh Rosie.
And I dont know what Im going to wear.
I havent got a thing.
Will you calm down Rosie.
Whatever youre wearing hes lucky to be meeting you.
Look Rose love, Ive really got to go. Its the babys feeding time.
What time is it?
Oh -- around five-thirty.
Oh God! Id better get going too!
Im meeting him at eight.
I bet hes not feeling this giddy.
Ill just have an orange juice please.
Could you just stick a vodka in there?
Im not on my own you know.
Im just waiting for a friend.
Well, hes more of a boyfriend really.
Weve been exchanging emails, you know
I think hes really fallen for me.
Rosie! So whats he like?
Hows it going tiger?
Hello? Siobhan? Is that you?
Youre breaking up. I cant
I cant hear you.
Wrong number.
I expect hes having a bit of trouble with the trains or something.
Hes, um... a bit late.
I know!
If hes not here in the next thirty seconds then he is deep in the
Two seconds!
The next two seconds, Im telling you!
Right! Thats it! Ive had enough.
If I ever see him Im going to kill him.
I say! Youve forgotten your bag.
Oh, Damn!
I cant believe he didnt even make the effort.
Itd be a shame to leave it behind.
Especially when it goes so well with your eyes.
Thanks for this.
Look, could I buy you a drink or something?
Well Its really quiet in here tonight. I was thinking of locking up early.
But I know a place not too far away where they do a nice cognac.
So, do you share this place with anyone?
No I live alone. Terribly alone.
Oh. It could do with a female touch.
Its not the only thing.
Well can I get you that drink?
Would you like a short?
No. Id like
And that is the story of how I finally found love.
But I never did find out what became of my blind date.