The Last Black Man in San Francisco (2019) Movie Script

We gonna be late, come on.
Let's go.
Why do they have
on these suits and we don't?
Something's going on
right in our face.
You're so stuck
on those iPhones,
J phone 12s or whatever,
blow up in your hand.
You can't Google
what's going on right now.
Are y'all paying attention?
Why do they have on
these suits if we don't?
They here to clean this water?
When this water been dirtier
than the Devil's mouth
for 50 years.
And now they want to clean it?
They got plans for us, man.
Looking like
George Jetson rejects.
'Cause they weak!
Weak hearts!
Weak lungs!
Can't even breathe up here
without a mask.
But we was put through Hell
to be purified.
You know what I'm sayin',
brothers and sisters?
Man, it's crazy what
jail will do to a nigga.
They don't care
about they water, man,
there's something going on,
we gonna get
to the bottom of it.
And they lucky
I'm a man of God right now.
You think he rehearses this
every morning?
Or they
would catch these hands.
Seems a bit more impromptu.
2019 out here!
We been yellin'
about this water
since before they were born.
Before they were born!
Where's this bus, man?
We're not gonna make it.
leave us the hell alone.
Unless y'all really here
to help us.
We'll get there.
got plans for us, man.
We're not gonna make it, bro.
Not for you and me.
So I urge you!
Fight for your land!
Fight for your home!
- Fight for your...
- Let's skate.
This here?
This is the edge, bro!
The final frontier
of Manifest Destiny.
Last edge of the city.
Man, two steps further,
you'll be drinking
that filthy saltwater.
But we built these ships.
Dredged these canals.
In the San Francisco
they never knew existed.
And now they come
to build something new?
Whole blocks half in the past,
half in the future.
But should you venture
into their San Francisco,
the one they pillaged
for gold!
Remember your truth!
In the city of facades.
Take me with you!
Hey! Hey!
Take me with you, man!
Come on, where are we going?
Where are we going?
Come on, I'm coming!
I'm coming!
at them look at you.
Look down at you.
But we built them!
We are these homes!
Their eyes...
Their pointed brims...
We move if they move.
Our sweat soaked in the wood.
Gilded in our image.
This is our home!
Our home!
Our home.
Are you sure they're gone?
I mean,
their car is gone.
Let's check the back, man.
Good morning.
How are you?
Remember that time
they were in the kitchen?
Remember the kitchen?
Yeah, sure.
But, bruh...
Didn't I tell you
these railings are
periwinkle, not black.
Yeah, I got it.
We gotta start coming more
than every two weeks, bro.
This fuckin' garden's
a nightmare.
I'll bring my grandpa's
tools next time.
Please do.
Wallpaper's chipping.
These people
are killing this house.
You're not
goin' in though.
I mean...
I mean...
They're definitely
gone, though.
Better be quick
this time. Hmm?
Yeah, I know.
Takes time.
Yeah, I know.
I'll be
at my spot.
All right.
- Jesus, man!
- Honey.
Just get the heck
out of here, man.
- What the fuck?
- He's not hurting anyone, Mar.
Oh, he's painting
the house now?
Well, yeah.
Stop fixing my house!
I'm almost done,
just hold on.
Why don't you just
paint the neighbors' houses?
Theirs are worse
than ours.
Just hold on one second.
I mean,
we appreciate it,
in some way, but, yeah...
It's weird, man!
I'm almost done.
Look, we will
call the cops, man.
And I mean it this time.
No, we're not
gonna call the cops.
We're not calling the cops,
just stop coming back.
I'm almost done, hold on,
please, hold on.
Ugh! Just get off
my fucking birdie bath.
No, just...
Get outta here, man.
- Those were $3.
- Fine.
I'll finish it next time.
- God!
- Next time?
Oh, just get...
Get the heck off
my birdie bath!
Just water the plants
in the back or I will.
You were supposed to be the lookout!
You were the one
that was so worried.
I got distracted.
What if OG
is right though?
You really gotta stop
eating the fish out there.
I think it's fine.
All fish has mercury.
I know, but I saw a
seagull with a dick, bro.
Well, so I guess
it's a male.
No, like, bro,
like a human dick.
Oh, nasty-ass
tumbleweave. Pussy.
- Wild, bro.
- Wassup, nigga?
- Ain't tryin' do nothin'.
- Scuff my shoes up, huh?
I ain't tryin'
do that bullshit...
Stop playin' before I slap
the shit out your face.
Man, shut your ass up, nigga.
All right,
I ain't finna chase you,
you play too much, bro.
You lucky I don't beat
your ass out here, bro.
- What's good, brother?
- What's up with y'all?
Hey, you know I seen
Moms last night, right?
She was looking
like she was
missing a little bit
on the top.
I mean we shower in the same
water, Jim.
So niggas takin' showers
together now?
Probably was.
That's fruity.
I was trying to tell
him not to eat the fish,
because the water
is toxic.
Well, duh.
That's 'cause they built
the atomic bomb
right there, nigga.
I don't think
that's true.
What'd he say?
- Damn.
- First thing, that's true.
Bro, them shoes
ain't true,
I know your
Jesus-lookin' ass
ain't talkin',
- Them things is phony.
- They're definitely phony.
What about
cuz, man?
You was supposed to
call me last night.
- What happened with...
- Oh, yeah, dude is a cat.
You see his hair,
he might be a cheetah.
Can I help you?
I'd like to see
the man in charge.
In here.
He's walking him
into the Chief's office.
Oh, dear.
I want to report
a murder.
- Sit down.
- Now, who's that?
Edgar O'Ryan.
Where was
this murder committed?
- Edmund O'Brien.
- San Francisco.
Oh. Oh, him,
yeah, yeah.
Who was murdered?
I was.
- How?
- Just watch it.
I don't have
very much time.
Hey, hand me
my beer, son.
- Yes, sir.
- Yeah.
Yeah, okay.
O'Brien is smoking
a cigarette
- in his office.
- Okay, yeah.
- Secretary's perched.
- She pretty?
- Yeah?
- I'd say... I'd say she is.
You dog.
Hey, Mont!
- Montgomery!
- Mmm?
How do I get their old
croissant-throwing asses
out of the house?
What if I peed
on their table?
Like, what if I climbed up
the birdie bath,
broke in and just peed
all over that stupid
little yellow table?
Wouldn't that
ruin the floors?
Yeah, I guess
you got a point there.
You think they'd let me
live there as, like,
a caretaker
for the house?
That's fucked up.
I mean, I take pretty
good care of the house,
I think so at least.
Yeah, you do.
We like having
you here, Jim.
I know, bro.
You know
there's no place like home.
Goodnight, Dorothy.
At the family reunion
Who we introducing
I got a cousin Arrow
He used to have a feast
He was with the shit
Now that nigga is a priest
At the family reunion
Why they
got suits on and we don't?
We're here
for your protection.
We're here to help you.
You here to help me?
Me? This water
been filthier
than the Devil's mouth
for years!
All right?
Small guy.
He's perfect.
Hey, you get any writing
done this morning?
Writing is rewriting.
It's all part
of the process.
Yeah, you got it, though.
Hmm... Yeah, man.
What the f...
Y'all been here 12 years,
still can't take care
of this house.
Hey, Paul.
I got you.
- Hi.
- Eat your banana.
- Fuck you.
- Hey.
You're a nice man.
You're a nice woman.
But I don't know you.
Well, yeah.
You know me
pretty well, actually.
But you aren't
my husband.
You're a
little too young for me.
I am young.
I'm always young.
You're a nice man.
Oh, thank you.
You're a nice woman.
You old marshmallow,
cream puff ass,
candied yam-ass nigga,
cream puff-ass nigga.
Shut up, bitch, bro.
- You bitch.
- Hold this shit.
I should snatch
your one-ass dread,
lookin' like
a fuckin' Rastafarian sperm.
You got me fucked up.
- We got you fucked up!
- We did!
That's all you gotta say?
Man, what I'm supposed
to do, take off?
I don't care
about none of that shit.
I know, I just ain't
got nothin' else to say.
Man, I put that
on a fact,
that this nigga's
a bitch, man.
- Is that sure, man.
- Man, fuck this nigga.
'Sup, nigga?
'Sup, nigga?
How are you, nigga?
I hope she's not home.
That garden...
We have so much to do.
We have to rake it.
We have to weed it.
- We have to...
- Jim.
Isn't that the car
you used to live in?
Oh, God.
What up,
filth-smellin' motherfucker?
Do you need a ride?
What's happenin', baby?
Get your young,
old-looking ass in the car.
Daddy face.
Oh, my God,
where is this bus?
Man, if you don't get your up the
father from Good Times shirt-wearing ass
in this car...
You really gonna ride
in the bus with a shovel?
Get your farming ass
in this car.
Jimmie the farmer
with your bitch ass.
Come on, laugh a little bit,
Jimmie, shit.
Still the same.
Yep, I like what you
and your dad did with it.
So much
you drove off with it?
No, I borrowed it, I
didn't, just, come on...
I drove off with it...
I borrowed it, shit.
Matter of fact,
I seen your dad the other day.
He was good and lonely.
By hisself.
I told him you need to
get you a cat or a dog,
or woman or something,
nigga, damn.
He's home alone...
Well, he ain't at home, but he's alone.
He's alone with no home.
Well, you live in a car
by yourself.
Yeah, but I...
But I'm not alone.
People like me.
I'm liked.
Lonely ass nigga.
When the last time you
hung out with your daddy?
Couple weeks ago,
I dunno.
Couple weeks ago?
The nigga needs you today.
That's what... That's what
people have kids for,
so they can have
some companionship!
Somebody to hang out with.
That's why
I ain't had no kids.
'Cause I don't wanna
be bothered.
Your daddy don't want
this fuckin' car, man.
- Hey.
- Hmm?
Wasn't that
the Savoy House?
Oh, sure was.
It was 100 motherfuckers
in there, rent-controlled.
They thought
they owned that shit.
The landlord burned all
of the people outta there.
'Cause see, Jimmie,
you never really
own shit.
This car ain't mine.
But it never was yours.
You never own shit!
What the fuck?
Hey, what's goin' on, man?
No se, bro.
Uh, sir...
What's going on?
Oh, God.
She's moving.
Fighting like crazy
with her sister.
When someone
dies in the family,
that's what
white people do.
This is for her,
this is for him, this is mine.
Who's gonna
have the house?
So they lost the house?
Who's gonna
possess the house?
They're just fighting,
and fighting, and fighting.
What's gonna happen
to it now?
Why'd they have to move
out 'cause her mom died?
I don't know.
They were tasteless,
but at least
they didn't fuck it up.
Well, that will be
$10, hun.
Since when?
Since that's the best deal
you're gonna get on 60 Twix.
I didn't say 60 Twix, Auntie.
I said 16.
How I'm gonna
eat 60 Twix?
I don't know your life.
You act like you in
Costco or something like that.
You ain't Costco.
Hey, you can go
to Costco if you need to.
- You Rosco.
- Go right now.
Sixteen, first time you had a
check, when I was 16.
Jim. Jim.
So, gentlemen.
What can I do for you?
Yeah, we're curious
about a house
on Golden Gate
near Fillmore.
- Mmm-hmm.
- It's 959.
It's the gray,
it's got the gold trim.
- Uh...
- Yup, yup.
Yup, with the, um...
The witch hat.
Yeah, exactly.
I know exactly
what you're talking about,
- that place is very special.
- Hmm.
I used to drive
past that house
on the way
to school every day.
What school
did you go to?
I went to St. Ignatius.
You from here, too?
Yeah, third generation,
I went to Reardon, actually.
- Really?
- Yeah,
we used to play y'all
in football all the time.
Fuck you,
you used to kill us in football.
Yeah, yeah.
I didn't wanna
say that, but...
That's awesome, right on.
But, so, it's for sale?
I didn't hear about that.
Well, I'm not sure.
It seems like the owner
and her sister
are fighting over it.
But I guess
her mom died.
Ah, man.
I don't know, that sounds
like an estate thing.
That's a sucky situation.
But, I mean...
With a house like that,
they could be fighting
over that for years.
While it just sits there.
It's a pity.
So it's really just...
Just empty?
It's fucked up, right?
So fucked up, like I...
Bothers me, there's all
these people in the street
and these big old houses
are just sitting there
collecting dust.
But shit,
what else can you say?
The fucking injustice of it!
Mont! We here, baby!
Spoiling all the fun,
leveling most
of this neighborhood
in the name of Urban Renewal.
Sorry about your homes
and your funky shops.
You can set up
a shoeshine stand
in front of the parking lot
at Safeway.
But you distinguished
want to know about the real
hep cats who hung out here,
in the "Harlem of the West,"
where a few of these homes
did survive.
Like this beauty here,
which was built
clear back in the 1800s.
Before the black thing,
this was all Japanese,
till FDR's stormtroopers
rounded them up into camps.
This house was built
in the 1940s.
Say hi to our neighbor
here, everybody.
That would actually be about
100 years late for this style.
We can see
from his gingerbread trim,
this was built
sometime in the 1850s.
Uh, 1946!
I'm gonna have to disagree
with you there, dude man.
No architect in the 1940s
was building in this style.
That's probably true,
but this wasn't built by an architect.
My grandfather built this.
He came here World War II,
he bought this lot
and he built this house.
The stairs.
These windows.
The columns. The archways.
The witch hat.
The balustrades.
The fish scales.
This balcony.
That wall to keep
y'all the fuck out.
All of it.
By Jimmie Fails I,
with his own two hands.
In 1946.
That's pretty amazing.
Let's move on
to our next stop.
The closet Patty Hearst
willfully hid herself in,
before trotting on down...
What's good with that?
What's going on?
Feel like
the King of England.
King Jimmie. Wave.
Wave to the General.
- Hey, General.
- Yeah, but it's like a circle,
with your...
With your elbow.
Yeah, and then
cup the air.
That's kind of
the thing there.
- Oh, yeah.
- Yeah, that's good.
It's a beautiful house,
More beautiful than
I could have imagined.
It's not quite
there yet.
I mean, enough Dickens.
Charles Dickens.
Philistines, bro.
Jimmie! Langston Hughes!
They left him!
Wake up.
Got a plan.
It's crazy.
Last time I was here,
these weeds was taller than me.
She's expecting us?
Yes, sir.
- Auntie!
- Jimmie!
Oh! So good
to see you!
- You look good!
- Thank you.
- Hey!
- This is Mont.
Nice to meet you.
Y'all not hot?
Like, you want...
- It's hot as hell out here.
- Take your jacket off.
Ain't nobody gonna
steal your jacket.
This is a nice neighborhood.
Man, he better not
break my damn board.
Shut up.
You should be
thanking him.
He's the one that helped
me pick out that board.
And besides...
Sometimes it's just
nice to watch.
Ricky, do that trick
you used to do, baby.
Nice, baby.
Y'all hella cute.
Aw, thank you.
how much of this stuff
do you still have?
How much
of this stuff do you have?
You just,
no segue or nothin'?
You just came to see
the stuff, huh?
I got my first place.
In the city?
In the city.
Look at you!
Y'all must be doing pretty
well to afford a spot there.
Yeah, we got lucky.
- Mmm-hmm.
- It's super empty, though.
Your daddy didn't
send you here, right?
- No.
- You sure?
I swear to God.
'Cause I hope he's done
dragging you
into his schemes.
Auntie, this is for us.
I'm proud of you, Jayboe.
- Really am.
- Thank you.
I miss that city.
Oh! Ooh!
You still look good
though, baby.
You still look good!
Oh, my goodness.
Damn, I knew you had some of
it, but is this everything?
Everything your dad
didn't smoke up.
Sorry, came out
a little harsh.
I'm fine.
You really got
all of this.
Got as much as I could.
Open that.
That's amazing.
Yeah, I knew that,
out of everybody
in this family,
you would be the one that
come looking for this stuff.
I can...
It's yours.
- Thank you.
- Hell, yeah.
Ricky, get the truck!
You guys good back there?
Thank you.
So, Ricky never lived
in the house?
No, Wanda didn't meet him
until after we lost it.
- Hello, sir.
- Hey!
I'm Jimmie Fails, we haven't
had the chance to meet yet.
- Oh. Oh, yeah.
- Yeah.
Welcome to the neighborhood.
Yeah, oh, yes...
Tim! Tim Ellory.
Sure, sure,
nice to meet you, man.
It's a fast-moving market,
I don't even remember
a sign going up.
Oh, it didn't
need to, but...
Look, Tim,
I want you to know
I'm going to be the best
damn neighbor you ever had.
- All right, Jimmie, thank you.
- My pleasure.
Uh, well,
you'll have to pardon me,
we've got
lots to do, but...
- Of course, oh, yeah.
- Very nice to meet you, yeah.
What the fuck
was that all about?
I wanna drink my coffee
and scratch my ass
while I read the paper.
You don't read
the paper, Jimmie.
'Cause I never had
a home to read it in.
We could throw parties.
You could put on
one of your plays.
We could yell.
- The neighbors, Jimmie.
- Oh, the neighbors?
- Hmm.
- I got neighbors now.
This nigga is a bitch.
I'm a soft nigga.
Run the fake, nigga!
On everything, bro.
Man, this kid
was a straight sucker.
You lyin', bro,
on everything, bro,
straight sucker, bro.
Tell him what happened.
I swear to God.
Man, last night,
a white van pulled up.
I swear to God, bro.
This nigga Kofi ran
like a straight bitch!
- He not lyin'!
- He gonna get us killed!
You niggas sayin' I ran?
I didn't run, nigga!
Man, fuck what you niggas
talkin' about.
Shut the fuck up, bro,
he's a straight sucker, bro.
Hey, hey, man, he got us
looking like bitches, bro.
If I've gotta
get on this thing,
I'm gonna be questioning you!
You supposed to be my cousin.
I'mma bet you supposed
to not run, nigga,
and that's what
you supposed to do.
All right, all right,
all right, all right, bro.
All right, everybody
shut up, bro.
All right,
everybody shut up, bro.
Kofi, what happened, bro?
Tell him.
- Tell him!
- Did you run, nigga?
Nah, I didn't
run, nigga.
I told you!
- Lyin', lyin'.
- Man, fuck you, nigga.
Get on him!
- Hit me, bro.
- Man, what?
Hit me, bro.
Hit me, bro.
And for what,
you supposed to be my folks.
Hey, Kofi,
hit that nigga, bro.
Yeah! Come on, bro!
Yeah! Let's go! Let's go!
Get on him!
Hit me, bro! Hit me, bro!
This nigga's a bitch!
Hit me, man! Come on!
Guys! Guys!
Great, it's great.
Very good, very good.
Cut! Very good, very good.
Good, good, excellent.
Good. Hey, great news
is you're all doing
marvelous work.
- What?
- Congratulations,
it's not easy.
I believe you.
But I know
it can be deeper.
- Fuck you talkin' about?
- Hey.
Remember Stanislavski.
Fuck are you doin', man?
Grotowski or Slavski...
Chekhov, bruh.
- These are the greats.
- I'm confused, bro.
You're okay there.
You're okay there.
Bro, you're not
a director, bro.
Man, take your
weird ass outta here.
Keep building it.
Nigga, I don't like when that
nigga come around here, bro.
this nigga's a bitch.
Say the word,
I get on this nigga, bro!
Here we go.
Watch this for me
real quick, bro.
I know.
I seen your cousin, Al,
the other day.
Aight, "Hey, Uncle James!"
I look like,
"Man, I don't know you,
"down there struttin' around,
like a Frisco fruit cup."
I know his daddy mad as hell.
You still skateboarding?
Come here,
help me cut these out.
And make sure the color bleeds
all the way through,
no white edges, aight?
Yes, sir. Same as always.
Same as always.
Hey, you remember that, uh,
warehouse we squatted at?
After we lived
in the El Dorado?
We lost that ' cause we
didn't pay taxes, right?
Hell, nah.
I paid our fair share
of tax on that.
But who cares,
old drafty-ass roach nest.
Shit, it was that,
or sleeping on the street
with your little ass.
Well, I appreciate it, Dad.
So, say I'm at
a place now
and the owners left it,
I'm gonna pay taxes on it...
And you put gas
and electric in your name?
Right, I'm gonna do that next,
you know I know.
Okay, doin' it
like your old man.
That's good.
And nobody's
come to check on it?
Nope. It's empty.
That buys you time.
And they been gone
three years?
Nah, just recently.
Wait, what?
You were workin' on it
while they were still in it?
Where is this house?
It's the house in Fillmore.
Our old house.
What the fuck you mean,
our old house?
Have you seen that house?
Well, yeah, I mean,
I be over there all the time.
Then you know
that's not your old house
and that's not
your black-ass neighborhood.
Little disrespectful
lyin' ass.
- What are you talking about?
- Nigga, I know you skateboard!
Yeah, I see all that shit
out there.
Everybody's little path.
I'm like 30 steps
ahead of y'all.
Go on.
You know we don't talk
about that house no more.
Put the shit down
and go!
Hey, you been
waiting here long?
Hella long, bro.
I might just skate.
Well, that"s nice.
This guy fucks.
Hey, Sundeep.
Sundeep, bro, this guy fucks.
This guy fucks!
This guy fucks!
This guy fucks!
This guy fucks!
This guy fucks!
This guy fucks!
This guy fucks!
This guy fucks!
Oh, this city.
I already know, bro.
Are you okay?
What is all this?
A little room
I used to come in
when my dad
was doing his thing.
It's cool, right?
Yeah, man.
Did you see him today?
How'd it go?
He said this was
a bad idea.
Thought you said
he was an idiot.
Nah, he's just mad
'cause he lost the house.
But what if
we shouldn't be here?
Who should be here more?
Some millionaire?
They'd want it
'cause it looks nice.
You're the reason
it looks nice, Jim.
I don't know.
What the fuck?
I invited somebody.
What's good, nigga?
Glad you could make it.
What's goin' on?
Be back in a sec,
pardon me.
Y'all got an organ?
Columns and shit.
It's just y'all here?
It just makes noises.
Oh, okay.
It's nice to see you
in that chair,
I didn't know
you'd pick that one.
Thanks a lot, bro.
Kinda awkward,
but this place is cool.
Jimmie's been doing a lot
to fix it up.
How'd y'all get this?
It's Jimmie's.
His grandpa built it.
He was the first black man
in San Francisco.
That's what
they call him anyways.
Oh, shit.
- This that house?
- Hmm.
Hey, Jimmie used to talk
about this spot all the time.
But you know how niggas
be in the group home.
Overexaggerating and shit.
Trying to be all special.
You weren't lying about
this one, though, huh, Jimmie?
You were in a group home?
For like a year.
You guys wanna go
for a schvitz?
A what?
Wait, your grandfather
made this too?
Nah. Nah,
these white people did.
Well, how you know he was
the first one, though?
Nigga be lyin'.
he came over here from New Orleans.
There was
hella Japanese people, bro.
And then they got thrown
into little war camps
and he wasn't tryin' to move
into nobody else's shit,
so he built this, bro.
This is great.
You still skate, bro?
No, I don't
skate no more.
Oh, shit, I mean,
you used to be hella raw.
I don't know, I'm, uh...
Hey, you remember Gunna?
Remember when he got caught
stealing from the candy lady?
Yeah, he's an ugly-ass
crier, really.
Oh, man.
Hurt as fuck!
Hey, remember,
uh, Ms. Homer,
the one that ran
the group home?
- Oh yeah!
- And she cut that nigga hair,
had his line crooked!
Hella much!
He goin', "Damn, that white
lady couldn't cut no hair!"
Had that nigga's shit
lookin' like Lombard Street.
That nigga said Lomb...
Aw, man, you niggas gonna
make me piss on myself.
Oh, shit, y'all got
a bathroom up in here, man?
In this big-ass house?
It's down the hall.
It's the room with the
little claw-foot tub.
Aight, this cool as shit,
big-ass house.
I wish I had
a grandpa like you.
Need me
some shit like this.
This shit is enjoyable.
Right on, bro.
I'm proud of you niggas.
You too, Mont.
Just living the life, man.
Y'all niggas just really
done made it, man.
Aw, shit, I"m gonna go use
this bathroom real quick.
You a funny
motherfucker, Jimmie.
"You a funny
motherfucker, Jimmie."
You should, uh...
You should have
your own room, bro.
That's okay, Jim.
Nah, seriously, man.
I been in
your space forever.
This place is yours, too.
Any room?
How about this one?
Are you sure
you want the dining room?
It's perfect.
Dream big, bro.
It's yours.
Yeah, we're gonna have to
figure something out.
I don't have
that much time.
It's a complicated situation.
No, the power's been on,
I just need the bill
in my name.
Okay, great.
Well, when will I get the first invoice?
And you can't mail that
any sooner?
All right, yeah.
He's talking about
paying some bills.
'Cause I wouldn't say no
if he offered to chip in
a little more.
He already
pays half, Grandpa.
Well, he's been here
for a while, you know?
And he is not
exactly family.
I think he knows that.
Let's hope so.
What's all this noise
up in here?
I'm just
packing some stuff.
It's for a project.
Since when?
I mean, we haven't even talked
about the characters yet.
You know how much
I like that.
Yeah, well...
I'm still working on it.
Don't quite have a plot yet.
Well, we can brainstorm
a little bit.
You know, that's where
I think we the best at.
When we brainstorming.
I think
I gotta brainstorm this one
by myself right now.
But I'd love to talk
about it soon.
You 'bout
ready, bro?
Well, um...
Whatever it is, uh...
I'm proud of you.
Wow, look at him.
What type of shoes
are those?
Yeah, you should start
rocking like that, bra-bra.
What the fuck is up
with your hat, Jimmie?
You look like a human
cigarette, I can't handle it.
is that a bowling ball?
It's the black
Alice and Wonderland.
Hey, Monty, bro,
I heard you be whippin' out
that little weenie
on all the girls.
Bro, with that hair,
you look like a Simpson.
Nigga, shut up, bro,
your one-shirt-havin' ass.
Jimmie, you wear the same
shirt every motherfuckin' day.
You look like a fiend,
Jimmie, come on!
Hey, just like your daddy!
I remember!
Your crackhead-ass daddy.
And your
dumb-fiend-ass mom.
Family of fiends, dog.
I done sold him a rock
back in the day.
Hey, what you
got up in there?
Some lace curtains
for that whole
beautifyin'-ass house
that y'all been
makin' up and shit?
Okay, Kofi!
Okay, what else?
Hey, look!
These niggas the other day,
- they pulled up the other day.
- Uh-huh.
Niggas had
all types of feminine shit
goin' on
in that house, bro.
Jimmie, what two men do that?
Just 'cause you in
that big ass house,
you not better
than us, Jimmie.
- Never.
- You're not better than us.
Hey, what is those,
lace curtains
you gonna
beautify the house with?
Come on, man,
soft-ass nigga.
I know who you is,
Jimmie, remember!
Hey, you know
what y'all need to do?
Y'all need to disappear
like a motherfuckin'
magic trick, nigga!
Rabbit out the hat,
get the fuck out here.
Fuck outta here!
Jimmie! Jimmie! Go home!
You're really
drawing them?
They just talk shit.
Well, you talked shit
when I met you.
I did?
You did.
It's fine, though.
Why'd you hang out
with me, then?
You care about things.
I liked you.
You really don't give a fuck
what anybody says?
I shouldn't get to
appreciate them
'cause they're mean to me?
That's silly.
What are you doing here?
What are you
ever doing here?
Didn't you
move out, though?
They changed
the fuckin' locks on me.
I'm sorry, that sucks.
What do you want, man?
How long you gonna be here?
I don't know yet.
I'm just tryin' to...
Let go.
Okay, well...
I guess we'll just
come back tomorrow then.
That's nice.
Come on, Jim,
we'll go to my house.
In this crazy fuckin'
city, you're still here.
Man, those damn kids dropping
bubble gum all over the place,
it'll get all over
your seat, man.
You know what I'm sayin'?
Think she'll stay there
all night?
Watch, we'll come back
and she'll be painting
the windowsill.
Yes, baby.
Yes, I will be there.
I've been clean
for three years,
I know where
those meetings are.
All right, you got it.
I'll be there
15 minutes early.
Yes. Yes, I told...
Hi, Mom.
Wow, Mom.
Good to see you.
- Hi.
- Wow.
- Um, yeah. Uh, I'm sorry.
- That's all right.
I thought you and Ron
were in LA.
Oh, no, we been back
for three months now.
This is my friend, Mont.
Oh, hi, 'scuse me,
I'm Jimmie's mom,
nice to meet you.
Pleasure to meet you.
- You too, sir.
- Yeah, well...
We been staying
at the house.
If, uh, you know...
You should stop by.
You know, come check it out.
Oh, that's nice. Yeah.
The house,
my dad's old house.
Oh, your family house,
- on Golden Gate?
- Yeah.
Okay. Well, I got your
number, I'll call you.
Try to come over there tomorrow.
Oh, I don't have a phone.
Well, I just have to come over
there, then.
What's the best time to come?
I'll be over there tomorrow.
Well, yeah, whenever.
Come... Yeah.
Tomorrow, yeah, fuck it.
- Cool, I'll be there tomorrow.
- Okay.
Our stop's coming up, but...
Uh... It was really nice
to see you, Mom.
Well, it was good
to see you too, son, okay?
- All right.
- All right.
- All right, bye now.
- Okay.
Okay. Oh, my God,
you taller than me now.
- Yeah, uh...
- Okay, bye, son.
Yeah, bye. Uh...
Why? Why?
What happened?
What the fuck?
What happened?
- What the fuck happened?
- He got shot.
They shot him.
Who? Who shot him?
Bay niggas.
For what?
For what?
He was talking shit
to the wrong niggas.
Tried to bluff
some niggas out.
Tried to bluff them out?
Man, what's with
all the questions, bro?
I just don't get it.
I just fuckin'
seen y'all.
And nigga?
And I don't
fucking get it!
Tsk. Man.
Get the fuck
up outta here, bro.
Me get the fuck
outta here?
- Yes, nigga, go!
- It's your fucking fault!
That's my
fuckin' friend, too!
- All right, nigga.
- Get on this nigga!
All right.
Push up on this nigga, bro.
You finna
let him say that?
That poor
boy and his friends.
I'm sorry,
I hope I never made you feel
like you weren't welcome here.
No, I... I never felt like that.
'Cause I don't care
where you been.
You don't have
to tell me.
It's just, you two
stick together.
You know, I was writing
a play about him.
You don't have to stop now.
"You a funny
motherfucker, Jimmie."
I know
it sounds weird, but...
I kinda feel like
that could've been me.
If not for the house.
Man, I wanna go home.
Filthy, fishy salt water.
Water been funkier
than the Devil's mouth
for 50 years.
Now they wanna clean it up.
They've got plans for us.
We was made
to be put through Hell.
Purified... We was made
to be put through Hell.
Be purified.
Oh, God.
How did she toss
all of our shit?
I don't think it was her.
Fuckin' traitor.
Can you stay here
and watch the shit?
Yeah, where you going?
- Where you going?
- I'll be back.
I'll be back.
Sorry, uh,
how can I help you today?
- I want to buy a house.
- A house?
That's exciting.
Uh, are you working
with an agent?
No. Do I need to?
Not necessarily. Um...
Do you have a price range
in mind?
I have a house in mind.
It's on the market,
I assume?
How much
are they asking?
At least $4 million.
Uh... And how much are you
willing to put down?
How much is usual?
Well, typically,
we'd be looking to secure at least 20%.
I wouldn't have that.
That's understandable.
It's going to be hard
to land a place like that.
But suppose
I ask instead, uh...
No, no, look.
I get it.
I'm young.
Uh, I'm black.
I'm not rich.
I came here
knowing all that.
But let's be real, you also
got a quota to meet.
Now I'm not calling you
- a predator...
- Sir.
But you're trying
to make your money.
- So let me help you do that.
- Sir.
That's not the way
this works.
You can give me whatever deal you
gotta give me. I don't care what it is.
'Cause unlike all the other
people that default,
this is the only house
I'll ever want.
So I'll never miss
a monthly bill, ever.
You can give me
your highest interest rate.
I completely
understand how you feel, sir.
You can give me your highest
interest rate, okay?
- Fuck... Fuck me.
- No, I completely...
You don't even
have to feel bad.
You don't even
have to feel bad.
Okay? I will pay back
every single cent.
I'm sorry, sir.
I will pay back
every single cent.
Okay, okay, you win!
Okay, yep, it's yours.
You charming
bastard, okay.
Talk to you
soon, buh-bye.
How's it going, man?
Fine, sir.
I noticed the house we
discussed is now for sale.
There are some alarming
elements in your literature
I thought
you would like to know.
And certainly the Bureau
of Real Estate would.
This claims
the property has a view
of the Golden Gate.
I don't think is true.
it isn't. It isn't true.
It also claims
to have all the original
"fixtures, floors,
and faucets."
Isn't true.
And are you planning
on disclosing
that there's no septic tank?
Which means, any day now,
the garden could be flooded
with shit.
Where's this going, man?
All this together seems
like false advertisement.
Which is grounds
for void a sale.
Potential revoke of license.
I thought
it might've been you guys.
What's your deal, man?
Don't have a deal.
Hmm. Look...
Somebody on this floor
would've gotten that house
if it wasn't me.
At least I'm
from here, right?
I put your stuff
on the street
- as a favor.
- Okay.
I could've had it
trucked away,
but I left it
out for you.
Look, dick wad.
I'm not fucking around,
I will report you.
For what?
Listing a view of the bridge?
And fixtures?
Everybody does that.
I literally copy-pasted
that shit.
Well, you're lying about
the history of the house.
I'm not lying about that.
Yes, you are!
You say it was built
one hundred years earlier
than it actually was.
Look, I'm not
making this up.
Yes, you are!
James Fails built
this house in 1946.
- James?
- Fails!
What are you talking about?
Look, man.
Deed of Trust, 1857.
Architect Gil-hoo-ley,
some shit.
Your guy Fails lost it
in the '90s.
See, right there.
Look, man.
If you need a week to find
somewhere else, then take it.
Don't go pulling some squatters
rights shit on me, man.
I got your mail.
I know your name.
I don't want
to call the cops.
I don't want
to do that to you.
Where'd you go?
Doesn't matter, bro.
I got everything inside.
Except the couch.
That shit almost fell on me.
I spoke to the realtor.
Yeah, fuck that guy.
He's gonna throw us out.
And eventually
call the cops.
I don't know how much longer
we can keep doing this.
I understand if you can't.
I do.
But I'm not leaving.
- Jim, he said your grand...
- Where am I gonna go?
My dad's in the SRO.
My aunt's out
in bum fuck.
My mom...
Bro, I don't even know where my mom is.
I'm not leaving, bro.
I'm the last one left.
We have my house.
I can't go
back there, bro.
this house...
This is what I do.
Hey, it's what
we do, Mont.
This is our shit.
We can't give up now.
We gotta fight.
I'm with you, bro.
You always been
with me.
Oh, shit,
you're writing?
Yeah. Uh...
I think I cracked a play.
I'd like to put it on
next week,
if that's all right?
Hell, yeah, get it, bro!
Hey, yeah
If you're going
to San Francisco
Be sure to wear
Flowers in your hair
If you come
To San Francisco
You're gonna meet
Some gentle people there
Gentle people
Gentle people there
Gentle people
Will be a love-in there
For those who come
To San Francisco
Will be a love-in there
In the streets
Of San Francisco
How'd you write
all this that fast?
There's more.
But I'd rather
you saw the rest in person.
If you come to San Francisco
Will be
A love-in there
- That was good.
- Thank you, sir.
What else you got?
I got five on it
Oh, yeah.
Grab your four...
- Oh, I'm sorry.
- No, keep going!
Hella fuckin' early.
Here we go.
Why are you dressed
like a white boy?
It's for your
little show, huh?
You mess up my daddy's
chair, Montgomery?
No, sir, we...
We were just...
What you stuttering for?
You got stage fright
already? Huh?
I don't care about
the chair, son.
But be easy with it.
Thank you.
Carry on.
My daddy hated
when I played that shit.
Yeah, come on in,
don't be shy.
His grandpa built it.
Not bad for
a black man, huh?
Oh, no.
Very good.
Very good.
So, this is gonna
be interesting.
This is nice.
- Nice crowd, too.
- Yeah.
You make a lot of money
on candy?
Sell candy?
- I used to, for years.
- Oh, yeah?
Most of these
new white people
that's moving in these
black neighborhoods,
they don't even know they
standing in the kitchen
- where a dude got shot at.
- Mmm.
I didn't know he was
doing a play and shit.
He just invited us,
I don't know what weird
shit they got goin' on,
but it's pretty weird.
What I'mma hit you for?
You my folks.
All right.
All right.
But I can't have soft niggas
hanging around me.
Hit me.
Nah! For what, nigga?
Hit me.
Man up, nigga. Man up!
No, bro!
No! No, bro, no!
Oh, you soft.
You soft, nigga.
They gonna call you
a bitch at your funeral.
I ain't no bitch!
I ain't no bitch! I'm a man!
Then hit me.
Hit me, bro. Hit me.
Hit me, nigga.
All right!
All right!
Here, nigga.
I don't give a fuck.
Come see me, nigga.
Who out there hiding?
Man up!
Man up, nigga!
- Man up!
- Hey!
No words.
No words!
Please send e-hugs.
Hazel Greene.
One hundred
and thirty-five likes.
Just smoked with you
the other day!
John Bishop.
Two hundred
and sixty likes.
Ten shares.
Are these the people
who knew Kofi?
Got yelled at by my bitch
boss for being late!
There's no timer for grief.
Leah Tanaka, 320 likes.
Man! Can't believe
we lost my bro!
But you wouldn't want me
to be sad, Ko,
so I put my pain
into my music!
Make sure you like the post.
Ro-Ro-Ro-Rodney Tuck.
Mr. Tuck
moved to Florida
ten years ago!
Are these the people
who knew Kofi?
Kofi had dimensions.
More than a...
A post could reflect
or a play could capture.
So I summon you.
Celebrate the life he lived.
Not through those
who speak the loudest.
But through the memories
he left us all.
- Me?
- Mmm. How will you...
How will you remember Kofi?
He, you know,
he used to come and walk my niece
home from school when
she first moved up here.
He was a little gentleman,
or whatnot,
you know, sweet, um...
It's just sad.
- I coached Kofi in Pop Warner.
- Mmm-hmm.
He stayed behind
and helped me pack up.
Every day.
And how 'bout you,
young man?
Shit, man.
I don't know.
Did I push him
too hard?
Kofi was my nigga, man.
Did I push him too hard?
Mmm. How 'bout you?
My last memory of Kofi
was him talking shit to me.
He said some of
the most fucked-up shit
anybody's ever said to me.
But Kofi also got jumped
for defending me
against the older kids
in the group home.
He didn't like to fight,
but he fought for me then.
People aren't one thing.
All of it.
What would have happened
if Kofi could've
showed himself?
All forms of himself.
The world
put him in a box!
And he never
pushed beyond it.
Let us.
Let us break the boxes!
Let us give each other
the courage!
To... To see!
Beyond the stories
we are born into!
Let us all
really look
at Jimmie Fails IV.
Self-taught historian.
Gentle, loving man.
A true survivor. Jimmie!
How many places
have you lived?
And if they kicked
you out tomorrow,
you would still
be all those things!
You exist beyond the...
These walls,
you extend beyond your...
Your... Your forefathers!
You are
more than this house!
Jimmie, you are not these...
These walls!
You're not these floors,
you're not this ceiling!
- It's time you know!
- Bro, what are you doing?
- What are you doing?
- It is time!
- It is time you know!
- I don't need to know,
I don't need to know.
Let's stop. Let's stop.
- Jimmie... You don't!
- Enough, stop!
- Please, stop. Mont!
- Jimmie!
Your grandpa
didn't build this house!
He didn't build it,
Yes, he did.
- He built this house!
- He didn't, I saw it, man,
I saw the deed.
I saw it.
I don't know
what the hell that thing was.
Then he shoots
a left. Psh!
Man, let 'em leave.
They don't deserve
to be in here anyway.
Neither do we.
You gonna really listen
to what
another-ass nigga
tell you what's true?
Come on, Jayboe,
get your spine up, son.
- Have some pride, man.
- I've been doin'.
But you say it.
Say what?
The truth.
That grandpa
didn't build this house.
Tsk. Man, get outta here
with that bullshit.
Come on, Jayboe.
Just say it.
Can't tell you shit.
I'm outta here, man.
You sit in that
bullshit if you want.
I been telling people
he built it for so long.
Almost forgot it wasn't true.
This was ours.
And then it wasn't.
So you just tell yourself
what you need
to make you feel
like it still is.
I did it, too.
It makes you feel
But you got a chance
to get out
from underneath
all of that now.
I don't want to.
I just want it.
Is that what
you really want?
To spend the rest of your
life working for this?
Fighting for this?
I believe that
you could make
this place yours.
I really do.
But if you leave
it's not your loss.
It's San Francisco's.
Fuck San Francisco.
- This city blows.
- Big time.
I mean, whatever,
I'm not above
living in a former
crack house, you know?
But, I came here for Janis
and the Airplane,
not to work
at a fucking startup.
Dude, I've been saying
for months,
let's just move to East LA.
This city's dead.
fuck this city.
'Scuse me?
You don't get to hate
San Francisco.
I'm sorry, what?
Yeah, dude, I mean...
Sorry, but I'll hate
what I want.
Do you love it?
It's... I mean yeah,
I'm here.
But do I have
to love it?
You don't get to hate it
unless you love it.
Classic Muni shit.
Who call the money man,
come on now, hurry up.
Pay attention!
Alexander the Great
was a black man.
They don't teach you that
in the devil school system.
I can't take another day
of this bullshit.
Oh, Jim.
I'm sorry I did that.
It was a stupid play.
I'm sorry I didn't
tell you the truth.
I just wanted it to be true.
It felt so good, you know?
It's okay.
Hey, Jimmie.
Are you hungry?
Fucking starving.
He's giving up.
I can't take no more.
He's breaking down.
Oh, wow.
He's really
tearing this apartment apart.
This looks exciting
though, you know?
- Yeah. Yeah, it is.
- Yeah? Oh, yeah?
- Oh! I got it now.
- Oh!
He seems like
he's horny or something.
He's banging
on the door again.
I will.
I'm leaving
San Francisco today,
but I'll be back
in about a week,
I'll take care of it
for you then.
I've seen him worse.
Well have
a nice time, Bert.
- Yeah, thanks.
- Why don't you...