The Last Bridesmaid (2019) Movie Script

["This Will Be [An
Everlasting Love]"]
Ooh ooh Ooh ooh
Ooh ooh oh yeah
Mm mm mm mm
This will be
An everlasting love
This will be
The one I've waited for
This will be
The first time anyone
has loved me,
oh oh oh
I'm so glad
He found me in time
And I'm so glad that
Have fun, dress.
This is your only day outside.
Loving you
This will be an
everlasting love.
As many of you know,
I have been
in a lot of weddings.
Nine, to be exact,
and I think on the tenth,
I get a set of steak knives.
But in all seriousness,
I have had the great pleasure
of witnessing
true love in all of its glory.
First with my own parents, who
fell in love the day they met.
But also, the reason
we're here today.
Allie and Dan.
You may ask, how do I know these
two are so meant to be?
And no, it's not on account
of all my experience
standing up here.
I know, because when you
find the one,
when you find your person,
everything in life
falls into place.
It's effortless.
And I see that in you two
every day.
So let's raise our glass
to Allie and Dan.
May love always
remain effortless.
Thank you for making
my something new.
I love it.
And I can't tell you
how many compliments
I've gotten on this necklace.
It could be your career,
you know?
I already have a career:
And the business is going
to be all mine
in about four months.
This is your passion.
Look, my parents are giving me
an incredible gift,
a company they built
from nothing,
and I consider myself very lucky
that they're entrusting me
with it so they can retire.
Now, come on.
We are not spending your
entire wedding in the bathroom,
there is a conga line out there
with your name on it.
And some cute single guys
from Dan's work.
Do you know how many people meet
their match at weddings?
How many?
Well, I don't have
an exact number.
But it's definitely a lot.
And I am happy for all of them,
but Dylan and I just broke up
a month ago.
Look, he was a good guy, but it
wasn't right between you two.
And I tried so hard
to make it right,
but I can't do that anymore.
I am okay with waiting until
I'm sure I've found my match.
One more down, just the two
of us single gals left.
Oh, please Lucie.
You will be engaged
by Friday.
Date night.
So you better get ready.
Just give me a minute to recover
from this one first.
It's only because no one is a
better Maid of Honour than you.
There wasn't a dry eye
in the house.
Now, all you single ladies
get on the dance floor.
It's time to toss the bouquet.
One, two, three!
Do you mind if we sit here?
My feet are on fire.
Of course.
You guys worked hard out there,
plus it's almost barefoot
time anyway.
Oh, you do know
the wedding game?
We'll leave just as soon as
your date gets back.
Oh, no date.
So, take a load off.
No date?
A beauty like you?
Well, it's a lot
of responsibility,
being the Maid of Honour.
I don't need to entertain
a date all night.
Well, my nephew
Spencer's available.
He's about your age,
and he just left his wife.
No. You need to meet my son, Devin.
He's single and ready
to mingle.
They both sound so great,
but we don't have to go
looking for it.
When it's right, love just hits
you like a ton of bricks, right?
Oh, Gladys.
It's my song.
I'm going back in,
sore feet or not.
Well, in case you change
your mind,
here's Devin's card.
When I meet an unmarried beauty
like you,
I just can't help myself.
Call him?
I will certainly consider it.
Time, yeah I'm up
on this...
That is what I was waiting for,
thank you.
Anything else you'd like to say
to Allie and Dan?
Didn't your mother teach you
you never interrupt a lady
when she's shovelling cake
in her mouth?
I was trying to beat you
to the bite,
but you're quick.
Apparently, I have
terrible timing.
I'm just trying to take
a little break
before the bride
beckons me again.
Is this piece spoken for?
Nope, just sitting there,
lonely, dejected,
here at the single's table
waiting for a home.
Then I feel a distinct
obligation to give it one.
You want to be careful, though.
If you stay here too long,
those two will have you married
to some obscure family member
by Friday.
You know, I can't Friday.
Poker night.
My loss.
Kyle Taylor.
Documentarian by day,
videographer by night.
Becca Foster.
Insurance sales by day,
bridal assistant by night.
Where do you think Allie and
Dan will be 10 years from now?
You just did it again.
You have terrible timing.
That's it, I quit.
I'm out.
Well, at least you got
the ceremony.
Yeah. And your speech.
You really believe all that?
Love is effortless, etc, etc?
What, you don't?
You're surrounded by love
and weddings every day.
Yeah, and I see a lot
of messy stuff.
I just edit it out
of the final video.
Nothing is effortless,
least of all love.
Back to work.
Good luck.
Actually, I meant you.
It's okay, we'll get it out.
Don't... Blot it, blot it.
I need water, water...
Excuse me, we're gonna need
some club soda asap,
and do not clear that plate.
Thank you so much.
Oh, these look--
I am so sorry I'm late.
All this last minute shopping
and packing,
I am completely overwhelmed.
Okay, I will go to Hawaii with
you if it makes you feel better.
I got you a latte.
Oh, thank you.
Thank you.
I have the instructions,
and the keys.
I've watched Arlo before.
Yes, but he's on
a special diet now.
I feel like he's super
so try not to shame him.
Don't worry about anything.
You just go, have fun
on your honeymoon.
But this may be the last time
I can cat-sit,
because once I take
over the business,
that's going to be 24/7.
I know.
Are you sure this
is what you want?
Of course, yes, this has always
been the plan.
You don't seem super excited
about it.
What, no, I'm excited,
this is just a lot of pressure.
You know, my parents built this
business from the ground up,
so I can't let it go down
on my watch.
And there's no one better.
That's why they feel comfortable
leaving it in your hands.
Thank you.
...Wait, isn't that?...
Shouldn't you be on some
fabulous honeymoon right now?
Oh, we leave tonight.
Eight days in Maui.
Ooh, you got room in your
suitcase for one more?
I'll bring the sunscreen.
Already called it.
It's a no-go.
You remember Becca.
Oh yes.
The hopeless romantic.
Aww, you say that almost
like it's a bad thing.
On the contrary.
The maid of honour's job
is to make the happy couple
feel special.
You accomplished it beautifully.
It's a little more than that.
I meant every word.
Even better.
Plays well on camera.
Have fun in Hawaii.
I will.
What about him, Becks?
I mean, he's cute, and
no ring on his finger.
Did you just hear him?
He said "hopeless romantic"
like that's some character flaw.
I don't think he meant it
that way.
He's cute and funny.
He is so not it.
Oh, oh, this could be
the start
The start of something
Oh, oh,
I hope it never ends,
I hope it never ends
- Craig proposed!
- Craig proposed!
And I needed to stop by
to show you the ring.
Did you help him pick it out?
He asked me where to go,
the rest was all him.
Congratulations, Luce.
Thank you.
So, you know what
I'm going to ask you.
And you know what
I'm going to answer.
You're more than just my cousin,
you're one of my best friends,
and it would make my day if you
would be my Maid of Honour.
Of course I will, Luce.
The venue is only available
June 9th,
so time is short.
And I know things are going
to be crazy with you
taking over the business
around then,
so I promise, I'm not going
to be one of those brides.
I will hold you to that.
I'm getting married!
You're getting married!
And you're finally going
to meet
Craig's college roommate, Aiden.
He's the best man.
Like, truly "the best" man.
Yes, I'm sure that he is.
Anyway, I have to go.
Craig's waiting in the car.
But I just couldn't wait
to tell you the news.
I am so happy for you.
Please tell Craig hello.
I love you.
Love you, bye!
Well, here we go again.
Hey, Becca.
Good morning.
Oh, morning Becca.
You're here early.
What time is your meeting
with Ingrid Golden?
She should be here any minute.
You know, she's
our biggest client,
and she's so excited to be
working with you now.
Well, I've got some big shoes
to fill with all your accounts.
And I think you both wear
the same exact size.
Did you hear about your cousin?
I did, she paid me a visit
as soon as
the ring was on her finger.
So many happy occasions coming
up in this family, you know?
I mean, Lucie's wedding and
you taking over the business.
Our retirement.
Who wants coffee?
How was Allie's wedding, honey?
You know, it was beautiful, romantic.
And? Anyone special?
Um, the most adorable
little flower girl.
That's not what I meant.
I'm sure she can decipher
your code, Joyce.
I was a little busy
with Allie.
Don't pester her.
The business is top of her mind
right now, as it should be.
She's waited for this
day forever.
Back to work.
Ingrid, great to see you.
Hey, Ingrid.
Hi, Joyce.
- So good to see you again.
- I can't wait to catch up.
I will meet you
in my office.
Happy engagement party.
Thank you.
Oh, I made you something.
Oh, I love it.
I purposely didn't wear jewelry,
just in case.
Am I that predictable?
You made me send you a picture
of my outfit,
so what other reason
could there be?
Oh, it's perfect.
It's perfect.
You are so good, Becks.
I love it, thank you.
Luce, the caterers have some
questions for us.
Great party, Uncle Paul!
Oh, well.
She's my only daughter,
and I don't mess around.
This is going to be my biggest
production yet.
Oh, he's not kidding.
He wants coverage of every
moment from beginning to end.
Everything's a movie to him.
Well, 10 years from now,
you'll look back
on this moment
and you'll be glad I made
such a big deal out of it.
Come on, they need us
in the kitchen..
Try to find Aiden,
the best man.
Go, your dad's waiting.
A month later and you still have
impeccable timing.
And I've worked so hard on it
since the last time I saw you.
I do eat real food,
but it seemed a shame to let
these gorgeous cupcakes
go to waste.
Someone put their heart and soul
into making them.
I believe you.
And I believe this was a
selfless effort on your part,
and you did the right thing.
Okay. Let's go with that.
I was never here.
And so it's just been me
and Lucie for 16 years.
And though I've produced blockbusters,
movies on aircraft carriers,
civil war films,
all that is amateur hour
compared to the production
we are making for the wedding
of my only daughter
in just 10 short weeks.
To Lucie and Craig!
It's so obvious...
- Are you sure?
- Yes.
Becca, this is Aiden.
He came back to town
just in time
to be at my every
beck and call.
Aiden, nice to meet you.
I think we will spend a lot
of time together
doing the bidding
for these two.
It's what I live for.
This guy.
He seriously is the best man.
So I've heard.
Oh, I have to go say hi
to somebody,
but I will leave you two
to get acquainted.
You think he could've been
a little more subtle?
Nope, I don't think
that's in his nature.
Well I gotta say,
I'm not...
I'm not really into
being set up.
I feel the same way.
Because you feel like you get
all the pressure,
you feel like you're
being interrogated.
The last blind date
I went on,
it felt like a job interview
with a Cobb salad.
Do they really think
we're not onto them, though?
Look at this.
I'm not sure they care
if we are,
but look I think these things
have to happen organically.
I couldn't agree more.
You can't push it.
Okay, well let's just say
we're... we're new friends,
sharing a common responsibility,
and if things develop
from there, then good on us.
I like it.
Sounds like a plan.
Hiding out?
It's the shoes.
They're cute,
but they're evil.
I needed a break from them.
So, what's the tally
on setups tonight?
More than the best man?
How do you know
about that?
Oh, please.
The setup was visible
from outer space.
Well, it's unimaginative,
but Lucie and Craig have to work
with what they've got.
Well, maybe that means you get a
little break this time around.
I wouldn't count on it.
They seem pretty committed
to this potential pairing.
Like my uncle said,
tonight's the coming attraction,
the big show's still to come.
I've seen your uncle's movies,
I admire him a lot.
Well, you make films.
It's not every day you get
exposure to a producer.
You should talk to him
about your work.
Yeah, what he does is really not
in my wheelhouse.
I prefer nonfiction all around.
Right. Who needs a script,
Weddings bring
their own drama.
Oh, yes.
Our true selves come out
under heightened circumstances.
A wedding is heightened
times ten.
It's not all dramatic.
I mean, some of it is
a beautiful intensity.
Ah, yes, there's
that romantic side.
If you had seen
what I've seen...
You're talking one day
in the life,
I'm talking the other 364.
Maybe I'm speaking
from personal encounters.
Just because you haven't
experienced true love
doesn't mean it doesn't exist.
Just because you believe in it
doesn't mean it does.
Look, I get it.
Who doesn't want the edited
version of life
where everything works out
in the end?
It's called trust.
Agree to disagree.
I think we've already
arrived there.
Look, I hope I'm wrong.
I know you're wrong.
And you'll have plenty
of chances to prove it.
Maybe even with the best man
out here.
In which case, I will stand
very corrected.
All right then.
See you at the dress fitting
on Monday.
You're coming to
the dress fitting?
Oh, I'm going to be there
for everything
leading up to the big day.
Your uncle is going for quite
the production.
You'll have plenty
of opportunities to try
and show me just how wrong I am
about everything.
And if you send out
the new application now,
I can follow up
after Lucie's fitting.
I should be in by 11:00
at the latest.
Sounds good. And be sure
to send pictures.
Will do, thanks mom.
Symmetrical, classy,
and fit for a bride.
You must be Becca.
We've just gotten started.
Grams, I'm so sorry
I'm late.
It's been one of those mornings.
Ah, did I miss any dresses?
Still waiting on
the first one.
But I'm not going to cry, though.
Okay, maybe I'm going to cry
just a little bit.
But it's the good kind of cry.
When you see your cousin...
Your granddaughter...
Or yourself in a wedding dress
for the first time.
Safe to come back there? Everybody's decent?
Oh yeah, come on back, Kyle.
You want to give us
a little spin?
You know, just because
it's your cousin's turn,
don't let anybody
pressure you.
There's no timeline
on marriage.
I know my time will come.
It's everyone else
who seems to doubt it.
Nobody doubts it.
Well, they sure talk
about it a lot.
I don't know, this one makes me
look hippy.
And I don't mean
like a flower child,
I mean my hips look weird.
Let's try the romantic ball gown
with the spaghetti straps.
Oh, I have a feeling
about that one.
Hello, again.
Grandma Raye, this is Kyle,
Kyle this is Lucie
and my grandmother.
Very nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you too.
How do you know each other?
Uh, we actually met
at another wedding,
and then again at the engagement party.
Really hit it off.
Very similar philosophies
on life.
You think?
Becca, Lucie's asking
about some jewelry?
Oh, yes, earrings.
I left them in the car.
Oh, okay.
This is it.
This is the one.
When you know, you know.
That's how it always happens.
It's perfect.
Oh, they're beautiful.
It's just the earrings to start.
I wanted to see the neckline
before I made the rest.
They're exactly
what I wanted.
And with my hair
in a nice up-do?
That was the inspiration.
Thank you,
they're beautiful.
You made those?
Do you have a collection?
No, no, I just make them
for myself,
or for friends for gifts.
They're lovely.
If you ever have some
extra pieces,
we like to showcase
new designers here
from time to time.
Do they sell?
Some do, some don't.
But I'm always happy to try
and see how we do.
If I ever have some free time,
I'll think about it.
Well, now that I'm set, let's
look at some bridesmaid dresses.
Wow. You look like...
Cotton candy?
Well, I was going
to say Cinderella, but...
you know what, let's just try
the next one.
So, does this one come
with instructions?
Well, it's too big.
Oh, there's another
strap here.
Oh, Becca,
that's so...
I know, don't you
just love it.
So much.
Besides, you would look good
in a potato sack.
Do you think they have
any of those?
Because I'm pretty sure
I've tried on everything else.
Oh, I think this would
photograph beautifully.
Right, Kyle?
Colour is always good.
Colour is always good.
So, maybe let's try
the yellow.
So you decided on
the yellow dress, huh?
Decided is a relative term.
Lucie chose it.
I didn't want to end
the friendship, so.
Plus, yellow is always nice.
Is it, though?
No, it's terrible.
I look like a banana.
And then there's the whole
straps debate.
Do we wear them up,
do we wear them down?
But it's Lucie's day.
You know, I've done
a lot of these.
You're definitely one of
the better maids of honour.
Well, I would go pro, but then I
can't do this in the Olympics.
No, they let pros
in the Olympics now.
Then I'm going
for the gold!
So, you're a jewelry maker?
No. I am an insurance agent
who makes jewelry.
Or, as my mother likes to say,
I have a little hobby.
Hobbies are usually things
people are bad at.
If they were good,
they'd make it a career.
Maybe it's not about money.
Maybe it's for
the love of it.
For some. For others,
it's about fear.
Excuse me.
I am not afraid.
I didn't say "you,"
I said "others."
But now that you mention it,
you were offered what seemed
like a pretty good opportunity
in there.
It feels like kind of
a no brainer.
I have a lot going on
right now.
You want to know
what I think?
I get the feeling you're
going to tell me anyway.
I think you're an artist,
hiding in the body of
an insurance agent.
And I think you like
to analyze people.
I get it.
Insurance is all
about managing risk.
Making sure that
you're protected
in the event of a disaster,
it's safe.
Being responsible is an asset
to most people.
I didn't say that it wasn't.
Art is unsafe,
it's unpredictable,
it's unconventional.
Exactly, which is why I'm taking
over a successful business
and I make jewelry on the side.
Why what?
Why do you make jewelry?
Because I love it.
It's challenging,
yet meditative,
and you get to create something
that just exists
in your imagination.
Plus, the perfect piece
makes a person feel like
a million bucks.
You want to know
what I think?
Why do you keep
asking me that?
You're just going
to tell me anyway.
Seeing your face
when you talk about it,
insurance should be
your little hobby,
not the other way around.
See you at the next one.
And then you'll each do
a speech,
well, unless you want to
team up and do one together.
Yeah, since we know you separately...
We'll each do our own,
Whatever you two want.
Oh, you booked your rooms
at the resort already, right?
Weeks ago.
Don't worry, it's going
to be a perfect wedding.
It's always the perfect wedding
on my watch.
You know, it's a wonder
nobody's made a career out
of the bridesmaid business.
I mean, can you... can
you major in that, or...
Not at my college, but it was
a liberal arts school,
so we could give them time,
it could happen.
So the leap from liberal arts
to insurance?
Actually, art history
to insurance.
Oh, another logical jump.
But with a minor in
business administration,
so it wasn't all art museums
and culture.
There was a Wall Street Journal
subscription in there somewhere.
I did one for me,
and one for my parents,
for the business.
And you said you're taking over
there, soon?
Mmhmm. In July,
just after the wedding.
Oh, wow.
You guys gotta take it easy
on her then,
that's a lot all at once.
I mean, I'm happy to pick up
the wedding slack, though.
You'll show me how, though?
I could write a book.
To the wedding party!
Yes, to the wedding party.
I just want to shine,
show the world just
what I'm made of
What are we afraid of
I just want to shi-ii-ine
I just want to shi-ine
Even when it rains
a bit outside
I want to shine
Hi, Mom.
Hi, sweetie.
Sorry to stop in like this,
but I have a surprise for you.
A surprise?
It's the contract.
It doesn't go into effect
for another six weeks,
but it's all ready for us
to sign.
We wanted to give you plenty
of time to read through it.
I know there's a lot going on
right now
with your cousin's wedding
coming up.
Are you happy?
Because your reaction
to the papers
isn't quite what I expected.
Just a bit overwhelming,
that's all.
I love our business.
I love what our family built.
I just want to make sure.
I'm going to make you and Dad
very proud.
Becca, always.
All right, let's get
some coffee.
Okay, sounds good.
Ah, there she is.
Lucie isn't here yet,
I was over at the tux shop
with Craig and the groomsmen,
but I figured this
was more important.
Don't tell anybody
that I said this,
the wedding day
is really about the bride.
You're telling me.
This is my third wedding
just this year.
Huh, it's my 23rd.
Wow. You are in demand.
Don't believe in doing
anything halfway.
You keep love at arm's length.
It's not like I don't date.
Besides, unlike you,
I didn't exactly have stellar
parental role models.
So, how do you make such
beautiful wedding videos?
I saw Allie and Dan's.
Storytelling is my passion.
So, tell me about
the other films,
not the love stories
where you have
to edit out the messy stuff.
I like to shine a light
on things
that don't get enough attention.
Use my films to inspire.
Like what?
You really want to know?
Yes, I really want to know.
All right.
Meet me at the editing
bay tomorrow.
I'll text you the address.
You can get away
from "insurance."
You say insurance
like it's a bad thing.
Not bad, per se.
But maybe I'm shining a light
on something else
that needs your attention.
Hi. Sorry I'm late,
did I miss anything?
Here are the cakes.
Cake, cake.
That's a lot of cake.
Nice digs.
Not what I expected.
Yeah, I got a little deal
with the station.
I do some freelance work
for them,
and they let me
use their equipment.
So, this is not
a wedding video.
This is not a wedding video.
Um. Uh, this is Staff Sergeant
Adam Wiley, and Emra,
who incidentally,
outranks him.
A little known fact, a military
dog is always
one rank higher than
its fellow servicemen.
It's considered
a sign of respect.
As it should be.
So, what are you shining
a light on here?
My mother.
Um, this is her, and this
is her pet project,
pun definitely intended.
She was in the military,
and now that she's retired,
she works with American Humane
to reunite soldiers
with the dogs with
whom they served.
I love this.
You want to talk about love?
Man's best friend.
These dogs save lives.
This means something.
Well, your wedding videos
mean something too.
Maybe not as much to you,
but you're giving people
a huge gift.
Yeah, but I feel like this could
be my ticket.
Has your mom seen it yet?
Uh, I want to wait
till it's ready.
But I get to see it today.
A few clips.
This is my calling card,
I gotta get it right.
Sounds like that might be
a little fear talking.
What, you can dish it,
but you can't take it?
Let's get a coffee.
Fact is, I put a film out there
once before it was ready,
and that film is sitting in
a drawer in my apartment.
Well, I don't know
about your other films,
but this one sounds special.
Not only because of your mother
who sounds incredible,
but it's a reminder of the good
that exists in our world,
and we need that.
But you have to put it
out there.
I will finish editing
by the time we leave
for Lucie's wedding weekend.
That gives me a few weeks.
Now, what about you?
What about me?
This isn't a one-sided deal.
This isn't a deal at all.
Oh, it's a deal now.
Better practice
what you preach.
Make a few pieces, put them
in the bridal shop.
What if they don't sell?
So what if they don't.
You're re-gifting them
to a friend,
what are you out,
some time and some beads?
I don't use beads, I use
crystals and gemstones,
I run a classy operation here.
You can look at it as another
great opportunity
to prove how wrong I am.
Now that does intrigue me some.
Do we have a deal?
Okay, you got a deal.
And please tell the Hankmans
I'm so sorry I had
to move their appointment today,
something came up,
but I am all set
for 3:30 tomorrow.
And check back in with
the Eddingers
on their life insurance policy,
we haven't heard back from them,
and we still have to schedule
a physical.
Okay, great.
Well, let me know if anything
else comes up.
All right, bye.
The epitome
of multitasking.
You have no idea, but I promised
the bridal store that I would
get the collection to them by
your fitting this afternoon.
So, what changed your mind
about selling your work?
I guess I just wanted to see
how I'd do,
I didn't want to have any
"what ifs."
And I cannot thank you both
enough for helping me.
Oh, of course we'd
show up for you.
You always show up for us.
Just wait until your wedding.
The payback you've
got coming...
Is gonna be off the charts.
As soon as you find
the guy.
Okay, enough of this talk.
I gotta finish soldering.
These are gorgeous.
I think the bodice fits
much better now, Luce.
Your mother would be
so proud.
I just wish she could
be here to see this day.
Me too.
But this is a happy time,
so we're going to be happy.
As promised...
Becca, these are gorgeous.
I'll put them out today,
and we'll see how we do.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Honey, are you okay?
You seem tired.
No, I'm good.
It's just, it's a lot
with the wedding,
and learning to manage
the business.
Becca, you have the habit of
putting everyone else first.
It's your best quality
and your biggest flaw.
I do hope you're taking time
for you.
I am.
I promise.
Oh, the greatest part is
the signing on the dotted line.
New business, and
it's a big contract.
Feels great.
Hey, I'm in a meeting
with my mom.
Hi, Luce.
Hi, Aunt Joyce.
I am so glad you answered, Becks.
Craig has food poisoning,
and we're in the ER.
Ooh, is he okay?
He's going to be fine, however,
he's hooked up to
an IV right now,
and we're supposed to be
on our way to the inn
for our food tasting
this afternoon.
Can you cover for me?
I'm at work.
Aunt Joyce, can Becca
please save my life
and take the rest
of the day off?
Or else we'll all be eating
boxed mac and cheese
at my wedding,
And Becca, you'll have
to help me cook it.
Yeah, I really don't think
it's going to come to that.
Of course she can go.
And tell Craig that we all hope he feels better soon.
Thanks, Aunt Joyce.
Will do.
What are you doing here?
Uh, Lucie told me that
you were standing in for her
at the food tasting,
and it seemed kind of silly
to take two cars.
I parked just around
the corner.
Why are you even going?
The bride and groom
aren't going to be there.
It's all part of the story.
I never want to miss an
opportunity to see you eating.
So I've noticed.
Your folks were okay
with you leaving in
the middle of the day?
Family comes first,
business is a close second.
No siblings to pick up
the slack?
Nope. It's just me.
Ah, the only child.
Great hope of the family.
I know that well.
You too?
Oh, yep.
I may not be able to carry on
the Foster name,
but the legacy's
on my shoulders.
I get it.
I wanted a sibling
for that very reason.
Also, to blame things
on when I broke stuff.
I felt the same way.
Wait, are we...
Are we agreeing on something?
Yeah, I think we are.
It feels strange.
Don't get used to it.
Why don't you just call her
and ask if they've sold
any of your stuff?
She told me she would
let me know,
and I don't want to bother her.
It's only been three days.
Maybe you don't want
to know the answer.
I want to know the answer
if the answer is good.
Okay, you're right.
It's fear.
Look, there's never been
a question what I would do
with my life, this
was always the plan,
and I don't want to know
the answer,
because now it feels like
there's a question mark
after everything, and that could
come with a lot of changes.
It's like we talked about,
art is unsafe.
That's what makes it exciting.
Well, what about you?
How's the editing going?
It's a lot easier
to churn them out
when you're not
personally invested.
So why do you want
to tell this story?
Well, um, my Mom is
an incredible woman.
You know, after my father left,
she picked herself up,
she raised a kid on her own,
served her country.
I guess this is my way
of honouring that.
I understand why it means
so much to you,
but in my experience,
our work is never finished.
We just stop adding beads.
I thought you didn't use beads.
Sometimes you need them
for a metaphor.
Aiden, hey, it's good
to see you.
I got a message that the, uh,
the groom is incapacitated,
and I was to report
for duty with you.
So, here I am.
Rearranged my day.
Mmm. Do you know where
we're supposed to go?
So sorry.
Um, Kyle, videographer.
This is Aiden,
Best Man.
Seen you on film.
Yeah, and I... I saw you
at the, uh,
the engagement party.
Nice to meet you, officially.
Uh, I'm gonna go set up.
That is so good.
You need to share some
of that salmon, you know.
Thank you so much.
Thank you.
It's really good.
Do you think they would give us
another if we tell them
we're not sure yet?
It's worth a shot.
Although I'm moving into
the chicken.
Do you want to try
some of this?
No. I'm fine.
Just here to capture the magic.
You know what you have to try
is this garlic mashed potato.
That might be the best
I've ever had.
- Wow!
- Right?
That's amazing.
What is this sauce?
I have no idea,
but it's butter.
Yeah, but there's truff...
Truffle oil, right?
Yeah, there's definitely
truffle in there.
Sorry. Sorry, sorry.
You know what I would like?
I'd like to get a shot
of that chicken.
That does look good.
- Chicken?
- Yeah.
Before we eat...
Yeah. Could you move
over just a little bit?
Oh Just a-
Sorry, you know what?
Let's get the chair right out
of there, actually.
The whole chair?
Yeah, just get
the whole chair out.
All right.
Yeah, there you...
Like this.
Actually, you know,
why don't I?
Look at that,
look at that.
Why don't I scooch
over here.
There, now you've got a clear
shot of all that delicious food?
See? Perfect.
That is better.
That's definitely better.
That's great, yeah. Beautiful.
Oh, and the shrimp
is all you.
I'm allergic.
Oh, should we have them
take that away?
I know that can
be dangerous.
No, no, no, no.
No. It's not that bad.
I just get hives,
that's all.
No fun.
Um, let's do this.
Look, I'm just going to do
a clean shot of the shrimp,
just with Becca
and the shrimp.
Do I smile?
Great idea.
He's thorough.
No, I'm not taking that offer
back to my client.
Look, if you think you can play
usual games with us,
you're sorely mistaken.
He seems... uh... smart.
He's a nice guy.
Yeah. Bit of a shark, though.
If I ever need a lawyer,
I know who to call.
Wow. You know, I should grab
some establishing shots
of this place for the video.
We're going to be here for three
days on the wedding weekend.
Yeah, but I have to follow
the bride around.
Lucie is not going to be one
of those brides,
she has promised.
They all promise.
You want to come with?
Don't insult me, Andrew.
Very much.
So how is it you've been
a bridesmaid nine times,
and never a bride?
Soon to be ten times.
That's a lot of dresses
you'll never wear again.
One was a pantsuit.
I could open up a shop,
rent 'em out for
special occasions.
Everyone I know has
this magical story
when it comes to love.
They just knew.
And that's what you want?
My last boyfriend, Dylan,
he was a wonderful guy,
and everything
was perfectly fine.
He was ready to get married.
So, what happened?
He wanted more than
just perfectly fine,
and he deserved that, too.
I don't think it's unreasonable
to want to be sure.
In my experience, everybody
has a magical story
for the interview.
And then you delve deeper, and
you see that we're just really
good at rewriting the fairy tale
into our history.
You still don't believe
in that kind of love.
I don't know.
I thought that I had defied
the odds of my parents' divorce
when I met my ex-girlfriend,
We had that instant
connection thing,
she was the one, and she was
on the same page.
So, what happened?
Page turned for her.
It's funny how you can be
so sure about something,
and so wrong.
It must've been so hard.
But you can't shut down just
because of one experience.
And if you spend all your energy
looking for something
so specific,
you might not recognize it
when it arrives.
Becca. Time to taste
the appetizers.
Shall we?
That was a beautiful...
Hi Becca, it's Holly
from the bridal shop.
Hi Holly.
So, I've been meaning
to call you,
but we've been so busy.
We've been swamped.
So we sold out
in three days.
I'm sending a cheque
for the first pieces.
Wait, well that's amazing!
Um, I... I don't even know
what to say.
Say you'll make more for us.
And I've told our jewelry
distributor about you.
If she likes your work,
you're on your way.
But she needs to see
a full collection,
none of this "assorted pieces"
She wants to know
you got the goods.
Absolutely, I will get
right to work.
Thank you so much.
We'll be in touch.
Looks like that question mark
just became an
exclamation point.
Maybe I can do both.
Well, here's a subject
I'm really going to miss
on the golf course a few short
weeks from now.
Aggregate cost payments.
But he's going to miss
you all.
Really, we both will.
And thankfully, we're leaving
you in the best hands
imaginable, Becca.
Have you signed yet?
Uh, no.
I'm still reading it.
You've gotta sign by next week.
That's the day we've put
in the contract.
The per currents limit states the maximum benefit available..
You might be my best one yet.
With a higher deductible,
you will pay less on
your monthly premiums.
No, that sounds great.
Are we keeping you awake?
No, no, I'm good.
I just, uh, there's
just a lot going on.
I'm learning the payroll
system at work,
which is a laugh riot,
and doing the bidding
of this one here.
Oh no.
Am I one of those brides?
I so wasn't going to be.
No, you are great, and this
weekend is going to be perfect.
Come on, Becks, we know you.
What's going on?
Okay, um...
I'm making a collection
for a jewelry distributor.
Holly from the bridal
shop introduced me,
and I need to finish it tonight
so I can get it to Holly before
we leave for the wedding.
So, you're not taking over
the company?
No, I am.
I'm gonna do both.
I'm gonna be delicate here,
because we're family.
But if this is what doing both
looks like
before you've even signed
those papers...
Look, my business,
it's always going
to come first,
but I don't even know if she's
going to like my collection.
If you think you can manage it,
we're behind you 100 percent.
Thank you guys.
All right, I should get going.
I have a bunch of calls to make,
I have to send in a policy
and finish a collection.
And I will see you soon.
Shouldn't you be on your way
to the wedding?
I'm just dropping off some
contracts for Gloria to review
while we're away.
What are you doing here?
Shouldn't you be
on the road?
Well, we're going
to leave about 9:00.
I... I just came in
to clean out my desk.
Now the big office is going
to be yours soon.
Just getting it ready
for you.
You really can't wait
to get out of here
and onto that golf course,
can you?
Well, I've spent some of
the best years of my life
within these walls,
and now it's your turn.
And you really loved it?
Well, when you're given the
opportunity to build something
that's yours and yours alone,
there's no better feeling
in the world.
You do what you love, and work
doesn't feel like work.
You're gonna have a chance to
see that for yourself very soon.
I know.
It's exciting.
I love you, Dad.
I love you, Becca.
Well, I will see you
at the resort.
I'll see you there.
Drive safely.
You too!
Hi. Any advice for me?
Well yeah, I'm officially
on the clock now, right?
Oh, I've been on the clock
for three months, so...
Well, in that case,
I'd better go find Craig
and step up my game.
But I will see you later
for a celebratory toast.
I mean, we did make it this far without getting fired.
Well, the weekend's still young,
so I'll see you inside.
Sounds good.
Can I give you a hand
with this?
Where's all your stuff?
My assistant's on his way up
with the equipment.
You travel light.
Oh, really?
Did you bring every item
you own?
So, how are you feeling?
Are you ready?
No, I'm exhausted.
I've had insurance all day,
and jewelry all night.
I don't know which way
is up.
But you got the collection in?
But I've been burning the candle
at both ends for three weeks,
so I've really got to pull it
together for Lucie.
So what about you, did you
meet your deadline?
All downloaded
onto my tablet.
You know, I...
I often see my work differently
when someone else is
in the room with me.
If you're willing, I would love
to watch it through your eyes.
You'll be my first
focus group.
No one else has
seen it yet?
Just the few clips I showed you
in the editing bay.
I need someone I know
will take it seriously.
I will.
I know.
Well, thank you
for your help.
So, tonight after
the cocktail party,
that little library area
on the second floor?
I'll be there.
And I figured what better way
to welcome you
than with a champagne toast?
So I ask you to raise your glass
in cheers to my little girl
and her husband to be.
I'm not going to cry.
And now, let the wedding
weekend festivities begin!
Oh, yeah.
You're so handsome.
The bride and groom.
Oh, hey.
Desperate situation right here.
There they are.
Cheers to you two.
Cheers, congrats.
That's better.
I'll see you
at our screening.
Is it bad that I've only been
here for three hours
and my feet are already
killing me?
You know why.
Because I choose fashion
over comfort?
You're doing too much.
I want you to take care
of yourself.
I am.
Okay, I will.
You really think you can
do both?
I do.
Your parents work 12-hour days,
and there's two of them.
What's going to happen when
it's just you running the show?
Maybe I'll hire more agents.
I know you don't want
to disappoint them,
but you need to pick a lane.
Have you signed
those papers yet?
I'm going to.
And what if the jewelry
takes off?
Then what happens?
I didn't know you were here.
Just got here.
I brought refreshments,
courtesy of Uncle Paul.
Thank you, Uncle Paul.
You ready for this?
So ready.
The bond that our
service dogs have
with our military is deep.
They protect each other,
and they need each other.
Words can't express the emotion I'm feeling right now.
She reunited him with Emra.
You didn't think I was going to
take you on a 90-minute journey
for them not to be reunited.
That'd be terrible filmmaking.
I know, but that's what makes
this so special.
I'm on the edge of my seat
waiting for this ending,
and I know what's going
to happen.
And your mother...
What an incredible woman.
When people see this...
I mean, it's... it's obviously
not ready.
The music is way too dark
at times,
I gotta lighten that up...
I... I did not notice
any of that,
I was just so swept up
in the story.
Yeah, but I...
I see where I have to tinker
with it a little bit.
I know this is your passion project,
but this cannot exist
in a vacuum,
you've got to put it
out there.
You don't get a second chance.
In this business, you gotta hook
them in the first few minutes,
or they turn it off.
This has to be perfect.
Well, I wish you could see
in yourself
what I just saw in you.
Thank you.
I mean, look.
You know, I... I know it's good,
but it has to be great.
You're not as discriminating
as these producers,
and you actually like me, which
means you wanna like the film.
So now, you're assuming
I like you?
Well, I don't mean
to be presumptuous.
Well, I do, and I really
like your film,
and I think you should take
the leap.
So, what's keeping you
from taking the leap?
I did.
I'm just waiting to hear back
from the distributor.
Come on, she's not the only
deal in town.
My parents are so excited
to retire.
And they still can, there's
other options for them, too.
And don't you think they'd want
you to be doing what you love?
I guess they think
I love insurance.
But you don't.
I don't.
So, what are you going
to do?
I don't know, but I have
some decisions to make.
Do you have any pictures
of your jewelry on you?
On my laptop.
Email them to me.
I want to show you something.
You'll see.
Your story may still be
in progress,
but maybe I can help find
the right ending.
Ooh, ooh
Penny for your thoughts?
Just a moment of reflection.
On what, if I may ask?
Ah. Yes.
A fine board game.
I know you didn't ask
for any advice,
but here's what I've
learned about risk.
The grass may seem greener
from far away,
but when you get up close and
everything comes into focus,
it may turn out to just be
a bunch
of brightly
coloured weeds.
You speak from experience.
Well, one day I woke up,
and I just,
I wasn't sure if I wanted
to keep practicing law.
So, I opened up a restaurant.
Asian fusion.
It lasted 174 days.
What happened?
Well... It's fine.
I learned, I grew,
I got smarter.
And that's what our failures
are supposed to do,
they're supposed to teach us.
But enough about that, we should
be enjoying this beautiful day
before we get called back.
You know this one has been
decidedly easy.
Not a hiccup so far.
That's not bad
for your first rodeo.
Thank you.
Thank you very much.
There you are.
I've been looking for you.
We were on a walk,
what's wrong?
Everything is wrong.
Famous last words
back there?
I jinxed it.
Why don't you start by
telling us the first thing?
Okay, how about this?
Mabel, the wedding coordinator, quit.
What? She...
quit your wedding?
She quit her job.
She left.
I have no wedding coordinator.
There's no one.
This is a disaster.
A disaster.
No, this is not a... disaster.
This is just a hiccup.
An extremely dramatic case
of the hiccups.
And peanut butter
will not help.
Well we, uh, will just
do it together.
Me and... and Aiden.
We will?
We will.
Because that is what
we're here for.
Can you do that?
Because I am not going to let
anything ruin your wedding.
Now you just go inside
and get dressed,
and I will meet you there.
With pantyhose.
I forgot pantyhose.
That was the other disaster.
I brought you
four extra pairs.
We got this.
Where would I be
without you, Becks?
In a car, on your way
to get pantyhose.
Now go!
You're going to show me
what to do, right?
Yes. As soon as I figure
it out myself.
I still can't believe she quit.
Luce, I have been to enough
of these to know how it works.
It's fine.
I hope so.
Are you ready?
No. I still need to work
on the processional order.
Why don't you go ahead,
have a drink, I'll catch up.
Just relax, try to stay present.
I got this.
Thanks, Becks.
Have fun!
I don't know if I got this.
All right.
Did you forget your bag?
My assistant is setting up.
I have to run down
to the greenhouse,
but I wanted to show
you something.
I worked on this last night
after our little screening.
You did all of this
last night?
It's just a mock-up,
for now.
Anyway, you can hang
onto the tablet,
take a look at it,
dare to dream,
and please be careful,
my movie is on there.
I will take great care
of this.
Thank you, Kyle.
What's wrong?
Nothing's wrong.
No, everything is right.
I don't
think anything
has ever looked more right.
And then Allie and Dan,
you walk down the aisle.
Lovely, lovely.
You look beautiful.
Walk slowly,
give people time
to enjoy those gorgeous
yellow dresses.
I'm not being very helpful,
I'm sorry.
But you really know how
to rise to a challenge,
it's impressive.
It's the job.
And next, before
the main event,
we have the maid of honour
and best man.
Shall we?
Yes, we shall.
Aww, everyone looks
so perfect together.
I will
say this, though.
I don't know if they're
completely wrong.
Their instincts, I mean.
Becca? Is it time?
When do I go?
Yes. Cue the music
for the bride,
so when I get to the end
of the aisle,
you cue music,
and we have the precious little
flower girl, go shine bright.
And now Uncle Paul.
Wait a few seconds, and you may
take your walk down the aisle.
There you are.
I was hoping I could grab you
for an interview
since we have a few minutes
before the dinner party.
You're going to interview me?
Your uncle is requesting testimonials
from everyone in attendance.
What do you say?
Do you want to do a little
Okay, let's do it.
So, what are you going
to ask me?
All the hard questions.
Like what?
Favourite colour.
Favourite food.
Favourite dinosaur.
So... What would you like
to say to Lucie?
Hi Luce.
Um, I love you.
You are my cousin,
and my best friend,
and I'm pretty sure you were
my mother in a past life,
because you live to tell me
what to do.
Can you
stop it for a second?
I really don't want this
to sound like all the other
wedding interviews,
because for some reason,
this doesn't feel like
all the other weddings.
Maybe things are changing.
Tell me what you think
is special about Lucie.
Well, you know how
there are people who,
they just do things
their own way.
And they don't follow the rules,
and always come out ahead.
I used to say that Lucie was
born under a lucky star.
And then she would
always say to me,
"it's not luck, you just have
to believe you can have
what you want.
She's right.
I know.
Let's try that one more time,
for the camera.
Three, two, one...
They look happy,
don't they?
How could they not be?
They're getting married tomorrow.
It's perfect.
You sure do know how
to throw a party.
Well, you have been such
a help.
You keep the calm.
Lucie tends to spin.
I haven't seen even
a moment of stress.
Maybe I'm just hiding it
from you.
We're family, it's what we do.
And trust me,
I'm gonna call in a lot
of favours
when and if my time comes.
Oh, it'll come.
I'm not worried about you
at all, Becks.
May I have this dance?
This girl's on my mind
Hey, yeah
Now, everything feels
so good, so right
Did you get a chance to review
the rest of the website yet?
I will, as soon as
I'm off the clock.
All right.
Don't forget to fill in
the section about your story.
And remember,
it's still up to you to decide
how it ends.
Making the jump from insurance
to starting my own jewelry
business was not an easy one.
But sometimes, when passion
is involved,
it's evident that you must take the leap
and trust that the net
will appear beneath you.
And so with every piece
I design,
I inspire my customers
to follow your dreams
and shine like the jewels
that we all are.
You done for the night?
Yeah, it's just your Uncle Paul
and his buddies in the bar.
They told me to gather
my strength for tomorrow.
Well, maybe doesn't want
evidence of their shenanigans.
Not to worry, though.
Edit out the messy stuff, right?
What are you doing
out here all alone?
It's rough.
I, uh, need to work on it
further before it goes online.
But I'm in.
You sure about this?
You haven't even heard
from the distributor.
I don't need to.
I'm not signing the papers.
I'm going into the jewelry business.
It's inspiring,
you know.
What is?
Watching you take such
a brave step.
Well, making the decision
was the easy part.
I still have to tell
my parents.
This decision doesn't
just affect me.
I know.
But they're good people.
I'm sure if they knew how
you really felt...
I'm not great at letting
people in.
You know, battle scars
and all.
Safe and guarded.
I don't know.
Maybe we can't always
protect yourselves.
No, we can't.
You need to put your movie
out there, Kyle.
I know.
And I will.
That's not really what
I'm talking about here.
Without even realizing it, I
let my guard down with you.
Maybe that's what you meant
when you said
it should all be effortless.
Yeah, I think I did that too.
Becks, are you out here?
Oh. I should probably...
Hang onto that.
Finish it.
We'll get it online.
There you are.
I was just taking a walk,
looking up at the stars.
It's so beautiful here.
I know, right?
It's the perfect place
to get married.
I'm ready to turn in, and I
wanted to see if you were too.
We could do those face masks.
Of course.
I will not be puffy
on my wedding day.
I would never let
that happen.
You know how serious
I take this.
I know.
It's Holly from
the bridal boutique.
Oh, hi Holly.
So listen.
I know it's Lucie's wedding day
and you're busy,
but I couldn't wait
to share the news.
Gretchen, our
jewelry distributor,
loved the pieces.
She wants to meet with you
next week.
Oh Holly, this is
great news.
So go, enjoy yourself,
and I'm sending her all of
your information.
She'll be in touch.
Thank you for doing this.
It was my pleasure, truly.
I will talk to you soon.
Hey, Becks.
Uncle Paul.
Just taking a few minutes
to yourself?
Lucie's getting an
in-room massage,
so I'm just hanging out here
until we start getting ready.
What are you watching?
Uh, nothing.
Just a... a friend's
Military dogs?
It's a documentary.
And a friend of yours
made this?
Kyle, actually,
the videographer.
Oh. Good guy.
He is.
Let me take a look.
Um, I'm just killing time
before the big event,
I could really use
a distraction.
Oh, great.
Oh, wow.
Oh, Luce!
It's perfect.
Don't start.
We can't have our makeup
running before pictures.
Oh, I know, I know,
but wow!
I know.
Thank you for making this day
so special
and for protecting me,
and alleviating any stress.
And making sure
I'm not puffy.
It's what I do.
Oh, I'll get it,
I'll get it.
Wow. You look...
Even in the yellow.
Aren't you supposed to
be looking at the bride?
I can't.
How about you help her
with her veil,
and I'll get some footage.
Kyle, I am a little shaky,
so try not to let it show
on camera.
You look stunning, Lucie.
The most beautiful bride
I've ever seen.
I bet you say that
to all your brides.
I do.
But this time I mean it.
Okay. Straighten that,
that looks fabulous.
Top button.
All right. You're good to go.
Thank you.
Hi, Kyle.
You getting everything
you need?
Yeah, great.
I've got all the angles covered
you asked for.
Ah, that's great.
We're just a few minutes away
from the big reveal.
It's always a production.
That it is.
Now, I wonder why
you never mentioned
that you're a filmmaker.
I just do everything I can
to properly capture
the special day.
No, no, I'm not talking about
your wedding videos.
I mean your film.
The military dogs.
I'm sorry, I...
I'm not sure...
Now, I haven't had a chance
to watch all of it yet, but...
How did you?...
Oh, well, Becca
showed it to me.
Obviously it's kind of
a busy day,
I won't be able to watch
the rest of it till tomorrow.
No, it's not ready.
Oh, no, I've seen my share
of rough cuts.
But full disclosure,
I don't normally deal
in documentaries.
Oh, it's showtime.
We'll finish this later.
Okay, bridesmaids.
Everyone has their
dress straps up?
Great, sorry,
Lucie changed her mind.
I'm going to cue
the processional music
two minutes, smiles on.
Hey, I got Lucie calmed down.
No more shaking,
only pure excitement.
That's great.
As it should be.
All right, if I could just get
everybody to find your partner,
I want to do a walking shot
down the whole line of you.
And also, I talked
to the banquet manager,
and she's going to keep us
on schedule
so I can enjoy
the reception.
What's wrong?
Look, I have a job to do,
and you have an even
bigger one
Somehow, you managed to squeeze
in a little screening
with your uncle.
I told you it
wasn't ready.
Kyle, he saw me watching it.
He knows it's not
the final version,
it's... it's okay.
No, no, it's not okay.
I decide who sees it,
and I decide when.
You gave away my
first impression
before the film was even ready,
and I will never get that back.
I'm going back to work.
We're holding up the wedding.
All right, everybody.
Looking great.
Feel it too
Moving closer
Remember that first kiss
- I do.
- I do.
I've been waiting
for a love like this
Feel my heart,
it beats
Tell me if you
feel it too
Tell me if you
feel it too
There's someone I want you
to meet.
She's a co-worker
of your uncle's,
and her husband's
a realtor.
He wants to connect you
with all his clients
for their insurance needs.
It's a huge opportunity for you
as you take over the business.
Mom... Let me-
What's going on with you, Becca.
Look, I am so proud
of our company.
Of what you and dad built, but...
You're not taking over.
I want to give my jewelry
a shot.
Full time.
I've been juggling both,
and it's just not possible.
Why didn't you tell us, honey?
Because it meant
so much to you.
Only because we thought
it's what you wanted.
But I'm ruining your plans.
Do you know how many offers
we've had on our business
over the years?
It's very successful,
you know.
I do know.
Although, I am going to let
you tell your father
that he has to wait a little bit
longer for his retirement.
I'll tell him tomorrow.
Let's let him enjoy
the wedding tonight.
Thank you, Mom.
Hey. There you are.
Becca, I can't talk
right now.
Just hear me out, please.
Look, I'm sorry
if I overstepped,
but your movie is ready.
With all due respect, that
wasn't your decision to make.
A few tweaks isn't going to
change the heart of the story,
which is beautiful.
And even though my uncle
only saw the first few minutes,
he was intrigued.
Of course he's going to say
that, standing in front of you.
You're family. You asked him
for a favour.
He asked me what I was watching.
I reluctantly shared it
with him.
But he doesn't mince words.
He was impressed.
He is impressed.
Look, something powerful
has happened
over the past five months,
and I think it has for you too.
You can deny yourself
of what's meant to be,
but I'm not going
to do that anymore.
And I will never apologize
for what I see in you.
Always thinking, ruminating,
aren't you?
Well, you gotta admit,
this is a pretty great place
to process your thoughts.
I've come to a few new
revelations here myself, actually.
Aiden, I think you are
a great guy.
But my heart belong
somewhere else,
and even though I don't think
that's going anywhere,
it wouldn't be fair
to either of us
if I pursued something
with you.
I appreciate your honesty.
Uh, and whoever this guy is,
he is crazy for not seeing
what's right in front of him.
There you are.
The guys need you
for a photo.
I had a speech prepared tonight,
as you know I always do.
But I think I want this one to
come straight from the heart.
I've always said that love
should be instant
and effortless.
When you find that person,
there's no struggle,
there' s no drama,
you get to be you
and your loved for it.
But I think I was wrong
about the instant part.
Watching Lucie and Craig
grow together
over the past few years,
I see that true love
is about continually
lifting each other up.
It's about inspiring each other
to be better
than you ever thought
you could be.
The kind of love where you
would risk everything
to see that person
achieve his dreams,
because that's how much
you believe in him.
The kind of love that
makes you feel whole.
Lucie and Craig have found
this kind of love,
and we should all be
so lucky,
so let's raise our glasses
to Lucie and Craig,
may you have a beautiful
life together.
Lucie and Craig!
Thank you.
You interrupted my cake.
Gotta take my breaks
where I can get 'em.
Oh, I know.
I made a deal
with the kitchen crew.
They stashed a few pieces
away for me.
Thinking ahead.
I liked your speech.
Which part?
All of it.
But mostly the part about
how taking risks is easier
when you have someone by
your side who pushes you
to be better than you ever
thought you could be.
Well, I meant it.
And I would always
do that for you,
I mean, if you were by my side.
I would like that.
Somehow, with you,
it's just...
For better or worse?
In sickness and in health.
Through diamonds and crystals,
never beads.
Through movie premieres
and editing bays.
Through cupcakes
and wedding cakes.
Away from the cameras.
Becks, are you
out here?
A bridesmaid's work
is never done.
She can wait
a few minutes.