The Last Castle (2001) Movie Script

[Man] Take a look
at a castle, any castle.
Now break down the key elements
that make it a castle.
They haven't changed
in a thousand years.
One, location. A site on high ground
that commands the territory...
as far as the eye can see.
Two, protection: big walls.
Walls strong enough
to with stand a frontal attack.
Three, a garrison.
Men who are trained and willing to kill.
Four, a flag.
You tell your men,
"You're soldiers
and that's our flag."
You tell them nobody
takes our flag.
One step forward. Forward!
And you raise that flag so it flies high
where everyone can see it.
Now you've got yourself
a castle.
The only difference between
this castle and all the rest,
is that they were built
to keep people out.
This castle is built
to keep people in.
- [Men Chattering]
- [Man On P.A., Indistinct]
[Rapping, Indistinct]
Come on. Give me the ball.
Give me the ball, man.
- Come on. Give me the fucking ball.
- Fuck you!
- [Knock On Door]
- [Softly] Sir?
Sir? A movement order just came in.
Give it to Captain Peretz.
- I'll take that, Sheila.
- It's a Category A transfer.
- Let me see it.
- [Arguing]
- [Man] Fallout! Fallout! Fallout!
- Play ball, man. Come on.
- [Classical]
- [Peretz] 1700 hours?
N-No, no, we're prepared.
Well, it's just
really fast. Okay.
All right. You're sure
you're positive about this.
Okay. Thank you.
It's the real deal.
He is coming in
at 1700 hours.
Seventeen hundred hours today?
That's what they said, sir.
I don't understand.
The trial began today.
Apparently, he pled guilty
and got ten years.
They're expediting
his transfer as a courtesy.
Oh, as a courtesy?
They should be naming a base
after the man. Not sending him here.
My God, Eugene Irwin.
Well, we have verdict.
We have a sentence.
We have a prisoner.
We do our job...
whether we like it or not.
Puts us on our toes,
though, doesn't it?
[Man On P.A.] Escort detail
report to Gate 18 prisoner.
Escort detail meet
the prisoner on Gate A.
[Gate Buzzes]
I give him a week.
- 'Til what?
- 'Til he "scrags" himself.
The court-martial didn't
put him over the edge,
- I guarantee you the shithouse will.
- A week?
- Six bundles.
- Six? Let's make it ten.
- All right. Make it ten then.
- [Man] Ah, there we go.
Ten bundles, Mr. Dellwo.
Very specific man.
- Anybody else?
- You have absolutely no idea
what you're talking about.
Come on.
We'll make it like the final four.
Ten bundles a square. Who's in?
I'm not going to bet on whether or not
a man's going to kill himself.
That's some creepy shit, pilot.
Besides, look at him. One week?
He's tougher than that.
[Inmate] How much tougher,
eight, ten, what?
- [Inmate] Eight.
- [Inmate #2] Anyone else?
- You're an ice-cold motherfucker, Yates.
- Hey, I'm not betting...
he's going to off himself,
I'm just playing the books.
- What about you, Cutbush?
I know you're in.
- Put me in for a week and a half.
- A week and a half?.
- Wallace?
- Go ahead.
- I have the transfer A
to the P.R.U. now.
- Copy that. P.R.U.
- [Woman] One wallet. Leather.
- Family photos?
- [Irwin] My daughter.
- Grandson.
- Would you like to keep these?
Um, that's an authorized item.
I'd appreciate that.
One set of keys. Glasses.
I'm going to need your ring.
Thank you.
Oh. Actually, you can keep that.
Academy rings are authorized.
Three stars, two sets.
Looks like that's everything.
- So, uh--
- [Knocking On Door]
- Sir? Prisoner Irwin is outside.
- Five minutes.
Five minutes.
You can put that down if you want.
- You talking to me?
- Yes.
I know what you're thinking.
Do I salute you, or do you salute me?
Well, the answer is neither.
My men salute me, of course,
and each other according to rank.
But there is no saluting
by the general prison population.
Well, first things first.
Are you hungry?
- No.
- Are you sure? Mondays are
our Salisbury steak night.
- Always a cause for celebration.
- Indeed.
Indeed. May I
offer you some lemonade?
- Thank you.
- Just be a minute, sir.
- Prisoner Aguilar--
- If you'll step over here, I'll give you...
a basic layout
of the facility.
The building we're in now
is the administration building.
That building there
houses the tiers.
That's where you
and the other inmates will live.
The building next to it is the laundry,
where I've had you assigned.
Oh, that is
the old blockhouse wall.
It's all that's left of
the original prison from the 1870s.
I could've removed it, but I thought
it was important to keep a sense of history,
so I asked the men
to rebuild it.
- They seem to enjoy it.
It's a matter of some pride now.
- [Knock On Door]
- Sir?
- Yes? Please, on the table there.
Come on. Let's go.
I personally meet with
every new inmate here at the prison.
Usually downstairs.
And I ask them a question.
What do you expect from
your time here at the castle?
Just to do my time and go home.
That is the perfect answer.
And now I have what may seem
under the circumstances,
a bizarre request.
I have a collection of most
of the seminal books on warfare,
including The Burden of Command.
And I was wondering if you would
do me the honor of signing it?
- Certainly.
- Thank you.
- Captain Peretz.
- Yes, sir?
Two minutes.
- That's impressive.
- Yeah. It's a great collection, isn't it?
Yeah, sure.
That's a minie ball
from Shiloh, used in battle.
Grant lost 13,000 men
at Shiloh.
Suppose this got one of'em?
Never know. Do you?
I mean, do you
collect anything?
Just a few coins from some of
the countries I've traveled to.
My father didn't care
for military collections.
I guess it stuck with me.
Any man with a collection like this
is a man who's never set foot
on a battlefield.
To him, a minie ball from
Shiloh is just an artifact.
And to a combat vet,
it's a hunk of metal...
that caused some poor bastard
a world of pain.
I must have misshelved it...
your book.
We'll do it another time.
No, please, please. Allow me.
Sir, lights out in five.
Do I hold the lock?
No. No. We are--
We're through here.
Prisoner Aguilar, what are you doing?
You do not salute this man.
This man has no rank.
Saluting amongst prisoners is prohibited.
Y-Yes, sir.
Bu-But I was saluting you.
- Take the prisoners
to their cells, Captain.
- Yes, sir.
Thank you for
your hospitality, Colonel.
You're welcome.
[Man On P.A.] Inmates,
one step to the rear... halt!
Shut the doors!
You're gonna be in cell 345.
- You get to shower every other day.
- [Prisoners Chattering]
- Okay, hold up.
- You fuck! I'm going to kill you!
- [Guard] Shut up, Beaupre.
- [Shouting Continues]
[Peretz] Do not cross
the yellow line while in formation.
During the day you're free to be in
this area we're walking in right now.
- Showers on both sides.
- Those stars don'tmean
shit now, do they?
You're allowed one book in your cell,
in addition to the Bible.
Go up here,
then make a right.
- I've got eight bundles on you, General!
- Let's see--
No, no, no. You got to hold out
for five weeks, then kill yourself!.
[Peretz Talking, Indistinct]
- Three-four-five. Crash 345.
- [Bell Rings]
All right, General!
First call, 0600.
- [Inmate] What'd you do, man?
- What are you here for, man?
- Close 345.
- [Inmate] How many did you kill?
Welcome to the castle, baby!
- [Knocking On Door]
- [Peretz] Sir?
Prisoner Irwin's in his cell.
- He's really something, isn't he?
- Mmm.
Would you like
the end-of-day report, sir?
- Is everyone where
they're supposed to be?
- Yes, sir.
Then skip it.
Very good, Colonel.
Is there anything else?
Tomorrow, put out
only one basketball.
What you doing?
- You just hit a brick wall.
- Nigga, why you doin' that shit?
- Come on, little brother.
- Get your hands off me!
- Come on, bitch!
- [Arguing Escalates]
[Inmates Shouting, Cheering]
on the little man.
[All Shouting]
[Inmate] Stab him!
Come on, Thumper. Kill 'im!
Come on, bitch!
- [Talking, Indistinct]
- What are you doing?
- Man, you don't like it, Doc,
take a walk.
- You're fuckin' sick, Yates.
You see how easy it is
to manipulate men?
Someone should
write a paper on it.
Come on! Come on, bitch!
- End it.
- Sound the horn.
[Horn Blaring]
On the ground now!
[Man On P.A.] All inmates remain
on the ground in a prone position.
Get the hell down now!
- Thumper, get down!
- [Thumper] I didn't mean it!
[Inmates Yelling]
Get down, Thumper! Get down!
- Get down, Thumper!
- Yes, sir.
[Man On P.A.] All inmates remain
on the ground in a prone position.
- [Inmates Yelling]
- No! I didn't do anything!
- [Singing, Indistinct]
- Thumper, get down!
Sound off
[Thumper Groans]
[Horn Fades]
- [Gunshot]
- [Inmates] Oh, shit!
- Watch where you're going.
- Kiss my ass!
Don't worry about it.
We'll do it later.
- [Inmate] Damn nigger!
- [Inmate #2] What?
- You heard me!
- [Inmate #2]
Say it to my face, white bitch!
I'm gonna kick your white ass
through the air! Shut the fuck up!
What the fuck
you doing, beano? Hey!
I said what the fuck
are you doing?
- The mortar's weak, Beaupre.
- Don't worry about it.
- Mind your own business.
- Cool out, man.
Shut the fuck up,
or I'll stick this in your neck.
They'll throw you back in the hole.
- It's all w-weak.
- Don't worry about the mortar.
- M-My daddy's-- My daddy's a mason.
- Spit it out.
I don't give a fuck
if your dad built the pyramids.
Whites work the wall, period.
Get back on Spic duty and bring me
some rocks before I give you a slap.
- They won't set, Beaupre.
- What did I just tell you?
What'd I just tell you?
We're only doing this...
to keep Johnny-fucking-eyeballs
off our back.
Don't make me tell you again.
Back the fuck off!.
Beaupre! Knock it off.
What? Big hero.
Don't worry about me
going back to the hole.
How you doing?
You probably don't remember me,
but I served under you in the Gulf.
Dr. Thomas Bernard,
33rd Medical Unit.
That's right. Actually, it's
Lee Bernard, but close enough.
You were arrested for hashish--
possession of hashish-- as I remember.
- That's right.
- It was a small amount, as I recall.
- You don't get sent here for that.
- No, no. You don't.
There's more to it than that.
Hey, Thumper!
- I was able to getyou an aspirin.
- Thanks.
[Exhales] I got shot
with a real bullet once, Doc.
Didn't hurt this much.
That's the upside of real bullets,
they cut through the flesh,
hit fewer nerve endings.
Downside is they kill you.
Of course, so do
the rubber ones sometimes.
Hell of a downside.
Hey, Doc, you think I might
get one of them Purple Hearts?
Absolutely, Thumper. You take it easy.
I'll try to get you some more.
You know Winter played us
with that one basketball shit?
Come on, man.
- General, sir.
- Don't call me sir.
I'm not a general anymore.
- Can we at least talk to you?
- About what?
You still got friends in the Pentagon,
right? You could talk to them.
I'm a little hazy
on the subject matter.
Look, what happened here today
happens all the time, sir.
- Let me get this straight.
You mean there's violence?
- Yeah.
- In a prison packed with violent criminals.
- That's not what we're saying.
No. There's been--
How many this year, Doc?
Um, 13 men down, 11 of them
were critical injuries--
Stopy our fucking whining.
Listen to yourselves.
Then he only gives us the most
basic medical treatment.
Completely substandard services.
- Substandard services?
- Yes. Substandard services.
It's fucked-up shit, man.
I had a friend in Hanoi who had
to repair his own fractured tibia.
You cannot begin to compare what went on
in a foreign POW camp 30 years ago--
No, you can't compare.
I've led real soldiers in more
difficult situations than this.
But you're not real soldiers
anymore, and neither am I.
There've been murders.
Do you know what happens when
you take a rubber bullet to the head?
The lights go out.
Twice in the last year
there've been accidents...
- where men have been
hit in the head and killed.
- Nothing can be proven.
We're talking about expert marksmen
shooting from minimal distances.
The guards just say the guy
turned his head and boom.
It's not a random thing. You get on
Winter's bad side, you're done.
When you're doing
combat duty, after awhile,
life just becomes snapshots.
Most of them horrible.
But not all of them.
Three years ago in Bosnia,
I was driving a small unit
through an IFOR town.
And I saw something
pretty interesting.
I saw an old man
sitting on a bombed-out porch,
playing a game of Dominos with
what I presume is his grandson.
When I saw that I thought,
you know, it's my turn.
I didn't retire after that, as I should have.
I took one last assignment.
It was a mistake.
So, gentlemen, I'm done.
I'm not fighting anyone
or anything anymore.
I'm doing my time here,
I'm going home, and God willing,
I'm going to sit on the porch
and play a game of Dominos...
with my grandson,
who I've never met.
What'd I fucking tell you, Doc?
You call a three-star General "man"?
Why don't you call him "dude"?
[Man On P.A.] Attention, inmates,
the library will close early at 1700 hours.
The library will close
early tonight at 1700 hours.
- Watch yourself, snitch.
- Hey, Yates, everything all right?
- Okay.
- [Inmate] My boy say you got a nice ass.
I got a guy in 129 who's
way behind, telling me stories.
- How late is he?
- Three weeks.
- Why didn't you tell me?
- I'm telling you now.
Yates, no way that was a touchdown,
baby. That was a fucked-up call.
Keep that shit on the down-low.
They're all fucked-up calls.
How you doing?
So we lost: 22 to 20.
Army-Navy game.
Class of'92.
I met you once
when I was a kid.
1981. It was a welcome-back celebration
at the White House for the POWs.
- My father was with you in Hanoi.
- What's your name?
- Yates.
- Yates? Sam Yates?
That's right.
- Good man.
- Nah, he wasn't.
After 30 years, everyone's
a good man. It's the law.
- Mmm.
- How is he? How's your dad?
He's not too good. He's dead.
- [Man On P.A., Indistinct]
- I'm sorry. What happened?
Came home.
Billingworth, Irwin, Jacobson--
You're late. You have five minutes
left on your visitor.
- Five minutes left.
- [Chattering]
- Hi.
- Hi.
- It's good of you to come.
- Thank you.
Was it hard getting here?
Um, I missed a turn.
It's just good to see you.
- How's Ben? Good?
- Fine. Uh-huh.
- School okay? Grades?
- Um, well he's in first grade.
- Well, do you have a picture of him?
- No.
The one I have is two years old.
He must have changed a lot
since-- since then.
And how are you, Rosalie?
- Look, Dad--
- Uh-oh. "Look, Dad."
I just-- I can't do this.
I can't do this small-talk thing
with you.
The whole drive over here,
I was trying to think what--
What am I going to say?
What can we talk about
beyond the weather...
and how's Ben,
and I just went blank.
Do I-- Do I intimidate you?
- Intimidate me?
- I guess that's the downside...
of having a "Yes, sir" "No, sir"
military father, but I tried not to--
You weren't a father at all.
God, I'm sorry. I don't want to whine.
I'm not here to be cruel.
You're a great man.
And you've done so much
for this country.
- But?
- No. No but. No but.
Just this isn't the place.
Well, it's the only place
I've got right now, Rose.
Why did you call me, Dad?
Why? I don't know you.
You don't know me.
I mean, what did you think
asking me here?
That I'd come every Sunday
and maybe I'd bring Ben...
and he would sit
and color while we talked?
There was a time.
When I was about 20,
I had a whole list of things
I was going to say to you.
- [Bell Rings]
- Those days are gone.
[Guard] The visitation session is over.
Please conclude your visits.
- [Inmate]
This isn't enough time, man.
- Let's go, folks. Let's go.
I'm sorry you're in this place.
And I wish you the best.
[Scattered Good-byes]
I wish you the best.
I guess you figured out
what to say after all.
- I guess I did.
- Be all right if I wrote? Is that okay?
There's some things
I'd like to tell you.
When I was in first grade,
I got straight "As".
Come on. Let's go.
- Afternoon, sir.
- Don't call me that. I'm not--
Put your hand down.
- Permission to speak, sir.
- What?
I just wanted to say
welcome to the castle, sir.
- It's good to have you aboard, sir.
- Aboard?
- You Navy puke, son?
- No, no, sir. I was in the Corps.
What rank were you
when you were arrested?
- I was a C-C-C--
- It was either Colonel or Corporal.
- I'm guessing Corporal.
- Yes, sir.
Why are you here?
What did you do?
Well, that's just it.
I di-didn't do nothing.
It was a mistake.
Oh. Okay.
[Man On P.A.]
Medication call is in five minutes.
I h-hurt someone real bad.
How long you been here?
- Two years.
- And how long do you have?
How much longer?
Four years, eight months,
eleven days.
And this mistake,
you've just the one?
Just-Just one.
- Just one day in your life?
- Ju-Ju-Ju--
No. Take your time.
Got plenty of that.
Just five seconds, sir.
And you're a marine for what,
one or two years?
And you're a violent criminal
for five seconds?
- Yes, sir.
- Well, according to my calculations,
that makes you mostly Marine.
About 98 percent, I'd say.
- Yes, sir.
- Then why not act like one?
Stand tall.
This thing that you're doing with your
hand, grabbing your hair, what's that?
- That was a salute.
- A sa-- Oh, no. [Laughs]
- I don't think so.
You know where saluting comes from?
- No, sir.
It comes from medieval times.
Two knights would approach
each other on horseback.
They would raise their visors
and show their faces.
It's like they're saying,
"This is who I am.
I'm not the enemy
and I'm not afraid."
A salute's about respect, son.
Respect for yourself,
the service and the flag.
- [Knocking On Door]
- If you're going to do this--
Sir, you wanted to see me? Sir?
Look at that.
- Oh, man.
- No, no, no.
At the War College,
his very name was spoken...
with a reverence.
As if the syllables themselves conveyed
what it meant to be a soldier.
Now here he is commanding
an army of one--
the stuttering monkey.
Can't even watch.
I discussed the regulations
on saluting with Aguilar, did I not?
- Yes, sir.
- Remind him again-- effectively.
[Horn Blaring]
Put your hand down.
Put it down.
- You don't have to do this.
- Prisoner Irwin, what are you doing?
- He doesn't have to do this.
- Look, just step back in the prison--
Son, I know a thing or two
about the disciplining of soldiers.
- Prisoner Aguilar,
resume your punishment.
- Punishment is over.
Aguilar, I'm warning you--
- [Whistle]
- Men down! Men down!
You're better than this.
- Okay, okay. That's enough.
- [Alarm Wailing]
[Man On P.A.]
All inmates remain on the
ground in the prone position.
All inmates remain on the
ground in the prone position.
Stay down! Everybody stay down!
What is happening here?
This prisoner was interfering
with the corporal punishment
of prisoner Aguilar.
Prisoner Irwin, I understand
your coming here must be
a big adjustment for you.
To go from commanding
thousands of troops in battle,
having no war to fight and no one
to follow you must not be easy.
However, I do ask that you learn
how things are done around here...
and try to set an example
for the other men.
Saluting is prohibited.
Aguilar was saluting.
He is being disciplined.
Surely you understand that.
- Captain, take the prisoner
back to his cell.
- Yes, sir.
Sir? May the prisoner speak, sir?
- Yes.
- According to the Manual of Conduct,
the corporal punishment for
a prisoner begun on the day shift...
cannot exceed
the following morning's horn.
Prisoner Irwin,
you are absolutely right.
Thank you for bringing that
to my attention.
- Captain. Captain.
- Yes, sir.
Prisoner Irwin,
under no circumstances...
is an inmate allowed to make
physical contact with an officer.
You have violated the
U.S.M.C.F. Manual of Conduct.
And this violation
requires discipline.
What's going on?
- Winter's got him
on rock-and-roll detail.
- Is he not going to make it?
No way. Three-two against.
Come on, youguys.
Those stones weigh 25 pounds apiece.
It's gonna be 85 degrees by noon.
We have 2,000 percent humidity.
The guy's not going to make the day.
- Everyone paid up this week?
- Yeah, we're good.
Put mine in,
double or nothing against.
No way he's gonna make it.
- Beaupre, 12.
- [Yates] Double or nothing, against.
Hey, hey, hey.
[Continues, Indistinct]
Who's down for ten?
At least take some water.
If you're dehydrated, you're gonna drop.
- Can he take it off, boss?
- Captain?
You can take off
your shirt ify ou want.
- [Inmate #1] Hey!
- [Inmate #2] What the fuck is that?
- Electrical burn scars.
- What do you mean?
How long was he in there?
Six years.
Could have got out in four.
They offered him a full release,
but he stayed six.
He said he wouldn't leave
without his men.
Come on, baby! Drop that rock!
[Inmates Cheering In Distance]
Come on, General. You can do it.
- Come on, baby!
- [Inmate] Push that rock, soldier!
Kind of tired, sir.
Why don't you call it quits?
Don't listen to him, sir.
It's not that hot.
Why don't you
call it quits, sir?
Go, General!
Come on, baby!
[Inmate] Come on.
One more rock! You got it, sir!
That's it. It's over.
Somebody pushed him.
That's it. He's down.
- He can't go on like that.
It's all over. Stay down.
- Look at me.
- Follow it.
- It's all done. All over.
It's all over.
Yates, 36 packs you owe me.
- How many?
- Four.
- What day is it?
- Saturday.
- He's fine.
- [All Cheering]
- Yeah!
- [Inmates Chanting] Go! Go! Go!
[Cheering Continues]
Yes, sir.
[Blows Whistle]
The discipline order
was horn-to-horn labor.
Doesn't matter where the stones are.
You have to continue.
What's he supposed to do, Captain?
He just moved the whole goddamn pile.
Well, he can move 'em back.
- [Exhales]
- Bets are still on.
- Seven-two, against.
- You're a fuckin' snake, man.
- Don't bet if you don't want to.
- Yates, four in favor.
Four in favor, Aguilar.
Four in favor!
Who's down for ten?
The horn.
They're holding the horn.
Winter's holding the horn.
That ain't right.
- [Inmate] Son of a bitch.
- [Grunts]
- [Horn Blaring]
- All right, everybody
to the tiers for count!
- Let's go! Move it!
- [Man On P.A.]
Inmates will move to tiers...
for face-to-badge count.
Inmates will report to the tiers
for face-to-badge count.
Why would you kill yourself
to help him with his wall?
It's not his wall.
It's your wall.
Prisoner Irwin, let's go.
The commandant
would like to see you.
- They clean you up okay?
- Yes.
The cut above your eye,
it's not too serious I hope.
I'm okay.
Well, I am sorry about this.
It's the standard cooling-off period
after a punishment detail.
I hope you understand...
I did this for the men.
- The men?
- Yes, to show them--
To show them that you are
no different than they are.
Your new friend, Aguilar, he took
a claw hammer to his platoon leader.
He maimed him in a quote,
unquote fit of rage.
[Sighs] Whenever I am...
filled with doubt--
whenever sentiment creeps in--
I just have to open an inmate's file
and see what he's done.
I see what he's capable of.
I see the worst in him.
And that makes my job easier.
It crystallizes my mission.
- Take him back to the tiers.
- Yes, sir.
Hold on.
- Sergeant, taking him back to cell 345.
- Very well, Private.
[Tapping Sound]
[Inmates Tapping In Unison]
[Tapping Continues, Louder]
Goodnight, guys.
- Your winnings.
- My winnings?
Aguilar placed a bet for you.
Four bundles at seven-to-two,
two bundles at eleven to one.
That's 36 bundles.
You could get yourself
thrown out of the Hall of Fame
for betting on yourself.
Corporal Aguilar.
Would you pass these out
to the men? I don't smoke.
Thank you, sir.
- So you're the gambler.
- Nah, I don't gamble.
I'm just the bookkeeper.
- Yeah? I hear you're running
a suicide pool on me.
- That's right.
- Any squares left?
- [Chuckles] Yeah, there's one.
Nine weeks.
- How much to enter?
- No way, man.
Knowing you, you'd off yourself
just to win the bet.
Oh-ho, not me.
I bet on myself, it's to win.
Yeah, you don't always win.
No. [Chuckles]
Clearly not.
You know, my father said
you kept him alive in Hanoi.
- He said you kept all those guys alive.
- Nah.
When you're tortured,
the first thing they do is try
to break down your sense ofself.
And I broke in Hanoi.
For weeks, the last thing in
my mind was self-preservation.
In fact, I prayed
for death every night.
And the only thing that kept me
from answering those prayers,
were the voices of the men
in the other rooms--
your father among them.
I don't care what you've heard, Yates.
They kept me alive.
Not the other way around.
Hey! Sir?
You cost me my whole stash
of smokes.
Oh. Well, I'm sorry about that.
Well, you win some,
you lose some.
So what did you mean earlier
about it being our wall?
I mean, it's Winter's wall.
That fuck just makes us work it
to keep us occupied.
It's like we're a bunch
of little kids or something.
In 1870, there was nothing here.
The original prison was built
by prisoners. I want to show--
I want to show you something
I found the other day.
Oh, here it is.
You see this?
"Private A.J. Beck, 1912-1923."
Now why do you suppose
Private Beck--
What do you think he was doing,
building his own prison?
- How the fuck do I know?
- Well, I don't know either,
but I can make a guess.
My guess is he wasn't
building a prison.
My guess is he was
building something else.
They may have told him to build
a prison, but, in his own mind,
he was raising walls
to protect himself.
My guess is he was
building a castle.
That's a castle?
Yeah, it could be. Could be.
- If somebody rebuilt it.
- How we supposed to do that, sir?
How are you supposed to do that?
I don't know anything about walls.
Why don't you ask pri--
Ask Aguilar.
His dad's a mason.
[Inmates Cheering]
[Hysterical Laughter]
Good morning, sir.
- What happened here?
- The prisoners,
they knocked it down, sir.
- Why?
- Irwin, he told them to.
Thank you.
What's up, Aguilar?
Th-That's not the right rock.
Cutbush, you believe this kid?
Yeah, he seems
to know his shit, you know?
All right, Aguilar. I'll bite.
- Bring me the right rock.
- O-Okay.
You need a rock
with a flat edge,
that one's jagged.
- Th-The jagged ones go in the middle.
- The middle? All right.
Bring me another one.
If I keep getting you the flat rocks,
you'll never learn--
I'll get you one more,
okay, Beaupre?
Mr. Aguilar? It looks good.
Thanks, Chief.
- [Inmate] Morning, Chief.
- [Man] Molly be damned
Smote Jimmy the Harp
with a horrid little pistol
and a lariat
She's goin' to the bottom
She's goin' down the drain
Said she wasn't big enough
to carry it
She said,
"Get behind the mule"
- Gotta get behind the mule
- Pu-Put that on the outside.
You gotta get behind the mule
In the morning and plow
You gotta get behind the mule
In the morning and plow
I'm impressed.
Pretty handy with a trowel.
- Good work, you guys.
- You know it, Chief.
- Nice work.
- Thanks, Chief.
- What do you think?
- I think she's beautiful.
- That's the word.
- Eighteen courses in one week.
I'm proud of you.
You should be proud.
- Men did good, huh?
- They did.
Now, listen. Be sure to leave a window,
a portal. Every castle has one.
Aguilar? Excuse me, Chief.
Aguilar, come here a minute.
- Go ahead.
- Guys, hold up a minute.
Hold up the work.
Hold up.
Maybe you should go first.
Put your name in the wall.
Hey, hold up on the work.
Come on.
Putyour name right in here.
Spell it out.
A-- [Stutters] G-G-G.
- Scumbags are having
at it, sir. Yes, sir.
- [Winter] Really?
They're calling Irwin "Chief."
That's the word they got for General.
They got substitute names
for the other ranks, too, sir.
Anybodywho was a captain is "Boss."
Sergeants are "Sport," Privates are "Pal."
Playing soldier, sir.
- Hearts and minds.
- Sir?
He's building a structure of loyalty.
He's offering them self-respect,
in exchange for obedience.
The general is building
himself an army.
He can have their hearts and minds, sir.
As long as we got 'em by the balls.
- Well put, Corporal.
- Thank you, sir.
- Captain.
- [Cocks Gun]
- Bring him to my office.
- Who, sir?
- The prince of Venezuela.
Who do you think?
- General Irwin?
Mr. Irwin.
[Winter] When you first arrived,
I asked you a question.
I need to ask again.
What do you want from your time
here at the castle, Mr. Irwin?
And my answer is the same
as it was then.
Do my time. Go home.
So you say, but everything
you have done has contradicted that.
[Sighs] These men are not here
for unpaid parking fines and traffic--
I'm under no illusion why
the men are here, Colonel.
I just think they might
be reminded...
about some of the good things they've
done, rather than only the worst.
Yes, that is-- that is something
my predecessor used to say.
In his last two years here there
were seven escape attempts,
twelve injury assaults on officers
and N.C.O.s, including one killed.
Since I've assumed command,
there have been zero escape attempts,
zero injury assaults,
zero fatalities.
Some may question
my methods, but they do work.
No soldier has ever died needlessly
under my command, Mr. Irwin.
See, I, too, share
the burden ofcommand.
You may not think that
I've ever set foot on a battlefield,
but that's because you've never
sat behind this desk-- this desk.
My men and I are
vastly outnumbered.
We spend every day
behind enemy lines.
Because, make no mistake about it,
Mr. Irwin, they are the enemy.
But I don't need to justify
myself to you, do I?
I don't know.
Do you?
This wall...
that has become the focus
of so much... tension...
and turmoil--
Well... in about two minutes,
there will be no more wall.
- [Horn Honks]
- [Man] Back away from the wall--
Back away!
- Come on!
- [Bulldozer Advancing]
Backaway from the wall.
Come on!
Aguilar, damn it!
What is he doing?
Sound the horn.
[Horn Blaring]
Agui-- Get down!
- [Man On P.A.] All inmates
remain on the ground--
- Aguilar, get down!
What the hell are you doing?
Get down, Aguilar.
- [Aguilar] No!
- Get down!
- [Inmate] Hey, what are you
doing, Ramon? Get down!
- Aguilar, get down!
- Aguilar, get the hell down!
- Zamorro.
- Yes, sir.
- You bet, sir.
- What the hell are you doing?
- Get down!
- [Inmates shouting]
Get down! Get down!
- Aguilar, get down!
- Get down!
- [Gunshot]
- [Blaring Horn Subsides]
- Aguilar?
- [Doc] Permission
to examine the prisoner, sir.
- [Niebolt] Doc! Come on!
- Sir.
[Cell Door Closes]
[Inmates Chattering, Indistinct]
- Dellwo.
- Sir?
- You're a sergeant-major?
- I was.
Prisoners! Fall in!
I said, fall in!
[Dellwo] Let's go, ladies!
Now! Now! Now!
All right!
Let's fall in!
Fall in!
We don't got all day!
Come on. Fall in!
You look like
a bunch of old women!
Fall in, goddamnit! Fall in!
Now! Now! Now!
- Scumbags runnin' the asylum?
- [Chuckles] Maybe.
Some may think to be
remembered in this way...
would be a disgrace
to a soldier.
But this is not a disgrace.
The greatest monuments
to fallen men...
are not made in marble.
They're deep in the sea,
deep in the jungles,
on foreign battlefields,
a rifle driven
into the ground,
with a helmet on top...
and some tags.
And that is the tribute
that this man has earned.
Corporal Ramon Aguilar,
United States Marine Corps.
From the halls of Montezuma
To the shores of Tripoli
[Other Inmates Joining]
We fight our country's battles
In the air on land and sea
First to fight
for right and freedom
And to keep
our honor clean
We are proud
to claim the title
of United States Marines
Duh-duh, da, da, da, da
Da, duh-duh
La, la-la, la
La-la, la
- [Snickers]
- Sir, do you--
[Singing Continues]
Da-da da
Da-da da da
Da-da da
Da-da da da
Da-da da da-da
Sound the chow horn.
Sir, you still have
about ten minutes.
- Sound it.
- Yes, sir.
- Da da-da da...
- [Horn Blares]
- [Singing Stops]
- [Dellwo] Present...
Fall... out!
[Man On P.A.] Chow call.
All inmates report to the mess hall.
Chow call. All inmates
report to the mess hall.
So, tell me again.
Why is it
Aguilar had to die?
- [Enriquez] Believe us now?
- [Irwin] I believe you now.
Very good.
You have checkmate
in five moves.
Looks that way, sir.
Why you movin' if I have
checkmate in five moves?
'Cause I have
checkmate in three.
Shall we, uh, call it a draw?
If you'll excuse us, Mister, uh--
[Peretz] Enriquez.
Let's go. Move it out.
[Extended Sigh]
Your, uh,
Very cute.
- Five?
- Four, when that picture was taken.
- Oh.
- Six now.
It was unfortunate about...
But tough decisions
do go with thejob.
Burden of command, correct?
These salutes, I've given
them some thought.
Technically, they are not
a violation of regulations.
So, if the inmates can
confine themselves to a simple...
hand movement
through the hair,
I see no problem with it.
And if the men want to call
you chief, well, that's fine.
Free speech and all that.
- Okay, then.
- No, not okay.
It's too late, Colonel.
- It's too late for what?
- For your offer.
The men don't want to salute.
They don't want to use rank.
They don't want better food.
They don't want more TV.
They just want your resignation.
So do I.
- My resignation?
- You're a disgrace, Colonel.
A disgrace to the uniform.
You should not be allowed
to retain your command.
Well, then I'd better go pack.
- I think you should.
- Oh?
Tell me, Mr. Irwin,
what's to stop me from just...
placing you in the hole...
for, say, six months?
If that's the way
you want to win.
Sir, if I can make a suggestion,
- maybe we should
isolate prisoner Irwin--
- Get me General Wheeler.
[Inmates Shouting]
Yes, sir.
[Winter] Two weeks ago,
I watched as he marched
a man up and down the yard.
A minor eccentricity. Fine.
Since then,
he's been acting as though...
he still has a command
in some fantasy army.
- And yesterday--
- I don't think you'd
want to make general.
Now, you wouldn't want to give up
all these perks, would you?
Sorry. Go on.
Yesterday, Mr. Irwin...
told me he required
my resignation.
Frankly, I think he's
started to lose the plot.
You saying he's delusional?
I'm saying he needs
professional psychiatric help.
He's sick and becoming pathetic.
Uh, you might want to be a little
more careful in your word choice.
That sick, pathetic man
put this star on my shoulder.
Yes, sir. I know.
And I also know that
you sat in on his court-martial.
And don't talk about things
that are above your pay grade.
- Hmm?
- Yes, sir.
General Wheeler, I admire
the man as much as you do.
So I want to see that
he gets the best care possible.
And I'm not sure that
this is the right place for that.
All right.
Well, let me see him.
[Buzzer Buzzes, Door Opens]
Do we read the rules, sir?
Read 'em.
Well, sir, normally
for a contact visit,
folks are limited to one embrace
in the beginning and one at the end.
And, uh, hands must be
visible at all times, also.
I guess that rules out the hand-job.
Thank you, gentlemen.
- Permission to be seated, sir.
- Permission granted.
- What are you doing here, Jim?
- I'm here to see if you've lost your mind.
- [Chuckles]
- [Sheila] Uh, he should be
available later.
- I can take a mes--Just a second.
- Good morning, Miss Kelly.
- Jim--Jim, yeah-- Hold on--
- Miss Kelly?
Miss Kelly,
I got everything here but...
- the athletic gear.
- I found that--
I found that top one laying on
the floor out in the hallway.
- Hold on one second. What, Danny?
- I found that top one...
- laying on the floori n the hallway.
- Fine. Thanks, Danny.
Uh, yeah. We just needed you to send
him up here as soon as possible.
[Phone Ringing]
He's saying you're delusional,
that you're acting as if you're
still in command of an army.
He's saying I'm delusional
because he wants me gone.
Now, if you had ironclad evidence...
of Winter killing a man in cold blood
for no good reason,
then I could do something, maybe.
Outside of that, the man's been
investigated three times.
He's been
exonerated three times.
And as far as Washington
is concerned,
- he's doin' a superb job.
- [Chuckles]
Yeah, and you're
a convictedcriminal.
- You could get another investigation.
- Yes, I could.
But without any new evidence,
what would be the point?
And besides that,
Gene, honestly,
I don't give a rat's ass.
I don't care.
What I care about is you
and getting you out of here.
Now, haven't you
punished yourself enough?
- What I did was wrong, Jim.
- [Peretz] All teams.
All teams, this is
a full S.O.R.T. alert.
Repeat: All teams,
this is a full S.O.R.T. alert.
[Men Shouting, Indistinct]
I cannot let this continue.
Now, you will get out of here,
and you will go spend some time...
withy our daughter
and your grandson.
I can have my staff write up
a compassionate release on medical grounds.
- It can say whatever
you want it to say.
- There's nothing wrong with me.
For Christ's sake,
will you work with me ?
- There is nothing wrong with me.
- I see no indication of anything, sir.
Of course not.
He'll keep it hidden until
the last possible second.
Red Team, go.
Go, go, go!
Gene, what the hell is this about?
Is this about control?
- Because, you know,
no castle can have two kings.
- Go, go, go, go, go!
Get down!
On the floor, now!
- General, you must come with us.
- What are you doing?
[Man On P.A.] All inmates remain
on the ground in the prone position.
All inmates
remain on the ground--
- Let's go!
- What is this!
What is this
for Christ's sake?
- [Shouting Continues]
- [Door Slams Shut]
Go! Let's go!
Go, go, go, go!
- [Shouting]
- All right!
[Screaming, Yelling]
Sir? Tear gas?
Return to hangar.
Nothing is happening.
It was a bluff.
You can take her home.
Return to hangar.
You thought he was gonna try
to take me hostage?
- Yes, it was a precautionary move.
- What the hell kind of...
grab-ass unit are you
running here, Colonel?
Sir, at 11:58 this morning,
I received a letter...
stating a group of inmates were
planning on taking you hostage at 12:10.
I thought it prudent to act immediately
to ensure your safety.
I've been hearing some disturbing
things about what goes on in here.
And now I'm hearing it from a man
I trust and whose opinion I respect.
- May I speak freely, sir?
- Yes, you may.
With all due respect, General,
I don't know what
you may have been hearing.
But until you've spent some time
in the yard with those animals,
you have no idea
what happens in there.
Point taken, Colonel.
Nevertheless, if I hear...
one more story about a man dying
under your command,
you are through here.
- Do you understand me?
- Yes, sir.
All right.
As far as Gene Irwin is concerned, it is
my judgment he is as sane as you or I.
I wish he wasn't. He is.
Frankly, I'd like nothing more than
an excuse to get him out of here.
But I see the only way that's
gonna happen is if you request it.
That is true, sir.
So you just-- You tell me
you can't handle him. He's gone.
Oh, I think
I can handle him, sir.
You watch yourself, Colonel.
"Eugene R. Irwin,
"Lieutenant General,
United States Army,
"in direct contravention of
an order to evacuate Burundi...
by his commander-in-chief--"
That is the president,
for those of you who do not know.
"...selected a platoon of men to
extract Jackson Ngwe, a local warlord.
"Disregarding reliable intelligence,
"General Irwin's reconnaissance team
entered the ville at 0300.
Eight men were captured
and executed. "
reliable intelligence...
eight men...
were executed.
What I want you men
to understand...
is what
the consequences can be...
when you choose to follow
a man who is motivated...
solely by his pride.
A man who will do anything
for one more victory notch on his belt,
no matter what the cost,
before he fades away.
- [Peretz] Start the extractions.
- [Protesting Shouts]
[Inmates Clamoring]
[Alarm Bell Ringing]
Over here!
Come here!
Let's go.
Get out! Get out!
- [Bell Rings]
- Hi, Doc. Let's go for a little walk.
Get the fuck back!
- Open 355!
- Open it up!
Look at you. Relax, ladies.
- [Groans]
- Hold him down, men!
I had nothing to do with this!
- No!
- [Groans]
- Why don't you just execute me?
- No reason for that!
- Turn him around.
- [Baton Blows Thudding]
- [Groaning]
- [Handcuffs Clicking]
- Don't put me in the hole!
[Man Screaming] Oh, don't--
don't put me in the hole! No!
- You want that?
- No.
- Thanks, man.
- You bet.
[Indistinct Chatter]
What do we do now?
- Jimmy, wait up!
- [Man On P.A.] Attention, inmates.
All visitation requests
must be submitted...
to the S-3 by 1100 today.
- All visitation requests--
- So, you really did--
You really did bluff Winter.
The problem is his flush
beat your straight.
I don't play poker, Mr. Yates.
I play chess.
And in chess, you play
with somebody long enough,
you come to realize that their
first three moves are usually the same.
Chess, huh?
What was his first move?
- What was the first move?
- First, uh, two teams,
- 20 men apiece.
- Like I was saying, the inside
teams only have batons.
- Second?
- Second? Water cannon.
- Third? What kind of chopper?
- Chopper.
Sir, are you sure we should be having
this discussion this man standing--
You know he can't
be trusted, right?
I don't know.
Is that how you use
the burden of command?
To make men into--
into, uh, chess pieces?
- Yes.
- Hey, Yates.
Why don't you do yourself
a favor and run along.
[Winters] That prisoner
walking away, who is that?
Uh, that's--
That's Yates.
He was an Apache pilot, but now
he's a lowlife-- a hustler. He takes bets.
- On what?
- Anything.
Fights, the weather.
He even took bets on whether
Irwin was gonna kill himself.
[Recording: Classical]
"This highly effective officer seems
to have no moral grounding whatsoever."
Is that so?
Well, that's what men
better than me seem to think, sir.
Why are you here, Yates?
I would like your version.
I was involved in a drug-smuggling
operation from Juarez to El Paso...
including several
of my subordinates, sir.
You were "involved."
You ran it, did you not?
Says here that you wore
a wire on your men.
Is that correct?
- Yeah.
- And how many years...
did they take off
your sentence for... that?
Four years, sir.
And now you're the prison bookie.
Tell me, Yates,
how does a man like you...
get into West Point?
My father was a winner of
the Congressional Medal of Honor, sir.
Oh, right.
Well, sometimes the apple does fall
far from the tree. [Snickers]
- [Snickering]
- Your father--
Your father was a POW
with Mr. Irwin, was he not?
- Yes, that is correct.
- And yet, you haven't
seen fit to join Mr. Irwin's--
- Crusade?
- Crusade.
- Why is that?
- It's not my fight.
Mr. Irwin is in a fight?
It says here
you have three years...
left with us.
- Correct?
- That's what it says.
That's what it says.
Does three months sound better?
I need to resolve
this situation... quickly...
before someone else gets
hurt... or killed.
- Do you agree?
- I guess.
And the way I need to do that
is with information.
So, you might want to rethink...
your joining Mr. Irwin's...
You asking me to be
your snitch, sir?
Isn't it a little late in the game
to be self-righteous?
- Dude, why I got to get my ass kicked?
- How many times you gonna ask?
Stop your sniveling.
I'm only gonna hit you once.
- Well, when?
- Now!
Fight! Fight! Fight!
- [Dellwo] Sit your tray down!
- [Inmates Clamoring]
Hey, fucker!
[Shouting, Cheering]
Back off now!
I said back off now!
[Cheers, Applause]
On your cans!
Let's get on! Sit your asses down,
now! Let's go!
[Mess Hall Quiets]
You guys,
we don't have much time.
We can no longer wear
the uniform of a soldier.
We forfeited that right.
And that includes me.
I disobeyed
an executive order.
I violated my duty
as a commanding officer.
And eight men paid
a catastrophic price.
It's a mistake
not easy to live with.
So, here I am, just like you,
a convicted criminal.
The only difference between
you and me is I know I'm guilty.
So we're packed away here
as prisoners.
And one thing is certain.
Our captors have the power.
They can try to humiliate us.
They can beat us.
They can lock us away
in a dark hole for days on end.
But there's one thing
they cannot do.
They cannot take away from us
who we are.
- And we are soldiers.
- [All] Yeah, that's right.
It is the one thing--
It is the one thing that gives us
a chance in here.
And that
nobody can ever take away.
- Yeah, that's right.
- [Inmates Agreeing]
The Uniform Code
of Military Justice.
"Grounds for Removal of
a Stockade or Disciplinary
Barracks Commander:
- "One. Dereliction of duty.
- [Inmates] That's right. Yeah.
- "Two. Criminal malfeasance.
- [Inmates Murmuring Agreement]
- "Three. Noncompliance
with procedural rules.
- Yeah.
"Four. Making false
official statements.
"Five. Conduct unbecoming
to an officer and gentleman.
"Six. Cruelty and maltreatment
of persons under his command.
[Shouting Agreement,
Rattling Tables]
Command failure resulting
in loss of control of facility."
Gentlemen, I propose that we
seize control of this facility.
[Boisterous Cheers]
[Irwin] Take a look
at a castle, any castle.
Now, break down the elements
that make it a castle.
Location. Protection.
Garrison. Flag.
The only difference between
this castle and all the rest...
- is they were built
to keep people out.
- Forward. Ho.
This castle was built
to keep people in.
But it's still a castle.
And any castle can be taken,
whether you're fighting
in the 14th century or the 21st.
To succeed in a castle war,
you have to overcome
the garrison,
take the high ground...
and ultimately
capture the flag.
Okay? Enriquez.
All right. You set up
a command post, okay?
And here, you have
the guard-- Well, here.
First of all,
this is admin building,
Winter's office, guards.
Okay? Phase one,
neutralize Winter's guards.
Phase two, towers. Control the towers,
you control the yard.
Tower one, tower two,
tower three, tower four.
Tower four is Zamorro--
guy to watch.
Phase three,
water cannon.
Four, helicopter.
Helicopter's the high ground.
Takin' the helicopter's gonna
be a bitch. But it's doable.
Finally, the flag.
Capture the flag.
When we capture the flag,
it's raised upside down.
- Distress.
- Right.
Right. Upside down means,
"Send help.
The fort has fallen."
We raise it upside down,
and keep it that way until
Wheeler arrives and sees it.
- Then, we've won.
- [Chuckles]
Yates, shut the fu--
You see what I mean about him?
Hey, Yates, what are
you doin' here, huh?
I don't know.
Ask him. He invited me.
General, I know, uh, his father
served with you in Vietnam,
but do we really
need him around?
Yeah. He stays.
- Duffy? Are you in maintenance?
- Yes, sir.
Got a minute?
How am I doin'?
in the colonel's favor.
- Well, you don't think I can win.
- He knows too--
He knows too much.
He's prepared. He's ready.
He may be prepared,
but he's not ready.
You know, we can use you.
Hey, look, I just want
to survive this and go home.
- You make a deal with him?
- What?
That's what I would do.
Go to you.
- He knows what you're capable of.
- Listen, man.
- But so do I.
- Oh, yeah?
Well, I know what
you're capable of.
- I know your type very well.
- Is that right?
Is that from your infinite years
of experience on the battlefield?
Why do you think I should help you?
Can you get me out of here?
- No.
- Then what are you going to do for me?
Oh, you're going to make me a soldier
again? Is that what you're doing?
I get to be all I can be?
You gonna teach me to salute?
You know what? This is about
the time I would be giving you
my internal soldier speech.
But the truth is, you probably
never should have been a soldier.
Your father was.
That's how I saw him.
You saw him as a disappointment.
Okay. Get past it.
That was then.
The only thing that matters here is...
what we are now
and what we do now.
This man is going to you
because he sees the worst in you.
He's going to play for the worst.
I want to see the best.
That means there's no middle.
Now, these men need you.
And I need you.
Now, it's your choice.
And don't tell me
you're surviving here, Yates.
- You're hiding.
- [Scoffs]
- How's it going this evening, sir?
- Fine, Sergeant. How are you?
Prisoner Yates
wishes to have a word.
Give me five minutes, Captain.
- [Door Closes]
- [Clears Throat] Hi.
- Hi.
- [Ringing]
Colonel Winter's office.
Yeah. Yeah, go ahead
and just send it up.
[Door Opening, Closing]
- Sir?
- Yes.
Prisoner Yates.
You want me to do
this thing for you?
This 30 days-- This three months,
it's not gonna cut it.
I got to get out of here immediately.
I got to get out of here tomorrow.
I'm afraid
that's not possible.
Look, when this thing explodes,
everyone's gonna know it's me who yakked.
And then my life's
worth nothing.
So, either you get me out
of here immediately...
or you find another guy
who knows as much as I do...
and who's willing to spill it.
Good luck.
The soonest I can get you out
is one week.
Sir, I'm not gonna last--
I won't last seven seconds
let alone seven days.
Well, you can ride
the week out in the hole.
No one will
get you there.
So what does Mr. Irwin
have planned for us?
He's planning
to take over the prison.
Well, that information
won't get you released.
That information won't even get
you extra potatoes at lunch.
I know the details.
I know how he plans
to neutralize your men,
how he plans to take over the tower,
weapons and tools he's building.
- Do you know when?
- [Cutbush] Yates,
I know you're in there!
- Yates! Yates, I know you're in there!
- [Guard] Cutbush!
You're a fucker, Yates!
You are gonna snitch!
Cutbush, shut up!
Cutbush, get down!
Shut up! Niebolt,
what's he doing up here?
- He brought up the laundry,
and he went ape, sir.
- All right. Enough!
Place this man in the SHU.
No one talks to him.
No one sees him.
- Understand me?
Place a guard on his cell.
- Yes, sir!
- Damn rat!
- What's the problem?
My mother's sick.
I'm trying to get a furlough.
- Shut up!
- Get him out of here!
Captain, with me.
[Exhales Sharply]
Oh, Jesus, man.
Now you have no choice,
or you're going to spend the next
three years in solitary confinement.
I need more time.
I got to go back into general.
I'll know somethin' tomorrow.
Come get me at 0500.
I need more time!
Inmates, one step to the rear.
[Bell Rings]
[Man Singing, Indistinct]
[Singing Continues]
- Sir?
- Where's Yates' cell?
It's 340, sir.
You ready to play?
- Morning, sir.
- Fallout.
Good morning.
Good morning.
So, what do you
have for me?
- Not much.
- Not much.
Then why are you here?
I thought there was something
you might wanna know.
When they take over the prison,
they're going to fly the flag
upside down.
- Upside down?
- It's the international
sign of distress, sir.
Yes, I know what it means.
And where are they
going to get a flag?
They already have it. Yours.
- Peretz, who was in here yesterday?
- I took it, you murdering fuck.
I thought you
were smarter than that.
Yes, I know you did.
You gonna tell us
where that flag is?
Come on. Get up, Yates.
Where's the flag?
[Spits] You know, you're
a real fuckin' coward, Zamorro.
And you're a big hero.
Let's go. Come on.
Get your hands off me,
Fuckin' prick!
Shut up, Yates!
[Breathes Deeply]
- [Buzzer]
- [Man On P.A.]
All inmates on the rack.
This is a shakedown.
Go, go!
Come on! Fall out!
Let's go !
All inmates proceed to the yard
through the south ports.
[Guards Continue Yelling]
- [Buzzer]
- On the double! Move it!
Come on. Go, go!
- This way, chief.
- Let's go! Move it!
[Shouting Continues]
Over there, sir.
- It's crazy, huh?
- Let's go! Step it up!
- Come on! Let's go!
Move it, prisoners!
- Really crazy.
- Go!
- All right!
- [Commotion]
- [Objects Shattering]
Captain Peretz,
you will find my flag.
I don't wanna hear that.
You have your orders.
Find the damn thing.
Sir, they found
a lot of weaponry.
- But no flag.
- No, sir.
But at least we have
all their weapons.
There's nothing much
they can do now.
How many men do we have
searching the tiers?
We have close to a hundred.
Pretty much everybody we could get.
It's not about the flag.
He wants to be in the yard.
Get our men out of the tiers
and into the yard now.
- [Blows Whistle]
- Everybody into the yard!
Riot formation!
Let's go! Double time!
- Peretz! Get those men
into the yard, now!
- Yes, sir!
- Alert the S.O.R.T. teams. Go, go!
- [Speaks, Indistinct]
Chain, chain, chain.
All right.
How's it feel, huh?
How's it feel?
- [Grunts]
- Bring him with us.
To the hole!
Command post up, fast!
Put me down! You know
what's going to happen toyou?
- Go, go, go!
- Let us out!
- Hey! Hey! Beaupre, is that you?
- Yeah, yeah.
- Is it happening?
Fuckin' "A" it's happening.
- Yeah.
Damn it!
They chained the doors
to the tiers.
Yes. I can see that.
It's gonna take 'em
a little while to get around.
When they get here, tell them
to gear up, but hold them.
They'll expect us to come
hard and fast, so we won't.
- [Gunshot]
- Whoa! Hey!
Yates, you little prick. I bet against you
and it cost me a whole stash of smokes.
Yeah? There's
a lot of losers today.
- Go!
- [Gunfire]
- What's the deal?
- Come on, Zamorro, you motherfucker!
Come on! Come on!
You fucking believe this guy?
Okay, let's go.
Here we go. Let's go. Let's go.
- Hey, get it out right now.
- Later, later.
[Men Yelling]
Listen to me. The colonel said
to hold them, okay?
Hold them.
Sir, maybe we should call C.A.C.
and get General Wheeler.
And say what, Captain?
Colonel Winter has lost control
of his own prison?
- Keenan! Keenan,
you ready to go up, man?
- Yes, sir!
The trajectory
is going to be there.
Where do you want me?
This is Sergeant McLaren
from Fort Truman Prison.
Can I speak
to General Wheeler?
Well, you're gonna have to
wake the dude up, man.
This is from Colonel Winter.
We're having, like,
an uprising here.
Go. Launch when ready.
Go, go, go! Come on!
Light her up.
Light her up.
Sir. Colonel,
he wants to talk toyou.
- Who does?
- Him.
Colonel, I'm taking command
of your prison.
Like hell you are.
Come on, guys! Let's go!
Stop fuckin' around!
We don't got much time!
- Let's go! Come on, let's go!
- [Irwin] Dellwo.
- Sir?
- How close to ready?
- [Gunshot]
- Fuck! We're almost there, sir.
Sir, could-could you
come here, please?
What-What is that?
That thing right there
tucked away in the alley.
I don't know.
- Release the wave.
- [Men Yelling]
Come on, come on!
Get it up!
Go ahead and deploy
red and blue teams.
- [Men Shout, Indistinct]
- Let's go!
- Let's go. Come on! Move!
- [Men Yelling]
[Yelling Continues]
Lock and load
the fucking thing now!
Take it up, take it up.
Light her!
Gun! Bring me the gun!
Bring me the gun!
Bring it! Bring it!
Let's go! Come on!
Load her up. Load her up.
Charlie, you ready?
- Set!
- Clear!Fire!
Fuck me!
It worked, man!
- [Dellwo Shouting, Indistinct]
- [Irwin] Mr. Dellwo.
- Sir?
- Move ten feet forward.
Yes, sir.
Ten feet forward!
Ten feet forward!
- Zamorro, target the man loading
rocks into the trebuchet.
- McLaren?
Do not let him
put another one in.
Dellwo, you gonna
make it this time?
- You betcha, sir.
- Then now is the time.
All the way, sir!
Airborne! Hey, Jack!
- What?
- This is the one! Get it!
Come on. No, no, no, no.
This one in the middle.
- Come on, baby.
- Fire!
[Inmates Cheering]
[Cheering Continues]
- [Dellwo] Fire!
- Sir!
Come on! Come on!
Hold it there! Let's go!
Get it in there! Last one!
- Make it count! Make it--
- [Men Screaming]
- Be still!
- Put it out! Put it out!
- Hey, hey! It's out!
- You never can tell
about these flames, man.
Told you I was gonna
get your ass back, motherfucker.
Watch the window.
Get that water cannon now.
- Duffy. Duffy?
- Uh, just a few more minutes, sir.
Fall back! Fall back!
All personnel, fall back!
Come on! Faster!
[Men Groaning]
Come on, Duffy.
What are you doing? Cut it off.
- Keep it going!
- [Groans]
Let's shift to the C.P.!
Shift to the C.P.! Now! Go!
[Men Yelling]
Duffy, what are you doing?
Ha! Yes!
[Men Coughing]
- Charge!
- [Men Yelling]
[Yelling Continues]
- Whoo!
- You coward motherfucker, Winter!
- [Telephone Rings]
- Colonel, it's your private line.
- Get it.
- U.S.M.C.F. Colonel Winter's office.
Uh, yes, sir.
Yes, sir. Please hold.
It's General Wheeler.
We're on our way, Colonel.
There in 20 minutes.
I don't understand, sir.
You have a prison uprising.
You sent for help.
No, no. I nev--
We have the situation
under control, sir.
- We're just... mopping up now.
- [Wheeler] Good.
Glad to hear it.
We'll see you in 20 then.
Very good, sir.
I want this over. Now.
Get them airborne.
[Engines Whirring]
[Helicopter Whirring]
- Load the water cannon.
- Go, go! Come on, man!
All right,
give me the grapple!
- Hurry up! Hook it on!
- [Speaks, Indistinct]
Where's the fuckin' water?
We're hooked!
[Men Shouting]
- Sir, I think that's Yates.
- Yes, I know.
- Hold on!
- [Cheering]
Where is he?
- [Gunshot]
- [Grunts]
Hey! What areyou doing?
Get this guy out!
Clear out. I'm going up.
Zamorro, take him out.
Stop him! Stop him!
To hell with
this rubber-bullet shit.
- [Instrument Panel Beeping]
- Come on! Come on!
[Clicks Radio On And Off]
- Come on.
- [Groans]
Oh, no.
I never wrecked one before.
Don't talk. Go.
Move. Go!
Get out! Go!
You okay, Yates?
Let's go.
- Ready?
- Yeah.
Fallin! Let's go, men!
In formation, now!
On the double!
Let's go, soldiers! Now!
Let's go!
Dress right! Dress!
Ready... front!
The men are assembled, sir.
First and second squad,
move out.
Third and fourth squad,
move out.
I have authorized the use
of lethal ammunition at this facility.
Any prisoner who refuses to obey
my commands will be shot.
All prisoners
down on the ground, now!
I will give that command
one more time.
Then I will fire into them.
Surely, you don't want that
on your conscience, do you,
Prisoner Irwin?
All prisoners
down on the ground, now!
We don't have to do this.
We'll fight on.
No. It ends here.
Men, get down!
You, too, Yates.
That's an order.
Now, give me my flag.
It's not your flag.
What are you doing, Mr. Irwin?
You have lost.
I will not let you do this.
You will not raise that flag
upside down!
Get down on the ground
or you will be fired upon.
This is my command!
You will not raise that flag
upside down!
Designated marksman, open fire.
Selected marksman, open fire.
Open fire on that man!
That's an order!
What are they--
What are they doing?
What are you doing?
Do it now! Open fire!
Do not let him desecrate that flag!
Open fire on that man!
What are they doing?
- McLaren, Niebolt, with me!
- Niebolt, stay where you are.
Don't you defy me.
Don't you see what he's doing?
He's undermining my command!
Don't you see?
Don't you see what he's doing?
Don't you see
what he's doing?
Step away from the flag!
Step away from the flag!
[Peretz] Colonel!
Colonel, put the gun down, sir.
- [Peretz] Please. Please,
Colonel, put the gun down.
- [Gasps]
Sir, it's over now.
Just give it to me.
- [Breathing Heavily]
- [Peretz] Prisoners stay down.
- Hey, Doc!
- [Man] Go now!
McLaren, get 'em
back in the tiers.
A team, B team, move out now.
[Man] Let's go!
Hands behind your head!
All right!
On your feet!
- [Men Shouting]
- [Grunting]
[Man] Let's go, people.
Hands behind your head.
[McLaren] Prisoners will
return to the cell block.
[Speaks, Indistinct]
- Come on, Doc.
- He's bleeding.
- We got an ambulance on the way.
- Get him to the hospital.
A great general once said,
"You tell your men,
'You're soldiers.
"That's our flag. '
"You tell them,
'Nobody takes our flag. '
"Raise your flag so it flies high
where everyone can see it.
Now you've got yourself
a castle. "
[Steel-String Guitar]
Where the years have gone
I have years to go
Workin' for the man
to pay the debt I owe
Well, the time may pass
but the truth will stand
When the good Lord
shakes this calloused hand
You can call my name
It's time to go
But I'll never be free
till it's chiseled in stone
Ain't no man
gonna carry my load
I gotta be a man
and do it on my own
Devil's in my path
and the hound's on my heel
Have to walk in my shoes
just to know how I feel
The devil's callin' my name
He's the one who knows
That I'll never be free
till it's chiseled in stone
Chiseled in stone
Well, I keep on goin'
though there's no way out
Every stone in my path
is a brick in my house
A man's life is built
all along the way
By the things that he's done
and the choices he's made
Someday they'll call my name
I'll have a place of my own
But I'll never be free
till it's chiseled in stone
On the final day
when the whistle blows
I can rest my body
I can rest my soul
I built my castle
in the promised land
It's made of rocks and stone
and like the shifting sands
When they mention my name
after I'm long gone
Well, they'll know I'm free
'cause it's chiseled in stone
Chiseled in stone