The Last Client (2022) Movie Script

- Jimmy, you're up early.
- You have to be in order to make money.
He has left.
Can't see the sign?
You were the one who wanted
to open the restaurant, not me.
Didn't I state clearly that I wanted
my money back no matter what?
- Yeah. And I'm working on that.
- That's what you're working on. Sure enough.
Work a little harder.
What is it now?
Bloody hell.
What happens?
Now you leave your own room.
It is still night.
You go out into the hallway, you
pass your brother's room and so on.
So what do you see?
My parents' bedroom.
The door is open.
They are sleeping. My father's
leg has fallen half off the bed.
Is it a place you can seek safety if you
are afraid? Can you stand up to them?
Do they comfort you?
Do they put their arm around you?
My father...
My mother, she always sleeps deeply.
Then he carries me back.
He is strong.
- Is it a safe thing or threatening?
- Don't worry.
Thank you, Eric.
Then you have to sit up again.
So I'm not quite sure
where this is going.
When you offer a new big task in your
company, what is the most important thing?
- To find out who the competitors are.
- It's the same here.
- We find your competitors.
- Isn't it just a play on words?
I say competitors and
you say competitors.
We are constantly in competition
with who we are and who we want to be.
Success and security.
Most people want to be successful.
And it requires that you dare to bet.
And when you bet, you can lose and
become a failure. Failure, it's unsafe.
That's how it is with the
most important things in life.
If the distance between what we are
and what we want to be becomes too great -
- then comes the anxiety.
Loss of meaning, burnout, insomnia.
- Are you going to travel?
- I came from Stockholm this morning.
So see you. Maybe for a
little longer than you expect.
- Johanne, how does it look tomorrow?
- Lecture at 10. New premises.
- I have a basic plan here.
- Thanks.
- And only one client tomorrow?
- Yes. I know, it's annoying.
- But Rasmussen has cancelled.
- Mark Zidenius. Is he new?
- Yes. Do you want him moved?
- And nothing about what he suffers from?
- I would like to know a little about them.
- I know.
- But he didn't want to say anything.
- Have you googled him?
The one and only Mark Zidenius
died in a car accident five years ago.
- Then it's probably not him.
- I can call and cancel?
- No, that's fine. I'll see you tomorrow.
- You will also receive it by mail.
Thanks for food.
That was delicious.
- I'll probably clean up.
- You can get her to bed there.
Bad trade.
There is no arguing with a plate.
- She couldn't find her winter coat.
- Again?
- It was stolen for tennis.
- Well!
The last time it was
stolen, it was in a cafe.
We know that the woman
has been murdered -
- in a closed restaurant on Tuesday
evening in the inner city of Stockholm.
Police have not yet released
information about the woman's identity -
- but we know she was pregnant and
the fetus has been cut out and removed.
It is the same bestial procedure -
- as we have seen in similar cases
in Copenhagen and Trondheim.
Here in Sweden, a message has also
been written on the wall like in Trondheim:
"I am falling into the endless depths of
loneliness. There is no one to catch me."
"I fall into the infinite
depths of loneliness."
"I fall into the infinite
depths of loneliness."
"There's no one to catch me."
Those were my words in Trondheim.
- Do you sit and write a diary?
- No.
Should I be worried?
Let's go to bed.
Remember that the therapeutic
alliance is also a test of the therapist.
The client tests the therapist, and
this is crucial for a successful process -
- that the therapist passes the test.
- Yes?
- Can you elaborate on that?
The client watches the therapist just
as closely as the other way around -
- and it is here in this space
that the therapeutic alliance arises.
- Yes?
- How do you pass the test?
It is very simple. Or it isn't.
The important thing is that
the therapist reacts differently -
- than the primary
caregivers, mother or father -
- which are typically the
ones that caused the pain.
In this connection, we speak of
"the corrective emotional experience".
The corrective emotional
experience therefore means -
- that the therapist is invited
into real contact with the client.
And you have to earn it.
Among other things, by remembering
that the therapist is the client's lawyer -
- who must always defend
the client's authentic feelings.
- Shall I make coffee?
- You do not have to.
It's up to you.
- Hi.
- Hi. Field?
- Yes.
- Welcome to.
Do I have to pay before?
- If it's okay with you, yes.
- Fine. It's like at McDonald's.
- You also always pay in advance.
- Yes. Is it on the cards?
In the best restaurants,
you always pay after the food.
My mother and father once
took me to a really nice restaurant.
- My father paid only at the very end.
- You can easily pay afterwards.
- 1600?
- 1700.
- The most expensive psychiatrist in the whole country.
- Susanne is a psychologist.
But the most expensive.
How much is here?
- Let me see sometime. 1550.
- I have the rest in change.
60... 80...
- 1700.
- Is it Mark?
- Yes.
- Come on in.
You can sit right here.
- Aren't I going to the bric-a-brac?
- Ah, we start with the chair.
- Don't people get stressed by that?
- I work with clarity.
With other psychologists, the client
guesses how much time they have left.
Time is a factor in life,
also with a psychologist.
Then it's better to
get it all on the table.
- Tell me why you have come.
- It is hard.
When you booked an
appointment, what was pressing?
I would like to die.
- Have you tried to kill yourself?
- Mmm.
I started it...
and then I stopped.
How long has it been?
I didn't stop because I was scared.
But I found that wasn't enough.
- What do you mean?
- It wasn't enough to die.
The suicides are remembered.
Suicide is for the weak.
I want to feel like
I've never been here.
Why don't you want to be here?
Some lives are not worth living. Some
lives should never have been born.
Tell me something about yourself.
Do you have a job?
Yes, I work on construction sites.
Takes odd jobs
and stuff like that.
Do you have an education?
It was my last money.
I have saved up for three months -
- because you are the best.
I have read that.
I'm not the best.
That's not how it works.
But the most expensive. The most
expensive is usually also the best.
I focus mostly on the business world
and am a mediator in labor disputes.
I don't even know if I'm
the right person to help you.
Have you sought help elsewhere? There
are many good offers for young people.
Young people...
Just being able to be with others
who struggle with the same feelings.
But you don't know what I struggle with.
Tell me about it.
I want to disappear.
It should be like
I've never been here.
Do you understand what I mean?
Have you been in contact with psychiatry?
Mark, I don't think I'm the
right person to help you.
But that's because
you've realized something.
As only you and I know.
A secret.
- What have you and I realized?
- That some people cannot be fixed.
They are not worth repairing.
It's like with cars and pets.
At some point it doesn't make sense...
Then it's called scrapping or the vet.
- Is not that right?
- No.
No. Then why won't you help me?
I have paid like everyone else.
- You don't have to pay anything.
- You will not accept my money.
You will only help those with
success who just need to be adjusted.
- Not those who need it.
- I have no experience with young people.
- Don't you have a daughter?
- How do you know I feel?
Do you have more than her?
I don't have others.
But I know that feeling of meaninglessness
can hit hard, especially in your twenties.
There are people who would like
to have healthy limbs amputated.
Yes. But fortunately
it is a rare disorder.
But they don't feel right until
they have an arm or a leg cut off.
I saw a video of a woman
who wanted to be blinded.
It's not much different with me.
I would like to be deleted.
- Have you played a lot of computer games?
- The world is a game.
It's just impossible to win.
If you had to have a feeling of
having won, what would it take?
If I were to win?
Yes. If you were to go through
life with your hands over your head -
- what would it take?
That my mother and father had loved me.
Where are your parents today?
They are not here anymore.
But it doesn't matter either.
If Parents Can't Love...
If you grow without
love, then life feels like...
an eternal descent into...
the endless depths of
loneliness with no one to grab you.
Is there a toilet I can borrow?
- Suzanne?
- Yes.
Yeah, it's...
There's a toilet right out here.
What the hell is going on?
Hey, Siri. Call Frederik mobile.
Calling Frederik mobile.
You have caught Frederik Hartmann.
Leave a message -
- or send a text and I'll get back
to you as soon as I can. Thanks.
Hello, Frederik, it's me.
Something is very wrong.
Mark, we're probably going
to have to stop a little early.
- My daughter... They called from the school.
- Your daughter?
A little warm on the forehead,
and then you're off and running.
- We can arrange a new time next week.
- No.
- You get your money back.
- I want the hour I paid for.
I think you should sit down again.
It's not even a real hour.
- You get 45 minutes. There are 40 left.
- My daughter has...
Your daughter can wait half an hour.
I've been waiting and waiting for this.
- I feel insecure.
- How unsafe?
What does my name do
on a ferry ticket to Bergen?
- Are you going through my stuff?
- I would like to ask you to go.
- Otherwise, I'll call for help.
- You and I, we'll stay here.
I am entitled to my half hour. I have
paid the most expensive psychiatrist...
Psychologist, but you
need a psychiatrist more.
Are you saying I'm sick?
Not everyone can be helped by a
psychologist. Contact your doctor. John!
She's not here anymore.
- There's just the two of us.
- Johanne would never go...
Sit down, Susanne.
- We start with the chair.
- John!
- Where is she?
- She's not here anymore.
It was my last money.
Now I don't even
know if I want more.
Shall we make a deal? The first quarter
went by with all possible lackluster.
There is half an hour left.
Shall we say you have half an hour?
I'm doing something wrong.
If you can save me...
then you go free.
But if you scream
or try to run away
I beg you.
- I will not die.
- It is very possible.
The others didn't want to die either.
The others?
It is you.
You are the one who
killed the pregnant women.
I am not pregnant.
- It's not about that.
- So what?
Oh God!
God does not listen to people in need.
In any case, it is very selective.
You are wasting your time.
Look here, Susanne.
Now I'll give you an extra minute.
Time is a factor in life.
Also when you go to a psychologist.
Shall we start the therapy?
Come on.
I can not.
"The Glass Child".
Have you written it?
"Therapeutic Methods of
Treating the Neglected Child."
Did it sell well?
"How does childhood trauma
play out in the client's present?"
Don't want to try at all?
What do you have to lose?
"Childhood traumas
leave clear traces -
- in the patient's body, psyche and soul.
Memory is fleeting
It's hard when I'm tied up.
- Aren't you just going to ask questions?
- I must be able to take notes.
I can't do that when I'm tied up.
You have the knife and I'm sitting here.
I'm not moving.
Will you hand me my notebook?
It's over there.
"Physical love from the father."
"Unclear and possibly depressed mother."
"Now choosing women who reject him."
Who is it?
Erik Abrahamsen.
Doesn't sound so bad. A father who
liked him and a mother who was sad.
Now he is stone rich
and turns on cold bitches.
Sounds like a luxury
issue if you ask me.
Will you let me try?
You say you want help.
Why don't you say something?
Is it such a psychological trick?
The fetus killer.
- That's what they call you, right?
- Murderer.
It sounds so... so primitive.
Taking another
person's life is a big thing.
- Do you know how it feels?
- No.
It doesn't feel like taking anything.
Not only.
It also feels like the opposite.
- What do you mean?
- Like giving.
Give them the freedom.
Is that how you felt?
Like you gave them their freedom?
Don't you ever miss it, Susanne?
The freedom to disappear?
- To be freed from all his faults?
- I have not done anything.
Are you going to kill me too?
What will it take to talk you out of it?
You are the psychologist.
- Why did you kill the other women?
- It wasn't about them.
- It was about freeing their children.
- But you also killed them.
Can you kill something
that hasn't been born yet?
Moreover, they did not feel pain.
Well... maybe minimal.
But you didn't save them.
- I saved them from an impossible life.
- What do you know about their lives?
I know what an impossible
life feels like and you don't.
It's just words.
Now I'm being called a murderer.
Soldiers, they go to war
and are called liberators.
It is a joint decision.
If several people decide to kill, is
it more just than if one takes a life?
I don't buy it. It is inverted.
Susanne, I don't understand you.
You have half an hour to save me.
Aren't you going to
dig into my childhood?
Tell me about your first murder.
What do you want to know?
Can you put into words
what is happening inside you?
Maybe you should lie down on
the couch and close your eyes.
Do you want to be helped
or just play with me? What?
You want to enjoy the
moment and drag it out.
You will see me suffer and cry for
half an hour and then you will kill me.
So just do it now.
- You are different.
- Follow my therapy.
Or do as you intend.
- What do you want me for?
- Lie down and close your eyes.
And then I will take you back in time.
- If you try something...
- Lie down and close your eyes.
Close your eyes.
You are...
a little boy.
A little boy whose life is completely
dependent on grown people.
- What do you see?
- My brother.
My little brother.
He is dead.
My parents had difficulty having children.
Something always went wrong.
He died after a week.
- And how old are you?
- Three.
You are three.
How do you feel about your brother's death?
I hate him.
I hate him to die because now
everything is getting worse for me.
How does it get worse?
I know that only more
death can solve the problem.
At first I thought it was me.
Me who was going to die.
- But then I had the thought...
- What thought?
That it could be someone other than me.
And how old are you now?
Maybe five?
Yes, I'm five when I
commits my first murder.
Not on a human being, but a
kill is a kill, a murder is a murder.
So an ant and a human...
There is no difference?
- Not for the ant.
- But for man?
Deep down, we all know it well.
- What do we know?
- That we are just protecting our own species.
But a kill is a kill.
A sun black or a Susanne.
No matter what you kill, it doesn't
matter in the grand scheme of things.
God loves all parts of His
work with equal strength.
So you're practicing a tan?
And a dog, as
the final rehearsal.
Dogs come closest to humans.
They are wanted.
Banknotes are put on lampposts, and the
owners run from door to door with wet eyes.
The body is a little more
difficult to dispose of.
The first person you kill, is it
one of the pregnant women?
The first human...
It was Adam.
His son Cain committed
humanity's first murder.
It is as natural for man
to take life as to give.
To give birth, to kill, to die.
Your first real murder of a human...
- How old are you?
- Ten.
But I consider it more
of a freedom struggle.
Like the French Revolution.
Some killings are almost mandatory.
Try to take me back.
Take me back in time.
Where are you right before it happens?
In the back seat of a car.
- My parents' car.
- What do you see?
My father's bare ass.
My father always got drunker than my
mother, even though they drank the same.
And... what do you see now?
- The forklift at the end of the road.
- A forklift?
I know, even though
I'm just a little boy -
- that fate has opened a door in a pinch.
So your mother
and father are drunk.
And you've spotted a forklift.
My mother rips open
the car door and screams.
Get up front, Mark!
She screamed.
Then they crawled into the back seat -
- And fell asleep.
The idea was simple.
It was almost like a gift.
Such a gift that you
only get once in a lifetime.
Then I carefully released the handbrake.
Stepped out of the car.
What happened?
For a moment fate hesitated.
But suddenly the wind picked up.
It was as if God was on my side.
That is not correct.
I... I lent a hand.
Just as I set the wheel of fate
in motion, my father woke up.
We had a moment together
where he understood -
- that it was the right thing to do.
That he like a sick animal...
had to be euthanized.
Then he fell asleep again.
My father struggled for a few
days in the hospital before he let go.
As if his life was
worth holding on to.
The police took me to the station.
I consider that night a
kind of basic education.
That night I learned that it is with evidence
and technical clues as with anything else.
If you start early, you
can become really good.
They were thorough.
They suspected that
a crime had occurred.
That's what the police think.
I learned two things.
Two things that have
followed me ever since.
Two things that I overheard
the officers talking about.
"The fingerprints
match," the officer said.
"It was the kid who pulled the handbrake."
"Could it be old prints?"
"Could the boy have been sitting
earlier in the day or week playing cars?"
"The prints were from the left hand."
This means that when I was
ten, I made my rookie mistakes.
Most others get started too late.
Commits some kind of emotional killing
when they are of age. They are taken.
But if you learn early -
- absorb knowledge and learn from your mistakes,
you can become better than the police.
- And the other thing?
- The other thing?
You said you learned two things.
Yes. The other thing.
The most important.
Maybe the whole
reason I'm here today.
"The boy is too young to be judged."
"It's an impossible
trial," said one officer.
Then the other said something
that I didn't understand at first.
"They weren't his real parents.
He's adopted."
Then the hell think they didn't
care about me, those two idiots.
You don't like other people's children.
Have you figured
out how to save me?
You suffer from your abandonment.
If you are abandoned as an infant...
One of the worst things that
can happen to a human being.
I also thought, "Who
has given me away?"
You can only get the information
when you turn 18. Did you know that?
No, but... but that's how it is.
I was in the office on my birthday.
My real mother had married -
- and changed the surname.
Perhaps to put his crime behind him.
I found out where she worked.
Waited a whole day in
front of her workplace.
If you knew how it feels to see
one's mother for the first time.
Would she recognize me?
She had never seen me before.
I followed her to a bookstore.
Maybe it would be
love at first sight.
I had googled her, but the
reality is always different.
As she sat talking, I thought,
"What shall I say to her?"
I was at a loss for words.
"And who is it for?"
You said that.
Like you were talking about me.
"Who's the baby for?"
"Should I keep it or?"
- "Or should I give it away?"
- No, it doesn't fit.
- It can't.
- Do you remember what happened then?
I followed you through town.
Sometimes I was so close to you -
- that I could breathe in your scent.
The smell of mother.
I took courage again.
Approached me.
I said, "Hi. Can I talk
to you for a minute?"
Do you remember what you said?
You said:
I actually have a bad time right now.
And then you left.
No. Sorry.
I had thought about what
your first words would be.
Why didn't you say anything?
This was not how I
imagined our first meeting.
You didn't give it a chance.
How would...
There's a reason
you get rid of things.
First... first then I tried to take
my own life. It wasn't enough.
It is not enough to die.
Sometimes dying
just isn't enough.
I would experience my own death -
- see my own funeral, feel
what it's like not to be here.
The reason you get thrown away -
- by his mother, as packaging...
- No, Mark. That's not how it was.
- Then I found Javier.
Another one of those
on your conscience.
Javier was a backpacker.
Nice guy, indeed. From Spain.
A little lonely. We fell into conversation.
I offered him to spend
the night with me.
If I was going to imagine the world I
was dead, I needed a charred corpse.
But the police are thorough.
I learned that when I was ten.
If one thing stands out when they
have to identify a charred corpse -
- then it's the set of teeth.
But Javier's teeth
I speculated like crazy.
How was I supposed
to get rid of his teeth?
Car accident, of course.
But no matter how much my old
Datsun and the body of Javier burned -
- then his bad teeth
would reveal me.
Can you figure out what I did?
You are allowed to
escape if you can guess it.
The correct answer is that
I erased the traces
of my own teeth instead.
It took me a quarter of a night's work.
To remove the last biological
evidence of my existence.
I stole some old x-rays.
Deleted a few files.
How many visits to the dentist
had there been, maybe four or five -
- before I got kicked out of school?
Your son was driving at
almost 200 kilometers per hour.
Before he hit a parked tanker
with fuel oil.
You should have seen the explosion.
It was impossible to identify the body.
I was allowed to experience something
that no one before me has experienced.
My own funeral.
No one came to
say goodbye to Mark.
Not even my own mother.
Now I was no more.
I was nothing.
I walked away like nothing.
did it happen.
I took off.
I resurrected -
- as the god of the forsaken.
Protector of the unloved.
For every step I took -
- with each wing beat I
could feel my strength.
I was no longer human.
I was the defender of the unborn.
Revenge of the bereaved.
And now I have come to you.
My earthly mother.
They said it was a good family.
I would only if it
was a good family.
- But you didn't see them.
- You couldn't do that.
You test drive a used car -
- before you buy it.
You look at a new house three
or four times before deciding.
But a new family for your child, you
do that with closed eyes and blind trust.
I did not know it.
- Have you even thought about me?
- Of course I have.
- You are lying.
- No, Mark. I have.
I can hear every little lie.
Do you know how to get that ability?
In the same way that the hare learns to hear
the paws of the fox from kilometers away.
Either it hears the small sounds
of the predator in the tall grass -
- or else it is finished.
Either I hear in my father's
voice that he is in a bad mood...
"Look. Look at his fat little cheeks."
"He's eating us out of the house."
- Sorry, Mark.
- "What?! Do you have to answer again!"
"Huh?! You gotta be naughty!
Do you hear that, Martha?"
"The boy, he answers again."
"Your mother says you
don't mean anything."
- What do you think of my father?
- Sorry, Mark. Sorry.
There is not much time left.
Tell me about the
day you gave me away.
- What would you like to know?
- What day was it?
A Wednesday? A Sunday?
I can not remember it.
What can you remember?
I remember my father's look.
I had...
I had given birth alone in the hospital.
And then I took a taxi home.
Together with you.
"Your mother thinks it's best
you move your things out," he said.
They kicked me out.
They didn't want me with you.
And right then and there I knew that
that I wouldn't be able to
do it without my mother's love.
I was just a child.
I was only 16.
- But I could.
- I thought we could both survive.
And so I did it.
I signed.
And your mother's love?
I had never had it.
I realized it too late.
I was only loved if I was what
my mother wanted me to be.
Not like me. Never like me.
"Are you sleeping?"
"I know you're not sleeping, Mark."
"You can't fool Dad, Mark. The two of
us, we have something special together."
Sorry. Sorry!
I did not know it.
Mark, don't.
Wouldn't you rather not?
Do not.
Wouldn't you rather not?
I'm not a pervert, am I?
My own mother.
I would like to help you.
Would you like to help?
- So terrible a person like me?
- No. You're not terrible.
Do you think I should sign up?
- I will help you if you do.
- Will you?
- Yes.
- Walk with me to the station?
I'll do that. I promise.
I will do everything.
If I call them, do you
want to talk to them?
Tell it like it is.
That you would like to report a murder?
Yes. I'll do that.
I need the code.
Your daughter's birthday.
You could also have chosen min.
- I'll do that next time.
- Next time?
I like those words.
You have called the emergency center.
Stay on the line.
- The alarm center.
- I would like to report a murder.
Where are you calling from?
- Hello?
- I would like to report three murders.
I suddenly have doubts.
Is it my murder?
Or is it yours?
You gave me away.
You made me who I am.
I did not know it.
Didn't you know that when you give
a child away, anything can happen?
So who knows? The authorities
tasked with finding a good family?
Will they be punished
for what I have done?
Cant you see it?
The account does not add up.
A school shooter kills 20 kids.
- What punishment will he receive?
- I do not know.
One life sentence for taking 20 lives.
Sounds to me like there
are 19 life sentences missing.
Can't you hear it?
The accounts don't add up!
Who are the 19 others to be punished?
The parents?
The parents who let their
children sit in front of the computer -
- an entire childhood playing
some horrible shooter?
Or the gun manufacturers?
Or those who design the games -
- so the poor little souls get
trapped and keep plucking away -
- until they can no longer tell the
difference between games and reality?
Are any of them going to
take the 19 life sentences?
I didn't adopt you to be evil.
It's not about adoption.
It's about simple arithmetic.
There must be balance in things.
Some die.
Then it must cost at the other end.
Who is the culprit?
- You or me?
- I do not know.
And what about the innocent women?
The ones who had their fetuses cut out?
Who wielded the knife?
Was it me?
Or you -
- who threw your child to the lions?
What will you answer the day you stand
before your judge and the judge asks:
"How does the accused
relate to the indictment?"
Sorry Sorry. Sorry.
Do you need to be comforted?
Is that a sin for you?
Did you manage to breastfeed me?
How long?
One week.
If I had known it was such a short
time, I would have enjoyed it more.
Trying hard to
remember, but I can't.
You're fine.
You're welcome if you want to... see.
- See?
- Yes.
And brand.
My beloved, beloved child.
You should have killed me
when you had the chance, mother.
The children you don't
want, you have to kill them.
Because otherwise they will return.
You may not get a third chance.
Hey, Siri.
Call Frederik.
Call Frederik mobile.
Moar, there is an evil lady.
She... she hits me.
He's killing me!
"Send without subject?"
Do you want a bedtime story?
Once upon a time there was a mother.
She had two children.
A girl and a boy.
She loved the girl very much.
But she cared so little for the boy -
- that she gave him away to some
strangers who came by one day.
Then one day the son decided
to steal the girl from the mother.
- No.
- Yeah. Yes.
That's how these kinds
of stories always are.
The unloved will show the mother
what it is like to lose. Lose everything.
So the son took the girl from the mother.
See. There she is.
"Hello, Rebekah. Hello."
"I know your mother."
"I'm coming to get you.
So you just have to come with me."
"Just get in the car."
Oh... are you tired?
Then you'll just get the
rest of the story tomorrow.
Pregnancy and childbirth
Where am I?
- You are home.
- Where is my daughter?
If a story is really good, then
you can't wait for the end, right?
Rebecca, can you hear me?!
I actually don't think she can hear you.
You planned it.
- You planned it.
- Yes.
Me... here.
I saw it.
The ferry ticket, you bought
it in my name. My car. Why?
I am the god of the forsaken.
An unloved child has two options.
You wrote that yourself.
The failed child can also build
up a grandiose idea of himself -
- an "I'll show you
I'm worth loving".
I felt like you were
talking directly to me.
You signed it.
I know what it's like to die.
Otherwise I did not have the
right to take the lives of the others.
It doesn't have to end like this.
My Sister's Life.
No, you have me. Let her go.
Mark, no!
Rebecca, run!
This is how you fight for your child.
You don't have her.
Can you see it?
The oblivion.
It's down there. In the water.
Run into the sea.
Out into nowhere.
As if it was never here.
An unloved child...
die many times every day.
This, this is nothing.
Reach. Have they been good to you?
I'm sorry it took a few days for us to get
up here. There were a few loose ends.
I want to see my husband and my daughter.
Your daughter?
As you say, he kidnapped -
- or pretended to have kidnapped.
Is that so?
Yes. It was to test me.
Test you? For what?
For my love and to
see if I had it inside me.
He wanted to see
me fight for her life.
Your son, Mark, whom you adopted,
and who died in a car accident.
A fake car accident.
So, I have...
Why am I being treated as if I
have done something wrong?
- Are you allowed to call?
- One time!
I'm sure you understand
that with cases like this -
- everyone is afraid of doing something
wrong. It must be handled properly.
Handled correctly?
I have been abducted.
Now I am treated like a criminal.
You take my DNA, my fingerprints...
Your fingerprints were on the glasses
in the cabin with the fetuses in them.
I just have to...
This son who sought you out...
Is he the one who
killed the women?
I've said it so many times.
Why is it so hard?!
Susanne, I just want to...
This, this is the purchase contract for
the plot of land up by Nordvestfjeldet.
Bought almost three years ago.
One hectare.
With an old goods wagon
that had been used as a stable.
Can you recognize this signature?
Is it yours?
Yes that...
Look, mom. That's your signature, right?
It is something he has done.
So, we haven't found
prints from anyone but you -
- in the old goods wagon, Susanne.
There's your book.
Your fingerprints are everywhere.
He had arranged it all.
He abducted me.
And drove you aboard the ferry, right?
I have these from the ferry's
surveillance cameras for you to see.
He's put on a wig, he's
put on all my clothes.
So this, it's not you?
No, of course it's not me.
So, what is this?
Do you suspect me? Should
I have killed all those women?
Why don't you try to find him?
He fell into the sea, didn't he?
It's lucky he fell in right there -
- where the current is strongest.
Can't you hear it yourself?
His body was taken by the Gulf Stream
and carried out to sea. We can't find him.
- Is that how I'm supposed to understand it?
- That was his plan.
- His plan?
- He wanted to disappear.
He wanted to feel as if
he had never been here.
And he wanted me to do it.
He wanted me to kill him.
It was self-defense.
Was it also self defense with her here?
I don't know who she is.
I have never met her.
Were you in Stockholm last week?
Your DNA was found at the crime scene.
The police have found a hair.
It is not possible.
Your secretary had become suspicious.
Was it so? Then you kill
her, and then you flee up here.
- It's crazy.
- Is that all? Your prints, they're everywhere.
I tried... to save her.
Do you remember Sofia here?
She was found in Trondheim last year.
The police found traces of the perpetrator's
blood in the basement where she was murdered.
And it was yours.
You were in Trondheim last year, right?
At a conference?
What is this? What?
What happens?
We also found this one in the cart,
Susanne, with your fingerprints on it.
And what about the words on the wall?
Written with the victim's blood.
"I fall into the infinite
depths of loneliness."
Those were words from your diary.
Your own words written years ago.
We have found your diary, Susanne.
And your secretary, she
figured it out, didn't she?
She realized it was you and then
she killed you and fled up here.
The police found traces
of the perpetrator's blood.
And it was yours.
Get her to bed there.
It's a bad trade.
- She couldn't find her winter coat.
- Again?
It was stolen for tennis.
It is with evidence and technical
traces as with everything else.
If you start early, you
can become really good.
Your fingerprints were
on the glasses in the cabin.
If you start early, you
can become really good.
We haven't found a single
fingerprint that wasn't yours.
This means that when I was
ten, I made my rookie mistakes.
Everyone else gets started too late.
Commits some kind of emotional killing when
they are of age. They are getting caught.
If you learn early, absorb knowledge
and learn from your mistakes -
- then you can be better than the police.
- Do you want to talk to them then?
- I would like to report a murder.
I would like to report three murders.
Cant you see it?
The account does not add up.
Who is the culprit? You or me?
What about the poor women who had their
fetuses cut out? Who wielded the knife?
Me? Or you who threw
your child to the lions?
What do you answer the day
you stand before your judge...
And the judge asks:
"How does the accused
relate to the indictment?"