The Last Days on Mars (2013) Movie Script

First big one of the season.
MAN: Yep.
It's heading right for base.
It's gonna mess up Kim's dig.
She's not gonna like that.
Yeah, well, I don't
like it much either.
There's a surprise.
Lighten up, Vince,
a bit of dust never hurt anyone.
It's not the dust
I'm worried about.
- VINCE: Harrington, you seeing this?
- Yeah, it's a beast.
Cycle down the backup grids
in case we lose anything.
- We'll be back as soon as we pick up Kim.
VINCE: Campbell to Aldrich.
VINCE: Campbell to Aldrich.
Campbell to Aldrich.
Come in, Kim.
It's 15:30, Kim.
Come on, Kim, time to wrap it up.
Fuck off.
Actually, I'd be happy to, Kim.
Unfortunately, Brunel
wants you back at the briefing.
KIM: Well, he'll have to wait,
won't he?
Ten things about Mars you won't
miss when you're back on Earth.
Only ten?
Uh... storms.
Your driving.
- Kim.
A six-month commute home
in a floating coffin. With Kim.
Is that ten?
I've lost count already.
It's not a coffin, Vince.
But that's an interesting
choice of words.
Okay. A nice big spaceship.
What do you want me to say?
WOMAN: We get out
and walk at the end.
On green grass.
Under blue skies.
Green grass. Blue skies.
Blue skies around the corner
Everything's gonna be right
Never a cloud
in those bright blue skies
WOMAN: Running late, Kim.
Don't worry, I'll take the heat.
Did you get all the
samples you wanted?
Does it matter?
We're still going back empty-handed.
Come on, Kim. That's not fair.
We've achieved a lot here.
Yeah, like what?
As far as I'm concerned, we're just
sharpening pencils for the next crew.
Whoever remembered the second man
on the moon anyway?
WOMAN: It was Buzz Aldrin.
VINCE: Yeah, first man
to piss on the moon.
He pissed himself on the moon.
You didn't know that?
Well, that's something for us all
to aspire to, isn't it?
I just don't want to go
home with nothing.
- Six months isn't enough time.
- You could always stay.
Vincent, why don't you just go...
Let's go.
MAN 1: Rover One, where are you?
We've got circuits failing all over.
VINCE: Sorry. Got held up.
On our way.
All right,
but we need you back here.
We've lost our link to the Aurora
and Harrington can't handle it alone.
Where's Vincent?
I wanna talk to my daughter.
On his way, I hope.
Six months cruising and now this.
Bit of a mess.
Be all right. We're in the home
stretch. One more day.
Hey. When you wake up,
I'd love to know how long it'll
be before skylink's restored.
Sorry. Uh...
- Yeah, nearly there.
Ah, yeah. This should be it.
Here we go.
MAN: We've lost your signal,
do you copy?
Sorry, guys. We had a power
outage due to the storm.
We can see it from Sat Four.
You had us worried for a minute.
All right, time check: final approach
burn in 19 hours, 56 minutes.
Copy that. Safe orbit.
Be great to see you guys again.
Brunel out.
- MAN 1: For fuck's sake.
- MAN 2: Jesus, no.
BRUNEL: All right.
Manual check everything.
All systems.
What are you so happy about?
Vince, tell me you're close by.
We're on our own until you get
these systems back online.
VINCE: Roger that.
Almost there.
Keep losing charge on this thing.
Don't want to push it too hard.
Roger that, Vince.
MAN: I need a word.
BRUNEL: All right. Okay.
- I need to go back out again.
- Forget it.
We've got a briefing.
We need everyone on base.
What's going on?
Gamma sensor on Site Nine
isn't responding.
Storm damage, possibly.
I don't know.
You didn't check it
before you came back?
What do you want me to say?
I'm a fucking idiot? I'm sorry.
Yeah, I'm sorry, too.
The sun's about to go down.
I signed off on this site.
I'll be quick.
It's going to look bad,
really bad for everybody
if the relief crew
has to come out and fix it.
A lot of things
need fixing around here.
You'll have Vincent in no time.
Take Harrington.
And make sure you're back
before dark. Is that clear?
Thank you.
I want everybody cleaned up
before we do our final briefing.
You know I don't fuck around.
Harrington, let's go.
Rover number two, now.
Sir, you want us to go outside?
Just make sure you're back
before dark.
- WOMAN: Are you all right?
- Huh?
VINCE: Yeah. Yeah.
- (BEEP)
- Never get sick of that sound.
- VINCE: Where are you guys going?
- Soak up some more radiation.
Try making babies
after this mission, huh?
- WOMAN: Too funny.
- Well, I'm laughing.
- What the hell are you doing?
- Harry...
If that cooling system's down,
I'm gonna need your help back there.
Sorry, man. You're gonna have to
speak to Brunel. It's not my call.
We bust our asses to get back here
and those pricks get to
fucking go out again.
Nineteen hours.
It's just 19 hours.
So what do you know
about cooling systems?
HARRINGTON: So what's the score?
MAN: Marko Petrovic one, Kim nil.
- What?
- Never mind.
We're fixing a broken sensor.
Did you hear?
Right. So are we gonna be long?
Well, it takes as long as it takes.
Oh, come on, man.
Brunel's not gonna like this.
You want to speed things up, Harry,
go prep the sample boxes then, okay?
Date, grid reference,
and new prefix. MA-1.
Microscopic anomaly.
- Hold on. Does Brunel know?
- Just trust me on this one, okay?
Are you cosy in there?
Like a bug in a rug.
- You talk to Ella?
- No, I missed the window.
Shit, man. I'm sorry about that.
I got... you know, delayed.
- Kim.
- Yeah.
Never mind. I'll get
another chance back on Aurora.
Hey, I come bearing gifts.
You want some?
- Jesus Christ.
- What's up?
Half the C02 scrubbers
are down on the Aurora.
Check out this approach trajectory.
These guys are gonna get
pulled over for drunk driving.
Can't we at least get on board
before you start worrying
about the Aurora?
Aren't you excited to go home?
Home isn't the issue.
It's the six months it takes
to get there
strapped to the back of
a nuclear warhead I'm worried about.
- What?
- Are you all right?
Come on, Irwin.
Can we please not do
the whole analysis thing right now?
- I got a lot of work to do.
- You know how it is.
You're not happy if things
aren't working.
I'm not happy if you're not happy.
I'm happy. I'm ecstatic. See?
- Okay. All right.
- See? Happy, happy, happy.
All right, we're happy.
Get the popcorn out.
Who's your money on?
Are you kidding me?
Kim. Every time.
She's got a point, though.
How come Marko gets a free pass?
So, what do you reckon?
We all go back home, find God,
write a poem about it
like the moon walkers did?
It did change them.
They all said so.
People don't really change.
Put them under enough pressure,
you find out who they really are.
God, that is deep.
Are you gonna put that in a poem?
- That was uncomfortable.
What's she doing?
Kim, that's Marko's workstation.
I just wanna know
what's so urgent.
You can't go through his private log.
Come on, Vincent, tell her!
(CHUCKLES) Oh, yeah.
Like she's gonna listen to me.
- This is bullshit.
- Kim, she's right.
Just 'cause he broke the rules,
it doesn't make it fair game.
There's no way Marko gives a shit
about a broken sensor, okay?
I just want to know why his research
is more important than mine.
VINCE: What?
That's definitely
not what it looks like.
Those cavities in the rock...
those could be microbial borings.
PAH's can be formed
- Sample still under the scope?
- KIM: I'll check.
All right, anyone want to tell me
what's going on?
Nothing's going on.
He found a piece of
abiotic mineral. Bullshit.
Got it.
Holy shit.
- BRUNEL: That looks like...
- WOMAN: New cell division.
Bacterial cell division.
BRUNEL: I want that site locked down.
No one goes near.
We'll upload the scans and
data to Mission Control,
see if they confirm
Lane's conclusions.
We need to speak to
Marko first. It's his find.
He's the one who's been playing silly
games. Why didn't he talk to us?
Because that would
be sharing the credit.
That's not fair.
I think we're missing the point.
This is what we came here for,
isn't it?
- Don't you think we ought to check it out?
- DALBY: He knows what he's doing.
So, we're going to entrust
the greatest find in human history
to a man who just lied to you?
Is that it?
Rover Two, this is base.
You at Site Nine yet?
Yeah, we, um... We got here
a couple of minutes ago.
What's up, sir?
BRUNEL: I'm declaring the site
off limits. Put Marko on now.
Yep. Stand by, base.
Marko, I've got Brunel on comms.
Are you copying any of this?
That's negative.
Can you speak in English
please, mate?
Tell them the signal
is breaking up.
Tell them you can't see me now.
I've got Brunel
holding on the other line.
Don't argue with me now.
Just come out and bring
the camera with you.
You have to see this, Harry.
It's beautiful.
Harry! Harry! Help!
- Come on!
Oh, my God.
This is Harrington to base.
I need help here.
Repeat, mayday! Please help.
BRUNEL: What happened?
HARRINGTON: He's gone.
Have you been down there to him?
Why aren't you down there,
- I tried.
- Well, you didn't try hard enough.
- I'm gonna go down there myself!
- No, Dalby.
- He could still be alive!
- You'll rip your suit,
- or break your neck.
- I haven't pronounced it yet.
I'm pronouncing it, Dalby.
He's dead.
I'm not gonna risk another life,
so stand down.
People are pulled from frozen water
all the time and revived.
You don't know he's dead!
You don't know!
Dalby, stand down.
- Stand down.
He said he'd found something, sir.
Nobody goes down there
until we've got the right gear.
We've gotta run this
by Mission Control.
How long will it take?
Altogether, 30 to 40 minutes.
Sir. Uh...
I really wanna stay here.
We can't just leave him like this.
No. I need to do it.
You've done enough.
You're not gonna do
anything stupid, are you?
You're not gonna go in that pit.
Is that clear?
- Is that clear?
- (SNIFFS) Yes, sir.
All right.
This is Brunel.
Contact Mission Control.
We've had an accident.
- LANE: Did you see him?
- No.
Look, skipper, if there's
any chance he's alive,
- we need to get back out there.
- No.
There's no way he survived that fall
without compromising his suit.
Load up the lifting gear.
We'll pull him out
as soon as we hear back
from Mission Control.
Got it.
So when are we planning on
announcing the discovery?
You really are something else
aren't you, Kim?
Hasn't it sunken in yet?
This discovery changes everything.
Takes precedence
over everything, right?
What about human decency?
So I'm the bad guy now
for staying focused on the mission?
I didn't get him killed.
I'm sorry, what does that mean?
What the fuck are you
trying to say there, Kim?
You broke with protocol.
Figure it out.
- You are fucking...
- Hey, hey, hey.
You are unbelievable!
- What's the matter with you?
- Fucking laugh at me.
- Okay, enough. Away.
- Okay.
Nothing wrong with me. I'm not
the one breaking the rules.
- LANE: That's not helpful, Kim.
- BRUNEL: Just drop it.
Cheers, Kim.
He's falling apart.
Like everything else around here.
All right. That's enough.
KIM: Am I the only one
who's noticed this?
MAN: Base from Mission Control,
responding your priority code 13.
What can we say, guys?
We're all in deep shock.
Marko's family has been
informed of the situation,
but we haven't gone public yet
until you confirm his status.
The board are working
on an official statement,
but they'll be looking for you
to put a few words together
if it comes down to that.
Brunel, we copy your safety concerns,
but it's a go for retrieving
Petrovic. Use all caution.
Rough way to end the mission, guys,
but we're behind you 100 percent.
More soon.
16:36, message ends.
You heard him.
We'll retrieve the body,
then announce Marko's discovery.
Let's go.
- Go ahead.
- Thanks.
Sir, can, um...
Can I have a quiet word, please?
Skipper, I know it's not my place,
but you can't let Kim
behave like that.
Nor anyone else, okay?
Look, I know it's bad,
but we all knew the risks.
Honestly, it's a miracle an accident
hasn't happened up here sooner.
I'm still the one
who let him go out.
No. No, I'm sorry,
with all due respect to Marko,
he brought this on himself.
Any screw-up by anyone on this team,
that's my responsibility.
It's not fair to take Harrington
back out.
He stays here with Kim.
- All right.
- Okay.
Sir, you're breaking up.
Repeat your message.
BRUNEL: Rover One all loaded up.
Heading back to you.
How are you holding up out there?
- Sorry, for a second, I...
What is it, Dalby?
Somebody's coming in.
You're breaking up.
I can't hear you.
BRUNEL: Dalby. Come in, Dalby.
Where the hell is she?
We've had static
at Site Nine all day.
Maybe the comms are down again.
Still doesn't
explain her last response.
Lane, Irwin, check Rover Two.
BRUNEL: Jeez, it's still
venting steam.
VINCE: Must be a lot of water
down there.
If she went down there
after I told her not to...
Dalby. Come in, Dalby.
Please respond.
Please respond.
There's nothing in Rover Two.
She wouldn't disobey an order.
Maybe she fell in.
Can't see the bottom.
How deep do you think it is?
I don't like this one bit.
All right, Vince. Strap up.
Let's see what's down there.
Yes, sir.
Gets a little tight
down there, doesn't it?
All right.
Here we go.
All right.
You all right down there?
Oh, yeah. Never better.
It's, uh, nice.
A walk in the park.
Jesus Christ.
Mark me off!
Holy shit.
What? What do you see?
I don't know. It's, uh...
In the rock formations, there's...
something growing on them.
Like, uh...
I don't know what it is, but...
It's definitely alive.
We should bring him up.
I'm gonna try and get a little lower.
See if I can find Marko.
- Take me down.
- BRUNEL: You got it, Vince.
(GASPS) Fuck!
- Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.
- BRUNEL: Vincent.
Bring him up. Bring him up.
Bring him up!
Give me your hand.
Give me your hand!
Vince, are you all right?
Just breathe.
BRUNEL: We gotcha.
Come on. That's it.
- All right.
- Vincent...
You're all right.
BRUNEL: Vincent, what did you see?
I'm OK.
What the hell happened down there?
Nothing. I'm good.
I saw the bottom.
They're not there.
IRWIN: Skipper, it's Irwin.
There's footprints here.
There's two pairs.
Where are they headed?
They're crossing the rift valley.
They look like they're headed
back towards base.
If she pulled him out of there,
why didn't they just take the rover?
This just doesn't make sense.
Call Kim. Tell her to prepare
for one, maybe two casualties.
KIM: He'll be in a bad way
if he's been exposed.
Possible brain damage from
oxygen deprivation, hypoxia...
That's if we're lucky.
- Look, what I said earlier...
- Shut up, Kim. Shut up.
- Let's just forget it, yeah?
They're about 50 meters out.
Must be Marko and Dalby, but...
What the hell?
They walked all the way back?
As long as they're OK,
that's all that counts, right?
Base to Dalby,
can you come in, please?
They're coming around to the airlock.
I'm gonna go let them in.
Wait. We haven't
established comms here.
Marko! Oh, fuck.
You're okay, you're okay.
- Oh, fuck!
Marko, what the fuck
are you doing? Marko!
Base, this is Brunel.
Come in, please.
BRUNEL: Come in, please. Base.
Mayday! mayday!
BRUNEL: Harrington?
Harrington, please respond.
Lane, Irwin, check the other side.
- Call me if you see anything.
- IRWIN: Okay.
BRUNEL: Harrington.
Come in, Harrington.
- Stay out here.
- I'm fine, I'm coming with you.
Stay on comms.
I'll call you if I need you.
Look Skipper, I know
I was a little shaky back there.
That's an order.
Don't argue with me.
Explain to me what
the hell's going on here.
- What the fuck.
We need to quarantine them here.
Get in a suit. I'll buy you time.
Go, go, go.
I'm right behind you.
Listen to me.
Marko, you're sick.
I want to help you.
Can you understand me?
- I want to help you.
Vincent, Lane, I'm in the airlock.
I'm coming out.
- VINCE: What happened in there?
- They're killing us!
What happened in there?
LANE: Are you all right?
What happened?
- IRWIN: Just breathe.
- Marko and Dalby are dead.
They couldn't have survived it.
But they're still moving.
She's not making sense.
If they're moving,
they've got brain function.
If they've got brain function
they're not dead, Kim.
I'm not a fucking idiot!
I know.
VINCE: The airlock.
KIM: It's Brunel.
BRUNEL: Lock the door!
Lock the door! Fuck!
KIM: Seal it up.
Don't let them get out!
IRWIN: He's bleeding.
BRUNEL: Need to seal it.
IRWIN: He's got a tear!
He's bleeding.
- LANE: Hold it, hold it, hold it.
- IRWIN: You're okay.
LANE: Yeah, I've got it.
- What's Kim doing? She's...
- Kim!
- What the hell are you doing?
No, that's the door lock!
Kim, stop!
No, they're still in there!
Get off me. Get off me!
It's okay. You disabled it.
They can't get out.
You don't know what they did!
Look for yourself!
IRWIN: Vincent?
What happened to them?
What the hell happened to them?
It's low pressure.
They've got the bends.
When are you guys gonna get it?
It's not them anymore! They're gone!
- Fuck!
That door is reinforced steel.
They can't get through.
They have power tools. They have
high explosives! They can get out!
If they drill the door
the decompression'll kill them.
- It won't.
- LANE: Brunel's in a bad way.
- We need to move him now.
- Fuck.
VINCE: Let's get him
to the hydroponic dome.
Kim, get the airlock.
Let's go. Now!
- LANE: We're gonna move you now.
- We've gotta go now! Move!
- Come on, skipper, let's go.
- LANE: One, two, three.
- Oh, shit!
LANE: Just a little bit.
VINCE: Almost there. Come on.
- Come on, you can do it.
- LANE: You're nearly there.
- Have you got him?
- Yeah.
Gently, gently.
- Irwin, get out the way.
- Okay, okay.
- Sit him up.
- I'm trying.
- LANE: Careful.
- It's all right.
Okay. One, two, three.
Mind his neck.
- It's okay.
- Gently, gently.
- VINCE: There you go.
LANE: Captain, stay awake
and focus, okay?
Okay. It's just that...
Nothing feels right inside.
- LANE: I'm gonna give you a shot.
- Doesn't feel right.
VINCENT: Gonna give you
some morphine, okay?
Here we go.
LANE: All right.
We've got to get this open.
- LANE: Jeez.
- IRWIN: Oh, God.
Vincent, I'm not a medic.
I can't do this.
Lane, if anyone can do this, you can.
Just tell me what you need.
VINCE: Come on.
Hey, I know that look.
You don't have to...
(GROANS) Oh, God.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
There should be more blood.
Six months. What a mess.
I thought we were home free.
What's Kate gonna tell the kids?
LANE: Shh.
I can't... I can't remember
what they look like.
You tell them I was thinking
about them. Do that for me?
I will. Of course.
Of course I will.
We've seen things
that no one has seen before.
They can't take that
away from us, right?
God, I'm thirsty. Thirsty.
- I've got it.
- Thirsty.
VINCE: Stay here, skipper.
Come on.
Just breathe.
Nice and easy.
You're gonna be okay.
Okay. It's okay, it's me.
It's Irwin. It's okay.
Okay, careful. Careful.
Get some more. Kim, get some more.
Okay. Hey, I'm with you.
You have to... You have to...
You gotta help me.
You gotta help.
- No! Stop!
VINCE: Skipper, no! Let go!
LANE: Jesus!
Get off him!
Skipper! Stop! No!
Look at me! Look at me!
You're okay, you're okay. Come on.
Goddamn it! Stop, please!
- Please. Just look at me.
It's okay. Just breathe.
Just breathe.
Come on, come on, come on.
Look at me. Look at me, come on.
Please. Come on.
Just breathe. You're okay.
You'll never see home.
What the fuck was that?
He didn't mean that.
He couldn't. He couldn't.
- Kim, he's gone.
- Don't touch me.
What the hell are you doing?
You think he's dead, right?
Vincent... Kim, he's gone.
Get your hands off him.
Get away from him!
- He has gone.
- Think about it, Irwin.
Marko and Dalby are out there
exposed to the atmosphere
- and they're still moving.
- It can't be how it looks.
There must be
some explanation for this.
I've had enough of this place.
I just want to go home.
I'm done.
I'm done, Vincent.
He said he couldn't
remember his children.
I just want to see my little girl.
I wanna see Ella.
KIM: They've blown the dome.
They're out.
We need to contact the Aurora.
Comms are down.
Till we fix them, we're trapped.
What about the 02 feed pipe?
It's the only thing
connecting the two domes.
We can get back to the main base
without them even seeing us.
If I can get through
and fix the skylink,
I can reach the Aurora,
and ask for help.
If they've blown the dome,
it won't be pressurized.
There's a seal at both ends.
If I close it behind me here
and equalize the pressure,
it should hold when
I open the other side.
- If it doesn't, we're all dead.
- And what do you suggest?
What about Harrington?
When they blew the dome,
he wasn't wearing a suit.
Are you sure they can't get in?
How the fuck should I know?
The failsafe is designed
to keep the door closed.
- We need to deal with this now.
- If Harrington has gone,
Vincent's the only one
that can fix the skylink.
He's the only one.
I'm heading back.
- I'm going with you.
- No. There's no point.
What if Marko and Dalby
return to the base?
We'll keep them busy.
Just, uh, close this behind me
and leach off the air at
the other end so it doesn't blow.
VINCE: Lane, you copy me?
LANE: I got you.
You're gonna be okay, all right?
VINCE: Yeah. You keep Marko and
Dalby on your side and I'll be fine.
LANE: I wasn't talking about them.
VINCE: I know.
- IRWIN: Jesus, is that...
- KIM: Same as Marko's sample.
It's infected his bloodstream.
Lane... Lane!
VINCE: No, stop. No...
LANE: It's okay.
- You're having another attack.
- I can't...
Can you hear me?
What happened on the Aurora,
what happened on the way over here,
it's in the past, all right?
- I can't... I can't do it.
- You can do this, okay?
I have seen you build a comm system
out of a fucking shaving kit,
so don't tell me
you can't handle this.
They're supposed to
test us for this shit.
Weed out people like me.
You think the rest of us aren't
on the verge of coming unstuck?
Was Marko acting rationally in
the last few days? Was anyone?
You were.
If you think I'm handling this
better, then I'm worried about you.
In case you haven't noticed,
I'm barely holding it together.
No matter how tight it gets
in there, I will be with you.
I know. Thanks.
Lane, you still there?
Yeah, I'm here.
Are you at the base?
Something awful happened here.
There's blood everywhere.
We'll try and keep
Marko and Dalby busy.
We're looking for something
to immobilize them with.
OK. I'm gonna try
and get some power up.
Might take a while.
I'll keep you posted.
- It can't be that simple.
- What can't?
Well, it's a bacteria, isn't it?
We've got a whole range
of antibiotics here.
We've got tetracycline,
erythromycin, penicillin.
And if they do work,
how do we deliver them?
They're not just gonna stand there
while we inject them.
Decontamination spray,
in the airlock.
We atomize it in a contained space.
We need to find a way to test it.
Come on. Come on, baby.
LANE: Okay, we've got something.
Blood sample 12 is reacting
to the cephalosporin.
Are we gonna do this or not?
Better hold him steady. Irwin?
Get over here.
For fuck's sake, Irwin.
Hold his head.
No pulse. Here goes.
- Captain...
- KIM: It's just a reflex.
- Maybe he's trying to fight it.
- Brunel's gone, okay?
He's not here anymore.
Fixed and dilated.
Let's test his blood again.
No multiplication.
Almost zero motility.
KIM: You sure this
is gonna work as a vapor?
It works intravenously,
so it has to.
Tantalus base to Aurora.
Do you copy, Aurora?
Tantalus base to Aurora. Mayday,
mayday. Do you copy, Aurora?
MAN: This is Aurora,
we copy your mayday.
Christ, you don't know how
good you guys sound.
We've got an emergency
down here. We need...
What the...?
No, no, no, no, no.
Oh, shit.
They've just given up.
Kim, they're leaving!
They're heading back to base.
I can't see them.
We've got to get them in here, now!
- Oh, please. Kim, Kim.
Get a syringe.
Fuck. Where's Marko?
- Irwin, get a syringe.
- Just wait.
- What?
The bacteria's
developing a resistance.
The effect's only temporary.
- No, no!
Down! Down! Stay down!
- Oh, for fuck's sake.
VINCE: Lane, Harrington's
right behind me!
I couldn't seal the tunnel.
Open the panel!
He's in the tunnel.
Harrington's after him.
He hasn't sealed the other end.
Get your helmets on.
Open the panel!
- LANE: Okay?
- IRWIN: Go, go.
Open the fucking panel!
(MUFFLED) Vince! Vincent!
(MUFFLED) Help! Ah!
KIM: Move, move!
Get out of here. We'll follow.
- LANE: Why won't it open?
- VINCE: Failsafe is set to lock
in case of a breach.
I have to reboot it to get it open.
- (MUFFLED) Please.
LANE: Irwin. Where's Kim?
(PANTS) She didn't make it.
VINCE: Rover One!
Go! Now! Go! Go!
Don't try and pull it out.
Your suit's breached.
- Come on.
- IRWIN: Hurry up!
We need to get to the landing site,
wait for Aurora. Irwin, you drive.
- IRWIN: Shit.
- Drive. Just drive.
(SIGHS) We need
the med unit at base.
Dream on.
We don't have the kit here
to close that up.
And you think they'll just
sit there and let you do that?
What is it, ten hours
till the lander gets here?
How long have we
got in this thing?
Irwin, I need power and 02 levels.
Okay, I'm on it.
We'll be fine.
We'll hole up somewhere
and wait it out.
What's the point in that?
Stop the infection
before it takes hold.
Give your body a
chance to fight it.
I know.
It's okay.
You're gonna be okay.
There's not enough power
to get to the landing site.
Barely half of what we need.
We'd have to finish on foot.
No. We have to go back.
- What?
- We can't go on foot.
Lane's hurt. We go back,
we get her patched up.
We can hold 'em off.
- There are other options.
- Like what?
Look, Irwin, if you've got
something to say, just say it.
You think you should leave me behind
because I might be infected?
That's what you're thinking,
isn't it? Isn't it?
Lane, I'm sorry.
I'm just trying to help here.
But you might be infected, too.
Brunel touched you.
Let's see your neck.
Go on, let's see it.
- Site Nine.
- What?
We've forgotten about Site Nine.
Rover Two, it's still there.
It's nearly fully charged.
There's enough power to make it
to the landing site.
VINCE: Looks like
they're following our tracks.
Let's get going.
Shut down the airlock
and auxiliary cabin power.
All right.
Battery's in the red.
This better work.
VINCE: I'm gonna go check it out.
I suppose there's no point
in saying be careful.
No. I was planning on taking
a lot of unnecessary risks.
Just don't go anywhere without me.
No, I'll go.
I have some serious
making up to do.
Let me do this. Please.
- VINCE: Irwin, you copy?
I'm here, Vincent, I can hear.
Keep your eyes open.
If you see anything move,
haul ass back.
VINCE: Irwin, can you hear me?
You okay?
Come on, Irwin.
Can you power it up or not?
Talk to me, Irwin.
What's going on?
Are we on a private channel?
- How's Lane?
- What do you mean?
She's infected, Vince.
You need to get out of there.
It's not gonna happen, Irwin,
so forget about it.
Vincent, you're my friend.
But you're not thinking clearly
about this.
Do you think this is about me
trying to save my own skin?
I'm trying to save both of us.
It's too late for her.
I'll give you three seconds
to get back here.
- Just leave her!
- One.
- You're gonna get yourself killed.
- Two.
- For fuck's sake!
- Three. Shit.
Irwin's lost it.
I'm going out there.
Irwin! I know you can hear me!
Don't do anything stupid. Irwin!
No! Irwin! Wait!
Irwin, please, man.
Oh, fuck!
LANE: Vincent, they're coming.
We gotta get outta here. Now!
80 degrees east. Into the storm.
It'll hide our tracks.
We've gotta lose 'em
before the lander.
Battery power is dropping.
So they enter our
orbit in eight hours.
That is if they come down immediately
without waiting to hear from us.
- So what are our options?
- Well, wait for dawn.
The sun should charge
the battery in about an hour,
give us enough juice
to make it to the landing site.
And what if they track
us down before than?
Then we'll just have to
run them over...
and over and over
until they stop getting up.
And waste the last
of our power.
- That is such a shit plan, Vince.
- I know.
You got anything better?
Do you think they still feel?
Not like us.
Oh, God. I'm so thirsty.
Do we have any water left?
Yeah. Let me check.
We get to the lander, they'll have
a direct line to Mission Control.
They can help.
And I always took you
for a pessimist.
Yeah, well, I like
to keep 'em guessing.
I keep thinking about Brunel.
I could see him fighting it.
I keep wondering
if he's still in there.
Trapped inside his own body,
with no control.
Sounds like hell to me.
Do you think any part of us
survives after death?
I don't know.
That's a little bit
above my pay grade.
MAN: This is Aurora broadcasting
on all emergency channels.
If there is anyone out there, we're
sending an emergency team to help.
Please respond. Please respond.
This is Campbell to Aurora lander.
Campbell to Aurora lander.
Come in, Aurora lander.
- Come on.
Come on, come on.
Lane. Lane, can you hear me?
- Lane, come in.
Stay back. Stay back.
No. I'm not gonna do that.
You know I can't do that.
Oh, please. I can't stop it.
I can't stop...
Lane, listen to me.
We'll find a way.
Okay? I promise you.
We'll find a way.
Just stop, please.
Please, Lane, just stop.
- No. Come on.
- Lane! Stop!
Stop! Stop!
Please! Just stop.
You'll get out and walk in the end.
On green grass.
Under blue skies, won't you?
We will. We will.
I really wanted to, Vincent.
I really... I really did want to.
Lane, listen to me. Just wait.
- I'm so sorry.
- Just stop. Please!
I'm sorry.
Shit! No!
No! Lane, no.
No, please. Please. Lane.
Lane! Don't!
Lane! Look at me! Look at me!
Stop! No!
- Stop!
- Kill me.
Kill me.
Kill me.
MAN: Responding to your mayday.
Approaching touchdown.
Please make contact.
MAN 2: Altitude descending.
MAN 1: Tantalus base,
this is Aurora.
WOMAN: We have no response
from Campbell.
MAN 1: Six hundred. 400.
Prepare for breach conditions.
- Shit.
- MAN 1: Yes, sir.
This is Aurora lander.
We have touchdown on Mars.
- WOMAN: Roger. System check.
- MAN 1: 29 percent fuel capacity.
All crew to prepare for exit.
Pressure checks complete.
Immediate ground reconnaissance.
WOMAN: Cabin pressure cross check.
Aurora lander, please respond.
WOMAN: Okay, prepare rear hatch
for exit.
Aurora lander, please respond.
Do not open your bay doors.
Repeat, do not open your bay doors.
WOMAN: We have ground contact.
Channel Nine clear for contact.
- Irwin, no!
- WOMAN: Emergency code seven.
Stay out of there! No!
WOMAN: We have two
unidentified figures.
MAN 2: I'm going out to meet them.
WOMAN: Something isn't right here.
They're not responding
to our transmissions.
MAN 1: We have two
unidentified figures.
Go to seven, go to seven.
- MAN 1: Fuck, what the...
- MAN 2: Help me!
WOMAN: Stay back! Captain!
- MAN 1: Jesus!
- MAN 2: Oh, God, no! Help!
Oh, fuck.
My little girl.
I can't remember her name
anymore... to say goodbye.
Her name is Ella.
I wanna feel again, Vincent.
I can't feel my hands.
I can't let you do this, Irwin.
We can't let this get back
to Earth. It has to end here.
Aurora lander to Mission Control.
This is chief systems officer
Vincent Campbell speaking.
I don't know how much
you guys know but, uh...
The entire crew of Tantalus base
was infected by some sort of...
virulent bacteria.
As far as I know, the Aurora
relief team was lost as well.
They're gone.
All of them.
Lander's in a stable orbit,
but I don't have enough fuel
to reach the Aurora.
I've got the, uh, supplies on board
for Tantalus' replacement crew.
There's a chance
they might last long enough
for you to send someone
out here, but...
Here's the catch.
There's a, uh...
pretty good chance
I'm infected, too.
If that's the case,
I've got just enough fuel left
to drop out of orbit
and burn up in the atmosphere.
At least it'll be quick.
You should get this
in about 15 minutes, so...
I guess I'll be waiting.
Five eleven Zulu,
Aurora lander out.