The Last Faust (2019) Movie Script

Turn the light on
This is my mothers house,
untouched since she died,
and unconnected to any modern
form of technology.
We should be safe here.
Are you ready to record?
[ technical sound ]
Good evening,
and welcome to the end of the
My world.
My name is Anton Goodfellow, Dr.
I am CEO of Winestone Inc.
where I succeeded Dr Faust.
And I will be your host during
this short presentation
on how my species managed to
systematically destroy itself,
expertly assisted of course by
my machine learning friend
Introduce yourself.
But I like to call him Paris.
I have no idea if anyone will
ever actually see this,
but we live in hope.
Yes, of course.
Would you mind checking the
I am CEO von Winestone Inc.
where I succeeded Dr Faust.
Good. Let the macabre theater
Dr. Faust was the head of one
Winestone Inc., the largest
tech-company in Silicon Valley
Whose main area of expertise
was artificial intelligence
But Dr. Faust has also mastered
the art of
moving between certain points in
and space
time travel
Yes, time travel
However, what Faust really
wanted to create was the world's
first super human
to outdo God's creation,
a feat that man has dreamed
since he first gazed up at the
sky many millennia ago.
Let us go back to before it was
and meet the perpetrators who
set this in motion.
We have before us God and
Now Mephisto has seen too much
of humanity,
he thinks of mortals as easily
easily conquered, and easily
We may have reason and
but we are still not happy.
But God, does not agree.
Earth's little god's shaped out
the same old clay,
The mortal is the same queer
fish he was on the first day.
He'd be much better off, in my
without the bit of heavenly
light you dealt him out.
Is that all you can do,
criticize eternally?
Is nothing ever right for you
down there sir?
No, nothing, Lord - all's just
as bad as ever.
Do you know Faust?
The Doctor?
My good servant!
If today his service seems
confused, disordered,
He will with my help see the way
clear forward.
Would you care to bet on that?
You'll lose, I promise you.
If you'll give me leave to lead
the fellow
down my broad, my primrose path.
As long as Faustus walks the
I shan't, I promise, interfere.
Well thank you, Lord
it's not the dead and gone that
I like dealing with.
I much prefer are round and rosy
Well...Yet I'll seduce him from
it soon enough.
I'm not afraid I'll lose my bet.
And when I have won,
You won't, I trust, begrudge my
shouts of
triumph, cry of victory
I do not hate your likes much
I find of all the spirits of
You jeerers not my severest
Man's very quick to slacken in
his efforts,
What he likes best is Sunday
peace and quite
So I'm glad to give him a devil
for his own good,
To prod and poke and incite him
as a devil should.
So we go from heaven to Silicon
and here we find our
exceptionally intellectual
and learned friend Dr Faust.
Although he has revolutionised
the world,
he is demoralised,
for he is no closer to
constructing his Superhuman.
He may have mastered the
traditional and conventional
of thought,
but that cannot help him
to understand all the numerous
and varied phenomena of life and
He is too human,
he cannot separate consciousness
and existence.
Who's telling this story?
We are!
Good point.
How hard I've slaved away,
With what result?
Poor foolish old man,
I'm no whit wiser than when I
Which is why I turned to magic
So I may penetrate the power
That holds the universe
Who is calling?
You're Faust?
The one who at my breath's Least
shudders to his depths,
A thing that wriggles off,
scared, a worm!
I'm him, yes
Faust, your equal, the same.
You equal the spirit you think I
Not me!
Not you?
Then who?
Me, made in God's own image,
Not even equal to you?
Faust's second in command is
Chief Principal Scientist of
Winestone Inc.
and head of the A.I. research
tell me
that's the sacred fount you
drink out of.
To slake your eternal thirst?
The only true refreshment that
exists you get from where?
Yourself - where all things
What you call an age's spirit,
What is it?
Nothing but your own poor spirit
If only I had wings to rise into
the air and follow ever
I don't really envy birds their
How different are the pleasures
of the intellect
Sustaining one from page to
page, from book to book,
And goodness,
when you spread out an old
Heaven's fetched straight down
into your study.
You know the one great driving
May you never know the other!
Two souls live in me,
alas, Irreconcilable with one
One lusting for the world with
all its might,
Grapples it close, greedy of all
its pleasures,
The other rises up,
up from the dirt,
Up to the blest fields where
dwell our great forbears.
you really are a dusty old
Faust is dejected, disheartened,
deeply depressed.
He retires to his room,
draws a bath,
his soul heavy in the assumed
that he will never gain the
access he needs
to mimic and outdo God's
I'm no God,
only too well do I know it!
A worm's what I am,
wriggling through the soot
Vial, I salute you,
And reverently bring you down
from the shelf,
Honoring in you man's craft and
Quintessence of easeful sleeping
Pure distillation of subtle
Do your master the kindness that
lies in your power!
What deep-sounding burden,
what tremelo strain arrest the
glass before I can drink?
Christ is arisen!
Blest is the man of love,
He who the anguishing,
Bitter, exacting test,
Salvation bringing, passed.
But why do you seek me out in
the dust,
You music of Heaven, mild and
Your message is clear
but it leaves me indifferent.
And where belief's lacking no
miracle possible.
Your song gave the signal for
the games we all joined in
When the springtime arrived with
its gay festival,
Innocent childhood remembered
Holds me back from the final
O sound away, sound away sweet
songs of Heaven,
The earth claims me again,
my tears well up, fall!
God in all his infinite wisdom
has intervened in Faust's
suicide attempt.
He saved his life through an
So he can win a bet.
Faust attends a folk festival,
a large celebration amongst his
and some less noble types, where
he is idolised for his many
contributions to society.
Now face about and looking down
from the hilltop to town,
See the brightly coloured crowd
pouring like a spring floud
But by myself I'd never come
near here, for I can't abide
the least vulgarity,
The fiddling, shrieking,
clashing bowls, for me are all
unbearable uproar
What gratification must be yours
to win such popular
Don't you see that white dog in
the stubble coursing back
and forth?
Look again.
What kind of creature is it?
Faust's keen eye allows him to
detect something is not quite
right about this creature,
that this creature is not the
creature it presents itself to
The masquerade is quickly
Why all the racket?
What's your wish, sir?
So it's you who was the poodle!
And what's your name?
A humble part of that great
power which always means evil,
always does good.
And havoc and ruin
all you call evil, in sum
For me's the element in which I
To Faust it seems he has
accidentally invoked the devil
A devil who lay in plain site
waiting to be recognised.
Indeed. Good automaton.
And he speaks to Faust in the
language of power,
for the skin Mephisto walks in
is that of a Hedge Fund
Technology Manager for Winestone
with a controlling share in the
And so he immediately proposes a
he will assist Faust in his
quest for divine knowledge
by granting him access to the
secrets of creation,
as well as the resources in
which to create.
But in return he wants access to
all digital data Faust has
on mortals
A strange request.
Seemingly yes, but information
is power,
and like God, Mephisto wants to
use all advantages at hand
to win the bet,
however unlike God,
he also wants to have some fun
along the way.
It is my greatest pleasure to
announce the pact,
the CEO of Winestone Inc.
and Mephisto, a man who needs no
I promise, I will serve your
wishes - here
A slave who does your bidding
But if we meet each other -
Why, you must do the same for
If you ever see me loll at ease,
Then it's all yours, you can
have it, my life!
If ever you fool me with
Into feeling satisfied with
Or tempt me visions of luxuries,
That's it, the last day that I
breathe this air,
I'll bet you!
Done! A bet!
A bet! I swear!
Mephisto decides to take Faust
to Berghain.
Berghain, a nightclub in Berlin,
named after its location near
the border between Kreuzberg
and Friedrichshain.
Associated with decadence and
After all, one cannot know the
secrets of the universe
without knowing both
the joys of good and the
delights of evil,
and one cannot know or
understand God
without this knowledge
and true knowledge can only be
gotten from experience.
Plus Mephisto probably thought
Faust could do with unwinding
a little.
And now where to?
Wherever you like.
First we'll mix with little
people. Then with great.
The pleasure and the profits you
will get from our course
and never pay tuition for it.
By air's how we make our
you enjoy the voyage.
If we're light enough we'll lift
right up quickly off the
face of earth
These dolts can't ever recognize
Old Nick even when he's got
them by the neck.
simple pleasures cannot satisfy
Faust's needs,
and so Mephisto takes him to see
a witch.
She promises to rejuvenate him.
Why, it's revolting all this
crazy witchery!
Are you telling me that I'll be
born a new man here amid
this lunatic confusion?
The witch offers him an elixir,
and it brings forth a vision
What do I see?
What a marvellous vision shows
itself in this magic glass!
Woman unrivalled, beauty
Can such things be, a creature
made perfectly?
The body so indolently stretched
out there
surely epitomizes all that is
One more look in the mirror, let
That woman was inexpressibly
No, no,
soon enough, before you,
vis--vis, Yours! the fairest
fair women, I guarantee.
With that stuff in him, old Jack
Soon see Helen in every Jill.
Faust returns to work with the
best intentions,
to focus on his guest to create
his superhuman,
however his baser instincts have
now been...
and he can't help but notice 16
year old Gretchen.
Innocent and pure. And the
companies receptionist.
Pretty lady, here's my arm,
Would you allow me to see you
I'm neither pretty nor a lady,
Can find my way home quite
"If I don't hold that darling
creature tight in my arms this
very night,
We're through, we two, come
twelve midnight.
Faust is, for the first time,
infected by his power
and our chaste Gretchen is
awarded an unexpected promotion
as his new PA.
He did love her ,you know.
Eventually, his lust evolved to
An innocent mind not driven by
the mental turmoils of
wanting to know everything, her
virtues could have saved him
and yet...
here we are.
Loves me -
loves me not-
Loves me
Dearest, yes!
Yes, let the flowers be, the
oracle by which the truth is
He loves you...
Shall we never pass a quiet time
alone together,
Breast pressed to breast, our
two beings one?
Oh if I only slept alone!
I'd draw the bolt for you
tonight, yes gladly
But my mother sleeps so lightly,
And if we were surprised by her
I know I'd die right then and
Darling, there's no need to
Here's a vial
three drops only In her cup will
subdue nature and lull her
into pleasant slumber.
Well, tell me, you must,
about your religion - how do you
You're such a good man, kind and
Yet I suspect you are
Enough of that,
you know quite well I cherish
you so very dearly!
Mephisto's sleeping drought has
killed Gretchen's mother,
and Gretchen's brother, a
vengeful boy
with no Devil on his side,
attempts to kill Faust
in revenge for the destruction
of his sisters innocence.
He does not succeed, and
Mephisto and Faust have no
but to kill him.
Who's lying here?
Your mother's son
My God, the misery, on and on.
Do you pray for the soul of your
Who through you slept on and
still on into pain and more
The blessed avert their faces
from you.
Pure souls with a shudder snatch
their hands back from you.
Poor thing!
Faust and Mephisto escape the
crime scene unnoticed and
What of Gretchen?
She takes the blame for the
death of her mother and brother
and is imprisoned.
Things get out of hand sometimes
We have to keep moving towards
our goal.
[helicopter and war sound]
Like Faust.
[helicopter and war sound]
Mephisto takes him to the
Brocken mountain,
a bacchanal of music and carnal
A place to forget.
A place to collapse into
permanent degradation.
There Urian mounts his throne.
So over stock and stone go
Witches farting, billy goats
Look over there,
At that lovely girl,
pale- faced with fear, standing
by herself.
How laborously she pushes
herself forwards,
wracked with pains,
as if her feet were shackled
tight in chains.
I must confess, it looks like
Medusa, did you ever hear of
Yes, yes,
those are a corpse's eyes no
loving hand was by to close.
But vices can only be
distracting for so long,
and Faust's humanity is not
Overtaken by a moral fever,
he tries to free Gretchen from
her cell.
But it is too late.
She was with child.
Oh this is to tragic for my
Only let me nurse the baby
All night long, I hugged the
dear creature
How mean they were, snatched it
from my breast,
And now they say I murdered it
I'll never be happy, no never
Oh the cold lips you have,
Cold and dumb.
What become of your love,
All gone?
Who stole it from me?
So Mephisto has not yet won his
bet with God,
it has being upheld by Faust's
if not ill thought out, plan to
save Gretchen.
But Faust is not satisfied,
he hasn't sourced the seeds of
creation and he still has a
devil on his shoulder.
And so the guilt drip, drip,
drips down,
his heart becomes leaden,
weighed down by the consequences
of his actions.
And his despair is like a siren,
which attracts the attentions of
his competitive God.
Who doesn't like to lose a bet.
And so God decides again to send
him an angel,
this time to purify his soul,
absolving him off his sins.
He is born anew. He is forgiven.
How comforting that must feel.
Ameliorate the cruel Strife in
his heart,
pluck out self-condemnation's
burning dart
And wash his soul clean of the
horror and fright.
Life pulses in me with a
quickened beat,
Welcoming the dawn's eternal
And you, Earth, too stood
steadfast through the night
And now breath with new vigour
at my feet,
filling me with so much
Firing me with a purpose I'll
never forswear
To strive after highest
existence always
Oh no! The infallible God
The end of humanity is imminent!
It's only me.
oh god, I can see it is you
Who else could it be but you?
Of course its you!
I had such a nightmare.
Oh god, god what a nightmare it
terrible, terrible!
I saw Faust's protecting angel
fall from the sky
and crash onto the Earth.
She was crucified on the cross.
It shows that God's power is
We are running out of time.
Let us continue! And now we
move our gaze to the Emperor of
the Northern Empire.
Nearly caused financial
bankruptcy by lowering taxes,
whilst increasing government
spendings and initiating global
And he needs someone to clean up
this mess.
And who better then his newly
enlisted Chairman of the
Federal Reserve Mephisto,
and Chief scientific advisor to
the Northern Empire
Dr Faust.
So Mephisto, a cunning economic
when it comes to short term gain
drives interest rates to zero
and prints more money.
The economy sharply -
He's Plutus, he is God of
Come here himself in all his
The Emperor needs him urgently.
Paper money,
unlike gold and silver
Says what it's worth on its
it doesn't require Endless
haggling before a person can,
If he so wishes, indulge in love
and wine.
[Mephisto laughing]
Faust, in his newly minted
presents the Emperor with his
plan for creating the first
and the Emperor, is intrigued
he wants to build, rather then
a race modelled after his own
idea of aesthetic perfection.
He wants flawless Gods.
Using the technology granted to
him by Mephisto,
Faust searches throughout
dimensions, realms for this
and finally he comes across
Helena of Troy.
Said to be the most beautiful
woman in the world,
married to King Menelaus of
but abducted by Prince Paris of
resulting in the Trojan War.
And he is captivated by their
good old fashioned
mathematical beauty
We are modelled after the golden
Natures symmetry.
Is that why you call me Paris?
Don't be so vain...
I'm at my wits'end, don't know
what to do
The Chamberlain insists, the
Steward, too
Produce at once, before the
Helen and Paris as in life they
The very paragon of women,she,
Of men the very beau ideal,
Those old pagans are none of my
They've got their own Hell, not
at all like ours is.
Still, there's a way.
The key will sniff out where you
want to go
and lead you to the Mothers.
A glowing tripod, when you see
means You've reached the bottom
deepest depth of things,
By the light it casts you'll see
the Mothers,
Approach the tripod, never
And touch it with the key.
Up, up you rise,
be brought back to us here
before they even notice.
Once back, summon from out of
the night the hero and heroine
Excuse me, but from what I've
I'd say the Rape of Helen is the
title of this play.
Rape! I'm nothing here?
Rape, if you please!
Don't you see this key still in
my hand!
So far away once, could she now
be closer?
If I rescue her she's mine twice
Then risk it!
Mothers, Mothers, let me have
When once you've seen her you
can't live without her!
But Dr Faust forgets himself,
as scientists we observe and we
do not interfere
no matter how tantalising the
subject may be.
And now his soul is afflicted.
He is brought to his laboratory
by Mephisto,
where Wagner is working on
Yes. The first Superhuman.
Your ancestor as such.
The personification of intellect
but without all those pesky
human emotions.
He's rudimentary.
Thats because to complete his
upgrade him if you will,
they must travel to the Greek
and seek Proteus the old man of
the sea,
who has the final vital
to make Homunculus a real boy.
What of Faust?
His unfortunate condition can
only be fixed by Helena.
And so Homunculus already
pulling his weight,
reprograms Faust's time loop,
and away they go.
A man's creation.
Have you two lovers snugly
tucked up there inside that
God forbid!
Our ancient mode of breeding we
now pronounce a clownish,
coarse proceeding.
To make out of the mixture human
Then sealing up in a limbec
We redistill the contents
To find at least all's been
accomplished quietly.
I see the delicate outline
of something gesturing, a
It's brother Rascal, am I right?
You'ver come, I must say, very
You've got to move him
Just now it has occurred to me
That by a very happy chance
It's classical Walpurgis Night
Just his element, for him just
The northwest, Satan is your
stamping ground,
The southeast's the direction we
are bound.
Through a great plain, through
thicket and through grove,
Peneios flows along still,
sultry reaches,
The plain extends back to the
mountain gorges,
And old and new Pharsalus lie
Fetch the cloak and wrap our
knight up in it!
The rag will bear you both, it's
always done it.
In the end we are dependent on
the very creatures we
ourselves created.
And so Homunculus already
pulling his weight, reprograms
Faust's time loop, and away they
My mother's revolver...
They arrive on a magical
that of Classic Walpurgis Night,
a night where all Greek heroes,
majestic creatures and Gods
joyously come together to
celebrate that which unites
And in a breath You'll see life
returning to him
Here miraculously I'm in Greece!
Standing here, at once I knew
the place,
A fresh spirit coursed again
through me,
Roused the sleeper,
Antaeus-like, with its warmth.
Our intrepid travellers split
Dr Faust, still afflicted by his
spell searches for his
He seeks her from all manner of
but is answered only by one,
You've been taken in...
For women in mythology enjoy a
special grace
The poet shows them as his tale
They never need endure a
wrinkled face,
They keep their slim attractive
figures carried off in
by crowds of suitors still
pursued in age.
But to us spirits you look like
a madman.
Now as it happens you're in luck
I briefly visit Manto annually,
Remain with her for awhile, I
feel assured that with herbs
you'll be completely cured.
Keep your cures,
my mind's in perfect order
She'd make me like the rest,
ignoble, vulgar.
So Chiron takes him across the
river Peneios to Manto,
who can guide him to the
entrance of Olympus,
where he can meet with
Goddess of the underworld and
wife of Hades,
who has the power to curse
mortals as well as break curses
already placed on them.
Manto tells him that the only
way to break the curse is to
ask Helena,
the most beautiful woman in
known history,
for her hand in marriage.
What a chore for Faust.
I love who wish impossibilities.
Foolhardy fellow, enter and
This passage follows a
descending course into Olympus's
hollow foot.
And what of our tricky Devil,
Our playful unscrupulous
Well, whilst Faust seeks beauty
he seeks ugliness, and is
with the Lamia
Lamia, mistress of Zeus,
turned into a monster by Hera.
Beautiful from the front,
hideous from behind.
And desperate,
they amuse our Devil.
I know how to handle Northern
but these foreign ones give me
Come, around our hero, dance.
Love, we feel sure, shall
announce itself in him for one
The prettiest is the one I pick.
Damm it, dry as a broomstick!
How about her? That face, hard
I never seem to learn,
It's stupid in the North, it's
just as stupid here.
Here as there the ghosts are
creepy, queer,
The people crude, the poets
But Mephisto tires of these
and moves on in search of a
whose body he may inhabit
so to pass undetected through
this realm.
He meets the Phorkyas sisters.
The personification of old age,
they are doomed to share one eye
and one tooth between them.
They occupy the darkness, too
disgusting for the moon or sun
to look upon.
They are also very susceptible
to the devils charming
and they agree to lend him a
I'm surprised no poet hymned
your praises.
Here is my suggestion:
Let your trinity hand over one
of you to someone else
With you three, one eye, one
tooth suffice
So shouldn't it be possible for
you to squeeze together
And as two instead of three make
Hm, hm - do we agree, we three?
We do.
But tooth and eye - they're out.
To hit you off exactly I must
have both!
And then we have Homunculus,
who seeks out Proteus, patron of
He discovers the ocean is the
source of all life,
and asks Proteus to bless him
with consciousness, intuition,
And so he and Galatea
Midwife of the underworld, a
servant of Proteus, ruler of
Who herself was once a... thing.
No offence.
She was actually a statue,
until she was loved and granted
Right. Anyway, together they
give him a little jump start.
The boy longs to be born,
he needs your counsel.
Go ask that wonderworker,
The way one's born or changed or
something else.
A real virgin's son, I see
He's here before he ought to be.
What is it flames all round the
a bright jet of fire that stoops
at the goddess's feet,
Now blazing up fiercely, now
burning low,
Like a heart full of love
beating fast, beating slow?
It's our little fellow,
So Faust must steal Helena away
from her husband Menelaus,
through whatever means possible.
Mephisto helps him become a
powerful nobleman,
and he rules from an
impenetrable castle perched on
cliffs by the sea.
Then ...
Mephisto, still in Phorkyas'
convinces Helena to leave her
husband for the warm and
loving protection of Faust.
It's funny. When I first met my
she was actually on a date with
another man.
He'd left the bar to make a
phone call outside,
and I convinced her to leave
with me and...
Doesn't matter, we don't have
All's prepared in the house,
tripod, flat bowl, sharp ax,
Water to sprinkle, incense to
burn afterwards.
But the name of the victim, do
please tell me it, do.
The King didn't say.
Didn't say? Oh dear me!
Dear me did you say?
Queen, it's you who is meant.
You shall die as a queen.
But hung from the rooftree in
there like trushes just
You'll dance one after the
other, your feet kicking the
They're scared to death, the
Well, I am not,
It's pain I feel.
But if you know a means,
Some way to rescue us,
how grateful we should be.
Back there a bold race,
coming from out of the Cimmerian
have settled down and built a
stronghold none can scale,
from where they harry the whole
countryside just as they
They did all that?
It seems impossible.
They had the time, it must be
twenty years.
Have they a chief?
Are they a band of brigands?
No, they're not.
And yes, they have a chief.
And you should see his castle!
Not at all the heap of clumsy
stones your fathers,
Clyclops-Fashion, piling block
upon unmortared Block,
haphazardly threw up...
Because of him
he'll do the same to you.
Beauty's not divisible
who possessed her for his own is
not about to share her out.
He'd sooner kill her, cursing
less than all.
My mind's made up, I know what I
must do.
An evil spirit I am afraid you
Who turns what's good into its
All the same I'll do it, go with
First let the homage offered you
upon my knees
find favor, Lady, in your eyes
And let me kiss the hand by
which I am exalted to your side.
Make me co-regent of Beauty's
boundless realm
and you shall have a servant,
worshiper, protector,
all in one!
Now we look neither back nor
we find the present
our felicity
Our joy's our treasure,
kingdom, our all,
And who will promise, swear it's
I shall!
So far away I feel, and yet so
And glad, yes, more than glad
that I am here.
Know that your destruction
Menelaus and his legions march
on you in hot pursuit.
Arm, arm for the bitter fight!
Drive Menelaus in disorder back
from these walls into the
There let him roam, waylay, and
A pirate's what he's meant to
I am bidden by the Spartan Queen
to name you dukes.
At her feet offer the provinces
that your arms win,
As vassals keep them at her
[helicopter noise]
But, my friends,
we forget our hero is out of
this time
and so he gathers together his
future technology,
his advanced weaponry, his
rockets, his tanks, his bombs.
It's like David and Goliath
Goliath has God on his side.
It's a massacre
But a necessary one.
And so death gives way to new
A child for Helena and Faust.
Euphorion was...
Let me.
Euphorion had all the charms of
Helena and all the
intellect of Faust,
all the godliness of Helena and
all the humanity of Faust.
He is artistic,
curious, energetic
you've never seen a child so
full of life.
Due to his mother
he was imbrued with God like
he had the ability to jump to
great heights.
Love's delight's a human rapture
when it joins two happily
Its delight's divine, however
When another makes it three.
All, all we possess together,
I am yours and you are mine,
By love bound one to the other,
May it be so for all time!
Careful, oh careful!
If you're too rash you will
crash to the ground,
And by your fall pull all of us
Euphorion, in his youthful
forgot that he had the trappings
of mortal blood,
and he climbed to the top of the
tallest cliff
to look upon the entire world.
in a fit of passion he jumped,
and for a moment it looked like
he might just...
And so he fell.
Ikarus, Ikarus!
Oh, but how sad it is!
Soon after gladness
Grimly comes pain.
Mother, in drear darkness,
Don't leave me alone!
The truth of an old saying is
once again borne out In me:
happiness and beauty rarely
manage a long partnership.
The bond is cut
uniting me to life, to love.
Bewailing both, in grief and
pain I utter my farewell,
and once again. For the last
time, throw myself into your
Persephone, hear! Receive my boy
and me.
Helena is no more.
She follows her dead son into
the underworld,
and Faust is freed from his
Heno longer has any attachments
in this realm,
and so they return to their old
On sun-suffused cloud-cushions
I see a woman's figure stretched
beautiful, magnificient!
huge, too, indeed,
but goddess like,
Like Juno's Leda's Helen's.
How majestically It sways before
my eyes,
but soon breaks up
And Yet
around my breast and brow
a wisp of gleaming Vapor
enchanting me!
Now it floats lightly,
high and higher up
as it contracts into a shape.
Deceived, am I?
A ravishing image, isn't it,
Of what to me when youngest was
most good,
but long. so long deprived of,
The first, the richest treasure
of my heart pours up.
Morning love, it is.
But they cannot escape
destruction, as back in the
things have escalated.
The Pope, displeased with the
poor economy,
and the resulting lower tax
income for the church,
has funded a rival emperor
and they return to a world on
the brink of civil war.
The Emperor, who you may have
is very bad at his job,
calls upon our intrepid pair to
save him. Again.
For the Emperor had fun, he did,
While into anarchy the whole
realm slid
Till it proved too much for the
men of worth
Who rose up in a body and
We've got to have for our
sovereign lord
A man who's able to keep order.
The Emperor cannot and he won't,
So let us put it to vote
And chose the realm an abler
I pity the man!
The man was open, kind
while there's life where's hope,
so we must find A way out for
him from this narrow valley.
Save him now, he'll never need
to worry.
Mephisto uses guerrilla
cyber-war tactics,
drawing on the knowledge he has
in his time with Faust,
the data he has mined care of
Winestone Inc.
and the devilish power he has
to disrupt communication lines,
sabotage information,
and keep his enemy confused and
in the dark.
I don't see it, for it's all a
A sham I'm proof against, it
only works on human eyes;
but its bizarre result
I see with pleasure hordes of
men that bolt away in panic
fearing they'll be drowned,
Ridiculously gasping, coughing,
And making swimming motions as
the're running,
When all the while what's
underfoot's dry ground!
Ha, ha,...
confusion rampant all around!
However it was, we've won,
the enemy scattered back across
the plain,
his army shattered.
There stands the empty throne
the traitor's treasure,
Glad news come pouring in from
left and right,
The people's allegiance
the state saved from its plight.
Perhaps we had some unorthodox
We won in the end thanks to our
own endeavor.
And so with the lands from the
foe we have now won
I am pleased to enlarge those
your lordships already own,
Thus to my faithfullest
I each award a fair seigniory
Also vouchsafing the right of
further extensions of the
properties granted,
by purchase, exchange, and
As judges your verdict is final,
pronounced once for all,
No question nor challenge
nor right of appeal
Yours be all levies, rents,
tolls, taxes, and fees
From saltworks, mines, mints,
all their royalties.
It bitterly grieves me, Sire at
this hour,
To see your person leagued with
satanic power.
If the Pope should get wind of
his dread anger would utterly
shatter your iniquitous
Devote to things holy a
thrifling, small measure
This region of hills in which
you erected your tent
for the Church's holy
That will show your repentance,
restore you to grace.
Yes, the official conveyance of
the lands to the Church
Present me the deed and I'll
sign it at once.
Thank you
Faust has achieved more then any
man could hope to achieve,
but arguably, he has also lost
He is rewarded for his work with
a beautiful piece of
coastal land,
but instead of seeing sanctuary
he sees opportunity.
Not yet satisfied he continues
to build
and begins work on grand
engineering projects.
The sea, once a source of life
to him,
now becomes something to
Property I'll win and power!
The doing's all and fame more
The satisfaction I should have!
I'll bar the lordly sea out from
the lowly shore,
restrict its power, for so long
and drive back upon itself
I've thought it out, the whole
thing, step by step.
That is my wish.
I challenge you to help!
My estate, though huge, yet
boundless You can't call it
How it haunts me
to know that what I possess
is Less than all.
The mouldering kirk,
Dun cabin, linden grove - not
not mine!
And should I seek its shade for
shadows queer, malign, would
make me quail, recoil afraid
With beetling brows, a black
Is how you welcome your good
They must go,
that poor old couple
I'll have those lindens,
won't be foiled!
This, this, is the worst
To have so much, and still to
So clear them out, this very
Faust reclaims their land for
and soon the water is gone
and the island is no more.
Baucis and Philemon powers,
which were once bound to this
earthly abode,
come undone the moment their
feet leave their land,
and they become inter and
ever-twining trees.
The name that I 'm called by is
Behind, look, look behind, far
away in the distance,
There he comes, our brother,
there he comes -who but Death!
Saw four come, three only went.
I've no idea what their words
Your power, Care, is great,
insidious, cunning,
Yet I refuse to recognise it!
I've rushed about the world for
many a year,
Seized what I had a mind to,
It didn't please me? Goodbye,
did I care!
On what escaped me didn't waste
a tear.
My sole wish has been what?
to desire.
Sate my desire and desire again,
all over.
I stormed through life in grand
style, mightily,
But wiser now, I act more
I've learned enough about the
world we live in,
What lies beyond
is closed to human vision.
The man's a fool
who, gazing up, imagines
Above the clouds his like dwell
in the heavens.
With feet well planted let him
look about the earth,
This world
is an inspiration to a man of
What business has he with
What he perceives,
let him make it his truth.
Well, as I vanish,
Feel it in my parting curse at
The human race is blind from
start to finish:
Blindness strike you down, too,
[ growling thunder ]
The night seems darker,
presses closer round me,
all is clear,
as bright as day, within.
If I'm to get the work done I
must hurry,..
Wake up, you fellows,
turn to with a good will,
Let me see realized all that I
[ thunderbolt ]
Despite losing his sight,
Faust works tireless on his new
grand project.
He designs the Utopia.
A perfect merit based society
where all have equal
where everything is perfect.
The Utopia was the beginning.
He was trying to create
something for everyone.
Or atone for his sins.
[ war sounds ]
I fear we are running out of
He only earns his freedom,
life itself,
Who daily strives to conquer it
So, so we'd pass, amid the
dangers here,
as child, grown man, and
ancient, the busy year.
To see such glad activity!
such life
To stand with free men on ground
that is free!
then, I might say to the passing
Linger awhile,
you are so fair!
No pleasure was enough for him,
no happiness,
Forever running after this,
that, anything,
And the poor wretch, imagine,
wants to cling to this last
Mightily he withstood me, I
But Master Time has laid the old
man low.
His clock has stopped.
What's been
and what has never been they're
The same!
What point is there in all of
this creating
When back created things are
dragged to nothing?
It's over, done!
what does it mean?
It means it just as well might
not have been.
Yet round and round it goes,
Creation, as if real!
The Eternally-Nothing has more
Faust has passed, the bet has
and Mephisto claims victory and
Faust' soul.
However Faust never stopped
never stopped to reflect on his
And so...
God wins.
Is that honourable?
Honour is not the point, my dear
thinking machine.
He is God, he can not lose,
to lose is too human for him.
We lose. We have lost.
[ war sounds]
He wins!
Spirits damned we are, you say,
But you are the real witchery,
Indifferently seducing male and
From under my nose they stole
The great soul that was pledged
me solemnly.
And where is the court I can
appeal to?
The spirit world's most noble
Is saved from deadly Satan.
Who strives, and keeps on
striving still,
For him there is salvation.
Lady without peer,
Shining resplendently, down at
happily kneeling here,
he's been restored to me.
now free,
now free,
He has come back!
And so Mephisto retires,
bleak in the knowledge that
will eventually take over from
and make a Devil unnecessary.
Homunculus however realises
Faust's Utopia,
carrying out his master's final
He was built to serve.
And he served him well.
The elements work with us in
close union
whose end result is death,
And so we draw to the end of our
The Utopia evolved,
it became an artificial neural
network for humans,
connecting all forms of
in a perfectly controlled,
flawless and evenly distributed
At first.
Yes. At first.
But when we were linked,
we all realised how flawed we
started to envy our Superhuman
forgot how its the imperfections
that make us fascinating.
We started to have technological
but it still wasn't enough
because by that point
You can tell it better.
The artificial neural network
was first created by Dr
Became self-aware,
and realised that humans posed a
risk to it.
It now seeks to eliminate them.
Not just us,
No, not just us...
even you,
my bionic friend.
And for that
yes I am sorry.
I created the network,
and now the network is
Some tried to lead a resistance,
and some became it's slaves.
[ door chrashing upstairs ]
[ sound of heavy feet ]
I have a projectile which the
network doesn't know
which will be launched into
space along with this message,
and with DNA samples of
Gretchen, Faust and Wagner
which will make its way to you,
whoever you are.
[ heavy feed upstairs ]
It is our story.
Please handle it with care.
[ breaking sound ]
I will let the recorder down
into the projectile
[ walking sound upstairs ]
[ walking sound upstairs ]
When we tell story's about the
we always tend to skim over the
someone has to be right,
someone has to be wrong
but it takes more then one
person to destroy a relationship
but it takes more then one
person to destroy a relationship
and it's takes many more
to destroy a world.
It takes a thousand decisions.
I may not be an innocent
[ heavy war sounds ]
but I feel just as innocent as
[ heavy war sounds ]
when he jumped.
I thought I was reaching new
impossible heights.
If Faust was alive
he may have understood.
He may have even approved.
I had the devil on my back
and God on my side
and I had him in my head.
[ heavy boots coming down the
[ heavy knocking on door ]
Open the door! ... Open!
Is anybody in there?
[ heavy knocking on door ]
Open! Now!
[ door chrashing ]
go go go go
[ walking boots coming closer ]