The Last Flight (2009) Movie Script

Level off, Cary!
Level off!
Shep! Shep, are you all right?
Can't make it, Cary.
I Can't make it.
Here, give me your arm!
I'll get you out of here!
Hang on there, Shep!
Get a hold.
Just hold tight, old fella.
Well, the old guerre is finie.
That's right.
What are ya gonna do now, Shep?
Get tight.
And then what?
Stay tight.
Lieutenants Lambert and Lockwood.
You two leaving us, eh?
In a way,
I'm sorry to release you two.
But I have
no choice in the matter.
What am I going to do, Major, about my -
oh, this rotten business?
Spasmodic twitching of the
muscles under the eye, eh, Lieutenant?
What the French call a tic.
T - I - C, tic.
Little bothersome, isn't it?
- Yes, sir.
I'm afraid time'll have to
take care of that.
Time and normal living.
You two are returning to the
United States, I presume?
We haven't decided.
I'd take the first boat home.
Well, here you go.
Oh, I forgot your burnt hands.
Neither of you is fully hospitalized.
I'd undertake a systematic course
of finger exercises.
To, uh, stretch them
and loosen them up.
In time,
you'll regain their full use.
Thank you, sir.
Bye, Lieutenant.
Bye, Lieutenant. Good luck.
Well, there they go.
Out to face life.
And their whole training was
in preparation for death.
Why can't they go on with flying?
You know, the air mails
or something?
I'm afraid they're unfit for
further service in that direction.
They fell, you know -
six thousand meters.
Like dropping a fine Swiss watch
on the pavement.
Shattered both of them.
Their nervous systems are deranged,
disorganized, brittle.
Spent bullets.
Spent bullets
That's it.
They're like projectiles,
shaped for war and hurled at the enemy.
They've described a beautiful,
high-arching trajectory.
And now they've fallen
back to earth.
Spent. Cooled off.
Oh, well, if they take care of themselves,
they'll pull through all right.
Even if they do take care of themselves,
what good are they?
What can you expect of them?
I hate to think what may
become of them.
Hello, Cary!
- Hi, Cary!
Hello, Bill! Hiya, Francis!
- Hello, Bill! Francis!
Well, I see you got yours.
- Yup. We crashed.
Hey! Where you going?
See you in Paris!
- Yeah.
How 'bout a cocktail?
- Not a bad idea at that.
I beg your pardon.
But, if I'm not too inquisitive,
would you mind telling me
what IS that you're drinking?
- Teeth?
Hey, it's teeth!
- Teeth?!
- That's right.
Yup. It's a full set,
upper and lower.
It's a nice expression.
Hey, how come you're
with those teeth?
I was just standing here.
And a nice gentleman came along
and begged my pardon
and asked would I mind
holding his teeth for a minute.
Well, what did he want you
to hold his teeth for?
Said he wanted to biff somebody.
- Biff somebody?! Which way did he go?!
Just around to the right.
- Come on, men! We're liable to see a fight.
Would you like to come along?
Oh, no. I have to stay here
and mind the man's teeth.
Oh, of course.
Well. THAT'S all fixed.
Let's go back.
Oh, there she is.
Well, we missed it.
- Did something happen?
Well, they carried a guy out.
Say! What's become of the teeth?
Oh, the man came and got his teeth.
Well, what did he say?
- He said thank you for holding his teeth.
What did he look like?
I think he fell in an airplane
in the war
and got his teeth knocked out.
Why do you think he was
in the war?
Oh, he had a kind of little striped
ribbon in his buttonhole.
What makes you think he was a flyer?
His eyes.
- His eyes?
You can tell a flyer better by his ears.
Well, what do you say we have a drink?
- Fine!
Hello, Jean!
Bon soir, Monsieur Lambert. Qu'est-ce que
vous voulez prendre, Messieurs?
Martini! - Martini!
- Martini! - Martiniiii!
Could I have a champagne cocktail?
Certainment, Mademoiselle.
Quatre Martinis pour messieurs!
Champagne cocktail pour Mademoiselle Nikki!
- Nikki?!
Can you imagine that, fellas?
Her name is Nikki!
Her name is Nikki.
She holds men's teeth.
She sits at the bar
and she drinks champagne.
she's gonna be a lot of trouble.
Oh, my, my!
Poor sweet! She can't even hold her
Oh, well, HE can't either.
Besides, he has to use two hands.
Course he can't hold his glass.
His hands are burned.
You have no right to spill YOUR drinks.
He can't help himself.
Burned? How burned?
He brought a plane down on fire.
An airplane? In the war?
He held the stick.
But his hands began to slip.
Then he held it inside his arms.
He was trying to
bring his rear gunner down alive.
Did he bring him down safe?
Brought him down.
Oh, so that's why -
- Yes!
That's why he can't hold a glass.
Oh, I'm so ashamed.
Now, Cary's had a pretty thin time.
His nerves are tricky.
You should
never call attention to his hands.
Hi, Cary.
Oh, hello, Frink.
Hello, Francis. Bill.
Shep. Drunk again.
Say, don't you know any OTHER
opening remarks?
It's about all
we've heard from you for a year.
Hi! Jean!
Bonsoir, monsieur.
Qu'est-ce que vous voulez prendre?
Un sidecar.
Say, why don't you fellows go home
and go to work?
Work? What kind of work?
Oh, anything useful.
What could we do?
Sell washing machines?
Drive a milk wagon?
Mend old furniture or somethin'?
Go back to flying.
Fly the air mails.
Aw, we couldn't fly a kite.
Maybe a small kite.
Well, there must be something
you can do.
We've got to tend to our drinking.
We don't get much opportunity.
Lots of things going on outside.
Sun shining, trees growing,
people walking around.
Say! Is that STILL going on?
Sounds pretty pre-war to me.
Don't I rate an introduction?
Who's your swell friend?
Oh, her? Just an old hussy
we found scattered around.
Pay no attention.
Sometimes he goes away.
Oh! He didn't go.
Oh, I'm so sorry. Your hands...
Oh, your poor hands!
Your poor, poor hands.
If you aren't the WORST!
First, you insult his hands
and make him mad.
Then you cry over them
and make him self-conscious.
Come on back here.
Come on.
Well, that's torn it.
He'll never come back now.
Then we'll have to find him.
What for?
To explain how sorry I am.
Well. You don't have to get so
emotional about it.
Who's getting emotional?
- You are.
You're coming all apart.
Here. Take a drink of this.
Make you laugh and play.
Say, what's she crying about?
She's crying on account of
they didn't wash her
strawberries this morning.
Didn't they wash your strawberries
this morning?
There ain't a whole hell of a lot
that we can do about that now.
Let's go.
Hey! Where're you goin'?!
Oh, out.
- Out where?!
Out to get a drink.
Don't you suppose you could
arrange that here?!
Nope. We gotta go somewheres else.
Okay. Come on, Francis. We got to go
somewheres else to get a drink.
Hey! There he is!
- Where?
Come on!
Say, what are you tryin' to do,
disown us?
Hello. Won't you sit down?
Sure we'll sit down.
What'd ya think we'd do? Stand around?
Thank you.
Hello, Cary.
Hello, Shep. Hello, Nikki.
What will you have to drink?
Martini! - Martini!
- Martini! - Martini!
Quatre Martinis?
Uh, could I have champagne, please?
Champagne? Oui.
Boys, she's goin' to be a problem.
That's what I started on.
It upsets me if I change over
to anything else.
There's a lot of things wrong
with this one.
What were you doing
at the bar at Claridge's anyway?
Yes. Don't you know you're not
supposed to be there?
There's that sign on the wall says
ladies must sit at the back.
Can't read signs.
Well, we'll just have to
take care of her, that's all.
Do you think she's
good-lookin' enough?
Oh, I know I'm not
very good-looking but -
But what?
But when I was a little girl,
my mother always said
I had the nicest hair-ribbon.
Then there's her drinking.
What's the matter with my drinking?
- You're a sissy drinker.
Well, maybe I can improve.
Then there's her teeth.
Why, one of 'em is turned sideways.
You mean this one?
- That's it.
Why don't you have it turned around?
I don't have it turned around
on account of it's a kind of help.
Well, in what respect
does it kind of help?
Well, you see, when anyone
kisses me too hard, it splits my lip.
And you could tell when
anyone kissed me too hard
on account of my lip would bleed.
So now I don't let anyone
kiss me - hard.
Well, we'll let that pass.
Where's he gone?
Shep went off to sharpen his skates.
Now, about your nose.
What about my nose?
It isn't straight.
It kind of turns up at the end.
Well, when I was a little girl,
I got bumped by a swing.
How'd you happen to get bumped?
I just walked through the gate.
I was only seven.
Oh, poor dear.
Didn't you see it?
I can't see very far.
Did it hurt?
It made me dizzy all day.
Well, I guess we can't
hold that against her.
We all make mistakes.
That's right. Michelangelo painted
Adam with a navel.
All the same,
he'd look funny the other way -
even in a painting.
Where's he gone?
He went off to shave a horse.
Have you got a husband or anything?
No husband.
- A mother?
Mother, yes. But we haven't met
in quite a long time.
Why not in a long time?
Well, on account of
my mother's name was Beulah.
Now, you can't have
a mother named Beulah.
So I changed it to Jane.
And that's how it all began.
He's goin' off to tame an alligator.
Who is he, anyway?
Francis used to fly with us
in the 94th.
The best shot in the squadron.
Brought down twelve planes.
Used to call him
"Sudden Death".
He lost interest
after his teammate got killed.
He's lonesome is all.
I like him.
He carries a chiming watch
on account of
he's always falling asleep
in the daytime.
What kind of chimes?
Oh, Westminster, Canterbury,
and Whittington.
I'll take vanilla.
I think he's a washout.
Well, just because you're a big
bombardier and an All-American -
All-American what?
- Where?
Oh, Montana State or somewhere.
Idaho or Nebraska or the
Carlisle Indians or something.
never read about Bill?
Bronko Bill -
the Alabama Flash?
I think it's a forgery.
Say! What do you want me to do?
Tackle a horse?
Sure. Go ahead.
Tackle a horse.
All right, all right,
I'll tackle a horse.
Here comes one now.
Look out, horse!
Hey, Bill! Bill!
Come back here!
Oh, Bill!
Hey! What's the idea
runnin' down my friend like that?
Never mind. Look where you're going
in the future now.
You just watch out
where you're going!
Now listen, come on out here
you old fool. Whoa, whoa.
Nice horsie.
Now, listen, you ought to be
ashamed of yourself.
You old fool!
You know what you'll do?
You'll kill yourself
one of these days.
Now, come on,
get out of here.
Now, listen -
You all right now, brother?
All right. Now, you just keep your
horse, see? You got your money.
Hey, listen, Bill,
you're All-American, see?
You're TWO All-Americans!
The lady's convinced
you're the whole team.
You don't have to tackle
any more horses.
How 'bout that?
- Drink your drink.
Ahhh. Wasn't that a great spill?
Hey! Where are you going?
Would you all excuse me
for a moment?
Well, where are you going?
To take a Chinese singing lesson.
Hooray! Hooray!
Hooray! Hooray!
Hey. What kind of a girl
do you think Nikki is?
I think she's the kind that sits down
on phonograph records.
Say, Nikki, let's ditch these drunks
and go off somewhere by ourselves.
These crazy fools are
liable to do anything.
Do you think so?
Since the war, they don't care
what happens.
And do you?
I'll say so. I've got more
important things to think of.
What more important things?
Well, my work.
- What kind of work?
I'm the foreign correspondent for a
New York newspaper syndicate.
How nice for you!
Nikki? Are you the kind of girl that
sits down on phonograph records?
People shouldn't leave their records
lying about.
What did I tell you?
Take me dancing?
What place you wanna go?
- What places you got?
Well, we got Maxim's,
only it's too early.
We've got Florida,
Perroquet, Pigalle,
Le Rat Mort, Moulin Rouge,
Bal Tabarin.
I'll take vanilla.
Somebody pay for the drinks!
We're off in a blizzard of
My, my! Isn't this nice?!
Now, listen, men.
I'll tell ya something funny.
I was only four years old once.
What'd he say?
Said he was only
four years old once.
And my aunt had a very
low-neck dress on.
What'd he say?
Said his aunt had on
a very low-neck dress.
Can't believe it.
And she sat right across the table
in front of me.
And I said,
"Auntie - I can see your knees!"
I wonder what's doing
in Portugal tonight.
Maybe I'd better do my match trick.
If you do match tricks, I'll recite.
Recite what?
- Poetry.
Whose poetry?
- My poetry.
You write poetry?
I'll send you a photograph
of my poetry.
Say, I wonder if there's anything
intoxicating in that.
Just what ARE your plans?
You'll have to watch that lad, Nikki.
He's a member of the Wandering Hands Society
and he has a groping good time.
Your behavior, sir, is unseemly,
unethical, indelicate and lousy.
Have I made myself clear?
All right. My mistake.
I'm sorry.
You'll have to watch out for him, Nikki.
He's just a licentious old man.
It's getting pretty late, isn't it?
Do you want to go home, Nikki?
I'll take you home.
Where do you live?
Hotel Carlton.
I'll take her home, too.
- So will I!
We'll match to see
who takes her home!
Nothin' doing!
We'll ALL take her home.
I saw her first.
It makes no difference.
She belongs to us all now!
Let him sleep.
What's your number?
Here we are.
Goin' up!
Who's gonna pilot this craft?
I'll take her off.
Where's the throttle?
Got your safety belts buckled?
- Mm hmm.
Here it is.
We're off!
Shut her off!
Hold her nose!
She's headed for the hangar!
Hey, stop it, will ya?
We've gone an' passed my floor.
Gone an' passed your floor?
I'll fix that.
Put her tail down!
Bail out, boys! She's gonna crash!
Stop it! Stop it!
We've gone an' passed
my floor again.
Say! How do you stop this thing?
That's right, laugh.
We should've brought our parachutes!
Get a good hold, Millie.
We're off again.
Nothing doing!
Let Cary take the controls.
You'll run us through the roof.
All right, all right.
- All set? - Let her go!
- Hurray!
There we are.
Say! That's a pilot for ya.
You deserve a medal.
All right, come on, men.
I need a rest, I need a rest.
Come on, come on.
Right here.
Oh! Eighty-eight!
Here we are!
Well, for -!
Well, I'll be a -!
Look! Nikki's got a whole apartment!
And a gramophone!
Yeah! And chairs and tables and
floors and ceilings and everything.
So THIS is where Nikki lives!
Yes, this is where Nikki lives.
And she's got a book!
Got all the comforts of home.
Hey! Look at all the bottles!
Hey! Come on in and look at
Nikki's bottles!
Ylang Ylang!
Hey, don't be handlin' her things.
Put 'em down.
- Leave 'em alone.
Salammbo! Chypre!
Reve de Vestale! Jinko!
Hey, you big bombardier -
Chiki chiki!
Say, I never saw so many shoes.
She never winds her clock!
It says eleven and I've never been
anywheres at eleven.
What time are you anywhere?
Two o'clock.
It's always two o'clock in my life.
Hey, listen.
Besides never having any matches
and always spilling her drinks,
she never winds
her clock!
Think I'll go in the bathroom and see if
she leaves the cap off her tooth paste.
Is it all right?
- Help yourself.
Hello, yourself.
- Turtles?
- Turtles?!
It IS turtles!
- Hey! Look, Cary! It's turtles!
Nice work, boys. It's turtles.
And now do you suppose
you could all excuse me?
On account of I'd like to go to bed.
Sure we'll excuse you.
I'll clear everybody out of here.
Come on, you fellas.
Nikki wants to go to bed.
Go to bed?
- Awww! Bed?
Yup, all right.
So long, turtles.
- Good night, turtles. - Night, turtles.
Poor Nikki.
Do you wanna go to sleep?
You should NEVER go to sleep!
Well, good night.
Nighty-night, Nikki.
Good night, Nikki.
Good night, Cary.
Good night, Nikki.
Say! I like this place.
Say, I like this place, too.
I think it's swell.
It suits me.
You fellas think
you're gonna PARK here?
- Sure!
Will somebody please scrub my back?
Will somebody scrub your back?!
Look out, boys!
I got it, I got it, I got it.
Scrub hard.
Did anyone ever see
such a back in their life?
Did anyone ever
HEAR of such a thing?
Just look at that back.
Just look at that thing, won't you?
My, my!
I could go on doin' this a long time.
Nikki? Are you rich?
Well, practically.
Beulah is rich.
Well, just how rich IS your mother?
Leave a lady a few secrets,
can't you?
Thank you, William.
That was EVER so cool and nice.
Good night.
- Good night.
Good night.
- Good night, Nikki.
Come on, fellas!
You're gonna stay here, huh?
That's right!
She might need some more help!
- Morning. - Morning.
Um, prairie oyster.
- Prairie oyster.
Prairie oyster.
- Trois Prairie oysters pour ces messieurs.
Say, we'd better get back
to our hotel.
There's no Nikki at our hotel.
That's right.
And the bar doesn't open so early.
Say! Why don't we move in here?
Sure. Let's stay here.
But - what about Cary?
What about Cary?
What ABOUT Cary?
We can move him in, too.
Not a bad idea!
Well, come on, men. Let's go.
Hi, Nik!
Hello, Nikki!
Good morning, Nikki.
Hello, Bill. Hello, Shep.
Hello, Cary. Hello, Francis.
Morning, Nikki.
I didn't expect
to see you all so early.
We camped on your doorsteps last night.
And this morning we all moved in.
Despite your practically
innumerable faults, we adore you.
We've decided
to adopt you.
Well, for heaven's sakes!
Look at Nikki!
What are you having done
to yourself, gal?
Whatcha having your
toes painted for, Nikki?
I don't know.
Seemed like a good idea
at the time.
Why, look at Nikki's legs,
would you?
That there is practically
the loveliest pair of legs
I ever saw in all my born days.
Like my legs?
Look at those legs, Cary.
My, they nearly match.
Did you ever see
such a swell set of legs?
What do you want me to do about it?
Burst into tears?
Would it embarrass you, Nikki,
if Cary were to burst into tears?
On account of my legs? Oh!
I think that would be sweet.
Oh, boy!
Here come the drinks!
Here, Nikki, drink this.
Make you laugh and play.
That's what I want to do,
laugh and play.
Here's to Nikki's dainty legs.
As smooth and hairless as an egg.
- 'Ray!
Well! Here comes that
licentious old man.
Who invited him?
Still drinking?
How can you tell?
Morning, Nikki.
Oh, it's you.
Won't you sit down?
Thank you.
Say, I don't think Nikki likes you.
Oh, no?
No. What do you wanna
hang around for?
Well, what do YOU
hang around for?
Me? Why, I came to
bring Nikki some posies.
I'll bet you didn't bring
Nikki any posies.
I - Well -
Have a drink?
No, thanks.
Cure the shakes.
I haven't got the shakes.
Let's see.
Hold out your hands.
No, turn them over.
Say, that's pretty good.
Let's see if you can hold this.
Say, that's great.
Steady as a rock!
Well, I guess that'll keep his hands
out of mischief for a while.
Take these off.
Now, let's see. Where were we before
we were so rudely interrupted?
We were talkin' about Nikki's legs.
That's right.
We were talkin' about Nikki's legs.
And havin' a fine time, too.
Let's inspect the job.
Oh, my poor toes.
Don't look too close.
Well, what's the matter
with your toes?
when I was a little girl
my mother bought me
a new pair of shoes.
And they were
WAY too short.
And I had to walk all the way
to Sunday school and back
Down the road.
And it was hot and dusty.
Oh, take her away!
She's breakin' my heart
And when I got home...
my toes were spoiled.
Oh, dear, oh, dear.
That's such a sad story.
Let's all have a drink, quick!
And now would you all
excuse me?
On account of I'm gonna
put on a dress.
Well, why not?
My, my.
What's HE getting so excited about?
You guys think you're
so darn smart.
Well, cheerio, fellas. I'm off.
- See ya later.
What are the plans for the day?
Well, on account of it's raining
and everything,
we thought we'd go over
to the Cluny and
play billiards and drink beer.
How about Cary?
Went to get his hat and coat.
He's going to P?re Lachaise.
P?re Lachaise?
What's P?re Lachaise?
A cemetery.
How 'bout you coming with us?
No. I'm going with Cary.
You've been invited?
Do you think Cary might object?
Well, I have an idea
he'd like to be alone.
Why alone?
Well, Cary likes to be alone.
He's as brittle
as a breadstick.
One silly crack from you
and he might break up in sections.
Well, then, I don't think
he should be left alone.
Tell me, what's Cary doing in Paris?
What are we all doing in Paris?
I know.
But why doesn't he go home?
Well, he's not ready to go home.
What could he do
if he went home?
Have people cry
over his hands?
Well, it seems
- a pity to go on like this.
He's such a sweet soul.
One of the best.
Isn't he just sort of
wasting himself?
On the contrary.
He's trying awfully hard
to get hold of himself.
Now, listen.
If you tag along, for heaven's sake,
be careful what you say.
Don't start getting sorry for him
and don't cry over him.
And, above all, don't make any
unfortunate remarks, hear?
Oh, I won't. Why, who ever heard of
such a thing?
Cary?! Cary?
I'm coming with you.
Ooh, wait for Nikki!
Wait for Nikki!
What are you changing
your shoes for?
On account of I can walk faster
in red shoes.
Restez ici.
Perhaps we'd better stay here
a while till it clears up.
Could we sit down here,
do you suppose?
I think so.
Would you like something
to drink?
What should I drink now,
do you suppose?
Deux picon citrons.
Picon citrons?
Very refreshing.
Make you laugh and play.
That's what you always promise.
Cary, why does Shep Lambert
go on drinking so desperately?
Don't we all?
- Not like Shep.
Well, Shep has that tic
under his eye, you know.
Takes a lot of drinks
to keep that quiet.
But isn't there some kind of
treatment or something?
Shep could never stand a long
course of treatment.
Drinking's the only corrective
so far as he's concerned.
He's found out the tic doesn't work
when he's tight.
So he stays tight.
Seems such a pity.
How did he get the tic?
In the war.
I know. But how?
Well, it's not very romantic.
Well, don't tell me
if you don't want to.
You see,
a tic is a nervous habit.
Lice under his bandages.
He had the devil of a time.
He nearly lost his mind.
So you'll have to
excuse him a little.
I'm so sorry for Shep.
Well, don't let him know it.
Well, isn't he going home?
Not ever?
Not ever.
Not in his dark glasses
Can't something be done for him?
He'll have to be - reborn.
How's he going to end?
Well, how are you going to end?
How am I going to end?
How is ANYONE going to end?
How's your picon citron go?
It goes fine.
But doesn't ANYTHING
make any difference to you?
Not now.
A long time ago, perhaps,
when I was a little boy
Tell me, where were you little?
In Minnesota.
On a farm.
Were you happy then, Cary?
I think so.
Tell me, what WAS there to be happy
about on a farm in Minnesota?
Ohhh, thorn-apple trees
in blossom.
The smell of burning leaves
in the fall.
The sound of horses' hoofs
on the road.
Did you ever dig up an Indian mound
or uncover a nest of baby field mice?
Or explore old trunks
in an attic?
Listen to the moaning of the
telephone wires in the winter wind?
See a gypsy caravan?
So THAT'S why you were happy.
On account of apple blossoms
and field mice and telephone wires
and gypsy caravans
and old trunks and things?
That's right.
But aren't you going back?
Not ever?
Would you like another
picon citron before you go?
The rain is lifting.
I'm ready now.
Who all is buried here?
Oh, poets, painters, philosophers,
- Cocoanut?
No cocoanut. Poets, painters,
philosophers, musicians.
There's Chopin.
Oh, I practiced him.
And there's Balzac.
And there's Heloise and Abelard.
Oh, tell me about Abelise and
No, Nikki. Not Abelise and Eloard.
Heloise and Abelard.
I'm sorry.
I really didn't do it on purpose.
It was on account of the
picon citron.
Tell me about Heloise
and Abelard.
Well, they're buried here in the
same sepulchre side by side.
Why are they buried side by side?
They were the world's
most famous lovers.
There's the tomb.
Tell me about the world's
most famous lovers.
Well, Abelard was a scholastic
philosopher -
Whatever that is.
- Whatever that is.
He gained a footing in a certain household
as tutor to a maiden called Heloise.
And employed his unlimited opportunities
for the purpose of -
Well, betrayal.
Not, however,
unmixed with real love.
He carried
her off to Brittany.
Tell me more.
Well, her uncle was furious.
He blamed Abelard
for the whole thing.
He conceived a terrible revenge.
I'm afraid for Abelard.
He broke into Abelard's
apartment one night
and perpetrated upon him
the most brutal punishment.
Oh, dear.
The lovers were forced to
live their lives apart.
But when they died,
they were buried here side by side.
There's a story that
little heart-shaped stones
are supposed to grow
around the tomb.
Heart-shaped stones?
And lovers come and find them and
exchange them with each other.
And, so long as you keep the stone
from the tomb of Heloise and Abelard,
no harm can come to your true love.
How perfectly beautiful.
Isn't that a quaint legend?
Do you think I might find
a heart-shaped stone?
You help me, Cary.
All right, Nikki.
Only we have to leave soon.
They close up the place.
Just as soon as we find our stones.
I found one!
Where's yours?
And, now, you take mine.
And I'll take yours.
Isn't that the way the story goes?
That's right, Nikki.
And, now, no harm can come
to our true love.
And, now, we'll have to go.
You were so nice to let me
come with you.
And I spoiled your whole day.
You were going to do something else,
weren't you?
Doesn't matter.
Well, what was it, Cary?
Why did you come here today?
To pay my respects
to an old comrade.
Oh. And you wanted to be alone.
I'm sorry.
Oh, I'm so sorry.
Don't pay any attention to me, Cary.
I can't help it.
You MAKE me cry.
Oh, don't look so troubled, Cary.
I'm all right.
I just want to cry for a minute.
On account of you're so nice.
You're so clean, Cary.
And your teeth are so white.
You're so civilized.
You don't care about anything any more,
nor anybody.
Nothing makes any difference to you.
Nothing can touch you.
Why, you're lost.
You're ALL lost.
You and Shep and the rest of you.
Oh, I want to do something for you.
I want to help you.
Let me wash your bracelet, Cary.
Why, see?
The silver's all tarnished.
The silver's all tarnished.
I'll take it with me and scrub it
when I get home.
I'll polish it
with my nail-brush.
It's getting dark.
Anyway, we found a name
for my turtles!
Heloise and Abelard?
A name for your turtles?
So that's what you
were looking for.
I might have known
how it would end.
Hi, Nik.
Cary's in a state.
Says he's going away.
Can't stand it any longer
and all that sort of thing.
What happened
between you two, anyway?
Cary seemed so sad
and everything -
on account of I'd taken up
his whole afternoon.
So little Nikki said,
all merry and bright,
"Well, anyway, we'd found
a name for my turtles".
Found a name for the turtles
That's funny!
Name for the turtles!
That's so funny, all right!
Why do you always HAVE to be funny
at the wrong time?
Didn't I tell you
Cary was brittle?
How did he respond
to THAT line?
Pulled down the iron curtain.
Did he say he was going away?
Yup. Gotta get away
from it all.
Then, you've got to
go to him right now!
And explain that I didn't mean it!
Tell him how it was and everything!
Listen -
No, go on. You go right now
before it's too late!
But Nikki -!
You go right straight to Cary.
Now, listen, Cary, you don't have to
behave like an old Easter egg.
You're breaking Nikki's heart.
She doesn't know any better.
She doesn't know any better?
Well, whether she does or not,
I'm going a long ways away from Nikki.
Nikki and her turtles.
Whew! You sure are in an uproar.
What YOU need is a drink!
I need more than a drink.
I need a lot of geography
between me and that girl.
Where do you want to go?
Anywheres. So long as it's a long
way from Nikki.
You know -
that girl does things to me.
I've got to get away.
Well, I wonder what's happening
in Portugal tonight.
I wonder what IS happening
in Portugal tonight.
Heave ho!
Ah! There you go.
If Cary's going to Portugal,
why can't we go to Portugal, too?
Ain't we got
any rights?
Sure we got rights!
Cary better not think he can screw up
in Portugal and leave old Shep behind.
Say, when's he leaving?
Ten-thirty in the morning.
Sud Express.
Don't we have to have
passports and things?
Sure we gotta have passports!
What kind passports you like?
- What kind passports you got?
We have ebony, cocoanut,
thornberry passports.
I'll take vanilla.
Good night, Nikki.
I'll see you on
the train.
You're goin', too?
Why not?
I might, uh, pick up a couple
of features for my paper -
in Portugal.
Nikki, do you want -?
- Did you put all my shoes in?
You bet.
There they are.
I don't know how you're going to get
all these dresses in, Nikki
Don't we have to go
like anything?
The train leaves
in twenty minutes.
Are you SURE you have everything?
I - I think so.
Hardly seems enough.
Oh, my turtles! My turtles!
Here you are, Francis!
You're the custodian of the turtles!
Now don't fall down on the job.
Hey! I never tended turtles before.
Now, all you have to do -
is to sprinkle 'em now and then,
like this.
Oh, yeah. I see.
Well, we're off
Be careful of that one.
Come on, Francis!
Take those turtles!
There she is, boys!
The Sud Express!
Can you imagine Cary tryin' to
run away and leave us behind?
Do you suppose he's
really gonna be here?
Sure he'll be here. He's never
missed a train in his life.
Say, do you suppose the turtles'll
be all right with that porter?
Aw, sure they'll be all right.
All you got to do is -
sprinkle 'em!
There he is!
Say, Cary!
Hello, Cary.
Well, hello.
What are you all doing
down here?
We just came down
to see you off is all.
Well, that's darn decent of you.
Ya got a nice seat?
Yeah, right by a window.
Oh, how nice for you!
Come on! Show us your seat
by the window!
Yeah, come on, Cary! We wanna SEE
that seat by the window.
Come on, Nikki.
My, my, what a swell train.
Sud Express, Train de Luxe.
Say, I wonder if a chap can get
a drink on this train.
Sure! I don't see why not.
Push the button.
Well, I'm afraid you won't
have time for a drink.
We're gonna start in a minute.
You'll have to get off.
Get off?! Gosh, no.
We LIKE this train!
This is a Train de Luxe.
Yes, we like trains de luxe,
don't we, Nikki?
Sure! Trains de luxe
is what we like.
Hey! He's blowing the whistle.
Hey, we're gonna start.
Well, let her start.
Let 'er go Gallagher. Who cares?!
Who cares?!
Who cares?!
- Who cares?!
Hello, everybody.
And you, too?
That's right.
That's right. Who cares?
Goodbye! Goodbye!
Don't forget to write!
Hi, men! Look what I found.
Come in.
- Sit down.
Have a drink.
- Ah, thank you, no, not I.
I - I say, are you all going to
Yup. We're going down there to
investigate conditions.
Investigate conditions?
Drinking conditions, mostly.
By the way, what ARE conditions?
Don't you know what conditions are?
No. Never saw one in my life.
The drinking conditions are
pretty bad right here.
Ahh, indeed.
My beer's full of cinders.
Good for ya.
Make ya lay hard-shelled eggs.
Nikki? The man says your
compartment's ready.
I'm glad - on account of
it's been so hot and I'm so tired
and I want to go to bed.
Going to bed?
Who ever heard of such a thing?
Can we help you undress?
No, thank you, William.
Take off your shoes?
- Undo your hair?
Scrub your back or something?
No, I can manage
quite well by myself.
Good night, everybody.
Good night, Nikki.
Can you imagine
that ungrateful old trollop?
She wouldn't let them
help her undress.
Can't understand it at all.
You know, she's not very pretty.
But when she was a little girl,
her mother always said
she had the nicest hair-ribbons.
She got one tooth turned around,
she can't see very far,
and she's ALWAYS speaking
out of turn.
Otherwise, she's a mighty fine
piece of architecture.
Seems to need a few repairs.
She's got eyes like an Assyrian
Queen's got eyes.
You ain't never seen no
Assyrian Queen!
You're just a-makin' that up
outta yore own head!
I did SO see
an Assyrian Queen.
In whose green hat?
In the Metropolitan Museum's green
hat, that's whose green hat.
Hold on there!
Where you goin'?
You're not going anywhere.
You're on a train.
You go back to your turtles, hear?
You've been neglecting
your assignment.
I have to sprinkle the turtles, see?
Sprinkle the turtles?
- Sure.
Cool 'em off.
- Hm?
Turtles get feverish on trains.
- Ahh! Uh huh.
What's that?
Cary! Bill! Shep!
Get out of here!
Say, what's the idea?
What's the idea? Well, what
business is that of yours?
Nikki, you all right? What is this
tough trying to do to you anyway?
Well, I was just going to bed
and he came in
and flang himself all over me.
Frink, you'd better
get out of here right away
before something happens to you.
What right have you to
tell me to get out of here?
This isn't your compartment, is it?
Oh, I see. You wanna argue about it.
If you don't clear out of here right now,
you're liable to get hurt.
All right. Suppose you put me out.
Put him out? I'll snap his spine
and throw him off the train!
Hold everything, Bill!
Oh, dear, does everybody have to
act like this?
I'm not gonna let these silly drunks
tell ME where to get off.
Silly drunks?
- Silly drunks, did you say?
Yes. And that goes
for the whole bunch of you.
Let me have him.
Wait a minute.
I'll take care of him.
You will, eh?
Oh, dear!
Mm! Now, ain't that nice?
Have you ever seen
anything so cute?
Will you be all right now, Nikki?
- Uh huh.
Grab hold of that fella
and drag him out of here.
Come to papa.
Here, Francis. Do your stuff.
Frink, don't you know better than
to try a stunt like that?
Oh, I - I lost my head
over the girl is all.
I'm sorry.
I apologize.
Well, you apologize to Nikki
in the morning.
And don't you ever get
out of line again.
The next time,
it might be different.
Good night.
Wake up, ya big sissy.
Here, drink this.
It'll make you laugh and play
like any old thing.
Say, Cary,
what day is this?
It's Wednesday.
Wednesday what?
The twentieth.
What month, I mean?
You mean to say you don't know
what month this is?
I knew once but I forgot.
Well, it's June.
The merry month of June.
June? Say,
maybe I better get up.
What town are we in?
You're in Lisbon, Portugal.
That's where I thought it was.
I just wanted to check up is all.
Say, what's the matter with you,
Don't you really know where
you are or what day it is?
I kind of lose track of things.
Say, this is getting serious.
Serious? Is anything
serious any more?
Well, it's serious when you
don't know where you're at.
What's gonna
become of you?
Oh, I'll be all right when I've had
a couple of drinks.
Say, what town
did you say this was?
I just told you, Lisbon.
Come on, now,
pull yourself together, Shep.
We gotta get organized
for the bull-fight.
Are we going to a bull-fight?
A Portuguese bull-fight.
Is that guy Frink coming along?
- 'Fraid so.
Gee, isn't there any way we can
get rid of that guy?
Somebody'll have to shoot him.
Not a bad idea at that.
Praca de Touros!
I wonder if there's
a bar inside or anything.
Sure, there IS a bar.
Let's find the bar. We gotta
get organized for the bull-fight.
Right this way.
Oh, boy! Lookit that bar, would ya?
Isn't that a beautiful thing?
What are you all gonna have?
- Beer is what I want.
- Beer.
Cinco cervejas.
- Cinco cervejas.
I don't like beer.
Make you leap like a tuna.
Don't wanna leap like a tuna.
Make you bark like a fox.
- Don't wanna bark like a fox.
Make you laugh and play.
That's what I wanna do!
Laugh and play!
Hey! Vermouth!
Well, men,
fire and fall back!
Hey! What's the idea?
I hope I don't catch a cold
in my left ear.
Hey, drink your drinks!
We'll miss the parade!
Well! My old pal!
Nikki, here's a present for you.
- Oh, a hat!
Oh, senor, no, no, no -
you must not keep the hat.
You must put a little present in it
and return it to the matador
after the fight.
What kind of present?
Well, eh - a little jewelry.
Something you have like the chain or
the watch or the - the - the
cigarette case or the cuff links
or - or the -
Yes! Vanilla!
Here he comes!
Nice work!
Good work.
What's so good about it?
He works close to the bull.
Is that so dangerous?
Sure, it's dangerous.
Bull-fighting is very dangerous.
It takes a lot of
courage to go into the bull ring.
Is it true the bull is blind
when he charges?
He sees only the cape - perhaps.
Bet I could run that bull
You know, I should have BEEN
a bull-fighter.
You should have started at
twelve years of old.
I bet I could start right now.
Sit still and behave yourself.
Bull-fighting is not for Americans.
You think we haven't got the nerve
or something?
Why, listen,
Bull-fighting is just
for us, the Latins.
He thinks we're a-scared!
He tackled a horse once.
Tackle a horse?
Is not the same!
Nice work, Tony!
Nice work, Joe!
Bill! Come back here!
Take it easy! Take it easy!
Cary? I slipped.
Too bad.
You were doing fine.
Wasn't I, though? Heh.
It's a cinch.
Bull-fighting? Just as easy -
Hey, Doc?! Be careful.
What are you doing?
You know why I slipped, Cary?
No, Bill. Why?
On account of that
beer in my shoe.
Hey, Doc!
Cary, that bull
certainly was hostile.
You hurt, Bill?
You all right, Bill?
I'm all right.
I was a big success.
He wants that we should
go right away.
I'm sure glad that I -
I wore my new blue shorts.
I'll be a big success
in the hospital.
I'll send you my turtles, Bill.
And THEN you'll be a big success.
So long, Bill.
- So long.
Goodbye, Bill.
See ya later - Cary.
How is he?
They've just put him to sleep.
Why, thank you, Nikki.
There's nothing you can do.
You'd better go back to the hotel.
Put Nikki in a taxi.
We'll wait here.
The reporters want to know
Why your friend descend
into the bull ring.
Tell them - that it seemed like
a good idea - at the time.
Sounds like old times.
Let's go and shoot.
Not a bad idea.
What say, Annie Oakley?
Like to fire off a gun at something?
No objection.
We'll be right back.
Hold everything.
First one to miss pays for the drinks.
What'll we shoot at?
Shoot one of those pussycats
and see what happens.
All right.
Look out, pussycat.
Well, that's what I was aiming at,
a clay pipe.
Whole thing's been
misrepresented to me.
Cary, let's see you
shoot something.
Look out, ball!
What'd YOU aim at?
Well, let's see you
shoot something.
Oh, no, no, no, Nikki.
How do you hold it still?
Listen, Nikki, put it
on your right shoulder.
Now, put your hand out there and hold up -
No, don't cover up the site.
No, no, no, that's right.
Now just hold it evenly -
You can do better than that.
Show him up.
What are you waving at, Nikki?
Look out!
Why, you fool. Don't you
know better than that?
What's the idea?
Pointing a loaded gun at Nikki?
Take your hands off me.
Put down that gun!
Let go of my wrist!
Put down that gun!
Listen, you keep your hands off me!
I've had enough from you!
You try any more of your
rough stuff on me -!
Oh, so that's how it is.
I thought we taught you
how to behave.
You taught ME how to behave?!
Listen, you'd better behave now
or you'll get hurt.
I don't think so.
I'll give you three
to put down that gun.
It'll be just too bad
if you don't.
Too bad for who?!
Keep away from me!
I'll shoot, I tell ya! I'll shoot!
I'll shoot! I'll shoot!
Goodbye, Cary.
Shep. Nikki.
We've got to get out of here.
Come on, Shep. Come on.
That's the last of Francis, I'm afraid.
We'll never see him again.
Did you notice his eyes?
That's the first time I ever saw
Francis really happy.
What'll happen to him,
do you suppose?
Don't worry about Francis.
He'll take care of himself.
Let's get out of here.
Let's walk.
No. Don't want to walk.
Let's take a cab.
Did you see the way Francis poured
lead into that fellow?
Fast work.
Chain lightning!
Nice shooting.
Those slugs went right past my ear.
If I'd've moved an inch,
I would've caught one of them myself.
"Sudden Death," all right.
What's the matter with you, Shep?
I've never known you so quiet before.
That's right.
I am kind of quiet.
Not smoking?
- No.
Your lighter working?
Good ol' Nikki -
never has any matches.
Sure you want a light?
That's what I want, a light.
Shep. Shep!
What is it?
- Shep's hurt!
It's a forgery.
Do something for him, Cary!
Oh, Shepard!
He's been shot!
What can we do, Cary?!
What can we do?!
Shep, why didn't you say
you were hurt?
Good old Cary.
Sweet Nikki.
You may not believe it but this is the
best thing that ever happened to me.
Oh, Shep, Shep, don't say that.
You'll be all right.
We'll get you to a hospital.
No, no, Cary.
Don't rush me anywheres.
Let's sit here for a while.
The -
Hurts, the jolting.
Stop! Stop!
That's better
You know, Cary,
I feel - just like we're fallin -
long time ago.
Do you remember?
Only you brought me down safe.
Oh, Cary.
Good old Cary.
Best flyer in the service.
Oh, Shepard,
Shepard, darling.
We're gonna make
a safe landing again, Shep.
Not this time, Cary.
Ol' Shep's gonna crash.
Say, but we're spinning fast.
Level off.
Cary, level off.
Oh, Shepard,
Shepard, darling.
What are you writing, Cary?
A letter.
A letter to Shep's mother.
Mind if I read it?
Certainly not.
Why, Cary.
Cary, that's the most
beautiful letter I've ever read.
Please forgive me for crying, Cary.
I can't help it.
You don't mind if I
cry just a minute, do you?
No, Nikki.
Can't you cry, Cary?
But you have cried sometime
in your life, haven't you?
Long, long time ago.
Before the war.
And you can't cry now?
Not even for Shep?
Shep Lambert spent his life
in the war.
He had nothing more to give.
He had died once.
And he was ready to die again.
This time he was played out
with music.
That was the way he wanted it.
And Bill Talbot was a big success in
the hospital in his new blue shorts.
Maybe he'll tackle the angel Gabriel
and - be a big success again.
And Francis?
Maybe Francis will forget to wind his
chiming watch one day and go on sleeping.
Till the end.
It doesn't matter now.
Without them, nothing matters.
We only had each other.
Comradeship was all we had left.
And now that's gone, too.
And you, Cary?
You're alone now.
That's right.
I'm alone now.
I don't want you to be alone, Cary.
Let me stay with you.
Let me be with you.
Why, Nikki.
You're sweet.
Why, Nikki, you kept it.
You didn't forget.
No harm can come
to our true love.
No harm can come to our true love?
Oh, Nikki, you've become
very dear to me.
I want to help you.
Can't I do something
for you, too?
What do you want?
What can I get you?
Well, I've always wanted
a pair of Spanish earrings.