The Last Keepers (2013) Movie Script

Rhea, I can smell that all the way
down here in the kitchen!
You know, melting plastic is toxic.
Are you trying to kill us?
You're out of cerulean in the workshop.
We've got a ton of cobalt.
You can't just arbitrarily
switch shades of blue
in the middle of a painting.
It's like switching men
in the middle of...
Mom, thank you.
I will remind John.
Oh, it's finished.
This morning.
Oh, it's fabulous.
Took 200 bags.
You're a vision in recycled plastic.
- Grandma!
- Oh!
- Oh, hi!
- Hey.
You're up early, were you
working in the garden?
So soon is the time
for plowing is proclaimed.
Must make haste to plow
in the season for plowing.
That sound dirty to anybody else?
Knock knock knockin knockin
On my window last night
This fire's been out
For some time
So be mine
So be mine
Things are rough enough
Won't you toughen up
Nice dress.
Hey, Taylor.
Hey, baby.
What's going on?
What up, ho?
Oh... hell, yes.
- Do you like it?
- Uh, yeah.
Yo, can you make me pants
out of Target bags?
A nice bulls-eye on my butt?
- I'll see what I can do.
- Here.
I stole it from Franky Fatpants.
You're terrible.
Everybody calls him that.
I'm not eating stolen food.
Dude, you have to eat something.
A girl can't live off of trash alone.
I'll eat when I'm done.
Are you gonna help me or what?
Sorry, I gotta go print out
college apps at the library.
Next time, I swear.
Give that back to Frankie.
- Hey, Frankie!
- What?
You can have your sandwich back!
Hey, trash lady!
You're welcome.
No, it's not actual owl.
No, she totally said wings
and the stomach.
She did not, she was talking about...
We're totally talking birds.
Don't do it.
- It's done.
- It's not done.
It's yet to be done.
There's been no doing.
Why do you care?
Because if you do this,
I'm gonna get my ass kicked.
Why would you get your ass kicked?
Pack mentality... I'm with you,
you do something lame, I get branded.
And though I'm loath to admit
it, I'm the weaker of us two.
And thus, I'm more likely
to get my ass kicked,
since nobody jumps a guy unless
they know they're gonna dominate.
Ergo, my ass is grass.
I'm sorry, man, it's done.
I heard she's in some freaky
lady cult or something.
Look, you're not gonna change my mind.
You're crazy.
Okay, let's settle down.
We've got a lot to get through
today, so let's get started.
I trust you've all brought your poems in
and you're ready to read them?
Like, out loud?
Excellent, a volunteer.
Do I have to?
No, of course not.
But you also don't have
to pass the class.
You gotta pass the class, man.
The Big Game...
No, no, no.
I refuse, no, I pass.
Okay, good try.
Do I have any voluntary volunteers?
Mr. Sands? Thank you, always
a pleasure to hear from you.
It's... it's untitled.
The moonlight whispers your name.
Speak up!
The moonlight whispers your name.
The song of my soul.
Your eyes crash on me
sweet waves of light.
First scent of spring,
first ray of dawn.
A sip from that fountain
and I thirst no more.
A smile from your lips
and I search no more.
The world shouts between us.
But the moonlight whispers your name.
Song of my soul.
Hey... uh...
I wrote that poem for you.
No, really?
Oh, Rhea, song of my bone.
Oh, no.
Look, Oliver, I'm a huge
fan of forgiveness...
so let's just chalk it up to
a massive lapse in judgment...
and go our separate ways, shall we?
No, I'd rather not.
You'd rather not?
No, I... I like you.
You like me.
Hey, bitch!
You coming?
Hi, sweetie.
You ever gonna take that down?
Yes... when I sell it.
It's embarrassing.
I did it when I was 12.
Well, I'm the curator
of this fine establishment...
and I think it shows great talent.
Love desires reproduction
in birth and beauty.
What does that mean?
Love... makes you want to create
or recreate something beautiful...
It's like you making art.
I think I need like remedial Play-Doh.
Play-Doh for Dummies.
What's with the mood?
School sucks.
This town sucks.
The world sucks... everything sucks.
Listen, there's lots of good
people in this town.
Everyone thinks I'm a freak.
Well... your dad's a freak.
Your mom's really freaky.
So I think that makes you...
Super freak.
- Great.
- Get used to it.
Fly that freak flag.
Cross the bridge to Memphis
Lost in someone's city
See me through this
Bring me home again
Play those songs again girls
Hey... you got my blue?
So... how's school?
- Fine.
- Fine.
Oh, God, gross.
A millennia of female nudes,
why is a male nude so shocking?
Uh, because it's Dad.
Yes, it is.
So, what am I working on today?
Before I gouge my eyes out.
The Corner of the Virgin.
I've been working on that
for like a month.
Can I be done?
Thank God, Da Vinci never said that.
Yeah, but it was his.
I'm just copying it.
You think technical proficiency comes from
naively indulging personal expression?
No, of course not,
Sergeant Take the Joy Out of Art.
Oh, give it another hour,
then we'll tend to the equinox.
Mom! I asked you not to do that
when Rhea's in the house.
I ran out of matches. I didn't...
Rhea! Are you almost ready?
We're now entering
the dark half of the year.
May the light of the sun
illuminate our hearts.
- Here you go.
- Thanks, Mom.
- Honey?
- I won't say no.
Oh, thank you.
Niko's applying to college.
Rhea, we've had this discussion.
I'm re-opening the discussion.
You stay here and learn our
trade, our traditions.
You can pass them on
to the next generation.
I can go to college and do that.
The world can be seductive, Rhea.
I want to go to art school.
I think that's worth considering.
We are the last keepers
of this tradition...
And I'm not prepared to let
you throw that away.
I just want to see what else there is.
You know when I was young,
I wanted experiences, adventures...
so I left here to find it,
and it was an awful time.
I lost my way.
We can't hide ourselves
from the world forever.
The reason we keep our practice a secret
is because the world has shown...
over and over again that it
doesn't know how to be tolerant.
News flash, people are jerks.
So what?
Don't make light of it.
I forgot to tell everyone.
Rhea's lighthouse painting sold today.
That's random.
Told you.
Congratulations, sweetie.
Who's the buyer?
A nice, young man named Oliver.
Here's the thing, you have these
limited number of variables
that determine the path
your avatar takes.
Oh, by the way, have you seen
the film, "Avatar?" Great CGI.
Hey, so, I have a new a...
Academic thing, catch y'all later.
What are you doing?
I'm going to third period.
No, what are you doing buying
my crappy-ass painting?
It's not crappy-ass.
I'm serious.
Yeah, so am I... it's beautiful.
Well, I want it back.
Excuse me?
I want it back!
Uh, well, I'm no art collector...
but I'm pretty sure the 75 bucks
I shelled out means it's mine.
I'll give you 100 for it.
I'm not looking to turn a profit.
This creepy stalking thing that
you're doing, it needs to stop.
Okay, fine.
I'll bring it by after school.
The old house on Clay Hill, right?
What's in there, dark dirt?
Goat feces.
Helps nourish the soil.
Couldn't you just say manure?
Hey, Cleo. Hi, Marigold!
Hey, don't be afraid
to get your hands dirty...
if you want to help something grow.
Although, look at me,
hands full of poop.
Still no squashes.
- Hello.
- Hey.
Oh, Oliver.
I rang the bell, but no one answered.
Something wrong with the painting?
No, no, not at all, I'm a big fan of it.
You can leave it by the door.
I'm gonna go get some more
goat... manure.
This place is cool.
Oh, these are awesome.
Thank you.
What, you made them?
Nice, what are they made out of?
Lots of stuff.
Glass bottles, little dog food cans.
So, that's what you collect trash for.
Oh, I just thought you hated litter.
I do... and waste.
Seems stupid to invest all this time and energy
making something just to throw it away.
The crazy thing is that you took trash
and made it beautiful.
I should get going.
Bye, sir.
Bye, Oliver.
He's a nice guy.
He's all right.
You gonna help me
with these squashes, or what?
Glad to see my girl's still not
afraid of gettin' her hands dirty.
Rhea! Oh!
- What?
- I saw Rhea.
She was... she was lying in the street.
And there was blood.
Sweetheart, sweetheart,
it's just a dream. Come on.
No, no, it was a vision.
There was fire.
There was... there was other bodies.
Your visions aren't always exact.
It's probably just...
just a dream.
Just don't worry about it.
I think Rhea may have found her gift.
Are you sure?
Yesterday, we were in the garden
and she touched the dirt...
where the plants were all parched.
And today, I went out there...
and they are healthy and fully ripe.
I am talking serious squashes.
Well, that's impossible, her
gift is not with the elements.
I think it might be.
I have sight,
my mother has the elements.
She has to have healing.
No two women can have the same
gift at the same time.
It's been that way for centuries.
I'm just telling you what I saw.
People, ugh... pigs.
Are you just gonna leave me here?
Like there was just vultures
ripping after me...
And I mean, they didn't do
anything bad to my body.
- Hey.
- Hey!
What happened to your glasses?
Poetry incident.
Dangerous stuff.
My sentiments exactly.
What are you doing after school?
Um, I've gotta go work.
My dad, he owns a tree removal company.
I mean, I could get someone to cover me?
Meet me in front after 8th?
Yeah, yeah, okay.
What are you doing?
Unbelievable, I...
I get beat up, you get a date.
It's a cruel universe.
- Hi.
- Hey.
I don't usually go on mysterious
car rides with strange women.
You think I'm strange?
It's like, the best thing about you.
I know.
I used to dream about this place...
before I ever saw it, I mean.
I'd have this recurring dream
that I was standing...
looking out over the water.
Suddenly this huge wave
would come, like...
five stories high.
And I'd feel so overwhelmed.
Wave was like this wall of water.
Right before it was about
to swallow me, I'd wake up.
When I found it, it was like my
soul wanted to know this place.
So what was the wave?
In your dream.
I don't know.
Something I'm afraid of, I guess.
What are you afraid of?
What if...
If you had to pick one thing.
Not getting out of this town, maybe?
That and public recitation
of poetry about me.
Yeah, I mean who would do that?
We should go.
No, we shouldn't.
Hello and from there
Where else can we go
Hello a song
I'm expectin' now to play
Along with this song
You crook just a boy
Sitting there with his book
And a smile
That began to turn
Leaving you
Just the same
As you always knew
As for me I'm as changed
As a girl can be
You grind that pigment any harder,
you're going to crack that bowl.
Where is she?
Give the kid a break, Abby.
John thinks Rhea has the gift
of the elements.
He saw it with his own eyes.
I have the elements.
She's supposed to have healing.
Doesn't make sense.
It could.
If she has the other two gifts...
If she has all three...
That means the prophecy
is being fulfilled.
It's happening.
What our family's been waiting
for, for centuries.
It's happening.
But what about my vision, Mom?
If something happens to her,
what, no prophecy?
People go on destroying the world
and my Rhea ends up...
Rhea developing her gift and
your vision are two different things.
Right now, we need to tell her
what's happening to her.
No. No, she's too immature,
she's not ready.
That is deeply unfair, Abby.
She is feeling a huge power
inside herself.
The least we can do
is give her a head's up.
No, Mom, please don't tell her.
- Hi.
- Where were you?
Why didn't you call?
I left my phone in the car.
What's the big deal?
The big deal is
that something could happen to you.
Like what?
I slip on a banana peel?
What's gonna happen?
That's not the point.
What is the point?
It's disrespectful!
I mean, we were so worried about you.
Do you get that?
Do you?
I'm sorry.
I can't get the feet right.
What are you drawing?
No, you're not.
You're never drawing
what you're drawing.
You're always drawing the part
in relationship to the whole.
What do you mean?
See these feet?
See how they make a circle? Hm?
I kind of made an octagon.
The figures are all facing
in different directions...
but they're still inside
the same circle.
Kind of like you, me and Mom.
I can't believe I've been staring
at that thing for over a month...
And I didn't see the circle.
So, why do you think you didn't see it?
Well, I was drawing
each person separately.
I didn't see them
as part of a whole picture.
Uh-huh. So you didn't see how
everything was connected.
So what are you made of?
What am I made of?
The rocks made of, the trees, the water.
What is it all made of?
What are you talking about?
Basic science.
What is everything made of?
Yeah, but what's matter made out of?
And atoms are made of what?
- Energy and vibrations?
- Yes, precisely.
So on some level, you and... and the world
around you are the same thing.
You are... you're not in nature.
You are nature.
Look at this water here.
You think you could make a wave?
If you could make a wave...
how would you do it?
Come on.
No, don't answer.
Close your eyes.
Think about it.
I'd push the water with my hands.
Did the water move?
Of course not, sweetheart.
So, you gonna tap that, or what?
I'm most certainly not gonna tap that.
He's kind of hot, though...
in a 19th century,
Jane Austin-y kind of way.
You can use him to make Taylor jealous.
I'm over Taylor.
You're gonna choke.
What up?
What are you doing?
I don't know, I...
I thought I saw...
I think I'm going crazy.
You're saner than me.
That's not saying much.
Wait, what are... ew!
You are full of an inexplicable madness.
- Nah!
- Nah!
Come on.
Okay, uh, important question.
If you had powers, would you
be a super hero or a super villain?
Easy, super villain. What do you mean?
That's not even a question.
Super villain.
Why is this scary for you?
Come on.
I've thought about this a lot
and I'm passionate about it.
Like I really, like thought
through the question.
Okay, so...
I desperately I really
want to be a super villain.
Okay, fine. What would your
super, evil villain power be?
Oh, oh.
I would like to see it do as
many powers as possible.
Like I have this video game that
I, that I made where you can...
you can have as many powers
as... as you want.
Don't push.
Thanks for nearly killing me.
- Oh, me?
- Yep.
That was fully your fault.
How would you...
I've been used to that.
It's gonna be so cool.
You don't have boards or levels.
Suck it, sucker, punk-ass sucker!
You're not even trying.
- I'm just preoccupied.
- With what?
He's applying
to graphic design programs.
Ugh, I hate college applications.
Writing essays about
your most favoritest day...
your hero, so lame.
I mean, why can't they ask
us real questions?
Like what? Like what effect
does virtual technology have
on interpersonal human relationships?
Something like that?
- Good question.
- Thanks, bro.
Right off the top of the noggin.
So uh, where did you apply for college?
Uh, Brown, Dartmouth,
Berkley, Columbia...
Seriously, where did you apply?
What? I'm smart, get over it.
Sorry, I've gotta go to work.
Can I come?
Uh, yeah.
So all of this gonna be firewood?
Yeah, some of it.
Most of them are sick or dead,
or knocked over from the storm.
That's intense.
It's a giant tree stump.
You got a hose or something around here?
- You missed a spot.
- What?
He's not a boy
That you can change
Nor should you want to
He's not a boy
That you can tame
Don't matter don't you
You can wait all night
You can wait all day
He's not a boy
That you can change
Can you tell me why we just did that?
I'm hatching a plan.
Yeah, yeah, I gathered that.
How does your dad move these?
Big, big truck.
Oh, it's gotta weigh at least a ton.
Okay, it's hopeless.
- Oh, damn!
- You okay?
Uh, yeah, yeah, I guess I'm fine.
Big baby.
Shut up.
You're three hours late!
I know.
I lost track of time.
It won't happen again.
I know it won't,
because you're grounded.
Are you kidding?
I'm not 12.
I want you here every day after school
working with your grandmother.
If that's being grounded,
I've been grounded my entire life!
You just need a break from each other.
Let her work in the gallery for a while.
She can sketch there.
Mom, stay out of it.
Abby, at least you'll know where she is.
Do you know how you're like
the best dad in the whole world?
How much do you need?
I need...
You let me leave here in the afternoons.
Do you remember the punishment
Zeus devised for Prometheus?
Dude who stole fire from the gods?
He sent an eagle to eat
Prometheus' liver for eternity.
It's kind of harsh.
Is that what you would want
your mom to do to me?
I'm working on something... important.
And I need a little time.
What is it?
I can't tell you, yet!
I'd rather not lie to your mom.
I need you to trust me.
In my chest
I have a cage
Wrapped with a goal
Of in breathing
In the cage
I have a bow
Kept presentable for giving
For the moment
You return to me
In the bird
There's a heart
Keeps the wind
Under her feathers
In the moment
He returned to me
Fly my bird
Glide my bird
In this darkened heart
Of mine
Your love shined a light
For me
When you're grown up
I'm alone
Light this one
Never to be gone to love
My bird fly bird
My bird fly bird
- Sorry, I'm sorry.
- You're late.
I know, we just...
We just need a little bit more time.
This better be one hell of a project.
Don't take advantage of me, Rhea.
Want a ride?
I've got a ride.
I'll race you.
You don't stand a chance.
Keep going.
More in, farther a little bit.
- Down!
- Now?
Wait a second.
I can't believe you pulled
this off. It's incredible.
Hey, what's wrong?
I thought it would look better.
Please don't tell me
you want to take them back.
No, no, they're just...
They're not in the right place.
I... I don't think
I've got the energy to move them.
I just need to think.
The big one should be standing upright.
How did you do that?
I don't know, I...
I was just trying to feel it,
where it belonged.
Do it again.
Go on.
I don't know what's happening to me.
Whatever it is, it's amazing.
You're amazing.
Come here. I can't...
- Hey.
- Hey.
I brought some sketches
for Rhea to work off of.
- Oh.
- She in the back?
No, no, no, no, I sent her
to pick up a book for me.
Oh... okay.
I'll wait.
Where have you been?
- I was at the gallery.
- Don't lie to me!
It's not what you think.
So now you're sneaking around
behind my back.
Yes, but I want to show you
what I've been working on.
I don't even want to hear it.
I don't even want to look at you
when I'm this angry.
No, please, please.
I need you to see.
You revealed every twist and turn.
It's remarkable.
This is the reproduction
of birth of beauty.
Right here.
It seems the student
is catching up with the master.
Not surpassing?
Don't get ahead of yourself.
How did you move them?
Each piece is placed perfectly.
Must have been difficult.
I've underestimated you.
What's up with you guys?
Are you kidding?
Go ahead.
This is where we keep
the artifacts of our ancestors.
How come you never showed me
this place before?
Well, we're showing you now.
Who's that?
Oh, that? That's...
That's my great-great
grandmother's great grandmother.
Her daughter settled here,
started a new life of art and beauty...
- ...and magic.
- What kind of magic?
She could see the future.
She predicted the cholera
epidemic, the potato famine.
World War I, and she wrote
down her predictions.
And a time will come when Earth
will reject the ones who abused it.
Then one will come forth through
the floods and the droughts...
through famine and wars.
Communion between humanity
and nature will be restored.
She will be called Blessed...
and she will be birthed
from the one with three gifts.
Oh, my God.
You know her?
I've seen her.
That means... she has two of the gifts.
The elements and vision.
This was painted
by my great grandmother.
This was her vision of the blessed one.
You didn't answer my question
about the magic.
Each of the women
in our family has a gift.
I have the gift of the elements,
which means...
I have the ability to...
influence the weather,
help the plants grow.
Light a candle without a match.
I have the gift of vision.
And those of us who share this
gift, we paint what we see.
So we assumed you would
have the third gift...
Stop talking, stop.
You've had these powers my entire life
and you never told me about them?
You knew what was happening to me, I...
I thought I was losing my mind!
You may, in the future, give
an incredible gift to the world.
Because what? You think I'm gonna
give birth to some chosen one or whatever?
But only if you have all
three of the gifts.
What if I don't want these gifts?
Oh, Rhea.
This is much larger than us.
So what, my life's just written out,
because some freak 100 years ago said so?
Can I come in?
Did you know, too?
Yeah, I did.
How could you not tell me?
Because I wanted you
to have a normal life...
for as long as possible.
I don't want this, Dad.
Sweetie, it's okay, it's okay.
Maybe you were given this gift
so that you can help.
I mean, look at this planet.
Look what we're doing to ourselves.
Every day, environmental disasters...
floods, tsunamis,
extreme climate change.
Maybe your mom and grandma are right.
This is the wave.
The wave?
What's the wave?
I keep having this dream and there's...
there's this huge wave and it...
it's so big and overwhelming.
The prophecy, what's
happening to me, it's...
it's all the wave.
Maybe it's time you learned how to swim?
May the power of healing
work on my hand.
I can't heal.
Are you sure?
My hand's sure.
Honey, what did you do?
- An experiment.
- Oh, honey.
I need to show you something.
Think not ye self, the healer.
The healing comes before ye
and after ye.
The injured will be healed
by love in its infinity.
I don't know what that means.
Well, I think it means that...
that healing comes from a place of love.
I still don't get it.
Okay, you, Rhea, are not the healer.
It's the love that emanates
from your soul that is the healer.
I can't heal, because
I'm not emanating love?
I don't know.
I guess that's for you to figure out.
I wish we could stay here forever.
Mm, well, we have
to row home at some point.
No, thank you, sir.
Are you abducting me
with your magical powers?
I never thought
I'd be in love with a witch.
I'm not a witch.
No, I meant that... you do magic.
No, it's not like that.
It's like, there are spiritual laws
in the same way there are physical laws.
If you understand them,
how they work together...
you can kind of work with them.
Do stuff, I mean...
Like move around giant tree stumps?
Is there any chance you could teach me?
I don't really think it's
something you can teach.
You just kind of have it.
there's this thing on my porch.
It's like a goblin-type thing and
every time you walk by, it goes...
and it freaks me out every time.
My mom has these bowl of grapes and
she cuts them up and cuts all the skin off
and then you put your hands in it and you
close your eyes, and it feels like human eyeballs.
- Oh, nice.
- Yeah, it's epic.
Be there or be square.
You gonna be there?
You're a square.
I'll catch you later on?
What are you supposed to be?
A sweeping generalization.
I don't get it.
You should have just written
loser on your shirt.
Hey, that's not cool!
That's not cool.
Where's your witchy girlfriend at?
She out riding some
other dude's broomstick?
Maybe she'll use her evil powers
to protect you.
Hey! She's not evil.
- Oh, she's a good witch.
- Yeah, that's right!
Oh, my God.
You serious?
Rhea Carver's a witch?
That's awesome!
I knew she was a witch, she's so weird.
Yeah, she's a freak.
Ba-gock, ba-gock, ba-gock!
Wait, oh, no!
Is something wrong?
No, no, it's nothing.
Uh, Simon's having a Halloween
party tonight after dinner.
His mom made a haunted
house and we're gonna watch
Saws of Death III.
You should come.
As appealing as that sounds, I can't.
We're doing a family night.
Right, yeah, of course.
No, we don't... we don't like do
Halloween, it's just...
We lay low, it's chill.
Kinda nice.
Do you want to come?
I've... yeah, okay.
- Trick or treat!
- Happy Halloween.
Thank you.
So, Oliver, how'd you come
to love our beautiful Rhea?
How could I not?
Good answer.
How about peeling some potatoes?
Put the peels right in there.
Rhea, would you like
to help me set the table?
Anybody want some more pie?
- Uh, no.
- You sure?
No, I'm good, thanks.
Oh, it's fascinating. I mean,
he hated kowtowing to Caesar...
But he had to, you know?
You know he said... to the soldier
when they finally came
to execute him in Cicero?
He said uh, there is nothing proper
about what you're doing, soldier.
But do try to kill me properly.
She stole my line.
You do that every single time.
Uh... Abby?
Someone's here.
In the house?
Son of a bitch.
Oh, my God.
- Witches! Burn in hell!
- Mom!
- Cleo!
- Rhea, no!
No, Rhea, don't, don't, don't.
Why would they do this?
This is my fault.
- How could it be your fault?
- What?
No, no, I was just trying to defend you,
it just slipped out.
What? What'd you do?
What did you do?
I said you were a witch.
No... I didn't say it like that.
- Rhea, I'm so sorry.
- Get out!
And where do you think
you're going dressed like that?
I'm not hanging out in this house
for the rest of my life.
I'm sick of all this
goddess-save-the-world bullshit.
I don't want to move
the earth or see things.
I just want to go to school
like a regular person.
You're not going... I won't allow it.
Good luck with that.
Let her go, let her go.
I feel it coming on
Drinking takes so long
It'll calm your boat
It's hard to be yourself
I've gotta take some time
- Wuh-woh.
- Rhea!
Gotta make it mine
I've gotta keep my cool
I work so hard
Hey, baby, why don't you
use your powers on me?
Stand back and watch me
I bet you'd like that.
Stand back as I take control
Maybe I would.
Stand back because
I won't take it any more
Stand back
And let me know
- Rhea!
- Taylor, where are you going?!
Because I won't take
It anymore
Stand back
And let me go
Hey, Elaine.
What's up with the hoe-bag make-over?
So, you're a witch, big f-ing deal.
My uncle works in the circus.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Are you serious?
I don't want to be a freak any more.
Rhea! Rhea!
- Rhea, please!
- What?
Look, I'm sorry.
I just want to apologize.
You coming or what?
Who is the guy in the Mustang?
Just a guy.
Does he have a name?
Taylor Radford.
The one who's initials you used
to carve into scrap wood?
Well, here's a rare
intuitive flash from me.
I don't like him.
It's not so big of a deal.
You should come out this weekend.
Anywhere in particular?
You know, just drive around
and maybe hit a couple parties.
- Okay.
- Yeah?
- You sure?
- Yeah, yes, I'd love to.
Tonight we're
Living in a fantasy
And it's all right
And it's all right
So right even though It's wrong
in the hotel Where it's goin on
We's all wonderin
What's goin on
Because he and you
All truth be known
He's just a picture
Truth be told
You'd rather have me
Stretch back gonna need that
And we...
Livin in a fantasy
And it's all right
And it's all right
Damn it!
Just stop it! I can't work
when you're like this.
Rhea's in trouble.
No, you're in trouble, so full of fear.
You're driving her away
just when she feels the most lost!
I am not driving her away!
She's leaving!
And John, John is
helping her out the door.
John is doing a hell of a lot more good
than you are right now!
Now keep it up and
you'll drive both of them away!
Just because you can see the future
doesn't give you the right
to impose your will on it!
Now just stop it!
Oh, my God, are you following me?
No, I was just running some errands.
Yeah, right.
Okay, Rhea, I just really
need to talk to you.
I was just trying to protect you.
Protect or control?
Maybe both.
At least you're honest.
Look, if you want to go to art school,
then you should do that.
If you don't want to carry on
our traditions, then I'll understand.
Really? What about the prophecy?
Honey, even if you have all three gifts,
it's still your choice.
I have to go.
- Tony!
- Hey, Tony!
- How you guys doing?
- Remember Rhea?
- Rhea!
- Hi.
Good to see you.
Hey, what's up, Mike?
How you doin'?
Remember Rhea?
Let's dance, baby.
- Rhea Carver.
- Hi.
Can I get you a drink?
Hi, Rhea.
Are you here with Taylor?
Here you go, babe.
Beaker's doing shots in the kitchen.
You wanna watch him puke?
Yo, cops!
Baby! Baby!
Let's go! Let's go!
Let's grab the keg!
Let's run, run, run.
Let's go! Let's go!
- To my car!
- Hurry, hurry!
Yo, Cally, where we going?
We going to your place?
- My parents are home.
- We calling it a night, then?
I know a place.
- Awesome!
- Okay, follow me!
That was a close one.
Face fall!
Come here.
Maybe we should go.
I don't care!
Am I that boring?
You know, you're really not
the girl I thought you were.
- Why is that?
- It's a very good thing.
Because this girl is awesome.
Whoa, whoa, whoa!
- Cally, Cally.
- Don't ever...
Shot for the road.
Shot for the road.
Get in the car, let's get out
of here, this party sucks.
Yeah! the other day
Bobby was totally checking you out.
Oh, shut up, you think everybody's hot.
- Hey, do you think I'm hot?
- Shut up! You know you are.
Don't be jealous, Rhea.
Yeah, don't be jealous,
just because they used to hit it.
- Eh?
- It was never that satisfying.
- Yeah, he told me.
- Ooh!
Oh, she nailed you on that one.
Don't let them get to you,
you know your my girl.
Yeah, of the week.
Rhea! Rhea!
Oh, my God, are you all right?
- Are you okay?
- I'm okay.
I'm okay!
Everybody knows about the accident.
The whole town's been looking for you.
- Look, this is all my fault.
- No.
- If I hadn't said that...
- Ssh, no.
It's not your fault.
I just couldn't handle
what was happening to me.
I wanted to be somebody else.
Why, Rhea?
You're amazing, and your gifts,
they're amazing.
They're... they're part
of what I love about you.
I love you.
I love you, too.
Come on, let's get you home.
- Okay.
- Okay?
Are you okay?
- Hm?
- I'm okay.
Thank you for bringing her home.
I'm really sorry about...
Please, it wasn't your fault.
I did it.
I healed them.
I know you did.
I understand what you mean
now about the love.
It's beautiful and absolute.
The prophecy is true.
I want to help.
Autumn melts down on the ground
Its colors
The streets are filled with art
And the trees are the artists
It's magic
It's magic
I dream of the future
My sisters and my brothers
No more war
Just love for one another
It's magic
It's magic
It's magic
Follow follow follow
It's up to the pie in the sky
It's titanic
It's enormous
It's bigger bigger better
Than anything I've ever seen
It's titanic
It's enormous
It's magic it's magic
It's magic magic magic
Blossoms splash around
Calling new sensations
A choir of birds
With songs of inspiration
Magic it's magic
I looked for the stars
It's such fascination
The magic bubble off
Moves my motivation
It's magic
It's magic
It's magic
Flow let you down
Just know that magic abounds
We've been all around
I know that you're down
Just now that magic abounds
We feel it all around
I know that you're down
Just know that magic abounds
Within and all around
High in the sky
I know that you're down
Just know that magic abounds
Within and all around
All over this city
All over this city
It's magic it's magic
It's magic
It's magic it's magic
It's magic
It's magic it's magic
It's magic
Magic magic
Hello and from there
Where else can we go
Hello a song
I'm expecting now to play along
With a song
You crook
Just a boy
Sitting there with his book
And a smile
That the camera took
Leaving you just the same
As you always looked
As for me I'm as changed
As a girl can be
Can't you see
That I've flown to the edges
Of the earth and home
I've flown
From your chair
I can tell
You can tell it from there
That I may have been everywhere
But I'm back
Back to the starting square