The Last Kumite (2024) Movie Script

Come on.
- I can't do it, Dad.
I-I just can't.
You can't force it.
Calm your mind.
Martial arts should be
about peace and balance.
Yeah, that's easy for you to say, Dad.
You've been doing this
for your entire life.
And that's why you should be patient.
It took me years
before I won my first tournament.
any fighter can be beaten.
Anytime. You can
never underestimate your opponent.
I know.
That's it!
That's enough for today.
- Alright.
Let's go see Mom?
- Mm-hm.
I miss you, Mom.
I know you want some
alone time with her.
I'll be in the car.
I still can't believe you're gone, Sam.
You know, some mornings I wake up
and roll over to put an arm around you.
Only you're not there. Stupid, huh?
I've got a tournament tomorrow.
I know you weren't a big fan
of me fighting, but...
I know you will be there with me.
To give me luck, Sam.
You're my secret weapon.
Ladies and gentlemen,
welcome to our New York State
Open Karate Tournament.
We have some amazing fighters
for you here today.
Let's have a big round of applause
for all of our great fighters.
Come on, everyone. This is it.
We're down to the last two competitors.
- Ready?
May the best fighter win.
- Are you ready?
Go! Stand up!
And now, the moment
we've all been waiting for.
The Grand Champion of our 37th
New York State
Open Karate Tournament is...
Michael Rivers!
Woohoo! Yeah!
Let's keep the good times rolling!
I'll see you at the party tonight!
Bree, are you ready?
Can you hurry up, please?
Let's go.
Relax, Dad, you've already won.
Good job.
- Thank you.
Great job, great job.
Great job!
- Thank you, thank you.
Congratulations, man.
- Thank you.
The price of fame.
- So...
So what?
Is this it? The end of an era?
Hey, Dad!
- Stop it!
I'm just holding you to your word, Dad.
And I want it on the record.
This was my last tournament
as a fighter.
I'm hanging up my black belt.
- You promise?
I promise.
Okay, that's enough.
Alright, Dad.
I know you wanna get out of here.
I get it.
Let's go?
- Let's go.
Michael Rivers. Congratulations.
What an incredible tournament.
Thank you, Mr....
Ron Hall.
- Mr. Hall.
Yeah, call me Ron. Yeah.
- Ron.
So, have a good rest of your evening.
Mr. Rivers,
I wanna talk to you
about a business proposal.
A business proposal?
Yeah. May I invite you for a drink?
Yeah, sure. One drink.
But, Dad, I-I still gotta
go to school tomorrow.
You go home, I catch a taxi.
But I want to go home with you.
- It's just one drink.
One hour.
- Alright.
I'll come later, okay?
I have a VIP table over there.
Let's talk.
Cheers, Michael.
- Cheers.
You know what?
I used to see you fight years ago.
Yeah, you had some sort of a nickname.
I don't remember.
- Yeah, "Bloody Rivers". Yeah.
Because you were always covered in
your opponent's blood after every fight.
You're a champion many times over.
I mean, you reached the pinnacle,
the mountain top.
What if I tell you
you haven't even scratched the surface?
I can get you in a tournament
with the best fighters in the world.
I mean, I'm not talking about
these stupid childish rules here.
I'm talking about a real-life Kumite.
In Eastern Europe.
A Kumite in Eastern Europe?
- Yeah.
I appreciate the offer, Ron,
but those kind of days are behind me.
I have my daughter to take care of.
Bree and my dojo
are my main priorities now.
But thank you for thinking of me.
I appreciate that.
One million dollars.
Huh. What?
- Yeah, that's right.
The winner gets one million dollars.
Cash, crypto, I don't care.
Any way you want it.
You can finally take care of
your pretty daughter in style.
But what kind of sanctioned event
would pay that kind of money?
Who says anything about sanctioned?
Next thing you'll be telling me
it's a fight to the death, right?
Well, yeah.
Big risk, big reward.
People rank you as one of the greatest,
and this is
the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
You should really think about it.
Sorry, nothing to think about.
That's not for me.
But thanks for the drink.
I need to go.
This is my private cell number.
If you change your mind,
I'm gonna leave
on my private jet tomorrow
and I will leave a seat for you. Okay?
Thanks for the offer.
I need to go home.
Good night.
Keep the change.
Bree, I'm home!
You know, this guy,
he wanted to fight me in, uh,
in Eastern Europe. In a Kumite.
Bree? You hungry?
Where are we going?
Where's my daughter?
Talk to me, please.
What's going on here?
What now?
What is this place?
Where are we going?
- Keep walking.
What's going on here?
You tell us.
Cause I'm not telling you shit!
I don't know who the fuck you are.
I don't know
who the hell any of you are.
Well, hello!
Welcome, fighters.
You're that son of a bitch
who took my daughter!
Well, no need to come up.
I'll come down.
This is such an honor
to see so many champions in one place.
All of you have been selected
to participate in the Kumite.
Many of you jumped
at the opportunity to be part of
the most exclusive fighting tournament
the world has ever seen.
And some of you
needed a little persuasion.
Screw this!
I'm tired and
I don't care about your stupid Kumite.
I want my wife back.
Return her now
or I'm gonna rip your fuckin' head off!
Yeah, why wait?!
That's cold, man.
What was that?
I-I don't know.
That was a gun shot.
- No, no, no. It's gonna be okay.
Don't worry, okay?
It's gonna be okay.
Well, you know what,
they wouldn't have made it
past the preliminaries.
They were lower-class fighters.
Now listen to me.
I was hoping
we can do this without this drama
and talk about the business opportunity.
Business opportunity?
You kidnapped our families.
- And they're safe for now.
Where is my sister?
Be patient, my dear.
Be patient.
And why am I the only female here?
Just for your entertainment?
Your fucking game?
Am I here to fight?
Or to serve drinks?
I'm the top-ranking fighter
in the European circuit.
And that's exactly why you are here.
Or are you afraid to fight these men?
Are you?
I'm not afraid of anyone.
Later you will.
Now listen.
The rules of the Kumite are very simple.
The winner gets one million dollars
and their loved ones back.
Of course unharmed.
But you need to win.
- And, um, what if we don't win?
You really wanna know?
All of you can keep their cell phones,
but you can't access the internet.
Local calls only.
There is a driver if you need to
go into town to get supplies.
But don't bother going to the police,
because they're working for me.
It's amazing what you can get
in this country for money.
And I have more money than all of you,
so don't even bother.
If you touch one hair of my sister,
I promise...
Don't make any promises
you can't keep.
All of you can test your skills
in the ultimate combat in a week.
And there is a training center
across from this building.
Now meet Chris here.
God bless his soul.
Chris will take you to your rooms,
because I think
the jet lag must be killing you.
Killed those two.
This is Dracko.
My champ.
Let me rephrase this.
My undefeated champion!
I kill you all.
Good luck.
Well, there it is.
Welcome to your casa.
Bathroom to the left,
wardrobe to the right.
Anything else?
What happened to your leg?
A misunderstanding with Mr. Hall.
Yet you still work for him?
- I made a choice.
I chose to live.
Has anyone
ever come close to beating Dracko?
No. But there is one man
I believe knows how.
His name is Loren.
He knows how Dracko fights.
I have to meet him.
- He's very much to himself, I...
I'll see if I can
arrange it in the morning.
You should rest now.
- No. Now.
I need to know what Loren knows.
Take me to him, please.
Very well.
I'll meet you at the gym, in an hour.
- Hey, what was that shooting noise?
- What's going on?
Quiet! Quiet!
You and you.
We are taking you
to meet your husbands.
- Take me to my dad!
- Take me to my sister!
- Where are we going?
- No, not you.
Wh-Why won't you
take us to see our families?
Hi, I'm Lea.
they got your sister?
What about you?
My wife.
This is bullshit. This is criminal.
They can't do this. It's not like we're
living in the freakin' dark ages.
Gotta be somebody that can help.
- Who?
I don't know.
- Gotta be somebody.
Don't get yourself killed.
Hey. I'm not gonna get shot
for being out here, am I?
Think you could give me
a ride into town? I need to...
pick up some training gear.
I wait for you. Be quick.
Excuse me. Do you speak English...
by chance?
- No.
No? Uh, police? Police station?
Excuse me, sir.
Do you speak English?
- Ah!
Um, the police station.
Do you have any idea where it is?
Around the corner.
- This corner right here.
Okay, alright. Thank you. Appreciate it.
- Yes. Sure.
Excuse me, do you speak English?
- Yes, of course.
May I help you?
- I hope so.
My wife has been kidnapped.
And I just saw two guys get shot.
Where did this happen?
About thirty minutes outside of this town
in a... in a castle.
Owned by this guy named Ron Hall.
Please come with me, sir.
I'm Detective Dobrev.
Please take a seat.
Spears. Damon Spears.
Now, how can I help you, Mr. Spears?
I'm being extorted.
My wife is being held hostage
and I'm being forced
to fight in a Kumite.
One moment.
This place looks depressing.
They call it 'adska dupka'.
Which means?
So, where is he?
That's him.
The cleaner?
- Yeah.
I'll wait outside.
Good luck.
What can I do for you?
My name is Michael.
I need to know
what you know about Dracko.
I heard you... fought Ron Hall before.
That was a long time ago.
In a different lifetime.
Detective, what the...
Where have you been, man?
I gotta get back.
Would you like a cup of coffee?
No, I don't want
a damn cup of coffee! I...
I'm sorry. Look, I...
- I understand.
We know about the Kumite.
You... You do?
This is not a secret around this area.
But you have to understand...
that there is nothing we can do.
I was a champion of the Kumite.
And in those days
the Kumite was so special.
Martial arts people
came from all over the world to fight.
And then Ron Hall came.
And at the end of his matches,
all his opponents he started to kill.
His family was so rich,
they would cover it up.
Then it was my time to fight.
And I refused to fight him.
And what happened then?
He killed my wife!
Right in front of me.
They took my daughter.
- Oh my God.
Then he broke my leg.
Why didn't he just kill you?
I wish he would've.
But... I knew that
my daughter was still alive.
And it gave me something to live for.
I just... wanted to... one day,
have an opportunity to take revenge.
Mr. Hall has power beyond ours.
We are a small police station.
We all have a family who lives here.
Ron Hall controls the underworld.
Where the hell am I? Wha...
What about
the American Embassy here?
They go to his parties.
Some even attend tournament.
Ron believes that when a fighter
has a loved one taken away from him,
they rise to the occasion.
But if I can beat Dracko,
it might give you your chance, right?
Will you help me train?
Teach me anything I can use.
At least let me show you what I can do.
Not here.
Another place.
I'm very sorry.
There is nothing we can do.
You're sorry?
You're sorry?!
Yeah. Yeah, you're sorry.
I didn't help him.
If you had, we wouldn't be talking.
Hey, what happened
to the women you took away?
How can we get out of here?
I don't know.
Bree, how old are you?
I'm sixteen.
Jeez, you're just a kid.
Is your husband a fighter?
My sister's a tournament fighter.
That's what this is all about!
I was at a tournament
my dad had just won.
And then this huge guy
approached my dad.
And there was something about him
that creeped me out.
And what happened then?
Then I went home.
I was about to go to bed and...
well, this man broke in.
I saw his face
right before everything went black.
And now I'm here.
So this is all about a tournament,
it must be.
I gotta do it.
I just got to.
So, what do you think?
- Dracko has a lot of weaknesses.
But to get to those weaknesses,
you're gonna have to
take barrages of punishment.
Michael, to increase your speed,
meet Lightning.
- Yeah, you'll find out why.
Now you see
why he's called lightning.
the fastest distance between two points
is a straight line.
You gotta get off that straight line
and then come back as thunder.
You got that?
- Yeah.
Alright. Get it.
Thank you.
Guess the air conditioning
must be busted.
Yeah, I guess.
Something I can help you with?
Nah, I just can't believe
they've got women in this tournament.
Doesn't seem right.
I've been sparring guys
since I was eight.
Beaten a ton of guys like you
in tournaments.
No tournament like this.
You seen some of these monsters
they got rounded up for this thing?
Yeah, I know.
Technique is the key.
So they say.
I'm just telling you,
if we get matched up,
I'm not gonna hold back.
You do realize
we're on the same team?
- Yeah.
What team?
- Same team, same boat.
You're just like us. Prisoners!
I'm not a prisoner.
Ron Hall approached me
and I jumped at the opportunity.
A million dollars.
Nobody's keeping me from that.
I understand now.
Poor guy.
You're pathetic.
You say that to my face.
You are pathetic.
- Hey, hey, hey! Hang on, hang on!
Hang on.
Are we fighting each other?
We should be trying to
figure out a way to get rid of Ron Hall
and that... that pitbull of his.
Do what you want. Just don't
get in the way of me and my money.
I don't give a damn
about the million dollars.
All I care about is my wife.
Anybody gets in the way of that...
You ever think
if you weren't such a coward
and agreed
when Ron Hall approached you,
your wife would be
safe and sound at home?
Stop! Stop! Stop it!
He's not worth it.
The hell with both of you.
See you at the tournament.
Nice fella.
I would say asshole.
His power is similar to Dracko's.
Be careful.
Stay off the center line,
take an angle.
That's better.
Why the mats?
- Because the stones will probably hurt.
Uh, and that fighter,
he was called the Chameleon.
I think you need to go see Jen.
- You alright?
- Mm-hm.
Hey, Jen, this is Michael.
Michael have a seat.
Hi, Jen.
- Let me explain to you what Jen does.
Jen has extensive knowledge
on medical herbs to heal the body.
And remember,
we need your body healed for the Kumite.
Okay. - So listen to everything
that she has to say to you.
Here. For you.
Ooh! That smells like shit!
You won't care what it smells like
when you feel the result.
Apply this... four times a day, okay?
Will do.
You want your daughter back, huh?
Can you beat me?
Couldn't sleep either?
The doors don't lock,
so I just had a visitor.
Trying to intimidate me.
I've never wanted to
actually kill anyone before.
Ron Hall's the one you wanna kill.
Yeah, true. He's the only one
who's responsible for all of this.
I tried to go to the cops
when we first got here.
Really? And what happened?
They're either too corrupt or too scared
to do anything about it.
He owns the town.
I'm loosing my shit.
I tried to buy a gun.
I was just gonna wait for Ron Hall
to show up and shoot him.
All of 'em.
You didn't tell me this.
What happened then?
Everybody in this damn town
knows what's going on.
They know who Ron Hall is.
Nobody would sell me a gun.
They'd rather starve to death
than go up against him.
I'm a realist.
I can't beat him.
You don't have to.
You just have to survive.
If anyone of us wins,
they'll free our families.
You really trust Ron Hall's word?
- And so what if Dracko wins?
Or if none of us are alive...
at the end of the tournament?
We're all dead.
We gotta come up with a plan.
Got any ideas?
Good evening,
Damon, Michael, Lea.
As you may or may not have figured
out by now, you are my investment.
You know,
my most lucrative investment.
So I cannot afford
that anything happens to you
or that you do anything stupid.
And so you're watching
and listening to us now?
What kind of a businessman
would I be if I didn't?
Where's my wife?
I wanna see her.
How do I even know she's alive?
Where's my daughter?
I wanna see her.
They're with me
and they're safe for now.
Just concentrate on your job
and you can have them back.
I don't believe a fuckin' word you say,
you piece of shit.
Oh, then believe this.
- Lea!
Damon, is that you?
Yeah, baby, it's me.
Are-Are you alright? Are you hurt?
I'm fine, babe.
I'm-I'm here with Janice and Bree.
We're okay.
They told me you're going to fight.
Yeah, baby, I don't have a choice.
Please take care of yourself.
Well, reunion over.
So, this should give you enough incentive
to fight for their lives.
Now I want you to listen to me
and listen to me really careful.
No matter if your loved one
wins or loses...
If you live or die, that's up to me.
Now have a good night.
He's using our phones to track us.
Listening in on our conversations.
The whole place could be bugged.
I'll fight in the damn Kumite,
you hear me, Ron!
There's no way
he's releasing our loved ones.
They're witnesses, loose ends,
just like we are.
Win, lose,
they're not gonna let us live.
One more thing,
don't mention anything in front of Marcus.
Yeah, he smells of rat.
Somebody mention my name?
What did I miss?
I'm turning in.
- Me too.
Enjoy your night.
Dracko is pumped full of steroids.
They hired a physician
from the Soviet Union.
And I guarantee you,
everything they put inside of his body
is to make him super strong.
So you get ready.
Dracko has weaknesses.
Every man has a weakness.
We're gonna have to
get through those weaknesses
by you training
and understanding footwork,
distance, and knowledge and wisdom.
And you staying calm.
Michael, the key thing:
Dracko loves to break people's ribs.
You know what we've been practicing.
If you tuck, you tuck,
breathe, inhale, exhale,
you'll be able to take those punches.
And move off those punches and counter.
This is really important.
And just remember this
when you're out there fighting:
Most people, when they hear
the name Dracko, they get scared.
You don't get scared.
Think about your daughter.
Put your daughter's face in your heart,
in your eyes,
and I guarantee you,
it's gonna push you through.
Are you ready?
- Yes, sir.
Body catch! Body catch!
Body catch! Body catch!
Body catch!
Come on!
That's it! Haha!
Body catch! Head catch!
Ha! Ha! Ha!
And one!
One, two!
Good. Watch me. One!
Alright! One, two!
Two! Give me two! Good.
Body catch! Sidekick!
That's it.
Today... I got something different.
Why do I have a bad feeling?
No, I got somebody special
I want you to meet.
This is Julie Jackson.
She can help us with Dracko.
- I was Dracko's sensei.
And everything he knows,
she taught him.
In other words,
I could help you beat Dracko.
If he can be beat.
Did you hear what she said?
'If' he can be beaten.
He's been going at it for a while.
Should I have him take a break?
- No, he needs to go beyond.
Beyond what?
- Everything.
When he's done training,
send him my way.
Loren said you wanna talk.
- Yeah.
About Dracko.
You've known him a long time.
Since he was a little kid.
I pulled him out of this bloody pit
after he killed a man.
I saw something in him.
You know, for a time
he was like a son to me.
What happened?
Ron Hall happened.
He got his hooks into him
with all his power and all his money.
Then he changed.
Wouldn't it be nice...
if this was Dracko's last Kumite?
What are you saying?
What is this, huh?!
Go back. Come on.
What is this? Hm?
Is that all we got?
Couldn't find anybody else.
Double the money. He's ready.
Here's some tip.
Get his nose fixed.
You're a miracle worker, Jen.
You think that was hard?
Well, Dracko's gonna hit you a lot harder.
In fact, I've seen it so many times.
He's gonna knock you out
and you're gonna wanna give up.
And if you do, you die.
And your daughter dies.
So at this moment
you have to bring everything together.
All your energy, your spirit, your power.
For that one moment you rise
and knock his head off.
Do it!
That's it!
Good job.
Good job.
- Now remember that.
- Hey.
- Hey.
You okay?
Two days till the Kumite.
Saying it out loud makes it sound so...
- Real?
I really need a break
to recharge my body and...
get ready. Mentally.
You've done about as much preparation
as you can, grasshopper.
Thank you.
What is this, a family meeting?
Taking your dogs for a walk, I see.
You're funny.
Now listen to me.
You're the only ones
we had to pressure to compete.
Now, I admire your tenacity, though.
All of you.
We're in your Kumite.
Just let our families go.
- No. Not yet.
I'll keep the bargaining chips
where they are.
Where your loved ones go from here
is entirely up to you.
He's right. You don't need to
keep them here any longer.
Just let 'em go.
This isn't a Mexican standoff.
Remember what happened...
to those two fighters?
I don't even know
what their names were.
Now I suggest
you go back to your room,
and I'm gonna check on my renovation.
Today is the day.
Everything's gonna be alright.
Just stay focused.
This is a costume party.
People are gonna die and
it's just fancy dress-up to them.
There's a bunch of people
with a lot of money
looking for some entertainment.
And Ron Hall has brought that to 'em.
And we're just their entertainment.
- No!
We're more.
Welcome, ladies and gentlemen!
Welcome the Kumite fighters!
Cheering! Applause!
It must be the tournament!
It has to be!
You mean Damon's here?
- And my father.
And your sister, Janice.
- Let me out! Help!
In a day and age
where there's hardly any thrills left,
I will bring you a tournament
with the best fighters in the world
to become the Kumite champion!
And some of them...
may die!
Right there, in front of your eyes.
- Help! Let me out!
Is this a Kumite going on?
- Yes!
Is my father out there?
You should be quiet, little mouse.
A quiet little mouse gets to live longer.
Please take me to my dad.
I promise I won't cause any problems.
I'll just watch quietly.
Get off me!
Don't worry.
When this is over,
and your people are dead,
you will wish you could stay here.
The winner
of the Kumite championship
will not only become
the Kumite champion,
he will get one million dollars!
Now let us begin
the battle of the last true gladiators.
The challenger:
Kurt Thornson!
You've been waiting for this, man.
Come on.
- I'm ready. Let's do this, okay?
Yeah, kick his ass, man.
- Yeah.
Marcus, it's not gonna take long.
- Get him.
And the man of the hour,
the man that needs no introduction,
our fighter, the champion:
As it looks like,
we have a very special guest
here with us today.
Julie Jackson!
The former sensei of Dracko.
Although it appears
she's sitting on the wrong bench.
- Prick.
- There seems to be
no love lost between these two.
Now let's begin!
- Yeah!
Are you ready?
Come on! Fight!
Kurt! Kurt!
No! Stop the fight!
You'll pay for this!
- What the hell has happened to you?
That was just straight-up murder.
This is what they came here for.
You must destroy him.
Haha! Yeah!
You ready?
Be like the snake!
Come on!
What a great start today!
Do you want the Kumite
to continue tomorrow?
Yes! Yes! Yes!
Yes! Yes! Yes!
Yes! Yes!
I'll see you tomorrow.
Who am I kiddin'?
I can't beat him.
Fuck you!
Time to rise and shine, sunshine!
Come on, you gotta get up.
Jen is here, to help you.
She's got some ointment that's gonna
make your body feel so much better.
Come on, let's go.
- How are you doing?
So this stuff smells like shit too?
You wish. This stuff
makes the other stuff smell like perfume.
Oh! What the fuck is that?
It's derived from bull testicle.
The fights are gonna get tougher.
Are you ready?
I need to see your heart,
I need to see your soul,
I need to see everything
you've got inside your body.
I need to see it all come out.
We're gonna go through
these new techniques,
and I need to see your mind and your will
come together as one.
As one unit, so we can
go do the things we need to do.
Michael, are you ready?
- Yes, sir.
No, look at me.
Are you ready?!
Yes, sir.
Let's go.
Let's go.
It's me, Damon.
Come in.
Come and sit.
Sorry, I didn't mean to disturb you.
It's okay.
Just trying to...
bring my energy into balance.
You know, a place like this
has a way of disrupting it.
I don't think any of us can beat Dracko.
I'm just being a realist.
Come on.
If you wanna give up, do.
I'm not.
I'm not talking about giving up.
I'm thinking about our families.
So, what are you talking about?
- I'm talking about plan B.
Whichever one of us
gets eliminated first,
if they're still alive,
goes to find our families.
All eyes will be on the Kumite.
I'm in.
- Yeah?
But how will we find
- We know they're some place close.
I saw a guard going into the basement
the other day with food trays, so...
It's the only thing that makes sense.
But the bodyguards have guns.
- Yeah.
But there's not that many of 'em.
And right now they're focused on
protecting Ron Hall's rich buddies.
And now, we have Marcus...
and Dracko!
Come on, Dracko!
Dracko! Dracko! Dracko!
- Oh!
- No!
Wait! Stop the fight!
Stop the fight!
Stop it!
- No!
- Michael!
Dracko, you'll get your chance.
Ladies and gentlemen,
I promised you
a battle of the gladiators,
and this is
what you are getting here today.
Now, next up:
Damon Spears
and Lea Martin!
Now get 'em off!
Kill him! Kill him! Kill him!
Finish him.
I said finish him!
It's this side, yeah.
Just do it. Okay. Just do it.
- Relax, okay? Relax.
Just do it. Just do it.
- Relax!
- Ow!
Get up.
Great job.
- Well done.
Thank you, sir.
What's going on?
- What's going on is that fighter
was in the finals of the last Kumite.
Dracko beat him,
but it was a long, grueling, hard fight.
You beat the same fighter in half the time.
- half the time.
- Mm-hm.
Tomorrow night,
we have three more fights.
Two semi-finals.
And the winner out of those
will be the Kumite champion
- and gets...
- One million dollars!
One million dollars! One million dollars!
- Hi.
Looking for me?
- Mm-hm.
How are you?
Hey, you did what you had to out there.
Besides, this is an old injury.
Pops out every now and again.
Still, it doesn't make me feel
- Tomorrow.
- Tomorrow,
when everyone's at the finals,
I'll find 'em.
I will join you.
If I'm still alive.
- Goodnight.
Now listen.
have been raised.
Everything is riding on tomorrow's bet.
I want Michael Rivers
to have a hard time tomorrow.
Do you understand?
Take me to town, please.
Good luck for tomorrow.
Ah, shit!
I need to talk to you about the Kumite.
Sorry, I can't help you with this.
I think you can.
This might hurt.
Ah, shit.
Michael, what do you think of this?
Why do you think they're doing this?
- I don't know.
They know you're gonna win this fight.
You know what we're gonna do with this?
We're gonna use it as a decoy.
I can't fight like this.
- Yes, you can fight like this!
I can't.
- We're gonna make 'em go for this.
What do you mean you can't?
- I can't fight.
You can't fight what?!
All that training,
all the things that we've done,
and you're gonna give up?
Hold on.
Don't think about yourself.
If you think about yourself right now,
you're not gonna get your daughter back.
Michael, they killed my wife
right in front of me.
They got my daughter!
And now they've got yours!
And look what they tried to do.
Now what are you gonna do?
Give up?
Just because
you've got a cut on your arm?
Your daughter should mean more to you
than that arm.
Go through this!
Tell me something. Tell me something.
I need to know that you're ready.
Michael, look at me.
Are you gonna give up?
- No. Are you ready?
I'm ready.
- You ready?
I'm getting my daughter back.
Alright, let's go.
Let's go. Let's get her.
- Let's go get her.
- Good.
There's no turning back.
You like that, baby, right?
I know why.
You do?
- Of course.
Sorry I'm late.
- Ow!
This looks bad.
- Just do what you can.
We have our two finalists.
Ladies and gentlemen,
we will have a 30-minute intermission
for the fighters to compose themselves
and get ready for hell!
- Hell!
- Yeah!
Hell! Hell!
Ah! You made it!
You thought I would let you
have all the fun to yourself?
I got this, you stay here.
- Yeah, the hell you do.
And if you try and stop me,
I'm gonna kick your ass
more than the guards, okay?
Lea, okay, well, you can come.
Just try not to get yourself killed.
Let's go.
- For God's sake.
Ladies and gentlemen!
This is the moment
we've all been waiting for.
The final battle of the gladiators.
To the right, our champion...
And to the left,
I must say, relentless challenger...
Michael Rivers!
Stay focused.
This is why you've been training.
This is our time.
The winner will walk away...
- ...with...
- One million dollars!
And the loser...
may not walk away at all.
Let the battle begin!
Remember what I told you.
Come on.
Come on. Where are they?
- Shauna!
- Help!
Speak to me!
- Are you okay? Are you alright?
It's good to see you.
- You okay? You're not hurt?
Where's my dad?!
It's okay.
- We'll take you to him. Okay.
We're gonna get you outta there.
Hang on. We'll take you to your dad.
- Please don't move!
- Hang on, hang on!
- a va? a va?
- Hang on, hang on!
- Where is the fucking key?!
She'll be okay.
- I think I got it! I think I got it!
Look out!
Come on!
Go! Come on, come on!
Come on! Let's go!
Get up!
He's gonna knock you out
and you're gonna wanna give up.
And if you do, you die.
And your daughter dies.
So at this moment
you have to bring everything together.
All your energy,
your spirit, your power.
For that one moment you rise.
You explode
and you knock his damn head off.
- Dad!
Are you okay?
Yes, I'm okay.
Dad, we need to get out of here.
You always told me,
any fighter can be beaten any time.
Now do that.
For both of us.
Michael, it's time!
- Oh!
Woo! Yes!
Watch out, Dad! Watch out!
Yeah! Woo!
- Yeah!
- Thank you.
- Good job.
Ron Hall.
You're all under arrest! Boys!
Men! Take them away!
You're a cop?!
- Undercover.
You son of a bitch!
What took you so long?
My mistake.
I had to wait for all the muckety-mucks
to show up so I could arrest them all.
You gotta be kiddin' me.
So it's personal now?
Yes, it is.
So many years you made me suffer.
You killed my wife!
You took my daughter!
Now you pay!
Loren! No!
Don't do it.
He's not worth it.
Kurt was my partner.
We did underground fights for years
to get here.
I'll find your daughter for you.
You will have your life back.
Just leave him... to me.
Ron Hall, you're under arrest.
Anything you say
can and will be used against you.
Fuck you too!
Thank you, sir.
- Thank you.
It's finally over.
Not sure.
Ron Hall awakened an appetite in people
for events like this.
And where there's money...
There will be more like him.
But at least it's Ron Hall's last Kumite.
Just so you know it:
You can't fight for shit.
You disgust me.