The Last Lear (2007) Movie Script

The premier of your first film is
always special.
But not if Diwali is on the same day,
People are usually busy for
celebrations at home.
The diwali weekend is always for the
big box office releases.
Siddharth or Bhaiyya as I call him,
the director of the film.
Knows all this.
It is,
okay then tell me.
I don't think you...
because you can't, you know that.
Even if I good, I wouldn't, And I
don't want you to follow me,
Shabnam, look at me, look at me,
who is this guy?
Do you need to know everything?
Okay don't tell me who is this.
Just tell me how long have you been
seen him?
I am not going to go for the premier
don't look for me their.
You make complete fool of your self,
If you're so kin to go see the film,
go by yourself,
And if they ask you about me,
say you don't know or...
I went office on work something,
then don't go,
we'll go together, later?
Now tell me Shabbo,
this is the last time I'm asking you,
I won't ask again.
How long have you been seen this guy?
I'm not gonna see your man,
that's all I can tell you.
Okay, is he from the unit?
You promise, you won't ask again.
Can you pass me the perfume please.
Want Livanda?
You think I like this,
you think I like this.
Stop it, stop it.
Is that a car?
He must be the doctor,
Switch on the lights of corridor,
it's very dark,
Okay leave it,
One minute,
Why is he taking so long,
just see.
Madam just come in for the moment.
See that is not Dr. Mahant's car,
He's got a white Honda City.
And you ofcourse know what color
what car he's got.
Please go! I have told you so many
times to get his bag in lvy.
It is you?
Hi! Ramesh,
How are you?
All delivered,
no reply.
Complete Nonsense these stars.
Charge like crazy,
then Heroes don't turn off because
they are celebrating diwali at home.
Promoting the film is your
responsibility or not.
Hey Mr. DOP,
Hi! What's up,
How it's going,
Do you have Shabnam's driver's mobile
Is he resting?
Isn't that exactly what you wanted?
No what, come in.
It's allright.
So what's all this drama?
Coming to see a patient so much
perfume on your self.
We don't care for your Nakhra's
go else where,
I was thinking of him from past few
then thought,
How will he pick up the phone?
You may have nothing to do but we do.
Just go.
I borrow this book from him.
I suppose to give it back in a day,
Would you like some tea?
But there is no coffee in the house.
By the way...
Happy Diwali,
They are waiting for press briefing
for a long time.
Please go down once,
The sound still loud,
Sir! I'll manage this,
you please go down.
The boundry sign,
Ask Ramesh, Make xeroxes,
Okay this is fine.
I'm leaving the door open,
By the way, I don't know your name,
I am Shabnam,
The helen of the film.
Can I please have my park inside?
for you.
One second,
Was with the patient.
My friend Kiran,
She's with your Aai,
Hi! Happy Diwali,
Happy Diwali,
just take a number and fax it all.
Tactically speaking,
Production is really not responsible
for Harsh Jee's condition.
We are extremely sorry for what
happened, but you see,
we have a document,
If you want, we can have it fax to
I'm sorry, I don't need to ask about
his accident.
Any question regarding the film will
be answered after the premier in the
press conference.
Open your auditorium,
I'm sorry, I was in hurry, I...
was waiting for the press conference,
Bhaiyya Harshad is getting engaged
today, so just need to talk to you.
I'm really sorry.
I saw her crying,
I think something is wrong.
I explainedlot of times to her but...
Come here,
just see what the cat is done,
why can't you finish your food then
make the call.
You only took the call,
How dare you argue with me.
You come here.
Have you commit to answer the call
so look after the patient he
is not given his medicine, it's
already 9 o' clock, come here.
Excuse me,
excuse me.
Not now after the show is over,
One second,
I'll call you back,
guys relax now,
excuse me,
Just obey for some time.
We certainly late,
waitiing for shabnam,
Hyper as usual,
unnecessary tension,
any news,
how is she?
no improvement.
What about your Bhaiyya?
it was good to you dad,
your concern about Harish Jee,
I've been feeling a bit lonely about
after all,
I was the one who brought Harish
and bhaiyya together.
That was almost...
My magazine aasked me to write
down opportunity,
So I started meeting with retired
I never forget the first time I saw
The house worths nothing like it look
like from outside.
Nor was the man who sat on front
of me.
Your reactions please,
What reaction?
On his possy,
I told you that we are bringing out
to special issue on Niraj jee.
We know you're one of his old...
you mean her.
Yes, Neeraj.
Since one day neeraj become a he.
Talk like a women, walk like a women
sleep like a women.
Bloody homo sexual.
Sorry! We're not here to discuss sex...
we're not here to discuss anything,
we are here for interview, questions
and answers no discussion.
And that was sound my question.
Well! You wanted my reaction thats
my reaction.
Don't worry I won't take it back.
When did you work together for the
last time.
Let me see now.
that's when she,
oh sorry! He...
came to ask me for money,
Seven hundred and sixty rupees.
Rs. 760 in the year of 1972, how many
years is that?
calculate the interest.
Sorry! Not carrying a calculator.
Did you know him?
As in...
I know about him.
Have you met?
Listen young man.
Why do you think he took moeny
from me?
He needed it,
for what?
No idea.
Every month he'd get a new guy,
taken to the movies.
Buy new clothes them,
do everything here.
15 of the month, and we all knew that
he'd come ask for money,
you are talking about 1972.
What were you doing then?
I was playing Robin,
Robin and Oberoi,
how do you spell it?
O B E R O N.
Something greek.
I could never imagine somebody is so
insanely upset with Shakespear.
I am a journalist.
So what if I didn't remember mid sum
on the night stream,
this man get hunted me.
I could think of only one person
like you.
My friend.
I knew this was exactly the sort of
person he was looking for.
I decided I will drink them together.
I am going home,
He is coming to take me,
I am going.
I'll inform the centre, they will send
somebody tomorrow,
and what about tonight?
Don't pay me.
In the middle of the night, where am I
suppose to get another nurse?
Call the centre, tell them to send
another nurse.
Then leave.
You call,
I do not have the number, you call.
You have the number in the notebook.
Who gives you the number then we take
to the centre and complain about me.
I can stay back if it here.
I'll stay.
Don't worry.
It's not really late, I don't know how
do you get home.
Do you want me to tell me driver?
No, thankyou.
My boyfriend is coming to take me.
I will go with him.
I will go and change,
open the door.
Open the door.
Why you are changing here?
What do you mean why?
Don't you ashame, you're changing
in the man in the room.
I'll change in the bathroom.
To the premiere.
I am not going.
But you are the heroine of the film.
That's not my problem.
How can you be doing all this,
I am the lead actress.
I can understand they were doing this
is a charity show,
you know they wonder is money for
him, for his treatment,
for him...
who wants charity?
Certainly not us,
I am so sorry,
I didn't mean like that,
Charity is not the right thing.
I know you really stressed out,
but you must keep you cool,
trust me.
It's only a matter of days,
may be a weeks.
And he will be fine,
He could be,
Doctor said, spinal cord is fractured.
So he is paralysed.
This is brain damage.
You know.
My father is a doctor.
Do you know what it means?
Doesn't recognize me.
How can you not recognize me,
I am ready.
Too many people.
Has Ramesh xerox the undertaking,
Keep them.
Don't make me feel guilty.
Sorry! My friend.
I don't need to hert you.
I was just just hoping that show me
your anger.
And feel perhaps a little more
Starting from that first day.
Who is there?
It's me, Siddharth.
I have work with you,
Did someone tell you?
Who were?
did it on your own,
Hey! Vandana.
Why did you do?
What made you...
I mean...
What do you thinking?
I didn't sit back.
I needed to get him and
just thought it was the best way,
That how did he suppose to do that?
I'll just talk in the living room,
No, No, don't go.
See, it works.
It was how do you know?
Get a proper bell,
What for?
Only it's your imagination.
That's all.
More momentary.
Fire and crakcs.
Come on to this yellow sand.
And then shake hands.
Excuse me.
Put something in the water.
Harish Jee,
Call me Harry.
Ok! Harry.
I am making a film and I like you
to direct it.
Yeah. Film.
Not Shakespear.
Why suddenly think of me?
Well! I guess the way I thought of
you're bet.
Have you seen me out?
No! But heard alot.
I never did radio.
Heard alot of about you.
Is that if I may ask the source of
your condition.
But now that I see you,
You see nothing young man.
You cannnot see an actor like that.
I think you are wasting your time,
See, I just thought I would politely
better ask you to assure you.
Sure! And what is that?
How that?
That's actually I attempt for.
It's like a collection of your book
Books sample.
Yeah! It's like a picking your best
moments and compiling together.
You get samples on a shop not on
a stage.
You know when you best moment
You had to keep on trying.
at 5,
at 2.
And you fly him when he comes back.
That's brilliant.
Absolutely brilliant.
It worked to be brilliant.
I hope you realize.
Why you need to see an actor on stage?
Well! I'm confidently best in the
I shall be go but I cannot be mad.
But your cinema.
Shall not be good,
make me look like a fool.
Well, I may act and end of the day
it's like incomplete moment.
And why that?
All your close-ups.
When you see the face,
you cannot see the hands.
When you see the face and hands you
cannot see the full body.
When you see the body you are so far
away to see the expression of the face
When you want to see face,
See face,
Why hands?
It's just ditractive,
and who is to decide?
What's to be seen?
I mean.
The director and...
sometimes the DOP.
The cameraman I mean.
And what of the actor.
The actor is the subject.
Could I have some coffee please.
And can we have some lights here,
why not the window?
Put up the light,
what you doing?
No, no, look.
See this shameless bastard.
I'll deal with him.
Hello there,
Up here.
excuse me.
In the evening my send his driver home,
with the jar of coffee.
Tell me one thing.
Why you filmy people have to be so
I mean anything for work,
I don't quite agree with some of the
things he does.
It may be right or wrong but it's
Very prestigious issue for him.
There is a man who normally doesn't
do films.
I will make him work,
So what if you doesn't work with
anybody else?
It's my challenge,
I will create history.
So I will go to his house,
spend time with him.
Give him gifts.
I'm telling you are making a big
I have updated everything,
temperature and pressue reading.
Description and reports, I've kept
on 5.
I think you have my mobile number,
still I've written it down for you.
Just in case other nurse didn't come
here, you can call me.
He calls you, stays you.
And you drop evreything and ready
to go with him,
do you know what will happen in the
future, he will make you eat out of
his hands,
It is my life, my future,
thanks for worrying about me,
but let me handle it.
Nice meeting you madam,
Happy Diwali.
Happy Diwali
Till then I can't eat anything.
I'm so sorry I really forgot.
Do one thing, give me the key and
you go home.
It's okay, I'll go.
You were asking me you wanted to
park your car in the compound.
You said, Sid was sitting in the car.
But didn't come up,
how did you know?
I saw,
You went downstairs.
how come?
Your director put it.
We both used to watch people peeing
on the road,
my favourite time pass.
Nobody is doing into them,
Would you have been some one day?
I think we can put Tv camera from the
Is it possible?
There, there,
Good, good, take this photograph.
Only necessary.
let's play a some new game.
What do you think he does the guy
in white shirt.
As as occupation.
Come on harry guess.
Could be anything.
9 to 5.
It's 12:40.
Should have been in office then.
It could be a medical representative.
It need be a carrying a bite.
Here comes another one.
You do nothing no work.
Not a student.
And if he is going to office what's
he doing for the work,
could be bunk in work.
Did what?
To meet his girlfriend.
Or may be his prospective employee.
Why should I believe you?
You can check if you want,
Hello! Young man, over here.
One small question.
I know this is intrusion and you're
completely free to reply or reject.
But allow me to persue my humour.
Yeah! Sure tell me.
Am I allow to persue of madness not
Iove that's more craze with the few
of my sighs.
My friend here is loud with prophecy
with occupation,
in short,
and your job.
We placed a kingdoms
it lies.
Sorry you both lose, we both are old
Catching up for a quick beer,
okay, bye bye.
Thankyou for your valueable time.
You are a lier and a slave.
Could have been my friend bite,
Life is like a walking shadow.
Totally horrible.
Windows could be...
you open them,
Windows means something else.
You are not into computers, right?
For quite sometime,
Siddharth had been wanting to making
film with someone.
May be a performer.
Whose art was gradually becoming
He wrote a script about a popular
circus clown,
whose skill were dying like a circus.
Thank god he's got a name.
People flock to the local cinemas
well the clown found themselves out
of world.
One day,
one of the clown kill himself,
grief and reach consume Maqbool.
It seems he went to big man,
and sit fire to the local cinemas,
He would remember nothing but
his scars,
specially the ones he carried on his
One day...
in the fog of the morning,
Maqbool and his friends left for the
unknown destiny.
It is us though they were leaving
their homeland,
and stepping up to the world of
who knows perhaps we knew our selves
and their lost childhood, they had
followed the same part to arrival the
There is some chicken in the house.
You wanna have some bread with it
or toast.
Oh! My God, it's 10:30.
Don't bother let's just order
What's her name?
Is she veg or non-veg?
Yes! Just come up please.
Where are you?
He is just on the way,
Sorry, Mahesh,
Listen, if you are nearby then come
I need to order some food, please.
Order some food.
Nothing for me,
Okay Harry Baba.
Now go.
Yes you can,
just because I know it's you.
You don't stage, not modern place.
You've done Shakespear.
Did you know Shakespear wearing
I'm the stage with the back of my
You always perform in calcutta.
Once we have punishments, it is
stage is mine,
but you asking me to do is my neededm
okay then take me back to my home.
I can't.
I can't
I fall down,
I am blind.
This is your house.
These are your stairs, you know them.
If you fall, I'll hold you.
Everytime an actor has to fall on
he trust his co-actor to hold him,
I hold you,
trust me.
Like a school kid,
grabbling down to stairs.
He asked the single question.
Where is lvy?
I haven't seen her around,
must be in her room,
What's wrong with her?
I think she is upset.
She is completely out of her mind,
calls you in the middle of the night.
Asking you some weird questions,
Her boyfriend.
What you doing?
I don't understand,
why these people so upset about
night duty,
I mean you have to do something,
you can do in the day also, can't you?
So, where is she going now?
I've heard he telling you once,
If you don't believe it come and check
I said no,
If you need physical prrof,
then you obviously don't trust and
if you don't trust
then there is no relationship,
Calling me?
come and sit here,
he is okay,
he is sleeping,
when is your boyfriend coming?
I can't get through.
I think there is no charger his phone,
does he know the house.
I have explained to him,
He knows the area,
should not be a problem.
I hope you don't mind but can I
say something.
Trust me, I know exactly what you
He was not like that before.
Just past...
Actually the problem lies with us,
In the beginning we enjoy, think
it's love,
he does not enter in your lies,
How embarassing it is for me,
that go to the centre everyday and say
I will do only day duty,
I can't do night.
How long they will listen to me,
one week,
one month then...
they won't
But the search for Maqbool have
not ended
To escape the Police
Maqbool to unite dream
To a far away hill station
At the hell resort
He found work as a gardening
The colourful days of the circus
Were now
A distance fading entry
Maqbool was not the only one
Who was trying to make a new
Sanjeev and Mala had also come
to the Hill resort
Good morning Sir
I have seen you before some where
long time to be very frank
you wont remember
You here
yeah i am
Sits my friend
I see
All of they
Work is well
Need to do a interview with you sir
Nerj Patel
No No No
There's a book cuming up on
making of this film
And i am incharge of
Putting all the material together
Thank GOD
When can be do the interview sir?
I am a defence disosal
check with him
He told me hang around and do
it between shots
You have done thirty years of stage
And nine months
Thirty years and nine month
To be persize
Ok hmm
30 years and nine months
And this is your first film?
After he reach there he caught
Your must be shooting to really late
So he didnt get the time
In hotel this very expensive rite
So went to the telephone booth recording
I dont think i met him there
He was so excited
Like a small child
Part of the soul beautiful
Like in hindi films
He knew have...
They were been to the mountains
You should have come here
Should have
And you can see the sun rise
From the hotel room directly
That sun is to coming my eyes
every morning
Life's to get so irritated
When he gone to sleep
bahwana wait
lts time to wake up
How would have known that
It is the last time of speaking to him
I would have never hear his voice again
lts so quiet out here
So peaceful
You love it
Who took you at hotel?
This dreadful silence is killing me
I have never done a part like this
The phone was on silent
I finished and...
Eleven miss calls
I call back
And that was it
Reaharsal and Theater
Why film?
Wht you do in this house?
I mean
Think horrible things
The pop said at me
I was leaving the next day so I quit
So angry and upset
Time to sleep it four
Got up at Six
Crewd up everything
You going some where?
Not so special
Right now i didnt think about it
Will you come with me?
i am tired
Went for a long walk
Above the post office
Why didnt you told me?
I will come with you
I thought that i left you on
your self
Cant call any one and cant
receive any call
Ok am going
Are you upset?
Dont wait for me
If you get hungry eat the meal
Hey baby
I was just kidding
Shall i cant do any kiddding
lts not funny
You mean to real to be funny
You trying to make it to real
And i dont like it at all
what you mean shabo is laughing
Sorry i got distracting
you supposed to slap him
Can we do one more please
yeah... take six
I can give the quezs
No thanks
You know
For an actor sometimes
Hearing is lines is a lot know
of help for them reading it
Atleast that was I think
I know
That want do with myself
Are you angry?
Why would i be upset?
You look upset
No i am not
just a bit a
unmind full
I have to do my lines
In peace
lts my problem and i should handle it
You know
lts not atleast your problem alone
its mine is one i am your grand...
You do a bad job mind is
defected as well
Then what you want to me to do?
Hit me
Get rid of your anger
Hit you
hit me here
O slap me slap me common slap me
Slap me here common
Come come slap me
what is wrong with you?
I am alright
You not alright
If i can see it
So can the camera
Thats it
So common
Slap me
Common slap me here
common slap me
Slap slap slap... common
I cant
Look at those Hills nothing
Now just imagine that
You have to speak to some one
You angry you are
Tell him
He has hurt you
You have to shut back at him
You have to shouted him
no no no
its has been louder louder
Now say he is
He is a bear
He he cant hear you have to
You have to wake him here are you
Say something loud i do it
you have to
Bring everything out
you know aaaa
Just... just
Bring everything out say something
Beside something
Whats wrongs undue the beach
once more
A close the wall of without
english death in peace
theres nothing so becomes a man
as motus still humity
when the blast of war blows in year
lets given the senues
severup the blood disguise
bad nation with heart favourite range
let the eye
A terrible asmate let it
through the potage of the head
like the brass cannon
you know something like this
you had to bring everything out
in simple
Much better... much better
shout it out
thats it
thats it
thank you
it was the very nice dinner
theres alot left
If you has in need him ask him
he can come here
no need
if you made up your mind then dont
think worry about it
If i want to get in touch with you
how do i contact you?
Take down my number
nine eight threehundered
seventy seventy thousand
and if i dont pick up the phone
send me the sms
the shots ready sir
you got the lines
what you mean
two pages of full description
was written in the first place
thought was an important thing
but now after coming the sinlge
i dont think we need the lines
yes afcorse we need it
I mean
Look this is the place where
Maqbool realizes
realizes the compasion of the nature
the colt your mankind
try to imagine
openning seen
you gave me poetry like that
And i do it in broke day light
And it was still look like nighty
Excuse me sir
Your next shot is ready
Next shot...
what about this shot?
Lts taken sir...
So now you taking shots without
the actor
Who's done it?
Your director
No you did it
And did it superbly
Come see
Manoj que it
let him watch
Now who did it
You did it
Wow thank you
Now you trust me
Yes yes thank you
Thank you so much
You know
Suddenlly line seems the beautiful
Hi rajeev
Malas marrige had following into
When sanjeev started becoming
Increasing the suspicious
Mala tried her best
But sanjeev could never be convinced
Mean while
Mala and Maqbool became friends
lts hard to see
What drew them together?
She saw the clown in him
Or perhaps
It was the share gloss and the knowledge
Then no matter how hard they try
The past would nerver return to them
And you a lousey actress
How mean
What you first feel this sky you should
React look at me
carried on is if you new
I can
The school teacher cleaning the
black board
Thanks for being so wonderful
you saw the indian say anything
I didnt see anything
Just saw a blood
Felt it
You could atleast have said cut
Cut is the directors word
For an actor
There is nothing call girl
From the time you wear costume
Harry... you lift
the time you take it off
No thank
Ok bye
From the time you wear costume
till you take it off
Is one single shot
Can you give me some easy tips on acting?
I dont know
Basically am a model
Never thought are act
But the critics dont understand
They always give me the worst reviews
You know what makes an actor?
They desire to perform
Nothing else matter
The first day when you walk the Ram
it was difficult for you... hmm
But actually its
The first day you perform also
good me
you crazy
Just say your hindi words bad
but not shakespear
for you
unneccessarily you get a bad name
It was because of the bad name that
I left the stage
Now looking back
I think it was mistake
was about to play King Lear.
The all that I have,
always jump to play,
gonna prepare for it,
learned it, I play by heart,
my background research,
bare all the interpretation,
and then, just a week before
the show was to open... I.
Docked everything, and left
the station, forever,
and never got to play in there.
But sometimes I...
I wish...
I wish...
where have I been?
Where am I?
I might be abused, that I shouldn't die
pity to see another dus!
I don't want to say, I will not
swear these on my hands,
this, I feel this pin break,
where I will assure them
my condition
oh look upon me Sir!
And hold your hands in bend addiction
on me,
no Sir you must not mean,
hey do not mock me in,
I'm a very foolish bond old man,
for score an awkward,
and to deal plenty,
I fear I'm not in my perfect mind,
with this I should know you,
and should know this man,
yet I'm...
you know him?
Who is he?
I don't know!
Than why are you taking
his autograph,
not good manners!
How could you do that Sid?
He stretch his hands and you just...
Did you know him?
And they come to
false autograph
and that's extremely insulting!
I don't think so!
You should have seen his face.
There was this globe on!
I just saw a lot of Pancake!
That's because you
didn't want to,
If you wanted, you would have
seen the globe behind the pancake!
Can I have some for you?
How very touchy!
It's good to be politicaly correct!
But not at the cost of
someone else's feeling!
What's the time!
The show must have gotten over,
I don't think so,
otherwise my phone will
be floaded with sms!
OH! It's off!
Brilliant Film!
Amazing performance,
you are awesome, looking good,
and what a performance,
nothing about him?
Hi Rajeev!
Yeah I'm with him!
Actually I'm with two of them
you don't know them,
wanna talk?
Sorry guys Rajeev
doesn't wanna talk!
I'm busy!
Busy doing what?
You want me to tell
you the details,
by the way, He loved the perfume!
I told him you specially
put it on me,
and You are a Piece of Shit!!
I'm sorry!
You Ok!
Can't get my phone
switched forever!
You know what?
I don't have to
take this anymore!
I can't keep running away, to avoid
such unpleasent conversation,
I liked here, I didn't come here because
I wasn't going to the premiere!
I came here because I
needed a place to hide!
Half saintress!
Where he won't come
looking for me!
It is 11:30!
Time for his medicine!
Congratulations Gotum!
The SONY people are here!
They are very interested,
they want all the details,
they want us to get back with a very
compreshensive marketing plan
very good!
Very good!
And here I spoke to them
about your book!
They said, Excellent idea!
You said your first draft was ready!
Let me sure!
Can we get someone else to edit
the book?
It's my fault boss!
This time I...
Iook into his interview!
Unbear to read it!
I feel what's my fault here,
I need it happen!
Excuse me!
Can't you take a normal, simple
photograph of mine, without this gun!
I thought I would do a separate
piece on your makeup!
The time it takes and the way the spot
is put on!
Want us to make up starting!
He could need a drink
start till pack up!
And where it chooses
masses taking of!
Atleast I can get some tea!!
Wait a second Sir!
I would like to ask you one question!
It's the last day of the shoot!
Yeah! But!!
Are you sure?
But you are leaving day after,
Oh yes!
That's right!
Our time flies,
do me a favor?
Can you check with your friend,
if anything left out
left out!
so much time is, script keys changing,
and constant improvisation,
so thought that...
might it slip his mind!
You want me to check it?
No no! He's very particular!
And moralist, I think we are through!
The last shot! In anycase
is a dummy shot!
What last shot?
The one you are shot dead!
The cops reaches and shoot you,
And you fall over the cliff!
That one called JHANGIR thing,
no Akbar!
Right Akbar!
Is a mughal right!
As he's the best!
He has done, some most
dangerous things!
Why don't we start the interview,
on this note?
you are an actor,
primarily as a stage actor, you have
done your own stuff!
For the first time, somebody else is
standing in front of you!
That to in the climax!
How do you feel?
Harry! Go get some rest!
Try to understand,
this isn't about acting!
It is!
It isn't
It is! It is.
No it isn't.
It's a specialize skill,
the guy is charging small, than you
charge us for the whole film,
you know why?
Because he's risking his life,
why should anybody risk his life
for a part that I'm playing!
Because that's his job!
Hari Baba! This isn't theatre!
This is cinema!
And it's not the same!
But didn't you say that you
make realistic cinema!
Yes I did!
And I do!
But not at the risk
of killing someone!
With this chap! Jhangir!
Will he be able to get the
expression on the face right?
Will he be able to die and fall, like
maqbool will die and fall?
You tell?
That's not important!
We'll take a long shot!
Long shot!
Than why have you kept me here,
all this while...
while you are going to take the climax,
in a long shot!
Tell me now!
No expression!
look at you Harry!
Just look at you!
You are drunk, Slosh!
Completely out of your head!
No! No!
Young man!
I have been drinking, before you
were born!
Never I have failed to hold
my liquor!
Ok go to your room!
We'll talk in the morning!
Now go to your room!
This may be the last
time I will act,
let me stay till the end,
What are you doing!
Harry Baba! Stop it!
Please stop it!
Stop this!
See I...
See I'm your fathers' age!
It's my last request,
last request please!
I'll talk to my legal!
Hurry! Go!
Go go than!!
You know what they will make you do?
They will make you sign a bond,
you know what that is?
They will make you give
an undertaking,
that only you, and only you are
responsible for this decision,
and this creative decision
is yours,
and that you have not been
by anybody to do so!
Do you understand that?
Give me pen!
Give me the pen I sign.
It will take me a day to prepare
the documents,
go to your room I'll come there,
any blank sheet paper, whatever
you want I'll sign,
I beg you please!
I didn't know anything,
the court paper were apparently typed
that night,
two cameras were specially got town,
and I didn't know a thing!
I thought it was a off day,
he would be in his room!
And I could finish the Interview!
Went there, and found him left
for shooting!
Sir look all that bushes,
you must get a hold on them...
to control your speed,
and be carefull for falling!
Ready everybody!!
Move from there!
Positions please!!
Going for take!
Going for take!
No no just one second!
Can you not say action!
We need some kind of clue,
what we do about that?
Can somebody fire a gun!
The actor wants a gunshot,
can we have that?
Nitin! Gunshot...
Is it possible?
Just two minutes Sir!
You can come relax Harry!
No no!
It's ok!
You looking to that bushes right??
I can't see a thing!
I'm half blind,
ok Harry Baba! We are going
for a take!
Get a side from there,
Gunshot ready Sir!
Give me the pistol,
Common Fast!
Roll Cameras!
Nothing happened,
It was a perfect day!
Infact the whole unit
was clapping!
They thought he done the most
difficult shot!
Where is Akbar?
From Mumbai!
Sid wants your here!
Why what happened?
To run down the hill for what??
To ruin my shot!
What did Akbar do?
Hari ji did the shot!
Hold your foot on tree!!
Why come here?
Put the finger in my back,
Akbar! Here
send him back to Bombay!
Send him to the airport A.S.A. P
Just tell him to go!
But the flight is in evening!
So let him go, stay at the airport!
And don't give him any lunch!
And don't give him
any transport also!
How will he go then Sir?
Let him walk,
if he leaves now, he'll reach
by the evening!
Why is he standing here?
Akbar Bhai!!
What's wrong Sid!
Have you check the mount?
That idiot Akbar warned him!
Completely prepare
he's aware of the bushes
throughout the shot!
He doesn't looked that
for a moment!
Go check the monitor,
you'll see him,
crawling in the bushes,
what a waste!
Completely ruin my climax!
Don't worry Sid!
You have the Lab's no?
Tell them I want to
speak to them!
Come in Director!
Anybody pain?
Nothing much!
I need a pushup!
I'll be in my room, Please call
me when you are though!
Upset as usual!
I don't wanna waste
my time being upset with you,
you two free again?
She's convinced I force to do
the shot this morning!
I want myself impleaded,
I told you so!
Being seventy five,
has it's advantages,
I know, and it helps your forgive
those who don't deserve it!
No, you don't have to worry about
dying before your time!
Death, once dead, there is
no more dying than...
you have to do the shot again!
It's all ruined!
Are you sure?
There is no point getting
guilty or pressurised about it,
Harry Baba! You want to
do the shot again?
If you do we can do it
tomorrow morning
otherwise no big issue, we just get.
Akbar back from Bombay!
But there were four cameras!
I know that!
It's all ruined!
Will you guys continue to whatever
you were doing!
Just let me know by tonight
I'm really sorry about this all!
The distance came between bhai
and me that night!
First I thought It would last only
for a couple of days,
but next morning something
just happened!
Sid! Come!
Come here!
Yes, what is it?
What happen to the trees?
Where are the trees?
Don't shout!
Does he know you have cut the trees?
We'll kill him Sid!
Listen please!
This is no time to argue!
What take the shot?
Kidding!! You want me
to take the shot?
Than move I'll take it!
No you won't!
Move I'll take it!
No! Move!
Okay everyone! We gonna go
for the shot!
HARI baba! You ready?
Roll Cameras!
Thank you!
The show must be over!
Thank you!
Hello Gautam!
The premiere went well,
more people than expected
turned out!
They say they love the film!
Will he decide to leave!
But bhai and I never spoke
to each other
perhaps, we never will!
Stop this!
Stop it!
What's your problem?
What's my problem?
What's your problem??
You like it if I pee on your wall?
You like it if I pee on your wall?
I came to this house around
fifteen years ago,
I walked out on mangoes,
I came here to live with my
parents in the city!
Didn't like anything!
And than one day dad took
me to the theatre!
I came to this house!
And stay here with you,
don't say anything!
He wasn't so passionate,
but on stage, God he was just...
one day, he went straight
up those room, lock the door.
I made tea as usual,
knocked on his door,
I said, the tea is getting cold,
no answer,
came out for dinner,
eat very quietly,
I wanted to tell
him something...
but his mind was just...
finish to know...
he said, I'm leaving the stage,
I said why what happened...
you swing King lear on this time...
his most ambitious project...
his dream project.
Didn't answer,
never get back to theatre,
just like that!
Two days later, I got to know that...
someone said bad about me
on the theatre!
So he walked away!
Quietly I went at the abortion done
I'm so sorry!
I have given him the medicine
I will be back there usual time
you want some tea
I can make some before I leave!
Feeling bad, he didn't come!
I knew he wouldn't
but I didn't wanna say things
to upset you,
anyway don't feel bad,
If he need anything call me!
I will call you!
You will pick up my phone!
Please dont hang up!
Ofcourse I can't talk but...
You remeber me!!
Lm sapna!
we did a film!
You did a clown
you were a clown!
where we went to the mountains,
and you acted,
I'm sapna!
You don't remember!!
King lear remember!!
You don't remember me so!
You don't know me so
you are a spirit
I know!
Still... Still far wide!
Where have I been...
where am I...
fair delight!
But what to say...
so I have, this on my hands,
you must not leave!
Do not mark me!