The Last Light (2014) Movie Script

Do you remember the night...
It's not the red
of the dying sun
the morning sheet's
surprising stain
it's not the red
of which we bleed
the red of cabernet sauvignon
the world of Ruby all in may
it's not that red
it's not that red
it's not that red
it's not that red
the wish that would
be your color
I wish this would be your color
I wish this would be your color
your color
I wish
are you kidding me, Harold?
Strawberry bars again?
Nutrition bars.
I don't want a nutrition bar.
I want a blueberry bar.
You ate all the blueberries.
Well, I don't care.
These taste like crap.
Please, could you just
maybe give him a break?
He's just doing his job.
It's OK.
He doesn't bother me.
Here you go.
I'm gonna just eat
your strawberry bar
because you are a big
fucking complainer.
Hey Jack.
What's for dinner?
What do you think it is?
Same shit it's been for weeks.
I don't know, these strawberry
bars are pretty good.
How was it out there, Jack?
Did you see any of them?
No, not one.
Where's Jenny?
I have to start over.
Why would you want to do that?
Well, I just don't understand
who these people are.
I mean, there are so many
notes, and so much detail.
I'm just trying to piece together
something about this place.
Oh, I missed it again, didn't I?
I brought you a plate.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Well, I uhh,
I should probably go
check on the others.
OK. Thanks.
No fair.
Where on earth did
you find those, man?
Went out this morning.
Cigarettes, booze go
into the communal pot.
Everything else, finders keepers.
Your rules, Jack.
Brought you a plate.
Not much of an appetite these days.
Could use the company, though.
Why don't you come upstairs?
Join the group.
You know I can't do that.
I can't trust those people, Jack.
No. They're good people.
Try not to burn the
place down, huh?
You know, Jack, you're
a real pal, man.
See you soon.
I'll be here.
Do you remember the light, Jack?
Remember, Jack?
Remember, Jack?
It's stuck.
I bet it's summer time out there.
Must be.
Yeah, you're probably right.
Maybe we could go out and have a
look around, or, somebody could.
You serious?
Maybe things have changed.
I don't know, look around.
I think it seems kind of the same.
No one's come for us.
It's still light out, all the time.
And we haven't heard anyone.
No airplanes.
No helicopters.
No sirens. Nothing.
You haven't heard those things.
Maybe they're gone.
We should go out and have
a look around, or...
maybe there's somebody out there.
Just an idea, you're
the boss, Jack.
You say we stay, then we stay.
Jenny, who you working on today?
He's hot.
He's 15.
Right. Okay.
I didn't know there were
kids in this institution.
What's the story?
His name is Devin Killian.
Looks like he was admitted
with behavioral issues,
potential psychosis.
Says here, he got into a
fight with his teacher.
Says he spat on her.
That doesn't sound that bad.
Well, he also burnt down
his parents' house.
I stand corrected.
I like this kid already.
Crazy kid, though.
I mean, sometimes I wonder
with these kids, you know?
Oh yeah, the bag.
The bag, the bag!
The bag!
Your turn tonight, Ashley.
OK. Oh, I'm too nervous.
You read it.
All righty.
Ah, story night.
Describe the best day of your life.
All right.
Wait, actually.
Before we start, I've got
something for everybody.
Where did you find that?
Bless you, Jack.
Where'd you get that?
A desk on the second floor
that I've walked by
a thousand times.
To Jack...
To Jack...
Fantastic, I haven't had whiskey
since about six months
before the aliens.
Are you serious?
I'm sorry.
Harold, you know the rule.
Keep your theories to yourself.
Yeah, especially when they're crazy.
I'm sorry.
Ashley, it's your turn.
You've gotta describe the
best day of your life.
I want to hear from Jenny.
Best day of my life...
Would have to be
when I was promoted
to VP of operations.
It was everything I'd worked for.
Me? Oh, that's easy.
Best day of my life,
August 16th, 1975.
My wife had this early contraction
so I rushed her to the
hospital at 1:23.
That afternoon, our
son was born, Samuel.
Full head of dark hair, blue eyes.
I always said to
him, "Sam, you know,
you were born on the
hottest day of the year."
It was.
It was 110 degrees.
I have a photograph.
You want to see him?
Yes, please.
That's him.
Beautiful, huh?
He's precious.
I'll go.
Best day of my life, the day
my father lost everything.
That's the best day of your life?
That's sad.
I was nothing without him.
He made sure I knew that.
I would never make it on my own.
So, when the stock market crashed,
and he lost his entire fortune,
the prick finally shut up
about me not being enough like him.
Best day of my life.
Ashley, why don't you go?
Ah, that's easy.
The day I left home.
Left my parents' house.
How could you do that?
Leave your parents like that,
and act like it was nothing?
It was nothing.
You shouldn't feel that
way about your parents.
Why do you give a shit, Meryl?
You know, you're an
ungrateful little bitch.
Whoa, guys.
Oh really?
This is supposed to be fun.
They're back.
Watch out, guys.
Hey, been looking for you.
Here I am.
You OK?
I'm fine.
I'm sorry about that earlier.
It's been a while since
they were last here.
I was starting to get my hopes
up that this might all be over.
I think something's
wrong with Meryl.
That wasn't like her... At all.
Yeah, I'll keep an eye
on her, though you know,
she's probably just
tired or something.
OK. Good night.
Do you remember the night, Jack?
Come find us, Jack.
What're doin' poking
around in this room, Jack?
This is where they get in.
They get inside.
That's why it's off limits.
Strictly forbidden.
Your rules, Jack.
What would the others say?
What would they say
if they knew you,
you were putting them
in such grave danger?
What would they say?
Those bastards.
You can hear 'em on the
other side of the door.
They're smart.
When they come, they come in waves
and they search around
for weaknesses,
and when they don't
find any, they leave.
They always,
always come back.
And you know why?
'Cause they know.
They know that there are
still some of us here.
I just need a place to think.
I'm having trouble
piecing things together,
remembering things.
Important things.
You're not gonna find any
answers in this way.
Trust me.
Oh man, consider yourself lucky.
You have beautiful, good memories
that come before this place.
You have your wife.
Not all of us are lucky enough
to have something to hold onto.
Hey, Jack,
It's coming.
Can you feel it?
I can feel it in my bones.
There's something...
Worse than those creatures,
and it's out there.
Jeffrey, don't ever do that again.
I hate that color.
You're an asshole.
Go get me another color,
one you approve of.
Jeffrey, what are you doing?
I just wanna see what's
on today's menu.
You almost got caught last time.
Voila, come on.
Come on.
Hey, Jack.
Just, umm, checking on you.
You check in on me a lot.
Hey, can I ask you something?
You can always ask.
You may just not get an answer.
Fair enough.
This is all so boring.
When is Jack gonna get
some more chocolate,
or at least some cigarettes?
Look at this.
An inventory sheet.
When did Jack start this crap?
Sure he did it for a good reason.
Yeah, so he can play
king of the castle.
Why do you hate Jack?
I don't know how you can stand the guy.
I mean, what happened to a democracy?
All we do is follow his
rules, his schedule.
If he hadn't found that gun first.
Do you remember what happened,
like specific details?
I don't know.
I mean, one moment,
life was normal,
and the next, it wasn't.
The light.
Do you remember the light, Jack?
I remember being in my car.
I could barely see a
foot in front of me.
But I just got out
of my car and ran.
I could hear those
things all around
and I kept running and running,
and here I am.
There's nothing good in here.
Let's go.
I actually think that there's
something fun we can do here.
How 'bout you lay off
the strawberry bars
and then you can try
your luck again?
Why do you ask?
You never wanted to
talk about this before.
Trying to figure out if
I missed something...
something that would explain
what the hell happened.
Do you miss your wife?
You never really talk about her, but I
can tell you think about her a lot.
Jack, we need you!
It's Meryl.
Meryl, what the hell are you doing?
Get out of my room.
What do you mean, it's fine?
Packing us up...
Can you stop...
So the monsters don't get us...
She's gone fucking crazy,
that's what's going on.
Mitch and I are gonna get out of here.
How the hell should I know who Mitch is?
We have got to get out of here now,
and that's all there is to it.
I miss my boy.
He was seven years old.
Seven years old, Jack.
He shouldn't have gone
away, not at seven.
I don't know what got into me.
My head hasn't been
very clear lately.
I think you just need
some rest, Meryl.
You'll feel better.
What's gonna happen to him?
Hey, listen, I think we're all
feeling a little stir crazy
all cooped up in here.
I just want you to worry
about you right now, OK?
Get some rest.
I don't understand.
Mitch was her son?
Yeah, I guess so.
I didn't know she had a kid.
She never mentioned him.
Well, do you think she'll be OK?
Yeah, I think she'll be fine.
She just needs to get some rest.
She just hasn't been
sleeping is all.
Change... It's coming...
My head hasn't been
very clear lately...
Do you remember the night, Jack?
Can you feel it?
I think it dips a little
bit to the left there.
Could you let me focus, maybe?
Why not just...
Just, I wanna focus, OK?
I'm bored.
Let me do something.
See, I told you.
That's why we're playing
stupid shit like this.
OK, well I'll play winner...
if Harold wins.
So, Harold can...
Can you let me take my shot please?
Yeah, let me help you.
You need coaching.
Just shut up, OK.
OK. Just...
Don't come near me.
Meryl, whoa!
Calm down.
What's going on?
Told you she was fucking nuts!
Is that thing loaded?
Now listen to me.
I want the key to that door.
I'm leaving.
I'm leaving,
and no one here is gonna stop me.
Meryl, we can't let
you open the door.
Just give me the key.
The creatures could
be right outside.
You're putting everyone in danger.
I said, give me the key!
And if any of you try to stop me,
so help me, God, I
will shoot you dead!
I'll give you the key.
I will.
I'm just...
I'm worried for you.
Where are you gonna go?
You going to find Mitch?
You don't know that
for sure, Meryl.
Of course he is.
Of course he is.
You're a lot like him.
He didn't care about his parents.
No respect.
No respect for the person who
brought him into this world.
And he was gonna grow up
and he was gonna leave me,
like you left your parents.
Imagine that!
Leaving your own mother!
Well, I couldn't let him do that.
I couldn't.
And all it took was a
pillow over the face.
He didn't even wake up.
You shoulda seen how
peaceful he looked
lying there.
He was seven years old, Meryl.
Yes, he was seven.
He was old enough to start
thinking about things
old enough to start
thinking about leaving me.
I am running out of time.
They're gonna be here
and I need that key!
And I swear to God, if any of you
try to follow me, I will shoot you.
Now we hear you.
I'm gonna give you the key.
I'm gonna give her the key.
Just, um, you're making me a little nervous
with that gun pointed right at me.
Well, I'm not putting the gun down.
I'm not asking you to.
Just, maybe not point
it right at me.
Please, Meryl.
Accidents happen.
Thank you.
You don't have to do this.
Just give me the damn key.
What are we gonna do with the body?
We can't leave her here.
Will you guys help me move her?
Past the doors.
They'll come for her.
Shit, you wanna feed those things.
We can't leave her here.
She's gonna rot.
And you're OK with this?
Jack's in charge and he's right.
The body will rot.
Whatever, but I want
nothing to do with it.
This is your mess.
You clean it up.
I can't breathe.
I'm kinda worried about the girls.
Maybe we should go check on 'em all.
I'll still stand watch here.
Meryl... You OK?
Do you think she'll be OK?
She'll be fine.
She just needs to get some rest...
Get some rest.
We are all going a
little stir crazy...
Yeah, fuck.
Poor Meryl.
She never really did seem
right in the head to me.
Doesn't mean she deserved
to have it blown off.
Fuck, man.
You slay me.
I wasn't trying to be funny.
You know what,
fuck Meryl.
Honestly, did her, uh, son
deserve to be suffocated,
I mean, come on, this kid
was seven years old.
Nah man, Jack, we're just
simple human beings.
It's not our place to
judge what people do.
That's for something much,
much more powerful than us.
I put her body outside.
Those things came for her.
She's gone.
Yeah, they want what
they want, I guess.
Yeah, God.
I just want some clarity.
I don't know if it's day or night.
Monday or Friday.
July or fucking December.
It'd be a pretty hot December.
You know, this Meryl thing,
is gonna kinda cause a little
bit of a problem, right?
No, I didn't kill, Meryl.
What, Jack?
Jack, I'm not calling
you a murderer.
OK, look, you're the leader.
They're gonna start
questioning your loyalty,
your leadership.
It's just basic human psychology.
You got one of theirs killed.
No, you're right.
I'll keep that in mind.
You okay?
I'm fine.
Are you sure?
You seem tense.
Especially in your neck...
oh my God, so pent up.
Let me help you.
I want you to write exactly
how this makes you feel
in your little book.
Ashley, I think I better
start to get dinner ready.
Excuse me.
Why do you do that?
I don't know.
I'm just having fun.
Don't tell me you've
never used your beauty
to get what you want.
Not like that.
Oh, I bet you could.
Maybe for Jack.
Jack has a wife, Ashley.
Where is she?
Trust me, he's not the type.
He's a man.
Is Jack here?
No, he's on the rounds.
Harold's in the bathroom
releasing some pent up tension.
I need to talk to everyone.
Are you kidding me?
Until we're dead.
No one is gonna die
in this situation.
Oh, except for Meryl.
What's going on, guys?
Just talkin'.
Well, go on, Jeffrey.
You had plenty to say when
Jack wasn't in the room.
Well, we've been stuck here
for who knows how long,
following your rules, and
we're still stuck here.
Nothing has changed,
except for the fact
that Meryl is dead.
You're still alive.
Now, I get it.
I understand.
You think you can lead this
group better than I can.
Think you can sail the ship better.
Be my guest.
'Cause it's not up to me.
You know, this is a democracy.
So, all those in favor of Jeffrey
leading the group from now on,
raise your hands.
Jeffrey, your vote counts as one
just like everybody else.
One vote for Jeffrey.
All those in favor of things
staying the way they are,
which means that I'm in charge?
Okay, listen up.
What happened to
Meryl was terrible.
She didn't deserve it.
That I'm gonna keep doing
everything that I can
to make sure that we survive this,
just like I always have.
That's fine with me.
Excuse me.
I hope we're not gonna
have anymore problems.
Remember, Jack?
It's time, Jack.
Remember, Jack.
I always knew you were
full of shit, Jack.
Jeffrey, what are you doing here?
What am I doing here?
What are you doing here, Jack?
I thought this whole area was
supposed to be off limits.
But I guess the rules
don't apply to you.
Look, I can explain.
I don't need an explanation, Jack.
I just need everyone to know how
full of shit you really are.
What's the tire iron for, Jeffrey?
I don't have a gun, Jack.
Neither do I.
Jack, Jack, my leg!
Please help.
They're coming.
Jack, help me.
They're coming, Jack, help me.
Jack, please.
Please, come help me.
Jack, please, please!
Hey, come back!
Does anyone else know?
Alright, well, good.
I mean, you don't want
everybody to fucking panic.
Don't want to leave at once, right?
I mean, how fucking
many times, man?
I know.
How many times do we have to...
You gotta keep those
things locked in there.
If you don't, I mean,
you're putting everyone,
everyone in fucking danger, man.
But they're gonna ask
questions about Jeffrey.
Fuck it.
Jeffrey was an asshole, okay?
Just play dumb.
Do not let anyone know you had
anything to do with it, okay?
Keep them together.
Jack, please, please be
strong for the group, okay?
For the group.
Yeah, okay.
Gone? What do you mean, gone?
It's like I said.
I went to check on him
this morning, I...
I wanted to apologize.
I felt like I was too harsh on him.
He wasn't in his room.
Couldn't find him on rounds.
So he just got up and left?
Unless you have another theory.
Well, aren't we gonna
go look for him?
It's too dangerous.
Those things took the body.
So they know we're in here.
I think the most important
thing right now
is we all have to stick together.
I've been thinking about
my sister lately.
In fact, it's all I seem
to be able to think about.
I didn't know you had a sister.
I don't tell too many people.
Wow, she's beautiful.
So I gotta job and I
moved away from home
when Emma was six.
We still wrote letters
back and forth
and saw each other at Christmas
and on birthdays, but...
I feel like I missed it, you know?
All the moments.
When she started getting sick,
I kept telling myself
that she'd get better.
I kept thinking she'd be fine.
Bad things don't happen
to people like us.
But it was quick.
I talked my boss into
letting me go for 24 hours
because we were working on
this really important deal.
She was mostly gone by
the time I got there.
If I could do it all over again,
I would've never have
left in the first place.
When I said the best day of my life
was getting a promotion,
I lied.
I just couldn't think of
anything better to say.
Jack, my... my calculations, I...
I think we have enough
food for another week.
But I... maybe I can
stretch it to two weeks
if we... if we eat more
applesauce and peaches,
we can... we can...
I wanted to tell you before, Jack,
but I didn't because of
what happened to Meryl
and now with Jeffrey,
I just didn't wanna...
But, maybe it's a sign.
Sign of what?
For us to leave.
No, I'm not leaving.
We knew this would
happen eventually.
What are you gonna do, Jack?
It's important you guys
know that we're...
we're running out of food.
What do we do?
This building is massive.
There's gotta be another cafeteria
or storage locker or something.
No, we can't leave here.
That's why we didn't
go look for Jeffrey.
It's not safe.
Don't have a choice now.
We'll starve to death.
Then we go for it.
We pick our time,
then we make a run.
Near the blocked off areas
or at the east wing.
Harold and I can go.
We're in this together.
We all go.
Okay, alright.
Jenny, Harold, and I will go,
Ashley will stay back
and lock the doors.
What? No.
Someone has to stay
behind and lock the door.
Well, can't someone else do it?
I don't want to be alone
with those things.
Those things are out there, Ashley.
You'd be safer in here.
We don't have a choice, sweetheart.
You sure about this?
More hands means more food
in a shorter amount of time.
You know, Jenny, it's so dangerous.
I can take care of myself, Jack.
You're sweet, being so protective.
Not a lot of guys are like you.
where's Jenny?
I don't know.
Go back to Ashley, I'll catch up.
Where are they?
That's Emma.
Where are they?
They're... here... here...
Are they out there?
Jack, where's Jenny?
She ran away.
Ran away.
It's just...
she just ran off.
I was tryin' to follow
her, I tried to chase her,
I couldn't find her.
Jack, you're gonna
drive yourself crazy
trying to figure it out.
I already feel crazy.
I just don't understand.
Having trouble keeping
things together.
I'm starting to see
things I can't explain.
I don't know if I'm
sleeping at all.
Jack, you gotta keep
your mind together, man.
None of it is real.
None of it is real.
Just keep it together, man.
Keep everyone inside and safe.
Dead in here,
dead out there,
still dead, right?
What are we gonna do?
Run out, guns blazing?
I mean, come on,
Jack, it's suicide.
To not accept the fact
that we might be alone.
Well, fine.
All the more reason
to stay in here.
Look, we got food, we got
water, we got electricity.
But you gotta keep
everyone together,
you need to keep everyone inside,
you need to keep everyone
away from the light.
We wanna talk.
The power's still on,
the water's still running,
so we're staying here.
You got it?
Look, help could come any day.
You don't know.
So we are not leaving
and that is the end
of the discussion.
Having trouble keeping
things together.
Just keep it together man.
None of it was real.
Every time I go to sleep...
Keep everyone inside.
We're staying here...
keeping things together.
Safe, away, light.
Oh Jesus, Harold.
I know what you've been doin'.
You've been sneaking
out to the east wing.
Don't worry, I won't tell anyone.
I don't even care what's out there.
You're drunk.
Yeah, I'm drunk.
I'm drunk, I'm drunk, and
I'm a fucking coward.
I watched them just walk away.
They just backed up everything.
I didn't say anything. They...
But I never say anything.
They just walked away.
They just...
I didn't... I... I...
I never say anything.
Harold, let's get you to bed.
I'm tired.
Let's go, buddy.
Let's go to bed, huh?
Thank you, Jack.
You're a good man.
Night, Harold.
Go to the light, Jack.
He can't get you in the light.
It's time, Jack.
None of it is real.
I was just going for a walk.
Me too.
Mind if I join you?
No, of course not.
Come on.
Hey, I never got a
chance to tell you
how sorry I was about Jeffrey.
Jeffrey was an asshole.
We're better off without him.
I thought you two were like...
no, he was just using me.
That's what I do,
I let people use me,
because it makes me
feel good about myself.
And I know it's wrong,
but I don't really care.
It's who I am.
I just really don't want to end
up like Jeffrey and Meryl.
Hey, that's not going
to happen, okay?
So what? We have food for another
year, another ten years,
and then we run out and
we have to leave anyway?
What are we doing?
Help can still come.
What if people are right
about death, you know?
What if there's something after?
You mean, like heaven and hell?
Do you believe in that?
Me neither.
But you know, I'm starting to think
that maybe it's better
to believe in something.
That we all just die
and there's nothing.
Hey, shh shh shh shh.
It's okay.
It's gonna be okay, alright?
We're gonna get through this.
Yeah, thank you.
Thank you.
It's just I can't
be alone right now.
Okay? Yeah?
What's that?
They're in the building, Harold.
We need to get down
to the basement.
We'll barricade ourselves in there,
hold out till help comes.
I have to leave.
Get that bag, get
everything you can.
Anything... food, anything useful.
I'm leaving.
All my life I...
I've never been good at
making decisions for myself,
for my wife, for my son,
for my like, for anything.
But I think I figured out
what those things are.
It's the unknown.
It's everything we've ever feared.
And it won't stop chasing or
looking until it catches us.
And when it does, I don't want to be
hiding in the darkness of a basement.
I want to be outside.
I want to be in the
light so I can see it.
I don't have any fear.
It's gone.
And this is my decision.
Jack. Jack.
It's not the red
of the dying sun
the morning sheets
surprising stain
it's not the red
of which we bleed
it's not that red
it's not that red
it's not that red
it's not that red
You're not real.
Just as real as you are.
You know why I'm here?
You need to remember, Jack.
You need to remember what
happened to your wife.
What are you talking about?
You've forgotten who
you were, Jack.
You've forgotten what you've done.
You need to remember.
You need to remember who are.
It's the only way
to go to the light.
This is on you, Jack.
This is the type of
husband you were.
Selfish, distant,
the other women,
you're fooling yourself.
You need to remember who you were.
This is who you were.
This is who you are.
I didn't do this.
I didn't do this.
This isn't me.
This is a trick.
I didn't do this.
Oh there is day
oh there is night
oh there is light
beyond the dark
time fades away
time draws a line
for we will be together
on the other side
on the other side
body and bones under the stone
leaving the beat of your heart
whether you roam
whether you ride
I know we'll be together
on the other side
on the other side
passing on across the plain
drifting towards the sky
it won't be long
I pray to keep you
on the other side
on the other side
on the other side