The Last Loner (2019) Movie Script

"The Last Loner"
On 26th of April
at 1:23 AM
reactor number 4 in Chernobyl
was destroyed as a result
of several explosions.
The radioactive cloud
have flown over the European part of USSR
then eastern Europe
and finally reached America.
Consequences of the disaster turned out
to be so severe
that the authorities began an evacuation
of nearby cities and villages.
An exclusion zone was created
around the power plant
which radius was 30 kilometers
to prevent the citizens
from returning to contaminated area.
Despite the disaster
the government took advantage of
the situation
by establishing a network
of secret laboratories.
On 11th of June 2006
for reasons unknown
second disaster occurred.
Blinding flash of light covered
the whole exclusion zone.
Most of military and scientific personnel
died immediately.
After few years
scientists still weren't able to
explain what had happened.
Rare expeditions into the Zone
usually end terribly
and the survivors
are telling stories about mutated
animals and people
as well as various anomalies.
In 2009 first artifacts were discovered.
Small things that are created in anomalies
and always posses supernatural properties.
Despite the military cordon
encompassing the zone
and a living hell inside it.
Certain people started coming
into the Zone.
Since then they are known as
(The Zone 13.11.2012)
What are the orders?
Prepare the attack.
Let's group up.
Michu! Guard change.
You have a break.
Kill him!
"The Last Loner"
I had a brother once.
Long time ago.
(6 years later)
I was losing hope.
When I found myself
holding this.
His belongings and among them
his journal.
He is alive.
I can feel it.
I know what he had gone through.
What he had seen.
I know his every memory and dream.
Hector has always said
that the Zone is a morbid place.
Filed with dangers.
Where every step you take
may be your last.
Is that what happened to him?
I have to find him.
There is no turning back.
And that thought
fills me with fear.
Today I headed out from a village
named Hubyn with a guide.
I don't trust him.
But I have little choice.
Hector would never need him.
He always knew what to do
and I can't let him down
We are approaching the Zone borders.
Path that we have followed
seemed random
but guide assured me that it's safe.
For now the only thing that I can do
is to follow his steps
but he warned me that
on the other side of the border
there are no safe trails.
It's a strange land
filled with distant memories and stories.
Maybe some of them are Hectors.
Just like my brother I put on paper
my every step
and doubt.
It gave me comfort and hope
that someone will read my words
if I would disappear as well.
I tell this to myself, hoverer I know that
there is no one that will look for me.
Sometimes I think that my guide is a mute.
It's very irritating at first
but then it becomes worrying.
He rarely warns me of anything.
Is very reluctant to answer questions
that are swarming in my head
with every minute
of being in the Zone.
Only after reaching Prypiat
I realized
how out of my depth I am.
Thousands of empty windows.
Maybe from one of them
Hector watches me.
Sometimes I think I can hear him
calling me.
He comes and while patting me
on the back he says
I am proud of you
Reality is much more brutal.
The city of ghosts effectively verified
my lack of preparation.
The guide that I didn't trust before
now has become essential part of my search.
At least for a time...
What's going on?
Did you hear that?
We are parting ways here.
You were supposed to help me.
Give me the dough.
You were supposed to fucking help me.
Fall back.
What about that brat?
Let's whack him.
Once more they will tamper with
what they shouldn't.
We need to know where it's flying to.
Pietrucha run to the radio tower.
I will go.
See you on the scrap yard.
Don't you step into something again.
Feeling adventurous, huh?
I heard that you can make a good buck here.
No shit.
Young Stalker in a search
for a missing treasure.
You'd better tell us where
you got all this gear.
Not your business.
I have found it.
Found this as well?
Calm down, we don't even...
It's not yours.
It belonged to my brother.
We split up and move on.
Not much have changed besides
that one is gone
and other one took a different path.
But Pietrucha seems
not to care about all that.
For the last few clicks his biggest worry
was if whether
the bottle is still in his stash.
The other guy
Son of a bitch.
I can fell his mistrustful stare
wherever I go.
He watches me all the time.
Asking about my gear
and "Clear Sky" emblem.
I don't know what his goal is
but I feel that I will find out soon.
The Zone is no place for the weak.
The nature takes back what man once took
and we are the intruders here.
Because of all these dangers
crawling around
sunsets seem much more majestic.
My companions, whatever they are
I have to admit that they know their stuff.
They are like at home.
Right people in the right place.
Hector wrote about anomalies and artifacts
that can be found inside of them.
I have never seen them
but these guys knew how to get them.
It's a strange task.
but fascinating in its own way.
There is no deeper meaning in all this.
It's just a high demand product
and they want to make money.
We are approaching the place
where we will split.
I wouldn't get here if it wasn't
for my companions.
I owe them much
but now I am to be alone.
Bro, bro!
All right, you'd better tell us
what you are doing here.
I am looking for Hector
he has to be somewhere here.
It that his?
I knew that promise of a huge money
will lure him into becoming a stalker.
Despite all these horrible stories
you hear about this place.
Years went by and he didn't come back.
There was no contact with him.
I didn't even know if he was alive.
His belongings were passed to me
by a man who called himself Noe.
Among them I have found a journal.
I have read it all trough.
Last entries made me most worried.
He wrote about some kind
of scientific expedition
to an unknown anomaly.
He was a part of an elite unit
but he was supposed to
accomplish the hardest task.
He felt safe because he knew
that the guys have his back.
I heard that story.
They say that in the aftermath
they have disbanded the whole fraction.
For luck.
Did you miss me?
As fuck.
What did you see?
Over The agricultural Institute
it got wrecked by some anomaly
and fell down few kilometers further.
We can get rich.
Or die.
Over agricultural institute?
It probably flew to the scientists
over the lake.
To these bunker wankers?
I need to get there.
Where and how?
I would go if I were you
but not when I am me.
You don't even know where that is.
Just show me the way and I am gone.
Take your little notebook and write.
Sit down.
7000 rubles and we will take you there.
I have only 4000 rubles.
I don't like this.
I don't like him too.
Hey kid, we will get you there, right?
After that you will repay us somehow.
That's fine I guess.
What is that crap?
Are we are going to lead some
punk by the hand
while some serious money
will run away from us?
You don't have to be here.
Wait I have to tell this joke again to them
because it was dope.
A mutant comes to a doctor.
Doctor asks.
What seems to be the problem?
I have a mutation.
Chopper fell down near the institute.
We leave before sunrise.
Me: It didin't go as planed but
we can fix it.
Stawros: Where and when?
I don't have anything for you
go sweep the forest.
Get lost witch.
You fuc...
I am looking for a gun.
Whatever you need Sir.
Grenades, anti-personnel mines?
And maybe something for bloodsuckers?
Rocked-propelled grenade launcher?
No, no, something smaller.
Are you sure? Most folks just take an AK.
But as you wish.
Fresh stock.
Smuggled into the zone yesterday.
Berreta 92F.
Two magazines, brand new.
Only a thousand rubles.
Too much.
The cheapest thing I can offer you
is this Glock.
Standard, 15 round magazine.
Minimal wear, last user was a merc.
Five hundred.
The truth is
no one really knows how it all started.
You know, folks tell all kinds of stories.
My one buddy.
May the Zone be kind to him.
Said that it all kicked off in 2006.
After all, others tell that
it was 2006 as well
but whether it was April or May
earlier or after.
Stories seem to differ.
In 2007.
One year after the first blowout.
Came second one
and after second blowout came
third and fourth and so on
and no one really knows when they come
but they do come.
You just have to look at the sky.
Now it's still peaceful because
we had one lately
but shit, you never know.
Sometimes, one comes right after another.
So only those that survived
the second blowout
In 2007.
Realized what Zone really is.
You won't find your way here.
You can draw yourself a map.
Mark all anomalies.
You think you know it all.
Then you come out in the morning
form the camp
and everything's changed.
It's not that anomalies relocated.
It's not that
where the road used to be safe
now it's so radioactive that
the nails start peeling off your fingers.
Everything's changed.
You walk where yesterday was a forest.
Today there is no forest.
Path looks alike.
It's the same road, distances make sense.
But it's gone.
Like someone stole it.
The devil covered his tail.
Plenty of wierd stuff happens here.
Guy walks through the Zone.
Thinks he is about to enter a safe camp
And he drifts off for a moment.
Not that he lost the path
just spaces out for a second.
Lost in thoughts looking at the sky.
Then he looks around.
And he is somewhere else completely.
It happened to me
at least two times.
I wouldn't wish that to the worst enemy
because that feeling when you really
don't know where you are.
This is serious.
And then it started.
Anomalies started.
Mutants started.
Military began raiding.
Bandits showed up, of course they did.
There are times when I think
that I can just walk out.
I will throw away all this
leave all this shit.
Sell my gear.
But few times already.
I reach the cordon.
I see the border.
Abattis, barbed wire, all that.
Few times I was out there already
in the big land, and what?
You stick around for some time
and you come back here.
What keeps me here?
She does.
The one outside.
The one in the trees.
In dry flowers.
In every animal here.
How you say it?
In the Zone my love goes on.
In the Zone my love goes on, yeah?
They say, that Sieniecki
was the first to reach it.
He gathered
a team of his men
and lead them to the sarcophagus.
All is known that
apparently he asked.
When they got inside.
Because they did.
He supposedly reached the monolith
and asked for immortality.
Why are you staring at that sky?
I am looking whether more are coming.
How so? yesterday they lost a chopper here
and today they would risk another one?
That is why we can make some
serious buck toady.
Dude, if a Spetsnaz team
was on that chopper.
We can make hella cash.
Or maybe we will find ourselves some grunt
and have some fun with him.
You remember that guy from yesterday?
Fucking philosopher.
His brain boiled.
He should sit at home and write books
not wander the zone.
Yeah I know but if the monolith is real.
What would you want?
To make the fleshes prettier.
I could finally find a date around here.
Attention Stalkers!
Blowout is coming.
Look for shelter if you want to live.
Good fortune and Godspeed.
Get up, you hear me?
In The Zone, the longer
the road the safer it is
but we are in a hurry.
And that's where we are going.
What the?
Everything goes according to plan.
Where is magpie?
Fuck RPG!
Drop your guns.
Kid, you come with me.
Over my dead body Stawros.
This time the past won't save you.
I told you that he will cause trouble.
I wonder where were you.
Where I was? I was covering your asses.
Bunch of scrubs.
Didn't you see that we fought
with a fucking mountain?
Mountain my ass.
You're fat, enjoy being alive.
Right, in the Zone no thing is for free.
Herman is a real prick but he knows a lot
about the Zone and he can help.
That is why I will do the talking
you shut up.
Welcome Gari.
So what? Did you found your longed-for X8?
You know X8 is
a pipe dream of stalkers that spend
too much time on the sun.
Operation "Dawn", do you remember?
I have heard that Hector survived.
He did, but he doesn't have
much time you know.
Something is eating him from inside.
You know where my brother is?
Did you fucking knew that before?
Keep calm, be happy that he's alive.
You left him there yourself.
What are you talking about?
Oh so you didn't know?
And you haven't told me anything?
Settle down!
That's enough.
I and your brother were a part
of fraction called Clear Sky.
Deep into the Zone we stumbled
upon something incredible.
We gather men and gear
but everything went to shit anyways.
When we started taking measurements
everything started to change.
Detectors went haywire.
I ordered the man to run away
but not everyone made it.
Yet you somehow did.
Listen kid, I can help you
but don't think that I owe you something.
Where is he?
You help me
and I help you.
We're in the Zone, nothing's for free.
A new anomaly has been detected
on northern plateau.
You will place my detector inside it.
I will contact you trough the PDA
and help you with Hector.
Boria, come on, come on.
You want to die asshole?
You fucked up once already.
Will he do it?
Give me a light.
He either will or he will not.
Leave that!
Forget him!
Leave that!
Come back!
You bloody moron!
We could all get fried out
there because of you.
Give me that before you
contaminate yourself.
And now we are even.
More luck that brains.
Pietrucha doors!
Watch out!
Give glucose and anti-rad.
Blowout caused no problem I presume.
Right, here is the thing.
Few weeks ago we started getting reports
about new healing artifact.
This is probably your only chance.
How do I know
that this artifact will help my brother?
That's the key.
This artifact apparently is created
in the very place
where six years ago everything happened.
Since many years
nothing really was happening there
but newest scans show somehow weaker
but similar energy signatures
like in the past.
This has to be directly connected with
what caused Hectors sickness.
Gari will know how to get there
but be careful.
The artifact is
very unstable
and none of our research teams
have come back from there.
Good hunting.
Kid move over here.
What did Herman say?
He said that only you know how
to get there.
What about him?
His ribs are broken
he is not coming with us.
You have to take me with you.
You will stay, you would
slow us down, got it?
I'll tell Herman to send someone for you.
I have to...
Now we can go back to business.
That's a crystal for healing wounds
and I advise you to hurry.
Many times I have heard
that the Zone is an extraordinary place
but only now I realized
what it's all really about.
This place wakes up your hidden drives
and just now I can see that.
They promised to help me
and instead of that they just lied to me.
I don't know what I am still doing here.
Maybe I am becoming a stalker.
Hector for sure was one.
At least now I know that he's alive.
In spite of all, I know that I need them.
Every moment of danger.
Falling shell casings and flowing blood
make me aware that I am not
alone in the Zone.
I need them just like they need me.
One shot.
Second, twelfth.
We are a team and yet I can't trust them.
I would want to get rid of them
and go alone
rejecting their false help.
Gari pisses me off as well as
his inquisitiveness
that mixes with
exaggerated detachment.
Pietrucha seems not to notice anything.
Doesn't care about anything.
He just lives from one day to another.
They say that it's a ghost town
but I think that it's more a city
of trees and howling wind.
There are probably hundreds
of stories like mine and Hectors.
50 thousand people had their home here.
They left it in just three hours
believing they would go back
three days later.
They invested their future in this place.
They walked those streets.
They worked here.
Not knowing who stalkers are.
Because they just didn't exist back then.
It's a meaningful place
that showed me this before.
And now it reminds me of
how focused I am on my mission.
And my mission alone.
It's here.
"Freedom" has claimed this place.
They had no right.
News spread fast in the Zone
and soon the scientists wanted
to access the anomaly.
They wanted to research it
but for some reason
those anarchist wouldn't let anyone
near it.
So they hired us.
Clear Sky
and a mercenary group led by Stawros.
And we?
We didn't bother negotiating.
Readings within the norm.
Target neutralized.
Check detectors.
Everything is fine.
We can take off masks.
Detectors didn't show anything.
Calm before the storm as they say.
Hector lit up the flare
but there was nothing there.
Then we were surprised by
horrifying screeching sound and pain.
Go back!
Where're you going!?
There was no going back.
We didn't know what lied on the
other side of the corridor
and with every step the road seemed to
But on the other side
there was just nothing.
Just an abyss
and the light of our flare.
As we tried to grasp all of this
And what?
Next wave came.
Hector ended up in the epicenter
of this shit storm.
I was sure that he was done
so I ordered the rest to fall back.
It was too late for any coordinated efforts
and teamwork.
It was every man for himself.
So I run.
I thought that you were done.
Think again.
What the fuck?
I've had enough of these fucking games.
Are you really that stupid?
What is going on, are you nuts?
How do you think who pays the mercenaries?
Now I know
why you went out for a cig so often.
Why the hell did you take that fucking kid?
It's about money.
A big money.
I won't get screwed.
Gari think.
Artifact that heals all diseases.
No more going back to this
fucking hellhole.
I will be set for life.
I will buy myself a Yacht.
I am going to fucking sail around Greece.
It will be enough money for you and me.
Think about it.
Come here and I tell you what I think.
Take this advance payment.
I found it.
Smoking kills.
Did you manage to get it?
It's something important, be right back.
Time to pay off your debts.
You need to recover the source.
It's going to be difficult.
I don't know if I can do it.
You have no choice.
Herman you bastard, it works.
Unfortunately not for long.
I always knew that you are a slimebag.
Magpie has too powerful friends.
I don't want to end up like you.
The Last Loner
Directed by Amadeusz Kocan
Screenplay and Production
Music Alan Bucki
Editing Amadeusz Kocan
Sound mixing and editing
Janusz Kocan
Visual effects Bartosz Wabno
Amadeusz Kocan & Bartosz Wabno