The Last Man (2018) Movie Script

[artillery fire]
[soldiers] Go. Go. Go!
[high-pitched tone]
[soldier whoops]
[muttered shout]
[whooping, shouting]
[gunfire continues, muffled]
[man's voice, distorted]
We need to get in the car now.
We need to get in and go
before the girls...
[man 2] Johnny.
- Johnny!
- We're already dead.
[echoing] Dead. Dead. [Gasps]
Kill me.
- Wake up!
- [loud groan]
[labored breathing]
[man narrating]
My name's Kurt Matheson.
I'm 35 years old.
I've lived through 12,787 days.
I've had the same nightmare
for the last 5,475 nights.
[thunder rumbling] Surviving has always
been something I'm pretty good at.
But I don't know how much
more of this I wanna take.
[Johnny] Kill me. [Gasps]
[boy's voice] I know your name.
[Kurt narrating] Thousands
of years of progress,
and all it took was
30 days to destroy it.
The world I used to know
is gone.
[chattering in foreign language]
Environmental disasters
and a global economic fallout...
- How much?
- [vendor] Hundred.
Sent everything into chaos.
[vendors calling]
Populations decreased.
People fled the cities.
Western civilization
collapsed in about 30 days.
They called it
the "Black Month."
I don't understand
what you are saying.
[speaking Asian language]
Five? [Asian language]
Get down
on the ground! [Screams]
Shut the fuck up and get
down on the ground!
You fucking hear me,
cocksucking motherfucker? Huh?
[woman continues in Asian language]
Shut up! Shut up!
Hey. Okay, Steve,
we got everything. [Mutters]
Come on. We gotta leave.
Boom! [Laughs]
[Kurt narrating]
Then there was the war.
Long and aimless.
By the time it was over,
I couldn't recognize
where I was.
There was just
too much destruction.
Now, in this dust
that was a city...
I think if I could
find a souvenir...
Just to prove
the world was here.
You see the world around you?
You all know what's
happening as well as I do.
I'm not a prophet.
I am not a messiah.
I'm just a man
who sees the truth.
And we are to blame. You okay?
It is our fault.
We are the cancer...
the metastasis that corrodes
our Mother Earth.
The world has been exploited.
The end of life on Earth
is now...
I saw the best minds
of my generation
desperate, destroyed by madness!
Searching for
the angry prick of drugs!
You, too, over there
see the truth.
We sit on an arsenal of atomic
weapons controlled by madmen.
We choke nature with
pollution and radiation.
We destroy life
in the name of progress.
- Shame on us!
- [thunder rumbling]
We have only one place
to live in the cosmos,
and we are poisoning it.
We have an entire menu
of destruction.
Nuclear holocaust.
Bombs are old-fashioned.
Melting ice caps,
which could cause a slight
deviation in the Earth's axis.
A slight deviation,
which in turn,
will set off an apocalyptic
electrical storm
that will burn up all the
oxygen in the atmosphere.
Yes! It's the end of the world!
Everybody fuck! [Crowd laughs]
[crowd murmuring, laughing]
Come on! Everybody fuck!
[crowd clamoring]
[mutters in Spanish]
Don't touch me.
[man] Get outta here.
[man 2] We wanna hear this man.
You came back?
- [man 3] No way!
- [man 4] Loser!
[people laughing]
He came back.
[thunder rumbling, crashing]
[Kurt narrating] 12,790 days.
Man created time.
And because of this,
we suffer a paralyzing fear
that no other animal endures.
[metronome clicking]
The fear of time running out.
[filtered breathing]
I remember when I was a kid,
my dad kept
a large jar of marbles
on the bookshelf
in the living room.
And he said he figured he had one
for every month he had left to live.
On the first Sunday
of every month...
he'd remove one.
I just keep
a running tally in my head.
[metronome clicking]
[continues coughing]
[coughing, gasping]
[wheezing, coughing]
- Can I help you?
- Yeah. It doesn't work.
Nothing here works.
Maybe you should have a sign
or something that says that.
You see that sign?
We can't sell military-grade
equipment that works.
It's all for show.
Government doesn't want this shit
getting into the wrong hands.
Give him a refund.
Yeah. Yeah, give me a refund.
Why don't you pick up a book?
What? Take a book.
It's free.
Uh, yeah, I...
I don't need a book.
Try this one.
I wrote it myself.
Hey, that's good for you.
- Congratulations.
- Thank you.
But this, you know, it's, uh...
Nah, this is of no use to me.
I don't need
a damn handbook. It's more than a handbook.
It's a mind book.
I need supplies... that work.
I'm sure my employee mentioned
we're limited in supplies.
Who? Hippie Hansen?
Yeah, he sure did.
All right.
I can recommend suppliers,
if you'd like.
Take my card.
A lot of people think that
the world is coming to an end.
I don't think it.
I know it.
People chatter
but do nothing about it.
But it's coming,
and we're going to be ready.
I'm going to be damn sure that
the best of our species survives.
Along with myself, of course.
[scoffs] That's funny.
Call me if you like. I can
help you find things that work.
Come to one of our meetings.
Don't worry. It's not a cult.
We're just survivalists.
Yeah, I've seen you out there
with all those people before.
I know it.
Think I'll pass though.
Well, if you change your mind,
you know where to find me.
Oh. That can be fixed.
It's just a broken gasket.
You shouldn't let a flimsy piece
of rubber be the end of you.
We need to learn
to fix things ourselves.
Study it.
The book.
Got nothing
but old shit in here.
Where'd you find all this old shit?
Don't like old shit.
[man exclaiming in
foreign language][laughter]
[man] Why does that guy look familiar?
Does he looks familiar to you?
Hey, look, man. Another survivor.
And I know the weirdo.
How do you know that man?
He was at the store that we
were robbing the other night.
Come on, pussy. [Both laughing]
What's up? What's up?
Come on. What's wrong, eh?
Is all of this necessary?
Wow. Wow.
Okay, okay. It's okay.
You have something that's ours.
Um, I don't... I don't know
if you're aware,
but to be in this specific
location, you need to pay.
I don't have any money.
I'm just here to help.
Money will be useless
soon anyway.
I'm going to kill you!
[thug] Come on!
Nice kick, man! [Laughter]
This ought to teach him! Thought
he could actually survive!
And he's got a gas mask.
Come on, French.
Get him up. Come on.
Where do you want to go, huh?
Yeah, French, kick his ass.
If money's not gonna be
necessary, old fella...
then why are you
selling all this shit?
Well, we need some
to sustain all this,
buy supplies, prepare
our refuge in the mountains.
We've spent all our money.
Jesus Christ.
You might be dead before
you get to spend that.
No one gets out from here.
[bone cracks] [groans]
What the fuck, French?
Man, he's just a bum!
Don't do that.
Don't fuckin' move, or
I'll blow your brains out!
Come on, man! What you gonna do?
[laughing, jeering]
Gonna take us on, huh?
I'm gonna shoot myself
in the fucking mouth
if you don't shut the fuck up!
Goddamn it. I'd rather you not do that.
Jesus Christ.
Thank you.
Just come around. Come around.
Come on. Let's go.
Come on around.
[all laughing]
He's not gonna survive this one!
Come on!
[groans] Oh, shit!
Get the fuck up!
We're civil people.
We really are.
We don't... Come on! Get up.
We don't wanna
hurt anybody, but, uh,
you never know...
where somebody
might end up and, uh...
[beating continues]
Enough, please.
You're going to kill him!
Yeah, man. Call them off!
[sharp whistle]
Let's go. Come on, guys.
We're done here.Yeah.
Tomorrow? All of it? Hmm?
Today's gonna look
like a picnic. Right?
Yes, yes.Yeah.
I have you.
I have you.
[thunder rumbling]
[woman, faint]
You're a backstabbing...
[man on TV, indistinct]
Local storm is hitting
the five counties with massive...
[boy's voice] You're dead.
Kill me.
We're all already dead.
Kill me.
Hundreds of thousands
of fatalities
and billions of dollars in
property damage have been reported.
[TV continues, indistinct]
- [man's voice] Do it!
- [gasps]
- [voices murmuring]
- Hey!
[woman's voice]
Don't. Don't say nothin'.
[boy's voice] Where are you?
Come and help us.
Come and stand
on these corners. Keep up.
[man's voice]
Ghosts haunt these halls.
Electrical power failures,
a lack of running water,
and police forces
stretched to their limits...
[Kurt narrating] 12,792 days.
[man] Families have nothing. There was
a family that died in the strong winds.
[TV continues, indistinct]
[woman] We're on the verge
of a health care implosion.
You have to remember it was not
only homes that were destroyed
but doctors' offices...
[man] Emergency services
have collapsed.
Doctors are fighting against
time and limited resources.
[woman] They're leaving kids in squalor.
They have no electricity.
They have no communication
with the outside world.
This area is devastated.
[TV continues, indistinct]
[boy's voice] Kill me.
[man] Meteorologists are talking
about a possible massive tsunami
hitting the East Coast,
and new storms and hurricanes
are being discovered
from one minute to the next.
Weather models are forecasting
winds of up to 80 miles...
[continues, muffled, indistinct]
[labored breathing]
[muffled, indistinct]
We must wake up. The storm...
The storm is coming soon.
I've spent the last 20 years
traveling the world
preparing people to survive.
I believe
my long pilgrimage ends here.
The atmosphere we have
relied upon for our breathing
has become a hothouse
of poisonous gases.
There is a layer that exists
between Earth and space.
The charge residing
in this layer
measures 500,000 coulombs
at any given moment.
Yeah. Yeah, it does.
What does that mean?
An apocalyptic electrical storm
that will destroy life on Earth
in a blink of an eye.
[Kurt narrating]
I need more supplies.
I've nothing left to barter,
so I need money.
Guess I gotta look for a job.
Same bullshit,
even at the end of the world.
[child] Hello.
You aren't dead, are you?
I don't think so.
What do you think?
Is it true that you
were a soldier?
My best friend told me that you
were some kind of a mad soldier.
But I don't think
that you're mad.
Hey kid.
What's your friend's name?
All right, well, you want me
tell you my name first?
I already know your name.
My best friend told me
everything about you.
Oh, yeah?
What's your friend's name?
What do you call him?
He's like you.
Yeah, but what's his name?
His name is Johnny.
He told me that you were dead
and that you were a ghost.
But I don't believe in ghosts.
I'm a big boy.
Well, I have to go. Bye.
Chap's information
here. All right.
What was that, darling?
Well, there's still
an interview for don Antonio.
There's still
an interview? Yeah.
Okay. I forgot
about that.Hey. Jessica, wait.
Can I talk you
about something? About what?
About many things. And maybe not
now because I see you are kind of...
Yes, I'm kind of busy. Busy, yeah.
How about later?
I'm gonna be free tonight.
Well, I've...
I've got stuff to do.
Stuff? Yeah.
But we'll talk later.
Sorry for the wait.
Uh, you ready?
Hey. Are you there?
Uh, yeah.
Are you Kurt? Yeah.
Yeah? Okay, come in. Follow me.
You need some ice for that?
Oh. No.No? Sure?
Yeah. It's nothing.
You nervous?
[chuckles] I'm okay.
Just don't let him
intimidate you.
[door opens]
Sorry, Daddy.
The last candidate is here.
Ah. Have a seat, kid.
Jessica. [Speaks Spanish]
I'm gonna get to the point.
I have read your rsum,
and I think you are
what I am looking for.
Clean background. Engineering experience.
I just need someone
to maintain the place.
And I think you'll do fine.
Kid, do you speak, or what?
Yes, sir. Yeah, when I have to.
Oh. I like that. Good.
Uh, 'cause, for a second,
I thought you were a mute.
And, you know, I couldn't
handle a fucking mute.
It's... It's fucking freaky.
You know what I'm saying?
Yes, sir.
Yeah, good.
what am I not seeing?
What do you mean?
Don't play dumb with me, kid.
I saw your rsum. It's great.
But I feel like you're
leaving something out.
Why don't you tell me?
Just... What is it?
I run a security company.
That means I have access
to all kinds of information
about anyone
who walks through that door.
Yeah, sure.
I like your service record.
I seen it.
Listen. I know,
most of the companies,
they don't want to hire
a combat veteran.
But, personally,
I don't think it's bad.
As a matter of fact,
it could help me out.
Oh, yeah? Yeah.
Sorry, Daddy.
Nobody knock on the door.
Qu pasa?
He wants me to tell you that
he's waiting to finish the thing
you talked about earlier.
He was just here. The thing.Yeah.
Like it's some state secret.
[chuckles softly] Por favor.
Sure. Sorry, Daddy.Ah.
I'm leaving now.
I got stuff to do anyway.
I know this place is not
the best for a girl,
but at least, you know,
I can have her close.
For me, my family come first.
Do you have family?
No, unfortunately not.
Oh. Sorry to hear that.
Anyway, as you can see,
if I don't solve problems
here, nobody does.
If you bring me solutions,
you've got the job.
Oh, yeah? Yeah.
Is it a deal?
Yeah, absolutely. That's fantastic.
No, that... that's great.
Thank you.
Go with Jessica,
and she will get you through
all of the paperwork.
All right?
All right. Thank you.
Hey, kid. Kid.
You know, shave.
Just, you know,
get yourself clean.
- Oh, yeah. Yeah. No problem.
- All right.
All right.
Hey, thank you again. No problem.
[thunder rumbling]
[air raid siren wailing, muffled]
[high-pitched tone]
[coughing, groaning]
Kill me. Kill me.
Kill me.
[pistol cocks]
[gasping, breathing heavily]
[Kurt narrating] I go to bed,
and then I wake up underneath it.
5,481 nights
with the same dream.
[coughs, sniffles]
[exhales loudly]
The same fire
and blood and death...
over and over.
[bottles clanking] [man on TV] Because
they know that this system can fall!
And we have the energy to fight this
today, tomorrow, and the next day.
[woman] Public debt
stands around $73 billion.
[man 2] 80 percent of the city
was covered in water, so...
Four million people died.
[man] A systemic failure
of the government.
[woman] We have gone on strike.
We have also engaged in acts
of civil disobedience.
[man] The economy has been
stagnant for more than a decade.
That means it hasn't grown.
[man 2]
The storm's lasting effects,
not just on the city's geography
and infrastructure, but on...
Morning, sunshine.
Hey, how many times are you
gonna fucking shoot at me?
I was just trying to find some milk
for my coffee. What, you got no milk?
It's good to see you, pal.
Hey, you know,
the kitchen looks good.
Needs a little bit
of upkeep, but easy fix.
Fuck! What? I was
just kidding, man.
No, it can't be.
No, no, it is. Give me a hug.
It's good to see you.
- All right, who the fuck are you?
- Hey, hey. Hey.
You better answer real quick, buddy.
Put the fucking gun down.
Put the fucking gun down.
My front door's locked.
How the fuck
did you get in here? Hey, look at me.
I want you to put the gun down.
It's me.
It's me.
It's Johnny.
It's impossible. No, no, no.
Put it down.
Hey, hey, it's fine.
Now come here. Come here.
[thunder rumbling]
[Johnny] Got to the door
and into my car
by the time the husband
even gets to the door.
And then I was peeling off,
and he was chasing after me down the
street in his stupid fucking suit.
[cassette playing: Bagpipes]
You know, this is shit.
[bagpipes continue]
I hate this song. [Clicks off]
It's progress though, huh?
You know, what the fuck happened
to this city, by the way?
I go away for a while, I come
back, and all of a sudden, it's...
I can't even speak English
to people.
It's like
the goddamn Tower of Babel.
Yeah, a lot of people left.
Lighten up, old man, huh?
What the fuck's going on?
Aren't you the guy who posted
up on top of a fucking mountain?
For three days, three nights,
you didn't eat, you didn't sleep.
You just took out an entire
fuckin' battalion all by yourself.
[clicks tongue]
I don't get it, man.
I mean...
How are you here?
No, man. You died.
I shot you.
I... I put a bullet
in you myself.
I made you.
I fuckin' made it out, man.
Medevac unit found me
the next day.
I woke up in the hospital,
three days and ten fuckin'
blood transfusions later,
to the ugliest goddamn nurse
I've ever seen, by the way.
She looked like a fuckin' horse.
I swear to God.
Oh, you should've
been there, man.
So, listen to me.
This is what I want you to do.
This is some sage advice,
all right?
I want you to stop all this
crybaby bullshit. Huh?
I want you to go out there. I want you
to find yourself some fuckin' tail.
My God. You must have some hot
little secretary at work, okay?
Some little floozy on the side?
Do you even work?
I'm taking off. Good talk.
See you around?
Yeah, I'll see you around.
Were you talking to some
little kid about me?
- [thunder rumbling]
- [siren wailing]
[Kurt narrating] 12,793 days...
and this is my first
on the new job.
[woman on TV]
of SOS, Save Our Planet.
Shut up,
I need to print this. Do it now.
Is it ready? Yes. I'm finishing.
Thousands take to the streets
to demand an economy
that works for people
and the planet.
I need to check this.
A world safe from the ravages of
climate change, a world with good jobs...
It seems okay.
Clean air and water,
and healthy communities.
[TV continues]
[device beeping]
Hey, what are you doing here
in the basement?
I'm, uh...
You know, I'm still trying
to learn the building.
But I can't figure out
what this door is to.
You can't be here.
See the No Trespassing sign?
Yeah, it's just...
The door is not
on the blueprints,
so I can't make any sense of it.
Yeah, that's for me
and Antonio. Okay?
Move on.
Move on.
[man, woman arguing, indistinct]
[man] Hey!
Hey! Hey!
[British accent]
You feeding him?
You can't feed him. You
need to get him out of here.
Is he bothering you?
He is a vagrant.
[laughing] Fuckin' British!
Well, it's my house.
Yeah, well, it's my
fuckin' neighborhood.
And I don't want that hanging around
here, pissing on the sidewalks.
[distorted voice] Hey. Hey,
are you listening to me?
Hey, I'm talking to you.
[normal voice]
Are you listening to me?[boy's voice] Kurt.
Listen to me. Hey.
I'm fuckin' talking to you,
you fucking prick.
Hey. I knew your parents.
They were good people.
There were never any problems
when they were around.
Now I've got all this
to fucking deal with.
What's your problem, you prick?
[no audible dialogue]
[preacher's voice]
We must build shelter...
gather food,
arm ourselves.
We have to disappear
from society.
No trace.
Close our bank accounts,
cancel our credit cards.
Get rid of all
the material goods
that are not needed
in our real lives.
Not depend on technology
or electrical power.
Only in this way we'll be strong
enough to endure the apocalypse.
Sweet, huh?
No, come on.
Can't you see her boobs are fake?
They look real to me. But they are not.
Okay, let's go. I mean,
Gomez will kill us, okay?
Okay. You're officially a pussy.
She's a grown-up woman,
okay? This is legal.
I might be a pussy,
but I'll keep my job and
my life, so close that up.
What eye are you using, man?
Look at this cuerpo.
I'm leaving. Go, go, go.
[man] Get out of here,
you pussy.
Hey, new guy, come here.
Check this out.
Don't be maricn. Here. Huh?
What are you doing
at my computer?
We were just... Oh, my God!
- We were just looking.
- What the fuck?
Yeah, just looking.
What's your problem?
Get your ass out of here.
God, I'm so embarrassed.
You know, these pictures
are kind of old, and...
What is this?
Do you believe in this stuff?
What are we listening for?
There's no birds.
It's like they all left.
There are never birds
around here.
Can I ask you a question?
Why not a triangle or a square?
Oh, you mean... Yeah, the circle
on your neck.
I like circles.
Sure, me too, but...
what's-what's the meaning?
That's how I mostly feel.
I guess my life
is pretty hollow.
Well, you know, it's also
the number zero...
which is like a starting point.
You know, the zero point, it
represents potential and growth.
It's like the embryo.
You know who that guy is
down there?
The one talking to Gomez? Mm-hmm.
You must be careful with Gomez.
Oh, yeah? Why's that?
He does Daddy's dirty work.
[man] Hey.
Haven't you turned on
the generator yet?
I'm gonna get a coffee.Great.
I'm sorry.
What was your question? The generator.
We have a generator?
The power goes out,
the generator gets turned on.
It's your job to make that
happen, Mr. Maintenance.
[knocks on tabletop] Copy that.
Be careful there
with the boss's daughter.
Don't get the wrong idea. You
can look, but you can't touch.
I'm watching you.
Yeah, sure.
Move on, smart guy.
[Kurt narrating]
Darkness lurks everywhere.
And every shadow has a face.
When you look into darkness,
darkness looks into you.
[man] Hey.
- I fuckin' know you.
- [man guffaws]
You're the faggot
from last time.
You shaved your beard, but
you're still a faggot. [Snickering]
I've been thinking about you.
And looking for you too.
I was thinking about how...
last time, I should have
fucking blown your brains out.
I let you live. [Pistol cocks]
Yeah, fucking lunacy.
So I'm glad I fucking
ran into you, man.
Yeah. Yeah. [Laughs]
Baby-faced motherfucker. What...
No, man! [Groans]
[Kurt narrating] It just feels like
the same fire and blood and death.
I have to be prepared.
Do not doubt your strength.
If you fail the test,
I will test it again.
We must all be strong together.
One alone does not work.
How can one alone
repopulate the planet?
Oh. Hello.
They're decorating now too, huh?
You know, I need to do something
about them before it's too late.
Well, at least
they are consistent.
This is the only way
they see to get attention.
No, that's crazy.
People like that, you know,
they never change, man.
They're like hungry dogs.
They may be in denial.
And you?
You are the reluctant
hero of course.
I get it.
You've been through hell.
And self-destruction is a hell of a
lot easier than taking responsibility.
Make yourself healthy. Try it.
We are leaving in three days.
Come. Come with us.No.
And find yourself a girl,
for God's sake.
There's one now. Good to see you.
What... What are you doing here?
I was looking for you.
Just a joke.
What's going on?
Did I interrupt?
Hey, uh, Noe,
do you know Jessica?
Jessica, this is Noe.
Yes, I know him.
He's the preacher.
What's happening?
Did you somehow
plan this, preacher?
I'm not a preacher.
Do you mind if I stay?
Course not.
You see the world around you.
You all know what's
happening as well as I do.
[Noe's voice] The only law in times
like this is the law of survival.
And survival means preparation.
In the coming storm, there will be those
who will fall prey to their bodies,
others who will be
like terrified animals.
We must remain lucid
and be prepared
for the worst of humanity.
[loud exhale]
[man on radio, indistinct]
[man on radio] A nuclear world
war will be catastrophic,
not only for the direct deaths
that could ensue
but also due to the collapse
of certain...
I told you.
He leaves now.
If you don't deal with it,
then I'm gonna...
Take it.
Keep him off my property.
[gasping, coughing]
[giggling, murmuring]
[Kurt narrating] I feel like
the end is nearly upon us.
I can't explain it,
but it's almost a relief.
[woman on radio]
A lot of media commentators
are speaking about the
possibility of a war breaking out,
and have contemplated
the use of nuclear weapons
sent against
civilian populations.
[woman 2] Thank you so much for the
time that you've spent with us in this.
Now... millions march
decrying police violence.
- [Kurt narrating] 12,795 days.
- [Noe preaching outside]
People don't understand
what's coming.
Still going about
their lives in denial.
I gotta finish my bunker
as soon as possible.
Well, this is fucking insane.
[laughs] I mean...
What the fuck is this? What the
hell are you even doing here?
For what, the apocalypse?
And why? Because some
moody old man says so?
A fucking scammer?
Kurt, can't you just tell
he's acting the whole time?
You know what they should do? They
should give him an Academy Award.
You have any idea how crazy
all this shit looks? Dude.
I know things have been tough.
I know that.
But they're looking up.
You got a girl, you got a job.
Why not just see
how things turn out?
You don't understand. [Mutters]
Damn fuckin' right I don't understand.
Who would?
Listen to me. Kurt, you're destroying
the house where you grew up.
Do you hear me?
Stop what you're doing.
Listen to me for a second.
Hey. Listen to me.
You sold the couch
on which your old man died.
Okay? The one where he waited
for you to come home,
and everybody told him
that you were killed in the war.
He never believed that.
And one day, you show up.
What were his last words, Kurt?
"You must be brave."
Yo. Don't you ever talk
about my father again.
You understand me?
Come on, buddy. You cannot ignore the
fact that you come home from the war,
you lose your dad the next day
and your mom two months later.
It's a huge burden for a
19-year-old boy, don't you think?
Honestly, if you're asking me,
none of this shit makes any sense.
I think you're fucking
cracking, buddy.
I really think you are.[breathing heavily]
Whoa, whoa. Wait a minute.
What's that?
Okay. Okay, a drink! Whoo!
Let's have a drink. You and
me, like old times, okay?
Let's do this.
[exhales loudly]
No, no, no. What...
What are you doing?
No! Oh, Kurt... Are you
fucking kidding me?
That's, you know...
It's official.
You've lost it, man.
You're a lunatic.
things are finally making sense.
Oh, are they?
And speaking of,
what's your deal with this kid
that keeps roaming around my house?
You talked to him about me?
What the fuck are you talking about?
Which kid?
You know, a little kid.
Like, yay tall.
Creepy as fuck.[chuckles]
Okay, I'll try to keep
an eye out for him.
Yeah, do that.
What the fuck
are even you doing?
[pounding on door]
You gonna get that?
Kurt, are you there? Hi.
Do me a favor, would ya?
Fucking stop doing that.
Oh, come on!
Are you sure you wanna let her in?
Kurt, it's me, Jessica.
You know...
Fuck off![Jessica] What?
Tear down one of these walls,
fresh coat of paint,
and you got a lovely
little bachelor pad.
[pounding] Kurt! It's me!
Open up. I know you're there.
[Kurt] Fuck!
[Jessica] I can hear you.
[Jessica] For Christ's sake.
Oh, yeah, definitely
cover these up.
[pounding continues]
Yeah, there you go. Hey, aren't
you forgetting something?
Kurt, what are
you doing? There you go.
Open the door. Usually, I like
to ask a girl to dinner
before showing her my bunker.
Please, man, shut up.
It's a penis joke.
- Just open the fucking door!
- Also, just a detail.
Might wanna take off
that creepy fucking mask.
- [pounding]
- All right. Go now!
- All right, I'm going.
- Please, Johnny, go!
Fuck. Johnny, be good.
Jesus, Kurt, I know you're in there.
Open up.
[exhale loudly]
[Jessica] Jesus.
Where have you been?
You're making my dad nervous.
What the fuck?
- You sleep in here?
- Uh-huh.
There's trouble, Kurt.
Money's gone missing.
A lot of money.
- So?
- So?
So I overheard
my father and Gomez.
Daddy was raving, throwing
around accusations.
It was a lot of money, Kurt.
A lot.
And in the middle of it,
Gomez mentioned your name.
So? So.
Jesus, Kurt.
Look at this place.
What is this?
What the fuck is this?
What are you doing here?
Are you building a fortress?
If you took the money...
we can fix this.
I didn't take the money.
Swear to me.
Swear that you didn't take it.
Come on, Kurt. I need
the truth, you know?
Swear to me. I need to know.
Swear to me.
Yeah, I swear.
[Kurt] I promise.
[Jessica] Mm-hmm? Mm-hmm.
You really do?
I promise.
You sure? Yeah?
Swear to me.
Swear it. Yeah?
Yeah, all this stuff
I paid for myself.
Yeah? Are you sure?
You're not lying to me?
No, I'll never lie to you.
[Jessica laughing]
What's that? It's nothing.
It's nothing.
[Kurt groans]
[thunder rumbles]
[soft moaning] [grunting]
[both panting]
[thunder rumbling]
So, when was the last time
you had a woman?
Long time.
Could you tell?
[both laughing]
Yeah, right.
Just... [laughing]
You're not a very good liar.
No, it was just very...
very intense.
I mean, I like to be wanted.
This feels different though.
Do I scare you?
You did sell
all of your furniture...
spent all of your savings,
and turned your house
into a bunker.
You're pretty special.
Go open that closet right there.
There's a false door
behind that shelf.
Go open it up.
You serious? Yeah.
You gotta open up the hatch.
What is this?
It's okay.
There's no monsters down there.
- So?
- She's been there for an hour.
Kid's got some
serious fucking pelotas.
Bangin' the boss's daughter
after stealing him?
You think she helped him
take the money?
I'm not paid to speculate.
- What do we do then, boss?
- We wait in the car.
That's some setup down there.
There's not enough water
for two.
You plan on joining me?
Unless you want me to fend
for myself in the wasteland.
No, I mean...
I don't wanna die
out there alone.
You can't tell anybody
about this.
Sure. I won't tell. No one.
Absolutely no one.
Don't worry.
Your secret is safe with me.
Nobody ever listens to me
Not even my dad.
He doesn't take me seriously.
I'm just his little doll,
you know?
[Kurt clears throat]
Thank you.
I'm sorry. I'm...
I'm dumping a lot
on you, aren't I?
I should have saved daddy
issues for the third date.
Anyway, I...
I haven't told them
where you live.
But they will find you, Kurt.
And Gomez is very
dangerous, you know?
I can handle him.
Let me ask you a question.
Don't take it personal, okay?
Shut up, you moron.
She's leaving now.
Okay, I'll
follow her, boss.Wait.
Keep a distance.
She's not stupid.
It's been reinforced.
- Check the window.
- Yeah.
There's a metal plate
behind the glass.
It's a fucking fortress.
Listen, kid.
We just want to ask you a few questions.
That's all.
Oh, please, don't make this
worse than it has to be.
Now, listen to me,
you stupid shit.
I know you took the money,
and I'm gonna get it back.
This could mean a civil bloody
conversation over a cup of tea...
or I end up nailing your
goddamn kneecaps to the floor,
remembering the good
old days, right?
Go back to the car. Okay, boss.
Or maybe... just maybe...
It means I pay a little visit
to your girlfriend.
Oh, fuck, I know
she's the boss's daughter.
But then, he'd never know.
I could make sure he never knew.
Oh, poor daddy.
The fucking things I could do
to that little, tiny, tight,
maybe-not-so-wet cooze.
Guess you're in deep shit.
Hey. Hey, hey, hey,
don't give me that look.
Don't give me that look. I told
you not to listen to that prophet.
I told you building
a fuckin' bunker was twisted,
not to mention what it does to
the resale value of your house.
You wanna barricade yourself
from the world,
but you may as well draw a
fucking target on your chest,
'cause these guys are real.
Kurt, listen to me.
Hey, hey, hey.
You're trading
your heroes for ghosts.
[scoffs] That's a line
from a song, yeah?
Yeah. I thought it sounded good
for a bit of drama.
Sounded better in my head
Great song though, right?
Hey, hey. No, no. Where
are you going with that?
To help a friend.
Look, Kurt.
You have to worry
about yourself, bro.
You gotta get
your life back. Okay?
I'm serious.
That's ironic coming from you.
Shine on, you crazy diamond.
I got a million of 'em.
[people chattering]
[Kurt narrating] 12,796 days.
Storms are constant.
Tonight, Noe and his flock...
Come on!
Make their pilgrimage
to the mountains.
I can't go with them.
I'm on my own.
But maybe I can
help see 'em off.
The army took kids...
put guns in their hands...
[man] Oh, shit.
And told them what to shoot.
Where is the old cunt?
This is different.
Going somewhere, old fella?
I don't think
that's gonna happen.
What do you want? Money?
Night's come for you,
old man. What?
Oh. Oh, you think
we're bargaining now? Now?
Okay, okay.
Give us all the fucking money
you have on your fucking bus,
and maybe, maybe, if we
feel fucking charitable,
we won't torture your
followers before we kill 'em.
What do you think,
your swastika is going
to make your skin tougher?
It's still gonna bleed
when it's cut,
and it will freeze
when it's cold.
You piece-of-shit Jew.
I knew you'd pull this shit!
Let's do plan B.
That's where we
burn you all alive!
- No! No!
- [all shouting]
See, old man? See your
piece-of-shit friend?
Look. Now get us the
fucking money, you old kike!
What's it gonna be,
you stinking kike?
Ain't nobody up there
gonna help you now.
[man cackling]
Move, motherfuck...
What the fuck?
There's someone out there.
- Get the fuck back.
- Watch him.
What's happening now?
What's going on?
He... He came back.[thug] Where is he?
He came back! Shut the fuck up!
[all shouting]
[man] Get the fuck out!
[man] Move out. [Woman screams]
[Kurt] I'm tired of you, man.
Everything you do is wrong.
You have no clue. No clue.
You don't even know
what's coming.
Get the fuck out of here.
[Kurt narrating]
I choke on familiar dread.
I'm terrified.
And not because of
the storms on the horizon.
Not because I reject
Noe's salvation.
But because of how easy
it was to kill again.
[siren wailing]
[Noe's voice] Ventilation system
with radiation-cleaning mechanism.
Water tank
with filtration system.
2.5 liters hydration pack.
Chlorine tablets.
Activated-charcoal tablets.
Light source supported
by a clean dynamo generator.
Baking soda.
Isopropyl alcohol.
Hydrogen peroxide.
Sterile supply
of gauze and wraps.
Antibiotic ointment.
Surgical stapler.
Suture kit.
Lensatic compass.
Shortwave radio
and satellite phone.
Very high density protein food.
Nuts and dried meat.
Canned food.
Stay away from heavily flavored
or salted nuts.
The amount of salt present in the unsalted
nut mixes is still sufficient enough...
to replace electrolytes.
Well, you were right.
What an apocalyptic
fucking storm.
And all over the world too.
It's unbelievable.
You awake?
First storm you sleep through
since the war, and it's...
the biggest one of all time.
If you were awake, you'd
find that fucking hilarious.
[Kurt narrating] 12,797 days.
[pounding on door]
[pistol cocks]
Kurt, please open up.
[boy's voice]
Brave. You must be brave.
Welcome... to your new life.
This... is your new family.
[laughing, groaning]
[laughter continues]
Oh. Fresh meat?
Fresh meat?
[cackling] Fresh meat!
Hey! Hey! Hey you, new guy!
Do you hear me? You're mine!
[man] Go back to your cell!
Go back to your cell!
Go back to your...
You're mine! Do you hear me?
You're mine! You're mine!
Go back to your cell! You're mine!
You fresh meat!
You're mine!
[continues shouting]
You can't escape me!
You can't escape me!
Shut up!
Shut up! I'm gonna get you!
[continues shouting]
[Kurt narrating] I don't know
how many days it's been.
And that's a problem
for someone like me.
I know where I am though.
This is where people get put
when they need to be forgotten.
There's something wrong with me.
But I don't think I'm crazy.
Not like this.
[voices shouting, muffled]
But then I feel the warmth...
of the sun.
Kurt, are you aware of the
seriousness of your situation?
Probably not.
Your file states a long
history of panic disorder,
suicidal tendencies, possible
dissociative disorder.
You were in treatment for PTSD,
but you stopped.
And now...
[continues whistling]
Murder charges.
[long whistle]
Your house was searched.
The police found your...
Ah. Hello.
What they found is not
the home of a healthy man.
I can help you, Kurt.
But you have to work with me.
The police report indicated
that you'd become involved
with a man named Noe.
A self-fashioned
doomsday prophet.
His real name is Allen Green.
He was arrested
and convicted twice
in the United States
for fraud since moving here.
He's a con man, Kurt.
Not a prophet.
You are sick,
and you've been clinging to
the ravings of a false prophet
to reinforce your beliefs.
The world is not ending.
What about the storms?
Yes, the scope was
historic, record-breaking.
But we are talking about the
records of only 100 years.
That's a drop in the bucket
of the history of our planet.
Something is changing.
But there is no more
evidence to suggest
we are on the verge of a
sudden, cataclysmic ending
than there is
to indicate we are not.
And the storms have ended.
In your case, after the
trauma you've experienced,
these kinds of delusions
are common.
In fact, they are exactly what
men like Allen Green feed on.
Now I'm going to go through
a checklist with you,
and I need you
to answer honestly.
Have you experienced any audio
or visual hallucinations?
Kurt, are you listening to me?
It's important.
Have you experienced any audio
or visual hallucinations?
Don't listen to him.
He's just asking you these
questions to hear himself speak.
[exhausted laugh]
Tell him what you did.
Tell him about the three nights
on the mountain.
Tell him
how many men you killed.
Tell him what we did together.
It's you and me
against the world, buddy.
I'm sure you oughta
know that by now.
[man] He's not gonna be
easy to crack.
[man 2] 'Cause he's
fucking insane.
I was robbed
by a fucking madman.
How the hell am I supposed
to recover my money now?
We have our people turning
the house upside down.
If it's in there, we'll find it.
Give me some time.
We have to use a task force
that doesn't involve us.
Dead men are not useful for me.
I want my money first.
And then you can do
whatever you want.
I told you, I don't have
a fucking lawyer.
Shut the fuck up, loony!
[door buzzes open]
He's over there.
How you doing?
What's the matter? You look
like you've seen a ghost.
No, not a ghost.
Allen Green.
Not a ghost.
Definitely not a prophet.
Nothing special really. Just...
Just a professional hustler, yeah?
Allen Green.
You know, I can't believe I
actually bought into your bullshit.
What are you doing here anyways? I thought
you'd be off in the mountains by now,
like, hiding in a little cave
or something.
Unfortunately, after
the incident in the park,
the police confiscated our bus
and all the supplies on it.
I myself had to go into hiding.
The reason for the disguise.
Oh. Well, that's...
That's terrible.
I'm sorry to hear that.
What will you do?
How will you survive?
Oh, right, yeah, I forgot.
You're a fucking survivalist.
You saved our lives.
Unfortunately, the men you
killed work for powerful people.
Those guys collect money
for the guy you robbed.
And to them,
I'm as guilty as you are.
I didn't steal money
from anyone.
How much money did you scam off all
the people that believed in you?
I never scammed anybody, Kurt.
Storms are over, all right?
[slams bars]
They're done.
And I'm in here,
stuck in a fucking loony bin.
But you know what?
This place is not so bad.
The storms are not done, Kurt.
We're just in the eye
of the hurricane.
It's a bit clinical maybe.
But, you know,
what they lack in design...
they really make up for
in service.
You listen to me.
The storms are not over. This is
merely the calm before the storm.
These are the end of days, Kurt,
the end of days.
You were destined
for more than this.
Don't do this to yourself.
Don't do it.
Who told you these things? Who
told you these things about me?
That was in another life.
Forget it.
I think it was that girl
you were seeing, her father.
Forget it. It's bullshit.
You saved our lives,
you understand me?
You saved our lives.
You stood up.
You showed up. You showed
who you really were.
Don't give it up now. Don't
sink back into that place.
You are my hero.
Fuck everybody else. Fuck them.
Okay. Okay.
I'm gonna get you out of here.
I'm gonna get you out of here.
Calm down.
I'm gonna calm down too.
Okay. Okay, get a grip.
You get a grip.
Come on. Come on.
You get a grip.
[woman shouting]
You're mine! You're mine!
Do you hear me, fresh meat?
You're mine! You're mine!
Do you hear me, fresh meat?
You're mine!
- You're my fucking fresh meat!
- Shut the fuck up!
[continues shouting]
[Kurt narrating] Allen Green,
where are the storms?
[man] Hey.
What are you doing?
Huh? [Laughs]
[electricity crackling] Huh?
1,000 volts, motherfucker.
You killed Romhess, didn't you?
Gomez told us all about
that shit, you sick fuck.
Get the fuck down!
Get on your fucking knees. Get
on your fucking knees, man!
[shouting, muttering]
Yeah! Yeah!
Yeah! Yeah!
Fuck you, faggot!
- Fuckin'... [shouts]
- [groaning]
[laughs] Yeah.
Come on!
You're fucking sweet... Fuck you.
Fucking nigger.
Blond ass... [muttering]
Is mine. I'm gonna fucking
kill you. Fucking kike.
I ain't no fucking faggot!
[muffled screaming] [cackling]
[groaning, gasping]
[shouts, laughs]
You are so lucky.
Your lawyer pulled some strings,
so I could get you out of here.
But the deal
is only good for today.
So, if I see you here tomorrow,
you are my new pet!
Ooh! A Nazi.
Always wanted me
one of them for a pet.
Now get the fuck out of here!
[laughter echoing]
No, no, no! Wait, wait, wait!
Wait, wait.
I'm here to help.
The guards out front,
they're switching over.
There's room for you to leave,
but you have to go now.
So what, you're... you're
a double agent now?
Needed a new line of work.
Uh, here, for you.
What's this?
It's from the preacher,
a change of clothes.
You'll never get out of here
wearing the stuff you are now.
That's a satellite phone.
Something about the satellite
still being functional
a while after the final storm.
But you have to leave now,
okay? Please.
Quick. All right, thanks.
Don't thank me.
Thank the preacher.
You know where he is? He's getting ready
to leave.
He said I should join him
after he's gone.
But... Wait.
Hit me.
Don't fuck around, okay?
You know those guys.
They'll kill me.
[thunder rumbling]
[Kurt narrating]
They found my shelter.
But, thank God, not the bunker.
[phone rings]
[speaking Spanish]
Are you fucking kidding me?
How the fuck could he escape
from that facility?
Tell the police to not do
anything until I tell them.
We'll take care of this.
Listen, Gomez,
there's something else.
I'm putting you in charge
of security detail for Jessica.
I am worried about her
getting tangled up in this.
Keep that nutjob away from her.
I don't care
what she thinks about this.
You just do what I command.
[thunder rumbling]
[generator whirring]
[Johnny] You can't
just let it go, can you?
Look at you.
You know, maybe she left.
Maybe she gave up on you.
I don't know.
Or maybe she was in on it. Who knows?
But you know what?
You're gonna go out there, you're
gonna fucking get yourself killed.
These guys are fucking dangerous, Kurt.
Do you not see that?
You're fucking walking into a suicide
and you won't even look at me.
Look at me!
You don't have to put that coat on, okay?
Don't put that coat...
You know what we have to do?
Even if the world doesn't end,
you could use a vacation.
So what say you and me, we go
into the mountains, all right?
We have a fucking break
of our own.
I'm sorry, Johnny.
I'm sorry I couldn't save you.
[softly] I'm sorry
I couldn't save you.
Bye, Johnny.
Well, see you around?
Yeah, on the dark side
of the moon.
[soft chuckle]
[man on radio] ...are forecasting
winds of up to 80 miles an hour
and 60 inches of drenching rain
over the next 24 hours,
- like a world record.
- [sirens wailing]
The emergency services have advised
taking shelter and keeping informed.
This weather is totally
out of control,
and there will be more
around the corner.
[Kurt narrating] Jessica told me she
didn't want to die alone in the cold.
Neither do I.
What are you doing here?
You have to go!
He waited for you
while everyone was telling him
that you were killed in war.
But he never believed that.
Until one day, you showed up.
Brave. You must be brave.
My daddy told me that.
It's just a matter of time,
boss. He's a lonely puto.
Yes. If you give us just
one more day, we'll get him.
Where's Jessica?
Fucking great.
I have paid half of the
fucking city to look for you,
and you just fucking
waltz in my door.
I really like
your daughter, okay?
So I don't want
to have to shoot you.
You do love my daughter, huh?
Yes, sir.
And I need to know
where she is right now.
Shit happens.
Don't fuck around!
So, here you are, you sick fuck.
Calm down, Gomez. Don't shoot.
Where's Jessica?
That's right.
Where the fuck is she?
You're supposed
to be watching her. Yeah, yeah.
But let me kill
this bloody thief first.
I'm not a thief. All right?
I didn't take your money.
I'm gonna reach into
my pocket now, okay?
Hey, hey, don't move.
Don't move.
Hey. Hey! Let him talk.
I want you to hear
your friend here talk.
You might have some
questions for him after.
Or maybe, just maybe,
it means I pay a little visit
to your girlfriend.
Oh, fuck, I know
she's the boss's daughter.
But then, he'd never know.
I could make sure he never knew.
Oh, poor daddy.
The fucking things I could do
to that little, tiny, tight,
maybe-not-so-wet cooze.
Hey. Hey. [Mutters in Spanish]
Come on. [Spanish continues]
Come on. You fucking robbed me!
Come on!
You saw
the security camera video.
He was sneaking by the vault door.
He took the bloody money.
Wait! There's a reasonable
explanation for everything.
What is it?
Just tell me. Come on.
It was just a tactic.
I was working him over.
[chuckles] Look at him.
I mean, a guy like that...
What the fuck are you...
[groans] Fuck.
[gasping] Hey, kid.
Find my daugh... [gurgles]
[loud thud]
[sirens blaring]
[people shouting]
[Kurt narrating] You ever wonder
how different life would be
if certain things
never happened?
You know, the things
that you don't want.
And you gotta accept
things you don't want to know
but you gotta learn.
From our beginning,
it was clear that we were new.
[breathing filtered]
Power we held, and it grew.
Until it grew out of control.
And now we're gliding
towards the end.
All I've ever done is survive.
And maybe that's all
anyone ever does.
Until you don't.
And then, what dreams may come?
[wind howling]
[Noe's voice] "Visions, omens",
miracles, ecstasies...
Gone down the American river.
Dreams, adorations,
illuminations, religions.
The whole boatload
of sensitive bullshit.
Breakthroughs... Over the river.
Flips and crucifixions...
Gone down the flood.
Highs, epiphanies, despairs.
Ten years' animal screams
and suicides.
Minds, new loves.
Mad generation
down on the rocks of time.
Real holy laughter in the river.
They saw it all...
The wild eyes, the holy yells.
They bade farewell.
They jumped off the roof
to solitude,
waving, carrying flowers.
"Down to the river,
into the street."
[explosions][artillery fire]
[Noe's voice continues] "In my dreams,
you walk dripping from a sea journey"
on the highway across America
in tears to the door
of my cottage
"in the Western night."
[sobbing] Shh.
It's okay.
[sobbing continues] It's okay.
[Jessica crying]
[satellite phone rings]