The Last Race (2018) Movie Script

There's a lot of cars
here tonight.
- We're gonna have a full field.
- Cool.
And both, uh-- Who?
Brian and Jessica are here.
- Cohen and Smith.
- Jessica's gonna race?
- Her car's here.
- Oh, come on.
Don't tell me that.
You didn't see it in practice?
You didn't see
the blue number eight?
- No!
- It's here.
- No.
- Yep.
And the--
And the flat black 84.
I know the 84's here,
but he's not so--
Yeah, he's bad,
but he's not-- Oh...
- He gets out the way.
- He gets out the way.
She thinks she's a race car driver,
and she's gonna race you.
She's all right.
She doesn't bother me.
Me and her have a special bond.
- I--I know.
- Okay?
I've seen. I've given
you a Sawzall
to cut your fender
off your front tire.
I know.
I had to use all my restraint
not to fucking wreck her
in that last race.
Oh, I'm sure.
- So instead, I lapped her four times.
- He's setting up the car.
Let's see if we can
give him advice.
That guy , he's got
a phenomenal car.
- What, that Monte?
- Yep, that's-- No, that 39.
- Bob Muller with the red--
- Oh, yeah.
That's a fucking--
That thing is--
You ever seen underneath
the hood of that thing?
- It's immaculate.
- Yeah, I know.
- Could eat off of it.
- I know.
If he don't win
Best Looking Car,
then there's something
wrong with this track.
Yeah, no, absolutely.
It's not me.
You think?
We don't look good.
We're just-- We like to go fast.
Riverhead Raceway.
Everything starts
at six o' clock.
We finish up about 9:00, 9:30.
It's-- Yes, it's, uh, 30 for adults,
five dollars for children.
Six to 12 is the child and
five and under are free.
Okay, see you later.
Ah, it's always nice to have a
first-time guy come with five kids.
Ladies first, thank you.
Um, once again,
we welcome you back.
It's, uh, 37 years for us,
so it's 37 years
of "welcome back."
Never gets tired of--
of saying it.
Never get tired of being here
and seeing you all.
I mean, the cars look
absolutely gorgeous,
all of them, we know the hard
work that goes into them,
and we thank you for it.
And we're gonna have
a great year this year.
1 just know it.
So best of luck to everybody.
Well, I'll ditto all of that,
and, uh, let's hope that
this day's weather
is what we're gonna get--
is a prelude
for the rest of the season.
Give a special hello from--
from our daughter, Robin.
Uh, we just want
everyone to know
that, uh,
she's had some problems,
and she loves everybody
here at the track,
and, uh...
and I think that's
about it for me,
uh, so thanks a lot,
and good racing.
We are going racing, guys.
Be awake.
Bill Wegmann Jr.,
second generation driver,
and the "Pistol Paul Parisi.
Getting ready to rumble.
Twenty laps blunderbust style.
Usually this division
provides us
with some great race finishes
on the last lap.
Wegmann, Parisi.
Green flag flies.
Dueling green flags
from Mike Rickert.
It's a drag race
to turn number one,
with 8,400 pounds
of blunderbust leading the way,
and it's Bill Wegmann, Jr.
to put the Crackerjack Auto
Stores number 76 out in front.
The "Pistol Paul Parisi
tries to settle into second,
but here comes the Jack Attack,
Jack Handley, Jr.
He and Tom Pucci
go side-by-side.
Pucci to the inside
in the Ferrandino & Sons
number 51.
Handley will take third away
riding the outside groove
in his Liccardi Builders
Bill Wegmann Jr. continues
to hold the lead.
Three of 20 in the books.
The "Pistol" Paul Parisi second,
but the car to keep your eyes on
is 17-year-old lead foot,
Jack Handley Jr.,
who will return
to Patchogue-Medford High School
in a few weeks
to continue
his high school studies.
He's underneath Parisi
going into one and two.
And Jack Handley Jr.
will bring the number 49
to position number two.
Parisi settles to third
in the Tidewater Dock Builders,
number 69.
Jimmy "The Kid" White Jr.
brings the Busy Bee Pest Control
number 32 to fourth.
Meanwhile, back up front,
Jack Handley Jr. is closing in,
and in a hurry,
on your race leader
Bill Wegmann Jr.
The driver of the Crackerjack
Auto Stores number 76
is about to feel the heat
big time Saturday night
from Jack Handley Jr.
Parisi remains third,
White fourth, Langdon fifth.
The "Wild Child" Tommy Walkowiak
has raced his way to sixth
and brought
the defending champion,
"Slick Pick Tom Pickerell
to seventh.
Oh, baby.
We're getting set up
for one of those classic
blunderbust finishes.
Okay, this photo that
we're looking at here
was taken at Freeport Stadium,
uh, either 1963 or '64,
coming down
the main straightaway
following car number 393,
Red Reynor,
and ahead of us
a couple of car lengths
was Bruno Brackey
in the black and white car,
and he spun out, and he
blocked most of the track,
but Red Reynor kept going.
So I said, "Well, if Red
Reynor's keeping going,
that mean-- that mean he
figures he can get through.
But he didn't get through.
He locked up on the back
of Bruno Brackey's car
and stopped short,
and I went right up
over top of his car.
If you look in the photo,
I'm flying through the air.
My four wheels
are off the ground.
Went another 15 feet or so
and took down a telephone pole,
and then...
Here's the picture of the after,
after the car was wrecked
before they towed it away.
Um, it actually took
the carburetors,
took the radiator apart,
took the carburetors
right off the intake manifold,
and all I got out of it
was a few bruises
and a lot of broken glass,
but it was a memorable
night, that's for sure.
How's that?
Freeport Stadium.
Harnett Raceway.
Holmes Airport.
Jackson Heights.
Island Gardens in Hempstead.
Islip Speedway.
Juniper Valley Park, Queens.
Long Island Motor Parkway.
Montauk Point on the street.
Madison Square Garden
Bowl in Queens.
Maspeth Fairgrounds.
Mineola Fairgrounds.
Nassau Coliseum.
National Speedway.
Oakwood Park.
Riverhead Street.
Riverhead Fairgrounds.
Riverhead Raceway, paved.
Ridgewood Oval.
Roosevelt Raceway.
Roosevelt Raceway
half-mile dirt.
Sports Arena in Brooklyn.
Suffolk County Air Base.
Speonk Raceway.
Sheepshead Bay,
Springfield to Babylon.
With all those tracks,
course 99 percent of them
are now defunct,
they're gone.
Riverhead is here.
A square piece of property.
There's business
coming in this way,
business coming in this way,
this way and this way,
and it's gonna squeeze
'em out eventually.
When Riverhead goes,
that will be the end of
racing on Long Island.
Hi, my name is Millie Thomas.
I'm the broker/owner
of Landmark Realty
in Wading River.
It's just about eight miles west
of Riverhead Raceway
where we are today.
I've been a realtor
for about 20 years.
The area has seen
considerable growth.
I started coming out
to Riverhead
when I was a little girl.
On the weekends,
my parents had
a summer house here,
and we would shop
Downtown Riverhead.
It was a Main Street area only.
A couple of shops
as well as a supermarket,
and that's pretty much
what Riverhead used to be.
It's a commercial area
that has grown
and continuing to grow,
and this piece of property
is worth millions of dollars.
Whether or not
the family wants to sell it,
that's another story,
but it's sitting in the middle
of complete growth
in the Riverhead area.
I mean, to see it bulldozed over
for another shopping center
is really not what--
what we personally
would like to see
if we can avoid it,
and so we keep
our fingers crossed.
As far as selling it,
like when we feel days
like today
when you don't feel so good
and it would be nice
to be home relaxing,
and not worrying,
and not have all the stress
and the problems
that we know will--
You know, there
will be problems tonight,
that's just the way it goes,
and, um... Right?
So some days we say well,
we could do without it,
but, uh... but the other thing
is much more overriding.
What was the other question?
Yeah, even when Barbara was
in the rehab hospital,
that's all she really wanted
to know was, uh--
Thank God for telephones,
and I kept her up
to date on everything.
And it was easy for me
because she set up
such great patterns
here, and so,
uh, it, uh...
But it wasn't the same
with her not being here
so I can tell you that.
What the fuck is that all about?
- You hit me.
- No, fuck--
You just dove down
in front of me.
You know what,
get the fuck out of your car.
I'm gonna fuck you up.
What, you got a fucking problem?
Get out of your
fucking car right now.
Get out.
I'm gonna fuck you up.
- Ll didn't run at your car.
- Yeah?
Come here. Come here.
This fucking asshole in the 71
just smashed into me
after caution's done.
And he just told me
he's going to come kick my ass.
Fucking guy's an asshole.
The 71 dove down and says,
"Why'd you hit me?"
Yo, I'm fucking running
second place or third place.
I mean--
So you know what he just said?
"I'm gonna come
and kick your ass, you fucker.
And that's when he smashed
into me again sitting still.
I mean, come on.
They better throw his ass out
or I'm gonna ride-- I'm gonna
fuck him up if you don't.
The fucking asshole in the 71.
So then he fucking says to me...
Gettin' out of the
car now. Let's make some noise
for "Krazy" Ed Mistretta!
And Shrek
took the ride with him.
Shrek over here inside the car.
Well, Eddie, on behalf
of Buzz Chew Chevrolet
and Cadillac,
it was supposed to be their
night at the races last week.
That's been rescheduled
for August 12th,
but since you guys have
the nightoff, you get the, uh--
the Buzz Chew trophy
here tonight.
A great run.
- You're back.
- Thank you.
- I can't even talk.
- It's got to be--
No, let's talk about it.
It's been a hot day.
How hot was it getting
inside this car?
Very hot.
I'm, like, out of breath.
This win was for my father.
Passed away...
Yeah, and that was
dedicated to my dad.
My dad died on
the 29th of July,
so this was
the win for my dad,
so that's why I wanted
to show you the video.
So it felt good to pull it off,
and now we'll just keep winning
after that as much as we can.
Next thing you know
I bought the car.
I just bought
a new truck last week.
Oh, yeah, I had just bought
a new truck too.
So what'd you think
of the video, pretty good?
We spoke about
when we met each other
that you're gonna
back up on that.
Now they are pushing you
to go back racing
because you agreed that you
probably were not gonna do it.
They are pushing you so much,
calling you so much,
that you decided to do it,
and you have to remember you
were planning to get married,
having a house together.
That's a lot of expenses
-and all that.
- Well, I was hoping you're rich
- so you could cover that.
- But I am not.
I'm only kidding.
- But I am not, and I--
- No, I understand that.
I understand that.
Like you said.
I guess it's in the blood.
I followed
my father's footsteps.
Been around the track
since I was born.
Last time I saw my dad,
I took a win for him
in New Jersey.
I know my father had tears
in his eyes.
He always says to me,
"You go do it,"
he says,
"I know you'll be good at it."
And when he saw
me win, he goes,
"Now I know you're gonna be
better than me,
he says,
"So don't ever give up on it."
He says, "And if you love
what you're doing,
don't stop till you
can't do it no more."
You have breathing problems.
You having sinus problem.
You have high cholesterol.
You have all your heart
attacks and stents,
and you have to...
I think you forget
a little bit about that
and worry about the racing
more than your health.
Well, it's funny to say,
but when you get in a race car,
you could have pain in your arm,
soon as you get
on that racetrack,
you don't have pain in your arm.
Dalton, we can go this way.
There's one in the front
and one in the back.
They're German hornets.
Do not slam
that ladder on there.
It'll be one of the worst
mistakes you ever make.
- Take this.
- You will get torn the fuck up.
- What are you gonna have?
- Eggs.
- Eggs?
- All-righty.
- Bugsy, you make it. I'm--
- You guys set the table.
I'll make the breakfast,
all right?
You get the eggs
from down there already?
I got 'em this morning.
Yeah, okay.
Somebody's got to wake
the chickens up.
Had to wake
the goddamn chickens up,
and sit around here for three
hours before you get here.
Am I gonna need my, uh...
calm-me-down pills today or not?
- What?
- I'll make a roll I guess.
- Right?
- You don't want eggs?
You can make me eggs,
but I'll eat a roll
- in the meantime.
- All right.
I see rolls there.
I'm pretty sure--
Like, even last week.
It cost you, what,
two wheels, two tires,
and a week's worth of work.
- Now--
- Rims, tie rod.
New tie rod ends just from
his anger management problem.
- But--
- Yeah, we need a win
- to pay for it now.
- What goes around comes around.
He bring it on himself.
So now you got, like,
- a few seconds now.
- Okay, ready?
Al right.
Just tell me about yourself.
Tell me what you do
and where you're from
- and what you do here.
- Well, I, um--
Oh, okay, sure.
Hi, everybody.
I just want to let you know
that I been--
we been doing this filming here
at Riverhead Raceway
for 25 years,
and starting last week,
we taped the whole show
from start to finish here
at Riverhead Raceway,
and then, um...
I had fun
taking the tapes home at night,
and replaying 'em,
and making copies
for all the winners
out here at Riverhead Raceway.
- Right, Bob?
- That's right.
Oh, the-- Oh, the house?
Alright , that came with
the years of experience
and my request.
I-- We started down on
the ground 25 years ago,
and it was just
getting too crowded.
People were walking in front
of the camera all the time,
- so I moved up here for--
- Good evening,
ladies and gentlemen.
It's officially time...
So I'll see you later.
We're getting ready
to go for the show.
So thanks a lot, everybody,
and we'll talk to you later.
Thank you.
Tonight, it--
Oh, God.
- Oh!
- Is he out?
Oh, God!
Now, did you breathe in?
Nope, I held my breath
the whole time.
- The whole entire time?
- Yeah, that's ultimately
what they told me
saved my life.
/ mean, do you remember
it at all, besides--
I remember it
from beginning to end.
To the helicopter, to begging
the guy for more morphine,
to almost wrecking
the helicopter.
Going into the hospital.
Getting put into an ice tank
to cool my body off.
I remember the scrub downs.
I remember every shower.
It was miserable.
That was the worst part.
The ambulance wouldn't
come onto the track
till the car fire went out.
I had to sit there and wait
a good four or five minutes,
and I was just talking
to my sister the whole time,
just trying to talk to her
'cause I looked down,
I saw my shinbone.
That's how bad my right leg was.
Hit the window.
Hit the window.
Come on,
you got to get the window.
- That's the money shot.
- Is that it?
That back window
is the money shot.
My wrist is killing me.
That back shots the w--
Oh, come on.
- I'm not hitting the window.
- Come on.
I got to clean up
the glass then, dude.
- I'm not cleaning up glass.
- Ah, stop.
Got bolts in there.
Right there.
Don't drop them bolts.
This thing's heavier
and heavier.
It never got lighter.
- The heaviest car to push...
- Good.
That's it.
Flip it around.
Is it on the wrong way?
It's the wrong way, right?
Just put it down.
There you go.
- It's not flush.
- Just let go.
I got to get this side first.
- It's not good.
- It is good.
The bolt right here
isn't lined up.
It will line up.
Right here.
This one, Dad.
Jack Handley Jr. out of Medford
Last week he won the race,
but post-race tech was found
with an unapproved cam shaft.
The team, Dennis Krupski
and the Liccardi Builders
49 team went to work.
Lots of hours in the shop.
Another motor,
another cam shaft in the car,
and it did not matter.
Jack Handley Jr.
is a winner here tonight
at Riverhead Raceway,
and if there was ever a way
to atone for the DQ last week,
this young Patchogue-Medford
High School student
showed you how it's done.
That's my son's trunk lid.
You know, he bought this car
and started driving it around,
and I says, "You know,
that's just like my race car.
I says, "I'm gonna get
that car one day for parts.
He said, "No way."
Well, he ended up
blowing the motor in the car,
bought a new one,
and here it is.
I got his whole car back here.
Doors, fenders, hoods.
I can't carry them all out,
but there's a story
behind each piece.
These are all my spare parts.
For anybody that wants
to get rough with me,
go for it because I got--
I got it covered.
That's why I'm not afraid to hit
none of you guys out there.
That's why you're all mad
at me all the time.
But anyway, on my spare time
when I'm not working
on my race car,
I actually have
a soft side of me
that likes to garden.
He-- Right here
we got my tomato plants,
which are always the best.
I make tomato sauce.
The best.
And then I have my flowers.
The reason for the flowers and
the tomatoes next to each other
is 'cause the bumble bees
like the flowers,
and they pollinate the tomatoes,
if anybody knows
anything about that.
I have blueberries.
Blueberries every spring.
No problem.
My morning glories.
You come out here in the morning,
this whole bush is lit up.
And we end up over here
by the raspberries that you
could see are full of bees.
That's why they're here too
'cause the raspberries .
Actually, the bees love
the raspberry smell,
and the bees pollinate
everything else.
You have to have bees.
You don't have any bees,
you don't have any garden.
Plain and simple.
It's the way it works.
All right, can you--
You can hear me?
Okay, great.
It's, uh--
I'm standing across the street
from the Riverhead Raceway,
right in front of Route 58,
which is now a four-lane road
with about 26,000 cars
going by a day.
The property
that I'm standing on right now
used to be all woods,
about 40 acres,
and it was cleared
in a matter of days.
Uh, it's the future home
of a large shopping center
with Costco and about--
The first phase is about
270,000 square feet,
and the next phase is probably
another 200,000 square feet.
So this is really ground zero
for development
around the Riverhead Raceway.
Across the street,
you have a 13-acre
piece of property
that used to be all wooded.
That was cleared
in a matter of days.
The buildings are up.
Probably will open fairly soon.
It's gonna be a supermarket,
a sporting goods store,
and another array
of restaurants.
And to our west, slightly,
is where a new Super Walmart
is gonna go up.
Uh, that was another piece
that was all woods,
cleared, about 17 acres.
Walmart is actually down
the street in a smaller store,
and they wanted a bigger store,
and they want it
to be right here,
again, right by the Raceway.
Wave these cars off...
Ladies and gentlemen always...
Blast off the excitement
with these cars.
Bill Wegmann Jr.
The "Pistol" Paul Parisi.
Well, I tell you what.
16-year-old Jack Handley Jr.
the "Jack attack",
one of the more popular drivers
in the pit,
good young man,
is just instinctive
in this kind of situation.
And just make sure you visit
Jack Handley Jr. after the race.
He's fourth in a row,
at 16 years old.
His disposition,
you won't be able to tell,
but only one racer
had that misfortune.
He has bridged young age,
a true professional,
and has the right attitude.
You can't even tell me...
He's just hanging out
and having a good time.
That's it.
That's the way to do it.
"Jack attack" Jack Handley Jr.
on the outside...
Strong hand.
You want me to...
1 got the...
What's that?
That's my mother.
Rubber bands?
- Be careful.
- Okay.
Don't take anything personal.
Hey, come here. I got that--
I got that tape
you were looking for.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
Come on over.
Just come on over here.
Don't even see
the cameras are there.
Nice to see you.
And here's that tape
I promised you from last week.
When the camera goes off,
give it me back.
Yeah, yeah.
- So how you doing?
- Good, good.
Good luck tonight.
Good luck tonight,
and I'll see you--
where I want to see you.
- Yeah, in the lead.
- Yeah, there you go.
- All right, good luck.
- You got it.
Thank you very much.
Is Jack here?
Come here, Jackie. Oops.
Hey, Jack.
Hi, Jack, how are you?
- How you doing today?
- Good.
Here's that tape
I promised for you, okay?
- Thank you.
- And, uh...
- And good luck tonight.
- Thanks.
- Huh?
- You gonna be videoing?
Yeah, we'll be there.
All right, sounds good.
All right, so we'll talk
to you later, okay?
- All right.
- Thanks very much.
Here you go.
Thank you.
You know,
we go to Florida in the winter
and our friends there,
you know,
the big topic of conversation
when you're retired
is what bridge game
you're gonna play,
or where you're gonna have
dinner, and that kind of thing.
I mean,
we always had this other life.
Life is--
We're still part of life
and youth, in our own way,
and it's a good feeling.
So, you know, you just don't
toss that away so readily.
When work is all you've known
all your life,
to give it up,
it's a tremendous decision.
And a lot of people just die
when they do it
because they get so depressed,
and, um...
Most people are not happy
when they retire.
He's a fucking
piece of shit.
He runs everybody
like a fucking asshole.
If he comes near me again...
And I'm telling you something,
you fucking ever touch me again,
I'll fucking knock you
the fuck out.
You come up to my driver,
I'm gonna knock you out.
Fuck you, I didn't touch him.
I fucking was talking to him.
You touch me again,
I'll knock you the fuck out.
No, you had your hand
in the car to the driver.
Now, you see my son
going over to your driver
like a fucking man?
That's fine.
Let the drivers deal with it.
Why the troops?
Go fuck yourself.
I've never driven in a race.
I mean, I've driven a race car.
I had fun going in...
the car and driving it around,
but, I mean,
I just can't imagine
the com-- you know,
the adrenaline that gets going
when you strap yourself
into a race car,
and the feeling
that you must have,
and, um...
and then it goes on afterwards,
you know, the discussions
and "what did we do wrong?"
"What did we do right?"
"How can we fix it?"
"How can we make it better?"
And, I don't know.
And then you--
You know, the kids--
the little kids in the pits,
and they--
they look up to these drivers.
I mean, this guy that,
what does he do?
Maybe he's got a plumbing store,
he's got a shoe store,
he's got the...
He's a regular guy,
but he comes to the racetrack,
and he's a hero.
And the kids look at them
with such adulation,
and they get their autographs,
and, uh...
I don't know where you
get that anywhere else.
The, um...
The love.
I get very emotional.
Why am I so emotional?
Anyway, it touches lives
in a very strong way.
A way that you don't get--
you just, you just don't
get anywhere else.
This is really what
it's all about.
This-- This, uh...
interplay that goes on
between human beings.
No, we'll hang in there
and, you know what?
God works in mysterious ways.
You never know
what's gonna happen.
The next flag I want to talk
about is the caution flag.
This flag God's been
waving at our lives
since we were teenagers, okay?
At the racetrack, you know,
the drivers hate it,
'cause they just get driving,
like last night at the track,
you know, this-- there--
Half a lap
and there's a caution
flag, half a lap
there's a caution flag,
and you never get to race.
They're like,
"Oh, man, another caution flag."
Because racers, and like us,
do we want to be
pulled off to the side
and have to be dealt with
or have somebody...?
We just want to keep on racing!
But God is telling us
like he tells the racers,
"Your tire's falling off.
Your car is on fire."
"No, I'm okay.
I can keep going.
I'm doing good.
I don't want to stop.
And if you don't listen
to the yellow flag,
your crew can't come
and fix you, right?
And who's waving the flags?
The officials.
A lot of times we don't
like the officials, right?
Sometimes the officials
don't get our love
because the officials
make the call,
and in some ways, the officials,
they're the law.
They're the law,
and God is the law,
and we're gonna have
to obey God's law
whether we like it or not,
but, brethren,
I want you to think,
is God waving the caution
flag in your life?
Is he saying, "I'm trying
to get your attention.
Maybe everything
that's happening in your life
or has happened,
has simply been me
waving the caution flag,
and saying,
'I'm over here.
You can't do this by yourself.
You need me.
"No, I'm fine.
Some people say,
"Well, you know,
"I'm waiting till I'm 95,
and then I'll pull over.
You know?
God says, "They're gonna be--
It could be too late.
Um, my name is George Muse.
I'm the owner--
well, I'm not the owner.
I'm the worldly owner
of the Comet here.
Um, my name is
on the registration.
Personally, I believe
that God owns all things,
and he gave me the privilege
of owning this car.
Um, I've owned it
for about 25 years.
I've always been in love with
muscle cars since I was a kid.
Shout to the North
and the South
Sing to the East
and the West
Jesus is savior to all
Lord of heaven and earth
We will shout to the
North and the South
And sing to the East
and the West
Jesus is savior of all
Lord of heaven and earth
Lord of heaven and earth
Lord of heaven and earth
The racetrack next
door is the perfect location.
It's just a question of time
before Jim and Barbara
give it up or they pass on
and their kids allow us
to develop the property
and, uh-- and accept a price
that makes economic sense
for us to develop it.
Oh, I hate that shot.
Some people might say
that the development
of the racetrack
would be a bad thing,
and that it would be taking away
a piece of history,
and that might be so
for a limited audience
that's interested
in the racetrack,
but for the masses that are
interested in going to movies,
and restaurants,
and the theater and the like,
they would probably get
a great relief
by having the race track
go away.
Wow, what a great putt.
We're tired.
It's just that simple.
And coming out here
week after week,
and-- I mean,
we live out of a suitcase.
Every Friday,
I pack a suitcase
and we stay Friday
and Saturday night,
and we go back on Sunday.
It's hard.
We decided to sell.
Tomorrow is a double show.
The last show.
That's why we do this,
- You got it!
- Why we do it!
You got it, motherfucker!
- Motherfucker!
- That's why we do it!
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