The Last Rebel (1971) Movie Script

That reb never misses.
How many we lose
last night?
A couple.
Four or five.
Casualties, Sergeant?
Done lit out.
By the principles of war,
that is still
considered desertion.
I don't know
about no considering.
Now's the time to get,
if you're quick enough.
Well, you ain't.
You taking pretty good care
of that weapon,
don't you, Hollis?
I guess I kind of like
something simple
I can hold on to.
SOLDIER: I guess everybody
needs something to hold on to.
Some people need to
believe in something,
and other people
need to touch something.
Well, I wouldn't know
anything about that.
General Lee
has surrendered in Virginia.
We are hereby ordered
to lay down our arms.
Do you surrender
your men, sir?
You are surrendering
to those men, sir.
You will show a white flag
so that they can see it.
Where you going, Hollis?
Not to no Yankee prison camp.
I'm coming, too.
Not with me,
you ain't.
Thank you, ma'am.
That'll be a dollar each.
I'm Matt Graves, girlie.
Heard of me, ain't ya?
Matt Graves?
Why don't you take care
of the bill here?
With what?
I'll be busy with
that fellow over there,
trying to trade
off our horses.
So just tell him
who you are.
So if you give me them
two horses over there, $10,
I figure you've made
yourself a good trade.
No deal.
You couldn't
give them horses away.
I could if I had to.
Well, you gotta
teach him a lesson.
Joined the Yankee army
and won the war.
Let me have that nigger.
Put him on a horse.
What took you so long?
Just covering your rear.
Last time I saved
a nigger's life, he said,
uh, "Thank you, sir."
You got a name?
HOLLIS: Rough nick, huh?
My name's Hollis.
This here is the
famous Matt Graves,
you probably heard about.
I don't like the way
things are going.
What I mean is,
here we are,
two busted rebels out
in the middle of nowhere
with a rock in our pockets.
The way I see it,
we been running so long
we don't know
how to do nothing else.
It's time we stop, boy,
dug our heels in.
What did you have in mind?
I been doing some figuring.
Well, you with me?
It sounded like
damn fool talk last night,
but in daylight...
Doo doo doo doo doo
doo doo-doo doo doo doo
That fool's
gonna get himself shot.
Doo doo doo doo doo
doo doo-doo doo doo doo
Doo doo-doo doo
doo doo doo doo doo doo
Doo doo doo doo doo
doo doo-doo doo doo doo
Doo doo-doo doo doo
doo doo doo doo doo
Doo doo doo doo doo
doo doo-doo doo doo doo
Doo doo-doo doo
doo doo doo doo doo doo
Are you bandits?
Not so as you would think it.
"I can't stand
to see a soul suffer, ma'am."
He ain't said 10 words
to me in two years.
One pretty face
and he's as full of woe
as a river Baptist.
Doing better than you.
The best you can drive?
You're welcome
to take over.
Oh, I may.
Where can we find the sheriff?
I'll be fine now,
thank you.
I'll expect you
at the ranch.
It will be my pleasure, ma'am.
"It will be
my pleasure, ma'am."
Whenever you're ready,
You got lead
in your britches?
What the hell y'all want?
If you're the sheriff,
we got two dead men out here.
So you're the boys that
brought in the stage, huh?
You better have a good reason
for getting me up
this time of day.
You there!
Yes, you.
Is Captain Hollis about?
He's in talking
to the sheriff, ma'am.
Please, give him this
when he comes out.
Don't lose it.
I'll make an effort to, ma'am.
And thank you again.
No reward, huh?
Well, that's the thanks
a citizen gets
for risking his neck.
Come on, Matt.
SHERIFF: Hold on, reb.
I noticed you boys are
still wearing your uniforms.
No cause to shoot, Sheriff.
The war is over.
You boys come into this town
like you won the war.
Let me tell you
something, reb.
A lot of you boys been
coming around here lately.
Most of you looking
for handouts,
some of you for action.
Well, I give everybody
the same chance,
one hour to get out.
I wasn't planning
on settling down.
That your nigger out there?
(LAUGHS) You just make sure
you take him along, boy.
Get out there
and clean up that stage.
Go on!
What's that, a stud fee?
No, it's a reward
for turning you in.
I'm hungry.
This looks like
an eatin' house.
Are you sure
this is an eating place?
It's gotta be.
Ladies, we've been
riding all night
and we're just plain hungry.
This here is Pearl.
The law after you?
Not yet.
Ain't that a picture, Hollis?
Sunlight dancing
in all that gold hair.
You were saying
about the sheriff?
Most of the men
in this town are on the run.
He's got to be hard.
He's not a mean man, really.
As long as...
He gets some sleep.
You look like you could shoot
a pretty good stick.
Oh, little Joe
Look at your Uncle Sam
He's in that
old water hole
He can't even swim
But he's doing all right
Yes, he's doing all right
Oh, Aunt Henrietta
Why do you look so pained?
You been in that business
so darn long
You're driving me insane
I suppose everyone's been
doing all right
Well, we do all right
all right
Shirt, collar, cuffs, necktie.
Captain Hollis won't like it.
He don't have to like it.
All he gotta do is wear it.
Why don't you quit
calling him "captain"?
He was lower in the army
than you were.
I call them
the way I see 'em.
Not around here.
And remember,
he ain't armed.
If anything goes wrong,
it's gonna be me against
the house.
So if there's trouble,
you come in shooting.
What about the sheriff?
If he gets in the way,
you shoot him first.
Hey, Matt,
anything happen
to Captain Hollis,
I'll shoot you first.
Oh, everybody
Why do you treat me mean?
'Cause I'm the nicest guy
$20 says he doesn't.
In the whole damn world
you ever did see
He does.
Yes, I'm doing all right
Yeah, I'm doing all right
Yes, I'm doing all right
Yeah, I'm doing all right
Yes, I'm doing all right
Thank you.
I'd kind of like to play.
You got some money, boy?
If he does, I feel
he won't have it long.
You know which end
of this to use?
We'll start easy.
If I had a little
bigger stake,
I could make a lot of money
in there tonight.
Help me out?
I already gave
all I got to Hollis.
I gotta get
my money back.
You want to make it $100?
That's about
all I got.
Go ahead and break.
I reckon I quit now.
Around here, the loser says
when we quit.
Is that a rule
of the house?
It's the rule of any house.
Make it $1,000.
$100 a ball on top.
Sorry, mister, I just
don't have that kind of money.
Well, I made a little money
on you tonight.
Try again.
$100 a ball it is.
We ain't finished yet.
Over here.
I'll meet you later.
MAN: You out there.
Put it down, son.
Virgil tells me
there's a pool game
worth betting on.
So am I.
Time to get.
We didn't agree
on the stakes.
I don't see your money.
Let's see it.
Son of a... Argh!
Guns on the table.
All right,
now get out of here.
Are you all right?
How much you win?
Where's the rest of it?
It got a little
tight down there,
so I gave it
to a friend of mine to hold
till things blow over.
Trust me.
You big ol' rebel.
You know, I wasn't quite sure
what it was about you,
but I think
I'm beginning to find out.
You know,
in this business,
a girl's got to be
a little careful.
I mean, in her relationships.
Yeah, I'd kind of think so.
Oh, come on,
you know what I mean.
It isn't every night
I put all I got on a man.
HOLLIS: Yeah. I'd kind
of think that, too.
Well, it's usually
the other way around.
You know
something else, rebel?
What's that?
You and me
make a pretty good pair.
You know, I went through hell
for that money, don't you?
Yeah, I know.
All that hell I went through,
and now I finally
got a chance to get out.
Don't you worry, honey.
We'll put this
on account, then, okay?
What do you mean,
"They locked themselves in"?
They did.
About time
we let 'em out.
It looks like you're
gonna be around a while.
I'm leaving.
Where's the money?
Duncan's got it.
Where's he?
Don't know.
I ain't gonna ask you
what made you give
a nigger $4,000,
but I'll tell you
something, Hollis,
I'm gonna get my money.
And I may lynch myself
a nigger when I'm gettin' it.
SHERIFF: How about
another pool game, Jake?
Get another drink, Al.
Is that right, Virgil?
Our town hustler
got himself out-hustled?
You know there's
no sin in that.
But I'll tell you
something, Al.
If I'd lost all that money,
I guarantee you
there's no way
that boy would
get out of town.
No, no, sir.
Give me a drink, Al.
RUBY: Pearl, honey, wake up!
Go away.
Open up!
We've got to get
Hollis out of here.
All right, hustler,
where's my money?
You lost it, mister.
Now get out of here.
You thievin' bastard!
Come back to bed, Pearl.
You had one chance
tonight, mister.
You got one more,
if you leave now.
Why, you... Ahhh!
Now hear me, boy.
Everywhere there's a rose...
Every direction,
anywhere you look.
Look out there.
What do you see?
Look harder.
Look where
the sky gets bluer.
I don't see nothing.
It ain't in the seein',
it's in the lookin'.
You gotta think it,
and if you think it
and believe it,
well, there it is.
I don't see nothing.
At least
the clothes fit, Captain.
And they say,
"If they fit, wear them."
You and my brother
might have been twins
except that he was,
well, my brother.
Yeah, well, I'm afraid
I'm gonna have
a little trouble
returning the favor.
I don't think
you will at all, Captain.
Not at all.
Is this the same man?
Now, tell us the story
of what happened in town.
Well, it wasn't much.
You know, you ladies
sure know how to eat a meal.
DUNCAN: Ain't you hungry, boy?
Come on, now.
You gotta be hungry.
You can't always stand back.
Sometime you gotta reach
and grab it
when it comes along.
You got a name, boy?
Hey, boy,
you gotta have a name.
Good night.
Did you see
a black man around here
the last couple of days?
No. Can't say that I have.
I'd notice him
if he'd been around.
Stole some money from me.
I'm offerin' a reward
to anybody helps me find it.
Lot of money, was it?
Well, I just might be
a little interested
in that reward.
Isn't the meat
tend enough, Captain?
I noticed you're not eating.
DUPRES: Have you
seen Captain Hollis?
Well, now, who are you?
Duncan sent me.
I never asked thanks
to any man in my life.
I've been going by
gut feeling on you.
Now, you better use that gun
or come across.
I never thought I'd have
that much money in my britches
in a whole lifetime.
Your choice.
MAN: Drop it.
You know what we're after.
You might as well tell us.
We'll find it anyway.
That's enough.
Throw 'em out.
You keeping pretty good
company, are you, Matt?
MATT: I told you I was
gonna get my money back.
Now, there's only two way.
Either the nigger's got
the money and won't tell,
or he never had it at all.
Maybe that little whore
in town has got it.
One way or the other,
we're gonna find out.
All right, nigger lover.
How'd you like to carve
yourself one for dinner?
Where is it?
Well, it was good
while it lasted.
All right.
So we split it right here.
Ain't no split.
We'll make it.
Take your choice.
I got a debt to pay in town.
That's playin' a damn fool.
(SIGHS) Well, I guess
there never was much else.
Maybe it does to you
what you said it does.
Having all that money
in your britches,
makes a man do funny things.
I gotta see a lady in town.
Well, that's... That's what
you call a damn fool.
Come see the world
See right through
You got my head
out of a noose once.
It's really a very nice view
Now you've heard
You, me
And a friend of mine
And see the sky
See right through
It's really a very nice view
My, oh, my
Sometimes when
I see this world
It makes me wanna cry
But then I've got my friends
I could give you
this reply
You, me
And this friend of mine
We'll go a long way
Go right through
Nothing will stop you
Whatever they say
My pants.
Well, I'll say one thing
for you, rebel,
you really know
how to make an entrance.
you shouldn't have come back.
...and she come after me, boy.
I told you...
Hold on back, Sheriff.
The big reb and the nigger,
they stole my money.
He's bushwhacked
couple of fellows.
I got reason
to believe they're
over Pearl's right now.
Well, that's no concern
of mine. Virgil?
Some big guy
threw me out of Pearl's,
and he's got
two niggers with him.
That's them.
Just like I told you.
All right.
I'll take care of it.
We'll back you up.
All right, all right,
all right.
But I'm calling the shots.
Let's go, boys.
Hell, I don't know
about all this,
but I didn't even
get my money's worth.
This looks like trouble.
This was your idea!
Those are my clients!
It's your kind that causes
all the trouble around here.
Shut up!
I don't see nothing.
I don't see nothing.
You didn't think they were
gonna come out here
and greet us, did ya?
Didn't think they would.
What'll I do?
Put 'em on.
But how?
Think of something.
tell the reb that
he can walk out of here,
if he turns that nigger
over to me.
Gotta have somebody
to hang, reb.
For Jake's...
You see anything movin'
in there, shoot it.
I can't keep them up
more, you know.
Put them down.
When I tell you to get,
you get out of here.
Hey, Matt. It's me, Matt.
I hear you!
Now, get! Get!
It's all over. Sheriff's dead.
Other fellow's all shot out.
What's going out there anyway?
Is it over or not?
Oh! Oh!
Now, come on out
one at a time!
You heard him.
I need a... A doctor.
Get goin'.
I'll cover from upstairs.
gotta fix her hair.
I count five left plus Matt.
MATT: Hollis, the boys made
a mistake, you hear.
They won't shoot if you
come out without your guns.
You hear me, Hollis?
When it's dark enough,
we make a break.
They're moving around
out there.
What's he up to?
I don't know.
He can't shoot us out
and he can't talk us out.
Be nice to use that
front door just once.
I think I smell Matt Graves.
There gotta be
a better way out of here.
The window.
MATT: Hollis, how long
it's been, boy?
Didn't turn out
the way I wanted to,
you gotta know that.
I hear you, Matt.
MATT: We'd go back
to like it was.
Come on out.
I'm gonna kill you, Matt.
Just another poker hand, kid.
As I lay my body down
As I stumble to the ground
As I caught you, babe
myself, this old faith
I could satisfy myself
As I was never
nobody's faith
About God
Yes, I'm dying
Now that I'm dying
Dying for you
As I blend into this mess
As I witness my quest
As I caught you
babe, myself
you were afraid to leave
I opened up my mouth
'cause I am learning
to speak
'Cause I'm dying
Yes, I'm dying
I'm dying, yes
I'm dying for you
Yes, I'm dying for you
'Cause I'm dying for you
Yes, I'm dying
I wonder why
'Cause I'm dying
I wonder why
Dying for you
Yes, I'm dying for you
Yes, I'm dying for you
Yes, I'm dying for you
All right