The Last Ride (2012) Movie Script

Bring you the one and
only lovesick blues boy, Hank Williams.
The Mother's Best Music Makers,
and yours truly,
Mother's Best li'l ol' boy.
Hey, fellas, I'm glad to hear
you holler this morning.
The sun is up,
and everybody's awake
and a-rarin' to go,
ain't they?
Yes, siree, they got an
oven full of hot biscuits
they'll rare even fuller.
The aroma of Mother's Best
biscuits is strong in the kitchen,
and we are ready to go.
We got a young lady visiting
again this morning.
- You ready?
- I'm ready, Hank.
What you gonna do?
Well, Hank, I'm gonna do
something of yours.
All the boys are
gonna join up with her,
and she's gonna sing you one
now called Hey, Good Lookin'.
Say hey, good lookin'
What ya got cookin'?
How's about cookin'
something up with me?
Sayin' hey, sweet baby
Don't you think maybe
we could find us
a brand new recipe?
I'm gonna throw my datebook
over the fence
Buy me one for
five or ten cents
Keep it till
it's covered with age
Damn it.
Let's go, let's go, let's go, let's go!
It's almost noon.
You work on your car
on your own time.
I just wanna get the tire changed
before it starts raining.
Don't give a damn.
We got five cars to finish
before closing time,
and I'm going to
Mobile for Christmas.
Yes, sir.
Damn it.
Damn it to hell. Hold on.
You ordered the fuel
filter for that Dodge?
Well, it's the wrong damn one.
And now they're pitching
a bitch over there.
I ordered what you told me to.
I don't order
the wrong parts, son.
And if Western Auto
don't trade that filter out,
it's coming out of
your damn check.
Yeah, Charlie?
Yeah, it's just what I thought.
That numb nuts I got working for
me, he screwed everything up.
Son, where's your manager?
Hey, there.
Whoa. That's a mighty fine car
there, mister. Brand new?
No, ain't got but about
2,000 miles on it.
But we need to get her greased
up for a trip up north.
Well, we can do her. We just
can't do her till next week.
We got four cars ahead of
you, and I'm closed tomorrow.
Well, well, that's...
That's just bad luck
on both our parts.
Ain't it?
Say, chief, you
don't know where I might
could hire me a driver
for a week or two, do you?
No. No.
Might do it myself
just to drive this girl,
but I gotta keep my
hand on the plow here.
Pay's good.
No, no, no.
Don't you tempt me.
That driving job,
how much does it pay?
Well, I see
you can grease them.
How do I know
you can drive them?
I can drive them.
$10 a day plus meals and room.
When does it start?
Looks like you already
got a job, son.
When does it start?
Can you handle
a car in the snow?
Hell, I bet you ain't
even never seen snow.
All right, look,
be at this address
Monday at 8:00.
And clean your ass up.
Boss, we're using
the name Wells on this trip.
This is Mr. Wells.
Nice to meet you, sir.
Okay, then.
Need to make it to Knoxville
tonight, about seven, eight hours.
Might be some
bad weather coming in.
Now, your passenger is not to have
any whiskey, do you understand?
Yes, sir.
Now, he's gonna ask.
But if he shows up drunk
or too hungover to work,
you don't get paid.
Are we understood?
Yes, sir.
Have a nice trip.
Don't he have any luggage?
Everything's in the trunk.
Better get going. Wanna get
ahead of that weather.
Yes, sir.
Oh, oh!
I'm back in the saddle again
Out where a friend...
I got some business
over on Jackson Avenue.
Take me there first.
Local kid. Good driver.
Just dumb enough to do it.
What do you
mean "dumb enough to do it"?
What am I gonna do
about these shows?
Hank booked these shows
and I'm telling ya...
Sorry, pard', Mr. Wells
ain't my problem no more.
He gonna be your problem
as soon as you call O'Keefe
and tell him what's going on.
I'm telling you
right now, he's gonna...
No, you tell O'Keefe.
You tell O'Keefe.
So what the hell am I
supposed to tell O'Keefe?
Driver just up and quit and all
the money he's paying you?
Look, life's too short.
And that ship is heading
for the rocks real fast.
So goodbye and good luck, and make
sure you get my check in the mail.
Let's go, darling.
Wait here.
Help ya?
I need to see the doctor.
He's with a patient.
You want me to phone
you in a prescription?
It's a personal matter.
I said Dr. Stoneacre
is with a patient.
It's all right, Mary.
Come on back.
I swear.
Son, you look like hell.
Why don't we put you
back in the hospital again?
I gotta go to work.
I'm fine.
You don't look fine.
Where's your wife?
Which one?
You're not gonna mess
this one up too, are ya?
She's at her mother's
till I get back.
I'm here about Betsy.
I reckon she'll be having
that baby any day now.
I reckon she will.
Well, I just want to...
Wanna make things right.
That won't be easy.
I wanna take care of the...
You know, the birth and all that.
Will you be the one to do it?
Most likely.
Well, this should cover it.
If you need anything else, you just ask me.
You know I'm good for it.
You shouldn't be
going anywhere, son.
One of these days,
you're gonna have to learn
spina bifida's not
like the common cold.
I gotta go back to work. All this
sitting around is killing me.
I don't need
your damn help, boy.
Get me the hell
out of this damn town.
I don't believe it.
Hold it, hold it.
Stop the car.
Back it up.
George, you ol' S.O.B.
The hell you doing, boy?
Well, as I live and breathe!
Let me look at ya.
What're you doing out here,
playing guitar in this cold?
Trying to make a dollar.
You know it's true.
'Cause it is hard out here.
I know, I know.
I got something here that might
warm ya up a little bit.
Help yourself.
- How ya doing?
- I'm doing all right.
They hired some
hillbilly kid over here
to take me up to
Charleston, West Virginia.
I'm playing up there.
You done hit the big time.
Yeah. Yes, sir.
So proud of ya.
Seven thousand people
up there, they tell me.
You shut your mouth.
Yes, sir.
Yeah, 7,000 people.
And you got that fine Cadillac.
Well, I hope I get to ride
'fore it gets too late
See, I got me some dreams
that just can't wait
I need some cherry Luden's. Package
store up ahead. Pull over.
Get me some Falstaff.
Beer, boy.
You expect me to ride 800
miles without a damn beer?
Well, no, sir.
It's just that...
That's okay.
I don't wanna get sleepy.
Well, suit yourself.
Let's get going. We're
behind schedule already.
Oh, yeah.
There's a dark
and a troubled side of life
There's a bright
and sunny side, too
Though we meet with
the darkness in strife
The sunny side we also may view
Keep on the sunny side,
always on the sunny side
Pass his ass.
It will help us every clay
It will brighten all our way
If we keep on
the sunny side of life
We're goin' be in Alabama till summer.
Get around him.
I'm trying to, sir.
Damn hillbilly.
Blow the horn.
Blow the damn horn, boy!
Do it again. This son of a
bitch is gonna pull over.
Sir, there's no shoulder here.
Boy, what did I just say?
He shouldn't have done that.
I want you to pass
his ass right now.
Mr. Wells, you're
not gonna shoot...
Hey, just do as I say!
Please, Mr. Wells,
we can't...
Do not call me by my name.
Are we clear on that?
Now, I want you to get my Eldorado
Cadillac around this dirt dog
or I'm gonna blow them big ass
ears of yours right off your head!
Hey, boy!
You like to drive
like an asshole, there?
Can chase them pigs
all night long!
Keep on the sunny side,
always on the sunny side
If we keep on
the sunny side of life
It will help us every day
It will brighten all our way
If we keep on
the sunny side of life
Fill 'er up?
Yeah. Hi-Test.
Where the hell are we?
Lone Oak, Tennessee.
I gotta take a leak.
I was about to close up.
Y'all nearly missed me.
I'm glad. I was trying to
stay ahead of the storm.
They're calling for sleet
all the way to Carolina.
How far is it to Bristol?
Oh, about five hours, I guess.
I don't know
with this weather, though.
I think this is
a big one coming in.
Well, your oil was fine,
but she was thirsty.
That's $8 even.
I'll be right back
with your change.
Hey, you got a snack machine
or anything in there?
No, it's busted.
Got some leftover
Christmas candy though.
You can have all that you want.
I don't eat that crap.
Is there any place I can get
some supper around here?
There's a diner about
10 miles up the road.
Any damn good?
No, but it's all there is.
Well, let's go, boy.
I'm about to starve to death.
Happy motoring, buddy.
Turn on the radio.
Pancakes and
cheese Pancakes and cheese
Change it.
Ridin' through the
jungle on the Wabash Cannonball
Aw, hell, change that.
As I sit here
tonight, the jukebox playing
Oh, yessa.
The tune about
the wild side of life
As I listen to words
you are sayin'
It brings memories
when I was a trustful wife
Are you worried
about the weather?
Yes, sir, I am.
Hell, this ain't nothing.
I left Memphis
in a tornado once.
Rolled into Gulfport in the
middle of a damn hurricane.
Well, I just don't want the
road to freeze on us, is all.
What time do I have
to be in Charleston?
7:00 tomorrow night.
More coffee, please.
You got a name, boy?
Silas Combs.
Where you from?
Sore Bone.
I ain't never heard of it.
It's down by Venable.
Sound like a hellhole.
Thank you.
It's not so bad.
This is WGN Chicago.
Now, here's one of
last year's biggest hits.
(mo, Com Heart,
written by Hank Williams.
I tried so
hard, my dear, to show
that you're my every dream
What do you think of this song?
It's all right, I guess.
I hate it.
Now we talking.
Sure you don't want a beer?
No, sir. Thank you.
There's no way we're gonna
make it to Bristol.
I don't even think we'll make
Knoxville, the way it's snowing.
What the hell time is it?
Just get to Chattanooga.
I know a hotel there.
Sir, that's barely
100 miles we're making.
It's gonna be hard to catch up
tomorrow, especially in this.
Sorbonne, are you being
paid to think or drive?
Answer me.
Good. Then we
understand each other.
Why don't you
swing low, sweet chariot
Stop and let me ride
Swing low, chariot
Stop and let me ride
Rock me, Lord Rock me,
Lord Calm and easy
I got a home on the other side
Why don't you swing low,
sweet chariot
Stop and let me ride
Swing low, chariot
Stop and let me ride
Rock me, Lord Rock me,
Lord Calm and easy
I got a home on the other side
Swing, swing, swing, swing
Good evening, sir.
Do you have a reservation
with us this evening?
No, sir.
We're just...
I'm sorry.
We're all full up.
Good evening, sir.
Welcome back to The Belmont.
Thought you were all full up.
I believe we just
had a cancellation.
Swing low, chariot
Stop and let me ride
Rock me, Lord Rock me,
Lord Calm and easy
Careful with his guitar.
You are new, aren't you?
Mr. Wells is
a regular, huh?
Mr. Wells is an ol' favorite.
I better take this.
I got a home on the other side
They only had one room left.
Well, I can just
sleep in the car.
What, and freeze to death?
You that scared of me
already, boy?
Merry Christmas, slick.
Thank you, sir.
You know, it's always
good to see you.
I bet it is.
Bartenders, bellboys and cops,
you take care of them,
they take care of you.
I gotta make me
a telephone call.
Yes, sir.
I'll meet you
downstairs at the bar.
Mr. Wells, sir...
Wait. Let me guess.
OI' Snake Belly told you
I wasn't supposed to drink
any whiskey now, didn't he?
He said I don't get paid
if you show up drunk.
Boy, who do you think
is paying you?
Fire that weasel-eyed
thief anyway.
Yes, operator, I'm still here.
The call has been refused.
What do you mean, refused?
The party will not accept the charges.
He does not know a Mr. Combs.
Can you try again
with the name Mr. Wells?
That's my employer.
That's who I'm calling for.
OPERATOR'. Sorry to
bother you again.
Person to person collect call
for Mr. O'Keefe from Mr. Wells.
Will you accept the charges?
Yeah, I'll accept.
Where are you, boy?
And where'd you come up with a
doofus name like Silas Combs?
Is this Mr. O'Keefe?
Who is this?
This is Silas Combs. My
instructions were to call you.
Where's Stan?
I don't think I know Stan.
He's a tall guy. Mr. Wells
calls him Snake Belly.
Oh, yes. That's who
gave me the job.
Why aren't you calling him?
Well, this is
the number he gave me.
I thought you were
Mr. Wells' business manager.
No, I'm not his business manager.
Where are you?
Chattanooga? Is that all?
Yeah, we got a late start. And
then the weather turned bad on us.
Is he drinking?
No. No, sir.
Yeah, right.
You may have noticed Mr. Wells
will take a drink of whiskey.
Yes, sir, I have noticed that.
Look, it is very important that you
get him to Charleston tomorrow
and that you
get him there sober.
Are you listening to me?
Now, there are a lot
of people, mainly him,
who are counting on you.
This is your one and only job.
I'll do my best, sir.
All right. Call me in the morning.
I wanna know when you leave.
I'm expecting somebody.
A doctor.
Need me a shot of B12.
Work like a charm.
What're you drinking, Sorbonne?
Nothing, thanks.
I asked you what
you were drinking.
Beer, I guess.
Is that that country singer?
Yeah, I think it is.
I do love a road trip.
Hey, how old are you?
Oh. Good.
I'd hate to think I was contributing
to the delinquency of a minor.
Thank you. Hey, chief.
Can you get those two
pretty girls over there
a round of drinks
on us, please?
So you like beer, boy?
I can take it or leave it.
Not me, Sorbonne. Not me.
Is that your doctor?
Guess I better go
get that shot of B12.
Go ahead, sir.
Mr. O'Keefe,
this is Silas Combs.
Tell me you're on the
road and not still at the hotel.
He won't wake up. He just
keeps rolling back to sleep.
Oh, hell. Did he get
drunk last night?
Yes, he did. The doctor
came about 11:30.
What doctor?
Why, I guess they're friends.
He gave him a vitamin
shot or something.
Son, you gotta get moving.
What do I do?
He looks real bad.
You want me to call
that doctor back?
No. Can you dress him?
Now, listen to me.
and I mean everything,
is riding on you
getting there tonight.
Do you understand me?
Yes, sir.
Here we go again.
I'm getting too old for this.
When leaves begin to die
That means
He's lost the will to live
I'm so lonesome
I could cry
The silence of
A falling star
Lights up a purple Sky
And as I wonder
Where you are
I'm so lonesome
I could cry
Turn the radio on.
What's the matter,
you don't like music?
Never much cared for it.
What the hell time
is it, anyway?
About 11:30.
What we got,
like 300 more miles to go?
More like 400.
Well, you gonna have to
do better than that, boy.
I gotta be there
in seven hours.
The roads are real bad, sir.
I'm going over the speed limit as it is.
I can't go any faster.
Boy, this Eldorado
is the best damn car
that ever rolled
out of Detroit.
There ain't no road
she don't eat for lunch.
Well, I can make it up
when we get on the highway.
Punch it, boy.
How the hell
did I get in this car?
I put you here.
Did I dress myself?
No, sir, I did it for you.
You didn't go poking around
in my suitcase now, did you?
I put your gun in there
after I unloaded it.
You do anything else?
No, sir.
You sure about that?
Yes, sir, I'm very sure.
'Cause I know exactly
how much traveling money
I brought with me, boy.
I didn't see no money 'cause I
wasn't looking for no money, sir.
I changed you
into a fresh shirt
and left you in your pants and
your drawers from last night,
it's all the same to you, sir.
You can stop
calling me "sir."
I'll stop calling you "sir"
when you stop calling me "boy."
Well, now, that's fair.
I call you Sorbonne.
I like that.
How old do you think
I am, Sorbonne?
I ain't much at guessing games.
Go on, guess.
I don't know.
Oh, that surprise you?
Yes, sir, it does.
It's all that clean living I done.
It ain't natural.
My God, what a headache.
Because the
king of beers is leading all the rest
When you say Budweiser,
you've said it all
Is this your business, son?
Driving people
around the country?
No, sir.
This is the first time.
Fact, this is the first time
I've been out of Alabama.
What is your business then?
I work at the garage.
Yes, sir.
You like it?
Not really.
No, Ray screams a whole lot.
Thinks I'm worthless.
Well, there's no surprise
there. Ray's an asshole.
What would you rather be doing?
I don't know.
You don't think about what you'd
rather be doing? Why not?
Well, I ain't gonna get to, anyway.
I don't see the point.
Boy, you're gonna have to pull over.
I gotta take a leak.
Do you mind if I ask
what business you're in?
Yes, I damn hell do mind.
What the hell business
you think I'm in?
I reckon you're in
the music business.
You really don't know
who I am, son?
Wells isn't my real name.
It's just a traveling name.
Why don't you like music?
Everybody likes music.
I just don't.
There's no reason.
You don't ever
listen to the radio?
I don't got a radio.
You want one?
I guess.
No radio, huh?
How about a girl? You got
yourself a girl, Sorbonne?
No, sir.
You think there might be
a connection there?
I asked you not to
call me "sir" anymore.
You do like girls, right?
Yes, sir.
I mean, yeah.
Hugging and kissing, that sort
of thing, that appeal to you?
I'm gonna tell you
a little secret.
They love to dance.
Oh, they love it when you
make them swing a little bit.
Make them cry a little bit.
You don't think I'm riding in
the back of that Cadillac there
on account of my
good looks now, do you?
What is your real name, then?
It's Luke.
Just Luke, ol' buddy.
Oh, hell.
Well, you gonna
have to make a move.
I can't. I can't pass
this many cars.
What the hell is
an old truck like that
doing out here
in the first place?
You got to do it, Sorbonne.
Mr. Wells, I can't
pass this many people.
We can take them on the right.
Mr. Wells...
Just do it!
He's exiting up here.
I can see the turnoff.
I got some news for you.
You're gonna stay
on your side of town
unless you learn how to
start making decisions.
Or let me put it
in another way.
If I'm not in Charleston,
West Virginia by 7:00,
not only are you
not getting paid, boy,
your ass is
walkin' back to Alabama.
Oh, man.
Oh, my God!
Oh, my God!
Get your ass turned around, get
over to the side of the road.
Right now.
Sir, are you all right?
I been better, son.
I been better.
Let me see your license.
You haven't been
drinking, have you?
No, sir, I have not.
You just keep moving.
Just move it.
Where you boys headed?
Charleston, West Virginia.
Would you care to tell me what the
hell that was all about back there?
We're in a real hurry, sir.
He's gotta be there by tonight.
I'm awfully sorry for
driving the way I was.
Officer, I'll be more than
happy to pay the fine.
Hell, I'll even pay double
the good state of Tennessee.
They been awful kind to me.
Put your wallet back
in your pocket, sir.
Now, I'm gonna tell you
what you're gonna do.
You're gonna drive straight 4 and
3/10 miles to the town of Loudon.
You're gonna turn right on Maple Street.
There's the courthouse.
You can tell your story
to the justice of the peace.
Well, we sure will. And I thank you,
Officer. I hope you have a nice day.
I'll be right behind you.
Well, that went pretty well.
What in the world's
in Charleston?
Mr. Wells is in
the music business,
and he's expected there
tonight, Your Honor.
Is he a performer?
Well, he has a guitar.
I reckon he is.
You don't know?
I just started yesterday. I don't
really work for him, though.
I work for Ray's Tire and Auto.
But I only took the job
'cause a man needed a driver.
Then he quit, so I had to...
Son, have a seat.
This is gonna take
longer than I thought.
Yes, sir.
Where's the passenger?
He was settling up with the
driver whose car got bent,
and now he's vomiting
in the men's room.
Did you question him?
Not yet.
Trooper Hamilton here detected the
strong odor of alcohol in your vehicle.
Is the passenger the only
person been drinking?
Yes, sir.
Well, that helps you a little,
son, but you're still in trouble.
What in the hell
were you thinking?
I can't say no to him. You
know, he's got a real temper.
He made you?
Yes, sir.
How'd he do that?
Did he have a gun?
Did he threaten you?
He said I'd have to
walk home if I didn't.
But you were in
control of the vehicle.
And your license says
you're a legal adult.
Now that makes you
the responsible party.
You should've said no, son.
That would have been
a whole lot better decision.
Am I going to jail?
I apologize for the
delay, Your Honor.
Are you all right?
Touch of the flu.
Well, we're almost done here.
So you're pleading guilty
to the trooper's charge?
$100 or 10 days in jail.
What about the car?
Are you the owner?
Yes, I am.
Show me the proof, and I
reckon you're free to go.
Mr. Wells, sir,
I ain't got any money.
I was just doing
like you asked.
Just pay the
damn fine, Sorbonne.
You gotta get me to Charleston.
He's just doing his job, like you boys.
It's my fault.
Well, how 'bout you boys slowin'
down and enjoyin' the ride?
Lot of drunks out there
on New Year's.
We'll do that. You all have a
happy New Year now, all right?
You all take it easy next time.
Had you goin' for a minute
back there, didn't I?
You don't look so good.
I just need to
take a nap, is all.
We better get gem'. We
got some "me to make up.
Yes, sir.
Turn on the radio.
Virginia on one side of the
street, Tennessee on the other.
This here's the cradle,
Country music.
Jimmie Rodgers and the Carters,
they brought it down from the
mountains, turned it into pure gold.
Is it really 1:00?
Yes, sir. I mean, yeah.
We ain't gonna make it, are we?
Not by 7:00. Maybe 10:00 or
11:00 if the road stays clear,
but it's clouding up again.
It might snow.
A lot of people counting on ol' Luke, boy.
A lot of people.
Take the next left up here.
Flight 892 is now boarding.
AH passengers please
proceed to the gate.
Flight 892 is now boarding. All
passengers please proceed to the gate.
No more flights to
Charleston till tomorrow.
Closest I can get is Wheeling,
and that flight
doesn't leave till 8:00.
Let's find us a charter.
Yes, sir.
Just give us five minutes, we'll get
her all fueled up and ready to go.
Sorry about the rush.
Hell of a way to
spend your New Year's.
Well, you're paying
for the privilege, hoss.
You ain't never been on a plane
before, have you, Sorbonne?
Well, it beats
for that asshole Ray,
though, don't it?
Where are we?
Right on top of Charleston.
It's all socked in
with snow and fog.
Can't land anywhere
for 100 miles.
Okay, so?
Sorry, hoss. We're gonna have
to turn around and head back
or we're not gonna have enough
fuel to get back to Bristol.
Just get me into Bristol.
Well, it was fun
while it lasted, Sorbonne.
Now there's only
one way you're gonna find peace.
There's only one way
you're gonna find happiness.
There's only one way
you're gonna find joy.
Now, let me tell you...
Here comes the hook.
He's gonna ask
for money right now.
Folks, this Bible-thumper
can only tell it like it is
and spread the good word.
Now, I ain't much
asking for help.
But the good Lord
gave me the word,
and I can't do his work
all by myself.
And that's where you come in.
Now, you may be
asking, "Preacher,
Turn that polecat off.
"How much does God
want me to give?"
Well, how much you think...
He said the world was
gonna end in '49, too.
Said it in Tuscaloosa right
after 'Bama lost to Tennessee.
Folks there
thought it already had.
Can you turn that
heat up any more?
Yes, sir.
If you call me sir one more time,
I'm gonna go get my pistol.
You all right?
I just need to eat something.
We gonna have to
make us a phone call.
Will you do it
for me, Sorbonne?
Yeah. I will.
"Signs following."
How's that?
Well, that church back there,
the message board said "Signs
following." What does that mean?
Oh. It means they dance and
shake with the Holy Spirit.
And they handle rattlesnakes, too.
It's a hell of a show.
Smell meat.
Sure hope it ain't squirrel.
Might be possum.
Well, I wish I was in London
or some seaport town
I'd put my foot on a steamboat
and I'd sail the ocean 'round
While sailing 'round the ocean
while sailing 'round the sea
I'd think of handsome Molly
wherever she may be
Help ya?
How 'bout some grub
for the weary travelers?
Got some soup going.
How's that suit you?
That suits us just fine.
How y'all doin' today?
What do you call
these parts 'round here?
Muhlenberg County.
It's God's country, ain't it?
Y'all mind if I warm my
hide by that stove there?
Come on in.
Here you go.
Thank you.
You play that thing
pretty good now, don't you?
I find my way around it.
Well, let's hear it,
if you don't mind.
I don't mind.
You want a blast?
Help take that chill away.
Why hell, I was wonderin'
when you was gonna ask me.
Colder than a polar bear's
tit out there
and you damn Virginians make a
Alabama boy beg for some sunshine.
You like hillbilly music?
Yeah, I like hillbilly music.
Yeah, I'll accept the charges.
Where are you, son?
Virginia, about
an hour north of Bristol.
We ran into a little trouble
outside of Knoxville.
What kind of trouble, Silas?
Police trouble.
We ain't gonna make it
to Charleston by 7:00.
Yeah, I kind of put that together, son.
Thank you very much.
I'm really looking forward to this
next call I'm gonna have to make.
Damn it, boy!
I thought we'd left
all this stuff behind.
Four thousand people waiting
to see him on New Year's Eve.
I think you got a bigger
problem than that, sir.
What do you mean?
I mean, he's powerful sick.
Oh, hell, he's just hungover.
No, sir, I know hungover.
I've seen that my whole life.
This is much worse.
I think he better go to a
hospital or come home.
It's that bad?
Yes, sir, it is.
This business is killing him.
And quittin' it
would kill him quicker.
What do you want me to do?
Well, there's no point
in going to Charleston.
They'd probably just
lynch you two anyway.
Tell you what. Get him to
Ohio for the matinee tomorrow,
and I'll meet you there.
Yes, sir.
He had a wife and six kids,
and he ain't never
comin' out of that hole.
Not even 30-years-old.
That's a damn shame.
That ain't the worst part.
What do you reckon the company
give his family? $100.
A man's life's only worth $100.
Trouble, leave me alone
Trouble, leave me alone
You were in that bar
in Arkansas
Every bottle in East Tennessee
You left a trace
in the lines of my face
in the gutters
of Bourbon Street
Trouble, leave me alone
Why must you torture me?
I wish you'd find another home
I wish you'd just let me be
Trouble, leave me alone
I need something, Sorbonne.
It's bad.
Okay. Let me get you to a doctor.
There's a town just up ahead.
I just need me some
Pepto-Bismol, is all.
Here you go.
I gotta get you to a hospital.
What's the damn point?
Mr. Wells...
It's Luke.
My name's Luke.
How far is it to Canton, Ohio?
About 300 miles.
You know, there was a time when I
didn't dream about nothin' but this.
So be careful what you wish for, Sorbonne.
It might just fall on you.
What do you dream about?
Nothin', sir.
Do me a favor.
Stop being respectful
and kissin' my ass.
Don't treat me like a boss man
and don't keep quiet just 'cause
I'm the man in the backseat.
And make me feel like there's
somebody real up there
and not just the back
of some hired man's head.
Can I ask you a question first?
You were gonna leave me back
there in Tennessee, weren't you?
Well, ol' Luke has a history
in this part of the world.
Figured I might have to get
while the gettin' was good
and find somebody else
to bail your ass out.
What are you writin'?
Oh. None of your damn
business, that's what.
We was talkin' about you.
You go to high school?
I quit in the 10th grade.
How come?
Just didn't take.
Didn't take.
So you fix cars.
But you ain't
any damn good at it.
Well, I just don't
care for it, is all.
But what do you care for?
Not music. We know that.
Not really.
Sports? Baseball,
football? Cock fighting?
How 'bout girls? We already
talked about women, right?
Yeah, we did.
You ever have one?
You're probably
better off for it.
All they do is
tear your heart out
and then leave you standing
there like a damn fool.
What's your daddy do?
That's why that old boy back there
scared the shit out of you.
You scared of that, ain't you?
Followin' in Daddy's footsteps.
How 'bout your mama, then?
What's she do?
I don't wanna talk about this.
My mama ran a whorehouse.
Beat that.
Don't wanna talk
about my family, Mr. Wells.
Luke. Whatever your name is.
My daddy took me down to Gulf
Shores when I was a boy.
Told me about footprints
in the sands of time.
I didn't understand it then.
I think I might now.
It don't matter, Sorbonne. Not a
damn bit of it matters for nothin'.
There's gotta be some freedom
from these worries on my mind
There's gotta
be some rest for me
somewhere down the line
Gonna end this lonesome journey
I started long ago
Find a place to stop on...
Your friend
don't look too good.
Yeah, I know.
What do you call these parts?
Freedom County,
near Mount Hope.
Your differential's leaking. It's
probably just a seal. Caddies do that.
This is brand new, though.
How fiat are you gem"?
Hmm. Just a gasket.
Nothing critical,
but you're gonna wanna get it
looked at when you get there.
You the mechanic?
It's my station.
Everything here.
And it's just you?
Just me.
Well, it was my daddy's. Died
last year of the black lung.
So, New Year's Eve.
You from around here?
Born and raised.
We're from Alabama.
Saw that.
You know,
he's in the music business.
I'm not, though.
A 50? Got anything
smaller than this?
You sure that's all you got? I only
have three 5's and a stack of 1's.
Do you want me to
buy something else?
Don't really matter. We'll
be closed tomorrow anyway.
Are you celebrating tonight?
Nothin' to celebrate.
Not this year.
How about it just
being over, then?
I might drink to that.
Stop talking.
You made me lose count.
Sorry about that.
What is it?
I only got $42.
We're even?
My name's Silas.
It's very nice to
meet you, Silas.
Happy New Year. Good night.
If you was to drink to
this year being over,
where exactly
might you do that?
Dirty Johns.
Honky-tonk up the 56
outside of Mount Hope.
About all there is
between here and Ohio.
Well, I'd like to have
that drink with you, Wanda.
You and your friend
from the music business?
Thanks, but I gotta
do the books.
You know, I ain't never
asked a girl out before.
I reckon I was about scared half
to death what you just said.
But now that you did, I don't
know what I was so scared of.
It's New Year's Eve.
Why don't you let ol' Luke
buy you a drink somewhere?
No, Luke.
Tonight, I'm buying.
Oh, I can't help it
if I'm still in love with you
I'm going from Reno
down to Chino with a beautiful Latino
that I stole from Kino Gino
when he lost his poker face
How he'll get up to Fargo
I'll sure be damned if I know
Evening, boys.
Oh, let's go!
My woman left me back in Tahoe
for a man they call Diablo
I'd like to say I miss her so
but it's a sin to lie
'Cause that
darling little Sheila's
You look like you never
been honky-tonking before.
Well, I haven't.
Well, it's tricky. But
I'll talk you through it.
When we got to San Diego
said her llamo was Consuelo
She no speak Americana
and I don't hablo Mexican
Well, it's a good thing
that she was pretty
'cause when we
pulled into that city
I found out she was all woman
And boy, she knew I was all man
Happy New Year, Sorbonne.
Happy New Year.
Let's take it home.
You ever played
in a place like this?
About 1,000, I reckon.
Gonna get your guitar?
No, I think I better
save that for tomorrow.
Mr. O'Keefe will
meet us there.
How'd he take it
when you told him
I wasn't gonna make Charleston?
He wasn't too happy.
No. I guess he wouldn't be.
He had to cash in a few favors
to get me a book there.
This may come as a surprise
to you, Sorbonne,
but I have a reputation of being
a bit of a problem child.
I ain't never had
a friend, Sorbonne.
I don't know the first thing about
loyalty 'cause I ain't never seen it.
I'm sorry about Tennessee.
I was thinking about
what you said earlier.
Maybe driving's
a good business to be in.
Well, you passed your audition.
You made it two days with me,
and you're still here.
That's better
than anybody, so far.
I saw you talkin' to that little
thing at the fillin' station.
I asked her out.
You did what?
She said no.
Well, that don't mean nothin'.
That's part of a woman's
schoolin', you know?
They always say no
on the first go-round.
She didn't mean it.
I think she meant it.
No, I saw her watchin' you,
and now I know why.
This is a threshold moment
for you, Sorbonne.
I want you to take my Cadillac,
and go back to
that fillin' station
and get you a date
for New Year's.
Mr. Wells, look at me.
All the money I got is
yours in an envelope.
She can smell what side
of town I come from.
And besides, she said no.
She has to do her books.
On New Year's Eve?
All right.
You go and get that woman.
And you get to keep this
on top of everything else.
Now, if you don't get her, you
don't get paid for nothin'.
That's not the deal we made.
You just ask Mr. O'Keefe what
a son of a bitch I can be,
in case you suddenly
have cause to doubt.
I can't leave you here alone.
I'll be all right.
OI' Luke, he can fend
for himself pretty good.
Thought you said all they did
was tear our hearts out?
Well, hell, you gotta
die of somethin'.
I'll be back.
My delta queen, Ilene
How are you?
I'm fine.
How are you this evening?
We're just passin' through.
From here, there.
From everywhere.
We are drivin' through on our way
up from Alabama to Charleston.
Oh, I love Alabama. It's so pretty.
I love that state.
It's a great state.
Sorry. Don't mind him.
He's just my ex-husband.
I hope I'm not
causing any trouble.
He's just more of
a nuisance than anything.
Is that right?
Stop it! Stop!
Hey! Hey! Hey! What the hell do you
think you're doing? He's sick.
If he's so sick, then why
is he dancing with my wife?
Ex-wife, Leroy!
You wanna go again? You
done or you want some more?
That's enough of that crap.
It's almost New Year's.
Now, get in here
and enjoy yourselves.
Hey, you okay?
Get me to the car.
Is he okay?
He'll be fine.
What happened?
What in the hell
do you think happened?
He sucker punched me.
Well, let's just get out of here.
I'll find you a hotel.
Not so fast, Sorbonne.
I'll be fine.
I'll just be a second.
The hell, you say.
I stopped off
at the river, Tonto.
Filled my canteen.
If you're back in less than
an hour, you're fired.
Is he okay?
He's about the same.
I changed my mind.
Well, I'm glad.
You sure this is champagne?
Hillbilly champagne.
Cheers, then.
Yeah. Old Ned Brown's. You can
taste his radiator every time.
I never done anything
like this before.
What, drink moonshine?
You know what I mean. I just...
I didn't wanna, you know...
Hey, do you like this music?
Yeah, it's all right, I guess.
Would you dance with me?
Even if I ain't much good?
How do you know you're not?
I ain't never done it before.
Just go like you did in
that fight out there,
but slower
and a lot less hittin'.
I introduced him
to my loved one
And while they were dancin'
my friend stole my sweetheart
from me
I remember the night
and the Tennessee Waltz
Oh, I know just how much
I have lost
For I lost my little darling
the night they were playin'
the beautiful Tennessee Waltz
The beautiful Tennessee
All right, y'all! It's almost New Year's!
Let's count 'er down. Come on.
Five, four, three, two, one!
Happy New Year!
Should auld
acquaintance be forgot
and never brought to mind?
Thanks for asking me.
Thanks for being here.
You should probably
get back to your friend.
And auld lang syne
Have fun in Ohio and
if you ever come back through,
maybe you'll stop for gas.
It would be good to see you.
Happy New Year, Silas.
Happy New Year.
Should auld acquaintance
be forgot
and never brought to mind?
Should auld acquaintance
be forgot
Mr. Wells?
We'll get warm in here
in just a minute.
You reckon there is any coffee
to be had in there?
I'll go check.
I really appreciate this.
It's the least I could do
after the free floor show
you boys give us last night.
I sure do apologize for that.
I saw him play
in Shreveport once.
You know, a man came after him on
the stage for the same damn thing.
I guess trouble just
seems to find that ol' boy.
But like I need to tell you.
It's on me.
Thank you.
And this too.
Now, you tell him
that my stage is his
any damn time he wants it.
I'll do that.
Thank you very much, sir.
All right.
You have a good one.
You too.
Immortal home
Oh, bear me away
on your snowy wings
to my immortal
We still got a ways to go, Mr. Wells,
but we're gonna make it, easy.
Turn the radio on.
Tell me of
a home far beyond the skies
Oh, they tell me
of a home far away
Oh, they tell me of a home
where no storm clouds rise
Oh, they tell me
of an uncloudy day
Oh, the land of cloudless day
I gotta pull in here
for a scraper.
I can't see a thing
out of this windshield.
Oh, the land of
an unclouded sky
Oh, they tell me of a home
where no storm clouds rise
You said Mr. O'Keefe is gonna
be there waitin' for us?
Yeah, that's what he said.
Are you my friend, Sorbonne?
Are you really?
Yeah, Luke. I'm your friend.
I really am.
I'm gonna go in here,
and get a scraper
and we'll get right back
on the road, okay?
Open wide
thine arms of love
Lord, I'm coming
I'm coming
I sure do appreciate this. It
shouldn't take me but a second.
I got at least 100.
Over at the bank,
we give 'em out free.
Compliments First National.
You want a calendar?
No, this'll do me just fine.
I'll help you.
That's okay. I've taken
enough of your time.
Hell, I don't mind.
Earl's about to speak,
and he's about
as exciting as
watchin' paint dry.
I just come for the singin'.
This ol' boy looks like he's
in a little trouble there.
He just had a rough night.
You know, New Year's and all.
If you say so.
All right, that should
be enough. Thank you.
That's yours.
Be careful out there.
We sure will.
Thanks again.
God bless you.
Both of you.
...broadcasting system.
Elected Vice President Richard M.
Nixon will serve as grand marshal
of the Tournament of Roses
parade in California.
Riding in his open car will be
his wife and two small children.
After the parade,
the family will attend the...
Hey, Luke, time to wake up.
I gotta find us a place to eat.
You ever been here before?
Come on, Luke, time to wake up.
Mr. O'Keefe's
waitin' for us in Canton,
and he's madder than hell
at the both of us already.
Luke. Hey, Mr. Wells.
Thank you.
Thanks for your help.
Looks like it was a heart attack.
He had two broke ribs.
Appreciate it.
You give your statement?
Yes, sir.
Well, I guess
it was a heart attack.
But he had two broken ribs.
What you know about that, son?
Got into a fight last
night over this woman.
I never should've let him
go in there, you know?
I knew he was feeling bad.
I let him have moonshine,
and whiskey and beer.
And I left him alone
for a while.
I'm really sorry,
Mr. O'Keefe. I'm so sorry.
You know, I traveled with him for
six years, worked with him for 10.
This was not the first time.
I can promise you that.
Now, he did this himself, okay?
He didn't need a bit of help
from you or anybody else.
What happens now?
Well, we'll take him
back to Alabama, I guess.
Need a driver?
We'll handle it.
But you might wanna steer clear
of that vulture fight
that's about to break out.
I wish I could.
We owe you some money.
No, sir, I won't take it.
I didn't do the job
you hired me to do.
You gave him what he wanted.
He was the only one
that wanted to do this trip.
Besides, he said in his note to
give you some money to buy a radio,
whatever the hell that means.
I got a lot to do before
the family gets here.
Should I wait for the police?
I'll handle it.
Could I get somebody to give me
a ride to a bus station, then?
Well, you ought to be able
to get yourself there.
What you do from there
is your business.
Now, I'm not a lawyer,
and I don't know that
he was ever of sound mind,
but that's definitely
his signature.
Which means that you are the
new owner of this automobile.
I reckon something must've
gone right out there.
I can't.
Why not?
It was his to give.
And there's plenty of it for the rest
of them to fight over. Trust me.
Should I go back there?
Well, you can go
wherever you wanna go.
But I'd do it pretty quick,
if I was you.
You done good, Mr. Combs.
You done good.
Thank you.
Harry Truman was our president
A coke and burger
cost you 30 cents
I was still in love
with Mavis Brown
On the night Hank Williams
came to town
"I Love Lucy" debuted on TV
That was one big event
we didn't see
'Cause no one stayed at home
for miles around
it was the night
Hank Williams came to town
Momma ironed my shirt and
Daddy let me take the truck
I drove on out to Grapevine
and picked old Mavis up
We hit that county line
for one quick round
On the night
Hank Williams came to town
A thousand people
sweltered in the gym
Then I heard someone whisper,
"Hey, that's him"
That's when the crowd
let out this deafening sound
it was the night
Hank Williams came to town
On and on,
he sang into the night
"Jambalaya," "Cheatin' Heart"
"I Saw the Light"
And how'd they get
Miss Audrey in that gown
on the night Hank Williams
came to town?
friends and neighbors,
Hank Williams and
all the Driftin' Cowboys...
You don't have to come up poor
on that red clay 'Bama land
Or ride that o!' lost highway
with a guitar in your hand
But if you have a heartache
that won't let go of you
you might have
the Hank Williams Blues
Hank was only human
just like me and you
Ridin' in the back of
that Cadillac in 1952
No one knows for certain
but I believe it's true
He had a bad case
of the Hank Williams Blues
Lord, when you got 'em
You know by the pain
You're hittin' on rock bottom
out in that pouring rain
Caught between everything
Nothin' left to lose
Lord, you've got
the Hank Williams Blues
Ashes to ashes
Dust to dust
Young turns to old
like steel turns to rust
And it comes just
a little bit quicker
when you're
livin' the fast life
The trail you're taking today
Well, it could be
your last ride
Sooner or later,
you meet your maker
He's awaitin'
somewhere down the line
It ain't that far
from your first breath
till you say your last goodbye
Well, a cowboy
never mounts his horse
on the good Lord's bad side
'Cause the trail
you're takin' today
Well, it could be
your last ride