The Last Rite (2021) Movie Script

[serene music]
[eerie music]
[clock ticking]
[dramatic music]
[heavy thudding]
[dramatic music]
[dramatic music]
[alarm clock beeping]
I hate that alarm clock.
[Ben groaning]
I got it.
You know I can't.
I've got a nice warm bed
and some underwear
with your name on it.
Promise me that when
your next deal is done,
you'll take a few days off.
Just you and me.
I promise.
Just you and me.
Today, we close the
deal on the sale
that we've been working
on the last few weeks.
This is gonna be good for us.
Sure it will.
This is going
to be a good one.
And when it is,
we can celebrate.
Sounds like a plan.
You know, I still don't get
why people pay so much money
for an old painting or
some random dot on a page.
It's because you
have no class, dear.
Did you just hear that?
I swore I just heard
something, oh, that was it.
Said you needed one of these.
[Ben laughing]
They certainly broke the mold when
they made you, that's for sure.
And that's exactly
why you love me.
[keyboard clacking]
[chair scraping]
[loud thudding]
[loud screeching]
[door unlocking]
What are you doing?
There was someone here.
[Lucy] Someone was standing
where you are right now.
Nope, just me.
You okay?
Yeah, yeah, I'm fine.
Are you sure?
Yeah, how was your day?
To be honest, if it started
bad, it just got worse.
[Lucy] I take it the
sale didn't go through?
In a nutshell, no
message, no calls, nothing.
We had all the
papers ready to go.
A complete time-waster.
Now he's not even
returning our calls.
So after sir's
hard day at work,
maybe there's a way to help
take your mind off of things.
Sorry, I'm just gonna grab
a shower and get to bed.
It's been a hell-
- It's fine, you just get
your head down and relax.
Okay, thanks.
[eerie low droning music]
[door creaking]
[exercise bike rattling]
[dramatic music]
[Lucy] Hey, Ellie.
[Ellie] How's my
favorite girl doing?
I'm good, just gettin'
on with my dissertation
and it's killing me.
15,672 words and counting.
[Ellie] Very precise,
it also sounds like hell.
It is.
[Ellie] I don't envy
you one bit right now.
Thanks for caring.
[Ellie] That's
what friends are for,
but if you're busy, I can go.
No, it's okay.
I could do with a
distraction, if I'm honest.
[Ellie] I was hoping
that you'd say that.
I was thinking it's
been a little while
since we had a bit
of a girl time.
How about me and
you hit the Cuba?
[Ellie] Yeah, why not?
As much as I would love
a cocktail with my girl,
I really can't tonight.
[Ellie] How about Thursday?
Perfect, that would
certainly be doing nice.
[loud thudding]
[Ellie] What was that noise?
You heard that?
[Ellie] Yeah, of course
I heard it. What was it?
[dramatic music]
[Lucy groaning]
[Ellie] What, you okay?
Yeah, it was a crow.
[Ellie] What are
you talking about?
The sound we heard was
a crow hitting the window.
[Ellie] Ah, is it dead?
I think so.
[Ellie] Strange, they don't
normally kill themselves
like that, unless,
I saw a thing-
- Please, I could really do
without any signs and advice
on superstition right now.
Just give me a minute
while I sort this out
and I'll give you a call back.
[Ellie] All right, no worries.
Let me know if
you need me, okay?
I'll speak to you later.
Speak to you later.
[shower water running]
[calm classical music]
[Ben sighing]
[Ben sighing]
How's my girl doing?
Missing you.
How was your day?
Nothing, just
admiring the view.
Thank you.
You're not so bad
yourself, mister.
Did you speak to Jason today?
You didn't say
anything, did you?
You know you really
can't put this off?
- As I said...
- Yeah, I'm fully aware of what you said.
Can't I just come back,
say "Hi, honey, I'm home,"
and just get on with it?
If you really wanna know how my day
went, it was the same as yesterday.
How was your day?
I got most of my work done.
Then I worked out on the bike
and a crow killed itself
by hitting the window.
Can I ask you a
random question?
And I know this may sound a
little weird and out of the blue
but who owned this
house before you?
What's that gotta
do with anything?
I'm just curious.
I have no idea.
It's a relatively new build.
The owners no longer wanted it,
so they moved out, moved
to Australia, I think.
[Lucy] Did they ever tell
you anything about the house?
Tell me about what?
Anything strange
or odd happening?
Why would they tell me that?
I don't know.
Maybe they were experiencing
something weird.
You mean like, as
in being haunted?
Wow, this is a really
exciting conversation over here.
Please, I've just been
feeling a little uneasy
since I moved in, that's all.
Uneasy about what?
Like I can't settle.
What the fuck does that mean?
I just feel like sometimes
I'm not alone in the house.
The house isn't
fucking haunted, Lucy!
Do you know what?
Don't worry about it.
[Ben] I won't, I'm off to bed.
Ben, don't do that.
[birds cawing]
[alarm clock beeping]
[serene music]
[water pouring]
[phone camera shuttering]
[phone beeping]
[dramatic music]
[clock ticking]
It's definitely strange.
You sure it wasn't
just some weirdo
playing some kind of sick prank?
There was no one there
when I took the picture.
Come on, look, you
can clearly see it,
it's some crank in
a coat or something.
I'm not lying.
You hear about
people pulling pranks
like this all the time.
Look at that clown craze
that was going around,
where people were standing
outside in those clown suits.
That was all kinds of messed up.
I can promise you
there was no one there.
There was no one there
when I took the picture.
No one.
If it's what you say, then...
I guess you have
every right to be scared.
[car engine revving]
[upbeat music]
You are the sun
We were the tide
What's this?
Madam, dinner shall
be served in 10 minutes.
Your presence is requested,
should you care to indulge
in some ala carte food,
served with nothing but love.
What's on the menu?
Pizza and chips.
Oh, my favorite!
You certainly know
how to treat a lady.
Well, I'll go get ready.
Lucy, I'm sorry
about last night.
I've been under a lot of
pressure with work lately
and I just...
All work and no play, I guess.
It's okay. I'm going
to go and get ready.
[plates clinking]
[glass clinking]
Thank you for tonight.
I really needed this.
Are we out of the woods yet?
I guess that depends
on what's for dessert.
Ah, dessert.
You forgot about it?
Well, not exactly.
There's custard in the fridge.
Wow, you've really
blown it now, mister.
You'll just have to make
it up to me some other way.
And that is?
For me to know and
for you to find out.
I was thinking
about that picture
that you sent me earlier.
I was thinking-
- Can we just leave
this until later?
I just wanna enjoy
this moment with you.
No interruptions.
No interruptions.
I've been trying
You've been breaking up
And I hate that
we messed it up
I'm trying to hide
that I'm dying inside
'Cause you're living
your life without me
Every moment we shared,
you still burn inside me
I've been fighting,
you've been giving up
You're really something.
I'm so lucky to have you.
A girl could get used
to all these compliments.
Keep 'em coming.
I mean it.
I know you do.
That our timing
was all wrong
I tried so hard
to save your world
You held on far too long
I think I'm gonna get
another glass of wine,
and then we're going upstairs.
And you're getting me
out of these clothes.
Our hearts are meant to be
I see that you're
distancing yourself
From me
This means nothing,
this is not enough
[dramatic music]
[glass shattering]
What the fuck
are you doing now?
I did nothing.
I turned around and all
the cupboards were open.
They didn't just
open on their own!
Why won't you believe me?
What is it with you?
You really know how to fuck shit up!
Lucy, I didn't mean, Lucy!
[eerie music]
I'm coming, Nana.
[water rushing]
[dramatic music]
It's out there!
It's out there!
What is?
It was right by the door.
There's nothing there.
I promise you, I see it!
See what?
The man in the hat.
Oh, this again?
Please, Ben!
I'm not lying to you.
Just stop it, Lucy, stop it!
What is it with you, huh?
You don't believe me?
Why won't you believe me?
[Lucy breathing heavily]
Look up for me.
And to the left.
And the right.
Have you been
getting much sleep?
A little.
I guess I've been pretty
hectic with coursework lately.
So not much sleep,
in other words?
Apart from being
a little rundown,
I can't see anything wrong.
I would suggest trying to
take things a little easier
and try and avoid too
much stress if you can.
Here's what I'll do.
I will prescribe
you some of these,
and these will help you
sleep, if you need it, okay?
There you go.
There I was studying to help
others deal with their problems,
and here I am unable
to deal with my own.
[upbeat music]
[people chattering]
Ah, babe, don't get upset.
You'll work it out.
So have you told
him how you feel?
No, I just can't bring
myself to say anything.
I don't wanna say it, but
maybe he just needs to lose you.
You're not helping, Ellie.
No, what I mean is,
when he realizes what
you actually mean to him,
you'll be gone and
it'll be too late.
You're a great girl
who any guy would give
his right testicle to be with.
Look at you, you're a stunner.
I definitely wouldn't say no.
[Lucy laughing]
Oh great, now you're
trying to hit on me.
You're a funny one.
That's me.
You know I'm here for you
if you ever need anything.
I hate seeing you upset because
you deserve to be happy.
And if that means
that you need to tell
him exactly how you feel,
then you need to tell
him exactly how you feel.
Thank you.
It's nothing.
I just like to see
my girl doing well.
You have seen him.
[Lucy] Pardon?
[Emilia] You've
seen him, haven't you?
I'm sorry, I have no idea
what you're talking about.
You can't run. The man in
the hat, you've seen him.
Get off of me.
He won't stop
until he has you.
Don't let him in.
Get off me!
[dramatic music]
The woman I just
mentioned approached me
in the toilet earlier,
and started talking about
the shadow man in the photo,
and how I shouldn't let him
in or something like that.
Was she a psychic
or something?
I don't know. She
didn't say who she was.
That's a bit odd.
I really don't know what to say.
I mean, there must be
someone or somewhere
that you can go to
talk to you about that.
Like a church or something.
I honestly don't
know. I haven't looked.
Well, let's get looking.
Maybe we need to find someone
that focuses on spirits
or ghosts or something.
I know I probably
sound really crazy.
You don't sound crazy.
It's me.
Back home, there were
all these stories
about La Bruja, which
means witch in English.
There were all these reports
of young boys being woken up
in the middle of the night
and being held down
by this shadow.
And they'd wake
up with scratches
all up their arms and legs.
I knew one of the guys
and I saw the scratches.
So I believe you.
[eerie music]
Ah, here you go.
Dr. David Andrews.
He's the author of a book
called "Walking With Shadows."
And by the looks of it,
he claims to have had
a ghostly encounter
with the man in the hat.
Seems like you're
not the only one
that's seen this
guy, shadow thing.
It also says seeing the shadow
man, AKA a man in the hat
usually has a connotation to
a sense of heavy presences,
tense and sometimes
violent atmospheres
through relationship,
marital breakdowns,
and or physical
and mental abuse.
Visitations of the hat
man, even though uncommon,
usually occur in a
heightened state of sleep
where an individual wakes
up and is paralyzed.
The phenomenon known
as sleep paralysis
shares common blah-blah-blah,
he's your guy.
There's a phone number and an
address here on the website.
All you have to do is reach out.
What have you got to lose?
[door knocking]
[car engine revving]
Hi, Dr. David Andrews?
Whatever you're trying to get me
to sign up to, I'm not interested.
I promise you, I'm not
trying to sell anything.
I just really need
to talk to you.
Good day.
Please, it's about
the man in the hat
that you talk
about in your book.
I've seen him.
Have a seat.
[eerie music]
Found what you're looking for?
Oh, I'm sorry, I just-
- Let's just cut to
the chase, shall we?
Why are you here?
I don't know what else to do.
I was hoping maybe
you could help.
What makes you
think I have answers
to whatever it is
you want to ask?
I don't know.
In your book, you wrote about-
- Ah, the book.
The book, the book, the book.
Been a little while since
anyone asked me about that.
You're a journalist, aren't you?
A journalist looking for
a free ride and a laugh,
just like all the rest.
You care not for
the consequence.
Just the result of a good story.
Go ahead and take your shot.
At the moment,
there's no one here.
Just me now.
I shouldn't have come here.
Sorry for wasting your time.
It's attracted to
stress, you know.
What did you say?
Stress, it,
they, him.
They're attracted to it.
Why do you say that?
It's why you're
here, isn't it?
I've seen that look before.
What are you talking about?
I can see it dwelling
in your eyes.
I know that look all too well.
It's your eyes
that gave you away.
You have a certain humility
that's quite endearing.
A little too honest
to be a journalist.
I'm sorry about
being tough on you.
I just needed to be sure.
It's okay, I understand.
I don't think you do.
What have you seen?
I saw something.
[Dr Andrews] What
did it look like?
Tall, black hole
of a man in a hat.
Like the drawings in your book.
If you've seen him,
they already have started.
What has started?
Seems you may
have been chosen.
What do you mean?
I could never
really figure out why.
It could be an opening
from a childhood trauma.
A house you live in,
the land, perhaps.
Who knows?
The only thing I
could ever be sure of
was that it's like a
parasite looking for a host,
any sign of weakness,
any opportunity to feed
off negative energy,
it'll thrive from it.
You have seen the entity.
My guess is it's attached
itself to you already.
It's only a matter of time now.
Until what?
[eerie music]
I'm not sure if
you're a person of faith
or if you even believe
in the supernatural,
but if you're ever
gonna start praying,
now would be a good time.
And what's that
supposed to mean?
Dr. Andrews, tell me.
[glasses clinking]
It's time you leave.
I've got work to do.
But, but you-
- You must go now!
Thank you for your time.
My name's Lucy, by the way.
Lucy, no matter
what anyone says,
or however crazy you might feel,
don't let him in.
[dramatic music]
[serene music]
[phone clicking]
[Nan] Lucy.
[door creaking]
[eerie music]
[door creaking]
[crow cawing]
[eerie music]
[Nan] I love you, darling.
I love you too, Nana.
I love you too.
Thank you for letting him in.
[Nan screeching]
[dramatic music]
[dramatic music]
[Lucy breathing heavily]
[Lucy breathing heavily]
[door creaking]
[Lucy breathing heavily]
[loud thudding]
[wood creaking]
[Lucy breathing heavily]
[loud creaking]
[Lucy panting]
[bones cracking]
[Lucy choking]
[Lucy gasping]
[Lucy choking]
[Lucy groaning]
[Lucy choking]
[bones cracking]
[dramatic music]
[Lucy gasping]
[Lucy sobbing]
[coffee machine whirring]
[Ben] Can you believe this?
They've been talking about
this so-called government deal
for months now, and they
still can't decide what to do.
And you would've think they knew what
they were doing with this country.
It's almost like they want
the economy to collapse.
Is the heating off?
It's cold.
It's no different from
any other morning this week.
Where were you last night?
Just thought it best
to give you some space.
How thoughtful.
Please, let's not argue again.
If we've got nothing nice
to say, I'd rather not talk.
Always running away.
What's that mean?
Nothing, Ben.
My Nan used to make me waffles.
It's funny, the
memories we hold on to,
it's always the little
things we miss the most.
I never did tell
you the real reason
why I lived with my Nan.
It feels like the more I
try to hide from my past,
the further I can feel
you slipping away.
Where's this all come from?
I know it's been two years
since you lost your Nan,
and there's nothing
wrong with grieving.
But some people take more
time to get over things.
I mean it's fine.
It's perfectly normal.
It's not about that.
Maybe we should
get you checked out.
Seeing all the doctors help-
- It's not about that!
God, why won't you
ever listen to me?
You didn't finish
what you were saying,
about why you lived
with your Nan.
Forget about it,
it doesn't matter.
No, it does matter, it does.
We just both need to let our
guards down for a moment.
For a big part
of my younger life,
I was terrorized by
things I couldn't explain.
Things a little girl
should never see.
My mum and dad thought
that I was being tormented
by demons and that I
needed to find faith.
So they would wake me up
in the middle of the night
and stand me naked in the garden
as they splashed
me with holy water,
reciting prayers from the Bible.
Eventually I tried to run away.
Anywhere was better than
living there with them.
And that's when
my Nan took me in.
All my crazy experiences
stopped soon after.
For the first time in
my life, I felt free.
Free from the pain,
free from the suffering.
That was until last night,
when I felt it again.
I'm scared, Ben.
I'm really scared.
I've never seen you like this.
What happened last night?
I know this sounds crazy.
I even told myself how
stupid this sounds,
but I was attacked in
our bedroom last night.
I don't know who or what it was.
I couldn't see it, but
there was something there.
And ever since it happened,
I just don't feel right.
What? Why didn't you just-
- I feel like I'm falling apart.
And I don't know what to do.
[door creaking]
[Margaret] Is
everything okay, my child?
I'm fine.
I can pray for
you, if you like?
I said I'm fine.
[eerie music]
[paper tearing]
[door clacking]
[door slamming]
[church bell ringing]
[wind howling]
Hi, is that Father Roberts?
Hi, my name's Lucy Morgan.
I'm pretty new to the area,
and I just wondered if I could
speak with you for a moment.
I'm sorry, this can't wait.
I really need to speak
to you. It's urgent.
I don't blame you if
you want to leave.
I spoke to Jason
earlier today.
Told him that I'm going to think
about our business arrangement,
and I needed a few days off.
[eerie music]
Do you think
we're gonna make it?
I don't know.
I love you.
I love you too.
Can I get you a drink?
What's on the menu?
We have coffee, tea, water,
and hot chocolate
with whipped cream.
Hmm, it'll just have
to be hot chocolate
and whipped cream, I guess.
Got it.
[eerie music]
[glasses clinking]
[dramatic music]
[bubbles blowing]
[teaspoon whirring]
[water splashing]
[whipped cream spraying]
[Lucy gasping]
[Lucy coughing]
What's up, what's wrong?
[Lucy sobbing]
[birds chirping]
Lucy, pleasure to meet you.
Thank you for this.
Sorry if I don't
seem too with it,
I really haven't been
sleeping too well lately.
Sometimes we all
go through something
that forces us in
different directions.
If only you knew.
That's why I'm here.
What do you fear?
Fear is a very relative term.
When one learns to be
at peace with the Lord,
your perception of fear changes.
Do you know what I fear?
The unknown.
I was attacked the other night
by a presence I couldn't see.
And it happened
again last night.
Where did this attack happen?
In the bedroom
and the bathroom.
Were you alone at the time?
For the first one,
yes, but not last night.
My partner, Ben, was downstairs.
Did he see anything?
No, my head doesn't
feel like me anymore,
now it feels like day
and day feels like night.
Have you tried prayer?
I respect that you believe
you're being troubled
by forces unseen.
And this is to sound
in no way patronizing,
but sometimes we can
think things are real,
when in actuality, there's
another explanation,
not of the supernatural.
I know this might not-
- Can you help or not?
I don't have much experience
with things of this nature,
but if you would permit me to,
I would like to
offer up some comfort
in the form of a house blessing.
Just something to help
put your mind at ease
and we can take it from there.
Thank you.
And what did you
say your address was?
11 Croswell Drive.
11 Croswell Drive?
Could you do me a favor
and write down for me?
[dramatic music]
[nails scratching]
[bell ringing]
Sorry to trouble you. This is
11 Croswell Drive, isn't it?
It is. How may I help?
You must be Ben. It's
a pleasure to meet you.
My name is Father
William Roberts.
I believe I was speaking with
your partner earlier on today.
I know this visit is
completely unannounced
but she left in rather a hurry
and I just want to
make sure she's okay.
Yeah, she's fine. Thanks.
Do you mind if I
speak with her briefly?
I'm afraid now
is not a good time.
I respect your territory
and the fact this may be a
complete surprise for you.
If you could tell
her that I called,
I would appreciate that.
[Ben] No worries.
Thank you, kindly.
[Lucy] Hi, Father.
Thanks for coming.
Please, come in.
[door slamming]
It's a nice place
you've got here.
Thanks. Do you want a drink?
Coffee, tea, anything?
Just a water will be fine.
Thank you.
I'm here for you.
The Lord is here for you.
[Ben] Here you go, priest.
Thank you.
You seemed somewhat
troubled earlier.
Is all okay?
It's funny. As
children, we're told
there's no such
thing as monsters
and we shouldn't be
afraid of the dark.
We both know that's not true.
There may be forces
that we can't see at play,
but that doesn't always
mean they're malevolent.
What happens when they are?
Do you feel a
presence with us now?
[Lucy] Since the other
night, it's never left.
Where is it?
I can't believe
I'm hearing this.
Listen to yourself.
You sound nuts.
Lucy has reason
to believe she's-
- Please, priest, I
don't mean to be rude-
- Ben, please.
- And I appreciate
that you're here to help.
But let's not jump
to any conclusions.
I don't want her head more
confused than it already is
with all this
spiritual ghost crap.
I'm sure there's probably
a more logical explanation
for all of this.
What, that I strangled
myself and I'm making this up?
Why can't you just believe me?
I... I just can't.
I accept and love
you, not for your money,
not for what you can
give me, just for you.
And I need you now
more than ever.
As I said earlier, I
respect your territory
and your beliefs.
All I have is a few questions
I'd like to ask Lucy
and then I'll be on my way.
Seems that you both
have more to discuss
before we can move forward.
What's this?
Open it.
What does it mean?
You have no idea?
You wrote it.
No way. How can I write this
when I don't even
know what it says?
The writing here is
in an old Latin text.
And what does it say?
I don't think what
it says is really-
- Please, I need to know.
[Father Roberts speaking
in foreign language]
The Latin text you
wrote translates to
I have her now.
So you're writing
in Latin now?
I have no idea
how I wrote this.
Maybe you didn't.
Do you mind if I
use the bathroom?
Upstairs, first door in front.
[chair creaking]
[water running]
[door creaking]
For Michael, the Archangel,
oh, glorious prince of
the heavenly armies,
defend us in battle
and protect us
against the wickedness
and tyranny of the devil.
[dramatic music]
[water running]
You okay, Lucy?
Yeah, I'm fine.
[Lucy breathing heavily]
[eerie music]
[door creaking]
Lucy, are you coming to bed?
Babe, just come back to bed.
[door slamming]
[dramatic music]
Lucy, open the door!
Lucy, open up!
[Lucy screaming]
[loud thudding]
[door creaking]
[door creaking]
[flesh crunching]
What are you doing?
[Lucy screaming]
[flesh crunching]
Holy Mary, Mother of God
pray for us sinners,
now and at the hour of our death...
[fire crackling]
Sometimes I feel
it is important
that we know abundance
is our birthright.
The mental prison we condemn
ourselves to is not fulfilling
or even gratifying
when we judge others
and ourselves so harshly.
The intended purpose of...
[phone ringing]
The intended purpose...
[phone ringing]
[Father Roberts sighing]
[Ben] Father Roberts?
That's I.
Who's calling?
[Ben] It's Ben. You came
to visit Lucy earlier today.
Ah, yes.
What can I do for you?
[Ben] Is there any,
any chance you can
come by tonight?
Something's not right with Lucy.
I'm afraid that I-
- [Ben] Please, I
don't know what to do.
But that, that is not Lucy.
I'll be right over.
[Ben] Thank you.
[clock ticking]
[eerie music]
[crows cawing]
[crows cawing]
[door knocking]
Thank you for coming.
How is she?
She's been better.
I'm sorry. This is
really hard for me.
I've never seen anything
like this before.
Where's Lucy?
Upstairs, in the bedroom.
Is there anything you feel
you should tell me first?
Please, she's upstairs.
You've gotta see for yourself.
[Father Roberts sighing]
Do you mind if I
use your counter?
Go for it.
[eerie music]
[loud thudding]
Upstairs on the right.
I'm not going up there.
I just need a minute.
You've done the right thing.
[door creaking]
[eerie music]
It's me, Father Roberts.
Ben asked if I could
pay you a visit.
What do you want, Father?
Who are you?
[Lucy laughing]
This one is mine.
[Lucy screaming]
Child of the Lord,
I pray that you shall
be guided and protected
from the light of
the heavenly father,
and that you shall be
freed from any affliction
and demonic forces
around you now.
Our father, who art in heaven.
Help me.
[Carol] There is
absolutely no possible way
it can be done that quickly.
[Father Roberts] Please,
just listen to the recording.
That's all I ask.
Even if I did,
it changes nothing.
It's out of my hands.
There must be
something you can do.
I'm sorry, father. But
you have to understand,
you're not asking for
a simple blessing here.
It is a very delicate situation
and the correct channels
must be followed accordingly.
We have to be prudent.
You see, that's the
problem we have here.
The time in the
world moves forward,
and yet we, as the
church, stand still
and then you call
this approach prudent.
More like cowardice,
if you ask me.
I didn't ask you. You
are to do as instructed.
Whether we like it or not,
the enemy is winning the battle,
while we sit here and debate
on rules and regulations.
And it is by following
those rules and regulations
that we keep the dignity
and the very foundations
of the church together.
We cannot go around
conducting any sort
of miscellaneous practice
however we see fit,
without proper assessment
and consultation.
That is not how it works.
Let me just talk
to the Bishop.
I can explain why this
woman, in my own opinion,
needs a rite of exorcism,
but most of all, our help.
You never see what I saw.
The diabolical influence
attached to this woman is real,
and unlike anything
I've ever seen.
The Bishop doesn't
need to say yes,
but let me plead my case.
Without careful consideration
and approval from the Bishop,
you cannot, by any means,
pursue this matter further,
until I have spoken
with the Bishop myself.
Is that understood?
The tyranny of evil
triumphs, chancellor,
when good people stand by
and do nothing to help.
[eerie music]
[Ray] Still reading
your Bible, I see.
Thank you for coming.
Don't mention it.
It's been a little while since
I've been in one of these.
It most certainly has.
Things are not what
they used to be.
You can say that again.
Miss it?
Not really. Still enjoy it?
It has its own cross to
bear, but like all things,
silver lining and all that.
Sounds like the
same place of old.
Same place of old.
I know you've been
through a lot.
I'm always here
when you need me.
Do you mind if we cut all
the how are you, how am I crap?
I know you didn't call me here
just to see how things are.
There's no other way
than for me just to say it,
and you're one of the
only people I can trust
with what I'm about to say.
I need to perform
a rite of exorcism.
Did those words just
come out of your mouth?
You want to perform an exorcism?
Sorry, deliverance ministry?
On who?
A desperate woman
with no options left,
and it has to happen soon.
Tomorrow, in fact, the
clock is against me on this.
You know that won't go
down well with the Bishop?
Will take a few weeks at
best for him to sanction it,
and that's even if he does.
And I thought I was bad.
Coming from the man
who has lost faith
and walked away from life?
When I believed
my wife should live
and he decided otherwise.
Let's just say we had
a conflict of interest.
I would not call running
away a conflict of interest.
I did not run away.
I made a choice for
myself, no guilt trips,
no one to ask for guidance.
Just me deciding
what I want for me.
Like you, I got into
the act of God's work
because I wanted to help people.
Those who are vulnerable,
those who do not have
a voice of their own,
the woman. This couple that
I speak of need our help.
Our help?
What have I got to do with it?
I need you.
I can't do this alone.
I'm not going to help you
while you go on rough shot,
conducting your own exorcisms
like some sort of witch doctor.
Look, I really
wish I could help,
but I'm not the man I once was.
Yes, you are.
You were one of the best
ministers that I knew.
Well, that was before.
You cannot keep yourself
a slave to the past forever.
It changes nothing.
Unfortunately, death is
as much a part of life
as life is to itself.
It wasn't your fault, you know?
You're right. It
wasn't my fault.
I know whose fault it was.
Him on high, our
oh, precious one.
31 years I spent. 31 years,
devoted, loving, and caring
doing the work for someone else.
What thanks did I get?
I tell you what I get.
People like you telling
me that I lost my wife
and it was all because
the Lord called her home.
I'm sick of it.
Sick of Him.
I'm sick of faith, religion.
I'm done with it all.
You will find the
latest incident on there.
She needs our help and
that's what I'm going to do.
Alone and without consent.
I can't live my life
concerned only by myself.
You know something, you were
once someone I looked up to.
Interesting, isn't it?
What is?
How things change.
Sorry for wasting your time.
[dramatic music]
[phone ringing]
[Ray] William, I
listened to the recording.
What time are you
leaving tomorrow?
I'll be heading over
about seven in the evening.
[Ray] How long does
it take to get there?
20 minutes, give or take?
[Ray] I'll get to you for six.
Change your mind?
Don't you think
you've drunk enough?
Whatever you're doing
or however you think
you're dealing with this,
you being out of it
isn't gonna help Lucy.
You know the priest
wants to do an exorcism
on her tomorrow, right?
Now, how would I know that?
Why didn't you tell me sooner?
I just thought
you should know.
Are you even being
serious right now?
You can be a real fucking
pig sometimes, you know that?
All you're doing right now
is thinking about yourself
while the woman who loves you
and needs you is upstairs
dealing with God knows what?
And all you can do is this.
Oh, fuck.
I'm gonna go check on Lucy.
[eerie music]
Are you asleep?
[door creaking]
[eerie music]
[door creaking]
[dramatic music]
[door slamming]
[Ben] Ellie!
I wanna get out.
[Ben] Let go of the handle!
I'm not holding it!
[Ben] I can't open it!
[Ellie] Get me out, please!
[Ben] It won't move!
[dramatic music]
[Ellie screaming]
[Ellie] Get me out,
please get me out!
[Ben] I'm trying!
I see it.
I see it!
[loud thudding]
I've had fucking
enough of this!
[Lucy laughing]
[bones cracking]
[Lucy screaming]
[intense music]
[wind howling]
[dramatic music]
[dramatic music]
What's going on?
It's gonna be okay.
Don't talk to it.
This is not Lucy.
Why am I tied up?
Ben, please, untie me.
Untie me!
Lord Jesus Christ,
ruler over the heavens,
I'm here as your servant.
Have mercy.
Have mercy.
In the name of the Lord
Jesus Christ of Nazareth,
by the power of his cross,
his blood and his resurrection,
I bind you, Satan, and
the powers of darkness.
I take authority over you,
and stand with the power
of the Lord God almighty.
I, the dealer of death,
condemn you to a thousand
serpents of pain.
Reveal yourself,
creature of the night.
We are many!
Don't talk to it!
Together, the Lord's prayer.
[All] Our father,
who art in heaven,
hallowed be thy name,
thy kingdom come.
Thy will be done on
earth as it is in heaven.
Give us this day
our daily bread,
and forgive us our trespasses
as we forgive those who
trespass against us,
and lead us not into temptation,
but deliver us from evil.
[Lucy screaming]
Holy Mary, Mother of God
pray for us sinners,
now and at the hour of our death...
Reveal yourself to me, demon!
[Lucy screaming]
I'm sorry!
I stand with the power
of the Lord God almighty.
[Lucy groaning]
Tell me your name.
I am the bearer of darkness
that consumes the night
and we are legion.
[bones cracking]
And she will burn.
[bones cracking]
[dramatic music]
The power's out!
It's no longer
safe for you both.
I need you to stay here.
But wouldn't it-
- I'm afraid you'll only be
putting yourself in danger
as well as Lucy.
[eerie music]
[door creaking]
[eerie music]
Fight it, child.
By the power invested in
me, I command you, legion,
to leave this woman at once.
[Lucy screaming]
[dramatic music]
[bones cracking]
Lucy, if you can hear me,
resist the dark spirit.
[Lucy hissing]
Most unclean spirit,
in the name of
our almighty Lord,
I command you to leave
this woman at once.
[Lucy groaning]
[Lucy hissing]
Most unclean spirit,
in the name of
our almighty Lord,
I command you to leave
this woman at once.
I will not leave.
She is mine forever!
In the name of Christ,
I command you, legion, to part.
Most unclean spirit, return
to the depths of darkness
and burn in the eternal flame.
Most unclean spirit,
in the name of our mighty-
- I command you, legion,
most unclean spirit,
return to the darkness
and burn in the
eternal flames of hell.
In the name of the
almighty God, return!
[Lucy screaming]
[Ray sighing]
[melancholic music]
Stop the car.
[Ray] What is it?
It's nothing.
[car engine revving]
[crows cawing]
[eerie music]
[loud thudding]
[clock ticking]
[melancholic music]