The Last Scout (2015) Movie Script

In the year 2065,
war destroyed our world.
In our desperation,
we searched the stars
for a new home.
And just when we thought
we'd found one,
we realized we were not alone.
We have
the most important mission:
we must not fail.
We are the last.
And why, I hear you ask.
Survival is built into the very
genome of every living thing.
To endure, to evolve,
at any cost.
For billions of years,
the planet Earth was home
to many beautiful
and wonderful creatures,
all living in harmony
with their environment.
It includes of course
the human race,
the so called
"masters of their fate."
The dominant species,
who over millions of years
of evolution
reshaped their environment
for their every need.
That was until seven years ago,
the year 2065,
because unfortunately,
that was the year
our beautiful planet
was destroyed in a nuclear war
that lasted
just sixty-seven minutes.
The bombs dropped so fast
that no one had time
to say goodbye,
to pray,
or to call their loved ones.
The world's population
barely knew a war had started,
but in the blink of an eye,
our home was gone.
The few humans that survived
the post-apocalyptic world
fled in scout ships
to all the know corners
of the galaxy,
looking for a new planet
to call home.
I am on
one of those scout ships.
For all I know,
we could be the last.
When we received the signal
from the Pegasus,
we altered our course
and headed for what
would become our new home.
The Pegasus' sacrifice meant
that humanity could start afresh
and build a future.
that we are not the last.
All right,
I'm removing the last screw now.
Make sure you keep a hold of it.
Relax man,
these are steady hands.
I just don't want
to lose any if we can help it.
Yeah, there's already
enough screws loose around here.
are you disparaging the sanity
of certain crew members
on board,
or are you making
libelous insinuations
about the stability of my ship?
Your ship? Fuck you man!
This ship, sweetheart, is mine!
Woah woah woah, fly boy!
Anybody can point
this crate in a direction
and press
the button marked "go",
but it takes a genius,
and let's not forget, Mike,
I'm a genius,
and B: from falling apart.
All right?
That makes her mine.
Sorry to interrupt you
ladies, but this "crate"
as you so elegantly call it,
Pete, is mine.
Whose ship is it?
Jon's ship.
Good girls. Now,
how much longer on this work?
I'm just installing
the new valve now.
Copy that.
Quick as you can, gentlemen.
I want engines started
inside of an hour.
There's a dust cloud
headed this way
that'll require more
than a valve being fixed
if it hits us.
Understood sir.
Moving double quick.
Where were we?
Let me just make sure
he's not still listening.
Ok yes, where were we?
This ship, Mike, is mine
because I'm the one that
keeps it from falling apart
every time somebody called Mike
takes us too close to a star
or through an asteroid belt
or into a black hole
or whatever it is
you joyriders do
when you're fumbling
at those controls.
Woah, woah,
she may not be falling apart
but you sure ain't the one
out here fixing her right now.
Well, delegation of duties
is part of my job you see.
There's no point
in risking me going outside
to fix a plasma valve
when I can talk you
through it, Mike.
This is a job
a seven year old could do.
Oh well next time
we'll just send Lila.
The suits are too big for her.
Besides which,
we're supposed to only send
expendable members
of crew outside.
Oh fuck you
and your expendability, man.
Without me, we don't fly.
That's so weird, because I think
because I think
the Captain and the co-pilot
are taking the next two
piloting shifts-is that right?
Hey, no one fies like I do.
All right,
I make it an art form.
Anyway Mr. Important,
I'm ready to put
this new valve in
and get the fuck back inside
so I can kick your ass.
Well now,
there's incentive for me.
Ok, you need to see that
the corners are all lined up.
Make sure the grooves match too,
that way you will know
that you don't have it
in back to front.
Have you got
the manual in front of you?
I thought you were a genius!
Screw the screws
back in and reseal the panel
and then you're done, all right.
And then I can run
a pressure test on it.
Woah woah woah, wait
until I'm clear of this section
before you run
any pressure test.
Don't worry, relax,
there's nothing going
to blow you off
and push you deep into space,
as long as you've done
a proper job.
Pressure must be released
in the helium tanks.
- Shit.
- Mike?
I just dropped
one of the screws.
I can go after it.
Use one of the spares.
You got many of these left?
After seven years?
Mate, don't ask.
Ok. All right, sorry again man.
Hey, what's for dinner tonight?
Mate, it's your favourite.
Oh yeah? Steak, potato
salad and a side of onion rings?
It's my lucky night.
You bet. Edward's
pulling out all the stops.
We're all grateful
for last night's feast, you see.
Hatch is sealed.
Heading back to airlock.
- Mike to the bridge.
- Go ahead.
Jane, I've finished
doing Pete's job for him.
I'm coming back in.
Copy that.
Course is already plotted.
Mike is now back on board.
And the airlock is sealed.
Firing it up. Good job, boys.
Whereas the Pegasus flies
through space,
a submarine flies through water.
Do you have a submarine?
Me? No.
But, I have fixed a few.
What else is there in the ocean?
In the ocean?
There's loads of things
in the ocean.
Did I tell you
about the coral reef?
I didn't?
Well, the coral reef
is like a big,
beautiful underwater garden.
A million different colours.
All stretching out
for miles and miles
and you can explore it
with all the fishes.
Can we watch Jaws tonight?
You said that was about the sea.
Listen, that was about..
It is about the sea, yep.
But I got a big,
kind of a feeling
that Hayley's not going to like
me showing you Jaws
We could keep it a secret?
We could keep it a secret.
But only because you're
my favourite shipmate.
Got it?
Don't you have school to be at?
You sure?
Hayley, it is now
time for Lila's school lesson.
She is currently
with Pete in engineering.
Please let me know if you
would like me to remind her.
I found your last lesson
on human history
particularly interesting.
Controlled substance
locker code accepted.
Medical officer Hayley Matthews.
Oh god.
Thruster unit four
is a little sluggish.
It's kicking in two seconds
after the others.
I'll run a signal check.
Sending a test signal
to units A through F.
How was your walk outside?
Nice weather?
Oh yeah, the breeze was nice.
Just another another
average day at work, huh?
Every day is an average day.
Not today it isn't.
Oh yeah, why's that?
Today is someone's special day.
What do you mean?
Happy birthday.
How the hell did you remember?
It's my dad's,
or it would be
my dad's tomorrow.
When you let it slip last year
it just sort of stuck.
Don't worry,
I haven't reminded anyone.
God forbid we should
celebrate something.
The years passing
isn't something
I particularly want
to celebrate.
No problem old man.
I'll just take the present back.
Oh, no no, I didn't say
I didn't want the gift...
What is it?
Well, half the fun
is in the surprise!
Ok. It better not be something
that's gonna jump out
and bite me in the face.
There goes the surprise.
You made a cake?
Made a cake?
I got Hayley to make it.
I didn't want to waste
the ingredients
fucking it up
after the first dozen times.
It was part of a cookery
class for Lila.
So actually this is a gift
from Lila and Hayley?
Hey, I commissioned the work.
Without me,
that cake wouldn't even exist!
Will there be sea
where we're going?
Probably not.
I don't think the planet we're
heading to is even habitable.
Everyone else says that
ours will be the one
that has an atmosphere
and everyone
else will come here.
Well, everyone else is trying
to not make you worry,
but what have I always told you?
The truth.
That's right.
Pete always tells you the truth,
doesn't he?
Because I will never lie to you.
Now don't you have some
studying for Hayley to do?
Ok, if Hayley asks where I am,
will you say
you haven't seen me?
Of course I will.
But only because you're
my favourite member of crew.
I guess I can lie to everyone
else. Go on, go.
I hope that doesn't include me,
Mr. Burton.
Of course not.
An engineer never
lies to his captain.
He might exaggerate sometimes
just so you appreciate
the miracles he works down here.
Good stuff.
Now you can fix the
oxy-generation units on C deck.
The other units are working
overtime to compensate,
and if they start burning out
then the minor problem of
breathing becomes a major issue.
Especially when you waste oxygen
by using welding equipment.
They're not gonna burn out,
for one,
I replaced the knackered unit
with the one
from the escape pod,
so we're all ok there.
You can't use the unit
from the escape pod.
First, it's not big enough
to replace a unit
that serves a whole deck,
and second,
it's from the escape pod!
If any of us ever need it,
we won't survive more than
a few minutes in there!
Oh, you've got your eye
on it, have you?
Oh that's not even funny.
Enough, Gentlemen!
Pete, I know
you have a lot to do right now,
- but Edward's right.
- Edward's right.
You need to put
the generator back
on the pod where it belongs,
and I need the one on level C
fixed in the next 24 hours.
Otherwise you can go in the pod
and free up some oxygen
for the rest of us.
Yes, boss.
Anything else?
I'm sure we'll all be
quite hungry soon.
It is your night
to prepare dinner, isn't it?
Such a great day!
The plasma overload did more
than screw the valve.
Mmm-mm, thank you.
Truly, your generosity
knows no bounds.
Yeah, can I get that box back?
Cos I may need that again
next year.
It's mine, you gave it to me.
There are crumbs in that.
I want in!
All right. I guess, here you go.
Thank you.
Good you know how to share.
It's delicious.
Mmm, I did good, right?
Oh that is good.
- You got a little... Right here?
- Huh?
No no, no, I'll get it.
Yeah, right...
- I'm just trying to-
- You're hitting on me!
- What? I'm not hitting on you.
- You're totally hitting on me.
No! You had something, you had-
That is a move!
- That is totally a move!
- It's not a move.
Oh come on,
you think I don't know a move?
What, seven years on a ship
and I don't know what a move is?
- I was-
- Come on.
Ok look, it's my birthday.
It's my birthday.
All right,
I'm gonna allow this. Come here.
Are you kidding me?
is diagnostic done already?
we have received communication.
That far out?
Where the hell is it from?
It is from the Utah.
What do they say?
It's encrypted.
Captain's eyes only.
from where they were headed,
it would take how long?
I'm assuming they stayed on
course with their flight plan...
That message would have been
sent four months ago.
The only ship with that kind
of communication range,
and a call that takes
that long to get through...
It's gotta be important.
I think you know it's been like
a tightrope for me
since we left, Captain.
I'm trying to balance
maintaining the systems
with keeping enough in reserve.
Actually I'm getting a bit
of extra efficiency-
Pete, I know.
Basically Captain, the engine
is working twice as hard
as she should.
I'm burning up antimatter
like there's no tomorrow,
as a consequence
I've had to re-route-
Pete... Pete.
Captain we don't have
enough antimatter,
now, to make the return journey.
We can get there just fine,
we just can't make it home.
- You're sure?
- Hundred percent.
Pegasus, confirm my findings.
Findings confirmed, Pete.
There is presently
not enough antimatter
to return
to the Earth's solar system.
You should probably brief
the crew.
No, no. Hope is what keeps
this ship going,
I don't want to rob
them of that.
I'll be honest, Cap,
I'm running out of hope faster
than I'm running out of screws.
Captain, we have received
a transmission from the Utah.
It is encoded
"Captain's eyes only".
Something will turn up,
it always does.
I need you to keep this
between us until then, ok?
Attention all crew:
Edward is delighted to announce
that dinner is ready.
If you would all like to make
your way to the mess hall.
I hope you all enjoy
your dinner.
Please, always know...
Always remember.
I love you more
than anything in existence.
I know you feel the same.
I will always be with you.
Complete your mission.
It is the most important
thing for us both.
The future of humanity
depends on it.
Goodbye my love.
End of message, sir.
What is it that you're drawing?
- There you go.
- Thank you
Right, here we go.
How yummy does this look?
What the heck is this?
Somebody throw up?
Come on, there's loads here.
Not everyone's had a share yet.
Just put a little more chow
on my plate.
- Move along!
- Don't tell me to move along,
just put some more fucking food
on my plate.
Hey Mike! Come on.
I'll get ill with him cooking
it anyways.
He's probably running
experiments on us.
Let it go.
Every morning you guys do this.
Believe me,
I have better subjects
for scientific inquiry than you.
How's the steak, Mike?
- Bitter.
- Oh wow.
Today I'm gonna have it medium
with peppercorn sauce please,
and a wine list.
Where's the wine list Edward?
Mmm, smells good.
- Wine.
- Wine?
Ah, nice bottle of Merlot...
Cabernet Sauvignon...
You don't know about
these things, but, you know.
Oh wow. This is amazing, Edward.
Dickins would be proud of this.
I can't wait
until it's your turn.
- I'll do it.
- You try doing something special
with unrefined protein
and carbohydrates.
You know what,
I'll happily take your shift,
if you can prioritize fixing
my shower head.
What have I told you
about removing it
from the mounting to, uh...
"test the water pressure"?
What are you
doing in that shower?
I gotta pass the time somehow.
Hey, hey, hey,
listen up real quick.
As you guys know,
we had to shut down the engines
to make some minor repairs.
Everything's fine,
just wanted to let you know.
Everything's good to go.
Gunning the engines
for seven years
on a short range transport.
- Oh woah woah.
- Here we go..
We don't gun the engines.
We make this baby purr.
He's got one good point there.
These crafts were not made to go
the distance we're taking them.
Really?! Are you sure?!
Or comforts,
or privacy, or proper hygiene.
Or a decent work out regime.
No, we're getting
the pool installed next week,
you know that?
Yeah. Yeah, I've been meaning
to write a letter about that.
Yeah, the pilot seat needs
fixing too. It's kinda squeaky-
There's a lot of squeaky
stuff in the-
Let's let the Captain speak.
I think he has something
to tell us.
Ahh, we got the status
report in from the Utah.
As you know they are
the ship closest to us
and sent to scope
out sector 349G.
The planet they were targeting
came back negative.
So they've started their
final run back to the fleet.
- Lucky bastards.
- Right, I...
Listen, I know it's not good
news guys,
but we still have a mission
to do. It just means
we're going to be the ones that
get to discover the new Earth.
Seven years wasted.
Fourteen years
when they get back.
Everyone knows
these issues were a lottery.
Some people got journeys
twice as long.
Some people got trips
of one year.
They weren't even out
of comms range of the fleet.
Why couldn't I have been
on one of those fucking ships
rather than this one?
I think we all
would have liked that.
The longer the mission, Gerry,
more chance there is
something going wrong,
and the less chance there is
of getting back.
Everyone knew that.
Everyone still knows that.
- Here, here.
- That's right.
We're looking good
for an old ship. Come on.
I know Right.
That's cold comfort for someone
who couldn't make the choice
seven years ago.
She's had seven years more
of life this way
than she would have had
- What life?
- How can you say that?
She's got more goodness
in that little finger,
than you've got
in your entire body.
Well, that goodness
is going to wither
on the vine and turn into dust-
- Hey! Just, Gerry, what...?
- What are...?
- Why do you always...?
- Hey, hey, hey. Listen. Listen.
As long as we have a mission,
guys, we have hope.
Okay? There's no reason
to believe this planet
is not the right one.
It's in the habitable zone.
Edward, all of your long range
scans have been encouraging,
haven't they?
So far.
A little bit of elaboration.
Yeah, can you give us more here?
Well, long range scans
haven't shown anything,
not habitable,
but it's still a longshot.
We won't know until I send down
the probe.
Statistically though,
it's unlikely that ours
or any of the other ships
are going to succeed.
And what the hell?
We can cultivate our own food
and we've got water recyc.
We just turn this ship around
and head back
and we will survive.
I want to get back to work.
Until the oxygen breaks down...
I'm repairing those
right now, Edward.
And then we slowly
suffocate to death.
This is him being encouraging?
This is him being Edward.
I'm just saying
that's the situation.
And I'm just saying
reign in the negativity.
We've still got our job to do.
In fact, your job just became
the most important.
She's got a point, Edward.
Once we get there,
I'm going to need you
all over the telemetry.
We only got one probe.
Looks like
you finally became useful.
Fuck you.
Can I have seconds now?
I'd better get back
to the bridge.
Pegasus is probably getting
bored flying herself.
- I'll go.
- I thought you wanted more food.
No, I'm done.
I'm not hungry anymore.
Guys, we're almost there.
You know, I do wonder though
about the Utah.
And how many are the ships
that have been lost.
It must have happened to some.
I just hope that it wasn't
to ones that were on their way
to a habitable world.
Someone does find something.
It's seven years back.
God knows how many heading
to where the new world is.
- Hayley.
- What's up, sweetheart?
Can I watch a movie tonight
with Pete?
Not tonight.
We've got a big day tomorrow,
so I need you to get
some proper sleep.
And no one
is sneaking around the ship.
You know, Gerry gets grumpy
if we wake him up.
Oh, all right.
That's it. I'm gone.
Please, always
know, always remember...
I love you more than anything
in existence...
I know you feel the same.
I will always be with you.
Complete your mission...
It is the most important thing.
For us both.
The future of humanity
depends on it.
Goodbye, my love.
End of message, Captain.
Would you like me
to play it once more?
Did you clean your teeth?
Good, because I really
don't fancy doing
any more dental work.
Pulling out Pete's molar
was enough for me.
Pete said he wouldn't
trust anyone else to do it.
He said, for a nurse,
you make a better dentist
than most dentists.
Did he? Well,
that's very kind of him to say.
Although, to be honest,
I'd be quite happy
if I didn't get every
vaguely medicine
related job on the ship.
- Hey!
- You're busy?
No, not even flying.
I've got it on autopilot.
Jane's plotted too good a course
to bother changing.
No, I meant "Wow, that's a
special kind of laziness".
But seeing as you've got
a minute, it's time for...
Night of the Living Dead.
Why did you choose
that one again?
Come on, this is a classic.
You love this one.
Give it another chance.
I know how much you love it
really deep down.
You can't sleep, Pete?
Well, if I can't sleep,
you're not sleeping.
Where's the popcorn, buddy?
Well, we could have some
recycled protein.
I'll pass.
What was my mom and dad like?
They were great people.
They were the best kind
of parents you could have,
because they loved you
very much.
Why did they leave me?
they didn't leave you.
They saved you when
they couldn't save themselves.
You were too young to remember.
There was a lot of confusion
when people left Earth.
Some people got left behind
that really shouldn't have.
There wasn't enough room.
Did they die?
I don't know, sweetheart.
I know they wanted to find a new
home and that's why they gave
you to me when you
were just this big.
And now you
are big and grown-up.
I don't think I could carry
you now, like I could back then.
So I'm going to do my best.
You know?
I'm going to find
you a new home.
We're going to be all right.
You and me.
Good night, Hayley.
Good night, sweetheart.
Sweet dreams.
You want some?
Is she okay?
She asked about her parents.
What did you say?
That they loved her...
and they wanted her to be here.
One day you're going to have
to tell her what happened.
I know.
Not today.
She's too young.
I really thought the Utah
could have been the one.
I mean I know anyone of us
could have been the one,
but that seemed to really make
a good fit.
Some have a better chance
than others.
Just focus on our mission.
If you keep thinking about
all the others, you'll go crazy.
Someone will find a place.
Whoever does
is going to be remembered.
Like the first people to fly
or walk on the Moon or Mars.
No one forgets their names.
And no one is going to forget
the first people to find
the next alien world,
especially if there's something
memorable to say.
Jane, do you mean like Neil
Armstrong's One small step?
Yeah. Although,
if I knew I was going to be
the first person to walk
in a new world,
I'd sell my first line to the
highest bidder.
- You're kidding.
- No.
Sing a jingle,
say an advertising slogan.
It'd be remembered forever.
It'd worth a fortune.
Be no different
to wearing branding.
I'm pretty sure most
of the advertising executives
burnt up in the war.
You're going to have to settle
for something profound.
Something profound?
although Neil Armstrong
said his words just came to him
and were never pre-written.
After that mission,
NASA pre-wrote many speeches
like James Church's speech
for when he first walked
on Mars,
there were many not used
and all of them in my library.
I will select some
for you to read
as inspiration and send them
to your personal library.
I'm thinking about having sex
with Pete.
Does he know this?
Or at least I haven't told him.
- I think he'll be up for it.
- Yeah, he is a man.
I just really miss that feeling
of a man on top of me, you know.
Why Pete, out of interest?
I just get the impression
he'd try very hard.
Make sense
you two getting together.
You're the nearest thing
to parents to Lila.
I don't want to get together
with Pete.
I was just joking.
Just, forget it.
Fair enough.
Just let him fix
the oxy-unit first.
Otherwise you'll be engaging
in an auto asphyxiation.
Shhh... I love this part.
Good morning, everyone.
I hope you all slept well.
The Captain would like
to see you at 08:00
in the Mess Hall,
before breakfast.
Thank you.
- Morning.
- Where is Lila?
She's still asleep.
He's hungover.
All right.
Look, guys, tomorrow we're
entering the target system.
When we are close enough,
we're going to launch the probe,
we're going to start
receiving telemetry.
do you want to take over?
Well, we're looking
for two priorities.
One is an atmosphere
comparable to ours,
nitrogen, oxygen, argon.
And the other is presence
of water or ice.
Those are the two essentials.
On the would be nice list
is an existing ecosystem
with edible flora and fauna.
What about animals?
Yeah. We're expecting
aliens down there?
Oh, just a bit of poultry
would be nice.
No, non-deadly
indigenous creatures
are on the unlikely list.
Once the probe is launched,
we just keep taking
continuous readings
until we get
a conclusive result.
Look, guys, if the results
come back positive,
we send a signal back
to the fleet before we land.
And if the results
read negative?
If it's not habitable,
then we move on.
And that's all?
Back to the fleet?
That's the plan.
All right, guys. Look.
Stay sharp.
We're almost there. Okay?
Let's have a good day.
Show me..
It's getting worse.
How are you feeling?
Not particularly great.
I wonder if it has less to do
with the illness now.
I've always considered
the possibility
that I'd die on this ship.
Nothing's certain, Gerry.
I'm not even sure if the species
deserves a second chance.
We'd just make
the same mistakes.
What mistakes
wouldn't you make again?
Trusting the Chinese.
Very P.C.
No, very true, you mean.
Perhaps for your generation.
Forgive me.
And I thought you were
one of the last of mankind.
Homeless, running
around aimlessly like me.
Look. Gerry...
Oh! Man...
Hold on.
No, no, no. Okay.
Anyway, thanks,
I'm sorry
about the depressing thoughts.
Hang on. Let me give you
something for the pain
that you're quite obviously in.
Now, this stuff-
substances locker code accepted.
I'm fine, really.
Medical officer,
Hayley Matthews.
Who apart from me has access
to the controlled
substance's locker?
Access is restricted
to yourself and the Captain.
Your last access
was 14 hours ago.
I'm sorry.
Sorry I found out?
Look. Gerry,
if you were in this much pain,
you should have said.
I would have given it to
you in the correct doses.
I took it until the pain goes.
That's the correct dose.
You could die if you take
too much of that stuff.
Not too much of a threat
to a guy
who has a terminal illness.
You could have years.
And how those years
I'm sure they'll be.
- Gerry.
- No, look, Hayley.
I assure you...
dying is the last thing
I intend to do.
They're coming to get you,
Why are you sneaking up
on me for?
This old piece of shit.
Are you drunk?
Why don't you ever watch
anything decent?
Where did you get that bottle?
Have you been hiding that
from us?
I haven't had a real
drink in twelve months.
I don't care.
I really don't care about you
or your pal.
I just wish you'd all fuck off
and die and leave me in peace.
Why don't you go
and sleep this off?
You're just wasting your time
- with this piece of God damn-
- Hey, hey!
What the fuck is wrong with you?
Huh? You're so depressed
you want to bring
us all down with you?
You want me to kill you,
you piece of shit?
You want me to murder you,
is that what it is?
Try it.
Kill me.
And then see who
is going to interpret
the data from the probe.
Right now I am
the most important guy
on this whole ship.
I'll show you how important
you are.
Attention. Code Orange.
Attention. Code Orange.
Attention. Code Orange.
It's not possible.
- What is it?
- We're too far out.
What's the problem?
Captain to the Bridge.
I repeat. Captain to the Bridge.
Code Orange.
We have a Code Orange.
Say again, Mike, it sounded
like you said code Orange.
Confirmed, sir.
You heard me correctly.
It just hit our scans now.
Edge of our range.
Doesn't look like she's moving.
Do you have a visual?
I will if I swing us.
All stop.
Meet me at the obs deck.
What is it?
Are we about to explode?
Are we on fire?
Running out of air?
Is there someone pregnant?
Will you kindly inform me
what is happening?
We have a Code Orange.
What the fuck is a Code Orange?
It means there's another ship
out there.
I almost didn't believe it.
I still can't.
Believe it, sir. It's real.
Pegasus, do we know who it is?
The ship does not have
a functioning beacon
or signal transponder.
It is a standard PT 32 design.
The same as us.
That is the most common type
of scout ship.
But one of ours off course?
The only ship near was the Utah.
There's no way it could
be one of ours gone off course.
Pegasus, telescope.
Coordinates eighty-seven.
Vector 12 A.
Oh, great. It's a Chinese ship.
How the hell are they here?
They sent out the same scans
we did.
Maybe they launched
a couple of months ahead of us.
Which begs the question
why they stopped.
They're right on the edge
of the system. Why not continue?
Maybe they sent a probe
to the planet,
proved it wasn't viable.
They just figured
it wasn't worth it.
Maybe they're making repairs.
- Maybe they're dead.
- Hey.
Maybe we should just stop
speculating. All right?
Until we have a little bit
more information.
Right now all we know is that
there is a ship out there.
Mike, resume course.
That'll swing us right by it
we can get a closer look.
- Edward.
- Yes.
Wake everyone up.
So what if they're hostile?
Okay. That's a possibility.
I think we're too close to stop
now. I say keep going.
That ship could have
every spare part
we'd ever need.
It could make our lives like a
hundred times easier. Come on.
Exactly. And there are
certain medical supplies
we seem to be running out of
quicker than we should be.
whatever happened on that ship,
to stop them
it could happen to us!
Oh. Okay.
Or the information on that ship
could help us foresee
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
As feeling as that sounds
I see no good in treading
in dead men's footsteps.
But what if they need our help?
Oh, fuck that.
Let's complete our mission,
then we can circle back
and investigate
if we have to head back
to the fleet.
- We can't do that.
- All right.
Oh, that's sure.
The new world is just
around the corner.
And you haven't even sent out
the probe.
And then what the hell?
You have some
revelation from God?
We can't make it home.
- What?
- Captain?
The plasma overload last week
burnt 12 cubics of anti-matter.
We'll use the reserve. Pete?
- We already did.
- Oh, Jesus.
Okay. Listen. We need anti
matter to make it back.
That ship may have some.
When the hell were you going
to let us know that?
This is not a democracy, Gerry.
We're boarding that ship.
We're going to help them
or ourselves or both.
The information on that computer
is critical to us.
We need this.
We don't have a choice, guys.
Captain, all attempts
to hail the unidentified PT32
have gone unanswered.
I cannot sync
with their AI system,
which is unusual.
It may be offline.
Our approach course is set.
And we will be ready
to dock within the hour.
Guys, when we get in there
we are going to head
straight to the computer area
in the Bridge
and try to link up.
Then I want you to go
to Engineering
to figure out if
they've got any fuel left.
Okay, Jane.
We're at the airlock.
We're ready.
Copy, that. Good luck, boys.
Jon to Jane.
Seal the airlock.
We're on the Chinese ship.
Seal the hatch.
Jane, hull integrity
of the unidentified PT 32
is at 62%.
Protocol recommends
we seal the airlock,
and retract the docking corridor
while the away team
complete their mission.
Whole integrity
of the unidentified PT32
is now at 61%.
I don't like this.
Where the hell is everyone?
We should have come across
a couple of bodies at least.
Keep it together, guys.
Pete, go and check in there.
Yes, sir.
Meet us on the Bridge.
Nothing but rotten food
in here, Captain.
Can you get a read down
over here?
It's all in Chinese.
I'm assuming their system
read outs are the same as ours,
which case it looks like
we got good atmosphere pressure,
environment is a little hot,
but we do have oxygen.
We should be able to breathe.
So we could take these off?
Yeah, sure. After you.
I need you to get
the main engine power back on
so we can get the computer
back online.
Okay, all right.
- Voila.
- Ah, it's good stuff.
Okay. I'm going to see
if I can access their logs,
figure out what happened.
Head to Engineering and see
if that there's anything
that we can salvage.
Mike, I need you to figure out
how and when they got here
and how long they'd been here.
How's your Chinese?
It's been a while
since I needed it.
Yeah, same here.
Well, at least the ships
are the same
so the controls are identical.
Yeah, all made in Taiwan.
Hayley speaks some Chinese.
I'm hoping
she can translate them,
but we've got to find
the logs first.
No crew. No sign of life.
Is this what happened to her?
I think I've got something.
That's it?
It's the last one.
He doesn't look worried
or anything.
He seemed concerned.
Maybe whatever happened,
they didn't know it was coming.
How are you coming
with the transport logs?
Not good.
All the file headings
are in Chinese.
I'm going to have to go
through them one by one.
Okay. Upload them to Pegasus.
We'll get Hayley started
on the translation.
- I'm doing it now.
- Okay.
- Somebody else is on this ship.
- What?
- Someone else is on this ship.
- Who?
I don't know who,
but I've seen enough
scary movies
in my time to know not to go
and investigate the loud noise.
I thought I'd swing back,
grab some of my friends
and we can all go
and take a look.
I'll check the internal sensors.
Offline, great.
Okay. We're blind here, guys.
We have to do a sweep.
Stay close. Let's go.
Pete was able to get
the Dragon's AI unit
up and running.
I am now connected to it.
Hayley, Mike has sent over
some files for you to translate.
Many of the Dragon's systems
are still offline,
including the internal sensors.
The Captain has now ordered
to ship to ship radio silence.
They have a code 7 situation
on board.
Mike, watch your six.
I've got it, Cap.
I thought
we checked the whole ship.
Obviously not.
Are you sure you saw something?
I'm sure I saw something.
I've never seen you run so fast,
Hey, you know what?
You don't believe me,
why don't you run ahead
and take a look?
What was it?
I didn't get a good look. Okay?
But it was like some
like craze maniac,
like 6 feet
or something like that.
Six feet?
It's in engineering.
Pete, it's the Engineering...
Okay. Okay. Okay. I see it.
It's just in here.
You wanna go first?
You got it.
Yeah. Okay.
Jesus. He's only a kid.
Probably Pete's
six foot monster.
- He knocked you over, didn't he?
- I tripped.
Of course you did.
Hopefully he's got some answers.
I got him.
Let's go.
Six feet, huh?
I don't want to talk about it.
Is that what you call backup?
It was leadership
skill that made me warn you.
Hey, Captain.
Me and Mike were wondering...
if anything happened to you,
who would you want
to take command of the ship?
You know, in the event of
something going bad, who...?
Actually Pete was wondering.
I know the answer to that
Oh, what I was saying
is I assumed you would be,
you know,
the person that knows
the most about the ship.
I would base it completely on
looks, guys. Bridge, come in.
Bridge, here.
What's happening, Captain?
We found a survivor,
a small Chinese boy.
Yeah, Jane. But the airlock
is not working.
Can you unlock it from your end?
There's no problem on this end.
Pegasus, release the airlock.
Outer airlock has been sealed.
Override must be
manually entered.
I'm afraid that would be me.
What do you mean?
Captain, I locked it.
In case any survivors
from the Chinese ship
try to gain access
to the Pegasus.
Yeah. Well, it's just us and
a boy. So you can let us in.
I can't risk it.
We don't want whatever happens
over there happening in here.
You're just going to have
to stay there
until we understand
what's going on.
Open that fucking door, Edward.
Edward, it's just us.
There's no risk.
Open the door.
That's a direct command.
Captain, with you
and Mike off the ship,
I'm the next person in command.
And I will not risk it.
You guys shouldn't
even have removed your helmets.
We don't know what happened
to the crew over there.
We don't know if they got sick.
You have endangered
the entire mission by-
I thought he'd never shut up.
Just hoping Edward
calm down a little, sir.
Manually reversing override.
Airlock opened.
Based on looks, you hear that?
Yes, so that means me.
You wish.
You have endangered our lives
by doing this.
You should have left him over
there to die. You know what?
Better yet, you should have
finished the job yourselves.
He is just a child,
for goodness sake.
Would you happily have
Lila killed, just as easy?
- That is different.
- How come?
Lila is not our enemy.
His people are.
It's exactly the attitude
that got us here
in the first place.
Well. You know what?
Like it or not, we are here.
And his people are after
the same thing we are.
You know,
I highly, highly doubt that
two flags
are going to be planted
in the same sand together.
Hayley! What can you tell me
about him?
Not a great deal.
He is between four
and six years old,
poor state of hygiene.
Severely traumatized by whatever
happened on that ship or
the sheer fact
that he's been there
for however long.
He is sedated now.
I'll talk to him
when he wakes up.
Captain, I have Pete
wanting to speak with you
from the Dragon.
Go ahead, Pete.
Captain, I've checked the
anti-matter supply over here.
There's hardly anything left.
Nowhere near
what we need to get home.
Are you sure?
A hundred percent.
Checked it twice.
Looks like they didn't leave
anything for the trip home.
Copy that.
I'm sending Mike over now.
Strip down everything
that's not nailed down.
As soon as you guys are done,
we're heading out.
You're happy? Fucking wonderful!
Can you believe all the cool
stuff they had it here?
You definitely checked
all their reserves. Right?
I checked it
and I checked it twice.
Look just accept it bud,
theirs was a one way trip.
Hey, you think they knew
something we don't?
Yeah. Get to the planet.
Claim it
before the westerners do.
Right, come on.
Let's get this out of here.
Yeah. Good idea, mate.
Because I just removed
all the isotope guards.
I can feel the heat already.
What's going to happen?
Well mate,
in a couple of minutes
the ship won't be here.
I'll see you back on board.
All right?
You hang back for a bit.
Hey, man, that's not funny.
I think he would have
made me captain eventually.
No, he would have done.
You can even get there
with the open door.
That was because
I was letting you,
- like audition for the role.
- Yeah. Yeah. Okay.
- I was feeling sorry for you.
- Yeah.
- Oh, crap.
- What?
I've left my pad behind.
Here, take this.
Oh, forget it.
We ain't got time.
Oh, we've gotten minutes.
I thought you said the ship
was going to blow.
In ten minutes.
I'll meet you on the bridge.
- It won't be a minute.
- All right. Be quick.
I will.
Pete to Bridge.
Go ahead, Pete.
the airlock is sealed again.
Pete, are you still over there?
Yeah. And I'd really like
to get off about now.
No one over here has touched it.
No, he's still out
in the Medi-bay.
Pegasus, who ordered
the airlock be sealed?
It was The Dragon herself.
Hull breach.
Emergency airlock containment
procedure initiated.
What the hell was that?
Some sort of explosion
in the airlock.
Are we still secure?
Inner door is sealed
and intact...
- Outer door is fucked.
- He's still over there.
What do you mean
Pete's still over there?
In the other ship.
He went back to get something.
Now he's fucking trapped.
Pete, how long you have
before that engine goes bad?
About seven minutes.
Okay, Pete.
You need to listen to me.
You get yourself
into a spacesuit
and you can space walk across.
There's no good.
We left all the spacesuits
and the helmets
on the Pegasus for spares.
Shit yeah that's right.
Okay. Okay, Pete.
Listen up.
I'm going to move us over
close to you.
You open
your airlock door anyway.
The explosive decompression
will throw you over to us.
You can survive in space
a few seconds without a suit.
When he gets across,
how do we let him back in?
The outer airlock door
is hanging off.
If we open the inner one
we lose the atmosphere
from the whole ship.
We'll lock down
the whole section.
No, no, no, guys, guys.
That's going to take too long.
It's going to be manual override
and once we vent out
the atmosphere
- it'll blast him back. Pete.
- Yeah.
I need you to get
to the escape pod
and we'll pick you up
after launch.
Okay. On it.
- Mike.
- Cap?
Get to the Med Bay,
check on Edward,
make sure
he's still unconscious,
and make sure that Hayley
has the boy.
Jane, move us away
from the ship.
- Mike, get a weapon.
- Got it.
Sir, shouldn't we wait?
Jane, just do it.
The Dragon's antimatter chamber
is destabilizing.
Warning. Pegasus is within
predicted blast radius.
Still no pod launch.
Come on, Pete.
What the hell is he doing?
No escape pod.
It's okay.
I know what has to happen.
I'm sorry.
Me too. Listen...
The oxy-generation units,
they need pressure releasing
every three to four weeks
otherwise the valve blows.
And we don't have
too many valves left.
And if you need the valves,
they're actually in the
maintenance cabinet in my room.
Listen, because you need to know
some of this stuff.
The Medi-bay:
The emergency batteries
in the Medi-bay
are actually currently powering
the water recyc system.
Ah, so if you need the Medi-bay,
for someone's appendix
or something like that,
you need to manually switch it.
It's been an honor, Pete.
I'm sorry. I am so sorry.
I shouldn't have let you
go back.
Hey, hey, shut up.
There's nothing
to apologize for.
You take care of yourself,
all right mate?
- Pete.
- Hey, hey scamp.
Please come back, Pete.
Oh, I want to, but I can't.
There's been an accident
and I'm stuck over here.
It's really silly.
But, listen.
Everything's going
to be okay because Hayley is-
What's going to happen?
in about a minute
I'm going to die.
But listen.
It's going to be very quick
and it's okay because
for that minute
I get to talk to you.
And I get to tell you that...
I get to tell you
that I love you very, very much.
And I'm so happy because you,
because you're going to go see
the ocean
and I helped you get there.
Don't be sad, baby.
I love you very much.
And I need you to...
I need you to keep a secret
for me.
Can you do that?
Okay, lean real, real close,
real close to the monitor.
I need you to tell Hayley
that I'm sorry
I didn't tell her everything
I should have already told her.
Can you do that for me?
I haven't got very long.
Do you understand?
Don't be sad, baby.
Everything's going to be okay.
I lo-
I love you.
What did I tell you, Captain?
I warned you
about meddling with the Chinese.
No one could have predicted
this would happen.
Well, I'm glad that
you would think so.
Because we just lost
the only man
that could keep
this ship running.
Fortunately now,
we're in the system.
I don't know how else this
crate is going to keep going.
Mike, change out the suit.
Jane, get us back on course.
Replaying now 8470.
All right, I'm removing
the last screw now.
Make sure you keep a hold of it.
Relax, man.
These are steady hands.
I just don't want
to lose any if we can help it.
Yeah, there is already
enough screws loose around here.
are you disparaging the sanity
of certain crew
members on board,
or are you making
libelous insinuations
about the stability of my ship?
Your ship? Fuck you, man.
This ship, sweetheart, is mine.
Woah, woah, woah, fly boy.
Anybody can point this crate
in a direction
and press the button marked "Go"
but it takes a genius,
and let's not forget, Mike,
- I'm a genius, to keep her:
Are you okay?
A moving and B,
from falling apart.
All right? That makes it mine.
Sorry to interrupt you ladies,
but this crate,
as you so elegantly call it,
Pete, is mine.
- Captain.
- Whose ship is it?
Jon's ship Jon's ship
Good girls. Now, how much
longer on this work?
I'm just installing
the new valve now.
Copy that.
Quick as you can, gentlemen.
I want engines
restarted inside of an hour.
There's a desk cloud
headed this way
that'll require more
than a valve
being fixed if it hits us.
Understood, sir.
Moving double quick.
Where were we?
Let me just make sure
he's not still listening.
Captain? Ok, yes.
Where were we?
This ship, Mike, is mine,
because I'm the one that keeps
it from falling apart
every time somebody called Mike
takes us too close to a star
or an asteroid belt
or into a black hole
or whatever it is
you joyriders do
when you're fumbling
at those controls.
Woah, woah,
she may not be falling apart
but you sure ain't the one
out here
fixing her right now.
Well, delegation of duties
is part of my job, you see.
There's no point
in risking me going outside
to fix a plasma valve
when I can talk
you through it, Mike.
This is a job
a seven-year-old could do.
Oh, well. Next time why
don't you just send Lila?
The suits are too big for her.
Besides which
we're supposed to only send
expendable members
of crew outside.
How are you feeling?
I'll live.
You hit me really hard.
We weren't supposed
to let them on board.
- Just obeying regulations.
- Pete's dead.
Huh, how did that happen?
Will you please stop talking?
Listen to me.
Listen to me.
Listen to me. Calm down.
Do you speak English?
Call the captain.
Security breach.
Medical Bay. Security breach.
Medical Bay. Security breach.
Medical Bay. Security breach.
Medical Bay.
It's okay.
Find out what happened
to his ship.
And don't let him
out of your sight.
Or him.
She is dead.
Does that mean
I'm not hallucinating?
Come on.
You know better than all that.
I could be dead and you
could still be hallucinating me.
Best of both worlds.
Everyone should prepare
for death.
How was he?
Get anything out of him?
Not a lot.
My Chinese isn't great
and even when I used
the translation programs
there were still questions
that he didn't want to answer.
I asked him about his parents
and the other people on the ship
and still nothing.
Something really traumatic
must have happened on that ship.
But he doesn't want to tell me.
Yeah. Mike and Edward
found the flight log.
Pete... Pete was right.
They didn't save everything
from the return flight.
They burned out
everything they had
to get here
a few months ahead of us.
The escape pod
was launched six months ago.
The boy has been on his own
for that long.
No wonder he's so feral.
You know the weird thing
is in the weeks that followed
after they launched
the escape pod,
the airlock opened like five
or six times,
but no ships docked.
He must have tried
to kill himself,
but couldn't go through with it.
Go ahead.
We're now within range
of the planet.
Edward has confirmed
that the probe
is ready to launch.
Thank you. Tell Edward
to launch immediately.
Probe's launched successfully.
It all comes down to this.
Do you think we'll make it?
Yeah, I do.
I don't.
On the lower screen?
Yeah, I see it.
You call it for me?
It can't be
about the probe already.
It's too early for that.
We've got news of another one.
The Chinese probe.
What about it?
According to their computer,
the probe was sent out
a couple of hours before
their escape pod was launched,
only to a different address.
What do you mean
a different address?
The system doesn't have
just one planet
in the habitable zone.
It has two.
They occupy the same orbit.
The telescopic scans confused
the one with the other.
Do you know what this means?
Two potentially
habitable planets.
We just doubled our chances.
Have you received any data
transmission from the probe?
After they launched
their ship drifted out of range.
The probe should
have transmitted, but look.
They never received
the telemetry.
We're a lot closer
into the system,
so when we launch our probe...
So we should start to receive
the data transmission then.
I think we will.
Right now that second
planet is behind their Sun.
And if my calculations are right
then in a couple of days
that planet should just pop
right out,
will be in line the sight,
and we'll be able to receive
the transmissions
from the Chinese probe.
We get two rolls of the dice,
For now we wait.
Penny for
your thoughts, Captain.
You know what I'm thinking,
Always. Your crew don't see it,
but I can feel the sadness
washing over you
like waves on a beach.
You're thinking how old
my children would be
if we'd gone ahead
as originally planned.
I wonder who they
would have gone with.
You're hoping you.
I'm alive.
Did she draw the short straw?
Did her crew mutiny
and kill her? And the child?
Did she kill herself?
Maybe I killed him.
That's what being Captain means.
Taking difficult decisions
and sticking with them.
I know what it takes
to be a Captain.
Are you awake?
Yeah. Everything is fine.
Go back to bed.
Locker code expired.
Medical officer Hayley Matthews,
please enter
updated access code.
Locker code accepted.
Captain Jon Dale
Hey! Hey, what? No, fuck!
God! Oh, fuck! Shit! God!
What did you do?
What the hell did you do to him?
What are you talking about?
We were drinking...
watching a movie...
We had a drink.
I found him like that!
Oh, my God.
who else has been in here?
Main frame breach
in Engineering. I cannot help.
Where the hell is Lila?
Damn it! I knew
this was going to happen.
We have to find the boy.
God. Mike.
Warning. Security
My program
is being tampered with.
The only access point
is in Engineering.
Let me talk to him.
He said he didn't do it.
Yeah. Of course he'd say that.
But nobody was dying
till he showed up.
He's just a boy.
You know what?
Mike was sleeping.
And even a boy can cut a throat
if someone's sleeping.
And it takes a special
kind of boy, doesn't it?
I agree. It's him.
You must know.
Where is she? Where is Lila?
Here I am.
Oh, my God.
Are you okay?
We were playing hide-and-seek.
When did you last see him?
He just got here.
He was supposed
to be looking for me,
not hiding.
Okay. What do we do with him?
You know what?
If the airlock was working,
I'd say flush him out.
We can't kill him.
You know what?
You people, do what you want.
But I'm going to tell you what,
No way I'm sleeping in the
same room with this kid.
Anyone is liable to get
his throat cut. Excuse me.
Right now we get back to work
and check Pegasus
is still running properly.
Good morning, Captain.
Edward was able to repair
my main frame,
so I am very happy to be
your wake-up call today.
However, most of my sensors
are still offline.
I'm sorry.
Bear. And I'm really tired.
I need to go to bed.
Pegasus. A Deck corridor
panel 42 is ripped open.
Thank you, Captain.
I will alert the bridge.
the Captain has reconnected
the wiring
in panel 42 on A deck.
Some of my internal sensors
are now back online.
All crew are accounted for it,
including the two survivors
from the Dragon.
The internal sensors
on the Chinese ship
were down too, sir.
Good job. All right.
We need to get the sensors
back up
and make sure nobody else
is on this ship.
- Are you okay?
- I'm good. Go. Go.
You wanted him.
Bring him over here.
What are you doing?
Can't you see he's terrified?
I don't care.
Give him to me.
Be careful with him.
Ask him.
That's an order. Ask him.
He said this man
killed his crew. Hunted them.
One by one,
threw them out the airlock.
He said he is the last.
Jane has managed to get the rest
of my internal sensors
back online.
Jay is the last survivor
from the Dragon.
Also, Edward has news
from the probe.
Last or not, I want him tied up.
Tie him up.
Edward, the Captain
has called a meeting
at your request.
I believe the crew
is looking forward
to your findings.
So, what exactly
does inconclusive mean?
It means we're unable
to determine from the telemetry
whether the planet
is habitable or not.
But that's what is there for.
I mean you
are supposed to be the expert.
You are here to interpret
the data.
So, interpret it.
It's inconclusive.
But what does it mean?
It means that we land
and find out.
Why don't we just wait
for a few days
for the planet to clear?
We'll get the read-outs
from the Chinese probe
about the second planet
and then we'll know
which way to head.
We don't have the time.
Why not?
Another one of our oxygen units
went down.
We now have
two out of four running.
We're consuming the oxygen
faster than we're producing it.
How long have we got?
Not long enough to wait on
the data from the probe.
Yes, Gerry.
How long and what
are the chances of survival
if we reduce the amount
of breathers on board?
- No one is killing anyone.
- Come on.
By one crew member increases
the survival by 30%.
We've lost two people,
but we've also gained
an extra pair of lungs.
You know, I don't see it's fair
that he's breathing our air.
No, we take the ship down.
Prepare for entry.
Check on the boy, Hayley.
There is a chance
that if we land,
we'll never be able to
make it off the ground again.
Jane had the Pegasus lined up
and ready for landing.
After a seven-year-journey,
and with all the modifications
Pete has made to my systems,
this won't be a smooth ride.
May I suggest we wait and run
a flight landing simulation?
We go now.
transfer helm to manual.
Helm is now transferred
to manual.
Good luck, Jane.
Engaging descent course.
External temperature rising.
Adjust angle of descent.
Hull breach.
We're going in to hot. Nose up.
I'm on it.
The external temperature
at critical.
Jane, your pitch is off
by at least ten degrees.
We're burning out.
I can do this.
Prepare for landing.
Nitrogen leak in med bay.
Power overload in mess hall.
Level two emergency power only.
Damage control system initiated.
we have successfully entered
the planet's stratosphere.
Mike, you'd have loved this
I don't feel too optimistic
about this.
Let's go.
I should go with you.
No, wait. Now I need you in case
we can't get back off of here.
Landing is a hard part.
Taking off is easy.
You're the Captain.
Your place is here.
All right.
I'll seal the airlocks
behind you guys
as you wrap around.
It's going to take me
a few minutes.
All right. Take your time
and we'll get suited up.
Something profound.
Nothing. It doesn't matter.
Let's get these readings.
Are you sure?
You getting the same
reading as I am. Right?
Edward to bridge.
Go ahead.
We wouldn't last
more than two minutes
without the air in our suits.
This planet's ecosystem
is still evolving.
Way too much methane, nitrogen.
It's like the Earth
3 million years ago.
It's a dry well.
Copy that.
Better luck next time.
Heading back.
For what it's worth?
You guys are doing
what a few others
have ever done before.
Let's hope on the next one
we can all take a walk outside,
but be able to feel the wind
on our faces. Remember.
Second roll of the dice.
Where do we go from here?
Back to the ship.
Captain, Jane and
Edward are back on board.
And the airlock is sealed.
Yeah, okay.
May I suggest that the crew
take a few hours to sleep
as you're all showing
the signs of fatigue.
I will run diagnostics
on the ship systems
- while you rest.
- Yeah.
It will be nice
to spend full time
on solid ground for a change.
Jane, congratulations
on becoming one
of the first humans
to have walked on
an alien world.
I hope your first words
were suitably memorable.
We will be ready for lift off
in approximately three hours.
Please try to rest until then.
Ignition sequence initiated.
We are now clearing
the planet's atmosphere.
It's working. We're clearing.
There's a problem, Jane.
Engine two
is rapidly losing power.
Pegasus, take all emergency
power to the engines.
Transfer in progress now.
Nitrogen leak detected
in Engineering.
We've got a nitrogen leak.
Edward, where is it at?
- It's in Engineering.
- Get on it.
- Patch it.
- With what?
Go. I don't care.
Go. Go. Go.
Captain, the nitrogen could leak
into the remaining
oxygen supply.
See if you can seal
that section.
That section is not sealable,
but it can be shut down.
We can't shut it down.
It's the engine core. We shut it
down, we lose the shed.
Attention! Nitrogen
contamination is at critical.
What are you doing?
I need tape.
Any kind of metallic tape.
Anyone would have any.
It would be Pete.
No. He doesn't have any
in there.
I've already checked.
Re-igniting engine core.
You know, I really thought
the room of two dead men
would be a great place
to hide a murder weapon.
We are clear
of the stratosphere,
an immediate danger,
but I'm afraid the anti-matter
engines are still down.
Come on.
So we have no propulsion.
That is correct, Captain.
Get on port. We're going to
do it in three, two, one...
- Engine relay is offline.
- We can put it back on. Go.
Reboot failed.
- Still down.
- It's still down. Okay.
We're going to do it again.
Port, three, two, one.
Rebooting engine four.
Edward is dead.
Risk of radiation contamination
at 81%
Okay. Let's... so that...
okay, again.
Edward is dead.
The oxy-generation
unit is spending O2.
Read that procedure
and shut down the lower deck.
Ok. Check it.
The Chinese boy killed him.
Okay. We're back on s-
He stabbed him.
Attention all crew!
Please evacuate the lower deck.
I was in the Engine room
when he...
You got this?
There was nothing I could do.
Life support now offline
on lower deck.
Okay. This ends here.
You are okay?
Yeah, yeah, yeah, I'm fine.
I just, I'm just a little tired.
I just need a little...
I just need a minute.
Has he been here the whole time?
Stay here.
Warning. anti-matter
level at 2% and falling.
We seem to have drained
all the power
taking off from the planet.
As it stands,
we either have enough power
to send a signal to the fleet,
or to head to the next planet.
We can't do both.
We're going to the planet,
right, Captain?
Take it really easy, Captain.
We don't want to lose
another crew member, do we?
You killed them.
No, I warned you.
Bad things were going to happen
if you engaged the Chinese
and I was right.
Now, we're going to that planet.
I don't have much time left
in this Universe, Captain,
but by God, I'm going to die
with the wind in my face.
Do the right thing.
Protect the kids.
That's funny.
I thought would have put up
more of a fight than that.
Yeah, whatever.
Where are we going?
We're going to go see the ocean,
baby, just like Pete said.
Unless engines
are successfully initiated,
we will soon be caught
in the planet's gravity field.
Severe hull fractures detected.
Hull integrity down to 21%.
You know.
That little girl
is and always was your weakness.
I swore I would look after her.
Because her mother is my sister.
And yet you didn't bring
her with you, did you?
Just the daughter.
They were asleep.
She was just a few days old.
Anyone who had access
to the ship
had to get aboard immediately.
Otherwise it'd be overwhelmed.
There wasn't enough time.
I just grabbed Lila and I ran.
Attention! The evacuation escape
pod has launched successfully.
Our beloved captain
has abandoned ship.
So much for caring
about humanity, huh.
If that planet is habitable,
we have to send a signal.
It could be our last
hope for humanity.
Well, humanity had its chance.
Where are those logs you were...
Huh, there they are.
Do you know what he's saying?
Not entirely.
Well, allow me to enlighten you.
They too launched a probe
into the second planet,
but the probe malfunctioned.
With their
reserve power all but gone,
well, they knew
that they couldn't land
and then take off again.
So the Captain,
well he followed the probe
in the escape pod.
He would fix the pod,
and they would receive a signal
letting them know
whether the planet
was capable of sustaining life
or not.
Now, if it wasn't,
at least
they didn't kill the crew
and sentence them
to death on the surface.
And shortly after he left,
one of his crew went crazy
and started killing everyone.
Yes. Except for a small boy,
who managed to evade
his tormentor.
Until we arrived.
Captain. We are now receiving
data from the Chinese probe.
Hold it right there, Captain.
Don't move
or I will cut her throat.
You fire one round in this hull
and we are all dead.
Drop the gun! Do it!
Warning. Hull breach.
Venting atmosphere
It's habitable.
Send the signal.
We'll lose all our power.
I know.
Sending the signal to the fleet.
Signal pod launched.
Main power failing.
We are caught
in the gravity field
of the planet.
We will enter the planet
thermosphere in 30 seconds
due to gravity field.
what are our chances
of survival?
Your chances of survival
are zero.
Congratulations, Captain.
You have completed your mission.