The Last Sect (2006) Movie Script

Professor, I think I have something.
The last section
I said hello, Sydney ...
- Oh hello. - You're good?
If I am fine.
How is the piece?
Well, the article is fine, only a few details more.
- I have a copy of that ... - First thing in the morning.
It's okay.
RESIDENCE Van Helsing - Coffee, professor? - Please.
Thank you.
- Jesus, it's hot. - I am sorry.
It is no problem. Alexander Hamilton once asked Jefferrson ...
Why do we have to have a House of Representatives and a Senate?
Thomas Jefferson said, because ...
just as I put my coffee on the plate ...
to prevent harm me ...
my lips...
so protect the delicate members of the constitution ...
putting our new laws in the House of Representatives.
And in the Senate.
I have not been so excited before ...
Very well, excited ...
but this time I think I found something.
Sydney apartment
Who puts an interview at midnight?
Not at midnight, Sam ...
It is at 8 and 30.
You is for Artemis, remember?
Is the dating service?
Artemis ... read emails that I send you?
Not the purpose.
Like I said, if you want to open any of the emails ...
at least I have a prospect to watch.
as minimum.
Sam ... okay.
Always a gentleman.
Put the content reading.
And you consider yourself a professional?
Never seems to please.
Been in your best photographer award the last three years?
Chivalry and humility? Sam ...
You have the whole package.
Your singleness is a mystery.
I'm still single because I want to be, thanks.
Suit yourself, Romeo.
What do you mean?
First, all wait and are now in a hurry, make up your mind.
Let's finish this, please.
You're deaf?
Wait, I want to show you something.
- What? - Just come here.
Better be good.
What is it?
What the hell is this?
It is the network of the Vampire.
- Which? - The Vampire network ...
just look, they get better.
Oh my God...
It is so untrue.
- Tell me you did not buy this. - I have to edit it.
It's disgusting.
The views of where these images originated ...
They are of the same entity.
Artemis and network Vampire ...
They originated this server.
If we do not go now, Sam, I swear to God ...
One second.
How can you not see this? Come on, look at him.
It is like...
a meanness of vampires, there's nothing like it.
Yes, I am the sick, yes, I am.
I pray for the woman who finished with you, you know?
- Oh, really? - Truly.
And because?
Because you're a degenerate pervert.
That was good.
We expand images.
And the blood originates from under the skin.
As for women ...
They are all either literally drinking the blood.
It's not a trick.
These are vampires.
They do not do a good job of faking it?
They do not try.
I understand, I have no problem with that ...
you are what you are ...
your intellectual side is below your knees.
- What's that now? - What writers call ...
the similarity ... when you have no that.
What are you talking about?
They are intruders from mythology, even you can not see ...
vampires in the movies.
How can you see on the net?
It's ridiculous.
Because it's not film, it is digitized.
I think it's here.
Good night, what I can do for you?
Hi, I'm Sydney James, he is Sam Francis ...
Hello how are you?
We are of the magazine.
Of course, I am afraid that Anna is a little late ...
take a seat and the minute it is ready call.
Explain it again ...
How these elements relate?
What is Artemis?
It's a dating service. Professional.
One very special.
That makes?
A dating service.
I'm not following you...
I'm sorry, I ... if ...
You're a fool.
And your snobbish.
What did you call me?
Why are you so annoying?
Do not you have some sort of ...
is no, you're like a fucking nun or something.
That's okay, you talk to your mother?
Whatever your condition, you have fun away.
- I know how to have fun, thank you. - Yes, sure.
When was the last time you threw?
I pretend I did not hear that.
Yeah, I'll bet you do not remember.
- Come on, tell me ... - Sam, hush.
- Seriously, when it was? - Seriously, shut up.
Wait ... I remember.
- Sam, I swear to God ... - What was it called?
I had one thing here ...
Mark Pablo.
- it was not called ... - Paul.
Paul called Rigatoni or something, right?
Was it about three years ago?
Is a long time.
You finished?
- Yes. - Great.
These days people use the Internet to meet others.
I'm more of a romantic side, so ...
- I hook only when ... - hooked?
If, you know, meet people, go on a date ...
well, you know.
Yes, it is a date, I'm not that old.
My question has to do with the price of coffee in Brazil.
Maybe if I go straight to the point.
Maybe you should.
Look, I just tell you that you should have fun ...
and maybe I can get to you.
How about ... ever?
Never never.
Never never.
It is a site designed by ...
led by ...
heated as a weapon.
I'm afraid to ask you this, but tell me about these stupid vampires.
Is not stupid...
many people believe it is real.
- Truly? - There is a society of vampires.
is not only being sexy is ...
It is a lifestyle, actually live like this ...
- A lifestyle? - Yes absolutely.
Wait, please, these people have no life, less style.
The guy did not touch her breasts until the second college ...
the girl is in the library thinking that would violate ...
I mean, it's something pathetic.
These people do not how much is given of how pathetic ...
their lives in truth.
You are talking?
Forget this.
Anna's list.
They can come in now.
It was time.
Views eso?
See what?
It is...
I can help?
I hate you.
Hello ... I'm Anna.
- Hi, I'm Sam. - Sydney.
Nice to meet you, Sydney.
After you.
It is a large space that is here.
It's very cool.
I can make some shots here.
It would be interesting indeed.
Did you study here?
I made it myself.
We bought the building last year.
This business is good.
Yes, it is very lucrative.
Syd... Sydney.
The matter?
Not at all.
Now tell me ... how you ...
You came to contact this group?
Well, they had an ad, then one of ...
organizations had them and ...
this professor of methodology in Boston, how is it called?
- He ... - it is an idiot.
Well ... anyway ...
he made a follow-up, he says he found at least 7 criteria.
Well, what I taught, at least there are seven.
- But ... - I would remind you that ...
in Budapest they were nine.
What made you believe that the world needed an Internet service?
Say you saw the need ...
We find the traditional male-oriented service.
It's something that had to be leveled.
I see...
Membership is divided into dating and intimate encounters.
Each category has its advantages and pleased the wishes of the members
Dating used as an example.
The information given by the man when he becomes a member ...
each are encouraged to give things past.
Past about what things?
Let's say you and ... Sam go on a date ...
You will be asked to fill out a questionnaire ...
something like your relationships.
If, in your dreams.
They were their relationships.
If you drank and how much, that sort of thing.
What about sex? You ask if it was good in bed?
That kind of things.
Do you do the same thing with women they leave?
No, we believe in ...
Will you excuse me a moment?
What do you think?
About what?
Anna ... not find it a bit ... strange?
I think it's sexy.
Now ... you asked?
About why a man does not have the same privilege than women.
Is not sexism?
Maybe it is.
But none has complained.
What about you, Sam?
With that body, women would compare notes with you.
I do not think so, not at all.
It's because it's not normal.
Our research indicates rather than sue ...
really they do not care.
Ego maniacs.
It is a function of the ego.
We like to have a very gentle reincarnation.
We mix the whole process ...
it easier for something complicated.
Thank you pro your time.
I'll tell you when the piece is finished.
A pleasure to meet Sydney.
Please take one.
Thank you.
It is potentially bright.
What is it?
the power to take samples of the population ...
indeed to maximize its end.
It is brilliant.
What we found.
Yes, I think so, but ...
It's time...
is the time.
Must be.
Hello .. no, no, it's fine.
It's a little early, that's all.
It is number 412.
Who was?
The Ms. ski Wedding ...
Does the psychic?
You're doing a reading?
Yes, why not?
- Because they do not believe in that. - I know...
And why do you do it?
Hey what's up?
You're good?
Yes yes I'm fine.
It has been a little tough lately.
I think of quitting.
Renounce what?
The job.
- What? You love what you do. - Yes, good...
after 8 years of lying like this article Artemis ...
not anymore.
Barajemos again.
Very good.
I do not know...
I'm sorry...
What? Should I be worried?
What is it?
We all know the routine ...
and I appreciate your patience.
It takes us longer than anticipated, but ...
I am pleased to say that we have succeeded candidates.
What do you mean nothing?
They did not meet?
- We did not get to be blended. - I do not get it...
It all scared ... and then left.
Were you scared why?
Only it did 4 or 5 times ...
I said that shuffled the cards and collecting ...
told me it was not me, it was her and gave me the money back.
And then he read my palm and ...
it became white as a sheet ...
And then?
I said to seek help.
I never heard that before.
Maybe you are cursed.
Not that bother you or something ...
No, he did not mention anything about a curse.
But he mentioned something crazy to have a better friend.
Everything looks very fresh.
Does the name teacher, something where to look?
Eleo called Ra.
Does the sun god?
Do not waste your time on that.
You'd be surprised what I find there.
Can you tell me what the main function?
It's a vampire monitor.
It is made to measure the strength of ...
this powerful sect.
I was sent the 70 from Cairo ...
by another hunter.
I've never been able to work.
All right, your nickname.
Writer girl.
I got it.
Very good...
I'm a woman...
... looking for a man.
Type of Relationship ...
get out.
Come to me.
At the end of each millennium ...
vampires must be regenerated.
excision Quiesiu
- Literally deep sleep. - Hibernation?
More or less.
The injured ...
something like 25 years.
His powers are the greatest.
In the months following this ...
If they are already strong for what they need to regenerate?
Because although his powers are on top ...
They are the most vulnerable.
once asleep ... almost asleep ...
and ... the need abasteserce live forever.
If this is supposed to ensure their future, then ...
They need someone to care, right?
This person is a repository of your living energy.
It must be a woman.
She would be the vampire version of the Virgin Mary.
A package that bears his seed while sleeping.
When the cycle is coming to an end ...
It has little time to find this individual.
And I can not take it by force, they can not be victims ...
He must convince her to be his protector.
She must do so at your own will.
When and if the woman agrees ...
the sector literally disappears.
Remain invulnerable throughout hibernation.
Their soup.
So ... how do we stop them?
Artemis If these people really are ...
We must find and kill the matriarch.
Before entering deep sleep.
Who is the matriarch?
The leader, of course.
The problem is I have no idea who he is.
But the issue has talked so much, how come you do not know?
Well ... I knew who it was, but ...
Much time has passed and ..
I think it has changed.
The last time my grandfather faced the sect was in ...
which it was coincidentally the year of birth of my father.
The last time you had confirmation from where they were ...
It was...
let's see.
Yes, is here...
The sect was in what became known as Connieburg.
Is now Conigrad in 1915 ...
- Russia? - Yeah, they thought it would ...
They had a theory why the sect only going to Russia ...
but of course, it has not been seen since and can not be confirmed.
So now Professor, can you ...
Can we go after them?
Maybe it's too late for me.
In any case, we need to someone else ...
someone else.
Someone less like you,
less distracted.
How do you know that?
When someone begins to respond as you did ...
Automatically it looks.
Can you do that?
The two do.
I was surprised when I called.
I do not normally follow.
I just had a feeling that Artemis is something that ...
You can benefit.
Are you seeing someone?
No, is not that...
It is that a dating service is not my thing.
I do not like paying for it.
I understand, some think so.
But they do not understand that tools is just to know.
To save distances.
Well, I think I'm one of those rare people.
I prefer face to face communication.
To be honest...
I also.
you realize that ...
oh, no.
No, is not that.
He not involved.
I just take what comes.
And you?
I think it's on its way.
I think found.
Oye, I ...
I am sorry...
What are you staring at?
Something of a cult.
Some of the old times.
It called Vampire ... Vampire network.
Do I pay for that?
It's not free.
Literally it has no idea who is behind this.
They are spending about 6 months ago or something.
First they passed once a week ...
and then daily.
Now are 3 or 4 times a day.
Perhaps hungrier.
If talvez.
Anyway, look ...
- Have you seen Sydney? - I have not seen.
- What happens? - The boss is looking for you.
Artemis, I joined last night.
I swear to God, I go to my interview tomorrow.
What about you?
My interview, you have to have a blood test to work.
You have to fill a file with information on everything you do.
Are you crazy?
I have to not hide.
Only your tail.
I mean, it's not a line nor a third leg.
That you want.
Seriously, do you mind that?
All this information that these people want from you?
Has no sense.
For me it is not equal.
The good news is that if you know someone know if you lie or not.
I thought that a woman would appreciate that.
I think.
Anyway ... I'm outta here.
Do not forget that the boss is looking for you.
Thank you.
Oye Sam ...
- Got the ... - Check your inbox.
- Do not you read my post? - not when they say boo.
It is under Anna.
Thanks Sam.
No no.
That is.
It's in the game.
Give me the phone.
Forever and always...
You sent me now, with the long blond hair.
If the opportunity presents itself ...
do not hesitate.
And do it fast ...
Thanks for that...
Where are you?
let's listen.
Well, not to start.
How about the beginning?
Hear the whole story before you decide I'm crazy, right?
- You promise? - I promise.
Well, vampires represent the transition and you're there now ...
your work and your stolen feelings.
- Vampires steal ... - Well.
Let me clarify it ...
- You dream of vampires and ... - No ...
it's not just vampires.
Are these women.
And this woman and are not really vampires.
But it's not just a dream, it's ...
It is more than a dream.
Okay, it's a wet dream.
- It is much more than a dream. - Alright then...
What exactly?
You know what, let me show you.
No vampires yet.
They can see me ...
Who can see you?
I think it has something to do with Artemis.
And the woman I met there.
except that in my dreams she is called Anastasia
In my dreams, if ...
Yes really.
Why do you think you are?
Nor know, it is something that has to do with this network site.
- but you can not find. - Do not.
It's hard.
It's the last.
If you do not give anything ... begins.
It's not like a normal site.
- Sam told me ... - Wait ...
wait ... Sam?
Sam is a psychopath degenerate.
Not with everyone you go to bed you are psychopaths.
I can not believe that sucrase.
Has it occurred to you that ...
Sam may be behind this?
Jess believe me, this has nothing to do with Sam.
It is not man for that.
Oh shit...
I have to go home.
Sorry, Jess ...
- Oh, no, no ... - It's just ...
Do not be silly...
there is nothing to regret. In nothing.
I can stay, but I have to go to bed ...
I have a hard day tomorrow.
No go away...
I go to bed.
I'll be fine.
Go to bed then.
I've been sleeping here actually.
Thank you...
Call me if. If you need something.
Just a scratch.
Sydney, I can get in?
you must let me in.
Come in.
At least we know the bullets are effective.
I followed her into the building ...
no way it could have gone.
Unbeknownst to me.
He could project the building ...
Now, he could not do that ...
except for good reason.
The feed does.
And frankly, it had not stopped.
We must find this woman and determine if stopped in its charm.
What if you stopped?
If you stopped ...
we must kill her.
We have no choice.
It is the midwife computer.
Well, as he was on our side.
This may be it.
How do we find?
We will not.
LOCAL LAWYER lost without a trace
- Jesus ... - Miss Saint James..
A pleasure to talk to you.
Do you know this woman?
Your name...
Sydney Saint James.
I get out of here now.
Oh yes ... we are at the airport.
Hola Sydney.
How did you go inside?
Are there any side you going?
I think I go crazy.
Do not go crazy, Sydney.
Or you dream about.
I do not understand any of this.
It is not important to understand.
You have to know what is your calling.
I found the cell.
Oh, Srta. Saint James...
My name is Van Helsing.
Dr. Abraham Van Helsing.
He met a colleague of mine earlier.
The man in the cell? Which saved her.
That's what we're here ...
to protect her.
You should stay where it is.
We'll be there in a moment.
Srta. Saint James?
My God, Sam, I thought you were dead.
You're good?
If the midwife is there, do not give him a chance.
Kill the two.
For luck.
Take this.
And that.
You'll stay here ...
if someone at least us, comes down this corridor ...
go immediately.
I want to go in with you.
Not my son ...
not this time.
You're safe now.
There is no much time.
Everything will be better than ever you get the picture.
- Your life will be ... - Your life ...
it will come to an end.
Do not make a mistake, Sydney.
This demon does not care for anything.
His only survival is all that matters.
Where was he?
All you have to do is deny it.
If you have not esranza n.
Save the last moment of your miserable existence.
- Who are you? - I must detect your marks.
They did not bite.
Leave me alone.
Nos temen Sydney...
your threats everything they believe.
When you'll join us you will see that ...
It is not a heaven that you have to suffer or go.
Do not worry...
they have not bitten.
Are you sure?
I will end your ridiculous slaughter.
It's wood.
You're obsessed with that.
We exist under an unnatural order.
We just take what we need.
They deny you and your kind nature.
And good bye.
What do you know God?
I am that there is a divine order ...
and you're not part of it.
All living things must die.
all living things must die.