The Last Shot in the Bar (2017) Movie Script

Eric Paroissien Translation
You seem to enjoy.
What's wrong with him?
Open the window.
You heard me? Open.
Good evening Ladies & Gentlemen.
I always find the culprit.
Today our candidate...
is you.
You're a funny man.
No one else fits the bill.
Mr. Principal.
Now, I'm taking offense.
I am a respectable educator.
It happened while the lights were out.
It took about 15s for the staff
to switch the breaker back on.
The culprit approached
the victim from behind...
and went vigorously, copiously
for Madame's breasts.
Am I right?
He groped it several times.
Like this... and like that.
The culprit fondled the left breast.
It would have been very
difficult with the right hand...
so he assaulted her
breast with his left hand.
Can't be me because... I'm right-handed.
That really doesn't
matter for our inference.
But this does.
After dipping his fingers in ketchup...
he was moving in the complete dark.
And accidentally dipped his
right hand fingers in it...
so he had only the left hand
to assault Madame's chest.
This inference is just boring.
Careful he's going to
get rid of the wipe.
Give it up.
With which you wiped the ketchup.
What kind of evidence is that?
No doubt it was him.
It was this hand.
This hand groped me.
Like this.
And like that.
I could also slap it...
and slap the other one.
He's a monster.
I can't believe it.
I didn't know I came to
a country of perverts.
The consequences can be severe.
China won't buy our rice-cookers...
and we'll have to give them
back all the panda bears.
Now these are international issues.
Mr. Detective, that was so scary.
The poor girl was scared,
but you're safe now.
He's not a bad boy, he's really decent.
I just harmed my country.
Now you see...
the compensation to Yang-Yang
and the disorder in the club...
including my commission.
A total of...
$2, 000 from your pocket.
You're lucky.
By the way...
her breasts...
The hell.
He's good at this.
Are you sure?
1 cupful of margarita...
1 of soda water.
I'd rather have a tea.
Give it to him.
Takada, my chauffeur and bodyguard...
is assistant at the
University of Agriculture.
and so he brought from there
an unexpected character
Harada Makoto, a student in agriculture..
who turned out to be a normal client.
Her name?
Suwa Reiko.
Studying at the Women's University.
Women's University?
Hokkaido Women's University.
You heard about it?
No but it could still exist.
We met last year.
I'm not the kind of guy who dates.
But for some reason last year...
I gave it a try.
Nothing is as boring as listening
to strangers' love story.
I'll spare you the details.
When did she disappear?
Four days ago.
Even emails...
she's not answering her phone.
She was with a brute, I'm worried.
I'm getting a job at the bank...
I was getting married after graduation.
She simply dumped him.
You tell him.
So please, help me.
He said she didn't show up at her place.
I have a key of her place.
She'll get mad when she sees
you rummaged through her things.
The decoration is quite impressive.
This too.
And this?
Hey, wait.
Here too NAKED.
Look at you two love birds...
see how she keeps you close?
There are many luxury items.
What is this?
Did you send her a gift?
When did you see her?
The last time?
She sent it from her hometown.
Suwa Ichie.
Is that her mother?
Hello, Suwa residence.
I'm sorry to bother you so late.
May I talk to Miss Suwa Reiko.
Sorry, she is in Sapporo.
May I know who's calling?
This is the administration of
Hokkaido Womens University...
Miss Suwa hasn't paid her $500 fee
for extracurricular activities.
Tell me where I should transfer it?
I'll have to confirm with the
secretary, I call you again.
Sorry about that.
Pure heart.
A test for sexually transmitted diseases?
A part-time job for a greedy
female college student.
Did you find any clues?
I'll tell you my account number later.
Don't forget to send me money.
You're taking her case?
Thank you.
How much shall I transfer?
It's just for the fun.
Pay what you want.
I just wanted to look cheerful...
but that college students had me worried.
Maybe I had been touched by the
voice of her mother on the phone.
I can't remember now.
In short, I accepted this ordinary
case without giving it much thought.
However soon after...
I was going to regret it bitterly.
Please, excuse me.
Please, give me your cell number.
Even if I gave it to you...
I never carry my cellphone.
You can usually call me at this bar.
Sapporo Susukino, the northernmost
red light district in Asia.
All kind of deals are going
on in that neighborhood.
It's wouldn't be clever to
request the police's help...
and seeking it from the yakuza
is not worth the hassle.
This is why people come to find me.
I am the third eye of the city.
I'm a Detective.
The next day Harada had
transferred us money.
A hundred and eight bucks?
What are these $8 for?
8% consumption tax.
That guy has good sense.
They'll score 60? -70 at the most.
No way, the Hokkaido Fighters
(Baseball) will score a hundred.
Why not 120 while you're at it?
You should listen to what you're told.
You're hurting me.
You saw this girl?
Have you heard of "Pure Heart"?
It hurts.
You have a big balls.
That girl is a call girl?
She could also work online
or for model agencies.
Well, there are hundreds of these.
You give me money, I will ask around.
It's an economical crisis you see.
Detective, I'll be your assistant.
I am very capable. -It hurts.
Trust me in my trade we
don't make easy money.
You're stingy.
Hey, detective.
I heard that you caught
that perv of a Principal.
Are you grateful?
No, it's just that the
guy has a reputation...
he knows hundreds of girls
in the neighborhood.
I dont know this particular girl...
but "Pure Heart" is a model agency.
It's a front for call girls.
They entertain only guests
of a certain social status.
What if you recommended me, Principal?
Give me a break now.
After what you did to our
relations with China?
Please sit down.
I am the coach of a
women's badminton team.
I used to take photos
of them in action...
this really was my passion.
However, nowadays...
I have received weird complaints.
And so the Principal of our
school recommended me your place.
We are honored to enjoy his patronage.
This is the book of our models
who accept private photoshoot.
Are there boundaries to the
kind of photos I can take?
For example...
like, nude.
You're free to ask directly to the model.
There are also options for clothing.
Schoolgirl costume, gymnastic
suit and even swimwear.
I see what you mean.
Do you employ this girl?
Her name is Suwa Reiko.
I'm sorry, you can only
chose from our book.
Is she in it?
Please, chose from the book.
I understand.
My I take my time?
Please, do so.
I'll use the bathroom.
Where are you going?
This is the office.
I'm sorry, my sense of
direction is so bad.
Have you found a model?
I'll come another day.
Sorry, I have a stomach flue.
That necktie... looks great on you.
Thank you.
If you consider it...
A model agency front...
sending the models to the
guests' homes or hotels...
and letting them go
as far as they want...
is really a profitable business.
So what's the difference
with a call girl?
The names are different.
Young women easily drift from
there to plain prostitution.
Reiko may have found a benefactor
who offered her a nice apartment.
Please come again.
What can we say to Harada.
But it's kind of out of character...
for such a young lady
to disappear like that.
Totally normal.
What do you guys want with our model?
Which house are you guys?
There's a misunderstanding.
What's so funny.
Your kind of face.
Takada, it's your turn to play.
Are you okay?
I can't touch him.
He's too strong.
It's too early to give up.
I'm telling you to try again.
I dont need to, I know hes too strong.
What are you saying?
You have to try.
Just try once more.
Hang on.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
What gang are you from?
I don't know what you are talking about.
Who sent you?
Nobody did.
I was just inquiring about
a cute girl named Reiko.
Who sent you?
You'll have you pay for these pants.
Ah, ouch, ouch, stop, ouch.
I'm Sorry.
To protect our models, we don't
give away their coordinates.
we are worried about her
and we're looking for her.
If you find anything, please let us know.
Misaki Marie?
I feel like I've seen her before.
I couldn't remember.
Don't blame me for that.
You think it's funny.
Holy cow.
Is it serious?
It hurts.
Don't touch idiot.
We came, is he OK?
When I said I'd been done in
the ass, the Tom boys flew in.
Easy, easy.
So many holes in your ass.
What kind of perversion are you into?
It hurts, go easy.
Trust me, I'm an doctor in ass care.
Great, Yasutaro.
Don't call me that, I told you.
Mama, you're so scary.
So? Who did you in the ass?
"Pure Heart" model agency.
You shouldn't approach
them with a six foot pole.
They're heavily backed up.
By whom?
The Hanaoka House.
Wait a little, thanks.
Ouch, ouch.
You're all set.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
A young novice girl has gone missing.
The scary yakuza are agitated.
Do you know anything?
We're not sticking our
nose in that world.
That's the secret of a long life.
Right?. -Right, Mama.
You're great, Yasutaro.
Stop calling me that, I said.
She's scary.
Better go to the man in charge.
How about asking your friend?
Which friend?
Idiot, he's not someone
you call on a whim.
Be a man and call him.
Like, "Hey, it's been a while."
He ain't an ex-girlfriend, moron.
He's a seasoned merciless yakuza.
At the head of the Kirihara House.
Hey, it's you.
It's been a while, How are you?
It was a candid question.
Help me.
Help me.
Hey, please, stop.
Hokkaido in this season...
I'm really going to die.
Hey, helps me.
Hey, let me go.
Stop it.
You'll have to give up that case.
Don't get on the bad side
of the Northern House.
Northern House?
You have no clue at all?
Forget it.
We are not in good terms with these guys.
What are you looking at?
If I understand right,
"Pure Heart" is backed...
by the Northern House
apart of Hanaoka House.
And this Kirihara House presently...
entertains shady ties with them.
Well, that's my guess.
Now, you, you're really a bother.
A bo, a bo-bo, a bo...
I'm sorry I can't help you.
Just read the newspapers.
Everything that touches
to Prostitution...
and Hanaoka House, is extremely ominous.
Do you understand?
I... understand.
I'm giving up.
But did you have to use
these methods to make me?
You could have just asked.
You're not particularly
obedient, if I remember.
President, it's been a while.
My daughter got engaged...
to a guitar player.
Please accept my congratulations.
But their plans had to be canceled.
He had an unfortunately accident...
he can't play the guitar anymore.
You should be careful too.
You may get DONE from behind.
I will be very careful.
In Hokkaido on the 24th
National Highway...
a refrigerated truck belonging
to City Aquatic was attacked.
Mr. Tsubaki Hideo, the owner of the
company who was driving the trucks.
Was found shot on the ground.
They stoled a load of red
king crabs from Russia.
That's a delicious crab.
They were smuggled.
Smuggling this crab is an important
yakuza activity around here.
If you want to know, it's the object
of a rivalry between two groups.
Business as usual.
You're scaring me.
It is scary.
The red crab is so delicious.
You like it?
I love it, the very fresh one.
You'd treat me. -I won't.
They're very bouncy, look.
Here, they're so bouncy.
Touch them, so bouncy... so bouncy.
Even more bouncy than red crabs.
I knew this journalist
at the Hokkaido Daily.
Good, keep on.
Don't give up, stick to him.
You're doing great.
The president of the Northern
House is in Kitajoji.
He gives to charities, the pet
of Sapporo's economic world.
Where did he come from?
The son of a local yakuza boss,
his business is seafood...
in connection to the catering industry.
He's quite trendy.
He realizes all that by exchanging
favors with the yakuza groups.
Is he connected to that truck hijacking?
The Press Agency hasn't found more.
We know that the hiking boots
of the murderer are 27.5cm long.
A rather tall man.
Does the police think the
Kirihara House is involved?
They say it can't be them.
Sure, that would be a declaration
of war on Hanaoka House.
It's possible that someone lower
in the group did it for profit.
So they'll dispose of the guy internally.
An advantage of these
medieval organizations.
So what are you investigating?
It's not a big deal.
Have you heard if a woman was
involved in the hijacking?
A college student.
Oh, goodness.
The dockers who loaded
the truck on the harbor...
said there was a young female passenger.
The police want her too.
Hey, you know something about her?
I'll tell you a scoop.
The victim was not an ordinary driver.
He used to be the right
hand of the Northern Boss.
He had also served in the special
forces, a martial art specialist.
He's a very high target
for a seafood hijack.
In other words, was the
shipment really red crabs?
That's all I have.
If you give me some
info, I'll tell you more.
It's give and take.
You need to feel the trend.
This is the most important in business.
So what is the trend?
It is the heart of people.
If you don't get this,
you will never succeed.
That red king crab is delicious.
Is it from Hokkaido?
I don't know.
You're right.
The flesh is juicy it's very tasty.
An amazing aroma.
So that's why I ordered you
some, you know I love it.
Good, you deserve it, open your mouth.
What I want is red crab.
Bring me red crab.
What's wrong? Eat.
It's cold.
Freezing cold.
I can't, it's locked.
I did it.
How do you know the password?
I got it.
What did you get?
Her stage name is 'Rinne'.
Customer data.
Tsubaki Hideo.
The murdered driver.
He was her top customer.
When did they last meet?
January 23.
The day before he was killed.
Of course, the day before the murder.
What happened the next morning?
She took the passenger
seat on that truck.
Then she was on the scene.
Welcome dear customer.
Finally, it's him.
That was fast.
He's late.
That was quick.
She's here, drive.
I can't eat anymore.
Wake up now.
Hurry up, drive.
What's happening idiot.
I told you to keep the engine running.
It's time to go, are you OK?
Well have to go soon, she's starting now.
Try now.
She's far now.
Where did she go?
It's her.
Come out, come out.
Is that Reiko?
She just came to bring her food.
What do we do?
Lets go.
Excuse me...
I am from the maintenance company.
Your neighbors are
complaining about a smell.
If we could check quickly.
It could be a gas leak.
We'd have to call the
firemen or the police.
By the way...
if you could answer a survey...
you could win a NAKED concert tickets.
We're neither police nor yakuza.
Harada Makoto hired us.
That morning I wanted to go back...
but then Mr. Tsubaki...
told me the urchin and salmon
eggs bowl on the port was great.
And I can't resist an
urchin and salmon eggs bowl.
Urchin and salmon eggs, you bet.
Sure, urchin and salmon eggs.
And then...
you ended up at the wrong place.
I was paralysed.
But it seems he didn't notice me.
I called Mrs. Marie.
She brought me here.
Did you see his face?
He is a tall man.
My activities...
does Makoto know?
Harada doesn't know anything.
Don't tell him what I do.
I really want to marry him.
Well it's complicated.
How long are you planning to hide here?
Please, forgive me.
I'm not asking for apologies.
I just sent them a text:
"Two weirdos are trying to break in."
Just now.
Mr. Detective.
Please forget it all.
We just want to protect
Reiko from the police.
They'll catch the murderer...
and when the case is solved
we'll send Reiko back.
Next time I see you I'll kill you.
Please tell Makoto I'm fine.
You don't have a scratch?
That's who I am.
Lets go.
Misaki Marie.
That necktie looks good on you.
She is still here.
Hey, are you okay?
It's her, right?
Thank you.
What are you doing here? You want to die?
That's all you can say?
Was that her? Was that Marie?
I'm gonna miss you.
I hope you'll learn a lot over there.
Baseball coach Hideyuki Kuriyama.
An interview with Kuriyama.
I really like him.
What could change a woman so radically?
Isnt this obvious? A man.
So many men have loved this body.
And every time I changed with them.
Would you like to change me?
Hey detective, it's been a while.
Hello there.
You have a girl named Monro here?
If that's still her name.
Monro? Yes, I know her.
Come visit us, I opened
a new club. (Sado-maso)
For you it's free.
You're a vile pig, just say that:
"I am a vile pig. " Say it.
"I am nothing but a pig
of a human". Say it.
I'll make you obey, pig.
Did you find something?
Well, I found Monro's address,
she used to be close to Marie.
You should go there.
Will I stir more trouble?
You think a drinker and a
loafer like me can go and ask?
What's happening to you lately?
Give me some hard liquor.
It's been a while.
Monro in involved in it.
I like you better today.
Thank you.
How about this woman?
She's changed so much.
She was between life and death.
What kind of woman was she?
Her real name is Nemoto Noriko.
We were neighbor's and friends.
Her parents were running a small farm.
Bury in debt, they went bankrupt.
Her parents committed suicide.
She was left alone.
She was soon sucked in the underworld.
And then about four years ago...
she met a man she loved.
She got pregnant.
She was so happy, about to get married.
But he dumped her.
But she still wanted the child.
Her eyes were shining,
she was so joyful...
I actually looked forward to it.
Thinking I'd help her raise her child.
It's a vivid memory.
She was due in... "February"
February 18.
In a few days.
She'd be four now...
If the child was born.
She would have changed her life.
She didn't give birth?
She disappeared for a while...
next thing you know, her belly was flat.
Everybody was stunned.
I didnt dare ask anything.
She so wanted to have a family.
From then on she was an empty shell.
An empty shell.
She didn't care if she was abused.
She'd do any mean job for a little money.
She was always stumbling.
That's probably when I saw her.
A sadistic type found her at that time.
From the Northern House?
I told her not to go with them.
But I couldn't hold her.
And I never saw her again.
But now she looks good on this photo.
Money really changes people.
She has the good life, I bet.
Hey, Mom, feed the baby.
I'll be right there.
She made me want to have a child.
I owe her this life.
You're happy, right?
It was nice to meet you.
Sorry, Sorry.
Stand up.
Give her warm sak.
Do you want to die?
It doesn't matter if I'm dead or alive.
I'm breathing that's all.
Sure, but while your at
it, just live properly.
You hang on and something
good may come your way.
Something good?
Yes, something good...
something that perks up your spirit.
That perks up my spirit?
Only you know what it is.
An other person would find it worthless.
What is he blabbering again?
It's not blabber.
Look at you...
"I'm so disgusted with life."
Take the bull by the horns, silly.
Live your life fully.
On occasions you can talk sense.
Obviously... are you falling in love yet?
She will be sent back?
The point is, she's fine.
Did you meet Reiko?
Did not see her.
How do you know she's fine.
You are too loud.
Anyway, wait and see.
I think you didn't do much.
Do I look like I didn't do much.
You're not up to the task.
You have anything else to say?
You just gave me a 100 bucks.
It was not $100.
I paid a $300 deposit to Takada.
You gave money to Takada?
You think it's fair to give
me $100 and $300 to him?
Then ask for his help now.
It's good, he really needs it now.
He really needs it?
New Zealand?
He wants to go there to learn farming.
Hokkaido/New Zealand
Farming Cooperation Project.
Good morning.
Mr. Kudo, the boss is looking for you.
Mr. Kudo.
Mr. Kudo.
I'm coming in.
Sorry, I know you're busy.
You bet.
Is it "give and take"?
I'll give you a big one.
Kudo's gun is the murder weapon.
The hiking boots were found in his room.
They fit perfectly the
killer's footprints.
Kudo stole the red crabs shipment.
Kudo was mad at the Northern House.
He realized what blunder
he had committed.
He had no where to turn to.
He took his own life.
Case closed.
Precisely, the police
are closing the case.
But the Northern House won't stop there.
They lost their dear red crabs.
And I bet, once you open that crab's
shell, you'll find white powder.
It was 5kg, the market
price is $4 million.
About the murder of Tsubaki...
our investigation department
went on the scene.
And found that the
footprints were a bit smaller.
Someone set up Kudo?
Why would he keep those
boots at his place.
Do you have any ideas?
Give and take?
What do you know?
In fact.
A major international quarrel...
was triggered last week in a bar...
where touching the girls is forbidden.
A high school Principal groped
the breast of a Chinese lady.
The Chinese government is angry.
I can't use that scoop.
Don't worry, I'll know.
Get in.
I told you to get in.
I told you to get in.
Push him.
The Northern House are getting restless.
From the start, I suspected the
murder was an internal dispute.
What was I in those crabs?
Do you know anything?
The Northern House are
looking in our direction.
Ah, a good sauna, nothing matches that.
Now raise the steam.
The steam?
Buy now the drugs are probably sold.
Send him some steam.
It's scalding hot, idiot.
No one would be crazy enough
to challenge the Hanaoka House.
So the murderer didn't think
much before he made that move.
He was an idiot.
An act of very poor wisdom.
Steam him.
Sending the steam.
Don't you have something to ask?
Do you know a certain
Marie from "Pure Heart"?
A women from a model agency
the Northern House run.
They wanted to legitimize
their business...
they changed their
ways in the past years.
It's a big money making enterprise.
What happened to that woman?
Let's have fun.
It's my first time, the view is splendid.
Send Reiko back.
Of course, I will, I told you.
You said "Once the they catch the
murderer and close the case".
But what if you were the murderess?
What are you talking
about? The culprit is Kudo.
It's not Kudo.
The person who killed was small.
He pretended to be tall.
A small man doesn't need
to pretend to be tall.
The murderer was a woman.
But that begs the question:
Reikos testimony...
"He was a tall man."
Why would she give that testimony?
And how would you know the
route and time of truck?
There is only one answer.
Get off quickly.
Reiko was in it with you from the start.
Maybe Reiko didn't think you would kill.
Really interesting reasoning.
So what about Kudo?
You and Kudo, weren't you close?
He could fence the 5kg
of white powder for you.
But you broke up.
He didn't want you to have a
kid, he wanted you for him alone.
Anyway, Kudo became an obstacle.
So smart.
If it were true, I'm so smart.
Too smart for a woman
who was an empty shell.
It's been a while, I'm
honored you remembered me.
You knew I'm not the
type to wear a necktie.
What is your purpose?
Do you need money that bad?
The Northern House will
find out in no time.
Goods you can't fence...
what are you going to do alone?
You're such a detective.
The scenery is beautiful
from the highest place.
Unfortunately, it doesn't last long.
Once you're at the top
you can only go down.
Same as life.
Let's go for a drink.
I'd like to drink with someone.
To celebrate a birthday.
Your birthday.
I'm not telling you.
And there was his finger
marks in the ketchup.
So I knew there would be
ketchup on the culprits hand.
You're sharp, detective.
Do you accept any case?
No, I'm very expensive.
How much for this case?
To find Reiko?
A 100 bucks? No way.
Yes, what do these young people think?
Was it worth the pain?
You came to my rescue.
How much would I have
to pay for your service?
I wouldn't accept.
Even $10,000.
Maybe I'd consider $10,800.
Plus 8% tax.
One more case?
Of course.
Am I out of my mind?
Thank you for accepting my case.
I'm a fool.
I'm a fool.
Fool, fool, fool.
What can I do?
Take care.
Thank you for your kindness.
What is it?
Calm down, easy.
I know you're a fool.
What did you accept.
It's not that I accepted.
She set me up.
No, she didn't set me up, but...
the situation is bad.
Seriously bad.
I beg you, come here.
We have to think of something together.
What's bad?
OK, I'm coming.
Wow, you were fast.
Sorry, we're going to mess up your place.
Make yourself at home guys.
You won't find anything extraordinary.
Found it.
Here too. -And here too.
It's terrible.
It's seems that our Marie is
taking special interest in you.
What do you want.
She told me...
you found her...
very attractive.
Look at this.
What is this?
But, you see...
you can't take someone else's stuff.
What are you doing?
The manager wants to know
what you're doing, idiots.
They're waiting for their coffees.
Even when he doesn't ask...
you need to give each
one his coffee. Idiots.
Yes, right away.
Please have a look.
Let's try like this.
Where are my goods? 3, 2, 1.
Where are they? Where are they?
I can't hear.
Three shots left, 1 in 3 chances.
Where are they? 3... -I'm sorry.
I was stupid.
That man fooled me.
I like your honesty.
He's the bad guy.
You were being used.
Sure, sure, go back over.
You're scared. You can go home.
I'll be done soon. I'll just finish this.
You go home first.
Is that what you expected?
That way?
You want me to solve it that way?
You thought you could
fool me and run away?
Haru, dispose of the trash.
Which one.
Both of course.
You can start with whomever you want.
Makes no difference.
Sorry for the late coffee.
You did great.
Evil in the
What are you doing?
Don't move.
What are you doing, Marie?
Should I try my luck?
One chance in three.
You wouldn't...
I know you always put
the bullet in the last.
All lined up on the wall.
Or I'll blow your boss's brain.
3, 2, 1.
Do what she says.
I have already killed two persons.
Get in.
Close the door.
The key.
Lets go.
Detective, a call.
What? now?
This way.
This way.
This way.
Open up.
Where are they?
Don't come any closer.
Can you swim?
Ready, set, go.
Takada, we did great.
Aida, thank you for the help.
Don't know what you're talking about.
I was just passing by.
I'll drop you somewhere.
That's fine with us.
You guys are fantastic.
Lets go, quick.
What are you thinking?
You dragged us into that, so what now?
Thank you for taking my case.
I'm not accepting.
Keep your money.
I don't know you anymore.
Nothing happened.
You heard, nothing happened.
But something happened. -Shut up.
You didn't talk to the Northern House.
It's because you accepted, right?
You thought you could cheat these guys?
You're a hopeless idiot.
It was all part of my plan.
Your partner ruined it.
But still we had so much fun.
What's the plan?
To exchange the goods for money.
Those goods cannot be sold.
No one will buy it.
But there is someone.
With your help I want to do
business with the Northern House.
But the goods are theirs
in the first place.
So they can buy it back for $1M.
Originally it's worth $4M.
With all my expenses I
still earn a good profit.
For them it's not such a bad deal.
These guys will crush you.
They're businessmen.
Profit has priority over honor.
The moment you killed, you
became a living target.
You can't come back to life.
That's why I need your help.
And so that will be your assignment.
Why do you like money so much?
You seem to have enough.
The more you earn, the more you need.
And you dont know how
stingy the Northern House are.
I dont have any money I can spend.
I want to live in a
warm place in the south.
I want the sweet life.
So you killed two guys for that?
It's not much compared
to how many they killed.
You are a stupid and evil.
Find someone else.
You must do it.
If I mess up...
the Norther guys will kill you.
And Reiko.
We are on the same boat.
If you don't accept
I'll end everything here.
Why do you do that?
Don't you know any other way.
I'm asking you sincerely.
So, you won't say anything?
Help me.
Please, help me.
Dam her.
He said he would accept.
We must come back alive.
So, we accepted to make a
deal with the Northern House.
The plan wasn't wise, it
couldn't even be called a plan.
But I had to protect her.
It was my duty.
I couldn't explain my heart's motives.
Something that perks up my spirit?
Only you know what it is.
An other person would find it worthless.
What is he blabbering again?
It's not blabber.
Look at you...
"I'm so disgusted with life."
Take the bull by the horns, silly.
Thank you for accepting my case.
You weren't at work.
I took days off.
What is this?
"I love bouncy."
It's for them.
You've proved you can't be trusted.
16:00 in Sapporo factory.
I can't guarantee there
will be a scoop for you.
A little resistance.
We won't come back alive from this.
You can give up.
You stop here.
Go, fly away from Sapporo.
I brought you this case.
Accepting was my decision.
You are fired.
I'm fine on my own.
Let's go.
I can't drive.
This car has a problem.
Before starting the engine...
She has favorites?
Mayor Akimoto and I will
invite guests to the stage.
I will introduce to you
our special guests.
Last year fierce games have
marked the team's history.
Mr. Kuriyama Hideki coach
of Hokkaido Fighters.
Please give him a warm welcome.
Coach Kuriyama.
Coach Kuriyama.
Coach Kuriyama, welcome.
Let me greet you in everyone's name.
We owe you all that we won last season...
the Japan League Championship.
Thank you very much.
Hey. -What is it?
I thought I saw the detective.
But he was with a beautiful
girl, can't be him.
He couldn't be with a beautiful girl.
Too many people.
The police are there.
I just warned them
about a suspicious guy.
The place will be safer.
Great plan.
Dont cry.
How do you feel?
You took your medicine.
I checked...
what your medicine is for.
That explains your desperate plans...
to spend the rest of your
life on a southern island.
I understand you better.
he's coming.
So what's the deal?
We exchange the bags.
You probably have a GPS locator in there.
You're very careful.
I know, I know.
What a success.
The sports model is stimulating the city.
I was going to give you a big business.
What a pity.
It's done.
Let me see.
Your legs are always so pretty.
I would like to tie you in bed again.
Are these the real goods?
You taste it.
No need.
Exchange them.
What a messy plan.
Let's go quickly to the car.
Don't look back.
You have changed.
Accepting that type of job.
I don't have many clients to chose from.
Change of plans.
From here, please go alone.
Thank you for helping me.
You're on your own from here.
What did you say?
Mr. Detective.
I found it.
I found it.
You're all going to die.
Your escape plan didn't fool me.
Neither did you, let's go.
You're undefeated.
He wasn't my match after all.
Are you OK?
How's it going?
What are these?
That woman won.
You're still alive.
Shooting in Sapporo shopping mall. Woman
arrested. No one wounded, miraculously.
This is me.
It was awesome.
I think this girl is
stalking coach Kuriyama.
I heard the gunshots.
Everyone panicked.
Look it's me.
In the pink dress.
Makoto, I'm sorry.
A friend in my hometown
had a traffic accident.
I had to take care of
her at the hospital.
I should have called you but...
someone had stolen my phone.
I was so worried about you.
Makoto, I'm sorry.
Isn't she the kind of girl
one should never trust?
She's a natural.
And so, I solved that very
ordinary case that I had taken.
Tell your mother she doesn't
have to pay the $500.
Hanaoka gave up the
Northern House's issue.
Then the police investigated them.
They where totally annihilated.
The 12th, this month, after the
shooting in the shopping mall...
the police searched the
headquarters of the Northern House.
And charged them with drug
possession and trafficking.
The manager was arrested
with 3 other suspects.
I still had to complete
Marie's assignment.
I want Shinohara Satomi...
to receive all that
money to save her life.
Please use it for the treatment.
Forgive me if I don't sign.
Hello there.
Satomi's birthday.
I still remember, now.
She was due.
On February 18.
That piece fitted in the puzzle.
No one knew what had
happened to Marie's child.
She'd given birth to her.
In the end, she wanted to
leave money for her sick child.
May I ask who you are?
Do you know my daughter?
Your daughter?
You gave birth to her?
Obviously. -Yes.
Mom, this woman...
It's her.
She admitted being the
perpetrator of other incidents.
Is she connected to your daughter?
She was a patient here she
often played with my daughter.
I had no idea she could do that.
Mom, I'm scared.
The police arrested her, it's OK.
It's time, we must go.
Something that perks up my spirit?
Something that only you would know.
But it may be seem worthless to others.
What is he blabbering again?
It's not blabber.
Look at you...
"I'm so disgusted with life."
Take the bull by the horns.
Help me.
Please help me.
Mr. Detective.
I found it.
I found it.
She isn't even your child.
Shinohara Satomi born Feb. 18, 2013.
Your birthday is February 18.
I see.
Is it February 18?
I see.
A complete stranger?
An astral twin of her unborn child.
No more.
That was enough to justify all that.
So silly.
If I'm allowed to judge, drunk as I am.
The suspect is charged
for two other murders.
What sentence is she going to get?
It doesn't matter anyway.
Soon her life was going
to end in prison, anyway.
And in the same way I think...
such woman cannot be trusted.
What if her sickness was a lie too?
I have a feeling that
my best time is past...
that it will come again.
I'll wait quietly for my end.
Silly and evil...
an amazing woman.
Harada and Reiko are getting married.
That's great news.
A parting gift.
No need.
You don't refuse a gift.
It's really cold.
Because it is Sapporo.
Eric Paroissien Translation