The Last Son (2021) Movie Script

[intense music]
[flash roaring]
[soft music]
[Anna] Isaac Lemay
roamed the Great Plains
in western territories,
taking up with whores
and siring children
across the land
without thought to consequence.
He gained employment clearing
Cheyenne for the army
and it was the
ugliness of this task
which turned him to ruin.
For his crimes the Cheyenne
chief White Thunder
cursed him to be
killed by his own seed.
Haunted, he tracked down
his children one by one
to kill them before they
did the same to him.
[dark intense music]
[flames flickering]
Rumor is there's a
man from the plains
goin' around
killing his own kin.
Says he come back here to
wipe his seed from the earth.
You heard this rumor?
The man carries an
ivory handled Colt.
Much like the one
you're carrying.
Finish the whiskey and leave.
[gun clicks]
[intense music]
What do you want from me?
I've done nothing wrong.
[gun firing]
[intense music]
[Lionel gasping]
[gun clicks]
[Lemay] You were born.
[Lionel exhaling]
[patrons chattering]
[light uptempo music]
[both breathing heavily]
[Anna] Get out. We
ain't finished yet.
[Man] What the hell?
[Man] I ain't done.
Go on, here.
Poor Lionel.
He didn't deserve that.
Tell me about the twin.
There is no twin.
[door thuds shut]
What's his name?
You got some bad information.
[soft tense music]
[hand thudding]
[Anna screaming]
[patrons murmuring]
[footsteps thudding]
Look what that fucker did to me!
Somebody kill that motherfucker!
Why don't you kill
yourself, Lemay!
You're the devil!
- You're gonna do something?
- Come on, come on.
You're gonna let him
get away with that!
Are you really gonna let
him get away with that?
He cut off my fucking thumb.
Somebody do something!
[dark ominous music]
[wind blowing]
[hooves clopping]
Can I help you?
You Coleman?
Yeah, I'm Coleman.
Looking for Claire.
Who are you?
I'm her old friend.
[fire crackling]
What's that you said outside?
You're old friends with Claire.
Well, those days have passed.
She'll be coming back
from church real soon now.
You sit tight.
[door creaking]
[Megan] Hello, father.
My daughter Megan.
[door thudding]
[Megan humming]
How old are you again?
How do you know mama?
Are you a gold miner?
No, I'm a hunter.
[door creaking]
She's mine.
[Claire] She's not.
She got the mark on her neck?
She doesn't have a mark.
You know what I'm
gonna do to her?
There's rumors about you.
[Lemay] Yeah?
At church.
At church.
You go to church?
[Claire] They say you've
been cursed by Cheyenne.
That you're to be killed
by the hand of your son.
By my child?
[Claire] She isn't yours.
She's never hurt a
thing in her life.
[Claire] She's
nothing like you.
Yeah she is.
In your fucking house!
[bell ringing]
[hooves clopping]
[Megan humming]
[chickens clucking]
[eerie music]
[Megan] You scared me.
You're cold.
[dark music]
Come with me.
Tell you something
you wanna know.
Out there, past those mountains,
lies the plains.
And that is where
I met your mama.
And that is where you are from.
You feel it?
[gun clicks]
We don't have the
power to stop it.
Power to stop what?
I'm not gonna let him
harm our daughter.
My daughter.
[fire crackling]
You go out there,
he'll kill you.
Go on.
You feel it?
[sharp twangy note]
You feel it?
Go on.
You're not the one
who's gonna kill me.
What did you do
to my daughter?
She's fine.
[gun clicks]
[gun firing]
[gun firing]
[bell ringing]
[horse neighing]
[hooves clopping]
[bell ringing]
[guns firing]
[men shouting]
[bell ringing]
[woman gasping]
Where's the bank manager?
[bell ringing]
[metal cranking]
Do you know where
the bank manager is?
You don't know either, huh?
[bell ringing]
What about you?
Do you know where
the bank manager is?
[object thudding]
[bell ringing]
Can you come on out
here for me, sir?
[bell ringing]
Nice to meet you.
You got a nice place here.
Aw, chin up man.
You look good.
That's nice.
Take a kneel for me, sir.
[ominous music]
Get on your knees.
Thank you.
[gun firing]
[women gasping]
[horse neighing]
[bell ringing]
[Anna] He was born along
with his twin brother Lionel
in the year 1858.
Unwilling to raise
him in a brothel,
his mother abandoned him at the
Virginia City Home for Boys.
Over the years, she would
visit him at the orphanage,
but never requested custody.
[fireworks popping]
[Patty] Logan's gonna try.
Can't waste the ammo.
[group chattering]
[gun firing]
[horse neighing]
Who the hell is out there?
[gun firing]
Son of a bitch!
I knew it was you!
You son of a whore!
[gun firing]
Would you look at that.
Oh, he's as innocent
as a newborn lamb.
Now, why would you do that?
[gun firing]
[patrons chattering]
[patrons laughing]
I like your name.
Does the job.
[tense music]
[Cal] What happened?
[door thudding]
You need to leave town.
Who did this?
Your father.
He's looking for you.
What's he want?
Brooks, Canada in a month.
Just as we planned.
Just we can't go
together anymore.
I'll meet you there.
Y'all finished?
Fuck you. Get out.
[door slams]
I want you to come
and live with me.
I need to protect you.
But I'm not the one
in need of protecting.
I ain't scared of him.
I ain't scared of no one.
You go alone.
I'll meet you there.
[dark ominous music]
Why don't I stay here tonight?
You can't.
[dark ominous music continues]
What if I was a customer?
Why you always want me to leave?
Because I love you.
What does that mean?
What does that mean?
[patrons chattering]
Think Cal got some.
Sure looks like it.
He looks worn.
You with Anna?
Anna is one hell of
a whore, I tell you.
One hell of a whore.
[woman screaming]
[knife slicing]
[knife thudding]
[women screaming]
You want a cigarette?
I'm such a fool for thinking
I could've been a mother.
Can't blame yourself.
He wasn't always wrong.
Not when he was little.
I'm sure you done your best.
I just wanna know why.
[exhales] Why what?
Why the devil
won't leave us alone?
[wolf howling]
[fire crackling]
[voices echoing]
Is the curse over?
[White Thunder]
It's not a curse.
It's a prophecy.
[fire crackling]
[flames whooshing]
[wind blowing]
Some sort of game gun.
Not your standard
Sharp's that's for sure.
Shots done point
blank with a big gun.
Them holes in
Wilson, that's a 45.
No hurry.
Walked straight up to these two.
Boom. Boom.
Three men.
But only one shoots.
Still can't believe
you grew up Indian.
What'd they do to you?
They raised me.
It's a perfect
spot for an ambush.
Not amateurs, then?
Not amateurs.
Whoever did this
to my men, my men.
Not telling what he'll
do with my Gatling gun.
Criminal isn't trained.
Won't be able to work it.
You'd be surprised
at what people can do.
[group chattering]
That's the last of 'em.
Every soldier trained on the
Gatling gun in the region.
You want some kind
of help with these?
Look at this.
Name Cal Talisker.
Raised as an orphan
in Virginia City.
Joined the army and trained as
a loader on the Gatling gun.
Discharged for lying about
his age and insubordination.
Look who his
superior officer was.
Where you going?
Virginia City.
[wind blowing]
The devil,
the devil,
the devil,
the devil,
the devil,
the devil,
the devil,
the devil,
The devil,
the devil,
the devil,
the devil,
the devil,
the devil,
the devil,
the devil,
the devil,
the devil,
the devil,
the devil,
the devil,
the devil,
the devil,
the devil,
the devil,
the devil,
the devil!
Oh, the devil!
The devil!
The devil!
[horse neighing]
Good lord, Solomon.
What brings you by?
Buck, mind if we speak?
Yeah, sure as hell do.
What's on your mind?
[Solomon] I need your help.
[Solomon] I'm
looking for a man.
A man with a whore mother.
He been causing some
trouble around here
and stole some of
my army equipment.
Oh, I haven't seen anybody
matching that description.
[Solomon] Any other
problems around here?
We did have a murder
the other night.
- Murder?
- Yeah.
Brutal stabbing in the saloon.
I suspect it had to do
with a gambling debt.
[Solomon] You catch the game?
No sign of him.
Uh, just a boy, supposedly.
A boy?
[Buck] Yeah, 19,
maybe 20 years old.
Which saloon?
The Two-One.
[soft tense music]
Need another?
I wanna meet your whores.
What's your preference?
Were you here when the murder
happened the other night?
Was it your boy?
That's why you're here?
Kept it?
Eagle feather.
You shouldn't have this.
I thought it was for
courage, during the hard times.
[Solomon] Many
people thought so.
I love that eagle feather.
Made lieutenant.
Are you married?
You look tired.
I am tired.
[Megan humming]
[chest creaking]
[Megan humming]
[Cal] What a shame.
[Patty] What are you doing?
I'm gonna bury this
innocent creature.
That's someone's catch.
[soft music]
Trapping innocent
animals to get their pelt.
What kind of evil man does this?
Feel like animals deserve
funerals more than humans.
Cal, we don't even
have a pick or a shovel.
And don't you think
we should be going?
Heading North.
We're not going North.
Why not?
We got things to attend to.
Cal, not for nothing,
you just stabbed a man to
death back in Red Bluff.
Law's gonna be looking for us.
You're right.
We ought to be prepared.
For what?
[Cal] To kill my father.
[soft tense music]
[bell ringing]
[light music]
[ominous music]
[Lemay] A box of .45's.
Cost you a dollar.
Some youngins
came through town,
just wanna know where they went.
We got lots of
types come in here.
I know when that group
come in, weren't no good.
So these boys were no good,
but you sold them
ammunition anyway.
Not in my position
to do otherwise.
Blood will be
on your hands sir.
You don't know what's coming.
[Megan humming]
[urine dripping]
[meta clanking]
[Ernie] Holy Christ!
[guns firing]
[dark ominous music]
[guns firing]
[boot thuds]
[water rushing]
[Megan singing softly]
[birds chirping]
You alone out here?
We got a camp right over yonder.
You can join us for
breakfast if you want.
[light music]
This has always been
my favorite part of you.
Tell me about your boy.
Don't ask me that.
That's not why you're here.
It is.
It's part of it.
I never asked you for what
I know you couldn't give.
killed folks.
And I born him.
[Solomon] Where'd he go, Anna?
Let him go.
Just please, please.
Let him go.
[Buck] Solomon!
Gideon, the man I was
telling you about.
We're looking for a man
who's been wandering
around these parts.
He's killing his own kin.
We're getting rumors out
of Kansas and Nebraska
that he killed six
young men last year.
They were all sired by whores.
I never heard such a thing.
We need a tracker
who knows these parts.
I hear you're that man.
I got problems of my own.
Pay you a dollar a day.
[Solomon] Don't
care about the money.
Then do it for Jesus.
I care about Him even less.
[bell ringing]
[soft music]
A penny buys you two.
I like your locket there.
Who you got inside?
[Megan] Inside?
A picture of your parents?
Or a sweetheart?
[soft music continues]
He was a good friend.
Yeah, he knew the danger.
My hand is killing me.
[hand thudding]
Yeah, you best get that
bandaged professionally.
In the war, most men
died from infection.
Smart place to go
would be Dillon.
Hey Patty,
you think God loves us?
[suspenseful music]
[knocking on door]
I need you to fix my hand.
Well, take a cot.
I've got mining to do.
[distant groaning]
Would you mind putting
a muzzle on that?
What ails you?
[Cal] My hand.
Myself, I've just returned
from Brazil, godforsaken land.
It's left me with a condition
I'm unable to shake.
The Brazilians are
a disgusting people.
Well, if you don't
like Brazil so much,
why'd you go to Brazil?
The work.
Arab slave traders pay
a mighty penny still.
This land has lost its
taste for violence.
Lost the taste for conquest.
I sought it elsewhere,
the climate and
people, didn't suit me.
Would you like to see something?
[Cal] Yeah.
My father gave this to me.
Not sure how long I've
had it now, but...
They didn't teach you to
look at people when you talk?
I am looking at you.
Is that an Indian head?
Not just any Indian.
It's Gomez.
The great Apache chief.
This head was worth $2,000
before you and I were born.
Son of a bitch.
Grayton Willets.
Of the Willets clan.
[soft tense music]
[baby crying]
[man shushing]
[suspenseful music]
[baby crying]
Those three marks on
your chin, they come off?
[Gideon] Buck told me
you were taken as a child.
A better word is found.
They raised me when
my family was killed.
I cannot imagine.
You read of the
Scripture, Solomon?
[Solomon] No.
The Bible says, "Satan goes
to and fro across the Earth
like a roaring lion, searching
for someone to devour."
This man that we're chasing,
I'm beginning to think
we might be chasing
the devil himself.
He's just a man.
Like the rest of us.
You don't believe in God?
What do you believe in?
I believe we'll catch
a murderer tomorrow.
[hooves clopping]
[weapon thudding]
[horse neighing]
[fist thudding]
[Lemay groaning]
[Lemay yells out]
[fist thudding]
[Lemay laughing]
[fist thudding]
[Lemay laughing]
[men groaning]
[wolves howling]
[man groaning]
[both men grunting]
[soft music]
[Lemay breathing heavily]
[Grayton] Must
admit your proposal
is one of the more
grotesque I've come across.
Helping killing your own father.
[Cal] Well, he's supposed
to be one of the worst killers
this land's ever known.
[Grayton] A little secret
about legendary gunfighters,
they tend to die like the rest
of us when shot in the head.
Tell me about this gun
you got your hands on.
[Cal] Army issue.
.45 caliber.
- 200 rounds a minute.
- Whoa!
[bird squawks]
What the fuck is that?
[light eerie music]
What are you doing?
Well, helping a man out.
[Grayton] Man's got no horse,
gonna die out here
when the sun sets.
Ashes to ashes.
Banged up pretty
bad, aren't you?
What happened?
[intense music]
[Lemay mumbling]
Get my gun.
He wants me to get his gun.
- [gun clicks]
- Take me with you.
Can't do that.
You got any money on you?
[sharp tense music]
I'll tell you something
that you wanna know.
And what the fuck
would I want to know?
Pray tell me.
Go on.
You ain't the one.
[tense music]
You're surrounded
by armed men.
Don't move or I'll shoot you.
[woman screaming]
[gun firing]
- [gun cocks]
- Easy.
Yeah, you could say that.
[Lemay] Only ones
I could never hear.
If it was me,
we'd burn you alive.
I know what you really are.
You may not be
the devil himself,
but I know you are
familiar with his ways.
Easy Gideon.
Solomon, he's got a right
to give the beast a
piece of his mind.
Yeah, I'd give him one piece.
[Gideon] You'd kill
me to protect him?
Hand it over.
You don't see
what he really is.
What are you gonna do
when the Rapture comes?
Come let's go, come, get.
[Cal] What do you think?
I think it's the most
magnificent thing I've ever seen.
We best get a move on.
All those guns could
belong to some law.
You got some
men we can call on
to help assist with this task?
I believe I do.
[carriage clattering]
Gather round, ye men
of the Willets clan!
What you got there, brother?
New friend.
And a new toy.
Where, pray tell did you find
this immaculate
piece of weaponry?
I didn't find it.
I took it.
Killed a lot of men
to get this gun.
What say we have a drink?
You trust this clan?
I don't gotta trust them.
I just need a few men to
help me kill my father.
Because he cut your
mama's finger off?
I can understand
if you're scared.
Want to get out of
here, cut loose.
This ain't your problem.
And go where?
Do what?
[Solomon] You really
do what they say?
What do they say?
Kill your children?
Their blood was cursed.
Not even the Cheyenne
believe these things anymore.
All my life,
people been scared of me.
Disgusted by me,
but nobody ever asked
me what it means.
It means safe passage.
[Solomon] To the afterlife.
[dark ominous music]
[Solomon clears throat]
[Gideon] I believe you
and I have found ourself
in a situation of
mutual interest.
You know where my father is?
[Gideon] Yes, I do.
And I know something
better than that.
I know where's he going.
You gotta make me a promise.
[Cal] What's that?
Kill him good.
[dark intense music]
[townspeople chattering]
[dark music continues]
[Anna] When you going?
[Anna] Oh. Thought you'd
last longer than a week.
Just needed some
scratch to get on through.
You wanna come?
Your boy killed more men.
He did not.
[hand thudding]
I told you he left.
You're aiding and
abetting a criminal.
What did you say?
Aiding a boy I brought
into this world.
A boy I love so much.
A boy I couldn't do
anything for, let him go,
when all I wanted to do was
to take care of him myself.
No, no, don't.
What are you doing with him?
Please don't do this, please.
Just, just calm down.
[gun clicks]
Thanks, soldier.
[gun firing]
[Anna screaming]
[dark ominous music]
What have you done! [cries]
[dark ominous music continues]
- [metal tapping]
- Hey!
[door thudding]
Now pack your things.
Come on, let's get a move on.
I can't do this.
I did this for you.
You're just like him.
You're the devil.
You killed the man...
Killed the man that what?
Killed the man that what?
You killed the man I loved.
I can't go with you.
What the hell are
you gonna do here?
Same as I've always done.
I'm a whore.
You are not a whore.
[hand slaps]
You're not a whore.
We're going up North.
[doors thudding]
What's going on here?
[gun firing]
He's in town.
[knocking on door]
[townspeople chattering]
[knocking on door]
[kick thuds]
[dark ominous music]
[man yelling]
[dark ominous music continues]
[door thuds]
[door thuds]
[man gasps]
[gun thuds]
[man grunting]
[knife slicing]
[man groans]
[gun firing]
[dark music]
I heard you were a legend.
My family makes their
name killing legends.
Make a nice head
for my collection.
[dark music continues]
[guns firing]
[Grayton laughing]
[gun firing]
[body thudding]
[gun firing]
[dark music]
[gun firing]
[dark music continues]
[gun firing]
[guns firing]
[Cal coughing]
[Lemay gasping]
[Lemay coughing]
[Lemay spits]
[Lemay groans]
[both coughing]
You could have loved me.
[birds squawking]
[Lemay sniffling]
[gun cocks]
[Lemay exhales]
Hello, father.
[gun firing]
Let's ride.
[Anna] She did not wait
to verify that he was dead.
Or rather she moved on alone.
For years.
Until eventually settling
into a quiet life
in Carson City, Nevada.
She married and
bore three children
who had no knowledge
of their ancestor.
Two oldest were girls.
The last child,
a son.
[dark ominous music]
[eerie music]
[soft music]