The Last Step (2012) Movie Script

I have even forgotten your face.
Leila Hatami. Ali Mosaffa. Alireza Aghakhani.
I have even forgotten your face.
It seems like you have never been there.
Written and Directed by: Ali Mosaffa
Sometime I have to look at your picture.
The Last Step
"Better pass boldly into that other world,"
"In the full glory of some passion,"...
"Than fade and wither",
"...And wither dismally".
"...And wither dismally".
"Than fade and wither dismally".
"Generous tears filled Gabriel's eyes"
Gabriel. Yes.
"...Filled Gabriel's eyes"
"He had never felt like that himself...
He approved me, no?
...towards any woman"
You know Doctor, I don't like to...
talk about the things out of medical field.
"But he knew that such a feeling
must be love."
"The tear"... "Tears"?
"The tears gathered more thickly in his eyes"
"And in the partial darkness"...
Yes, he had seen it.
"G... Gabriel?"
Gabriel. You said two times, it's a Name...
It's some one's name.
"...Gathered in his eyes."
Yes... Where is your Id Cart?
In that closet. There.
Yes Doctor.
I'm used to talk about details with patients.
"A few light taps upon the pane...
...made him turn to the window".
"It had begun to snow again"...
Do you want me to read the rest of it later?
Yes, in fact it was the day before he died.
How much did you read?
An Hour.
You had it declared to Khosrow?
More than an hour.
Yes, it was like his wish to die this way.
The Story of my death maybe starts here.
From the day we had to meet Amin in the caf
and I made a prediction.
I turned back so your prediction comes true!
What are you laughing at?
At Khosrow who thinks he's a predictor.
Yeah, and you ruined it Amin.
You didn't say
your lines.
Even Before my death
I was confusing the chronology of events.
Now all the future is entangled in the past?
So don't mind the chronology.
I have even forgotten your face...
I'm really sorry!
I don't know why it happens.
Excuse me.
Can we have a break for tea?
Amir, Give a break for tea.
Of Course.
Bring Water too, please!
Do you want me to empty the room, Ma'am?
No. I can go out myself.
Leili jan, Look at your nails,
it stops your laughter.
How are you Mister Kiaei?
You were standing up all the time.
Such a difficult location for shooting a film
What happened? Anyone made her nervous?
No, It's only 3 weeks after her loss.
We don't insist
She says acting's good for her
Maybe she has problem with him?
Who? You talk about mister ghost?
No she has no problem with him.
No problem...
I am worried about the part when...
You are not still dead.
Do you want me to talk to her?
It'd be great if you do that.
Excuse me, your laughter stops
if you look at your nails.
These people think you can't concentrate...
because I don't stand beside the camera.
What then?
I don't know what's wrong.
What should we do?
I wish I could stand beside the camera myself
In my role.
Your husband's ghost.
How about calling Doctor Amin?
Maybe he says that it hasn't been your fault.
Excuse me?
My Telephone... is it with you?
Yes. One moment!
Here you are ma'am. Please.
Thank you.
You have to say: One day after I'm dead,
my nails still grow...
...And my hair and my beard.
It seems like they don't know
about my death.
Yes, that was it.
One day after I'm dead,
my nails still grow...
...And my hair and my beard.
It seems like they don't know
about my death.
It seems like they don't know about my death.
Say it!
It's your turn. Didn't you memorize it?
No. That's because of Ma'am
she makes me read for her.
But you were typing. Read it.
Read from there.
Tell me.
You don't mind if I have a little security...
Oh you have read that before.
Concentrate! Not this.
You've said it before.
Oh! My bad! You're right.
These fan... these fan... what?
These fancies, they don't suit you!
We didn't have that line.
Let me see.
Go answer the phone.
you have to go to Madam Leili's home.
Something's wrong with her husband.
What do you mean? Talk, right?
Mr. Khosrow is dead!
He has fallen of the stairs, and dead.
He put a lot of work on building here.
Oh my god, Saghafi!
Oh my god, oh... oh...
Why did this happen, Doctor?
What can I say?
Doctor Aref. You know him?
My Condolences.
Was it a stroke? heart attack?
What happened?
They say he has fallen off the stairs.
Off the stairs? Oh my dear...
-How old was he Doctor?
Oh... oh my god...
Poor guy! You're stuck.
What can you say?
"My Condolences"?
Or, "My deepest sympathies"?
You must ask how do they do, too, or not?
You can say: I am truly sorry, for example.
Or... I don't know. What should be said?
"How do you do?"
An Elderly rests and
a young passed quickly.
You've taken this last step higher.
People get stuck in this one, and fall
Take your mother's hand my son. Be careful.
My Condolences. Be it your last sorrow.
Hello. My Condolences.
Be it your last sorrow.
"Be it your last sorrow."
What does it mean?
"Is it me who should die from now on"?
"Be it your last sorrow."
Her Husband is dead.
Do you think she can go work so soon?
Where do I put the pastries?
In that dish over there.
Thank you so much. Where is Leili my girl?
In her room.
I'd die for her... Mahnaz jan!
Better to move these seats so people can sit.
Get up and help me!
The only thing that bothered me...
was that their lack of children.
It's better like this, it'd be a grief.
Please sit. Please.
Where is Leili jan? Can I see her?
Yes, she is coming to see you.
Where is Leili? Where is Leili?
My Leili, now she's alone in her youth.
Oh Doctor...
You live long after him.
Such a good man!
Such a good man! We'll remember him.
Don't be sad.
It's not necessary to talk.
Leili is not an stranger.
You can say nothing.
Just keep a Gesture of sympathy and grief.
You can think about our childhood.
When we were riding donkeys in Tafresh!
Maybe it gathered some tears in your eyes.
Or you can think about your burning hands
You are going to burn them once more.
So stand here and look at me with wide eyes.
That's better.
First your heart trembles for some seconds,
Then you'll be fine.
Like all the others.
Their eyes glow, of the joy that...
they're not dead.
I am happy for myself, too.
Look at me. My cheeks are still red.
Oh! What did she do?
Her cheeks made me dizzy!
She has made up her cheeks
like a fresh fruit.
Oh Oh! Look at her!
Her eyes made me dizzy!
Her cheeks were like blooming flowers.
But, what about Leili?
Maybe you should say something to her?
There is something I must tell you.
Where did you take it from?
From here.
Give it to me.
I guess I can't write the death certificate.
It needs a particular permission.
Let me ask someone.
You wanted to tell me something.
You said you wanted to tell me something.
I don't know.
Do you know if Khosrow...
didn't fall on earth in recent days?...
...Or his head didn't hit anything?
There is a scar on his head.
Which is before his falling off the stairs.
It must be for the days before.
I said maybe...
Of course there is no problem.
What do you mean?
I don't know.
Maybe they ask about this scar...
Don't worry I'll solve the problem.
Let me find this guy.
When are you going back?
Where to?
I won't go back.
We are separated.
And I say it only to you.
Ouch! Ouch! I burned my hand.
I'm confused!
Leili, where are you?
Why don't you answer?
I didn't hear you.
Yeah I heard you and didn't want to answer.
I'm crazy!
Ok... you are in a bad mood!
Ha Ha Ha!
Walking dead!
Don't you think I'm worried about you...
when you don't come back at night?
your mobile's out of reach.
I left a message. Didn't you hear it?
It's your message that makes me worry.
Was it better if I didn't leave a message?
You wouldn't worry then?
Mister, I said I'm coming.
How many times do you ring?
Go if you must. Ah!
It's so hot here!
How do you close this?
Like the water tap.
I don't know... you always say so.
Turn it to the right. To the right.
You're going...
Can you don't fight with me?
Did I fight with you?
You're yelling from the moment I came in
Then I fight? You're so nervous!
I have not slept all night.
Then I must go to this awful job that I hate.
Dont go if you hate it.
Why do you go?
I should sit, stare at the ceiling...
if it was up to you!
Well, take a look at it. That's so good!
Do you want tea?
No but I'll have a bite of that.
What are these? Have you bought them for me?
I bought this for myself.
You want to go skating?
I bought this for you.
Is it good?
What for?
It's a textile.
Bind clothes for yourself.
Have you seen me binding clothes?
Do I sew, or giving textiles to the tailor?
You don't like it?
Is it old-women's style?
Are you nuts?
Will you tie this for me?
What is this?
This is for the film.
Yesterday I went to Ostad Asgari's home.
I begged him to give me this tape...
I've promised him to copy it on CD
Why it doesn't tie?
Give it to me.
Give it to me. Oh!
Why do you do this?
Eh... Dont!
Go away!
Did it hit you?
No it's nothing.
What happened?
Let me see what happened.
Nothing, Nothing...
It is Shakeri ringing.
I'll Open the door.
Are you dizzy?
No it's nothing.
He has brought something.
Take it from him and send him away.
Go. Go!
And close the door.
Close it!
Hi Ma'am. I'm glad to see you.
How are you?
Where is Mr. Engineer?
He's not in.
Will he come?
I don't know. I was going out too.
He is too late...
I have seen this scene before.
You're going to say: Do you have red sugar?
red sugar?
She says: No.
No we don't.
Excuse me, don't you have some diet food?
No, sorry.
You really did a great job!
I always ask this and they never have it.
And I don't have it with me too.
You'll turn back and look behind you.
Amin comes in.
He stands over the table.
He only looks at you.
Like I'm not here.
He says "I have lied to him".
Then, When he sits,
Your coffee will pour on the table.
I turned back, so your prediction comes true!
What are you laughing at?
At Khosrow who thinks he's a predictor.
and you ruined it Amin.
You didn't perform your part.
What is it? Is it a joke?
I'm an uncanny guy.
I mean I don't fit Leili, no good for her.
Some nights later, in Granny's memorial...
I'll understand that It's long time since...
I've been erased from her memory.
Oh I'm sorry!
Leili Jan! Darling!
Yes? Hi!
Your film was superb!
We love you!
Hi! You're too late, come on in.
Where is the vase?
In this room.
Leili jan, Katayoun, my girl, loves cinema.
Can you help her?
Katayoun, give me your photo
and write your phone number behind it.
What are you looking at?
At you.
Thanks a lot! She shall rest in peace.
No need for a beauty operation with your face
I'll laser to fade these spots.
Sorry it's such a mess. I'll clean it now!
Doctor! What about Leili?
Leili seems like a twenty year old girl.
Twenty years? That's a lot.
Mahnaz! You shouldn't do a beauty operation
all right!
Come here Roshanak! Awful!
If it was otherwise I'd ask to marry her.
What happened?
I don't know!
Guys, Madam Malek has complained!
You make a lot of noise.
He is worse than all.
Amin didn't come?
Mahnaz hasn't invited him.
He'd come if he wanted.
Have you been invited?
He's back from Germany.
We know. He'll act in my film.
Why didn't you tell me?
Oh you are so astound!
I told you hundred times.
He wouldn't know who this ceremony is for.
Believe me!
No it's not like that!
I told you I've introduced him for a role.
Introduce me instead of this jerk!
You are a shame!
Put it on the table.
And put this on that table.
Don't you break it!
Hello Kids!
Will you give me some cooked rice?
Here you are.
Is this granny's ring?
Doctor, will you come out with me a minute?
Let's walk a little.
No danger?
No. Just be careful of these branches.
Why do you take him so seriously?
I don't like him.
Why? Poor kid!
I don't know.
He left his old mother...
Now he's back for his heritage.
Yes, He's kind of selfish, but not that much.
I know this family.
If you ask me, his Doctorate
is a false one.
Can he have a false Doctorate and
be a Doctor in Europe?
He is a famous Doctor.
Everyone says so.
Would he love to act
if he is a famous doctor?
No no no... It was like this...
I was hanging a ledge...
about ten years ago...
I fell off and...
I stuck to the stairs
I have this pain right here,
and it is more tense now.
Nothing else happened? No hitting?
-No. No.
I went to a doctor who worried me
He was talking paradoxically.
He took strange exams
and the results?
Never took it to him.
I think it's not an important thing.
It's ni Herniated disc, nor Osteoarthritis.
Not a particular malady.
To ease your mind,
you are too sensitive...
Go see Amin,
though he's into irrelevancies...
I should go and see Amin?
It will ease your mind,
But in the meanwhile, do less work,
Go to Tafresh...
Everybody's gone... Where are you?
I don't like Tafresh.
Why don't you like your fatherland?
You have your granny's house.
They have sold granny's house.
That was so beautiful.
I still dream of that house a lot.
Well then...
Don't smoke for god's sake!
Just one. You go in, I'll join you.
Please don't smoke!
Cigarettes, stress, work, and activity?...
He smokes a lot my girl...
Mr. Asgari?
Mr. Asgari? Sing for us please!
It's cold. Let's get in.
I'm not good at it. You must sing!
Sing for us Mr. Asgari!
I can't sing.
I have a sore throat.
I have cold.
And she doesn't stop crying.
His instrument isn't arranged too.
One year's gone.
Every time I remember her, I start crying.
She was such a good woman.
Bring a glass of water for Mr. Asgari.
It's good for his throat.
Asgari jan! She loved this song.
Sing for her soul to be happy.
No one's stranger here.
Please sing!
My sound's stuck in my throat like a cow!
I can give you the tape of the song.
You can get in. yes?
What was that pill?
Mr.Shahidi? Doctor's waiting.
Please go in.
I can't give you an appointment...
Sign here.
Mr Shahidi! Your bag.
You're welcome. Somebody's on the line.
Please have a seat. Hello?
Yes, one moment please. I'll call you.
How many times do you call?!
Have you shown this to your doctor?
No. I wanted you to see it first.
Who's your doctor?
Doctor Washi.
I don't know him.
Is he famous?
Everybody's famous nowadays.
Your own doctor should say about this.
Yeah I know.
I wanted you to see it
because these doctors...
They talk paradoxically, they stall...
Yeah I know.
I tell him these pills don't
have any effect...
What pills?
He says inject corticosteroid...
and go to the Acupuncture...
...Let's see which one works.
I ask him it has no diagnose value for you?
isn't it important for you if
corticosteroid works or not?
Oh what's it to you?
You want your pain to be gone, no?
So it must turn into a non-curable pain?
Don't worry now.
Let me see it on Radiography. It's dark.
Hello Mr. Doctor. When I eat these pills...
Where do you go gentleman?
Please stay outside. I'll call you.
Excuse me.
Please sit, I'll take a look.
You know what this guy says?
He says when I eat these pills,
seems like my soul leaves my body.
And he's right.
That's fine with me.
I'll write for you if you like.
Amin, do I have cancer?
Look Khosrow,
Some examinations and radiographs
give no definitive answers
Tell me if I have cancer.
Do I have cancer?
You have cancer.
How long would it take?
There is no definitive answer.
Shahidi, come on over!
What were you babbling about in the class?
She longed to go to his mothers' arms.
His head on her clothes
Instead of schoolworks head on her clothes
instead of schoolworks
just study the design of my mothers' clothes.
Or the details of doors and windows.
Particularly windows.
Where are you, wicked boy?
Today we are going to play
a little song from maestro Saba for you...
All of a sudden I found out that
I think about nothing.
I have no anxiety.
Nothing bothers me.
Even the bad shapes of the buildings.
Or a trivial part I had in Lieli's life.
Nothing could hurt me.
I was depressed all my life.
I didn't think the only cure
for my depression would be my death.
I wish I had known before.
Mr. Asgari, your coat... Mr. Asgari!
What was this song's title?
They have no particular title my girl.
Won't you be late?
Let's go.
You walk too fast.
Do you like us to go to Tafresh?
Yes I do.
I don't know why I don't have singing talent?
They say my grandfather was a good singer.
I've told you before, remember?
I'm coming.
No no I'm almost there.
Five minutes.
Are you late?
You smoked again in the car?
No... I have not smoked!
Is it here?
This place?
Thank you so much. Good night.
For which role did you introduce Amin?
The Ghost.
The Ghost?
My husband's ghost.
Do you want me to play the part?...
Are you interested?
Just like that.
Do you want me to pick you up after work?
No I'll come by myself.
Lieutenant! What are you doing up there?
I'm rehearsing!
Come down and rehearse your dialogues!
You don't know them.
Come down we'll rehearse together.
Hello lieutenant!
My dear! You are lieutenant. I'm the judge.
Tea! Thank you.
Can I have a handkerchief?
Didn't you go home? Hi.
I don't bother you if I sit here?
No. please.
Why did you come?
Just like that.
I thought we go back together.
I'll be here till morning. You'll be tired.
No problem.
I worried about you.
Don't do it. It's frightening.
What happened to you all of a sudden?
I don't know.
You don't want to tell me, no?
I don't know.
What a shame. All my make-up is ruined.
Madam Sorush?
Madam Sorush?
Guys can you call madam Sorush?
What does this song remind you of?
There was a boy in Tafresh who sang this.
You wanted me?
Look madam Sorush...
This hat you prepared for me...
this black hat... where is it now?
The one in your hand.
It's a summer hat.
Is this it?
Yes I have the number of it.
Look at this. This one?
It is.
well this is terrible.
This is it in test photos too.
Well I can't wear it. Call madam Karimi.
I had some hats with me in a carton.
They're right here.
Do you want me to help you?
No thank you.
What's wrong with these hats?
They are fine.
So that's why you dream of Granny's house?
What do you mean?
I don't know.
Do you miss him?
He is dead.
He died when he was 17 years old.
He died for me.
Go to Amin in the yard.
I think she was crying for herself.
She was sorry for herself.
For her youth which was wasted with me.
Or for a kid she never wanted to have with me
I don't know.
But I was humiliated badly.
A humiliation form the world of the dead.
From the big eyes of a Tafresh boy
who sang that song with good sound.
Madam, we are waiting for you.
Yes. Can you please bring him to Mr. Seyedi?
Is this good with my scarf out?
Yes it is part of the design.
That I should wear a fruit basket?
We took photos. We arranged all of these.
They are so terrible!
Of course not my dear.
Hello? No, it's impossible on Tuesday.
One minute... I'll find him.
Hello Lieutenant!
Hello. Are you the lieutenant?
Yes, I was rehearsing. Who are you?
Me? I'm nobody.
Ma'am, please give me the scenario.
Mr. Seyedi is downstairs.
Right here?
Yes, go right down the stairs.
It seems like they don't know
about my death...
Give it to me.
Listen, have you expressed your sorrow ever?
Express your condolence!
My condolences!
Like in the memorial ceremony
My condolences... my...
Just like you say it in normal situation...
What line should I say?
My condolences?
My deepest sympathies?
Just the normal thing you say.
My condolences.
No not that! Look at me.
Oh my god... oh... oh...
Then you open your arms. Oh my god... oh...!
Doctor, do you have mother?
Is she alive?
Think, after so many years,
you've heard on the phone that she is dead.
Let me see what you would do.
Well Leila, you...
Don't forget your gesture of begging, ok?
Silence please. We are shooting.
Please turn off your phones.
I'm ready. Are you ready too?
Sound recorder is in the frame...
The extra guys, go out please.
The Smoke... Let it pass.
Is the radiography enough?
Smoke... smoke! Come on.
Guys, act according to the last rehearsal.
What are you doing? Oh...
you make noise more than everyone.
Let's shoot!
Why d'you think I can stop them hanging him?
Sorry, Cut!
What was the cut for?
I'm hearing a sound like a horse galloping
in lieutenant's dialogue.
A Horse? Do we have horses on the scene?
I Know that.
Maybe it's his fingers tapping on the table.
Lieutenant's fingers?
Didn't you say it would be a close up?
yes It is.
Well Mr. director, if it is a close up...
He shouldn't tap on the table.
He is acting, he should be in the mood.
Mood has nothing to do with fingers.
If it should be in the frame, tell me,
so I'll do something.
Or if he wants to tap, also tell me.
42. 1. 2
Why d'you think I can stop them hanging him?
Sorry, cut again!
Cut again! Why do you cut?
Do you want lieutenant's dialogue or not?
You fired your lighter on the word "hanging".
Once there is a recorder on the frame,
the you hear horse's noise...
Then you hear my lighter...
You must dub this film.
How do you know what I want to do with it?
Maybe I want to cut before the dialogue.
Well do it! It's a sound over the dialogue.
I know what I want to do with this scene.
If you knew you wouldn't ruin the latter film
and ruin my 40 years old reputation in cinema
It was my mistake to accept to work with you!
Where are you Hossein jan?
Give him your recorder,
let's see if he puts it into the frame!
Pirooz jan,
you know how he ruined me in that film.
Please gentlemen!
Let's go out have a fresh air.
I said I can't work with him.
You obliged me to have him.
Now it's not my concern,
you must do something about it.
There are many sound engineers, find one.
What a mess!
Is it always like that?
What happened to Amin?
I don't think he's into acting anymore.
This guy almost killed him.
What did he do to him?
What was the name of the boy
you were talking about?
Why do you always ask this?
Just because.
His name was Issa.
It was the end of holidays.
Granny's house in Tafresh.
I was packing to come back to Tehran.
The boy was unwell.
He was trembling of the cold.
I told him you'll die of the cold.
Go to your home.
He said he doesn't want to stay alive anymore
And I laughed out loud.
I broke his heart.
I looked again through the window,
and I saw he was still there.
Then I didn't dare to go back to the window.
A week later, when we came back to Tehran,
they said he is dead.
They buried him there.
In a cemetery in Tafresh.
These damn ledges.
They didn't turn out straight after all.
The left side is lower
about 5 or 6 millimeters.
...Still when I look at it...
Every time he looked at it, he'd become nervy
...His life was full of such details.
His life.
Khosrow's life, so empty, so banal.
And so ho-rri-ble.
Ho-rri-ble. Ho-rri-ble.
A being who all of his thoughts
was about straightness of buildings.
Ugly buildings.
Made for the zigzag taste of other people.
I never fell in love like Leili.
Or like a boy who had died for her.
I never dared.
My only masterpiece was making this house.
Which I made by my own feelings. Attentively.
With no bad-taste or hurry.
A big hurry...
Why did you make this step like this, Oosta?
Look engineer! Don't be nervy.
You go up these steps...
And you see this last one,
and because this is the last, wait a little.
You breathe a little...
Then what? You step a little higher.
What? Everyone should take their steps
just as you say?
Is it possible?
You ordered to build on every 15 centimeters.
Did I say you build this last step higher?
Well I'll rebuild them again if you're angry.
It took you a month to build it...
It was all.
And nothing else.
Except some of the childhood memories.
Like when with my sister, we sneaked into...
the Caf Naderi's yard from the back door...
Or when I bought cream patisserie for myself
from the shop next door...
And I felt like an adventurer...
I thought that it must be rainy in Tafresh.
And the stones of old cemetery
are wet of the rain.
His grave stone's writings are full of water
The letters on the ittle boy's grave stone...
...Become full of water and clean of dust.
For one moment he felt
he is seeing his name clearly.
Like he was standing right beside the grave.
"Issa's eternal tomb"
How much he wanted to be there.
How much he wanted not to be in this world.
What are you doing? Stop stop stop.
Hoy! Stop stop stop stop.
What are you doing?
You were dead If I didn't take you.
No I was aware. Ouch!
Oh you were?
Sorry looks like I bothered you.
No you were not.
Get up
Are you all right?
Yes, oh oh!
Are you Shahidi?
Didn't you recognize me?
You hat is familiar.
you recognize my hat but not my big body?!
This is me Khodabandeh.
Your classmate. In Perfect Education school!
I broke your nose, remember?
What? It still aches?
It aches because of my fall.
Is it a good to play skates at your age?
Are you all right?
Yes yes.
I'll bring it. Where do you want to go?
My car's parked there.
We'll go on my bike.
...In a big city like this...
I can't hear you.
...In a big city like this... Wait!
Why do you skate in a big city like this?
You didn't do it before...
Now I do!
Now I'm skating.
What's your job? Engineer? Doctor? Or what?
Eh? I thought you'd become a doctor. Heh!
So you are in building business?
Yes I am in building business.
Good job. Nowadays money is in this business.
What do you do?
Me, bro, I'm almost a doctor.
What's your job?
I'm in the office, and also in the company...
...Of medical instruments.
I'm arranging people's affairs.
I'm working with checks.
What do you mean?
I'm into cashing.
I cash people's checks by force!
Go this way... this one.
This one?
Yes this is it.
Awesome. Good car!
Your body still aches?
these kind of car are no good. They are weak.
Yeah I can sell it for you if you want to.
Give me your pen.
This number...
Is my phone.
And If you couldn't reach me...
call this one.
This is my girl's husband's phone.
What's the matter with you?
You have a married girl, too?
Yeah bro, my grandchild goes to school.
Some days later... Ouch Ouch Ouch! Miserable!
Stop! Stop it I said!
Hello... Leili?
You are not there?
Well, I'm going to check a building.
I'm coming home a little late.
Or, maybe I stuck and don't come tonight.
"Danger of death"
Hello sir, Hello!
How many years gone since
you visited Tafresh?
I think about 10 years.
It's 20 years.
You used to come here for the new year,
for the summer vacations...
You are right!
You didn't come anymore...
Everyone has sold their houses,
or has died...
It has turned into a ghost town.
Where is the cemetery?
It's right here, Mr. engineer!
What kind of a Tafresh man you are
who don't know where the cemetery is!
I sent messages to Madam Nimtaj many times...
Said to her, Madam, don't sell this house,
this is your father's house, Keep it.
Do you know the owner?
Of course I do.
I even have the key with me.
So you know him?
Of course I do.
Can you arrange a meeting with him?
I want to buy this place for my wife.
Sure I can.
I'll do it tomorrow morning.
Make its voucher in my wife's name.
Is it possible for you?
When can you do it?
Tomorrow morning.
I'll do it.
Does he want to sell?
He has given me the key. No problem.
Did you know a boy named Issa, Mr Shakeri?
Hello? Excuse me.
Hello? Hi Rezaee jan!
How do you do?... Thank you so much!
Which one? No... Listen...
Yesterday I went to Mr. Asgari's house
begged him to give me this tape.
He said it is a unique copy and...
Why it doesn't tie?
Leave it.
Let me do it.
Let me do it. I'm tying it.
Leave it. I don't need it.
Lea-ve it.
What are you doing?
Don't smash the tape!
Why do you do this?
Oh you!
Take off your hand, let me see what happened.
No it's nothing.
It's Shakeri.
Are you dizzy?
No it's nothing.
He has brought something.
Go get it.
Close the door.
Close that door.
Hello Ma'am.
I'm glad to see you.
Is Mr. Engineer in?
No he isn't.
Will he come back?
I don't know.
I don't take too much of your time.
It's a contract you have to sign.
With your permission,
Of course. What should I sign?
This is the contract of the Tafresh house...
Mr.Engineer wanted it to be bought
on your name.
I made all the arrangements...
Only you have to sign it.
Let me find my pen.
Here you are, take my pen ma'am.
Just that
you have to sign this in the office too.
Then I 'd be able to bring you the voucher.
He said it?
Yes, yesterday afternoon in Tafresh.
And I made all the arrangements quickly.
Hello Mr. Shakeri.
Hello Mr. Engineer.
It's nothing. I fell off the stairs.
It's a simple scar. These steps...
they will trouble us
Is it done?
Do you want me to take you to doctor?
Yes it's done.
Thank you very much.
So I'll be leaving.
Thanks for doing the work.
Will you make an ice bag for me?
I'm seeing Mr. Shakeri to the door.
If your director had seen this,
he'd become nervy.
He would say "Why don't you cry"?
One of those famous cries of yours.
Even my death didn't turn out to be fine.
It's mostly a comic death.
Honestly, it was me
who made you laugh like this.
From right here.
Here, from up the stairs.
I have even forgotten your face.
It seems like you have never been there.
38. 1. 1
I have even forgotten your name.
I have even forgotten your face.
We are shooting. Please silence!
I wish I was beside the camera
playing your husband's ghost.
Such a husband!
Can you please not stand there?
Excuse me. Will you?...
Will he not stand there?
Put a photo of me here. It suits your film.
Open this stupid tie of my neck.
Mr. Saeedi, Will you open it?
Open it Ma'am!
This is a circus here!
Amir jan, give a break for the tea.
I want to tell you something.
Many years ago, I was working with someone
who looked like you a lot.
And cried a lot.
She cried so much, till we married.
Some years later, she started crying again,
then we separated.
Because I knew why she was crying.
Now I must know what's wrong with you.
Do you know what I mean?
Yes. I don't know why I'm crying.
If I know what's wrong with you...
I can do many things. I can change
the dialogues,
the construction of the film...
Excuse me sir, should I set-up this scene...
you were talking about?
Yes set it up.
I dont know. I really don't know.
But I'm sure we will work it out.
Don't worry at all.
Thank you.
We have a lot of time. And a lot of work.
Have a Rest.
Thank you very very much.
You're welcome.
I need a word with her...
And I'm so sorry.
First I thought the reason of your uneasiness
...Is something else,
but now I think this I am the problem,
because you send me a lot of hate.
Yes! You send me negative waves!
No not at all...
I think it is just vice versa because...
Well something has happened for me, and...
You become less patient in this condition.
Anyway, this is so childish
to act like however you want to...
In a so professional job like this,
and think everything's over with an apology.
I think it's so normal for our job
to get involved in one's own emotions...
You, who are an actor, is the only person
who should understand me in this group.
Oh! You don't say it because you believe it.
So what is it?
I want to bother you?
Yes you do.
I'd believe this.
I'm sorry to hear this.
Do you want me to read the rest of it later?
How much did you read?
About an hour.
It's just 10 minutes.
But it's an hour.
Give it to me.
Give it to me.
If I had eyes, I wouldn't become
the slave of you Madam Shahrzad!
Take it off. I want to get up.
Where do you go?
To W.C, with your permission!
Yeah, it seemed like he liked this to happen.
Take it away, I don't want it.
What is that?
Ah, so told him about his malady?
Which day is today?
It's Friday.
You didn't diagnose, but you had doubts
that it might be cancer.
That's right.
Walker... walker.
I said take your walker. Oh my god!
She doesn't listen to me. I always must obey.
It's impossible for her to listen to me.
Give me my mobile phone...
Call it. Maybe it is in the kitchen.
Yes doctor, it's possible, yes.
Walker and you together?
You'll fall on the earth.
Then I'm the one who's to blame.
You said it's Friday, why he is going out?
I said Saturday!
Well did you?
yeah I did.
You cheat just for nothing.
I said it's Saturday.
Yes, I wanted to know it.
Sorry that I took your time. Goodbye.
You're crazy!
No I'm not.
Sure, thanks.
Did you give her pills to her?
I forgot!
She's really a pain.
Mother, don't bother her.
She is the one who bothers me, she is crazy.
Let it go, don't be angry.
You are more astounded than her.
She nags a lot.
She is more astounded than whom?
"More astounded than her".
Get lost, I don't want your pills or...
...they are made of chalk.
Put this down slower. You're in rush!
Hello? Hi. How are you?
She is always with phone in her hand!
No I didn't have time!
Madam dictates me, and I'm typing.
She thinks it is good for the Alzheimer.
Why do you annoy yourself this much?
I annoy you more than myself.
I think so.
Mother, Alzheimer doesn't stop with pills
...Or type exercises or anything.
You get up and go to your work.
"I begged him".
Don't you want to type?
I type?
I begged him.
To go back home immediately.
I said to him
He will die
In this rain
But he said
He doesn't want to stay alive
And now
And now
I see his dark eyes
When I saw him insisting
I don't know why I became tempted
To say he has cancer
Of course his stupid doctor said
That he doubted it too
But me I was sure that he doesnt have cancer
I said to him definitively
That he will die soon
I wanted to see what he would do
I said to hell with it
You think you have cancer
Do I have cancer?
How long will it take?
What can I say.
I can't say now.
Do you know I have gone to an audition once?
No I didn't.
When I gave entry exam for the university...
...I went to the college of fine arts.
They'd give you some text...
and you had to memorize and perform it later.
Can I take this with me?
They gave each person one text to rehearse.
They'd give you "The Cherry Orchard" or
"The Hamlet"...
And they gave me a play named...
"The Caretaker".
This guy came into his house and saw
his house is turned into a mess
and he'd yell:
You've made such a mess around here!
I rehearsed it every day.
I was repeating:
you've made such a mess around here!
In short...
It was the day of performance,
all professors sitting around, suddenly...
I forgot everything.
I was saying repeatedly:
Then again: "you..."
They had a pity on me.
They said we will test you again.
And what do you think the test was?
Hearing your Mother's death over the phone.
I took off the phone and said: Really?
They said get lost! You have no talent!
My lie can't be the reason of his death.
People don't fall on earth because
they think they have cancer.
Hello doctor.
Sorry to come without telling you.
I called but couldn't find you.
No, no problem.
Has something happened?
I don't know what's wrong with me.
I laugh suddenly at work.
I can't say my lines.
I laugh with no reason.
Well that's you. You laugh with no reason.
Do you want a pill to stop your laugh?
The day Khosrow fell on earth...
We had a fight...
I stroked his head with something...
Then there was blood on his head...
When he went to open the door
and came back...
why do you look at me like that?
You don't believe me, no?
Yes I do.
Don't you remember you said
there is a scar on his head?
Yes I remember. So?
It has nothing to do with your stroke.
Are you lying?
Why should I lie?
There's no reason for me to lie.
Are you lying for me?
It has nothing to do with your stroke.
You came back to work so soon.
You started your work immediately.
You must have had more rest.
Do you remember that year in Tafresh?...
Khosrow came back from the military
to granny's house on leave?
The morning when
he wanted to go back to the garrison...
You said to him be careful of the bullets.
Right there I wished Khosrow dead.
Sometimes I think I wish
to stand under the rain in night, till I die.
It'd be like the end of my story,
which I had told to Khosrow.
In the end of my story too, you would die...
...From my love.
There is something I have to tell you, Leili.
The day I went to Mr Asgari's
for that tape...
He said to me that I have to sing for him.
I said to him I don't have the talent...
and he wouldn't believe me.
First I thought he thinks I can sing
because of my grandfather.
But then I understood
he has mistaken me with Amin.
Finally... he made me sing this song.
How was it?
"How would it be if you take a look at me?"
Roohangiz would've chanted this another way.
How was that? Aha...
"How would it be if you take a look at me?"
"You are a moon in the sky
and I am a thorn on the road."
"My bloomed flower"
"You took my rest"
"I won't take my hands off of you..."
This sudden "I" here, is so meaningless.
Give it to me it doesn't suit you!
Let's make it half!
If you wanted it you would've eaten it!
Eh... you are such a child!
I only need madam to come to office too...
And sign this contract there.
Then there would be no problem for the deal.
That's kind of you.
Take care of this scar.
Thank you very much. Thanks. Bye.
Sorry, we have finished.
Ok, thanks.
Hi. Why did you leave the clinic suddenly?
Welcome. What would you like?
Such a stupid I am!
...I had read that story, but I forgot.
...The story with the boy
who dies while 17 years old. I had read it.
You won again.
I'm so astound.
Now I'm even more astounded.
Like my hair.
Like my nails and my beard,
which still grow after my death...
...Like they don't know about my death.
Even I sometimes forget that I'm dead.
I always imagine that I'm going to come back.
Think about it, if I came back...
I could've stand beside the camera.
...In my role.
...Your husband's ghost.
Then maybe you would have said
this damn line of yours.
I have even forgotten your face.
I have even forgotten your face.
It seems like you have never been there.
Sometimes I have to look at your picture.
Was it good? It was great.
Don't you find his beard too long Reza jan?
No no problem. After your death
they still grow... and nails and...
I thought you wanted to make me laugh.
Make you laugh? No!
How do you think she was?
She said "you were a good-for-nothing".
I said all the lines I had.
Who said that? I didn't know.
They are looking for you. You have to go.
What do we do now?
The Last Step.
Free adaptation from James Joyce's "The Dead"
and Leo Tolstoy's "The Death of Ivan Ilych"