The Last Thing Mary Saw (2021) Movie Script

It is not our responsibility
to give the devil
a chance to repent.
He must perish with her.
Fear is guiding your words.
God guides my words,
and Lucifer
will be guiding hers.
We must listen to them
She is no devil.
Doubt clouds your mind,
my friend.
Her eyes...
Cannot but think about them.
We must turn
to the Lord's Prayer.
Today is the 3rd of December,
the year 1843.
We proceed in the interrogation
of Maiden Mary,
in regards to the tragic events
that have occurred at the farm
following her grandmother's
sudden departure.
Do you understand the charges
that have been
proffered against you?
Could you recite
the Lord's Prayer for us?
Our father, which art
in heaven, hallowed be thy name.
Thy kingdom come,
thy will be done,
in earth as it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread
and forgive us our trespasses,
as we forgive them
that trespass against us,
and lead us not into temptation,
but deliver us from evil.
For thine is the kingdom and
the power and the glory forever.
What's a man of the law to do,
when he finds himself
at a crossroad?
Perform his duty,
or lend an ear to curiosity?
Which path appeases you
the most, Constable?
Speak freely.
It's Mary.
Our daughter's ears are deaf
to the Lord's preachings.
She continues to engage
in acts with the housemaid.
They look at one another.
They long for
one another's touch,
and they do so
in bright sunlight,
trying to make rule of it.
All she does is deny it.
There's no reasoning with her.
The Lord does not excuse
such abominable behaviors.
Rightfully so.
Randolph and I ask
for your intervention, Mother,
to teach the maid
and Mary a lesson.
Have your brother
come to the farm.
Please, Eustace.
You do realize
you're asking a lot of me?
Eleanor is a fine worker.
I would not ask you
to take her word
if not for the distraction
she causes to our daughter.
Why would we harbor such
a sinful presence
in our household?
But taking her away
from temptation might heal her.
She knows how to read.
She can provide good help.
We seek to eradicate the evil
flower by cutting the stem,
but the roots are too deep.
I'm afraid it would grow again.
Correction is needed
before we move her.
Knees and prayers.
Set your affection on things
not on things on the earth,
for you are dead and your life
is hid with Christ and God.
When Christ, who is your life,
then you shall also appear
with him and God.
Continue now.
I can't.
I c-can't.
I-I do not know the verses.
Go ahead, Mary.
It... It hurts too much.
therefore... your members
which are upon the earth...
fornication, uncleanness,
inordinate affection,
evil concupiscence,
and covetousness,
which is idolatry.
It is time to rest now.
Ah, ah.
We all convey that our
poorly-instructed friend
should spend the night thinking
of the next words to say.
- Do we not?
- Yes.
You speak well, Mother.
Ye... Yes.
Will you satisfy an inquiry
of mine, Constable?
Will you share the words your
deputy whispered in your ear
before he left the room?
For this purpose, the son
of God was manifested,
that he might destroy
the works of the devil.
Lucifer was an angel
before we cast the name
of the devil upon him.
What's that to say?
That God creates enemies
in order to perform his good.
Does your mind carry troubles?
I saw Eleanor and Sister Mary
being punished last night.
What was the cause of it?
Do you ever wonder
what keeps the guard around?
He attempted to escape once.
He ran away in the middle
of the day
toward the other side
of the river,
where Father Eustace,
Mother Ann, and I live.
My father caught him and made
sure he would never run again.
No! No!
After that, he forced him
to kneel on rice
every night for one week.
Cousin Mary and the maid
play a dangerous game
and were punished accordingly.
I can't spend my days
without you.
It's a risk.
We can't be seen together.
Let a few days pass.
But they'll take...
away from me.
I won't let them, my dear.
I won't.
You should go. You should go.
What have I done
to deserve such fare?
Food sharpens the senses.
They say lack of it
makes mine sharper.
That's the price they pay
for exceptional service.
Fear and weakness keep us
not devotion.
Feed it to the chickens,
if you wish.
We cannot trust him.
I think it could work.
But he answers to my family.
Let me speak with him.
He is our only option.
It's past bedtime.
Why do you linger?
Did they ever let you wander
through the woods?
Do you know what it looks like?
I never saw it.
What bothers your foot?
You have a bad splinter.
Don't move.
Do you trust me?
You're not to leave the house
this late of an hour.
Make a deal with me.
Allow us to hide in the coop
at night,
and make no mention of it.
I will feed you bread in return.
This kitchen has never been
so indulgent
with the people it feeds.
I thought our guests had been
finding the food pleasant.
Perhaps another correction
is needed.
When Christ, who is your life,
shall appear, then...
then you shall also appear
with him in glory.
Pleasantry is a dangerous road.
You ought not celebrate
the ordinary days
more than the holy ones.
My knees will break.
So be it.
I can't stand
another correction.
Then stand losing
your night walks.
Enjoy the day,
while it is bright out.
I'll make more bread next week.
Please listen to reason.
Let us end this.
Does the poison lack potency?
Or does my hand lack courage?
Make one more loaf.
I'll instruct you.
Together in thy name,
thou will be around us.
Fulfill now, O Lord, the desires
and petition of us servants,
as may be most expedient
for them,
granting us, in this world,
knowledge of thy truth,
and in the worlds to come,
life everlasting.
Grace to our Lord, Jesus Christ.
The love of God and the
fellowship of the Holy Ghost
be with you all evermore.
- Amen.
- Amen.
- She's learning, is she not?
- Mm.
She held the book of prayer
at the vesper.
Do you think the corrections
are necessary?
You speak against
our course of action?
She recited the prayers
without fallacy.
I fear the consequences, Agnes.
What sort of consequences?
What is the matter?
I cannot speak on this
with knowledge.
I have but a percept.
Our fate rests on this.
Test it, then come back
to the house.
Do not indulge.
What happens when they see it?
We'll say the rats did it.
- Stop.
- Mary!
Let's run away tonight
and avoid us all troubles.
Uncle Eustace spends
his nights in the house.
No one watches the other end
of the field.
What about Theodore?
Wh... He will not see us
in the dark,
and his legs
aren't strong enough to run...
He deserves to leave, too.
This is for us and for us only.
I'm tired.
Me, too.
I'm tired of a life
spent hiding.
They will not cease to
torment us until they find us.
That is not a life I long for.
I'm not afraid.
Matthew's left the house.
"The Temple of Earthly Desires".
"Long ago, a starving peasant
stumbled upon a desolate temple
on his way
to the town of Ephesus.
He stepped inside to offer
his prayers by the altar,
when his god spoke to him.
He summoned him to guard
his temple day and night,
for only this way,
he could earn his place
in the new heavenly kingdom.
Great provisions hid inside
the temple,
of which the peasant
was instructed to eat none.
Yet one night,
slave to his hunger,
entrusting darkness to deceive
his god's attention,
he came into the temple
and stole a loaf of bread,
making a ravenous meal of it.
The god, whose ever-watching eye
allowed no sin to go unnoticed,
unleashed all his anger,
slaying the peasant,
and proclaiming
that from that day on,
whoever attempted to ever
satisfy his appetite
"would meet great punishment."
Read on.
I like the sound of your voice.
I'm afraid of what I might
learn if I indulge my curiosity.
Who is the Old Lady
of Bethabara?
"The Old Lady of Bethabara".
"There was a time ..."
Go back to the house. Now.
You must not speak of this.
Mortify therefore your members
which are upon the earth...
fornication, uncleanliness,
inordinate affection,
evil concupiscence,
and covetousness,
which is idolatry.
You'll part this house soon.
I am sorry.
I paid the price
of my curiosity.
Curiosity put a splinter
in your foot, did it not?
You've been telling
Mother and Father.
- I have not.
- You are the cause of this.
- I am not.
- Stop it.
Believe me.
You pay no price.
Is the maid going to be moved?
One proper correction.
What troubles you?
Something I dare not say,
but I can't hold any longer.
Then don't hold.
once had an old book.
That book speaks of...
things I never believed
to be true.
Events that could bring death
upon this family.
I brought that book into this
house, and someone took it.
What do you ask of me?
Don't linger.
Move the maid now, today.
Sinful affection must remain
the only evil...
that I inspired
my daughter to pursue.
Tell me about the funeral.
In our family, the relatives
of the dead
make a vow of silence
for the entire day.
Go now. Go.
Are you a member of the family?
I am here for business.
Today is a day of mourning,
not for business.
I only bring
what I was called for.
May I lower my hands?
What happened to your chickens?
The rats infested the coop.
Walk up to the house,
circle around to the left side.
There, you'll see a door.
The maid will open it to you.
Her name is Eleanor.
She can't talk.
I was informed of the rule.
She cannot talk.
When you see her,
you give her this.
I am no longer allowed
inside the house,
and she needs this
to prepare the meal.
May I come in?
You can't talk, right?
My deepest condolences.
Sure you don't mind if I help?
This, it looks like
a lot of work.
Mysterious, isn't it?
The human body.
Do you know what they call it?
I gather you don't get
many books around here.
When I was born, my mother
brought me to a doctor.
He looked at my face and said
that it was caused
by an imperfection
in my brain...
that I was going to look
like this forever.
So she brought me
to another doctor,
who told her he could
burn the mark off with...
with a candle.
He said that it would continue
to cause me great trouble
and still look hideous
to the eye,
but that it would ultimately
soften my demeanor.
Then, a few years later,
we saw a third doctor,
who mentioned an old little book
he saw my face on.
He believed that a child
born out of wedlock
would carry a physical mark
of the sin that was committed.
Monstrous birth.
The doctor made her promise
to dispose of me...
said my disappearance
would signify
that a new heavenly kingdom
was coming.
And my mother believed that.
I am very educated
in the art of survival.
I stabbed my mother to death
that very day.
Went back to the doctor,
forced him to devolve
a large sum of money.
He agreed.
See, that is how trade works.
I gave him freedom.
He gave me money.
I gave you my chickens.
You gave me your pouch.
It appears as though I came
with my own small pouch.
And like that stupid doctor
had a desire for life,
the guard outside told me
that you show as great
a desire for this.
Question is,
what can you offer now?
I know.
I know my face
is enemy of desire.
But can the mute girl excuse
a sight for some time?
Can I take some bread with me?
Which one?
Is this one better?
Oh, yeah.
This one is soft.
Why'd you do this?!
Whore! Why did you...
This is what silence
did to our family.
This is the real price
of correction.
Speak, Father.
No one is watching.
Nobody cares!
Speak! Speak, Father! Speak!
No eyes watch
this household anymore.
Is it worth a loaf of bread?
Which one?
You knew I would come back.
You don't have to do this.
Please go home.
Had my face not caused you
enough distress...
what would this have done?
I asked the guard why he would
not wave this pistol
and demand the fare he deserves.
He said he only had two bullets.
You can stay here.
We will leave.
They hide gold in this house.
There's a lot of it. I...
I will tell you where it is.
We will leave.
Isn't that right, Eleanor?
Who broke the silence?
Who called you to bring business
to this house?
Whose voice did you hear?
It is misguided to fight me.
For our story, we must
draw inspiration
from the book your father
brought into this house.
"There was a time in Bethabara,
a small town east of Jericho,
when a noblewoman loved
one of her female servants
to great distraction."
Read on.
I like the sound of your voice.
"One day, the twain wandered
by the west bank
of the River Jordan.
They undid their robes
and bathed together.
Great quiet held
the noontime hour,
until a passerby, an old lady,
came into the flowing river
and saw the noblewoman
and her servant.
Seeing the old lady, they jumped
at her and killed her
to avoid any mention
of what she saw.
The following day, they returned
upon the riverbank,
wretched women,
and found the old lady
standing alive
by means of divine intervention.
'My God demanded that this
shall be the land
upon which I build a house
in his praise, ' she said,
wrought and hard.
'And whoever desecrates it,
that a heavy price
shall they behold.'
The old lady drowned
the servant to death
and blinded the noblewoman,
"marking her with the third sign
of God's newly desired kingdom."
At last we stand,
serving as examples
of His whole new heaven.
Raise your hands
and turn slowly.
I cannot escape you, O God.
Here is for my eyes.
Here is for my clothes.
In you, I rest.
All that was earthly, all that
was mortal, I embraced it.
Earth is far gone.
I fear by your light now.
Let me mourn for a day.
Only one day more.
Let silence
facilitate my prayer.
Place food to my feet,
and listen to my story.
I see the doubts
that cloud your mind.
I know the voice that called you