The Last Unicorn (1982) Movie Script

I mislike the feel of these woods.
Creatures that live
in the unicorn's forest
learn a little magic
of their own in time.
Mainly concerned with disappearing.
I thought they only existed in fairy tales.
This is a forest like any other.
Isn't it?
And why do the leaves never fall here?
Or the snow?
Why is it always spring here?
I tell you, there is one unicorn
left in the world,
and as long as it lives in this forest,
we'll find no game to hunt here.
Let's turn around.
Hunt somewhere else.
All right.
Stay where you are, poor beast.
This is no world for you.
Stay in your forest
and keep your trees green,
and your friends protected.
And good luck to you,
for you are the last.
I am the only unicorn there is?
The Last?
# When the last eagle flies #
# Over the last crumbling mountain #
# And the last lion roars #
# At the last dusty fountain #
# In the shadow
of the forest #
# Though she may be
old and worn #
# They will stare
unbelieving #
# At the last unicorn #
# When the first
breath of winter #
# Through the flowers
is icing #
# And you look to the north #
# And a pale moon is rising #
# And it seems like
all is dying #
# And would leave
the world to mourn #
# In the distance,
hear her laughter #
# Of the last unicorn #
# I'm alive #
# When the last
moon is cast #
# Over the last
star of morning #
# And the future is passed #
# Without even a last,
desperate warning #
# They look into the sky
where through #
# The clouds
a path is formed #
# Look and see her,
how she sparkles #
# It's the last unicorn #
# I'm alive #
That cannot be.
Why would I be the last?
What do men know?
Because they have seen no
unicorns for a while
does not mean that we
have all vanished.
We do not vanish.
There has never been
a time without unicorns.
We live forever.
We are as old as the sky,
old as the moon.
We can be hunted, trapped.
We can even be killed,
if we leave our forests,
but we do not vanish.
Am I truly the last?
# Wave the flag
for Hudson High, boys #
# Show them how we stand #
# I am a roving gambler #
How do you do?
Hello, butterfly, welcome.
Have you traveled
very far?
# How far would I travel #
# To be where you are? #
Clay lies still,
but Blood's a rover.
Red Rover, Red Rover,
let Charlie come over.
# Won't you come home,
Bill Bailey #
# Won't you come home #
# My wild Irish rose #
Be a little respectful, butterfly.
Do you know who I am?
Excellent, well.
You're a fishmonger.
# You're my everything
You are my sunshine #
You're old and gray
and full of sleep.
# You're my pickle-faced,
consumptive Mary Jane #
Say my name, then.
If you know my name,
tell it to me.
Your name is a golden bell
hung in my heart.
I would break
my body to pieces
to call you once by your name.
Say it, if you know.
I should know better
than to expect
a silly butterfly
to know my name.
# One, two, three o-lairy #
Butterfly, in all
your wanderings,
have you seen others like me?
Have you seen even one?
# Oh, have you seen
the muffin man #
# The muffin man,
the muffin man #
Butterfly, even one.
Tell me that you
saw only one.
# One #
# One alone
to be my own #
# Buckle down, Winsocki
buckle down #
Go and catch
a falling star.
It serves me right
for even asking you.
All butterflies know
are songs and poetry
and anything else they hear.
I guess you mean well.
Fly away, butterfly.
# Oh, I #
# Must take the A-train #
Oh, I am a cook
and a captain bold
and the mate of the Nancy brig.
# Has anybody
here seen Kelly? #
I hope you hear
many more songs.
I must find someone
who knows me,
who has seen
others like me.
Old French, unicorne.
Latin, unicornus.
Literally, one-horned.
Unus, one, and
cornu, a horn.
A fabulous animal resembling
a horse with one horn.
Visible only to those
who search and trust,
and generally mistaken
for a white mare.
You do know me!
Please, all I want to know
is if you've seen other unicorns like me
somewhere in the world.
# See you later, alligator #
Close cover before striking.
Butterfly, have you seen the others?
Where have they gone?
Tell me which way
I must go to find them.
No. No. Listen.
Don't listen to me.
You can find the others
if you are brave.
They passed down all the roads long ago,
and the Red Bull ran close behind them
and covered their footprints.
The Red Bull?
What is the Red Bull?
# Hold tight #
His firstling bull has majesty,
and his horns are the horns of a wild ox!
With them, he shall push the unicorns,
all of them, to the ends of the earth.
Listen, listen!
Listen quickly!
I am listening.
Where are the other unicorns,
and what is the Red Bull?
The king is in the counting house...
counting out, counting out,
It's you or me, Moth,
hand to hand to hand
to hand to hand to hand...
He said I could find
the other unicorns.
But where?
Or is the story of the Red Bull
just another of his songs?
Oh, I could never leave this forest.
But I must know if I am the only
unicorn left in the world.
Suppose they're hiding together...
somewhere far away.
What if they're waiting for me...
in need of my help?
They passed down all the roads
long ago...
and the Red Bull ran close behind them
and covered their footprints.
I must go quickly and come back
as soon as I can.
You can find the others
if you are brave.
Well, hello there, little one.
Hello there, me dear.
And just who might you belong to...
a pretty little thing like you?
Aw, come on, now.
Good girl.
Good Bessie.
I'll cuddle you up,
clean you off.
You will be the prettiest
old mare anywhere.
A horse?
Is that what you take me for?
Is that what you see?
So... so...
easy, easy.
Good girl.
Oh, what a pretty sight you are.
Feed you up, take you to the fair.
Come on, horse.
A horse, am I?
A horse, indeed!
Now... there's a horse!
My foot must've slipped.
I had forgotten that men
cannot see unicorns.
If men no longer know
what they're looking at,
there may well be other unicorns
in the world yet...
and glad of it.
# Horizon #
# Rising #
# Up to meet #
# The purple dawn #
# Dust demon #
# Screaming #
# Bring an eagle to lead me on #
# For in my heart #
# I carry such a heavy load #
# Here I am
on Man's Road #
# Walking Man's road #
# I'm hungry #
# Weary #
# But I cannot
lay me down #
# The rain comes #
# Dreary #
# But there's no shelter
I have found #
# It will be #
# A long time 'til I find #
# My abode #
# Here I am
on Man's road #
# Walking Man's road #
Well! Bless my old husk of a heart.
And here I thought
I'd seen the last of them.
Here! You two!
If he knew...
But I don't think
I'll tell him.
He'll think it's
a horse for sure.
Some wizard I hired!
Now, just what was there to stop for?
What do you think it is, Ruhk?
What do you see lying there?
Dead horse.
You're a fool!
But I knew that.
What about you, wizard?
What do you see with
your sorcerer's sight?
Answer me, you juggler.
I see a horse.
Just a white mare.
I thought so.
All right.
It's a white mare.
I want her for the carnival.
The last cage is empty.
I need a rope.
The rope that can hold that mare
has not been woven.
We'll do the best we can
with cold iron bars.
Oh, she's waking.
I'll put a sleep on her.
Now cage her.
She'll sleep till sunrise.
This here is the manticore.
A man's head,
a lion's body,
tail of a scorpion.
Creatures of night,
brought to light.
Here is a dragon.
Breathes fire now and then.
Mostly at people who poke it, little boy.
Its inside is an inferno,
but its skin is so cold, it burns!
Speaks 17 languages badly
and is subject to gout.
Creatures of night,
brought to light!
The Satyr.
Ladies, keep back!
I shouldn't be here.
But quickly...
tell me what you see.
Don't be afraid.
Look at your fellow legends
and tell me what you see.
What he calls a manticore looks to be
no more than a shabby, toothless lion.
And she has them believing that
poor old ape with the twisted foot
is a satyr.
Illusions, deceptions, mirages.
Your old Mommy Fortuna
cannot truly change things.
That's true.
She can only disguise.
And only for those eager to believe
whatever comes easiest.
The Midgard serpent.
It's got the whole world
in its coils.
Well, she can't turn
cream into butter,
but she can make a lion
look like a manticore
to eyes that want
to see a manticore,
just as she put a false horn
on a real unicorn
to make them see the unicorn.
I know you.
If I were blind, I would know
what you are.
Who are you?
I am called Schmendrick the Magician.
Uh... you won't have heard of me.
I entertain the sightseers
as they gather for the show.
It's not much of a job for
a real magician, but I've had worse.
That thing's real.
That is the harpy Celaeno.
Yes, the old woman caught her
by chance asleep,
just as she took you.
Oh, she should never have meddled
with a real harpy...
or a real unicorn, for that matter
because the truth
melts her magic, always.
She's gonna free herself
very soon now,
and she must not
catch you still caged.
Go on!
Get away from there!
You know what she told you!
Don't be afraid.
Schmendrick is with you.
Do nothing till you hear from me.
A unicorn!
I don't care how many spells
you've got on her!
Get rid of that Harpy!
I thinks about it all the time...
what she's goin' to do to us.
Get rid of her,
Fool! Be still!
No other witch in the world
holds a harpy captive,
and none ever will.
I choose to keep her!
I can turn her into wind
if she escapes
or snow or into
seven notes of music!
She's breaking through!
Not yet.
You're mine.
If you kill me,
you're still mine.
The Harpy's as real as you are
and just as immortal,
and she was just as easy to capture,
if you want to know.
Do not boast, old woman.
Your death sits in that cage,
and she hears you.
Oh, she'll kill me
one day or another.
But she will remember
forever that I caught her
and I held her prisoner.
So there's my immortality, eh?
Now, you were out on the road
hunting for your own death...
and I know where it awaits you.
I know him... that one.
Do you speak of the Red Bull?
Tell me if you do...
and where he is if you know.
The Red Bull of King Haggard.
So you know of the bull.
Well, he'll not have you.
You belong to me.
You know better.
Keep your poor shadows,
if you will, but let me go.
And... let her go.
I cannot see her caged.
She's real, like me.
We're two sides
of the same magic.
Let her go.
I'd quit show business first!
Do you think I don't know
what the true witchery is
just because I do what I do?
There's not a witch in the world
hasn't laughed at Mommy Fortuna
and her homemade horrors.
But there's not one of them
who would have dared...
The Harpy and me...
we're not for you.
Who are you for, then?!
Do you really think those fools
knew you without any help from me?
No! I had to give you
a horn they could see!
These days, it takes
a cheap carnival trick
to make folk recognize a real unicorn.
But the Red Bull will know you
when he sees you.
So you are safer here.
You should thank me
for protecting you.
Schmendrick is with you.
I'm... I'm sorry, but I couldn't
get away any sooner.
There has never been
a spell on me before.
There has never been a world
in which I was not known.
Oh, oh, I know exactly how you feel.
It's a very rare person who's taken
for what he truly is.
Will you help me?
Oh... if not you, no one.
You're my last chance.
Can you truly set me free?
Mommy Fortuna
doesn't think so.
She sees me as a clumsy fraud,
a trickster.
But I am Schmendrick the Magician!
The last of the red-hot swamis.
And I, too, am real... like you.
Like her.
Yes, I will help you.
Where is the other man?
Ruhk? Oh, don't
worry about him.
I asked him a riddle,
and it always takes that lout
all night to solve riddles.
And now...
Um... sorry.
I would've liked that
to be the spell that freed you.
That's all right.
That's okay.
Nice one.
Well, let's...
try this one instead.
This is a super spell.
The bars are now
as brittle as old cheese,
which I crumble
and scatter so...
Oh. I must've gotten
the accent wrong.
It comes and goes.
Try again... once more.
There's very little time left.
The bars!
No, no, no.
I dare no more.
The next time,
I might not be able to.
Try again.
The spell was wrong, but there
was true magic in it.
Try again.
My dear, you deserve the services
of a great wizard,
but I'm afraid
you'll have to be glad
of the aid of a second-rate
Some magician!
Ah, turn blue.
Step down, lady.
You are free!
Okay, Schmendrick.
I give up.
Why is a raven like a writing desk?
The cage!
You have taken my keys.
Why, you thin thief.
She'll string you on barbed wire
to make a necklace for the harpy!
You pile of stones!
I'll send all your toenails growing inward.
You mess with me!
Some magician.
You couldn't turn
cream into cheese,
you Schmendrick, you.
No! She'll kill you!
Run! She'll kill you
if you set her free!
Set me free.
We are sisters, you and I.
Not alone!
You never could've
freed yourselves alone!
I held you!
Run! Run!
Let's run! Oh, run!
Run away from here! Now!
No. Come with me.
Come with me.
Don't look back.
And don't run.
You must never run
from anything immortal.
It attracts their attention.
Oh, that poor old woman.
I didn't want it to...
I didn't know.
She chose her death long ago.
It was the fate she wanted.
And you, you have no regrets, as I do.
I can never regret.
I can feel sorrow,
but it's not the same thing.
Where will you go now?
I'm looking for others like me.
Have you seen them, magician?
No, I've never seen anyone like you.
Not while I was awake, anyway.
A butterfly told me
of a Red Bull
who pushed all the other unicorns
to the ends of the earth.
And Mommy Fortuna
spoke of a King Haggard.
So I'm going where they are...
to learn whatever they know.
Take me with you.
For luck. For laughs.
For the unknown.
You may come with me if you like.
Though I wish you'd asked
for some other reward
for having freed me.
I thought about it.
But you could never have granted
my true wish.
I cannot turn you into
something you are not.
I cannot turn you
into a true magician.
That's all right.
Don't worry about it.
I'm not.
What do you know
of King Haggard?
I have heard that he's an old man
who rules over
a barren country by the sea.
Some say that Haggard's land
was green and soft once before he came.
But the minute he touched it,
it became horrid and gray.
Tell me about the Red Bull.
The Red Bull?
I've heard too many tales,
to tell you the truth.
I've heard that the bull is real,
that the bull is a ghost.
Oh. Sorry.
I've heard that the Red Bull
protects Haggard
or else that it keeps him
a prisoner in his own castle.
There are so many stories.
They passed down
all the roads long ago,
and the Red Bull ran
close behind them,
and covered their footprints.
Want one?
How much further is it?
This is the edge
of Haggard's kingdom.
It's very, very dangerous country.
Momma Fortuna never came
within miles of here.
I was afraid of that.
Run swiftly!
Hide yourself!
We'll find each other later!
Who are they?
Well, what have we here?
Aye, lads, mind your heads, now!
It's rainin' ninnies!
Rat soup!
Again, rat soup!
At least she could use a different rat.
The third night, anyway.
Put me down, you fool!
Aw, lie quiet there.
You're for Captain Cully
himself, you are.
Well, Jack Jingly.
And who is it you bring us...
comrade or captive?
I don't know
what he is myself.
What happened, Cully,
we were out lookin'
for likely travelers, like always.
Add some more water
to the soup, luv.
There's company.
I'll not have it, Cully.
Not another mouth to feed.
The soup's no thicker
than sweat as it is.
My love, where's your Greenwood hospitality?
And who's this long lout?
I don't like the look of him.
Slit his wizard.
I wouldn't do that, because I am
Schmendrick the Magician.
And you, sir...
you must be the famous Captain Cully,
boldest of the bold and freest of the free.
That I am.
He's guessing, Cully.
Gut him, before he does you
the way the last one did.
Now, that's only Molly Grue's way.
But she has a good heart...
a good heart.
Off with ya.
And this lady?
Don't tell me.
She must be your faithful and
beautiful companion.
Maybe he does know.
A splendid woman.
You are welcome here, sorcerer.
Come to the fire and tell me
what you've heard
of dashing Captain Cully
and his band of free men.
Have a taco.
You're a lucky guest
this evening, magician.
My minstrel, Willie Gentle, here,
was just about to inspire us
by singing one of the adventures
of bold Captain Cully and his men.
Not again.
Say, Willie, not that thing again.
Willie! Sing us a true song!
Sing us one about Robin Hood.
There is no Robin Hood!
Robin Hood is a myth!
Magic, do as you will.
And now, lads...
with that out of the way...
Oh, look there!
Sir, Madam, I bid you
welcome to my domain.
My name is Captain Cully
of the Greenwood...
Robin Hood and Marian!
Friar Tuck?
That's Friar Tuck there!
What is this?
This is not happening!
Robin Hood is a myth!
We are the reality.
Magic is magic...
but the truth is us.
Mr. Hood, sir!
Little John!
Will! Wait for me!
Robin! Marian!
Wait! Wait for me!
It worked!
I said, "Magic, do as you will,"
and it worked!
That was a dangerous diversion,
sir, sorcerer.
He's no ordinary hedge wizard, Cully.
I don't know what he is,
to tell you the truth.
Tie him up and do you guard him
the night, Cully.
In the mornin', we'll see
what's to be done with a wizard
who can call up Robin Hood.
Should be worth somethin', eh, Cully?
Yes, indeed!
We'll sell him!
We'll both be gentlemen of leisure
in a month's time.
I don't even care!
Oh, I love you.
I love you!
Love, love, love, love, love, love, love.
Oh, what've I done?
faithfulness beyond any man's deserving.
I will keep the color in your eyes
where no other in the world
remembers your name.
There is no immortality
but a tree's love.
Oh, God. I'm engaged
to a Douglas Fir.
Help, unicorn!
Where are you?
Oh, galls and fire blight!
She shall never have you,
that hussy!
We will perish together.
Did you see me?
Were you watching?
Did you see what I made?
Yes. It was true magic.
Yeah! It's gone now, but I had it!
It had me, but it's gone!
I couldn't hold it.
Leaving us so early, magician?
Can it truly be?
Where have you been?
Don't you talk to her that way!
I'm here now.
And where were you 20 years ago?
Ten years ago?
Where were you when I was new?
When I was one of those innocent
young maidens you always come to?
How dare you?
How dare you come to me now...
when I am this?
Can you really see her?
Do you really know what she is?
If you had been waiting to see a unicorn
as long as I have...
She's the last unicorn
in the world.
It would be the last unicorn in the world
that came to Molly Grue.
It's all right.
I forgive you.
Well... it's time for us to go now.
I'm ready.
You can't come with us.
We're on a quest.
Can't I?
Ask her.
Never! I, Schmendrick the Magician, forbid it.
And be wary of wousing
a rizard's wrath...
rousing a rizard's w...
Be wary of making
a magician angry!
If I chose, I could
turn you into a frog!
I should laugh myself sick.
Have sense, man.
What were you gonna do with
the last unicorn in the world?
Keep her in a cage?
Oh, you don't even
know where we're going!
Do you think it matters to me?
We are journeying to King Haggard's
country to find the Red Bull!
Well, you're going the wrong way.
I'm sorry...
but you were going
the wrong way, magician.
Well, it was a short cut.
Haggard's fortress.
We'll be there tomorrow
if we walk all night.
Where does King Haggard
keep the Red Bull?
I've heard that
he roams at night
and lies up by day in a great cavern
beneath the castle.
But we'll know soon enough.
# Moon risin' #
# Disguisin' #
# Lonely streets #
# And gay displays #
# The stars fade #
# The nightshade #
# Falls and makes #
# The world afraid #
# It waits in silence #
# For the sky #
# To explode #
# Here I am #
# On Man's Road #
# Walking Man's Road #
Schmendrick, the light!
Do something!
He's driving her!
He can't want to kill her,
or he would've done it by now.
He's driving her the way
he drove the others...
to the castle, to King Haggard.
Please do something!
What can I do?
Do you think the Red Bull likes card tricks?
If I could, I'd change her
into some other creature,
some beast too humble for
the bull to be concerned with.
But that would take a real magician
with real magic,
and I can't pretend anymore.
But you do!
You have magic.
Maybe you can't find it,
but it's there.
You called Robin Hood,
and there is no Robin Hood.
You have all the power you need
if you'd dare to look for it.
It's not fair!
Run! Run! Now!
Magic, do as you will!
What have you done?
What have you done?
What do you mean,
what have I done?
Only saved her from the Red Bull by magic,
that's all I've done.
By magic!
By my own true magic!
Doubtless, you are wondering
how I plan to return her
to her proper shape.
Wonder not.
The power will come to me
whenever I need it.
And one day... one day it will
come to me when I call!
You were right!
I didn't know you meant to turn her
into a human girl!
The Red Bull came for a unicorn,
so she had to become something else.
The magic chose the shape, not I.
I am a bearer!
I am a dwelling!
I am a messenger!
You are an idiot!
Do you hear me?
You lost her!
You've trapped her in a human body.
She'll go mad!
I can change her back.
Don't worry about it.
I can change her back.
What have you done to me?
Oh, no.
Oh, please, no.
You see, I... I couldn't think
of anything else to do to save you.
What've you done to me?
I'm a unicorn!
Don't! Don't!
You'll hurt yourself.
Be still!
The magic knew
what it was doing.
In this shape alone, you have some hope
of reaching King Haggard
and finding out what has become
of the other unicorns.
I wish you had let the Red Bull take me.
I wish you had left me to the harpy!
I can feel this body dying all around me!
But it's only for a little while,
I promise you.
Soon you'll have your true shape again forever.
Why not now?
Schmendrick, you can't let her stay like this.
You can't possibly...
Why not?
Unless you think you could defeat the bull
if you met him again.
But I'm afraid of this human body.
More than I was of the Red Bull.
A man...
and two women...
coming here?
The young girl...
she looks so strange.
She has a newness.
Give your names.
I am Schmendrick the Magician.
This is Molly Grue, my helper,
and this... this is... this is...
the Lady Amalthea.
We seek audience with King Haggard.
State your business with King Haggard.
I will, but to King Haggard himself.
What's that?
No, no. It's...
It's all right.
Don't be afraid.
It's just the bull.
This is King Haggard's throne room.
Throne room?
This is a cell.
This is a tomb.
Take us to King Haggard.
I am King Haggard.
This is Prince Lir, my son.
Hi. Glad to meet you.
What is your concern with me?
We seek, sire, to enter your service.
I need no servants.
Oh, but surely, sire, a magician...
a fine cook...
You are losing my interest,
and that is very dangerous.
My court consists
of four men at arms.
But the pleasures of the court, sire.
The music, the talk, the hunts
and the balls and the great feasts.
They are nothing to me.
I've known them all, and they have
not made me happy.
I will keep nothing near me
that does not make me happy.
I also keep one magician.
Oh. A magician. Huh.
What's his name?
He is called Mabruk.
He is known in his trade
as the magician's magician.
I can see no reason at all
to replace him with some... vagrant,
nameless, clownish...
I can.
He doesn't,
this marvelous Mabruk,
doesn't make you happy.
Molly, be still.
How would you know?
Well, just look at you.
Did you hear that, Mabruk?
What does Your Majesty wish of me?
Schmendrick, my dear boy,
how nice to see you.
He has come to take your place.
He is now my royal magician.
- See?
The legendary Schmendrick?
The runeless wonder?
I realize Your Majesty is
a great collector of oddities, but...
The woman is right.
A master magician
has not made me happy.
I will see what an
incompetent one can do.
You may go, Mabruk.
I am not packed off
as easily as that!
Come on, old man.
I'll write you a reference.
Haggard, I would not be you
for all the world.
You have let your doom in
by the front door.
But it will not depart that way.
Farewell, poor Haggard.
I will not touch you.
What are you looking at?
The sea.
Ah, yes.
The sea is always good.
There's nothing that I can look at
for very long...
except the sea.
What is the matter with your eyes?
Why can I not see myself in your eyes?
Who is she?
Your Majesty, the Lady Amalthea
is my niece.
I want to know who she is!
Father, what difference does it make?
She's here.
For once... you are right.
She is here.
They are all here.
Now, whether they mean my doom or not,
I will look at them for a while.
You may come and go
as you please.
My secrets guard themselves.
Will yours do the same?
Say, I know where there's some cloth.
Fine satin.
You could make a dress.
Please, lady, let me help you.
What can I do for you?
Trust me.
# In the sea #
# The fish have learned to fly #
# On a moonlit night #
# On wings of silver #
# As the enchanted stars #
# Sail serenely by #
# Do they know #
# Where do unicorns go? #
# Where winged horses fly? #
# Narwhals lost at sea #
# And never seen again #
# Go #
# Go and ask the magpie #
# Where do unicorns go? #
# In the trees #
# The birds have learned to speak #
# Many colored #
# They keep their secrets #
# In a parade of clouds #
# Playing hide and seek #
# Do they know #
# Where do unicorns go? #
# Where winged horses fly #
# Narwhals lost at sea #
# And never seen again #
# Does myth #
# And mystery lie #
# Where the unicorns go? #
And then she looked at me,
and I was sorry I had killed the thing...
sorry for killing a dragon.
Cut away from yourself,
not toward.
You know, Your Highness...
I really think you
should try something else.
But what's left on earth
than I haven't tried?
Giants, ogres, black knights,
terrible tasks,
fatal riddles.
Molly, for her sake,
I've become a hero,
but my great deeds
mean nothing to her.
Then perhaps the Lady Amalthea
is not to be won by great deeds.
Who is she, Molly?
Where does she come from?
I don't know anymore about her
than I did the first day she came here.
Your Highness...
Except that I wish to serve her as you do.
To help her find whatever
she has come here to find.
I wish to be whatever
she has most need of.
Will you tell her so?
I think... if you told her yourself...
But she never speaks to me, Molly.
Not a word.
Not a word in all this time.
You are cruel to him.
You might give him a gentle word,
at the very least.
He only wishes you to think of him.
Molly... Who am I?
Why am I here?
What is it that I am seeking in
this strange place, day after day?
I knew a moment ago,
but I have forgotten.
The unicorns... if you are not the last.
# Once #
# I can't remember #
# I was long ago #
# Someone strange #
# I was innocent and wise #
# And full of pain #
# Now that I'm a woman #
# Everything is strange #
I must go to him.
I must face the bull again
and discover what he has done with them
before I forget myself forever.
But I don't know where to find him.
And I'm lonely.
# Once #
# When I was searching #
# Somewhere out of reach #
# Far away #
# In a place I could not find #
# Nor heart obey #
# Now that I'm a woman #
# Everything has changed #
# Everything has changed #
# Everything #
# Has changed #
Schmendrick will find a way
down to the Red Bull.
He has been searching every day.
I hope for ho help from him.
He is no magician now
but the king's poor clown.
He's doing it for you.
He plays the fool
for Haggard,
trying to divert him from wondering
what you are.
You do wrong to mock him.
Forgive me.
The Red Bull is going out.
He goes out every sundown
to hunt for the strange white beast
that escaped him.
You know that purrfectly well,
so don't be stupid.
So that be a unicorn!
She is very beautiful.
How do you know
she's a unicorn?
No cat out of its first fur
can ever be deceived by appearances,
unlike human beings,
who seems to enjoy it.
Ye have very little time.
Soon there'll be a human woman
in that body
and no unicorn at all ever again.
It may be that she'll marry
the good prince who loves her.
Do that. Yes.
That be nice.
No, that cannot be.
She is the last.
Well, then... she must do
what she came to do.
She must take the king's way
down to the Red Bull.
Is there a way?
Tell me the way.
Tell me where we must go.
Hark'ye closely, mum.
When the wine drinks itself...
when the skull speaks...
when the clock strikes the right time...
only then will you find the tunnel
what leads to the Red Bull's lair.
There be a trick to it, of course.
Why won't you help me?
Why must you always speak in riddles?
Because I be what I be.
I would tell you what you want to know
if I could, mum,
but I be a cat, and no cat anywhere
ever gave anyone a straight answer.
I can't do this very much longer.
He had me jugglin' teacups
for him all night long.
with tea in them.
Schmendrick, I didn't tell you.
I found the skull...
the one the cat was talking about.
It's up on a pillar in the great hall.
And the clock...
Molly, he knows.
King Haggard knows what Lady Amalthea is.
I'm sure of it.
- What can we do?
- Molly?
I've practically got the whole poem now,
if you wanted to look at it.
Oh. Yes, of course, Your Highness.
Whenever you like.
The lift of longing, the crash of loss...
the bitterness of...
Cross? Boss? Moss?
Good evening, milady.
Who are you?
I'm Lir.
Don't you know me?
I'm Lir.
Prince Lir?
You were dreaming, milady.
But I am always dreaming...
even when I'm awake.
It is never finished.
I will not trouble you,
my Lord Prince.
No, trouble me.
Please, trouble me.
I would court you with more grace
if I knew how.
I wish you wanted something of me.
Drown out my dreams.
Keep me from remembering
whatever wants me to remember it.
# I've had time to write a book about #
# The way you act and look #
# I haven't got a paragraph #
# Words are always
getting in my way #
# Anyway, I love you #
# That's all I have to tell you #
# That's all I've got to say #
# And now #
# I'd like to make a speech about #
# The love that touches each #
# But stumbling, I would make you laugh #
# I feel as though my tongue
were made of clay #
# Anyway, I love you #
# That's all I have to tell you #
# I'm not a man of poetry #
# Music isn't one with me #
# It runs from me #
# Runs from me #
# - And I tried to write a symphony #
# - While I was searching #
# - And I lost the melody #
# - Somewhere out of reach #
# - Alas, I'll only finish half #
# - Far away #
# And finish all I suppose I never may #
# - In a place I could not find #
# - Anyway, I love you #
# - Or heart obey #
# - That's all I have to tell you #
# Now that I'm a woman #
# That's all I've got to say #
# Now I know the way #
# That's all I've got to say #
# Now I know the way #
# That's all I've got to say #
Just what I need... riddles.
When the wine drinks itself,
when the skull speaks...
when the clock
strikes the right time.
As if I didn't have enough troubles.
I wonder what time it is.
Well, of course, you're of noble birth.
Anybody can see that.
I mean, you can't really be
that ridiculous magician's niece.
It's out of the question.
Your Majesty.
Love is slowing you down, my lady.
I will catch you at last
if you love much more.
Look, your son is coming home.
He's none of mine.
I picked him up on a doorstep
where some peasant had left him.
I was thinking that I had
never been happy
and never had a son.
It was pleasant enough at first,
but it died quickly.
There is only one thing
that has ever made me happy.
What is that?
Do not mock me.
I know very well what you have come for.
And you know very well that I have them.
Try to take them if you can.
But do not mock me!
My Lord, in all your castle,
in all your realm, there's nothing
of yours that I desire.
Good day, Your Majesty.
I know you!
I almost knew you as soon as I saw you
on the road coming to my door.
Since then...
there is no movement of yours
that has not betrayed you.
A pace, a glance...
a turn of the head.
The flash of your throat as you breathe.
Even your way of standing perfectly still...
they were all my spies.
You made me wonder for a little while.
But your time is done.
The tide is turning.
Come and see it.
Come here.
There they are.
They are mine!
They belong to me!
The Red Bull gathered them
for me one by one,
and I bade him drive each one into the sea.
Now they live there.
And every tide carries them
within an easy step of the land,
but they dare not come out of the water.
They are afraid of the Red Bull.
I like to watch them.
They fill me with joy.
The first time I felt it,
I thought I was going to die.
I said to the Red Bull,
"I must have them!
"I must have all of them, all there are!
"For nothing makes me happy...
but their shining
and their grace. "
So the Red Bull caught them.
Each time I see the unicorns...
my unicorns...
it is like that morning in the woods,
and I am truly young in spite of myself.
You are the last.
My Lord, I...
I do not understand.
I see nothing at all in the water.
Do you still deny yourself?
Do you dare still pretend to be human?
I'll hurl you down to the others
with my own hands
if you dare deny yourself!
What are you saying?
It must be so.
I cannot be mistaken.
Yet... your eyes...
your eyes have become...
empty as Lir's...
As any eyes that
never saw unicorns.
Makes no difference.
I can wait.
The end will be the same.
I can wait.
He is mad!
Don't, don't, don't.
It's all right.
We'll find them.
Come on.
Come with me.
Oh, please.
Please don't cry.
If you've become human enough to cry,
then no magic in the world
can change you back.
Just come with me.
Don't cry.
I promise you, we'll find them.
Shut up, you pretentious kneecap!
How would you like a punch in the eye?
You made it laugh, anyway.
Maybe that's all you need for the riddle.
It isn't!
Oh! You can speak.
Schmendrick, it worked.
Come on.
Ask me how to find the Red Bull.
Even Prince Lir doesn't know
the secret way... but I do.
Oh, you do, eh?
Answer the riddle, then.
Tell us the way.
Say "please. "
Why not?
What kind of game is this?
Oh, it's so nice to have
someone to play with!
Try me tomorrow.
Maybe I'll tell you tomorrow.
But we have no time.
We may be too late now.
I have time.
I've got time enough for all of us.
Never mind about him.
Give me the wine.
Let me see what I can do with the wine.
Did you say "wine"?
Speak up.
I couldn't find any.
I looked everywhere.
I looked!
I thought...
if you had some water
to start with...
Turn water into wine?
Keep quiet.
Let me have it.
I'll give it a try.
Now, you understand,
it's not gonna be very good wine.
Vin ordinaire, if that.
And it'll be too sweet, and... well...
Here goes.
What are you doing?
Hey, you do it over here!
I can't see a thing.
Uhh. Didn't work.
It's weak, at best.
No nose. No body.
Hardly any bouquet at all.
Well, that's done it.
That's finally done it.
No! Wait!
Hey, don't!
Don't do that!
Give it to me if you don't want it,
but don't throw it away!
But you're dead!
You can't smell wine.
Can't taste it.
But I remember.
Well, if you should
happen to remember
the entrance to the Red Bull's lair
as well as you remember wine...
Give me one drink now,
and I'll tell you anything you want to know.
You can have all of it
after you tell us the way.
The way is through the clock.
Through that?
You mean when the clock
strikes the right time, it opens?
And there's a secret stair?
That clock will never strike the right time.
You just walk through it,
and the Red Bull is on the other side!
Give me the wine.
Walk through a clock.
What am I, a magician?
To reach the Red Bull,
you have to walk through time.
A clock isn't time.
It's just numbers and springs.
Pay it no mind.
Just walk right on through.
About that wine, now...
That was the real stuff.
That was wine!
You're more of a magician than I thought.
Let's go.
My lady, it's time.
We're going to find the others, now.
Oh, no.
No, you don't.
Not that one.
There they go!
Down to the Red Bull!
The clock, Haggard!
There she goes!
Go on!
Go on through!
Schmendrick, I don't think...
Go on!
It worked!
Prince Lir!
You would've gone
without me?
I would've come back.
I don't know why I'm here
or who I am,
but I would've come back.
You would never have come back.
Never mind all that.
Where's Schmendrick?
Where is he?
I'll go back myself if you won't.
It's all right.
It's not deep.
How did you know how to get here?
What is there to know?
I saw where she had gone, and I followed.
Haggard has destroyed the clock.
Now there's no way back and no way out
but through the Red Bull's passage.
And the rest, you know.
We came here seeking unicorns,
and we have possibly found them.
At last.
I used to have a dream, over and over,
about standing at my window
in the middle of the night
and seeing the bull.
The Red Bull...
Yes, driving unicorns into the sea.
It was no dream.
Haggard has them all, now,
drifting in and out on the tides for his delight.
All but one.
That one is the Lady Amalthea.
Unicorn, mermaid, sorceress.
No name you would give her
would surprise or frighten me.
I love whom I love.
Well, that's a very nice sentiment,
but when I change her
back into her true self...
I love whom I love.
I heard what you said.
I will go no further.
There's no choice.
We have to go on.
Don't let him change me!
The Red Bull has no care
for human beings.
We may walk out
past him and get away.
If we do that, all of
the unicorns of the world
will remain prisoners
forever except one,
and she will grow old and die.
Everything dies.
I want to die when you die.
I'm no unicorn, no magical creature.
I'm human!
And I love you.
Don't let him!
Lir, I will not love you when I'm a unicorn.
Amalthea, don't.
Then let the quest end here.
I don't think I could change you back
even if you wished it.
Marry the prince and
live happily ever after.
Yes, that is my wish.
Milady, I am a hero, and heroes know
that things must happen when
it is time for them to happen.
A quest may not simply be abandoned.
Unicorns may go unrescued for a long time,
but not forever.
The happy ending cannot come
in the middle of the story.
But what if there isn't
a happy ending at all?
There are no happy endings,
because nothing ends.
Schmendrick, let her
stay the way she is.
Let her be.
That's not in the story.
Lir knows that, and so does she.
You don't care!
You don't care what happens to her,
or to the others,
just so you become
a real magician at last.
You don't care!
Well, I wish I didn't!
I wish to God I didn't care about
anything but my magic!
But I do!
I do...
Molly, he knows!
He knows!
My ankle!
Don't move!
She'll be killed!
Do something!
You have the power!
I will kill you if you don't do something.
I cannot!
Not all the magic in the world
can help her now.
What is magic for?
What is the use of wizardry if it cannot
even save a unicorn?
That's what heroes are for.
Of course, that's exactly
what heroes are for.
She's attacking!
She's fighting back!
The last!
I knew you were the last!
Oh, you stayed.
You stayed.
Father, I had that same dream.
No, I was dead.
I remember you.
I remember.
I will miss you.
I never had any friends before.
We will come back.
I wish I could see her
just once more to...
to tell her all
that's in my heart.
She will never know
what I really meant to say.
She will remember your heart
when men are fairy tales
in books written by rabbits.
Of all unicorns, she is the only one
who knows what regret is.
And love.
Come, then.
Come with me.
I will.
You are a true wizard now,
as you always wished.
Does it make you happy?
Well, men don't always
know when they're happy.
But I think so.
And you?
I'm a little afraid to go home.
I have been mortal,
and some part of me is mortal yet.
I'm no longer like the others,
for no unicorn was ever
born who could regret.
But now, I do.
I regret.
I am sorry.
I have done you evil,
and I cannot undo it.
Unicorns are in the world again.
No sorrow will live in me
as long as that joy, save one.
And I thank you for that part, too.
Farewell, good magician.
I will try to go home.
# I'm alive #
# When the last
moon is cast #
# Over the last
star of morning #
# And the future is passed #
# Without even a last,
desperate warning #
# They look into the sky
where through #
# The clouds
a path is formed #
# Look and see her,
how she sparkles #
# It's the last unicorn #
# I'm alive #