The Laughing Mask (2014) Movie Script

You know it's a sin
to tell a lie Still you keep saying
I love you It may be true, I wish I knew But I'm giving
fair warning to you (maniacal laughter) Be sure it's true
when you say I love you (laughing gets louder) It's a sin to tell a lie Millions of hearts
have been broken - (sobs) No! Just because these words
were spoken - [Voiceover] Somebody help me! Help! I love you, yes I do,
I love you - [Voiceover] Help! If you break my heart I'll die So be sure it's true
when you say I love you - (sobs) Please don't kill me. It's a sin to have a lie
- Please don't kill me please! Be sure it's true
when you say I love you It's a sin to tell a lie Millions of hearts
have been broken - Somebody help me! Just because these words
were spoken I love you, yes I do,
I love you If you break my heart I'll die (laughing) So be sure it's true
when you say I love you - Help, help! It's a sin to tell a lie
(screaming) (blues music) Folks I'm going down
to St. James infirmary See, my baby there, she's
stretched out On a long white table She's so sweet, so cold,
so fair (electrical charge)
(muffled screaming) Let her go, let her go,
God bless her Wherever she may be She will search this wide
world over But she'll never find
another sweet man like me Now when I die, bury me
in my straight-leg britches Put on a box-back coat and a
stetson hat (electrical charge)
(muffled screaming) Put a $20 gold piece on my
watch chain So you can let all the
boys know I died standing pat Then give me six crap
shooting pall bearers Let a chorus girl
sing me a song Put a red hot jazz box
at the top of my head So we can raise
hallelujah as we go along (screaming) Folks, now that you have heard
my story Say boy, hand me over
another shot of that booze If anyone should ask you Tell them I've got those
St. James Infirmary blues - If I can't find you... Then I'll make you
come after me. - Hey Cordova, Chief's
looking for you. She doesn't look happy. - When does she? That woman needs
to get laid badly. All that pent up aggression. - Man, I wouldn't even
speak out loud about this, she really
hates you. - You know what all that
hate is, right? Sexual tension. (chuckling) Chief, why the long face? - The bastard did it now,
Cordova, he killed a goddamn lawyer. - She was a lawyer? - A crooked lawyer, but
very well connected. She was the commissioner's
niece. - Shit. - Yeah shit, and you have
once again proven yourself to be completely inept at handling the situation. All these kills since
JC, and we're nowhere closer to finding any leads. - I'll get Brock on it. - No, the hell you will! I want Kate on it now! Don't give me that look. You know she's the best. If anyone would want to nail
that bastard, it's Kate. Besides, it's not like
you can handle it. - Kate's damaged goods. She went crazy after JC. - Please, you've been gunning
for her position for months. Big shot womanizer. Cordova with a
woman Police Chief and another as his
commanding officer. (phone rings) Yeah. Crap, when? All right, send Brock
and Amanda. Kate is the lead on this. I'll have Cordova meet you
all down there. Damn it. Another killing. A hooker. - The Laughing Mask? - We don't know. Go figure it out. - On it. Rethink this Kate business,
Chief. She's nothing but a
liability in the field. = Kate. (country rock music) - So did I rock your world
or what, babe? - Or what. - You know what we should do? We should just take off
and fly to Tahiti. Enjoy the scenery babe,
you know what I mean? - No, no one knows
what you mean, Chuck. - Chad, babe. - Whatever. - So how many orgasms
did Chad give you? - None. Did you just refer to
yourself in third person? - I counted three, milady. - Being jackrabbitted
for five minutes hardly constitutes
as a good time. - Babe, come on, I thought
we were having a great time. - If you call me babe
one more time, I swear to God I'm
gonna fucking shoot you. - [Chad] Come on babe, Chad is
purely awesome in bed, babe. - That's it! - Oh no, babe, no no,
no no, I didn't mean babe, I meant like a hot cougar. - Cougar?! - [Chad] Yeah! - Get out! - [Chad] I'm sorry. (phone rings) - Hello? Should I consider this
the end of my vacation? How am I possibly gonna
get to that crime scene? (helicopter whirring)
(police radio chatter) - [Brock] That's a shame
right there. - Quite a tragedy. - Now those are nice. - Damn it! - What's up, man? - They're fake. - Hold on, I could've
sworn those tits were real. - Check for yourself. - Checking for a pulse, Cordova? (whistling "Hail to the Chief") - Well well well. Look who it is. Was that really necessary? - Is your red Porsche
really necessary? - How was your vacation, Kate? - Long, boring, just
wanna get back to work. So what the hell happened here? - Well Mr. John Green
over there, one of those local hippies that loves to recycle shit,
he found the body around 1:30 PM. We have no eyewitnesses
and there's no security cameras. - Who is she? - She was dumped here
naked, no ID, no nothing. We sent her pictures
and now we're awaiting to hear back
the results. (camera clicks) - Cause of death? - Asphyxiation. No signs of a struggle. Signs of sexual activity. My best guess would
be auto-erotic
asphyxiation gone wrong. - (laughs) You see,
that's my kind of girl. She likes it rough. - That is so incriminating
of you, Brock. - Fuck you, Amanda. - Ugh, come on Amanda,
help me flip the body. - We got some ink. - Whoa whoa whoa,
wait a minute here. I've seen that tattoo before. - You are just making yourself
the prime suspect today. - Wait, where
have you seen that? - It's Wink's brand. He's known to tattoo his girls. Brands them like they're cattle. - Who's Wink? - You've really been out of the action for awhile Kate, huh? Let me fill you in. Wink is this lowlife
pimp, drug pushing piece of shit and he's part
of The Rancors. - What the hell's a Rancor? - New crime syndicate,
just popped up out of nowhere last few months. Wink, well he runs
their prostitution ring. - I mean what the hell have you guys been doing since
I've been out? Why didn't you bring him in? - Well you see, he's
a slippery bastard. This guy always has an alibi. Nobody wants to testify, no one. Anybody who tries,
they disappear. - Where is he? - He's known to hang out at this strip club called The Barn. - I'm gonna go find him. - Are you sure you're
up for this, O'Malley? First day back on the job,
maybe you should take it easy, you know? I can go check it out. - (laughs) Sure, Cordo,
you just wanna check out the girls, man. - And your point? - No, you guys finish up here. I got this. Stop looking at my ass, Cordova! - Come on! It's one of the few perks
from working with ya. (phone rings) - Crap. Hey Lloyd, what's up? - Did you forget
something, Kate? - Oh fuck, Nancy,
is she all right? - [Lloyd] She is now. Forgetting to pick up
our daughter at school? What the hell is wrong with you? - I got racked up with this-- - Let me guess,
it was an emergency. - There was a murder. - [Lloyd] So you're
back at work? Still, the body wasn't
going anywhere. Listen, I know
you don't care about how I feel, but Nancy's
your daughter. - I don't need this
shit from you right now. - You fucked up
our marriage because of this stupid shit,
don't ruin your relationship with her too. - Let me talk to her. - Nancy do you want to talk
to your mom? She doesn't wanna talk
to you right now. - All right, well
tell her I'm sorry. I'll make it up to her. - Don't make promises
you can't keep. What you want, what you want What you want, what you want What you want, what you want - Stupid disgusting bitch! (sobbing) The fuck you think
you're going, huh? Trying to get pregnant on me? You trying to run away? - (sobs) I wasn't
trying to run away. - Really? I found your fucking
bags, you whore. - (sobs) Please stop. - And we found your
piece of shit boyfriend! Bring that motherfucker
over here! Right here, right here,
right in front of her. This him? Huh? Is this your knight
in shining armor? Is this your savior? Look at me, you fucking
stupid bitch, look at me! Look at him. I want you to tell him. I want you to tell him
you love him. - No, no. - Say it. Say it! - I love you. Oh God, no no no no. (gunshot) No, no! - [Voiceover] (laughs)
Yeah, man! Yeah! (sobbing) Stupid nasty bitch. - [Voiceover] This is the
shit I'm talking about. (maniacal laughter)
(old blues music) The fuck is that? - [Voiceover] a laugh?. - No fucking shit, Sherlock! Go check it out! Hurry up! - All right, all right! - [Voiceover] Check it. - Nothing serious. - [Voiceover] Man
don't be a pussy. - Nobody's here-- (dramatic sting) - What the fuck?! - [Voiceover] What the fuck?! Fuck was that?! - It's blood, man! - Go check it out! - You have the gun! - Motherfucker, you
better go check it out. Move it! - [Voiceover] Oh shit! - Motherfucker! (gunfire) (bone cracks) (screaming) Son of a bitch! (bone cracks) (screaming) 'Cause he runs on the floor 500 or more And he says he will come With a horrible sound Like a hundred million drums A million one, he really had
to Yes that man will really
affect you What you say, he almost tried
to Say have a super oogie woogie Better get by, more that you
try He will soon have you
feeling his rhythm He makes you sing Enjoying the beats
like the rhythm swings So if you don't go along - I'll fucking kill you! (maniacal laughing) You're dead! I'm the oogie woogie boogie
man - Don't. (laughing) This is O'Malley. I need backup. (acoustic guitar music) - Double coconut caf mocha? And black coffee for you. - Thank you. - Anyone ever tell you
you resemble a young Angelina Jolie? - No. - My name is Markus Tipton,
talent agent. Call my office. This could be your lucky day. - Thank you. - A little early
in the day, Jake. - Yeah, well this scotch
is probably older than her. - Touche. Well I read your book last night and I gotta be honest,
my expectations were, how do I put this,
not very high. - Your confidence in my work
is overwhelming as always. - I was just expecting
a boring biographical type account of events,
but this, this is riveting. But somewhat suicidal. - What do you mean? - Well that masked character
is still out there. He's killed what, four people? I don't think this was the best idea taunting him this
way, don't you agree? - Maybe I don't care. - But I care, and if you're not thinking of yourself,
think about me and all the money I'm going
to lose if you die. - Well now Mark,
everybody knows an artist's work skyrockets
after his death. - That's a good point. But all jokes aside Jake,
this is suicide. - Don't worry about it. Everything's gonna be fine,
just set up the interview. I'll take it from there. - Fine. (phone buzzes) - Hey Red, what's up? You what, you sure, you okay? Are you sure? No, look, I've got a
meeting, I can cancel. If you're sure, okay. All right, well I'll see
you at the house then. All right. - What's going on? - I gotta go. - Check please. - What type of tea
do you prefer? - I don't cake, Jake. - Well chamomile then. Mine's black currant. Yeah, JC used to make it for me. I've grown quite fond of it. - Seriously? You went through with it? Are you fucking kidding me?! This guy's a maniac! You know what he's
gonna do to you?! - What do you mean? - I saw him tonight,
in the alley. Yeah, he attacked me. - The laughing mask guy,
he attacked you? Did you kill him? - No, he's fast. Held a knife to my throat,
toyed with me for a little bit,
and then let me loose. What the hell you think
he's gonna do to you? - Did you want sugar? - Sugar? Are you fucking kidding
me, what's wrong with you?! After JC died, did you just give up ever trying to find Barbara? This guy is our only lead to
finding out what happened. What are you planning on doing? - I wanna show you something. Follow me. I've been tracking him
for months. I'm convinced. This bastard knows what
happened to Barbara. - What the fuck, Jake! You're tampering with
evidence from a crime scene! I'm a cop! This is the kind of shit
that gets people arrested! - Three months
you were gone, Kate. Do you know what the
cops did in that time? Nothing. This psycho killed
three people since then. Not a single arrest was made. - This is not a TV show, Jake. You're not a cop. You're just a writer. What could you possibly do that my department isn't
already doing? - These are the three deaths
since JC's. One was a lawyer. (muffled screaming) Second was an accountant. (gasps) And the third was a doctor. No connection, nothing
to tie them together. Besides of course
the beware signs. - Exactly. - Except this. - Who the hell's Lopez? - No idea. All I know is that he had paid each of them, and then
this laughing mask guy picked them off one by one. I don't know where this
trail leads, this is as as I can get with
my limited resources. Like you said,
I'm just a writer. You need to go out and
figure this out, Kate. - This doesn't change my opinion on you publishing this book. - Fine. I'll call Mark. (jazzy bass guitar music) - That's vintage there. Now we wait. Now we wait. Life is good. (notification beep) Will you look at that. It was a collectible after all. (laughing) (power fizzes out) (ominous music) Who's out there?! (door slams) I'll call the cops! And I got a gun! (groaning) Please, please. Oh man. Oh no, no, please please please. Stop! I got money. (blues music) Hidey hidey hidey hi Hidey hidey hidey hi Whoa oh whoa oh Whoa oh whoa oh You didn't see me
climb through the window - The fuck you want? Nobody had to open that door
- Son of a bitch! Who are you?! I just climbed right through
the wall And I want you one and all - Fucking kill you, you bastard! To let me have the floor Take a look, I'm not
such a stranger Here's the face your
cokeys all ought to know - Bastard, I'll kill you. You can tell me I'm not wanted - Stop, come on, please stop! 'Cause I'm the ghost
of Smokey Joe - I'll give you anything
you want, come on. Stop, please stop! Please stop! Come on, man! Come on! Hey, please, please don't. Don't, come on, stop! Stop, no more! Come on, no no no no! Do you remember Minnie Yes we remember Minnie The thrill I never found You'll never recognize
your Minnie You mean to say that Minnie
was kicking the gong around I've got a date on
my estate down in Haiti Call my chariot so I can go (chainsaw revs) And should the boots
your walking Just tell them
you've been talking To the ghost of Smokey Joe Yes I remember Minnie She's that thrill
I never found People say that Minnie
was kicking the gong around I've got a date on
my estate down in Haiti Call my chariot so I can go And should the boots
your walking Just tell her
you've been talking To the ghost of Smokey Joe (maniacal laughing) - Hey Brock! Listen, I need your help
with something. I'm trying to catch up here. Does the name Lopez
mean anything to you? - That's a pretty
broad question, Kate. - I've been looking at
The Laughing Mask kills and I found something
pretty interesting. - What do you got? - [Kate] Check it out. - What, all these people had
deposits from this Lopez guy? - I mean that's the thing. I checked out all three
of them and no one named Lopez
knows any of them. - Did you run an
IP address search to find the location
of the computer that made these deposits? What, 'cause I'm
a bigger guy I'm not supposed to know
anything about computers? (chuckles) Let me help you out. - Learn something new
every day, huh? - Step aside for a second. Let me work my magic. All right, let's take
a look here. Huh. The computer used to make these transactions was located
in The Barn. - The strip club? - Yeah. Where Wink was just killed. (phone rings) - Yes? - [Cordova] Kate,
we have another one. - All right, text me
the address. I'll be right over there. (dramatic piano music) So what happened here? - Mr. John Grunswald
is the owner of the funeral home
that the victim... Larry Willows works at. He called us as soon as
he found him like this. - What's inside all these boxes? - Well it looks like Mr. Willows was doing some moonlighting as an Ebay seller on the side. He was selling stuff that was buried with the deceased. Clothes, toys, gold, etc. - Gold? - Gold teeth. - He's all yours, Kate. - How long have you
known Mr. Willows? - He's been working for me
for five years. - And did you know that he was selling the deceased's
personal items on Ebay? - No, of course not. I was shocked and appalled when I discovered what he was doing. I couldn't believe it. - Well thank you, Mr. Grunswald, and I'll contact you if I have any further questions. - Yes, ma'am. - Thanks. - Good of you to show up. - Hey, figured the body
wasn't going anywhere. - Hey, if we're gonna be
doing the mortuary humor, I get
to be the quippy CSI. - And this is the point in every crappy movie when
the cop comes in and says "What's
the cause of death?" - And I say something like
"He should've saw it coming." - But let's just
skip that, shall we? - [Amanda] Let's. - So what is the cause of death? - Well he should've saw
it coming. - Really? - Just a couple of
regular jokers, aren't we? - Shut up, Cordova. (squishing noise) What is that? (suspenseful music) (dramatic sting) ("Pop Goes the Weasel" melody) - I'm gonna need
a new pair of undies. - What the hell? - It looks like his
internal organs have been removed and
replaced with toys. - Well that's a fucked
up pinata right there. - Keep looking. (muffled speaking) Hey Amanda, I need you to run
some DNA on this elephant. Let me know what you find. Call me and only me if you
find anything, all right? - What do you think this is? - I think it might be Barbara's, but I don't wanna get
anybody's hopes up. - No worries. I understand. - Thanks. Now I'm off to my closet
to find my hooker dress. - Yeah, well they said
that he used to do the... used to
play there during nights. - How you feeling, Jake? - I'm okay. - [Mark] Don't worry
about anything. Just forget everything
the critics have said and focus
on the sales. Just go out there
and be yourself, okay? - Mark, I'm fine. I've got this. - So you know what
not to ask, right? - Yes, I got all the e-mails
and texts, as in plural,
as in all 16 of them, Mark. - Good good, it's good to
be prepared I always say. Well let's get started then. Angela, this is Jake. - Hi Jake, nice to
finally meet you. - You as well, I apologize
for Mark, he can be a little protective. - It's okay,
nothing to apologize for, it's understandable,
let's get started. Are you ready for this? - Yeah I'm ready. - [Angela] Okay. - All right. - [Voiceover] We're going
live in five, four, three. (gentle piano music) - Hey everyone and thanks
for watching Rose Live, my name is Angela Rose
and we have a very special guest
with us today. His book, The Laughing Mask
of Vengeance, has been sitting as
a best seller on New York Times
for the last two weeks. Please help me welcome
Mr. Jake Johnson. - Hi. I'm sorry Angela,
before we begin, can I ask you a favor? - [Angela] Yes, Mr. Johnson. - No no, please, call me Jake. - Yes Jake, of course,
what is it? - My fantastic agent Mark
gave you a list of questions that
you could ask me, right? - Yes, I have them right here. - Tear them up. You better do it quickly before my agent has a heart attack. - Are you sure, once I do this it's no holds barred. - I wouldn't have it
any other way. - Okay, here we go. In your book, you go
into factual detail and then you go into
how you finally hunt and catch your killer. Your wife was murdered and your daughter was kidnapped,
is that correct? - That is correct, yeah. - Isn't it disrespectful to make money off your wife's murder, especially with
the ongoing search for your missing daughter,
it's a pretty sleazy thing to do. - Well don't pull
any punches now, Angela, I mean there's no need
to sugarcoat it. - You told me to tear the cards. - I did. It's a fair question. I've been listening
to a lot of critics talk about what
my intentions were when I wrote this book. And the truth is... I needed closure. In a case like this
where no evidence was found, no arrests were made, even if it was only
in a fictitious form, I needed vindication. - You know Jake, I just finished reading your book and I have to say the way you portray
the killer is nothing short
of a suicide note. I mean you extrapolate
how he was abused as a child and then has
a sexual dysfunction. - I said he probably can't get it up without torturing someone. A sadistic person like that gets off on other people's pain. They're usually cowards,
so they have to create a persona
to hide them from the failures they've created
in their own lives. - What about the money factor? You can't ignore that
millions of copies of your books are being sold,
and this has nothing to do
with the money? - All proceeds
from this book will be donated
to the National Center of Missing and Exploited
Children. I'm literally not making
a dime off this. This is not about the money. - Then what is it about? You can't expect us
to think this is only about closure,
Mr. Johnson. There has to be more to it. - Oh there is. For the past few months
I've been living in fear. And the death of my family,
along with the fact that that psychotic... That he's still out
there, well that's been my cross to bear
on a daily basis. Today I am no longer afraid. I will be a victim no more. I refuse to be silent
any longer. If that twisted
son of a bitch wants to find me, well he knows
where I live. - Okay folks,
that is all the time we have for today,
I'm Angela Rose, and this is Rose Live. - [Voiceover] And we're clear. - So did you get
what you wanted? - You just aired the
longest death sentence in TV history and I
did nothing to stop it. - Yeah, well think of
the ratings you'll get. (rock music) - What'll it be, gorgeous? - Whiskey please. - Hey babe. It's a little early for
that, don't you think? - Well see, my boyfriend,
he kicked me out of the apartment,
and this drink right here symbolizes the only money I have left. - Such a shame. With a body like yours,
you'd be raking the dough here in no time. - You think? - I know so, baby. - Are y'all hiring? - We're always hiring
beautiful girls. - So who do I talk to? - You're talking to me, doll. You know, I'm the only
man you'll ever need. - So you must be the owner then? - You could say I'm in charge. - The hell you are. - Hey, you shut the fuck up! Wink is dead,
you fucking hear me, I'm the fucking boss here now! You fucking hear me?! Such a fucking asshole. - Somebody died? - Yeah, a former manager here. Got his head popped off
like a champagne cork. (chuckles) - Well that just
sounds terrible. - Not for me. Not for me, next in line
to the throne, baby. Once Lopez signs off
on it, I'll be running this joint and The Rancors. - Well I love me a powerful man. - [Voiceover] Then you're
gonna love me. - Well I was gonna go
out and get some things and I was gonna be right back. Would you wait for me? - I don't wait for no one. But for those I'll make
an exception. - I'll be right back. She'll be the little small
town girl from somewhere 'Cause she's got fast cars,
nice shoes Bad habits and blues, got
everything a tough girl needs Nice legs, killer smile, great
body (dramatic piano music) - Come on, you bastard. I've done my part. Now it's your turn. Oh the shark, babe, has such
teeth, dear And it shows them pearly
whites Just a jackknife - Mama mia, delicious! And he keeps it out of sight You know when that shark
bites with his teeth, babe Scarlet billows start to
spread Fancy gloves, oh, wears
MacHeath, babe So there's never, never a
trace of red Now let that thick smoke on
the sidewalk Huh, ooo Sunday morning, uh
huh Lies a body oozing life - Wait. Someone's sneaking around the
corner Could that someone be ol' Mack
the Knife There's a tugboat, huh, huh Down by the river don't you
know Where a cement bag's
just dropping on down - You can definitely be
in the movie, Marcie. Let's just see
how grateful you are. I'm gonna make you work for it. (music changes
to classical music) Five will get ya a dime
old Macky's back in town You hear 'bout Louie Miller He did to the rhythm, honey (music changes back)
- What the hell? You know it's a sin
to tell a lie Still you keep saying
I love you It may be true, I wish I knew But I'm giving fair warning to
you Be sure it's true
when you say I love you It's a sin to tell a lie Five gonna get you a dime
old Macky's back in town Now did you hear about Louie
Miller He did to the rhythm, honey After drawing out all
his hard-earned cash And now MacHeath spends
just like a sailor (screaming) - [Voiceover] Hello,
girls and boys. I'm your Peter Pan storyteller. When you hear this sound. (bell dings) You turn the page. Now let's read
the story together. Here we go. Alice in Wonderland. (fanciful music) On a warm summer day
many years ago, a little girl named Alice
was making daisy chains in the grass
when suddenly, right in front of her,
ran a little white rabbit with long ears and pink eyes. (bell dings) He was wearing white gloves
and he carried a green umbrella and
a little magic fan. - [Rabbit] Oh my ears
and whiskers, I mustn't be late,
I mustn't be late! (fanciful music) I'm a silly little
rabbit from Wonderland I got a green umbrella
and a magic fan I'd like to stay
and play with you But I've got things I must do Hippity hop, hippity hop,
I'm off to Wonderland (giggles) - [Voiceover] And away
ran the little white rabbit and jumped down
the rabbit hole with Alice following
right behind him. (orchestral sting) (bell dings) Alice found herself
sitting at the bottom of the rabbit hole
in the middle of a big room surrounded by many beautiful golden doors, all tightly shut. Then she spied
a golden key lying on a little glass table. - [Alice] Maybe this
will fit one of the doors and I'll find the white rabbit. (bell dings) - [Voiceover] But
the only door that the key would fit
was hanging there. (screaming) This door was hardly as
big as a dollhouse door. - [Alice] Oh dear, I'll
never fit through that door. - [Voiceover] But just
then, Alice saw a bottle with the words "drink me"
written on it. (bell dings) So she took a drink
from the bottle. - [Alice] My goodness,
I'm getting smaller! And smaller! And smaller! - [Voiceover] And there was
little Alice, so very very small,
until she spied a little box
lying near the wall. In the box was a small cake with the words "eat me"
marked in raisins. So she ate the cake. - [Alice] Oh my goodness,
I'm getting taller! And taller! And taller! Stop, stop! (bell dings) - [Voiceover] Alice was now over nine feet high
and so frightened, she didn't notice
the white rabbit coming down the hall. (fanciful music) I'm a silly little
rabbit from Wonderland Where turtles go to
school and think it's grand Where elephants are
as big as fleas And now if you will pardon me I'll take off
like the breeze (screaming) - [Voiceover] As the rabbit
ran away, he dropped his little magic fan. (bell dings) Turn the record over and we will continue on the other side. (dramatic music) - Goddammit. Fell asleep again. I knew it. No more booze! Come on Jake, come on! Keep your head clear. Come on come on,
wake up, come on! What the hell? Damn washer. (dramatic sting) Fuck! (glass shatters) Mark? (sirens wailing)
(police radio noise) - I told you not to release
the book! What do you do? You go on live TV! Don't blow me off, Jake! We had a deal, okay? I help you find the psycho and you don't release the book. - Mark's dead because of me. - Yeah, because he
doesn't want to kill you. He wants to torture you. And now he's gonna do everything he can to target every person you've ever loved
or cared about. We have to get you out of here now and into protective custody. - Yeah, not gonna happen. I'm not going anywhere. If he shows up,
I'll deal with him. Did you find out anything? - Lopez runs The Rancors. A thug for hire type local gang. Everybody that's been killed
so far has either been a member
or associated with them in some way. Wink ran their
prostitution ring. - How does that help us
find Barbara? - It doesn't, but if
we can find this Lopez, okay, then we can
use him as bait. I don't think he'll
come after you, not yet. God Jake, your whole plan was misconceived from the beginning! - Look, somebody had
to do something! Someone did! - Just stay safe,
out of the way. Let me handle this. That's why you came to me. If that bastard has
Barbara, we will find her. Take those. They'll calm you. I'm gonna get you some water. - [Amanda] You can just
take this back inside the van and then
I'll be right there with you. As soon as you get this
back in the van I'll be out in
just a few minutes and then we can take this back to... There, and Cordova
will show up and we'll get this guy
put back together. Okay, all right? - Anything? - Nope, nothing. There's no blood,
no hair, no DNA. It's like the head
grew on the plate. - How'd he get in? - No signs of forced entry,
all windows and doors locked. I mean this is the first time
I've ever been on a scene,
there's no evidence. Whoever this guy is, he is
very very good at what he does. - What about Mark's home? - Cordova's over there
with another team. The body was actually found by this waitress
from the local coffee house, yeah, Mr. Romantic over
there, he invited her over for an audition,
and check this out, there was a note
on the front door that said "Come inside,
'head' to the kitchen." - You're kidding me. - [Amanda] Nope. - No, it fucking said
head in quotation marks. - So she walks
into the kitchen and there's a body, no head,
blood everywhere, filled with knives,
just craziest scene. Needless to say,
all her tit money's gonna be going towards
therapy bills. - And of course there's
no clues we can use. - It's all clean, just
like all the others. We ain't got shit. - Great. Jake. We'll find her. Hey, what's with the row
of keys in the cabinet? I never noticed that before. - They're master keys. For the tenants. In case they lose one,
we can cut one for them. - What tenants? - My family, they made
their money in real estate. They sold most of it years ago, but they kept this
one little place over in Pine Hills, I think? I thought you knew that. - No, first time. - Why do you ask? - No reason. At any rate, I just
wanted to let you know you can stay
at my house. You'll be safer there. - [Jake] I'm not leaving. - Look, we can't make
you Jake, but I would. (phone rings) I have to go. Brock's gonna have
the patrol car parked out front
for the next two days. Shit, I gotta go. If you need anything,
please call me. (dramatic piano riff) Boo, I'm the boogeyman The terrible, horrible
boogeyman I come in the middle of night
and Frighten bad little girls like
you Beware, better have a care I'm going to follow you
everywhere I crawl through the ceiling
and the wall And call on bad little girls
like you I'll torture you and hunt you I got you where I want you A victim of my dark and dirty
plot At the slightly whim,
I'll tear you limb from limb In other words, I'll put you
on the spot Boo, I'm the boogeyman The terrible, horrible
boogeyman I come in the middle of the
night And frighten bad little girls
like you (screaming) - [Voiceover] Bobby was
the first to go. He dashed out into the
sunlight singing and joyful. I'll build a fine house,
get myself a good wife And settle down for
the rest of my life - [Voiceover] That's what
he thought when he came Across a man carrying
a load of straw. Spotty asked the man. - [Spotty] What have you there,
mister? - [Voiceover] Straw,
my fine young pig. Would you like some? - [Spotty] Oh very much. I'll build me a house
out of the straw. Oh thank you. - [Voiceover] And so Spotty
took the straw and built himself
a fine looking house. He finished it up in one day. But the next day the wolf came. He knocked on the door. (knocking) - [Wolf] Open up, my
friend, and let me come in. - [Spotty] No never
mister Wolf, not by the hair of my chiny chin chin! (sobbing) - [Wolf] Then I'll
huff, and I'll puff, and I'll blow your house in! (dramatic sting) - [Voiceover] And so
the wolf took Spotty to his cave. Then the wolf went out
looking for Curly Tail. Well when Curly Tail set
out to see his fortune, he also met the man. This time he was carrying
a load of twigs. You smiled when we parted It hurt me somehow I thought there was nothing
worthwhile The tables are turning And you're crying now While I am just learning to
smile (groaning) Who's sorry now Who's sorry now Whose heart is aching
for breaking each vow Who's sad and blue Who's crying too Just like I cried over you Right to the end Just like a friend I tried to warn you somehow You had your way Now you must pay I'm glad that you're sorry now - (muffled) No, no, no, no! You will never know the
pain you had brought to me When I realized that it was
not to be Every hour of sadness that I
spent They say madness will embrace
you - No, no-- (gunshot) You knew love was blind at
last (music cuts off) (muffled distant screaming) (upbeat keyboard music) A very happy birthday to you A very happy birthday to you Smile a smile from ear to ear Wish a wish that lasts all
year - Finally Kate, what the fuck? - Would you stop giving
me grief, Lloyd, okay? I'm here, I'm just
a few minutes late. - A few minutes? I should be lucky you
even showed up this time? - How I ever married you,
or had sex with you, is beyond me, okay? By the way, this is
an inappropriate time to have this conversation. We're at our kid's
ucking birthday party. - 'Cause you're so readily
available all the other times? - I'm doing my job. You're out there
banging your secretary. - My secretary, what are
you even talking about? - You know what I mean. - [Lloyd] Know what you mean? This is ridiculous, Kate. - Where's Nancy? - She's right over there. - Nancy? Nancy! (ominous music) (screaming) Nancy, baby! - [Lloyd] Oh my God, baby! Nancy, what are you doing? - [Kate] Nancy, baby! - [Lloyd] Oh my God,
Nancy, what are you doing? - Baby, are you okay? Why'd you leave the party? - Some clown gave me
this balloon. - Baby, where'd this clown go? - [Nancy] That way. Okay Lloyd, take her now. Get out of here. - Come on, we'll get
some cake, okay? (maniacal laughing) - You made a big mistake
coming for my daughter. (ominous music) (gunshots) Damn it. (coughing) (classical blues music) You know it's a sin
to tell a lie Still you keep saying
I love you - [Kate] Why are you
doing this?! This may be true,
I wish I knew But I'm giving
fair warning to you Be sure it's true
when you say I love you It's a sin to tell a lie Millions of hearts
have been broken Just because these words
were spoken I love you, yes I do,
I love you (sobbing) If you break my heart,
I'll die So be sure it's true - Bastard! When you say I love you It's a sin to tell a lie Be sure it's true
when you say I love you It's a sin to tell a lie Millions of hearts
have been broken Just because these words
were spoken I love you, yes I do,
I love you (maniacal laughing) If you break my heart I'll die So be sure it's true
when you say I love you It's a sin to tell a lie Be sure it's true
when you lay I love you - No, no! - Christ, Kate! Are you okay? Kate! - Don't let him get away! I love you, yes it's - [Voiceover] Miss
O'Malley, stop being a baby. - [Kate] Well it hurts! - [Voiceover] You're fine,
I hardly even touch-- - [Kate] Ow! Get a doctor! - You know what, I will
call the doctor, okay? If that makes you happy. - Makes me happy. (heart monitor beeping) - Well you've done it now. - What do you mean? - Your little covert
operation is over. Yeah, I know about it, Kate. Brock told me everything. - It wasn't a secret, Cordova. And I didn't withhold shit. Just didn't have time
to log in the evidence. - Twice this guy's put
you in the hospital. You're lucky we were
already looking for you when 911 dispatch
contacted us. Otherwise, you might be dead. Do you have any clue
who he is? - None, but if
he's coming after me we must be pretty close. You got anything
at the location? DNA, fingerprints, anything? - Amanda's checked it over
with a fine-toothed comb. Nothing. - That's impossible. - What about the leads
you told Brock about? Where are you at with those? - This Lopez guy,
he runs The Rancors. And through them, most
of the crime in the city. - Never heard of a Lopez. - The Laughing Mask
is systematically killing off his men one by one. That's why we need to get
to him before he does. And there are these
bank statements. These transactions
were made from a computer at The Barn. When I went there,
this guido looking kid told me all about
this Lopez guy. - This kid? - Yeah. - His body was found where
Wink's was this morning. - Oh my God. - Whatever he told you
cost him his life. This is serious, Kate. Did they see you at this bar? - Yeah. The bartender got
a good look at me. - Take my advice, stay in bed. Don't do anything,
now you've got The Rancors and this maniac
on your ass. We'll put an officer
outside your door, I'll follow up from here. Don't do anything, you hear me? - I can take care of myself. - Says the woman with multiple broken ribs in the hospital bed. Think of Nancy, Kate. She needs her mother alive. - Fine. But you keep me updated
on everything. So what's your next move? - After looking
at what you have, I think I might know
where he's going next. One last thing, where did you get these bank statements? - I can't say, Cordova. - It might mean catching
the son of a bitch. If I'm gonna help, I
need to know everything. - It was Jake. Playing detective. I think he's seen way too
many episodes of Castle. But you don't need to worry
about that. Honestly, I don't know
why we didn't find this shit ourselves. - Jake Johnson? - Yeah. But like I said, dead end there. - Sure, O'Malley. Rest up. (ominous music) - Sweet dreams, pumpkin. Love you. (lights power off) What the hell? (maniacal laughing) Grrr! You son of a bitch! You want me?! (suspenseful music) (gunshot) I got you, you son of a... (groaning) Go ahead. Do it, you fucking coward! You took them from me! My wife, my little girl!
(knocking) Where's Barbara?! - [Voiceover] Mr. Johnson! Mr. Johnson! - Yeah. - Are you all right?! - He was here. I couldn't catch him. - Are you all right? - I'm fine. - What a dump. Fucking waste of time. What is this shit? (somber piano music) Son of a bitch. (dramatic music) - Kate, Kate, Kate. You should've stayed
in the hospital. Don't think I won't, gorgeous. You should've listened. It's for your own good,
you know? - Chang's? - The one and only. - Not afraid of germs? - Have you seen this place? Come on Kate, I'm
offering you a last meal. - Alejandro L. Cordova. Lopez Cordova. Did you mean to throw that
one right in our face? - One of my proudest
achievements, Kate. But I do have to thank you. - For what? - If you didn't have your little nervous breakdown,
The Rancors would still be nothing more than
street thugs and pimps. Now we run this town. - What about the masked killer? He's gonna come after you next. - Officer O'Malley was found
dead at the scene of the crime. She was never the same after
the death of her friend JC. After returning back
from active duty, Officer O'Malley
acted erratically, conducting her own investigation
looking for the killer. Her body was found mangled
and mutilated. Much like her friend's. - You're insane. (groaning) - Aw, shit! Bitch! (ominous music) (children yelling playfully) (phone rings) - Kate, Homicide. - Hey, I have the results
on that stuffed elephant you gave me. - What did you find? - Well the dirt was
definitely from the cemetery, and also there was some DNA. Besides the groundskeeper,
there was also some from Barbara. - All right, get a team
out to the graveyard. The girl's buried there. - Understood. - Thanks. I owe you one. - [Amanda] I'll remember that. Hey. - What are you reading? - Nothing good, honey. (classical blues music) The house is haunted by
the echo of your last goodbye The house is haunted by the
memories that refuse to die I can't get away from
a vision that brings Intimate glimpses of intimate
things A voice in my heart
like a torch singer sings I wonder who's kissing him now The house is haunted by the
echo of your favorite song The place is cluttered up
with roses That have lived too long,
much too long The ceiling is white,
the shadows are black (rock music) Going down tonight On a magic dragon flight Baby I'm just out of sight It's a party now because You're the best thing, you're
the best thing that I know You're the best thing, you're
the best thing that I know Going out tonight On my magic carpet ride Baby I'm out of sight In the morning I'll be gone You're the best thing, you're
the best thing that I know You're the best thing, you're
the best thing that I know You're the best thing - [Voiceover] Cordova,
always a pleasure to see you. You don't look so good. Poor baby. You're hurt. - I feel horrible. Please help me. - Fucking Cordova. When is he gonna share
some of that? - [Cordova] Adam! You're way too quiet over there. Come here! - Don't make me wait too long. - Shouldn't we be running
by now? That cop chick's gonna
be coming after you hard. - O'Malley's a goddamn pimple. - I can't believe
this place isn't crawling with cops already. - I'm tired of running. This is my night. My last night! - Yeah. - This town belongs
to The Rancors! (lights power down) (screaming) (maniacal laughing) What the fuck you waiting for?! Shoot the motherfucker! (gunfire) (laughter gets louder) (gunshot) - Guns, guns are for pussies. You want to get to Cordova? You gotta go through me,
motherfucker. You wanna dance, clown boy? Let's dance! (gunshot) - Die!
(gunshots) (maniacal laughing) (gun clicks) (gunshot) (Cordova groaning) (screaming) (gunshots) Mercy, please! (gunshot) (knocking) - What the hell happened to you? - Cordova. - The cop? - Can I come in? - Yeah, of course. You sure you're okay? Can I get you anything to drink? - Coffee if you have it. - [Jake] Of course. - You never heard of Cordova
before the other day? - I've heard you mention him a few times, but other than that
not really. - That's interesting. - What's with the cloak
and dagger, Kate? I feel like you're
interrogating me. - Just want to make sure
you didn't know. - Know about what? You're not making any sense. - About JC. - JC? - And her affair (echo) affair. (dramatic sting) - What? - She went to him
after the murder. After she killed Barbara. (somber piano music) You know about this, Jake? - (sobs) They're gonna
catch me, baby, they're gonna catch me,
what do I do?! - I'll take care of it. Wink. - But one thing wasn't
making sense to me. What about Mark? Talk to me Jake (echo) Jake! Say something! (phone rings) Kate, Homicide. When? No, I can't. Yeah, I'm recovering. Send Brock. All right, put me in the loop. That was the station. Cordova was found mangled with bullets in his night club. The Laughing Mask of Vengeance was in your damn book
title the entire time. Jake, you're sick. You need help. Put those on. I let you get Cordova. God help me I did. Everyone is dead. Every member of The Rancors
is dead. It's not gonna
bring Barbara back. We know where
she's buried, Jake. (ominous music)
(old blues scat singing) - I did it, love. I left him. (chuckles) Yeah. We're almost out. Well can you get some more? I'll make it worth your while. Yeah. Love you. (gasps) Who the fuck are you?! (acoustic guitar music) I don't want to set The world on fire
- Jake, I can help you. I can help you, Jake. I just want to start
- Yes Jake, I can help you. A flame in your heart - Stay back! I'm gonna get Jake some help and you're gonna go away. You're gonna go-- (screaming) And that one is you No other will do
- I know you're in there Jake. (maniacal laughing) Fight him! Fight him! I've lost all ambition
for worldly acclaim I just want to be
the one you love And with your admission
that you feel the same I'll have reached the goal
I'm dreaming of, believe me I don't want to set
the world on fire I just want to start
a flame in your heart (phone rings) I don't want to set
the world on fire, honey I love you too much I just want to start - [Voiceover] 911,
what's your emergency? A great big flame
- [Voiceover] Hello? Down in your heart
- [Voiceover] Hello, hello? You see
- [Voiceover] Are you okay? Hello, is anyone there? Way down inside of me Darling, I have only one
desire And that one desire is you And I know nobody else
ain't gonna do I've lost all ambition
for worldly acclaim I just want to be
the one you love And with you admission
that you feel the same I'll have reached the goal
I'm dreaming of, believe me I don't want to set
the world on fire I just want to start
a flame in your heart - [Maria] My department
has prepared a statement. Our department is deeply
saddened by the loss of decorated officers Kate
O'Malley and Alejandro Cordova. Our thoughts and prayers
are with the families at this
difficult time. I visited them today and spoke with Kate's daughter Nancy. She is too young to
understand this injustice, but I assure you that justice will be served on her behalf. A daughter has lost her mother, this department has
lost two of its finest. We will not rest
until this masked vigilante is behind bars. - [Voiceover] What can you
tell us about James Thompson? - James Thompson, otherwise
known as "The Wog", escaped from custody
wounding Officer Brock Washington in the process. He is to be considered
extremely dangerous. That is all, thank you. - You son of a bitch,
I'll kill you. You know it's a sin
to tell a lie Still you keep saying
I love you It may be true, I wish I knew But I'm giving
fair warning to you Be sure it's true
when you say I love you It's a sin to tell a lie - [Voiceover] What's wrong
with you? Millions of hearts
have been broken - [Voiceover] Let me out! Just because these words
were spoken - Let me out of here! I love you, yes I do,
I love you If you break my heart I'll die So be sure it's true
when you say I love you - You're sick, you sick bastard, let me out of here, come on! Come on! It's a sin to tell a lie Be sure it's true
when you say I love you It's a sin to tell a lie - No, get me out of
here, get me out of here! Just because these words
were spoken - [Voiceover] No! Come on man, stop! If you break my heart,
I'll cry So be sure it's true
when you say I love you - No, stop, come on! Let me out, no, no! No, no!
(cutting noise) (maniacal laughter)
(screaming) It's a sin to tell a lie (classical jazz music) Be sure it's true
when you say I love you It's sin to tell a lie Millions of hearts
have been broken Just because these words
were spoken I love you, yes I do,
I love you If you break