The Law and Jake Wade (1958) Movie Script

Don't turn around.
Keep your hands to your side.
I'll move with you while you get
those keys off the desk.
Come on, move.
Alright, now open
that center cell.
What if I don't?
If you don't, I'll kill you,
take your keys,
and open it myself.
Yeah, I guess you could.
Well, who'd have thought?
Don't dawdle, Fred.
I know this man.
He gets kind of
jumpy in a crisis.
How far do you think
you'll get, Clint?
I'm not going to ask you
once more, mister.
Yes, sir, who would've thought?
Turn around.
Now, Fred, about them runny eggs
you've been giving
me for breakfast...
Sure couldn't have
picked a worse time
to come walking in, could they?
Hope I haven't woke
the whole town.
That's enough
shooting for today!
Mind if I get down and stretch?
Help yourself.
You, you living somewhere
around here these days, Jake?
Then how'd you know
about my little predicament?
I was just riding through,
heard about it.
Lucky for me.
Yeah, isn't it?
There they go.
How come you didn't
let them hang me, Jake?
You think we got time to talk
this all out now, Clint?
Just the same, I think
you'd have been way ahead
if you'd let them hang me...
Although I won't pretend
I was looking forward
to it too much.
When I was the one
they wanted to hang,
I got downright resentful.
Well, this is where I leave you.
Which way are you heading, Jake?
Maybe we could ride
together a ways.
Not a chance, Clint.
Hey, you know, this is a real
nice little horse.
Gonna take him with you?
The horse is yours.
No kidding?
Well, thanks, Jake.
Thanks very much.
That's real generous of you.
'Course, I don't suppose...
I don't suppose
even you'd suggest
that he was worth
anything like...
Oh, say, $20,000?
I didn't keep that money, Clint.
You didn't?
What did you do with it, give
it to some deserving family?
I buried it, and after I did,
I never went back there again.
As far as I know,
it's still there.
Now, that seems a peculiar thing
for you to do, Jake.
Whatever come over you
to do a thing like that?
You wouldn't understand, Clint.
I might.
I kind of doubt it,
but... I might.
I guess you figure this
squares us up?
You pulled me out of
exactly the same spot one time.
Now I've done it for you.
To me, one cancels the other.
But if you don't feel
that way about it...
You know, Jake,
you could save yourself
a lot of sleepless nights
if you just tossed me a gun
and we had this out
right here and now.
Not a chance.
What's the difference
whether it's now or later'?
A lot of difference, Clint.
In the first place, I don't think it
has to be now or later or anytime.
But if it does...
I'll pick the time
and the place myself.
No, you won't, Jake.
Don't try to follow me, Clint.
If you remember,
I'm pretty good
with one of these.
Yeah. Yeah, I remember.
But you're not as good as me.
Just... Just pretty good.
Glad to see you back, Jake.
Hi, Jake.
Hello, Luke.
When did you get here?
Just now. Hi, Avery.
Hi, Jake. Get all your
business attended to?
Yeah, I sure did.
Anything important
happen while I was gone?
Well, nothing much around here,
but did you hear what happened
to Clint Hollister?
No. What about him?
Well, you knew he'd
been tried for murder
and convicted
over in Morganville.
Some of his gang broke him out.
Shot up a couple
of men pretty bad.
How bad?
Well, they're going to live.
Haven't caught him yet?
No, and they ain't
gonna, I'll bet.
He's probably 5 states
away by this time.
Well, the old town wasn't
the same without you.
It's always nice to be missed.
Thanks, Avery.
Say, what happened to that
little gelding of yours?
The one you took with you.
I sold him to a fella.
See you later.
Want to get caught up on this?
No, that can wait till tomorrow.
Look, do you mind hanging around
a little while longer?
I'll relieve you early tonight.
Why, sure.
Say hello to Peggy for me.
Who's the young fella
holding up the post?
Just a kid who
drifted in yesterday
looking for a job
on one of the ranches.
I'll say one thing for him:
He's not looking very hard.
See you later, Jake.
The, the rig I rented from
the livery stable.
The suit's mine.
I'm overwhelmed,
but what's the reason
for all this elegance?
You've already proposed.
And I'm glad I accepted.
Dinner ready?
Ready and getting cold.
Where's your uncle?
He had to go into town
late this afternoon
for some supplies.
How come every time
I come out here
that's the day he has to
go into town for supplies?
I hope you don't think
it's easy to arrange.
Peggy, did you
find it a big wrench
when you pulled up
stakes in Philadelphia
to come out here?
No, not nearly as much
as I thought it would be.
Suppose the same thing
might apply again?
I mean, if we suddenly left here
and moved on further west.
If we left here?
Why should we, Jake?
We've built a real place
for ourselves, both of us.
And, you know, the job
you've done as marshal here
in the last year, why,
it can lead to anything.
We could do the same
thing somewhere else.
Yes, we could,
but why should we?
We're here, and
we've already done it.
Don't you have any curiosity
about what it's like
further west?
No. And I don't think
basically you do, either.
Oh, Jake, you're not a drifter.
You love it here.
You couldn't have fooled
everyone about that.
No, and I wouldn't have, anyway.
Then why do you want to leave?
Supposing it wasn't that
I wanted to leave,
but that I felt
it might be better
for both of us to get a fresh
start somewhere else.
Well... then I'd say that since
this concerns me so much,
I should know why so that
I can judge for myself.
And if I couldn't tell you?
Then I'd say you were
asking an awful lot.
Alright... I'm asking a lot.
Jake, I never ask you anything
about your past life
because I didn't care
about anything that happened
before we met each other.
But what you're asking me
to accept on faith now
concerns our future,
and I just can't be
casual and haphazard
about a thing like that.
Alright, forget I
said anything about it.
Forget it?
Oh, Peggy...
I'm... I'm sorry, Jake.
I know.
It's just that
the way you talked,
it sounded as if
you'd already decided.
That's not true.
You're only guessing
when you talk like that.
Well, what else am Ito do
but guess when you won't
tell me anything?
Oh, Jake, can't you tell me?
No, Peggy, I can't. Not yet.
Well, when you can,
you let me know.
Marshal Wade'?
I've been kind of waiting for
you to get back to town.
Is that so?
I've been trying to find
me a job around here,
and then Al the bartender
over at the saloon
said that you might be able
to steer me onto something.
Where are you from?
Well, I sure haven't
got anything for you,
but I can give you a letter
to somebody who might have,
if you don't mind hard work.
Well, well, I ain't exactly
crazy about it.
I can see the necessity for it.
Pretty neat, Jake.
Hold it!
Better drop your gun belt, Jake.
How you been, Ortero?
No complaints.
How about you, Jake?
Don't go blaming
your deputy too much
for me having this gun, Jake.
Who'd have thought
a fat, sloppy drunk
lying in the gutter
would have a pistol
hidden in his boot?
Hello, Jake.
Put him in a chair.
How do you feel?
How do you think?
I can remember a time
when all you'd have done
for a clout like that
was scratch it.
How'd you stay
so close behind me?
I backtracked a dozen times.
I'd have sworn
I wasn't being followed.
You wasn't.
How'd you find me?
Easy. When you left me,
I joined up with the boys,
and then we just turned loose
that nice
little horse you give me
and followed him home.
We've been here
since early yesterday
while you was...
Doing your backtracking.
And I must say, Jake,
it was worth the whole trip
just to find out that
you're the marshal here.
Hi, Wexler.
Don't talk to me, Jake.
Wexler, my boy, how many
times have I told you
if you let your hate
get the upper hand,
it will throw your timing off?
What was it we used to
try to tell him, Jake?
Something there we used to say.
Oh, yeah. Yeah, we used to say,
"wexler, you go ahead and
kill anybody you want to."
"It's a free country."
But if you do it
with hate in your heart,
"you'll end up with nothing
but an upset stomach."
I don't think he ever understood
what we was talking about.
Do you, Jake?
What do you got in mind, Clint?
What are your plans for me?
I'm going to kill you.
But not for a while,
so you don't have to try
nothing desperate just yet.
Let go of me!
Take your hands off me!!
She didn't want to
come along, Clint.
Persuading somebody
don't usually take
you so long, kid.
Some old man came out of
a house with a shotgun.
That took me a little time
to work around behind him.
What did you do to him?
What do you care?
You his lodge brother
or something?
Jake, what is all this?
Say, Clint, she was a little
slow getting dressed,
so we had to help her
along a little bit,
on account of she was so slow.
I'll kill him!
That's enough!
You try to.
You know why we're taking
her along, don't you?
I just know you're not going to!
But we have to.
You see, if you know something
might happen to her
if you try to play it too smart,
then maybe you'll take
us right to the money
instead of leading us
all around the hills
for days and days.
Look, Clint, just
let her stay here.
I promise to take
you wherever you...
Oh, come on, Jake. You know
better than to try that with me.
We better not hang around
here too long, Clint.
Is that a fact, Burke?
She going to ride in that getup?
No, I grabbed some of her stuff.
Alright, let's go.
Jake, do something, Jake, don't
let them! Please, Jake!
Now, listen, miss...
You better get it
through your head
we ain't playing games.
You three ride out
of town ahead of us.
We'll meet you at the canyon.
Jake, I... I think
it will look better
if you ride out of town alone.
We'll see you at
the end of the street.
Wait a minute.
What makes you think
he's just going to ride out
to the end of the
street and wait for us?
Jake's in love.
He'll play along with us.
Won't you, Jake?
Alright, get moving.
Hey, Jake! Jake!
- You want to hear something funny?
- Yeah.
You know that little gelding you
said you sold to somebody?
- Yeah.
- Well, I was going past ed Hurley's place,
and you know something?
I thought I saw that
gelding in his corral.
You know something?
I know you saw him.
Alright, Jake, let's go.
I was afraid that when you...
Changed out of that dress,
maybe you wouldn't
look too good.
But even in them old things,
you're about the best-looking
gal I've ever seen.
Say... was you really going
to marry that Jake guy?
Because maybe
I'm kind of interested
in why girls do some of
the crazy things they do.
You see, I never had a whole
lot to do with girls.
I wonder why.
Because my old man
thought he was a preacher,
that's why...
And because he used to whale
the daylights out of me
if he even saw me
look at a girl...
Or a girl look at me.
Your father was a preacher?
Kind of a phony evangelist.
I tell you... He was
about the meanest man
I ever met in my life.
He just naturally
would like to beat up
on anything that was
smaller than him.
And, of course,
he could always say
he was beating
the fear of god into you.
Well, where is he now?
Well, I...
I hope I know where he is.
You see, he was the
first man I ever killed.
Hey, Burke, you better
cook up more stuff.
Some of the other
guys are coming.
Yes, master.
Any trouble, Clint?
No. Get him something to eat,
and tie his hands behind him.
From now on, he stays tied.
Why don't you just
leave him to me?
Sonny, I can see we ain't going
to have you around long enough
to get tired of your company.
He ain't that tough.
He ain't?
Well, let's put it this way...
Let's just say 'cause...
I'm getting old
and hearing noises
in the night...
Would you mind tying him up
for my sake?
I see the kid didn't
waste much time
getting your clothes changed.
Well, now, Burke,
what tasty little dish
have you cooked up
for breakfast this morning?
Take a stretch, Jake.
I told you, there's no use
fighting them ropes.
If I'm showing any strain,
it's from hanging onto
that horse for 8 hours
with nothing but my knees.
No kidding?
I did it once for a whole week.
They caught me
up in the Dakotas.
Rode me clear back to Kansas.
All that way,
just for a stage holdup.
'Course, I busted loose
before we got there.
Killed one deputy with a rock.
Killed the other one
with a rifle.
Maybe something like that
will happen to you, Jake.
Trouble is, you got one problem
that I was never saddled with.
The girl.
Well, it just goes to show
no matter how pleasant
they are to have around,
a woman does slow a man up.
But then, so does a busted leg.
How much further
we going today, Clint?
Well, that depends
on how much further
we got to go altogether, Jake.
You know, you haven't been
exactly what I'd call explicit
about where this place is.
You haven't satisfied me
about what happens to her
after I do take you there.
It's what's gonna happen to her
if you don't take me there.
And as you know,
I ain't a great one
for patiently waiting.
I don't want you to think
I'm rushing you
into anything, Jake.
You... You just think it over.
You got a little time left.
Boost him up.
Now, come on, miss, cheer up.
We'll stop and camp
when it gets dark.
Maybe tonight we'll sing a few
songs around the campfire.
Move out!
Jake... when you left
to take care
of that personal business,
was it to get him out of jail?
How long have you known him?
Don't let me interrupt.
You in much pain, Jake?
You ever been up in these
mountains before, miss?
Really? Well, you've missed
some of the most
breathtaking scenery
in the whole world.
You know, I heard
a foreigner say once
that there wasn't nothing
in the Swiss alps
that could beat
the rocky mountains
when it come to scenic grandeur.
Kind of made me proud
to be an American
when he said that.
You ever been to
the Swiss alps, miss?
Jake and me, we...
We always figured on going,
but something was
always coming up
at the last minute.
You know how it is.
Remember how we was always
talking about pulling out
and taking a trip to
the Swiss alps, Jake?
Yeah, I remember.
The places we was gonna go...
The things we was gonna see.
Then it was always
the next job we'd pull
that was gonna get
us the money to do it.
Something always happened.
Then one day,
Jake wasn't around no more...
And I didn't figure
it would be much fun by myself.
All of which should have
a moral to it someplace.
Maybe it's...
Maybe it's them that
robs too many banks
"never gets to see
the Swiss alps."
That stuff ready yet?
It's as ready as
it's ever gonna be.
Come on, let's eat.
Peggy, don't get that
close to me again.
Get back over there.
We're not going to have
much chance to talk anyway,
but if he figures
you're trying to untie me,
that will be the end of it.
I know how you must
feel about all this
and what you must think of
me for getting you into it.
That's not it.
Well, I should have told you.
Aside from all that,
if we've got any chance at all,
it's going to be from
working together.
Jake, you saved his life.
He wouldn't kill you,
not after you take him
to the money.
You don't think
he's bluffing, do you?
Peggy, listen to me.
He's going to kill me.
There isn't a chance he won't.
Believe me, I know.
But one thing's sure,
sometime, at one point,
there's going to be
a split second
when we'll have a
one-in-a-million chance.
There always is.
Clint knows that
as well as I do.
So do the others.
Now, get back where you were.
Hold it!
What happened?
He fell off, almost
landed on his head.
But not quite,
I don't know how he's stuck
up there this far, Clint.
Well, he can keep falling off
till he breaks
every bone in his body,
and he still ain't
gonna get his hands untied.
That's real smart, isn't it?
You keep saying you want
the money so badly,
yet the only man who
knows where it is
you'll let break his neck!
Now, wait a minute, miss.
That falling off a horse
is a real moldy trick.
I ain't about to let him
take me in with that.
Supposing it isn't a trick.
Oh, come on.
There's something
in what she says, boss.
We could tie his hands
in front of him
so he could hang onto
the saddle horn.
He stays the way he is!
Get him back up there!
He can't stay on
this way, Clint.
Alright, tie his hands in front.
And get him back in that saddle!
Cut him loose. I'll
get some more rope.
Come on with that rope, Rennie.
You boys get back down
to the bottom of the draw.
Back that way. Come on!
We're alright now,
Peggy. We made it.
Just... Toss up the gun, Jake.
How long you been
waiting up there?
I've been around here
for a couple hours, anyway.
Why didn't you go to
the head of the canyon?
That would've been
the easy way out.
Yeah, but I've never known you
to do anything the easy way.
What a slide. Whoosh!
It was a good try, Jake.
Must have been quite
a shock to you, miss,
thinking you'd gotten
away safe and all.
'Course, if Jake had been alone,
might've been different.
But then, he wouldn't
go without you, would he?
Well, I was guilty
of that kind of weakness
myself once.
Remember the time
I just couldn't bear
to leave you behind, Jake?
You seem kind of puzzled, miss.
Ever tell her how you happened
to get mixed up
with somebody like me?
Why are you so interested?
I'd kind of like to hear it.
You wouldn't like my version.
Probably wouldn't.
Jake, what's he talking about?
We were in the same
outfit in the war,
all of us except Rennie.
It was a guerrilla unit
raiding northern border towns.
We'd shoot our way in,
loot the town,
and then shoot our way out.
I was doing it as a soldier.
Clint did it because...
Well, that's the same
thing he'd always done.
The war hadn't
changed his life a bit.
Just made it legal.
After the war,
we kept right on with
what we'd been doing...
Robbing banks,
holding up stages...
Of course, you can guess that
this didn't seem
to bother Clint at all.
Well, why should it?
During the war, the...
Hey... during the war,
they made me an officer
and a gentleman
for doing the same things
they was gonna hang me for
a few days ago.
Now, you can't tell me
that makes any sense, Jake.
There's a difference,
but you'll never understand it.
I suppose you're talking
about something like
honor, ain't you...
Which is supposed to be too deep
for me to understand.
All I know is, if you got honor,
you don't run out
on a friend, right?
Why did you run out on me?
You know why.
No, I don't.
I didn't like killing kids.
Jake, what are you
talking about?
We'd held up a bank.
During the getaway,
a young boy got caught
in the crossfire.
I killed him.
And that's what made
you run out on me?
Just killing that kid?
That was it.
Well, it could've been
an accident.
Yeah, it could've been,
but the boy was killed.
I got caught,
and they threw me in jail.
There was a lynch mob
within 10 minutes.
That's when Clint, as he says,
just couldn't bear
to leave me behind.
He broke me out.
In a mix-up,
I wound up with Clint's horse.
And the money from the bank.
Yeah. And then I
knew I'd had enough.
I buried the money and
kept right on going.
And I waited for you
a whole week.
Took me a whole week
to get it through my thick head
that he'd run out on me.
Alright, friend...
When do we get to that money?
What are you really
after, Clint...
The money or me?
When do we get to the money?
We'll be there tomorrow.
We're gonna have some company!
Cavalry patrol.
Have they seen us?
I don't know.
Cut the ropes.
What are we gonna do now, Clint?
What do you think we should do...
Turn and run?
Now, listen, miss...
Whatever happens
when we meet them,
it ain't gonna do
you or Jake no good.
You try anything,
you'll both be dead.
You understand?
Relax, Mr. Hollister.
I'm quite convinced
you'd kill me without a qualm.
You got that?
Yeah, I got it.
Now, don't act jumpy.
They got no reason
to suspect us,
so don't give them none.
I'll do the talking.
Howdy, lieutenant.
Well, we sure weren't
looking to see
any of our brave army
boys around here.
You're no more surprised
than we are, mister...
Bricker, lieutenant.
Morgan bricker.
And this is Jake Wade.
He's the marshal
over at Coldstream.
Where are you headed, marshal?
Up into the San Marcus
range. Why?
There's been some bad
trouble with the Indians,
and I don't think,
Mr. Bricker... marshal...
That this is any place
for a woman right now.
I'd suggest you
let us escort you
back to the fort.
You can make it
for home from there.
I think we can handle
this alright, lieutenant.
I have the authority
to order you out
of here, you know.
Yes, I know you do, lieutenant,
but I sure wish
you'd leave the
decision up to us.
Well, I certainly
hate to tell you
your business, Mr. Bricker,
but I think under the circum...
could we talk to you
alone for a minute?
You see, lieutenant...
We got a little problem here.
The young lady's father took off
to go prospecting
in these mountains.
He's about a month overdue.
Well, I guess we all
know what that means.
I was a good friend
of her father's,
so when she was about to start
off on her own to look for him,
we decided we'd
better come along.
I see.
I tell you, lieutenant,
since we know the situation now,
we'll just circle around here
in the foothills
for a couple of days
like we was looking, see,
but really going no place
where we might be putting
her in any danger. How's that?
You go along with that, marshal?
Yeah, that's the thing to do,
under the circumstances.
You sure you wanna go on, miss?
Alright. Good-bye, miss.
Good luck, Mr. Bricker.
Thank you, lieutenant.
Sergeant, forward...
Thanks, Jake.
Tie him up.
You wanna have every Comanche
for 100 miles on our necks?
What's the matter with you?
Don't try to make anything
out of this, Jake.
I may not have to.
I'm sorry, Clint.
It's just that I can't
stand them filthy coyotes.
I didn't stop to think.
We'll chisel that
on your tombstone!
I said I was sorry.
Right about now,
I guess Jake's sorry, too,
but that ain't gonna keep
him from getting killed.
What do you mean by that?
What do you care what I mean?
I don't like people to
talk to me like that!
You don't?
So what are you
gonna do about it?
Some more of that
doing without thinking?
I'll do plenty.
You gonna draw on me, Rennie?
I oughta shoot your ears off.
What are we going
to do now, Clint?
About what?
You ain't just gonna keep
riding right into
a massacre, are you?
Why, no, Burke.
I thought we'd avoid
that if we could.
And how are we gonna do that?
You don't think a single
Comanche for 20 miles
missed those shots, do you?
Now, get this...
There's a lot of money
buried around here
that belongs to me,
and what belongs to me, I get.
Now, anybody that
don't want to go along
is perfectly free
to just turn around
and start riding back
down the canyon.
'Course, anybody that does
will get a bullet in his back.
Ain't nobody
turning back, Clint.
Alright, boys.
Just a little difference
of opinion, miss.
Happens in the
best-run organizations.
Lead off, Jake.
This is it?
This is it.
Go ahead.
Clint, some tracks there.
How many, you think?
There's 6 or 8 here.
Not over two hours ago.
It could've been 10 minutes.
What do you think, Jake?
They're still right around here.
Now, just how do you
read that from the tracks?
I don't have to.
I can see one of them from here.
Don't move, anybody.
Building's got you covered.
I don't think he's seen us yet.
Where is he?
If you step out,
he'll be just to your left
on top of the Ridge.
Hold it, Clint.
Can I get him with a rifle?
Well, I know I could, but...
I haven't seen you shoot lately.
Rennie, my rifle.
Is he still there?
Yeah, but you'll only
have one shot, Clint.
He's going to see you
the minute you move.
How far?
About 100 yards.
You missed him!
And, Clint,
there's another thing
I forgot to tell you.
There's two more.
You're real smart, ain't ya?
You're wasting a lot of time
if you're going after them.
So that's it.
You think with me
out of the way,
you'll be...
You hear that, boys?
Well, I am going after them,
'cause they're
riding off to tell
the rest of that
hunting party about us.
But that ain't gonna
help you a bit, Jake.
It will be dark in an hour.
Hole up here.
Can I go with you, Clint?
No. I want you all right here
when he pulls whatever
it is he's got in mind.
Get the horses out of sight.
This might take a little
longer than I figure.
Wait for me,
but if I'm not back by midnight,
the money's all yours, boys.
And kid...
I hope you and the girl
will be very happy.
Let's get out of sight.
After you, marshal.
Keep an eye on Jake.
He ain't going nowhere.
Don't worry.
No? Like yesterday
in the canyon, maybe?
Let's see how long
we can hold onto him this time.
Sit down, Jake.
Get a long piece
of rope, wexler.
Burke... if you see any Indians,
don't tell me till
we get some food.
You see anything?
You got an extra smoke, ortero?
Hey, wexler!
Maybe we ought to send Burke
on a little scouting expedition?
Shut up, rennie!
What's the matter
with that kid rennie?
He's crazy.
Where did Clint find him?
In Las Cruces last June.
He was looking for you.
I'm going to kill him
one of these days.
Remember those first days
when we were riding
together, ortero?
Yeah, I remember.
I know what you're
getting at, Jake.
I'm not getting at anything.
You want me to remember
how we fought
a whole war together...
How you took me with you
when you went to join Clint...
The number of times
we saved each other's lives.
On that basis, I always figured
we came out just about even.
I hope you mean that, Jake,
'cause there's nothing
I can do for you now.
You can get her out of here.
Not even that.
I found out what happens
when you cross Clint.
What are you guys doing in here?
We want to eat.
Untie Jake so he can eat.
Think we better?
Sure... let him loose.
Then if he tries to
make a break for it,
we can kill him.
He's the only one
who knows where the money is,
so we can get out of here
and the Indians
won't get our scalps.
Clint wants him alive...
And don't either of
you forget that.
You untie him.
The kid give you
an idea, wexler?
I wouldn't cross Clint.
You know that, Jake.
Maybe Clint ain't coming back.
You hope.
No... you hope.
He'll be back.
Don't worry about that.
Clint always comes back.
Who said we didn't
want him to come back?
Well, if I had been Clint
and I really wanted
to find myself some Indians,
I'd have stayed right here.
What do you mean?
We've probably got more Indians
surrounding us right now
than Custer had
to fight at bighorn.
So what?
We don't have to worry
till it gets light,
and we'll probably be
out of here by then.
Who says you don't have to worry
until it gets light?
Indians don't attack at night.
Everybody knows that.
Apaches don't attack at night,
but they're the only
ones who don't.
These are Comanches.
Get back outside.
You're wasting your time
working on them, Jake.
You think so?
Jake, I wish I could help you.
Yeah, I know.
This much I can do.
Jake, you didn't kill that kid.
Who did kill him?
Jake didn't do it.
'Course, Clint always wanted him
to think that he had.
You know what Clint's like...
Always likes to have something
on everybody that's with him.
Well, who did kill the boy?
I do know that Jake didn't.
The boy was already dead
when Jake and Clint
come out of the bank.
Thanks, ortero.
The trouble is, Jake,
Clint always liked you
better than anybody he ever met.
Yeah, I know.
What about you and Jake, ortero?
That doesn't make
any difference.
I didn't ask you for anything.
I just asked you how
you felt about Jake.
That's the end of this talk.
Now, look...
I said that's
the end of this talk!
Now, get over there. Sit down.
Alright, Mr. Ortero.
Leastways, them coyotes'
howling is over.
You really think
them's coyotes, don't you?
Sure, they are.
I heard enough of 'em up in...
You mean...
I mean they're Comanches.
They're Comanches...
And what are we doing about it?
We're sitting around here
like customers in a barbershop,
waiting our turn to get
a nice, close haircut.
Yeah, but Clint said we should...
Clint said!
Clint said.
You notice that Clint
got out of here,
didn't you?
Rennie's right.
Let's go tell ortero
we're getting out of here.
You want to stay here alone?
Not me!
We're getting out of here.
I feel like a sitting duck!
For all we know,
we're being lined up
in the sights of
some Comanche right now.
Nobody's happy about it.
We're leaving.
That way or that way?
I suppose you know just
where the Indians are.
What about the money?
I don't know how
you feel about it,
but that money don't mean
a thing to me anymore!
- That goes for me.
- You, Burke?
I don't want any part of it.
What about them?
Leave them here with some food
and a couple of canteens,
but no horses.
If they make it, fine.
If they don't...
They had their chance.
That's right.
Leave 'em here...
Or shoot 'em-.
It don't make
no difference to me.
Alright. They stay.
I think maybe I'll stay, too...
Keep going for the money,
now that I've come this far.
By yourself?
That way, he ain't got
nobody to split it up with.
Let him stay
to get hisself killed.
Come on, let's get out of here!
That's alright with me.
But it ain't alright with me.
You boys seem to be
gettin' a little jumpy.
You can stay
if you want to, Clint,
but we're goin'.
You are?
We don't want the money.
You can have it!
I can?
We're goin', Clint!
Let's see if you are.
Stop it!
There ain't gonna
be no shootin'!
We're in trouble enough!
You got us in
a real mess, Clint,
now, I'm tak...
I guess you boys
ain't goin' far now,
so get down
to the end of the street.
We can cover the Ridge
and this end of town,
and get him out of here!
Watch them.
Alright, Jake,
get in that chair.
Let go of him! Let go!
Move over to the house...
Cross cover there.
Stay there!
You ain't gonna be
needin' this, are you?
Oh, Jake, I can't!
Oh, Peggy, get a knife.
Burke... there's one in his belt.
Stay low!
You ain't gonna
hit nobody that way.
Stay close behind me.
That's far enough, Jake.
That's the last of 'em.
Well, did you say a few
words over the boys?
Yeah... good-bye.
Very touching.
Alright, Jake. Now's the time.
Where is it?
Right up there.
I should have known.
Now, look, Jake,
if you're stalling again...
Wouldn't be much of a stall.
Let's go.
This is it.
How long is it gonna take you?
I buried it pretty deep.
How deep?
3 or 4 feet.
Well, get goin'.
What'd you bury that in,
or is all that money
going to be rotted?
I buried your whole saddlebag.
Well, dig it up!
Toss him the shovel.
Just what did you
hope to accomplish by...
Runnin' off and buryin' this?
Why didn't you just
come to me and say,
"Clint, I'm quittin' "?
Why didn't you do that?
Got to loosen this up
with somethin'.
You never give up, do you?
Now, there's the chance
you've been waitin' for, Jake.
The only question is...
Do you want to die now...
Or in a few minutes?
How you doin' there?
Go ahead...
You might pull it off.
You sure couldn't have been
in much of a hurry that day,
burying it down that deep.
I don't understand it.
How come you buried it so...
Get 'em up, both of you.
I guess I forgot about that one.
Guess you did.
Drop your gun belt, Clint.
You too, ortero.
Now, wait a minute.
Not so fast, Jake.
That thing's been buried
for over a year.
You don't really think
it's going to shoot, do you?
We can find out if you want to.
Now, look, Jake...
You're bluffin'
and we both know it.
Am I?
Alright! So it does shoot!
All you'll win is
a tie for first place.
You know I'd get you
before I'd die.
Neither of us know that.
You ain't sure it'll fire.
You're not sure it won't.
How about those gun belts?
Alright, ortero.
Pick 'em up, Peggy.
Ortero, go get the horses.
Peggy, you go with him.
What are you going to do?
Come on, Peggy.
Please, Jake,
don't bother with him.
He can't hurt us now!
I just want to talk
to him alone.
Start walking, ortero.
What do I do, Clint?
He's holdin' the gun.
Do what he says.
Hey, Jake,
you ain't gonna keep me
in suspense, are you?
What about?
About whether...
That thing would have
fired or not.
Well, on the other hand,
it might have gone off
like a Cannon.
Then think how silly
I would have looked.
Go on, Peggy. I'll
be down in a minute.
Jake, please be careful.
Go on, Peggy.
What happens now?
Are you gonna shoot me down
like a dirty dog?
I wouldn't do it like
this and you know it.
Yeah, that's what I always
liked about you, Jake.
You're real fair and square.
Now that I'm holding the gun,
you're willing to give me
my honor back, Clint?
That makes us even again.
Should be easy
to settle the rest.
Wait here until I get back.
Let's settle it now.
Wait here.
Sure, Jake...
Seein' as you got
my gun, my knife...
You're pretty safe to
leave me sittin' on my honor,
and you take your time, Jake.
Take your time.
I'll be here.
We are leaving now,
aren't we, Jake?
That's right, Peggy.
Pick up some loose guns.
Mount up, Peggy.
You've got to get her
back home for me.
If he was dead,
would that make any
difference to you?
A threat? A promise?
I don't know.
Alright, Jake.
I'll take the chance.
Leave Clint's horse there.
No, Jake.
You can't go back.
We're safe now.
Trust me to do what
I have to do, Peggy.
If you go back there,
he's going to kill you.
No, Jake, please!
Please don't go back!
I see she's on her way.
How about a smoke?
Oh, come on...
It might be your last...
Or mine.
Either way, you can't lose?
Tell me somethin', Clint.
If things had worked out
the way you planned,
were you going to give me a gun
or just... Shoot me in the back?
Well, that's,
that's an interesting
question, Jake...
I'd say I was going
to give you a gun.
There's your gun.
I was gonna hand you yours.
Well, you like me
a lot better than I like you.