The Lawless Nineties (1936) Movie Script

The Lawless Nineties
In 1890, the territory of Wyoming petitioned
for admission into to the Union as a state.
Powerful lawless forces opposed statehood
and instigated a reign of terror.
It become the duty of government
agents to cope with the situation.
Don't you worry, mom, I'll find a new
home where they won't drive us out.
Well, how's that, Steele? That's one more
over the road who will not vote against us.
Get on your horse.
Howdy partner!
- Where are you going?
We're homestead out in Wyoming territory.
You'd better go on back where you come from.
You're driving out the homesteaders.
They can't do that, it's against the law.
They busted that law and
a lot of other laws, partner.
That's where the trouble is.
Crocket City, sir?
- Yes.
Most of the trouble seems to
come from that part of territory.
Mails are robbed, banks looted, homesteaders
driven out, immigrants turned away at the border.
Just a bunch of tough gorillas, eh?
Know Timpton. Their raids and
outrages are too well-planned.
They're operating all over the territory.
Next month, Wyoming territory votes
for or against becoming a state.
If the people vote to enter the
Union, it means the end of banditry.
This gang will stop at nothing
to defeat statehood.
You boys were born in Wyoming, weren't you?
- Yes, sir.
That's why I've given you the
toughest assigment: Crocket City.
This election must be
conducted honestly.
Our men throughout territory will
take thier orders from you.
You know what you're against, Tipton?
- I understand, sir.
Good luck.
- Thank you.
Good luck, Bridger.
- Thank you, sir.
Well, we're getting near the Wyoming border.
- And then the fun begins.
Fun? Say if I didn't know, you are thinking,
you didn't have good sense?
Well, maybe I haven't.
Then again, maybe I'm just fooling people.
- Well boy, you better keep on fooling them,
beceause where we're going,
Government men arent exactly popular.
Better rest the horses, Moses.
- Yes, sir.
Better not stop too long, sir. We most got away
from the rest of the wagons, I can barely see them.
All right, Moses.
It's a beautiful country, isn't it, Janet?
- Yes.
But I'd so loved to
see just... just one house.
Someday there'll be many homes.
A great city.
This is the heart of the
new Empire of the West.
This is the great new country.
Powerful words, Major.
You like this country better than back home,
don't you?
Well, Major Carter. Virginia is quality,
but this place is you house. Quantity.
Hadn't we better be traveling, daddy? We
got to catch up with the rest of the train.
Yes I think we would proceed, Moses.
- Yes.
Arrangement, before we split up.
You take the high road
and I'll take the low.
And I'll be in Crocket City before you.
I'll size up the situation,
but don't start anything.
You afraid I'll stop the
gang before you get there?
Hey, who sit down there all by himself?
No wonder these greenhorns get into touble.
I'm gonna investigate
So long.
- So long.
Who's there?
Must be one of them bandits, boss!
Perhaps it is one of these outlaws we were
wornt about. Better whip up, Moses! Yes.
Not so fast, Moses!
It's not me, it's the horses!
It's all right, boy.
Something scared you?
Did something scared them?
You scared them, you idiot.
You make a habit of running around
behaving like a wild Indian?
Well! Kinda looks like, you're
the one that's on warpath, Miss.
You folks crossing these plains alone?
- No, sir, we travel with the wagon train.
Well, you better keep up with them.
It's dangerous to fall behind.
Till we discovered.
Janet, dear, this gentleman
saved our lives.
After nearly getting us killed
Well, we better fix this wheel.
Give me a hand. Yeah.
Let's send them back where they come from.
Yeah, that'll be many less votes.
You folks better wait here.
I'll go see what all the shootin for.
Hurry, Moses, fix the wheel.
- Yes.
The firing stopped. Hurry up, Moses,
let's drive on, see what the trouble was.
Well, we sure run that bunch out. All right. They
wont be trying to homestead in Wyoming anymore.
Anybody hurt?
- Yeah can reach the shoulder low.
Hey, hello!
That's one we missed!
Take a couple of men and run
them off the way the wagons were.
The rest of us go on back to
town. All right, Davis.
Turn loose those horses!
- Yes! Well, you're turning south, grandpa.
What's the trouble?
They are trying to stop us
from going into Wyoming.
These folks are going to Wyoming
and don't try to stop them.
Well, I say they're heading south.
I suposse you move south and keep moving!
We find ourselves once
more in your debt, sir.
Oh, that's all right.
Are you folks going to Crocket City?
Yes, I've purchased a newspaper there.
Sign unseen.
You've taken on a large order,
haven't you, sir?
I dont wish to appear ungrateful, but
was it quite necessary to shoot that man?
No, ma'am! I could have let him shoot me.
I've been of the opinion that most
arguments can be settled peaceably.
Out here they still rely on their guns, sir.
Ladies and gentlemen,
now there'll be one more star in
the flag when this election is over.
The star that represents
the sovereign state of Wyoming.
That's what we want.
There can be no doubt about the
outcome of the referendum now.
The authorities at Washington
have assured us
that they will assign federal agents to
this territory during a forthcoming election
to ensure an impartial vote.
And now, ladies and getlemen I take
pleasure and introducing
one of the Crocket City foremost citizens:
Mr. Charles K. Plummer,
Chairman of the Committee
of Law and Order.
Thank you. Mr. Chairman.
My good friends, I'm not not going to repeat
sentiment that you've heard from me before
Instead, I'm going to call upon a
gentleman from Virginia
who is assumed the ownership
of our local newspaper.
Major Carter.
Gentlemen, although a newcomer into your
fair country,
I am heartly in accord with your aims.
I serve notice that I shall attack
through my newspaper all
those opposing statehood
I'm not going to speak further at this time.
You'll be able to read my thoughts
at some lenght in the next issue
of the Crocket City blade.
Well, good work, Moses.
Yes, sir. Thank you, sir.
Hello dad. How was the meeting?
- Inspiring, my dear. Positively inspired.
I'm going to set off a load of
firecrackers in our next issue.
"A new state is about to be born".
"Another star added to the
bright firnament of old glory".
That's very nice.
You should use it in your next editorial.
My dear, you don't suppose I'm wasting
those words on desert air, do you?
Look what you're doing, you fool!
- Excuse me, sir.
Ah, leave me alone!
Moses, you're only making things worse.
I'm so sorry.
- It's quite all right, Miss. No harm done.
Mr. Plummer. What an honor, sir.
- Well, you are quite well settled, Major.
Yes. My daughter, Janet.
How do you do, Miss.
- How do you do, Mr. Plummer.
Wan't you sit down.
- Thank you, I will.
Mr. Plummer is chairman of the Law
and Order Committee.
Well. I hope you excuse me,
I have so much to attend here. Surely.
I was about to start my editorial.
- That's just exactly what I came to discuss
I thought it, my duty as a friend to
point out you the certain factions
might resent to pronounce
stand on their part.
I thank you for your solicitude, sir,
but I dont intend to be intimidated
by the lawless faction of this community.
Ther're a very powerful faction,
Major, and a ruthless one.
In that type lies the
power of the press
who can dethrone
kings, make history.
You know, Major...
the last editor was standing
right there when they shot him.
Good day, sir.
Hello there, colored man.
When you all come to town?
- Who are you, women?
I'm Mandy Lou. Mandy Lou Schaefer.
I'll mop up around this town.
Is that so?
- What's your name?
Moses Piubus Unem.
- You're Baptist?
No, ma'am. Ain't never been to church
but once in my whole life.
And then something terrible happened to me.
No! Why?
- I got married.
It seems to me, Mr. Unem,
you ain't exeactly friendly
to the only other person of
the same color in this town.
I was just aiming at a nice
chiken dinner at my domicile this evening.
You tell me a good eating place around here?
- Nope.
At the hotel, it's bad, and the
Greeks is worse and the Star is terrible.
The election is set for next week.
- Fireworks?
An old fire eater named Carter
started the local paper again.
His first editorial blew
the lid of everything.
Does it smoke anybody out into the open?
No, they are too smart, but things are
likely to start popping any moment.
You better wire our headquarters,
need more men.
And contact Smith and Belden.
They are waiting at the log Corral, three
kilometers north of town.
All right.
Have anything interesting? Not yet. I have
hopes we get a tempest to end government.
Somebody sending a wire from the
telegraph office across the street.
It's coded.
That means the government men are
here already. What I tell you.
That must be the man.
- Well, I know what to do.
No gunplay in town.
The old man getting a little bit
careful now, election is near.
See you later.
The government man.
Hey, that's the lad that
handed me this package
Yeah, that's him. Remember,
the old man don't want any shooting in town.
But they didn't say anything about using
your fists? No, he fail to mention that.
You boys get him.
We'll follow the government man.
Pardon me. Hey, maybe this town
ain't big enough for you mister?
There are plenty room outside here.
Nice little battle, eh?
- Yeah, shooting will start any time now
Sorry about your window, Major.
There I go again wrecking your property.
You seem have an absolute
genius to starting a riot.
So you're responsible for this?
Yes, why? You are the landlord?
I am the city Marshal.
- So I see.
And we don't like troublemakers
Why don't you get rid of it.
Or is it a job too big for you?
That's all right, smart suggestion young fella.
I've gota good mind to start with you.
We start right in Marshal.
I'm warning you young fella. Start anything
again and it'll be just too bad for you.
It's a pity to see fine young man like that,
mixed up in a common street brawl.
Big mistakes.
I wonder if it doing any
good if I speak to him.
You might persuade him to indulge in
his brawls in some other part of town.
I will refund you
with my next month's pay, Major.
That's is not the point young man
My boy, no good can come
of this continual brawling.
The good book say:
"You shold turn the other cheek."
Well, that attitude is
perhaps a trifle extreme.
Come on boys, help me!
Is it dead? Yes, shot in the back.
Who is it?
- Stranger to me.
Does anyone of you know who he is?
- I don't know him. Neither do I.
I never see him before. He was in my office
not long ago. Send a codded message.
Only sign is initials.
Do you know who he is?
It's too bad. He was your best friend
Rats who did it will crawl
back into their holes
We will take them out and keep digging
and blastin till we get every one of them.
And the man who hired them.
I wonder how they found out
he was a government man.
I give 10 years of my life to know.
It gets me how that gang
can find out things.
They seem to know when gold
shipments going trough.
Wait a minute!
Maybe we'll bring him out into the open.
I want you to send this wire
from Crocket City, Marshal.
What does it say?
"Regret to report murder of
Federal operator Bridger.
Definite clue to killers. Make
immediate arrest; Bowen Marshal"
Figure somebody's onto us? Either that or
the late lamented Minister write a message.
Suppose they do arresting,
we can take care of them.
You seem to forget that the man killed was the
government operator and that's federal offense.
And don't come back untill you hear from us.
- Don't worry, we won't.
I stationed two of my men on the other
end of town, in case the killer heads north.
He's more likely to head
for the Colorado State Line.
Where you boys going in such a hurry?
We heard of a job down south punching cows.
The job can wait. I'm taking you back to
Crocket City to answer a few questions.
You take that one!
All right, now talk.
Which one of you of you killed Bridger?
I do not know what you're talking about.
- Did your partner do it?
You got us all wrong.
- Yeah!
Arrest this man for murder, Marshal.
His pal just confessed.
Good. He'll swing for this.
I didn't do it. Davis was hired for
that job. He can't pin it on me.
Hired for. Who hired him?
I do not know.
But you saw him shoot Bridger?
- Yeah, that's the man's name.
Well, John, it looks like that
wiretapping hunch of yours was right.
Take him to Colorado prison, Marshal.
I'm heading back to town.
Let me do that.
I never saw woman yet to do a man's work.
Besides, this paperwork is
too damn dangerous for a woman.
That's pretty strong, isn't it?
Blade is fighting in the open. Mr. Tipton.
Now you're talking like a real Westerner.
Well, what have we here? Good.
Good work, Major. Keep it up.
- You've got a great paper, Major.
We needed someone to agitate against
the lawless element in this territory
for a long time!
Thank you, gentlemen.
- You deserve it, sir.
That old fool is getting dangerous.
- Yeah.
This never was a very healthy
climate for editors.
Hey, look where you going, will you!
You can't push me like that you ugly coyote.
And you can't talk to me like that either!
Well, I'm doing it and getting away with it
Now, what you gonna do about it?
- Just stay.
Hey, hey, stand back here, sir.
- Well, let me...
Father! Father!
Take those man to the Marshal.
Look after her, John.
# You got shoes,
# all God children got shoes
# When I go to heaven,
gonna put on my shoes to guide us
# and walk all
over God's heaven
#Heaven, heaven...
# Everybody is talking
'bout Heaven made guide.
# Heaven, heaven
# I got robe, you got robe
# all God's children got a robe.
# all over God's heaven
# Heaven, heaven
# Everybody is talking
'bout Heavens things while I'm in
# Heaven, heaven..
# while the stronghold
all over God's heaven.
Know your shoes standing there, black
boy, grinding your heart into a misery.
You can't bring Colonel Carter back.
- Shut your mouth woman.
It's Miss Janet that I'm worried about.
This town is not place for a lady like her.
I reckon you ain't got no right to worry as long
as that long legged cow punchers around here.
That's is what I'm worried about
Suppose they might get married,
then where would I be?
What's the hand to you from
getting married yourself.
What about Green and Ward?
- Well, the verdict was not guilty.
Carter's death was a regrettable accident.
Is it true, John?
Yes, Janet. The trial was a farce.
- They've set them free?
But they won't be free long.
I suppose you'll be going home?
No, John, I'm going to stay here
and run this paper.
Oh, but, that's no job for you.
- This is what dad would have wished
At least close the office until
after the election.
No. He had faith in this country.
He wanted to see it become a state.
I've got to do my part in trying
to make his dreams come true
Listen to this:
"Silver bullion value 100,000 dollars
leaving Herbert mines Wednesday
morning and move to meet.
Transporting bullion to
railroad by covered wagon.
Have a small armed escort meet
wagon train at Glen Canyon. "
I guess our boys can take care
of that escort.
You better go with him
But you'll need me in town for the election.
Youll' be back in time. I need all the
silver I can leave my hands on to buy votes.
There's the escort.
All right boys, go down and take it
All right boys,
disarm them and tie them up,
right behind those rocks over there
and hold them. We will wait here.
And what a surprise that wagon train
is gonna get when they find us
instead of the escort!
What a surprise you're gonna get when you
find out there insn't gonna be any wagon train.
Drop your guns and get off those horses.
Well, there's a pretty good hole.
- Doesn't mean a thing.
I laid my trap for the brains of this
outfit and all we got here is the Brawn.
As long as leaders freak
hire all these gorillas he wants.
Take them to the border.
Where are you going?
- Back to Crocket City.
You get the word to all government
operators throughout the territory
to meet at Log Corral
for final instructions.
Be careful. The elections coming off
tomorrow and a lot depends on it.
What gets me is that fella Tipton and his
gang put it over on us the way they did.
You said he was harmless cow hunter. Well,
I didn't know. Don't worry about it now.
When we defeated this election,
than will take care of Tipton.
Another bunch of our boys coming
into town to vote tomorrow.
They're pouring in like
this all up and down Wyoming
Our side will do the voting steal.
We'll show them whose running things.
Tell the boys that drinks are free.
Lids off, the towns their's.
There will be a hot time
in the old town at night.
Keep movin'.
Why you bring him here?
I had to, it was the nearest place.
Well. you get him out...
Well, everything seems to be running smooth.
They report that all the towns and polling
places are barricated against the citizens.
We'll show them how to run an election. Let
better get rid that government man out of here.
Take him out of town and give the same
medicine you did the other one.
I get the boys to take care of him.
The boys are all here, Tipton. Waiting for the
orders. Good, we haven't a minute to lose.
Boys, every town in Wyoming
is being barricated by outlaws
to keep honest citizens from voting.
That's our duty to keep those polls open
at any cost. We're bady outnumbered
We got a fighting chance to beat them.
I want you men to go back
to your own districts and organize every
rancher and homesteader that you can trust.
Then lead them into their town and
smash those barricades wide open.
And don't stop shooting until you've
cleared the way for every citizens to vote.
Good luck to all of you.
Come on, Hank?
How you doing? Quiet! This is my 26th
vote and I'm still going to get some.
But Why? Why can't I get my paper out today.
- Lady I told you, it's orders.
No paper will be printed today.
This is election day.
And you call yourself Americans?
Haven't you any patriotism?
Any pride in seeing this territory
getting a fair deal?
Lady, what's all got to do with politics?
You don't vote here!
- I certainly do!
I'm citizen of this town
ever since it was a town.
Sorry partner, but you pull over
for injuction.
Barnes Junction. That's a sixteen
kilometers ride.
That's why you walk there partner.
Votings are closed folks. Voting's all over.
This is an outrage. Votes are closed
and will open at six o'clock.
They've got not right.
- Something got to be done.
You'd better get...You can read
about this election in the papers.
Where is Steele?
- At Plummers room in the hotel.
Good news from all over.
Everything's going our way.
You sure everything set in town?
- Under full control.
All right, Palmer. All right.
Bless Steele. Never drink to a better man.
The government rounded up all the ranchers.
There's a passing headed for town.
- To the teeth.
Throw up the barricades.
We got to hold this town until dark.
Drive every citizen off the street
and lock them in their houses.
Get inside there!
Hurry up. Hurry up.
They never get through.
We can hold the barricade.
All these messages are the same. Government
men leading attacks against us in every town
They can't amount too much,
we're too strong for him.
Go watch the barricades.
Come on, boys!
Get out on that barricades!
Quick, Moses, set up the type!
- Yes, Miss.
They are coming! Government men are coming!
Here they come!
Lord in God!
It's the end of the world!
No, Moses, it's the beginning of Wyoming.
And I washed that window only this morning.
One window? I'm not going to clean
this town for next 10 years!
We're late. Yes, thanks to you and
those white liver grants you brought in.
They couldn't hold out against that mob.
They'll be here any minute.
Let's get away. We got enough money.
- You know so much, Steele.
You better stay here.
We got em all rounded up, Tipton. What's
left of them. Message for you, Mr. Tipton.
We beating them all over the territory.
Here's a wire from Pierce.
You and your men have done a fine job.
Early returns indicate complete victory."
That's good news!
I wish Bridger was here to share it with us.