The League of Legend Keepers: Shadows (2019) Movie Script

- Maps.
They're magical things.
They can lead you to
places you've never been
but they can also
show you new ways
of getting to places
you think you know.
My name is Sophie Carson.
My family's been to so
many places on the map
that you'd think we
wouldn't need one by now.
Edward Carson, archeologist,
leader of our tribe.
Hunter and gatherer.
Katie Carson, queen
of the Carson clan
and world class map reader.
Aramus, Armenia, the
Baba Temple in Bahrain
and Xinjiang, China, all places
we've followed Dad looking
for the Holy Grail.
I'm not joking.
My father's life work has
been to find five pendants.
When worn around the neck,
they bring great
power and wealth.
But like all magic,
that comes with a price.
A life's work for
Dad and Mom and me
and oh yes.
Emma, mini me.
How can your own sister
have an American accent
when we're all English?
I'll tell you how.
A life lived
traveling, that's how.
Anyway, we've trekked,
wandered, strayed off
the goat trail as they
say Zalabiye, Syria.
Why don't I tell
you about the legend
that my family has been chasing?
The one that has led us
back to Emma's birthplace?
Sunny California.
Before books, before Scriptures,
there were legends, whispered
stories of pendants.
Rare jewels from the
five walked upon lands
that gave the owner
the power of darkness
and immortality.
In ancient times the
holder was a queen.
Queen Lily Bethany of the West,
mother of all sand tribes.
But one winter her only
son became ill, very ill.
A breath away from death,
his mother had no choice.
She turned to the dark
shadow from the south.
Ohanzee promised
Queen Lily Bethany
that he would save
her first born.
He would free her son
from the shadows of death
in exchange for the pendants.
Queen Lily Bethany
hesitantly accepted his deal,
allowing Ohanzee the
power of her son's soul.
Ohanzee tore the shadow
of death from the boy
and took the pendants.
However, there were
only four, not the five
needed to grant him the
powers of the Holy Grail.
He grew angry and cursed
his shadows and fire
upon the sand tribes.
Burning their villages
and cursing them to
eternal darkness.
Finally, unleashing
his new power,
he killed the boy and his mother
with the very shadows
he'd promised to remove.
It is said that this
was the very beginnings
between light and darkness.
And he had skulls
all over his body.
- Ow.
- Sophie.
- How's she ever going
to learn the good stuff?
Are we there yet?
- Are we there yet?
- We've been driving for hours.
- We've been driving for hours.
- Stop it.
- Stop it.
- You're always copying me.
- You're always copying me.
- Girls, stop it.
- Yay, starting a new school
in the middle of the year.
I liked India.
- I didn't.
- You'll be fine,
Sophie, besides.
What could possibly go
wrong in this place?
- Look girls, palm trees.
Oh, it's just like Cairo.
- Yes, with
slightly better toilets.
- See kids?
It's really nice.
- Come on now, out you get.
- Mom, I'm gonna be
a scientist just like you.
- Eddie?
If you don't get to
school on time, bud,
no science camp.
I mean it, huh?
- Oh so stinky.
Oh, not again!
- This is where
they're putting us up.
- Whoa.
- No it's good, hey.
- Yeah.
- Let's go put our
stuff in our rooms.
- I hope there are no
evil spirits here, Emma.
- Buddy.
I'm not gonna ask again.
- I'm almost finished.
There's never enough time.
Let's do this.
- See, it's not so bad here?
Good neighborhood.
- Okay.
- Great view.
- Flaming balls of smoke.
Smoke, um.
That's the smoke
detector going off,
I can't even, oh.
- Sophie, Sophie,
hurry up, darling,
you'll be later for
your new school!
- Coming.
- Sophie, I have
to be at the dig by nine
so you'll have to
walk to school today.
- Oh, my book.
- I'm gonna be late darling.
Okay, okay, sorry about that.
Darling, the toilet
isn't working.
- Edward.
- Well it wasn't me.
- I wish I could get
her to move like that.
And I guess you broke
another toilet again.
- Well, I can neither
confirm nor deny that.
- See you later.
- Bye honey.
- Bye darling.
- Have a great first day.
She's growing up so fast.
- So fast.
- She never tells me bye.
- Bye Emma, get a room.
- Maybe she's got an idea.
- You're gonna be late,
it's your first day.
- No you're right,
I've gotta go.
- Go.
- I love you.
- Love you too.
- Bye.
- Bye.
- Good luck.
- Give me that.
- Two explosions in
less than 24 hours,
that's gotta be a
record of some sort.
- On the bright side, I
haven't blown up the house.
- Are you an inventor?
- I try to be.
Although, some of
the experiments
are better than others.
- I'm Sophie.
- I'm Edison.
- Nice to meet you Edison.
- Nice to meet you too.
- So what were the
explosions you were doing?
- You've reached
Travis Jackson at Digs Are
Us, please leave your name
and message after the tone.
- Oh hi, Travis, this
is Doctor Carson.
I'm running a bit
behind this morning
and could be there shortly.
I could use some coffee.
Looking forward to
meeting you, old chap.
Good morning, old
chap, how's it going?
- Old chap.
- Never mind that,
I'm sure it's great.
All good in the
hood as they say.
Tell me, where's the coffee?
- Yes, good morning, sir.
By the way everything
is as you requested.
It's such an honor to
be working with you.
Such an honor.
I just can't believe it's
in our home town here, it's
cool, in fact.
- Yes, yes, quite incredible.
You know what else
is incredible?
Strong, black coffee.
Would you be a good lad
and maybe go get me some?
- Good lad, sure, I'd love to.
- Thank you.
- Be right back.
Here you are, sir.
- Okay, right so,
continue digging here.
- Yeah, but, Sir.
- No, no, no, it's here.
- It's a hundred yards
away, it can't be.
Can't be here.
- Did you perhaps
grab some creamer?
- What's that?
- Creamer.
- Creamer?
- Creamer?
- Creamer.
- Creamer.
- I thought you
said you liked your
coffee strong and black.
- No no, I do, I do, but.
I also like creamer.
Thank you.
- Sure.
- Thank you.
- You've got to be kidding me.
- Doctor Carson?
It is a pleasure.
- Please, call me Edward.
- Of course.
I am Zilbid.
- Ah, he that is strong.
- I am impressed.
- Yes, well, I know
a few languages
- I as well.
I work for the museum's
cultural expert.
I'm here to assist with the dig.
We are all very excited to
be a part of this project.
- Thank you, Zilbid.
How long have you
been with the museum?
- It feels like a lifetime.
It appears you are
close to finding
the last pendant.
- Yes well, if all goes
well, that's the plan.
- I'm at your service, Edward.
- Okay.
- Old chap?
- Ah, thank you.
No, no, no, needs sugar.
Thank you.
- Sugar.
It does need sugar.
- Yes, okay.
- So you just
moved in last night, right?
- Yeah, what were you
doing in your garage?
- Oh, I was just
working on something.
My dad has me do
all my experiments
out of the house,
just for safety.
- Hey, have you finished
my homework yet?
- No, I have a couple
more questions to do.
- Wrong answer.
Have you finished
my homework yet.
- It's algebra, it's the,
you have all the equations
and the data problems.
My brain's gonna blow up.
- Your future depends on
you getting my work done.
- Okay, okay, third period.
- Nice bow tie.
Who do you think you
are, Benjamin Franklin?
- Nice face, not.
- Oh, we got a live one here.
- Do not make eye contact.
- You're a jerk and
you two are idiots.
- What are you doing?
- Are you new?
- Uh, you all need to apologize.
- I do?
- Yes, you do.
- Johnny don't apologize.
- Neither does Stuart.
- Danni don't apologize either.
- I hope you're not doing
their English homework too.
- You need to learn
your role at my school.
- Our school.
- Or else you'll be
doing my homework.
- And mine.
- Hey kids, what's shaking?
- Why, you look different
this year, Mr. Swaski.
- Yeah, I lost a few pounds.
I'm looking lean
and mean now, huh?
You know what's not shaking, me.
You guys are gonna be behaving
yourselves this week, right?
Is everybody gonna go
to the Halloween party.
- I don't know, maybe.
- Maybe?
What's your name.
- Sophie Carson.
- You must be new here, Sophie,
welcome to our little town.
It's the best party around.
- It is, isn't it Edison?
- Look at him.
- That's a story
for another time.
- You still teach here?
- Substitute.
You're the lunch man.
- Who's ever heard
of a lunch man?
- Yeah, well, I
can still send you
to the principal's office.
You settle down and
get back to work.
- Oh, um, so, I'm
sorry, we're sorry
and I just wanted
to give this to you.
There, see?
I'm really sorry.
- Good morning, Class 5C.
Please take a seat, or not,
if you wanna learn that way.
I'm going to be grading
you as a group today
so Ellen, you may begin.
- Nobody knew how
the curse started
or how to stop it until a shaman
came into their village.
- He was an evil,
evil man and he cursed
the first born of the
original owner of the pendants
and with her blood
and his scepter,
he could summon his first
love through the shadows
but in the chaos, he
lost the pendants.
- The legend says the
pendants when all together
possess extreme power.
It's the only way
he can ever find
his true love again.
- It's just a stupid legend.
- That remains to
be seen, Johnny.
So does anyone
know how the shaman
can find his love again?
- The peak of the super
moon lunar eclipse.
- A blood moon.
- Correct.
Sophie, why don't
you come on up,
tell us why you're here,
we're so glad to have you.
Come on.
Don't be shy, come on now.
- Hi, I just came from India
where my parents were on a dig
and they were
looking for a scepter
which once belonged to
an evil medicine man
and they found the scepter.
- Huh, I always wondered
if witch doctors were real.
- I can answer
that, Miss Turner.
They are real.
- Nerd.
- Quiet class, this is your
one and only warning, Johnny.
- Yeah, for like the fifth time.
- Hey.
You can have a seat,
thank you so much.
So, a super lunar eclipse
is a very rare event.
Does anyone know how many
times a century this happens?
- It happens four
times a century.
- Great, and what
makes this so special?
- The moon appears much
larger than normal.
- You're right as well.
Does anyone else now why?
- It's at the perigee.
- Sophie, you keep amazing me.
You girls may have
a seat, thank you.
The moon is at its
closest point to the Earth
and this is called a super moon.
This is the eclipse
when the moon,
the Earth and the
sun are all aligned.
The Earth's shadow
falls on the moon
which causes the sun
to glow bright red.
There will be a test
on this, Johnny.
Can we please have
our next group,
I'm so excited to hear.
Thank you.
Good job, Sophie.
- Hello, Miss Turner.
- My god.
- I need your
assistance, Miss Turner.
- How'd you get in here?
- There is nothing
to be afraid of.
Not yet.
- Who are you?
Do as I command and
you will remain human.
- What?
- There's my baby.
- I'll be damned.
- We need to secure the site.
- Yes sir.
- Are you still staring
at those creepy things?
- This is my life's work.
- I know, I think it's cute.
- You think these
things are creepy?
- I'm about to take it off.
- You go here and I go there.
- Hey, I wanted to tell you.
I wanted to tell
you, are you okay?
- I think I saw a ghost.
- Do you need a Scooby snack?
- I'm serious.
- Those cartoons are
way too scary for you.
I wanted to tell you that we
have guests over tomorrow night
so I need you to be on
your best behavior, okay?
Who am I kidding, you're six.
Do you want me to
leave the light on?
- I don't know, will
you stay with me?
- Ah, you're so sweet.
Of course I won't, goodnight.
- Wait, if you sit with me,
you'll be a social
outcast forever.
- Seems like I already am.
So what are you up to?
- Oh its just a prototype,
nothing special.
- I love Miss Turner, she's
my new favorite teacher.
That lesson was amazing.
- Yeah, Miss Turner's really
obsessed with that story.
- It's actually
really interesting.
- Oh, yeah, really like it.
- Really?
- Yeah, absolutely.
- Nerd alert.
- Someone thought
it'd be a funny idea
to stink bomb me.
- And what does that
have to do with us?
- Your loser boyfriend.
- He's not my boyfriend.
- Oh, too fast to respond there.
- Well, he put one in my shirt.
You little runt, you're dead.
- Dead.
You hear?
- Oh, hey, what is that I hear?
It sounded like a little echo.
- I know, I heard that too,
like that buzzing noise.
- Oh yeah, what was that?
- Don't you have
something stupid to say.
- No.
- You better watch it.
Revenge his sweet,
you little witch.
- Miss Turner, thank
you for suggesting this,
that we all get together,
it was great idea.
I think it's a
wonderful way to meet
Sophie's history teacher
and our neighbor,
so I hope you don't mind
we invited young Thomas
to join us.
- Uh, I don't mind, and
you made my favorite.
- Oh.
- Emma.
Where are your manners?
- In my pocket.
- That's quite all right Emma.
I can take some if you
don't mind, thank you.
- Well, I have to tell
you, a home cooked meal.
- Oh.
- Unbelievable.
- Lovely stuff.
- The pie wasn't really mine
but it's not bad.
- You know I love
this stuff, don't you?
- Don't do it.
- Do what?
- Edward, manners.
- I'm not doing anything.
- You're.
- Family tradition, I'm afraid.
- Thank you, family tradition
- Uh, oh, family tradition.
Come on, remember.
- Hit me.
- Oh uh, well, I guess
when in Rome, huh?
- That was a lot, Dad!
- It's gonna go everywhere.
- Go on Miss Turner.
- Go on, Miss Turner.
- Come on!
- I was not expecting that.
- I was not.
- I didn't think
she was actually gonna do it.
- She went for it.
- That is commitment,
That is commitment and a half.
- Whipped cream,
I'm all for that.
- That is amazing.
- Everywhere.
All in your hair.
- Young lady, I think it's
time we got you to bed.
Do you want to play
with your shadow puppets
for a few minutes?
- Nope.
- Goodnight Emma.
- Oh, it's so good.
- Look at you,
you just went for it.
- So where's your mom?
Sorry, bad question?
- And yes, I'll
be at the Halloween party.
- My mom disappeared
when I was four.
She was the best inventor.
She invented all
kinds of things.
- It should be fun.
Have you given any thought
to your costume yet?
- I've given more thought to
my costume than my speech.
- Do you want your dad to
remarry or meet someone else?
- Let me guess, archeologist.
- Bond, James Bond.
- Oh.
- I guess it would be okay.
- I like it, I
get to be a Bond girl.
- OH, I like that.
- I want him to be happy
and if someone
makes him happy then
I guess that's okay.
- What's your
costume, Miss Turner?
- I don't know really, I
haven't thought about it.
- Well I've got some ideas,
if you're interested.
- Yes, I'm up for
ideas, I have to use
the bathroom, do you?
- Oh yeah, use the
one in our bedroom,
this one isn't working.
- Thanks, excuse me.
- Someone's got a crush.
- It's time for a crush, right?
- Yeah.
- Everyone was doing it, right?
- Besides, I'm not the only
one around here with a crush.
- As you were.
- Everything come out okay?
- What?
- Sorry, sorry.
- Fine, just fine,
I'm not really
feeling too good, I'm gonna
have to call it a night
but thank you so much,
everything was amazing.
- Sorry that you're
leaving so soon.
I hope everything's okay.
- Thanks for coming.
- It will be.
- Really grateful
for your interest
in the pendants, it really
means a lot to me, well us.
- Thank you, see you soon.
- Okay, bye.
- Bye.
- Oh, bye.
- She likes you.
- You were just
gonna leave?
- Yes, I have to go,
I don't feel well.
- Look, let's go to that
Halloween party together, huh?
It'll be fun and god
knows you need a date
god knows I need one too.
- That would be great,
look, I don't wanna give you
the wrong impression, I
like you, I really do,
I just got some weird
stuff going on right now.
- Oh, well look, if you
ever wanna talk about it,
my door's always.
- Tomorrow, I'll call you
I can't right now, thank you.
- Okay.
Okay, I just, guess
call me, right?
- That was a fun night.
- Mmm?
- Do you know where
my picture is?
- I don't know.
- Oh.
- So I guess we'll see
you guys at he party,
huh, nerds?
- Considering my dad's
the guest of honor,
I would think so.
- Oh, you're some
big shot, aren't ya?
- Big shot.
- Big shot.
- Why do you even hang
out with him anyway?
- Hey, you know, you
better shut up or
I'm gonna make you pay.
- Make me pay, for
your zit cream?
You don't scare anyone
except your reflection
in the mirror, what you
are is mean and bitter.
- Hey.
That's enough.
You three, Principal's
office, now.
- You better watch it.
- Watch it.
- Watch it.
- Oh my gosh, Sophie,
he is going to kill you.
- Bring it on.
- And tonight
on Channel Nine News,
we have a special event
in downtown Hermosa
where Professor Edward
Carson is unveiling
the two and a half
thousand year old amulets
which were discovered
recently at
the school grounds
at Hermosa High.
- Miss Mayor can I get a moment
I just have a few questions.
- Well of course
you can, darling,
I always have time to
speak to the media.
- Awesome well, this event
is just amazing once again.
The atmosphere is just electric.
I mean look at all these
people all in costumes.
- Quick, we don't
wanna get noticed.
- Guys, if Mr. Swaski
sees us, we're gonna be
in real big trouble.
- Oh, he's just gonna send
us to the principal's office
and we won't actually go.
- So what can you tell us
about the announcement?
I mean there's a lot of
speculation over this
archeological dig, so
what can you tell us?
- Well, there will be a very
big announcement tonight
but also people will
be able to get a chance
to experience a
spectacular lunar eclipse
I mean a super blood moon.
- Hey, relax.
Let's have fun, huh?
- You'll just have to stick
around and see, handsome.
- Sounds good.
- Well, they're having fun.
Come on.
- Did you see what
Sophie was wearing?
- Yeah, who was
she supposed to be?
- Her dad.
Okay guys, now come on, quick,
now we need to get to phase
two of Halloween Hell.
- Really?
Is that the best you
could come up with?
It's shadow shape shifting time.
- Still a terrible name.
- You want that.
Thank you.
- God, I'm glad I'm here.
I'm glad I'm here
for you tonight.
- Are you?
- Yes, I know.
- Are you ready for this?
- I'm ready for this
I am, how do I look?
- Handsome as always.
- I think you're more
nervous than I am.
- I'm just worried about Emma.
New town, new babysitter and
don't you think
there's something
not quite right
about that guy or
am I going mad?
- No, no, no, she'll
be fine, I promise.
- Okay.
- My notes, I need
my notes for the.
- Hey, you got this.
- What a great party.
How's everyone feeling,
a good night so far?
- Yeah.
- Yeah!
- It's a great party,
but, don't forget
keep your eye on the sky.
Used to be together
- Wow, I had no idea.
- Me neither.
- Uh.
Are you okay, it's
just, you've been acting
kinda strange all night.
- I'm just not feeling
myself tonight.
- Oh, ah.
Do you wanna go or?
- No, not at all, I'm
sorry, please just
excuse me for a minute.
- Okay well, I'll.
Be right here.
- Where did she go?
- I don't know.
- Danni?
- Danni?
- Danni, where are you?
- What are you doing here?
- I saw something, I
don't know what it was,
but I saw something.
- That was you
playing the piano.
- No, yes, but I
saw a shadow moving.
I swear, I did.
- What did I do, what did I do,
what did I do, what did I
do, this can't be happening,
this can't be happening.
- What's she talking about?
- Leave me alone!
- We've got to help her.
- I don't think
that's a good idea.
- Leave me alone, I
did what you asked,
leave me alone, you
said I would be okay
you gave me your word.
- We gotta get out of here.
- Blood moon.
- Miss Turner, what are
you doing with that guy?
He's 12 feet tall.
- Run, run, run!
- Dude, your costume's
completely rad.
- You have to run.
- No thanks.
- Go.
- Freshmen.
- Oh, hey, uh,
where have you been,
we've all been a little worried.
- Number three.
- I didn't mean run
and leave me.
- Sorry.
- Well, well, look who it is.
- Come on, we need to go now
- Are you with them now, Danni?
- Yes, and we've gotta
go, these shadows.
- Oh shadows, you mean
like these shadows.
- Ugh.
- They're, they're.
- Oh, scared of
your own shadow?
- No, I'm scared of his.
- This doesn't scare me.
- I'm really disappointed
in you, Danni.
What are you even running from,
it's an illusion.
- Yes, I mean no,
we've gotta go.
These shadows.
- I'd like to introduce,
Mr. Edward Carson.
- Thank you, thank you.
Well, first and foremost,
I would like to thank my wife.
She's my crown
jewel, I mean how did
a guy like me end up with her?
- It's an illusion
- This doesn't scare me.
- Oh, so scary, looks so real.
- Yeah, how did you do that?
- She's supported me, well us,
while we spanned
the globe in search
of these magnificent
ancient treasures.
- Yeah, right.
He's not that scary.
- And tonight, to
have all the pendants
together for the first
time in over 2500 years
is quite simply amazing.
And all within view
of this absolutely
incredible spectacle,
a total lunar eclipse,
accompanied by a
super blood moon,
how about that
ladies and gentlemen?
How about that?
- These wonderful people,
fulfilling a lifelong dream
of mine, one my
family followed me on.
- Their power,
according to legend
has the power to swallow
worlds, forever trapped.
- Unbelievable.
- Where's Sophie?
= She's with Edison.
- Sophie!
- We have to go now, the
shadows, they're here!
- Dad!
- Dad, dad, the
shadows, they're coming!
- We've got an evacuation here.
- Everyone needs to leave.
- How did he get my scepter?
- It's not yours, it's his.
- I'm no longer interested.
- Go, now, everybody,
go, go, go!
- Come on!
- Run!
- Go, go, go, go!
- Go go go,
come on, go, come on!
Get out, get out.
- We've got an evacuation here
we got a situation!
Go go, go.
- Come on, Eddie.
You got it.
- What is this place?
- Good evening.
- Who are you, you
scared us to death.
- No time for
questions, I'll explain
as we get further
through the tunnel,
let's go, come on, follow me.
- Where are your parents?
- We don't have parents,
we live in the foster home.
- I'm sorry, I didn't know.
- Stuart lived there with us.
I can't believe he's gone now.
You guys are lucky
to have parents.
- You are indeed.
Hear me now, I need
Sophie, I need Edison,
Thomas, Edward and
Katie to come with me.
Johnny, you and
Danni go that way.
It goes to outside.
- It goes to the outside.
We've got to get Emma.
- Emma's safe,
she's at our base.
- Base?
What the hell is going on here?
We need to get Emma.
And what do you mean she's okay?
- Your babysitter,
he's one of us.
Johnny, Danni, good luck.
This is the end of
the road for you,
it's nothing personal.
- Nothing personal?
You're sending us down into
a black tunnel of death.
- No, not going down there.
- Me neither.
- If they go, we
all go, and I mean all of us.
- She said all of us.
- We're a team.
- A team.
- A team.
- A team.
- A team.
All right then,
team, let's do this.
- Quickly, move!
- All right, let's settle down,
everyone got a place to sit?
- Where are we?
- This is our command center.
- Nope, this is a van.
- Actually, this is our TTF67,
it's one of many
vehicles we have
situated around the world,
to be as inconspicuous
as possible
so that we can move
when we need to move.
Ohanzee now has the six pendants
and his scepter,
so he now has power
to control the shadows
and he has been
watching you, Edward,
and following you
for the past decade.
He has been searching
for these pendants
for 2500 years and
you managed to find
all of them in 10.
Legend has it that
he will come after
your first born.
- I'm so sorry, I'm so
sorry, we're gonna fix this.
He's not gonna hurt you, okay?
- That thing's the devil.
- He's worse than the devil.
Listen to me, Edward, Katie.
He will come after Sophie, but
after that, he
will come for Emma.
- No.
- What?
- What?
- He won't quit, Edward.
- Me.
It's okay.
- Emma!
- Emma!
- How are you here?
- Team, this is
Officer Jason Loveless.
- The babysitter.
Thank you so much for
taking care of her.
- I prefer Officer Loveless.
It's my pleasure.
We track all potential legends.
- So the Loch Ness
Monster and the Yeti?
They're all real?
- Did you not see
what we all just saw?
- Yeah, they're real all right.
- As real as Ohanzee.
- Indeed, they are all
as real as Ohanzee.
- Travis is our scientist,
resident inventor
and generic problem solver.
- I do a bit of
everything around here.
We've been watching Ohanzee,
studying his shadows,
devising a way to capture him.
All is not so good in the hood,
as some people say.
- What about Miss Turner?
- His power must
have grown over time.
Ohanzee is more
dangerous now than ever.
- And how do we stop him?
- Travis.
- Well, we're dealing with
a new form of fusion energy.
Basically, we have
a fusion generator
that drives a motor, a
teeny tiny little motor.
That motor uses kinetic energy
of radioactive decay
particles to produce thrust
in a single space no bigger
than the size of a dime,
that's what give it it's power.
You see, for every
proton/boron pair
that reacts to the laser, at
least three alpha particles
are created, each one
of those alpha particles
have a tremendous
amount of kinetic energy
contained in them.
- Like an atom smasher.
- Yes, yes very similar but not.
Now these electromagnetic forces
pushes alpha particles
and they are directed
to a power source
and in such a small
and dense space it
creates a virtual.
- A black hole.
- A black hole.
In theory, yes.
- You haven't tested it?
- Um.
- That's going to save us?
- All you have to do
is push this button
to get Ohanzee into
the fusion beam.
The beam will then collapse
the light on itself
hopefully taking him with it.
- We've been preparing
for this confrontation
as long as you've been
searching for the pendants.
Ohanzee's a formidable foe.
He's very powerful
and he's using
their power for evil.
It will take you and
your family, Edward.
Starting with Sophie.
Look here, the shadows.
- They're not shadows at all.
- They're not.
- They're black holes.
Well how do we stop it?
- I don't like this.
- Are we safe here?
- I invented the BBFG
for this very purpose.
- Boron-based fusion.
- Fusion generator.
You seem to be pretty well
educated on this matter.
- I was taught a few
things about fusion.
- Hm, maybe we can
even save the world.
- Let me get this straight.
You guys protect the
world from all this evil.
- The universe, actually.
- And who ae you?
Part of the government?
- We're a
quasi-government group.
We went rogue to
preserve the vision
of our original members.
We mustn't waste anymore time,
Ohanzee is on his way.
- How do you know that?
- Because we're inviting him.
- When the moon is
completely engulfed
in the Earth's shadow,
you will have to get
close enough to him so
the BBFG can capture him.
- According to the
history books I've read,
Ohanzee's been
roaming the universe
looking for the
pendant that Dad found
and in order for him to
use the pendants power
he has to hurl the
first born of the finder
of the pendant into
the shadow world.
Ohanzee will come for me.
I'm the bait, our only weapon.
Ohanzee needs light to
create shadow warriors.
If I can draw him away
from all light sources
I can beat him back
into the darkness.
I need to get him to
come here, the tunnels.
If I can find him and
make him follow me
back into the tunnels, we
have a chance with the BBFG.
- Whoa.
- That thing will
spaghettify her.
No way, no way, I will do it.
- Dad!
- No, I will do it.
- Dad, I have to do this.
- Sophie.
- What we're asking
Sophie to do is dangerous.
Ohanzee will send
his shadows to you.
We need you to get close
so we can trap them.
- Not happening.
- No.
- Sophie, get over here.
- Our hope.
- Your hope.
Dear god, we don't even
know who you people are.
rejects, rogue squad.
Are you kidding me?
And that thing, that, that
generator, is there a plan B?
- Look, we know it's
hard to imagine.
Each legend is
different and Ohanzee
is the worst we've had to
deal with this century.
But this is real,
Sophie could die.
She's our only hope.
Tomorrow by this time,
maybe even the Earth
could cease to exist.
If this does not
work, we're doomed.
- She's right, it's
real, I have to try.
I'm your girl.
- All right.
An ear piece to stay in contact.
The button, capture Ohanzee.
And the famous torch gun.
Good luck.
You can do it.
Our girl.
- I'm sorry for you
know, school stuff.
- Apology accepted.
- I'm sorry, I feel bad.
You actually taught me
a few things
- You guys taught me
a few things, too.
- Good luck.
- Good luck.
- Come back safe.
- I will.
- Here.
I don't wanna die without
ever having a girlfriend.
- I don't have a pen.
- Oh, uh.
- Wait till I get back.
- Okay.
I believe in you.
- I love you, little sis.
- I love you too, big sis.
- Wait, I'm going too!
- Edison, Edison, no you're not.
- Dad, I have to,
I have to go help.
- Let's get this little
one to the bunker,
where it's gonna be
safer and calmer.
We have people to
look after her,
she'll be safe, I promise.
- Edison, I don't think
it's a very good idea.
Listen to your father.
- No, no, no, I can
do it, I can help.
I wanna do something.
- You heard him, this
young man wants to help.
He wants to help, he
wants to do something.
- You'll need an ear piece,
stay in contact with us.
- I'll see you soon, Dad.
- You promise?
- I'm so sorry, you
shouldn't have to do this.
- But I do.
- Sophie, we love you.
- I love you too.
- Go be a hero.
- Okay.
- Take my hat.
- I'm coming with
you, I'm gonna help.
- What?
- Me too.
- Me too.
- You need this.
- Totality lasts.
- 14 minutes.
- Okay.
- They'll have 14 minutes.
- I don't see anything.
- Look.
- Mesopotamian.
- Sumerian.
A 10,000 year old language.
- What did he say?
- What did he say?
- I don't think you wanna know.
- Sophie, Sophie,
we've lost sight
of Ohanzee, just stay put.
- I'm not going anywhere.
- I'm sorry, we can't do this.
Danni, are you with me?
- Yeah!
- Johnny, Danni, no!
- Oh god, oh god.
- What are they doing?
For god's sakes.
- The lights!
- What's happening, Travis?
- It's okay, we
planned for this.
- Try and help me open it.
- It won't work,
the door won't open.
Come on, come on.
- They're dead.
- But we're not.
- We lost em.
- We gotta get em
into that tunnel.
- It's our only hope.
- Sophie, Sophie,
if you can hear me
get back in the tunnel,
get back in the tunnel.
- He is one creepy looking guy.
- We really need to find them.
- I think they need to find us.
- Johnny, Danni!
Where are you?
- Guys!
- Please don't do this.
- We're totally trapped.
- We're gonna die,
we're gonna die.
- Ssh, ssh, shh.
- Why, why?
- Shut up, ssh, listen.
- Oh god, what is it?
- Don't move.
- Why, what is it?
- False alarm.
- Open the door,
open the door.
- We can't leave them.
- Do you really
think they'd help us?
- They would, they did.
For Stuart.
- For Stuart.
- Open the doors.
- I got it.
- Guys, we got a big problem.
- They have to
get in the tunnel.
- You're right, there's an
override panel in the tunnel.
- Maybe we can bypass it.
- Yeah.
- I'm going.
- Edward.
- No listen, this
is all my fault.
My daughter's about
to die out there.
I'm going.
- Yep, I'm going too.
- No, Thomas.
- We don't have time to
chat about this, let's go.
- The bypass wires
are red and white.
Just connect them,
it should work.
- Yes, go, go!
- What we do,
what we do, what do we do?
I don't now what to use.
I don't.
Oh, oh.
- Oh, that sound.
- They're coming for me.
- Have to find
something, I mean.
- What do you have?
And we thought it was
safer with the lights on.
- And we didn't
bring a flashlight.
- Three, two, one.
Come on, work.
- I knew I shouldn't
put my life in your guys' hands.
Why did I do this?
- Why, I don't know why.
- Oh no.
Please, come on.
- You've gotta be kidding me.
- Just, just pick something.
- Okay, okay.
Let's see.
- Come on, come on, please.
I'll be good, I promise.
- Is it working?
- Why don't you go
and have a look?
- Come on, please.
- It's not working.
- Okay wait.
- I'll get straight As,
I'll study every
day, just please.
- No!
- Try another!
- How about now?
- Nothing!
- Oh god.
- Come here, buddy.
- Get inside.
- Come here, come here buddy.
- Well that's a bonus.
- Come on, buddy.
- Edward!
- Edward, Edward!
- Dad!
Dad, no!
- Do what you have to
do, Sophie, I love you!
- Dad it's me he wants.
- Go, Sophie, please!
- Your life for his.
- This is our only chance.
- Let's go.
- No, no, no, son, stay.
She can do this.
- Dad, she needs my help.
I can do this.
I love you, Dad.
- It's me you want.
- You don't have
to do this alone.
- Hurry, you must
have something.
- I don't know, I don't know.
- You must have something.
- I don't know.
- What can we use?
Come on.
- I don't know,
I mean there's a strobe light.
- He's too far away, we'll
never reach him with that.
- Okay, wait.
- What?
- It's Halloween!
- This needs to be the
best idea you've ever had.
I have to do this.
- Do it.
- Here.
- Okay.
- Go back to where
you came from.
- Edison!
- Sophie?
- Edward, oh my god,
Edward, where are
you, where's Sophie?
- Hey, what the heck?
Hey, wake up.
- Edison!
- Wait.
- Edison.
- Oh thank god.
- Dad?
- Come here.
- It worked?
It worked, it worked.
- Oh my god.
- It worked!
- Come here, buddy, come here.
Come here, oh.
- Come up, my
darling, come up, come up.
- Sophie?
- Oh, Edward.
- Sophie!
- Sophie!
- Sophie!
- Sophie!
- Where are you?
- Dad, I didn't lose your hat.
- Oh, it's okay, darling.
- I didn't lose your hat.
- I don't need my hat.
Oh my god, we
thought we lost you.
We love you.
- Really, we're fine here.
- Yeah!
- Ha ha, yeah!
- You saved the world, yeah!
- Love you kiddo!
- I love you so much.
- Kiddo, I love you so much.
I love you so much.
- I love you too, Dad.
- Oh my god, come here.
- I love you.
- I'm so glad I'm here.
- I missed you so much.
- You did it.
- No, we did it.
- Sophie, Edison, Everyone.
We have someone who wants
to say something to you.
- Lucy?
- Dad, what is it?
- Lucy?
- Mom, mom!
Mom, oh!
- Oh, I missed you both
so much.
I love you both so much.
So much, I'll never
leave you again.
- We thought that you were dead.
What's going on?
- Mom, you're staying right.
- Edison, I'm not
going anywhere.
Wait, wait, I have
something to say, hold on.
All of you are very brave.
Very selfless to
sacrifice your wellbeing
for the benefit of mankind.
Edison, your mind
is your best asset
and your imagination is
gonna take you places
only you can imagine.
- Thanks, Mom.
And this is my
girlfriend, Sophie.
- Sophie.
A girlfriend, huh?
You are a bright ray of
light in the darkness.
Built to lead and
discover new things.
You both have a destiny.
Danni, Johnny, your
bravery set you apart
and we would be honored
if you would join us.
- For dinner?
I'm starving.
- If you would join our mission.
Our mission to keep the
universe safe from evil.
To protect those who
cannot protect themselves
and to sacrifice it all
for the greater good.
- Lucy?
Who are we exactly?
- Kids, welcome to The
League of Legend Keepers.