The Leakers (2018) Movie Script

What's wrong, Ming?
An unknown and high-risk infectious disease
has broken out in Malaysia.
The death toll today has risen to 60.
A panel of experts from.
The World Health Organization (WHO)
is already here.
Life in Malaysia
has been greatly affected
in the past 2 weeks.
As well as rushing to buy groceries,
drinking water, masks, and disinfectants,
people have to avoid crowded places.
All kindergaten and primary school classes
have been suspended.
High schools, universities,
and other organizations
must close immediately...
if any cases are suspected.
A designated General Hospital in the suburbs
is the centre for admissions and quarantine.
Medical personnel have revealed that...
antibiotics are no use
for the unknown disease.
At this exceptional times,
some doctors have suggested that...
any patient who is willing to try
it can take a new drug called MD5
before the Drug Control Authority's (DCA)
approval process is complete.
Because there's no other way to control
the disease and reduce the death rate
Danny Song, New China News.
Apart from a pen, a camera, and a computer,
more importantly, an
outstanding journalist...
must be very brave
and act on his conscience.
This year, the Most Outstanding
Journalist Award goes to...
Actually it nearly goes without saying,
because she has already
won it twice in a row.
She reported on government
executive corruption, which caused a stir,
as well as the bone-chilling
organ trafficking case.
Last year, she also reported a bank's
scheme for transnational money laundering.
May we have... the winner of the Most
Outstanding Journalist Award up here.
Miss Carly Yuen, please!
Hello, everyone!
Clearly I'm not Carly Yuen
I'm a news cameraman,
she and I are partners,
Carly wants me to thank all of you.
She can't make it here today, sorry!
She's following a very important story.
On the recent epidemic threat in Malaysia,
infectious disease specialists
using gene-mapping techniques on the virus,
have determined that
this variant of ZIKB is VR-23.
In the early stages of the disease,
patients will show symptoms
of mild fever, rash and headache.
Within two days,
symptoms progress rapidly with high fever,
extreme muscle cramps and a dramatic
weakening of the body's vital systems.
The exact latency of the virus
is still uncertain,
but it appears that the duration
between initial infection and death,
is no more than two weeks
with the mortality rate of 70%.
We have classified the
threat level here as 5,
which means the outbreak has pandemic
potential with extremely short reponse times.
Ah... woman in the beige coat
I'm Carly Yuen from Hong Kong Daily.
Mr. Smith.
Have you found the source of epidemic?
And how do the citizens prevent themselves
from getting the infection?
The original strain of ZIKB
is spread by infected mosquitoes.
But the VR-23 variant can also be
spread via "person to person" contact.
Moreover, there's currently no vaccine
for the treatment of VR-23.
Ah... Grey suit and glasses
Danny Song from NCN.
There are rumors saying that
there are Malaysian medical
practitioners using
a new medicine called "MD5"...
before the DCA approval process completed.
Are you aware of this issue?
Will that medicine have any effect?
Well, as they say "Desperate times
require desperate measures".
The WHO has been looking
into the use of MD5.
And from our initial observations
it does seem to treat the disease...
and the Malaysian government
has been explicit in their desire...
to see pharmaceutical company expedite both
the production and distribution of MD5...
with priority given to Malaysian patients
Hi! Long time no see.
You kept saying "No!"
to my invitation to Malaysia
I can't believe I've lost
to this variant virus.
Why didn't you call me?
I wasn't sure about your girlfriend
I don't have one.
How about dinner tonight?
I'm in a hurry to go back.
Why don't you come to Hong Kong for dinner?
OK, I remember your birthday
is coming next month.
We can celebrate it together.
Only if I am free.
Your birthday present is "X Files",
the blue-ray version.
Do you still remember that?
"The truth is out there."
Don't say "No!" to me this time
I will visit you in Hong Kong
I won't say "No!"...
as long as it doesn't go against
my professional ethics.
You surely haven't changed a bit.
Hello? Yes!
Hey! You!
We got an intruder on the 23rd floor.
Intruder fled to
the 22nd floor, reinforcements!
We are chasing the intruder up
the stairs in zone B!
Wait a second, Miss!
Let me take the child's temperature.
Excuse me, Miss!
I need to take your temperature.
Sorry, your temperature is a little high,
go over there for a check-up, please!
- Danny!
- Morning!
- Morning!
- Morning!
- Morning!
- Morning!
- Morning!
- Morning!
Hey, Danny! Your mail.
Thank you!
It looks like as
if we've booked this whole restaurant.
An epidemic is raging out there.
Who dares to eat out?
Only you and I have got the guts.
That's the power of love.
Mom wants two more tables for her guests.
She says an aunt from the US...
wants to come to our wedding, too.
It's OK with me.
Actually, I've rarely met my relatives.
Don't put too much pressure on yourself.
People say you only play with this
fidget spinner when you're stressed.
In fact, things are going pretty well
with our wedding.
I just want to keep my fingers busy.
But I can't help thinking
when everything's going so well,
something's gonna go wrong.
Don't meet trouble halfway.
Help me to pick 1O of these wedding
pictures, I'll enlarge them.
OK, I'll be right there.
Sorry, I have to go to work.
OK, my treat.
Send me those wedding photos.
And the receipt.
- Duan!
- What happened?
Looks like somebody jumped to his death.
The body is over there.
The deceased lived in 608
Wasn't he that TV journalist?
No wonder he looks so familiar.
"Life is killing me, goodbye."
Is this a suicide note?
I've seen so many of them,
but rarely typed on a computer though.
Maybe he wanted
to make sure someone would see it.
Why didn't he simply write it down...
and put it on the desk top instead.
Excuse me, I need the fingerprints
on that keyboard.
- Yes, Sir!
- Thank you.
I don't know anything.
"VR 23 is raging.
People are panicking in Malaysia."
Obviously, this is a suicide case.
There's a suicide note,
and credit card debts.
We checked his income,
he could pay off his debt any time.
Look at his suicide note,
it's written on his computer...
I know you suspect the note is fake,
but according to the forensic report,
the fingerprints on the keyboard
belong to the victim
I smell something fishy
I'll look into it further.
OK, you may.
But remember...
Most importantly, you know when to stop.
What was Danny Song
working on before his death?
He just said he had been
following something real big,
but didn't go into any details.
Well, had he embarrassed anyone
in any news he reported?
Far too many! One way or another,
someone gets pissed by each
and every thing we report.
You've worked with him for so long, how
likely do you think he could kill himself?
Well, it's not for me to say.
I can help you with Danny Song's work
for the last two years.
OK, thank you
Danny Song was a good boss.
I don't think he killed himself.
He asked me to book
an air ticket for him yesterday,
and said he wanted to visit
a woman in Hong Kong,
a woman he liked a lot in university.
Is this Carly Yuen, please?
Speaking, who's this?
I'm calling from the Malaysian Police.
This is Inspektor Lee Weng Kan.
Do you know a person by
the name Danny Song?
We studied Journalism
together in university.
Do you know he is dead?
I just did.
"Danny Song Memorial Page"
I like to know...
if he told you any problems at work
before his death?
We met at the WHO
press conference in Malaysia...
to report on the ZIKA
variant virus epidemic.
But the whole world
was going after that news then.
Well, give me a call if
you think of anything
I'll send you my number later
I'll do anything for Danny Song's sake
I'd like to know what happened to him, too.
Where is Mr. Teo? We're
all waiting for him.
Go get Chun Loong, quick!
Yes! Mr.Teo.
Mr. Teo? Mr. Teo?
Get him down!
Make him comfortable
before calling the police.
Get him down?
Do what I told you.
But the police...
He's my son.
You're of my blood!
Take the secret access!
Yeah, Duan!
Mr. Teo.!
How does your son's death
affect Amanah's business, Mr. Teo?
Mr. Teo.!
There are rumors that Teo Chun Loong
committed suicide; Is it true?
Say something, Mr. Teo!
Will your second son take over his work?
Behind me is the residence of Teo Jit Sin,
founder and chairman of Amanah, the
second-largest drug company in our country.
Teo Jit Sin is a medical practitioner.
In 1984, he and his pharmacist wife,
Ying Seow Chern, co-founded Amanah.
At first, they only took orders from
big pharmaceutical companies in the West...
to make patent medicines...
until 1996
Malaysia had become
the market leader of the Association
of Southeast Asian Nations in medicines...
and was able to sell medicines to countries
like Bangaladash, Sri Lanka, Africa, and Iran.
Opening up these new markets
led to the vigorous growth
of Malaysia's pharmaceutical business.
How did Amanah become so
respected in medicine?
All because it focused on the research
and development of "orphan" medicines.
The so-called "orphan" medicines...
are for rare disorders.
But spending large sums of money
on small numbers of patients...
was of little interest for the research
work of pharmaceutical companies.
However, more and more countries
begin to care...
and were willing to sponsor
the development of "orphan" medicines.
In 2002, Malaysia
officially joined the PICS.
The Pharmaceutical Inspection Convention
and Pharmaceutical Inspection
Co-operation Scheme...
allowed the medicines to enter the
European, Australian, and Canadian markets.
In 2007, Amanah became
a listed company in the US.
Teo Jit Sin and his wife, Ying Seow Chern,
went to the same university,
married in 1980 and had 2 sons.
Their first son, Teo Chun Loong,
was found dead in his office today.
Teo Shun Loong was
the Genera Manager oi Amanah.
He served in the Air Force,
and was awarded
a National Defense Allegiance medal.
His wife was the famous women's shoe-designer,
Phang Zhen Mei. They had no children.
The death of Teo Chun Loong
shocked not only his family,
but the pharmaceutical industry
and the stock market.
Teo Jit Sin is the chairman
and the largest shareholder
of the USD $200 million market...
After the death of Teo Chun Loong,
the second son of the Teo family,
Teo Chun Yann,
who is currently abroad doing his PhD,
is the only heir.
There is rumor about the Teo family,
stating that Teo Jit Sin's wife,
Ying Seow Chern,
was kidnapped twenty years ago,
and there is still no trace of her to date.
Cause of death?
You can see that
there is a ligature mark on his neck,
suggesting that it was caused by
rope strangulation.
How about this scar?
Oh, I surmise that
that is some sort of burn mark
I've seen some policemen
with the devil's own luck...
having such scars after
being grazed by bullets.
Are the toxicology and blood reports out?
No alcohol in the blood?
It's not a suicide.
It's a murder case.
The autopsy report has just come out.
The cause of your son's death
has been changed from suicide to homicide.
Who do you think
could've murdered your son, Mr.Teo?
Do you think all these misfortunes
will affect Amanah's business, Mr.Teo?
Mr. Teo?
Back off, back off a little bit,
everyone, please! Thank you.
My son, Chun Loong,
he was brilliant and loved me a great deal.
He was a nice person.
I won't let the murderer get away
lam now offering a reward of USD $10
million for the murderer, dead or alive!
I must, and I will, bring him to justice.
Now, let's welcome
the famous analyst, Mr. Joe Watson,
to explain the recent volatility
in the stock price.
Thank you, yes.
Amanah stock has indeed been
extremely volatile recently.
And its wide price fluctuations can really
be explained by the new medicine, MD5.
But at the same time, of course,
we have the tragic recent news of
the death of Mr.Teo Chun Loong,
the General Manager.
As the eldest son,
he was really seen by the general public
as the natural successor to Mr Teo Jit Sin.
So, the company now really
has to convince the market
as to its new succession plan.
Nevertheless, I personally feel
very positive about this stock,
and despite the news
of the death of the eldest son,
I think it has strong
positive momentum driven by MD5
and its potential to save countless
lives in the years ahead.
Is Mrs. Teo in, please?
No, she's not.
Where is she?
There are so many reporters out there,
how could she sneak out?
There's a passage in our underground parking
lot connected to the building next door.
That's probably how she left.
Usually, Madam asks me to pack for her,
but not this time.
She didn't pack much,
but I saw her take her passport.
She ran away right after
her husband's death.
We'll have to run to the airport now!
Call Immigration to see
if she has left the territory yet.
Don't let her leave if she hasn't.
Also, check this computer
Danny Song's email address is in here
I think Teo Chun Loong and Phang Zhen Mei
had contact with him.
Yeah, Duan!
Phang Zhen Mei has
gone through Immigration, Duan!
Her computer shows
she booked tickets for 3 destinations.
The airlines said the 3 tickets
have all been used to check in.
So I don't know where she is.
I'll call you right away if anything
happens when I arrive at the airport.
According to the records, Phang is boarding
American Airlines Flight 678 at Gate 6.
Take me there, hurry!
Final call for Flight 678 to the United States,
passengers please check in as soon as possible.
Final call for Flight 678 to the United States,
passengers please check in as soon as possible.
Phang didn't board that
flight to the States.
Of the other 2 flights,
the one to Hong Kong has taken off.
So if she's gone,
I believe she's heading for Hong Kong.
I lost touch with Chun Yann
I was going to tell him
about Chun Loong's death.
But I just couldn't locate him.
Is it likely that
he went somewhere with his friends.
Chun Loong is dead,
so Chun Yann is the only heir now
I'm very worried.
I fear he's the murderer's next target.
My life of hard work
will be wasted if anything happens to him.
So I wish...
you could send your men to find him
in Hong Kong as soon as possible.
And bring him back in one piece.
Don't worry, Mr. Teo
I'll get in touch with
the Hong Kong Police now.
Eat your noodles!
Why aren't you eating? You bought it!
I ate already!
I'm just here to keep you company.
I want to tell you that
I'm not coming home tonight.
Aren't you on day-shift today?
I never see you at home anyway.
The files on my desk are
up to my chin, Madam!
You can always find an excuse,
but I have mine, too.
You're either not at home,
or come home exhausted or in no mood.
We hardly ever talk.
Aren't we talking now?
What're we doing if not?
I want to be on my own!
I'll go take a puff. Take your time.
I mean I don't want to be with you anymore.
Didn't I say I'm going out for a puff?
Am I not letting you be on your own now?
Why don't you...
go get a drink someplace with some friends.
And get home a little late.
What's up? What's up?
Hey, Dai Wail.
Go find a doctoral student called Teo
Chun Yann at HK Research University
I'll send you his details later.
Can't you get somebody else to go?
Yes, I can! But I want
you to go, understand?
That Malaysian student
and his teammates never go home.
See if they can help you.
Thank you.
Wow! It's cool!
This thing... ouch!
So cool! What is it?
Oh! What does it mean?
Super-sense of augmented reality!
Put real objects and
virtual objects together.
Our class did this together.
Including Teo Chun Yann?
Which one is real, which one is virtual?
This is real, this is virtual.
Where is Teo Chun Yann?
He's not here!
Where can he be?
Try the student quarters.
Real or virtual?
For real, Sir!
Teo Chun Yann is nowhere to be found, Sir!
I searched every building.
Sir, Interpol is demanding
assistance again.
Hang on a second!
What? What assistance?
It's about a passenger
flying into Hong Kong now.
Her name is Phang Zhen Mei.
The Malaysia Police asked us
to detain her at the airport.
No! We can't detain anyone
without authorization.
But they've already sent someone here.
And they hope we can
assist him in an investigation.
Mr. Big has been notified of that.
Go to the airport now, Dai Wai!
The airport, might as well!
What do you mean by "might as well"?
Do you know where I am now?
Can't you get anyone else to go?
Yes! But I want you to go.
Do you know how long
I've been on duty today, man?
I could sue you for that!
Phang Zhen Mei.
It's me! Keep walking.
Excuse us!
Stop the car!
I'm Inspector Wong Dai Wai.
There's been a traffic accident
outside of the airport.
Send back-up, please!
What now? What now?
Did you grab Phang Zhen Mei?
No! I didn't.
No need to scream!
Mr. Chu wants me to tell you that...
Malaysia is sending an officer...
here early tomorrow morning
for Phang Zhen Mei's case.
You want me to spend the night
waiting at the airport...
to pick him up, right?
I won't do it!
I hired a computer expert.
He should be able to decode
the anti-copy encryption system
on the hard disk.
I... have... work to do tonight,
can't go home.
You didn't have to call to tell me that.
Why didn't you assume I wouldn't come home?
But you are at home!
Because our daughter
didn't want to sleep over at my cousin's.
She said she didn't want us to divorce.
Then don't, OK?
There's no point talking to you.
Our daughter will come with me
after our divorce.
Hey my dear!
I think we need to ask her first.
Maybe she wants to stay with me.
Where could you steal the time
to look after her?
I don't understand! You do all the talking.
You make all the suggestions.
You make all the decisions.
You're wasting my time.
Good news from the Hospital this morning.
Ten VR-23-infected patients are
- gradually recovering...
- Congratulations, ma'am!
- After a course.
- Your child has recovered
of MD5 treatment.
Thank you, doctor! Thank you.
MD5 has proven to be effective.
And the DCA will
simplify the application process
to approve the sale of this wonder drug.
At the same time, the government has ordered
a 100 million Ringgitt worth of MD5.
The stock price of Amanah went up 20%...
20 minutes before the stock market
opened this morning.
All passengers please pay attention,
due to the raging "VR-23",
all visitors from Malaysia,
and those who have travelled to Malaysia.
Yes, I'm in Hong Kong now.
Having a VR-23 check.
You got infected? Oh, No!
No, just a check-up.
Nothing to worry about.
Did you pick the wedding photos?
Time to process them.
Do them all! They're all very nice.
That means you haven't looked at any.
To be honest, I haven't
I'm busy.
For things like that, why don't you do it?
Excuse us, excuse us!
VR-23 continues to spread
to neighboring regions...
VR-23 was first found in Hong Kong...
after Singapore, Indonesia,
Thailand, and Vietnam
I'm just a little feverish;
I haven't got infected, Benson
I'm ready to leave the
Quarantine Centre now.
It's better for you to stay there
Hong Kong has already got
its first VR-23 case.
OK, wait for me at the hospital
with all your gadgets then.
Hey, get a couple more masks,
they are out of stock.
Queen Elizabeth Hospital, please!
All passengers please pay attention,
due to the raging "VR-23",
all visitors from Malaysia,
and those who have travelled to Malaysia
must undergo a "VR-23" quick test.
Our staff will lead you
to check-up in a while...
Inspector Wong?
Lee Weng Kan
from Malaysia.
What measures has Hong Kong taken to guard
against the VR-23 epidemic, Commissioner?
Right now, VR-23 can
only be treated with...
one new medicine; It's called MD5.
The Quarantine Centre has
already bulk-ordered the new medicine.
So I think...
we should be able to
contain the epidemic...
within a very short time.
But the problem is...
Amanah is the only company
that manufactures
this new medicine in the world.
So I can't say for sure
when it will arrive in Hong Kong.
What the people can do is...
stay indoors as much as possible,
or only go to places with few people...
Maintain personal hygiene...
Who is it?
No, thank you!
I said "No!"...
Where's the hard disk?
Where is it?
In that bag!
Take it out!
Anyone who comes to Hong Kong
must try cream soda,
and eat wonton noodles with vinegar.
Hold it...
No, no!
I don't want my noodles turning all red.
It's better this way.
D'you know why we must eat it with vinegar?
Tastes better, I guess.
It's the acid-base balance.
The wonton noodles are alkaline,
whereas vinegar is acidic.
This is how you enjoy it!
The essence of these noodles is the soup.
And the wontons...
What have you got about Phang Zhen Mei
and Teo Chun Yann?
We'll get started
as soon as we're done here, OK?
I am done. Actually I am not that hungry.
Bill, please!
I'll get it!
No, no, no!
It's nothing personal!
I'll have to take your Ringgitts
to the money exchange, man!
C'mon, it's OK.
No, no, no! That's the rules of the game.
Talking about rules.
My boss wants you to know that
you have no legal authority
to enforce laws here.
Also, you aren't allowed to carry a gun.
You haven't got one with you, have you?
What do you think?
I don't know what to say.
The bill, please!
Come on, finish it!
I'm full. Thank you.
Is this him?
Yes! This is him.
Do you speak Cantonese?
Oh, yes!
How are you, Mr. Chu?
Inspektor Lee Weng Kan
of the Royal Malaysia Police.
Why did you bring him here?
I didn't! He followed me
I told him about his legal rights here.
Hey! Just look, don't touch!
Hey, hey, hey, don't go in!
Ask him to wait downstairs.
Alright, alright!
Wait downstairs.
Hey, you're supposed to wait downstairs.
Don't you understand Cantonese?
I do, I do...
Let me see!
Hey, just look, don't touch!
It's Phang Zhen Mei's forearm.
No kidding, are you sure?
That's the most intact remnant
we could find here, Sir!
Look at this!
Phang Zhen Mei's ring...
is the same as this.
Good for you! Go, go, go!
What is this, Dai Wai?
He says it's likely Phang Zhen Mei's
forearm, and the ring in this picture...
Sir! According to the hotel records,
Phang Zhen Mei booked this room
with her Malaysian passport.
How many people were registered?
From the closed-circuit TV here,
this white-haired guy was
with her at reception.
Yeah, right! He was the
one that took her away.
Do you recognize... this white-haired man?
Oh, does this mean
I can assist your investigation now?
Hey, just look,
but don't touch! So take a look.
No! I don't recognize him.
Oh, boy! A ticket?
Wait, wait!
Yeah, right!
It could be a bomb.
We had better be careful.
It should be a USB...
and a tube-shaped object.
That means it's a USB bomb with a fuse.
Hey, buddy!
Is that a ticket or what? What's that?
Thank you!
The victim would've been him, got it?
Have you a computer?
We are... The Leakers!
A league to maintain the truth.
Our purpose is...
to tear the masks from hypocrites,
to expose sugar-coated
evil acts to the world.
Recently, a new epidemic,
VR-23, took over Southeast Asia.
Amanah delivered a new
medicine to eliminate it.
Some people praise Amanah
Pharmaceuticals as
a saviour from disasters.
As a matter of fact, curing diseases...
just means making big bucks...
to many pharmaceutical coporations.
They go by many twists and turns...
to bribe medical practitioners
who have the authority to prescribe drugs.
Luxurious dinner parties...
business inspection tours abroad...
have become unspoken rules in the industry.
And government officials...
are accomplices.
The way interest is
transferred among them...
is either instant or delayed.
They work hand in hand, in collusion.
The government purchases new medicines
from Amanah using huge public funds.
And so Amanah makes big
money out of disasters.
The company even lays in supplies...
to create an "out of stock" illusion,
putting citizens in fear.
We, The Leakers, tell you all that...
Teo Chun Yann, the son of Amanah
Pharmaceuticals' Teo Jit Sin,
is in our hands.
Teo Jit Sin has to pay us
USD $100 million ransom as a penality.
Save me, Dad!
The blood sample indicated
in the police report...
is identical...
with your second son's.
This salty 7-Up lemonade is really tasty,
available only in Hong Kong.
This lemon has to be
marinated with salt for years,
then mixed with 7-UP.
C'mon, have a sip.
No, thank you!
What's the matter?
Are you trying to memorize this manuscript?
You watch it again and again.
Why is this person
wearing a "Bocca Della Verita" mask?
This mask is called
the "Mouth of Truth", got it?
Because if one inserts his hand and
tells lies, one is bitten to death.
How do you know?
Because I watched "Roman Holiday".
Don't you think something
doesn't make any sense here.
Usually... kidnappers...
directly contact the hostage family
for the ransom.
But it's different this time.
They first contacted the police.
Contacting the police means
telling the whole world,
which makes it a lot more difficult
for them to get the ransom.
Is it not logical to do so?
What is not logical?
They shifted attention...
to confuse us.
Therefore we must think
as simple as we can.
Did he get along with his siblings?
First of all, he and his big brother,
- Teo Chun Loong...
- Teo Chun Loong.
Yes! Did they get along or not?
Oh, they did! As far as I know.
Then why did he come to
Hong Kong by himself?
His family is so rich!
Well, his family doesn't like him then.
His big brother...
Oops! His big brother is dead.
Yeah! Actually, Teo Chun Loong met someone
before he died.
A reporter called Danny Song.
But Song is dead, too.
Both of their deaths
were made to look like suicide.
It must've been The Leakers.
That's why I want to
know who The Leakers are.
They murdered Teo Chun Loong,
and fatally bombed Phang Zhen Mei.
Now they've kidnapped Teo Chun Yann.
If they did all this,
they can't just be a bunch of nobodies.
Nope! It's because they are all nobodies.
You're right,
it's just like those starlets in showbiz.
They have to make-believe with rumors, scandals,
meeting big bosses in discreet places.
Then get the paparazzi to take some photos.
That's how they make their names known.
The kidnappers called
the police themselves.
Obviously they want to attract attention.
They want to make headlines
in the international news.
If Hong Kong can't handle this,
we'll be the laughing
stock of the whole world.
These Leakers are really... really...
"Lui, wife."
Hello? What?
Which hospital?
Dai Wai!
It's VR-23.
Boy! How did she get it?
She should be alright.
Malaysia has the medicine,
so will Hong Kong.
How's my daughter, doctor?
She's lucky, she got here early enough.
We gave her a dose of MD5.
She's stable now.
Can I see her, doctor?
Sorry, all VR-23 patients are quarantined.
I asked her.
To my surprise,
she said she wanted to stay with you.
To your surprise?
Isn't she angry with me? I'm so busy
that I seldom spend time with her.
That's why she wants to stay
and look after you.
I know something disastrous
is happening out there.
Since you can't get anything done here,
why don't you go back to work for now?
I swear to God, all these years,
I never gave in to vicious power,
neither did I encourage crime.
So I've decided not to pay the ransom
I'm putting my son's life...
in the hands of the police.
Right now, we're using MD5 to treat VR-23.
The hospital has placed more orders for it.
It should be enough for a while.
Carly Yuen!
Speaking. Who's calling?
A Leaker
I've got something stunning.
It depends on how stunning it is.
It has a lot to do...
with your friend Danny Song's death.
Shall we meet and talk?
Go to the movie theatre,
get 2 tickets for House 3.
H4, L24
2 for House 3, please!
You sit over there.
Will get back to you later.
Go to the ladies' room now
Don't worry, Carly will
go home in one piece.
Hey, hello?
How are you, Miss Yuen?
Sorry about meeting this way.
Phang Zhen Mei?
Your friend Danny Song didn't
commit suicide, he was murdered.
We both worked together for nearly a year
I know it's hard
for you to believe us all of a sudden.
But you're a professional,
you should want to know whether the news
you come across is real or not.
The highly-acclaimed reporter Carly Yuen
covered the Teo Chun Yann kidnap
by The Leakers...
who demand a ransom of US$ 100 million
is Teo Chun Yann's father, Teo Jit Sin.
Teo Jit Sin has refused to pay.
"Teo Chun Yann kidnapped"
According to Carly Yuen's coverage,
"by The Leakers in Hong Kong"
other than the ransom,
other than the ransom,
The Leakers want to punish Teo Jit Sin...
by demanding that Amanah gives away...
USD $100 million-worth
of MD5 to the public,
as well as giving up its patent.
We have contacted the Hong Kong Police.
So far, Chun Yann is nowhwere to be found.
Sorry, Mr. Teo.
Time for the board meeting, Mr. Teo.
Fellow directors,
because of the situation of my son,
I will reveal the formula of "MD5",
and also donate to those who are infected
I ask for your understanding of my decision
I object!
It's not much concern...
our company's... share price or loss.
But let the board decide.
Let's vote then!
For those who agree with me,
please raise your hand.
The voting result is out.
We will not reveal the formula,
but still donate USD $100
million-worth of MD5,
which will be paid by myself.
No objection?
Chairman of the Amanah
Pharmaceutical Corporation, Teo Jit Sin...
has agreed to purchase, in his own name,
a USD $100 million-worth of MD5,
and will donate the medicine
to all epidemic areas.
Both the World Health Organization
and the medical field welcome this.
It is said that some WHO
committee members...
suggest that Mr. Teo Jit Sin be
nominated for a World Philanthropy Award.
How are you, Miss Yuen?
Wong Dai Wai, police.
How can I help you?
Just a few questions.
May I...
Nobody can just come into somebody's place,
not even the police.
Um... I'm from Malaysia
I called you before
I'm Inspektor Lee Weng Kan.
Actually, we suspect that this case has
something to do with Danny Song's death.
So would you please cooperate with us?
In fact, a lot of us are your fans.
We read your articles because you always
write from a genuine point of view.
How do you know Teo Chun
Yann was kidnapped?
I know I didn't break any law.
And I know my civil rights, too.
As a journalist, I won't reveal my source.
A journalist won't leave one
to sink or swim, right? Sol...
You may remain silent,
but anything you say may absolutely
become part of what I will cover.
He's really a police officer from Malaysia.
He doesn't know much
about the laws of Hong Kong.
Keep going!
I said it wouldn't work, didn't I?
- Keep going!
- Keep going!
You're here to ask questions, go ahead!
Sorry, Miss Yuen!
Sorry to have bothered you, sorry!
- Sorry, sorry, bye!
- Nothing else to ask?
Trust what I say
I could tell she's hiding something.
Talk is cheap.
We need evidence!
The evidence was
when she started videotaping you...
OK, so?
How's it going? Has she showed up?
No yet!
- Here you go!
- Thank you.
Authentic Malaysian "laksa".
A very popular dish.
No doubt it's "gui dew" (flat rice noodles)
It's Malaysian anyway.
The Malaysian original tastes better.
All right, give me that.
Don't be so picky!
It's pretty Malaysian.
Are you married?
Just about to!
The wedding photos have been taken already.
But I have to pick 1O of them.
It's good that you're only just about to.
You still have time to think about it.
Did you divorce?
Just about to!
It's good to hear that.
You still have time to think about it, too!
Hello, madam? License no. UC2093,
check it out, please! Thank you.
The owner is a man
by the name Ho Ban, with a criminal record.
Assaulting a police officer,
and contempt of court;
He's a field reporter.
Your coverage is really something.
It's made the Hong Kong Daily
sell out in no time.
It's top trending on the net, too.
What? Is someone following us?
Sir, I'm following the reporter covering
the Teo Chun Yann kidnap.
Get our men ready, I'll call you as soon as
I know where they're going.
Your coverage is incredible.
The free MD5 has saved a lot of people.
Where is Teo Chun Yann?
Please sit down!
What is true? What is false?
You think you know,
actually you don't
I'm The Leaker.
My father Teo Jit Sin...
has done a lot of unethical...
and unspeakably dirty things.
He has been deceiving
the public to win fame.
He has not only deceived
the government many times
for grants to develop "orphan" medicines,
but also bribed government officials
to put below-grade medicine on the market
I've been collecting
evidence of his crimes...
for many years.
That's how I found out he manufactured
VR-23 and MD5 at the same time.
He spread VR-23 to cause panic first,
then put MD5 on the market...
to earn a fortune
from the disaster he initiated.
The life and death
of the virus-infected victims
was never his concern.
But my father is a man of wealth and power,
he's connected to both government
officials and the underworld
I needed a well-laid plan to be
able to bring his crimes to light.
That's why I started The Leakers...
to liaise with people
who have a sense of justice,
including journalists and lawyers.
The data stored on this hard disk...
is the truth that everybody should know.
Up there!
Freeze! Freeze!
Where are you keeping Teo Chun Yann?
The Teo Chun Yann you're looking for...
is right here.
Teo Chun Yann.
I must take you back to Malaysia.
You're a police officer,
you should know
how powerful my father is in Malaysia
I'll protect you when we return.
As long as you hand me
your brother's hard disk,
I'll use it to arrest Teo Jit Sin.
The hard disk was damaged by
the bomb blast in the hotel.
You have no evidence to indict him.
There have to be eyewitnesses
I'm the best one.
Go back with me then
I'll tell the world that
my father is a criminal...
in my own way - Come with me!
Drop the gun! Drop the gun!
- What are you doing?
- Drop the gun!
You have no right to enforce the law here.
Let go of me!
I'm warning you!
I told you...
just look, don't touch.
Are you turning a deaf ear or what?
Are you out of your mind?
What are you looking at?
What? Police! Leave!
I told you...
Do you know the virus
has spread here from Malaysia,
my daughter is infected,
and she's still in the hospital?
I want to know what's going on!
He just said so,
got no evidence.
You just let him go like that?
Let who go?
Did you see anyone here?
I didn't!
Are you nuts?
Are you imagining things or what?
My men have arrived.
Talk to them about any complaints.
Police, drop the gun!
- Drop the gun!
- Hey, hey, buddy!
- Drop the gun!
- Don't!
Over here, here!
He's one of us.
Call an ambulance!
Jesus! Couldn't even get one photo.
Are you OK?
How's Benson?
He didn't make it.
Did he know you are
linked with The Leakers?
I found this mask in your bag
Danny Song gave me that.
He invited me to join them...
when I worked in Malaysia last.
Don't say "No!" to me this time
I will visit you in Hong Kong.
"Bocca Della Verita."
Being a reporter has
become more and more risky these days.
We could lose our lives in no time.
Therefore we must form an alliance...
to reveal injustice the best we can.
I agreed with them.
Before Benson died,
he wanted me to tell you
on his behalf that...
Tell Carly I wouldn't have
stayed in this job...
had it not been for her.
It's alright, hang on
ls the ambulance here yet?
Hey, You... Mr. Lee!
I've got you some goodies to take home,
so many germs there.
Take me for authentic laksa...
or gui dew or whatever
when I go to Malaysia next, OK?
Oh, no! Please don't!
We have nothing in common.
Don't ever come, please!
Let's not meet again.
Mr. Wong?
Miss me already?
C'mon, have a hug!
Something which I must tell you.
The law is the law.
The Leakers is an illegal organization,
no matter what.
So if Teo Chun Yann...
if he returns to Malaysia,
I must arrest him myself.
You have all your rights in Malaysia;
You may do whatever you want.
Hey, c'mon, keep it!
There are so many germs on your side.
You have to get yourself a wife...
and kids.
This and that.
So many things to do.
Get rid of all the evidence!
Yes, Mr. Teo!
I had a bad dream, Dad!
Oh, it's OK now, just a dream!
Dad is here, I'll chase
your bad dream away.
Go away, g0, 90, 90!
Mom, Mom!
She's waking up.
Are you?
I was so worried!
Dad has to go to Malaysia
for a couple days.
Anything from there you want to eat,
I'll bring it back to you, OK?
Why are you going to Malaysia?
It's hard to say "No!" as a civil servant.
There's a case to follow.
Dad won't want to visit
you here again when he returns.
So keep it UP!
Yeah! Keep it up!
I'm Carly Yuen
I received a message from "The Leakers",
that Teo Chun Yann has been released
I'm flying to Malaysia to follow this news.
Chief! I got a message from The Leakers.
They already killed the hostage.
But I don't think the Hong Kong Police
will release the news...
until they find his body
I'm Carly Yuen.
This is Wong Dai Wai.
Special report; According
to a reliable source,
The CEO of Amanah, Teo Jit Sin,
whose second son,
Teo Chun Yann, has been
killed by The Leakers.
If it is true,
then Teo Jit Sin has.
"Teo Chun Yann killed Teo Jit Sin wept
bitterly" lost two heirs in less than a month.
"Teo Jit Sin lost two sons within a month."
According to Police.
The CEO of Amanah, Teo Jit Sin's second
son, Teo Chun Yann, was released.
However, police did not disclose
his whereabouts.
The CEO of Amanah, Teo Jit Sin,
has prepared a funeral parlour
in his head office... for the public
to mourn his first son, Teo Chun Loong.
Since the parlour is open to the public,
the police are concerned,
and more than hundred police officers
have been stationed there.
But the police deny that the deployment is for
fear that The Leakers may take further action.
Hello? Are you on your way?
All the guests are here,
except the groom.
What do you want me to tell them?
There's nothing to tell them!
How the hell could we know our wedding day
would coincide with a big-shot's funeral?
Just tell them... I'm a policeman on duty.
And an urgent case is happening today.
OK, I promise you
I'll be right with you
as soon as I'm done here.
Hi, Congratulations.
Hi, Thank you.
My condolences, Mr. Teo.
Thank you.
Mr. Teo Chun Yann?
Mr. Teo Chun Yann?
Back off! Back off!
Go outside! Back off!
Why couldn't I find you?
Please come with me to assist us
in an investigation, Mr. Teo Chun Yann.
Do you want to take Chun Yann in now?
Yes! He kidnapped himself to blackmail you;
We have to look into that.
We might need your help
later on, too, Mr. Teo.
Just a second!
Penguasa Kong!
We are in the middle of
Chun Loong's funeral
I know the law, but should it step aside
a little under this circumstances.
So can you do me this favour?
Chun Yann and I will
report to the police...
as soon as the funeral is over.
It won't be long.
The law is the law.
Mr. Teo.
You have 15 minutes.
Thank you.
C'mon, my office!
How long has it been
since we last saw each other?
Two years 4 months and 3 days.
We met on Mom's birthday.
That long?
You started caring
about your son just now, didn't you?
I don't need to tell you
how much I care about you.
My brother paid my tuition fees
and expenses all these years.
Was your brother like the goose that
laid the golden eggs or what?
The money he sent you
came from the company's profits.
Five minutes left.
What else have you got to yell at me?
I'm used to it.
We're family, Chun Yann!
Why can't we talk everything over?
Nobody could ever talk in our family...
but you! You did all the talking.
Because none of you
were ever willing to communicate with me.
My brother was with you every day
I don't think you could
communicate with him.
Did you meet with him?
Where's the hard disk? Do you have it?
Give it to me!
If I do,
will you spare me?
Good question
I would seriouly think about it.
The Teo father and son are missing, Sir!
Seal off the building, search everywhere!
Stop, stop...
Go! Get after that car!
Where is Lee going?
Open the door!
The car has broken down.
Get behind the wheel.
Hold it!
Hey. My van!
Stop the car!
Why did you bring me here?
What do you want?
Even although the law
can't bring him to justice,
I want the world to know that...
he's a criminal in sheep's clothing.
We'll interrogate Teo Jit Sin
in front of the world,
the public will find out what he is.
Teo Jit Sin!
This is where you began to get rich
I want you to tell the truth here.
The truth is you people kidnapped me here.
The truth is you obtained grants from the
government for "orphan" medicines...
based on fake research
and development reports...
between 1997 and 2003.
You also bribed certain
government officials...
to get their approval to put "orphan" medicines
on the market during that period of time.
Everyone knows how much I have helped...
infected patients with both money
and "orphan" medicines.
So your accusation is invalid.
Put it on!
See for yourself!
All infected patients are
waiting for the medicine.
You made counterfeit medicines.
They couldn't cure the patients.
Why did you do that?
I couldn't cure their illnesses,
but I cured their minds
I just wanted to give them hope.
Give them hope?
That was false hope!
Don't you have a conscience?
A conscience is for ordinary people.
The result is what matters
when you are doing great things
I don't care. I'll report
you to the police...
if you don't stop.
You want to ruin me.
Why did you make this video?
What do you really want from me?
You were arguing with Mom that day.
My brother and I were hiding there.
The next day...
Mom was kidnapped.
You said you wouldn't
give in to the kidnappers.
So no ransom was paid,
which was what you said
when you heard about my kidnap.
After that, Mom vanished into thin air.
You were behind all that.
You feared that Mom would report you.
So you killed her to keep her mouth shut.
Are you imagining things
or are you seriously ill?
Earlier at the Dange Darul Perumahan Rakyat
(People's Housing Programme),
two badly damaged lifts have been fixed...
and the residents can
go back to their normal lives...
OK, that's all.
Stop the wrong-doing.
Bombing the Darwin Institute of Biology
in Australia was also your idea.
Keep going!
Why would I want to do that?
To destroy the evidence
I haven't got any evidence for...
Mom's disappearance...
or the bombing
of The Darwin Institute of Biology.
But I have all the evidence...
for the subsequent crimes you committed.
You deposited USD $10
million into an account,
which belongs to
the Supervisor of the Darwin Institute.
You asked him
to secretly conduct virus research.
What's wrong with asking the Institute
to do research on viruses?
I'm in the pharmaceutical business!
What's wrong was, you wanted the Institute
to work on ZIKA variants.
But at the same time,
you wanted a targeted wonder drug
to be produced.
You manufactured and spread VR-23,
then put the new medicine on the market.
That's how you made big money,
and became the saviour of the world.
Sorry to disappoint you
I didn't do any of that.
Teo Jit Sin!
Your Judgement Day has come.
It's not up to you to deny what you did.
All the evidence is here!
I'm just gonna say it one more time
I did not do any of that,
no matter what you say.
Did you not?
Why did you kill the reporter, Danny Song,
for this hard disk...
if you didn't do these things?
Why did you kill my brother,
and his wife?
Why are you people ganging up
and accusing me of what I have not done?
All right, deny all you can!
I'll reveal what's on
this hard disk to the public.
The world will know what you have done...
in less than 3 minutes.
Give me that!
Watch this!
We found them...
in an Amanah's abandoned plant.
OK, let's go right now!
Teo Jit Sin!
Do you plead guilty or not guilty?
Since you know me so well,
have you calculated
how much I donate to charity every year?
No one will believe it even
if you put it on the net.
Because your accusation is invalid.
Since you say so, I'll upload it now,
and see how the public responds to it.
I learned this trick from you
I won't make the same mistake twice.
Where's Teo Jit Sin?
He'll be right here with you...
in 15 minutes, I promise. OK?
This is Malaysia - I know.
You abducted Teo Jit Sin,
and I'm a policeman,
I have to do my job.
Exactly! You're a policeman.
Your job is to solve the case.
The purpose of your job
is to find the truth
I don't want to listen to this.
OK! Did you learn about Danny Song?
Phang Zhen Mei?
Benson Ho?
Teo Chun Loong?
You did, right?
But there are VR-23 infected patients
that you know nothing about.
Are you gonna...
let them die...
without knowing why?
He'll be here in 15
minutes, as simple as that!
We've arrived, Duan! Where are you?
Even if I could spare you 15 minutes,
my colleagues out there might not agree.
Don't be so sure.
Put down the gun!
I will kill him.
The television is
broadcasting live in there.
Our boss said no reckless moves!
I'll sue you for slander.
Why did you, your brother, and mother...
want so much to ruin me?
Stop talking!
I planned to give you all I have.
You're my son!
I said, "Stop talking!"
Do you know the worst thing
that ever happened to me?
Having you as my father!
I really wish I hadn't been born...
that I'd never existed in this world.
You must be condemned to hell...
for the towering crimes you committed
I may be despicable and shameless to you.
But after all I am your father.
You may disrespect me,
but you shouldn't gang up
with strangers to slander me.
You shouldn't gang up to pull me down.
Shut your mouth!
Go to hell!
- Don't come near!
- Calm down.
You want me dead.
No need to find yourself any excuse.
Just pull your gun on me.
Right here!
Pull the trigger!
Do it, you piece of shit.
Go! Go! Go! Go!
Drop the gun!
Drop the gun!
I was defending myself,
but it went off by accident.
Arrest him!
Go get the others!
Teo Jit Sin!
I want the world to get
a close look at you.
We'll see what they say.
What if Teo Jit Sin
denies all the evil things he did?
Where there's truth,
there's sacrifice.
Don't worry,
you're gonna be OK.
Why did you want to expose your father?
I hate to...
live in his illusion.
And you?
I'm a journalist.
Here is the divorce settlement agreement.
Please take a look.
You can sign your name...
if you don't have any questions.
we are friends now!
Long time no hug!
After a 6-month criminal trial,
the Federal Court of Malaysia ruled that...
Teo Jit Sin was not guilty
of murdering his son, Teo Chun Yann,
but was guilty of involuntary manslaughter,
and sentenced to 20 years in jail.
At the same time, the Court acquitted Teo
Jit Sin of all other charges against him.
As for Teo Jit Sin's civil case against
the news reporter, Carly Yuen, for slander.
The Court ruled that Carly Yuen
was guilty of slander
Carly Yuen had to pay Teo Jit Sin 1 USD...
in compensation.
"In memory of Chi Sen
Yan and his hard work"