The Leech Woman (1960) Movie Script

Well, that's a novelty,
your refusing anything with alcohol in it.
I'm not used to seeing you sober
this time of day.
If you're trying to humiliate me,
you did that years ago.
Everybody knows I drink.
I don't try to hide it.
Drinking and my feelings for you
are both bad for me.
I know that.
What can I do?
I can't reach you without crawling
into the bottle.
When I'm there,
I can at least pretend that you love me
and that our marriage
is what a marriage is supposed to be.
It's interesting to watch a bottle baby
defend her weakness.
One thing I can say for you,
your approach is always different.
Today it's complete submissin.
I can't even get a rise out of you.
You know, I think I like you better
when you're sloppy drunk and violent.
That's the real you
and that's the one I like,
the one that hates me and
gives me a chance to hate back.
Now, that's when
we're at our best,
when we cut through
the superficial surface
and get down to the fact
that we're a cruddy pair.
The only difference is
I know what I am, and you...
You try to hide what you are
in the fumes of whiskey.
Did you say whiskey?
Here's to you, whiskey,
the guardian
of all frustrated wives.
Now, be a good girl and
take your guardian and go home.
I've got some
experimenting to do.
You know I don't like to be
distracted when I'm working.
Unless, of course,
you've changed your mind
about helping me
with my experiments.
You need more than me
to be successful in whatever you do.
Just go on butchering your guinea pigs.
They can't put you in jail for that.
As a doctor, I resent the word "butchering"
almost as much as I resent looking at you.
I don't know
why you came here today,
but whatever it was,
speak up and then get out!
You know something?
I've just decided
to do you a big favor.
I'm going to give you
that divorce,
so you won't have to look
at my face any longer.
I tried making it over
for you.
Plastic surgery can't bridge
that 10 years between us.
Only love could make you
look at me differently,
and you never had that,
not even
in the beginning.
You're getting sloppy.
Another couple of drinks and you're liable
to forget about the divorce
and we'll be right back
where we started from.
Go on home.
Call Neil and tell him
to start the proceedings.
Tell him to use any grounds,
whatever he wants.
Just let him
get on with it.
You've got what you want.
Why can't I have a little one for the road?
Just enough to make me numb.
I think that did it.
I can't feel anything,
inside or out.
I beg your pardon.
Doctor, there's someone
in the office to see you.
That's all right, Sally.
Mrs. Talbot was just leaving.
Yes, l...
I was just leaving.
Well, I know you advertised for old women,
but the one in the office looks like she came
right out of a mummy's tomb.
There's something peculiar about her.
She gives me the creeps.
Old women always give me the creeps,
but remember, it's worth millions if I can
ever find a way to make them young again.
Shall I show her in?
Yes, but first get rid of that glass
and that bottle.
I'm on my way home now.
Can you meet me there in about 30 minutes?
No, everything's the same.
I'm afraid it's all over.
Mrs. Talbot, you will never divorce
your husband.
You won't have to. He will die.
His death will give you life,
a new way of life.
You may run away but you're gonna
never escape me.
You are the one
in my dreams of blood.
There. That's all.
It's remarkable.
Corpuscle count, blood pressure, teeth,
all indicate extreme old age.
Would you help her up?
I'd be tempted to believe you
if you had a birth certificate.
That is my birth certificate.
The brand of the Arab slaver who stole me
and my mother from Africa,
and sold us across the sea
140 years ago.
140 years ago?
I was more fortunate than most.
My mother comforted me.
I learned much from her,
things that you'd want to know.
What things?
When we are alone,
I will speak.
Sally, would you mind?
Now, what did you learn from your mother
that you think could be of value to me?
I am of the Nando people
who once lived in Tanganyika,
beyond the Kalambo Falls.
I thought they were all dead,
but now I hear
that many of my tribe still live
deep in the wilderness.
I want to go to them.
You will give me the money to go.
And why should I do that?
Are you not trying to find a way to make
the old young again?
Only to make them younger.
Nothing can reverse the aging process.
Nothing that you would know about.
Help me down, please.
This is all that remains
of my inheritance,
a few pinches of the life-giving Nipe
my mother left me.
Nipe? What is it?
I don't know.
All that I know is that it has kept me alive
many years beyond my time.
And if I would be young again,
I must return to my people.
Are you saying this powder
will make you young again?
No. That slows the approach of death.
There is another substance that
must be mixed with it to make one young.
I don't know what it is. It's the secret
of the high priest of Nandos.
I'm a man of science.
I don't pay for mumbo jumbo.
I won't take any more of your time.
You can get your coat.
Then return the Nipe.
There are other scientists.
One might even ask for a demonstration
before he tells me to go.
A demonstration?
Get me a glass of water.
Now we must wait a few minutes
and then you can examine me again.
Then you will see for yourself
if the Nipe hasn't slowed the aging process.
All right. I'll run the tests again.
If this powder does as you say,
you'll have all the money you need
to return to your people.
Mrs. Talbot, I know this is painful,
but it's one of those things
that have to be done
when you plan a divorce.
Now, you and Paul own everything jointly.
Is that right?
Then let's start with the furniture.
Could you set a value on it?
It's trash. Everything's trash.
It'll make a difference to you
later on, believe me.
Nothing makes a difference.
It's all old trash.
Like me. Old trash.
I think you've had it
for tonight.
You get some sleep.
I'll take you up
to your room.
No, I don't want you to go.
Mrs. Talbot, please...
Don't, please don't leave me alone.
Mrs. Talbot.
No, no.
You know something?
You know what she said?
She said, "You are the one
in my dreams of blood."
That's what she said.
I'm gonna get you a doctor.
You're drinking yourself into the DTs.
No, I don't want...
Now, come on.
I don't need a doctor.
Sit down here while l...
I don't want a doctor.
Neil, I'm glad you're here.
You're just the man I wanted to see.
Well, since I'm
representing your wife,
don't you think it would be more ethical
if you got another attorney?
What for?
Your divorce.
Divorce? Who said anything
about a divorce?
Come, both of you. Let's go to the bar.
I've got a story to tell you that's fantastic.
Come on, June, sit down.
You're looking at the most powerful
concentrate of hormone known,
a hormone
that retards aging.
Now, a similar hormone was
first discovered in insects
by a British biologist
20, 25 years ago.
Common silkworm produces it.
The only trouble with that hormone
is it works only in insects.
This works in humans.
It's kept a woman living more than
twice her normal span of life.
She's 152 years old, Neil.
She was in my office this afternoon.
152 years old?
I've confirmed it.
Where did she get this?
A plant that comes
from Africa.
Now, she also mentioned another substance
which, when mixed with this,
will actually make old people
young again.
Paul, you talk as if you believe
this were possible.
I do. Enough to go to Africa
to try to find the source.
June, I want you
to come with me.
That is, if you can forgive all those
awful things I said to you this afternoon.
June, I need you. You've got to help.
I can't do it alone.
You mean you don't want
a divorce?
Of course not.
I'll make it all up to you.
What an idiot I've been not to realize
how important you are to me.
Just think.
The trip together, the new country,
the jungle, it'll be so exciting.
Oh, Paul. You're my life.
You've just pulled me out
of the bottom of the pit.
Honey, if you ever let me go again,
it'll be the end of everything for me.
Darling, don't think of such things.
Just think of our being together
and how much I love you.
Yes, I know of the Nando people.
They're a savage, proud race.
They refuse to accept anything
from our so-called civilization.
They have an undying hatred
for Europeans.
The government
has issued orders
to respect their territory
and leave them strictly alone.
So I was told
at the consulate.
Then why come to me?
I've heard
you're a gambler.
What a great gamble.
If I don't get killed by the Nandos,
I lose my license as a guide,
so what's to win?
$5,000 now and $20,000 more
if I find what I'm after.
Doctor, that's a lot of money,
but I'm afraid I cannot do anything for you.
No one can.
How do you know
what I'm looking for?
It's obvious.
You haven't said a word
about guns or wildlife
and you're not the first scientist
to ask me about the Nandos.
That can only mean
one thing, Doctor,
the legend that they have
a secret process to retard age.
Dr. Talbot, as much as I would enjoy
earning your money,
I cannot help you find something
which doesn't exist.
I'm not asking for your advice or opinion.
I'm merely seeking your services as a guide.
Your insistence does not impress me,
but your money is most persuasive.
Doctor, you've got yourself
a guide.
Now, come to think of it,
about three days ago
an old Nando woman
came through here
and hired bearers to
carry her back to her tribe.
Did you see her?
No. She was in a litter behind curtains.
Never showed herself.
But I heard she was old.
Very old.
Must be Malla.
Do you know her?
Yes, yes.
And if we could overtake her,
I'm sure we could get
a friendly introduction to her people.
Well, that means starting
at once and traveling fast.
Take a look. See them?
Now, that's the Kalambo.
We'll cross over and make for the falls.
Now, we should be right about...
Right about there?
That's right. Another half-day's journey
will bring us to the falls, right here.
We'll cache most of our supplies there
and leave Ladu with a guard.
The rest of the carriers we'll send back.
We three go on.
Well, have a good night's rest.
Good night.
Another long day tomorrow.
You'd better get some sleep.
Are you angry with me?
Should I be?
You haven't been civil to me
since we started this trek.
June, don't start
imagining things.
I don't have to.
This time I know
it's not my fault.
I've done everything I could to please you,
and still you avoid me.
You seem to take a sadistic pleasure
out of making me miserable.
Don't leave me
like a wounded animal to suffer.
You're gonna tell me
why you've been acting like this.
Look, I didn't ask to come along here
with you. This was your idea.
Now, you tell me
why you're torturing me.
I wasn't aware that I was
torturing you. I'm sorry.
Sorry's not enough.
I'm leaving tomorrow with the carriers,
Paul. I mean it.
June, June.
You can't do that.
You don't know how important
you are to me.
Why, you... Your leaving
would spoil everything.
Why can't you always
be like this?
I love you so much, Paul.
There's nothing in the worid
I wouldn't do for you.
Paul, I'd even die for you.
What good would that do?
I want you to live for me.
We'll work together
and when we discover the Nandos' secret
of rejuvenation,
I'll make you young again.
You'll be
Just as beautiful as you were
when we first met.
How stupid I've been.
Of course
I'm important to you.
And you really do
need me, don't you?
Where else would you get
a guinea pig who can talk?
Who can tell you
how she feels?
How desperate I must have been
to listen to your lies.
And believe them!
June, June...
You keep your hands
off of me!
I'll see you dead
before I let you touch me again.
Ladu. Where'd she go?
Go get her.
Bring her back.
What's the matter?
It's June. She's run off.
Now, now, now, now, it's all right.
Now, try and get hold of yourself.
Look, the leopard's killed
and you are safe.
Come. Come.
There's only one trouble
with running away.
You always meet yourself
when you get there.
Now, come on.
Let's get back to camp. Come.
I think we'd better take a look.
Get your gun.
Hey, what's that?
It's Malla's.
She had this cane in my office.
Looks as though your friend Malla
met a welcoming committee.
Yes, but her body isn't here.
What worries me is why
these bodies are still here.
There are plenty of hyenas
and vultures around.
What do you mean?
Something's been frightening
the scavengers away.
I think we'd better
get back to camp.
What do we do now?
I don't think we're
going to have much choice.
That man isn't alone.
We'd be dead already if he wanted to kill us.
Give me your gun.
Are you all right?
Yes, I'm all right.
They're working themselves up
for something.
Maybe we're the "something."
You don't know
how right you are.
I think we're about
to have company.
It's Malla.
She'll help us. You'll see.
I hope you're right.
We'll need it.
Dr. Talbot, we meet again.
I've been expecting you.
Then tell your people
to set us free.
We're not here to do harm to anyone.
I've come to help...
I know why you've come.
You're searching for the source
of the sacred Nipe.
I will show it to you.
An orchid.
A species that grows
only in this region of Africa.
Look, the pollen.
A rare plant.
It takes years to harvest
even a few ounces of the pollen.
Then it is aged
five years more.
That flower, the plant,
they're still alive.
It is too valuable
to destroy.
I must have it.
For that one plant and permissin to go,
I'll give your people whatever they want,
money, cattle,
guns, anything.
Why in such a hurry
to depart?
Didn't I tell you that there was
even a greater secret?
Don't you want to see me
made young again?
Of course I do,
but I never dreamed it could be possible.
I came here
to die, Dr. Talbot,
but before the old women of Nandos die,
they receive the final gift of youth again,
a few days of happiness and love
before they wither to dust.
You're a scientist.
The greatest gift that I could give you
would be to let you witness this.
Yes. If I could see it,
I would believe it.
Tonight, you,
your wife and guide
will share the Nando secret.
Then you will sell me the orchid
and let us go.
For you, white men,
and you, white woman,
you are about to witness
that which none other than the Nandos
has ever seen before.
For a man, old age has rewards.
If he is wise, his gray hairs bring dignity
and he's treated with honor and respect.
But for the aged woman, there is nothing.
At best, she's pitied.
More often, her lot
is of contempt and neglect.
What woman lives
who has passed the prime of life
that would not give her remaining years
to reclaim even a few moments
of joy and happiness,
and know the worship of men?
For the end of life
should be its moment of triumph.
So it is with the aged women of Nandos,
a last flowering of love and beauty
before death.
He's drugged.
He's lanced the pineal gland
deep in the cerebellum.
He's adding the pineal hormone
to the Nipe.
It's a trick.
It's another woman.
No, no, it's Malla.
It's impossible.
It can't be the same woman.
I believe it is.
They took a man's life
to do it.
Now you have seen the secret
of the Nandos as I promised.
How do we know you're Malla?
Do you remember the mark
of the Arab slaver
that I showed you
in your office?
I knew I was right.
Malla, you've got to help me
take your secret back to the States.
It is the one secret
that will never leave my people.
When I die,
you, too, shall die.
Enjoy the night
while you can.
Until morning, I grant anything
you may wish, save freedom.
Malla, could you make my wife
young again?
Yes, but she must choose the man
for the sacrifice.
I could never do that.
Think well before you refuse
an opportunity as rare as this.
I will be outside.
When you have made
your decisin, call me.
June, you've got to do this for me.
If you can divert their attention,
we may get a chance to escape.
We could get help
and come back for you.
You mean
you'd actually leave me here?
But, darling, Garvay and l
can be back tomorrow,
now that he knows
the exact location.
I see what you mean.
I'm ready.
Come, choose a man for the sacrifice.
You have your choice.
Any man I wish?
Any man.
Then I choose
You have made
an excellent choice.
You will have beauty and revenge
at the same time.
Mrs. Talbot, now that Malla has given you
the precious gift of youth,
I think it only fitting
you show your appreciation
and give her
your beautiful gold necklace.
Don't you remember?
The expensive gold necklace
you asked me to keep safely for you?
Oh, yes, I remember.
Malla, would you accept this gift from me?
Since vanity has no regard for time,
I will wear your necklace.
Garvay knows exactly where it is.
May he bring it here?
Is it true?
Here. Look.
I'm young.
I'm young again.
Yes, and you're going
to stay young.
We're getting out of here.
Come with me.
Get out there.
Your youth will not last long.
Do not waste it.
This night is yours.
The coming day brings you death.
Enjoy it well, both of you.
Come on. Quiet.
Come sit down.
We're safe as long as we stay away
from the river's edge.
Do you know where we're going? Mmm-hmm.
Yes, I do.
The river runs north
all the way to Lake Victoria.
That's where the railroad is.
It will take us quite a while
to get there.
Look at them.
And Malla said
it wouldn't last.
You know, David,
sometimes I can't sleep at night,
thinking of the way I was.
I'd rather die
than go back to that.
There won't be any going back.
I took care of that.
Young lady,
you're in the company of a man
who's going to be very rich
once we get back.
I have here the elixir
of sudden wealth and beauty.
You got away with them.
Wasn't that the whole purpose
of the expedition?
David! You've got to help me.
June, no!
I need help.
June, take your hands off me.
Help me!
June, don't touch me.
Give me the Nipe.
Don't touch me.
I want the Nipe!
June, get...
Give me the Nipe!
Get away from me!
David! Don't leave me!
David, please don't leave me!
David, don't leave me!
I can't get out!
Help me out!
I'm sinking, June!
Give me the leather pouch.
Help me out first!
I'll give you the leather pouch!
You give me
the leather pouch first.
Help me! June,
come on, quick.
I can't get out! Hurry up!
What're you waiting for?
June, what's
the matter? June!
All right!
All right, here. Grab on.
Pull, June!
Pull more!
Little more! Little more!
That must be June's plane now.
What an awful thing
to go through.
She was crazy about the doctor
and he treated her just terribly.
Maybe he had the right idea.
It sure worked for him.
Well, don't you try anything like that
if you wanna stay in one piece.
Do you see her?
That's funny.
Her wire said flight 16.
Maybe she missed the plane.
Are you Neil Foster?
I beg your pardon,
but have we met?
How do you know
my name?
Mrs. Talbot
described you in detail.
I'm her niece,
Terry Hart.
Well, how do you do?
Your aunt never mentioned you.
Is she with you?
No, June came down
with the flu.
But she...
She asked me to come ahead
and open up the house
and get things ready.
Oh, you'll...
You'll be staying with her?
Yes, now that she's alone.
would you mind
getting my luggage for me?
Then we can go.
Of course. Glad to.
I'm Sally Howard.
I used to work for your uncle.
Yes, I know.
Then your aunt
described me to you, too.
Yes, she did.
Then she told you
that Neil and I are engaged.
No, she didn't mention it.
Why should she?
Oh, I don't know.
Just thought I'd mention it.
That's everything.
Thank you.
I hope you'll be
Thank you.
If you need anything,
why, just call me at the office.
All right.
Goodbye, Miss Hart.
Do you know where my aunt
keeps the liquor?
The liquor?
She keeps it
under the bar.
What'll you have?
Well, you're the bartender.
How about a little
vodka over ice?
That's fine.
Only there isn't any ice.
Next time you come,
there will be.
To your new home.
I better go.
Just one more thing.
Would you mind
taking my bags upstairs?
No, glad to.
Which room?
Put them in my aunt's room for now. I...
I don't know what room I'll be using.
All right.
It's a little stuffy in here.
It's been...
It's been closed up
for so long.
There. That's better.
She's getting impatient. I...
I'd better go.
Sally is outside, waiting.
She has years to wait.
My time is much shorter.
I can't explain that.
You think I'm attractive?
You know you are.
And perhaps
a little aggressive?
I don't know you well enough
to answer that.
Would you like to?
Get out of here.
Get out! Go!
Terry! Listen!
Terry! Terry, what's wrong?
Just go.
Terry, are you all right?
Yes, I'm all right.
Just go.
I don't think an explanation
will help. Do you wanna try?
No, l... I don't.
I had a drink with Terry
and took her bags upstairs.
Look, her aunt's an important client
and a good friend.
I... I couldn't just
run out.
Now, don't start
imagining things.
Mrs. Talbot?
Yes, of course.
Why didn't you call me?
I could've met you at the airport.
I didn't want to bother you.
I... I can't tell you how sorry I was
to hear about Paul.
Let's not talk about that.
It's been a nightmare.
Please sit down.
Now what can I do for you?
I want to hear all about your trip...
Shocking, isn't it, what three months
of tragedy can do to a woman?
June, I'm...
I'm sorry.
Well, I didn't come here
for sympathy.
I need money
until Paul's insurance can be settled.
Why, of course. Will $500
be enough for the time being?
$5,000 would be better.
Miss Gregg, will you make out a check
for Mrs. Paul Talbot for $5,000? Thank you.
Now, may I please
have my jewelry?
It's right here.
June, if there's anything I can do for you,
please don't hesitate to call.
Thank you. I appreciate that.
Oh, l... I almost forgot.
Thank you for being so kind
to my niece.
She'd... She'd like to see you again,
if you have time.
I had a different
I know. She told me
of her awful behavior to you.
She'd like you to excuse her.
She's... She's gone away
somewhere to brood.
When will she be back?
Tonight, I hope.
If not, she may never return.
I don't understand.
If I see Terry, would you like me
to tell her to call you here?
Yes, no matter what time it is.
I... Well, I want to know if she's safe.
Thank you for being so concerned.
I know she'll appreciate it.
Oh, I'll pick up the check
on my way out.
Lady, I'm sorry.
Let me pick it up, lady.
I just wanna find out if I can bend over
without falling down.
You're carrying
quite a wad, lady.
It ain't safe
in this part of town.
Thank you.
You're very kind.
Are those real rocks, lady?
May I buy you a drink?
No, thanks.
I'm on the wagon.
You like music, honey?
Real hot music?
Isn't this a beautiful view?
Just like Tiffany's.
You dig young guys, honey?
I like young men very much.
Sure you do.
Where do you
come from, honey?
Does that matter?
I'm here now.
Got any relatives?
No, I'm all alone.
Nobody to worry about you
or miss you, huh?
No. That's why I appreciate
your company so much.
That's nice.
You married?
I was once. He's dead now.
That's too bad.
He was like you
in so many ways.
How's that, honey?
He was so understanding
of older women.
So considerate.
I'm very understanding
of you, honey.
Especially in all this beautiful jewelry
that you're wearing.
Sally! What are you
doing here?
Well, it would be more
to the point if I asked you,
considering we had a date
two hours ago.
I... I'm sorry.
I... I forgot.
Is that all you have to say?
Well, l... I got to working
on some briefs, you know.
Oh, yes,
you've been working.
Very interesting work.
All right, l... I won't lie to you,
I was waiting for a phone call.
From Terry?
Terry. Your aunt had me worried.
Are you all right?
Sure, I'll be there
as soon as I can.
In about an hour.
All right.
Come in.
The door's unlocked.
All set for a lovely evening,
aren't you?
Champagne, soft music...
Very nice.
You don't miss a trick.
I try not to.
Now, why don't you be a good little girl
and go on home?
You wouldn't want Neil
to find you here like this, would you?
That's for sure, but you missed
the most important thing.
I wouldn't want Neil
to find you.
So you're coming with me.
I'm putting you on the
next plane to New York.
Don't be ridiculous.
Now, why don't you get
out of here and leave me...
This is a most persuasive
little instrument,
and if you don't want me
to use it, you'd better hurry.
You don't mind if I take
my purse along, do you?
And I'll need a coat.
It's in the hall closet.
Get it.
You're being awfully foolish, you know.
Even if I did go, I could always come back.
By that time, Neil and I'll
be on our honeymoon.
You know, you can get in an awful lot
of trouble this way,
Iittle giris that play
with guns.
I... I told Sally
how I feel about you.
She didn't take it
very well.
Everybody can't win.
I'm just lucky
that you want me.
I'm the lucky one.
Just thinking about you
is exciting.
If this is love,
I never loved Sally.
Terry, will you marry me?
No, Neil, I can't.
Why not?
There are reasons.
What reasons?
Don't you love me?
Well, it's because I love you
I can't marry you.
Now, let's not get so serious.
Let's enjoy each other while we can.
There's no time
like the present, you know.
I'll get it.
Yes? What is it?
Mrs. Paul Talbot in?
No, she isn't. She's spending the night
with friends.
What's the trouble?
Mind if I look around?
Now, just a minute.
This is a private residence.
Unless you have a search warrant.
This do?
Neil, make them go away.
I'm afraid he has the right to be here.
This is a search warrant.
Officer, I'm
Mrs. Talbot's attorney.
If she's in any trouble,
I have a right to know about it.
Did I say anything
about trouble?
If I knew what Mrs. Talbot is accused of,
maybe I could... Maybe I could help.
She isn't accused
of anything.
We just want her for questioning
about a murder.
That's impossible.
Just doesn't figure.
Woman who owns
a house like this
getting mixed up
with a guy like Jerry Lando.
Who's he?
Small-time con man.
He was found murdered
in his car earlier tonight.
He was seen in the presence
of an elderly lady.
There are witnesses.
Witnesses that could
identify Mrs. Talbot?
No need to. Lando had her calling card
in his pocket.
This address.
Mrs. Paul Talbot.
This is
Well, maybe...
Maybe he kidnapped her.
Well, we won't know
till we find her.
Lando probably planned to rob her.
That was his specialty.
She got the drop on him.
He was killed with a peculiar
sharp instrument.
My aunt couldn't do
a terrible thing like that.
Your aunt?
There was a murder exactly like this one
a week ago.
Then it couldn't have been Mrs. Talbot.
A week ago she was in New York.
So was the murder.
Joe, I guess we'd better exercise
that search warrant.
See if there's
anybody upstairs.
The witnesses said your aunt was wearing
a large diamond necklace tonight.
Oh, well, that proves it.
Mrs. Talbot's diamonds are right here.
All that proves is that your aunt's
been here since the murder.
All right, where is she?
Well, l...
I don't know.
Anyone upstairs, Joe?
Nobody up there.
I won't let you search this house
in my aunt's absence.
Sorry, miss.
Get away. Get away. No!
No, don't open that door! Don't! Don't...
She tried to kill me!
I had to kill them!
It was my only chance to stay young!
We really did find
the secret of...
I'll show you. I'll show you.
I'll become beautiful again.
I'll show you.
Come on, open up!
It's not working.
I killed Sally for nothing.
Hit it!