The Left Ear (2015) Movie Script

I swear to god,
I am a good girl.
My grades are good.
I like helping people.
I can handle hard work.
I respect my elders.
My only defect
is that I'm deaf in my left ear.
Li Er! Li Er!
If you stand on
my left and talk to me,
there's a good chance
I won't hear you.
We're gonna be late!
You Ta, I'm coming!
But despite that,
I don't think there's anything
really wrong with me.
Finish your milk.
Before I was 17,
I had that sort of
innocent love for myself.
I believed that everyone
in the world meant me well,
and that everyone else
loved me the same way.
Medical experts say
the left ear is
closest to the heart,
so that's where words of
affection should be addressed.
If someone says they
love you into your left ear,
it doesn't matter
if you can't hear it.
I've been waiting for
the one who says that to me.
When I was 17,
he showed up.
Xu Yi!
Don't look at him! Don't look at him!
No! No! No! No!
What happened?
Are you okay?
I'm fine.
Thank you.
For this final push
in the next 100 days,
we make this promise to ourselves:
we make this promise to ourselves:
I welcome university entrance exams!
I will fight for my place!
I will push myself to my limits!
I will succeed!
I love listening to his voice.
Even when he's
shouting awkward slogans,
I get lost in it.
Even though I like
just listening to him
and just watching him from a distance,
I still wish he would
at least look at me more.
Even just once.
I played with your heart,
got lost in the game.
Oh baby, baby!
Oops!You think I'm in love,
that I'm sent from above.
I'm not that innocent!
You see my problem is this,
I'm dreaming away.
Li Bala
Nasty slut!
Close your legs!
Hey don't run away!
Your girlfriend almost killed me.
Don't get all clingy with me.
Who?! Tell me who
said that and I'll kill 'em.
You know so many women.
How should I know their names?
Don't sing here any more.
None of those assholes
even understand your songs.
Oh, so you're gonna pay my bills then?
you're not scared I have AIDS?
Why should I be scared?
That way we can die together.
What if I don't want to die?
Should I just kill you?
That depends on if you can.
How many times have I said this?
What you eat matters!
Go home and tell
those parents of yours
waiting with lunch at the gate,
that if they want
your brains in top form,
you need to eat
red-braised pork belly!
If you want good scores,
that's still red-braised pork belly!
Finish everything on your plate.
What are you looking at?
There's no study hall this weekend.
Let's study at my house.
I can't go.
I have a basketball game.
The last one before the tests.
Jiang Jiao, let's go.
Alright, that's all for today.
Man you're too soft!
You're telling me
the gap is that small
Xu Yi,
you're playing pretty good!
You guys came!
-Welcome to the game, Miss Bala.
Tianyi dominates!
Is this a game or a brawl?
A game.
Step up and play, boy.
Go! Go! Go!
-Nice block!
-Shoot again!
Shoot again!
10 seconds left!
Tianyi wins the game!
Zhang Yang!
Nice game! You're the only
real man on the team.
Let's go.
Where did Bala go?
Let's go.
Li Er,
let's go home.
You wanted to see me?
You were watching the game.
Do you remember that
because I'm so hot?
There's a lot of
broken glass on the road.
Walking like this is dangerous.
Nothing scares me less
than danger.
It's getting late.
Go home.
You're back.
I'll heat up some dinner for you.
No thanks.
''Li Bala.''
Li Bala.
You're famous.
Am I?
Soon you're gonna be famous too,
because you scored a famous girl.
Did I say I wanted to score you?
It's not too late to say it.
I can score you,
but you have to do something for me.
There's a kid named
Xu Yi at Tianyi Middle School.
I don't care how you do it,
but I want you to ruin him.
No problem.
And don't ask me why.
I won't.
-Goodbye, teacher!
-See you.
-See you.
See you.
Hey, come look at this!
-What is she doing?
-What is it?
Xu Yi, I love you!
Xu Yi, I love you!
''I love Xu Yi!''
Somebody likes you!
I love Xu Yi!
I love Xu Yi!
I love Xu Yi!
I love Xu Yi!
Get down!
How the hell did you
get up there?! Get down now!
Down, now!
Get down now!
You, over there, look at me.
See you tomorrow, handsome.
''I love Xu Yi!''
Say something!
What do you want from me?
Do you have a girlfriend?
-Well you do now!
I'm Li Bala, Li like
in Leon Lai's name
and bala like in fondle.
If you don't say yes to me,
I'll sing love songs in front of
your building every night.
-Mimimi Mamama
-Knock it off, alright?
I can knock it off if you want.
Come walk on the beach with me.
I want to talk to you.
Tell me what you want to say.
I have to study tonight.
Aren't you in school?
I dropped out a long time ago.
Your parents don't care?
They're dead.
So who do you live with?
My grandma.
Sometimes I'm home all alone.
She goes out to
play mahjong all night.
But if you're there,
then I won't be alone.
I got sand in my eye.
Come help me blow it out.
Did you hear me? Help me blow
the sand out of my eye!
Was that your first kiss?
Tell me!
Hey slow down!
Be honest,
did you miss me?
If you don't answer, it means yes!
A sexy boy missed me!
A sexy boy missed me!
Good boy. So what are we doing today?
-A bowl of beef noodles.
That's her right?
Beef noodles!
You're not scared of me.
Why should I be scared of you?
All the good kids at
Tianyi are scared of me.
What's a good kid?
What's a bad kid?
You must really like pickled veggies.
Not all that much,
but I like taking things
that aren't mine.
Things that aren't yours are the best.
My house is right up there.
You take this.
My name is Bala.
Come to Forget Bar to
hear me sing sometime.
Drinks are on me.
So that's the kind
of girl Xu Yi likes.
I could never in a million years
learn to be like that.
-You gonna raise that?
-Cards out.
-Cards out.
Let's see 'em.
We win!
how do you plan to thank me?
What is this place?
It used to be some
sort of handicraft workshop.
Then that closed,
and they abandoned it.
What do you think?
Like it?
I got what you asked for.
You know what to do.
What did that poor idiot
do to make you so mad
that you want to
destroy him like this?
You must think I'm
a real piece of trash.
A little bit.
Almost as bad as me.
It's not what you think.
When I was young,
my mom abandoned me and my dad
and married another man.
So what?
My dad died early,
and my mom went abroad when I was 3
and never came back.
are the most unreliable
life forms on earth.
my mother
is Xu Yi's mother now.
Right after I was born,
my mom thought my dad was poor.
She fell in love with Xu Yi's dad
and went to Shanghai with him,
and she never came back.
But Xu Yi came back his senior
year for college entrance exams,
and they put him in my class.
She comes to parent
meetings, and she sees me,
but she never even acknowledges me.
I can't believe mothers
like that actually exist.
And now, every day I think
I need revenge.
I need revenge on him.
''I have to make him happy.''
No way.
There's no way that's true.
It can't be that bad.
I think that girl
sent all these pictures.
Oh who cares? Xu Yi is handsome.
And you know what?
When she gets bored with him,
she'll drop him like a bag of rocks.
I heard Xu Yi actually begged her!
He kneeled down for her in public!
Why did the power go out?!
This sucks!
What's going on?
No idea.
That kid's family is totally poor.
Everything he owns,
his new clothes, his new phone,
that girl bought him all of it.
He's even asking her to
pay for his college tuition.
They promised each other they'd go
to Beijing together for college.
I swear, he's totally
leeching off her.
What do you know?
One day it'll bite you.
Just wait and watch
if you don't believe me.
I'm waiting!
And watching!
So when are you gonna
leave your rich girl?
Why are you asking me that?
I gave you what you wanted.
When do I get what I want?
What's the rush?
You'll get it.
Don't lie to me.
I'll tell everyone
what I know about you.
I dare you to say that again!
Didn't your mother teach you
to be gentle with women?
What are you doing?
Are you okay?
What, you again?
What's your name?
Li Er.
I'll call you Little Ear from now on.
Which side?
Second floor.
I can do it.
I fell and hurt my arm.
I told you!
It's his wife,
her face is a curse!
She looks like a vortex of misfortune,
like just plain bad luck.
Look at her and something
bad will happen.
Who was that?
My grandma.
She has the most
brutal tongue in town.
I want it again.
''I have to make him happy.''
Are you alright?
Why did Zhang Yang hit you?
Have you ever been in love?
A fist is love, shouting is caring,
a kick is head over heels for you.
I'll help you.
Why did you do this to Xu Yi?
I know.
You like Xu Yi,
don't you?
men are your ticket out.
If you want to get away from here,
you need to keep changing tickets,
Here's your umbrella, good girl.
Don't fall in love.
There's not a single
good man out there.
And you can never beat them.
Watch a movie with me.
Just one.
Just one. Just one.
I know you're about
to get into your art school,
but if I don't pass this test,
you're going to have
to go to Beijing alone.
Then tell me something sweet
and I'll let you study.
Say it.
Say it! Say it! Say it!
After the test,
never mind movies,
I'll let you watch anything you want.
Who is BL?
I asked you a question! Who is BL?
Never look at my phone.
Don't forget who
bought you that phone!
It's like there are
two people inside of me,
the good me
and the bad me,
and they're always fighting.
I forgive you.
The future is important to me.
I can't afford a misstep.
Someone wants to see you.
Even good kids come to bars now?
The test is soon,
and Xu Yi can't focus on studying.
Can you just see him and talk to him?
Zhang Yang would kill me.
Just help me do this.
There's no helping you.
Then try to talk to him for me, okay?
were you the one who
put those pictures online?
You've had your phone off for days.
I didn't pay my bill.
I paid it for you,
and your phone was still off.
You should be studying.
We can talk after your exams.
My mom is in the hospital.
Why are you so cold
to me all of a sudden?
I'm tired of you.
It's that simple.
You're playing with me.
Think whatever you want.
Li Bala,
they were right about you.
You're nothing but the town bike!
So what if I am?
You don't get to ride me anymore.
Let go!
Little Ear!
Little Ear!
Little Ear!
We're lucky it's just swollen.
Don't be so stupid from now on.
What about Xu Yi?
Don't worry. The man you love
is just fine. He's gone.
Xu Yi doesn't matter to me at all.
Then why did you
take a bottle for him?
If he mattered would
you take a bullet for him?
Are they really
all just tickets out of town to you?
There's nothing that can stop
Your yearning for freedom
You cut a wild path through life
And your heart severs ties
To the shadows of the years
So that cousin
who follows you all day
His name is You Ta.
He's my aunt's stepson.
When I'm in a bad mood I come here.
I'm gonna tell you a secret.
You have to keep it for me.
What you did was awful!
I have to tell Xu Yi.
Do you think he can take it now?
think about this.
Zhang Yang has a girlfriend.
Do you think coming between them
is a good idea?
When I love someone
I'll do anything to get him.
You're not scared of getting hurt?
When love lasts, it's love.
When it doesn't, it's being young.
Why should I be scared?
But life is tiring,
and I won't live long anyway,
so when I want something,
I have to get it,
and I don't care
what people think of me.
I've been having this weird idea.
I want to be bad.
I can't help thinking
that I have to turn bad
to get the freedom I want.
Li Er!
What did Li Bala tell you?
Don't always act so innocent!
I know what you and Li Bala are doing.
Do you think this is fun?
-I know you like me.
-I don't
Don't think I'll ever like you!
Remember this,
you tricked me once,
but it won't happen again!
What did you say to my cousin?
She and Bala play
with guys! They're slut!
They're sluts, you get me?
When did you become like this?
I'm still me.
Entrance exams are coming.
If your cousin scores is punished,
you'll have a lot to answer for!
It's my fault.
Punish me.
Little Ear, wait up!
Are you okay?
I'm fine.
If you stay away from her
nothing will happen to her.
You Ta,
don't be so rude!
Li Bala, stay away
from my cousin.
You Ta, shut up!
Bala is my friend!
Bala is my best friend.
Don't any of you dare
talk like that to her!
Fine! Let's go. Move!
Zhang Yang,
help me watch the store.
I need to go do something.
Where are you going?
A friend is in the hospital.
I'm going to bring her
some chicken soup.
What friend?
I'll take it for you.
No thanks.
I'll go myself.
It's Xu Yi's mom isn't it?
She's very sick.
The drop in her son's
grades was a shock to her.
She doesn't want us anymore!
Why do you bother?!
Zhang Yang,
you shouldn't talk like that.
Do you have any self-respect?!
You might not,
but I do!
This year's exams are concluded.
Please ensure you have your belongings
and leave the premises now.
Examiners, please collect all tests
and wait for instructions.
Thank you for your cooperation.
Eat whatever you want.
It's on me!
We're finally done! We're free!
You call that playing pool?
You know what?
My dad found me
the best music teacher in Beijing!
Everyone in Asia
is going to know the name Jiang Jiao!
You believe me?
I do.
My dad also said,
from now on,
he doesn't care what I do.
If you commit arson and
rob people he won't care?
Forget arson.
I might commit sexual assault though.
Zhang Yang,
look at me.
Who's the better kisser,
-me or Li Bala?
-Why bring her up?
Because I want you to understand
that if you keep seeing her,
you can forget about me.
Tell me.
Tell me!
Tell me! Tell me!
Li Bala,
you slut!
Is that enough?
Okay, okay, sit down, let's eat.
Zhang Yang,
you know what's
most attractive about you?
The way the entire world
thinks you're a horrible person,
but you still insist on
believing you're a good person.
Well, if you know I'm so awful,
then why don't you stay away from me?
I should be asking you that.
Think hard.
Li Bala can't give you what you want.
Only I can.
Don't be so sure.
I don't even know what it is I want.
Why did he leave?
It's nothing.
How long were you waiting?
You came.
No matter how long, I'd wait.
We're free!
We're free! We're free!
We're free! We're free!
I've been cooped up here for 19 years.
We're gonna leave!
We're gonna leave!
We're gonna leave!
If you leave,
will you ever come back?
Looking for me?
Stop messing around, come up.
If you really can't find me,
then you won't have to worry anymore.
I think she's good for you.
Look at me again
Look at me again and I'll eat you.
If that makes you happy.
Whatever you want.
Do I look good?
Finally I get to lay you.
How many people have you slept with?
So many many people.
Good English.
I know another phrase even better.
What is it?
Love you.
So to you,
what kind of a girl am I?
What do you think?
I'm asking you.
Maybe I'm not that good,
but there's only one
Li Bala in the world.
And she's giving you
her most precious thing.
Do you want to come
to Beijing with me?
Should I consider
that proposing marriage?
The year's fifth Pacific typhoon,
Haitang, will soon strike
the southern Chinese mainland.
In the upcoming week,
expect persistent precipitation
and cloud cover.
-You okay?
Haitang formed in
the South China Sea.
I'd like two train tickets
to Beijing in August.
It's too soon.
Come back 3 days
before you plan to leave.
-It's your turn. -Don't be mad.
I love Tiananmen!
The sun rises over Tiananmen!
I'll come back to visit!
Don't miss me too much!
Where are you going?
Get that sad look off your face.
I'm going to Beijing.
You're supposed to be happy for me.
Why happy?
Happy you got lied to?
Trust me,
I'm not as stupid as you think.
Seriously, please,
don't mistake easy sex for love, okay?
That guy is just playing with you.
Do you know what he said about you?
You don't know what
you're talking about. Shut up.
I figured you wouldn't budge.
Let me show you something interesting.
Li Bala,
you slut!
Li Bala,
you slut!
Li Bala,
you slut!
Li Bala,
you slut!
Li Bala
Bala, be with me!
''I need to talk to you.
Call me back now!''
Little Ear
I need to see you.
But there's a typhoon.
You should go home.
Zhang Yang doesn't love me at all!
He called me a slut behind my back!
you slut!
Li Bala,
you slut!
Don't mistake easy sex for love, okay?
That guy is just playing with you.
How many people have you slept with?
And she's giving you
her most precious thing.
what's going on?
Little Ear,
thank you.
Thank you for the umbrella.
Thank you for keeping my secret.
Thank you for telling
everyone you're my friend.
I'm such an idiot!
In the whole world,
you're the only person who
treats this idiot like a friend.
Meet me in Shimin Plaza.
I'll go right now.
''I need to talk to you.
Call me back now!''
If you got a problem, talk to me!
It has nothing to do with her!
Don't you dare give me conditions!
-My dad is gonna kill you!
-Shut up. Slut!
You said Bala was a slut, right?
Say something!
Get up!
If you hadn't said that,
she would be alive.
This is your fault.
I can't live without Bala!
Give me Bala back!
Give her back! Give her back!
We're all responsible for her death.
I wasn't planning to go
back home tonight.
We're gonna die with her!
I called the cops.
If you're scared to die,
get out of here!
-I'll kill you all!
-Let's go, man!
You have to be alive to get revenge!
I could kill you right now!
I don't care if we both die here!
-Let's go!
-Let's go! Now!
-You wait!
This isn't over!
Did you really call the cops?
I want to call my dad.
They were just scaring us.
Have you gone to see her?
You're too ashamed.
Am I right?
You murdered her.
She won't forgive you.
You should have some more noodles,
so you have energy to feel sorry.
Did you love her?
So she died for
absolutely nothing, right?
So she's the biggest
idiot in the world, right?
She called me that day.
I didn't hear it.
A few minutes before the crash.
When she died,
I was right next to her.
Did she say anything?
Do you care?
I'm not telling you.
It's your fault. You pay the price.
So your boyfriend
Xu Yi went to Shanghai.
He only got into a third-tier school.
Poor guy got screwed over.
I already told you,
with your scores you can get into
any school in Beijing!
Why do you want to go to Shanghai?
I just like Shanghai, alright?
You Ta, come to Beijing with us.
I don't have money for a plane ticket.
We're taking the train too!
Come take a look,
we have all kinds of sports for women.
Join the athletics department!
Join the athletics department!
Hey, hey, hey
Hello. Can I do my volunteer
work at the library?
Of course.
There's no interview?
I won't lie to you.
In 3 days,
you're the only one who's asked.
My name's Lin Lin.
You can call me Lin.
Here, write down your name and number.
A rich man is looking for a wife,
and he meets 3 women.
He asks them,
What is your most important quality?
The first woman says,
I'm very domestic. I can help
you with the chores.
The second woman says,
I'm very smart. I can help
you manage your finances.
The third says,
I have a good diploma.
I can teach our kids
all they need to know.
My question for you, very seriously,
is, which woman does he choose?
Quiet! You, go ahead.
He chooses the one
with the biggest breasts.
We have to know what
our customers really want
to find market opportunities!
This young man is correct!
That's exactly what I mean.
''With some things, even if you try,
can you really forget them?''
Now, open your textbooks to page 27.
I'm gonna sign with a
record company in a few days.
Are you listening to me?
Tell me.
I don't need to tell you.
But I will show you,
how's that?
I have a customer!
So to you, I'm worth
less than these clothes, right?
I need these clothes to
get money to live, right?
I'll give you money.
Don't say things
like that from now on.
''Are you happy?''
Who is it?
I don't know.
Your new girlfriend?
You're insane.
When you were with Bala
you lied to me too, remember?
You're seeing someone aren't you?
You don't love me, do you?
I don't get it.
If you don't love me, fine.
Why won't you admit it?
-Stop it, alright?
If you don't explain
I'm never gonna shut up!
Tell me who it is! Who is it?!
Why do you always like skanks?
-Knock it off!
-I'm not done!
I really don't like this.
Get out of here and don't come back!
Need anything else?
A cute guy to drink with.
-What would you like?
A beer.
-Four Budweisers.
Four Budweisers.
What would you like to drink?
Do you have time?
I want to talk to you.
I'm sorry, Miss,
I'm at work.
I get off work at 11.
You came.
Yes I did.
Ok so, what do you want to drink?
-A beer.
Beer, and watermelon juice.
My treat.
Drink it and go.
Want anything else?
See you tomorrow.
I told you to pay me today!
How long?
Stop it! Stop it!
I'll pay it back for him!
I'll pay it back for him!
Did you hear me?!
My friend will pay it back.
I'll transfer it to
your account tomorrow.
I'll trust you one last time.
Girl, you can do better
than this piece of trash.
Why do you owe them money?
Not your business.
It's my business if
I'm paying it back for you.
Then no more gambling with them.
You should go.
Don't come back here.
I'm looking in on you for a friend.
Do you think you're going to
save the world like this?
Go home, take a shower, and go to bed.
They're all on sale! Take a look!
Portable lamp.
Classic albums!
5 kuai per 5 kuai per
no exceptions! Huge selection!
Hey you, check these out!
Hey man, classic albums!
Take your pick, huge selection!
All your favorites
from your favorite years!
Got 'em right here!
Zhang Yang?!
I didn't think you'd actually show up.
I don't like owing people.
If you think I owe you,
then let's settle it
right here, tonight.
You think settling with me
can help you settle with Bala?
So what do you want then?
You drink 20 bottles
of beer, no stopping,
no puking,
and we'll put it behind us.
Don't stop!
I wasn't wrong about you.
I said you're the
only real man at Tianyi.
Last year I managed the
bouncers at a club in Shenzhen.
There was this oldmamasan.
She said she'd buy me for 400,000.
So I pointed two fingers
at her and said,
She said, Come on, don't be silly!
You're worth 400,000 to me!
I said, What I mean is 20 years old.
If you were 20,
I might think about it.
Zhang Yang,
I'll tell you the truth.
When I saw you today,
I was actually really happy.
I don't hate you that much anymore.
Who did that?
-Boss, let's go!
-I'm gonna kill him!
Bala, I'm sorry.
I've hurt too many people.
I don't know.
I miss home.
I don't have any friends in Beijing,
and whenever I get
any money, I drink it.
Sometimes I can't feed myself.
I miss my mom.
So go home.
I can't go back.
Li Er
I still need another 2,000.
I don't have that.
Okay. Bye.
if it were you, what would you do?
The number doesn't exist.''
I'll bring the money
over this weekend.
Are there any paid jobs I can do here?
What, are you broke or something?
I'd rather not answer that.
Monday to Friday,
outside of class time,
until we shut off
the lights at midnight,
I can find work for you around here.
How do you have these jobs?
Because I've been where you are.
Zhang Yang?
What are you doing here?
My dad came to Beijing.
He brought money. Let's go
have a big French dinner.
It's expensive. Forget it.
If I didn't come to see you,
would you come to see me?
I'm pretty busy lately.
Can you not use that attitude with me?
Fine, just wait!
I'll make sure you never forget me!
Jiang Jiao!
Stay back!
-If you jump, I'll jump with you.
-I said stay back!
Was I bad to you?
It's been so long,
but you still can't forget her!
Stop throwing it! That's money!
And come on,
never mind dying,
if you disfigure or cripple yourself,
you'll never be a famous singer.
Now come down.
You never cared about me did you?!
I did.
But you'll never forget her, will you?
I won't.
Starting right now,
you and I are done.
Special sale on cakes!
Sir, we have a special today
I'll take the rest of it.
Li Er,
it's weird.
I actually really miss you.
I have to go back to the school.
My mom died.
I know.
And my dad's business went bad.
There's a lawsuit.
My dad said
I made my mom die of disappointment.
I haven't gone to class for a month.
I'm kind of sick of life.
Xu Yi,
don't be like this, okay?
Li Er,
be my girlfriend.
Say yes.
Just say yes.
Say yes.
You always liked me, right?
And you won't lie to me, right?
Be my girlfriend.
Be my girlfriend.
Be my girlfriend.
What do you say?
-You're here.
This is for you.
You like it?
It's too much.
Don't worry.
I'm working on a new software.
We'll have money soon.
Why are you so good to me?
Because you're good to me.
With my help,
Xu Yi quit his job at the bar,
and started going to class again.
When he wasn't in class,
he worked for a software company.
was starting to get better.
He scored! He scored!
He scored!
Hit me!
I have to back to school.
come home for the holidays this year.
There are some things
I need to tell you.
This is something that
I never wanted to tell you at all.
But I've thought for a year,
and I think you're an adult now.
You have a right to know this.
Years ago,
I was in love with someone.
That was Xu Yi's mother,
Everyone knew she was gorgeous.
A lot of guys were in love with her.
But she was in love with Xu Ruiyang,
who was Xu Yi's father.
What are you doing here?
I'm pregnant.
It's Xu Ruiyang's child.
But his mother wouldn't let
him marry a poor village girl.
If I keep the baby,
will you marry me?
Sweetie, in three days
you'll be a hundred days old!
Mom and dad think
you should draw a card
to see what you'll be
when you grow up.
You want to?
Xu Ruiyang came that afternoon.
He said his mother was dead.
He wanted me to go to
Shanghai to help him.
I offered to divorce her.
She and her son
belonged with him in Shanghai.
Your grandmother was ashamed,
so she went to the orphanage
and brought you back in his place.
All these years
while I've been sick,
Xu Yi's mother has been
secretly helping us.
Now she's gone,
so it's time to stop hating her.
I know
that hearing all this
must be cruel.
It's hard for me too.
But there's one thing
you should never suspect.
I've always thought of you as my son.
A beer.
Since I came back,
I've been coming here every night.
A lot of times it feels like
she's still there singing,
like nothing is different.
But everything is different.
Isn't it?
You and Jiang Jiao are
doing pretty well in Beijing right?
I've heard you're taking
good care of Xu Yi in Shanghai.
Xu Yi's mom died.
His dad's business had some problems.
He's alone in Shanghai for
Spring Festival this year.
You don't react at all?
How should I react?
You hate Xu Yi.
Isn't this what you wanted?
I don't blame you for hating me.
I hate myself too.
It's not that.
What good does hating do?
Don't send me messages anymore.
I'm doing worse than you imagine.
That's a new model.
It's really popular.
What about that one?
Take this one. This one sells well.
Sorry, sorry How much is it?
-I'll give you 35.
-I'll take 100.
Okay, take your time.
How much is the one I'm wearing?
That's 58.
-I'll give you 55 each for 20.
-58, 58, no bargaining.
54. 54.
I can do 54.
-50. 50, and I'll take 200.
54 is too much.
Givegive me a little more confidence.
Smile a little more.
Thisthisthis is fantastic!
You guys take a break.
She needs a retouch.
That's beautiful!
You don't like it?
It's not that.
It's just these clothes
If I'm paying 50 for one
then who's gonna be my model?
Zhao Wei?
Do you know what internet stores sell?
Internet stores sell pictures.
When we finish makeup
should we keep shooting?
Yeah, yeah, let's keep going.
When I was 17,
I wanted someone
to whisper words of
love into my left ear.
But it turns out he wasn't the one.
And love
isn't like what I imagined.
Finally, you're awake.
You had a 40 degree fever.
We were scared!
I, uh, bought you some
chestnut cake and congee.
Eat it.
It's fine.
You grow up
once you're done being stupid.
This isn't who I want to be,
but I hate seeing him destroy himself.
If a woman
doesn't know how to love herself,
no man will ever love her.
Oh right.
Your cousin called
you a bunch of times.
Call him back.
I'll put the congee here.
Lin told me
about what happened.
Don't tell my parents.
I know.
No matter what,
you have to take care of yourself.
Happy New Year!
Kids shouldn't drink so much.
You can't drink that.
You Ta, you plan to go
abroad after you graduate?
Li Er
Li Er,
what are you going
to do once you graduate?
Haven't thought about it.
-What, hasn't thought about it ?
-She hasn't decided.
Don't drink so much.
Don't get drunk.
Eat something, don't just drink.
I brought you a book by Han Han.
I stopped reading Han Han ages ago.
Thanks though.
Li Er,
I've liked a girl for a long time.
What kind of girl?
Hard to describe.
Tell me!
What does she look like?
Hard to describe.
I'm saving money.
I want to buy a new phone.
Dad. You're back?
The delivery just came.
Everything is set out and ready.
Li Er!
Li Er!
Zhang Yang?
Where are you setting off fireworks?
Shimin Plaza.
Too many people.
I'll take you to a place.
-It's toward Tianyi.
I was so carefree back then.
But, in the blink of an eye,
suddenly, so much time passed.
Do you like Shanghai?
It's okay.
Are you used to Beijing?
is the kind of place where
you can shout in the street,
and no one will look twice at you.
I used to think
this town was too small,
that there was no future here
But then I got to the city,
and I realized, this is a big world.
No matter how hard you work,
it counts for nothing.
I worry a lot
about what the future will be like.
But all you can do is go forward.
You can't stop,
because if you stop,
it's like you'll drown.
You have so many sorrys to say,
but you'll never
get the chance to say it,
or even the chance to explain.
You're different now.
You talk more.
It feels like I haven't talked
with anyone like this for a long time.
Did Xu Yi come back this year?
His dad went to Shanghai.
He might never
come back to this place.
I don't think I can hate him anymore.
Both of us should stop hating him,
Thank you.
Zhang Yang,
happy holidays.
Where are you going?
To the bookstore.
You Ta takes the
bus back to school today.
He's been waiting for you
at home for a long time.
He brought you this gift.
So do you like it?
I'm sorry.
Don't apologize.
I know there are some things
that you can't demand.
I respect your choice.
You Ta,
don't do this.
I won't do that again.
Li Er,
do you know when you're most adorable?
It's when you smile.
So remember,
no matter what,
you have to be happy.
I'm leaving.
You going home?
I'll take you.
Call the cops, now!
Hello! There's a car accident!
Binhai Road!
Please hurry up! Please hurry!
Zhang Yang!
Zhang Yang!
Zhang Yang!
Zhang Yang!
Hey there, are you alright?
we have an accident
at the Binhai Road 3km marker.
We request immediate marine support.
The victim has been
sent to emergency care.
I'm here to see you.
I'm sorry.
Would you really like to know
what her last words were?
Bala, I'm deaf in
my left ear! Say it again!
I'm deaf in my left ear! Say it again!
It's okay.
You don't have to say it.
Bala, this is the first time
and the last time
I'll make a decision for you.
I think this is what
you really meant to say.
She wanted me to tell you
that she believes you,
and that she'll always love you.
Bala, my dearest friend,
I swear to god,
I'm still a good girl.
After I graduated in 2009,
I got a job at
a publisher in Shanghai.
The pay is low, and it's busy,
but I'm mostly happy.
Zhang Yang, who entered
the clothing industry in college,
is the CEO of a little
e-commerce site in Beijing now.
Every time he gets an interesting
new product on his site,
he never forgets to send me one.
Sure, okay, okay.
I got it.
-You got another gift?
If a man treated me like that,
we'd be married already.
He's just a friend.
If a friend treated me like that,
we'd be married already.
How long has it
been since you've been in love?
How long has it
been since a woman said she loved you?
How long has it
been since you cried, hurt,
and fell apart for love?
If your answer is no,
that means your love
has been asleep for too long!
Love in Gold
is a way to reawaken
the feeling of love.
Take a look.
Hey, let me have it!
You don't have anyone to give it to.
I'm going to give it to my friend.
Okay. Pre-orders start next week.
I have another meeting. I have to go.
Alright then. Take care.
So are you in charge of the contract?
We'll talk about
the contract in a bit.
How long has it been
since you've been in love?
Today we're giving
Jiang Yaxi's fan club
a chance to meet the singer.
First, let's have a
round of applause for Jiang Yaxi!
Hello! Hi everybody. I'm Jiang Yaxi.
What is music to you?
Music is a way for me to touch heaven.
What were you doing when you were 18?
When I was 18
I spent every day
practicing guitar and dancing.
I didn't have time for dating.
I was the stereotypical
boring, nerdy girl.
Thinking back on it
now I actually regret it.
Your fans who love you so much
are all here today
How do you feel about it?!
Thank you.
What are you doing here?
It's vacation at work,
so I came home to see my parents.
The school needs an order of books,
and I happen to have them,
so I brought them back.
You're a really nice guy.
I heard You Ta is
getting married soon.
I saw his girlfriend's
picture in the class group.
She's already his wife.
They got married in the US last month.
I didn't see anything
about Xu Yi in the group.
Are you still in touch with him?
I hope he's doing better than I am.
I'm sure he is.
Everything passes.
So many things have changed.
The noodle restaurant is gone.
Forget Bar is gone.
But there are some things
that will never change.
Thank you.
Why are you thanking me?
Do you remember the
first time we saw each other?
When was that?
The day the new
students arrived. I was late,
and I rushed into the classroom,
and I saw you introducing yourself.
Li with the wood radical,
and Er with the king and ear radicals.
My first thought was,
This girl's name
is pretty interesting.
I learned you were
You Ta's cousin after that.
Is that true?
I have to go.
My mom is making dinner for me.
I'll drive you home.
No thanks.
I'm used to public transit.
Why are you here?
I want to tell you something.
Do you know what I said?