The Legend of 5 Mile Cave (2019) Movie Script

[horse whinnies]
[slow motion, galloping thud]
[galloping quickens]
[western music]
I can see him up ahead!
We're gainin' on him.
Keep strong, boys!
This man's a killer.
[horse whinnies]
[horse whinnies]
[gun cocks]
[slow motion, horse breathing]
[gun shot]
[feet approaching]
is he dead?
He's alive,
just barely.
older tommy, v/o: first
time I met sam barns
I was 10 years old.
[dogs howls]
come on, boy, come on.
Whatcha got, boy?
older tommy, v/o: it was
the summer of 1929.
And while I didn't
realize it then...
officer: atta boy,
atta boy.
Older tommy, v/o: it would lead
to the adventure of a lifetime.
Officer: come on, boys!
He's gonna go
down on foot.
[train whistles
in the distance]
everybody keep
their eyes peeled.
[dogs barking,
getting closer]
[dog howls]
hey, we got something
downstream here.
got, boy?
[dog panting]
come on,
boy, come on.
[dog howls]
[other dog barks]
officer: hey,
over here!
I think we got
[dogs bark fades]
[train whistles]
[rooster crows]
[dog playfully growls]
okay pat, I'm up.
[dog barks]
older tommy, v/o: it'd been over
a year since my father had died.
I don't think my mother
had spent a night
in their bed since.
mama was a strong woman.
But, pain and loss have a way
of catching up to all of us.
it's strange how life works.
My father had survived the war
to end all wars, only to meet
his end from something as
random as a farming accident.
It didn't seem fair.
The void it caused in our life
couldn't be measured in words.
[crow squawking]
dad had always been my hero.
And when that hero was lost,
it seemed as though
a part of my mama and me
were lost with him.
[opening letter]
life without dad
just wasn't the same.
Aside from me not having
a pa and ma, a husband,
his passing had left us at
a considerable disadvantage
with the local bank.
susan: tommy, I need you
to walk into town for me.
Give this envelope to
mr. Davis at the bank.
You tell him it's all I can
come up with at the moment,
but... I'll get him the rest
as soon as we get those
horses broke and off to market.
Okay, mama.
And then, I want you to make
your way through town,
put one of these fliers up on
any posting board you can find.
We're gonna let people
live with us now?
Well, unless you got a
better idea of how to pay
the bank note on the farm.
Guess not.
That mean I'm gonna have
to share my room now?
no, honey...
you ain't gonna have
to share your room.
All right, this is only
for the two spares.
And this is only temporary.
Just until we can get
back on our feet.
Run along.
I need you back by lunch.
Those horses ain't gonna
break themselves.
all right.
[door closes]
older tommy, v/o: mama sure loved that
farm and everything it represented.
It was the only thing of dad
she had left to hold onto.
our town was small, familiar,
and the only thing I knew
of the world outside
of our little farm.
I loved every chance
I had to visit.
mr. Davis:
yes, young man?
What can I do for ya?
My ma said I was
to give this to you.
You're the tilwicky
boy, right?
Tommy: yes, sir.
I was told to tell
you Mr. Davis, um...
that that money there is
all mama and me could get
together for the time being.
But that, we'd get you more
just as soon as she gets
our horses broke
and off to market.
Just tell your mama come
on by here and see me
in the next few
days, all right?
all right.
tommy: morning,
Mr. Kinsley!
Good morning
to you, tommy!
I was wondering if you had any
new books for me to look at.
Hold on.
now this...
is a good one.
Older tommy, v/o: "the
legend of five mile cave."
I couldn't take my eyes off it.
The story of the outlaw,
shooter green.
Mr. Kinsley.
Older tommy, v/o: I just stared
at it the whole way back.
I couldn't wait to get
home and read stories of
gunslingers, daring horse
chases and the amazing
adventures of the wild west.
It opened up a whole new world
I didn't even know existed.
Little did I know that this
book and a new stranger
would take me on my
own daring adventure.
[horse whinnies]
we never know where
hope is going to come from.
Just a little
nervous, that's all.
Older tommy, v/o: but that
day, hope came in two ways.
Come on,
come on.
Mama always said we needed
to have hope, even if we didn't
know where it was coming from.
But that day hope
came for both of us.
Sam: good boy.
Older tommy, v/o: you see, mama
never had the knack
for breaking
horses and she was having
a difficult time getting
them ready for market.
Good boy,
good boy.
Older tommy, v/o: and that was the
day sam barnes entered our lives.
Sam: whoa, whoa...
okay, okay.
Go on, go on.
Whoa, go on.
You'll need to ride him
a few times a day for
the next week or so.
He'll handle nicely.
You must
ride a lot.
a bit, Mrs. Tilwicky.
It's been a while, but
a man never forgets.
How do you
know my name?
Ah, there's a fella up
the road selling supplies.
Mr. Kinsley?
Sam: yeah, he told me.
He said you were
accepting boarders?
Tommy, why don't you
go feed the chickens?
Go on, go on.
Okay, mama.
Sam: if that's not right,
I can be on my way.
No, no, that's--
That's right.
You'll have to forgive
me, I've just got a lot
on my mind is all.
Susan tilwicky.
That there's
my boy tommy.
Sam, barnes.
Susan: nice to meet
you, Mr. Barnes.
Nice to meet you too.
So... The room rate
is a dollar a night.
That includes three squares
a day and fresh linens weekly.
Uh, I don't uh...
I don't exactly have
the rate you're asking.
I was hoping I could...
work off my keep, till I
find a regular paying job.
I'm sure your husband
could use the help.
My husband passed
near a year ago.
It's just me
and tommy now.
Oh, well I'm sorry
I-- I didn't know.
Susan: oh,
no matter.
Tommy's near a man
and he does real good.
But... I'm afraid we're not
in a position to have anyone
else on with us at the moment
unless it's on a paying basis.
I-- I hope you
Yes ma'am.
I understand.
I'll be uh...
on my way.
Good luck with
those horses.
[horses whinny]
mr. Barnes!
Mr. Barnes!
Well, we do have a room in
the back of the barn with a cot.
My husband used to stay
there when a cow was calving.
you can stay there if you'd like
on a temporary basis, of course.
But, you help us get these
horses broke and we'll
talk about more suitable
accommodations inside.
You got yourself
a deal.
All right then,
all right then.
I'll show you
to your room.
[chickens clucking]
older tommy, v/o: and that's
how we met sam barnes.
I took a liking
to him right away.
Mama was a little hesitant;
as all good mothers are.
susan: dinner's ready.
sam: that picture
in there, is--
Is that your mama?
Oh, who, josie?
No, no...
she was a friend of my family
from a time in arizona.
Unfortunately, she and her
child died during childbirth.
I see.
Susan: yeah, sad.
You know, my mama always
kept that photograph around.
She said it reminded her
of how lucky her and my pa
were that I turned
out all right.
And how fragile
life can be.
That you did.
Well, Mr. Barnes
would you...
like to do the honors?
Oh... I would.
[silverware clanks]
[clears throat]
uh, would you like
to lead us in prayer?
If it's all the same to you,
I would prefer to leave it in
your more than capable hands,
if that's all right.
Very well.
susan: dear lord, thank
you for the food that has
been placed before us.
Give us strength so that we
may help others who are less
fortunate and help us to
find our way when we are
blind to your cause.
We ask all this in jesus
christ's name our savior, amen.
Now, Mr. Barnes, you
may do the honors.
All right.
There you go.
older tommy, v/o: now pulp
novels are a thing of the past.
I spent hour after hour on that
porch, riding with jesse james
and laughing with
calamity jane.
When I turned a page...
everything around me faded
How I wanted to truly be there.
And through
those novels...
I was.
[galloping slowly]
sam: "the legend of
five mile cave."
the story of the outlaw,
shooter green.
Sounds exciting.
It is.
This fella shooter, he pulled
off one of the greatest
stagecoach robberies
the west had ever seen.
They say he was as fast
with a gun as billy the kid.
Billy the kid, you say?
Sam: that's fast.
That's real fast.
Don't believe everything
you read in books, son.
Why's that?
Because the people that
write those things are
only out for one thing.
What's that?
Get kids like you
to buy 'em.
shooter green wasn't as
fast as billy the kid.
Tommy: he wasn't?
Heck, no.
He was faster.
how do you
know that?
Because I knew him.
Well, I'd
better turn in.
So soon, but
it's early.
Sam: [groans]
I got a lot to do tomorrow.
These old bones don't
recover like they used to.
I think Mr. Barnes
has a good idea.
should be in
bed as well.
Mama, let me read just
five more minutes.
all right, five
more minutes.
But not a second longer.
Good night,
You can...
you can call me susan.
Well, only if
you call me sam.
all right.
All right,
Don't let the
bed bugs bite ya.
He seems like a
real nice fella.
Yeah, seems.
[door opens]
[foot steps]
You've got a
Not now, sally.
It's marked urgent.
sally: yeah, it's
about some prison
break over at the
arkansas federal prison.
Let me take a look
at that sally.
here you go.
humph, sally...
cancel that lunch.
I might be
gone a while.
[door shuts]
[chamber shuts]
sam: hand me a
nail, will ya?
Nail, hello?
[nails clattering]
something on
your mind?
I was just thinking about
what you said last night.
I mean, you really
knew shooter green?
Yeah, I knew him.
Didn't much like
him, though.
He was cocky.
Cocky people
get reckless.
So he was
mean, then?
No, reckless and mean
are two different things.
How's that?
Well, I know for a fact shooter
never set out to hurt anyone.
Never set out to become an
outlaw either for that matter.
What makes you
say that?
Well, I was there...
when shooter green came
to the town of tucson
in the summer of 1887.
The same summer
as the robbery.
Sam: the very same.
sam: shooter was riding in
from the east.
He had no family, no money...
and no possessions, except
his horse named trapper.
And his six-shooter he
always kept on him.
Tommy: what happened
to his parents?
Sam: don't know.
Shooter always said that he
was found at the doorstep
of a church, no note,
no name, nothing.
But shooter was ready
to take on the world.
Tucson would be the first stop.
he arrived in june of
that year and quickly
got himself acclimated.
He had come from kansas with
the hopes of staking a claim.
But, to do that...
he needed money.
[bottle shatters]
you see, while shooter knew he
was the fastest gun around...
no one else in tucson did.
Shooter green: so y'all
like what you see so far?
Yeah, it's pretty good.
Shooter green: all right,
here comes a tricky one.
You see this?
I'm gonna flick it up
in the air and I'm gonna
shoot it with my pistol.
[crowd laughing]
what do you think is so
funny over there, huh?
You don't think I can do it? No.
No way, young feller.
[flick, gun shot]
shooter green: come on.
Thank you.
Thank you very much.
I see some
sour faces.
I appreciate it.
This hat sure
appreciates it.
come on now,
all right, now
we're talking.
Yeah, yeah
right there.
all right.
My name's shooter green.
I can shoot the flea off
a dog from 50 yards.
I can put a bullet through
the eye of a needle.
You know what else?
I strike faster
than a rattlesnake.
a Miss pays
three to one.
[people chattering]
you interested?
You sure?
Man: yeah.
Yeah? All right.
[cock gun]
I got 50.
Got enough to cover a bet like that?
Sam barnes, v/o: and then,
Miss josie hayes arrived.
I got plenty.
Tommy, v/o: what
about Miss hayes?
All right then...
consider me in.
Sam barnes, v/o:
josie hayes was special.
Shooter knew it right away.
Your money.
Sam barnes, v/o: some say
it was a red-tailed hawk.
Others say josie put
a spell on shooter.
But, shooter...
[bird squawks]
[gun shot]
it was the only time in
recorded history that
shooter missed a shot.
[clears throat]
sam barnes, v/o: as
well as lost a bet.
josie: sure you
got enough?
Pay it off in trade
if you have to.
Shooter green:
no, I got it.
Don't you worry your
pretty little head.
I wouldn't have made
the bet if I didn't.
140, 142, 145...
that's enough.
I said I
got enough.
All right?
Yeah, 150.
You can count
it if you like.
That's all right,
I trust you.
You seem like a
man of your word.
[clears throat]
well, I am.
You can take that
to the bank with ya.
Well, I intend to.
Well, I better
get going.
Hey wait.
You got a name?
Josie hayes.
Josie hayes.
Well, where
ya from?
I live half a day's
ride down in tombstone.
My daddy's a
banker there.
Oh, that makes sense.
I guess you really are
gonna take the money
to the bank
then, aren't ya?
I've got a long
ride ahead of me.
Well, uh...
did you ride down
here all by yourself?
I mean...
Is something wrong with that?
Well uh...
I mean...
I guess it's
just that...
just what?
Women aren't supposed
to ride all by themselves,
is that it?
Well... No!
I mean uh...
of course, yeah.
It's fine, I guess.
I didn't mean no offense.
Look here, Mr. Green.
I might be a woman...
but, I can take
care of myself.
[cocks gun]
[gun shot, hits can]
Sam barnes, v/o: yep,
shooter green had
a masterful command of a gun.
But, his heart?
Well... That was another
matter all together.
[train whistling]
well howdy, Miss hayes.
I was hoping I could
accompany you...
on your ride back
to tombstone.
Oh, for pete's sake.
Don't you have anything
better to do?
There's nowhere else in this
world I'd rather be right
now than right here with you.
[clears throat]
I'll tell ya, that was
some real sharp shooting
you did back there.
Who taught you?
Josie: myself.
You surprised?
Well, that's real
nice, ain't it?
Listen Miss hayes, I don't
lie, not when it counts.
And that's something
you'll learn about me.
learn something
about someone...
implies that you want to
be around them long enough
to take any interest.
What makes you think I want to
be around you long enough?
I don't know.
Maybe I just see
it in your eyes.
Oh, is that a fact?
And you want to know
what else is a fact?
Reckon you're gonna
tell me anyway.
I'm gonna make
you my wife.
well, to do that...
you're gonna have
to catch me.
[horse neighs]
[riding off]
whoo hoo!
All right!
so shooter really was
that fast with a gun.
Sam: sure was.
I won and lost more money
on that boy's talents.
And josie?
How come the book
never mentions her?
Sam: well...
nobody really
knew about her.
See their relationship
was kind of a secret.
Her daddy was the big
man in those parts.
Josie knew her daddy wouldn't
take too kindly to her courting
a vagabond marksman from kansas.
So, they kept their
relationship a secret.
Sam: josie wanted
to tell her parents.
She loved shooter
for who she was.
She just...
figured her parents
needed to accept that
one way or another.
Shooter on the other
hand, he figured...
best be kept a secret till
he could afford to buy her
a proper ring, proper wedding,
proper house, all the...
all the things a woman
of her upbringing
had grown accustomed to.
Shooter just couldn't get it
through his thick head that...
josie loved him
for being him.
Tommy: there's just one thing
I don't quite understand
about all this
Mr. Barnes...
what's that?
Well if their relationship
was supposed to be a secret,
how come you knew about it?
now that is a
good question.
I guess that uh-
susan: lunch is ready!
I'm starved,
let's eat.
me too.
[all laughing]
sam: those sandwiches
were good, man.
Susan: oh yeah,
Simple yet
Sure was.
Mr. Barnes here has been
telling me all about
the outlaw shooter green.
Susan: uh-huh.
Is that a fact?
Sam: yes ma'am.
Mostly I was telling tommy
not to believe everything
he reads in books.
At least not those
types anyway.
Well, I guess you
can blame me for that.
I'm the one who let
him start reading them.
Seems it's the only
thing he enjoys since...
[silverware clanking]
uh, clear your place.
yes sir.
Here, we'll
help you out here.
Susan: thank you.
[car door shuts]
I uh...
I don't mean to disturb
you ma'am, but uh...
I'm looking for a couple
by the name of kineson.
He was our family's minister
in tucson over 30 years ago.
You got a second to talk?
Well, I could use
a refreshment.
Do you want to join
me on the porch?
Thank you, ma'am.
Martha: [laughs]
don't get much company out here.
Uh, thank you.
so um...
how long ago did
the kinesons pass?
Oh, some years back.
Just before
the war I think.
Car accident.
They uh, they had a
daughter didn't they?
yes, mm-hmm.
Lives in kentucky near
as I can recollect.
She married a
fella up there.
darwin tilwicky.
They sold
us this place.
When it went on the
market we bought it.
Oh, you going so soon?
Yes, ma'am.
I'm not a race horse
and kentucky's...
not getting any closer
with me sitting here.
Well bye.
[foot steps,
floor creaks]
you ever fired
a gun before?
No sir.
My pa kept promising
we would, but...
sam: well, I
tell you what...
after chores this morning,
why don't we give it a try?
That is, if it's
okay with your mom.
What's that?
Mr. Barnes wants to teach
me to shoot after chores!
Can we mama, please?
Boy should learn to
protect his family.
If you don't
mind my saying.
In fact, I
do mind, sam.
A gun is
not a toy.
Mama, I'm
nearly 11-
listen to your
mama, tommy.
I should've
consulted her.
I overstepped;
I apologize.
ah, it's all right.
This business at the bank has
just got me a little stressed.
That's all.
His pa was gonna teach
him how to shoot and...
tommy shouldn't have
to suffer just because
he's not around
here to do that.
Tommy: that mean
he can teach me?
Does it, mama?
I suppose so, providing
you get your chores done.
Okay, okay
mama I will!
I'll start right now!
[running steps]
hey paps,
it's chore time!
[dog barks]
you promise me
you'll keep him safe.
Oh, you
have my word.
Thank you, sam.
good luck.
susan: my husband
always dealt with
the business side of things.
The farm has been in his
family for generations.
Yes, I...
was sorry to hear
of his passing.
Thank you.
There's no delicate way to
put this Mrs. Tilwicky, so...
I'm just gonna
come out with it.
The bank has petitioned your
property for foreclosure.
What exactly
does that mean?
Mr. Davis:
you'll have till the end of
the month to either bring
the loan current or remove your
belongings from the premises.
Anything left will be
sold at auction two weeks
later with the property.
But the horse auction's
not for another three months.
We don't-
we don't have
enough time.
Without broke horses we
won't get a good enough price.
Mr. Davis:
I'm sorry, but...
but policy is
policy, ma'am.
Susan: my husband put everything
he had into that farm.
And he fought in the war
for our country.
And somehow we managed
to hang onto it.
But, if you take that
farm away from us,
that's all we got
left of him.
So I'm just asking you
please, please can you
just give us six more months?
I can get you the
money in six months.
Mr. Davis:
Mrs. Tilwicky...
I'm really sorry, but
the bank's done...
done all we
can do, ma'am.
thank you
for your time.
[gun shot]
good shot,
mr. Barnes!
All right, it's gonna
be your turn now.
I'm gonna hand
you this weapon.
You're gonna take a
nice, firm grip on it.
You grab that, grab
it right there.
You got it good?
Put that into your
shoulder, nice and tight.
You've read about
this stuff, haven't you?
Yes, sir.
Put your other hand
out there, cradle it.
Hold it
All right...
now, I'm gonna
rack a load.
Hand under there?
Good, all right.
Don't put your finger
on the trigger yet, okay?
Now, you're gonna want to
look through this sight here.
On that front sight.
Keep your eye
focused on
that front sight.
You put it on one
of those apples.
You're gonna remember
three things.
Nice balance.
Take a nice,
deep breath.
let it go, relax.
And gently pull
that trigger.
[gun shot]
It's all right,
that's all right.
Let's try again.
Finger off
that trigger.
Okay, get it up
against your shoulder.
Front sight.
balance, breathing.
[both breathing]
gently pull
that trigger.
[gun shot]
I hit it!
Sam: you're a good
shot, tommy.
Just might be as good
as shooter one day.
[door opens,
feet scamper]
mama, mama
I did it!
I shot a piece of fruit!
It was a...
what was it you
called it again?
A hundred-yard shot.
Yeah, yeah a
hundred-yard shot.
[imitates gun shot]
that's-- that's good.
That's real
good, tommy.
Tommy, why don't you
go get washed up?
I'll teach you how to
clean that after we eat.
Tommy: okay,
yes sir.
Sam: go on.
[running footsteps]
bank wouldn't budge?
not even
a little.
[crying] I don't know
what I'm gonna do.
Well, it's gonna
be okay.
It's all gonna
work out.
You'll see.
what you need to do is
stay strong for that boy.
you're right.
You're right.
Sam: I'll mind tommy.
You take as much
time as you need.
Thank you, sam.
It'll be fine.
hey, yesterday you were
gonna tell me how come...
you knew so much
about shooter.
I mean...
seeing as he was
a loner and all.
I guess you could say
I was sort of a...
confidant of shooter's.
What's that?
Sam: confidant?
Someone he could
bounce things off of.
Make sure he was doing
the right thing.
Kind of like what we're doing right now.
Sam: yeah.
Kind of like what
we're doing right now.
tommy: so...
what ended up happening
with shooter and josie?
You're just not gonna
give up till you know
everything, are ya?
[Sam sighs]
let me see...
Where was I?
all right.
Shooter and josie had
been secretly courting
for most of the summer and...
he knew she was
the one for him.
He also knew that if he was
gonna pop the question,
he needed to get her a
proper engagement ring.
At least to his
way of thinking.
Tommy: so, why didn't he
just raise more money
from bets and shooting?
Sam: that is a very good
question, young man.
And it deserves a good answer.
[gun shots]
man: big deal,
seen it already.
Sam: under normal
shooter would've simply
packed up and moved on to
the next place that
hadn't heard of him.
Now that he had
josie on his mind...
leaving wasn't an option.
Tommy: what did
he end up doing?
Sam: for a time, he sat around
and felt sorry for himself.
That is...
until one day.
[glass clinks]
can I get you
anything, marshal?
Yeah, I think I'll have a
nip of the old overhaul.
Make it two.
Word on the street
is that um...
you've fallen
onto hard times.
I ain't done nothing wrong,
if that's what you're asking.
Oh, I ain't-I ain't
here to say you did.
I'm just passing on my
findings, that's all.
Just 'cause one man's
looking for another...
doesn't mean it's
necessarily a bad thing.
Virgil earp.
Yeah, I've
heard of you.
Is that so?
You and your brother
made quite the name for
yourselves down in kansas.
What brings
you to tucson?
Virgil: business for
the arizona territory.
We're starting a series
of shipments weekly.
what's that got
to do with me?
Well, I've heard that
you're spectacularly
good with a gun.
How so?
Virgil: thank
you, ma'am.
I need men to watch
over those shipments.
Men I can trust to show
up and meet the stagecoach.
These parts
aren't really...
tamed, so to speak.
There's a lot of unsavory
types that like to make
a quick buck on the likes of
what's on those shipments.
Well, what is the content
of those shipments?
Virgil: that's for me to know
and you, my friend, to protect.
What makes you think
I'd be interested?
Oh, just $500.
And more where that came
from, if you stay on
beyond three months.
Oh, you won't be
at it alone.
There will be
others with you.
But it won't be easy.
There will be a
mark on your head.
And I'm here to tell ya...
shooting up fellas what
are shooting back...
isn't as easy as
busting them bottles.
I mean, it all sounds
pretty interesting.
Can I give you an
answer in the morning?
Oh, of course,
I understand.
You gotta check in
with the little lady.
She's a beauty.
What do you know
about josie?
I make it my business
to know everything about
a man that I'm about to hire.
You see, when you're
on that trail
you're an extension
of myself.
goes wrong out there...
I will take it personal.
You hear me?
Yes sir.
Then, I expect you'll have an
answer for me in the morning.
All right, then.
You got
my word.
sam, v/o: now this left shooter
in a predicament.
[door opens, closes]
he could either turn down the
job that would give him
everything to
provide for josie...
[glass thuds on table]
or tell josie he was about to
risk his life for somethin'
she didn't even care about.
Tommy, v/o: let me guess...
it didn't go over so
well did it?
Sam, v/o:
uh... Nope.
Do you know what happens to
people that do that, shooter?
They come back in
a pine box.
And I know... I know.
I've seen it happen
all the time with men my daddy
hired to bring one in and out.
well, I thought you'd
be thrilled.
Think about it.
That's enough for
us to get married.
And you can introduce me
to your pa.
I mean, it's kinda hard to look
down at a fella makin'
100 bucks a month.
I don't want you
to get killed!
I'm tellin'
you right now...
nothing's gonna
happen to me.
You have my word.
But you don't
know that, shooter.
[knee hits ground]
shooter, what
are you doing?
What's it
look like?
Josie, you're the most amazing
woman that I ever
laid eyes on.
You're beautiful,
and you're smart.
And you're sassy.
I just...
you're everything
I dreamed of.
But honestly, I don't
really deserve-
no, you do
deserve me.
You do okay?
You are a good man.
You're my man.
Well, how about
it woman?
Will you marry me
miss hayes?
Of course I will, you silly cowboy!
One of those...
and a little
bit of this.
Tommy: ew, that's gross.
there will come a time
when you will think
quite differently,
I guarantee it.
Sam: even you are not immune to
the power of the female
They don't make a vaccine for
it or somethin'?
Ha! No.
I'm afraid not... No.
So what happened next?
[sam sighs deeply]
the next morning,
josie and shooter
got married but...
but, but... They agreed to
keep it secret until they could
tell their parents and have
a more proper wedding.
Pastor: dearly beloved, we are
gathered here today
in the eyes of god to witness
one of life's greatest events...
the marriage of josie to sam.
Sam, do you take this woman
to be your wife?
To live together in the bonds
of holy matrimony?
I do.
Pastor: and josie, do you take
this man
as your lawfully
wedded husband
to live forever in the
bonds of marriage
for as long as you shall live?
I do.
Pastor: by the power vested in
me by my office,
and by the territory
of arizona...
I hereby get to bestow upon you
the most honorable of titles
that can exist between
a man and a woman.
I hereby pronounce you
as husband and wife.
Sam, you may seal your vows
with a kiss.
[hoof beats]
[hoof beats]
[horse trotting]
[horse trotting]
[door opens]
[door closes]
yes, sir...
how can I help you
young fella?
Are you sheriff bean?
Well, that depends on
who is askin'.
shooter green.
I was told to report here
by virgil earp.
Right, right.
Yes sir, yes sir.
So you were,
so you were.
You want some
Shooter: no,
I'm good, thanks.
- Sure?
- Yep.
Sheriff bean: the rest of our
crew will be in here momentarily
so if you wanna have a seat
or whatever there...
uh, how many of us
are there?
Sheriff bean: well, there'd be
five countin' me.
But I only go as far
I can't go very far.
If I go too far,
I get the piles.
[door opens]
well, well, well, look at what
the cat done drug in, boys...
a new kid.
he's pretty ain't he?
[rifle cocks]
for a horse.
Doc small
at your service.
shooter green,
nice to meet you.
We've heard of you and earp says
you're supposed to
be real fast with that gun.
Well, fast is one thing...
accurate's another.
And both...
well now,
that's a different story.
I like it!
I like him.
Sheriff bean: alright, alright.
Enough of this. We gotta get goin'.
The stagecoach is gonna be here
any minute and uh...
hey, leave that alone...
that's mine,
leave that alone.
First off,
we leave our horses here.
Now there's plenty of 'em that
the government's
got up there for us when we get
off the stagecoach at tucson so
we can get back on theirs.
Second, we make this run
once a week.
The only way to get paid
is to catch the coach.
If you Miss that stagecoach,
you've missed a week's pay.
Don't lollygag gettin'
back here.
And the third thing is this...
I want everybody to fill out a
last will and testament.
It's uh... So that we can make
sure your money gets to where
it's supposed to be should
something happen to you.
It's a grim reality, men.
But it's something that we
gotta deal with so... [Sniffles]
there's the paper and the pens.
If you can't write, let me know
and I'll write for you.
If you got uh... Just make your
mark, that's good. Any questions?
Doc: yeah, if arizona
territory is payin'
for our horses, are they also
payin' for our headstones?
[doc chuckles]
sam, v/o: shooter spent many a
night on the road
thinkin' about josie...
what might happen.
all he could do was wait for
the time to come when
he could see her again
and any time could be his last.
It never got easier,
but he was providing.
So far they hadn't run
into any trouble...
shooter was surviving.
[horse trotting]
and it looked like things were
gonna turn out
alright for shooter.
That is, until one day...
[josie crying]
[josie crying]
[door opens]
[somber music]
what's wrong?
[josie crying]
sam, v/o: I don't much like to
talk about
this part of the story,
but josie's parents were killed
in a fire.
Her mother forgot to blow out a
candle one night,
and the whole house
went up in flames.
Even though josie's parents
didn't approve
of her marriage to shooter,
they were all the family
either of them had.
But time has a way of passing.
He ain't comin'.
Let's get goin' boys.
[stagecoach creaking]
I didn't mean
to wake you.
It's no matter.
I was havin' a
tough time
sleepin' anyway.
You headed out
to yuma?
Afraid so.
you know, you're all I've got
left in this world now, right?
I know.
this will be my
last trip, josie.
I mean, after today I get paid
for the first month, you know?
So I can use that money to
get settled in.
You promise you'll
come back to me?
Come on now.
What'd I tell you the first
day we met?
That you were a
man of your word.
That's right and I gave
you my word.
I'm shooter green...
and I can shoot the flea off a
dog from 50 yards.
and I can put the bullet through
the eye of a needle.
And I strike faster
than a rattlesnake.
I'll make it
back to you.
I'm pregnant,
are you mad or...
Are you kidding me?
No, I'm not mad.
I'm the happiest man in
the world right now!
alright then,
you promise...
promise that this is your
last trip, alright?
I promise.
I promise.
As long as
I have you...
love always
finds a way.
love finds a way.
[stagecoach rattling]
man #1:
today is payday, boys.
What are you gonna
do with yours?
Man #2:
I got a few debts to pay off.
Man #1:
[hoof beats]
hyah! Hup!
Come on!
[horse neighing]
[hoof beats,
stagecoach rattling]
[flashback, sheriff bean] the only
way to get paid is to catch the coach.
If you Miss that stagecoach,
you've missed a week's pay.
Shooter: hey! Hold up!
I'm here! Hey!
- Do you hear somethin'?
- It's shooter!
Well, open up the door
and get him in here!
[door opens]
come on shooter, jump!
Come on,
get up! Ahhh!
I got you.
You are one crazy hombre!
Shooter: well, I couldn't
Miss payday.
[opens stagecoach door]
we're only about 30 minutes from
payday, boys. [Shuts stagecoach door]
[chuckles, horse neighs]
[tense music]
yep, there's the opening
to 5 mile cave.
Shooter: 5 mile cave?
Yeah, you don't know 'bout 5 mile cave?
They say that thing is
so deep that if
a man was to
walk in there,
he'd never see the
light of day again.
[tense music]
- hey...
- yeah?
- What's that?
- What?
Shooter: that over there.
[hoof beats approaching]
oh, it looks like we're gonna
have some company, boys.
Jesse: there's only two of 'em;
we can beat 'em.
Sheriff: hold on.
Jesse: let's go!
Maybe you didn't
hear the man... Now deek!
Jesse: deek, wh-what are you
Deek: what I got to.
Jesse: don't point the gun at
me; sheriff, do somethin'.
- Hush up, jesse.
- Deek, wh-what's happening?
- Whoa.
- Sheriff, what are you doin'?
Whatever I have to, son.
Back on up.
[tense music]
careful like...
That's good.
Money does crazy things
to people,
shooter... You know that.
Especially when it's
$200,000 in gold.
You're doin' all this for
a lil' bit of gold?
Well, that's what makes the
world go round, kid.
[tense music]
you think earp's gonna let you
get away with this?
Who says?
[tense music]
he was there...
And he was...
forgettin' somethin'?
Doc: nope, I think I got it
all figured out.
what are you doin'?!
Like the sheriff said...
whatever we have to.
[cocks gun]
[exhales sharply]
better them than us,
right, shooter?
Join us...
We need a guy like you.
Shooter: killing gets you
nowhere, small.
Jesse was one of us.
Doc: well, it's just
a matter of time
for the rest of the scum around
here to catch up with us.
The stagecoach...
all of it.
See, we're expendable,
and the pay is good right?
What's the point of all of it if
we're not around to enjoy it?
This is an easier way...
trust me.
we're gonna go into town,
tell everyone how
we got held up.
There was a shootout.
They shot our driver,
and we shot one of them.
And the others...
they took off in
different directions.
Scattered our horses
and our wagon.
I mean, we couldn't go after
them because...
you know, we're on foot.
And by the time they get
their posse together,
they're all gone.
bean here has the loot.
He goes back and gets
a room in dateland just
like he has every
week this month.
it's not gonna work.
You got a problem.
The sheriff didn't get
off in dateland.
Oh, well who says?
The only one that knows for
sure was the driver,
and I don't think he's talkin'.
Sheriff bean: yeah, you took
care of that.
Doc: last chance to
join us, shooter.
Shooter: sorry, fellas.
You're gonna have to kill me
like did the rest of 'em.
That's good... That's good.
That means more gold for-
[dives to ground]
[horse neighing]
he's gettin' away!
doc: boys, the sheriff and I are
gonna take two of these horses
into tucson and get
a posse together.
It's our word against his,
and he has our loot!
[shuts stagecoach door]
[flashback josie's voice] alright
then, you've gotta promise.
You gotta promise, okay?
That this is your last trip, alright?
[flashback] shooter: yes.
Josie: please?
[flashback] shooter: I
promise... I promise.
tommy: and then what?
Do you think it's
time for bed, huh?
Come on,
just a bit more.
alright, let me see.
Shooter knew it'd be a race to
get back to the authorities.
See, in those days a man's word
was all he had.
And since he had the loot,
he knew one of two
things could happen...
he'd get blamed if doc small got
word to earp first or...
or what?
Or they'd take the money
for themselves on account of his
horse being weighted down with
all that golden loot.
So what'd he do?
Sam: he did what any man in his
position would do...
he hid it.
now in that area,
there was a cave system
that many said ran some
5 miles underground.
Tommy: 5 mile cave!
Sam: you got it.
Shooter knew that if he could
stash the loot,
it gave him a bargaining chip
until the truth was sorted out.
he figured that under those
circumstances that it was
better than doc and his men
getting their hands on it.
[gold clanking on ground]
[striking match]
[digging sounds]
[tense music]
[digging sounds]
[tense music]
meanwhile, doc had
reached tucson and told
earp his version of
what had happened.
Just like shooter figured,
doc pinned the whole
thing on him.
Earp: I need men I can trust;
I trusted this man,
and he betrayed us.
He took the wealth of
this good city,
and shot, in cold blood,
three of our very own.
these witnesses here will attest
to the fact that
this man shot down
our own in cold blood.
I need men that
will react instantly,
and shoot this man
on sight.
Any man that rides
will be paid.
Any man that shoots him...
will be paid double.
Sam, v/o: earp bought the whole
thing hook, line, and sinker
and quickly organized a posse.
[horse neighing]
[hoof beats]
my book says...
earp shot shooter
in the shoulder.
Sam: well, yeah that is one of
the few things
that book got right.
he knocked him off his horse
and he hit his head on a rock.
he lost his memory of where
the gold was hidden, right?
that's right.
The book says shooter went to
prison for robbery and murder.
yeah, that he did.
[ominous bells toll]
even though he was innocent?
[sam says somberly] yes...
even though he was innocent.
But what happened to josie
and the baby?
well that is a very
good question.
Come on sweetie;
lot of work to get done
if we're gonna find a buyer
for those horses.
Ma, just a few more minutes.
Come on, you listen to
your mama now.
Plenty of time for storytelling
when we're breakin' horses.
Let's go.
Go on.
Besides, I need to go stretch
my legs anyway.
[tommy's footsteps
in the distance]
[birds chirping]
[horse whinnies in distance]
[car approaching]
[tense music]
[tense music]
[tense music]
[tense music]
[slow footsteps]
- evening, ma'am.
- Evening.
My name is uh...
bud tabor.
What can I do for you,
Mr. Tabor?
Bud: the man in town said uh...
you were taking in boarders.
Susan: that we are.
how much?
Susan: well, it's a
dollar a night...
$5 if you take it
for the week...
and I'll give you
3 squares a day if you want it.
Bud: well, I don't plan on
staying that long so...
how about we uh...
start with uh...
with this.
You don't want to
see the room?
Bud: oh no, ma'am;
your place looks uh...
fine enough to me.
And you look like uh...
nice people.
alright then,
do you have any bags?
yes, ma'am.
he's a bit of a strange
sort, don't ya think?
[door opens]
susan: he's a cash paying
and that's all that matters.
Besides, we've got sam
should the need arise.
Mr. Tabor, I'll show you
to your room.
[ominous music]
[ominous music]
[footsteps approaching,
door opening]
hello there.
You're just in time.
Should be
good as new.
Bless you.
You're welcome.
I was just out
for a walk.
It's a nice night
for one.
Is there
Uh, that is my
first boarder.
Yeah, he seems like a nice
enough fella.
Every little bit helps.
Susan: ah, yeah. That it does.
you know, sam...
we've been so busy trying
to save this place,
I don't think I've had the time
to properly thank you
for everything you've been
doing around here.
susan: and you know...
especially today.
I was a bit of a mess.
Sam: no...
love will find a way.
I see how you look
on that boy.
I'm a firm believer that things
have a way of
working themselves out.
I hope so.
Sam: besides...
slinging hay and breakin'
a few horses...
that ain't nothin'.
Because of you I have a roof
over my head at night.
well, I can't tell you the last
time I've seen tommy so happy.
He's really taken
a shine to you.
The feeling's mutual.
[dog barks in distance]
you know sam, I can't put my
finger on it but I...
I feel like we've
met before.
[inhales sharply]
I can't tell you how much I wish
that was the truth.
You okay, sam?
Sam: uh...
do you mind my askin'
what you know
about your uh...
my parents...
well, my daddy was a baptist
minister out of new mexico;
him and my mama
moved here back in
1902 when I was just a girl.
And um...
and then uh...
we lost them both
in a car accident
right after tommy
was born.
I'm sorry to hear that.
[whispers softly]
thank you.
[sighs deeply]
you know...
sam, I can't tell you how much I
wish they were still around.
They were
good people.
you say that like you knew 'em.
I did.
[soft music plays]
Sam: uh... Well...
when I was askin' you
about your parents,
I didn't mean your
adopted ones.
[soft music plays]
I meant
your real parents.
Susan: sam, I don't know
what you're gettin' at-
the picture of josie there
on the wall.
Susan: what about it?
Sam: uh, she was in love with
a fella...
by the name of shooter green.
Wait, a character from
tommy's pulp novels?
Sam: uh, no.
[nervously sighs]
shooter green was real.
See, he did go to prison
for murder and robbery...
crimes he didn't commit...
leaving josie and the baby by
themselves in the world.
Eight months later,
josie died in childbirth.
It broke his heart...
my heart.
I thank the good lord
a local pastor and his wife...
they took our child in,
and raised her as their own.
You were that baby, susan.
You know I said I lost my
family a long time ago-
I don't wanna
hear anymore.
My name is sam green, susan.
I used to be called shooter.
I'm your dad.
[soft music]
[soft music]
[whispers emotionally]
no, you're not.
It's the truth...
for better or worse.
then why...
Why after all this time...
why are you back here, huh?
Sam: I wrote so many letters
and tried to send 'em...
really wanted...
I knew the kinesons could give
you a better life than I could,
and I just didn't want
to interfere with that-
oh, and I suppose breaking out
of prison, coming here,
messin' with my boy's head,
that's not interfering?
Sam: I'm not the man
the world thinks I am.
I'm not.
[soft music]
I'm not askin' for a chance
to make it up... I can't.
I'm askin' for a chance
to make it right.
[soft music]
I'm uh...
I'm gonna turn in for the night.
When I wake...
I expect you to be gone.
no, no, no, no, no,
no, no...
[opens frame]
[clicks close]
bud: come here, boy.
Come on in here.
That's right.
[paws scampering]
you hang tight in here
for a few.
There's something
I've got to take care of.
Stupid dog.
[door creaks closed]
[ominous music]
[ominous music]
[birds chirping]
[birds chirping]
[slow footsteps]
[gun cocks] bud: look
what the cat dragged in.
Where do you think
you're goin'?
[tense music]
how'd you
find me?
It wasn't hard,
just gotta know
where to look.
When I heard
you'd escaped,
I figured you'd head to
one of two places:
find your kid...
or to find my gold.
It looks like I got here
just in time.
The gold is gone, small.
It went missing the moment my
head his that rock.
[flashback, thudding sound]
doc: maybe...
or maybe all that time in the
big house helped
you refresh your memory.
[digging sounds]
[tense music]
[handcuffs jangling]
put the bracelets on.
[tense music]
tommy: hey, Mr. Barnes! You
promised to tell
me the rest of-
on your knees!
The story.
Doc: do it!
Tommy: mama!
Mama, come quick!
don't you dare hurt 'em!
I'll do what I want.
Susan: tabor, what's the
meaning of this?
Sam: his name's not tabor...
it's small.
He's a sheriff from tucson.
doc cocks gun]
susan: is that true?
Doc: yes, ma'am.
And this man's name is sam "shooter"
green; he's a wanted fugitive.
He skipped out of arkansas
federal prison near 2 weeks ago,
but I expect you
knew that.
Susan: don't you think this is a
job for the local authorities?
Doc: no need...
I got things
handled just fine.
Susan: kentucky's a long way
from your jurisdiction, sheriff.
Doc: lady, you best keep your
nose out of my business
before I put you back of
that car with him.
Sam: let it be, susan.
He just wants me.
take his advice, missy.
The last I heard,
aidin' and abettin' a criminal
is a crime in kentucky too.
We'll see what
the local-
doc: you don't seem to know
when to leave
well enough alone, do ya?
You are doc small
from the robbery.
Who told you that, boy?
That man's a murderer,
and a liar.
No sir, there's two things
about shooter green...
he's a man of his word,
and he don't ever lie.
not when it counts.
[doc chuckles]
sam: you got what
you come for, small.
Let's go.
Leave them be, they're innocent.
Doc: well, a minute ago
it'd have been that simple.
But your daughter here seems to
have your knack
for not knowing when to leave
well enough alone.
Hush now.
You'll never get away with it;
they'll come lookin'.
Let him!
Don't you move.
I'm gonna find that gold,
and you're gonna help me! Now move it!
[tense music]
don't move,
In the car!!!
[door opens,
car engine starts]
tommy, what are you doin'?
[car motor whirs]
protecting my family.
[courageous music]
tommy, wait!
[courageous music]
[cocks rifle]
[gunshot fires, misses]
[courageous music]
[cocks rifle again]
[gunshot fires, misses]
tommy: nuts!
[cocks rifle again]
[flashback sam's voice]
you remember three things...
[courageous music]
[courageous music]
[flashback sam's voice]
gently, pull that trigger.
[gunshot fires, hits tire]
[tires screeching]
[car door opens]
[breathing heavily]
[slow footsteps]
[labored breathing]
doc: I should have locked both
of you up with that stupid dog.
[doc cocks gun]
[sam grunting, fighting]
[gunshot fires]
[fighting continues]
[sam kicking,
doc falls down]
[triumphant music]
my name is shooter green...
[triumphant music]
and I can shoot the flea off a
dog at 50 yards.
[triumphant music]
[horse whinnying]
I can put a bullet through
the eye of a needle.
[triumphant music]
and I can strike
faster than a rattlesnake.
[gunshots fired rapidly]
[triumphant music]
susan, ring the sheriff.
Small here has got to
take a little trip.
call a doctor.
Adult tommy, v/o: that day im
saw my hero come to life.
My hero...
who was also my grandfather.
Doc small got what he deserved.
[squad car door closes]
to this day,
they're still comin' up with
new crimes he committed.
[thuds against window]
the next couple of
weeks were scary.
We didn't know if sam
was gonna make it.
And even though I was
worried about sam,
I was trying not to
show mama.
She had enough to worry
about as it was.
[somber music]
[sam groaning]
[inhales sharply]
oh... Oh...
susan: easy does it.
[sam panting]
I am sorry, susan.
I shouldn't have
come back.
I'm not...
you're the only family
we got left.
And daddy always used to say
that family needs
to stick together.
Sam: your daddy was
a wise man.
[whispers emotionally]
he was.
But hey, your story ain't
over yet, shooter.
You promised to tell
me the ending,
and I aim to hold you to it!
Sam: well...
there is nothin' I would like
more than to do that.
I wanna hear a story.
Sam: oh, anything.
Name it.
Susan: could you tell me
about josie?
[soft music]
tommy: yeah, tell her shooter.
[soft music]
first of all,
she had your eyes.
[soft music]
and she was without a doubt the
prettiest gal in five counties.
[soft music]
but most of all...
she had the strength of your
spirit and determination.
Adult tommy, v/o: sam "shooter"
green was exonerated by
a federal court of
the united states
on august the 10th, 1929.
And with sam's help...
as a family,
we worked hard and sold enough
horses to save our farm.
[horse trotting]
it was true when I said that
the day I met
sam "shooter" green,
I didn't realize it then...
but it would lead to the
adventure of a lifetime.
A lifetime of growing to know a
man who loved us fully;
who made the most of the cards
life had dealt him.
[soft music]
looking back...
I think his old age was the
good lord's way of
giving back the time
that had been stolen
from shooter in his youth.
I know somewhere...
he and josie are smiling.
[romantic music]
[josie giggling]
[dog barking]
[running footsteps]
[hopeful music]
[slow footsteps approaching]
[slow footsteps approaching]
[hopeful music]
[brushing leaves away]
[hopeful music]
[hopeful music]
[pulling trapdoor open]
[triumphant music]