The Legend of Catclaws Mountain (2024) Movie Script

(triumphant music)
(triumphant music continues)
(gentle music)
(gentle music continues)
(bright music)
(bright music continues)
- You'll never
guess what I heard.
- What?
- Shh.
I have to keep it quiet.
- Marty hasn't talked to you?
- No.
- Marty Tisdale wants you
to be his first kiss.
- His first kiss?
Smarty Marty?
- Carrying around the bat.
- I'm like two years
older than him.
- What can I say? He
likes older do women.
- That's why I got
the spike, bro.
- Yeah, no. That's
not gonna happen.
You know, he's nice and
all, but I don't think so.
- [Radio Announcer]
They need this game
to get into the playoffs.
(students giggling)
- Come on Martinez.
- Curry fires the ball in ...
(static buzzes)
(students laughing)
- Oh no, no, no, don't!
Quiet, everyone!
(bus squeaks)
(static buzzes)
- [Radio Announcer] Well,
that wraps it up as Martinez
never took the bat
off of his shoulder,
and the Nite Owls lose, 2 to 1.
Now for our sponsor.
(playful music)
- Hey, it's Marcus.
Double it on Saturday.
Yeah, I'm sure.
(sighs) Come on, man,
you know I'm good for it.
Yeah, Monday. (laughs) I'll
see you Monday. (sighs)
All right, buckle up!
(bus rumbles)
- [Izzie] So what are you
doing for the weekend?
- Oh, I'm gonna to to petting
zoo at Hope Boulevard.
- Where are you going tomorrow?
- The petting zoo.
- Say what?
- Yeah, I think she
said petting zoo.
- Okay, it was my
grandma's idea.
She still thinks I'm
like six years old.
- I remember going
to a petting zoo.
When I was in kindergarten.
- When I was in kindergarten.
- While it beats
sitting at home.
(birds chirping)
(sheep bleating)
(gravel crunching)
Hey dad, after this
can we go to the park?
- Oh, I think
that's a great idea.
- Well, can we get out of the
car? 'Cause I'm burning up.
- (sighs) Yes, mom.
- Dad, park?
- (sighs) I got some bad news.
Unfortunately, the
park's closing.
- What?
- What do you mean
the park is closing?
- If the park closes, you
won't have a job right?
- Well, wait just a minute.
We grew up in that park.
Like, is there
anything we can do?
- No. (sighs)
I mean, not unless
you can come up with
a lot of money in
the next 10 days.
- Okay. How much money?
- Seven figures.
- Why didn't you tell
me this was happening?
- I'm sorry, baby. I, I
thought I could fix it.
I can't. I just, I'm sorry.
- Oh, that little brown one.
I just wanna take him home.
- (laughs) It's adorable.
- Will you say hi?
We're not gonna
hurt your baby. No.
(sheep bleats)
(sheep croaks)
- Grandma, I have
to use the bathroom.
- Okay. Do you know where it is?
- No, but I'll find it.
- Meet us back here.
- Okay, okay.
- Oh yeah. Thanks
for the job offer.
Um, moving to the
city is gonna be hard.
Well, this town is
all we've known.
Can, can you gimme
a couple of weeks?
(geese honking)
(sheep bleating)
- Oh my gosh. Hi.
- Hi.
- I didn't expect
to see you here.
Uh, I'll see you on school?
- You got it.
- Bye.
- Bye.
- All right then,
(sighs) I'll take it.
Yeah, yeah. No, no. It it,
it's, it's a good timing.
All right. Thanks a lot. (sighs)
(gentle music)
(playful music)
- Hi, little guys.
(sheep bleating)
(geese honking)
- Oh, that's so sweet.
- They're so cute, Mom.
I'm told there's some llamas.
- Oh.
- So I'm gonna go check
'em out. Have fun.
(pony snorting and braying)
(bright music)
- That thing is crazy! Come
on, let's get out of here!
(dramatic music)
(bright music)
(pony braying)
(Mindy sighs)
(pony braying)
(footsteps crunching)
- Hey.
- Oh, hi Kate.
- Maggie, this is
my friend, uh...
- Hi, my name is Douglas.
- Hi Douglas. Nice to meet you.
- Sorry. It's our first date.
- Maggie, it was
good to meet you.
I'm gonna let you two catch up
and I'll be right over here.
- Okay.
- Bye.
- His profile says he's
an animal lover. (laughs)
You know I am.
- Yes, I do. Mm-hmm.
- (laughs) So what
brings you here?
Oh, I'm here with my
daughter and her husband
and my granddaughter.
- Oh, Mindy's here?
- Yeah, she's around here
somewhere, but you know kids.
- (laughs) You are gonna be
home this weekend, right?
Well, I have my
book club on Monday,
but yeah, I'm
around this weekend.
- Well, me and you,
we gotta work on some stuff.
- Oh, okay. Well, you
know where I live.
Just come on by.
- (laughs) Mm-hmm.
I'm gonna go find
my friend, um...
- Douglas.
- Douglas.
(Maggie laughs)
- (sighs) Where is that girl.
Can you help me? I seem to have
misplaced my granddaughter.
- Oh yeah, (laughs) of course.
I don't think she
could have left.
- Oh, I hope not.
(gentle music)
(gentle music continues)
- Hey Mom, where's Mindy?
- I don't know. I've lost her.
I mean, she must be
here somewhere, but...
- Yeah, Mindy's
always wandering.
- Lemme go get the owner.
- Thank you.
- She'll show up.
- Grandpa?
- Yeah.
- Oh, how many times we
told her not to do this?
- No, don't worry about it.
- Hi there.
- Hey.
- My name's Epson Randolph.
I'm the owner here.
- Hi.
- You already met my
granddaughter, Sandy.
- Yeah.
- Sorry to meet under
these circumstances,
but don't you worry.
It happens all the
time. Kids. (laughs)
I'm sure she's a
around somewhere.
- Well, I mean, I
tried calling her,
but she's not picking up.
- Did anyone check
that area over there
that says "Keep Out?"
- Do you think
she went in there?
- Well, if I were
curious and a child,
that's where I'd be.
- What's in there?
- Just the wild
little mini horse.
Won't let anyone
within 10 feet of her.
Come on, let's take a look.
(gate squeaks)
Be careful.
(laughs) Well, I'll be.
Will you look at that?
- (laughs) I had
to calm down Angel.
- Angel?
- Yeah.
That's what I named him.
- Honey, I think you
should come over here.
That pony's dangerous.
- Baby, why don't you come
over without Angel? (laughs)
- Why?
- Honey, that Pony's not safe.
- He is not dangerous.
He's just scared, that's all.
- (laughs) I can't believe it.
Never in my life have I ever
seen anything like that.
Looks like you found yourself
a new friend, young lady.
- Please don't run
away like that anymore.
You had us worried.
- Yeah.
I won't. Isn't Angel beautiful?
- I do believe he is.
- So Epson,
what would you think
about selling him?
- Sellin' him?
- Mm-hmm.
- Maybe.
- Um, Mom.
I, I don't think that's
such a good idea.
- Ah, nonsense.
I have a beautiful farm
just south of here,
and Mindy will take
good care of Angel,
and I think it would be a
sin to separate those two,
don't you?
- Hmm, yes, I do.
(Maggie laughs)
So you have yourself a deal,
and I promise I'll
give you a fair price.
(Maggie laughs)
- Oh, I don't know what to say.
- Thank you will
be quite enough.
- Thank you.
- Mom, you don't
have to do this.
- Oh, but I want to.
Besides, it'll give my
granddaughter for another excuse
to come see me more often.
(Mindy laughs)
- Well, I promise that
I will deliver Angel
to you this afternoon.
But I do need your name.
- Oh, yes.
- And your address, if
you would be so kind.
Strictly on the professional
level, of course.
(Mindy laughs)
- Of course.
There you go.
- Oh, you're close.
- Yes. And I'll be
home after 3:00.
- Well, good.
I promise I will have Angel to
you in the afternoon, ma'am.
- Thank you.
- Can I spend the
weekend with grandma?
- Oh, see, it's
happening already.
(Mindy laughs)
- I mean, if it's up to her.
- Oh, honey, you can stay
for as long as you want.
- Yes!
Do you hear that, Angel?
You have new home.
We're gonna spend the whole
weekend together. (laughs)
(gentle music)
He's here. Angel's here!
(Mindy giggles)
- Come on. Come on.
Good boy.
- Well, you are very
punctual, Epson.
- Old habits never die.
- Hey, Angel.
- There you go.
- Welcome to your new home.
Hey grandma, what's this?
Some kind of strange marking.
- Oh, it's just some kind
of brand or something.
Oh, that's no brand.
It's more like a birth mark.
Can I tell you a little secret?
You ever heard of the
Legend of Catclaws Mountain?
- That old tale.
- It's not a tale.
- Uh, Catclaws Mountain?
- Yes.
Folks say that there
is a pile of gold
waiting to be discovered up
there on those mountains.
Legend has it that a magical
pony with certain markings
is gonna lead the right
person to the treasure.
(Maggie laughs)
- It's a magical pony.
Have you ever seen
anything like this?
- (laughs) I'm just playing
with ya. That's all I'm doing.
It's just a story,
right, Mrs. Porter?
- Yeah, it's like a fairytale.
Keep this up, you'll have her
believin' in the Boogeyman.
- Grandma.
That's okay. I know that Angel
is more than just a pony.
- Come on, you're gonna
love your new place.
I have lots of apples
waiting for you.
We are going to do
everything together.
I love you so much.
You are so cute.
- Now that right there,
that is true love.
- Yep.
- Maybe one day.
Who knows, maybe I'll
get lucky like that.
It's always a
pleasure, Mrs. Porter.
- Always a pleasure, Epson.
- You have yourself a nice one.
- And you.
(Maggie laughs)
(bright music)
(bright music continues)
(footsteps crunching)
(somber music)
- I'll do all the
talking. (sighs)
- What are you waiting for?
- What? Oh.
(knock taps)
- What was that?
- What?
- That's all you got?
- What do you mean?
(knock bangs)
- Hold on, I'm comin'.
- [Willie] Easy, killer.
- Good evening.
- My name is Professor Surkov,
and these are my associates,
Willie and Craig.
(sighs) I hope we're
not interrupting.
You can call me
Nikolai. (laughs)
- I'm Epson. Good to meet you.
- Do you mind if we come in?
- Are you here to try
to sell me something?
(group laughs)
- No, no, quite the opposite.
We're actually trying to
buy something from you.
- Well, in that case, you
had me scared for a second.
Come on in.
- (laughs) Thank you.
(somber music)
- Wow.
- What a great house.
- Thank you. Grab a seat.
Make yourself comfortable.
- Is that you?
- Well, it used to
be, many moons ago.
- It's fascinating, huh?
- Your thoughts, Willie?
- Zippo the clown.
I remember seeing you
perform when I was a kid.
- You remember?
(Willie laughs)
Well, I hope I made you smile.
- Oh, you did, sir. (laughs)
- So where you boys from?
- Chapel State.
- University?
That is a long, long
ways away from here.
- Yes, it is. It
was a long drive.
- Huh.
So what can I do for you and
what do you wanna buy from me?
- Uh, we would like to purchase
one of your mini horses,
if that's okay.
- I have a mini horse.
- Yes?
- Or should I say,
I had a mini horse.
The one I had, I
sold this afternoon.
Matter of fact, I just got
back from delivering it.
- You sold it?
- Yeah.
- You sold your mini horse?
- That's what I said.
- I see. Heh.
I'm sorry to hear that.
We drove long ways
and we would've paid
top dollar for it.
- Well, you know what they say
you win some, you lose some.
(group laughs)
- That's, that's right.
He is right.
Epson, would you mind
giving us the address
of the person you sold it to?
(pen clicks)
- I'm afraid. I,
I can't do that.
Sure you understand.
- (laughs) I'll give
you some money for it.
It's not a problem.
- I said I can't.
- Well, that's too bad.
- This is a waste of time.
- Yeah.
- Yeah, we, we understand.
We have a long trip.
We should probably go.
- What do you mean?
- I said we're good.
It's okay. Sorry to bother you,
(door creaks)
(mysterious music)
(crickets chirping)
(footsteps crunching)
- Angel? It's me.
(gate clunking)
Hey boy.
I brought us a blanket
to keep us warm.
(Mindy sighs)
(crickets chirping)
Whatever happens
with my dad's job,
I'll never leave you.
(bright music)
(gentle music)
(birds calling)
(footsteps crunching)
Hey buddy. (laughs)
- Ah, there you are.
- Ah, I thought
it would be better
if I spent the night with Angel.
You know, he might get
lonely. You never know.
- Mm-hmm. Actually, I
knew you were in here.
I watched you walk
in last night.
- Ah, okay.
- Next time just ask.
- Okay, I promise.
- Come on in.
I'll fix your breakfast.
- I'll be there in a minute.
- [Maggie] Don't
let it get cold!
(gate clunks)
- Here are your oats.
I'll be right back
after breakfast.
(gate clicks)
- Thanks. Oats are my favorite.
- Who said that?
- Wait.
You can hear and
understand what I'm saying?
(playful music)
- Right.
Grandma? Grandma, you
won't believe this.
- Mm, delicious.
- Oh, what is it?
- I, I was talking to,
I was talking to Angel,
and, and he talked back.
It was, it was so
weird. Oh, oh my gosh.
Okay, okay, Angel,
say, say something.
- Okay. What do
you want me to say?
- See, did you hear that?
- Hear what?
- Angel.
- Oh honey, are you okay?
Did you hit your
little head last night?
- What? No, I'm fine.
Angel, why can't she hear you?
- Hmm. I dunno.
- Okay, we're gonna
get some food in you.
You had a tough night
in the barn. Let's go.
- (gasps) But Grandma!
- Nope. Enough.
(gentle music continues)
(grass crunching)
- How come I can hear you
and no one else can?
- [Angel] I don't know.
I guess it's like magic.
And who can explain how
magic works? It just does.
- Yeah. I guess you're right.
(sighs) Now my grandma
thinks I'm nuts.
I must be crazy. A talking pony?
- [Angel] You're not crazy.
After what you said
last night, I trust you.
I'm happy that I finally
have someone to talk to.
- Me too.
- [Angel] You're the first
person who could ever hear
or understand what I'm saying.
- Why me?
- I don't know.
- Hey, is it okay
if I call you Angel?
Uh, I kind of just named
you that when I found you.
- [Angel] Yeah,
Angel. I like it.
- Can you take me for a ride?
- [Angel] I wish.
Look at me. I'm
just not big enough.
- (laughs) That's okay.
(sighs) Can you really
lead someone to treasure
on those mountains?
- [Angel] I don't know, maybe.
It's just that you
ever have that feeling
that you were meant to do
something really important?
You know, like a purpose,
but you just don't
know what it is?
- All the time. (sighs)
- [Angel] I keep having this
urge to head off to mountains
that I've never been to
before, except in my dreams.
What does that mean?
- I'll tell you what it means.
It means that story that
Epson told us, it's true.
- [Angel] I don't
know about that.
- I believe it's true. (laughs)
(birds calling)
(gentle music)
(birds calling)
There it is, boy,
Catclaws Mountain.
(birds calling)
(Angel brays)
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
You good boy? What's wrong?
Are you okay?
(birds calling)
(mysterious music)
(gravel crunching)
- Come on, Mindy. Your
parents are ready.
- Oh, mom.
(Maggie laughs)
Mom, you didn't have to do that.
- Oh, I sure did.
- Aww.
What is it?
- It's an apple pie.
Next time it's a chocolate cake.
Come on, let's go!
(Maggie clapping)
- Oh, Mom.
- You better stop it. (laughs)
- It smells so good.
- I'm gonna get you fat.
Oh, come on, Mindy!
- Mindy Johnson, get a move on!
(Angel snorts)
- (sighs) Okay.
Now, eat your apples.
I'll be back soon.
- [Angel] When are you coming
back? - Next weekend. Promise.
- Come on, hug your
grandma. (laughs)
I will take good care of Angel.
- Okay, thank you.
- You are welcome.
- Bye.
- Guys, drive safely.
- All right.
- Thanks again for everything.
- Love you.
- Love you, mom.
- [Maggie] Bye!
(gentle music)
(dramatic music)
(truck rumbling)
(birds calling)
(footsteps crunching)
(door clicks)
- I'll take care of this.
Hello there.
- Hi.
- I hope we are
not disturbing you.
- No, no, not at
all. Are you lost?
You need directions?
- (laughs) No, no, no.
It's actually about
that mini horse.
I mean, I mean the pony
that you have purchased.
- What about it?
- I'd like to buy it off of
you. Just name your price.
- Whoa (laughs) no,
no. I just bought it.
I'm not selling it.
- (laughs) I'll give you twice
as much what you paid for it.
Just name your price.
- No, sir, you can
put your money away.
I can't sell that pony.
It would break my
granddaughter's heart.
- Are you sure? It's,
it's a lot of money.
- I'm not selling.
(birds calling)
- (sighs) Well,
sorry to hear that.
- You know, I'd like to
know why you're so bent
on buying that pony.
- Well, let's say
I'm particularly fond
of that particular pony.
I mean, (laughs) mini horse.
- I'm sorry I can't help you.
- Me too.
- Let's go guys.
- You have a lovely house.
- Thank you.
(dramatic music)
(footsteps crunching)
(Angel brays)
- Hey. Right here.
- Sh, sh, sh, sh, sh.
- There he is.
Easy, easy, easy. Calm down.
Calm down, calm down.
Easy boy easy (laughs).
Easy. (laughs) That's good.
(buckle clicks)
I'm sure, if the
legends are true,
I'm sure you can
understand me, huh?
Yeah, calm down. Calm down.
Calm down. Calm down.
- You sure this is the pony?
- Look, Professor.
- I know it is.
(group cheers and laughs)
(Craig whispers)
- Didn't I tell you?
- Sh, sh, sh.
- Hey, hey, hey, hey,
listen, if you
don't come with us,
we'll have to pay a certain
little girl a visit.
You understand? Would you
like me to do that, hmm?
- I don't think so.
Hey, listen, all
we need you to do
is to lead us to be gold.
You do that, no one get
hurts, you or anybody else.
Come on, Let's go,
let's go, let's, yeah.
Easy, easy, easy.
Calm down. Calm down.
- Sh, sh, sh, sh.
- There's a good boy.
Yeah, there's a good boy.
- Sh, sh, sh, sh, sh.
- Yeah. Yeah.
Yeah, let's go. Hurry up.
(dramatic music continues)
(bus squeaking)
- Good morning, Mr. McKinley.
(Marcus sighs)
Are you okay, Mr. McKinley?
- There's no sure
thing in baseball.
How can a Cy Young winner
give up two home runs
at the bottom of
the ninth inning?
He's paid to be a closer.
- You know what I mean?
- (laughs) No, not really.
- Nevermind. I'll be fine.
- Okay.
(phone dings)
- Hey.
- Did you hear about
the park closing?
- It's about time
they closed that dump.
- Yeah!
- He's not worth it.
- Oh, no baseball?
What are you gonna
do now, Mr. Jock?
- It's okay. You can
always cry to your mommy.
- Oh, Mommy.
They closed the park and
now I can't play baseball.
(Frankie and Eddie shout)
- Hey, sit down!
Jacob, get back to your seat.
- He seems cranky today.
- Yeah.
(playful music)
- I heard your dad
might lose his job.
- Are you okay?
- I think I have a
way to fix everything.
Do you guys remember the
petting zoo that I went to?
- Well, yeah.
- Come on, tell us.
- My grandma brought me a pony.
- Are you serious?
- You have a pony?
- Yeah. His name's Angel.
He's at my grandma's house
and there's something else.
- What?
- Let me see.
How do I say this?
Have you guys ever heard of the
Legend of Catclaws Mountain?
- Um, yeah, we've
all heard of it.
- Lost treasure, gold. I
wonder how much that's worth.
- It's gotta be worth millions.
- Angel could lead
us to the treasure.
- What? That is the craziest
thing I've ever heard.
- I know you don't believe me,
but there are
special marks, okay?
I'm crazy, right?
- Yeah,
you're crazy.
- I should not have
opened my mouth.
- But the pony part's true?
- Yes.
And so is the legend
of Catclaws Mountain.
- You know it's
just a fairy tale.
- I'm telling you it's true.
Angel can lead us to the gold.
- I gotta see this pony.
- This weekend.
You can come to my
grandma's house.
- Is it far?
- No, not at all.
It's just on Hummingbird Lane.
Last farmhouse on the right.
- We could just have the
back dedicated to speakers.
It would be the party bus.
- Yes!
- Okay, okay, okay.
Okay, so we have
all that stuff on the top,
and then we have speakers,
so the speakers are gonna
be like boom, boom, boom.
And, bro, a subwoofer. Oh!
- Oh yeah!
- [Eddie] And it just
shakes the back of the bus.
- Yeah! Yeah!
- It could be exploding.
- [Jacob] You're good
dude. Don't worry about it.
- [Eddie] And we'll talk.
- Oh, the bus.
(upbeat music)
- Hey, wait!
- Hey!
- Hey, you just missed
Jenny and Kristi.
- Come back.
- Come back!
(mysterious music)
(tires crunching)
- Hey, this isn't the way to
school. What's going on, man?
- Yeah.
- What are we doing?
- Wait, you took a wrong turn.
- Marty, what's he doin'?
- This isn't the way to school.
- Mr. McKinley?
- What's the deal, man? This
isn't the way to school.
- Yeah!
- Would you sit
down and shut up?
(bus rattling)
(mysterious music continues)
(door hisses)
(Mr. McKinley sighs)
- All right. What
would you rather do?
Go back to school and sit in
some boring old classroom,
or go on a fun,
exciting field trip?
- Duh, field trip.
- Yeah.
- All right, then.
Thought you'd say that.
Field trip it is.
- Um, Excuse me, Mr. McKinley,
do you have
permission to do this?
- Shut up, nerd. I don't
wanna go to school.
- Yeah, quiet.
- Mr. McKinley,
where are we going?
- Uh, surprise.
- Yes, Mr. McKinley.
- Do me a huge favor.
Collect all the cell phones.
- What? No way.
- My mom told me to never
give my cell phone away.
- Yeah, same here.
Do you really need our
cell phones, Mr. McKinley?
- Well, I guess if you
can't keep a secret,
then we can't go on
our secret field trip.
- Come on.
- Field trip. Woo-woo!
Field trip!
- Oh, mommy, I'm
gonna get in trouble
if I hand my phone
over to Mr. McKinley
(phone thumps)
- Here.
- Thank you.
(students sigh)
- [Frankie] Smarty?
- Oh God, I'm not learning
anything on this field trip.
(gasps) I'm melting!
I'm melting!
- Come on, Marty.
We all do it, or we're
back at the same place
we always go to, school.
- There we go.
Nice cat, not.
(Eddie laughs)
- Thank you, sir.
- No problem.
- Thanks everyone.
You'll get the cell phones back
once this field trip
has been concluded.
(bright music)
(bus rumbling)
- Wait, I think
I recognize this.
This is the way to
my grandma's house.
Mr. McKinley, are we going
to my grandma's farm?
- Yeah, Mindy, I thought
we'd take a look-see
at that special pony of yours.
- We're skipping school
to see some girly pony?
- I like ponies.
- You would.
- I don't mind seeing a
pony as long as I'm back
for my baseball game.
- [Marty] Is it just me or
is there something about this
that doesn't feel right?
- Oh, it's definitely you.
- Wait until you see Angel.
Thanks Mr. McKinley!
- Yeah, sure.
(bus squeaks)
All right everybody.
Mindy's gonna be
leading this tour,
so follow her and
behave yourselves.
(bus doors hiss)
Is anybody home?
- Uh, I don't think so.
My grandma's car is not here.
She's probably at her book
club meeting. Come on.
(birds calling)
(footsteps crunching)
(gentle music)
- [Frankie] Oh.
Okay everyone, be quiet.
We don't wanna scare Angel.
- [Marty] Angel?
- Where is the magical pony?
(intense music)
- I don't see any pony.
Mindy? Are you OK?
(voices echoing)
(Angel brays)
- Oh, calm down, calm
down, calm down. (laughs)
(Angel brays)
Come on, come on, come on,
come on, come on, come on.
- Are you okay?
- I, I see, I know
what happened to Angel.
- What?
- Uh, last night,
three men, they took Angel.
- What do you mean
you've seen it?
- I don't know
how to explain it.
I, I, I just, I know
what happened to Angel.
Why do I know that?
- Wait.
No pony and she's
having visions?
What are we even doing here?
- So you're saying we drove
all this way for nothing?
Are you shocked? I'm shocked.
- What was I thinking?
What am I gonna do now? Ugh.
- This field trip stinks.
(footsteps crunching)
- (sighs) I'm going to jail.
I'm going to jail
for this. (sighs)
So what exactly are
we looking for again?
- Oh, anything that
doesn't look normal.
- I don't think
Angel is even real.
- No, Mindy would
never lie to us.
(door squeaks)
(mysterious music)
(footsteps crunching)
(paper rustling)
(paper rustling)
- Hey you guys, what's this?
- What's that?
- [Eddie] Is that
what I think it is?
- [Izzie] What is it, Mindy?
- I think I know where Angel is.
- Yeah, sure.
First a pony, then no pony,
and now a convenient
treasure map.
(Frankie scoffs)
- What, what do you mean?
- Yeah. What do you mean?
- Let's see what Mr.
McKinley has to say
about your imaginary
friend, Angel
and Legend of Catclaws Mountain.
- Come on.
- Come on.
(energetic music)
- Mr. McKinley!
They took Angel to
Catclaws Mountain.
You have to help us find him.
- I gotta take you
guys back. I'm sorry.
To be honest, I'm
in a lot of trouble.
Oh, this was a bad idea.
I should have never
brought you up here.
- What do you mean?
- (sighs) I owe a lot of
money to some very bad people.
(scoffs) I thought that the pony
would lead us to that treasure
and I'd be able to pay them off.
Not now.
- No, no, you have to
help us find Angel.
Please. Please.
- Problem solved, Mr. McKinley.
Just gimme my cell phone
and I'll tell my parents
you had a flat tire and
had to make a detour.
We have to help Mindy.
- I can't do it.
I gotta take you
guys back to school.
Mary Beth, I'll
have your phone back
if you want it.
- Wait, wait, wait, please.
This is our key to making
all of our troubles go away.
If we go back now, we're going
back to the same problems,
nothing is solved, but
this map can help us.
Please, I know if we find it,
you can pay back
the money you owe,
and we can get our park back.
- What?
- Just look at the map.
- I think they dropped
the map by accident?
- Come on, Mr. McKinley.
I know we can do this.
- We have to find an angel
to find the treasure.
(playful music)
- (laughs) Okay. Okay.
But we're only doing
this if we're all in.
If anyone wants to
turn around, speak now.
- Find a lost treasure? I'm in.
- Let's do it.
- We're gonna be so rich.
- Girl, you are such a dreamer.
I wanna find this
pony. Angel, right?
- Yeah, Angel.
- We'll see if dreams
come true, right Mindy?
- I'm in.
- All right then.
We're gonna need some supplies.
Mindy, go get some food
from your grandma's.
I'm need you guys to rustle
up a flashlight, rope,
lots of blankets, lots of
water, matches, and hurry up.
They already have a head start.
Okay, let's do it. Come on.
- Okay, let's go.
- Let's go, come on.
- Come on, let go.
- Come on!
- Let's go!
(Marcus laughs)
- I promise you, if I
ever get out of this mess
I will never, ever
gamble again. (sighs)
- All right. We made it.
It's that way.
- Come on, let's go.
Craig! (snaps fingers)
(somber music)
(gravel crunches)
Hey, how do you know
this, uh, pony's taking us
in the right direction?
(Willie laughs)
- Hand me the map.
- Right. Uh, hold that.
(coat rustling)
- The map.
Where's the map.
- Uh, I'm sorry, Professor.
I, I, I, must have dropped
it outta my pocket.
I must have lost it. I'm sorry.
(sighs) How are we
gonna find the treasure?
- I should have never
given you the map. Here.
Well, luckily for you both,
I prepare for everything.
(Willie sighs)
I plan ahead,
gentlemen. I plan ahead.
Now, let this be a good lesson.
I'm serious.
- Yes, sir. (sighs)
- It's gotta be here somewhere.
Tie him to that tree.
(footsteps crunching)
All right, everybody's spread
out. Let's find that marker.
(footsteps crunching)
(mysterious music)
(bright music)
(footsteps crunching)
(Nikolai sighs)
(whistles) Willie, Craig, look!
- Whoa.
(Nikolai laughs)
- Wow, would you look at that?
- (laughs) I told you!
(Nikolai laughs)
- Wow, it is true.
We have the map.
All we gotta do is
follow the markers,
and tell Craig again
why we need the pony.
- The markers and the map
will only take us so far,
but the pony will guide
us to what we seek.
Beautiful, huh?
(Nikolai and Willie
laugh excitedly)
- [Craig] Willie.
(mysterious music continues)
- [Willie] What do you say?
- You know, splitting this
gold two ways instead of three
sounds a lot better to me.
- What?
I could never do that
to the professor.
You know, if it weren't for him,
you and I wouldn't even
be here, and besides,
he's my mentor and
he's my best friend.
- Hey, hey. Just think about it.
- No, I'm not gonna
think about it.
- Boy Scouts. Geez.
(gravel crunching)
(wind whistling)
(mysterious music)
- Mm-hmm.
(paper rustling)
(mysterious music continues)
(Nikolai laughs)
- You think you can take my
share of the treasure, hmm?
Think again. (laughs)
(Craig sighs)
I should have known better than
inviting you in on all this.
How, how stupid of
me, you, you, (sighs)
you have no loyalty, huh?
You go back. We don't need
you here, you understand?
- Oh, what, what you think,
think I'm gonna leave now?
- Mm-hmm.
- I am not asking
you. I am telling you.
- All right. All right.
Yeah, I'll let you
guys finish this up,
but if you do find the treasure,
I'm gonna get my share,
I promise you that.
(Nikolai and Craig laugh)
- Unbelievable.
- He wants his share.
Goodbye, Craig.
- Wait, wait, wait, wait.
We're in the middle of nowhere.
How am I supposed to get back?
- No, you're always
hustling and scheming.
You'll figure something
out. Be on your way.
(mysterious music continues)
(bus rumbling)
- [Mary Beth] So why'd
you ask the question?
- [Mindy] I don't know. I
was put on the spot, okay?
- You know, so I'm sitting
there and she's like,
"You kinda look
like Jimmy Neutron."
And I'm like, "Watch it."
Like, that's so rude.
- Yeah.
- [Marcus] Are you sure
this is the right exit?
Yeah, it's what it
says on the map.
(bus rumbling)
- Hey, look at that.
- Catclaws Mountain!
(triumphant music)
(bus rumbling)
(mysterious music)
Everybody stick together
and we have to stay quiet.
- Quiet?
That's the one thing
I'm not good at.
- Marty, where are you going?
Uh, I'm gonna check
on that truck.
Uh, be right back.
- Careful.
- Hey, we don't know if
the owner of that truck
is still around or not.
(gentle music)
- The engine is still warm.
They can't be too far.
- That's a smart move, Marty.
- They don't call me
Smarty Marty for nothing.
- Touche.
- Let's get going.
- Wait, let me cut the
bus off really quick.
- All right.
- One second.
Come on everybody, keep up.
Keep up. Stay together.
- This is it.
- This, this is it.
Come on.
- We're gonna die.
(phone ringing)
- All right everybody single
file. You go on ahead.
(phone ringing)
- See, do you believe Mindy now?
- It's just an empty
trailer. No pony.
(phone ringing)
(gentle music)
- Hey Mickey,
I was just getting
ready to call you.
- Sure you were.
Look, I want my money,
Marcus, all right?
No more, no less. You
play, you gotta pay.
Now where are you?
You're not trying to
skip out on me, are you?
- No, no, no. I'll
have your money.
(laughs) Just be patient.
- Well, I've been patient.
And if I don't
get my money soon,
I'm gonna have to
collect in another way.
You understand that, don't you?
- Yes, yes.
Uh, look, I just need
a little bit more time.
You know what? I'll
double what I owe you.
- Oh, that's interesting.
And how do you think
you're gonna do that?
You can't even pay
me what you owe me.
- You ever heard of the
Legend of Catclaws Mountain?
- Yeah, yeah, so what?
- Well, we almost got it.
We're at Catclaws
Mountain right now
with the map on the trail.
- Really?
And you expect me to
believe that, do you?
I wasn't born yesterday,
Marcus, all right?
Stop with the stories.
- I'm serious.
Watch. We're gonna
find that treasure.
You wait and see.
- What do you mean we?
Who's the we? Who's with you?
- I have some kids (laughs)
on a little field trip.
- Kids?
You know, you're sounding
very desperate, Marcus.
All I want is my money, please.
Stop making up these stories.
- You'll have it.
- Yeah, well I better.
Do you understand? I'm at the
end of my patience with you.
(static buzzing)
- Mickey?
(static buzzing)
- Marcus? Hello.
Hello, Marcus? Hello?
(playful music)
Hello? Hello?
- (sighs) Hey, wait up you guys.
(gentle music)
- He wasn't at his place, boss.
- I know.
Hmm. Bruce.
- Yeah.
- You ever heard of the
Legend of Catclaws Mountain?
- Sure. Who hasn't?
- How much treasure do you
think that place holds?
- If that legend's
(bright music)
- We're following a
breaking news story.
A school bus with several
children on board has vanished.
It was last seen on Highway
451 early this morning.
The children were on their way
to school, but never arrived.
Authorities are
searching the area.
Sheriff Peterson is now
addressing the media.
We take you to that news
conference already in progress.
- My men are scouring
the town as I speak.
If anyone has any information,
please contact our department.
Now, if you'll excuse me, I
have a busload of kids to find.
(people chattering)
(cameras snapping)
- Hmm. Isn't our friend
Marcus a bus driver?
- Yes, he is.
- Hmm.
Pack some equipment, boys.
We have a change of plans.
We're going on a trip.
- Hmm.
- Uh, where to, boss?
- Hiking.
- Hike? Uh (laughs) I'm
not much of a nature guy.
- (laughs) Neither am I. But
we got a treasure to find.
(dramatic music)
- Mr. McKinley, can
we rest for a second?
- Yeah, I'm starving.
- Oh, that's a shocker. (laughs)
- Yeah, we can stop
here for a few minutes.
- Mind if I take a
look at that map?
- Yeah.
- Here.
You better eat somethin' man.
- See that way there?
- Yeah, it looks like
we're on the right path.
(group murmuring)
I think were here now,
just past there.
- Uh, Mr. McKinley?
- Yeah?
- Hello there.
- Hello.
- Hey, how can I help you?
- My name is Walter and
this is my mountain.
- I'm Marcus. Do
you live up here?
- Are you homeless?
- I make the mountain my home.
If you don't mind me
asking, why are you here?
- Uh, well, we're
all on a field trip.
- Have you seen some
men with a pony pass by?
- No, I haven't.
What's your name?
- Mindy.
- You live here?
Do you know if there's any
lost gold in the mountains?
- Shh.
You be very careful
when you say that word.
- What word?
- Gold.
Gold, the winds of this
forest will carry that word
much further than any other.
- Really?
- Gold!
- Don't do that!
- What? What's gonna happen?
- [Frankie And Boy]
Gold, gold, gold, gold,
gold, gold, gold, gold!
(kids shouting)
Gold, gold, gold, gold,
gold, gold, gold, gold!
- 38,
Gold? (panting)
Gold, gold!
- Gold? Gold.
- Gold, gold!
- Gold, gold, gold!
- Gold? Gold, gold!
- Guys.
- (sighs) You shouldn't
have done that.
- Ooh, whatcha gonna do?
- I could be a great
help with what you seek.
- Uh, we're okay.
Uh, we're fine. Thanks anyway.
- No one knows this
mountain better than I do.
- Thanks, but no
thanks. Come on.
- Mr. McKinley?
- Nice to meet you, Mister.
- Bye, Gandalf.
(footsteps crunching)
(gentle music)
- I just don't trust him.
- Good.
You shouldn't trust anyone.
- How did he hear that?
- Don't ask me.
Just keep walking.
- All right.
(gentle music continues)
(wind whistling)
(footsteps crunching)
(gentle music)
- [Ethereal Voice] Wake up.
Wake up.
Follow my voice.
(fire crackling)
- Walter?
- Come, come, come. Sit.
- Ah.
Was, was that your voice back
there? How did you do that?
- (laughs) It's a secret.
- A secret?
- I'll tell you what.
I'll tell you a secret
if you tell me one.
- Okay, deal.
What do you wanna know?
- Why are you really here?
- Well, the truth is,
some men came and stole Angel.
- Angel?
- My pony.
- Angel, your pony,
What does he look like?
- He's a white pony, brown eyes,
a mark on his right hip.
Sometimes that mark glows.
- Glows?
- Yes, (laughs) it glows.
Angel is magical.
Some people believe he
can lead them to treasure.
- Oh, do they now? So
what do you believe?
- I believe it's true.
- I see you're just
like everyone else.
You care for searching
for the gold.
- No, I'm not. (sighs)
(fire crackling)
- Okay.
Let me ask you,
if you had a choice of finding
the pony or finding the gold,
which would you choose?
- Easy, Angel.
I just want him to be okay.
- Oh yeah, that's
good to hear. (laughs)
So tell me, do you know the
real story of the treasure?
- I know it's buried
and it's somewhere here.
- Eh, you're missing an
important part, the real story.
Hundreds of years
ago, this place,
This forest in the woods, the
land, as far as you can see,
it was just bursting with life.
It was magical. It was balance.
The woods had special people,
had a wizard and his
trusted friend, Lordis,
oversaw the forest and the gold.
The forest was magical
because of the gold
that was collected
in the mountains
and it stayed in the mountains,
and if it was ever moved
from its special place,
then the magic would
slowly disappear.
The gold was the
heart of the mountain.
Now, what happened
next was something
that neither the wizard
nor Lordis saw coming.
One day, there was
an old hungry lady
that was walking through
the magical forest.
Lordis saw that she needed
help and without hesitation,
he directed her to
the hidden village,
and the kind villagers
gave her food and shelter.
But sometimes, a kind act can
have unforeseen consequences.
- Then what happened?
- Some time during the
night, the old lady snuck out
and scoured the village for
what she was really looking for.
- Gold?
- Yeah, and it didn't
take her long to find it.
(flames whooshing)
(intense music)
(twinkling music)
(intense music)
(witch chants spell)
(locks click)
(witch cackles)
(witch sighs)
(flames whooshing)
(intense music)
(flames crackling)
- When the villagers
awoke in the morning,
the old lady and
the gold were gone.
So they asked the
wizard and his friend
to help them reclaim
their treasure.
They caught the thief quickly.
(gentle music)
Much to their surprise,
they were no longer
looking at an old lady,
but a beautiful young witch.
(twinkling music)
(wind whooshing)
(twinkling music)
You have broken the sacred trust
of the villagers who
live in this mountain.
As overseer and
wizard of this land,
I banish you from this forest,
never to return.
(intense music)
- I place a curse on your gold.
Your gold and its powers will
be lost within this mountain.
- [Walter] And that was the
last anyone saw of the gold.
It simply vanished.
- Your magic forest
will slowly die.
(thunder cracks)
And your powers will
die along with it.
(wind howling)
And you, (laughs)
your thirst for gold
will be never ending,
and it will consume you.
(wind howling)
That is your curse.
I curse you!
I curse you all!
(laughs) But there is hope.
One day, a magical horse
will lead someone
to the treasure,
and with a special touch,
(twinkling music)
it'll be revealed.
Open the treasure,
and the curses will be broken.
(twinkling music)
Then and only then, the
magic force will return
along with your powers.
(twinkling music)
Mwah. (laughs)
(witch cackles)
- And they tried to banish
her from the forest forever.
Leave us.
(witch cackling)
Leave us now. I command you!
(magic sparking)
- (cackles) Wait,
you can't. (cackles)
(intense music continues)
(witch cackles)
- Gold, gold, gold,
gold, gold, gold, gold!
Gold, gold, gold!
Must find the gold!
Must find the gold!
- Lordis, come back! Lordis!
- [Lordis] Must find gold!
(fire crackling)
- How do you know all this?
(gentle music)
- Because I was there.
(bright music)
I am the wizard.
- What? No way.
Prove it, right here. Prove it.
Do some magical things.
You're a wizard. Do it.
Do it. Do it. (laughs)
- You know, unfortunately,
I don't have much
of my magic powers
- Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.
- You're just gonna
have to believe me.
- (scoffs) Well, you tell
a very good campfire
story, Walter.
Well, I better get going
before they miss me.
- Ah, One more thing.
Whoever finds that gold is
gonna have to make a choice.
- What kind of choice?
- A difficult one.
That's all I can say.
- Well, it was nice
talking to you, Walter.
- Oh, will I see you again?
- I'll be around.
Oh, Mindy.
Try not to stray too
far from the path.
There's certain plant life
that don't like to be disturbed.
- I'll try to keep that in mind.
Night, Walter. Or should
I say, Mr. Wizard.
(footsteps reseding)
(gentle music)
(ashes crunching)
- Still warm. We're
getting close.
- Angel was here.
- How would you know?
- I can almost see
him. He was right here.
- All right, this way.
- All right, hold on everybody.
Follow me. Follow me.
- What are you gonna
buy with your gold?
- I wanna buy the Yankees.
- What about you, Eddie? Eddie?
(footsteps crunching)
- Where did they go?
- I don't know.
They were right behind me.
- They better stop playing
around. This isn't funny,
- Eddie, Frankie,
stop messing around!
- (sighs) All right,
everybody split up.
Let's start looking for them.
- Be careful not to
stray off the paths.
- Of course, don't
worry. Find them.
- [Mindy] Eddie, Frankie!
- Eddie, Frankie!
Eddie, Frankie,
where are you guys?
(bright music)
(footsteps crunching)
(bright music)
(gentle music)
(footsteps crunching)
(liquid squirts)
Oh, my eyes, my eyes!
(Jacob panting)
- Eddie! Frankie!
- Hi. No sign of
Eddie or Frankie.
- What happened to your face?
- I, I touched a plant,
probably shouldn't have touched,
sprayed something in my face.
I, I'll be all right.
- No, don't rub your eyes.
Just splash some water in it.
- All right.
- Eddie, Frankie!
Where are they?
- I just hope they
know where we are.
- Knowing Eddie,
they're probably playing
another stupid joke.
- Yeah, they have no idea
how dangerous this place is.
- Wait, has anyone seen Izzie?
- I thought she was with you.
- No, I thought
she was with you.
- Izzie, where are you?
(dramatic music)
(dramatic music continues)
(Izzie whimpers)
- Gold.
- What?
(Izzie whimpers)
(metal clinking)
- Gold, gold, gold. (panting)
(Lordis blowing)
(panting) Gold, gold,
gold, gold, gold.
(water rushing)
- This is bad.
This is really bad.
- We should just turn
around and go back.
- What? No, we
have to keep going.
We can't go back now.
(river rushing)
Hey, are you okay?
(dramatic music)
- I'm blind.
- We have to get him
to a hospital now!
- No, no, no. We, we
have to keep going.
We can't turn back.
We've come way too far.
Whatever happened to
Eddie, Frankie and Izzie
has gotta be because
of that treasure,
and we find that
treasure, we'll find them,
I, I just know it.
- Okay.
- There's, there's a
bandana in my, in my pocket.
Just tie it around my eyes,
all right? We gotta keep going.
- Who's to say
we're not lost too?
- We don't even know if
we're on the right trail.
- She's right.
(water rushing)
- Um, hey guys?
- Hey, what's going
on down there?
(bright music)
- Wow. There it is.
- We're definitely
on the right trail.
- That's our sign.
- All right then, we keep going.
But from here on out,
we stay together.
(gentle music)
- Here you go. I
got this for you.
- Thanks dude.
- (panting) Who are you
and why are you here?
- I'm not telling nothing.
Nobody tells Eddie
Bucks what to do.
- If you don't
talk, I assure you,
someone else will.
- So do you grow your
own garlic? (coughing)
(Frankie shouting)
Two words: toothbrush.
One word, two words.
Don't say a word, Izzie.
- I'm not telling you
nothing, you mean old man.
(Frankie shouts)
- That's too bad.
'Cause the first one
of you who tells me
what I need to know will
be the only one set free.
(Frankie shouts)
- Frankie, no!
- Sh-sh-sh-sh-sh.
You want your freedom, do you?
- I'll tell you what
you need to know.
- Don't say anything!
- Sh-sh-sh-sh-shut up!
I'm listening.
- I'll tell you.
We were following this guy and
his friends who stole a pony.
Mindy said that the pony
will lead us to the treasure.
- Treasure?
- Yeah, yeah,
the treasure of
Catclaws Mountain.
The magical pony will
lead us to the lost gold.
- Where are they now?
- By now?
- Where are they now?
- They're at the
top of the mountain!
- Mm-hmm.
- Hey, wait a minute.
I thought you were
setting me free.
- You thought wrong! (cackles)
(Frankie yells)
- Way to go. Now he's
gonna get the treasure.
- Nice one, genius.
(birds calling)
- Come on everybody, keep up.
Keep up. Stay together.
(dramatic music)
(birds calling)
(footsteps crunching)
(gentle music)
- Is that Walter?
- What? Who?
- That crazy man
we met yesterday.
- What's his deal? He
gives me the willies.
- He told me he was a wizard.
- Yeah, right, and
I'm Wonder Woman.
- I talked to him last night.
- Wait, what?
- Yeah, at the campsite
while everyone was sleeping.
I heard his voice
and I talked to him,
and he told me the story.
- What story?
- The real story
of the treasure of
Catclaws Mountain.
- The real story?
- Yeah.
He said a witch
cursed this mountain
and everyone in it
and the gold long ago,
taking away all the
magic in the forest.
The only way we can lift the
curse is if we find the gold.
- All right then.
Well, according to this map,
the last symbol should
be around here somewhere.
Start looking.
Check everything.
(bright music)
- Hey, hey guys. I, I found it.
- Great.
Where, where do we go now?
- We just need to
follow that pony.
- We need help.
- What happened to him?
(group yelps)
- Uh, he, he, he, uh,
touched some plants.
He got sprayed in the face.
- It's not that bad. At
least the itching's gone.
- We're over here, buddy.
- Oh.
- Is he gonna be all right?
He's gonna be able
to see again, right?
- I'm sorry, Mindy,
I don't know.
- Some wizard you
are. Can't you fix it?
- I really want to believe you.
- Yeah, I really want
to believe you too.
Are are we getting close?
- Maybe.
- Maybe?
Well, maybe this was
a huge waste of time.
No offense, Mindy, but
gold and a magical pony?
Give me a break.
- By the way, how, how did you
just like appear like that?
- That's not the question.
Ask me what you
really want to know.
- Okay, I'll play. Are
you really a wizard?
- Wrong question. I can
only give you one answer.
- (scoffs) Really. See?
- Where is Angel?
(bright music)
- Help, anybody help!
- Save it. No one can hear us.
(leaves rustling)
- Hey, what are you doing?
- I have an idea.
Can your hands reach mine?
- I think so.
- Okay.
- Untie me.
- Okay. I think I got it.
Do me.
(panting) Yes.
- Yes.
(bright music)
- Hey, over here.
- Do you hear something?
- It seems to be coming
from someone whom we told
to keep his mouth shut!
- Come on guys. I'm sorry.
Just please? I mean, I
promise I'll be good.
(Izzie sighs)
(Eddie groans)
(sighs) Thank you.
(group panting)
- Now what do we do?
- We follow him.
He's headed toward the treasure.
That's where we'll meet
up with everybody else.
- Let's do this.
- Go.
(energetic music)
(birds calling)
(mysterious music)
(mysterious music continues)
- Whoa, would you look at that?
- What is this?
- A clue.
- [Marty] (sighs) This has
gotta be on the map, right?
- Um.
(twinkling music)
Wait, do you guys see that?
- See what?
- It says 157 paces that way.
- That way?
Well, what are we waiting for?
Let's go. Come on.
(Mindy laughs)
(bright music)
(footsteps crunching)
- (panting) Professor,
there is nothing here.
(Nikolai panting)
(mysterious music)
- Wait, look.
(mysterious music continues)
(Angel snorting)
(Angel snorting)
(mysterious music continues)
Here's the rock.
Tie the horse to the tree.
(mysterious music continues)
That's the rock I've
been looking for.
Look at that. (laughs)
(Nikolai sighs)
That's the rock. Careful.
(sighs) According to the legend,
you're supposed to place
your hands on this rock.
(Nikolai breathing heavily)
I don't understand.
I don't understand.
What am I doing wrong?
- 153, 154.
(gentle music)
Angel! Angel!
- [Angel] I knew
you'd come after me.
- I missed you.
- I've missed you too!
- Would you look at that.
You guys are in big trouble.
- What happened?
- We found Angel.
Why did you guys steal Angel?
- Oh, well, to find the
treasure, of course. (laughs)
It's all, it's all here. We've
got plenty for all of us.
- So are you asking us for help?
- (panting) No, not really.
(Nikolai sighs)
I've spent my entire life
searching for this treasure.
What am I missing?
- You're missing
one valuable detail:
the truth.
The true legend says that
one day a magical pony
will guide someone to the gold,
and with a special touch
then, and only then,
will the chest be open
and the curse be broken.
- How do, how do
you know all this?
That's a story for
a different day.
Do you remember the witch
that cursed this mountain?
- Of course.
- There's something
I haven't told you.
- What?
- Her name was Chimera.
- No.
That, that was my
grandmother's last name
before she got married.
- Yes.
You are a descendant of the
very witch that caused all this.
- What, what, what do you mean?
Are you saying my
was a witch?
- That's exactly
what I'm saying.
Witchcraft, it
runs in your blood.
(mysterious music)
I wouldn't be surprised if your
grandmother and your mother
have ancient powers.
- Trust me, if my mom was
a witch, I would know.
- No.
See, that's the true
greatness of a witch,
to be able to conceal
who they really are.
You've always been different,
(Mindy scoffs)
If you search inside yourself,
you'll find that I
am speaking truth.
Now come. There's
something you must do.
(mysterious music continues)
Place your hands here.
(twinkling music)
(wind whooshes)
(Marcus laughs)
(twinkling music continues)
The gold!
(Mindy laughs)
You did it, Mindy. You did it!
Thank you, Mindy, thank you!
- Yes, thank you Mindy
for finding my gold.
- Let mem go!
- Get your hands off me!
- I wouldn't do
anything if I were you.
You don't want these kids
to get hurt, now do you?
- No, okay. Just,
just don't hurt 'em.
- I don't want anyone
to get hurt, Marcus.
It's up to you.
- Do what I say and
everybody'll be fine.
- How did you find us?
- (laughs) We've been tracking
you from the beginning,
right, fellas?
- Yeah, boss.
- Oh yeah.
- I like to protect
my investments.
- Who are these guys?
- I don't know, but
they seem angry.
- These are the guys
I owe the money to.
I'm sorry.
(dramatic music)
(wind blowing)
- No luck, boss.
- Luck, forget about that.
Strap it to the pony. We'll
find a way to open it later.
- You can't make Angel carry
that down the mountain!
- Oh really?
Well, I'm not gonna strap
it on and take it down,
and they're not
gonna take it down.
Strap it to the pony.
Let's get outta here.
- All right, come on.
- Yeah.
- Gold, my gold,
my gold, my gold!
(chest rattling)
Let go!
(group grunting and struggling)
That's my gold!
(chest rattling)
- I got you.
- Ah! (panting) Thank you.
- Let go of my gold!
My gold, my gold, my gold!
- You gotta open the chest
to break the curse.
It's the only way I
can get my power back.
- How?
- Let go of my gold!
(group grunting)
- I don't have a key.
- A key won't do it.
Only you can.
- Marty.
- Let go of my gold.
- I'll get it.
- My gold, my gold!
(group grunting)
- Believe in who you truly are.
You must believe.
- Let me give you a hand here.
- Thanks.
(punch smacks)
(birds tweeting)
- Let's bring him up.
All right.
(Jacob grunts)
- They're loose! Go get 'em!
- Maybe I can hold him off for
a bit, but you have to hurry.
- Okay, wait.
(magic whooshing)
(gentle music)
- Whoa.
(Mindy panting)
- I don't...
What do I do?
Okay, believe, believe,
believe, believe.
(bright music)
(magic whooshing)
(lock clatters)
(Mindy laughs)
The gold! The gold!
(bright music)
(magic zapping)
We did it, we did it, we did it!
- What happened?
(magic zapping)
(intense music)
How did I get here?
(gentle music)
Hello, Lordis, my old friend.
- Walter. (laughs)
- The gold. (laughs)
- I think you should leave now.
- Hey Mickey I think
he might be right.
Maybe, maybe we should go.
- I think we
definitely need to go.
- I'm not gonna argue.
- Yeah.
(gentle music)
(Angel snorts)
- We broke the curse.
We broke the curse.
- [Angel] You broke the curse.
(Mindy laughs)
- Hey guys,
what happens to the gold?
We split it, yes?
- That's up to whoever
found the gold.
That was Mindy, not you.
(Angel brays)
You have a problem with that?
(magic whooshes)
- No, no, no, no.
We, we're good.
- We're rich! We're
rich! (laughs)
- Wait.
If we take the gold
from the mountain,
won't we be taking
the magic, too?
- Yes.
Remember when I told you
that whoever finds the gold
will have to make a choice?
This is your choice.
(Angel snorts)
- What would happen to you?
- Me and Lordis
would be no more.
- Man, I knew it was
too good to be true.
(gentle music continues)
- My dad can find
a job anywhere,
and moving somewhere
else may not be so bad.
(sniffs) I'm gonna
miss everyone though.
I wanted to save the
park, but not like this.
I, or should I say we?
We want you to have gold.
(Angel brays)
- Thank you.
- Man, I can't wait to
tell everybody about this
when I get home.
They're not gonna believe this.
- I know.
Wait 'til people find
out, like, you're a witch.
(Eddie imitates zapping)
- Can't you just keep that
to yourselves, like a secret?
- Why?
You're not gonna turn us into
frogs if we tell are you?
- No.
- (laughs) Yeah,
then we're pretty much
gonna tell everybody.
- Come on, we need to get home.
I bet our parents are
going crazy by now.
- You're right. We're gonna
be in so much trouble.
But I wouldn't trade
it for anything.
Sorry, I gave you so much
grief. Angel is beautiful.
- See? Sometimes you
just have to believe.
Oh, and Marty,
thanks for saving me.
I owe you one.
- No problem.
Just doing what
any hero would do.
Doesn't the hero always get
the girl in the end anyways?
- No, no, not always.
- Thank you for
breaking the curse.
We are forever in your debt.
- By now I bet every town
and every police department
in 100 miles is
searching for us.
- Yep.
- When they find us,
I'm going to jail
for a long time.
- Maybe I can help
you with that.
- How?
- Close your eyes.
- Why?
- You'll see.
(Angel brays)
(exciting music)
(wind whistling)
(twinkling music)
- There's no sure
thing in baseball.
- And how can Cy Young
winner give up two home runs
at the bottom of the ninth?
He's paid to be a closer.
You know what I mean?
- What?
No, (laughs) not, not really.
- I'm sorry. Nevermind.
- Okay. What?
(door hisses)
(notification dings)
(bus rumbling)
(gentle music)
Jacob, your eyes,
they're better.
Can you see me?
- Uh, yeah, of course I can.
You're kind of standing
right in front of me.
- [Mindy] Okay. (laughs)
(Eddie whistles)
(Eddie murmuring)
What day is it?
- Monday morning, duh.
- Earth to Mindy.
Start of the week.
- What?
Do you guys remember
the wizard and Lordis?
You remember that, right?
- Um, what? What's that?
Is that a new
movie or something?
- Um, I've never heard of it.
What are you talking about?
- Nothing.
This is weird. This
is really weird.
(bright music)
(paper rustling)
- [Walter] Lordis thought
you might need this.
And remember, embrace
who you truly are.
Your friend, Walter.
(coins clinking)
(bright music)
(coins clinking)
(gentle music)
(gentle music continues)
(bus rumbling)
- This is for you.
- Uh, no thanks. I don't
have much of an appetite.
- Open it.
(coins clinking)
- Okay, thanks.
(coins clinking)
- Where did you get
this? Is this real?
- You wouldn't believe
me even if I told you.
But it's yours. Take it.
I know you need it,
but you have to promise me
you're never going to bet again.
And I mean never.
(phone buzzing)
Promise me!
- I promise.
Okay. Yes.
- Yeah. Okay?
- Okay.
- Okay.
(Marcus laughs and sighs)
(bus rumbling)
(bright music)
(students chattering)
- Here.
The hero does always
get the girl in the end.
- What?
- Marty's got game, man!
- Woo!
- What?
- Marty, man!
- Come on, man.
- How do you do it bro?
- Come on!
- Come on, dude, give me some!
- Hey!
(Jacob laughs)
- Where did that come from?
- Oh, Marty.
- [Frankie] Wow.
- Huh, let's put a bid
on this building here.
- All right, you got it?
That's a good one.
That's a good property.
(knock echoes)
- It looks really good, yeah.
(mysterious music)
- Mickey, this is for you.
- So what's this?
It's gonna take a lot more
than a tuna fish sandwich
and some pudding pops.
- (laughs) Pudding pops.
That's a good one, boss.
- (scoffs) Just open it.
(coins clinking)
(mysterious music continues)
(bright music)
(Marcus laughs)
That should be enough to
cover it, and then some.
- Where'd you get these?
- (laughs) Doesn't matter.
- Marcus.
(intense music)
Was good doing
business with you.
- You too, Mickey.
- Eh.
I got a hot tip. Three
to one, sure thing.
You in?
(Marcus breathing heavily)
(intense music continues)
- No thanks, Mickey. I'm done.
- (laughs) That's a smart boy.
- I'll see you fellas around.
(Marcus sighs)
- All right boys, you made
good. Let's divvy it up.
- Yeah.
- All right.
(bright music)
- Ladies and gentlemen and kids,
please put your hands together
for our esteemed
mayor, Rex Allen.
(crowd cheers and applauds)
- Hello. Thanks for coming
on this beautiful day.
The good news is I'm not gonna
bore you with a long speech.
You're welcome.
(crowd laughs)
So without further ado,
Martin, you do the honors.
- Ah.
- Hurry up already.
- There's a swing in there
that's got my name
written all over it.
(crowd laughs)
So embarrassing.
- Well, welcome everyone.
(scissors snip)
The park is now open.
(crowd cheers)
- Well, you heard it live,
so bring your family down
for the reopening of the park.
This is Riley Wilson with KCBB
TV. Now back to our studio.
- Right, so tell me again
how this all happened.
- (laughs) I'm still trying
to figure it out myself.
An anonymous benefactor
paid off the towns debt
with the condition that
the park always stays open
and I get to keep my job.
- We are so lucky.
This is crazy.
- And what's even crazier
is that they paid it off
with gold coins.
- Gold coins?
- Yeah. I don't, I
don't understand.
(Beth laughs)
I mean, somebody's
looking out for us.
- Yeah. I just wish Mindy
was here to see this.
- Aw.
- I mean I, you know,
she loves spending time
with Angel and my mom.
- Yeah, that she does.
(both laugh)
(gentle music)
(Mindy murmuring)
- I see you found
one of my books.
- Mm-hmm.
(twinkling music)
(both laugh)
- Cool.
(birds chirping)
- I guess by now,
you know I'm not
your ordinary kind of grandma,
although I've tried
very hard to be.
- Grandma, why didn't you
tell me that I was a witch?
That you had powers?
- Well, I wasn't sure.
Sometimes it skips a generation
or two, or even more,
like with your mom.
- So she has no idea
that you're a witch?
- No, and I think we ought to
keep it that way, don't you?
- (laughs) Yeah, I guess.
I mean, I thought all
witches were evil.
- No, whether to be good
or evil is always a choice.
My sister chose the dark path.
She's the one that
cursed the mountain
all those many years ago.
- Grandma, I didn't
know you had a sister.
I just knew it
couldn't have been you
who did those awful things.
- Well, she's long gone
and you are the future.
But I still have a
little magic left me.
It's a beautiful thing.
(butterfly squeaking)
(Maggie laughs)
(twinkling music)
- Wow. I wanna be a good witch.
- Oh, I know you do, honey.
Have you cast any spells yet?
- Yeah, just one. (laughs)
(Mindy laughs)
(birds calling)
- Angel?
- Are you ready to ride?
- I thought you'd
never ask. (laughs)
(Angel brays)
- (laughs) You two be careful.
(bright music)
- [Walter] As Angel and Mindy
galloped through the open
little did they know that
their adventure had just begun.
(bright music)
(gentle music)
(bright music)
(bright music)
(gentle music)
(bright music)
(music ends)