The Legend of King Solomon (2017) Movie Script

[Arabic folk music playing]
[blowing trumpet]
And now,
my puppets are re-enacting
David's great victory
before your lovely eyes.
Hey, it's about
your old man, David.
I'm sick of people
going on all the time
about how great my dad was.
Well, we could do
something about it.
Oh. [chuckles]
The donkey will forgive us.
Don't be so scared.
Look up, it's me.
[stuttering softly] You're...
Tobby, the King's fox?
You don't say.
Listen, I've got a job for you.
[stuttering] That'll cause
total chaos.
I don't know.
That's a royal fox command.
And you'll squash me
if I refuse?
[woman] Not again!
[crowd muttering]
[wooden planks clanking]
Hey, help me, you two-legged
excuse for a King.
Do you hear me?
[narrator] Edom's proud people,
thought that they would win
and thus felt pretty safe.
But King David took a shine
to their garden's green,
and attacked their land.
The King of Edom could
no longer defend his land
and his son, Hadad, disappeared.
Who knows where he was last seen
as all this happened
in the past.
Hey, puppet master.
Are you telling
that same old story again?
Your Highness.
Your father, King David?
Yes, I know.
It's just that it's getting...
Ah, how can I say it,
a bit boring.
And what about my stories?
[man] Come on, not again.
- Well... [stammers]
- Like that time when I ordered the sheep.
Let me tell you how to tell a
good story with your puppets.
Your Highness, no!
Kinglet, help!
Kinglet. A little help!
[loud explosion]
[sighs wearily]
Is that kid,
the son of merciless David,
who destroyed the city
of my birth?
He's an unruly, young renegade.
But this might be
my last chance.
I was given something sticky
only yesterday.
I bet Solomon shoved it
into your beak, didn't he?
That's how he gets rid
of sweets he doesn't like.
[door opens]
Look out.
Here comes the Chief Adviser.
[groaning] Everyone out.
[clapping hands]
So what was all
the commotion about,
Your Highness?
We were just having
a bit of fun, Jehoshafat.
that animal got you
into trouble again.
But that's what Tobby's like.
It's not his fault.
He's 100% fox.
Your dear father
always took my advice
and that's why he was able to
leave you such a wonderful land.
He was so busy with it that
he never took notice of me.
[Jehoshafat] At least have respect
for the ring your father gave you.
The ring represents
your royal power
and these statues were created
by your loyal people.
You are nothing without them.
I am the King.
Who needs to go and get ready.
The Queen of Sheba
could be here at any moment.
Bilqis! So you invited her
after all?
Your kingdom must have a queen.
But I don't wanna marry her.
You are a king
and you have duties.
[elephant trumpets]
Oh! They're here already.
Quick, we need to prepare.
[African folk music playing]
[elephant trumpets]
[Bilqis] Are we here so soon?
So soon? But we've been
traveling for the last
two months, My Queen.
But, Nanny, if I have
to win Solomon's heart,
I need plenty of time
to get my make up right.
True love needs no make up.
Oh, Hana.
Girls today are only interested
in what brand of camel
a boy is riding.
[folk music continues]
[lemur sneezes]
They say that Solomon is wise.
Wise? [scoffs]
And terribly wealthy.
Now, that sounds more like it.
[crowd cheering]
- [crowd chanting]
- [folk music continues]
All right,
but use a bit of perfume.
If he turns his nose, I'll
give him a good punch on it.
[Hana] Listen.
What's that silence?
[perfume bottle spritzing]
[Hana] You can go now.
[Hana chuckles]
[bird coughs]
I mean... Wow!
Listen, you don't happen to know
where I can find
the local King, do you?
- Uh-huh.
- We were supposed to meet up here.
- Psst.
- Hmm?
What is it, Nanny?
It's him. It's Solomon.
- You?
- Uh-huh.
[girls giggling]
No! My girlfriends are gonna tear
me to pieces when I get home.
So then, that must
mean you're Bilqis.
Uh, like, yeah.
Mmm. You smell good.
[glasses clinking]
Sorry about the nose thing.
A pretty good punch for a girl.
Hello, Kinglet,
this is the stuffing calling.
C'mom, let's get out of here.
You want me to leave her side.
No way, just look
how lovely she is.
Don't tell me
you fancy a puppet like her.
Will you shut up.
Are you talking to me?
Oh no, I was talking to my fox.
If I told my girlfriends back
home that you talk to foxes...
- [dishes clatter]
- [guests clamoring]
[Tobby yelping]
Oh, you're a darling thing.
Don't be afraid, sweetie.
I'll look after you.
Please wait.
Your eyes are as tame as...
...the flapping wings of a dove.
[Bilqis] Oh, don't bother.
Why don't you tell me
about your father instead?
About my father?
They reckon he was a cool guy.
He even sent the demons to hell.
So you don't think I'd be capable
of hunting down a demon?
I'd believe it if I saw it.
I've still not seen what kind of sacrifice
you'd be willing to make for me.
Well, if you gave me your fox,
I might be willing
to believe you.
Its fur would look
really good around my neck.
- What? You can forget that.
- [water splashes]
I want to be taken home
this minute.
Please! Bilqis, wait.
If you prove that you are really
as wise as they say you are,
then perhaps, maybe.
Oh, Kinglet,
don't let her tempt you.
- [trumpets blowing]
- [footsteps]
[tapping] King Solomon,
is about to display
his infinite wisdom.
Queen Bilqis is going to ask
the first question.
[crowd applauding]
Here are a hundred roses
from the gardens of Sheba.
Only one is real and the others
are stitched from silk.
Can you tell me
which is the real one?
[bee buzzing]
[Hana claps]
This is the only rose
that grew from the ground
and not on the loom.
- [crowd cheering]
- Beginner's luck.
Move aside, let me pass.
[men grunting]
Now you are going to answer
the question that I pose.
So, King, when will you
give me back my ring?
[crowd gasping]
Who are you?
And what ring
are you talking about?
My name's Hadad.
And I come from Edom,
that David destroyed
with fire and steel
when I was only a child.
You mean, my father?
He is the one who stole
my father's ring,
leveled my city to the ground
and sent me off
into poverty and suffering.
But, there's peace now.
There will be no peace
until you return
my father's ring to me.
What ring are you talking about?
[Hadad] The one on your finger.
I swear that
I will only find peace
when I have
the ring on my finger.
You were taught to hate,
so no good can live
in your heart.
I came here today
to offer you peace, Solomon.
But you are as cruel
as your father was.
Vengeance will be mine.
[crowd muttering]
[dramatic music playing]
You have slighted me, Solomon.
And so, I curse you and
your people for all eternity.
[ground rumbling]
I call you, demon.
I summon you, evil one.
Appear now
from the darkest deep.
Come forth, as you wake...
from sleep.
I free you now
from eternal night.
Come forth
and step into the light.
Asmodeus, you are here at last.
Who are you?
Mortal fool.
I am the one
who summoned you forth
and cut a path
to the center of the Earth.
I can't hold Edom.
Expect no gratitude from me.
I am the demon of hatred.
One look from me
and brothers go
for each others' throats.
I sigh, and evil fills the air.
[Asmodeus] Hatred follows
closely in my traps.
[Hadad] I can see
that it's a long while
since you walked on Earth.
The world has changed a lot.
But I can be of assistance
to you if you...
Do you dare
bargain with me, maggot?
Revenge, I only want revenge.
Revenge? I like
the sound of that.
On whom?
On the King of Jerusalem.
On David, who imprisoned me?
David is dead.
Now his son, Solomon,
wears my father's ring.
Help me get it back.
[Hadad groans]
David is dead? I can still
destroy all that he has left.
We both want the same thing.
But Jerusalem is guarded
by magical gates
that not even
you can break through.
Believe me, I can.
[people screaming]
[woman] Oh, dear God. Oh!
Oh, my God!
[cat screeching]
Get out of the way.
[Asmodeus] Hear me, Jerusalem.
Destruction awaits you.
[kid screaming]
[Asmodeus] Hear me, Jerusalem.
Destruction awaits you.
Did you hear that?
Yeah, at least ten times.
Since dawn this morning.
If it keeps on like this,
the city will collapse.
Believe me, it's twice as hard
with ears like mine.
I'll send all the lions, mules and
foxes of Jerusalem to silence him.
Foxes? That's...
[chuckles nervously]
That's a really bad idea.
Like... [grunting]
[Asmodeus] Hear me, Jerusalem.
Destruction awaits you.
This is Asmodeus.
Demon of hatred.
Did he escape?
Asmodeus? A real demon?
Did you hear that, Bilqis?
Just as you wished.
What? I wished for this?
Tobby? What do we need for a
demo-destroying expedition?
Well, if you're going on a trek, I'm
sure you'll find everything you need
in Bilqis' luggage.
[Tobby laughs]
Don't you two go nosing
through my things, okay?
- [object clinks]
- [Bilqis gasps]
We might just borrow a couple
of this for our mission.
But please, Your Highness.
Don't go.
Think of the dangers.
The desert sun is very...
I'll take goat grease.
Factor 50.
And who will rub it
onto your back?
Oh. Well, uh...
Eagle! Come to me, I command!
[birds fluttering]
That's very brave of you,
Your Highness.
To confront
the screaming demon all alone.
Brave, but foolish.
Do not forget yourself, Eagle.
I am Solomon, the wise.
[Tobby panting] Could you
hold it a bit steadier?
Anymore turbulence
and I'll launch my breakfast.
What are you doing here?
Looking for adventure.
What else?
Oh, now let's see where we are.
Plenty of stone and sand,
far too much sun.
So depressing.
We are not on a holiday.
[Eagle] We have arrived,
Your Highness.
[Asmodeus] Hear me, Jerusalem.
Destruction awaits you.
We don't wanna land here, do we?
Solomon, the wise commanded it.
And I obey.
[voice of Asmodeus]
Hear me, Jerusalem.
He should be locked up
for sound pollution.
Let's get out of here.
- Mm-mmm...
- No!
You're coming with me.
But you know I don't know
anything about demons.
Leave Asmodeus to me.
You take care of Hadad.
And make sure
he comes to no harm.
No harm?
[thuds to ground]
[Tobby] This one's so bad,
even the vultures would
turn their beaks up at him.
[Solomon grunts]
Asmodeus, I command you
to release him.
[voice of Asmodeus] You will have
to defeat me first, child king.
Then you can tell me what to do.
I can see that your time in
chains has drained your strength.
I still got plenty enough left
to deal with you.
[both grunting]
You take care of Hadad.
- [Hadad groans]
- [thuds to ground]
[Tobby groans]
[straining] Everything's fine.
I caught him.
Show yourself, demon.
[Asmodeus] As you wish.
Prepare to die, Solomon.
What's that?
[stone scraping]
[bats hissing]
[Solomon] Serve me!
[Asmodeus laughs heartily]
[Solomon] I'm telling you
for the final time
to bow before my will.
And why would I do that?
[Solomon] Now!
[straining] I'm coming, Kinglet.
I hope I've avoided
the dangerous bit.
Is that Asmo...
Don't worry.
I've caught him in a magic trap.
Great. Well, we can go then.
After we make sure that these two
never see the light of day again.
We're taking them both with us
to Jerusalem.
Have you gone stark raving mad?
The demon as well?
Especially the demon.
I want Bilqis to see that
I'm just as courageous
as my father was before me.
Yeah, yeah,
you risk everyone's life,
because of a dead man.
Eagle! Eagle, come to me.
Take us home.
I'm sorry, but I can't.
But I command you.
I promised your father,
I would protect you
from making stupid decisions.
Are you saying that
you don't want to take us home?
Let's say, I can't carry
such a heavy load.
Okay then, Kinglet,
just get rid of them now.
Forget it.
There's no way we're leaving
Hadad or the demon here.
Well, it looks like we're stuck,
because we'll never make it
through the desert on foot.
[Solomon summoning] Hee-yaw!
[Hana sighs]
[donkey brays]
[Tobby panting]
Solomon, you're alive.
What's that?
Oh, I understand.
This is him.
Stand aside, Jehoshafat.
[lightning strikes]
This is your father's
demon defense system.
Cancel the spell, Jehoshafat.
But that will leave
the City unprotected.
Your father'd never allow
such a thing.
But I am King now
and I command you.
Wait for me.
- [thud]
- [Hadad groans]
Are you out
of your mind, Solomon?
You deliberately brought
Asmodeus into
the city of Jerusalem!
You wouldn't understand,
old man.
I need to shine
in front of Bilqis.
Oh, you poor child.
Bilqis' beauty
blinded you completely.
I've proved that I'm as great
as my father was.
[Jehoshafat] How silly you are.
Your vanity is going
to destroy Jerusalem.
[Tobby yawning]
Free at last.
I command that you return
to the jar at once.
No, thanks.
It was a bit tight
on the shoulders.
And I wasn't mad
about the decor either.
- [pottery shattering]
- [Solomon grunts]
Is this the famous ring?
Quite a pretty little thing.
I was just thinking that
I should really kill Solomon.
Then you can give it
to me as you promised.
Kill him.
[Asmodeus] You serve me
from now on.
Kill him.
[guard] We're coming, sire.
[Asmodeus growling]
The demon's breath
fills everybody with hate.
You've lost that
happy twinkle in your eyes.
A veil, boys?
Much prettier.
- [Solomon grunts]
- [guard groans]
[guard] Hey. Who's here?
Don't let him get away.
[Solomon grunts]
[all yelling]
Now that's what I call
a slippery ending.
Sorry, but you big,
ugly whoever you are.
Did you happen to...
Have I been kidnapped or what?
[inhales deeply]
[Solomon screaming]
Jerusalem is mine.
[laughs heartily]
[both screaming]
[both panting]
Eagle, come to me.
At last.
I hate gravity and there's
a bit too much of it up here.
Let me ride on your back, Eagle.
You're unworthy
of your father's inheritance.
He's right.
Goodness is buried
so deep in your heart,
that only the Shamir,
the stone digger,
could bring it out.
The Shamir?
Eagle... [yelling] No!
[Solomon grunts]
[Asmodeus] Solomon is dead.
I blew him high up in the air,
like a feather.
And he'll come back down
to the ground like a brick.
Woo! Plop.
[Asmodeus] The throne
of Jerusalem is mine.
Hey, what's this?
[whimpering] Let go!
You'll pay for this insolence.
I swear, I'll have you
cut up into spittoons.
[Hadad] It looks like they think
someone is going to return and send
you back to your dungeon in the deep.
Only David was capable
of such an act.
And he is dead.
Along with his stupid son.
Maybe he is still alive
and would imprison you
with the help of the Shamir.
The Shamir?
The stone worm.
It's as ancient and old
as the world itself
and can tunnel
through the toughest rock.
Where can I find this creature?
David and Jehoshafat
kept its hiding place,
a closely-guarded secret.
So it must be somewhere
around here.
Give me the ring, you promised.
You fool.
I haven't got time to waste.
[Asmodeus] From now on,
I will be your Master.
No, no, no.
[people screaming]
[woman screams]
[hen squawks]
[cows mooing]
[donkey braying]
[Asmodeus] Why has my curse
had no effect on you?
I'm too old.
And I know you too well
for your evil magic
to have any power over me.
Show me where
you've hidden the Shamir.
[inhales deeply]
Oh, yes. I see now.
[Asmodeus] This is the rhyme
that reveals
the whereabouts of the Shamir.
[groans wearily]
Tobby. Tobby, where are you?
- [Tobby moans]
- It's okay, pal.
- [babbles]
- We are gonna be just fine.
Just fine?
First, "Ooh!" going up
and, "Aah!" going down.
And you say that
things are just fine?
It could be much worse.
What could be worse
than a mouthful of sand?
And ears stuffed full of gravel.
The fact that
a demon has taken control
of all of Jerusalem?
And who's fault would that be?
I suppose it's mine.
But Bilqis is
just so beautiful and...
Look, Kinglet. I was always on your side
when it was about fun, or a freaky thing.
But now you screwed it up.
What were you thinking?
I don't... I don't know.
My father, David,
was such a great King.
I don't know anything
about what he knew
because I'm just...
just a silly kid.
[Solomon sobbing softly]
Hey, don't.
What would the girls think
if they saw the King crying?
Fine. I'm fine.
What's that?
Ah, it's an old poem
my dad taught me.
[Solomon] It gives
the whereabouts of the Shamir.
The legendary stone worm
who could chew mountains
into mole hills.
What? That Shamir?
Do you remember
what the Eagle said?
Sure I do.
He said that I'm a useless King
who deserves to make
a hole in the desert.
And that only the Shamir
can help you?
Of course. You're right!
The Shamir can send
the demons back to prison.
Beyond the deserts,
mother of all gods,
at the feet of
the sun kissed rocks...
Across the red cliff canyons,
is a town carved into stone
where Shamir is left
in peace alone.
Tell me where those canyons are.
[gasping] It's a town
carved into stone.
Hey, I know that.
I've traveled along the winding
path at the bottom of a red canyon.
Beyond the copper mine.
In the bare hills,
a city carved in stone.
- [Solomon] That can...
- [Asmodeus] ...only be...
[both] Petra.
So, what are we going to do now?
- [Tobby gasps]
- [Solomon] Stop.
We have to get to Petra.
And you will show me the way.
Do you think it's deaf?
[Solomon] I said, "Stop."
Now that's more like it.
An army of servants
is better than one.
Are you sure they're here
to serve you, Kinglet?
Now we're really in trouble.
Which way to Petra?
I don't know.
[Tobby] Okay.
Which way to anywhere with a bit
of shade and a drop of water?
[Solomon] Maybe that way.
[bird screeching]
[Tobby panting]
Tobby, don't stop now.
Water? I'm parched.
Stop, do you hear?
As King of Jerusalem,
I command you to...
[groaning] ...stop.
Stop, I say.
[creature squeaking]
Please let me help you,
my friend.
[Solomon] Show me
where you're going.
[squeaking in approval]
I think there is something
very wrong here, Nanny.
This place is gross.
Where are we?
Be quiet now, My Queen.
Be quiet when
I feel like screaming?
What happened in the palace?
And where are we?
We are in the secret tunnels.
They run under the palace
so that the King can escape
in case of danger.
Oh, I chipped a nail.
My make up is all smudged and...
and I am a Queen!
And I wanna go home right now!
Puppet of hatred,
I now order you,
go to Petra.
As you wish, Master.
You will be a wealthy suitor
to the daughter of King Salim,
the King of Petra.
Go there,
and seize the Shamir,
the stone worm.
[gasps] Petra?
[bells clinking]
King Salim will surely give you
a big bag of money.
Just in case you wanna
buy me a lovely present.
I have no intention
of telling anyone
that we're here.
Then let's be a cool fox
and his clown on the road.
I'm going to pretend
to be a simple beggar
in order to avoid
drawing attention to myself.
[man] Halt.
What do you want in Petra?
I am poor
and thirsty.
If you're willing to work hard,
I already have the job for you.
- [men grunting]
- Na'ama!
Father, leave me alone.
I have the right to know
where you have been.
All right.
I went to the Bedouin's camp
beyond the thorn bush.
An unmarried princess
should stay in the palace.
I have still not met a man
whose hand I would even shake.
You have to be married
by your next birthday.
If no better suitor
presents himself,
I swear I'll marry you off
to the royal camel poop-scooper.
[men laughing]
[horse neighing]
That was King Salim's daughter?
Pretty pretty, huh?
Arub, witch of the kitchen.
This man seeks work.
All I can see
is a bony little cockerel,
followed by a rat.
[Tobby scoffs]
Work him hard
and make a man of him.
Back to the wash tub.
You can use your rat
as a dish cloth, if you like.
Is she serious?
[Tobby] And I've always wanted
to sit in a gold chamber pot.
But, no.
You prefer to do the washing up.
- [grunts]
- [shattering]
[girl giggling]
You don't have time
to look at the ladies.
Say it's not, it's him.
Run, the arrogant kid is here.
Get some sleep.
Tomorrow is going to be
a hardworking day.
It's him. I told you it was him.
You're right.
I recognize him.
Animal abuser.
Donkey sadist.
Everybody in Petra
knows who you are.
So you would be advised
to keep it a low profile.
Leave them, Tobby.
- [Solomon] Tobby?
- Huh?
Is that really how you see me?
Well, besides me, Kinglet,
I don't know another animal
who cares a flea's itch for you.
[birds chirping]
Go back to work,
you lazy servant.
[lizard panting]
[lizard giggling]
I will sell you
to the King's kitchen,
you beast.
[camel groans]
I'll show you.
You smelly hunchback.
[Na'ama] Stop.
What are you doing?
How dare you hurt
that poor creature?
Stop that at once.
[groans in relief]
Who are you?
I... I work
in the kitchen, Princess.
I've seen your face before.
What's your name?
I'm sorry, but I've got
to finish my chores.
I know what you did,
just now in the square.
I saw it all.
I don't know what
you're talking about.
You saved the camel.
You must be mistaken.
I've never met a servant before
who gives as much
as a whisker about animals.
[Arub] Go back to work,
you lazy servant.
Go, Tobby.
We must hurry to find where
King Salim is hiding the Shamir.
[Tobby sniffing]
You will be amazed
at the gifts
your many suitors have sent you.
I don't even want to see them.
A precious rug
from Prince Wasim,
with a woven camel.
And this is from Prince Sahi,
a clay jar.
A skilled artist drew on it
a camel.
And guess what
Prince Asom has sent you?
Maybe a camel?
How did you know?
[Na'ama sobbing softly]
Did you find anything?
I've not left a single stone
in Petra unturned.
But the stone worm has simply...
Salim keeps his whereabouts
such close secret
that not even the wee animals
know where it is.
It could be somewhere else
entirely by now.
Perhaps, if you ask the girl...
You mean, Princess Na'ama?
I'm a servant.
How can I do that?
She'd sniff
something suspicious right away.
That's what happens
when you decide
to enslave yourself, you...
you silly kid.
But, I'm still
the King of Jerusalem.
[twig cracking]
Who were you talking to?
Me? Oh. I was
just playing a game.
Talking to yourself sounds like
a pretty silly game to me.
No sillier than listening in
on a kitchen boy.
Okay. Enough with the games.
I know exactly who you are.
[Salim yelling] Na'ama?
What do you
want me to see, Kinglet?
You've made a royal mess.
[Salim] Na'ama?
Where are you, my dear?
Come on out, Princess.
What's wrong, Father?
Has snow fallen
in the desert or something?
No. It's an even more
amazing miracle than that.
My girl, a messenger
has just brought this letter,
What are you talking
about, Father?
Read it to Na'ama.
My throat is aching.
I, Khalif Abdul Hameed
Eben Abud Al Khader,
have heard of the great beauty
of Na'ama of Petra,
and will arrive in the city
on the girl's birthday,
to take her as my wife.
- No.
- [Salim] Yes.
The Khalif wants to marry you.
No. No, no, no!
Hurry back to your master
and inform him that
my daughter awaits his arrival
with a joyful heart.
[horse neighing, galloping]
[Arabian folk music playing]
What an honor.
Princess Na'ama will ride
on my back with her husband
after the wedding ceremony.
How do I look?
Like a drunken Nubian sailor
who's dressed up
as a belly dancer.
That sounds good,
coming from a dish cloth.
Stop that, you lot.
Get the camel out there.
The groom has arrived.
Today is
Princess Na'ama's birthday.
[Salim] She is to be married
on this special day,
to Khalif Abdul Hameed
Eben Abd Al Khader,
who fell in love with her
before they even met.
[Arabian music continues]
I am Khalif Khader.
And I have broken
my hurried journey
to ask for the hand
of your beautiful daughter.
Of course, but no need
to rush things quite that much.
I don't have time
for a long ceremony
so if you've changed
your mind...
Of course, not.
It's just that
my daughter is here
and she has her hand with us so we
can get right on with the wedd...
Excellent. But first let us
respect the traditions.
The father of the bride
has to fulfill a request,
made by the groom.
Don't worry. I only want
something very small.
Give me the Shamir.
[indistinct chattering]
Uh... The stone? The stone worm?
What are you
talking about, Father?
Would you go against
such an ancient tradition?
[crowd muttering]
No. Of course, not.
If you want me
to marry your daughter,
you have to decide right now.
Shamir, the stone worm that...
Stop. If the Khalif
insists on traditions,
then we should respect them all.
Not another tradition.
The tradition
of our people states
that if the Princess of Petra
has two suitors...
Two! Who is the other?
...then they have
to fight a dual
and with a weapon of her choice.
Oh, please, forgive me, Khalif.
But this is the first time
I've heard of a second suitor.
- Where is he?
- The second suitor?
Um, uh...
Here I am, Your Highness.
I would like to ask for Princess
Na'ama's hand in marriage.
Are you serious, Kinglet?
And what about Bilqis?
I have to get my hands
on the stone worm.
[gasps] The kitchen boy.
That's, that's...
Yes. That's him.
Let him through.
[Asmodeus] No. Solomon is alive?
That's impossible.
How did he survive
a fall like that?
Hadad? Listen to me.
Kill him. Kill him now.
Wait. Not like this.
This is out of the question.
Soldiers, seize the kitchen boy.
But you can't do that, Father.
What about the traditions?
No tradition can convince me to
marry my daughter to a servant.
But he's... he's not a servant.
Take your hands off Solomon,
King of Jerusalem,
who has asked
for my hand in marriage.
You knew?
I listened in. I'm sorry.
It's a bad habit.
You! You are
the son of David, Solomon.
I taught him all he knows
about washing up.
Forgive me, King Salim, for disguising
myself and hiding in your city.
Please give me your
daughter's hand in marriage.
I thought you've been cast
from the throne.
That's right, but...
I'm sorry,
but with your kingdom gone...
Tell him that
you'll have a dual with him.
This way no one
can accuse you of murder.
King Salim, I accept
the challenge of a dual.
What? Well,
I'm really not so sure.
The weapon of my choice
is the power of the mind.
He who answers
three riddles correctly
will be the winner of my hand.
Father? You can be the judge.
What? A battle of minds?
That won't kill him.
You have to win, Hadad.
Do you hear?
I will give you the answers.
Here is the first question.
It is still while it lives
but when it's beheaded,
it sets sail on the sea.
Oh, wise Khalif, you have
the chance to answer first.
Still? Beheaded? Sea?
I don't know.
Say something, you starecrow.
Uh, an old scarecrow?
Thrown into the ocean?
Scarecrow? Now you, Solomon.
The correct answer is a tree
that is cut down to make a boat.
[crowd applauding]
Well, the right answer...
It's very simple.
The right answer is, scarecrow.
But Father, that's not true.
I am the judge,
so, I decide.
Let's have the next question.
Now, for a more difficult one.
You can only see it
with your eyes closed.
Eyes closed?
I can't imagine
what it could be.
The answer is, imagination.
The thing we can only see with
our eyes closed is a dream.
[crowd applauding]
Correct. The correct answer
is imagination.
But Father, we can imagine
things with our eyes open, too.
You're cheating.
Khalif has answered correctly once
again, and so you will marry him.
But they still have
one more question.
Giant birds with wings of gray
clouds the skies
all night and day.
What is it?
Is it... Is it a faded raven?
Yes, of course, it is.
I'm sorry, Your Highness,
but the correct answer to your
daughter's question is fog.
Enough! Enough of
these childish games.
King Salim, if you don't give
me your daughter's hand,
- I...
- But I will.
- [gasps]
- Guards, seize him!
[men grunt]
[Na'ama gasps]
[Tobby] Step on it, Kinglet.
[Tobby growling]
Kidnapper. Catch him!
This getting married thing
really isn't my style.
Just my luck.
I get all dressed up
and they ruined that as well.
Relax, Nubian,
I've got your rear covered.
Have you followed me all
this way, you cursed demon?
Watch out.
[horses neighing]
Hang on a minute.
- Yeah.
- [horse neighs]
[wicked laugh]
[horse neighing]
Right! To my right,
you desert horse.
[Tobby] Left, left!
[all yelling]
[Tobby whimpers]
Where has the box gone?
It's gone?
Oh, my lovely, round bottom.
Don't worry, that's not lost.
I can see it quite clearly.
If we've lost it,
we're done for.
[old man giggles]
What do you know, old beggar?
Don't speak to him like that.
He might be poor, but he
still deserves some respect.
Sorry old man.
I meant nothing by it.
What are you doing
in the desert?
Searching for a scorpion
to drop in your big ear
while you sleep.
Kinglet, did you hear?
The old man understood me.
Not now, Tobby. It's all over.
The stone worm has escaped.
The soldiers! [gasping]
[horses approaching]
My father?
Oh... Sorry.
Come back, you punk on legs.
Looks like we're in
for a wild fight.
And you want
to leave me out of it?
Ooh, look. If it isn't
the desert deserter.
Don't worry,
this is my old friend,
the King of the skies.
Well, if you folks
are done here,
we can go.
[soldiers shouting]
Come on, old man, you'll get
trampled if you stay here.
Are you sure
you wanna save our lives?
You can stay if you want.
To me, soldiers.
Solomon is alive
and on his way to Jerusalem.
Set a trap and kill him.
Please stay with me, old friend.
I'm gonna need your help.
This is a battle
that you have to fight, Solomon.
If you really need me, I will
come without being called.
- What's wrong?
- I failed as a king,
and now I've let
the stone worm get away.
What do you need
the stone worm for?
Because I can only defeat
a demon with its power.
- We should get going.
- Hang on a minute.
Where's the nice, old man gone?
Old man? Nice old man.
Where are you?
Come on now, he'll follow us.
I'll be a hat if that old tramp
is on the straight and narrow.
Leave that to me, Your Highness.
Don't you have servants to
make fires for you in Petra?
I'd feel ashamed of myself
if I couldn't even do this much
just because
I was born a princess.
If my father could see me now,
I'm sure he'd be ashamed of me.
While you still have
your head and your heart,
you can't go very wrong.
You make me jump,
you old bag of bones.
Where have you been?
Tell me, is Queen Bilqis
as beautiful as people say?
She really is.
- But...
- Yes?
Well, I don't know
how to say this,
but your beauty
is just so different.
[Na'ama gasps]
Look! I knew it would be here.
I recognize the plant.
Tell me, you old jackal,
how is it that
you understand me?
As far as I knew,
Solomon was the only person
on Earth who could do that.
That's right.
He is the only... person.
- What is it?
- It's a taproot. Give me your sword.
It's cool, and sweet.
It's a miracle.
It's no miracle.
Just knowledge and patience.
That's all there is to it.
We've arrived.
Where to?
[Na'ama] I don't think
this is Jerusalem.
I'm going this way, but,
you must continue
down the other road.
Why would I want to go that way?
To tag on to a caravan
that'll take you
all the way back home.
Jerusalem is a dangerous place.
- So?
- Look, Na'ama,
you have to understand that...
I understand.
Well then, all the best.
Do you really think
I'd leave you on your own?
If so, then forget about it.
You couldn't even wash up on
your own a couple of weeks ago.
So don't pretend
you don't need me because...
- Na'ama, I...
- Because you...
- You really do!
- Na'ama!
Yes, say it. I'm listening.
Come on. Spit it out.
Thank you.
[Na'ama gasps]
It's a trap!
[Tobby grunting]
[groans loudly]
That's exactly
what I was waiting for.
[stones cracking]
The old beggar.
He's the Shamir, the stone worm.
[swords clashing]
If you want to live,
then get in here.
Come on. Come on. Hurry up.
I always knew
he was hiding something.
[Tobby yelping]
Come on. We're going further in.
[grunts softly]
[Solomon] Where to? I can't see
my hand in front of my face.
[snaps fingers]
This way if you agree.
I think we've shaken off
the soldiers.
So, you're the stone worm?
Shamir, if you don't mind.
[Tobby] You tricked us
good and proper, old man.
[Shamir] You never once
asked my name.
How long
were you hiding in Petra?
Since I carved the city of rock
for King Salim.
[stones cracking]
[all gasping]
[Shamir] Huh?
[Asmodeus] Well,
old man, awake at last.
Just in time...
[guard] Mercy, master. A cave...
A cave appeared from nowhere.
Cave? What sort of a cave?
Show me.
[Asmodeus] A cave opened up where
there was no crack in the rock.
That can only mean one thing.
The stone worm.
[Tobby] Jerusalem was
always a tough town.
But this?
This is taking things too far.
Have you
come back again, Solomon?
Yes. I've returned to banish you
to your underground dungeon.
Huh? [evil laugh]
And who will help you?
Let's look.
A flea-bitten fox,
a frail girl
and an elderly beggar.
[snaps fingers]
The demon king's dogs from hell.
He must be immensely powerful
if he could summon them.
Relax. There is
plenty for everyone.
[gasps] What's that?
Your Highness.
What are you doing here?
All you ever
think about is eating.
You are mistaken,
my furry friend.
I'm not eating.
I'm feeding.
Look, Solomon.
A whole army of escapees.
[animals bleating]
Hate can only be defeated
by the army of the meek.
My army.
But they haven't got
any swords or spears.
Look at them, Kinglet.
I thought that all you needed
in order to rule was
a throne and a ring.
And that being David's son
was enough to be a good king.
But now I know,
that true power
doesn't come from a ring.
And that true loyalty
doesn't live in a throne,
but in all of you.
Please come to me.
Birds and beasts
of this beautiful land.
- [horses neighing]
- [birds screeching]
One elephant.
Is that the best you could do?
You foolish child.
[thunder rumbling]
Don't leave me out
of the action, you big lump.
Do you think there'll be a
victory feast after the battle?
But of course.
Either for us or from us.
But there's bound to be one.
Kill them all. Destroy them.
[demon roaring]
[animals groaning]
[sheep bleating]
[donkey braying]
Don't you dare run away.
Curse you. Carry on fighting.
Bird's, cover them.
[men gasping]
[Solomon] Stop. No further.
They're still my people,
even if they have been poisoned
by hatred.
I need to get closer
in order to open the ground
and send the demon back to hell.
- Hey.
- Oh, look.
It's the nanny from Sheba.
Hey, slow down.
- Who is this girl?
- Oh, her?
She's Queen Bilqis.
A very pretty straw crown
you have on.
And who is she?
Oh, um...
She's just a girl from Petra.
Just a girl?
Well, not exactly.
She's Princess Na'ama,
the daughter of King Salim.
There is no time
for this now, girls.
Solomon. You know the way.
Thank you. Come on, Shamir.
Where are you, child king?
So that I might see
your pale face.
Perhaps you'd better
turn around, demon.
How did you get here?
Stop. I know you're
gonna tear me apart.
Because you are
a strong and mighty demon.
Clever boy.
If you're willing
to grant me a final wish,
I will give you the Shamir.
Are you saying that you have the
stone worm trapped in that bag?
If I let it out, it'll escape
in the blink of an eye.
Be careful with that bag.
Hold the top shut tight.
And pass it here to me.
You first have to promise
to release Jehoshafat.
Don't do it, Solomon.
- Is that all you ask?
- [old man giggles]
Look into my eyes
and make your promise.
- Well...
- If you waste anymore time, I'll let it go.
Shamir for Jehoshafat, you say?
No, no, no, Solomon.
Don't be a fool.
Silence. Very well,
give me the stone worm.
And after I've torn you apart
Jehoshafat will be free to go.
Do you promise? Hmm?
Are you sure?
[Asmodeus] Of course, I'm sure.
Now give me that bag.
[stones cracking]
Take it and hold it tight.
Or else it's sure to escape.
You are mine at last, Shamir.
[Tobby] Kinglet, run!
You tricked me, Solomon.
Yuck. He's got chicken legs.
[Tobby] Ew!
Help me, Hadad.
This isn't yours, Demon.
[Asmodeus groaning]
[all gasp]
Forgive me, King Solomon,
for my thirst for revenge.
And you forgive me
for my father's crime
that you sought to avenge.
But we two
can put an end to this strife.
Hence, so I give you this gift
as a permanent sign,
the ring is yours
that once was mine.
They said you wanted
to talk to me?
Oh, Solomon, at last.
How does this look?
Beautiful. Just like you.
Oh, it's just a cheap rag.
I hardly brought a thing
with me from Sheba.
[Tobby sighs]
Why did you call for me, Bilqis?
Oh, it's about the wedding.
Our wedding, of course.
Isn't that the will
of our people?
Sure it is. I mean, maybe.
But, uh...
Peach or turquoise?
Bilqis, I...
You know what? Don't say a word.
I've been thinking. And...
let's depart
as friends, instead.
A wedding for me
means true love.
So, what are you saying, Bilqis?
That our friendship
is indeed precious.
I am sure
our paths will cross again.
I fell in love, Bilqis.
With me?
With a girl
who was born a princess,
whose heart is pure
and whose spirit
is free as a desert breeze.
A girl who stayed with me
when I was a nobody or nothing.
A true love?
Aww. That is so romantic.
- Na'ama? I...
- Yes.
[Jehoshafat] Rejoice, Jerusalem.
Wise Solomon is now a man
and once again
the King of all the land.
[crowd cheering]
[Arabic folk music playing]
[Tobby giggles]
- [glasses clinking]
- [Tobby giggling]
[folk music continues]
[Tobby] The golden age
of peace was here at last.
And it would be many a year
before it passed.
And who was the one
who got it sorted
with no fear?
Oh, Tobby, of course,
the furry fox hero.
[Arabic folk music playing]
[folk music continues]