The Legend of La Llorona (2022) Movie Script

(Woman's scream)
(Woman sobbing)
(Eduardo exclaims)
(Woman's scream)
(Liliana's scream)
(Child laughing)
(Llorona groans)
- (Llorona growls)
- (Liliana's scream)
(Spanish song playing)
Welcome to Mexico, mis amigos.
My name is Jorge Antonio Lopez.
(Speaks Spanish)
He needs Ritz crackers
and water.
I'm sorry, I don't have no Ritz.
I got chicharonnes.
What's that?
It's a... it's a pig skin.
Fried pig skin, buddy.
Do you have a bag up there?
Or else this is gonna top off
in just a second.
No, no. I'm sorry. No bags.
Carly? Honey?
Hi, I could use your help here.
You have any bags?
Thank you.
JORGE: Are you here for
business or pleasure?
I don't know if pleasure
is the right word.
We just needed to get away
for a while, that's all.
Just a change of scenery.
JORGE: Sounds like pleasure.
See it is a magic place.
But just like in your country,
we have some very bad people.
Who were those guys?
Those were the very bad people.
You be better to stay
by the villa.
(Song playing in Spanish)
May I suggest la ensalada
de Chicatana.
Veronica makes delicious.
What's that?
It's a salad of flying
hormigas, ants.
Oh, it's wonderful.
Hola, Veronica may I present
la familia Candlewood.
I am Veronica.
- You Carly?
- Ah, yes.
Mucho gusto.
Nice to meet you.
You have a nice trip?
Huh, fine.
You remind me of someone.
Do I?
Very pretty face.
You Mejicana?
Not that I know of.
I'm adopted.
Of course not.
Oh, this is my husband Andrew,
our son Danny.
Mom, what do I do with this?
Tu hijo?
I didn't know you bring boy.
Sorry, I must have forgot
to include that.
You didn't tell her
when you made the reservation?
No, sorry, is that okay?
No problema.
Give me that, Danny,
let's get you cleaned up.
House is good choice, honey.
What do you think?
Um, it's... big.
Sure is.
Can't believe we're here
for the whole month.
We can live like kings...
or drug lords.
Okay. Well, I'm going to get
the registration stuff
figured out.
Why don't you get unpacked?
- You okay?
- I'm fine.
So, I was talking to Veronica
and she recommended
this really great place
for us to grab dinner.
I was thinking
maybe we could go there.
Just the two of us?
We can leave Danny here
with her.
They seem to really be
hitting it off.
Sure, yeah.
So, nice bed.
Bouncy, pillowy.
I'm a fan.
Have you tried it?
All right, Carly, look.
We can talk about this.
You know
that's why we came here.
Sure we didn't come
for the ant salad.
We came here to find
some peace and quiet
and talk this out, right?
Most couples get...
find it hard to continue
after losing a child and...
What's the name?
Of the restaurant?
What's the name?
I'll look up reviews.
I don't know.
She didn't say.
I doubt it's on Yelp, though.
Can you just stop
for one second?
I can't believe that
I'm the one who wants to start
a conversation
about our feelings.
I'm unpacking. You told me
to unpack. I'm unpacking.
Then you can unpack later.
Just please.
I think about Bridget
all the time.
Stop. Stop it.
I don't wanna do this.
Can you just not say her name?
- She's my daughter too.
- She was!
Was your daughter, Andrew.
I see this is it.
This is exactly
why most couples get...
Get what?
What were you gonna say, Andrew?
Absolutely nothing.
Hey, buddy.
Can we go explore outside?
Veronica says there's all these
neat water roads around here?
Water roads?
Oh, the canals.
- Yeah.
- Yeah, of course.
Yeah, we can see the canals,
Oh! Cool box.
Don't touch that.
Sorry, mom.
Look, I just... I don't want you
to play with it.
Hey why don't we... why don't
we go outside, come on.
Mom, you coming?
Yeah, of course,
she's coming, buddy.
The fresh air will do her good.
Right, Dan?
It's beautiful here.
Whoa, cool, mom,
look, what I found.
You know he is still alive,
Andrew, please.
You always said you couldn't
connect with your mother
and here you are doing
the same thing with your son.
He's here with us physically.
He didn't die with Bridget.
Can we just hold off on this
for a few days?
He thinks you're mad at him.
It just... feels wrong to smile.
It feels wrong to be happy,
to be alive.
Then we talk about it,
all right.
I'm here for you.
Most husbands would have left,
but here I am.
What does that mean?
You know what it means.
It means I'm here.
I'm staying.
You need me, Carly,
and for fricks sake
I need you too.
I lost Bridget also.
Yeah, but you didn't know her
like I did.
You didn't hold her.
Oh, I held her.
I asked the doctor to let me.
And she was real to me,
she still is.
ANDREW: You said you didn't feel
close to your mother because you
were adopted but here you are
doing the exact same thing
to your son.
Don't push him away.
Danny needs us.
And we need each other.
In a year or two from now,
we can try again.
I'm just... I'm so angry.
I don't know what I did wrong.
You didn't do anything wrong,
You didn't do anything.
No, I messed up.
I messed up so bad
I let our little girl die.
I don't wanna do that
with Danny.
(Danny screams)
DANNY: Help!
God, Danny.
DANNY: Mom. Dad. Come over here.
- Hey!
- Danny!
DANNY: Mom, Dad. Please help me!
(Danny screaming)
He's caught on something.
Something wrapped around
his leg.
- Rip at it.
- I'm trying.
(Carly screams)
Just get him out! Get him out!
Now, go!
- It was just weeds.
- No.
- What?
- There was somebody.
- There was somebody down there.
- Where?
- Somebody grabbed my arm.
- Oh, come on, honey, please.
You know I hate to be the one
to tell you this but the doctor
made me a promise I'd do it,
I'm telling you.
Have you taken your meds today?
God, Andrew.
Did you see anyone down there
in the water?
I saw a lady.
- What?
- I saw a lady too.
- In the water?
- Okay.
Have you taken your meds today,
What the heck is that?
Oh, come on, let's go.
Danny would love this place.
Do you think he's upset
that we left him behind?
No, absolutely not.
With all the chocolate
Veronica's been feeding him?
I'm really sorry
about everything.
Sweetheart, there's nothing
you need to be sorry about.
You have given me the most
amazing wonderful thing
anyone could ask for.
What's that?
Well, funny you should ask
because I have that for you.
Open it up.
Right there is everything I want
and everything I ever will want.
You know I'm crazy about you.
Well, I'm just crazy.
Maybe that's part
of the attraction.
I'm gonna see
if they have our song.
Da, da-da da.
Andrew, they don't have
our song.
ANDREW: They may.
No, I don't even
what you're singing.
- Na, na-na na, na.
- That's not a real song.
They... it is a real song
and if they have it,
you're gonna dance with me.
Promise, you're gonna dance
with me.
Promise, you're gonna dance
with me.
I love you.
I love you.
(Speaks Spanish)
I don't... don't speak Spanish.
I'm sorry.
Lucky day for you lady,
because my English
is super good.
That you hijo?
Son... this is my son, yes.
He looks strong.
He's going to be
big strong guy, eh?
Maybe you introduce him to me.
My husband is coming right back.
We were just here
to have a quiet meal.
Oye, am I bothering you, senora?
I'm sorry con el excuse me.
(Speaks Spanish)
All right.
They do not have that song
but they're gonna play something
really similar...
Is everything okay?
Si, senor.
Your woman here trying
to make love to me,
and I tell her
that's not very nice,
she should only make love
with husband...
Okay, listen pal.
We just want to eat our dinner
in peace,
so maybe you can scram.
But senor, I offer my ayuda.
If your woman needs
another hombre to...
(Speaks Spanish)
Your boy.
He at your hotel?
Make(Speaks Spanish) r.
What the hell does that mean?
I told you to stay by the villa.
Mama Veronica said this place
was excellent.
JORGE: This place not safe. No.
Dinner is over,
okay, let's go back, okay?
Are those guys cartel?
It's not good to talk.
Wait, CARTEL cartel?
Yeah, people go missing.
Young kids.
This is not a safe place.
Stay by the villa.
- Okay, let's go.
- I'll drive.
Here. Comfy cozy?
Comfy cozy.
I'm sorry to interrupt.
No problemo. Come on in.
Just wanted to say good night.
Night, Mom.
Sleep tight, baby.
Dad, did I do something wrong?
- Does mom...
- No, no, no.
You didn't do anything wrong.
Mom is...
she's going through a tough time
right now, that's all.
Losing your sister was...
well, she needs some more time
to heal that's all.
But she loves you so much.
You just never forget that,
all right.
I wanted a little sister, too.
Yeah, you guys would have been
major troublemakers together,
- huh?
- Probably.
All right.
Well, we are gonna finish
exploring this place tomorrow.
You know? Go to bed, right.
ANDREW: Veronica.
Who's that?
The man who built this house.
ANDREW: And those women?
His family.
Looking good.
What I can't say that?
Wanna fool around?
I don't want to rush you
into anything,
but I miss you lady.
I miss us.
I miss us too.
Oh, my God, it's been so long.
I know I'm sorry.
- I just...
- I get it. I get it.
We don't have to take
a second baby off the table.
Look, I'm trying
to be understanding, Carly.
Well, continue to do so please.
Sweetheart it's been
eight months since Bridget...
I'm sorry, am I reaching
the expiration date of mourning
the loss of my baby?
No, no, that's not what I meant.
No, that's exactly
what you meant.
Why do we have to end up
having a heated debate
about everything?
Oh, my God.
It's Danny.
Oh, God!
Danny. Oh, God. No, Danny!
Danny, no!
Danny, no!
Jesus, Carly,
what are you doing?
He was in the bathroom.
No, no, I saw with someone.
I saw him with a woman.
Is mommy okay?
Yeah, yeah.
She's all right, bud.
She's just going
for a night swim, that's all.
I'm gonna go get her alright,
wait here for me.
Carly, what the hell
is the matter with you?
I saw someone.
Come on. Get out.
I saw someone.
Okay, right.
Come on, let's go, come on.
You don't believe me.
- Andrew...
- No, I believe...
I saw a woman drag a little boy
who looked just like Danny
into the water.
I believe that you saw her,
Wait, where did he go?
- Where's Danny?
- The woman is not there, though.
- Where's Danny?
- He's right there.
- He was right here.
- Danny?
Danny? Son?
- Danny!
- Where did he go?
He's gone.
- No, no, no. This is nuts...
- He's gone.
He was right here,
come on. Danny!
What is happening?
Danny! Son?
Jesus Christ.
- Danny!
- Danny!
VERONICA: Que pasa?
Danny! Danny? Is he here?
He's missing.
I know.
Is he here?
- He's not here.
- Oh, my God.
- Danny?
- Danny?
- Danny!
- Danny?
Danny! Is he there?
Oh, my God. Andrew, where is he?
Where is our son?
Check upstairs.
- Danny!
- Danny!
- He's not upstairs.
- Oh, my God.
I call for help.
- ANDREW: Call the police?
- Yes.
Oh, my God.
They have to wait 24 hours
before they can officially say
somebody is missing.
Twenty-four hours!
Our son is missing.
We know that now!
They say
they don't have enough hombres
to start searching
this late now.
I don't fricking give two shits!
Why don't we just...
why are they going?
Don't worry.
They will look around.
They'll go looking.
No. They have to do
more than that.
I can't frickin believe this.
What about the... the...
the cartel guys
from the restaurant?
They said something about Danny.
What did they say?
The cartel sometimes
takes children for... for...
For what?
For bad things, senora.
For bad things.
Oh, my God. Please we have
to find him. Please, now.
(Conversation in Spanish)
Jorge, Jorge, listen to me.
Those cartel assholes
from the bar,
you think they have our kid?
No, the cartel
don't take nothing from me.
- (Speaks Spanish)
- Thank you.
Are you sure?
Who's that?
JORGE: You stay here.
I'll go for help.
It's him from the restaurant.
Jorge's gone for the police.
- We should wait for him.
- No, we can't just wait.
They're not going to do
You heard them. I'm going.
(Thugs speaking Spanish)
(Speaks Spanish)
Have you come for my lovely,
All right.
Please please our son
is missing.
Oh, no, so sorry.
So sorry to hear that.
Your real boy?
What are you guys doing here?
(Speaks Spanish)
I live here.
This is my country.
Have you seen my boy?
Yes. Very, very handsome boy.
You motherfu...
Oh, my God.
Don't shoot him, please.
Please we just want
our son back.
Please, we're just...
we just want our son back.
If you have him,
please give him back.
You can have whatever you want.
You can have whatever you want.
No, honey.
Pero senora,
you know what I want?
Please stand back.
(Speaks Spanish)
(Speaks Spanish)
You get one tourista.
Only one.
Lucky for you a guardian angel
watching over you.
Now, you go
before I change my mind.
What about my son?
We don't have him... yet.
Let's just go.
PEDRO: Hey, tourista...
Now, I change my mind.
What you talking about,
you piece of...
Andrew! Please, please.
Please we just want our son
PEDRO: Senora, senora,
am I bothering you? Huh? Huh?
If I see you again, I kill you.
(Speaks Spanish)
I told you, stay by the villa.
Am I bleeding?
Yes, you're bleeding.
- Shit. Those bastards...
- Are you okay?
No, I'm not frickin okay, Carly.
There has to be somebody else
we can call.
The American Consulate
or something.
They are closed until manana.
Well, we can't wait
until tomorrow.
We need to do something now.
Oh, my God.
They're just leaving.
What do we do?
I make some chocolate.
Let's go inside.
No, I don't wanna go inside.
I want to find my son.
I stay.
Senorita, I find him.
Andrew? Andrew?
Ya, I'll... I'll be right there.
Sit. Jorge will find Danny.
Oh, God. I don't know
if I can do this.
So sorry, senora.
I know how you feel.
How could you possibly know?
I know.
(Speaks Spanish)
I'll go find a gun, maybe, huh?
A gun?
Si senora. Just in case.
(Speaks Spanish)
(Speaks Spanish)
Where the hell is he going?
He's going after them.
Who? The guys from canal?
(Speaks Spanish)
What does that mean?
Nada. Nada.
What about Danny?
JORGE: I'm gonna get Veronica's car.
I'll be back.
DANNY: Mommy!
Danny I hear you.
I'm coming.
DANNY: Help me, Mom!
DANNY: Mommy!
Keep calling
so that I can find you.
DANNY: Mom, where are you?
Danny, I hear you. I'm coming.
DANNY: Mommy, help!
Come on, you bastards,
where'd you go?
I got you motherfuckers!
Chumbala Cachumbala Cachumbala.
Chumbala Cachumbala Cachumbala.
(Llorona screams)
DANNY: Mommy!
Danny! Danny!
Danny, can you hear me?
Oh, God. Please, please,
let me find him.
Danny. Danny. Danny, I'm coming.
DANNY: Mommy!
Danny. Danny, baby,
what are you doing out here?
Oh, my God.
What are you doing out here?
Let me look at you.
Are you okay?
Where did you go?
Why did you leave?
Did you get lost?
She... she took me, Mom!
- Who?
- The lady from the water.
But I ran away
and I heard you calling me.
Okay, okay.
We're getting out of here.
But what if she comes back?
Then she won't find us.
Let's go.
Come on, baby.
(Woman crying)
What's wrong?
Nothing's wrong, baby.
Are you lost?
(Woman crying)
That's her.
(Woman screaming)
- She's back!
- Run!
(Llonora squeals)
Is that the way to the house?
That's it. Hurry baby.
Veronica, I found him!
(Speaks Spanish)
(Woman's scream)
Let's go inside.
Good plan. Go. Go, baby.
Chumbala cachumbala
No, Angela!
This is mama's special recipe.
Hey, comfy cozy?
Comfy cozy.
Don't worry, okay?
Nobody's gonna take you again.
And your dad will be back soon
and then he'll take care of us.
Was it a woman?
(Speaks Spanish)
Yes, how did you know that?
Hey that's my hand.
Where you find? By the water?
I'm sorry I don't understand.
What does a toy's doll hand
have to do with my son?
Old story.
Bad story.
This land no safe.
Tell me that was a coincidence.
My room, not ready
to protect him.
Protect him from what?
Take him to your room
while I prepare.
She come for him.
Who is she?
Escondense! Vamos!
- Go go.
- Vamos!
What's happening?
I don't know baby.
Where is dad?
I'm sure he'll be back soon.
Who is she?
I don't know.
Some crazy lady.
I don't want her to take me.
I'm not going
to let that happen.
You promise?
Yes of course I promise.
I would die for you baby,
you know that.
I just thought,
maybe because of Bridget.
That I didn't love you anymore?
Mommy never meant to make you
feel less important, okay?
I love you.
I love you more than anything
in the world
but I loved Bridget too.
And when I lost her I guess...
I guess I just fell apart
a little bit.
I loved her too.
Yeah, I know you did baby.
Can I have another sister?
I'll take care of her.
Yeah, maybe someday.
I'd like that more than
Me too.
I'm so lucky to have you,
and your daddy.
Do you forgive mommy?
What is that?
Stay here.
I'm just going to shut it
so whoever's out there
can't hear, okay?
Don't leave me, mommy.
I will be right back.
I'm not going to let anything
happen to you, I promise.
(Speaks Spanish)
Where did you learn that song?
What the hell?
Danny... don't... move.
Danny, where are you?
Mommy, help me!
Oh, my God.
DANNY: Mommy!
DANNY: Mom, where are you?
Baby, I'm right here.
DANNY: Mom, please help.
Mommy's here.
Mommy's here. Oh, my God.
DANNY: Mommy! Mom!
Danny! Danny!
Mom, I don't know where I am.
Oh, God. It's Danny.
He's in the wall.
Where is Andrew? I need him.
I'm sorry, senora.
I didn't see, I lost him.
It tastes like water
from the canals.
It makes no sense.
Oh, God.
None of this makes sense.
He's in here. Please help me.
Look out, senora.
Come on.
Danny! Oh, my God! Are you okay?
(Llonora screaming)
Go to Veronica's room.
It's the safest.
(Speaks Spanish)
Go to Veronica's room!
(Speaks Spanish)
(Speaks Spanish)
(Llonora screams)
(Llonora screams)
JORGE: (Speaking Spanish)
Come. You safe here.
(Llonora screaming)
JORGE: I hit her.
Are you okay?
We safe here. Llorona no enter.
What is that thing?
What's a Llorona?
What does it want with my son?
Not what but who.
My little daughter, Angela,
she took her away
a long time ago.
She took your child?
Honey, you can rest, okay?
Everyone in Mexico know story.
We tell it to our ninos
to keep them home,
keep them safe.
Pero is no lie, Llorona is real.
Maria loved him very much.
But Hernandez had a wife.
VERONICA: She was sick.
She could have no bebe,
but Maria have one.
Why do they call her Llorona?
In English it's 'weeping woman'
because she cries for her bebe,
for herself.
Everyone know story of Llorona.
Maria no die that night,
she lives forever.
Llorona's out there.
Wanting here baby?
Or any baby.
She takes ninos all the time.
Until she find her bebe.
Wait what do you mean?
It is not safe here.
Llorona took my little Angela,
I never see her again.
No, I don't believe it.
You don't believe in ghosts,
That's not it.
That thing out there,
that's not a ghost.
That's something else.
Ghosts don't grab people.
(Speaks Spanish)
Sorry, I don't understand.
She's more strong now.
Something has happened.
La Llorona never leaves
the water.
Never comes into the house.
Never, never, never.
My grandmother say
that this will happen
when she feels her bebe near.
Well, Danny is not her bebe.
Yeah, no shit he's not her baby.
Look, we have to do something.
Call the police.
No, no, policia.
Policia, no, no one.
Policia won't help.
Okay, so what do we then?
Just sit here?
Keep bebe safe.
You got Danny back.
He is safe here.
Holy place. We wait.
Wait for what? Fill me in here.
Legend says that the La Llorona
can only come out at night.
Si si.
My grandmother said
that when sun come up,
and if she have no Danny,
she lose and go.
But I've already seen her
during the day.
No, impossible.
No, yes, it's possible.
I saw a woman in white
in the canals in broad daylight.
How do we stop her?
There's another way.
There is an isla...
No, no, Veronica.
Wait wait what were you saying?
An isla... island?
Nothing, nothing.
There's no island.
We wait here.
Here we are safe, it's a...
it's a holy place.
These crucifixes
are the only way to stop her.
Do you have a phone?
Thank you.
The consulate is closed.
I'm not calling the consulate.
I'm calling my husband again.
He'll be fine.
La Llorona likes little kids.
She won't hurt him.
Then where is he?
I lost him.
So, then he could be
in trouble too?
I'm more worried about us
than him.
Why do you have his phone?
Let me explain senorita.
No, I thought you said
you didn't find him.
- No, I...
- Why do you have that?
(Speaks Spanish)
Why do you have his phone?
No guns, senora.
- I found it.
- CARLY: Where?
On the road, on the road.
And there was no sign
of my husband?
No no. I was going to give you
the phone
but everything got so crazy,
I forgot.
When I pulled up,
your husband was already gone.
How do I know
you're not cartel, too?
I'm not cartel, senora. I'm not.
How do I know
you're not just pretending
with all this La Llorona stuff,
so you can make a ploy
to kidnap my son?
I saved Danny, I'm your friend.
Maybe you just saved him
so you could hand him over
to them.
I'm not cartel, senora. I'm not.
I don't trust you.
I want you out of here.
Leave now.
Mommy, mommy. What's happening?
Danny, stay there.
He can no open door.
He's going to. Go!
Senora, I am a good man.
I don't care.
I don't want you in here.
Open it!
No, please.
Don't open, no.
Senora, if I die...
You'll be fine.
You're not a little kid,
she won't go after you.
That's what you said
about my husband, right?
So, go.
If you really are a good man,
then bring help.
Bring somebody to get us
out of here.
If he open the puerta,
open the holy place.
What does that mean?
Open it.
He no safe without puerta.
I thought you said
the crucifixes will stop her.
You're wearing a crucifix.
It'll protect you.
What the hell is happening!
I thought you said that thing
only takes kids.
She's more strong now.
She know Jorge tried
to stop her.
So, she take him
to protect hijo.
He's a good man.
But you make him leave.
She take Angela, now Jorge.
Danny, stay here.
Don't let him leave.
I'm going for help.
Stay here.
No, mommy, please no.
Oh, my God, Jorge.
(Llorona squealing)
(Llorona squealing)
DANNY: Mommy?
(Llorona screaming)
DANNY: Where's my mom and dad?
(Veronica speaking Spanish)
- VERONICA: Don't worry.
- DANNY: Can you help them?
Veronica? Danny?
DANNY: Where's my mom?
It's mommy.
I am okay.
I couldn't find him.
La Llorona?
I lost her.
I'm coming to get you.
No, no, senora. (Speaks Spanish)
Stay hidden.
No, it's okay. I think she's...
(Llorona screams)
(Carly screaming)
Please help mommy.
You have to save her please.
(Carly screaming)
For Angela and Jorge!
Danny, no!
Don't take my son.
She took him, she got Danny.
Senora, I'm so sorry.
I told Danny stay.
No, leave room.
It's not your fault.
She's too strong now.
She got him, she won.
It's over.
No, no, no.
You can save him.
But, there's a price.
What how?
Trade her hija for Danny.
Hija? Her daughter?
Her bebe was a girl.
Her name Gabriella.
Gabriella live with her papa
Hernandez after Maria die.
My great grand mother
raised her.
Love her as her own bebe.
Hernandez loved Gabriella
very much.
More than his wife.
He gave her a music box
for her birthday.
His wife was so jealous
she tried to curse Gabriella.
My great grandmother was also
great buja, great witch.
Put a spell on music box
to warn Gabriella.
When danger was near,
it plays song.
(Song playing)
VERONICA: Hernandez found her
and buried her the same night.
When Hernandez left
to bury the body,
mi abuelo guard over secret.
She not tell even me.
Veronica stay over here,
I'll go for help.
No, that's okay.
I wanna see my Angela now.
I miss her so much.
I'm so sorry.
No time.
She knows her bebe is near,
but can't see her.
Now, I know...
You must show her...
You must show her... La Llorona.
Isla? The island? What island?
Isla de la Munecas.
Veronica? Oh, God.
I'm going to get him back.
I'm going to get him back.
I'm coming, baby.
Mommy's coming.
Oh, my God, Andrew.
(Thug speaks Spanish)
Aye, we have a visitor.
What did you do to my husband?
What did you do to my husband?
He, no nice.
He try to attack me.
Look, you don't understand.
Our son is in danger.
Hey, senora, you too.
What are you gonna do with us?
Did you know there are places
on the internet
where you can
buy all kinds of meat?
All kinds.
(Speaks Spanish)
Not this time, old man.
Si, this time.
No more ordering me around.
(Conversation in Spanish)
JORGE: I am sorry.
Please forgive me.
(Speaks Spanish)
Forgive them please.
I thought you were dead.
No, not yet, baby, not yet.
Andrew, you okay? Are you okay?
I am fine. Where's Danny?
We're gonna find him.
Don't run out on us like
that again.
I won't I promise.
You better not.
What the hell happened to you?
I thought I saw this lady
with Danny.
And I crashed the cab.
And these assholes kidnapped me.
You say kidnapped, but maybe
we saved you gringo loco.
Sorry about earlier
when I made you leave.
JORGE: No. We do things
for our families sometimes.
Even when they are no good.
You know these guys?
Yes, my son.
Your son?
(Speaks Spanish)
(Speaks Spanish)
La Llorona.
What are they laughing about?
What's a Llorona?
That lady,
that thing that has Danny.
You know where Danny is.
I might.
Jorge, do you know a place
called Isla de la Moneca?
That's it, yes.
Do you know where that is?
Veronica said
that's where Danny might be.
Isla de la Munecas is where
Llorona takes all the children
that she steals and gives
all the dolls their souls.
Oh, my God. Danny.
We have to find him.
We have to find him.
- DANNY: Mommy? Mom!
- Oh, my God.
ANDREW: He's in the canals?
(Speaks Spanish)
La Llorona.
(Llorona screaming)
Follow the water.
Go to the Isla de la Munecas.
Go find your son.
I'll stay here with mine.
- CARLY: Let's go.
- Come on.
La Llorona is real?
(Llorona screaming)
(Speaks Spanish)
No, Pedro! No!!!
JORGE: No!!!
Did you hear that?
She's got him.
They're gone.
CARLY: We must be getting close.
Look at the light on the island.
Is it dawn or blue hell?
Look at this.
Oh, my God.
It's like Christmas decorations
for the dead.
CARLY: She's more real now.
It's like she's risen
from the dead.
Something has made her
more powerful.
This is creepy as shit.
You've got to fill me in here,
What the hell is going on?
We're looking for a grave.
Whose grave?
The grave of Maria's daughter.
Whose Maria?
Maria is the La Llorona.
Can you please just trust me
on this?
Oh, my God.
Do you think that's a grave?
See if it says Gabriella.
Just any Gabriella,
or does she have a last name?
I don't know.
I think it's Hernandez.
I don't see any markings
like this is a grave.
(Llorona's scream)
What does this have got to do
with Danny?
It's complicated.
Can you please just trust me?
This is the only cross I see
but it looks like
it's more for protection
for these frigging dolls
than it is for a grave site.
I don't know.
I know whatever it is,
it would be old, really old.
Everything's old.
Wait, wait.
Jorge said something.
He said the dolls hold
the souls of all the children
she's taken.
So, maybe she's in one
of the dolls.
Maybe the dolls mark the graves?
I don't know.
So, this is the island of death?
God, Carly.
Wait. Maybe it's here.
Help me.
What year did she die?
Right after that photo
was taken.
So, was it like 1800s?
Something about that picture
changed her.
- What if this is it?
- 1880.
I think I found her.
That's when her step mother
killed her.
Oh, my God.
Here, start digging.
We need the body.
DANNY: Mommy!
He's here, let's go find him.
No, no. You stay here.
Dig. I'll find him.
Wait, wait! You're not going
anywhere without me.
We can't get him without
the body. Please.
How will I find you?
Follow our voices
and bring the body.
Go go. I'll dig. Oh, my God.
- DANNY: Mom!
- Danny!
Danny, I hear you.
DANNY: Mommy! Mom!
- Mom, where are you?
- Danny.
Oh, shit.
DANNY: Mom, please help.
Danny, I hear you.
Danny, Mommy's coming.
DANNY: Mommy.
Come here, baby.
Are you okay?
I wanna go home.
We will.
Daddy's here.
Dad's here?
Yeah, dad's here and...
(Llorona's scream)
She's coming.
You cant have him,
you understand.
CARLY: Por favor, Maria.
It's Mio.
Danny is mio.
Por favor.
Por favor.
Andrew. Andrew, drop the gun.
I'm not going to drop it.
CARLY: Just do it.
Just trust me.
Just put the body on the ground.
Gabriella. Hija.
Go to dad.
Hey, buddy.
Go to the boat.
We're not leaving you here.
Yes please go now.
Please just go.
I'll meet you there.
Mom you can't stay.
Shh... please.
Hey mom's gonna meet us
in the boat, okay, buddy?
Go, go.
Or at least I hope she will.
Let's go. Come on. Run.
(Llorona crying)
Hey, listen to me.
Listen, listen.
Hey listen to me, if mum
doesn't come out in one minute,
I'm gonna go back in to get her.
You have to wait in the boat.
Tell me you're going to
wait in the boat.
I'm gonna wait in the boat.
Okay, I love you, buddy.
Yeah, Gabriella.
(Llorona crying)
Oh, shit. It's the wife.
Gabriella killed her.
God, that was the secret.
Maria, I'm so sorry.
I thought Hernandez buried
Gabriella here, not his wife.
(Llorona screaming)
Get in the boat!
Come on, buddy. Let's go.
Now, go!
(Llorona screaming)
Come on, buddy, let's go.
You think it worked?
No, it wasn't her baby.
She's still after us?
I don't know.
Oh, God. Andrew, save Danny.
Whatever you do save him
and not me. Promise me.
Promise me.
- Run!
- No, honey. No.
- (Llorona screaming)
- Run!
DANNY: Leave her alone.
I don't want to grow up
without my mom.
(Hernandez speaks Spanish)
No, take me instead.
(Llorona screaming)
(Speaks Spanish)
Thank you.
Thank you to Christo
and my taxi.
Oh, sweetheart. Oh, my God.
I think it's over.
I love you so much.
Let's promise
to never leave each other
no matter what happens,
we're always stronger together.
Let's get back to Los Angeles
where things actually
make sense.
Thank you, Jorge.
Hi, baby.
Hey, you all packed?
All packed.
Was she cute?
She was, just like her brother.
Bye, Bridget.
Bye, Bridget.
This is our last chance
for fun on this trip.
You have your soccer ball handy?
- Yes.
- Yeah.
CARLY: Why do they
call her La Llorona?
VERONICA: In English it
means, 'weeping woman'.
Because she cries for her bebe.
For the baby
she kept trying to find.
You remind me of someone.
You Mexican?
CARLY: Huh, not that I know of.
I'm adopted.
(Gabriella speaks Spanish)
She's looking for her family.
You... nieta.
You saved her.
My grandmother Gabriella.
(Llorona screams)
(Groaning and crying)