The Legend of Suriyothai (2001) Movie Script

In the twelfth month of 1528...
Second King Athitaya journeyed
to the mountains of Siam...
to enjoy the spectacle of
the elephant round-up.
Princess Suriyothai of
the house of Praruang...
traveled in the king's entourage.
Your Highness!
You mustn't lean out like that.
People might see you.
It goes against royal conventions.
We're on holiday. Nanny.
Can't I even look at the scenery?
You're a grown woman now.
Try to behave like one.
- The court rules are quite clear.
- Oh. Rules. Rules. Rules.
I'm sick to death of rules.
Will I meet Lord Piren?
Of course not. Your Highness...
you're not a child anymore.
You can't just go out and meet men.
It's absolutely forbidden.
Even when the man is my own brother?
Even then?
Lord Piren isn't really your brother.
Your Highness.
Just a relative.
A distant cousin.
Oh. I'm so. So. So. So. Bored!
It was this minor princess...
who would one day sacrifice herself
to save her country.
This is her story.
Your Highness.
I'm dying of thirst.
Have pity and bring me a little water.
Your Highness.
Quickly. Take my place.
Your Highness. This is not a good idea.
Where are you going. Your Highness?
We must get back to the palanquin.
It won't do for you to be seen in public.
It's a serious violation against the rules.
Stop worrying. Pudkrong.
Lord Piren is not a stranger.
He's my cousin. We were playmates
when we were children.
I've never set foot outside the palace before.
Please indulge me.
Show me all there is to be seen.
Nothing would give me greater pleasure.
But. For your own sake.
You should go back to the inner palace...
before you get caught and punished.
Don't expect me to go back to the palace.
If you don't like being with me...
just say so and leave.
We need never see each other's faces again.
No. No. It's not like that at all.
You... you are like my life.
There's nothing in the world
I could want more...
desire more. love more than you.
Do you mean that? Honestly?
Or are you lying to me?
Listen to me. Suriyothai.
On my honor as a warrior.
What I say now is the absolute truth.
If there should ever come a day
when my body or my brain...
can be of service to you in any way...
all you have to do is send word for me.
I will be beside you before you can
even turn your head.
You don't have to promise quite that much.
All I really want is an elephant.
That would make me so very. Very happy.
That little elephant. He's perfect.
Would you catch him for me?
If you want him. You shall have him.
Be careful! It's dangerous.
Don't go too close...
There's Prince Tien. The second king's son.
That's my elephant.
He's a wild elephant.
He belongs to whoever can catch him.
Prince Tien is here.
Is Princess Suriyothai in residence...
Lord Srisurin?
Summon the princess immediately.
The princess does not wish to see the prince.
She refuses?
Come and pay your respects
to Prince Tien. At once.
I have no desire to see him.
This elephant I have named Plai Song Tawan.
I caught him with the sole purpose of
presenting him to Your Highness as a gift.
They tell me...
you have an extremely beautiful daughter.
Do you mean Suriyothai?
My son begs me to ask...
your permission for her hand in marriage.
If it is Your Highness's wish...
I have no objections whatsoever.
Who are you?
Your clothes suggest royal birth.
Do you know this poor girl. My son?
She is Suriyothai.
She is my cousin.
Aren't you about to marry
my nephew. Prince Tien?
I... er...
Don't be afraid to tell me. Child.
Think of me as one of the family...
and speak your mind.
With regards to the wedding
between myself and the prince...
You would rather not marry my nephew?
Although I may be king...
I have no desire to force anyone
into something against their will.
I could change my mind today...
it would be the easiest thing in the world.
But you must consider this:
If you marry Lord Piren instead...
it would cause a rift between the kingdoms
of Pitsanulok and Ayothaya...
which may have serious consequences.
Can you live with that responsibility?
You will not run away again.
Is that understood?
1529, the year of the ox...
A bad omen, lndra's arrow,
appears in the sky...
crossing relentlessly from the south
to the northwest.
On Sunday, the eighth day of the waxing
moon of the twelfth lunar month...
King Ramathibodi ll enters the chapel.
That same night he passes away.
His Majesty King Ramathibodi is no more.
Long live His Majesty Athitaya!
May he live ten thousand years.
Long live His Majesty!
Long live His Majesty!
The waning moon and waxing sun...
transpired into countless nights and days...
the seasons came and went...
the years passed and Princess Suriyothai...
grew into womanhood.
Although her marriage with Prince Tien...
was blessed with children and happiness...
there was something missing in her heart.
My Suriyothai.
The new Second King Chai Raja, the king's
nephew and commander of his warriors...
paid visit to Pitsanulok with
his wife Queen Jitravadee...
on his way to lead his armies
to the northern provinces.
I've come with my troops
to warn King Athitaya...
that the northern provinces. Especially
Chiang Mai. Are no longer loyal to Ayothaya.
I've come to warn His Highness. But he
doesn't seem to be interested in such matters.
He seems to not even care
that the new king of Burma...
is pestering our provinces
with only a small army.
Surely. As the second king.
His Majesty has entrusted you...
to handle these matters on his behalf.
He can think of nothing but women.
My dear uncle is wholly preoccupied
with choosing a new consort.
Her Highness. Princess Suriyothai...
Lord Piren. Why do you treat me
with so much deference?
Are we no longer brother and sister?
Your Highness is now the wife
of the king's son. Prince Tien.
She should not even be talking to me.
Rules. Rules. Rules.
Can't we still be friends?
Today is an auspicious day.
Thursday. Of the ninth month
of the year of the ox.
An auspicious day...
on which His Majesty...
the great King Athitaya...
has appointed by royal decree...
the Lady Oon. Daughter of Lord Yommaraj...
to be the high consort...
from this day forward.
Lord Yommaraj. This chest is for you.
I have returned from China...
with a special gift.
What is it?
What favor are you asking
from my husband in exchange?
I would like you to speak to your daughter.
My daughter is the high consort.
The high consort. Exactly.
I want her to tell the king...
I have some Chinese cannons to sell.
If your daughter. The high consort...
speaks to His Majesty on my behalf...
how can he refuse?
And I will give you a commission...
of ten percent.
An heir to the throne is born!
Your Highness now has a brother.
How can I be the brother of a prince?
I am merely the son of the king's concubine.
You are still his older brother.
I am not worthy to be...
the brother of the future king.
Each of us has his allotted share of merit...
which has been ordained from the beginning.
No one can change his destiny.
In 1533, the year of the snake...
a Portuguese ship sailed from Kua City.
In addition to food, deer skin,
and other goods...
the ship imported something that
had never before been in Siam.
Take this medicine. Your Majesty.
Promise me...
No. Don't merely promise...
swear. Nephew...
that you will permit...
Prince Ratha...
to become king...
by right of accession.
Swear Chai Raja...
that neither you nor Prince Tien...
will take away the throne...
from my son.
I swear. Your Majesty.
I swear. Your Majesty.
May the king reign in...
good health and prosperity.
Long live the king!
His Majesty King Athitaya has passed away.
This is an opportunity for us to attack Siam.
Once we've taken Bassein...
we'll move on to Ayothaya.
We can pick up more troops from Bassein.
Ayothaya. Hopelessly outnumbered.
Will crumble in no time.
One moment. Your Majesty.
I don't think this is the time for Burma
to march into Ayothaya.
Why do you say that?
Even though King Athitaya is gone...
the moment our troops enter Ayothaya...
his nephew Chai Raja. The second king...
who reigns in Pitsanulok...
will seize the throne
from the boy-king Ratha...
so he can defend the city against our attack.
He is a fierce and able warrior...
one not to be underestimated.
What you say is compelling...
but in any event.
First we must defeat Bassein.
I want it conquered by tomorrow.
How marvelous to be
grandfather of the king!
And so profitable!
I must see His Highness.
Prince Tien is still sleeping.
I must see him. It's absolutely vital.
What is it?
Prince Chai Raja has staged a coup d'tat.
He led his army down from Pitsanulok...
and seized the throne!
Your Highness!
Your Highness!
Help us. Please!
We are innocent!
Put away your weapons. At once!
Why have you done this?
You made an oath.
You swore to accept Prince Ratha
as your sovereign.
In the presence of all things sacred.
You gave your word!
What do you suggest I do?
Let the people go on suffering...
as they are suffering now?
Spare me your hypocrisy.
You want the throne! It's as simple as that.
It was mine from the beginning...
but I took pity on a dying man.
For five long months.
I've kept careful watch...
to see how the regent and his cronies...
would rule the kingdom.
Since young Prince Ratha came to power...
the city has been in turmoil.
Even worse. Now that Bassein has
been conquered many provinces...
have switched their allegiance
from Ayothaya...
to our enemy Burma.
I had no choice.
What will happen to the boy?
Where are you?
I'm frightened.
Help me.
Take me back to bed.
I want to go back to sleep.
Let the Lady Worachan attend to His Majesty.
I'm frightened.
Hush. There's no need to be afraid.
I'm here. I'm right beside you.
Where are you?
This will never happen again.
Regardless of the circumstances...
there will be no more killing of this kind.
I think Prince Chai Raja did the right thing.
The right thing? Killing an innocent child?
Sacrificing one life. However innocent...
to end bloodshed across the kingdom...
It's Prince Chai Raja who
is shedding the blood.
That's not true.
The second king knew...
that if he did "nothing..."
it would mean the end of Ayothaya...
If you were in his place...
you would have done the same.
Never. I would never do that.
No matter what...
the innocent should never suffer.
However bitter...
you must drink your allegiance...
to the new king.
It was in the year 1534,
the year of the horse...
that the young king was executed and...
King Chai Raja ascended the throne.
While giving birth to the heir
to the throne, Prince Yodfa...
Queen Jitravadee became gravely ill.
Her bleeding would not cease.
It seems that I can no longer...
carry out my duties.
I am the Lord of Life...
highest in the kingdom.
I will not let you die.
Even the Lord of Life...
cannot defy the Lord of the Underworld.
I... humbly... take my leave.
Get out! All of you. Out!
Queen Jitravadee's death...
opened the door for Lady Srisudachan
of the House of U-Thong.
She was appointed high consort
to King Chai Raja.
The high consort gave birth to a son...
and for a time the king was at peace...
even though he knew he must
soon lead his warriors...
to defend Siam's borders.
What is your name?
Boonsri. Your Majesty.
I hold the rank of royal steward...
custodian of the outer hall
housing the Buddha images.
So. Are you descended
from the U-Thong dynasty?
I am. Your Majesty.
They tell me that you are
an exceptional singer.
They flatter me. Your Majesty.
Sing a verse for me.
I will decide if it is flattery.
The singer. Your Majesty. ls a Brahmin...
and keeper of the outer chapel.
That's the residence of my royal
great-grandmother. Isn't it?
Yes. Her Highness resides
at Pimam Rattaya Hall.
Perhaps it's time we presented ourselves
to our U-Thong Highness.
Sroy. Take this betel nut
and give it to that steward.
Tell him it is a reward...
for his singing.
Which has touched me deeply.
Yes. My Lady.
The high consort instructs me
to bring you this gift...
as a reward for pleasing her
with your beautiful singing.
Your visit here today...
was no accident.
You are fulfilling...
the desires of those ancestors...
from whose ghosts nothing is hidden.
The usurping dynasty of Suphannabhumi...
has taken over the throne of
the U-Thongs for far too long.
Very soon...
you will understand what I am saying...
if the U-Thong blood...
runs strong in your veins.
King Chai Raja bade
his high consort goodbye...
and led his armies out of
the gates of Ayothaya...
to reclaim the cities of the north:
Bassein, Chiang Mai and Chiang Kran...
from King Hongsa of Burma.
Chai Raja seized the opportunity
to retake Chiang Mai...
from the Burmese who were preoccupied
battling their other enemies.
His Majesty once told me...
that you have a great
understanding of astrology...
and can interpret dreams
with wonderful accuracy.
I humbly thank you. Your Highness.
For many nights.
I have had strange dreams...
and hope you can tell me what they mean.
I dreamt of you...
seated resplendently on a throne of gold...
beneath the royal tiered umbrella...
of Ayothaya...
and she who was seated beside you...
was me.
I can behold the truth...
buried deep in your eyes...
when you throw me a glance...
as you play music for the king.
I know only too clearly...
what lies in your heart...
because your thoughts and mine
are one and the same.
Utterly. Totally. One and the same.
The king sent for me.
No. Not the king...
it was I.
I seek your advice. Lord Rajapakdee.
My advice. Such as it is.
ls at Her Highness's disposal.
That singer. The keeper of the outer chapel...
is the son of a liege lord...
of Srithep province. Is he not?
It is so. Your Highness.
Then pray tell me...
why is he only a lowly captain?
Is it because he.
For all his noble birth...
belongs to the House of U-Thong...
and cannot expect to rise
from his lowly station?
No. Your Highness. Not in the least.
In my opinion. This lowly captain...
should be elevated to the rank
of Sir Chinaraj...
and moved inside the palace
as keeper of the inner chapel.
Your Highness. It is impossible.
And why is that. Lord Rajapakdee?
You are lord of the palace.
You have all the power you need
to promote or demote...
whoever you choose.
That is true...
- but...
- But what?
While the present Sir Chinaraj.
Keeper of the inner chapel...
still lives...
that is... unless and until he dies...
regretfully. I cannot assume
the power to act...
in compliance with Your Highness's wishes.
But what if the present Sir Chinaraj...
were to meet with an accident?
The High Consort Srisudachan...
requires your presence! Immediately!
What is your business here. Woman?
The high consort wishes that
I should bring My Lord this gift.
Is that all. Woman?
To repay you for your kindness...
and for the advice you gave her yesterday.
I did nothing.
And for that reason...
the high consort is presenting My Lord...
with this valuable gift.
The high consort is confident...
Your Lordship will not refuse...
the raising of Boonsri to
the rank of Sir Chinaraj...
custodian of the inner hall
housing the Buddha Images.
His Highness is being served
the finest Portuguese liquor.
I trust it is to his liking.
the custodian of the outer chapel...
has been promoted to Sir Chinaraj...
custodian of the inner chapel.
And why should that be cause for alarm?
There's no reason...
except the previous Sir Chinaraj
has disappeared...
suddenly. Mysteriously and without a trace.
And you see the hand of
the high consort in this?
Be honest. You yourself
don't trust the woman.
I'm correct. Am I not?
1545, the year of the dragon...
Wednesday of the fourth waxing
moon of the seventh month...
King Chai Raja marched to Chiang Mai...
with Lord Piren as his vanguard.
The new Queen Jiraprapa of Chiang Mai
brought gifts for King Chai Raja...
and offered peace, goodwill,
and total subjugation.
King Chai Raja built a mausoleum
for her ancestors at Molee Monastery...
and otherwise took his mind from the war.
Aren't you going to give me any medicine?
I must be dying.
I'm nauseous all the time.
Vomiting and throwing up
everything every morning.
There's no need... no need.
Your Highness is...
how shall I put it?
You know... with child.
Take this medicine with a cup of wine.
Take it three times every day.
Soon the nausea will stop.
No one must know of this.
Rest easy...
no one will.
What about the doctor?
The doctor has the look of
a man with not long to live.
Last night the water in the Chakrai Canal
was extremely low.
The doctor's body floated up
and blocked the water gate.
Everyone could see it.
I ran to confirm it with my own eyes.
Then I reported it to Lady Srisatcha.
Why did you report it to her?
Because the doctor was seen...
entering the inner court.
Lady Srisatcha is the head
of the palace guards.
Thus it was imperative
she be informed at once.
And is there anyone who knows...
what business this Chinese doctor had...
in the inner palace?
It seems there isn't anyone
who knows anything at all.
At the gate hangs a bell.
Any citizen in the kingdom...
who has a just complaint...
may ring the bell.
King Ramkamhaeng will come
and listen to his people's grievances.
Does Your Highness know...
from which section that derives?
The section about complaints.
Is that correct. Brahmin?
Quite right. Your Highness.
All right. Enough law for one day.
Tomorrow I'll teach Your Highness
the rules of war.
Your Highness will enjoy that.
Come. Little brother.
Out! All of you.
Don't forget...
I am a humble chapel custodian.
One day you will be more than that.
You are a member of
the dynasty of U-Thong...
as great or greater than the
Suphannabhumi or the Praruang.
Soon the U-Thong shall rule again in Ayothaya.
What do you mean?
What I mean is the U-Thong dynasty...
will rule again in Ayothaya...
according to its rightful destiny.
But there is something you must do first...
so that we can be together...
without having to skulk in the shadows.
Isn't that what we want?
In the north, Queen Jiraprapa switched
her allegiance to the Burmese side.
Chai Raja swore revenge
and laid siege to her fortress.
Ayothaya shall take revenge
to equal this horrendous betrayal.
Your Majesty!
Hold him tightly...
he will be in great pain.
The king has been injured.
He has been hit by the Yuans' guns.
If he is to die...
the kingdom will be without a ruler.
It is time for you to make
a decision. Your Majesty.
What decision?
To prepare your troops.
If the king should die...
the sole person who can
protect the kingdom is you.
But he is not yet dead.
It may be too late by then...
because the High Consort Srisudachan...
would surely not let this opportunity pass.
When your King Chai Raja returns.
This poison will solve all your problems.
You mean... for me... to poison him?
Or would you prefer to be punished?
But that's not important.
It is the unborn child you are carrying...
the one who should rule Ayothaya one day...
who will be doomed along with you.
Then. The U-Thong dynasty will be no more.
You are more beautiful each passing day.
Let me embrace you.
Someone. Please help me...
she's taking advantage of me.
Let go of Sroy. Now...
- or else I'll...
- You'll what?
Call the guard and have me whipped...
with a leather strap
and brand me on the neck?
Get your hands off of me.
Let me go now.
You think you are the high
consort's favorite. Eh?
You want me to draw blood from your head?
I'm just teasing her.
Let's go...
back to work or else
the food won't be ready in time.
Wipe your face.
That handsome young captain
is on duty tonight.
You wouldn't want him to see you
in this condition.
Your Majesty...
When I was wounded...
do you know...
whose face was constantly on my mind?
It was your face... no one else's.
I was a fool.
This war with the Queen of Chiang Mai
made me perceive clearly...
who is the one that truly loves me.
I will elevate you. My Lady...
to be my queen...
as you deserve to be for all your devotion.
But still this is...
not enough to equal your virtues.
Your Majesty!
Your Majesty!
Get the doctor. Immediately.
Your Majesty!
I have been poisoned.
If it is poison why isn't it affecting you?
Your Highness...
All of you are in on the plot.
Who brought in the wine?
Sroy. Your Highness.
She poisoned the king.
She must die.
Take them away.
Torture them...
and make them tell us
who is behind this deed.
Then remove their heads...
and impale them on spikes
in the town square.
What did you say?
His Majesty was poisoned?
Yes. Lord Chakri asked me to fetch you.
You are to go to the Grand Palace immediately.
I feel much better...
almost back to normal. Doctor.
These are the usual symptoms...
unbearable temperature and fever...
then. Almost total recovery...
as if nothing had ever happened.
Then. The poison will spread once more.
This time it will be almost
like a burning fire within.
Blood will flow out from the nine orifices.
You'll even sweat blood.
You'll suffer for days...
uh... before...
your final death.
Are there any medicines to cure this?
Once the poison is inside your veins...
there is no cure.
How much longer do I have?
No more than seven nights.
Hail great and glorious king.
In the year 1546. the year of the horse...
on the fifth day of the waxing moon
of the sixth month...
King Chai Raja...
who rules in accordance with the ten
righteous commandments of kingship...
whose royal decree resounds
like the roar of a lion...
is pleased to elevate...
Prince Yodfa to kingship...
and the High Consort Srisudachan
to be queen...
and to serve as regent...
until such a time as Prince Yodfa
comes of age...
and is ready to assume kingship.
It is hereby decreed that
the second king. Prince Tien...
is to assume guardianship of King Yodfa...
from this moment until
King Yodfa comes of age.
Prince Tien. Prince Tien.
What is it whore?
Prince Tien forced me to poison His Majesty.
Prince Tien poisoned His Majesty.
The handmaid confessed
before the sword descended...
that Prince Tien was behind
the assassination plot.
I don't believe that is so.
Prince Tien is not the one who poisoned me.
Then who did? I'll take him
into custody immediately.
It was you...
You planned it with Lord Boonsri...
and poisoned me.
Ayothaya must be ruled by the U-Thong...
forever and ever.
Now. The end of the Supannabhumi
Dynasty is at hand.
The next king must be
the child in my womb...
the one who is of the U-Thong Dynasty...
and whose father is also
of the U-Thong Dynasty.
Out. Everybody out.
What can I do for you. My brother?
Kill Prince Tien and Suriyothai...
and every single one of their breed.
I'll lose my home and my head.
No. You'll become second king.
You'll take Prince Tien's position...
and the palace that goes with it.
What are you saying?
I'm saying you'll become the second king...
Second King Chan!
Those are Captain Raj Saneha's soldiers.
I said stop!
Don't you have any sense of right and wrong?
How dare you fight on sacred ground?
Get Prince Tien!
Prince Tien has been ordained...
and is now a monk.
He will be under protection
until this crisis is over.
He has immunity.
But Prince Tien had been plotting
against the late king.
I received a royal decree from the late king.
If there is no evidence...
implicating Prince Tien as a conspirator...
then no one is to harm him.
The yellow robes of the Lord Buddha...
will protect him.
1546, the year of the horse
sixth lunar month...
A bad portent for the coronation
of King Yodfa.
The messengers from the
northern provinces report...
the northern provinces...
are plotting to break away
from Ayothaya's rule...
and offer obeisance to
Burma's King Hongsa.
It's all because the king is so young...
always playing and having fun.
He cannot rule the country.
Under these dire circumstances...
why don't you take matters
into your own hands?
I am only a woman.
Why should the northern
provinces hold me in awe?
Now that they have rebelled...
I see Lord Worawongsa as the one...
to take over until His Majesty is of age.
Is there anyone...
who dares to disagree with me?
Long live the king!
Long live Second King Chan!
Long live the king!
I am at my wit's end to name exactly...
what is the cause of His Majesty's illness.
The symptoms suggest a gastric problem...
which makes it difficult for him to breathe.
I'll get some medicine.
How long before he recovers?
Not more than three nights.
What did you say?
King Yodfa has died?
Yes. Your Highness. At dawn.
How did the king meet his demise?
The Chinese doctor pondered deeply on this...
and it is still not understood.
The first symptoms were not at all serious...
but then. His Majesty suddenly
passed away at dawn.
His Majesty's death...
is no different from that of King Chai Raja.
Sir Raj Saneha...
from now on...
we must guard His Highness...
with great heed.
Yes. Your Highness.
I cannot tolerate it any longer.
Never before...
has the regime been so disreputable.
King Worawongsa has been in power
for only a short time...
and there are riots everywhere.
The northern provinces are defiantly vying
for independence.
The southern provinces...
are all under the sway of the treacherous...
Second King Chan.
Your Excellency should be
careful what you say.
There are many who favor King Worawongsa
and his brother Chan. The second king.
My heart aches...
for I am Mahasena...
a military commander...
yet I was unable to protect the young king...
and worse. I cannot even arrest the assassins...
and punish them for their heinous crimes...
even though I know who they are.
Lord Mahasena...
dared utter those words?
How arrogant!
Yes. Your Majesty.
Lord Rajapakdee urged me to inform you.
Lord Mahasena is planning
to rebel against the king.
I don't think...
we should continue to let him
be a thorn in our side.
Your Excellency must not carry arms
into the inner royal residence!
Bah! I am the military commander.
My first obligation is to protect His Majesty.
Not this time.
Not even a minister like yourself.
It is a royal decree.
What do you think you're doing?
How dare you. Woman?
Open the gates now.
You dare to plan a rebellion?
Don't be slow...
clear the way. Now!
I have business with the high consort.
She does not wish to see...
a traitor like you.
You drunken lout.
Kill him!
I have just received a message that...
Lord Mahasena is dead.
What is the cause?
He was assassinated
at the rear palace gate.
But it is not known who planned it.
Who else?
It seems that we cannot avoid calamity.
Lord Mahasena was the only noble mandarin...
who had the courage to defend Prince Tien...
and the rest of the royal family.
There is one person...
who might be able to protect us.
I volunteer to call upon
this courageous person.
Who is it?
Lord Piren...
commander in chief of
the late King Chai Raja.
Princess Suriyothai asked me to inform you...
that Ayothaya is in grave danger.
There is chaos everywhere...
people are suffering immensely.
I have heard this.
What does Princess Suriyothai
want me to do?
She feels that...
you "alone..."
can put an end to all the suffering...
and restore peace eternally
throughout the kingdom.
She would like...
you to return to Ayothaya
to save the country.
I must fight against the minority rebels
in Kampangpet province.
How can I be in both provinces
at the same time?
She asked me to personally remind you...
of an oath you made to her.
A warrior once said...
should there ever be a day...
when she would have need
of your strength and wisdom...
then as soon as you learned about it...
you would come immediately.
Without delay...
no matter how far away.
You would be there.
Lord Piren...
Has Captain Raj Saneha told you...
why I summoned you here?
Even if there were no compelling reasons...
if it was your wish...
I would come.
You must have known...
that the kingdom was in danger.
I knew from the very beginning of this reign...
that with my lack of wisdom and strength...
I would be unable to do anything.
Don't be so humble.
The cause of all this is King Worawongsa...
and Srisudachan.
If it weren't for them...
the whole kingdom would be at peace.
But then we would be without a king.
Prince Tien...
has all the right to rule Ayothaya.
Once the kingdom is devoid of a ruler...
Prince Tien should reign
without opposition.
Do you disagree with me?
Mother ordered me
to bring this to you.
My business is completed.
I bid you farewell.
Won't you stay a while?
It's a long journey back.
Besides. The gate keepers could use a rest.
I'm afraid not. Sir.
My mission is finished.
Then. Let me brew you some tea.
It would be an honor for me.
This plan will succeed...
only if we can assassinate
King Worawongsa...
and Srisudachan right away.
You must not underestimate
Second King Chan...
the knight of the unholy throne.
If you cut the roots. The tree will die.
When they are gone...
where will Second King Chan hide?
I'm not an enemy.
I'm here to join your fight against injustice.
You're in the royal guard. Aren't you?
Were you spying on us?
If I had meant you any harm...
would I have come alone?
I am ready to fight and sacrifice...
my life for the realm.
I have but one question.
What is that?
If we eliminate King Worawongsa...
to whom would you offer the throne?
Lord lndrathep. Captain Raj Saneha...
wait for me in front of the chapel.
Allow no one inside!
Yes. Sir.
I am a monk.
I should not deal with worldly matters.
If our plan is successful...
the kingdom will be without a king.
You are the only one...
who is entitled to rule the kingdom.
If we succeed...
and the kingdom is still without a king...
the people will suffer.
This is similar to the Lord Buddha
having to defeat Mara.
If I refuse...
it will be as if I have no feelings
for the people...
and I would be causing them to suffer.
Therefore. I will answer
the call to rule the realm.
May the sacred beings of Ayothaya...
give you blessings to succeed...
and subdue our enemies...
and restore glory to religion...
and peace throughout the kingdom.
Tomorrow at dawn. Boonsri.
This new so-called King Worawongsa...
will set out to capture the great elephant...
that is being lured toward Pleum Temple.
The king will go up to Sa Bua Canal.
We will block the way...
and assassinate him at Rang Temple.
Near Pla Maw Canal.
Shortly after sunset...
I saw his men armed...
and on the way to Sa Bua Canal by boat.
That's a trap!
get the men and arm the elephants.
I must go and warn the king.
Help me warn the king...
and I will reward you handsomely.
The only thing...
I want is...
Whose boat is that?
Mine. Lord Piren.
I'm here to chop off your head.
Kill them all!
Kill them. Kill them!
Head the boat to shore. Now.
Get off!
There might be a way to survive this.
What about the king?
We must save you and the prince first.
Get off the boat. Quickly.
I will hold them back.
Kham Kaew. Take the high consort to shore.
You have sinned terribly.
You are heartless enough
to kill an innocent child.
Someone like you will only...
bring down the country and the religion.
You should die for your crimes.
But not by your hand.
Hurry. Try to escape...
before they kill the prince.
Wait. Lord Piren.
Prince Srisin is descended
from the late King Chai Raja.
He should not be executed.
Prince Srisin...
is the son of the High Consort Srisudachan.
Not to kill him would go against custom...
and he will remain a menace.
Is there not enough bloodshed?
If you only cut down the tree
and leave the roots...
the next king and the rest of the dynasty
will be under continuous threat.
If not for the sake of the late king...
then for me.
I plead with you not to kill the child.
What are you waiting for. Pudkrong?
Hurry and take Prince Srisin to our boat.
Let Lady Pudkrong take
the prince to the boat.
As Princess Suriyothai wishes.
Lord lndrathep...
help my child.
Lord Piren...
please come forward.
I bestow upon you...
the title of Somdej Pra Maha
governor of Pitsanulok.
Princess Sawat-diraj...
come sit by his side.
I bestow upon you...
the title of Wisut-krasat-tri...
the principal queen of Pitsanulok.
I wish to let it be known...
to all sacred beings that...
from now on...
should any harm befall...
the families of...
Somdej Pra Maha Dhamma-racha-thiraj...
Lord Sri Dhamma-sokka-raj...
Lord Mahasena...
or Lord Pakdi-nuchit...
or should there be any bloodshed...
the person responsible shall be treated
as a traitor against my word.
May he be condemned...
and perish under the royal tiered umbrella.
May all sacred beings...
bring death upon such a person...
within three days...
and three months...
and no later than three years.
Let him be forever deprived of happiness.
All cannons fire!
Seize the camp!
No one dares stand on the rampart.
Their cannon fire is too heavy.
We can't resist them a moment longer.
Lord Piren is crossing the gully right now.
I am not waiting for his troops!
I will confront the Burmese
up on the rampart...
so they know that people
of Ayothaya have no fear!
King Hongsa has said...
a reward of 1000 gold change...
is to be given to any person
who can open this camp's gate.
Make haste and do just so.
Kill them!
Kill them all!
Burn in hell!
Kill them. Do not withdraw!
You are here just in time.
The Burmese are full of spirit and vigor...
competing to open the gates...
expecting the reward from King Hongsa.
If that is so...
I volunteer to open the gates for His Majesty.
I need you to carry a message to him.
But you will carry this message on you!
Your Majesty Hongsa the Great:
You have declared in public...
an offer of one thousand change
worth of gold...
is to be given to a brave person
who opens the gate.
Now, I, Lord Piren...
ruler of the northern province...
have done so.
Your Majesty now must pay the reward.
I and my troops shall await you...
in front of the camp at Makamyong field.
If you are as mighty as they say...
then make haste and bring
my gold immediately.
Spare me... Spare me...
Lord Piren now awaits us
in front of the camp.
I will take this perfect opportunity...
to erase his insult.
You should think this over.
Lord Piren is provoking us...
to lure you forward.
Lord Piren awaits not far from the camp.
If he blunders. He can retreat conveniently.
My tactic is...
to let the King of Prome go into
this battle with Lord Piren.
Once we are rid of Lord Piren...
Ayothaya will be mine.
Our children and I...
have discussed it at length.
The battle is a most difficult one.
The courtiers and soldiers...
both male and female...
all need to devote their lives...
to defend Ayothaya.
I thank you dearly...
but it is a man's job
to defend the country.
Leave it to me and my brave men.
This Burmese war is dangerous...
with all of King Hongsa's men.
Horses and elephants...
storming over us like a flood.
Should anything happen to you...
will lose its crown and be no more.
Our children and I...
are ready to fight beside you...
in every battlefield.
Give a signal to attack.
Keep fighting!
Don't let them near the camp!
The royal guards have come to aid us.
The royal troop has moved its force.
He is not as cowardly as they say...
he must be expecting to fight with me.
The great spirits of Burma...
have inspired the King of Ayothaya
to emerge and hasten our victory.
We shall trap this king.
Signal the King of Prome to withdraw...
and lure the royal troops into our trap.
Look! The Burmese are withdrawing.
Their troops are scattered
and dispersing everywhere.
May I?
Give the withdrawal signal!
We have been tricked!
Lord Piren has fallen for King Hongsa's plan.
Sir Kojasit!
Prepare the royal elephant
Plai Kao Chakkarpat now!
But this is walking straight
into King Hongsa's trap...
to take your life!
If I don'tjoin this battle...
Ayothaya's soldiers will be disheartened.
No matter how enormous
the enemy's troops are...
I still must go into this battle!
Hail the king!
Pudkrong! Have them prepare my elephant...
I will join His Majesty.
Are you sure. Your Majesty?
It is very dangerous!
You will surely be harmed.
But if anything should happen to our king...
how will we survive?
Our lives are not important.
My husband and I
have no care for our lives.
Our primary concern is the people
of Ayothaya and Ayothaya itself.
If the king should die...
we will all die at the hands of the Burmese.
The royal army is here!
Drive the elephant forward!
Avenge her! Kill them all!
In 1549, the year of the rooster...
Queen Suriyothai,
the queen of King Chakkrapat...
the ruler of Ayothaya...
sacrificed her life in the war against Burma...
in order to save her husband...
from death at the hand of their enemy.