The Legend of Tarzan (2016) Movie Script

Mr. Rom.
We found it.
Captain Moulle.
Form your lines.
Maxim ready, sir!
Stand your ground!
Chief Mbonga, I presumed.
How do you know my name?
You're the man I came to see.
These are what you came for.
What would you do for them?
Whatever is necessary.
There is one thing
I desire above all else.
Bring it to me.
Bring him to me.
And you shall have your diamonds.
All I need is a name.
His Serene Highness,
King Leopold of Belgium.
has extended an invitation
to Lord Greystoke,
to take a loyal tour
of the Congo free state.
To visit the schools
and churches he's built.
To acknowledge his success
of his anti-slavery initiatives
and to open trade discussions.
Lord Greystoke, let me
explain the Africa situation.
King Leopold controls the Congo.
He's defaulting on his loans and needs
a business partner to fill the gap.
Your invitation is a perfect opportunity for
her majesty's government to get involve.
Consider the jobs we would create
for the poor natives of the Congo.
- And I thought the civil war was long.
- Dr. Williams, you are a guest here.
Prime Minister, if you are
not going to say it,
... allow me.
You, are Tarzan.
Lord of the apes,
King of the jungle.
Me, Tarzan.
You, Jane.
King Leopold is inviting you
because you are a celebrity.
He wants to show you the
schools and churches he built.
You woo and aww
in front of the newspapers
and he's validated by
Africa's favourite son.
England pays his debts.
We make money.
- Ham sandwich, easy.
- Mm-hm.
Your majesties.
Can we get this
show on the road?
- No?
- For God's sake, why not?
Well, I've already seen Africa.
And it's hot.
Excuse me.
Did you say hot?
Please send my apologies
to the Serene Highness.
And my name isn't Tarzan.
It's John Clayton the third.
Son of John and Alice Clayton.
Fifth Earl of Greystoke.
A member of the House of Lords.
Mr. Clayton.
Lord Clayton.
My apologies. George Washington Williams,
Diplomatic Envoy for the United States.
- I was sent by President Harrison.
- To do what?
Join up with the Queen's emissary.
You know, America was the first country
to recognize King Leopold's claim on Congo.
You don't want to lose
your place at the trough.
I need your invitation
to get in.
I'm afraid my intentions aren't exactly
what I expressed to your
government on my end.
And what exactly do you want,
Dr. Williams?
Leopold has spent the last 7 years
getting control of the Congo.
He used up his entire fortune
building that railroad of his
and shut off access to
99% of the country.
Because he wants to be the
first monarch in history
who doesn't want people
to see his good deeds?
I don't buy it.
Tell me this, Lord Clayton.
How does a bankrupt king
keep the whole of the Congo working?
I hope I'm wrong,
but I need to know.
And for the sake of
your friends back home.
You do too.
Accept Leopold's invitation
and take me with you.
You know Africa of
the beaten path.
The languages, the people,
the customs.
If we find anything amiss,
I need
someone to tell the world
that they will believe.
I'll make all the arrangements.
I'll see you in Liverpool.
My family.
I've done all I can
to protect them.
We have been surrounded by
predators since the shipwreck.
The jungle consumes everything.
It preys on the old, the sick,
the wounded, the weak.
But never the strong.
Today I buried my Alice.
My dear Alice.
Now I fear for my child.
God help us.
God help him.
The most dangerous beast
in Africa is so powerful,
it can snap a crocodile's back
with a single bite.
Is it a hippopotamus?
Yes, preciously.
Well done, Mary.
Can anyone tell me what my
favourite bird sounds like?
How did you fllicker
through the jungle?
How did you live
in the jungle?
Look at his hands!
- Whoa.
- Whoa.
I grew up running
on all fours.
It changes the bone structure.
Do you swing on things inside?
Like when you go upstairs.
Oh, I never take the stairs.
I usually take the curtains.
Is it true,
you mom was a monkey?
Of course not.
My mother was Alice Clayton.
I can't wait to see Wasimbu again.
- How many children would he have now?
- Jane.
We know about Keko.
She's what? Four?
- Everyone will have children.
- Jane.
I mean, 8 years just
feels like a lifetime.
This isn't a holiday.
How many corsets
does a diplomat bring?
I can't take you.
- I say zero.
- Four.
I suppose a British lady
should think at least twice
to justify the silly title.
- It isn't safe there.
- Of course it's not safe there, John.
You take a nap in the wrong place,
you got a 50-50 chance of being eaten.
You can't possibly still think
there's a danger, John.
You haven't spoken
his name in years.
Talk to me.
Mbonga is not my concern.
You are.
We lost a baby.
The last thing you
need is more stress.
Thank you for the reminder.
Oh, in case you forgot.
We both grew up there.
So perhaps I will fulfill
your duties for the Queen
and you can stay here
hypothesizing coconuts
and playing ping pong.
- I want to go home.
- This is our home.
Trying to keep me
here won't work.
John, my son.
You are the heir to Greystoke,
our future.
England is your home,
not this wretched place.
If I don't survive,
I pray that someone will save you.
Promise me you'll stay with
the Kuba the whole time.
Not a chance, Jane.
The kickback of the Walter Colt
is very nasty.
As a matter of fact,
that's why they went out of style.
Pretty little ladies like you kept
knocking themselves in the face with it.
I bet I can hit that log
over there, first try.
He's known them
since they were cubs.
Force Publique, move aside.
Force Publique, move aside!
I want port of entry.
I want port of disembarkation
for every passenger.
Yes, sir.
These are the last.
- Sir.
- Thank you.
[John Clayton]
[George Washington Williams]
Excuse me, sir.
The ledger.
Yes, thank you.
Into the hold.
- Gramophone.
- Slowly.
Mr. Frum.
Those crates, go to the hold.
The music.
The entire operation just fell apart.
- Have faith, Mr. Frum.
- Faith is for missionaries.
He gave you the slip.
Make sure the rest
goes down below.
Our invitation has been snubbed,
Mr. Frum.
They jumped ship
further up the coast
and they are on their
own little tour home.
So from Boma up to here
will take me 3 days.
I shall deliver Tarzan and return.
A week's delay.
You are not in position to ask
for anything, Mr. Rom.
Your king's payment
was due 3 months ago.
I manipulated my firm
to keep this deal alive.
Ah. You agree because you will
get stinking rich so don't get droughty
- Now you must but us more time.
- I already bought all the time...
Look, it's really very easy.
You say aloud to the arriving fleet
and tell them payment must be made
in Boma for security reasons.
Opar better not be a myth.
Bring me the rest and
you'll have your mercenaries.
But, if you fail to
make good this time,
my firm will go to the
barter parliament for compensation.
Your king will lose this land and
who do you think he will blame?
Leon Rom.
Tarzan, you look funny!
Thank goodness.
How are you?
Oh my god.
Jane Porter,
welcome home.
As is custom, no one has
entered until you returned.
This is where Jane grew up.
Her father taught English
in the village.
Well, I'm not going to drink some
foam and a couple of
you know what it is
you won't tell me.
That's funny to everybody, huh.
They are singing
the legend of Tarzan.
For many moons he was
thought to be an evil spirit.
A ghost in the trees.
They speak of his power over
the animals of the jungle.
Because his spirit came from them.
He understood them.
And learned to conquer them.
His ape mother, Kala,
loved him as her own.
And his ape brother, Akut,
treated him with kindness and respect.
He considered all men
to be his enemies.
Since other tribes would hunt
his troop as a rite of passage.
Chief Muviro knew what he was.
You must get to him.
Since no man ever
started with less.
(Bird chirping.)
(Bird chirping.)
Blue bottom Rufous Towhee.
Mating call.
Be still my beating heart.
Also a mating call.
Mating call.
Seven. Six.
Five. Four.
I know you took my handkerchief.
We're from America.
My father's a professor.
So I didn't grow up
believing in spirits.
You're welcome to have it.
Will you speak to me?
You must know that this is
uh, very peculiar.
I'm not sure my father would
find this very appropriate.
But um.
We must make an effort
to embrace customs of...
I don't think so, wild man!
No, no, no.
I speak many languages.
A Kuba chief, never kneels.
- Down, all of you!
- Get down!
Hold him still!
He ain't so tough.
Be good, you little monkey boy.
Some legend, Mr. Rom.
Chief Mbonga will be disappointed.
Wind up 10 of the strongest.
- We'll need porters.
- Yes, sir.
These go right to you, sir?
You're coming, men.
You're coming with me!
Get off me!
Eddie, alright push.
- Stop it, woman.
- Get off me. John!
Must have been something
the first moment you saw her.
After all the Negroes and baboons.
Don't look at me.
Never look at me.
- Move, woman!
- Get your hands off me!
Mr. Rom, we'll bring him back.
Get the Maxim ready!
Focus fire on the boilers,
below the chimney.
Pull away!
Where do you think you are going?
Stay back!
I need you to scream for me.
Like a damsel?
No matter.
He's Tarzan,
you're Jane.
He'll come for you.
They came for me, Kwete.
This was not done by you.
Do you know they were.
We've heard of Whites that
come and fight for money.
Do not wear Belgium colors
Called Force Publique.
The man I interviewed in
Belgium told me about them.
Did anyone mention
a man named Rom?
Nobody gave up any names.
But, Leon Rom.
He's king Leopold's envoy to Congo.
Any other revelations?
Not from me.
Why did you say
they came to get you?
The boat is traveling upstream.
It will slow it down.
We should get to
Boma's mountains before them,
if we take this route
through the Mangani lands.
How do you know
where they are going?
This route is longer
But it is where they are
building the railroad.
We can ride it
part of the way.
I'm still coming with you.
You can't keep up.
I might not be able to
keep up with Tarzan
but I sure as hell
can keep up with you.
It is not wise.
Falling behind means certain death.
I spent over half
my life in the wild.
Besides, nobody here is
better than me with a rifle.
That one right there.
He'll still be choked out
redder than the cardinal's ass
if it werrn't for me.
And that's the truth...
You really think I care
about my life?
Get your mitts off me.
- If you would just...
- If I just what?
Left you in England
in your castle!
They have my wife
and their families.
Whoever you are,
we're here by royal invitation.
As guest of King Leopold.
Lady Clayton, I orchestrated the invitation.
You were not included.
Nor was Dr. Williams.
A tribe of savages is trying
to tear your husband apart
and maybe butcher him
and eat him.
And I'm going to
deliver him to them.
And once I'm dispatch with him,
Dr. Williams will not be left
as a witness, that's clear.
Which begs the question.
Where does that leave you?
You'll notice none of
the natives are smiling.
That one's your friend?
They all are.
You do know that the right
side of your mustache is just
a little lower than the left.
Different kind of wilds.
How are we suppose to catch
a train going 40 miles an hour?
Climb on my back.
Alright, legs too.
Don't think for a second
you're saving my life.
Give me the keys
to the chains.
- Are you the commander?
- Don't tell him anything.
Those are some mighty big
earlobes you got there, son.
You think that was
a lucky shot?
I'm just an engineer
for the bridge.
And how many men have been
enslaved to build your bridge?
Plus this group of natives.
Please, I'm here to build bridges
for Monsieur Rom's army.
I have no part in that.
What army?
The railroads, combine
with the navigable rivers,
put 60% of Congo
within 3 days of a fort.
The forts are done.
But the army has not come.
Where are they?
I don't know.
They were supposed
to be here months ago.
But, they said the king
has yet to pay for them.
How many are there?
And they are not regular soldiers.
They are mercenaries.
Long to enjoy
killing for a living.
20,000 men.
50 forts.
That's 400 blood thirsty bastards
arm with a Maxim gun
and repeating rifles at each one.
He'll end up enslaving the entire
country to get what he wants.
People won't stand a chance.
What is Mr. Rom's part in this?
It's his plan.
He's in charge of all of it.
They expected he would be name
Governor-General Rom soon.
No, no, no.
Wait, please!
Shut it, clucker.
Now, if you do anything
unladylike in there,
He drowns.
Enjoying your peek show?
Of course I know you can
see me, Lady Clayton.
- Are you a religious man, Mr. Rom?
- Oh. Oh.
Madagascar spider silk.
My priest purchased it for me
in Jerusalem when I was nine.
Sounds like you and
your priest were awfully close.
I want you to know,
I think your husband had
no right to bring you along.
- I brought myself, Mr. Rom.
- Yes, of course.
But he was supposed
to be the only casualty.
Aside from the entire country of
people you're enslaving of course.
Would you pass the pepper?
It can also serve
as a necklace.
On my last visit to Europe,
I attended a few lectures
at the Sorbonne.
The king of France
got a soft clap.
Henry Morton Stanley, a bastard
orphaned by birth, got a standing ovation.
You know.
People love a good story.
Yeah, few are born
blue bloods like your husband.
But everyone can relate to
a low born scrapper who
rescued his king from bankruptcy
and saved the honor of his nation.
That is a man who will
never be forgotten.
My king's army is due in 6 days.
All I have left to do is deliver
Tarzan to chief Mbonga.
I doubt you recognize the name.
I'm aware of his obsessive
desire to kill your husband
but I have yet to
discover the cause:
"What did Tarzan do?"
He killed his only son.
- Oh.
- Mm.
And get ready because
that is nothing
compare to what
he will do to you.
Your husband's wildness disturbs me
more than I can easily express.
Whereas your spirit.
My knife, please.
Your friend won't float.
Thank you.
Lady Clayton's finished.
A normal man can do the impossible
to save the woman he loves.
My husband is no normal man.
You cannot go alone.
They consider seven a raid.
None of us will survive.
This says it's against the law
to pay natives to work.
This is ledger of all
the slaves taken so far.
Slave labor.
Diamonds everywhere.
Rom is going to make his monarch
the richest king in the world.
Dr. Williams, you have your evidence.
I'll take care of Rom.
I have no choice.
I'll lose 2 days going around.
- Go around what?
- Mangani.
Those gorillas you used to live with?
They are not gorillas.
Gorillas are gentle.
Mangani are not.
I've never left a friend in trouble.
Or a partner in the lurch.
I'm not about to start now.
Stop calling me Doctor.
My name is George.
We'll keep your proof safe, George.
I know.
Meet us in Boma.
- If we don't make it back.
- We will... with your family.
Get the books to my
grandfather in London.
- Still not waiting for you.
- Tell me something I didn't know.
What I wouldn't give
for a horse right now.
Why is it
people don't ride zebras?
The horses kick to escape.
Zebras continue until you are dead.
Zeebra. Zehbra.
Tomayto. Tomahto.
It's nearly impossible to take the
wild out of something born to it.
It seem to work with you.
I feel foolish for asking, but...
Can you really talk to animals?
You're an educated man, Dr. Williams.
You tell me.
Hey, pretty lady.
That's a male.
He's warning us to stay clear.
You're trying to tell me
those things are deadly?
If you get too close
it will knock you to the ground
and disembowel you
with those 3 inch talons.
No ostrich is going to kill me.
You can try and ride him.
Ha ha.
You like that, wouldn't you.
That is one odious aroma.
- Woo, god.
- Keep your voice low.
That them?
You don't want to do that, George.
Kill one and the rest won't stop
until they torn you to pieces.
So how do you
want to play this?
Their leader will come down
and we'll fight.
You're going to fight one of those?
Oh I wish.
I have to fight Akut.
He's my brother once.
And now he will consider
me a deserter.
Whatever happens,
do not interfere.
- Understand?
- Mm-hm.
Christ almighty.
That's Akut?
You sure you don't want
me to shoot him?
Promise me.
Get on your knees and bow.
Right now!
Expose your most vulnerable parts.
You want me to
lick his nuts too?
If you want to live.
- George.
- I wasn't gonna.
Oh, you looked like you would.
- Is he coming back?
- No.
He's quite decisive.
This bite is infected, you're
going to have problems.
And there's this.
Now you know,
I was not going to lick his...
- You looked like you are.
- Well, I wasn't.
You aren't going anywhere
until we get this stitched up.
Are you eating them?
- Taste like bacon.
- Eww.
You get us a nice fat snake,
I'll grub on that.
Snake's a good meat.
I ain't eating no damn ant.
Well, suit yourself.
And when you are finished,
chew the flowers until poultice and
wipe it on the cut with a rub.
That will hold.
Are you aware that you always seem not
going to do something right before you do it?
That's only since I've been
saddled with your company.
How is it?
It's manageable.
I got too much
experience with it.
The Civil War was dark fighting.
But I was proud
to be part of it.
It changed me though.
Afterward, I was a walking
talking powder keg.
Joined up to fight
Maximilian down in Mexico.
Then, worked as an Indian fighter.
Did both those for the money.
I was young.
That's no excuse.
Mexico was bad.
But what we did
to the Indians...
I'm not better than those Belgians.
My old friend.
The Tekes say an elephant's eyes
speak the greatest language.
Who else can make you feel
so much without a word?
Is Mr. Rom ready for some
more scintillating conversation?
He was the only reason you
were serviced.
Is that what your
mother would call it?
Shut your mouth!
Stop the boat!
Stop the boat!
Turn it around!
Stop shooting!
You'll hit the girl!
That woman.
They'll follow my tracks!
Go get help!
Promise you won't hurt them?
Please, stop!
Stop it!
Stop it!
- Come on.
- Move out!
What was that?
Although it sounded
different than I thought.
Now you feel my pain!
I'm not your enemy.
Rom is buying an army
with your jewels.
- They cannot touch us!
- You know nothing!
Your lands are full of diamonds!
He'll come back for them.
Your chief is under my knife!
You are under my knife!
Finish it.
Finish it.
Your son killed the only person
who ever cared about me.
It was an animal.
She was my mother.
How was he to know?
My son was just a boy!
Not like you!
Where was your honor?
I had none.
I had none.
Can we please just stop this?
We won't get all of you,
or you us.
But Rom will.
He'll wipe you out.
Every last one of you.
Like you never even existed.
You think that's impossible?
You are looking at a man
that had seen it happened.
Rom's got the diamonds.
There's a thousand men down there.
And 20,000 more on the way.
We're screwed.
- Where are you going?
- To get some friends.
Active stations!
Prepare to land!
It doesn't matter.
He's too late.
Run! Run!
Fall back!
Bring her!
- Run!
- Move!
Grab the diamonds!
Get out.
Get out.
Get to the boat!
We're coming!
Hang on!
That's the payment.
Lower the skiff and don't dally.
Did you see him?
Is he down there?
1886 model Maxim machine gun.
This is way better than
my Walker Colts.
Mr. Rom!
Mr. Frum, you portly coward!
Come and get your diamonds!
Farewell, sweet lord.
Take Tarzan with you.
The future belongs to me.
What was that?
Mating Call.
We are not going to go
into that mess for free.
Raise the anchor.
Ain't this a hell of a day?
Nice outfit there, Jane.
You look like you're
about to give me a hug.
I wasn't.
Look like you were.
An open letter to His
Serene Majesty, Leopold the 2nd,
King of the Belgians.
Every charge I'm about to bring against
your Majesty's personal government of Congo
has been carefully investigated.
We have witnesses, documents,
letters and official records
to bring to your attention.
And to verify our claims
of your systematic abuse
and enslavement of the Congolese people.
George Washington Williams.
July 18th, 1890
They are singing
the legend of Tarzan.
For many moons he was
thought to be an evil spirit.
A ghost in the trees.
They speak of his power over
the animals of the jungle.
Because his spirit came from them.
He understood them.
And learned to be
as one with them.