The Leisure Seeker (2017) Movie Script

It's time to show the whole world...
That America is back again.
Bigger, better and stronger...
Than ever before.
Mom, it's me. Are you ready?
Jane will be here any minute.
I made a cake for dad.
Tell me this is a joke.
- Hey, Lillian.
I'm glad I got you alone.
I wanted to tell you that if you get busy
with your mom at the hospital...
I'm more than happy to look in on your dad..
- But they are not here, the house is empty.
I tried to call but I think mom has turned off the
cellphone we bought her.
Come to think of it, I heard someone
turning on an engine this morning.
Very early.
- What engine? Dad's car is right here.
My god.
Jane, mom and dad are gone.
And you won't believe it:
So is the Leisure Seeker.
Take a right here.
That's it, good.
You couldn't have worn something more comfortable
to travel in?
And I think you're exaggerating a bit
with the Cologne.
But you smell nice.
Did you fart?
- Excuse me?
You did.
- I did not.
Can't be talking like that, what are you saying?
Hon, do we need gas?
We need gas.
Let's stop at Stuckey's, we can get one of those
pecan bars.
- Alice Stuckey's, hon.
Try to remember.
- OK boss.
Just as you say. Like always.
Yeah, right.
Hey, are you crazy?
Is the store closed? We really wanna
to have one of those delicious pecan bars.
Opening soon. Just gas now.
- No, did you hear that, hon?
Every summer we'd head south
but we always stopped at Stuckey's.
Our kids Jane and will, they just had to have their
pecan loads.
We always went to south Carolina.
- That's where I'm from.
But my husband John, on the other hand, is
100 percent northerly yankee. Born and bred.
They were wonderful trips. Weren't they, John?
I guess I'm just a natural born tourist.
I love to travel.
Smoky mountains, six flags,
williamsburg... do you ever been to those places?
We are from Syria.
- You are? How interesting.
Well, you should go. They are amazing.
91 dollars, sir.
- Yes, of course.
My husband, John, on the other hand, he's a
much more sophisticated traveler then I am.
He thinks travel should broaden
an electoral horizon.
Whatever that's supposed to be.
I just love chatting with different people.
Here, here you are.
- Have a nice trip.
Let's roll, hon. Nice visiting with you.
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
What a nice woman.
She found one in the store room.
The expiration date is...
My goodness, last April.
I think it still be alright.
Would you like a little taste hon?
I want a burger.
- It's not lunchtime yet.
I want a burger.
Hi my name is Chantal and I will be your server.
Hi Chantal, I'm Ella and this
is John. Guess you are stuck with us.-
can I recommend a Chalichat, only $9.99.
It comes with a
burger, large fries, a slice of
apple pie and a happy swirl.
A happy swirl?
I have no idea what that could be,
but it sure sounds promising.
- I want a burger. - Well, we'll have
a Chalichat for mister grumpy here.
OK, and you madam?
- Just water.
Nothing to eat?
- I'll just have a sip of his happy swirl. - OK.
And would you like anything else to drink?
Coke, beer? - No, that'll be fine, thank you.
I want a burger. Burger, please?
That'll be all Chantal, thank you.
You're welcome.
I'm just going to stretch my legs.
You stay put.
Do not move, right?
I know, doctor Machovsky, I'm fully aware.
I'm not sure what else to say.
Just hoping they haven't gone too far away.
I understand.
OK, my brother just pulled on.
See if he knows anything.
- I checked all the supermarkets: Nothing.
I seem to remember it was your brilliant idea to
keep that monstrosity.
Nice work Chudo.
- There has to be some sort of explanation.
Yeah, they ran away.
- From who?
Mom, where the fuck are you?
Will, honey, please don't use that language with me.
Never mind the language. You need to calm
down, if you raise your voice I'll hang up.
Mom what is this craziness? You knew I was
coming to get you, why are you not here?
We are just taking a little trip, Jane.
We won't be gone for long.
A little trip? Where?
It's just something I really
need to do with your father.
I can't believe this. We decided
everything, will was gonna
stay with dad, I was gonna
come to stay the night...
Not 'us'. You and will know the
cracked doctors did that for us.
That is the basis of Hemingway's narrative
James Joyce saw the beauty of it.
Joyce claimed him a giant.
But not here, not in America.
Here we praise the hell out of our
brilliant darlings when we kill one.
You tell dad to turn that jalopy around
and get right back home.
Try to understand. Just let me have this vacation
with your father.
Vacation, now it's a vacation? - You know
full well dad can't drive in this condition.
Your father is perfectly capable of driving,
he's doing very well.
Mom please, just at least keep your cellphone on.
Kids, we'll manage. Love you.
Where are they?
- I have no idea, no idea, Lillian.
And when we die, what we are ends.
This is it.
That's all there is.
It's so beautifully crafted, the work of poetry.
And prose at the same time.
Prose that is poetry.
You know, I can see that, definitely.
Chantal, ignore him, you know.
No, it is super interesting.
He's being very nice.
Prose that is poetry is Hemingway's secret.
Do you have any idea how difficult that is?
For sure.
- John, leave the poor girl alone.
People have confused his simplicity and
his economy of words with simplicity.
You want any special sauces for your burger?
- No we'll be fine. Thank you, Chantal.
I just wanted to ask her if she read
"the end of something". - John, eat.
You want me to cut it off for you?
- No, not necessary.
Don't forget your pills.
How is it?
And here are yours.
I'm gonna chase mine
with this famous happy swirl.
I don't see how you can just sit there eating?
We should call the police, and get them out their
credit card spending.
Hopefully, mom hasn't lost her marbles as well.
Maybe they're just out for a short spin.
The camper needs a service
change, Jane. What if
there is an accident?
What if someone sues dad?
We need to figure out where they are going
and intercept them.
And she keeps eating as if there's nothing.
Everybody came to my cousin's wedding.
They sat
us at a great big table
with a picture window.
And who was there, do you remember?
- John.
Yes, John, you were there, I was there, the
kids were there. Do you remember?
We're fine.
John that was amazing.
I can still do it, can't I?
- Yes you can.
Here, here, you take that road.
Old route 1
we must have driven that a thousand times.
Are we heading south?
- That's the plan.
To your people.
What people John? My parents are dead.
They are all dead?
- I wonder what's it like up there?
Is it a joyful place. All
people are singing and
dancing and drinking happy
swirls all day long?
What do you think John?
What's it like, you know, after?
Freedom is just another word for it
nothing left to lose and Johnny sings the blues..
Hi. Hi welcome. We have booked through
the Internet. The name is Spencer.
Come along my darling. Good.
Are you ready?
Yep, that's good.
Watch your head.
Hi, hi, hello there.
Wow, check it out. '75 winnebago Indian.
It's a gift from my parents.
I named it the Leisure Seeker.
My husband hated it at first.
He thought it was kind of low class.
But when he kind got used
to it we've had a lot
of wonderful trips with
this old rust bucket.
Look at this old beauty baby.
- Yeah, it's great.
Have you folks been on the road long?
No we just started. We are
headed south, kind of
where I grew up between
Charleston and Savannah
it's so beautiful down there.
- Yeah, it's beautiful.
We always go there on vacation
but this time we're going
further south, all the way to the Florida keys.
- Wow.
I'm finally taking John to see Hemingway's house,
in key west. You've ever been there?
- Maybe when he was a confederate general right?
No silly, he was a writer.
Didn't he commit suicide?
He did. And I never understood why.
John knows all about him.
He's always wanted to see that house.
Every year I promise him we
go but you know how it is
traveling with little kids.
We've seen melville's place.
That's near the way we live but you know
he wrote Moby dick. Very, very interesting.
Actually it was a pain in the rib for
my son Will and me.
But my daughter Jane she loved it.
I think that's why she became a professor.
My husband John is so proud of her.
But my son Will ...On the other hand
he's still struggling to find he's way,
he just don't know what to do...
Where are we?
We're not home?
- No hon. We live in Massachusetts.
This is Pennsylvania.
What the dick are we doing in Pennsylvania?
We're on vacation and we're
having a whale of a time.
No not me. I want a cup of tea.
- My husband John. John these are our neighbors.
Hate to say it but we are late...
We've got to put the kids to sleep.
Reading bedtime stories.
- Maybe another time. Good night.
Say goodbye John.
- I want a cup of tea.
I make you tea when I'm good and ready.
I'm quite comfortable sitting here.
I want it now.
- You only being peeing all night.
I want a cup of tea.
We're not the only ones here.
You want a cup of tea you
are gonna make it yourself,
you are not an invalid.
That is exactly what I will do.
Hey darling...
Would you like a cup of tea?
- I give up.
Drink that.
In the bed.
You coming?
- In a minute.
Good morning, Johnny my love.
- How are you honey?
Goodness me...
It occurred to me this morning...
That I should replace the water filter.
So I did, and then I didn't.
Because the darn thing was as
clean as a whistle. It's amazing.
And once again I was compelled to admit...
That this old contraption isn't all bad.
Of course there are other infinitely better
means of transportation.
But there is no denying that one gets an exceptional
sleep on this stupid bed.
Did my Princess felt any
peas under the mattress? No.
I'm so happy when you come back to me.
But I was just only outside the door
You pain?
- No.
Good. Where are we exactly?
In Chester county. South of Philadelphia.
- Chester county?
One of penn's three counties.
I am so glad to be back on the road again.
Let me make you a cup of coffee.
What's happening?
Where are we?
It's so nice when you forget to be forgetful.
Too bad it ends so quickly.
I just can't get used to it.
Wha-wha-, what are you saying?
Nothing. I'll make the coffee.
You should get dressed, my love.
Come on, slow poke.
How about we stop in old Chesapeake?
The children used to love that. And you didn't
mind it so much.
Old what?
That historical village in Virginia.
Maybe Dan isn't after all.
What are you talking about?
He's not dead is he?
- Who?
My god, Daniel Coleman.
What is going on in that mind of yours?
You're just like Greta.
These newspapers were right
snow was general all over Ireland.
It was falling
on every part of dark
central plain ...'
alright I get it. The story about melville.
Joyce. The beautiful terrain of stress.
I'm glad you can at least remember something.
Greta Conroy. You are just like her.
You've thought of Henry your entire life.
What on earth are you talking about?
We go to Charleston...
And you sneak of to Savannah,
saying you are going to see your aunt.
I don't believe this.
Well if Daniel Coleman is alive then,
and that's a big if...
Then he's been living in Daytona
for the past 30 years.
Daniel Coleman, honestly?
Ella, where is my gun?
We didn't bring the gun.
We didn't?
No, no, we definitely did not bring the gun.
We always do.
Two people, single day,
that will be 88 dollar Ma'm.
Though I see, you become pricey.
- $40.99 per ticket plus taxes.
When we used to come here with the kids
it was 10 dollars for the day.
When was this? Back when we were a colony?
Ha ha, very funny.
- Enjoy your visit. Thank you.
Did you call him an asshole?
- No, no, I just said so.
Let's go see the library.
You used to love that.
Mr Spencer?
Mr Spencer?
It's me Jennifer ward. Class of 1983.
How are you?
- I'm sorry miss...
Jenny ward.
It's you, how the devil are you?
I'm, so, so happy to see you.
How did you do at Columbia?
You graduated by now.
Ja gosh I, I can't believe you remember me.
I can't believe it either.
A lot has happened since then.
Michael, Emily, this is Mr Spencer.
The most inspiring teacher I ever had.
Hello, Mr Spencer.
- Hello, Emily.
Hi, Michael.
What was the name of that friend of yours?
Yeah, lorna Mitchell.
- Lorna Mitchell, that's it.
The two of you were always laughing.
Yeah we where.
I'm sorry if I disturbed you.
I'm just so happy to see you.
Me too, Jenny. Me too.
Bye Michael, bye Emily.
Bye, Jenny.
- 'Me too, Jenny, me too.'
you can't remember the names
of your own kids, but
you do remember that Jenny
was always laughing.
I'm speechless.
What's going on in that head of yours?
She was such a good student.
Well, that explains it all.
Hey hon, did you know that Tennessee Williams
had a house in key west too?
Wasn't he one of these writers you really loved?
I think you took me to see one of his plays?
John do you hear me? I liked the movie with
Marlon Brando.
God he was gorgeous.
Where are the kids?
- They're at home.
At home?
We left the kids at the house all on their own?
I don't believe it, what in
god's name have we done?
John, they're all grown up.
They're almost old, they'll be
fine, they got their own lives.
Sure it is?
Jane is married to Philip, she teaches college,
they got two kids a boy and a girl.
- Rosie and Stephen.
Rosie, they're toddlers right?
They're very cute.
Stephen is 19 and Rosie is 21.
Don't you remember we went to
her high school graduation?
Rosie made a wonderful speech and Stephen
played in a band. You were very moved by it.
Stephen played in the band, and...
Rosie made a wonderful speech.
- You see, you do remember.
No I don't.
It's so painful when you
don't remember anything.
I'm sick and tired
of having to remember everything for you.
Forgive me, Ella.
No, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I shouldn't get angry with you.
Damn memory.
- I know... I know.
I brought a surprise for you.
You brought a surprise for me?
- Something I want us to do... OK?
Us together?
- Together, tonight.
I don't think I can.
- You can do this.
Okey... I promise you.
So what are you reading?
You're reading now Ernest Hemingway.
- I don't read anything, dear.
Yes, it's a short story.
You know, I start a sentence,
and by the time I get to the end of it...
You can't remember how it started?
I can remember things I remember...
But I can't remember things I...
Now which one is this?
Do you know?
So sweet.
Now, where are we in this one?
- Well look at you.
I can't believe I married to somebody
as beautiful as you.
The Chowan river.
Who are these people?
Down in Charleston your nephews and nieces.
No, they are your students.
I was throwing your birthday party. Look.
That was your favorite class.
And that's me too.
Who is that?
- That was nantucket.
And that was that nice boy that Will met.
They get along so far.
Good palls.
I don't know what happened to him.
Darling... darling.
Wake up. Wake up come on.
Get up, just for a minute.
There you go.
It happened again.
Wait, wait, let me dry you of first.
Here, you are soaking wet.
These stupid briefs.
Look I bought you six new pairs of boxers.
Why won't you wear them?
I don't like them. Why? I don't like them.
- Same old song I've heard all my life.
What's so great about briefs?
- Control.
Arms up and down and up and down.
All the way up and breath, and down.
You know what I love about you John?
Your silence is never embarrassing.
Never once in my life I thought:
I really need to say something now.
So you still see him?
What are you talking about?
You speak with him on the phone.
You write him letters.
- Who?
Dan. You said he's living in Daytona now.
Not that again?
Susan Sullivan told us at Maggie Tate's funeral.
You were standing there right beside me.
You asked about him.
John, that was ten, fifteen years ago.
Always lies, all these years.
I pour apart
he, her husband, John, played in her life.
John, get back here.
- Greta Conway.
Can you believe this? He's convinced
I'm still thinking about my first boyfriend...
Who by the way dumped me 50 years ago.
Mind you, Dan was right to do so.
It would never worked out between us.
Times were different when I was only 19.
That was such a scandal.
- What happened?
Well, they send me to aunt
Rosemary's shop in Boston.
And it was there that I met John.
He came into the shop,
this handsome young teacher.
He came in every week to
buy a pair of leather
gloves, he'd always said
he lost the last pair.
Eventually I discover he got
a whole house full of them.
He was the one for me.
- And this first boyfriend?
You didn't think about him anymore?
- Vanished from my mind.
Hello sweetheart.
Mother, where are you? For
god sake tell me where
you are, and so I can
get you immediately.
Will, we were looking
at family slides last
night, and at photos from
our trip to nantucket.
you remember that? It was so beautiful.
And you met that nice boy,
what was his last name,
Patrick. Patrick, the two
of you were very close.
Now listen to me mom, Jane and I were seriously
thinking filing a missing persons report.
And I was wondering: Are you
happy in your new work?
You was just a wonderful broker.
You could sell some truly ugly houses.
Don't you change the subject.
- Was it because you
had an argument with your
business partner Richard?
You really need to come back
and resume your therapy.
The two of you were so close,
and I've always wondered:
Were you in a...
Will, come on. Talk to me please.
God damn it.
- Ma?
Mother, you're killing me.
John, John...
Grandpa forgot he's wife.
Please, please help me, please.
Hop aboard.
Come on. On that?
- Yeah, it's a piece of cake.
John, John. Ella, Ella what
the hell are you doing
on a motorcycle? They are
dangerous for god's sakes.
I don't believe you: On a
motorcycle without a helmet.
And who was that guy?
- Go to hell.
And you will be with me
on the hand basket, missus.
How are you doing darling?
- I mean it: Go to hell.
What? You left me behind.
- I did not.
You left me alone. I don't
know what you thought
where you were going, you
and your empty head.
Me? Going somewhere without you?
You must be crazy.
Let me do it.
John, that is dangerous.
Put your hands back on the wheel.
John, you need to pull over.
Why, you need to pee?
- The police are right behind us.
And let me do the talking, OK.
I need to find out if that foolish
son of ours has snitched on us.
You just keep quiet.
Here he comes.
License, registration please.
- Yes, officer. Of course.
I'm John Spencer.
Mr Spencer, I pulled you over because because
I saw you weaving out of Lane back there.
Yes, officer, that was completely my fault.
I was, I was trying to open this bottle...
Ma'm, I prefer Mr Spencer to
answer for himself please.
Yes, officer, I, I was trying
to help her to open the thing.
The thing?
Yeah, the thing.
The, the bottle.
I wanna go run your license. Stay put.
What are you insane?
Don't even think about it.
Give me the keys.
- Zip it. He's coming back.
Just be polite.
Do not burp or fart.
Don't call him the fuzz.
What's going on old timer?
Thinking about running on me?
You two want to end up in the
world slowest police chases?
That's a good one, officer.
Stay in your Lane. Respect the
speed limits OK? Thank you.
Absolutely officer. Thank you
so much, have a good day, Ma'm.
Give me the keys. Damn fool policeman.
World's slowest police chases?
Who does he think I am? O.J. Simpson?
Our old trips were never
this adventurous were they?
Traveling's important.
Broadening your horizons, broadens your mind.
Look at this.
- Who's that?
That's the little last one, the boy.
- He's got a name John.
And it's Will.
Well, yeah, William.
Is that you?
- I was pregnant then with Will.
Who's that woman standing next to me?
What is her name?
- She lives next door to us?
That's right, it's our neighbor.
Very good.
Ma'm, if you bother if we watch this one?
- Sure, sure, come on in guys.
Make yourselves comfortable.
Thank you very much. Here John.
A beer, from the boys.
Well, thank you. Here we go.
. That's my daughter.
- Well, she's beautiful, sir.
And that's John's birthday party.
Those were his students.
They're always around the house.
They'd come back after they graduated.
Excuse me?
Hi. Where is Ella?
I'm here, John.
No, no, Ella Carson.
She's my girl, she's 22.
Long blond hair, she's gorgeous.
Is that really you, Ella?
- Of course, it's me.
Who are you?
I'm me, John.
No you are not, my John is a young teacher.
He is charming, very handsome, educated.
I want him back.
You stole him from me and I
want you to give him back.
Boy, if I could I would.
They stole him from you and
they stole him from me too.
Excuse me, you haven't by
any change seen my husband?
He's a tall distinguished looking gentleman with
white hair and glasses.
Yeah, a guy like that pasted
by here about a half hour ago.
He did? Where was he going?
No idea, Ma'm.
- I'm afraid I'm gonna need your help.
You see, my husband suffers
from memory loss. And
I'm afraid he might just
wonder off and get hurt.
I can't leave my post.
What about your rv.
No, no, I can't handle that, that's too big.
Please, I wouldn't ask you if
it was not so important. Please.
Let me call my brother Terry.
It is my fault.
Hey, is that him?
- That poor old fella?
No, I told you,
my John is a distinguished looking gentleman.
He's got white hair, glasses
and a well groomed beard.
I get it. Academic from Jerkyland.
I like that type.
There he is. There he is.
That's him.
John, John, thank god. John.
Why are you crying?
Because you weren't there
and I, I wouldn't know
how to live without you.
Not for one minute.
Now listen. Listen.
We must not be separated, OK.
Do you understand?
Because we don't have much time left.
- This is a good thing you came.
Because you wouldn't have wanted to miss this.
This is an extraordinary,
it's a hell of a chocolate ice cream.
Can I get you an ice cream, Ma'm?
- Yes, thank you.
No, no, get me a whiskey.
It was so cold, but it was beautiful.
Everything was covered with a layer of ice...
It was all shiny and transparent.
As if the whole world was
covered by glass.
I had to take a little, little tiny steps
to stop from slippin'.
And I was very cold but you wanted to go on.
Because you were telling
me the story of white fang.
And you were keeping your voice low,
so as not to disturb the beautiful silence.
We got home at 3 o'clock in the morning...
And my hair was covered in frost.
And that was the night we made Jane.
What is it?
Mile marker 21. Thank you.
It's OK hon, AAA will be here in about
half an hour. - I don't need them.
I know you don't.
But I don't want you out here in the sun.
Come on, we're on vacation.
You folks need a hand?
You need anything?
No we're fine, we're fine.
The AAA will be here in just a minute.
How long it will be until they get here?
Them? Half an hour if we lucky.
That's what you said.
Look, alright, just be cool.
Then we'll take all your stuff
and then we go. OK?
Give me the phone lady.
Nice ring you got there. Give it to me.
No, not my ring, it's
my wedding ring. - Lady.
Where's your wallet at?
- Never end a sentence with a preposition:
The at is implied when you say where.
There is no need to get upset just because
you don't know grammar, you can learn it.
John, just just do what they say.
Lady, shut your ass so, give me your purse.
It it in the camper. Shall I get it?
Yeah, hurry up.
It's huge, you win the
lottery or something?
- That's got the pictures
of my family in it.
And I would appreciate it
if you would not take that.
Just like eight bucks in here.
- That's all she gives me.
She keeps your balls too?
Hey put down the gun or I hurt him bad.
- If you hurt him I shoot you both.
And if you think we're afraid, you are very
wrong because we got nothing to lose.
So drop the knives, you hooligans.
Is that Will?
- Yes, Ma'm.
He's always calling at the wrong time.
I, I don't
want to speak to him.
Trow it on the ground.
Make sure the safety is
off, before you start
shooting them sweetheart.
- I already done it hon.
Put the rings on the wallet.
And you get along out of here. I won't
even call the cops if you hurry up, go on.
Your ring sucks you old bag,
- and your wallet is full of bullshit.
You fellas should considering
evening classes.
Turning your life around
it, it's not to late.
Screw you old pa.
I didn't think we had a gun,
I thought we left it at home.
I thought we might need it. Hon, would
you get me a Canadian from the fridge?
Yes, Ma'm.
One Canadian coming up.
I'm sorry I couldn't speak with Will.
I was held up.
We were really worried mother. Will is
getting desperate. I'm going to see him now.
Your brother is nervous.
Your daddy and I are having a fine old time.
Where are you mom? - Jane, you would not
believe how beautiful it is right here.
You're not gonna tell me, OK I get it.
How's dad? - He's fine, he's full of beans.
You wanna speak with him?
Hey, it's Jane. She want to speak with you.
Who is it?
- It's your daughter, take it.
Hi pumpkin. How are you?
You haven't call me that since I was 8 daddy.
- You've
been so much in my head
these days little one.
Do you have any idea how proud I am of you?
I bet you're making quite a splash
at that collage of yours.
It's not for nothing your name is Spencer.
Yes, daddy.
Well, I love you pumpkin. See you soon.
Jane. Jane, Jane.
I love you too darling.
- Love you, mom.
You make sure you come home, OK?
OK darling...
Listen, kiss the kids from me, will you?
And tell your brother that we spoken, OK?
I will mom.
Hey, don't finish all Canadian.
Thank you. A large one.
Leave them alone. They're having fun.
Allow me to introduce Jane, the all knowing.
Watch her explain how it is to poor Will,
because he doesn't know Jack shit.
What the hell are you talking about?
I'm just
saying there is nothing
we can do to stop them.
It's her right to refuse treatment.
We both know how little good it does anyway.
I know that it's better then wondering around,
god knows where in that creaky camper.
But you know best I guess,
because you talked to dad.
You two are thick as thieves,
even when he doesn't remember who you are.
I don't know why you are making
this so personal Will?
Because you live two hours away,
and phone once a week?
And come on weekends for lunches
that are cooked by me.
What do you know about spending
long afternoons with dad
when he doesn't say any single
thing that makes any sense.
Do you know what mom says, when
she gets sick and I have to run
there in the middle of the night?
Do you know what she says?
'Don't call Jane, she's busy.'
you've been telling this
story about how I am their
favorite child for years, Will.
That's bullshit.
Maybe it is. But it's the only story I've got.
They're just doing what
they've done their whole
lives. Staying together.
The two of them.
There is so much love between
them they forgot about us.
Both of us.
Get off.
You know what happened?
When was it, last year.
I opened their bedroom door
and you won't believe what they were doing.
She was on the bed
and he was, he was kneeling in front of her.
I can't even say it.
- Dad was muff diving?
Cuddling in the canyon?
- Cuddling...
I wanted to vomit.
- Why?
I hope it happens to me when I'm their age.
- God, what a thought.
But I kind of doubt it.
Well, years with Philip and me, it's
been a quick kiss and... goodnight.
Houston, we have a problem.
Well, just pull over. We can wait.
Hemingway ain't going anywhere.
Make America Great Again
I want to see.
- What's to see? You know what this is.
Gonna have a look.
Don't go far.
This land is our land.
No more muslims. Band them out.
Build up a wall, build up a wall...
John, come with me.
- But this is so much fun.
I know, I know. But you need to come
with me now. We get a parking ticket.
Hi, everyone.
Make America Great Again.
You voted Democrat your whole life.
You volunteered for Walter Mondale.
Don't you remember how mad you got when I said
I was gonna vote for Reagan?
You don't remember who he is?
- Yes, I do.
No, no, that's not true.
You haven't a slightest idea. Who am I?
What's my name?
Come on John.
You know my name really well, what is it?
It starts with El...
Lillian is the next door
neighbor, I'm your wife.
Ella. My god.
Ella, darling,
it's my stupid empty head.
I'm so sorry.
That's you behind under that beard.
It is.
That there is Jim. Gosh.
How's Jim these days?
John, Jim passed on.
- Don't you remember?
We went to visit him in that human warehouse?
He didn't recognize us.
Wow, that's terrible.
Poor Jim.
Promise me something.
- What?
You love me, promise me...
That when the time comes with me...
To put me in one of those places...
And it's gonna be sooner that later, you know
that, I'm getting worse and worse everyday.
Promise me that you put
the shotgun in my hand...
Shhh, no don't.
- Listen to me sweetheart.
Put the shotgun in my hand...
Put my thumb...
In the trigger.
And then explain to me so that I understand...
This is exactly what I want to do...
I told you to do it.
Then kiss me.
Kiss, kiss me twice.
And then walk away.
It's like mud season in Massachusetts:
Messy, but necessary.
Just don't do it in the living room, OK?
Gosh, damn it.
What have you done? Put it back in.
I can't find the plug.
What, what's that?
- What?
I heard a noise, what is that?
It's unlikely it's an alligator.
- An alligator?
Let's get the gun?
- No, no, no, let's just go inside.
I think I hurt my back.
John, John, you have to get over here
to help me get up.
Give me your shoulder.
- Shoulders, what do you mean?
Get off, get off me. You are crushing me.
Honey I think I hurt my arm.
- So what, get off.
Get off me.
Are you alright?
What are we doing on the ground?
- You don't remember?
I fell down and you fell on top of me.
- Shit.
John, I can't do it.
Get up, get over here and help me.
I can't believe it.
Hey, are you crazy?
What are you trying to do, stone me to death?
What are you doing?
- Well, your shoes have come off.
Thank you.
After all that you've done for me,
this is nothing.
Look at you, you're all dirty.
John, what's the big rush?
I could have done with a little more sleep.
My god.
- It's the moment of truth, Ella.
For heaven's sake, what's this?
- Take me to him. Now.
To who?
- 'To whom
to Dan. To Daniel Coleman.
I need to look him, straight in the eyes.
For god's sake.
I'm not gonna wait for some snowy night
for you to finally confess everything...
As you look out the window at the snow
'falling thankfully to the universe'.
I'm so sick and tired of this nonsense.
He was always there for you, Dan.
I've only ever been second best.
How dare you point a gun at me?
Take me to him.
You wanna see Dan? Fine.
What are you doing?
- I'm going to find out where Dan Coleman is.
Even if he's in he's grave,
and I'm gonna take you to him.
You will? Really?
You'll never guess who this is.
You can't go in there with a gun.
- I'm going in as I see fit.
Fine, fine. A hundred cops are probably show up
and kill us both.
But fine. That's what you want.
That's what you'll get.
May I help you? - Yes, we'd like to see
Daniel Coleman please. Daniel Coleman?
- I believe he's a resident here?
Are you on the list?
We're just old friends, we're just passin' by.
Wait one moment.
- You are very kind.
John, she said to wait.
Is that you, Coleman?
- Who?
Daniel Coleman.
- Who?
I, I'm so sorry, I think we got the wrong room.
So sorry to disturb you.
Daniel Coleman? Do you know him?
Witch room is his? Who?
Finally, we find you.
I've always wanted to see your face,
Dan Coleman.
It's alright, it's alright, it's not loaded.
- It isn't?
But I'm not Dan.
Where is Daniel Coleman?
Hello, Dan.
That's him?
It's me.
- Me?
Ella. Ella Carson.
I don't know you. Two strange white folks
walking into my room?
This is my husband, John Spencer.
Nice to meet you.
- I don't care.
John Spencer. - It makes no difference
who he is. Just get out of here.
Do you wear boxers?
What? Do you wear boxers or briefs?
- And this is what you wanna know?
I want to understand where this
fixation with boxers comes from.
Fine, fine. Ask away.
Do you wear boxers or briefs?
I wear diapers, white boy,
and now get out of here.
Ella what?
- You really don't remember me?
I don't wanna remember you.
I don't know you. Just get the hell out of here.
Shoot that son of a bitch, John.
But it's not loaded.
- My god, gun.
He doesn't remember my wife.
- Is everybody OK?
It's alright, it's
alright, it's not loaded.
You got to go.
- He's an english teacher, he's not dangerous.
It's fine. - But sir, you gonna
have to go, you gonna have to go.
Just be grateful we didn't call the police.
- We are, we're very
grateful. Thank you so much.
You've been very understanding.
We were thinking that
perhaps the two of you
might need a little rest.
No offense attended.
This contains a list of
all insurances we accept.
We call your children to
come to the facility.
Thank you, that's very kind.
- And the next time you guys
wanna come visit your friend,
do it without a gun...
Even if it's empty.
Yes,, yes of course, thank you, goodbye.
But are you sure you're guys are traveling
on your own? It's nice here. Ask Dan.
Why are you so sad?
I'm just a little tired.
I'm also angry.
At you, mostly.
But also at Dan.
Dan? Dan who?
For Christ sake.
Ha ha, I know who Dan is, I was just joking.
Dan is the fella who
isn't in Savannah anymore.
He was black. I mean he is black.
He was a little more charismatic at the time.
My Ella.
John, can we sleep in a real bed tonight?
Now once we get in the event,
there will be security there.
So in addition to your
ticket, everyone take a
moment to make sure you
got a photo ID with you.
We're still missing a couple of people...
Good evening Ma'm, how can I assist to you?
Do you have a room available?
Economically. It's just for one night.
We have a standard double with twin beds.
- No no no no, we can't be separated. No.
Well in that case... we have the louisville,
a beautiful suite with a king bed.
We'll take it, thank you.
That normally goes for 500 dollar a night.
But, I can let you have it for 320 plus tax.
Goodness, we hire it, we don't want to buy it,
we just want to spend the night in it.
I have never spend that much on
a hotel room in my whole life.
The louisville it is, Guillermo will show you.
Do you have any luggage?
There's a minibar, some complimentary items,
And in here is the master bedroom.
This is bigger than our house.
Can we afford it?
Don't be silly John, of course, we can afford it.
Thank you.
- No, no, no, it's OK. Thank you.
Here your keys. Enjoy your stay.
Ella, gosh.
I'm gonna get us a drink.
I've think we've earned it.
Look. Hang on...
Come dance with me darling.
I'm so sorry.
I have ruined the carpet.
- Sorry.
'The old man was thin and caught...
And deep wrinkles in the back of he's neck...
The brown blotches from
benign skin cancer, the sun
brings to he's reflection
of tropic sea waters...
On his cheeks.
The blotches were on both sides of his face.
And his hands with the deep breeze scars...
From handling big fish on the cords.
But none of those scars was fresh.
They were as old...
As erosions in a fishless desert.'
hello hon.
Did you sleep well?
- Like a rock.
So long, since I never slept that well.
That's better.
See you later, I'll be back at the usual time.
Where are you going?
This is not home.
No, it's not.
- Where are we?
We are in a lovely place.
This lovely place has tea?
- Yes, I'm sure it does.
The Santiago is the perfect
Because he achieves the
inner spiritual success...
Which is for Hemingway what defines the true man.
He is defeated, but he's not destroyed.
The end of the story, Hemingway
observes the old man.
Sound asleep, skeleton of his great fish,
still lies on the line.
And Hemingway writes...
I've lost it.
God and it's such a beautiful trace.
And I'd forgotten it, dear.
"The old man was dreaming about lions"
- my god, you know it, you know it.
How wonderful.
- Excuse me, where are the teaspoons?
I wrote my honors thesis on "The Old Man and the
How wonderful. Gosh.
I prefer the movie with Spencer Tracy.
There is a quote of William
Faulkner where he says:
Hemingway was one of the bravest and the best.
And you can add from me:
One of the purest.
I totally agree.
- So sorry.
Can you believe it: She wrote her honors thesis.
On "The Old Man and the Sea".
No, no, no, don't stop.
Let's just find a campsite OK?
I'm so tired.
If you're hungry, there's
some food in the fridge.
You still don't feel right, Lilly?
Don't fret please.
I won't leave you on your own.
I'll go home and you feel OK.
Where is Ella? Now.
Ella is at home.
- At home?
This baby's taking he's toll on her.
What am I thinking?
I should be there to help her.
I, I really have to go home now.
Wait, John.
Does... does Ella know about us?
Shh no, she doesn't.
I couldn't bear it if she
knew, and neither could you.
It would brake her heart.
And break mine too.
We have to stop this, Lillian.
Yes, yes we do have to stop.
It's been going on a long time.
Way too long.
So, how long is too long?
You don't remember?
That was nearly two years ago.
Do you love me?
What are you talking about?
You know it's not like that.
You said it yourself:
This is just between friends.
You are a wonderful friend, Lillian.
The best.
But I love Ella,
Ella is the love of my life.
She's everything to me.
And we've got a baby on the way, for god's sake.
We have to stop this Lillian.
I'm sorry,
but, we have to end this once and for all.
Goodbye dear Lillian.
You get back here you, son of a bitch,
you get back here. I'll fucking kill you.
Ella, Ella, what's happening?
I'm Ella now, huh, I'm Ella now?
What are you doing?
Where's my phone...
Ella, Ella what's going on?
- Quiet, you fool.
This is the end of our trip.
Hello, this is station 37.
Could you send me a taxi here? A.S.A.P.
A taxi?
Just shut up.
Will, what do you want? Stop calling me,
I don't want to talk to you.
Come on, get out, get out.
You guys called a cab? - Do you see
any other customers standing around?
Now here's your stuff, it's your
nightshirt, your socks, your damn briefs.
What's happening Ella?
- Just get in.
Would you mind helping me and load my
husband and his stupid bags? Yes, Ma'm.
You just stay in there.
- Why are you so mad?
I'm not mad.
I'm not mad, no, I'm relieved.
Yeah, I'm happy as a clam.
Would you take us to
the nearest old people
home please, the crummier the better.
Yes, Ma'm.
This isn't where we live.
- No it isn't.
We're at a place where they keep old fools
like you. - Ella, why are you so irritated?
Sit down, please.
This is my husband, John.
Give him a room, please.
Ma'm, we can not accept new patients
without following established dead lines.
Establish them then.
You can come tomorrow morning
at 9:30 to the intake office.
If the gentleman falls within
the required parameter
he'll be put on the wait list
which is about ten months.
Well, that's sounds more
like your problem than mine.
Well, here's everything you need, his social
security, his money, his drivers license,
and there's, this is very important.
This is a photograph he cut out of a magazine.
He thinks this is us. He think this is he's
family. He carries at around in he's wallet.
See what I mean?
That is what you're dealing with.
Well, I'm tired and you have work to do.
So... he's all yours.
Goodbye, John.
Ma'm, you can't just...
Ma'm. Ma'm, you...
She must know you can't stay here.
I mean sometimes she a wounded buffalo.
I, I know that.
Are you familiar with Hemingway's "the short
happy life of Francis Macomber"?
His wife shot him in the back of the neck
with a Mannlicher 6.5.
What should we do, call the police?
I don't think they'd take him.
Yeah, look at you, comin' into my house,
with your thighs all on display.
Look at that face.
Look at that face, you bitch.
Look at you cozying up to my
husband, that's my husband, bitch.
How romantic,
having a lovely afternoon.
What about me? Having kids.
Pregnant, I was pregnant with Will then.
I mean I was pregnant.
Yeah, right, supermodel my ass.
You're my friend?
Worse friend in the world.
You knew.
You knew. And you never said a word.
Is it them?
- Yes, it's mom.
Hello? Your father fooled me
my whole life and you knew it.
Mom, what's happening, where are you?
- You never said a word.
Always on his side,
professor, my ass.
What's wrong? I'm at the house
with Philip and Will? We're all
here waiting for you. Where are you?
Let us come get you.
I'm alone, I got rid of your father.
And I'm coming back home or
maybe I'm going to the beach. I don't know.
Where's dad? - I never wanna see him again,
I'm finally free of that horrible creature.
I don't give a damn about
Hemingway or Melville...
Or he's pedantic lectures,
that he went on and
on and on, always making
me feel like an idiot.
Mom you have to...
- He lived his whole life a lie.
It's all a lie, what you're
reading all those books...
- Mom, calm down and listen to me.
Where is dad?
I think he's lying about being senile.
No, he's just an imposter.
You didn't leave him alone did you?
- You never
thought you'd have a
vindictive mother, did you?
You made me like this.
You and him, you, you just go to hell.
Where is my whiskey?
Jane, sweetheart,
i, I don't know what came over me.
I think it must be my meds.
No, no, your daddy's fine.
I was only joking.
I would never abandon him.
Jane, Jane, listen darling.
I want you to do me a favour.
Favor? - Could you go to Lillian
and give her a message for me?
Mom, Lillian is right here.
Tell her she's the dirtiest whore on earth.
- What did you say?
No, in the universe.
The dirtiest whore in the whole universe.
Where's my husband?
So what's happening?
Nothing. Everything is fine.
- But where are they?
I have no idea.
But mom seems very, energized.
She sends her love, Lillian.
- So sweet.
Hi, darling.
Now I understand everything.
You won't remember this but
you came home one night.
And I was cleaning the kitchen floor.
I was all hot and sweaty and stinky.
I was seven months pregnant.
Mom, is everything alright?
Is there someone we can call for you?
Can't you see I'm speaking with my husband?
So you got down on the floor with me to help me.
And a little later on I was taking a bath,
and you got in the tub with me.
And I didn't know anything.
I just, I sensed that you...
That you returned to me.
And knowing nothing, I forgave you.
This fella there, he's a bulls fan.
And Raymond Chandler was a bulls fan, too.
Hemingway liked bulls.
They were in Spain.
You really should be going.
It's Mr Davidson's bedtime.
Don't worry I'm not leaving my husband
in this dump, to be treated like a fool.
Come on John. Come on, we're leaving.
Pleasure to see you.
May, may I keep this?
Thank you.
And now I have to forgive you all over again.
48 years later.
- Thank you, Ella.
I don't know if I'm a bitch
or you're a son of a bitch?
Well, anything is possible.
John, pull over.
- Why?
I wanna get down and take a look.
I want a burger.
- John, pull this camper over immediately.
I want to get down and take a look.
- Yes, sir.
Look John, it is so beautiful.
Are we there yet?
Is this heaven?
Do you think a guy can get a burger up here?
What are you laughing at?
Hey neighbors, you're going
to the Hemingway house? Yes.
There's a great restaurant right next
door to it. You are gonna love it.
- Yeah.
And I mean, the Hemingway
house, you won't believe
it, it becomes like the
party town of all places.
My cousin he got married, like 3 weeks ago now.
And we had the time of our lives.
I mean, I got some amazing
pictures of it, if you
wanna see on my camera,
they're on my phone.
You can look at them anyway you want.
Well, you don't want to see them?
They're really cool.
This is... unbelievable.
Ella, it's a wedding. Come on...
I'm so sorry.
You always wanted to come here.
And look at this...
Excuse me, where's the bathroom?
- I don't know. Maybe try outside?
Thank you.
Is her husband, any of her family around?
No, please don't take me.
My husband John...
Don't take me.
Excuse me...
I'm, I'm looking for...
Looking for??
Help me please.
- Are you looking for the bathroom?
It's out the back, by the souvenir shop.
Do you feel OK?
- Thank you.
You've been very helpful.
I'm looking for my wife.
My wife?
- You'll have to check with the desk inside.
That will be 35 dollar please.
- Don't worry about it.
Hey, hey, don't try to pull that.
You own me 35 bucks.
I do?
In order to figure out what was causing these
problems, we did a full body cat scan.
We certainly weren't expecting to find
such a situation as grave as what we found.
The original tumor was in the colon,
wasn't it Mr. Spencer?
Yes, I'm John Spencer.
But now there's been a blood-borne spread
through the lymphatic system...
Attacking almost all internal organs.
To be honest with you Mr.
Spencer, it's amazing
she's even alive with her
blood chemistry readings.
Where you really taking an rv trip?
Where is my wife?
John, how did you get here?
I brought you something.
- My bag.
Hi honey.
Could we have some privacy please?
Put this on.
- What?
Let's get out of here.
- No, no John.
Now they got me... where are your shoes?
They are not gonna let me go.
They're not gonna stop you either.
- Well they are down there somewhere.
OK, I'm ready.
Which is the way out?
- Just around the corner, you're almost there.
You're my hero.
John... you're peeing in the taxi.
I thought it felt warm.
- Just stop.
It's the RV over there.
You need to change John.
Here, put your nightshirt on.
I lost all hope in the hospital.
I thought I would never see
the Leisure Seeker again.
I think we both need a good nap.
Here darling, drink this.
Drink it all up.
Come here, you haven't even washed yourself.
Come on.
Hello, sweetheart.
Well done, but you can stand down, soldier.
John, what are you doing?
We'll try. For a moment.
No no no, I don't think I can.
- Just for a second.
I'm there.
Yes, you are. You're all the way there.
Do-, don't move.
You don't wanna cum?
- No.
Just this.
John, I love you so much.
Don't leave me again. Alright?
- You promise?
I promise.
My darling Will and Jane.
I've taken care of everything.
All the arrangement.
There's nothing for you to worry about...
Although I think our final
visa bill will be outrageous.
We had a little bit of fun there at the end.
I'm so sorry to hurt you like this.
I know how painful it must have been. But pretty
soon you're gonna feel something else...
You're gonna feel relieved.
Relieved that you don't have to watch us that our
bodies and our minds fade away.
Relieved that the burden we will becoming
is been lifted from your shoulders.
And you mustn't feel guilty about that.
You mustn't.
I loved your father very much.
I didn't have much longer.
And I couldn't leave him alone.
We were always together.
And I hope we're together somewhere now...
Who knows?
This was our last wonderful vacation.
We had some beautiful days.
It was our happy ending.
Love, ma.
Can you hold up?