The Lennon Report (2016) Movie Script

- My name is Alan Weiss.
I'm a producer at eye
witness news in New York.
Dr. Halleran, is
the patient responding
to internal cardiac compression?
No, still nothing.
Yes, I was inside the
emergency department
when they brought
John Lennon in.
Do you think it's time?
I'll do my best. Tell you
as much as I know
in as much detail as I can.
Today, France performed
nuclear testing on
Mururoa island.
- The Soviets are poised
to invade Poland
and what are we doing about it?
- Several nations joined in
the U.S.-led boycott
of the summer Olympics
in the u.S.S.R.
- The Dow Jones industrial
average soared by
15-percent this year.
Is this the end of
the recession?
- Confirmation from the
white house that
eight Americans died in the
failed rescue attempt.
- We're over a year into the
hostage crisis in Iran
and there doesn't seem to
be an end in sight.
- Iran once again celebrated
the anniversary of
"death to America day."
- Yeah, that's fine we're
boycotting the Olympics
but Russia is still in
What good did it do?
I do not agree with
the cuts that were made
by the congress.
I believe we should be
going toward with the
b-1 bomber program.
I think we should be going
toward with the trident
submarine program
to keep pace with Russia.
The electoral votes for
president Reagan say it all.
The liberal era is over.
- Early speculation
is that Reagan's
business-friendly politics
will be a boon to
economic recovery.
- The police raided
a home in the Bronx today,
arresting several members
of the black panthers.
- Crime rates continue
to rise with unemployment
in New York lingering
at ten percent.
Mayor Koch doesn't seem
to have an answer.
- Iran resumed its
petroleum exports this week.
- War has broken out between
north and south Yemen.
- Congressmen Allard Lowenstein
was shot and killed in his
Rockefeller center law office.
- We're getting a report of
a robbery in Astoria.
- Early reports of a
mugging in central park.
- This city has gotten to
the point where a congressman
isn't safe in his own office?
- Crimes are up again this year.
- It looks like 1980 will be
the most violent year
in New York City history.
- Police arrested three
Manhattan men suspected of
committing six break-ins.
- over thirty murders this year.
- We're hearing a report of
a police-involved shooting
in central park.
- Our department is responding
to a three-alarm fire.
- Reports of a five-alarm
fire in Brooklyn.
- Shooting on the
lower east side.
- Senator Edward Kennedy
gave an impassioned
speech about the role of guns in
our society.
- Reagan's going to have to
get these hostage's back!
At least he has a backbone!
- Just because Sweeney was
unstable doesn't mean I
should give up my rights!
I will
see you then, okay? Bye.
Your mail, Mr. Weiss.
- Thank you.
- What's in it?
- A letter.
- But... what's it about?
- Not sure.
Jeff, you shouldn't
worry about that.
It's most likely a letter
from his o.B.G.Y.N.
Determining that he
is in fact a hermaphrodite.
- Oh, you're a real
mind reader, Neil!
I wrote that one myself!
Are you gonna open it?
- Yeah, I'm gonna look
at it later, buddy.
- Is my jacket in here?
- No!
- Well what the hell
is it anyway?
Honestly, Jeff,
I told you about it.
Are you not aware what a
hermaphrodite is?
- Don't you have work to
do for the eleven besides
being a pain in the ass?
- Nope.
I saw the logo.
- Oh, you saw the logo?
- I saw the logo!
- Okay, great.
- Yes. I interviewed for
a position at CNN.
-What? Why?
- Why the hell would you
want to work for a station
that only does the news?
I need
all three of these, actually.
- I mean, 24/7!
- She needs those!
Do you know what
that's going to do to
our social life?
- Our social life?
- Yes!
- Here you go. I double-
checked those for ya.
We are number one.
Why would you want to
leave a good thing?
- Did you see the first
hour of CNN back in June?
- Do you know what
they covered in
the first half hour alone?
- Was it during dynasty?
I'll tell ya. They covered
the assassination attempt
of Vernon Jordan, the Lax
Faa safety standards,
and a presidential address
from Jimmy Carter.
Not only are they covering
good stories, but they
are doing it live.
- So this was during dynasty?
- Exactly.
- When was the last
time you had a live
presidential address
on the eleven?
On the six for that matter?
- It doesn't make sense.
There's a line out the door
for your job!
- We used to cover stories
that drove social change.
Now, we're just covering
stories that drive advertising.
Not really with that, so...
I would love to explain
further but I gotta book it.
- What, you gotta go to
the Freddie Mercury
look-a-like contest your
taking your date to?
- Is that where you're coming
for the eleven?
Is that your lead story?
- We haven't decided yet.
- How'd you know I had a date?
- Every time you try and
impress a woman, you do
this thing.
You go for cash but it comes
out like... cruisin'.
- Jeff, have a good one.
Phil, I'll have your
mother home by, what,
is one good? One's good.
- No, she gets sleepy
by midnight, Alan.
- Good, so 11:59 it is.
Oh, hey, and Phil?
Seriously, come here.
- And... here it is.
- Come on, it's a power
struggle. Get over here.
- Yes, Alan, what could
you possibly want?
- Let's go. A twenty-dollar
donation, please?
I just bought a bike,
you know it.
- Is that all that my
mother's worth?
-It's just twenty dollars.
-I'm ashamed of you.
- Okay, don't work to hard.
- Don't you run this place?
- Hey, Jeff, we need to deduct
twenty dollars from your
next paycheck.
- Wait, what?
- That drive culminated in a
John Smith field goal
attempt for 52 yards.
-How you feelin'?
I meant physically.
- You're allowed to
have ice chips.
I'll get them for ya,
if you let me hang around
and watch the game
with ya for a bit.
All right, I'll be right back
- hey, come on inside and
warm up for a little bit.
Come on. Let's go.
- You don't care who wins
as long as the patriots lose.
-What's he thinkin'?
Anyone gonna get that?
Hello, this is Dr. Halleran.
- Hey Dr. Halleran,
it's Sato.
We were wondering if you
could help us with
some paperwork. Only if
you have a minute.
- Sure, DEA, how can I help you?
- What's... eight
letters long and
home team of the orange bowl?
- Hi, Barbara. Almost forgot
what day it was.
- You know the times does this
specifically for us.
-It's the dolphins.
- It's dolphins.
Thanks, Dave.
You got it.
Good luck with the rest of
your "paperwork."
I've got to get back to work.
- Yeah, I'm sure general
surgery is swamped.
Who's winning the game?
-The dolphins.
- That's your answer
for everything.
-Bye, Barb.
- Playin' dumb always
worked for me.
a priority in the 2-0.
All units be advised I'm
getting shots fired at
72nd and central park west.
I need a unit to respond.
- 2-0 Adam. Show me going.
Central, check the
call back. Try to get a
description of the perp.
- 2-0 boy. Show me going.
Show me on the back.
Good, let Spiro and
Cullen get there first.
- Probably just some punk
kid shootin' fireworks
in central park.
- I'm think I'm a
shoe in for the job.
What do you think?
-I hate you.
- I'm guessing you're really
going to hate me when
I'm your boss.
- Let's see you handle a
field assignment first, Skippy.
- Skippy? I've been here for
five years.
-Shh. Shh. Hold on.
All units redirect
to 72nd and central park west
- 72nd and central park west?
That's... the Dakota.
-That could be something.
- Or it could be a
movie star falling down
a flight of stairs.
- I'll go either way...
- Not a chance, but if the
cops are all in, so are we.
Where the hell's my radio?
-I don't know.
- Mr. Clark,
where's my radio?
- I don't know!
- Well, then, go get it!
Please! Don't run. Fly!
You're still there!
I need it.
Send all available
units to 72nd and
central park west.
Don't tell Jeff I know
where my radio is.
- Freeze! Hands up!
Against the wall! Move!
You have the right
to an attorney...
- 2-0 Adam. Show me 84.
Confirmed male shot.
Victim is likely.
Multiple gun shot wounds.
Put a rush on the bus.
Hey buddy, you okay?
Relax, you were
just in an accident, okay?
- Alright?
You know your name?
- It's Alan.
- Great.
You know where you are?
-The park?
- Alright, I'm gonna let these
guys do their job, alright?
Okay, did anyone see
the accident?
- You okay, buddy?
- Go get the scoop.
-Pete, what's the story?
- Single perp in custody,
missing weapon,
victim's in a bad way.
-What's "a bad way?"
- Multiple gunshot wounds
to the chest.
- Where's the victim?
- In the vestibule.
-This is a mess.
Where's the bus?
- They ordered a rush,
I heard it on the radio.
- Well, he's not going to
make it much longer
lying here like this.
- 2-0 boys, show me 84.
Confirmed male shot.
He is likely.
Central, transporting victim
to Roosevelt hospital.
Let's get him up.
- Damn.
- Hey, officer?
- Yeah?
- Can you give us a hand
real quick?
- What's the problem?
- We dug into the ground.
-Are you kidding?
- Pull like hell, just don't
drop him, okay?
One, two, three.
- I've got to go back to work.
- I'm going to be okay, huh?
- You're fine, Mr. Weiss.
We're almost at the hospital.
- My right hip. Is it broken?
Did you see if it's broken?
You are just in a
little bit of shock.
Just lay back down and focus
on your breath.
- You know,
I had a date tonight.
- Really?
- Yeah.
- Good luck explaining this one.
You better hope for some
scars to back this up.
- Yeah, I definitely
could have used
this excuse once or twice.
- You picked a good
night to do this.
The e.D. Should be
empty tonight.
- Oh good.
- Oh yeah.
- The doctor on call?
She'll make you forget about
your date and busted up leg.
- Really?
- Really?
- She gets me going.
Anything going on tonight?
It's quiet.
What's this?
-I baked for your birthday.
- You know damn well
it's not my birthday.
- Alright, maybe I just
felt like baking.
- Your old pal, Eddie kazoo,
wandered into the
waiting area to warm up earlier,
but Medina chased him out.
- Oh, no, I just bribed him
with pie to come back in.
- Gives Medina something to do.
I swear, he thinks a couple
of bums coming in to warm up
is the fall of Saigon.
- Something you want to
talk about?
- He just drives me a
little crazy is all.
If he tells me, "it's
officer Medina,"
one more time, I'm going to turn
his office into a
homeless shelter.
-Maybe he just likes you.
- Do a crossword puzzle.
Roosevelt hospital e.D.
Sato speaking.
This is the 20th precinct.
We have officers bringing
in a gun shot victim.
-Get David down here.
Ok, give me all the details.
Hi it's Barbara, can you page
Dr. David Halleran to
emergency department.
Paging doctor Halleran to the
emergency department.
- Is this the gunshot?
I thought they
left without you.
No, accident in the park.
-Check him in with the clerk.
I'll take him.
- Alright.
A doctor will be
with you in a bit.
- You're not the doctor?
Why can't you be the doctor?
- Like I said. A doctor will
be with you in a bit.
-Think about it.
Mr. Weiss?
- I don't know if I should
treat you or plant you.
What happened?
- I was hit by a taxi
riding my motorcycle.
Guess who won?
- Well...
It's a good thing
you're still alive.
And being conscious
is a good sign.
Let's start with
where it hurts, hm?
- It hurts everywhere
so maybe we should
get some help from that
nurse that brought me in?
She can help out?
- Kammerer?
Ha! Good luck
with that one, honey.
- I should say the same to you.
- Nuh-uh. Ain't happenin'.
Take a deep breath.
- You still stuck on
that crossword?
- Hardly, we have a
patient coming in with
multiple gunshot
wounds to the chest.
- Alright, what are his vitals?
- I don't know.
- No word from the ambulance?
- The ambulance was a
block away when
police dispatch called.
They said the police
are bringing him in.
- The police are
bringing him in?
- He's hitting
the door right now.
- Why would they do that
if the ambulance is
a block away?
- Maybe it's just that bad.
- Let me poke around here.
Let me know what hurts, okay?
- That hurt?
Oh, that's a yes.
Mind if I take a look?
- Go ahead.
Move, move!
Come on, move! Trauma 115.
- I'm going to see if I can
help out in there, okay?
It's not like
I'm going anywhere.
- Get this jacket off of him.
- Excuse me, excuse me.
- Guys, I need you to leave
the room, please.
Rip it! Do whatever you got
to do. Get it done.
- Arm.
- Get it off him.
- Cut it. Great! I got
the roll. Get it, Ms. Evans.
I see four entry wounds
in the left back and
three exits in his chest.
- I don't have a pulse.
- Okay, I'm going to need you
to start compression then.
-Is he gonna make it?
- Guys, I need you to go,
please. Thanks.
Alright, start compression.
- Got it.
I can't believe that.
John Lennon.
- Excuse me sir,
what did you say?
- What?
- What did you just say?
-I didn't say anything.
-Four units o-neg. Run.
- What do we know
about this guy?
Any allergies? Medications?
- You got it?
- Patient ID.
40 years old, name...
-What? What's his name?
-John Lennon.
- He's carrying
John Lennon's wallet.
- It doesn't look like him.
- He could be a pick pocket,
he could have a fake ID,
- I don't care if he's
pope John Paul,
it's our job to keep him alive.
- Got it.
- Got it, Barb?
-Let's crack the chest.
- Can someone page a
respiratory therapist?
- Give me the thoracotomy tray.
-Hey, Barb!
- Let security know we may
have a situation in here.
Excuse me.
- What do you need?
-Who's in there?
- A gunshot victim.
- But who?
He can't stay.
Stay warm, but don't come
back in here, okay?
-We may have a situation.
- What kind of
situation requires
Mr. kazoo's presence
in this hospital?
- Forget about kazoo.
A very important person has
been rushed into our trauma
room. Just keep an eye out
for anything unusual.
- Unusual? Right.
- Please.
- How important are we
talking about here?
- Bigger than we're
equipped for. All right?
-Hi, it's Barbara again.
Can you page us a
respiratory therapist?
- The shooting occured
around 10:45.
Multiple shots to the
back with a thirty-eight.
-Medical history?
-No idea.
-Patient's name?
- John Doe
- John Doe.
- Hey. Come here.
- Yes?
- Can you do me a favor?
I'm Alan, I'm Alan.
- What's your name?
- Santos.
-Nice to meet you, Santos.
Do you watch eye witness news?
-Ah, Geraldo Rivera!
- Yes, I work for eye
witness news.
Alright, so could you
do me a favor.
Here's my card.
Here's twenty dollars.
- Ok.
- Call that number.
Whoever answers, just tell
them, "Alan Weiss is in
the hospital and John Lennon
may have been shot."
- "Alan Weiss shot
John Lennon."
- No, no. I'm Alan Weiss.
I didn't shoot anyone.
John Lennon?
- Si, Si Si.
- "Alan Weiss is in the
hospital and John Lennon
may have been shot."
-Aye, Mio!
- Can you do that quickly?
- No problemo.
-Stop mopping and sweeping.
Where is my husband?
-He's in surgery right now.
-I need to see him.
- I'm sorry, you can't see him.
They are working
on him right now.
- What's happening?
Is he alright?
- I can't say. A doctor will
talk to you as soon
as they are done. They'll
have the best information.
-I'll just wait.
- I can put you in a
private waiting area until
the doctor can talk to you.
-Give me drapes.
Give him twenty blade.
Let's get them in there!
- Move quickly!
- Let's get an incision.
- Can I make a phone
call, please?
-Of course you can.
That sounds great.
Let's do it one more time.
This time, let's wait a few
bars before you come
in with the the vocals.
- Hey, David!
-Hold on one sec.
-John's been shot.
-John's been what?
Yoko. Talk to me.
What's happening?
- David, I don't know
what to do. I'm alone.
I'm surrounded by strangers.
I just need a familiar face.
I need to get home to Sean.
Can you please just meet me
at Roosevelt hospital?
- Yeah.
I'll be right there.
- Thanks.
Please hurry.
- Santos.
- Hey, Joe!
-Thank you.
- I have to get back
to the surgery.
-Mr. Weiss?
Alan Weiss?
- Staff isn't allowed to
make personal calls
on behalf of the patients.
- Well technically this isn't
a personal phone call.
- Mr. Weiss, we have
a situation here
so I'm gonna need
you to lie quiet.
- Who's in there?
Is that John Lennon?
- Mr. Weiss I asked you to
lie quiet here and not
get in the way of
what's going on.
- I'm not trying to get
in the way.
If you don't want to
tell me, that's fine.
You can shake your head, yes?
No? That's all I need.
If that's John Lennon,
people have the right to know.
- And if it's not, they
don't have a right to know?
Or if it's not, you
just don't care?
-That's not what I meant.
-All right.
- Eye witness news,
right? Channel 7?
- I don't know who the hell
is in there, and frankly,
I don't care.
The only thing I care about
is that you lie here. Quietly.
Thank you, Mr. Weiss.
- How about my twenty dollars?
- Dispatch. Victim
delivered to Roosevelt.
- Custody turned over to the
hospital's emergency staff.
- Victim means crime.
I need everyone who isn't
absolutely committed at the
Dakota to get to Roosevelt.
Find out who they
just brought in.
Phil, I can get to Roosevelt.
- No, if everyone is out in
the field then no one
is here to help me get
this on the air.
Jeff, this might be
going on air.
I'm not going to do this alone.
-Where is he?
- He is in room 115,
Dr. marks.
Rib spreader.
Dick? What are you
doing here?
- Did they tell you who that is?
-Is it really him?
-Yes, that's John Lennon.
- I just escorted Yoko Ono
to an empty OBgyn room.
We should call
Dr. Lynn.
After the incision
is spread I'm gonna need
to call and update him
on this situation.
- DEA, could you follow up
with that respiratory
therapist please?
- I don't think anybody
is coming, Pam.
- Blood is pooling in the
thoracic chamber.
Can't see the heart.
- I'm going to deliver
the heart.
-Delivering the heart.
Are you sensing any organized
cardiac activity?
-Beginning cardiac massage.
Get suction.
- in the aorta
resuming respiration.
Do we see any circulation?
Still nothing.
- Nurse, I need a pediatric
feeding tube, a catheter,
and an 10 blade.
- Dr. marks, what are
you doing?
-A Vietnam line.
We saved a lot of lives with
these in the war.
Right leg?
- I was never in combat,
what does that mean?
- I'm going to do a
cutdown on the greater
saphenous vein and
catheterize the vein.
-And the feeding tube?
- Big tube. It carries a lot of
blood, and fast.
- Dr. marks, my patient is in
a delicate state.
Are you sure an incision
medically necessary?
- You need circulation.
I'm giving it to you.
- What are you doing?
- I'm making a phone call.
-No you're not.
- I can't make my own
phone call now?
You listen to me very carefully.
Okay? I am leaving
this hospital.
You have no legal
right to hold me here.
- You're not going anywhere.
- Oh no? Oh, perfect!
You see how he's manhandling me?
-I got this.
- Just make sure he gets back
to his spot. He's all yours.
- Okay. All right.
- You see that?!
- Mr. Weiss, you were so
beat up we had to take the
stretcher apart to
get you in here.
What are you doing?
-Don't you know?
-Know what?
-He's been shot.
-Who's been shot?
-John Lennon.
- John Lennon's been shot?
Who told you that?
- Well, no one told
me directly but
- I heard two cops say that...
I could've sworn they
said his name.
- Alan, I've got a
radio right here.
If John Lennon was shot,
I think I'd know about it.
- So, he's not shot?
- No.
Can I get you back to your bed?
- He's not shot.
- Come on. Let's go.
- Can I just make a phone
call, please? I've been here
for a while. People are
probably worried.
Just a minute. I won't get you
in trouble. Just one call.
- Here.
- Thanks.
-Phil, it's Alan.
- Please tell me you
won the Mercury contest?
- I got into a
motorcycle accident.
- I knew you were gunna
dump that thing.
He got into an accident.
Yeah, so you're okay, right?
- I think I'm fine I'm at
the hospital.
- Wait, what hospital?
-Yeah. Listen to me.
I think John Lennon's been shot.
Shut up. Shut up!
Jesus, Alan.
I just heard the cops call
for an ambulance to the
Dakota and another call
saying a victim has
just been transported
to Roosevelt.
- Phil, that's the third part.
I heard his name,
I think I've seen Yoko
Ono and if your telling
me they called for an
ambulance for the Dakota.
It's gotta be John Lennon.
John Lennon's shot and
he's in this hospital.
- Okay, we have crews at the
Dakota and Roosevelt.
Now we've got you inside.
What is his condition?
- Phil, I'm no doctor
but I know you can't
have no circulation
and be living.
-How certain are you?
-Hello? Hello?
- I was in the middle of
an important call.
- This phone is for
hospital use only.
Get back to your bed.
- Alan? No!
- Everyone! Put
everything down!
- I'm sorry ma'am,
it's my fault.
I'll help him back to his bed.
-Thank you.
- Come on.
- You just don't do that.
So much for your radio.
-Okay, come on.
Is that really John
Lennon in there?
- Can I please get a pen
and piece of paper?
- Alan. You called it in.
Why don't you relax and let
who ever you called handle it?
- And I'm sure they will but
my job doesn't end with
a phone call.
History's being made
in there, my man.
The "give peace a chance"
guy just got gunned down.
If that's not a story
worth telling,
then I don't know what is.
- Alright, a couple pieces of
notebook paper work for you?
You didn't get that from me.
-Hi, Tamara, it's DEA.
Sorry to call so late
but it's important.
- It's fine. He's up
watching the game.
Hang on, I'll go get him.
For me?
-Yeah, it's DEA.
-Alright, I got it. Thanks.
-Yeah, DEA, what is it?
- Hey, who were you
on the phone with?
- Depends on how much you heard.
- Look, I need to know
what you're up to out here.
- Do ya?
- Yeah.
- What's going on in there?
Is he gonna make it?
What happened to him?
- Why do you care?
Who are you?
- It doesn't matter who
I am now, does it?
Why don't you go back
inside and do your job?
I'll do mine.
- I need some
information from you.
- Here's my information.
You can keep it, too.
-Roosevelt hospital.
I need more visualization.
Can you switch out the gauze?
- The aorta seems to be intact.
- Are you seeing any injuries
or bullet wounds to the heart?
- There's no injury
but the heart is empty.
- He's hit in the lung...
- It's gotta be an artery
but I can't see it.
Maybe if we get more
circulation, I can find it.
I need more blood
going in there faster.
- There's arterial bleeding
but I cannot visualize
the pulmonary artery or
the subclavian.
Stuart, call the blood bank
and get more blood.
-Come on...
- Bob, it's Phil with
WABC in New York.
- Hey, Phil, what's going on?
- Bob, I have a reporter
from the six o'clock news
who's at Roosevelt
hospital right now
reporting that John
Lennon's been shot dead.
- Okay. So what do
you need from me?
- Well, we'd like to break in.
- Are you kidding me?
We got a tie game.
We are headed into overtime.
Come on, Phil, I wanna
help you, I do.
Maybe I could do a flash
but who's his source?
Have you gotten confirmation
from the hospital?
- He is, Bob. He's the
goddamn source.
He witnessed it.
He's there!
I've got no confirmation
from the hospital but
I did confirm a shooting
at the Dakota.
Bob, we're out in
front of everybody on this.
We can break this story.
- We're heading into overtime.
I'm not gonna have Howard
interrupt the broadcast to
report a story that
could turn out to be false.
Are you crazy?
- Call Roone Arledge.
He'll give you the go ahead.
No, no, no!
Howard, if you're
listening in the booth,
I'm going to call you
in a few minutes
with a story.
- I'm hearing good breath
sounds. He doesn't
need the chest tube.
- Barb, get the
heart rate monitor.
- We don't have one in here.
- Get one.
-I think felt a beat.
- Roone, hey! It's Bob.
Sorry to call you so late.
But I just got a call from
Phill in the news room
in New York and he may have one
hell of a breaking story.
Where's the heart rate monitor?
- What's going on?
- David may have felt a pulse.
- Your friend is
from eye witness news.
- Get Medina.
- I can't find him.
- Get David the heart
rate monitor.
I'll find Medina.
If New York is
confirming that we can
break this story, we have
to have Howard flash it.
Interrupt the broadcast.
Alright, I'll
have Howard flash it.
Absolutely interrupt.
Bob, what's happening?
What's going on?
What is going on?!
-Dr. Lynn.
- Come with me. There is
going to be chaos on
the streets outside.
Reporters, photographers, fans
are going to do
whatever they can to get
into this building.
Get all your men in here.
Call more in if you have to.
- I'll call the
precinct for help.
- Should I route the press
into the Winston lobby or
keep them at bay
out on the street?
- The lobby works. Tell
everybody that's where the
official statement's gonna
be and listen to me...
I want you to check
every person.
Verify their identification.
No one gets in
without credentials.
-Doctor. We've got it.
- David? Monitor's on.
Start compression.
- Shh. Officer Medina.
Just wait.
Do me a favor.
Keep an eye on those
two bozos, huh?
NYPD 20th precinct.
- Hey, this is officer Medina,
I'm gonna need some
assistance with
crowd control over at
Roosevelt hospital.
- We have some officers from
our precinct there already.
- Yeah, we feel
that's not enough.
We can't have the streets
blocked preventing
ambulances from going through.
- Buddy, we got a scene
that we are dealing with
at the Dakota right now.
A potential problem isn't
our main priority.
We're doing our best.
- Well right now your best
ain't cutting it.
- I'll send as many guys
as I can spare,
when I can spare them.
-What's up?
- We've got a journalist.
In the e.D. And right
next to that high profile
patient I told you about.
-Alan Weiss, I know.
- You know? You chase
bums out of the waiting
room for warming up,
and you knowingly left
the press outside of a
VIP's room?
- Take it easy,
I'll take care of it.
- Do your fucking job.
- Jesus Christ.
- Listen, I need someone
removed from the e.D.
One Alan Weiss.
- Yeah, get it done.
-Weiss. Lay down.
- No, I'm good sitting here.
Doctor said that she'd
be back in a minute.
- Oh? Lay down.
- This is not how you
treat your patients!
- You've been admitted into
the hospital. They'll take
care of you there and you
are not to return to the
emergency department
for any reason whatsoever.
-Bob, what's going on?
- Howard, listen, John
Lennon was just shot
outside the Dakota in New York.
- How long have we been at this?
-Quite a while.
I know you knew him
and I'm sorry.
This is unfortunate,
but this is big.
And Roone wants you
to do the news flash.
Bob, I've got a tie game here!
- Dr. Halleran, are you
seeing any progress?
Dr. Halleran, is the patient
responding to internal
cardiac compressions?
-No, still nothing.
- Howard, let's go with
them on this one. Okay?
What was that all about?
-John Lennon.
He was shot outside of
his apartment.
-Oh boy.
Are there any other
measures available to us?
- If we can find the
source of the blood loss
right now, we still
have a chance.
- Fellas, I just don't know.
I'd like your opinion.
I can't see this game
situation allowing for
that news flash, can you?
- Absolutely, I can see it.
- You can?
- You betcha. If we know it,
we gotta do it.
- All right.
- Don't hang on it.
It's a tragic moment and...
This is going to shake
up the whole world.
-All right.
Let giff call this next
play and I'll get it in.
- The patient hasn't had
circulation for 30 minutes.
I'm concerned about
hypoxic brain injury.
- I agree, but that is not a
guarantee, and it's something
we can deal with in
living patients.
- Even if we found the
problem right now I'm not
sure what we could do, but
are we any closer than
we were 15 minutes ago?
Do you think it's time?
11:15 pm.
Time of death 23:15.
I know that emotions
are running high right now,
but I want us all to be
clear on one thing.
We did exactly the right
things here tonight.
Does anyone have thoughts
of anything else
we should have done?
Then let's start
the follow-up.
Does the patient have any
family waiting for him?
- Yes, doctor, his wife is
in the OBgyn exam room.
- All right, I'll go talk
to Mrs. Lennon.
Nurse Kammerer, come with me.
- I can't. I gotta
change my shoes.
- You're covered in blood.
Nobody is going to be
looking at your shoes.
- But it's suddenly been
placed in total
perspective for us;
I'll finish this, they're in
a hurry-up offense
-third down, four.
On the field, running back
Chuck foreman.
He takes a hand-off and
charges up the middle
going down just short
of the first down.
Foreman. It'll be
fourth down.
Cavanaugh will let it run
down for one final attempt.
He'll let the seconds
tick off to give Miami
no opportunity whatsoever.
- Time-out is called with
three seconds remaining,
John Smith is on the line.
And I don't care what's
on the line, Howard,
we've got to say
what we know in the booth.
- Yes, we must say it.
Remember, this is just
a football game, no matter
who wins or loses.
An unspeakable tragedy
confirmed to us by ABC news
in New York City:
John Lennon, outside of his
apartment building on the
West Side of New York City.
The most famous perhaps,
of all of the Beatles,
shot twice in the back,
rushed to Roosevelt hospital,
dead on arrival.
-Mrs. Lennon.
-Tell me he's all right.
Please. Tell me
he's all right.
- I'm sorry.
I can't tell you that.
- No, John!
It's not true!
It's not true.
-I'm sorry.
- Hard to go back to the game
after that news flash,
which, in duty bound, we
have to take. Frank?
-Indeed, it is.
- David, did I ever tell
you about the time
I almost left the army?
-What? No, dick.
Well, you might have but
I don't remember.
You got a lot of stories.
-Well, this is a quick one.
- Dick, let's be honest.
None of them are quick.
So, how about we skip all the
details and just get to
the lesson of the story?
-Another day then.
Just bear in mind, in this
profession we can afford
to be dented, we can't
afford to be crushed.
- Does anyone else know?
The hospital hasn't
released a statement yet.
- I need to speak to the
person in charge, please.
Dr. Lynn do you
have the medical report?
-I'm getting it now.
- The hospital's going
to secure it.
-That's fine.
Nobody's going to read it
after tonight anyway.
They'll hear it on the news.
- About that.
- What?
- The hospital wants you
to do the statement
to the press.
I figured PR would be
jumping all over this.
- They'd probably love to,
but the hospital wants
you to do it. You're the
director of the e.D.
- I'm aware of my title,
what does this got
to do with the press?
- The whole world will be
looking to this hospital
for answers. They are going
to be scared, confused,
broken-hearted. They don't
want a press release.
They want to know what we
did here, and the hospital
wants you to tell them.
- All right. Yeah.
Give me half an hour.
When you were
looking for me, did anything
stick out to you? Anyone
behaving differently?
Give me something.
I heard a scream,
was it Yoko?
Did you see Yoko at all?
- What are you so
worked up over?
- I tipped them off
that he was dead and
they were still working on him.
- Think you could be wrong?
- If I am, I'm done.
I'm completely done.
Yeah, sorry, pal.
- Yeah, me too.
- I love how I'm being treated
like a criminal. I love it.
Just handcuff me to the
bed. Finish the job off.
- Press can be seen as a
problem sometimes.
- Oh, I'm sorry, do you
watch the news at night?
Do you read the paper
in the morning?
Do you think it's an
accident why I'm still here?
- Well...
- Why I'm here in the
first place? You know what
I'm talking about.
You wouldn't be here
yourself if you didn't
want to know what was going on.
- Alan, you're right. Okay?
- Thank you.
- Definitely a part of
the reason why I'm here.
It was definitely
an accident that
brought you here, though.
- We're gonna need an
obit for the broadcast.
-I'm writing it?
- I can get somebody else...
- I want it.
- Well, you better get to it.
- David, is the medical
report ready?
- He just finished them
up now, Steve.
- I've just been informed
that the hospital
is going to make
an official statement.
- Well, my notes are
all in that file.
- And you saw that I checked it.
They are detailed and accurate.
- They asked me to
make this statement.
- Makes sense.
It's your department.
- I suppose. Would you
like to attend?
-No, thank you.
- David, maybe you should.
You did the surgery.
If they have any
questions you could...
- Dick, thank you, but no.
-Why not?
-I had a long night.
Good night, Dr. marks.
Dr. Lynn.
- If that surgery were a
success, he'd be chomping
at the bit to attend.
- Steven, a lot of things
would be different if
the surgery was a success.
Mrs. Lennon would
like to speak with you.
She's signing for her
husband's effects.
-Thank you.
Mrs. Lennon.
- I need you to do
something for me.
If you could give me thirty
minutes to get home.
I need to be the one
to tell our son.
I don't want him to hear
it from the news.
- Unfortunately, I'm not
confident if that is going
to make much of a difference.
With the police response,
and the growing commotion
outside the building.
I'm certain that we can hold off
making the official statement.
-Thank you, doctor.
-Pardon me.
-Thank you.
- Please do not
block the street.
There's gonna be a
public statement in the
Winston lobby shortly.
- Go outside and go help the
cops handle the situation.
- Is the street clear?
- No, sir.
There's a swarm of
press out there.
You open that door and
it's a stampede.
- You assured me you
would take care of it.
- We are extremely
understaffed for
this kind of response.
- Didn't you tell them
that there would be a
statement in the lobby?
-Twice. The lobby's full.
So is the ambulance yard
across the street.
- We gotta clear that
door, but don't move
until Mrs. Lennon
is ready to go.
- I'll inform the police.
- How bad is it out there?
- You can't tell the press
from the crazies anymore.
- How is he? Are they
done operating?
-He's gone.
- Is that more security for me?
- Was that her?
- Hey, hey!
-Is your radio on?
- It's complete radio silence.
I'm sorry I wish I could
be more helpful.
- That's not happening.
- Bud, bud...
He was 40 years-old
and is survived by
a wife and two sons.
While always popular,
Lennon was frequently a
controversial figure.
He used fame to give voice
to the cause of world peace
and asked us to imagine
a world where we can
live as one.
The irony of such a peaceful
man dying so violently
does not seem to have
silenced his message.
Mobs of fans have
spontaneously descended
on the Dakota and
Roosevelt hospital.
Police have had to shut down
several streets and avenues
to control the crowds.
These unexpected gatherings
seem to be outpourings of
affection and a celebration
of John's legacy.
-Alan! Really?
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Where do you think you're going?
Get back up here.
Come on. Easy, easy...
And what are you still
doing here, Reilly?
- Waiting to see what
time you get off.
- Out! Now.
- Okay.
Excuse me.
- Mhmm.
- Take care of yourself, Alan.
- All right, let's take
a look at that hip.
- Oh ho ho, doc,
what's the story?
- Story about what?
- Is he alive?
Is he dead?
Is he braindead? Did he
make a miraculous recovery
because he was pretty
dead when I saw him.
What's the story?!
- I'm sorry, Alan,
I can't tell you.
But there will be a
press conference
in a few minutes, okay?
- Doc!
I'm not exactly in any
condition to attend!
- I'm sorry, but I
can't answer you.
- Don't you work in the E.D, ?
- Weren't you the doctor?
- I'm the doctor on call.
- So if someone comes in
with a gunshot wound,
wouldn't that person
require your assistance if
they were still alive?
Doc, give me something
- media blackout, Alan.
All right?
Patient or not,
that includes you
- I wanna be checked out
of the hospital.
- Not without an X-ray.
- Did you always wanna
be a doctor?
- Yes.
But why is that relevant?
- Say you're walking down
the street, all right, and
this kid runs into the middle
of the street and gets
hit by a car.
You run to save him but by
the time you get there,
there's a crowd, there's
cops, they won't let
you through. You say you're
a doctor, they don't
believe you.
You have no credentials
but it turns out to be the
son of the president
of the hospital.
How would you feel?
What would you do?
That you couldn't get to him?
- Well, it depends.
- On what?
- Am I doing it because he's
the president's son?
Or because it's the
right thing to do?
- I can only imagine how
I come across being a
news producer and all but
I'll be honest with you.
I am a journalist first
and human being second.
But right now,
both my titles align,
telling me it's the
right thing to do.
So give me something.
Give me something, doc, come on.
Come on.
Give me something.
Good try.
I'm sorry, I can't tell you.
I'm going to go see to see if
the X-ray is ready
for you, okay?
- Howard [On tv[: The
dolphins win sixteen
to thirteen over the patriots.
-Thank you.
Oh! Fffuu!
-Sir? Sir, sir sir.
Come on, let me get you in.
You all right?
Can you support yourself?
Sir. Are you dizzy?
-Did he make it?
- Phil!
- Alan!
- I got off the record
confirmation that he's dead.
- Alan. Thank god! Arledge
decided to run with your
lead and Cosell flashed it
on Monday night football.
We just broke the biggest
story of our careers.
Hold on, I'm sure
ABC radio wants to do
a follow-up with you.
I'm going to push you
through, man.
Who do we have on the line?
- My name is Alan Weiss.
I'm a producer at
eye witness news in New York.
- So you were there when
they brought him in?
- Yes, I was inside the
emergency department
when they brought
John Lennon in.
- All right, Alan,
can you tell us
exactly what happened?
- Yeah. I'll do my best
to tell you as much as I know
with as much detail as I can.
My gurney was situated
outside the O.R.
Where they worked on him.
-So you saw him come in?
- No, I didn't. All I saw
was blood, I didn't know
who it was. I thought I
overheard his name.
I confirmed it.
I got to a phone.
I called my desk.
- Can you confirm that he
was brought in by the police?
- Yes, that's correct.
Two police officers
brought him in, I believe.
-What's happening now?
-I'm not sure.
I'm currently in the
general hospital.
I was escorted out by security.
- Calling it a night?
- Why'd you call him?
-Excuse me?
- Why'd you call Dr. Lynn?
You didn't trust me?
You didn't think I
can handle it?
- David, no. It's just his
department. He needed to...
-Can I have five minutes?
The voice of my youth just
died on my table.
I had his heart in my
hand. I had John Lennon's
still heart in my hand, so
can I have five minutes where
I don't react well to that?
- Sure you can.
It's understandable.
-Then why are you here?
- I was just coming to
check up on you.
You weren't the only one
in that room today.
I'm sorry that you got
blind-sided, but this
is the path we chose and this
is the world we live in.
And I'm sorry I even bothered.
That man had a great life.
It's just a pity it
got cut short.
But know it wasn't your fault.
There was no gun in your hand.
-Have the crowds cleared?
- Everyone's waiting for
the statement.
- John Lennon was brought to
the emergency department
shortly before 11 pm.
He had no vital signs at
the time of arrival.
Emergency surgery was done in an
attempt to resuscitate him.
He was pronounced dead
at 11:15 pm.
I will not take any questions.
He was shot how many times?
He had multiple gun
shot wounds to his chest,
to left arm, and to his back.
How many times was he shot?
- There were seven
wounds in his body.
Seven bullets?
I don't know
exactly how many bullets.
There were just seven wounds.
Who did the surgery?
There was a
significant injury to the
major vessels in his chest.
Which led to a massive
amount of blood loss
which resulted in his death.
Did he lose consciousness
right away do you think?
- I am certain that he was dead
when the first gun
shots hit his body.
Thank you.
You have sort of
an arm's distance
from the stories you cover.
And most of those things
just didn't affect
me as a person.
John Lennon affected me
as a person.
It broke down that wall
of separation between
being a journalist and
being a person.
And I've carried that
forward ever since then.
I've always looked at news
ever since then
more as a person than just
as a journalist.
I had no idea that
I was gonna be a nurse.
I kinda was in high school
and someone said,
"well what are you gonna do?
So I made a like list
and a dislike list
and I knew I wasn't going
to be a teacher
because I hate kids.
And knew I was going to
become a secretary.
And I couldn't become a
surgeon because there were
no such thing as female
surgeons in those days
so I became an E.R. nurse.
Am I still working as a surgeon?
Yes, I am, I've been a
surgeon for the last
thirty-three years and
still working full-time.
I've been a registered nurse
for forty years.
I am still working.
I'm a consultant right now.
I'm not working in a hospital.
But I still am actively
working as a r.N.
I don't think I ever will stop.
- You have to understand
that in the 70s...
New York was in tough shape.
The famous headline from
the daily news:
"Ford to New York City:
Drop dead."
New York was teetering on the
edge of bankruptcy,
so it was just pulling itself
out of that difficulty.
It wasn't as trendy and
"chi-chi" as it is now.
It was a bit more of a
gritty city.
-It was pre-Gulianni.
So there was a lot of violence
in Times Square.
There was a lot of violence
- Friday and Saturday nights,
you could always expect
two shootings, three stabbings,
or a prostitue who went down...
Off the staircase in
their building down the block.
Always good for that.
- The room where they
brought Lennon in was
right next to where I
was on the gurney.
So the edge of my gurney matched
the entry-way into the room,
so if you wanted
to draw a line from my gurney
to where John Lennon was?
Maybe six feet.
- We didn't know until
well into resuscitation
who it was.
- Do I remember Alan
Weiss that night?
Yes, he was the plague of
my existence that night
- I remember Alan Weiss was
being a total pain
in the ass.
He was on a stretcher
in the hallway
and he kept trying to get
closer and closer to 115,
which was the trauma room.
- And we're working on him
and his heart is intact.
We were pumping his heart.
-We cracked his chest...
- to try and reach his
subclavian to stop
the bleeding...
- and at the same time
Dr. marks,
who is an attending surgeon
at Roosevelt,
he had apparently seen Yoko Ono
put in the back of a police car
because he lives in
that neighborhood
and he came into the hospital
and he came in and he said,
"that is John Lennon."
- And everyone kept
doing what they do
which was what we did best.
Whenever we were working
on any patient,
you blank out who
the patient is.
You just do your job.
-Here's the dilemma.
I'm lying on the bed.
I've heard it's John Lennon
who has been shot.
I've seen Yoko Ono.
So now, I'm pretty sure
it's John Lennon
and I have to get
to the newsroom.
I have to get the information
to the newsroom.
- And to find out that
the police
actually let him use our phone,
I was not happy with
the police either.
- The officer who had
brought me in
had finished filing his report
and just came to say
goodbye to me
and he saw that I was
no longer on the gurney
and he saw me standing at the
end of the hallway...
He was a really nice guy and
came running up and said,
"what are you doing standing up?
We brought you in on
a stretcher."
And I said to him, "well,
haven't you heard it was
John Lennon?"
And he said, "what are you
talking about?
-We kept working on him.
We worked on him for about
thirty to forty-five
minutes, approximately.
We had no pulse,
no blood pressure and
pronounced him dead
after an effort.
-When we lose somebody,
it's always somber.
Because we don't think we
should ever lose anybody.
- And there also is
a feeling of failure.
That we didn't do quite
what we wanted to do
that night.
- I probably got out of
the hospital
a good hour after the
press conference, so
everybody knew by the time
I got out of the hospital.
All I remember is that it
was like a feeding frenzy.
There were just cameras, lights,
microphones, reporters.
- So the police actually
took me home
when they were taking the
medical examiner
up to the Dakota
because he wanted to see.
As I was walking out to
the police car,
some jerk in the street
yelled and offered me
five hundred dollars for
my bloody pants.
- Yoko Ono, who is one
of the most dignified
women I've ever met
in my entire life,
she was in control of herself.
She was extremey sad as
any woman would be
who lost her husband.
-I wish...
the world knew...
that not only...
Did this not need to happen,
it shouldn't have happened.
Here you have the talent
of a generation,
a once in a generation talent.
Everything created:
His music, his art...
Snuffed out by a senseeless
act of violence.
I think it takes a whole
lot to create something
and it takes so little
to destroy something.
- How much better would
the world be today?
I guess you can use
John's own words.
We can only imagine.