The Leopard (1963) Movie Script

Sancta Maria, Mater Dei,
ora pro nobis peccatoribus,
nunc et in hora mortis nostrae.
Gloria Patri et Filii
et Spiritu Sancto,
sicut erat in principio nunc et
semper in secula saeculorum. Amen.
The second mystery consists in
Jesus' flagellation by the pillar.
Pater noster qui es in coelis
sanctificatur nomen tuum,
adveniat regnum tuum, fiat voluntas
tua sicut in coela et in terra,
panem nostrum quotidianum da nobis
hodie, dimitte nobis debita nostra
sicut nos dimittimus
debitorum nostris
et ne nos inducat in tentationem
sed libera nos a malo. Amen.
Ave Maria, gratia plena, Dominus
tecum, benedicta tu in mulieribus,
et benedictus fructus ventris
tui Jesus.
Sancta Maria, Mater Dei,
ora pro nobis peccatoribus,
nunc et in hora mortis nostrae.
Ave Maria, gratia plena, Dominus
tecum, benedicta tu in mulieribus,
et benedictus fructus ventris
tui Jesus.
Sancta Maria, Mater Dei,
ora pro nobis peccatoribus,
nunc et in hora mortis nostrae.
Ave Maria, gratia plena, Dominus
tecum, benedicta tu in mulieribus,
et benedictus fructus ventris
tui Jesus.
Sancta Maria, Mater Dei,
ora pro nobis peccatoribus,
nunc et in hora mortis nostrae.
Ave Maria, gratia plena, Dominus
tecum, benedicta tu in mulieribus,
et benedictus fructus ventris
tui Jesus.
Sancta Maria, Mater Dei,
ora pro nobis peccatoribus,
nunc et in hora mortis nostrae.
Ave Maria, gratia plena, Dominus
tecum, benedicta tu in mulieribus,
et benedictus fructus ventris
tui Jesus.
Sancta Maria, Mater Dei,
ora pro nobis peccatoribus,
nunc et in hora mortis nostrae.
Ave Maria, gratia plena, Dominus
tecum, benedicta tu in mulieribus,
et benedictus fructus ventris
tui Jesus.
Sancta Maria, Mater Dei,
ora pro nobis peccatoribus,
nunc et in hora mortis nostrae.
Where are you going?
You can't go! Come back!
Ave Maria, gratia plena, Dominus
tecum, benedicta tu in mulieribus,
et benedictus fructus ventris
tui Jesus.
Sancta Maria, Mater Dei,
ora pro nobis peccatoribus,
nunc et in hora mortis nostrae.
Ave Maria, gratia plena, Dominus
tecum, benedicta tu in mulieribus,
et benedictus fructus...
What's all this fuss about?
- What happened? Speak up!
- Excellency, please, forgive us...
but they found
a dead soldier in the garden.
Terrible riots are taking place
all over the country.
They brought this letter
from the Duke of Malvica.
He says it's a very urgent matter.
"Dear Fabrizio, read the horrible
news on the newspaper.
The Piedmontese have landed,
we're lost.
Tonight, my whole family and I
will take shelter
on the English ships at anchor.
I'm sure you'll do the same.
God save our beloved King.
I hug you. " What a coward!
"An act of piracy was committed
on the 11th of May
after the landing
of armed people in Marsala.
It has subsequently been discovered
that it was the 800 men
driven by Garibaldi.
The bandits were able to avoid a
confrontation with the royal troops
by heading to Castelvetrano, where
they harmed the peaceful citizens
- ...with robberies and
devastations. " - Garibaldi!
Paolo, you must move
to the Palermo palace.
- If we leave a house empty,
we'll lose it. - No, please!
Fabrizio, it's too dangerous!
Fabrizio, don't! Don't!
We're at war!
- Francesco Paolo, call Mim.
- Yes, father.
Mim! Mim!
This is a revolution!
Mon Dieu! C'est sa crise!
Oh, Madame!
Les gouttes!
I'm suffocating!
Concetta, dpche toi! Vite!
Voil, Madame, voil.
Buvez a et a ira mieux.
Mim! Domenico!
- Mim's coming, dad.
- Dad! - Mim! - Dad!
- Your Excellency, forgive me,
but we found a dead... - I know!
Mim, go tell Don Antonio to hitch
the bays to the coup. Go, go!
- I'll head to Palermo right
after dinner. - Yes, Excellency.
- Father Pirrone.
- Yes?
- You'll go with me.
- Me? - Right.
God protect us.
The streets are full of soldiers!
Stella, calm down.
You'll spend two hours with your
friends at Casa Professa.
- We'll be back by eleven.
- Fine, Excellency.
We're gonna have lunch
in half an hour.
All of us!
- What shall we do? - Salve
Regina, Mater misericordiae,
vita, dulcedo et spes nostra,
A te clamamos exule filii Hevae,
a te suspiramus gementes et flentes
in hac lacrimarum valle.
Eja ergo advocata nostra,
illos tuos misericordiae oculos
ad nos convertes.
Et Jesus benedictum fructus ventris
tui, nobis hoc exilium ostende.
O clemens, o pia,
o dulcis Virgo Maria.
The stench of these swines doesn't
stop even when they're dead.
- Salvatore, did you inform
the barracks? - Yes sir.
Excellency, we've already told
the barracks to come and get him.
Awful times, Excellency,
awful times.
Excellency, look at the fires
on the mountains!
- They're the rebels' camps.
- I can see them myself, Father.
Is Your Excellency by any chance
worried about Don Tancredi?
Don Tancredi should avoid
bad and dangerous company.
- It is not Tancredi's fault!
It's the times'! - Yes, I agree.
a young man of good family
can't even play cards without
running into dangerous people.
- Yes, I understand, Excellency.
- Stop it, then.
- Even though, a little bit
of caution... - Oh, come on!
Sergeant! Sergeant!
Checkpoint of Villa Airoldi!
- Good evening, Excellency. - Good
evening. - I'm sorry, Excellency.
Let them pass. It is His Excellency
the Prince Salina.
- Good-bye, Excellence.
- Good-bye.
Let them pass!
This country would be wonderful,
Excellency, if...
If there were not so many Jesuits!
I'll come and pick you up in two
hours. And... enjoy your prayers.
Let's go!
- Where could we go?
- At the inn by the harbor. - Yes.
Good evening, handsome sir!
- Melina, he's not for you. - Leave
me alone, mind your own business.
My dear Prince!
- Hello, Uncle.
- Tancredi!
- What were you up to,
last night, huh? - Last night?
Absolutely nothing, Uncle!
I was with friends.
It was a caste night.
Whereas I know about people
who were having fun in Palermo.
- Like whom?
- Well, yourself, Uncle.
I saw you with my own eyes
at Villa Airoldi
talking to the Sergeant
by the checkpoint.
You're too old for that!
Plus, with a Reverend Father!
- Oh, the libertine remainings!
- Well, it's true, after all.
Why are you dressed like that?
What's going on?
- A morning costume ball?
- I'm leaving in an hour.
- I'm here to say good-bye.
- Why?
Where are you going?
It's not a duel, is it?
Yes, a big one: a duel with the
King, with "Franceschiello".
I'm going to the mountains,
up to Ficuzza.
Something great is going to happen,
and I don't want to stay at home.
- Even if I did, they'd get me
right away! - Are you crazy?
Those people are mafia men!
They're all crooks!
- A Falconeri ought to stay with
us, on the King's side! - Sure!
What king, though? You've
said it yourself so many times:
"If only King Ferdinando
was still alive!".
But Franceschiello...
No, dear uncle, no way.
Do you think that the so-called
"Gentleman" will be better?
He'll speak Turin dialect instead
of Neapolitan! That's it!
What about
Don Peppino Mazzini's Republic?
Believe me, Uncle,
if it weren't for us,
they'd set up a republic
in no time.
For everything to remain the same,
everything must change!
Did I make myself clear?
I'll see you soon, Uncle.
I'll be back with the Tricolor!
The Tricolor!
You all fill your mouth up
with this word!
What is it compared to our
white banner with the golden lily?
- What good will
a clash of colors do? - Wait.
- And you'll see I'm right.
- You're a dreamer!
Good-bye, Uncle.
See you soon!
- Bye, Rosalia, see you soon.
- Au revoir, Tancredi.
- Carolina.
- Good-bye.
- Bye!
- Bye.
- Good-bye! - Good-bye!
- Au revoir, Tancredi! - Bye!
What are you doing? You won't
support the revolution, will you?
Thank you so much, Uncle.
See you soon!
Give my aunt a hug for me!
Concetta, don't.
I'll be back soon.
Bye, Concettina, see you soon.
Let's go.
- Good morning, Excellency.
- Good morning, Father.
- Is Your Excellency here
to confess? - It's not Saturday.
Excellency, you should
listen to me and confess.
You see, Father, there's no need,
you already know everything.
- Confession isn't simply
telling our sins. - I know...
- It consists in repenting
for them. - I know!
What do you want from me?
I'm a vigorous man.
I can't be content with a woman who
crosses herself before hugging me!
And who, afterwards,
can only say "Jesus and Mary"!
I had seven kids with her.
You know what?
I never saw her navel!
It this fair? I'm asking you,
Father, is it fair?
She is the sinner.
I'm afraid I was too brusque.
Please, forgive me.
But do listen to me:
come to confession!
It doesn't even cross my mind!
Not today, at least.
I made a few important
political discoveries.
Do you know what's going on
in our country? Nothing at all.
Just an imperceptible
change in ranks.
The middle-classes
don't want to destroy us,
they just want to take our place,
kindly, though,
maybe slipping a few thousand
ducats in our pockets.
And then, everything
will be the same as ever.
You see, Father, we live
in the country of arrangements.
In a few words, sir, you plan on
coming to terms with the Liberals.
Even, with the Masons.
At our expense,
at the expense of the Church.
It is obvious that all our riches,
that actually belong to the poor,
will be grabbed by and split among
the most impudent ringleaders.
What will become of those destitute
the Church feeds and guides?
How will those desperate
be pacified? I'll tell you.
We'll give them all your lands,
bit by bit!
Our Lord healed the blind in body,
but what will become
of the blind in spirit?
We're not blind in spirit,
dear Father.
We're just human beings living
in a world that's changing.
What are we supposed to do?
The Church was explicitly
promised immortality.
As a social class,
we were promised nothing.
To us, eternity adds up
to a hundred years!
We have no obligation beyond
what we can see with our own eyes.
The Church does,
because it is bound to last.
- Comfort is implicit in its
desperation. - Excellency!
Do you think, Father, that if
one day the Church had the chance
to save itself sacrificing us,
it would hesitate?
It wouldn't, but that's fair.
You'll have two sins to confess,
on Saturday, Excellency:
last night's carnal sin,
and today's spiritual. Remember.
Look at this beauty, Father.
It'll take more than Vittorio
Emanuele to deprive us
of the magic potion
we daily get to drink.
Let him go!
Come on, hurry, quick!
Come on!
Aim! Fire!
Go away, you traitors!
You rogues! Go away!
- Get him! Get him!
- Traitor! - Stop him!
Here he is!
- Let me go! I'm innocent!
No! No! - Traitor!
- Let's hang him!
- Let's hang him!
I'm innocent!
Let me go!
- Murderer!
- Help! Let me go!
- Let's hang him!
- Coward!
Let's go!
All clear, go!
Keep to the wall!
Follow me!
- Come! Come!
- That way! That way!
- Save us! Save us!
- The Garibaldians are here!
- Help me!
- Here! Come here!
He's a murderer! Let's take
the law into our own hands!
- He's a coward!
- Careful!
Come on, follow me!
- The cavalry!
- Don't fire, not yet! Wait!
Let's go!
First platoon, forward, march!
- Second platoon, forward, march!
- Everybody stay down!
Aim! Fire!
Aim! Fire!
- Bring some water! Quick!
- A doctor! Call a doctor!
- Hey, you, come here!
- What do you want?
- What's going on?
- They've gone!
- They must have reached the
harbor, by now! - Let's go! Go!
Jesus and Mary help us!
What do you reckon, Father?
Will these glorious new times
bring better summers?
Well... no...
The Government...
Hey! Get out of the way!
Move it!
- Stop! No one can pass!
- Move it!
- Stop! - Why? - The streets
are closed. - We have a pass.
No use,
the street to Bisaquino is closed!
- Halt! Stop the carriages!
- Stop! - Halt!
- I'm sorry, no one can go through.
- Stop them, they can't go through.
Let me see the pass, please.
- It seems our pass is not valid.
- That's not what I said.
We were told that all the passes
are to be considered suspended.
Do you think we're having fun?
If I tell you to go back,
it means you have to go back.
Clear the way,
let the carriages go through!
Halt! Stop!
Where do you think you're going?
No way, nobody can go through!
I am Captain Falconeri,
I fought in Palermo on your side!
- I received an order, what should
I do? - Mine is an order as well!
- Clear the way!
- Yes sir, fine, we will!
Come on, move aside, move,
clear the way.
Careful, move, move!
Come on!
Come on, come on!
Since you live amongst
the nobility, tell us:
what do the lords say
about this war?
What does the Prince Salina
think, as proud as he is?
You see, the lords, as you call
them, are not easily understood.
They live in their own universe,
which was not created by God,
but by themselves,
through centuries
of painful
and joyful experiences.
They rejoice or suffer for things
that mean nothing to us,
but that are vital to them.
I don't mean to say that the lords
are bad, on the contrary.
They are just... different.
They don't care about things
that are very important to us,
but they are afraid
of things we ignore.
Take the Prince Salina,
for example.
He couldn't possibly bear
to loose his house in Donnafugata,
where we're now going.
But... if you ask him what
he thinks about the revolution,
he'll say there was
no revolution at all,
- ...that everything will be the
same as ever. - I hope not!
We'd better read the breviary.
Let's see... Psalm 44.
"Effundit cor meum
verbum bonum dico ego
carmen meum regi, lingua mea stilus
et scribae velocis.
Speciosus est forma prae filiis
hominum, diffusa est gratia
super labia tua: propterea
benedixit tibi Deus in aeternum.
Cinge gladium tuum
super fenur potentissime,
decorum tuum et ornatum tuum.
Come on, hurry up.
Lay it out well, come on! You get
the bottles, and you the glasses!
Let's hurry, come on!
Quick, they're coming!
Whatever you command,
and let's hope for the best!
I'm so glad to see you again,
- Now we'll rest a little.
- Sure.
- You'll sit under those trees.
- We'll soon head to Donnafugata.
- Did the soldiers pass by?
- They sure did.
- Did they cause any damage?
- Yes...
- C'est pire qu'en Algerie! - This
certainly isn't Algeria, my dear!
- It feels so good! Do you want to
refresh a little? - Yes. - Here.
Put it on your temples
and forehead.
It's so cool!
It feels really good!
- You feel better, huh?
- Oh, yes!
Let's join the others,
the food will soon be gone!
May I have it back?
Come on, let's go.
You're hungry, huh?
- Father Pirrone, this is for you.
- The meat is excellent!
Everybody said: "His Excellency
won't be able to leave Palermo.
It can't be expected that
he'll travel in times like these.
Who knows what happened
to His Excellency and his family!"
But they're all safe.
Thank God!
Of course we are! What did you
expect would happen to us?
Everything went just fine.
In fact, a few days after
Garibaldi's arrival to Palermo,
Tancredi had brought home
a nice Tuscan General
who wished to admire
the villa's frescoes.
He was very helpful in providing
the passes to Donnafugata.
My family and I are very pleased
to have you here, General.
Thank you, Excellency.
He called you "Excellency"!
It's his first infraction
to Garibaldi's orders!
- Concetta!
- Welcome back.
- Mademoiselle.
- Tancredi.
Dear aunt...
General, my nephew told me you
wish to see the villa's frescoes.
I'd love to, Excellency.
It'll soon be dark,
so let's do it now.
In the middle, Flashing Jupiter,
Juno, Mars, Venus and Mercury.
On that side, Thetis is preceded
by a host of tritons and dryads,
and Apollo surrounded by clouds.
They're all exalting the glory
of Casa Salina.
- Do you want a mint?
- Yes, just the ones I like!
That's why I brought them!
- He's so pale... Are we sure the
wound is not bad? - Excuse me?
a promotion is well worth a wound!
I found myself
in those same places,
but what I can no longer find
are those days!
I found myself
in those same places,
but what I can no longer find
are those days!
The coaches are coming!
I'm pleased to welcome
Their Excellencies.
- Don Onofrio, how are you?
- Well, Excellency.
The palace is in the exact state
you left it in.
- Very well, Don Onofrio.
- Finally!
L! Rosalie, quelle poussire, toi
aussi, pauvre petite, viens ici.
Very well indeed, Don Onofrio.
I am proud of shaking hands with
one who was wounded in Palermo!
I was made Captain just because
I got a gnat in the eye!
I know you did a lot for our cause,
Don Calogero!
- Crispi spoke very nicely about
you. - Thank you very much.
- Don Ciccio!
- Welcome back, Excellency.
Dear Teresina, it's such a pleasure
to see you again.
And you, of course.
So, what is new?
What do you mean?
- I don't know, Excellency...
Do you mind if... - Go ahead.
Te Deum laudamus!
Te Dominum confitemur.
Te aeternum Patrem
omnis terra veneratur.
Tibis omnes Angeli...
- Remember the invitations
to dinner for tonight. - Yes.
- You must invite the wives
as well. - Why? - It's better.
Invite Don Calogero and his wife,
the notary and his,
and Don Ciccio Tumeo, who,
thank God, doesn't have one.
- And all the others after dinner.
- Yes.
Sanctus, Sanctus,
Sanctus Dominus Deus Sabaoth.
Pleni sunt caeli et terra
maiestatis gloriae tuae.
Te gloriosus Apostulorum chorus,
Te Prophetarum laudabilis numerus.
- What?
- It's Mim, Excellency.
- Father Pirrone...
- What about him?
He wishes to see Your Excellency
- Fine, then, let him in.
- Yes, Excellency.
May I come in, Excellency?
I'm so sorry, I didn't know...
- Don't be silly, Father.
- Yes, Excellency.
You are used to the nudity of the
soul, the body's is more innocent.
- Give me my bathrobe.
- Excuse me? - The bathrobe!
Sure, here.
Come on, Father!
- Harder, Father, come on!
- Yes, Excellency.
- Take my suggestion. - Yes?
- Do have a bath, once in a while.
Take a seat. Sit down!
Tell me,
what's all this hurry for?
Well, Excellency...
I am in charge
of a very delicate mission.
A person you care very much about,
chose to open her heart to me,
and asked me to tell you,
maybe wrongly convinced
of your admiration for me...
- Could you be more concise?
- Of course, Excellency. You see...
- Come on, Father! Who is it?
The Princess? - Not at all!
The Princess is very tired,
she's resting, now.
I'm talking about Miss Concetta.
She's in love.
Miss Concetta?
Ah! Rubbish!
I'm sorry if I've upset you,
I didn't think...
You see, Father a man can think of
himself as still young, even at 45.
But when he realizes his kids
are grown enough to fall in love,
old age becomes
all of a sudden overwhelming.
You haven't even asked me who...
the boy Miss Concetta...
No need.
She's so silly,
why didn't she tell me herself?
What am I supposed to say?
Well, Excellency, the wish to found
a Christian family
is very much welcomed
by the Church,
and Christ's presence at Cana...
Let's not lose track,
Father, please!
I mean to talk about
this one wedding,
not the Cana Wedding,
or wedding in general!
Has Don Tancredi proposed already?
When did he?
Well, I don't think he has made
any straight proposal, yet.
But Miss Concetta has no doubts.
His care, his looks, his words...
The little Princess
is sure he loves her
and she feels the proposal
is about to come.
Don't worry, Father,
we're not in danger, yet.
These are the fantasies
of a romantic, shy girl.
- Why do you say "danger"?
- Father, can you picture her...
as ambassadress
to Vienna or St. Petersburg?
I love Concetta, I like her.
She's so quiet and submissive.
- But Tancredi... Tancredi has
a great future! - Yes, but...
Come on, Father, how could ever
Concetta, so virtuous and shy,
help a husband climb the slippery
stairs of the new society?
Tancredi needs money.
Concetta will get a dowry,
of course.
But the fortunes of the family will
have to be split in seven!
Mark, I said seven.
Tancredi needs a lot more.
One of the Sutera girls,
for instance.
Yeah, I know, I know.
They're so ugly, poor things!
- But so rich, Father, very, very
rich! - Yes, but what about...
What? Love?
Yeah, right, love! It moves
heaven and earth for a year,
and nothing for the remaining
thirty. I know what love is.
- What? - Excellency, what dress
do you wish to wear for dinner?
Father, you'll tell Concetta
that I'm not upset at all,
but that we'll face the subject
when it'll be more than a fantasy.
- What should I wear?
Any of my tailcoats. - Very well.
- Au revoir, Father.
- Excellency...
Dad! Don Calogero is coming up the
stairs. He's wearing a tailcoat!
A tailcoat!
Uncle, these news have affected you
more than the landing in Marsala.
Don Calogero with a white tie
is the sign there's a revolution!
Yes, it is a tailcoat indeed,
but... look at it!
And the shoes!
- Good evening, Don Calogero.
- Good evening, Prince.
- My wife... isn't feeling well.
- I'm very sorry. - Thank you.
I hope Their Excellencies will
allow my daughter Angelica's
coming in her place.
Of course! Come, please.
For a whole month she's done
nothing but talk about
how much it would please her
to meet you, now that she's grown.
I remember her very well,
as a child. She was so cute!
We'll be glad to see her again.
- Good evening, Don Calogero.
- Good evening, Miss.
- Princess...
- Good evening, Don Calogero.
My daughter will be here soon.
She wasn't quite ready, yet.
It's such a short walk
from our place.
- We'll wait for her, Don Calogero.
- My wife isn't well. - I'm sorry!
As I was telling you, the Church
is in very bad conditions.
- I thought you had it repaired
last year. - I did!
But the eaves are all broken...
- Lovely.
- Pardon me, Princess.
Dear Angelica!
I haven't seen you in ages!
You're much changed.
Not for the worse.
We're very lucky, Miss Angelica,
to have the chance
to welcome such a beautiful flower
in our house. I hope...
- I hope we'll see you often,
in the future. - Thank you.
I can see the goodness you show me
is the same you've always shown
towards my dear dad.
- How are you, Miss Concetta?
- Don't be so formal, Angelica.
- Good evening, Father.
- Good evening, dear.
Count, let me introduce
my daughter Angelica to you.
Dinner's served!
That's the way to do it!
According to tradition!
It smells really good!
- Was your trip tiring?
- Not too much.
- You haven't been served, yet,
I'm so sorry. - Oh, no problem.
- Here.
- Oh, awesome!
- Cute, isn't she?
- Yes, Concetta.
The cottage I'm having built
outside the village, Princess,
will be plain, but...
very comfortable!
We're all very hungry! Imagine
had we begun with a potage!
Yes, isn't that true? It's fair,
but... unforgettable days...
Just a password going from mouth
to mouth, arms and armed.
Now, the General knows
that when Sicilians decide to move,
they go all the way.
What about you? Why have you
chosen to be a Garibaldian?
"If you do not disdain having
Garibaldi as brother in arms,
he has just one wish:
to fight at your side. "
These are Garibaldi's words.
Plus, I had no idea
it was gonna be so hard!
I've never walked so much
in my whole life!
- The night march on Gibilrossa...
- Did you get to meet Bixio?
Bixio? He's so stubborn! They're
all stubborn and eccentric!
I had the chance to see a quarrel
between Bixio and La Masa...
And the taking of Porta Termini?
I saw part of it as well.
Believe me, Miss,
I had a great deal of fun!
Especially on the night
of the 28th of May.
The General needed a lookout
on top of the Origlione Monastery.
He knocks and knocks.
He curses, but nobody opens.
It was a convent
for enclosed nuns!
By the way, tomorrow we're going
to the Monastery of Santo Spirito
to pray on the grave
of Beata Corbera, Reverend.
Good! Those good nuns know
about Their Excellencies' visit.
They're getting ready for it!
We always go the day after
our arrival here.
So, what happened?
I'll tell you.
Tassoni, Aldrighetti, me and a few
others try to break the door down.
No way. So, we run to get a beam
from a bombed house
and we finally
get to tear the door down.
We get in and find nobody.
All of a sudden, we hear screams
coming from a corner.
The nuns had hidden
in the chapel, by the altar!
Who knows why they were so scared
of a few exasperated youngsters!
It was pretty funny:
they were so old and ugly,
in their black veils,
their eyes wide open,
all of them awaiting...
They were whining like bitches.
And Tassoni yells: "No way,
sisters, we have no time, now.
We'll be back when you'll have
some... novices available!"
We all laughed our heart out.
We left them, and went to fire
on the Royal troops from the top.
Ten minutes afterwards,
I was wounded.
You must have been good fun, all
of you. I wish I had been there.
If you had been there, Miss,
there would have been no need
to wait for the novices!
Tancredi! These are things
to confess to a priest!
You don't tell them to ladies!
Not while I'm there, at least.
Fine, he's right and I'll help him.
But it can't be denied
he's a bit of a vile.
Oh, the pretty Gigogin!
Oh, the pretty Gigogin!
- At fifteen I made love!
- Take one step forward!
Delight of my heart!
- At sixteen I got married.
- Take one step forward.
Delight of my heart!
- At seventeen I separated!
- Take one step forward!
Delight of my heart!
- Hooray for Italy!
- Hooray for Italy!
- Hooray for United Italy!
- Hooray for Italy!
Don't be so sad, Father.
We're not at a funeral, are we?
- I hate this wind!
- You should thank the Lord.
If it wasn't for this wind,
the air would stink!
You must respect the line! You get
here first, you vote first!
We do not...
Donnafugata's Cavour!
Excellency, it's a great honor
to me, because...
Don Onofrio!
Rotolo Onofrio.
- Have you voted?
- No, he does not live here.
We'll pause for a few minutes.
May I have the honor to ask Your
Excellencies to accept a drink?
Beppina! The refreshments!
Take a seat, please.
- Excellency. - I'll have white
wine, thank you. It's lighter.
A late homage
to the Bourbonist flag.
I can't drink, today.
I'm not feeling well.
- My bowels are very upset.
- That doesn't matter, not today.
I never drink, thank you.
- Don Calogero, I accept with great
pleasure. - Thank you, Prince.
I'd like to say a few words, but...
great happiness is dumb!
I am immensely happy
I have the chance to...
I am honored to share with you
the results of the plebiscite
of our town of Donnafugata.
On the 22nd of October 1860,
in Donnafugata, at 6:00pm,
the electoral committee has met to
examine the returns of the polling.
The Sicilian people want
a united and indivisible Italy
with Vittorio Emanuele
as its constitutional king.
- He even insists!
- What a stupid!
The counting of the votes...
The counting of the votes...
The coun...
The counting of the votes
led to the following results:
number of registered voters: 515.
Number of actual voters: 512.
Votes in favor: 512.
Votes against: zero!
So, Don Ciccio, what did you vote
for, on the 21st?
What are you afraid of? It's just
us, the wind and our dogs.
Forgive me, Excellency,
but your question makes no sense.
You know well that in Donnafugata
everybody voted in favor.
They even say
that you're happy about it.
That's true.
So, did you vote in favor?
No, Excellency, I voted against.
And I would do it
a hundred more times!
I know what you had told me about
necessity, unity and opportunity.
Maybe you were right,
I don't understand politics.
But Ciccio Tomeo is a gentleman.
I know I'm poor and miserable,
with my old pants and everything,
but I can't forget
how much I was helped!
You know it very well, Excellency:
the Spanish Queen Isabella,
at the time Duchess of Calabria,
paid for my studies.
I owe her what I am today,
a church organist
honored by the benevolence
of Your Excellency.
In years of strong need, when my
mother presented pleas at court,
we always got what we pleaded for.
If all those kings and queens
watch us from up there,
what will they think?
That Leonardo Tumeo's son
betrayed them? No! No!
Excellency... no! At least,
in heaven they know the truth.
Calm down, now!
I admire your faithfulness
and devotion.
But you must understand
that the people were enthusiastic
about Garibaldi's victories.
The plebiscite was the only remedy
against anarchy, believe me!
To us, this is just
the lesser evil.
After all, the Savoy
still represent a monarchy.
I know that the interests
of the people you love and admire
were frustrated by all this,
but they're still alive.
Something had to change,
for everything to remain unchanged.
The revolution is over.
Let's hope that the new-born Italy
may live and prosper.
Still, I had voted against it!
Those asses at the City Hall
eat up my opinion:
they chew it and shit it
to their own accord.
I said "black",
and they made me say "white".
I was a "faithful subject",
and they made me figure
as a "filthy Bourbonist"!
Everybody's a Savoyard, now!
But the Savoyards
are nothing to me!
- Don Ciccio.
- Excellency?
Tell me something:
you know many people in town.
What do they really think
about Don Calogero?
I believe my opinion
is pretty clear, by now.
I'm interested in knowing the truth
about Don Calogero and his family.
Excellency, the truth
is that Don Calogero is very rich,
and he's also very influential!
He's mean, but also
as smart as the devil himself.
Your Excellency should have seen
him last April:
he was all over the place,
all the time!
He either walked around or rode his
ass, in sunny and rainy weather.
He set up secret groups, preparing
the ground for the newcomers!
A true calamity sent by God!
And this is just the beginning
of his career!
In a few months he'll be a deputy
of the Turin Parliament!
In a few years, when the
Ecclesiastic goods will be sold,
he'll buy the Feud of Marca, that
of Fondacello... for a trifle!
In no time, he'll become the major
landowner of the whole county!
This is Don Calogero, Excellency.
This is "the new man"!
Too bad it should be so.
What about the rest of his family?
What are they like?
nobody has seen his wife for years.
I have, though.
She only goes to the 5:00am mass,
the one nobody attends.
I got up very early, one day,
in order to see her.
Take my word for it, Excellency:
she's as beautiful as the sun.
You can't blame Don Calogero: he's
so ugly that he keeps her hidden.
But, you know how these things go:
people talk, there are rumors.
They say Donna Bastiana
is like an animal:
she can't read no write,
and she can hardly talk.
She can't even love her daughter,
whose only occupation
is sleeping around.
What could one expect,
after all?
Do you know whose daughter
is Donna Bastiana?
Her father was one of your workers
from Runci, Peppe Giunta.
He was so rude
in looks and manners,
that people called him Peppe Shit!
Sorry about the word, Excellency.
Two years after Don Calogero
had eloped with Bastiana,
he was found dead on the road
to Rampinzeri,
with 12 bullets in his back!
- What a scandal!
- What's going on?
I can't believe I hoped
he would marry Concetta!
He's a traitor, just like
all the Liberals of his kind!
He first betrayed the King,
and now us!
He's so fake!
His words are full of sweetness,
but his actions are poisonous!
That is what happens
when you let into your house
people with a different blood
from your own!
Come on, drink this.
Here, drink it.
I've always known it,
but nobody would listen to me!
I've never stood him!
But you liked him!
And now he even has the insolence
to ask you, Prince Salina
and father of the poor girl
he cheated on,
to propose on his behalf to the
father of that little slut!
Don't do it! Don't! Don't!
Shut up!
You don't even know
what you're saying.
Angelica is not a slut.
She may become one, but she's still
just like any other girl.
Only, more beautiful.
She just wants to marry well.
Maybe she's even a bit in love
with our Tancredi, like all of us.
She's rich, Stella,
she has a lot of money.
It's mostly our money, but it's
very well managed by Don Calogero.
This is exactly
what Tancredi needs.
He's ambitious and spends too much
money, that's why he needs a lot.
He never proposed to Concetta,
he hasn't cheated on anybody!
He's just a product of his times,
both in politics
and in his private life.
He is the dearest young man
we know, and I know you agree.
Fabrizio... my dear...
Nobody can shout in my house,
in my bedroom, in my bed!
Don't tell me what to do!
I make the decisions, here!
I decided a long time ago!
And that's it!
Let's sleep, now.
I'm going hunting, tomorrow.
I have to get up early.
Good-night, dear Stella.
You told me about crazy mothers
and faecal grandfathers,
but nothing that interests me,
that is, Miss Angelica.
Well, she speaks for herself.
She got all her mother's beauty,
but none of her grandpa's stench.
She's very intelligent.
She's a real lady.
When she got back from school,
she invited me over and played
my old mazurka for me.
She's not a good player,
but she looked so beautiful...
Her black tresses,
her eyes, her skin and her chest...
- I'm sure her sheets smell like
paradise! - Calm down, Don Ciccio.
Calm down!
From now on you'll talk about
Miss Angelica with due respect.
Today I'm to propose Don Calogero
in behalf of my nephew Tancredi.
You're the first to know,
and you'll have to pay for it.
You'll be locked up with the dogs,
and you'll get out only after
Don Calogero will have left.
- Let's go!
- Excellency! That is so wrong!
Your nephew can't marry the
daughter of one of your enemies!
To seduce her is a conquest, but
this is unconditional surrender!
This is the end of both
the Falconeri and the Salina!
Excellency, no, please...
This marriage will be
the end of nothing!
It's a beginning,
as in any good tradition!
These are things
you cannot understand!
Let's go home.
We have an agreement, right?
We're missing the point, here.
It was just an innocent kiss!
- Don't forget that I sent
for you! - Yes, of course, but...
I wanted to read you a letter
written by my nephew.
I got it yesterday,
last night, actually.
He declares his love
for your daughter.
He asks me to present you
with his marriage proposal.
It's your turn to declare
your intentions, now.
It's such a nice surprise...
I don't even know what to say.
I know what's going on in
Angelica's heart ad mind,
and I believe I can say that
Don Tancredi's affection honors us
and is sincerely returned.
- We invoke God's protection on the
wedding. I'm very happy. - Thanks.
Very good.
- The weather is getting worse.
- Don Calogero.
I hope I don't need to remind you
how distinguished my family is.
It came here under the D'Angi,
flourished under the Aragonese,
the Spanish and the Bourbons,
if I may still name them.
We have always had high offices,
as you well know.
But I really shouldn't talk
about all this, since,
unfortunately, my nephew
Tancredi's financial situation
does not do credit
to the nobility of his name.
Ferdinando, my brother in law,
sure wasn't a caring father.
He lived like a great lord, using
up my nephew's money as well.
Don Calogero: Tancredi is the
outcome of all these troubles.
We know it very well.
The reason why Tancredi
is so fascinating and sensitive
is that he was the victim
of many injustices.
I know very well
what you're talking about.
But love comes first,
nobody knows it as well as I do.
I am a worldly man, and I want
to be as plane as I can.
It is fair our kids should know
what they can count on.
My daughter will have
the Feud of Settesoli in dowry.
One thousand and ten hectares...
of wheat!
Very fruitful lands, cool and airy,
plus 500 hectares of vineyards
and olive groves in Gibildolce.
On the wedding day, I'll present
the groom with 20 bags
containing 10,000 onze each.
My family is everything to me.
"Excellency, nobody has seen
Don Calogero's wife in years.
I have, though.
She only goes to the 5:00am mass,
the one nobody attends.
I got up very early, one day,
in order to see her.
Take my word for it, Excellency:
she's as beautiful as the sun.
You can't blame Don Calogero: he's
so ugly that he keeps her hidden. "
I'm left with very little.
But a daughter is a daughter.
Moreover, I know what I'm about
to say won't impress you,
since you are the descendant of
Emperor Titone and Queen Berenice.
But the Sedara,
in virtue of a title conferred
by His Majesty Ferdinando IV,
are noble as well!
Very good, Don Calogero,
very good indeed. See you.
I have the papers that prove it!
One day the world will know
that your nephew...
married a baroness!
- The Baroness Sedara of the
Cookie. - Of the Cookie?
Congratulations, Don Calogero!
I have the papers, all I need is...
- I'm sorry, Don Ciccio, I couldn't
avoid it. - I understand.
- Did it go well?
- Yes, perfectly.
It couldn't have gone better.
I will see you... very soon,
Don Ciccio.
Again, I'm very sorry.
"It was a cold, mid-January day.
The atmosphere was made even colder
by a freezing north wind.
It had been snowing for many hours.
But, on the deserted street, a poor
horse covered with a rough cloth...
was dragging a small,
two-wheeled carriage.
'Ho! Ho! Damn animal!',
the villain shouted,
because he always spoke
to his horse. "
- Excellency! Tancredi's here!
He's in the yard! - Finally!
- Oh, my God! In this weather!
- Tancredi. - Dear!
- I'm so happy!
- Caterina! - Let's go!
Uncle! Uncle!
- Tancredi!
- Don't come too near, I'm soaked!
- My dear boy! I'm so happy
to see you! - Me too!
pensons la joie d'Angelica!
I'm sorry, but I'm so excited
I forgot to tell you
that I brought my friend, Count
Cavriaghi, whom you already know.
He came to the villa, once.
And the one dawn there
is my good orderly, Moroni. Done!
- Mon cher Tancredi! - Dear
Countess... - We're so happy!
lls sont arrivs, avec cet orage!
I was told it never rained, here.
- It's rained for two days now!
- Really? - Yes.
ll est arriv, il est tout mouill.
Voil, voil Tancrede!
Oh! Pensons la joie d'Angelica!
- How are you? - Welcome back.
- I'm sorry, I'm soaked.
- Father! - Tancredi.
- What a nice fire!
I took the liberty to bring
Count Cavriaghi, from Milan.
- You met him in Palermo.
- Yes, I remember him very well.
- He was with the General. - How
are you, Father? - Carolina.
- Good evening.
- I remember too.
Dear Count, you thought
it never rained in Sicily.
In fact, it pours!
Don't expect not to get a cold,
or you'll soon be in bed
with a temperature!
Mim! Have the fire set
in Tancredi's room.
Prepare the room next to his
for our soldier. Quick!
I am so happy...
I really wanted to see you again.
I don't get it. The last time
I saw you, you were red!
- What do you mean? - Didn't
the Garibaldians wear red shirts?
That was a long time ago.
No more Garibaldi!
Thank heaven, Cavriaghi and I
belong to the troops of the King.
When it was all over, we could
choose between going home
or joining the royal troops.
We chose the proper army.
We could no longer stand
Garibaldi's troops, right?
God, they were awful people!
They couldn't even shoot properly!
Now, we are real soldiers.
People don't fear we'll steal
their hens anymore!
You should have seen it.
When we stopped to change horses,
we just had to name the King,
and the horses appeared magically!
- You'll tell me about it later.
Go take a bath and change. - Right.
Excuse us, aunt.
Let's go, Cavriaghi.
Wait! First, I want to show you
the ring for Angelica.
- How beautiful!
- You think so? - Oh, yes!
- Look.
- Beautiful, really!
- It looks very precious!
- Indeed!
- Do you like it?
- Very much, yes.
Was it very expensive?
I used your money very wisely.
I didn't spend all of it.
- I even managed to buy...
- Some little present, yes!
Here's our Lieutenant!
What do you have there?
- It's a little present for
Miss Concetta. - How kind of you.
- Aleardi's "Canti"?
- Yes.
- I hope she likes it.
- Well, I do too. Thanks.
- Do you like it?
- Beautiful! Really beautiful.
Miss Concetta, these are Aleardi's
"Canti". He's my favorite poet.
I took the liberty
to bring it to you from Naples.
- I even had your initials
printed on it. - Thank you!
"Still deaf"... why?
I can hear very well!
Deaf to my sighs.
May I?
Excuse me, but I heard that...
- Here, honey. It's a gift for you.
From your Tancredi. - Thank you!
- You may thank my Uncle too.
- Thanks!
Come here.
Angelica! Tancrede!
O tes-vous?
There she goes...
Angelica, come on...
Don't you know it's full of rats
in there?
- Angelica!
- Come on, let's go!
Angelica, where are you?
Tancredi, where are you?
You scared me!
It's full of rats, in there!
I'm not surprised.
Where's Tancredi?
- I don't know, I can't find him.
- Really? - Tancrede! Angelica!
- Come, let's go.
- O tes-vous?
- I scared you, huh?
- Yes!
There she is again!
Let's hide, come!
Oh, no, please!
Where do you wanna go? I'm tired!
How big is this palace?
How many rooms are there?
Nobody knows, not even my uncle.
He thinks that if you know
all the rooms of a palace,
-'s not even worth
to live in it. - Ou tes-vous?
- Let's join her, she's all alone!
- What about the others?
Concetta's back in the garden.
Francesco Paolo was sent to welcome
a guest arriving on the couch.
- What guest? - I don't know,
somebody from Turin.
Hey, let's go, come on!
No way, I don't wanna see
any more unknown rooms.
Actually, I think I'll leave.
What am I doing here?
- Concetta doesn't even love me.
- Did you talk to her at all?
It's no use. I feel I'm like
a little worm to her.
I have to look for a lady-warm
for whom I'll be enough.
Talk to her!
You'll make up your mind later.
But, maybe, it's better for you.
Let me explain it to you.
Concetta is too Sicilian.
She's never left the island.
Can you picture her in Milan, where
you have to plan a month ahead
if you want to have maccheroni?
I would have supplied her with huge
cases of maccheroni, huge!
- Bigger than this!
- We're going, now. See you!
Poor Count! Concetta
isn't interested in him at all!
Concetta is so silly!
What is it that she wants?
Cavriaghi is a handsome man
with an important name.
He even owns many lands in Brianza.
It'd be a great match!
Concetta's still in love with you.
- That's why you brought him here!
- That's not true.
Yes, I think it is.
I'm telling you, it's not true.
Concetta is right.
To marry one like him
after having loved you, would be
like drinking water after...
- After what? - Well, after some
Marsala wine, for example.
These rooms are odd.
- How could anybody live here?
- Nobody ever did.
This is just where my ancestors
came to break the rules
and have something special
to remember.
- To break the rules?
- Yeah.
They were bored, my love.
- Excuse me,
are you Aymone Chevalley? - Yes.
- I'm Prince Salina's son.
- Oh, what a pleasure!
I'm here to welcome you.
My father would be pleased
to host you at the palace.
- It's very kind of him.
- You should wear you hat.
- The sun is very strong, here.
- Yes, and you should do the same.
I was actually going to leave
right after talking to the Prince.
- You'll have to come to the palace
in any case. - Of course.
This way.
- I'll carry it. - Oh, you really
shouldn't... - It's a pleasure.
- Allow me... please. Thank you.
- Thank you.
- Isn't it too heavy?
- Not at all. - Is that it? - Yes.
- O sont-ils? - I'm sure
they're not upstairs.
- They must be back in the garden.
- C'est terrible! Oh, mon Dieu!
Do you want to come
in the garden with me?
- You're flying! - Ce n'est pas
possible! Ecoutes-moi!
You think I don't love you anymore.
Are you scared?
I want you,
but I don't wanna do it now.
I'll wait until you're my wife.
Oh, my God!
The guest's here!
What does he want from you?
I don't know.
He traveled throughout Sicily for
a month. He must be very unhappy.
Our greasy food
must have been bad for him.
He's afraid
to get killed by bandits.
I'll ask him
if he wants to play whist.
what about playing cards?
I would really like to talk to you.
- As I told you, I intend to leave
tomorrow. - Tomorrow?
- You don't like it here?
- Oh, of course I do!
My dear Chevalley, you're my guest
and I'll decide when you may leave.
Come. Mind Father Pirrone:
he's awful. He always wins.
Please, take a seat.
I'll be your partner.
I'll keep the score.
- Are you really from Milan?
- Yes.
How come you're down here, then?
I'm taking advantage
of the Prince's hospitality.
I'm really enjoying my staying.
If you want to see Donnafugata,
I'd be glad to be your guide.
- I could show you the house
of Baron Mutolo. - Stop it!
They've been living in Girgenti
since, ten years ago,
their son was kidnapped
by the bandits.
- Poor things! Did they have
to pay to have him back? - No!
They couldn't afford to.
They had no ready money.
But they eventually got their son
back, only, by installments.
By installments?
What do you mean?
Well, you know, bit by bit.
They first got the right
About a week later, the left foot.
And, in a nice basket,
amongst a bunch of figs,
because it was August,
they finally got the head!
Francesco Paolo,
stop it, will you?
I didn't see it
because I was a child then.
But my father told me about it.
- Bourbonist police is good
for nothing! - No doubt.
Things like this happened
in my town too.
My father was a supervisor. Pretty
dangerous job, at those times.
Not only for him,
but also for his family.
When our Carabinieri come,
they'll put an end to this.
Contrary to what they say, respect
for the Church will be revived.
- It'll be the same as before.
- I hope it'll be stronger.
Santa Ninfa's curate was
killed 5 years ago while saying Mass.
- How horrible! Shot in church!
- He wasn't shot!
No, we're too good Catholic
for that.
They just put some poison
in the wine. Very discreet.
Much more... liturgical!
They never found out who did it.
The curate was a good person,
he had no enemies.
Very interesting, Prince.
Really amusing.
You should try and write a novel.
You're good at telling stories.
That's what they are, stories.
Trust a Milanese, Chevalley.
Sicily is a great country!
Due to the happy annexation...
I mean... the unhappy union
of Sicily and the Kingdom
of Sardinia, the Turin Government
intends to elect a number
of illustrious Sicilians
as Senators of the Kingdom.
Yours, of course, was one of the
first names to spring to mind,
due to its antiquity and prestige,
to your great knowledge,
and to the dignity you showed
during the recent events.
Before making the list official,
we thought it proper to inform you,
and see you
if you approved this proposal.
The Government
hopes you would.
This is the object of my mission,
which also gave me the opportunity
to meet you and your family
and to see your beautiful palace.
What does it mean being a Senator?
What are we talking about?
- Is it like a decoration?
- Prince!
The Senate
is the High Chamber of our State!
By means of the Senate, the laws
that the Government proposes
for the progress of the Country are
discussed, approved or rejected.
As a Senator, you'll speak
for your beautiful land,
which is now going
to take part in the Modern World.
You have evils to fight,
wishes to make come true.
Listen, I am flattered
by the Government's proposal.
If it were a simple title,
I would certainly accept it.
- But, given the real weight of
the office, I can't. - Oh, Prince!
Please, try to understand.
I'm a member of the old class,
I inevitably took part
in the old rgime,
and I am still bound to it
by decency and affection.
Mine is an unfortunte generation,
swing between two worlds
and at ease in both.
I am totally devoid of illusions.
What use would I be to the Senate?
I know nothing about legislature,
and I'm not a self-deceiver,
which is an essential requisite for
those who want to rule upon others.
No, Chevalley,
I'm not made for politics.
Prince, I just can't believe it.
Is it really true you're refusing
the chance to help your people
overcoming their material poverty
and the blind moral misery
they live in?
We're old, we're very old.
For 25 centuries we've been
carrying on our shoulders
the weight
of wonderful civilizations.
But they all came from the outside,
we didn't create them.
For 2500 years
we've only been a colony.
I know it's our own fault.
But we are tired, void,
and lack vitality.
Prince, that belongs to the past.
Sicily is no longer
a land to be conquered.
It's a free land in a free State.
I know you all mean well,
but you're late.
Sleep. That's what Sicilians want,
a long sleep.
They will hate those
who want to wake them up.
Were it even to give them
beautiful gifts.
But I doubt that the new Kingdom
has any gift for us.
Here, any action,
even the most violent,
represents a longing for oblivion.
Our sensuality
is a longing for oblivion.
We shoot and stab
because we long for death.
Our laziness, the penetrating
sweetness of our ice-cream
are a longing
for voluptuous immobility.
That is, again, for death.
I'm afraid you're exaggerating,
In Turin, I met some Sicilians
who seemed everything but lazy.
I didn't make myself clear,
I'm sorry.
I said "Sicilians",
but I should have said "Sicily".
This environment,
the violence of the landscape,
the cruelty of the climate,
the ever-lasting tension...
The climate can be fought,
the landscape changed,
the remembrance of bad governments,
I'm sure Sicilians want
to better themselves.
I don't deny that if you bring
a Sicilian off this island
he might awake. But they must
go away while still young.
At 20 they're too old.
They've already been molded.
What you need is a man who's able
to make his personal interests
and some vague public idealities
- May I suggest something?
- Of course, Prince.
I know a man
who'd be perfect for you.
I don't smoke, thank you.
I'm talking about...
Calogero Sedara.
He meets your needs
much better than me.
He's of a very old lineage.
He may not have what you call
prestige, but he sure has power.
He's not very learned, but he has
great practical potential.
He was incredibly useful
during the May crisis.
As for illusions...
I don't think
he's got more than I do.
But, if needed,
he's sly enough to invent them.
He's the man for you.
Yes, I heard about Sedara.
But if honest men like you
then men of no scruples like Sedara
will come ahead.
Everything will be the same
as before.
Listen to your heart, Prince, not
to the proud truths you just said.
Prince, please, do cooperate.
You are a gentleman, and it was
a privilege to meet you.
You are right.
But not when you say that Sicilians
want to better themselves.
They never will,
because they think they're perfect.
Their vanity
is stronger than their misery.
Please, take a seat,
I want to tell you something.
A few days before Garibaldi came
to Palermo, some English officers
asked me to take them up
to the terrace of my house
from where you can see
the mountains surrounding the city.
They were ecstatic about the view,
but confessed their astonishment
at the shabbiness of the streets.
I didn't try to explain to them,
as I did with you,
that one thing
was derived from the other.
One of the officers asked me:
"What did the Garibaldians
come to Sicily for?"
I said: "They're here
to teach us how to behave.
But they won't succeed,
because we're Gods".
They laughed, but I'm afraid
they didn't understand.
It's late, Chevalley,
it's almost time for dinner.
We have to go get changed.
You may leave tomorrow at dawn,
if you wish.
You may not believe it, but
the current situation won't last.
Our modern administration
will change everything.
It shouldn't last,
but it will, forever.
It's the human "forever",
a couple of centuries.
Only then it will be different,
but worse.
- Good-bye, Chevalley. - Good-bye.
Thank you for everything.
We were the servals, the lions.
Our place will be taken by jackals,
by hyenas.
We all, the servals, the lions,
the jackals and the sheep,
will keep on believing
we're the salt of the earth.
I'm afraid I don't get it.
What did you say?
- Nothing, nothing.
- I'm sorry, I didn't hear.
- Good evening.
- Good evening, Margherita.
- Good evening.
- Good evening.
- Good evening, dear.
- Good evening.
It so good to see you!
You've come early!
Well, your guests aren't here, yet.
Dear Stella,
your daughters look so good!
Tancredi's here as well. And
Pallavicino will be here soon.
He's famous for Aspromonte.
Good evening.
- How are you?
- Thank you so much, Aunt. - Yes...
It was necessary to invite them.
- This will be Angelica's debut.
- Yes, sure...
What about
Don Calogero's tailcoat?
He sure won't be wearing
the one he had in Donnafugata.
- The tailcoat is beautiful, but
Don Calogero isn't! - Let's go.
- Hello Concetta, Carolina.
- Hello, Tancredi. - Hello.
- Good evening.
- Good evening.
- Good evening, Baroness.
- Good evening, Lieutenant.
Good evening.
Oh, how are you? You look great!
Really, thanks.
- Good evening!
- Good evening, Stella!
- Mom, can I go dance? - Sure.
- You're just like a flower.
Go on!
They're so cute, aren't they?
I don't like balls that much,
but we had to come, for the girls.
- Good evening, dear.
- Good evening. - Good evening.
- Colonel, I'm honored
to have you here. - My pleasure.
Margherita, come here.
I have the great honor to introduce
you to Col. Pallavicino.
Colonel, I'm proud and happy to
welcome the winner of Aspromonte.
Very kind of you, Princess.
I'm very glad too.
Dear Colonel, I hope you and the
officers will enjoy your time here.
- The Princess of Lampedusa.
- Pleased to meet you.
- Countess Sutera. - I'm honored.
- Very nice meeting you.
- Princess Cordera of Salina.
- Good evening.
Pleased to meet you, Princess.
- I'll go see if Angelica's here.
- Sure, go ahead. - Excuse me.
- Is it all true, Colonel?
- Good evening. - Good evening.
- I was crying like a child.
- Amazing! - What was he like?
He was as handsome and serene
as an archangel.
Wonderful! A real hero!
Isn't he an extraordinary man?
- Tancredi.
- Hello, Mirella, how are you?
How are you? The Colonel
is trying to reassure them,
but they should no longer need it,
since the Bersaglieri did shoot.
- We're glad they did!
- Oh, excuse me. - No problem.
You're late, I was waiting for you.
Good evening.
You're beautiful.
Come and say hello to the Princess.
Let me introduce my fiance,
Angelica Sedara.
Dear, let me look at you.
- You're even more beautiful than
they say. - Thanks. - Very pretty.
- What's this? - It's the Knight
Cross of the Italian Crown.
Right. That's not enough, here.
- I had no doubts about your taste.
- Thank you.
My father-in-law,
Cavalier Don Calogero Sedara.
- Nice to meet you.
- Pleased to meet you.
- Beautiful place, Princess.
- You like it?
Calm down, guys, calm down.
- Tancredi, will you introduce me
to your fiance? - Sure!
- Angelica, this is my friend
Gioacchino Lanza. - I'm honored.
- This is Fulco... - I don't know
if Tancredi will agree,
but I'd like to be enlisted on your
dance card for the next waltz.
Yes, don't be hasty, later!
- We'll see...
- You're such an egotist!
I'm sorry, but it's not my fault.
She chooses whom to dance with.
It's a waltz, let's dance.
- I haven't said hello to uncle,
yet. - You will, later. Come on.
- Excuse us.
- What can we do?
- You're beautiful, as usual.
- Thank you. - I'm honest.
- Dear Fabrizio, you look good!
- I'm fine, Giulio.
Are you bored, Fabrizio?
You know what I was thinking?
There are too many marriages
between cousins.
It's bad for our race.
Look at them.
They look like monkeys ready
to climb on the chandeliers
and hang from them by the tail,
showing their buttocks.
Eleonora Giardinelli:
a swan in a frog-filled pool!
By the way, congratulations
on your nephew's engagement.
That girl is a real beauty.
Many will soon follow his example.
- What? What did you say?
- I said... it's too hot in here.
Yes, it is hot.
I shouldn't have come.
I'm a bit tired.
But, now that I'm here,
I have to stay!
- It would be rude to leave now.
- Yes, you're right, Fabrizio.
See you later.
- Hello. - Hello, dear. - Fina,
I'll dance with Joe! - Really?
- Princess, I'd be very happy
if you granted me... - Oh, no!
- No, don't say no.
- I haven't danced in ages!
- Please... - There are
so many young women here!
- At my age...
- Thank you very much.
We're ready.
This is beautiful, Prince. Things
like this are rare, nowadays!
Gold is just too expensive!
Yes, Don Calogero, it is beautiful.
But nothing can be compared
to our two kids.
- Good evening, Prince.
- Good evening. - Hi, Uncle!
Angelica wanted to say hello.
Why are you here, all alone?
What are you looking at?
Are you flirting with death?
You are very beautiful.
It's odd, isn't it, that Don Diego
keeps this sad picture right here.
I don't think Don Diego comes into
the library more than once a year.
Yeah, you're right.
I wonder if my death
will resemble this.
I'm sure my sheets
won't be as clean...
The sheets of the dying
are always dirty.
I also hope
that Concetta and the other girls
will be more decently clad!
But I believe that it will be
pretty much the same.
Uncle, what are you talking about?
What are you thinking about?
I often think about death.
It doesn't scare me at all.
You're too young to understand.
To you, death doesn't even exist.
It's just something
that concerns other people.
We have to restore
the grave of the Capuchins.
- Tancredi, Tancredi! May I have
your handkerchief? - Yes, here.
Thank you.
Prince, they told us you were here
so we joined you to rest a while,
but also to ask you something.
I hope you won't say no.
- Tell me, Angelica. - I'd love
to dance with you the next mazurka.
Say yes, don't be mean. Everybody
knows you're a great dancer.
I was never offered
something so seductive!
- That's why I have to refuse.
- Please, Prince, please.
Thank you, my dear,
you make me feel younger.
I will dance, but not a mazurka.
That would make me feel too young.
The first waltz.
See, Tancredi,
how good your uncle is?
He doesn't whine like you.
He didn't want me to ask you.
He's jealous!
You're so handsome and fascinating,
Uncle... of course I'm jealous!
Well, go ahead, but...
just this once!
Let's go.
A waltz! Just as if
I had told the orchestra!
- Excuse me? - It's a waltz!
Have you changed your mind?
Oh, no, I haven't.
Please, forgive me.
Everybody's so kind to me.
I'm very happy here.
Tancredi is a darling,
and so you are!
- I'm glad Tancredi can't hear what
you say! - I'm not joking.
I know I owe everything to you,
even Tancredi.
- If you hadn't agreed...
- He would have married you anyway.
- You owe everything only
to yourself. - That isn't true.
Yes, it is.
Nobody could ever
resist your beauty.
- They said you were a good dancer.
- I'm sorry I disappointed you.
You are much more than a good
dancer. You are a lovely dancer.
- Yes, that's my father.
- The next. - The mazurka, then.
Everybody's watching us, Prince.
The girl dancing with your father
is beautiful.
Yes, she's very pretty.
Dear Uncle, they didn't applaud
only because a lion like you
inspires too much respect.
- You deserved an ovation!
- Will you join us for dinner?
No, Angelica. I remember very well
that, as a young boy,
I didn't enjoy
having dinner with an old uncle.
- It's not true. - You're in love,
and you want to be alone.
Also, I'm not that hungry.
Go with Tancredi, Angelica,
don't mind me!
Thank you, Uncle.
- Prince, you're still a great
dancer! - You were awesome!
- Congratulations.
- Very good, very good!
How are you, Fabrizio?
Hey, aren't you going to eat?
You seem a bit undecided.
Too much to choose between. Donna
Margherita is too good a host.
But I don't think my stomach
can handle this! Excuse me.
- These candlesticks are really
beautiful! - They're from Madrid.
Don Diego's grandpa received them
after his ambassadorship in Spain.
They are probably worth
a lot of land.
- ...the greatest emotion ever.
- God, he's so boring!
Prince Salina, we'd be honored
if you joined us.
Thank you.
Good to see you, Fabrizio.
And now, the left wing is mad at me
because, in August,
I ordered my men to open fire
on the General.
Tell me, Prince,
what else could have I done?
I had written orders!
I must confess that when, in
Aspromonte, I came face to face
with those fanatics, some careless,
others far too eager for revolt...
I was glad
the orders met my wishes.
But, in the end, my men were
especially useful to Garibaldi.
I freed him from those men
hanging around him,
that used him to reach their
own aims, which, maybe,
- ...were also those
of Palazzo Farnese. - I agree.
They were very different from
the men who had landed with him.
They believed Italy could be made
only by means of a revolution.
The General knows this very well.
In fact, when I kneeled to him,
he shook my hand.
And he whispered to me:
"Thank you, Colonel. "
What for? I wondered.
To have made him lame?
No, but for having made it clear
to him that many of his followers
were nothing but cowards.
Allow me, Colonel. Don't you think
you have exaggerated
with all those kneeling
and compliments?
No, I'm sure I haven't.
You should have seen that poor,
great man,
lying on the ground
under a chestnut tree,
bearing a terrible pain,
not only in his body,
but also in his spirit!
Really touching.
When he landed again in Sicily,
he said:
"We're going
towards the unknown... ".
It was impossible
not to give way to emotion.
Why shouldn't have I, anyway?
I only kiss the ladies' hand.
And, even then, I only kissed
the hand of the Kingdom's safety,
which is a lady as well, and we
military men must respect her.
Excuse me.
Diego, excuse me.
Three balls in a week
are too many.
I hope it all ends soon.
What are they all so happy about?
May I have my hairpins?
I'm so bored!
These invitations compel us
to stay in town.
I'm looking forward to going back
to the San Lorenzo villa,
where we can all lead our usual,
simple life.
I wish this dance never ended.
It's wonderful. I wonder what
the Trabia's dance will be like.
I ordered a green dress.
Light green.
What about you?
I am so happy.
Tancredi's a darling.
You are all really nice to me.
- But I wish you were happier.
- What can I do about it?
I don't like being
around too many people.
I don't even like dancing.
I've never been a good dancer.
It depends
on the person you dance with.
- Look for someone you like.
- No, I don't care.
Do you have any idea how many young
men would like to court you?
But you discourage them all.
As you did with poor Cavriaghi.
You treated him real bad!
There you are! Finally!
- I couldn't find you anywhere!
- We fixed our make-up and hair.
- What about you? - I was
listening to Col. Pallavicino.
He's not a genius, but he doesn't
talk nonsense either.
He's right, the new Kingdom
needs order, new laws.
Anarchists must be swept away.
We need no more riots.
Even if this implies much severity,
as in the shooting of those exalted
who deserted
to go back with Garibaldi.
- Do you think they'll be shot?
- Sure! Tomorrow at dawn.
That's fair: they are deserters!
It's not like you
to talk like that!
You're wrong, my dear.
I always have.
These things
are beyond your understanding.
Concetta, wait! Listen!
Let me go! Let me go!
- I think I understand very well.
- Come on, please...
You didn't talk like this, once.
That's enough.
Let me go!
She's so cute...
especially when she gets mad.
Yes. Poor Concetta. She's still
in love with you, I'm afraid.
- What about you? Are you still
in love with me? - I am.
- Have you seen the Prince Salina?
- I haven't. - Thank you.
- Have you seen
the Prince Salina? - No.
Don Calogero! It's time to go.
Come on, get ready.
A coffee! Please, a hot coffee!
- Sugar?
- Yes, please.
- Goodnight, dear.
- Goodnight!
Thank you so much for coming.
Goodnight, dear.
It was such a pleasure
to have you with us!
- Oh, dear Margherita!
- Goodnight, honey!
- Thank you. - Goodnight.
- Goodnight.
- Thank you for the unforgettable
evening. - You're too kind!
- Are you going, already?
- Yes, the barracks await us!
It's our duty to go.
We have to work, tonight!
Very good!
After you!
- Tidy up a little and turn off
the candles. - Yes, Excellency.
- Concetta, are you already going?
- It was a wonderful evening.
- I'm sorry you're going.
- It's very late.
- Thank you very much.
- Goodnight, honey.
- Goodnight. - Goodnight, dear.
- Thank you. - Goodnight.
- Goodnight. - Goodnight.
- Thank you. - Goodnight.
Are you leaving too?
- Good-bye, Don Diego.
- Thank you, goodnight!
- Good-bye, Don Diego.
- Good-bye.
Here you are!
Aunt was looking for you.
- Angelica, Concetta and Carolina
are ready to go. - Good...
- Will you do me favor?
- Sure.
I've already said good-bye
to everybody.
Will you call the couch?
I'll walk home.
- It's very dark!
- I need some air.
- Are you not feeling well?
- I have a bit of a headache.
- Everything went well tonight,
don't you think? - Yes, thank you.
I'll soon have good news.
I just spoke to Finzoni.
- I'll be...
- Running in the next elections.
- How do you know? - No, but...
- Excuse me just a second.
- Good-bye. - You're always
beautiful. Nice seeing you.
- Say hello to Nico for me.
- I will.
Oh, star, oh, faithful star.
When will we go on a less
ephemeral date?
Far from everything, in your region
of eternal certainty?
Really good troops.
They do a good job.
That's exactly what we needed...
for Sicily.
We have nothing more to fear.