The Lesser Blessed (2012) Movie Script

Fort Simmer,
Northwest Territories.
Been here
since my accident.
Not much to do if you're not
into booze or sports., fuck the West 40,
it's shit, man...
Passing through Alberta,
I know this place
Oh, yeah?
Right on!
Yeah, but we need
a ride.
Well, we can borrow
my aunt's car.
It's just going to break down
before we leave the town...
Hey, shut up!
Just yesterday I took it
down to the dump
at 120 clicks...
Know what, man?
I think I'm just gonna go.
Don't be cheap.
Fuck you... I'm learning!
Okay? I'm learning...
Yo, what up!
How you doin', man?
Where you been, man?
Werewolf Larry, is that you?
Are you gonna fight me this time?
Or you gonna run away like a little bitch?
Don't let me catch you watching us, animal!
Or I'll skin you!
Juliet Hope
has the eyes of an angel...
She could suck a man dry
with those eyes...
After the nuclear war
when we all turn cannibal
and start
to eat one another...
She won't be involved.
Her mouth would not
eat dead things.
My mother's tearduct was
destroyed by my father
years ago and it stopped
working forever.
We have a new face
with us today - Johnny Beck.
You look familiar,
Mr. Beck.
Yeah, Mr Harrister.
I'm that guy who passed out on your lawn.
So, the model that we have... and demand.
...Around the mid-1800's.
The beavery trade... prevalent.
Fuck, man...
Economics can only exist
when we create scarcity...
Darcy McManus...
He has a chunky ass
and a moose cock.
We both grew up in the same hell hole
across from my lake.
He's had it in for me
ever since he moved here.
He holds my secrets
under his fingernails.
Mr. Beck...
I'm listening...
Is there any way I can accomodate you
in making this a more enjoyable experience.
As a matter of fact,
Mr. Harrister,
yes, there is.
Ah, and what might that be?
We get to stare at this ugly blackboard,
and you get to face the sun.
I want a piece of that.
I say, we rearrange
our arrangement of these desks,
and switch our bodies the other
way, so we can face the sun.
You'd get some sunshine,
warming up your backside,
everybody will be happy.
Even you, Mr. Harrister.
So, who's with me, class?
What do you think?
Come on, Mr. H...
It's a good idea.
It really is...
Get out!!!
You're a tough man, babyfingers.
...we poked
a hole in it,
so the water would come out slowly,
people were like,
what the fuck...
Yo, man, my name's Sammy,
but my boys call me
Mustache Sammy.
Been growing this fucker since
I went swimming nut to nut.
Know what I'm sayin'?
Most guys
love French class
because of Mademoiselle's
Simone's French titties.
They're so perky.
But I have
my own reasons.
It's coming from upstairs.
Mr. Harrister's class.
Do you know who sits here?
What's up, faggot?
I seen your mom passed out in a ditch.
Fucked her for fifteen bucks.
You like burning shit, buddy?
That's some original shit, Darby.
It's Darcy, asshole.
Mr. Beck...
Darcy, give me
some room...
Tomorrow morning,
What tribe are you?
Dogrib, huh?
This guy Jed, told me that our tribe
came from this woman that
gave birth to six puppies.
That's really something.
You comin'?
Hey, that Mr. Harrister,
what a Leonard.
Leonard who?
Not a who, a what.
You mean babyfingers?
The fuck's a leonard?
A monge...
a face-melt.
You know, a stick.
An asshole.
You sure are daring, man.
You're only beautiful once.
Holy shit!
Damn ravens.
Can you give me a hand?
Yeah, I think I'm gonna be a leonard
and, uh, get the hell home.
Suit yourself, man.
Hey, uh, you should come over later.
Connibear Park, third floor.
Bring some food.
Sol later.
My mom had cut her hair
since the last time Jed split
and it hadn't grown back
to its original length.
My dad would have called her
dizzy shit for doing that.
Is Jed coming in soon?
I think something happened out hunting...
He sounded kind of shook up.
Thought he'd be here by now.
Said he wants to take
you hunting when school's out.
Yeah... I've heard
that before.
That means how are you.
Don't panic, I made bannock.
That's really cool,
that's cool...
I just gotta finish up in here.
Did you already butter that stuff?
Yeah. Do you have
raspberry jam?
Naw, we're kinda strapped
until my mom can get some cash.
Things are pretty
horror-show right now.
Not too dry?
No, it's just right.
So... you live
with your mom?
I hate this place already.
Can't wait to leave.
Gonna live with my dad.
He's trying to get a job in Yellowknife,
If he gets it, he's gonna come get us.
Right, Donny?
Fuck, yeah.
What about you?
Were you born here?
I came here three years ago.
Your old man around?
You got hair on your nuts, or what?
Sorry, 'bout that, Lare.
It's all right.
Nothing personal, Lare,
but you should probably
take off before my mom gets here.
All right...
See you later, chief.
That was your desk with
the roses on it, right?
In Mr. Harrister's class?
I pray you get
your skull crushed.
Bleed for a day, Darcy.
Just bleed for a day.
Back to classes!
Some things
in life are inevitable.
So, he ran to the sink...
How's Donny doing?
He's reading porno mags now.
Found her stash yesterday.
Was hoping the guy'd be a kid
a little longer, you know?
So, why did you leave Hay River?
No one left to fuck.
Juliet Hope.
She's somethin'.
What's wrong?
Did you know...
that if you lay down...
and listen to your tummy...
you can hear all sorts
of machinery down there.
No shit.
And if you lay and listen long enough...
your asshole will start to itch.
Why's that?
That's your tapeworm peeking out.
Don't make fun
of him...
At night, my tapeworm
comes out and we play.
Larry Sole...
You're the most interesting
thing in this shit town.
He'll do whatever you
want all day tomorrow.
Ten dollars, let's go!
He's not that...
He's all right.
Nine bucks!
Nine bucks, there we go!
Love it!
Going once,
going twice, sold...
Okay, this is a slave auction,
ladies and gentlemen.
Raising money for the final dance.
You gotta do better, or it's just going
to be me and Clarence
D.J-ing again.
Our next item up for bid has
raised a lot of eyebrows
since coming from his
last school, Hay River...
Let's give a nice, warm
welcome to Mr. Jonny Beck!
Let's start this!
Ten dollars, where is it?
Where do I hear it?
Twelve dollars, who's got that?
Bam, right there.
Twelve dollars!
Come on, let's keep going!
Love it, love it!
Twenty? Forty?
My boy's got seventy-five!
Let's keep going now!
Man, where do you get
all this money from?
Don't you owe me
like twenty... Anyway...
A hundred.
A hundred and twenty!
A hundred and twenty,
Okay, going once,
going twice...
A Fort Simmer high school
slave auction record...
I bet she would
have paid more.
In another life I was
a great Dogrib hunter.
And Juliet was
a pure, white caribou.
I had her in my sights,
she was mine...
...but I let her go
out of respect and awe.
The man is a firefighter,
a bush cook, a Ranger,
a tour guide and a whole
lot of other things.
He's my mom's boyfriend but every time
there are arguments,
he just takes off.
She loves him, I can tell,
but she's not ready
to marry him.
She's still scared
of men, I guess.
So, what's
it gonna be?
Lessons in fiddle or drum?
You gotta take a side.
It's just like old timers say,
how do you know where you're going
if you don't know where you've been?
We could do some drummin' tonight,
what say you?
Can't tonight.
Why not?
There's this house party.
House party, eh?
Who's havin' it?
This girl from school.
A girl, huh?
I got it...
Are you ready?
You packin' rubbers?
I don't need 'em.
I'm so hot, women buy my rubbers for me.
Jeez, I thought you were serious.
Coulda been...
I'm something.
A Leonard.
You men are here for Juliet?
She here?
She's putting
my kids to bed...
Do we go in?
Uh... I guess.
Guys, this is my aunt Becky.
Your aunt?
Hey goofs, don't bust the stereo.
All right?
And don't wake up my kids.
And, uh, leave the food
in the fridge alone, okay?
There's pop and there's
chips in the cupboard.
All right.
Go, go, go, go!
Oh, sorry...
The one in the blue...
He's cute...
...David however,
seems to have moved on...
As he returns to the compound
he greets the lions warmly
and they treat him
as one of their own...
Down, down!
Hey, um, you wanna see some puppies?
The dog just had a litter.
Um, I got allergies.
Shouldn't you be itching
or scratching or something?
It's only when I see them,
I start to get...
My eyes get all watery and I itch.
Sounds like you're suppressing something.
His little
happy hard-on.
Yeah, more like my whole fucking life.
Oh, hey, Darce.
Well, look
who it is.
Let's go to the kitchen.
What the fuck's
he doing here?
Could you... leave
Jonny and me alone?
Hey, Larry!
Come here!
You know what hot knifing is?
Do you wanna?
Every fiber in my body, every molecule,
is screaming no,
Get me a toiletpaper
roll from the bathroom.
All right...
Hold it...
Right there.
You ready?
Yeah, oh yeah...
Don't fuckin' waste it!
Hold it in!
People die to get this shit to my buddy,
you're gonna fuckin' hold it in!
There you go!
Hey, dude...
Larry, buddy...
How you feelin'?
Go outside and climb the fire hydrant.
Fuck you, moose cock.
Get out here!
You're supposed
to be watching the kids!
Lare, come on!
We gotta go!
Fuckin' hell...
I'm going to call the police!
I'm gonna have Social
Services here in a minute!
Juliet's a little bony for me.
She was doing this thing
when she was riding me...
with her hips, I don't know,
but it fuckin' hurt.
Other than that
she was pretty okay.
If she gives me the clap...
I'll fuckin' kill her.
So... what about
you and Darcy?
What's the real scoop?
Once... I really had this
thing with the stars.
I wanted to be an astronomer.
From the Horses's Head Nebula.
So I took this pup
out for a walk...
This pup I was looking after...
You were looking after Darcy's puppy?
Yeah. We were
friends then.
Anyways, I couldn't see it that well
because of the town's glare,
so I took the pup out along...
along the backtrails
towards where
the dog teams are...
The puppy was really scared...
but I wasn't.
Then I seen the meteors flashing
as they hit the atmosphere.
There was ever lots.
I started hollering, I
got so happy and excited
that I put that puppy down...
...too close
to the huskies.
By the time I saw...
that puppy was already chewed up.
I mean... they fuckin'
tore her up.
Oh, shit.
Last June, I saw him
walking down the highway,
'cause his ride left him
'cause he was being an asshole.
So, I go up,
I say hi...
He just fuckin' smokes me and I go down.
And I lay there and I'm thinking,
"Guess we're even."
But he just kept on fucking
kicking me and kicking me,
about his puppy and how
I fucked everything up.
I told my mom I just got rolled by a drunk.
You know, you shoulda been even.
Hey, bud.
Kinda late, don't ya think?
I don't know.
Sounds like you do.
Whoa, hey, hey,
hey, buddy...
Leave it!
Somehow you step
away from me.
I can't get in.
You won't let me in.
Like I'm doing
something wrong...
I'm doing
the best that I can...
Well, why
am I even here?
I came back for you.
I came for Larry!
I didn't ask you
to come...
Come here,
No, dad!
So as you see,
the positioning of the organs
within the body is
very precise.
It's like a blueprint
for the body.
One of the most amazing
things about the organs,
is that they operate without
us even thinking about it...
And so now we've covered all of the organs.
So, as a reminder
the organs are the structure
of the body, comprised
of at least two tissues
working together
for a common purpose.
Larry Sole...
Larry Sole!
What, pray tell, organ am I pointing at?
Mr. Harrister...
That would be the organ
that you're missing.
You know,
there was this guy once,
his name was Larry.
In that mind of his
but he kept it to himself.
He played guitar.
And one day this angel came down to see him
of yours is great,
we're really happy you found it,
but could you like, spread it around a bit
like the other musicians?
Come on...
And Larry just looked at them
and said, "those other musicians
"are looking for the right note.
"I already
found mine."
So, look at the chap,
he's sprouting some fuzz, hm?
Take it easy, eh?
What happened in the Barrenlands?
You said that you thought
something happened.
Where do I begin?
So I guess this, uh...
I guess this Dogrib woman
said her husband was missing.
He had told her he was
going out on the land
to bring her some caribou or muskox.
But he never came back.
That woman, she went crazy
waiting for her old man.
Her six kids were starving.
I guess she got tired
of always hearing them ask,
"when's daddy
coming home?"
You know...
So one day she, uh...
she lost it.
She took her kids to the edge of the lake.
She pulled them into the water
and she drowned 'em.
The, uh...
So, you want to know what happened, right?
They found her husband.
They found his body while
I was up on Ranger patrol
up in the tundra.
He was dead.
He really did go hunting
for a caribou or muskox.
But he died.
I guess he was out hunting
and he got charged.
Killed by a muskox.
Got him in the back with his horns,
it pierced his heart and
his lungs from behind.
Hit him so hard that, um...
that muskox couldn't pull out.
They were stuck together.
That man must have bled to death.
Muskox couldn't eat...
They died together.
That woman killed her kids for nothing.
Here, dude...
Listen, Lare...
I gotta teach you some moves.
You better.
Next time someone like Darcy gets to you,
just remember it's three hits.
You hittin' them,
I'm serious...
and then... the ambulance
hits ninety...
All right...
Come at me...
Gimme your hand...
With your hand
on my chest...
Lare, come on...
You're supposed to block it.
Wanna know what is embarassing?
That muskrat mouth.
Time for a shave
Juliet will be here in a bit.
Maybe she'll bring a friend.
Go to the bathroom and shave
that fuzz off your lip.
Sometimes your shirt slips down
and I see some scars on your neck.
Well what?
Larry, man, what the hell happened to you?
I was born this way.
Lemme see that neck...
Those are fucking burn marks, Larry.
I had an accident.
Yeah, I guess you had an accident.
When was this?
Why is Darcy teasing you with fire?
What the fuck happened to you, man?!
I got kissed by the devil, man.
They're fucking hickeys!
Hey, Donny, what are you doing?
What does it look like, chief?
What's up, Dog-lick?
Were you pushin' or pullin' in there?
I said were you pushing
or pulling in there?
Holy shit, Larry.
If you were Mexican, you'd be Rocky.
Yeah, man...
You didn't have to do that though.
You totally busted his nose.
You owe me for wiping up
the blood, by the way.
Gimme your gum.
You got purple eyelids
and gum in your hair.
What's your point?
My point, dick-smack,
is you got purple eyelids
and gum in your hair.
Real classy.
You really did it, buddy.
Now, you're in.
And now you really got
to learn the rules of fighting.
Next time you're at a party
and someone wants to fight,
they might grab you.
You are fair game now.
If you get into a fight
and you get hurt bad...
just stay down.
You stay down and you cover your head.
And the person you're fighting's gonna
take that as a surrender.
It works 99% of the time.
If they're drunk, you run your Indian ass
the hell out of there.
'Cause drunks like to keep kicking.
I know.
Jed took off again, didn't he?
He was called up north.
What calls him up north?
Why won't you marry him?
He'll be back.
Hey, killer...
Fuckin' freak...
Psycho fuckin' Larry!
Guys, what's happening?
Darcy told everyone what happened
before you came to Simmer.
He said that you burned your dad.
Is this true, Larry?
No, he didn't come back home.
I tried everywhere, no one's seen him,
no one's saying anything.
No, dad!
I'm your father,
Your my blood!
Larry Sole!
Hey, Larry...
Hey, what are you doing
way out here, pal? Huh?
Hey, little buddy.
Everything's going to be all right.
I wanted it to stop...
I didn't want anymore
broken veins under my skin.
I didn't want to see my mom
all bruised up anymore.
We both burned to death that night.
Except I'm still alive.
You know, now is not the time to...
to just walk away.
I can't go back.
They all know about me.
I can't face Juliet...
and Jonny.
I've seen guys like Jonny before.
They don't know how to love anyone.
Hey, Jed...
'Member the Dogrib story you told me?
The story of how our people came to be?
'Member those kids that
made it back to the bag?
The ones that turned back to pups?
What did the mother do with them?
She killed them, Larry.
A person has maybe three chances in life
to stare down the devil
right in the eyeballs.
This is your most important one.
So, don't turn your back.
Don't be scared.
I would have done the same.
I'm sorry, Larry...
...I just said
I was pretty good,
I learned it up on patrol.
Stay home, Lare.
You don't have to go out.
Sol later.
Hey, Larry!
Where's Johnny?
Mr. Hay River?
Who cares!
Juliet, I have
to tell you something.
You wanna dance?
Get crazy!!!
I have to ask you something.
How does it feel to have
the best ass in town?
I mean...
Do you wake up smiling, knowing that
you break hearts with that ass?
Larry, really, when you think about it,
what's an ass even for?
Oh, Larry.
This is my favourite!
Let's go...
I gotta go get
my jacket...
You got some guts comin' here tonight.
Listen, man, I'm sorry about your nose.
I guess we're even now, eh?
Now, we're even.
Come on, man,
let's go...
Hey, hang in there, little buddy.
I was dreaming.
About what?
A long time ago.
A mother said her boy died in a fire.
She was so sad
that she quit drinking.
Became sober.
But she became haunted.
So she asked her straight
out what had happened.
So she told her.
She said:
I see my boy in fire.
He wants to die
but he's not dead.
He's suffering, my boy,
and it's all my fault.
If her boy had any clothes that he loved?
The Medicine Woman told her
that she must burn them.
And she must tell her boy to sleep
to rest and to die.
She made the fire
and her boy came.
She was crying,
she wailed.
"My boy,
I'm so sorry."
And she offered up
his clothes to the fire...
and she told him to sleep.
To rest, to die.
And she never saw him again.
Now, now...
Uh, good evening, miss.
Is... Juliet home?
She's grounded.
What's up, Larry?
The old lady's not in, huh?
Can we talk?
It's getting pretty cold out there, huh?
Yeah, skidoos will start coming out soon.
You still got that Phazer?
Lare, I'm being sent to a group home
for what I did to you.
Just thought you should know that.
Juliet is having a kid.
Are you serious?
Do I look fucking serious?
She called me up, crying.
Shit dude, the whole town knows.
She's going to Edmonton.
She's gonna be living with her aunt.
Does she want the kid?
Yeah, she says she fucking wants the kid.
I don't know,
You gonna speak to Jonny fuckhead too?
Fuckin' cock.
Won't even speak to her.
...stupid piece of shit!
You ungrateful fucking brat!
Get the fuck out of here
and take your dirty
filthy fucking clothes with you!
Don't bring them back when
you're done with them!
Says mother
of the year!
What's going on?
Stupid kids!
You freak, man...
Can't talk, Lare...
Dad's here to pick us up.
Where are you going?
Back to Hay River?
To Yellowknife.
Jon, get
in the truck!
What about Juliet?
For fuck's sake, Jon, get
in the fucking truck!
What about her?
What about Juliet?
She fucks good.
I'm just a kid, Lare...
For fuck's sakes!
Let's go!
Sol later.
I'm sorry about the dance.
I'm not.
I knew Jonny was watching.
I thought I'd make him mad.
I'm so sorry, Larry.
I'm sorry Jonny didn't protect you.
It was my fault.
But, you can't just leave, Juliet.
I want this baby, Larry.
Babies, they're...
...they're perfect.
It's like running hands
over a jigsaw puzzle.
How did you survive the fire?
I don't know.
I have this God-shaped
hole in my heart.
And I think you have one too.
Larry, I have to go.
Jed told me once if a Dogrib woman
cuts her hair,
she has to burn it.
If not, when she dies, she has to go back
all through her life
and pick up every single hair
she'd ever left behind.
When Juliet dies,
she'd have to come back,
and remember what happened between us,
before flying to heaven.
I don't know if I'll ever see
Juliet or Jonny again...
And I cry for them both.
I cry knowing that
I don't belong to anyone.
But I smile too.
Knowing my life is
still unwrapped.