The Lies of the Victors (2014) Movie Script

... Combat value upgrade.
Of course l'm still interested.
Send it to the editorial office clo me.
l'll get it.
Yes, that'll be fine.
Than you, Ms. Dietrich.
Mr. Reimann, Fabian Groys speaing.
l wanted to as if it would be fine
if l still came bytoday?
... that peace in Afghanistan
will only have a chance if the Afghanis...
Did l miss anmhing?
- Don't you wish!
Where are we?
- Twenty-two.
The strategy previously laid out
in this dossier is a viable option
for reaching the necessary
civilian consolidation.
Jochen Klett, the Klner Stadtanzeiger.
What about the fine print?
You listed small arms as one-time supply,
e.g. for use in law enforcement,
yet l see the exact same sum next year.
ls this the notorious shortage?
That can be found
in the summarized statistics.
Sure, blame it on the Sumerians.
That's not what l meant.
l cannot answer that question at present.
Monia Karen, Berliner Zeitung.
Could you comment on the problems
with the heavily armored vehicles?
What problems?
Allegedlyyou had
to leave behind brand new vehicles.
Where did you get that idea?
l'm not aware of that.
l find that a bit surprising...
And my cell is off.
- And the battery?
Can't tae it out.
- Ah, that's right.
l'm glad that you came.
Don't be glad too soon.
O, what does that mean?
The file has resurfaced.
- With evidence of the slush fund?
The moneythat could heal the sic?
Yes, you could say so.
That's it.
That's the story.
Any more in it for me?
- First l'd have to see something.
When could you bring it?
ln two days.
Same time, same place?
Here, loo.
- Thans.
Nothing else today?
Good morning.
What? Right now?
- Good morning.
Good morning.
Did you meet the joer?
- Well?
l'm getting close.
Who is it?
- l still won't tell you.
Have you spoen about money?
- He's dreaming of a sailboat.
Seriously, what does he want?
As usual. He was sipped over
and now he has his doubts.
What about the veterans?
- Nothing yet. - What?
l can't just contact a returnee.
Word will get around.
But l'm woring on it, of course.
Listen, Fabian, l don't now if you
heard, but we have a new trainee.
l promised her that...
Fabian, she is good.
- No.
We'll be doing Hamburg a favor.
Wait a second.
lt's Hubach.
Can you come to my office? Thans.
You loo lie you're 57.
Listen, we'll need something soon.
l now.
- Otherwise, let it sit for a while.
lf the story's legit, it'll hold.
- One more wee.
Nadja is interning
at the editorial office,
and you're on the agenda.
May l introduce you? Fabian. Nadja.
My pleasure.
l usually wor alone.
l see that.
- You can do a clean-up job.
l lied your Afghanistan diary.
Wasiristan. Than you.
You're only as good as your last story.
Here. l find this quite interesting.
See what happened there.
Out in Gelsenirchen.
This here?
How long do l have?
- Sooner the better.
Mr. Nailly.
You now that this law
is very important to us.
lt's strategically important to Germany.
We are quite concerned that...
- Mr. Nailly, we have not yet ordered.
Are you not hungry at all?
- Yes, of course l am...
Excuse me.
Could we do it again?
l thin it would be better...
- Yes, what now?
Don't blurt it straight out.
ls the waiter ours?
Not yet.
Mr. Nailly, if you could ensure
that the Minister sits here, next to you,
and not in this confrontational position.
Yes, so... l'm just here with you.
Yes, on my good side.
Let's start over again.
Wal bac in with renewed energy, O?
This is a little too much.
Go ahead, Mr. Nailly...
- O, l'm going.
Now then, here l am,
sitting with you.
Yes, on my good side.
Two words:
German economy.
May l interrupt?
What is it now?
lsn't this quite a charming place.
Do you come here often?
Lie that.
Or comment on his attire...
He was voted best dressed in a tie.
- In 200$ and 9.
lndeed. He appreciates fine suits.
- O, nice suit...
lt would help if you could
deal with the waiter.
Male or female?
- Male.
Nice suit. Charming place.
- Than you.
l'm always dragged to these
pseudo-modern class cubes.
And then, come straight to the point.
We have nothing to hide.
l would lie to interest you
in a project that affects all of us.
Minister, we have nothing to hide.
l would lie to...
'l would lie
to interest you in a project#
Minister, l would lie
to interest you...
Not so serious. Loosen up a bit.
Minister, l would lie to interest you
in a project that affects all of us.
Completely loose.
l've been doing this for 30 years!
l don't want to listen to this shit!
Didn't thin
you'd see me again so soon.
Always a welcome sight.
You came over the tracs?
- l couldn't resist.
The tracs are onlyfor emergencies.
You now that!
Onlyfor emergencies!
How are you?
Here to play?
Myfriend Fabian will roll the dice.
Is that O?
We play on, gentlemen.
Doesn't loo so good for you.
Just what l wanted to hear.
l don't now if l can help your luc.
That doesn't matter.
- Doesn't matter.
Where are we going?
- Anywhere.
l'm out of money.
- l now.
lt's O.
One wee. Ten percent.
Excuse me?
Since when is it 10 percent?
Last time it was $.
Loo for a new car.
Put it next to the SE.
Wait a sec. Last time it was $.
Do you want the money or not?
Careful with the clutch, O?
He ruins my car everytime.
Good evening, Minister.
- Have you never been here?
l'm always dragged to these
pseudo-modern class cubes.
l now what you mean.
Here l am, sitting with you.
On my good side.
May l offer you the menu?
You are new here, right?
- Yes.
Now l'm...
No offence...
Is Heie here?
l can as.
Something wrong?
- l'm conservative, as you are aware.
We'll let Heie recommend something.
Leaders are needed in everyjungle.
Now you are getting to the point.
You want to be my Fhrer?
Perhaps it will suffice,
to mae a couple of notes on the map.
- Mr. Dellbrc.
Surprise me.
You'll see.
Your suit...
Get to the point.
You now what we need.
l don't believe it will come
to an actual debate, if you as me.
We would rather
not leave that to chance.
Up till now, every harmonization
has been waived through,
since the wording is so complicated.
You read the report?
- Yes.
At times it seems
that you are discussing a first-aid it,
while all around
evermhing blows up in our face.
Spare me your metaphors of war.
lt's true.
Evermhing is blowing up in our faces.
The Chinese don't care.
They don't just buy up the maret...
You now that! They are starving us
by limiting raw materials.
But it cannot mean
that we cut down on wor safety...
A bit more leeway.
You can count on me.
But l do not feel responsible
for the opposition.
lt's enough if you tae care
of your own people.
l am satisfied if nothing more
is added to the blaclist.
Especially Substance Group B
has to remain untouched.
- B.
l see that as an opportunity.
Adopting the EU directive...
... the 'EU-harmonization'.
The German chemical industry
has been patronized long enough.
lt's time.
Time for what?
- The soup.
Than you, Heie.
Mr. Dellbrc.
Champagne for the boar
before slaughter!
You have my money!
Give it to me!
Double or nothing?
Another time.
He's chicening out.
- l just don't want to. You little pric.
Stop it!
Calm down, it's enough!
O, enough!
Enough, l say!
Your vet's name is Thomas Rangel.
His age in the paper was incorrect.
Born in 69 in Walsum, that is...
- Duisburg.
Was last employed at Kuros,
a toxic waste plant.
What was he doing in the lion cage?
- Apparently an animal lover.
He was voluntarily
discharged from the army, early...
... had three months left
until he was out.
Just 3?
How do you now?
l spoe with a journalist.
He seemed credible.
The guy with the wrong age?
- Yes.
Very good.
What did he do in the army?
He was apparently a Company Sergeant,
Pioneer, went to Afghanistan in 2004.
And why did he leave?
Don't now.
But he began immediately at the dump.
O, maybe posttraumatic stress disorder?
- Not sure.
l wanted to call the plant.
- Waytoo earlyfor that.
l already called.
Just left a message.
And you said, you wor for 'Die Woche'?
- Stupid, huh?
Have you been to records already?
- Yes, of course.
Go see Gnther.
As him to chec on the company
and on the guy himself.
Maybe he was nuts
and didn't leave voluntarily.
That'd really be something.
lf our aim is ro remain
an innoatie societv,
and as a countrv dependent on eRpons
and raw materials we hae no other option,
we must be willing
ro rake cerrain, calculared risks,
l am concerned thatthis willingness
is lacking more and more,
due to an esoteric minoritv
intent on derailing bold, new ideas
in their desire for absolute securitv,
Loos good.
How many do we have?
- Throughout the factions: 200, 220.
Should be enough.
The main focus should now be on defense.
Let sleeping dogs lie.
- The calm before the storm.
You thin so?
- It's just a feeling.
The amending law in the course
of the EU's long oerdue harmonization
has to be seen as an opponunitv,,,
lr's Nadja, l'll just relv
on vour oicemail,
since l neer reach vou,
vou Porsche drier,
Nothing new on the armv,
but l found out something else:
l also sent you an e-mail.
Germany is the world's largest importer
of toxic waste.
Many of these imports are declared
incorrectly, for a variety of reasons.
Partlyto save money, and partlyto...
... what do you say?
Avoid regulations.
The website for the toxic waste plant...
- where Rangel wored -
... is not at all specific,
but they definitely deal
with toxic waste from other countries.
l lisrened ro a lecrure,
A lor of subsrances could
hae detrimental psvchological effects,
l hae a list of oer
200 differenr subsrances
that are dangerous,
especiallv in a psvchological wav,
Alrightthar's it, bve,
l assume you're lying there on purpose?
- Yes.
Spinal disc?
- Yes.
Now there's a headline:
'Germanyflat on its bac'
'Bac pain - a national ailment#
Compassionate journalism.
My story's doing
about as well as your bac.
You met him?
Stood me up.
- Damn it.
Hamburg was hot on that story.
- What did you tell them?
That the story is in the maing
and what l thin of you.
l didn't mention your escapades.
- Which escapades?
Accounting told me you wanted an advance.
Did you hear about
the guy in the lion cage...
Are you in debt again?
Apparently, he lost his mind at wor.
- l ased you something.
- Yes, what?
l gambled.
Didn't we agree that you'd quit?
You never learn, do you?
How much?
You have some nerve, Fabian.
Paper is under pressure.
We aren't in the 90s anymore.
Go on.
lmagine that you wor with substances.
No one tells you how dangerous they are.
And evermhing inside you changes.
You aren't taling
about blood alcohol, are you?
Seriously, you become
such an animal lover
that you can tal to lions.
Could you be more specific?
ln Gelsenirchen there is a toxic
waste plant, 'Kuros# Rangel wored there.
This isn't an isolated incident?
l'm not sure yet.
- Fabian, it's a bit flimsy.
What about you continuing on your own?
Quic fact chec: who do you wor for?
- For you.
And who gave you the story?
- The tabloid.
- O, you.
You gave me the newspaper.
So you thin it's your story now?
You can go bac to the Arts Section.
- Bullshit!
Your mail read lie a handover.
That wasn't my intent.
First we spea to the widow.
We already have
a call scheduled this afternoon.
l spoe to a former colleague of mine
at the 'Woche' yesterday.
We taled about Groys.
l said l was worried about the id,
about his gambling and all.
He told me Fabian was woring
on a story about the army
that fizzled out,
because his informant let him down.
What ind of army story?
- He didn't say.
But he thought it was pretty big.
His disappointment was huge.
With the staff reduced to the bone
every setbac hurts.
Maybe he'll let us ride his hobbyhorse.
Not a bad idea...
... to get in touch with the informant.
Can we reach him?
With technical support.
- O.
Groys shoots out data, doesn't
encrypt well, his bacups are open.
We'll find a way.
But you haven't wored on it yet.
Was just an experiment.
And the girl?
An intern, unimportant.
- l wouldn't saythat.
She was by herself for a while.
She called the toxic waste plant.
Groys seems to have just gotten on board.
She may be able to influence him.
We've been Faceboo friends
since yesterday.
Just lie that?
Nowadays a 12-year-old
can hac into Faceboo.
l'd hoped you wouldn't come.
- Why?
l've got a good offer for you.
- Forget it.
What's that?
Your greasy bills again...
- There's nothing wrong with money.
The machine won't tae them.
Have you ever driven a Porsche?
Give me the eys.
Where are we going?
- Gelsenirchen.
Whar's he like7
hIacho asshole,
O, what do we now?
l can tell you what l now.
lt seems lie Rangel
was saced in Afghanistan.
How do you figure?
- You said he only had three months to go.
Any normal soldier would have
stuc it out for the money, right?
You don't believe he was poisoned?
Would have been the better story.
l wanted to call the pathologist.
What should l say?
- That we're coming.
l don't have much time.
- Then let's get right to it.
Thomas Rangel.
You examined him, correct?
And what did you find?
Even if you are from the 'Woche',
l will not brea my oath.
Nobody ased you to.
Don't try and act innocent.
Thin about it logically.
We performed
a standard toxicological analysis.
l didn't tell you any secrets.
And the police
have closed the investigation.
Nothing unusual?
Professionally speaing,
it was quite interesting,
because the lion wored precisely.
Was it the cause of death?
Difficult to determine
with multiple injuries.
Was he on drugs?
lt's on record that he had a history
of psychiatric treatment.
- You're with the press.
Yes, but you saw it in the hospital file.
ln a neuropathological sense,
it's hard to say what is normal.
Of course, not everyone
jumps into a lion cage.
Yes, that's true.
Did you find anytoxic substances?
- We test for evermhing in such cases.
Too bad you are throwing us out.
We came all the wayfrom Berlin.
Halmer said
we could spea openly with you...
Yes, Justus Halmer.
l thought you new him.
How do you now Justus Halmer?
l met him in Afghanistan.
Why didn't you saythat right away?
How is he?
l heard about his meltdown.
He was never a diplomat.
lt can't be easy if you have
one of your own on the table.
Yes, that's true.
But the police closed the case,
However not because of my report.
You found something?
- No, but l recommended further tests.
That weren't carried out?
- It upset me.
l've already said too much.
Why were no further tests conducted?
- Too costly. l have to go now.
One last thing.
The tests that weren't carried out,
could they still be conducted?
lf he is exhumed, yes.
Car is over there.
We won't mae it now.
No problem.
Runs every hour.
Gelsenirchen isn't that small.
The factory alone is massive.
lt is pretty big.
We now have motor scooters.
The building is 450 meters long.
The largest in Gelsenirchen.
What do you do there?
- Recycling. Electronic waste, etc.
ls that dangerous?
There are huge machines.
But as long as you don't fall in...
Do you handle heavy metals
and things lie that?
Heavy metals are everywhere.
Your cell phone has heavy metals, too.
We do the shredding
and over there it is melted down...
Have you ever done that?
For the first two years l was there.
Then my nose started protesting,
the mucous membrane.
Aren't there any protective mass?
Loo over there.
The stadium.
Hey, you're from the press!
Get out, both of you!
A word on Rangel?
He stayed in the smelting plant.
- And no one lasts long there?
Excellent job.
What should l have done?
Let him spea first.
- You are such an asshole.
Yes, but an asshole who's right.
Why don't you help me then?
You are the super pro.
Hey, that was your show!
How about a drin?
- Not with you.
Good night.
l'm watching wrestling.
Yuc, it's so disgusting what they do.
That's a pin.
Just part of the repertoire.
But it's not real, is it?
- It's real wrestling.
You now what l mean.
See that guy on the right
next to the ring?
That's the storyliner.
He comes up with the story.
Een if vou know all the tricks,
vou fall for it eerv time,
On the phone you're actually ind of nice.
Only on the phone?
So Porsche drier, l need some sleep,
This is her father.
Excuse me, l'm looing for Ms. Rangel.
At the plus-sizes.
- Than you.
You don't need a plus size.
- Ms. Rangel?
We spoe on the phone.
Come with me,
l'll show you something else.
l can't spea with you.
lt's for my mother.
What size?
- XL.
No one has to now.
l need the money. They aren't joing.
- The toxic waste plant?
Theytold you to eep quiet?
Please leave.
Petra, could you tae over, please?
What exactly are you looing for?
- l actually have what l need.
Do you have a minute?
l'm searching for Echard Lase.
Eckhard aske,
Who's rhar7
Apparentlythe CEO
of a T.T. holding company
or perhaps of Rheingold GmbH.
''L'' as in Ludwig. ''A'' as in Anton.
''S'' as in Samuel.
Or Siegfried, if you lie,
as a Wagner fan... ''K'' and ''E.''
O, thans.
lt's about a 'T.T. Holding'.
Does that mean anmhing to you?
Located in Gelsenirchen.
May l?
No, it's a large business.
Officially, they own Kuros.
And l can see it just lie that?
Let me get right bac to you, O?
He is apparently
no longer CEO at Rheingold.
Or what was it?
T.T. Holding?
He's dedicated himself
to his hobbies.
What prefix is that?
- Thailand.
Fabian Groys, from the 'Woche'.
Am l speaing with Mr. Albers?
l just have a quic question.
l'm a bit confused.
At first l thought the company
was called Rheingold GmbH,
but in other contexts
all l see is Relca-tec and Kur...
You don't now...
What's funny is that the official records
always state the same company as owner.
T.T. Holding.
The company really did
eep changing its name.
From '$3 to '93 it was 'Clear-Tec'
then 'Relca-Tec'
in 2001 it was briefly
'Rheingold Recycling'.
This Holding TT,
T period T?
No idea.
That is an abbreviation.
What for?
- How should l now?
'Total Tricsters'?
- Sure.
You'll have to give me some more.
If l find anmhing, l'll let you now.
Bythe way, is your email woring?
My computer is really weird.
System Error 2369$ or something.
You could try asing Robbie.
So let's assume that this guy Rangel
was poisoned at wor,
went crazy and jumped in the lion's cage.
What time span are we taling about?
- Hard to say.
The one study said that
psychogenic materials tae effect slowly.
O, Rangel was there since 2006,
right after getting out of the army.
The guy in the car said
he stayed in the smelting plant.
That's seven years.
The pathologist also said
something was strange.
He didn't saythat.
One way or the other,
that's not a storyyet.
And what is T.T. Holding?
- l don't now.
l also wanted to say...
For the past few days some guy
has been sending me anonymous letters.
Who writes letters nowadays?
50 and older.
TurmstraRe, U9...
- He says he's got something for us.
He wants to meet in the subway?
At first, l just thought he was crazy.
How does he now
we are looing into Rangel?
So tell me,
do you realize what is at stae here?
Are you aware?
Last year we had
a supply gap of 12,OOO tons,
scandium and lanthanum.
Do you now what that means
in jobs, total assets and value added?
Are you aware how that affects industry?
We give you a decent salary?
- Yes, l...
The onlything you must do is ensure
that the bill goes through as planned
without anyone from the 'Woche'
snooping around in Gelsenirchen!
Just a second, may l interrupt?
- Yes, please!
The fact that we're able to inform you
shows that we are in control.
Just imagine if we didn't now about it.
As soon as anmhing shows up
in the 'Woche' it's too late.
That someone jumped
into a lion's cage is not our fault.
Have a nice day.
- You, too, goodbye.
What's the matter?
That was him.
What is that, USB 2.O?
No, maybe.
But it does find the hard drive.
l'll try it on the old machine.
The amount of time we spend
just sit waiting in front of a computer.
Naed, right...?
Excuse me?
- How do you tae your coffee?
Not completely naed.
Anmhing coming?
- Wait...
Hey there.
lt's a hospital file.
From whom?
- All the names are blaced out.
Loo here.
'lnsufficient wor safety.
High ris of critical health impairments#
- The Rheingold group. Bingo.
Where is it from?
From someone that is really upset.
l thought of you immediately.
Tuesday or Thursday?
We have a small problem.
Just a moment please.
lf it's only small then it can wait.
- Then maybe it's not so small.
Can l call you bac in 10 minutes?
Thans. Bye.
Groys was given documents.
What ind of documents?
Connected to Gelsenirchen.
And you thin
that is a small problem, Mr. Bhler?
The files are not yet on his computer.
- But we have our computer genius.
l thought so too.
But the computer isn't online. Not yet.
l want to now
what they have, bytomorrow.
How should l...?
- No. Today.
l don't really care how you do it.
Just inform me, even if it's 2 a.m.
Is that clear?
Yes. Perfectly clear.
Nothing yet.
lf the computer can't go online,
we'll have to go to the computer.
What's that supposed to mean?
That l'll be right bac.
You really want to intervene physically?
What does she say?
- She doesn't want to now.
Mr. Bhler?
- Not now.
l read it.
- There are still some holes.
Just a few.
- Listen, you wanted a report.
Where did this mysterious file come from?
Former staff member...
- Department of the Environment.
Theyfound many cases of negligence in the
handling of certain toxic substances.
l eep seeing the name Rheingold.
- That's what they used to be called.
How did the Department come up with this?
There were several
written medical reports,
blood tests, doctor's certificates...
The file is incomplete.
- That's what l was getting at.
Page 1 is missing.
We can't connect it to any name.
- Not yet.
Where was l?
- Blood tests.
The blood values are typical
of metal poisoning.
But the dump was never shut down.
Someone in the Department
must have warned them.
That went on for 4 years.
After the elections the case was closed.
There's no proof of the connection.
We're woring on it...
- That's the wrong lead.
This guy is frustrated,
this pencil pusher in the Department.
He wants excitement.
Spy games in the subway.
He should come out and tal.
What does he want?
That we go public.
lt doesn't mae sense.
Maybe this Rangel guy
was crazy beforehand?
ls that even his file?
- We're following this lead...
How reassuring.
l see potential.
My grandmother has potential.
Are we going to put up with this?
- No!
What do we do?
- Go to the competitors.
Excellent idea.
Bythe way, l googled you.
l wanted to now who l'm woring with.
Why didn't you just as me?
Needed an independent source.
- Sure.
l found almost nothing.
Something's not quite right.
With me or with Google?
Seriously, what do you want to now?
You'll answer every question?
- Just as.
Alcohol always maes me so 'nice#
That's the problem.
You now, Fabian,
you just don't get it.
Are you sure
you activated the right computer?
lt was the only old machine.
You did it lie we said?
One moment.
You now what heparnization is?
- No.
- Didn't have Gree at school?
German first name.
Five letters. First letter W.
Why a German first name?
Fine, just a first name.
Oh, God.
My head is illing me.
Hey relax, you really weren't that 'nice#
Walter Badin.
Where can we find him?
Wait a sec.
Walter has six letters.
What about Werner?
Wassili Badin?
Wassili also has six. Or seven.
- O, W. Badin.
lsn't that enough,
to find out where he lives?
We have the doctor's address.
And where?
- KirchstraRe, Gelsenirchen.
He wouldn't drive 600 miles
for an examination.
Maybe Walter...
- Wolfie.
... Ieft behind some ind of trail.
O, Mr. Bodin.
Readyfor surgery?
It will hurt a little.
Loo what l've found.
l must have overlooed it last time.
lt's just a picture...
You have to be idding.
Than you.
They were in the same company
together, Rangel and Bodin.
When was the picture taen?
- October 2004.
and Bodin.
They new each other from the army.
Wait. 3rd battalion,
7th Company.
l now someone who was
an army engineer in Afghanistan.
He's no longer serving,
but neither are they.
l'll deal with Bodin.
- Where could he be?
l now him. l now him.
That's Kolle. 'The cunt'.
Do you now that one there, Rangel?
Everyone new him.
Because he was a bit screwy.
He wasn't in my platoon.
Just what we heard.
You heard that he was screwy?
Was he being treated?
Don't now anmhing about that.
He was just a bit crazy.
What does that mean exactly?
Be specific, come on.
He put a goat's head
in his neighbor's sleeping bag.
Made a huge mess.
- Sounds lie standard soldier stuff.
Where was that?
ln some Russian barracs from the $Os.
A real dump.
They said it was temporary,
but we stayed for 3 years.
Where was that exactly?
Mazar-e Sharif.
Who nows what they dumped there!
When it rained we had oil in the latrine.
Did you file a complaint?
- Sure, but nothing happened.
And the ground?
- They dumped something.
Did you happen to hear about Rangel?
How he died?
Yeah. Crazy.
Did any of the others go nuts?
Not lie that.
Tae a loo here.
l can't remember him.
Who too the picture?
Someone from the press corps?
No clue.
l have some news.
- l'll just dry my hair.
So l met with that soldier...
That's enough. Now listen...
- l'll put something on.
Do you now what he told me?
Why don't you ever
answer the phone when l call you?
Did you miss me?
Bodin is dead.
- What?
He committed suicide, too.
l spoe with his aunt.
Did you call me?
You are such an asshole.
Do we now where this aunt lives?
- Nursing home.
And he doesn't have any...
... any other relatives?
Or a wife?
The aunt mentioned a girlfriend,
who wasn't at the funeral.
Did she mention any names?
Stefanie Kodolsi.
And now?
Ms. Kodolsi.
He was disposed of there.
At the toxic waste plant.
Just lie the other one.
Could you describe to me
how he changed after Afghanistan?
He came bac
and he was shut off.
You hear stories
but he started doing stran'ge things.
manically cutting up pictures.
Things lie that.
And the job at Kuros...
They got it for him.
'They' as in the army?
He also had...
... anxiety attacs.
Screamed lie the dicens.
That was around six months
after he came bac.
But bythat time he was
already woring at Kuros?
At first all they did
was twiddle thumbs.
They were under observation.
And why did he send anonymous letters
to the Department of the Environment?
To denounce the toxic waste plant?
That's the first l've heard of it.
He sent medical files, blood test results.
Pages of them.
He mailed lots of things.
He wrote the UN, the World Health...
- W.H.O.
He just went crazy.
You have an envelope in your box.
You call Groys, meet with him
at your normal meeting place.
lnsist that you want money.
You tae his envelope, and he taes yours.
You do not count the money, understand?
lf we are lucy, he'll tae the bait.
''Usually media exposure is the best thing
that could happen to a zoo.
But there's no baby polar bear
maing headlines at the Gelsenirchen Zoo.
lt's a human. Thomas Rangel.
Army veteran. Recycling plant worer.''
We need to give it
a bit more 'Woche' style.
What did l write?
''Thomas Rangel had no intention of going
out quietly on his final visit to the zoo.
The army vet was a regular at the zoo,
especially attracted to the big cats.''
What was that?
''Going out quietly''?
l sent it to you.
Don't write it down.
''But on this day, Rangel doesn't come
to see the new Bengal tiger.
He's interested in another sensation.''
You'll probablythin
the next bit is too artificial.
''ln a horrendous way, this account
matches the desperation of his action,
because Rangel throws himself in
to be devoured bythe lion...''
l dressed it up a bit with details:
''At 10:54 the factory worer climbs over
the guard rail
to the lion cage
that holds the 12-year-old male Kimba.
lt's right before feeding time.
lt onlytaes a few seconds before the
550-pound beast pounces on the intruder.
With a single bite
he severs Rangel's throat...''
Just a second, windpipe is better.
A bit more visceral.
''After the shoced caretaers
force Kimba bac into his cage,
only a tattered corpse remains.''
Why are you laughing?
- It's a bit sensational.
Of course, we're at the 'Woche'.
Well, you should now.
''Only a tattered corpse remains.''
Can you continue?
''No matter what drove the man to leap,
one thing can be said with certainty:
Rangel had no interest in a quiet death.
He wanted a bang.''
''Bang'' won't do.
We have that at the beginning:
''lnterested in a new sensation.''
Change it.
O, continue: ''What maes a 44-year-old
commit such a desperate act?
To understand his motives, we have to
travel far bac, to Afghanistan, in 2004.
He arrives as a soldier
in Mazar-e Sharif in the north.
The conditions are miserable, every rain
floods the latrines with waste oil,
and hazardous chemicals,
the soldiers call it 'Dragon Blood.'''
See, you have to tell a story.
''Rangel is a hard case. He is slapped
with extra cleaning duties regularly.
After one of his latrine shifts, he has
headaches, nausea and blurred vision.
He twice files for a transfer
and both times he's denied.
His complaints increase
in intensityto the point...''
''He is examined in Germany while on leave.
He doesn't tell his superiors
in fear of reprisals.''
''ln such contexts, conflict specialists
spea of lightning rods in male societies,
in which fear has no outlet.''
That's good.
''This year Rangel attracts a lot of
electricity, dangerous wees are afoot...''
lt's great...
- ''... for the army.''
Nadja, come here please.
Let me introduce you
to Hans-Jrg Gassen,
he's here to answer any legal questions.
Gnther, from records, you've met already.
Fabian, let me give you a big hug.
l hope you're as flexible
as you once were.
Have a seat.
l'll stand if it's O.
We've read it a couple of times,
Hans-Jrg and Gnther have too.
And in fine companytradition, we'll now
raise questions and voice doubts.
First let me say, great wor.
Strong piece.
l wouldn't have thought that last wee.
Would you lie to start?
Sure. Names.
l have a problem with using full names.
They are deceased,
we cannot as them for permission.
There isn't any written consent from the
next of in, and it'd be doubtful anyway.
Rangel's name has been all over the place,
but l would still recommend
using first names only.
Not naming Rangel would be academic.
And Bodin's name is too important.
l also thin that naming Rangel is fine.
Bodin on the other hand...
l couldn't find anmhing
about this Ms. Kodolsi.
At the very least, she's not registered.
That was Bodin's girlfriend, right?
- Yeah, she called us here.
l also couldn't reach her by phone.
So l have to trust you two,
which l don't lie doing.
l'll verify it.
The other thing is the numbers you named
about the Afghanistan deployment.
l'm referring to line 33.
Where did you get those?
They do not match the official numbers.
That's the joer.
We got the list from him.
He let us buy it off him.
So, you do not have any official sources?
No, it's deep bacground.
ln this case,
we can't present it as a fact.
What about: ''Experts estimate...''
You guys have to do some more digging.
l'm trying to find
the central thesis of the article.
The army puts pressure
on disabled soldiers
to leave willingly and in good health
against their better judgment.
Bac home, theyfind them a lousyjob
and no longer tae care of them.
O, pretty scandalous so far.
But l am missing a core statement
whythey do that.
ls it reallyjust for the numbers?
Is it cheaper?
And the toxic waste plant?
An isolated incident or a plan?
With the article the way it is now
we'd be taing a major ris.
The two paragraphs
on Afghanistan and suicide
suggest a connection,
which we cannot prove.
A slight insinuation is O.
We do mention later
that one of them has a medical history.
What l find strange is the relative
importance placed on the plant.
The story is about the army
and their cover-up practices.
The toxic waste plant is then
of peripheral interest.
Plus, we now how sensitive
the industry can be.
Should l stop writing then?
- l'd hate to lose paragraphs 3 and 4.
You mean those two, right?
- Yes.
Primarily because they
represent the basis of facts.
The entire story is built upon it.
- l agree: we went down the wrong trac.
For the military angle,
that's onlythe example.
Maybe it's enough for an opener.
Fabian, are we on the safe side?
Then l would suggest
you polish up the story a bit,
reduce the landfill part
and then we'll have a nice cover.
Are you serious?
Did you just saythe cover?
2,1, You can't sav that,
According to our information,
it's accurate.
We don'r hae ro,,,
We don'r wanr ro commenr,
And point 2.2?
lr's true that Thomas Rangel leftthe
serice in 2006 for personal reasons,
And the posttraumatic stress disorder?
A clear no, Nor rrue,
lt feels good to now,
what the 'Woche' is doing, isn't it?
Let's see.
Maybe we're named as authors.
My God, have you heard?
''That's Berlin'', she said:
''Low rent eternity and marble plastics.''
Shall we leave?
Before you start crying...
You don't want to stay?
l have to...
... get up earlytomorrow?
l have to go to Hamburg
for a job interview.
Wish me luc.
Good luc.
l now her.
Not blond today.
What are you doing here?
That's the name of the character.
Why haven't you returned my calls?
None of your business.
You didn't even now Bodin, did you?
You need to leave.
Someone hired you.
You didn't even now him.
l have to go.
You won't be doing any acting
with a blac eye.
There is mae-up for that.
l new it would get out.
Please don't tell my agent.
- Fuc your agent. l want to now who.
Tell me.
Now! Who?
l really don't now.
You're hurting me!
Who is 'X'?
None of your fucing business.
They were all over the place.
l made a bacup.
Don't ever use that on a computer
with an internet connection, O?
Buy an obsolete model
if you still need the info.
Who does such a thing? The NSA?
They were incredibly clever.
l have never seen anmhing lie it.
Did she tell you that?
l had a missed call from her number.
When l called bac, he answered.
Do we now what his next move is?
He's not broadcasting.
He can't do any real damage anymore,
but T.T. would surely be happy
if we could avoid causing a stir.
Hit him where it hurts.
The cae is really good.
Did you mae it?
lt's still delicious.
They excavated his body and burned him.
No one spoe to me.
- Why?
Because his body was full of poison.
They wanted to cover it up.
That's all they're good at.
Before someone else
examined his body and found out,
they exhumed him themselves.
They couldn't care less about me.
l eep wanting to tae that down.
He couldn't remember anmhing,
it made him crazy.
You could see it on his face
that he was searching for a name.
SOCKE Did you see a doctor?
The tests never stopped.
And the pills turned him into a zombie.
And all that came from
the toxic waste plant?
Where else?
Your husband was released
from military duty early.
They weren't going
to hold the job any longer.
The job wasn't set up bythe army?
You rang.
Evermhing O?
That picture just appeared
two wees ago in the archive.
The one with both Rangel and Bodin.
We published it.
- So?
l blew up Bodin's face.
Loo, l found this picture online.
Notice anmhing?
lt's the same picture.
They mirrored the image
to reline the contours.
What are you getting at?
The Kuros company
is now called 'Quest Recycling'.
And Bodin's supposed girlfriend
is just an out-of-wor actress.
l don't follow.
The story doesn't chec out.
None of it.
We can't go bac now.
lf we call bac a cover story,
we'll damage the paper's reputation,
we'll damage the brand.
And we get nothing.
Not to mention your career.
The story doesn't chec out.
- Too bad.
lt hit the right people.
Are you telling Hamburg?
We write for nostalgic people,
who believe the paper doesn't lie.
You thin people want to read
that we lost at our own game?
We were used for something foul.
For a cover up.
And you don't care?
l'm hungry.
Won't you stayto eat?
loo who's here.
Just a second.
l have to go.
Tae a brea. Two wees.
Don't let me catch you in editing, got it?
Are you throwing me out?
- l'm trying to help.
Nadja, l don't now where you are.
l was standing at your door.
l can't leave a message.
Call me, l'll be home later.
May l?
Now he's mine!
Five hundred!
Can you do that?
- l have to.
l can cover you for a wee.
But no more.
Should l call you a cab?
- No.
One wee.
l can't believe it.
One more sip?
- No, leave her.
Watch your step.
He's already had enough...
That could be us later.
We'll ore firsr on 14,211,
A rollcall ote is required,
l would like ro ask all secreraries,,,
A ore will be raken on amendmenrs
ro hazardous wasre direcries
which must be adjusted
to ensure compliance with the EU,
lt is generallv seen as a formalitv,
The spokesperson of rhe conserarie
facrion called ir an oerdue modernizarion
and that een the opposition
would hae difficulries ro conresr,,,
Mr. Groys,
l need to remove the IV.
Please mae sure
you chec your blood sugar regularly.
You'll feel a little pric.
l gotthe job,
Of course vou don't answer,
otherwise vou'd hae to congratulate me,
After mv interiew someone came to me,
l'm not actuallv sure who it was,
He said if l reallv wanted the job,
l should break off contactto vou,
l didn'r undersrand rhar ar all,
Did something happen7
You sounded so strange,
the message vou left me,
Well, l'll hae to moe to Hamburg,
l am staning neRt week,
But l miss vou alreadv,
Miss you too.
l hae to go,
Bve, vou Porsche drier,