The Light of the Moon (2017) Movie Script

Thank you, darling.
When can we get out of here?
I'm almost done.
Oh my god, this isn't
even due until next week.
I'll kill you. I will kill you!
It's my first solo gig.
I've got to impress everyone.
Just wear some low-cut
tops next week,
that should do the trick for
"Brian the Brainless".
So, where's Matt?
Yes, where is Matt?
The 99 million dollar question.
Oh, speak of the Devil.
No. It literally is the Devil.
One of the rare times you may
have spoken too soon - He's here!
What's up Jack?
- Hi Matt!
- How are you?
Better now that you're here
and we can get away from
the army of trust fund interns.
Have you been working out?
No more than usual?
So, none at all. None at all.
He's being facetious -
Let me get you a drink.
You're gonna hate me.
One of our ad execs
just got into town.
I envy how much make-up sex
you two must have.
He's a big client, Bon.
Bigger than the one who was
in town last week?
Yeah, that was -
It's not going to be that late, though.
I might be able to link up
with you guys later on?
Oh fun! I won't hold my breath.
Hey, you know, sometimes you're here
until like 9:00PM on a weekend.
Yeah, well, at least you know where I am
and not snorting blow off a hooker's butt.
Yeah, is that really what
you think we're doing?
I watch "Madmen".
Babe, it's not the 60's. It's...
Trust me, it's not that fun,
it ends up being bunch of dudes
watching football highlights and playing
Beer Pong till they pass out. It's pathetic.
You ok?
- You just.. you just miss me?
- Yeah.
I can tell. I know, I miss you too! And I'm
also exhausted, do we have plans tomorrow?
No, nothing on the books.
Good, good.
Let's just do nothing except be
with each other.
We can even like, turn off our
phones, you know, kick
it 90's style?
For the entire day?
Yep, the whole day.
Oh my God, that's so
romantic of you.
It's just how I was raised.
Forgive me?
Well I can make it up to you.
Get out of here.
I love you.
I love you, too.
Don't drink too much!
I will!
You okay?
Some guy just tried to creep
on me on the dance floor.
This place is getting so gross.
I even got an ass grab in the bathroom.
And you're complaining?
No, I'll take whatever I can get right now.
And apparently, so will she.
Oh wow!
I'm the best friend.
I'm the greatest.
You are. You're the reason
we all get laid.
Oh, that's so sweet!
I love you so much!
I love you so -
I love you more,
I love you more.
I love you.
Bye. Watch her.
You're the prettiest girl
that I've ever seen.
Shut up!
Bye. I'm just kidding.
You're the prettiest. Bye!
Ugh. Let's go get one more?
No, I think I'm gonna go
home and lie on the floor,
and listen to Tina Turner's
'77 Australian Tour.
Oh, I take it there's been
no word from Brad?
Radio silence since Monday.
I think it's officially over.
It's ok. Honestly, Tina,
"what does love have to do with it?"
No! No. Don't torture yourself.
It's my favorite past time.
Are you gonna grab a cab?
Yeah, you wanna splitsies?
Mm, no.
I think I'm gonna walk.
Ok, well, I'll see you Monday.
Love you.
Love you more.
I love you more, bitch!
Mi vida! Hi, hey listen, Jimmy managed
to get us a table at Marquee. So, yeah -
It's gonna be a late one. Sorry.
I swear there's no butts, there's no coke.
Um. Ok baby, I love you.
Have a fun night.
I will fucking kill you.
You got it?
No, please.
Take whatever you want - my
Just please, don't do that.
"Getting off the subway now. "
What's up? What's wrong?
Hey? Whoa. Whoa! Hey!
You ok?
What happened?
Baby? Baby, look at me.
What happened?
Let me see your face.
Let me see... Oh my God.
What the fuck? Who did that?
What happened? What fucking happened, baby?
Did someone fucking hit you?
Talk to me, please.
Baby, talk to me?
I don't know what to do -
just fucking talk to me.
I got mugged.
When? Just now?
Are you serious?
They fucking hit you?!
What the fuck!
What a fucking piece of shit.
Fuck, I'm so sorry. Baby.
I think I need to go
to the hospital.
Did you call the cops?
No. Please don't get mad,
let's just go.
Ok. No no no, yeah yeah yeah.
I'm so sorry. Ok, alright?
Can you describe the person
who attacked you for us?
I didn't - I didn't get
a good look at him.
Was he tall?
Yeah. Maybe 6 feet?
He was strong.
He had - sharp stubble.
Black, white, hispanic?
He was white. Maybe a mix?
When did he do that?
When I bit his hand.
What did he take from you?
What are you missing? Your phone?
No, I have my phone.
Money? Credit Cards?
Bonnie, did he sexually assault
you in any way?
Why don't you sit down?
It's best if you just sit down.
- Alright.
- Alright.
Can I have a glass of water,
We can't give you water
until after the exam,
to preserve the evidence.
I wiped myself with the tissues.
My underwear is in there, too.
That's really helpful, Bonnie.
How much did you have to drink?
Um, I dunno -
like four drinks or something.
It was... maybe 7. But like -
over the course of - like, 5 hours.
Beer? Cocktails?
Shots and mixed drinks.
So it's more like -
12 drinks, right?
Did you willingly take
any drugs?
What is this...
You won't get in any trouble.
Um, I had a little -
a little bump of cocaine.
Listen, these guys, they
prey on drunk girls.
It's their number one M.O.
Makes it easier for them.
Can you remember anybody at the
bar that was suspicious? Anything?
Um, there was one guy who
kept trying to dance with me?
Could this have been the man
who attacked you?
I don't know.
I didn't really look at him.
That's absolutely fine.
That's why we collect
all the other evidence.
Where was your boyfriend
at the time of the attack?
He was out with some -
work colleagues.
The guy took my license.
He took - he took my license.
He won't come - he's
just trying to frighten you.
But he could, right?
He won't. We'll put some patrol cars in
your neighborhood. You'll - you'll be fine.
Excuse us, please.
Sorry, but we have to ask Matt
to leave the room, as well.
Ok. I'll just be outside.
I have to get all the way up to the cervix.
So It's going to hurt a bit.
Did he penetrate you anally?
Ok, we're all done.
You can sit up now.
Alright, we can get you some
x- rays now.
I'm sorry - I'm sorry that
I wasn't with you, you know.
If I had been there -
if I had been with you.
Matt, please please please,
not now.
Ok, sorry.
What did they say?
- It's not broken.
- That's good.
Yeah. They gave my stitches in my mouth.
Where I bit my cheek.
I have your discharge papers.
So first I have your
pregnancy prophylaxis.
I'm sorry - what is that?
This is your morning after pill.
Just in case.
These are all precautionary, Bonnie.
The chances of anything
happening are really slim.
This is your HIV prophylaxis -
you have to take this once a
day, for 28 days
straight, for it to be
most effective.
Now, I've also called you in
some anti-nausea medication,
'cause this tend to make people
feel a little sick, it could
induce vomiting.
But I'm going to
give you your Tetanus
and Hepatitis B vaccinations right now,
before you leave.
The police have also asked if you
could take them to the crime scene.
When, now?
That's ridiculous, I mean -
I - I understand, but the scene could become
contaminated or disturbed if they wait.
No, I'm not going back there.
I'll draw them a fucking map.
That's fine.
It's up to her.
Ok, ok good.
Bonnie, my card's in there,
you can call me anytime.
And there's some numbers for
some free therapy services, too.
Just one more quick jab.
Ok. All done.
Let's get out of here.
Oh, you're awake.
Yeah, I just woke up.
Ok. Hold on.
What is all this?
I got you blueberry pancakes
and granola from Lighthouse.
And there's coffee, too.
You want coffee?
I didn't realize this was a
"breakfast in bed" situation.
I'm kidding, relax.
Can you go get my painkillers?
Yeah, which ones do you need?
All of them.
Alright, here's coffee.
And here's - I brought everything.
Thank you.
How's your -
How's it - How's it feel?
I feel like I've been
hit by a truck.
I don't - I don't think I can
get through granola today.
Oh, yeah. Sorry.
Are you just going to sit here and watch me
eat? The show's not about to start, Matt.
Sorry. They just told me at the
hospital that I need to reinforce,
like, a positive male
influence in your life.
I don't think you're
supposed to tell me that.
Yeah. Probably not.
It's okay. It's okay, sit down.
Look I know this is really
weird and uncomfortable,
and I don't know what to say, but...
just try and be yourself, okay?
Sure. Sorry.
And stop apologizing.
Are you ever going to
kiss me again?
I'm dying to kiss you.
I just don't want to hurt you.
I can handle it.
You're, uh, you're mom called
while you were asleep.
I think that she has, like,
a sixth sense for this stuff.
I don't think I'm going to
tell her about what happened.
Just with all the stuff with my
Dad and everything and - I dunno.
They're your parents.
I mean, don't you think that they would
want to know something like this?
I just know my mother will go crazy.
She'll say all the wrong things,
and probably just use it as ammunition.
Yeah. That's - your call.
Here, I'll get it.
Not - not so hungry?
Are you ok?
Do you need help?
I'm fine.
Look, if you need me to
call the cops, I can...
Let's go.
Yeah, it'll just be a minute.
Hey, what's wrong?
Everyone is looking at my face.
Come on. No they're not.
The waitress in there
asked if I needed help.
She thinks you did this to me.
Who cares what they think?
I do!
Let's just go home.
Hey, no. Here, here.
Just put this on. There you go.
I look stupid in hats.
It's Brooklyn,
nobody gives a shit.
You look like the last kid
picked for the softball team.
Shut up.
"I'm just out here in leftfield,
waiting for the ball. "
Hey, you know what? Why don't we go to the
movies? No one can see us in the dark.
You're going to work?
I have to.
The Speakeasy job is due Friday.
No. Don't you think you
should take another day off?
No. It's too big of a job. And I don't want
to just mope around the house another day.
We don't have to mope. We could - we could
go to the park, we could have a picnic.
I already emailed the team last
night and said I'm not coming in.
What did you tell them?
That you're sick and
I have to take care of you?
Look, I know you're itching
to get back to it,
but I don't think, you know,
you should rush it.
Just one more day.
That won't hurt, would it?
Mentally? Yes.
Well, do the people at work
even know what happened?
Let's just tell everyone it was
a mugging, okay?
You're not even going to
tell Jack?
And have him ask me for all
the details? No, thank you.
Oh, come on.
He wouldn't do that.
I just can't even fathom telling
people something like that.
I wouldn't even know what to say.
Mate, how you doin'?
That's crazy, what happened to ya.
I know.
Where'd it happen?
Just three blocks away
from my place.
Look at that shiner!
Oh, you should see
the other guy.
So what did he take?
Just some cash and credit cards.
What a fucking prick.
Oh my God, Bonnie,
you look awful.
I think what she means is:
"you look bad ass. "
Yeah, that's - that's what I meant.
Where did it happen?
Just three blocks from
my apartment.
Were you wearing your
I always walk without my
headphones at night for
this exact reason.
Well, you know what they say, you're not a
real New Yorker till you've been mugged.
Is that what they say?
That or ten years, I think?
It was a full moon, that's why.
And Mercury's in retrograde.
I thought that only
affected phones?
Yeah. Well, I suppose we
should let you get back to it?
Let me know if you
need anything, mate.
Will do, thanks.
You look great.
It doesn't look that bad.
Not according to Mikaela.
Oh my god,
that girl wouldn't know tact if
it punched her in the
face - sorry, too soon.
- Oh my god.
- Foot in mouth.
So are you going to
show me your stitches?
Oh my God, that's disgusting.
Hey, um, I'm sorry.
If I just made you get in the cab with me,
none of this would have happened.
Stop. It was my choice.
You scared the shit out of me.
Yeah, you and me, both.
Fucking scumbag.
Bonnie, I can't believe it.
I'm so sorry that happened to you.
How are you feeling?
It actually looks
way worse than it is.
Mmm you poor thing.
Anyway, just so you know, I've
freed up Guy's calendar so he
can help you out on the.
Speakeasy job.
Oh, you didn't have to do that.
No, he already started on it yesterday.
And I moved all of your client
presentations to next week, too.
Oh, I should be fine for Friday.
I just, I - I thought it might
be for the best.
Right. Of course.
Wouldn't want anyone to think we're slave
drivers around here, now, would we?
Well, you just take your time settling
back in, ok?
And just ask Guy where he got to.
Como estas?
You're cooking?
Yeah, I thought I'd take a shot
at poisoning us for the evening.
And you've got
multiple processes going!
If you're gonna do something,
might as well go all the way, right?
I should, like, write a blog about this
or do an infomercial or something.
Oh yeah?
"Do you want your man to cook for you?
Clean? Pick up his dirty
laundry off the floor?"
"Well it's easy!
Step 1: Get raped. "
Whoa, tough room.
Ok, well -
I'm gonna go take a shower.
I'm sorry.
It's okay.
Is it?
You know, I'm really trying...
I know, I know.
It's just, like, a lot.
Well, isn't this what I'm supposed to do?
Take care of you?
You never wanted to
do that for me before?
Well, you didn't need it.
Didn't I?
It's just - It's just -
It's sad.
Well, yeah, of course, I mean -
it's going to be tough -
No, I mean, that it took this to get you to
make me something that isn't out of a can.
Ok, I know that it -
seems bad but -
Yeah, that's because it is.
Well, I can't change the past.
Look, I'm sorry, you're right,
it's - it's shitty.
It shouldn't have taken this
for me to get my act together,
but would you rather that
I just don't try at all?
No, that's not what I'm -
I'm just saying that it's,
like, all this effort all
at once - it's like, ugh.
I just want -
I just want the old Matt back.
I don't know if I can
just snap back to that.
Well can you just, please try?
Just for a little while,
just try.
I saw the, um - pamphlets from
the hospital in the recycling.
Oh my god.
I just - don't you think that some
kind of therapy might be helpful?
Oh my god, ok - So because you
can't "fix me" with breakfast in
bed or whatever this is, I have
to go see a therapist?
No, I can't fix -
I can't fix anything!
I'm not asking you to!
Well, you kind of are,
because if you don't tell
anybody else,
then you're putting it all on me.
Fine. I'll stop talking to you
about it then.
Fuck, no, that's not I'm not...
Look, it's... I don't expect
you to get better right away.
Oh my God. "Get better?"
You know what I mean.
You've been through, like...
If this happened to anybody,
they'd need help getting -
Well, I'm not anybody!
Yeah, I've - I... I know.
I know you're not.
If I go to therapy, it's like...
It's like he's -
It's like he's all the way in.
Well maybe you could, just,
talk to Jack or your parents -
I told you -
Well, I don't think that he's gonna...
I don't think that they're
going to freak out...
Ok. Alright. They are not -
They are not like your parents, ok?
They're not.
My mom is still mad that
we moved in together.
She'll probably say this
was God's punishment.
So, just trust me on that, ok?
Ok, I will try
to go to a support group.
Yes, but you have to promise me
that you're not going to ask me
about - talking to my parents
about this again.
Your bartering skills
are very impressive.
Thank you. Much more than I can
say for your cooking skills.
This is bad, isn't it?
What's this little guy?
That's a carrot!
Ok, wow.
Why did you add
anchovies to this?
I really thought I had
a chance at Top Chef.
Oh, that's so sweet.
Should I just call Thai Palace? Should
I just - We don't have to eat it right?
No, call Thai Palace, please.
It was very nice.
Thank you.
But this Pad Thai's
gonna be better.
I'm so sorry I'm late.
No, it's quite alright, please
come join us.
Um. We're just getting started,
so... have a seat if you like.
Welcome. I'm Ariel.
Hi. I'm Bonnie.
Um, would anyone care to
share next?
Go ahead, Joanna.
Hi, I'm Joanna.
Um... My ex-husband
keeps showing up lately.
I try to stand my ground but,
he always finds a way
to talk me into letting
him inside the house.
I don't understand how I can be so confident
in other areas of my life, but with him.
I feel like nothing.
I don't want to tell the kids
what he's done.
I still want them to
know their father.
They should, shouldn't they?
That... that's their right.
But he still - he scares me.
I think he'd even hurt
the kids just to get at me.
You okay?
Fuck - Matt!
Woah, sorry!
What are you doing home
so early?
How was it?
I'm not going to one of
those things ever again.
Look, maybe it just takes some time,
you know? It...
Don't school me on this, ok?
I acquiesced, I tried and it
made me feel like utter shit -
so can we drop it?
Ow! F...
Mi hija.
I haven't heard from you in
forever... You're
probably working too hard,
as usual.
Ahora, listen to me, your Papi wants
to see you. Give him a call, okay?
And we need to talk about the 4th of July,
okay? Your brothers are coming.
If you want I suppose
you can bring Matthew, if he
doesn't have any plans.
Bonnie, um... Hi, this is
Detective Lambert from the NYPD.
I'm calling to let you know
there was another assault
in your area last night and the
man was caught leaving the
So we are hopeful that it
is the same man
that attacked you last week.
So we need you to come into the
precinct tomorrow, to see if you
can identify him in a lineup.
You'll be safe, he won't see you.
Ah, it shouldn't take more than -
We should leave in 30 minutes.
Yep, I'm just
looking up directions.
I think if we take the J we can... the
J will take us straight there.
Yep, that's right.
I couldn't I.D. him.
What does that mean?
I stared at these six
guys right in the face,
and and I didn't know which one it was.
No, I mean - so, so now
I'm so fucking annoyed with
I should have just looked at
I just thought if I saw him
again... it would just
come back or...
Hey, it was dark, you were scared.
It's okay.
It's not okay. It's stupid, that's
what it is. Really fucking stupid.
Are you the other girl?
I'm so sorry you had
to go through that.
I'm sorry... no... I... I don't
know what you're talking about.
I'm sorry about whatever
happened to you but I'm not -
Where'd you get that then?
Sorry. She's upset,
you know?
Bonnie, whoa, okay...
Bonnie, slow down.
I don't want to be a part of
this sisterhood of rape victims.
Ok, I get it.
I'm not like that girl. That girl's
a fucking mess! I'm not like that.
Hey, she was just upset -
So am I, but I'm not going to make
a big scene in front of everybody.
Every? Who's everybody?
Look, she was just trying to comfort you.
More like comfort herself.
Ok. Is that such a...
such a bad thing?
Do you hear yourself? Ok, so we were
raped by the same asshole of a guy?
Yeah, okay, so now we have some sacred bond
and we're supposed to heal each other?
I don't know.
Would you say the same thing
about cancer patients who go to
support groups, stuff like that?
I'm not dying, Matt!
I know you're... come on,
It's not... It's a stupid
It's not even in the same
I just don't think that
crying about it
and then rehashing it over and over again,
is going to help anyone.
You don't know that.
Are you sure?
Are you using a condom?
I... Yea...
The doctor said I...
Oh, right. Yeah.
Yeah? I mean,
better safe, right?
It's ok?
- Mhm.
- You sure?
Yeah, yeah.
Yeah, I'm fine.
Come on, baby, fuck me.
Come on baby.
Come on, Matt!
Fuck me for real.
Just give me a second,
just give me a second.
- Sorry, I -
- It's ok.
Yeah. I dunno.
It's fine. I was tired anyway.
I'm going to start squatting.
You mean like a 30-day
No, squatting in vacant
I swear to God, it's almost
impossible to find an
an affordable apartment in New
York City and I just read this
article about all these
internationals that are like
buying up vacant apartments in Manhattan and
leaving them empty for years and years until
little Johnny comes along and
claims his piece of the pie.
Yeah, it should be illegal to
take up space in Manhattan.
I swear to God, I'm
going to start squatting.
I'm going to be the best damn
squatter New York City has ever seen.
Mm, ok, yes. But you think it's illegal
when your Uber rating drops below 5 stars?
Ok, that is actually a crime.
And this is for the good of America.
Mhm. I don't think that argument
is going to fly in court.
You're probably right.
I just have to get out of my
There's too many good memories.
I guess they're not
good anymore.
Are you ok?
You're like acting weird.
Oh... I'm just... I'm
worried about Matt.
I dunno, he's just not
handling all of this very well.
Define "handling it well. "
He's become so over-
protective. It's like...
- Suffocating?
- Yes! Exactly!
Yeah, but that's normal, right? I feel like
I've become more protective of you, too.
Yeah, but you're not overbearing
about it.
He is literally doing all the
right things.
Check, check, check.
I know, I know. It's a stupid
thing to complain about.
Yeah, yeah, a little bit.
But, I'm sure he understands.
Oh no, no - he understands.
Oh, he understands everything.
He understands everything.
I could spit in his face
and he'd just wipe it off and then rub my
back and say "it's okay, babe. It's ok... "
I know, I know!
I'm a horrible human being.
I'm a garbage human being.
And I say, I say the
most awful stuff
to him.
And I feel it rising up in my
throat and I'm trying to like
choke it down but I can't.
It's just too... I
can't handle it.
That is so weird... I would have
thought that you'd want him to
be closer after what happened?
Well, I dunno. Maybe I'm
the exception to the rule.
Ok, maybe I'm not allowed to say this,
but - can you imagine how he must feel?
The fact he didn't come out with us that
night. The guilt must be killing him.
Why do people do that? It's not like I'm
holding it against him or something.
Hmmm... Maybe just, like,
a little bit?
Ok, if that's what you want me
to believe, that's fine.
But, you know... Inner demons
are always the
hardest to overcome.
Did you read that in a book?
I saw it on OWN.
OWN? You're watching
OWN now?
The Oprah Winfrey Network.
The Oprah Winfrey... Okay.
Yes. Hashtag Grateful.
No. No!
Excuse me. Sorry.
Sorry. The train was late.
Are you still working
those long hours?
You'll make yourself sick.
I'm the lead on a big job.
I have to impress them.
Do you really think I don't
Your friends are writing about
it all over your Facebook.
I thought you didn't know
how to use Facebook?
Your cousin taught me.
- So?
- So?
So do you think this is how I deserve
to find out something like this?
Mom, I cannot control what
people put on Facebook.
And you've forgotten how
to use the phone, Bonita?
Especially, with your
father the way he is -
Did you tell him?
No. Never.
He's in enough pain without
having to worry about his
daughter running around in the
middle of the night.
Mom, please.
It's fine, I'm fine. Everything
is fine. These things happen.
It's that neighborhood -
I told you, it's not safe.
It's New York City.
Nowhere is safe.
- Then you should be extra careful.
- not running around
- sola por la noche!
- Por favor!
I know Matthew was
not there with you.
What kind of friends let you
go out sola por la noche?
You need to move.
To Queens? You just told me last
month your neighbors got robbed.
That's different. My own daughter
can't even find the time to call me.
I just didn't want to worry you.
Okay, you have enough
on your plate as it is.
Do you ever think tha it worries me
more when I don't hear from you?
Did you cancel
your credit cards?
Uh, yeah. Yeah I did.
Brooklyn is where all of
the drug dealers live.
My God. Mom, it's not
the 80s!
Listen to me. You tell me
next time, you hear?
Not the stupid computer.
You call me and you tell me.
Hey. Bonnie, right?
Yeah, Bonnie Gonzalez.
You got my number from Vernon?
At the station? Ah - what's his name.
Oh, ah... Detective
Right. Right! He's a good guy.
I know he can be a bit abrasive
at first...
He's gotta work on his people skills
but I keep telling him that.
Vernon! "Come on!"
You know, today already.
You want some water?
I'm hopeless that way.
Here, let me get you some water.
Thank you
I'm, I'm Kirra, by the way.
Kirra Williams.
Nice to meet you.
So, I had a chance to look
over your file quickly
and we got to decide what
angle to take here, honey.
You're a smart girl, right?
You went to college?
Yeah, I went to Syracuse.
That's great!
The judge will love that.
And you're pretty, that - that
helps too.
I mean, obviously, you were just
born that way, but trust me,
it's good for our case.
So, we are just waiting on
the results of your rape kit?
Um, yeah. I believe so.
Ok, that way we can
see if the DNA matches
the guy who raped the other
girl, right? Ok. Good.
Well, hopefully we'll have
two matching sets of DNA.
We'll put this guy
away for a long time.
Um, what if the DNA isn't a
match and it was some other guy.
Well, that's gonna be a
harder battle.
Hopefully we can still find him...
but if he's a first time offender,
that could be tough.
Wait, even with the DNA?
He'll argue it was consensual.
He practically broke
my cheekbone.
That's neither here nor there.
Plus, you were intoxicated. And, uh,
you can't remember anything.
I can remember some
things. Very clearly.
The problem is is that he'll
remember everything, perfectly
You know, he's going to say you
came onto him, that you
were flirting
and dancing with him all night
at the bar.
That it was your idea.
And you blatantly asked him t
have sex with you.
I would never in a
million years...
Yeah, but you can't remember?
And just to help him even more,
he has your toxicology
report at this point.
I am not the one who is
supposed on trial here.
But to the defense, you are.
What district are you in?
you'll probably going to get Mahoney...
he is a downright creep and has
made it his mission in life
to get every rapist off the hook.
God knows why, ah... his mother
didn't hug him enough as a kid,
who knows...
but he'll break you down and you
need to be prepared.
His aim is to get the judge to
question your character and
lighten this creep's sentence.
Of course, I'll "object" every time,
but he'll plant the seed.
Now don't get me wrong,
I agree with you.
All that shit doesn't matter.
Rape is rape.
That's all it should come down to.
But we're not saving the world
today, we're not single-handedly
changing the criminal justice
system - not today.
Our aim is to put this guy behind
bars for as long as possible.
And then he'll just get out and do it again,
right? What is the point?
Well, I figure, it's better than
sitting around here and doing
nothin' all day.
And he'll get out, he'll do it
again - they always do it again.
And then - then we'll put
him behind bars for life.
And honey, if you were Black
or he was your husband?
Don't even think about it.
You're one of my easy cases.
Oh, do you want to -
do you want to go?
You can go. You can go.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
- It's ok? Yeah?
- Aha. Yeah.
Did you think about it?
What happened to me?
Hey... Let's just...
I want to know.
I did. I didn't want to,
but I did.
I'm sure that's
completely normal.
Did you?
This feels like a trap.
It's not. I promise.
Yes. I thought about it, ok? And I
fucking hate that I thought about it.
Did the thought of it
turn you on?
- Bonnie. Come on.
- It's ok if it did.
The thought of that fucking
piece of shit doing that to you?
No, that doesn't turn me on.
Does it turn you on?
Well, I just couldn't stop
thinking about it. So...
I just changed his face
to your face.
Ok, yeah. Yeah, that's...
That's fine.
Do you look at me
differently now?
- No.
- You must.
If you mean, do I love you any less?
No. If anything, I love you more.
Out of pity.
Do I still turn you on?
Babe. Baby, we just
had sex!
I know, but was it as good?
Was it - was it... I don't even
know what you want me to say.
So that's a no.
It was good. It was good,
Can we please just, like,
try to enjoy this moment?
I want to just enjoy this, you know?
Te amo.
I love you, too.
Bonnie. Bonnie? Can we have a
chat in the conference room?
Bonnie, we love your work
here, you know that.
Um... And, I know you're going
through a tough time right now,
and I want you to know that
we've got your back, 100 percent.
But we've decided it's just not
working having you as the lead
on The Speakeasy job.
It's just, it's such
a big account.
You know, we can't have a
misstep here.
I'm sure you understand that?
But, we'll put you on one of
the smaller jobs.
Maybe, maybe the
Martha's Vineyard Shop?
Great. Ok.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Hey girl, hold your horses.
Oh my God, that last one
went right to my head.
And the three before that?
Ok, so I might see you
kids over the weekend?
I'll walk home with you.
Why? Where are you
I dunno, I just want to go
for a walk. It's a nice night.
Yeah, I'll go too.
- Let's all go!
- C'mon!
Since when do we walk
each other home?
I was thinking about it and I feel like
we should make it a habit from now on.
Yeah, we can all take turns.
And I'll go last, cause
I'm the manliest.
Okay. Guys, come on.
Are you going to be there every single time
I have to be walked home late at night?
No, but we're here now.
Look. It's very nice and all,
but you can just go on home.
Then I'm paying for you cab.
Pree! You were just saying 20
minutes ago that you're broke.
Then I'll pay for it.
It's a 10 minute walk!
So, what's the big deal? We just
want to make sure you get home okay.
It just... It makes me feel some wounded
dog that you guys need to rescue.
Bonnie, we're just trying
to help.
Because I'm a walking billboard
that says: "help me"?
Did Matt put you up to this?
What? No.
You are a terrible liar.
Ok, it's not that I don't appreciate
it or anything,
it's just there's no point.
It's only been a few weeks.
Yeah, but I wish everyone
would just get over it!
The way that you are?
Matt totally put you guys up to this.
He's the worst offender! I swear.
Okay, I'm just going to say the thing
that I'm probably not supposed to say
I'm so sick of the way everyone is looking
at me, and the half-assed shoulder rubs
and the random box of chocolates
on my desk from some fucking guy
in accounting who I
don't even...
I've never even said "hello" to -
I'm sick of it!
It sucks, ok.
What happened to me, it's shit, but...
this "pity party" is just
making it worse!
I didn't... I didn't mean
you guys.
Ok, you can walk me home.
Hey. It's 1AM.
Yeah, no, I was just about
to go to bed.
How were drinks?
So now I have a neighborhood watch,
just for me?
You know, I saw you walking home the
other day from work. You were terrified.
Oh you're spying on me now, too?
- Oh come on.
- You come on.
I think we should move.
I love our apartment.
Yeah, me too. But I think it's time we get
a fresh start. You know, someplace new.
You mean run away?
No. It's not running away, okay.
I think it's for the best.
Even if it's just temporary.
I can get over this, okay?
I can walk home without being all weird...
I just, I don't think it's that
I mean... look... you're walking
past the place where it
happened, every day.
I mean, come on, who could
cope with that?
You are the one that's not
You're waiting up at night for
And now you're home at
6pm on the dot
every single day.
I have been trying to get you to
come home early for months, and
this is what it takes?
It's bullshit.
Ok, I admit: Maybe I haven't
handled this the best way, but...
You have made me so aware of my
every single movement.
And every time you do something
that is so "un-Matt"
it just reminds me that you look
at me completely differently now.
- That's not fair.
- It's true.
No it isn't!
Ok, I... What do you want
from me?
I told you, I just want
everything to go back to the way
it was before.
I don't understand why that is
so goddamn hard to understand.
I, I don't know if it can be
like that again.
But look, maybe we're meant to
create a new-kind-of-normal.
Maybe that's how we get
through this?
And maybe, just maybe we end up some
place better than where we started?
Ok, so maybe I'll just be
thankful that I was raped?
Fuck. Stop misconstruing
my words.
How about this, okay?
How about you let me decide how
I feel and how I feel and how I
want to handle this.
Your way of handling it
isn't working, Bon.
Fuck you. It's been
four weeks.
Exactly! It's been four weeks!
That's it.
So maybe it's not all meant
to snap back in four weeks.
You haven't even told
anybody the truth yet.
That has nothing to do with it!
Yes it does! Because
it puts it all on me.
And I don't -
I don't know if I can handle it!
I shouldn't have even told you.
Really, Bonnie? Like that was
even an option? Jesus Christ.
Look, it doesn't have to
be these two extremes,
you know? Maybe we're
supposed to find...
Oh please, please, stop
with the "we" bullshit.
This happened to us.
You have no... you have,
you really have no idea.
Alright. I'm just saying that
I lost something too.
What? Your girlfriend's
Fucking stop it.
I'm not... You're not going to
do that to me, okay?
You are not going to make me
into "that guy. "
I get that you're angry, ok?
I get that you're angry at him.
You're angry at all men.
Yeah, I'm angry too.
You don't think I want to
fucking kill that guy
for what he did?!
Well, maybe if you had
been there you could have.
And maybe if you could
fucking stop at three drinks.
I didn't mean that.
I didn't mean that. Hey, c'mon.
You know I didn't mean that. I'm sorry.
Nothing you did was wrong - Ok,
he's the asshole, I'm the
fucking asshole.
Everything that you're doing...
- Everything that you've done.
- it's good. It's all good.
I think it too, you know.
I think that all the time.
If I just hadn't had that last drink,
or maybe if I wasn't
so cheap and took a
fucking cab home for once
or if I didn't have my
headphones on...
And then I think - why? He would have
just done it to somebody else, right?
And I would not - I would
not wish this on anybody.
I've been thinking about this a lot...
And I think I should move out.
I don't think this relationship is
working anymore, for either one of us.
Don't do this.
I'm sorry.
I know you're really
trying, Matt.
But I just don't. I don't
see... I don't see...
how we can survive this.
Bonnie, honey, it's Kirra Williams.
I got some bad news.
The man they caught - who
attacked the other girl?
Well, the DNA tests came back and he
wasn't the same man that attacked you.
I'm sorry, honey.
Also, the swabs they took from you?
They were inconclusive - the DNA doesn't
match any of our records. I'm sorry-
Excuse me. Do you realize how
reckless you were just being?
Excuse me?
I don't know if you heard, but
two women were just raped
recently in this area and you're
just walking around with your
headphones on, not really paying
any attention to the world.
Ok, what the hell?
Anybody could have been
following you just now.
Right. Like you just were?
Yes, exactly. I was like two feet
behind you and you didn't even notice.
Are you trying to sell me
I don't want whatever it is,
lady -
Look, I'm just trying to get you to
be more aware of your surroundings.
Thank you for the P.S.A.
I'm serious.
What on earth is your problem?
I'm not the one with
the problem here.
Oh trust me,
you have a huge problem.
Do you realize you are
practically asking for it?
Who the hell are you?
Oh my god, take out
your goddamn headphones.
Get your fucking hands
off of me!
Look around you.
Listen to me.
The world does not stop for you,
It keeps spinning, no
matter what.
And you think you're safe
because you're right
outside your building?
You're fucking delusional!
Lady, I don't know what happened to
you. But it's not my fucking problem.
Now leave me the fuck alone.
What up?
Hey, hey -
Hey, come here. Come.
I don't know what I'm doing.
It's ok.
It's going to be ok, I promise.
I'm sorry,
I really need to get this.
Yeah, sure.
No, no - will you please stay?
Hi, Mom.
Yeah, no, I've just been
really busy - I'm sorry.
Mom, can we talk about the holidays a
different time, please? I just can't -
Mom - please, stop - ok?
Listen to me, please.
I need to tell you something.
It's really important.
No - everything's gonna be fine.
It's just - I just need to tell
you something and I really need
you to listen.
Okay? Don't interrupt me.
I'm sorry... I'm sorry that I
didn't say anything
about it before.
But I really need
to tell you something.
Hey, you were here
a few weeks ago, right?
Ah, yeah.
Not coming in?
I was toying with the idea.
It took me months to come back.
And even then, I thought: "if
they pull out the crystals and
start burning incense -
I'm getting outta here". I promise you,
they don't. I'm Mina, by the way.
Nice to meet you.
Well. I'm going to go in,
but honestly - no pressure.